Vera Wang Fall 2013 Bridal Collection

Posted on October 17, 2012

The undisputed master of bridal released her Fall 2013 collection and once again, we’re turning the discussion over to the ladykittens. It’s not that we can’t look at these dresses and form opinions, it’s just that we have absolutely no feel for what women want or look for in a bridal gown (and tend to rail against the princess fantasies they often embody and represent) and find it much more interesting to let actual vagina-owners have the floor.

But before we do, Vera has something she wants to say:

“The 2013 Fall Bridal Collection reflects an exploration of laces all handwrought, pieced, appliquèd and tossed onto an assortment­­ of light, airy confections with a casual nonchalance. This study in femininity and romance celebrates the wedding gown in a new take on classicism and ornamentation.”


EDITED TO ADD: Kittens, there’s almost no point in posting these collections if the comments section is nothing but endless variations on “WHY AREN’T THEY SMILING?” These aren’t brides. This is a runway show and runway models are almost always directed to keep their expressions neutral in order to keep the focus on the clothes. Let’s discuss the actual collection, shall we?


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  • George Russell

    Some of them are gorgeous, but what the hell is with the styling?  Aren’t brides supposed to look happy on their wedding days?

    • Anathema_Device

       Maybe Princess Charlene of Monaco was the muse?

    •  My thoughts exactly. Especially the Blonde (fifth from the top) looks like she just crawled off her slab at the morgue.

  • TDSE

    The third model just looks terribly sullen. 

  • Zippypie

    I usually like Vera’s wedding designs.  These are more like exploding Kleenex boxes.  I guess it would be handy for the bride if she’s a cryer.

    • Yes, they are almost Marchesa-esque.  And I DO NOT enjoy it.  Exploding Kleenex boxes, indeed.   

      • 3boysful

         I was going to comment that someone from Marchesa must have defected to Vera Wang.
        Also, Vera didn’t get–or flat-out ignored– the memo that sleeves are back in.
        I can’t say that I would’ve wanted to wear any of these, even if it had been given to me gratis.

      • Verascity

         Amusingly, I thought the latest Marchesa collection was *much* better than this one. At least theirs didn’t have bra outlines on the bustiers. Who wants to show their parents the shape of their cleavage when they’re getting married?

    • kimmeister

      Yes, some of them are full-on ridiculous.

    • Exploding Kleenex boxes.  Perfect description.

    • Terrie_S

      To me, the neck floof looks like it might suffocate someone. I can’t stand things tight around my neck and just looking at these makes my skin crawl.

      • Those neck and shoulder high floofs also put up a barrier against the people who want to hug you, not to mention creating interference for that first married kiss.

    • frederieke

      I was thinking they looked like things to scrub your body with in the shower.

    • gabbilevy

      Seriously. I mean, what is it about weddings (and prom, perhaps?) that makes women want to attach as much frippery as possible to their bodies, so long as it’s in white? Myself, I’ll be going with sleek and simple, should I go a ‘traditional’ route at all. Then again, a friend of mine got married in one of the JCrew gowns over the weekend, and looked absolutely stunning. Not an ounce of extra frippery on her dress, and it was perfect.

      • 3boysful

         I have to confess that an episode or two of Say Yes to the Dress is a secret vice of mine.  It’s a shame how many young women want the white frippery.  More often than not, it pulls the focus off you the bride–it’s a “wow” dress rather than something that helps enhance you so you look your loveliest.  (My other pet peeve is the girls with racks who want strapless.  It ends up looking like a shelf on which to perch your champagne flute.  A halter style is so much more flattering, but I guess hardly anyone makes anything but strapless.)

        • Lori

          As a busty gal ITA about the obsession with strapless. It’s not exactly a universally flattering look and it’s really tricky if you’ve got a lot on top. I always find myself thinking, “In 5 or 10 years she’s going to look at her wedding album, realize that she looked like the prow of a ship sailing down the aisle and seriously regret that choice.”

          • 3boysful

             The prow of a ship is exactly the right analogy!

        • J. Preposterice

          yarly.  I…my wedding dress was OK.  It was not the most flattering style for me, but I could wear a bra with it, and…they were F-cups at the time, so.  But it was literally the only dress in the store that I could wear a bra with.

          • 3boysful

             That’s really criminal that you had so little choice.  I am busty now and fit is always an issue.  I was married 30 years ago, and my dress had a high neck and leg o’ mutton sleeves (!).  When my college roommate married a few years later, we bridesmaids wore strapless, but we had to have little wraps that matched the dresses for the ceremony b/c of church policy.  Isn’t it funny how times have changed?!

          • J. Preposterice

            Really, I ought to have gone with my first instinct and hit the local Macy’s or something, instead of the bridal stores.  But my mom was so EXCITED by the bridal store & I was young enough that I felt like I ought to conform.  If I was getting married now, screw tradition, my dress would be from Pin Up Girl. 

        •  …I have to say…that’s only if the dress isn’t fitted *correctly*. A strapless gown can be flattering on any bust size, but it totally depends on the actual cut and fit.

    • Yep, I was gonna say … I can tell you what I DON’T want, and that’s to look like a tissue box exploded.  These are not Vera’s best.  She usually has a sophisticated touch, but has totally missed the mark here.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Same and love the description! Plus what is with all of the ridiculous stuff around the neck? Are we trying to choke everyone with lace?

  • Anathema_Device

    I don’t own my vagina, it owns me.


    None of these really do it for me, but I can see why she is the master of princess bridal.  I do not understand the trumpet/mermaid styles with the super flouf explosions at the body. Do the brides just hobble down the aisle, or can you really walk in those?

    • BrooklynBomber

      I know — Frankendresses.

    • Melissa Brogan

      I really dislike the mermaid/trumpet, too. I do not understand them. How do you walk? Sit? Dance?

    • Little_Olive

      Silk bloomers. Reown your vag!

