RPDR All Stars: Let’s Get This Party Started

Posted on October 25, 2012

Kittens, we were traveling and doing real-world stuff for a couple of days, so can you forgive us for being late on this recap? Can you, darlings? Really? Because some of y’all were quite annoyed with us for not paying Ru’s Girls the respect that they’re entitled to; the respect they could get from any stranger on the street. This filled us with fear, because after making y’all wait a couple days for our thoughts…


Now we’re gonna trash the joint.

Don’t get us wrong, we were happy to see the girls again.


And the boys again.


But Miss Ru lost us right out of the gate with that lame-o “permanent teams” thing. We’re all for seeking out the drama on a show like this, and we certainly don’t watch it for its fairness in judging, but … we don’t know… it just seemed to cut the competition off at the knees before we even got started.


And let’s face it, Pandora got screwed. Mimi was trying her damnedest to appear not-crazy, but it was all there, behind the eyes. You just know if she’d stayed in the competition, there would’ve been some serious mascara tracks running down her screaming face at some point. Usually, we get annoyed with contestants who just mentally check out, but we didn’t blame Pandora one bit. She saw the writing on the wall. And it was written in glitter lipstick, in letters ten feet high: NOT A FAIR COMPETITION BY ANY STRETCH.

Again, that’s fine; that’s what the show’s always been, but it seemed like a lousy way to start things off. The cannon fodder got sent home with the top contender. When that’s the result of your machinations, your competition’s in trouble.







As for the competition and challenge itself… we’re still not feeling it, y’all. We don’t know if these queens are just on their best Miss-Manners behavior or if the challenge didn’t inspire them to rise to the occasion, but that was one LONG ninety minutes that ended in a really dumb elimination.

Although we have deep suspicions that this permanent team thing won’t last and/or that we haven’t seen the last of some of the eliminated queens. We’ll see. Ru and Co. seem determined to fuck with the format as much as possible.


Drag queens really are living the high school clique thing writ large, aren’t they? Most of the teams suffered from being way too similar. Sure, Yara’s kind of out-there and Alexis is more conventionally glamorous, but they’re not far enough apart to challenge each other. The results overall were just okay.


Their runway showing was uninspired – although the Teletubbies bit had promise – but their pictures together showed how well a team like this works when the participants each have something different to bring to it. They’re both comedy/glamour queens, but they’re different enough in their looks to make it seem fresh. It was a good choice for the win.


The funny thing is, we think these two might have worked as a team. Mimi’s a mess, but she does have some comedy skills and comedy is Pandora’s main strength. Their pictures had some value to them, even if their runway showing was piss-poor.

Raven really turned up the dials on her bitch-o-meter, no? Girl is not fucking around with getting her camera time. We know Ru gets all moist whenever a queen has the nerve to take off the drag, but we thought Raven’s starfish salute was too much of a ploy to stand out from the pack without doing anything interesting. Also, we love Jujubee, but her inner bitch gets unleashed when she’s around someone like Raven.


We think they have potential as a team. They’re both weird. It’s just a matter of harnessing that weird to make a cohesive whole, if that makes any sense. We thought the runway showing gave us a hint of what they could do together, but they didn’t take it far enough. They were right on the cusp of doing a good “Univision soap opera bitch diva” thing.

Oh, hunties. What a mistake for these two to pair up. Not only do they not challenge each other, they actively bring out their shared worst traits. Shannel and Chad are all about the polish, but when you put them together, nothing else rises to the surface. They each need to be paired off with someone like Tammie or Latrice; someone who’s not so polished but has tons more energy.


Even the lip synch segment was kind of sad and energy-free, no?


It’s not just us, right? Honestly, we didn’t go into things with our expectations in the stratosphere or anything. At best, we thought we were in for an entertaining hour + of seeing some of the best queens in the show’s short history. But these ladies all need a shot of red bull or something, because the whole thing felt kind of by-the-numbers to us.

And we’ll say it again: Pandora got really screwed.


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  • Here’s to hoping that the booted off team are sequestered and that at some point when they split the teams up (They have to do that, don’t they? Otherwise this will last 4 episodes)  maybe one person from each eliminated team will get the chance to return.   I was devastated when Pandora got booted, because I felt that she really had stuff to offer this time around.  

    • Karen Belgrad

      I believe it’s a 6 episode season

  • MoHub

    Without Pandora, I don’t think I can watch. That’s twice screwed as far as I’m concerned.

  • Alexandra Simons

    I think Pandy will be back because Ru so loves toying with her rabid minions. “Untucked” was better than the main event, as usual. Lots of shade thrown! I hope Tammie Brown stays around awhile – this is good crazy.

    • Tracy Walker

      I so agree! Untucked made the show for me.

    • andcoh

      Teleport us to Mars!

    • tresfabuleux

      I agree on the Untucked love. The main show was kind of flat for me but Untucked made it 100 x better with the SHADE of it all!

      • Nelliebelle1197

         I forgot to record it and every time I try now, I get a flippin’ Teen Mom rerun. WTF, LOGO?????

    •  I love Tammie, she’s such a space cadet. And her partner, Nina Flowers, is my other favorite!

    • MichaelStrangeways

      I disliked Untucked BECAUSE of the shade. It was very “let’s gang up on Mimi!” and it got very “Mean Girls”. And the whole “Mimi took Alexis’ job!” thing was ridiculous and not true.

