Yea or Nay: Givenchy Spring 2013 Shoes

Posted on October 05, 2012

Kittens, designers lately seem to be in love with adding clear plastic elements to very expensive shoes and we have yet to see a pair that really benefits from it. The latest attempt comes from the House of Givenchy, which offered up the following in their recent Spring runway show:

Yeah… we don’t love them. And we don’t love the trend of shoes with a high heel and no toe box, because there’s no way the feet of the poor gal wearing them aren’t going to splay out all over the place in a desperate attempt to keep the damn things on and not face-plant. It’s just not an elegant look, to our eyes. And if you’re paying Givenchy levels of money for a pair of shoes, do you really want them to look like the play heels you buy for little girls?


Givenchy Spring 2013 Shoes: YEA or NAY?


And just because we know our Precious Unborn Fawns so well …. runway models are not foot models, so it would be kind of nice if we all didn’t skip the stated topic in order to discuss what we think of the feet in the shoes, rather than the shoes themselves.

EDITED TO ADD: Guys, we really don’t feel like spending our Friday night moderating this comments section so we’re going to make this very simple: If you can’t restrict your commentary to your opinions on these shoes, then don’t comment. If you wind up giving us your opinion on the feet of the models wearing these shoes, even after we specifically asked you not to, then you will be banned from the comments section.

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  • vintagion


    • Jill_3

       Sweaty flipper feet.

      • ^Exactly. Gross. Definitely NAY. 

      • I agree. I winced at the 2nd from the bottom because I know that feeling – like your toes are trying to cling to the floor to keep from falling over. Even aside from that these shoes lack balance in their proportions. Feels like the designer needs a refresher course in the golden triangle.  

  • SapphoPoet

    Terrible. NAY.

  • God god. NAY.

  • newleaf1

    There are some elements of this design I really like, just not the plastic.  If the plastic were replaced with a regular toe strap – and not placed across the instep – I might go for it.  But to spend hundreds, even thousands for this?  Nu-uh.

  • If women who wear heels for a living look like their feet and toes are hanging on for dear life, what hope do we mortals have? I think I like the way the heel looks, but it’s hard to tell with the ugly plastic and poor contorted feet.

  • random_poster

    NAY (and LOL!!! at the “runway models aren’t foot models” comment).  The shoes are not attractive and a foot model couldn’t change that.

    • PinkLemon

       and it’s not that their feet look bad or anything, they just look….tortured. struggling.

    • Those toes nearly ruined my Friday. Seriously, gross! TLo, you gentlemen work hard and don’t owe me anything but I have to ask anyway: please don’t do this to my eyes again. Thousands of thanks!!!

  • Nay.  Feet just aren’t that pretty.  And those poor toes look so tortured. Also not crazy about the ace bandage/bandaid ankle straps. 

    •  And coming to such a tiny pointed heel, wouldn’t they be really uncomfortable and unbalanced?

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        Totally.  You couldn’t pay me to wear them.

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    Her poor toes look like they’re hanging on for dear life. Ouch.

  • I just see them and they look so uncomfortable! I know models generally have to wear shoes which are the wrong size, but their poor toes are just splayed out, slipping over the edge, etc. They just look ugly, painful, and highlight the unattractive aspects of one’s foot. 

    • GinAndPopcorn

      The clear plastic leaves nothing to focus on other than how well the shoe fits – or doesn’t. Sure, there’s a heel but it’s just a small portion of the overall visual of these shoes. I totally agree that these shoes look ugly and painful. Don’t even want to imagine wearing them. 

      • Yes. This. If you’re going to slap clear plastic on your shoe,  you damn well better make sure that it is the best fitting shoe in existence. Except it won’t be, because it’s mass produced plastic garbage. I don’t care how much they charge for it, it will never not be a garbage shoe.

  • The clear plastic shoes always end up looking sweaty because feet will ALWAYS sweat a little bit.  I feel like ‘saunafoot’ is a legitimate concern for those wearing these plastic shoes, and nobody likes wrinkly feet with their couture.


  • For something so expensive, they look ridiculously cheap. No Thanks!!!

  • BazoDee

    OMG – FAIL. 

  • NAY! I don’t want to look like I have Barbie doll feet! not that I can afford them but you get the point.

  • Ugly, ugly, ugly!


    And those poor tortured feet!

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Cheap and painful looking.  I know they are not cheap and I guarantee they are painful – and sweaty. 

  • jw_ny


  • Thathoodwink

    Look at all those toes gripping on for dear life!

  • NAY. I have a pair from Stuart Weitzman I was forced to buy when I was a bridesmaid years ago. Sticky. Unattractive.

    • Celandine1

      Shame on the bride who asked you to buy expensive (and ugly) shoes. And OH HELL NO to these shoes.

      • Since having to do something similar, I have put my foot down on the ‘matching shoe’ issue for bridesmaids. One bride wanted us to shell out $250+ for matching shoes for our floor length (also ugly) dresses. I refused and bought a pair of plain beige satin heels at Ross for $18. The other bridesmaids followed suit. It was kind of a bridesmaid mutiny.

        • I told my bridesmaids, “As long as they’re some shade of brown, I don’t give a crap.” Having that attitude (about a lot of things, not just bridesmaid’s shoes) helped the whole process be a lot more fun.
          Brides who are like that baffle me. Chill out, ladies.

          • SapphoPoet

            I told my bridesmaids just to wear a black shoe of their own choosing. 

        • ampg

          I got asked to buy some God-awful DTM David’s Bridal shoes a few years ago, and so I sucked it up like a good little bridesmaid.  Unbeknownst to me, the bride’s sister and sister-in-law both went out and bought comfortable silver sandals of their own choosing.  By the end of the pre-ceremony formal pictures my feet hurt so much that I ended up taking off my shoes during the ceremony (thanks to a floor-length hem).  I threw the shoes in the hotel trash at the end of the night.