      Always wandered that same thing re trumpet dresses. In what way is that cute? not nearly enough to make the discomfort tolerable, IMO. We’d have to ask Sophia Vergara, I think.Hate it all actually. I think I am biased by how mad I am after looking at the third model. I usually accept the extra thinness in models compared to thin mortals, but that is just disrespectful. 

    • Ooooh, let me introduce you to a tacky little hobbit called Jenny Rivera, queen of the mermaid dress. If it is not sausage casing-tight from the knees up, she’s not having it. I think the effect is like a slug stuck in a straw stuck in a wad of used tissue, but what the hell do I know?

      • Anathema_Device

        Thank you google and How to Faint, I now know who Jenni Rivera is! (Also, in thinking about it more, I can see the nod to flamenco dresses in the trumpet skirt, but the traditional ruffle skirts flare out a little higher, so the wearer can actually move in them.)

        • MemHey

          I happen to be the proud owner of a mermaid wedding gown – albeit extremely pared-down compared to these, so yes, the focus is on my petite form, not a dress that swallows me. I can actually move in it, although arabesques and pirouettes are out of the question. I imagine that given the length of these women’s legs, proportionally they’re still at or above the knee when they begin to flare out. Further, as the model is moving towards you as the photograph is taken, naturally the fabric appears to taper in more drastically, while in reality the only reason it can appear so tapered is because there is plenty of fabric to allow the wearer to extend her legs far enough to move. (Can you tell I’ve been bingeing on Sherlock?) Other appeals to the mermaid shape tie back to flamenco forms – a hot little tush is much more tasteful on one’s wedding day than, say, plunging necklines or the effect of a strapless neckline on a bustier gal. I would not say the style suits as many folks as they’re being hawked to, however. Certainly a niche look at best.

          • Anathema_Device

            It is good to know they aren’t as wildly impractical as they look to me. And especially glad you love your dress. That’s what matters!

  • hughman

    While I’m not a vagina-owner (that I know of), I will say I would be about a million times more impressed if the models actually looked like they were having THE HAPPIEST DAY OF THEIR LIFE and not like they were approaching the altar with Beetlejuice. C’mon, fake it girls!! Trust, it’s an important marital skill!  

    • janierainie

      They look angry! 

  • SapphoPoet

    I like the layering. But where are the SLEEVES??? Also, why do the models look so grim?

    • DinahR

      Seriously!  Those models look angry and defeated.  

    •  I really like sleeves.

  • gloriadeb

    Didn’t she use a lot of black in her last bridal line?  I’m curious how that worked out.

    • Me too, I liked a lot of that collection. This seems like a giant step backwards into  straplessness. Sad.

      • Aly Light

         Yeah, the last one had some range. This collection runs the gamut from “standard” to “standard but slightly overworked”.

    • She did.  No white in last year’s.  I’m a wedding planner and I saw very few (read none) of those in that color, but she’s still the undisputed queen of bridal.  

    •  She did, and they were *stunning*.

      The sales associate at her flagship store on Melrose in Hollywood told me that no one had purchased the colored versions as wedding gowns–it made my heart very, very sad, indeed.

      (I had a serious “ARGH” moment, wishing I had the money to buy the grey Harlow, as I would be the only bride who wore it in that color. …Then I got over it.)

  • Sobaika

    Some of these are gorgeous from a craftsmanship point of view, but I can’t imagine many women even wanting to wear watered down versions on their wedding day.

  • Ehhh….am I the only one sick to death of strapless wedding gowns? 

    • yulaffin

       I’m sick of them too.

    • TLJezebel

      No, Darling.  I’m right there with you.

    • Jean Marie Downing

      Oh I am so there with you

    • BarniClaw

      Me, too! I thought Cathy Cambridge was going to change the strapless thing, at least for a while. I guess not. Not for Ms. Wang anyway.

    • BrooklynBomber

      You are not alone.

    • Call me Bee

      No–you are not.  Generally, they aren’t very flattering, and yet–that’s what all the brides want. Including some who have no business wearing any kind of strapless anything.   Give me straps any day. 

    • out for a walk

      I think tons of people are sick of them, but non-strapless are much harder to sell.

    • Jillian Kroos

      I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of them. But I think my arms would look like sausage casings if I wore sleeves a la Kate Middleton.

    • Aurumgirl

       Strapless/sleeveless gowns were all that were available when I got married, 13 years ago, too.  It is long past time for a change in the bridal world. 

    • I told my daughter if she wants a strapless wedding gown, then I’m not paying for it.  

  • Fay Dearing

    I’m just not feeling it this time around. Maybe it’s because two of my friends are going to be married soon and I’ve looked at far too many wedding dresses, but none of these seem all that dreamy to me. The only one that I sort of like is #8 but since there’s no picture of what the back is doing I’m unconvinced. Maybe it’s the lighting of the runway or something? It’s just that none of these look particularly pretty to me.

  • Ali

    Boring. This is just a retread. I expect better from Vera than this.

    • AthenaJ

      Yes, I wish she would have shown some color.

  • I am so tired of strapless wedding gowns. And the giant lace things around their neck, ridiculous.

    • kimmeister

      The groom leans in to kiss the bride . . . only to discover that he can’t reach her due to the giant lace things.

  • Lulu Lafurge

    Looking at these in one clump drives home for me the “I’m a delicious virgin – look, but don’t touch” message. I just realized what a dated and wrong-headed attitude that is toward entering a lifetime union with another adult with whom you would quite liklely raise children.

    I know that sounds grump. Sorry.

    I do like dress #5.

  • A) 90% strapless which KILLS me. No one wants to be constantly yanking up their dress through the course of an entire wedding and reception. I’ve never understood how they came to be so all-popular. B) I wouldn’t pick a single one for myself to wear. But then again I’m not a Princess Bride type (though that movie is fantastic).

    • filmcricket

      Yeah, but if you modeled your wedding gown after hers, you’d have beautiful sleeves, and few to no petticoats, and stunning silk instead of tulle…

      Sorry. I adored Buttercup’s dresses – hers, and Jennifer Ehle’s white evening dress as Lizzy Bennett are what I’d model my wedding dress on, if I were to wear white at all.