      And, the whole thing felt VERY manufactured like producers were on the sidelines whispering to the cast to say/do certain things. The whole thing felt very flat this time.

  • babylonsista

    I completely agree, T-Lo. Friends who love the show have been split down the middle, with “Pandora wuz robbed!” on one side, and “Pandora didn’t need to be *that* stank to poor Mimi” on the other. Watching the Untucked after the premiere made it clear that Mimi was tossed onto the All-Stars cast like a splash of mud on a pair of pristine pumps: she’s just…wrong for the show. I don’t blame Pandora one bit for being bitter about the pairing.

    Also: Chad and Shannell are TRAGIC together. Which hurts me to say, because I adore Chad–but they’re just a two-member version of the Heathers, only more painfully not self-aware. 

    I had such high hopes for this season–and there’s every chance this season could turn out well. But I’m not feeling it as is. 

    • Frank_821

      I’m glad you brought that up. I really liked Chad and Shannell on their respective seasons. I liked them as people. Here as a team they came across as a pair of stuck up bitches

    • MilaXX

       So agree with you about Chad/Shannell. They will just sit around complaining about how the judges hate them because they are beautiful and being bitter.

    • I blame her.  The only thing she’s responsible for is her own behavior.  Yeah, it sucked to get stuck with Mimi and she was fighting an uphill battle the whole way but pouting and checking out before they even started is Pandora’s fault, not Mimi’s.  It’s unseemly when a teenager acts like such a brat because she didn’t get her way, but a 39-year-old man?  That’s just sad.  As far as I’m concerned any sympathy I had for Pandora for being “stuck” with Mimi was long gone by the second commercial break because they both sucked this time around.

      • One thing to keep in mind, though, is the editing. On Pandora’s facebook page she said they edited to make her look like a bitter bitch. Probably because they know fans would be upset that she was eliminated first and they wanted to make her look as bad as possible.

        • She is not seriously blaming the editing, is she?  There is no objective reason for the producers to want to make her look bad.  She was a fan favorite in her season and the network’s been capitalizing on her popularity since the first time she was “unfairly” eliminated.  With this result it would have made more sense to make Mimi look more awful not the other way around.

          The producers may have played it up, but she certainly behaved at least as badly as Mimi did.  They lost as a team, not because poor little martyr Pandora got such an awful assignment.

          • If they had edited Mimi to look more awful then Pandora’s fans would’ve been even more mad because their favorite queen got unfairly paired up with the worst partner and there would be backlash against the whole team format. If it’s true that they gave Pandora a bad edit, then I would guess that the reason would be to convince her fans that she was being a bad sport about the pairing and maybe deserved to get kicked off right away. 

          • I’m sure that’s how Pandora’s justifying it in her head since she didn’t really accept responsibility in the first season, either, but it doesn’t make sense.  The producers and network have invested more in Pandora outside of the show so damaging her by falsely making her look awful is counter to their needs.

            Plus, righteous indignation is one of the fuels that powers reality TV.  Just look at Bristol Palin and Dancing with the Stars.  They’d have gotten much more mileage if Pandora were presented as an actual martyr instead of a petulant brat. That she of all the queens was presented in a bad light is probably indicative that she did behave badly that day. Everyone has bad days, even Princess Pandora. Hers was just caught on TV and broadcast.

          • Melizmatic

            Wow; Plenty of ‘Shade and T’ here. 


          • andcoh

            Thank god your bad day is only broadcast on the internet.

          • Aren’t you clever.

          • StellaZafella

             Oh the shade, the SHADE of it all! 😉

          • I don’t think it’s the edit so much as the production setup. Tom and Lorenzo nailed it with “by the numbers.” I think Pandora was grumpy because she saw precisely where things were headed, not because she dislikes Mimi or her work, and I don’t think she necessarily put any less work into the challenges because of it (judging on photo challenges is ridiculously arbitrary, as anyone who’s ever watched Top Model knows quite well). I talked more abt this here, and Pandora reshared it w/ a cosign — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whgwjnik3lo&feature=g-upl

          • MichaelStrangeways

            They ALWAYS blame the editing. (Phi Phi last season is a prime example.) And, yeah, the footage CAN be edited to emphasize a certain point of view, but if that point of view is present, then it’s definitely a case of “smoke/fire”. 

            Also, Pandora isn’t that amazing or brilliant. She actually BENEFITED from a POSITIVE edit on her season…”poor, funny little Pandora!” and it amuses me that she’s a bitter kitten now that it’s swung the other way.

            I’ve seen her live. She’s ok in a typical “funny bar queen” sort of way, but it’s nothing original or gut busting. There’s a dozen nationally known queens funnier than her, and frankly, I know half a dozen local queens that put her in the shade. I’ve also met her, and she’s a bit frosty in person…and, others who have worked with her have dished that she’s a bit of a diva. Not a surprise; she is a queen after all, but a lot of those same people have worked with other RPDR performers who were apparently very kind and gracious back stage.

      • I agree with this 100%. I’m no fan of Mimi’s but Pandora did nothing to make her own case for herself. If Pandora hated Mimi’s act so much, there’s no excuse for her letting Mimi do the lipsync. It wasn’t “editing” that kept her sulking on the sidelines. I like Pandora a lot, but she let herself down here. 

