Teri Hatcher in Thomas Wylde

Posted on October 03, 2012

Teri, your gays are letting you down.


Teri Hatcher attends the 2012 Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award Ceremony honoring Quincy Jones at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California in a Thomas Wylde dress.

Because if they’d been doing their job, they would have told you that this color is awful on you, the shoes are ugly, the yellow nail polish was a bad idea, the dress is too tight, and your breasts are struggling to break free from their pleated prison.

Or they could have just arched an eyebrow and said “Girl, you look like ten miles of bad road. Try again.”


[Photo Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

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  • ghopping

    That’s the dress Heidi wore in the premiere of Project Runway right? Just in green?

    • mhleta

      And she had the same issue–for whatever reason this dress wants to cling to be pubic bone in a really disturbing way. It’s a shame because Teri’s still got a potentially WERQ-it figure and face. Bring it while you still can, Gurl!!

      • ghopping

        Lol that’s what I thought! It wasn’t doing any favors then either.

    • Yes, same dress: http://whiteboard.tomandlorenzo.com/2012/06/project-runway-at-times-square-outdoor-runway-event.html

    •  Good eye. Both Heidi and Teri prove that too-tight and shiny is never a good combo. Nevermind not being able to see the indentation of your navel; you shouldn’t be able to see one’s, um… ladybits either (I’m talking to you, Heidi).

    • MilaXX

       so it’s ugly in every color then?

      • AudreysMom

         Yup! Only with the green you can easily tell that the black is contrast fabric. On first glance I thought she had really gone off the deep end and was wearing a black sports bra underneath this mess.

      • l_c_ann

        So it’s tight, in every color then?

        The amazing shrinking dress.

        • boomchicabowwow

          Or rather, the dress that no ladystar will ever upsize!

  • janetjb

    Wrongness from head to toe

  • Wow, there really isn’t a single good thing to say here, is there?  Everything is wrong, top to bottom.  And yellow polish on toes?  Never ever a good idea.  It makes me think,…well, just, eyew.

  • bittykitty

    ugh, her feet look like octogenarian with fungus couture… why would anyone choose that color for toes?  

  • Vickiefantastico

    Apart from the shoes, which are just too heavy for the dress, I actually like this look. However, it looks average-ly good, if that makes sense. I can see a lot of women I know wearing this out for date night with their husbands. It’s not star worthy.

    • amf0001

      I looked at it and thought that’s how lots of women look at the bar mitzvah’s I go to  (not quite mother of the bride, more mother of a teenager)

  • And it’s too long.
    That is really funny though how such a ‘non color’ could be so wrong on someone. It’s not like it’s coral or citrus or anything. But you boys are right that it is making her look bad.

  • Anathema_Device

     I like the dress from the waistband up, without the necklace. Below the waist? Ugh. Too tight, wrinkled, ugly purse, horrid shoes.

  • And this is the first time I’ve looked at her and thought “Teri’s getting OLD.” Wrong hair and makeup.

    • random_poster

      Yes.  This look ages her by at least 10-15 years.  Not good.

    •  How can her arms look so great and everything else look so…rough

    • RebeccaKW

       The first thing I thought was”‘man, that is some terrible hair!”

      • teensmom99

        My thoughts exactly on the aging and bad hair–and there’s no excuse for that.

  • I don’t think it is a bad color; it looks neutral on my monitor. I like the dress but it is too tight and 2 inches too long. The shoes are awful though.

  • StellaZafella

    I like Ms H and I see a happy face there…scrolling down I get: “WheeeeKlunk!”

  • She looks like she’s 60, and I know she’s not.  The whole thing is so very very bad. 

    • l_c_ann

      She’s 48, according to her wiki. 

      Who’da guessed?

      • PinkLemon

         I had to look her age up too. I pegged her at 63. Buuut I’ve never been a fan of her face.

  • Yet’s not forget the awful necklace and bag.
    YIKES all around.

    • I see now it is the collar of the dress. WHY?? Why?

      • roadtrip1000

         I thought it was a necklace too. And an ugly one at that.

  • granddelusion

    “Ten miles of bad road” upon which she’s been rid hard and put up wet.

  • The fit is bad, but her grimace is worse.

  • MilaXX

    You hit all the points i dislike. This whole look is a big NO

  • teensmom99

    She needs to call Mark Cherry and hook back into the gay network that was helping her during Desperate Housewives.

  • I am so much more fond of her after watching Lois & Clark reruns and coveting her 90s wardrobe. This is just too harsh all over the place.

  • Judy_J

    Bad hair and makeup, too.  That frozen smile isn’t helping matters.

  • G

    Sorry Teri, but you need a new hairdo too.