      And yeah, these are all stupidly froufy.

      • Call me Bee

        Yes–Buttercup’s wedding dress was so dreamy in that gorgeous ice blue.  Love!

    • Anathema_Device

       I met a woman who worked at a high-end bridal salon in San Francisco. I asked her about the strapless dress craze and whether that trend would ever go away. She says the industry likes strapless because they are cheaper and easier to produce, plus easier to alter, when one doesn’t have to deal with the fit in the shoulders and the sleeve length, esp b/c lace sleeves often have scalloped edges.

      I, too, am tired of strapless. It really doesn’t look great on everyone. A little variety and personal style is a good thing.

      • Esz

         Yes – as someone who sews her own clothes, I can see the logic behind this. Sleeves can be very tricky to fit and often it’s not just a case of hacking a bit off – especially if the back is broad – not so easy to add more fabric.

        And bodices, if they are princess cut are super easy to alter providing there’s enough space in the seams.
        Its all a bit lazy really – but if you added the cost of fitting sleeved garments, imagine how much they’d increase the prices of these dresses that already cost too much for what they are.

        • ampg

          Why not more cap sleeves, then?  My dress had a lovely cap sleeve that was incredibly easy to alter.  Or straps?  It seems like designers just don’t want to be bothered to think creatively.

          • Esz

            Cap sleeves might still be tricky (depending on how it’s attached to the bodice). Straps not so much.

            Either way – I agree with you – its a total cop-out.

        • 3boysful

           If you’re going the sexy route, I prefer the halter style.  That is generally more flattering and easily altered, I’d think.

        • Little_Olive

          But it is your WEDDING DRESS. Is that not the dress where the most effort and perfectionism are deployed? So wanting to do something easy seems contradictory. 

      • MilaXX

         I heard that too, but the line the feed the consumers is that it offers the bride more maneuverability, which I think is a crock.

      • CozyCat

        Given what these dresses probably cost, the cost of alterations can’t be a significant part of the price.  I can see your average David’s Bridal using the logic you cite, but at the high end, how much difference can it make? 

        Unless it’s a CONSPIRACY between high and low end to establish the strapless dress! 

        • Anathema_Device

           I think the cost difference is probably in the fabrics, the embellishment (quantity and quality), and construction, just like in regular clothing. When you’re using a gazzillion yards of fabric, the price differential between silk and polyester satin is huge.

      • out for a walk

        From an industry perspective, most wedding dress designers are not terribly concerned with alteration costs, as at that point the dress is purchased and the ball is out of their court and in the salon’s. Some gowns are clearly designed and produced with no thought at all put into ease of alterations. But strapless dresses do sell better, and everyone involved cares about that.

        If a salon has only one or two sizes of a  given style (which is typically the case) it is much easier for a shopper to try on a strapless dress that’s not her size and get a decent idea of what it will look like in the correct size. If the dress has sleeves and is not her size it just looks outright terrible. This is less of an issue with straps, but still fairly problematic.

        Unfortunately, due to how the wedding industry works, I really can’t see the strapless dress trend going away anytime soon.

        • Anathema_Device

          My thought was the stores just want turnover. They do make money off of alterations, but the easier the alterations, the better, I would imagine. Also, when brides only see strapless gowns and see their friends getting married in strapless gowns, somehow that becomes the ideal.

          Back in my day (said in my best old-geezer voice), most dresses had sleeves. So, it is possible to produce affordable gowns and get them to fit.

      • stardust462

        Sleeves also add one more element that the bride has to like. I tried on dozens and dozens of dresses and for many there was always one thing that kept me from choosing that dress. Having another thing like sleeves to have to factor in could have made the choice even more difficult. I love my shoulders so I definitely wanted sleeveless, but I was told by the place where I bought my dress that the seamstress could add a number of different sleeve designs to almost any dress.

    • Melissa Brogan

      Yep. So over sleeveless. The most intriguing dresses in this collection for me are the ones with interesting bits going on above the bust.

    • Little_Olive

      More than not looking good on everyone (which is true; you need beautiful shoulders and upper back), sometimes you just can’t carry it. I cannot believe all those women have firm and even boobs. I am barely a 32 C-D and strapless bras are a joke. 

      • pokokpuding

         Same bra size here, and I agree with you totally.

      • MoHub

         32D, and strapless is simply not in my vocabulary.

    •  The one time I wore a strapless dress, I did not have to yank it up even once. I was worried about having to do so, but the bride insisted on the style for the bridesmaids. It had perfect fit around the waist, hips and bust, with impressive construction around the torso, and thus did not slip down. Did it having a lace-up back, as opposed to a zipper, have anything to do with it? I don’t know. But I will not disdain the strapless as being impossible to wear for the safety of my modesty.

    • I HATE HATE HATE strapless dresses due to fit and support issues.  Yet when I shopped for wedding dresses last year, I found that those bodices do not move, and were surprisingly comfortable and supportive.  And I do not have a small chest.  So yes, strapless dresses are boring and repetitive, but pulling them up is typically not a problem unless you’re doing a $199 Davids special.

    • stardust462

      If the dress is altered to fit perfectly and has a good structure with boning, there shouldn’t be any reason to pull the dress up. I had my second fitting the other day and the bodice of the dress fits really well and is going nowhere.

      But I also don’t understand how they became so popular. I thought a year after the Royal Wedding they would have made a huge comeback. Feels like it barely made a dent.

  • Why do wedding dresses never have sleeves? 

    • Victoria Sharoyan

      Isn’t it frustrating? That’s why I found myself a spaghetti strap gown (although even that wasn’t so easy) and I’m having my grandmother create a lace overlay with 3/4 sleeves. It helps that she had her own atelier in Bulgaria in the 50s and 60s. Gotta take advantage of the resources at my disposal, right? 🙂

  • StelledelMare

    I hate them all. All that poofiness is making me eyes twitch.