  • As soon as I saw Pandora hooked up with Mimi, I knew it was the end.  I cried a little inside.  Pandora needs to brought back and she needs to be the first queen that STAYS back.

    It’s a shame, because I thought theirs was one of the only good secondary photo shoots.  What’s with all the queens thinking, “ok we’ll put one of us in something that sparkles and one of us in something that doesn’t, and then we won’t interact.  PHOTOGRAPHIC GENIUS!”

  • Chad was in Columbia SC this weekend for our Pride festival- so sweet and talented! A class act. 

    • Lauren Rutlin

      I met her a few weeks ago and had the exact same impression and experience. A consumate professional and charmingly kind to boot.

  • jeneria

    I was so devastated to see Pandora leave in the first episode!  I hate the team format.  I want to see Raven, Jujubee, Pandora, and Manila battle to the glamorous end.

  • This season is only 6 episodes long. I doubt any of the girls are coming back. That’s probably how Ru managed to get so many busy queens back on the show—they probably filmed the whole season in a week. 

  • Daniel Contreras

    Thanks for posting the update, boys. As Blanche Devereaux used to say…..”Better late than pregnant.”

    For me, the biggest problem with the show is that many of these once ‘rough around the edges” queens are now all grown up.

    I see lots of, to use a Chadism…..professionals here. Little in the way of hot messes (Jiggly, PhiPhi, etc.). Tammie and Mimi, I guess. But one of them is gone now. I’m worried they’ll suffer from the same problem that beset Project Runway: All-Stars….the contestants have become established stars in their own right since their initial run; and have a lot to lose by going far from fan expectations. Just checkout their Facebook
    pages. What used to be scrappy, pay-the-electric-bill performers are now NINA/JUJUBEE/LATRICE ROYALE, A DRAG CORPORATION™.

    They’ve all been around the Drag Race block, and see it mainly as a way to promote their “brand”; and so we lose a bit of that raw edge, I think. Look at how Pandora and Manila (and I’m guessing a few others) had music singles released to time with their appearances on All-Stars.

    I LOVE Pandora, and it kills me that the highest Facebook competition vote-getter (after Sharon) was sent home 1st episode. I’ll still watch the show, but it’s more about showcasing high talent, and less about raw drama.


    • MilaXX

       Agreed, everyone has lost weight, gotten better wardrobes and a little more botox. Also since they are working more, and in bigger and better venues, their acts are more polished.

    • I agree with this, and would add that I think it’s also the synergy (HA!) BETWEEN their individual brands and the Brand RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE that contributes to this feeling that it’s all a bit too packaged. It’s unfortunate, because what always made this show special was its intelligence and satire of reality TV tropes. I’m most excited to get to see Nina and Tammie hopefully turn it, because they are both freak queens close to my own heart, and not only did we not get to see anything close to Tammie’s full brilliance last time around, but also, as season one-ers, they didn’t benefit from the same higher quality productions values as the other contestants (that godawful vaseline lens…). So although I am not expecting them to win, I do hope Brown Flowers manages to stay in the game for a few more episodes.

  • Tamara Hogan

    I think the teams format is unduly manipulative. I have no desire to watch further.

  • PeggyOC

    I love the B& W photos.  They’re gorgeous and some of the best stuff the show has done.  What was the concept behind them?

    • andcoh

      The concept was suppose to be “half baked” aka halfway through their transformation into character.  Showcase the team.  And no wigs were allowed.  Obviously, some did the concept better than others.

  • Chad has clearly watched Hunger Games a time too many if the premiere and clips from the season are any indication….but it cracks me up all the same. I want full on Katniss Tribute drag, please. But yes, teaming up with Shannel was a bad idea from the jump.

    I don’t think Nina and Tammie will go far, but the combo is divine in my eyes. As is Manilla and Latrice. I keep going back and forth on whether Pandora was wrong to shut down on Mimi (though she rallied at the end) but frankly, I would have, too. As Joe Zee sez, she’s so exhausting, you need a pillow.

    • Merideth Jenson-Benjamin

      I think that Katniss Everqueen is a FANTASTIC drag name.  

    •  Really? I would love to see Brown Flowers win it. I think they’ve got tons of potential.

  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    When I saw the results I thought “if they don’t want campy drag queens then don’t bring them back!” It was ridiculous. Losing two All-Stars in one episode is ridiculous. Pairing two All-Stars so we don’t have a chance to see what we love about them individually is ridiculous. I was legit angry with the show.

  • Nannette Gadomski


  • Rachel Jaffe

    I flat out love the “in transition” picture of Pandora and Mimi.   Jujube and Raven’s is maybe more clever, but my eye is constantly drawn to Mandora’s and the quietness of Pandora contrasted with the loud energy of Mimi.  Totally think they should have stayed based on that picture alone.

    Here’s hoping Pandora gets a second chance.

  • MarissaLG

    You guys are absolutely right!! This episode was so lack-luster. I’m obviously going to keep watching, but I was pretty disappointed. They’re definitely not going to last long, I hope Ru gets rid of the teams sooner rather than later. 

  • Le_Sigh

    Aw Panda-gurl, I sincerely hope this is not the last we’ve seen of you.  Not sure if I’m digging the perma-teams shtick either – I hope Ru is truly fucking with the format and brings her back.