          • My sister made me wear hideous DTM payless (at least they were cheap) heels. And the 10s were too small, the 11s too big, and they didn’t come in 10.5. So I ended up with size 11 pink satin pointy toed pumps which were horribly uncomfortable and didn’t even fit. I wore them long enough for pictures and to give my toast and then went barefoot until I got back to the hotel, which included walking 3 blocks barefoot in Baltimore City. In November. Yeah.  

            I gave the heels to a drag queen. 

          • dgh

            “I gave the heels to a drag queen”…. best comment ever. I always thought drag queens could wear anything… but then I saw these shoes.

          •  That is an awesome story.

    • I get married in November and my girls are in black dresses and I told them to pick their own shoes at free will, I don’t care what they look like.  they’ll be more comfortable and we might see some fun choices.

      • I love that these hideous Givenchy shoes have engendered an entire thread of bridesmaid shoe horror stories!! So they have some productive value after all.

  • tereliz

    OH GOD NO. 

    While I adore the mixed media composition and shape of the heels, the toe box is pug fugly. I never understood who would want to have their toes on display through the clear plastic they’re being squished into. Please let this trend die with dignity, designers. 

    • Chickadeep

       Agreed. These are like avant garde stripper heels.

      • mandy rees

         Hahaha avant garde stripper heels – Best comment ever!

  • kimmeister

    A million times NAY.  In addition to the toe splaying the sweaty feet already mentioned, those elastic ankle straps are just a recipe for swollen ankles later on, which will give you a lovely muffin top to the ankle.  Non, merci.

  • minnye

    These will bring on a few red carpet OUTs.

  • Christiane Truelove

    Hell nay.

  • Julie Fountain

    Clear plastic in shoes always looks cheap to me.  And I don’t like the way the toes look all splayed out, I don’t care if you are a foot model, it’s just an awkward looking position for the toes to be in.  I vote NAY!

  • deathandthestrawberry

    Say something nice: I like the heel. The rest: NO.

    • curiouserandcuriousest

       I like the heel too, and you can imagine if it were attached to a basic pump, these might even be great (and god forbid, comfortable!) shoes. But they really are awful. Not just the cheap plastic, but the ankle strap that looks vaguely … medical?

  • No – I don’t want to pay a fortune for city dirt collectors! This is worse than flip=flops.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    They’re….awful. Why? WHY? SOOOO a NAY for me.

  • Plastic and 3/4″ elastic picked up from JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft store.  Not pretty.

  • That’s a whole lot of NO right there. 

  • clevRcat

    Nay!  Yuck.  Hate them unreservedly.

  • Melissa Brogan

    Ugh those are terrible and look like feet torture. Those poor girls’ toes. NAY

  • Chickadeep


    ::: sigh ::: It’s been so long since I’ve liked what passes for fashionable shoes. Insane heel heights, bear traps, over-embellished monstrosities or aggressively dull nude pumps…arrrrgh! Why? I’m not hopelessly out of step with trends in other ways, but it seems like a decade or so ago, shoe designers all got together, compared notes, and placed bets on who could come up with the least attractive, least wearable shoe. I don’t live in a particularly fashion-forward area and so don’t really see these teetering things every day, but I just spent the weekend in NYC/Brooklyn, and was thrilled to realize that they’re not really wearing them THERE, either…even in hipster enclaves and on 7th Ave.

  • NC_Meg

    Gaaaaaah, these make those plastic Louboutins that are everywhere look good. I have to wonder with the clear plastic…are they trying to give the illusion that the person is barefoot but also somehow wearing heels? 

  • I’m with everyone else. These are horrible. The poor girls’ toes look like they’re gripping the soles of the shoes for dear life. Not attractive for anyone, foot model or not.

    Plastic shoes need to die in a fire. 

  • tylka5


  • altalinda

    This is not a knock on the models’ feet.  But their 100% normal human feet demonstrate why this is a bad idea:  most mere mortals look better in conventional shoes that cover their toes.

  • NCDFan

    Hate these shoes. The clear plastic will make your foot sweat. The big open toe is going to make your toes spread and display them for all the world to see. And anyone who has been wearing heels for any length of time is going to have some change in the natural shape of their foot which will not benefit from this look. And the shoes are just ugly anyway. Nay!

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i’m getting chafed just looking at them….universally NAY

  • AuntieAnonny

    I can feel the blisters already.

  • No. nonononononono.
    Hideous and godawful uncomfortable. 

  • It looks like the feet are wearing space helmets? I like everything about the design except for the plastic. And if you can’t keep your feet in them, then what the hell is the point? When they don’t fit, it gives off the odor of ‘poorly made.’

    • tereliz

      As tight as those straps looks, they will likely be giving off another odor, too. 😉

  • Kristinoten

    ick. And I’m in complete agreement about very high heel => no open toe box.  I’ll even go so far as to say no peep toe in that case.  I never thought the result was elegant, or any kind of fashionable.

  • aristida_girl

    the shoes look so uncomforable, but I do love the treatment of the heels, still, the plastic kills it, OUT

  • snarkykitten

    I can smell the foot stank from here

  • Epic fail……no, no, a thousand times, no.  I wouldn’t buy these at PayLess, let alone from a designer.

  • Trisha26

    Nay. Hideous.

  • CurbGirl

    Why, oh why would I ever consider foot torture, at any price? Free your feet!

  • CMS

    I really like the shape and different elements of the heels – they have a furniture-y feel, which is unusual and interesting.  But the rest of the shoe design loses all that goodwill for a heartfelt no.