  • SewingSiren

    The dress and the smile are too tight.

  • SistaT

    Oh, Teri.  You used to be so beautiful and now this.  That dress is hideous – it’s too tight, has weird design details, is several inches too long so it makes her legs look stumpy, the nail polish makes her toes look like they’ve had a recent visit from the Lamisil monster . . . from head to toe is all bad.

  • Imasewsure

    Norma Desmond territory. Let’s hope for the right kind of rejuvenation for her (i.e. better clothes, better hair and natural aging if that is possible in Hollywood).

  • kimmeister

    I was about to comment “what’s up with the necklaces that fit exactly in the neckline of the dress” until I looked back at Heidi’s green version and realized it really is part of the dress.  Hunh.

    I don’t mind the color at all, but the fit, shoes, bag, and toenail polish are all bad.

  • ojosazules

    She looks like she just sprang up out of a toolbox. Madame Crescent Wrench.

  • sk8tfan

    My theory is that she was cheap with the Christmas bonuses for her staff and this is how they took revenge. It takes a lot of hard work to make such a naturally beautiful woman with such a killer bod look so hideous.

  • hape_dex

    I don’t like how her hair is styled but I’m glad she cut it off.

  • PeaceBang

    But her hair is cute! 

  • nancymae

    Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren need to stage an intervention because Terry seems determined to look as older than my 91 year old grandma and there is absolutely no reason for it! I actually like the dress but overall ensemble seems to be some sort of oddball tribute to color blindness or something.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    she has that frail old lady look in the first pic, and since she is far from an old lady there is no need for her too look like that!

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i remember her from when i was a kid, my father knew her, i can never remember why, for some reason i think of this occasionally & it’s like a minor thorn. was she ever on charlie’s angels? thats the only thing i can think of–or maybe eight is enough. the odd thing is, though, i remember her from when i was a kid &, i believe, she was an adult [if, perhaps, a very young one]. on wikipedia it says she is my age. for all sorts of reasons i cannot believe that. i just cant. does anyone else maybe have the same recollection? from the cenozoic era, i mean. ie: from the series, not the movie.

    • Mary229

      Teri had a bit part on The Love Boat when she was very young.  Maybe that’s what you are thinking of?  She was also in Tango and Cash.   Her big break, obviously, was on “Lois and Clark” but she as already late 20’s/early 30’s by that point.

      • roadtrip1000

         And let’s not forget that Seinfeld episode. “They’re mine and they’re spectacular.”

  • Mary229

    In general, I really try not to comment on actress’s weight because I know that body image is a really private thing.  And I know that this actress, in particular, has struggled with body image issues.

    But every time I catch a Season 1 episode of “Lois and Clark” I lament the day this woman decided to lose 20 lbs.  That weight did wonders for her then and it would do wonders now.

  • Trisha26

    The skirt is obviously problematic, I love the bodice. Hate the shoes, hate the purse. Don’t see any yellow nail polish. 

  • NDC_IPCentral

    All I can do is mutter expressions of disbelief and horror.

    While I like the color of the dress, it’s not for her, nor is that shiny fabric doing any favors.  Well, I could go on and on, but the BK consensus here saves me a couple o’ keystrokes.

  • tired_mommy

    She looks like a real housewife, not a star. A waste because she is incredibly beautiful.

  • PrunellaV

    The color is clashing with her spray tan.

  • Le_Sigh

    Terry, give Viola’s dress back to her.  I know she said you could borrow it, but its not working hunty.

  • Patricia Gillett

    Even without the horrible polish, those shoes are TERRIBLE and do her feet no favors. The whole look is back but man, those are some ugly shoes. 

  • Zippypie

    Good god, that color ages her 10 years.  And SHINY.  What’s with all the ugly shiny dresses??!

  • You know, I just realized – I’m a year older than she is. And I would hope to god that if I ever left the house looking like that, someone would grab me, take me to Saks or Bloomie’s for a decent dress, shoes, pit stop at the Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown counter for a quick face fix, and THEN let me go to wherever I was off to.  Because a real friend or gay would totally do that!

  • jw_ny

    well that just kept get worse the more I scrolled down.  damn her gays!  

  • lrhoff

    She looks better than most of the posts of the day…..

  • AnneElliot

    I hate her shoes.  

  • pokokpuding

    Oh God. WREQ. 

  • aristida_girl

    I plan to use the “look like 10 miles of bad road” at some point this week in a conversation, even if I have to use it on myself because I love it that much…

  • guest2visits

    Terrible shoes, awful nail polish. But I like her look from the waist up.

  • How can someone that small end up looking matronly?  Oh, yeah, by wearing a too tight, too shiny dress.