    Also – SQUEEE!  NINA!  LATRICE!  JUJU!  It was nice to see them again.  

  • Nannette Gadomski

    Your recap & review is spot on, of course! Everything T&L do is perfection in my opinion! But anyway, Pandora was certainly robbed & I felt terrible for her. While Team Latrila & Team Rujubee are my faves, your assessment of their matchups is 100% accurate. I hope the whole “team” situation is temporary. That was just a bad idea!

    • andcoh

      I feel like Latrila and Rujubee are so obviously the front runners.  Juju, Raven, and Manila have a lot more variety in their style than most of the other queens, and Latrice always seems to rise to the occasion so a semi-crazy Manila makes a great partner.

  • With this being just a six-episode season, I can’t see the team concept going away until the very end. Either that or a hell of a lot of double eliminations sans team.

  • I agree re: Team Shad. They bring each other down, but I love me some Latrila and Rujubee. I forgot how fierce Raven was!

  • Siege Johnson

    Although I do agree this wasn’t the optimum pairing for Pandora, I think if she had gone at it with a more positive attitude, they could have survived. Yes, Mimi IS a crazy person, but she was trying desperately to not be SO crazy this time around. And she was genuinely pleased to work with Pandora–she chose her during both rounds. I think if Pandora had gone into this with the assumption that Mimi was a challenge to be overcome, rather than an anchor around her neck, they could have come up with some genius, funny stuff. Pandora–no matter how much I like her and how disappointed I am that she’s gone–can’t put all the blame for this on Mimi.

    On a marginally related note, how are Mandora’s runway outfits apparently horrifyingly tackey, and Latrila’s sequined pantsuits creative masterpieces?

    • Imasewsure

      Totally agree about Ms. Pandora…. she just gave up and frankly if their runway outfits hadn’t been so awful, they might have edged out a less interesting pair. No chance though once they had to LFTL – neither Ms P or Ms M could beat out Chad’s theatricality. And I think the difference between Latrila and Mandora’s outfits were $$$ and “taste”… horrible green outfits looked homemade and tacky – much worse than the glittery jumpsuits

    • Given how enamored Mimi seemed to be with Pandora’s style, I think it was a seriously missed opportunity.  Mimi would probably have taken direction from Pandora for the tone of the group, if not just out of respect but also to try and prove she’s no longer as batshit.  A scenery-chewing but somewhat stupid camp queen and a more reserved but very smart and witty queen sound like the making of a classic double act.  In drag.  Abitch and Cuntello.  

      I too would be terrified when first hearing the words, “you’re with Mimi,” but after that you have to pick your ovaries up and say, “fuck it, THIS WILL NOT STOP ME.”

  • Got to give a little credit to Mimi- with her new figure and that polka dot cocktail dress she actually looked pretty good.

    • cooperalden

      Yes, (And correct me if I am wrong)  I did not see anyone rushing to be Pandora’s partner. She wasn’t stuck with Mimi.  NO ONE ELSE CHOSE HER.  I think that is what really hurt!

      • I would not be at ALL surprised if there was some pre-selection involved. I’m certain that a lot of the drama is encouraged, possibly planned out, maybe encouraged. The whole “I lost my job because of Mimi!” thing- you think that Alexis was going to keep something like that a secret until that moment?  Honey, puh-LEASE!

        • StellaZafella

           She didn’t keep it a secret, that’s why the shade started in the Gold Lounge when the top queens were talking about Alexis’s reaction to seeing Mimi just walk through the door…Juju indicated Alexis spilled it about the club gig at the walk-ins. They manipulate the edits…but the T and shade are all for real.

          And I really do believe that none of them knew who all was going to be there until the first day of filming so Mimi’s entrance would have been a real shocker…since she ended up near the bottom of the initial fan votes.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Gentlemen, I feel the same way. Thank you for the insightful review. I was glad to see all the queens but not happy with the teams. At this point, I would happy with almost any of them winning. However, I have to root for La Nina, she’s been my favorite from day 1.

    • thoroughlymodernmillie

      She’s amazing. She should have won her season. Also, I think pairing her with Tammie is brilliant. I love Tammie’s crazy old-school drag and think Nina can handle that loca like none of the other queens could.

      • Sheila Venable

        It’s just my opinion, but Tammie is crazy. That is all. She is not funny. She is crazy. Not to cast aspersions on crazy people because I have had my crazy moments and I respect and admire crazy people.

      • While I would’ve been fine with Nina winning season 1, I think Bebe deserved it just as much. That bitch was FIERCE.

  • Jessi03

    The permanent teams doomed it from the get-go.  I thought Pandora and Manila could have worked nicely, but Manila will probably rock it out with Latrice.  Most of the others were just too similar, like you said.  How Chad and Shannel could EVER think they would be a good team is beyond me.  Poor poor Pandora.  

    • Sheila Venable

      Like others on this board, I don’t get the “poor, poor Pandora” thing. She’s not that funny. If she were, she could have rescued her team, or at least made them plausible contenders. What did she do that was head and shoulders above Mimi? Mimi and PANDORA lost. Pandora is a whiny, crybaby who’s not all that. Meanwhile, kudos to Mimi, who lost a ton of weight and put her past behind her.

  • Barbara Woodruff

    I also love the sepia/low color photos with minimal or no make-up. They have a realness to them which is very interesting and emotional. The contrast with the over-the-top drag silliness is very striking.