  • sk8tfan

    Those poor toes are clinging to the shoe bottoms as if they were life rafts.  Often shoes that are useless in real life at least make the foot or leg look beautiful so it’s worth suffering for the art; these shoes are not only ugly and impractical, they are unflattering to the poor, suffering feet!

  • Shudder. NAY. Those poor girls’ feet look so dreadfully uncomfortable… and they’re not even suffering for beauty. They’re just suffering.

  • MzzPants

    Gawd, no.

  • Bozhi

    No way, and the only problem with these girls’ feet is that they are struggling to walk in those horrible shoes.

  • alyce1213

    Nay a thousand times. Just gross, the design doesn’t make sense at all. (And I love crazy shoes!)

    Also –those may be the ugliest and most poorly groomed model feet I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t they pick someone with nice feet to show clear, plastic open-toed shoes?

  • blumonky

    Ace bandage, plastic slipcovers, and sweat on an ice cream cone. Yikes. blech.

  • SewingSiren

    OH MY GOD! What is going on with their toes??!!! That’s the way I imagine your feet look when you’re getting the juice in the electric chair.

  • ballerinawithagun

    Nay, frightening!

  • rissa42210

    Nay.  I like the heel portion, but the front is just horrible.

  • The heels are all kinds of interesting but the front treatment and high arch what it does to the feet is beyond tragic. Most people’s toes are probably not their best body part and putting them on that much display is unwise and looks hideously uncomfortable. I’ve had shoes that my poor toes had to grip onto for life and they just suck, as do these.

  • The pinpoint of that heel terrifies me, as well as how easily the models’ toes slip right off the sole of the shoe.  I foresee many destroyed toes and toenails through the course of the day as the poor things are dragged against the ground.  These are a hazard and they look not only uncomfortable, but sweaty.

    Nay, Givenchy, and I am VERY disappointed in you for that.

  • NAY!  Clear plastic will always equal stripper shoes in my mind.  And these are horribly constructed to boot.  Not to mention the types of sweating these monstrosities would cause.  What an abomination! 

  • I think it was last spring’s Fashion Week when I read here the problem runway models have with ill-fitting shoes and how by the end of the week, they are sporting bloody band-aids and blisters. Thankfully here we are just seeing toes hanging on for dear life.

    Too bad because the actual heel is interesting; it looks like a mid century furniture leg.

  • DeGuz

    These remind me of the decor of my parents house in the 70s – plastic and wood paneling with shiny metal accents.

  • l_c_ann

    If you thought that leather didn’t breathe, just wait until the skin that is in contact with unforgiving plastic starts to shrivel from perspiration.

  • StellaZafella

    I started to think, “Maybe with really pretty patterned stockings….” but then I looked at the heel, and the lack of anything to balance the toes on besides a prayer and a promise…Nope, OUT.
    I’ve been in heels for 40+ years, Springalators to Spectators, pointy toe and open toe…there’s nothing for the foot to hold onto here but the front edge of the toe bed. I’m getting foot and leg cramps just flipping back through them.

  • annieanne


  • The clear plastic only makes sense from a distance, where you no longer really see the plastic, and the illusion works

  • Lilithcat

    It’s a dreadful trend, and the sooner it disappears the better.

    Honestly, that’s a great heel, and it should be the focus of attention.  But that silly plastic and the fugly ankle strap draw one’s eye instead.  What a shame.

  • Those shoes make *everyone* look ungainly. Totally awkward.

  • GorgeousThings

    Totally nay. I have bad feet, so I wouldn’t buy them anyway, but even if I had Anna Wintour’s tootsies I would not buy them.

    And much as I don’t care for Anna Wintour, you gotta admit the woman has great shoes and feet.

  • angryparsnip

    You are so right about the toe box.
    My fist thought besides her foot is sweating in that plastic was who wants to come home with dirty toes that have hit the street because there was no where for them to go.
    Who ever designed this shoe needs to walk in them.
    Big No !

    cheers,  parsnip

  • MilaXX

    NAY! Don’t like the shoes or what the shoes are doing to the feet in them. Fug, fug & more fug.

  • Those look like they would cause the worst blisters

  • The heels look like they’d make the shoe unbalanced to wear. The clear plastic would just rub and cause blisters and then you’d see them! these are obviously designed without regards to a human foot, resulting in the dreaded toe overhang. 

  • crash1212

    Absolute, unequivocal NAY! Those are the ugliest, cruelest shoes I’ve seen this season. They’re actually making me mad. Those toes are hanging on for dear life. These are just an assault to all I find holy about shoes. Shame on Givenchy – SHAME!

  • NAY – do you know how ridiculously uncomfortable those would be? 

  • NAY.  What an unflattering look. 

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Well my opinion is sort of foot-oriented: the shape of these shoes makes all of the feet look like they are desperately trying to escape. Not a good look. The heels have this weird mid-century office vibe to me, as in: we re-purposed a bunch of the materials we got from demolishing office buildings to make shoes. Ugly, cheap-looking, NAY.

  • Erin Nice

    Horrifying. They took an interesting heel and tacked it onto the world’s ugliest shoe. My toes are cramping just thinking of the effort required to keep the shoe on. 

  • TieDye64

    Nobody’s feet are going to look good in those things. Hideous. Big ol’ NAY.

  • It really makes me wonder about the design process.  These may be cute and innovative in the sketchbook, but on the runway give the appearance that no one involved has ever seen or shod a human foot before.  To say they lack elegance is the kindest criticism possible.


  • ojosazules

    Some of these look like photos of an extreme toeing competition. The tootsies in photo five are winning.