  • Huh. I usually can admire her wedding dresses, even if they aren’t anything I could see a normal woman wearing, but these just don’t do it for me.

    And the models all look like they’re stalking down the aisle to be beheaded.

  • Total meringue.  Bleh.

  • j_anson

    Too much neck-ruffling. 

    I dunno, I’m sick of white princess gowns. Every women wants to stand out and make an impact on her wedding day, to be memorably beautiful, but frankly it’s really hard to make a memorable impact when you’re in yet another white princess gown.

    • DarcSwan

      I agree, the princess fantasy is a relic.  If anything, brides today want to look like they’re walking the red carpet…

    • MRC210

      Hate the neck ruffs.  Everyone wants to see the bride’s smiling face, not the top 2-3rds with her chin buried in a pouf.  

      And how does she make herself heard?  “Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?”  “Shff smsh!”

  • G

    Vera Wang as modeled by the walking dead.  What a disservice.

    • Nice_Shirt

       Agreed – they’re one step away from the Corpse Bride.

    • Robin Krug

      Exactly what I thought! Zombie brides — especially #5. What’s the point of styling your bridal wear models to resemble the recently deceased? What bride goes for cement-grey foundation? They look like a Vogue editorial: Consumptive Brides Modern Remix.

      • Little_Olive

        I should have posted here: Nº 3 is an insult. 

        (And is a bride not supposed to be “radiant”?)

  • jw_ny

    I should know better than to read any comments in the bridal posts…always sleeves, sleeves, sleeves!   gmafb!


    I love Vera’s aesthetic.

  • Poof. So much poof. 

  • RocknRollmom

    Meh.  Hate the strapless thing, but concede that with these models they work.  Overwrought is the word that springs to mind.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I think women wouldn’t be quite as obsessed with wedding gowns if we had the slightest opportunity at any other point in our lives to wear over-the-top gowns.  That’s the one day you can get away with it… and indulge the latent princess/queen fantasy.  Unless you win an Oscar or something, I guess.

    As to these, I wish the strapless ones would go away, or at least become less prominent.  I’m not talking long-sleeved Victorian stuff, but maybe some decent cap sleeves that could hide bra straps.  Er, did I say that out loud?

    I mean, seriously.  You’re going to spend the evening after the wedding dancing.  Do you really want a thing that might fall off if you get too energetic on the Macarena?

    • MilaXX

      Not every woman has the queen/princess fantasies. I never had them, not even in my dating 20’s & I surely don’t have them now.

    • MissMariRose

       This is 2012. Women can make opportunities to wear over-the-top gowns. They don’t have to passively wait for some guy to propose marriage to do it.

      • roadtrip1000

        It’s true that women don’t have to wait till their wedding day to get dressed up. But it is interesting to note that as people (men and women) dress up less and less, the cult of the wedding dress has gotten more and more extreme.

      • BuffaloBarbara

         There aren’t really events, though.  You can’t wear a gown to the car wash, and no one’s holding cotililons anymore.

        • luciaphile

          At least not in my income bracket. I live in a mid-size primarily blue-collar city. Most of my social events call for business casual and they’d look at your funny if you went much above that…

  • Those are the most forlorn brides I’ve ever seen. And everything’s too poofy. OTOH, that’s the kind of style the “Say Yes to the Dress” crowd seems to go for, so maybe it’ll be a hit.

  • I really hate the hair, and the dour faces on the models. Also, the dresses? Meh.

  • They are all so sullen and some look starved. The painfully jutting collarbones & grim expressions are distracting at best.

  • birdgee

    Only good thing about this is that first model. She is gorge. Rest is frou-frou and easily forgotten. 

  • Brooke Patterson


  • #12 is my favorite — clean and simple, but still princess-y.  I am trying to reconcile myself to the idea of a strapless wedding gown.

  • I would never have worn any of these, even at my youngest and most hopeful.

  • These are all very pretty, but a little too frou-frou for me. As someone who might be buying a beautiful long white gown some time in the next year or so, my tastes tend to veer more streamlined and less chiffon- and tulle-y.

    • MilaXX

       I’m not in the market for a wedding gown, but I lean towards more streamlined looks as well.

  • I do not think I would wear a single one of these.

  • Lilithcat

    Not a fan.  Too much poofiness, too much strapless-ness, and too many bodices that look like underwear.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Nope, don’t like them, not a one and I would have hated them when I was young and “bridal” aged.  If I ever renew my vows, I think I’m going with a leopard print bandage dress and an Elvis chapel in Vegas.

  • boweryboy

    Meh.  No matter who the designer is bridal collections all seem to be the same variation on the excepted wedding dress silohuette.  If I didn’t know it was Vera Wang I wouldn’t be able to tell this apart from the Marchesa bridal collection.

    At least there aren’t any cocktail length wedding dresses.  Those are the worst.

    • FashionShowAtLunch

      What’s wrong with cocktail wedding dresses?  I’ve seen some great cocktail-length and tea-length wedding dresses.  Sometimes the wedding doesn’t call for a floor-length gown. 

      • boweryboy

        Nothing is wrong with a cocktail length wedding dress especially if it fits the bride’s personally.

        Personally, I don’t care for them. I think it makes the bride look as if she’s heading for a night out on the town instead of the alter. 

        I don’t mind a dress that changes into a cocktail length for the reception since the reception is the part where everyone parties.

        Since I don’t own a vagina and will never get married – even if it does become legal –  my opinion doesn’t really count.

  • Too frou-frou for my taste – I’d prefer something more modern and streamlined – but the construction is pretty amazing, I have to admit. I like Vera Wang a lot better when she goes for the goth-Victorian-romantic look.

  • MilaXX

    I’ve never understood the Princess fantasies and I don’t really like ballgowns, None of these float my boat and I hate the styling with all the neck pieces. They look like they are choking the models. I could maybe like the last one of there wasn’t so much skirt.

  • While I almost feel a duty to be down with a fellow Vera, I just can’t. Too much frippery.