    • i haven’t watched the epi yet, but i really enjoyed the sepia shots here.  very deep and emotional, most of them.  esp. brown flowers.

  • Bridyyc

    The person who needs to go from this show is Santino. He doesn’t like anything and seems to forget that he’s judging a drag contest, not Project Runway. The same opinions he had about the same people the first time around.

    I’m with you that the first show was underwhelming. This season needs to get better, stat!

  • MilaXX

    if you watched Untucked  Mimi lost it then, so that crazy wasn’t even that deeply buried. I think the teams thing really did do Pandora in, and those others can talk all they want, but no one else wanted Mimi. I doubt they would have reacted any better. I feel bad for Pandora, and I hope she does get a second chance.Out of all the teams I think Latrilla has the best chance. I like Nina and I think she “gets” Tammie, but I don’t think they will be around long either. However, unlike Mimi, Tammie appears to have returned to drag Race with a different attitude. Mimi on the other hand seemed to think losing weight and saying, “I’m sorry” would erase the history she has. I don’t really think Alexis getting fired was really her fault, but again, it added history and bad feelings to the group. I can’t decide if Alexis/Yara will go home next, but depending on the challenge, that who I would send home. these 2 bring nothing to the party.

    The judges: There is little to be done about Santino. He’s an awful judge and his criticisms are never helpful. What you can hope for is the days when Billy B is sitting on the panel. Even if he dislikes something, he can at least articulate that better. As for Michelle, just don’t wear green. I know it feels arbitrary, but it’s like going on CHOPPED and serving Scott Conant red onions. It pisses off the judge and may get you sent home.

    • andcoh

      The thing with Mimi is that all the other queens seem to dislike her.  Even Chad and Yara had seemed to have some beef with her.  It can’t just be from her season on the show, right?  Like, maybe in real life she doesn’t have a good reputation or something.

      And Santino is useless.  Also, I think the clothes he designs look like Shannel’s costumes.

      • MilaXX

        That’s my point, she appears to have a rep as being crazy, so it didn’t matter who she was paired with, they were going down.
        I can’t even recall Santino being anything more than a reality tv star for quite some time now.

        • andcoh

          So true about Santino.  I guess his Phoenix lingerie line just lingers in my brain.

      • Sheila Venable

        Santino’s designs on Project Runway were tragic. How he can be positioned as a fashion expert is beyond me.

    • really, it bugs me no end when a judge just doesn’t like something for no rational reason and thinks that’s a valid criticism.
      green’s my favorite color and i love red onions.  don’t even get me started on scott, that arrogant s.o.b.

      • MilaXX

        Oh I completely agree, but at this stage, both judges feelings on the matter are well known so why give them fuel to dislike you?

    • Melizmatic

      So much agreement here;

      I cant for the life of me figure out WHY anyone is supposed to give a rat’s ass what Santino Rice thinks; especially when he was the ‘ringer’ on his own respective reality show (You know, the contestant everyone loves to hate, and knows wont win, but the producers keep around anyway, for ratings sake.)

      His own fashion “aesthetic” is trite and severely lacking, as is evident in his designs.

      He just comes off as sleazy, self-important douche who needs his hair shampooed, badly.

  • andcoh

    See, this is why I’ve been waiting for your recap.  They lost me with the teams instantly.  I thought Untucked was funnier than it had been in a long time, but the show itself…blah.  Shannel and Chad are doomed, and I can’t help but think that Tammie and Nina are too.

  • Tamara

    I am also legit angry about a six ep season. Pairing the queens is fucking with the audience for no reason. Why wouldn’t they want to draw this out as long as possible? I’m sure this season is maximum viewership, it had so much potential. I also assume it means that the finale will be the last pair standing, vying for the crown…which means that it is likely that the truly top contenders will have no shot.

    Particularly sorry for Pandora, and also Chad now has no chance – but she and Shannel chose each other, so I don’t feel bad for her. I will say though, that Chad and Shannel together is HILARIOUS. Shannel really brings out the crazy in Chad. 

  • I think you’d get more out of recapping Untucked(not that I’m trying to give you more work!).  It’s just lately, I find Untucked miles more interesting, plus, Willam was there :).

  • I first thought the fact that we know these queens might be a plus for the show but it is the minus. The interesting thing about the regular series is that we meet a complete fresh cast and it is surprising how they interact with each other. Here the teamings were not very surprising, and everyone acted like you expected them to. But UNTUCKED brought the drama. Alexis losing her job to Mimi… Tammie Brown’s random craziness… I wonder why they did not edit the regular episode differently, because there must have been more interesting bits and pieces than the horrible Pandora/Mimi story which they focused on.

  • StillGary


    • DonnaL

       Just because RuPaul refuses to stop using that word doesn’t mean you have to. 

      • StillGary

        Let me tell you one thing Donnal: My grandfather …
        Actually I’m sorry to have accidentally offended you and won’t toss that word around. Color me a little wiser.

    • Well, I don’t think they can bring Carmen back since she’s actually presenting as a woman, and is therefore not really a drag queen anymore.

  • You guys hate everything now.  I thought it was a blast.