  • S. Jenna Lutz

    Nay. Awful. Just all around ~bad~ in every way. And I can’t help but think just how horrifically they are going to SMELL if someone actually did something insane like, oh, I don’t know. Wear them for more than an hour.

  • These shoes look like those weird croc-like sandals that have the see-through upper. Nein, danke.

  • siriuslover

    Nay. No support whatsoever for the feet. The heels look kind of interesting, but one wrong crack on a sidewalk and your leg gets yanked. 

  • But…isn’t a hot pair of shoes at least 90% all about how hot your feet happen to look in said shoes??  These look very uncomfortable. In the second photo the model is practically siding sideways out of the heel, elastic strap be damned, and these girls KNOW how to walk in heels.  In theory, somewhat cool. I like sculptural things, these are definitely in that line.  But yeah, I would not feel sexy in these shoes for the whole toe-splay, slip-and-slide sweaty aspect. Ankle-twist waiting to happen.

  • dschubba

    No go. There’s just no way to class up clear heels, not to mention those toes look positively mortified by what’s being asked of them. Those ladies are struggling.

  • ZnSD

    No, a thousand times No! Yuck! Send it back to the 80’s!

  • those shoes are so hideous! The ankle strap is atrocious and they do not even look slightly conducive to walking.

  • AuntJentie

    Huge Nay

  • Snailstsichr

    Abominable. Those toes are crying out in pain!

  • BrooklynBomber

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    The shoes look terribly uncomfortable–it looks like a struggle just to stay upright in them! Visually, I’d say mildly interesting, but just not that “aesthetically pleasing.”

  • zelavie

    Nay.  I’m feeling a heat rash on the tops of my feet just looking at them.  And I hurt for those poor models – the shoes look especially uncomfortable.

  • Awful. The clear plastic is tacky but I think placing the tacky strap up across the instep instead of a narrower strap closer to the toes is what really kills it, transforming “ugly design” to “clueless designer.”
    BTW, love that you moderate your comments section! It’s one of the reasons I spend too much time here.

  • There is nothing more pathetic than seeing young beautiful women trying to clomp down the street in heels that are too high. It destroys their posture so that even the cutest clothes look silly. It makes them look unintelligent. It shreds their poor little feet. Just say no to ridiculous shoe torture!

  • sweet_potato


  • peacockprincess

    Dreadful.  You would have to put anti-fog spray on them so they don’t start clouding up when your feet get hot.  The heels look like they came off a piece of furniture.

  • Sara__B

    Nay. But it’s probably the poor tortured feet of the runway models as much as the not very attractive shoes.

  • VRuss

    HUGE NAY!!!!!

    Play shoes for little girls is right! Those shoes are major FUGLY!

    Those shoes offer no good foot support at all,, which given high heels, is essential!

  • tedsmitts

    Haute couture stripper heels.

  • Pterodactyl111

    Nope nope nope

  • DaringMiss

    I have worn a wide variety of interesting shoes in my life (in a wide variety of situations) and have worn clear plastic shoes/boots.  They always got sweaty or steamy quickly and never looked good after 10 minutes.

    These shoes would be a total NO for me.

  • Space-agey, and if that’s the future of footwear then, simply put, yuck.  (The only leeway I’d give is that I’d be interested in seeing them on a model who isn’t so pale.  Maybe they’d be more striking on very dark skin….)

  • SpcilK

    These shoes are ridiculous, how could anyone’s feet look good in them? They are constructed in a way that makes it virutally impossible for the wearer’s foot not to slide forward. If you are interested in breaking you ankle, damaging your toes or torturing your feet in general; this shoe is custom made for you. I’LL PASS!

  • PeaceBang

    I have pretty cute feet and toes and I can see my feet in these. On the ground. Not moving. For a photo. And that’s it. THESE SHOES ARE AWFUL.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    First of all, shoes with clear plastic tops are never NOT going to look like Tijuana  hooker shoes to me.  Second, even if the tops had been leather, they are cut way too high on the foot … peep toes can be sexy, peep front half of the foot will never be attractive.

    • Jill_3

       I say nay to ugly peep feet.

  • NAY.. the shoes are horrible, and they look more uncomfortable than most high heels. The only thing interesting about them are the actual heels. I hope the clear plastic fad dies quickly. 

  • theblondette


  • Candigirl1968


  • holdmewhileimnaked

    great heels, stupid vamps [vamps=shoe fronts], need at the very least a small, hidden platform to make them even slightly wearable longer than the time it takes to walk the runway.

    meaning: buying these & expecting to wear them would be no better than taking yr money & setting it on fire.

    • Qitkat

      And your feet would probably feel as if they had been set on fire also.

  • VioletFem

    The heels of the shoes actually look really cool. If only Givenchy had bothered to finish the rest of the shoe!

  • MintaHallWriter

    well, here’s the problem with that clear plastic. it’s hideously uncomfortable no matter what the shoe style is because it doesn’t “breathe” and your foot skin gets stuck to the plastic and it gets all sweaty and icky. And when it gets really sweaty, your foot starts to slide around inside it and you’re just miserable wondering where your tennies are. 

    No matter what else is happening with the shoe…this is not just a NO. It’s a HELL, NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!!!

    • Jill_3

       And then you get BLISTERS. And because the plastic is clear, you can SEE the blisters…

      • MintaHallWriter

        You are SO right!  And that plastic has no give, so if your feet swell even a little, it cuts into your foot and adds to the horrible discomfort.

        Eeek. Just thinking about them, and I kick off my shoes and swear to wear only my tennies…

        I feel so SORRY for the models having to wear these miserable things!  And to wear them when they don’t even fit properly!!!  that’s torture. Poor things…

  • Nay! The model does not even look good in them.

  • Suzanne Heist

    No. They’re awful.