  • Nope, not a one.

  • No “NEW”! Very much and ehh!

  • It looks like a kleenex box exploded. I liked last season’s dresses better from everyone. 

  • geans

    I got a weak-in-the-knees feeling for dresses 6 and 12. Bring on the Princess fantasies.

  • unbornfawn

    If we are doing an exploration of laces, why are these white dresses in front of a white background where you can’t make out the lace? These are bottom heavy and way too fussy. HATE the poofs around the neck, and why couldn’t she show some sort of head covering?  Awful all around.

  • Kate4queen

    Give me sleeves!!!

  • MarinaCat

    Model number 3 looks like that innocent character in a movie, at that specific point where she gives evil-face and we know she’s the villain.

  • Esz



  • amaranth16

    I think 6 and 12 are pretty enough, but standard.  A lot of these are pretty hideous, to my eye.  Casual nonchalance = dresses that look like they’re made of Charmin?  And I can’t get behind those neck things… shouldn’t a wedding gown at least pay lip service to being relatively veil-compatible?

  • ampg

    I agree that the neck things aren’t very practical or flattering, but I do love that shrug that looks like a cloud on the 4th look.

  • Kelly Ridings

    Those are some strange looking bodices/corsets on a bunch of those dresses… or is it just me?

  • theblondette


  • David G

    Vagina owners? Tasteless…..

  • She’s great with volume, but I can’t say any of these speak to me. 

    And I am one of the bitter kittens who is tired tired tired of strapless. It’s like the strapless is to bridal as reality shows are to tv. Cathy Cambridge was supposed to put a stop to that!!

  • I usually like the Vera Wang collections but was surprised that I like the Marchesa (!) collection posted last week better. See  I feel like many of these looks have too much going on, e.g. the lace and bow and mermaid skirt in the second to last look. Where is my focus supposed to go? TLo–please don’t stop posting bridal collections!

  • Jean Marie Downing

    All the wave ruffle skirts remind me of Leanne Marshall’s final collection.  Except I liked her stuff better.

  • MissMariRose

    Too fussy.

    Where is the designer bridal collection for the woman who knows who is and what she wants and is going into this marriage as an equal (not the overgrown 8-year-old excited to become the Princess of CandyLand)?

  • CassieLee22

    I like some of them, and a few of them remind me a lot of Leanne’s “noodles” from PR especially the first and second…but i think I liked Leanne’s better….

  • MGMcD

    That’s a lot of meringue. I prefer the recent collection she did with all the gothy black lace. These are a bit much.

  • AlexisPayne

    I’m not a fan of the princess gown but there is something exquisite about Vera’s work and I wonder how some of these would look in color. Third one down is my favorite.

  • They are all very pretty but I’d kill to see some sleeves! I had hoped that Kate Middleton would start a trend toward sleeves…

  • frannyprof

    I like these better than the Marchesa collection. But… I don’t know. The dresses seem overdone to me. But, then, how much can be done with wedding dresses…?

  • CostumeChic

    Tulle and layers of organza do not automatically mean “airy.” Those are some of the heaviest designs I have seen this year. 

    There’s a difference between “neutral expression” and “dead-in-the-eyes-meat-puppet-who-just-found-out-her-boyfriend-kills-puppies.”

  • n a

    absolutely gorgeous- would love to get married again just to wear one of these!!!

  • BrooklynBomber

    Taken on their own terms. . . they’re a bit much. To put it mildly. Like the 2nd from the bottom – could be a sleek, sophisticated look if it wasn’t for the ridiculous explosion at the bottom. 

    And then those neck ruffles. Good god.

  • The fourth one down is gorgeous; the rest are just crazy.

  • YayaGurl

    Not impressed at all.  These seem like very basic shapes with a bunch of shit attached.  But instead of sequins and seed pearls that seemed to cover everything when I was getting married, it’s sideways ruffles and impractical collars.  With all the kissing you do on your wedding day who thinks it’s a great idea to give everyone a mouthful of tulle?

  • Deedles

    Wow. This collection has an age demographic pinned to it, doesn’t it? I am not sure anyone over the age of 27 would want to be caught dead in a wedding dress made of the tissue paper flowers and fans that I made in Girl Scouts. Twee as you-know-what, and that makes me sad.

  • emcat8

    Holy shit. That third model has sucked my soul right out of my body. There it goes!

  • ccm800

    She surely hates a strap or a sleeve. 

  • I offer this prayer to the fashion gods: Oh, Fashion Gods, please make the strapless wedding dress craze go away.  It’s had a good, long run, but c’mon.  Enough already.  Sleeves are not the enemy, unless your name is Anya.

  • Those neck thingies are horrifying. I see nothing here that excites me. The Marchesa collection was more beautiful and more romantic, and had more variety.

  • Jackie4g

    Maybe 3 of these designs will actually sell. Maybe 5. They are beautifully crafted, but not at all practical for a party, a receiving line or a sit down meal. Unless they can somehow be made inflatable, and then collapsible.

    Sometime around the eraly 1990s, the strapless bridal gown became the vogue. Some girls had little capelets or bolero things for the ceremony, because a lot of religious institutions wanted the bride to be covered.  Now the original idea of the virginal white dress, and the modestly of the bride may have been restrictive to some, but we went way the other way with the strapless look. The height of horror for me was 8 months pregnant Bethany getting married in a strapless white lace gown. It made no sense, although she does wear white beautifully. I want to see a bit more coverage. We’ll all be grateful.

  • kaycem

    a mix of leanne’s waves and christian’s ruffles.

  • margaret meyers

    But I wanted to make a joke about how they’re all wearing russian ushanka hats made from cat pelts.

  • The dresses are OK. Typical Vera Wang, nothing earth shattering, but once I noticed, I couldn’t unsee. What’s with the helmet hair?

  • Daenyx

    YAAAAWWWWWWN.  Oh, I’m sorry – did the show end?  I fell asleep.  