  • Bob Shackelford

    I met Pandora (sans drag) at Mimi’s show in Philadelphia on Independence Day.  At the end, Mimi dragged Pandora on stage and I couldn’t help but notice Pandora seemed a little icy.  Now I know why.  She had to be thinking, “Bitch you got me tossed off Allstars!”

  • andcoh

    In the opposites photo, who does Chad look like?  I keep seeing some celebrity and I just can’t figure it out.

    • I’m seeing Andre from Season 2 of Project Runway. 

  • Thank you for recapping. And yes, I think so, too.

  • I dont know why people baby pandora so much, or hail her as such a legendary contender, when for me, she brought very little to the table competition-wise. Her outfits always looked like crap, and i dont think she was nearly funny enough to get this comedienne label slapped on her… i mean her “funniest moment” was the carol channing thing and that barely moved me. she didnt excel at the challenges or at the runway… I like her better outside of the show, but on it she is total filler. I just dont think she cuts it among these other queens that have upped the ante since her season happened.

    • Misty Sweeney-Dull

      I agree completely. I never understood why everyone labeled Pandora the comedian of her season, when Jujubee cracked me up consistently. The humor seems forced with Pandora, and she’s just not that interesting.

    • StillGary

      Agree, she was funny — but remember, Tatiana actually won that Snatch Game with her “Brittany!” While Pandora did have some good lines, she wasn’t in the same comedic class as Willem, JuJu or Manilla.

      • out for a walk

        I SO wish that Willem was on this All-Stars show.

  • Moondancer5

    I was so looking forward to this show, and then bam. The teams thing is an awful idea, and Pandora gets completely screwed. Didn’t even get to have any fun before it went completely downhill. Awful.

  • StellaZafella

    I am consciously withholding any judgment an on any of these shenanigans until further along in the proceedings…but it ain’t easy.

    I expected the bitches to be bigger, brighter, louder and more ‘on it’ after some time with the Ru Machine supporting their careers…I would have been disappointed with less.

    My history and love of drag as part of my theatrical DNA compels me to watch to the end…and I’m not even really rooting for anyone in particular yet…plus I’m enjoying the breaks in the formula (permanent pairing) mixed with the expected silliness (black rain in the editorial photo shoot)…but I shall be sorely of a sour mind if the Rubitch gets to the end of her sentence, so to speak, and turns out to have had nothing of interest to say…

    the punchline better be GOOD!

  • Max Wirestone

    Ru and Logo should just give Pandora a comedy special to compensate us for all this nonsense.

  • Stubenville

    I’m not quite getting why some cast members were even invited, except to be sashayed away early. Mimi, Pandora, Tammy, etc. 

    And the producers mucked it up with way too many twists; “Half made up!” “No wig!” “Your partner does your makeup!” “You can tag team your partner’s lip synch!”. Luckily they skipped Jello wrestling on the back of a moving flatbed truck surrounded by alligators.

    I’ll keep watching because it’s simultaneously the cheesiest and most fun hour on TV, but episode one of RPDR Allstars failed to live up to it’s potential.

  • I was super disappointed after I finished watching this. The pairs thing is awful, but it looks like it’s going to last for the whole season since I saw on Wikipedia that only 6 episodes are planned. WTF? Then the queens were not challenged to do anything very entertaining, just a couple of photoshoots. No one’s runway was great, though I did have a lot to look at with Shad’s professional costumes.

    I liked the picture where Pandora was pressing the iron on Mimi’s face though. That should have been used. Har har!

  • kathryn_dc

    I didn’t get why in the “Opposites Attract” photoshoot they had black rain falling. WTF? Just seemed totally unnecessary.

    • It has become a Drag race tradition- the first photo shoot has to be messy and somewhat humiliating.

    • Jasmaree

      I’m pretty sure the only reason was to see how the professional queens react to getting wet. 

  • nankipoo

    I just can’t watch this show. It’s too creepy for me. My fault, not theirs, I know.

    • WTF? How is it creepy?

      • nankipoo

        Men dressing like women and acting like children? How is that not creepy?

  • Also, can anyone figure out the elimination order from the Untucked previews? I saw Chad in a few different outfits in the lounge…

    Why bring Tatiana, of all queens, to show up in Untucked? Yeah, that “Thank you” thing cracks me up, but otherwise weird.

  • sockandaphone

    i havent watch the ep yet but MY GIRL PANDORA GOT ELIMINATED? UGH. Also super biased opinion because I’ve seen her live and she’s a riot but that makes me sad 🙁

  • Jasmaree

    I actually thought Pandora was being kind of a bitch to Mimi. Sure, Mimi was unpolished and had an unsavory exit on her season, but she looked so much better this time around and seemed to determined to put it behind her. I didn’t like that Pandora, instead of moving forward and taking advantage of the pairing, decided to bitch and moan through all the challenges. Somehow, every problem during the challenge was totally all Mimi’s fault. As a disclamer, though, I didn’t watch Pandora’s season, so the only thing I know of her is the second hand fan fare. Maybe that’s why I’m not so upset. I don’t think it’s a fair competition though.

    • Pandora has acting and comedy chops, but has to work hard to bring glam. 

  • Bree The Vole

    Everyone else has voiced the negatives, so I’ll say that Alexis looks gorgeous! I’ve always had a soft spot for her.

  • myristica_fragrans

    this is the first season of rpdr that i absolutely hated! the team aspect ruins it for me. maybe it’ll get better? idek.