  • These shoes are just bad. BAD. And I am proud of the models for not dying trying to walk in them. 

  • kaloula



  • No like! There’s no way anyone can not spend the whole time walking with their toes struggling to stay off the pavement. The clear element just gives the viewer little else to focus on than the embattled toes.

  • KuriousKat

    Clear plastic footwear is not attractive. The shoes look like a draft for a product that is still in the process of being designed. I am intrigued enough to want to see the final product – keep the heel, lose the plastic, and design some place for the toes to be held attractively, and support for the whole foot.

    *TLo: Love that you toe the line with keeping this site about design, style, fashion. 

  • guest2visits

    The heel looked kind of interesting. Everything else is awful; looks like an accident about to happen.

  • SewingSiren

    Oopsies.  The shoes look very poorly designed and impossible to walk in. The vamp doesn’t encase enough of the foot for the heel height. causing the foot to slide out of the shoe.

  • Imasewsure

    I don’t dislike these as much as I usually do when it comes to the plastics but I agree that they look virtually unwalkable and even for crazy-high heels, these look very problematic. OUT! but without hate-hate

  • DylanCurtis

    Perfect post for October! Because it’s Halloween-time, and those shoes are terrifying.

  • boomchicabowwow

    Nay.  The models feet are not an issue, but those pics are certainly a legitimate barometer for what MY feet will look like in those shoes, and that mkes me say NAY NAY NAY.

  • I don’t understand. Anyone who owned a pair of “jellies” as a kid knows that they are wildly uncomfortable and cut the feet up horribly. These shoes look like they’d be uncomfortable anyway, but with the heels, the poor girls would be bleeding in minutes. AND you’d be able to see it. Ew and ow.

  • Kolo_Ol


  • Those poor girls’ feet! 

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Those are some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. I’m counting Ronald McDonald’s clown shoes and the Vibram separated toes shoes in that judging pool, but these are still uglier.

  • Hydra_D

    If it was presented on a shelf and the plastic was’nt colorless- maybe.
    But as a walking-living shoe- NAY.

  • Plastic makes your feet sweat something awful. Why should I pay more for that “privilege?”

  • LJCdoc

    Heinous, & I suspect I would think so even if they weren’t clear plastic.

  • sisterb67

    NAY. My lord, slippery, sweaty plastic straps that are in the wrong place plus elasticized ankle straps? You might as well break the poor model’s ankles before she puts them on (hey, at least then she wouldn’t have to wear these monstrosities).

  • Zach Ng Zheng Yang

    big nay. if the models can’t even wear them nicely, who can? they look like they’re gripping onto the shoes with their toes!

  • kategs

    No.  period.

  • unbornfawn

    Those heels are very interesting and deserve better. The clear plastic? They look cheap and the toes of the poor gals wearing them look like they are holding on for dear life. NO. Just No.

  • SO UGLY. And tacky. And ugly. And I hate the weird heel.

  • jan lee

    Oh god, I NEVER EVER like heels where you can see the entire foot, it’s disturbing as fuck, like you’re floating on heels, it’s just totally gross and really creepy and those nude straps, wtf are those shit? It”s…aesthetically not pleasing.

  • Yeeeech!   Big NAY!

  • Eeek So sorry I have been one of those with those comments before. Shame on me when I am usually so conscious of commenting about how the clothing fits and not the body of the wearer. 🙁  That being said the shoes look like a weird ugly medical contraption.

  • Monabel

    Horrid. Give me the insect shoes….

  • Contralto

    NAY NAY.  AND NAY AGAIN.  Ahem.  Sorry.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Late to the party, and I have no problem with the suffering women who are wearing these shoes in order to earn their crust of bread, or crust of lettuce, since they’re of the model persuasion, and this is part of the job.

    On the other hand, these shoes are an abomination to the female foot – they look dangerous, difficult to walk in and painful.  I find it hard to believe that they are engineered to be safe to walk in.  Since I’m just now developing some potentially serious foot problems from my CA treatment, a gander at these shoes really spikes my blood pressure in an umbrage-filled way.

    NAY, emphatically.

  • Kaye Evans

    Horrible unflattering shoes, contrast these with the latest Jason Wu shoes – worlds apart

  • Carlos Abreu

    i love the plastic effect… but u should look to amaya arzuaga shoes… she has a detail of that plastic but it’s more subtle… and the shoes are simpler wich benefits (… givenchy are ok… but they are a bit presumptuous, weather they are confy or not… i dont really know, for me, wearing high heesl no matter what, must be a fucked up situation, women were not meant to be stand in high heels… so as long u can stand in them there’s really no bounderies…

  • L.

    NAY!  The shoes are ugly, period.  I don’t even want to see them in the context of whatever outfit they’re paired with.

  • Shoes that make you cling to them with your toes like a monkey is not a flattering look.

  • Sweetvegan

    I don’t like the first or last pair. They both look like they’re trying to be invisible, and it just doesn’t work. I do like the darker shoes in the third photo from the top, because they’re not trying to make the shoes invisible. So I’d probably feel differently about the first and last pairs if they were on a darker skinned model.

    “And we don’t love the trend of shoes with a high heel and no toe box, because there’s no way the feet of the poor gal wearing them aren’t going to splay out all over the place” I disagree because a shoe that fits properly will not make your toes splay out like that. These shoes just didn’t properly fit the models.

    I *would* be concerned that those clear vinyl pieces will dig into your foot with every step, because they cut across the foot right shere the shoe is supposed to bend to allow you to walk. It seems like there’s no give at all in the vinyl, and you’d end up with painful, angry red lines across your feet by the end of the day.

  • We hates them, Precious.