  • The hairstyle is very Julie Christie in “Dr. Zhivago”, which I rather like.  The dresses do absolutely nothing for me.  Kleenex, Charmin, an exploration of lace,  or buttercream frosting gone mad, they are all too bare and too frou frou at the same time for me.  Thank God I don’t ever have to get married again.  I’m beginning to hope my daughters decide to wear pretty dresses and not bridal creations.

  • I think VW needs to pass the bridal queen crown over to Marchesa. VW’s dresses only suit a princess who is 25 or younger and a size 4 or smaller. Whereas, Marchesa does show more range and sophistication.

  • I’m done with the frothy bridal gowns. Maybe I’m just to old for them and that’s why, but in an era where the average age of a bride is creeping up and up, dresses that look like a debutante’s idea of style are just…boring. None of them are ugly, they just don’t excite me. 

  • Jillian Kroos

    Ok, so a friend of mine got married in a Vera Wang and it looked exactly like the first one. That was a year ago. I’m not fashion-y enough to understand a lot of the subtle nuances in runway fashion and there’s only so much leeway in bridalwear; but if you’re putting out a dress for NEXT year that looks exactly like one someone could buy off the rack LAST year, it wouldn’t exactly be a new take, would it?

  • She ripped off Christian Siriano.

  • Araina23


  • Meh…. They are not interesting in any way and remind me of Leanne Marshall’s designs from Season 5 of Project Runway. And why are the strapless dresses half way down the boobs? All I wanna do is yell at them to pull up their dresses.

  • jenno1013

    If this is a fall collection, where the hell are the SLEEVES!?!?  I got married in April in long lace sleeves and was freezing.  I cannot abide strapless for winter weddings.  Wasn’t Cathy Cambridge’s dress supposed to fix this issue?

  • 3boysful

    From a design perspective, I can’t see any rhyme or reason to this collection, other than Vera sketched a basic, predominantly strapless, silhouette, and then told her underlings “OK, crumple up scads of tulle, throw it at the dress and see where it sticks.”

  • Way too over the top, but I guess if you’re rich enough to wear one of these gowns, then your wedding is probably over the top.

  • l_c_ann

    But every time I scrolled down to see the frothy skirts, the athletic shoes with the silver embellishments on the left caught my eye and I wondered what the rest of the guy looked like(with a single exception)

  • ballerinawithagun


    • THANK YOU! That was the word that jumped out at me too – how are any of these carefully-arranged ruffled nonchalant? Anyway, I am not a fan of any of these dresses. I can’t even say “It’s not my style but I appreciate the design” because I hate the visible boning, the skirts that look like a stack of Pringles, the choking ruffs and the complete lack of colour. But I am hardly in the market for a Vera Wang wedding dress, so I am sure she can cope with my disdain.

  • The Marchesa bridal collection was much more interesting and varied than this. Too much strapless and visible/emphasized boning in the dresses here. Only thing that caught my eye was the shoulder treatment in the fourth picture. Oh well.

  • Trisha26

    Overall these gowns are so sophisticated and exhuberant compared to the Marchesa collection featured here yesterday. Just gorgeous. For me, the frilly foo-foo neckpieces and obvious corset looks have to go. Favorites are the 4th from the top for a slim silhouette but with that lovely flared skirt and for princessy the 5th from the bottom with the silver embroidered bodice is to die.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Is “ragged over-embellished underwear” the theme for 2013? Between this and Marchesa I am thoroughly disappoint. The whole show looks terribly sterile, at least Marchesa’s girls had those green stems on the flowers. 

  • i was hoping for more color/grey scale because i think vera wang does non-white gowns the best. loving the volume, but i definitely prefer last season’s designs over this one’s. bummer because she’s my fave.

  • Meh. One sweetheart neckline after another.

  • alyce1213

    I really don’t like any of these, not at all.

    • 3boysful

       The idea of dresses being desperate and confused cracks me up.  You nailed it.

  • That’s an awful lot of meringue walking the runway.

  • Kate Lorenz

    I’m a Fall 2013 bride and Vera is my favorite – I thought for sure my wedding gown would be in this collection but they are all so gross.  🙁

  • mayavaly

    can’t believe I’m about to write this, but I actually preferred the Marchesa collection. I quite liked #8, but everything else just seemed pretty standard. I’m sure others have probably commented in this, but I’m surprised there is no homage to the DoC. What’s up with that?

  • S. Jenna Lutz

    My first thought as I glanced through all these was “When did Leanne from PR start working with Vera Wang?” because of all the wave/petals going on.

    My 2nd? Was “Dear God, how can a person MOVE in one of those things?” I did the princessy thing with my own dress to an extent (I let my mother pick out my wedding dress and she went full Disney. Including a tiara, God help me.) so I still have flashbacks as to how difficult they are to move around in. I just don’t understand the desire to have to stand utterly still (and require 3 people to help you go to the bathroom all night!) on what is supposed to be one of the greatest nights in a woman’s life. Is sitting now viewed as passe for a bride? Because I think these would make such a simple act impossible.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Not much variety.  I wish there were more with sleeves/straps.

  • L.

    As someone who sews, I find these interesting to look at, but they’re just not very pretty.

  • MzzPants

     Ethereal, dream-like, classic.

  • Sarah Thomas

    Every one of her collections looks exactly the fucking same. 

  • Imasewsure

    Not loving this collection. Too much frippery as a few have mentioned and too many elements in almost every one of these gowns. I guess the bridal folks are running out of ideas

  • I really enjoyed the brief moment color had in wedding gowns and I hope it isn’t over yet!

  • pokokpuding

    Oh dear God. Sometimes I wish designers would make wedding dresses for grown-up women. 

  • So is “phone it in and give the unimaginative bridezillas the Kleinfeld monstrosities they want” going to be this season’s trend?

  • Jenae Hasler

    While I think some of them are a little over the top (which most off the runway wedding dress are)  They are in essence absolutely breathtaking.