  • Dlou 212

    Anyone else noticed that raven’s (finally) had those bags hoovered out from under her eyes?  Looks great and years younger.  Though I’m firmly a Latrice R. type. 

    And the teams are a waste, as is only a 6 week series.  DO it or don’t do it; Not happy with this half-as-fierce/twice-as-fast routine.  Just like PR. . .

  • SpillinTea

    I like how Shannel has made the transition from body-queen to more polished, not-really big girl drag.

  • sariebee

    Thank you, gentlemen! In our defense, we’d rather be watching WITH you, but we’ll make do with the recap.

  • that shot of “the boys” makes white boy look like some kinda nascar angel.

    • (just to be a little picky) he’s the white boy by contrast- Shawn Morales is Puerto Rican and German “With a little Cherokee”

  • Melizmatic

    Hell YES; Pandora got fucked over royally, and thank you for saying it.

    As much as I love RPDG, the entertainment value seems to degrade the more popular (sponsorships) the show gets.

    All I can say is:

    For shame, Ru; For SHAME.

  • e jerry powell

    I’m still kind of working out being stunned about Sahara Davenport to watch Manila just being.

    • They must have filmed before Sahara died. I was absolutely shocked. I feel so bad for Manila- who could ever think that would happen?

      • e jerry powell

         Yeah, that’s generally what happens with reality shows that aren’t presented in real time…

  • ZnSD

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get past laughing hysterically when the words “Team Brown Flowers” appeared onscreen. My partner and I looked at each other and collapsed in teary-eyed laughter for about 10 minutes. Yes. We are that silly.

    • StellaZafella

       Silly, with a partner and laughs at brown flowers references…

      Come sit by me you two – we’ll wait together til TLounge opens.

      • ZnSD

         Of course doll. Mojitos all around. Brown Flowers, hahahaha. It’s still funny. I’m on PST so I won’t see the show for hours sadly. We’ll have to rip later. 😉

  • i think the show made one crucial mistake: sending pandy home this early, after treating her unfairly *again*. seeing a favourite – she did win the miss congeniality title for a reason – treated like that just sucked the fun out of the episode.

    but i have to say, aside from that one point, i thought it was a strong showing, i did enjoy the show.

    i love team brown flowers, but nina needs to step it up. LOVE their ‘half-assed’ photo.

    chad and shanel do indeed bring out the worst in each-other.

  • formerlyAnon

    Pandora’s my all time RPDR favorite, so you can guess how thrilled I am about the rest of the season.

  • StellaZafella

    Pandora shot herself in the foot by wearing her thoughts on her sleeve and not getting on with it. I just don’t think she brings as much as she’s credited for by some…she’s funny – with a script. She can look really good – but I’ve never seen Fierce from her and she clearly let a curve ball shut down her game. I would have rather seen her forget about Mimi and play the whole thing for a joke…she might have still gone home, but she could have made a better point than acting the quitter.

    Mimi undercut Alexis in her own club, according to the T in Untucked: This means she negotiated with management to bring her show in at the expense of Alexis Mateo. That is the worst thing you can do to anyone in any venue in show business -it’s not just bad business, it’s how you get a “rep” and no one wants you near them in case of blood spatter…she brought all the shade on herself. Lesson kittens: You DO NOT cut a queen in her own club, you DO NOT throw shade unless you can back it up, and you DO NOT play the victim when you brought the knife and stuck it in first.

    Raven’s a bitch. Raven’s always been a bitch. It’s part of Raven’s MO. But Raven doesn’t lie…she’s so good at throwing shade because she bases it in truth (and she takes what she dishes out)…the fact is, what Raven said was just what everyone was already thinking.

    Thanks for letting me say that…I feel better now.

    the old retired drag queen,
    Stella Zafella

    • Iroqhard

      I agree with everything you said. Spot on. 

    •  I had no idea Mimi did that! If its true, I’ve lost all sympathy!

    • No, no no, you don’t know that. They didn’t give any facts but Alexis is a So Fl queen and Mimi is a Northeast Queen. In fact Mimi produces The Doll House review every week at Voyeur, Philly, and Alexis just appeared there. AND Mimi put those nasty queens in her new video. She makes appearances all the time with other RPDR queens, even this WEEK. No way did Alexis get “fired” from her home bar(s) just to have Mimi work there a time or two. Makes no sense since she only works in Fl occasionally. Get the T before trashing Mimi, a much more successful working queen than Alexis or MANY of them. Mimi does SHOWS/hosting like “The Dollhouse Review search for next Dollstar” drag competitions which yes, she did at Georgie’s in St Petersburg but so what? Alexis still worked there this year and all the same clubs as before this was filmed. If Alexis want’s a bigger name, do a bigger show, girl.