    (Never shall I endorse plastic shoes that cost more than $10)

  • formerlyAnon

    Nay. For the reasons enumerated.

  • SatelliteAlice

    Thgey tilt your foot at the most impossible angle that you have to do that toe splay grip nonsense.  NAY!

  • It’s a pity, because I think the heels on the shoes are so attractive. But clear plastic fronts just look so cheap, you know? Maybe if they were colored, I’d feel differently, but they just look bad.

  • ChelseaNH

    NAY!  Not flattering in the least.

  • They’re kind of interesting looking and for some reason I’m intrigued by the idea, but they look like they were made to TORTURE feet and I can’t think of a single outfit they would compliment soooo NAY

  • yeah … no.

  • Neaaaahhhh…Is that what a horse sounds like? Cause that what comes to mind! Another male who wants women to suffer!

  • sashaychante

    I have never liked plastic shoes in any form.  I remember jellies back in the 80’s when I was a kid…hated them!  Agree that the style of this shoe looks absolutely impossible to walk in without sliding right out the front of the shoe, ankle choked in the process. 

  • Jackie4g

    These shoes look incredibly uncomfortable. You can’t have a good time if your feet hurt.

  • Nay, I say! The shoes make her presumably normal feet look like sea creatures trying to ooze free of the evil clutches of the clear shoe. 🙁

  • Samantha Irene

    I actually love the heal, and like the ankle – and think that with a lovely leather strap across the toes and maybe a smaller plastic element across the arch of the foot – that these shoes would be cute and that you could maybe keep your feet in them!

  • nay, i say, if a professional model can’t keep her feet in them and these are the best pictures they could get to try to sell them to us, there’s definitely an engineering problem.  a question of functionality.  if you can’t keep them on your feet and walk in them, are they even shoes?  if not, what are they?

  • I looked the collection over again, trying to see past the poor fit on the models in the hopes that would give me a better perspective. What really pops out are those ugly beige “flesh” tone bands around the ankles. I like some kinds of ankle straps, but these are awful. They don’t enhance the design or even coordinate with it. Instead, they look like the elastic bands on little girl ballet slippers. They just scream “We made shoes that can’t even be worn without a kludge to hold them on. We’re hoping you don’t notice.” At this level of design and cost, that’s just unforgivable. 

  • No way.  The clear plastic is giving me a kind of medical vibe- welcome to the sick bay, we’ve foot this foot in a incubator.

    There is nothing elegant about having to turn your toes into talons to keep on a poorly engineered shoe.

  • hoez

    It looks like they used paper sheet protectors from Staples for the plastic parts of the shoe. Pretty hideous. 

  • Marcela86


  • The beige strap looks like ace bandage.  No, I don’t think this works.

  • Aki

    The actual heel part of these shoes is s t u n n i n g, the rest is just . . . if you need ugly elastic bands around the ankles to keep them on the wearer’s feet, the construction and design are fundamentally flawed.

  • Reason why plastic bits on those shoes don’t work: You can see condensation marks on the plastic bits. If that’s not a reason to get rid of the plastic bits I don’t know what other reason a person would need. 

  • Jackie4g

    The shoes look really uncomfortable. You can’t have a good time when your feet hurt.

  • bringbackbeatles

    I really hate those elastic ankle straps. I saw someone else said they look like ace bandages and that’s also the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw them. I really like the heel. Every picture shows the person’s toes really trying to grip these shoes for dear life. That has to be uncomfortable and I’m sure you could easily fall with these shoes on because they are just poorly designed. The plastic is cool in theory, but it really doesn’t look good on any of the shoes I’ve seen with it and I would think that it would be quite uncomfortable.

  • Clear plastic on a shoe is never good for anyone, under any circumstances!  And yeah, the first thing I thought of was just what you said – play high heels that you buy for little girls.  A friend of mine had a pair when we were nine!

  • Akh621

    Misogyny in shoe form

  • MoHub

    They’re not shoes; they’re sculptures and meant for display but not real life. It’s just that the designers haven’t figured that out yet. Imagine stepping out with reproductions of The Thinker strapped to one’s feet. Artsy-fartsy, but not the least bit wearable.

  • kaycem

    NAY for sure.

    i don’t like most sandals of the open-toed-mule varietal because of slippage.  and anything with plastic on it makes my feet sweat like crazy (not to mention that sandals are made for hot weather generally, so at least double the sweat factor), making the problem of keeping them on that much larger.  i do like the heel, however, and wouldn’t mind seeing it on a proper pump or boot or whatever.

  • Scarlet39

    NAY.  Aside from being incredibly uncomfortable and probably painful, they just aren’t aestheically pleasing. 

  • greyhoundgirl

    1. Ugly.  2. Unhealthy.  3.   Shoe designers–sentenced to wear your shoes for several hours at a time for several days at a time.

    • Jill_3

       THAT IS A GREAT IDEA. All shoe designers MUST walk around in their designs for at least two hours before putting them out there and expecting the women of the world to wear them.

  • MissMapp

    Sweaty-looking ankle snappers. NAY.

  • StelledelMare

    Definitely a Nay. Hate the actual heel and the ankle straps are doing no favors either but that plastic would not be okay at all. Can you imagine the sweatiness?

  • These are appalling for so many reasons. NAY.

    (Have only skimmed the comments – does ANYONE like these?)

  • stephanie leamer

    I am so thankful for you both, T &  Lo. You can’t be too protective the things a person doesn’t have the power to choose, and though it would seem like a no-brainer to just stick with criticizing people’s CHOICES, too often it becomes about their BODIES. Thank you for being consistent, and believing that people of all shapes and sizes are just some good choices away from a WERQ! 

  • Nay. It looks cheap all the way around

  • I like the idea, however I don’t like the plastic part of the shoe.