  • rainwood1

    I love the manipulation of the tulle in the artistic sense though not so much on a bride, but mostly I can’t stop looking at the sneakers in the front row 

  • DeTrop

    Everyone sounds so jaded.  I imagine these gowns would appeal to a young, starry-eyed 20 something getting married for the first time.  They are all beautifully designed.  #10 to me is elegant and beautiful, including the froufrou at the neck. It is, of course, not for anyone under 5’5″ but I love the detail.  I totally agree about big-breasted women going strapless. A very bad idea.

  • I like these.  But I remember Vera Wang in the early 90’s bringing a simplicity and sophistication to wedding gowns. Please correct me if I’m wrong.  Up to then, gowns were a crazy mish mash of polyester lace and tackiness and it was hell finding anything decent.  (I married in 1988, bought my gown a year before the wedding on a whim and never saw anything else I liked between the purchase and the wedding).  These 2013 gowns may not have the simplicity of her earlier work  but they have great lines.

  • RzYoung

    There’s not a single dress up there I would wear

  • These are some of the most ridiculous bridal gowns.  I am not fond of the idea of wearing kleenex.

  • I think they’re very pretty, but they start to get kinda…samey.  But there are some beautiful pieces here that would make someone feel amazing on their wedding day.

  • Patricia Gillett

    Interesting…kinda devolves into Quilted Northern territory at times, though. 4, 6, and 12 are my faves.

  • carolclark12

    Who can look at the dresses when the models are so distractingly unfortunate looking.  Seriously.  Third one from the top.  If she is a bride, I can only guess her husband would be blind.  Why the face?  Why am I so angry about this?  (Maybe waking up at 4 a.m. did this to me.)

  • carolclark12

    This is in response to Foody Cat Alicia:  Pringles.  Exactly.

  • MoHub

    LIke mose of them but would lose the tulle cervical collars.

  • eclare

    I’m disappointed that she’s reverted back to all white.  Her last couple collections were such a breath of fresh air. 

  • Too much straplessness.  Is that a word?  This trickles down to the low-priced bridal retailers where everything’s strapless.  Go to David’s Bridal and just try to find something that provides a little coverage for a woman who doesn’t have Michelle Obama arms that she wants on full display.  There are only a handfull of women who look good in strapless and half of them are pictured above. 

  • luciaphile

    Sleeves. When are they going to come back? Ever? Cause this strapless thing has been going on for far too long and it’s boring…

  • it’s way too much white fluff for me. i just see white fluff. but i’m a minimalist.

  • JaneDC

    They all kinda of scream “My daddy is filthy rich and he bought this for me.”

  • Sam Erin

    As always, I’m in love with the collection. Vera has the ability to parallel the raw emotions of such a day in the the almost unfinished look of the dresses. The detailed craftsmanship behind each gown is stunning. From the lace overlay to the intricate construction of the bodice to the signature Vera detail in the each and every skirt….I honestly believe she can do no wrong. 

  • PeggyOC

    Can you imagine the hilarity on the alter if you wore one of those neck ruffs? 

    “You may now kiss the bride.” (5 minutes of awkward maneuvering, spitting of fabric off of lips and repositioning.)

    “If you can find her”

  • Scarlet39

    Is it too much to ask for sleeves on just one dress? 

  • mmc2315

    Meh, says this vagina-owner.  A lot of frippery….tacked on.  The skirts with the waves are interesting….but not quite working for me.  I like a bridal dress that is more elegant and less foo-foo (that’s a word, right?).  

  • They all look so very similar.  Princess skirt or mermaid skirt?  At what point does she do something new?

  • I’m not loving any of these.. too many layers on almost all of them.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Yet not one sleeve in sight.

  • Julie Fountain

    Meringue. Pretty much all of them. 

  • Donna Schmidt

    Bodices that look like the bride forgot to finish dressing = ugly

  • Beardslee

    What a letdown.  Way too puffy and too many strapless dresses!

  • NCDFan

    Frothy with overtones of sex. Most would be unsuitable for non-model sized women though I’m sure some will wear them anyway.

  • Elsewhere1010

    Those are some of the worst fashion photographs I’ve ever seen. Half of them are overexposed and obscure the detailing. Who thought this was a good idea?

  • kategs

    Between the god awful hair styling and the funereal expressions of the models, well, I couldn’t really look at the dresses.  Yish.
    and if the comments section is only about the lack of smiling and that’s all we notice doesn’t that say something about the direction or lack thereof?

    •  No, it really doesn’t. It means everyone’s focusing on the wrong thing, because the “WHY AREN’T THEY SMILING?” comments tend to take over every comments section under a runway post.

      We can guarantee that no one sitting at this show – and we’re talking buyers, editors, and fashion journalists – paid the slightest bit of attention to the models’ faces or facial expressions. Even though sites like this one and other fashion sites feature runway shots, they are NOT what the brand is using to market their collections, so smiling pretend-brides have no value to them. That will come later, with look books, ad campaigns, and editorials. A runway show is a trade show for industry people and all they want to focus on are the looks themselves. Runway models are just a pretty frame for the painting, they’re not the painting itself.

  • Cathy S

    Strapless. Sigh.

  • leftcoastpickle

    yuck, not even one appealed to my imaginary inner bride.

  • There’s a whole lot of froofery, but the detailing is gorgeous.

  • Annabelle Archer

    Big ass dresses like this reaffirm my decision to elope in a Vegas drive through.  I just do not get the desire.  Too poofy, to tattered, too ill fitting in the boobs, too heavy looking. Too too too much, as only bridal gowns can be. 

  • jjfg

    From where I sit, that’s a shitload of fugly.

  • save_the_hobbit

    Eh, some of them are really snow-princess. They’re pretty but not something I’d ever pick as my wedding dress. 

  • Most of these gowns look designed to be toned down at the bottom, ruffle and volumewise, to become wearable.  Meanwhile, the big dress fantasy is presented on the runway.  

  • The strapless dresses just make me feel cold.  

  • Go!