  • MissAnnieRN

    I’m 100% against the use of clear plastic on shoes.  These shoes DO look impossible to keep on.  The fact that no one can restrain themselves from talking about the models feet is case in point:  No one is looking at the shoes because the design is calling attention to the poor feet wearing them and not in a good way.

    The heel is very interesting.  Unfortunately, the plastic is cheap, and the design doesn’t allow the foot to do anything but slide along the shank.


  • they look cheap.  too plast-icky. 

  • YayaGurl

    These shoes remind me of Penn and Teller bits where they do a magic trick with clear plastic boxes to show you how the trick is done.  I don’t want to know the mechanics, I just like the trick.  I feel like I now know exactly why contorting, high heeled shoes are uncomfortable.

  • quiltrx

    NAY.  I can feel my insteps sweating!  And who wants to walk around looking like their toes are hanging onto their shoes for dear life? 

    I’m not a big fan of feet anyway, and these are just showing me way more than I want to see.  The heels are intriguing, almost industrial-looking, but it all goes wrong from there.  And that elastic at the ankle just looks plain old cheap!

  • TLJezebel

    Butt ugly shoes.

  • I want the shoe designer to have to wear these. Everywhere. Even in bed. 

  • Ugh.  How am I not supposed to find this sartorial meditation on acute foot pain anything other than misogynistic?

    • Dagney

      Right?  And I swear, Givenchy probably has a decent amount of money…how hard is it to give these ladies shoes that actually fit?  Their poor feet are perfectly fine, but for whatever reason the designer thinks that no one should ever have access to shoes that fit.

  • DinahR

    The actual heel portion looks cool — not that I could walk in them regardless of the toe box, but still.   The plastic nonsense is bizarre.  If I wanted that much of my foot to show, I’d be wearing a strappy sandal. One that at least secures the shoe to my foot so I could walk with confidence.  

    Still, the plastic doesn’t bother me as much as fact the models obviously have no confidence in walking in these.  If professional models who walk in crazy shoes for a living have to grip on for dear life its not for me, the faint of heart.  

  • thehousesparrow

    Yeah, those don’t look comfortable at all.

  • Those shoes would make anybody’s feet look bad. Nay on the poor design.

  • jjfg

    Oh my goodness.  They make my feet sweat, just looking at them.  Not pretty, not elegant.  Nay to the nayest.

  • n a

    see through plastic will always look like stripper/fuck me sailor/me love u long time/ shoes. Hideous. 

  • PaulaBerman

    Nay on all plastic shoes unless you are a small child! They make your feet sweat, show off how miserable your poor feet are, and look cheap no matter how much they cost! Trying to make them high fashion is putting lipstick on a pig.

  • LambeeBaby

    Gross. I don’t care who the designer is-clear plastic just screams “pole dancer”.

  • boweryboy


    I like the heels.  They remind me of mid-century modern furntiure legs.

    On the other hand, the plastic isn’t practical or pretty.  It’s sticking to the models and reminds me of my sister’s stinky jelly sandals.

    These could have been really, really cute shoes if it had a closed capped toe.

  • michelle shields

    Reminds me of those clear plastic dress up shoes we wore when we were little girls and dreamed about wearing mommy’s pretty high heels. Just plain ugly!

  • I love the actual heel part. But lord, is it making those girls feet do some ugly things

  • Jesus Christ, sweaty chronic back issues conveniently wrapped in one little clear plastic fugly as damned hell package. To sum it up: EFFIN NAY.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Forget about how fug the clear (CLEAR!?) plastic (PLASTIC!?) is. I think we are all in agreement that it’s dreadful. What about the brass and wood heel? It reminds me of the legs of my parent’s console stereo – that huge piece of furniture that housed a hi-fi record player and AM/FM radio. What’s with the sudden surge of Seventies-styled shoes? Ugly ugly ugly. And a great big NAY.

  • If I had all the money I could spend, I would spend exactly none of it on these … these … abominable looking excuses for “shoes.”

  • Rebecca Concannon

    Nay. Completely 100% nay. On any person, those would look as if your feet are falling out of the damn shoe.

  • Nay. No way. Not on any planet. They’re ugly and look PAINFUL!

  • BuffaloBarbara

    They look hot–and not in a good way.  My feet are sweating looking at them.  And I don’t mean to comment on the particular feet in the shoes, but NO ONE’S feet look good cramped up and squeezed like that. Most shoes have the decency to hide the contortions and show off their own fabulousness instead, thereby possibly making it worth it to walk around in pain all night (unless you’re, well, me).  Putting the contortions inside a window?  I don’t care if they were foot models, those shoes would make any foot look like jars of pickled pigs’ feet on some deep south convenience store shelf.  I know I say designers should take inspiration from everywhere, but even I draw the line at the questionable snack aisle.

  • lrhoff

    Good grief, the toes remind me of spiders….kinda creepy.

  • A beige elastic strap? And a huge thunk of lucite. Gross. I love the heel aspect, which is what is so annoying. They could’ve done so much more.

  • KathKo

    I can’t think of any woman making those look good. Anyone who tries will inevitably ends up with red lobsters sweaty feet.

  • samo_samo

    Nay, I say. They look uncomfotable and unwearable.

  • ccm800

    This is just cruel. Sweaty feet from the plastic and no where for the feet to “land” Ridiculous. NAY!
    I think a good rule would be that the models of any show – get to vote on what pair of shoes the offending designers have to wear for the entirety of the evening. Make them “Make it work”  

  • Every time I see a shoe with a clear vinyl upper I just think:  Blisters!  However I’ve also never worn a shoe made of clear vinyl, so do they really  give you blisters? 

  • MaryMitch

    NOBODY should wear those shoes. They make my feet hurt just looking at them. 

  • gina1953

    With shoes as stone-cold hideous as these, I don’t know why anyone would waste precious pejoratives on the models’ feet.  

  • Maya Gurantz

    Oy.  NAY.  

  • emily mcginnis

    i wouldn’t wear them. plus, they make the models feet look terrible. 

  • those look enormously uncomfortable and hard to wear.  you’d HAVE to be a professional clothes wearer in order to walk in them without face planting i think.

  • DesertDweller79

    Nay.  Clear plastic still looks cheap.  Why would anyone pay that much money to get a clear plastic shoe? 

    Also, just looking at the models’ toes is making my feet hurt.  The way the shoes are constructed is making them have to grip on for dear life with their toes.  Even foot models wouldn’t do any better.  It’s physics.

    This recent experiment with clear plastic is a bit weird to me.   It is like the designers want them to look like they aren’t wearing shoes, but yet still contort their feet to fit these high heels.  Um, designers, the look of feet/legs when wearing high heels is not natural.  Stop trying to pretend it is. 

  • Naye. Those are the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.

  • PhillipWilde

    NAY in so many ways.  The design of the heel is interesting, but horribly impractical.  How the models managed not to twist every ankle is a mystery.  Then the clear plastic is just tacky, and as you said, the lack of structure around the toes does some very unfortunate things.

  • Le_Sigh

    Ick.  The clear part will get dirty FAST – with the Givenchy-level price tag, I’m hoping that they’ve developed some secret fashion technology to keep them clean, but I have a feeling I’ll be sorely disappointed.

  • lalahartma

    I hate them.

  • Very interesting hell wasted on some incredibly ugly uppers. I hate the idea that anyone would shit on the runway models’ feet not just because they’re not foot models, but because you can see all the abuse the poor things have gone through wearing shoes that are too big, too small, or just plain too impractical for human feet. I can’t remember what blog it was on, but they posted nothing but pictures of models’ feet during one of the many fashion weeks and it was appalling. Apparently some models even have to endure having their feet super glued into the damn things. I can’t believe models haven’t unionized the way actors have. I think that would go a long way towards ensuring better treatment, consistent pay, and relief against creeps like Terry Richardson.

  • NAY! These are horrible.

  • Shelley Combs

    They are hideous. And the way they make a woman’s foot look is even worse.

  • pokokpuding


  • Mariam Nael

    nay. does not work AT ALL 

  • Thing is, I think the heel treatment is striking and would look great with something other than that horrible clear plastic. As is, though, O-to-the-U-to-the-T.

  • afabulous50

    YUK – the shoes!  Don’t ban me!  🙂

  • Larkin21

    Those are ugly shoes that look like they’re very hard to wear. Strongest NAY possible.

  • Cathy S

     Yuck. Those poor women–I don’t know how they can walk in those things.

  • Lisa Kramp

    Yuck. NAY!

  • librarygrrl64

    “Kittens, designers lately seem to be in love with adding clear plastic elements to very expensive shoes and we have yet to see a pair that really benefits from it.”

    Co-signing that. It always looks cheap to me. A big O-U-T.

  • mom2ab

    I like the shape and the heel trim-hate the front of the shoes- ace bandage and clear plastic are terrible choices.  And finally they need to be re-engineered so they are actually wearable- clearly no one can walk in these deathtraps.  OUT

  • Nelliebelle1197

     Yeah, how can they even WALK in those- the shoes force the front part of their feet to go flat and wide while the heel and back portion are tiny. Seems more like something used during the Spanish Inquisition to torture naughty women….

  • UGLY shoes.  And plastic makes your feet sweat, not to mention cannot give as much support, which is quite evident.

  • Elizabetta1022

    These shoes remind me of the oxygen mask Dennis Hopper used in Blue Velvet. 

  • Clear plastic is going to make a shoe look cheap, period.  Also, your remark about “they’re not foot models” made me laugh out loud because all I could think was, “If you want your shoes to look good, put them on better feet.”  But I also think you’re right about the toe box…  It’s not the feet that look bad so much as the shoes that MAKE the feet look bad.  And there’s no way they’re at all comfortable.  Can you imagine how bad your feet would feel after a day of having to use your pinky toes for grip and stability on the ground because your shoes are trying to murder you?

  • ewe…toe splay is very distracting!

  • mrcorsino

    These look like 80’s Michael Graves.

  • mrcorsino

    Oh that’s not a good thing btw.

  • nsquared

    Yuck! The worst shoe I’ve seen in a long time…

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    NAY – hot, sweaty, and ugly to boot.  Big ole nay.

  • neofashionista

    NAY and Yuck i really really hope these dont become trendy GROSS

  • lizlemonglasses

    Leather, plastic, acrylic, metal, wood — this looks like a designer’s challenge to get as many different materials as possible into one shoe. Results: Ugly. Nothing elegant about that style, either. I can imagine the clear plastic part turning orange after a (really painful) hour or two on a spray-tanned foot, too. Strongly stated “nay!”

  • ShoeCurator

    Yea with a BUT:

    1. obviously the shoe deserves a better ”model” foot. One with proper nailcare to begin with and some nicer toes. That would change things dramatically for the better. 
    2. next: the profile of the shoe is great and refreshing. The heel is beautiful.  The front is slightly disappointing and needs some work, perhaps indeed with a toe box.It’s just wrongly presented. So … presentation fail.

  • Lynne123

    Haven’t these poor fashion-challenged women ever heard of hosiery? We dress UP at this level , girls. Wake up.

  • Lynne123

    PS Whose ever idea these were, bless your heart dear. Kiss your career goodbye. LOL