    Ewww! The tulle is lovely, but we’re back to seeing strapless bridal gowns.

  • AthenaJ

    Model #3 has gone straight past neutral to piiiiissed… I have a feeling she’s packing a knife under all that toulle.

    Seriously though, this collection is a disapointment. I see nothing here that isn’t already on the racks at most bridal stores. Too bad, because even though I wasn’t a fan of the colors she used, I was still excited to see her previous collection that had barely (if at all?) any white. This is just tired white foofy princess schmatta. Quite frankly, me and my va-jayjay are sick of it.  

  • JanieS

    Who wouldn’t want to look like they’re covered in toilet paper while walking down the aisle?

  • Natalie Marshall

    When TLo post these bridal collections, I usually jot down the number of the ones I really like so I can find discussions of them in the comments. Result this time: blank sheet of paper. I think these are all boring, unattractive wads of tulle. I can’t even be bothered to pinpoint one I especially hate. It’s a line of “meh.” 

  • TippiH

    Oh for crying out loud! This is Day 1 in a lifeLONG relationship – one that will inevitably include a time when you want to cover your partner’s face with a pillow in the middle of the night – don’t start it by looking like a fairy princess puffball! 

  • I think that they’re pretty!  But…wasn’t it last year that had some *very* interesting different color choices?  I liked those.

  • Lisa Kramp

    Her worst collection ever. They’re all uniformly dull and silly.

  • Am I the only one who looked at these dresses and thought, “Leanne Marshal did this so much better?”

  • Rachel Goldberg

    This seems to me like one of those collections where we say euphemistically that she is “playing with proportions” where what we mean is that nothing seems to fit properly or go together.  What’s with the petite-model bodices on the giant models?  Looks insane. 

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Besides the Marchesa quality, some strike me as odd. It seems that whenever the design moved away from strapless ball-gown into something that had straps or was sleeveless, or when the bodice got sculpted or interesting, the design house said, “wait! we need to princess-size it” and then made the skirt explode mermaid style. I don’t get it one bit. Then again, when I went dress shopping I told the associate to pretend I was 20 years older and getting married for the second time. I had no princess fantasies at all.

  • Sunshine16

    toilet paper roll covers, really

  • I was really hoping that when Catherine Middleton got married, the sleeveless wedding dress would FINALLY go away! But alas, it has not.  I’m not really impressed with any of these, quite frankly.  Vera Wang has always been the queen of bridal, and she would definitely be the one to bring about a radical change regarding the over-abundance of sleeveless gowns everywhere.  Not one of these would be flattering on an average size bride – you’d just be drowning in yards and yards of tulle and lace.  And does no one think of the practicalities of a wedding day –  i.e. – sitting down, getting in and out of a car/vehicle, using the bathroom, being able to eat/drink comfortably?  I got married 14 years ago and and I was DEAD set against a strapless dress – I did find one with long lace sleeves, fitted bodice with a modest v-neck (where is it written that you must show as much skin as possible on your wedding day? unless you’re getting married at the Playboy Mansion, then MAYBE!), a-line skirt, no train (really?? trains??? they should really be reserved for royalty, imho!) – it was comfortable, I was able to dance, eat and generally enjoy myself on our big day. 

  • I have been out of the bridal market for a few (like 20) years, but I did not know that brides today wanted to be poofy princesses. Ms. Wang usually mixes it up a little more (with simple gowns too). I would also like to see a few more alternative to strapless.

  • I am not a fan at all. These are way too fussy and unflattering. I can’t imagine them looking good on any real life bride.

  • Maluca

    Not a fan of this collection. It seems “overworked”. 

  • I was hoping the strapless trend was dying. Oh well.

  •  I think Vera might need to surrender her crown after this collection. These gowns are too fussy and unflattering. I cannot imagine any of these looking nice on a real life bride.

  • TLoFaninChgo

    I guess after X amount of years being THE Wedding dress designer, Vera finally has had a brain fart.  I thought I was looking at someone else’s designs.  These are beautifully made dresses but I’ve seen these before … way before.  I know Ms. Wang got divorced last year (the black dresses) but did she have to just phone in the designs for 2013?  I thought I saw more of Christian Sirano’s (spelling?) than Vera Wang, especially in the skirts of these dresses.  Come on Vera!

  • jmorino08

    There is entirely too much frippery going on in every single one of those dresses! Do. Not. Like.

  • peacockprincess

    I despise wedding gowns and don’t understand why anyone would want to wear one.  That being said–there is some pretty impressive work on display here. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    There is something missing.  These feel too forced in the skirts – there is nothing light, even though the materials are light and the skirt portion is crafted to BE light.  Yet they feel just architectural and joyless.  And I still lament the lack of sleeve.  

  • boomchicabowwow

    Hmmm… what must it feel like as an established designer of wedding gowns, to intrinsiclly understand that, no matter how good you are, you’ll never make a better gown than that little Leanne Marshall of Project Runway fame…..

  • Dhammadina

    So much energy goes into the skirts of these gowns (some quite beautiful, like horizontal waterfalls).  
    Still, it’s not a matter of why isn’t the model/bride smiling. The eye is drawn away from not just the bodice but the face. The ruffs just add a little strangulation. 

    Really curious stuff. 

  • At least Marchesa has a sleekness to it that this does not.  Exploding Kleenex boxes, indeed.  I wish this were more like Vera’s old collections . . . simple, elegant, but always with a twist or a detail that marked the dresses for greatness.  I am not a fan.

  • blumonky

    So huge. I think they would overwhelm most brides and make an average size woman look enormous…

  • Buffy

    Eh.  The only one remotely interesting is #5 and that would look good on very few people.

  • I am deeply, deeply disappointed that she didn’t make a single one of these in color. I tried on her grey Harlow dress from SP12, and it was *magnificent*. I was so hoping that Vera could get American brides away from the idiotic Victorian trope of white wedding dresses.

    Tres BORING, kittnes.

  • Where can I purchase one of these dresses?