      • StellaZafella

        Hey Ali Goria,
        Thanks for the details. I assume you were there – and in on all of the facts first person.
        The stuff on the Untucked show was only the result of an outside story – but the two main players were in the room. All JuJuB and Raven asked for was the T from Alexis and Mimi. Alexis told her side and Mimi responded saying, basically, ‘It’s just business’. That’s the attitude I refer to: In the drag circuit, if a queen is callous about her choices and makes enemies she better have a thick skin because the shade WILL be thrown and she’s ‘talking the fool’ playing the victim when she struck the first blow.
        As for Mimi being more talented or better than the others…well, that’s a matter of opinion. It’s good to see that Mimi’s got fans, ‘cause she ain’t doin’ anything to make friends among the performers.
        Mimi’s got a drag show, Mimi’s got a theatre company…I haven’t seen here that Mimi’s got all that much talent as a performer. I knew Charles Ludlam, Charles Bush, Justin Bond, etal…so far, I don’t see that Mimi’s anywhere near any of them as a talent OR a business person…and the former three honored the codes among performers.
        Keep rooting for Mimi – She’s got a lot of energy.
        But don’t slam the other queens for calling her on her shit trying to keep it real.
        I say this with respect for you as Mimi’s fan…and you are, clearly, very much a supporter of the art form of drag.

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    I really hope the teams nonsense is knocked off next week. Really disappointing to have two queens axed. I hope Pandora comes back – and I believe she will – she’s too funny to sacrifice so early. 

  • DinahR

    I’m disappointed that Pandora went home, but I don’t blame it on Ru or the format.  I blame it on Pandora.  Yes, she got stuck with someone no one wanted to be with, but she ignores the fact that no one picked her either, and sorry but there must have been a reason for that.  I totally get she was frustrated with the teams and especially her partner (which is totally understandable) but her biggest problem was that she gave up almost immediately.  She looked so amazing at the beginning of the show!  I loved that look to pieces, but she never got close to that glow again.  She just gave up.

    She packed that runway outfit to bring to Allstars (which I didn’t think was all that bad but it was a bad idea for the first runway).  She is the one that let Mimi LSFYL and didn’t tag her to try and do better.  She is the one that forgot ‘twists’ are part and parcel to reality shows and it’s VERY likely her partner would have changed at some point, regardless of what Ru says now.  Change is the only given on these shows.  

    All that being said, I hope they bring back a queen and if they do I hope she’s ready and it’s her. 

    •  I suspect it could be Pandora. There’s a clip from the series trailer where Pandora’s doing her face and declares confidently, “I’m poised, I’m focused, and I’m ready to take the crown!” or some such. Seems unlikely that it was a clip left on this ep’s cutting room floor.

  • Iroqhard

    I HATE THE TEAMS. HATE. They need to switch teammates next week or something. Pandora was screwed. 

    • StillGary

      THat would make it more interesting if they made them switch it up!

  • VestigialMe

    I get the feeling that teams were brought in so that you could do as many seasons of the show without having to worry about the cast. New teams, same queens. I’m all for Ru breaking away from teams, though.

  • “We love Jujubee, but her inner bitch gets unleashed when she’s around someone like Raven.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    Did you watch “Untucked”? No more Miss Manners, and Tammie Brown is RIDICULOUS.

    But, reading this, I remember I was pretty disappointed, too. Booo, Ru. Boooo.

  • elzatelzabelz

    Agreed. Pandora got royally screwed. She’s been one of my favorites since her season. So sad to see the “permanent team” ploy. Either this is going to be a really short season, or some queens are coming back.

  • Gotta say, I disagree on Mimi. Maybe she was still bananas, but the other queens’ behavior towards her was over-the-top. I’ve seen more empathy out of PMSing teen girls. For a show that harps on and on about inspiring the public to
    accept others, that regularly features people crying about their own
    experiences with bullying? These bitches sure were quick to gang up on someone who is, ostensibly, one of their own. And Raven in the untucked show? She saw the fat kid on the playground and went for blood, and frankly, it was gross to watch. The first season was very much a cuddles-and-cocktucks season and I miss that. Yeah, a bit of reading, a bit of shade is fun. But too much and things get sour.

    It saddens me that Chad (who I usually like but seemed to be channeling
    some nasty) and Shannel (the snobbiest rich queen) got
    to stick around because they had more ‘glamour.’ Since when is drag
    only about glamour? They’re drag queens not fashion models! Most drag
    queens don’t have the money to buy the plastic surgery and outfits
    Shannel and Chad have. Some queens have to put on a basement boa and
    have fun.

    Wish Pandora had gotten over playing the victim and tried to make the best of it so we could have watched her turn it out on a humor challenge.

    Oh well. At least my favorites are still in the running.

    •  I heard “Booger” again- that Heathers / Boogers thing was not funny the first time and it should die.

    • Honestly, I thought they were terrible to her. Wasn’t it enough that she was obviously going to go home? Why the hell did they have to rub it in her face that she wasn’t really up to par with the others? If she hadn’t been there and Tammie Brown had been the obvious weak link, they wouldn’t have done that to her.

  • Bittybis

    I disagree. Pandora could have gotten over not getting picked and given it her best. And that choice of runway compared to what she was wearing at the top of the show? Made no fucking sense.

  • quiltrx

    These teams are terrible!  You want different, not the same.  And I don’t even like team shit anyway.  I was considering watching this, but if Pandora is already gone, forget it!

  • Eveniah

    This whole “Pandora was robbed” thing is driving me crazy. I am a fan of hers, and was super excited to see her on the show, but I am a fan of Mimi too. Mimi is actually a really talented performer, and her shows are amazing, so writing her off as a “mess” and as a burden to Pandora is not really fair or accurate. I think where the fault and blame lies is with the producers. Ultimately, this episode of All Stars was uncomfortable to watch. Particularly Untucked. They ganged up on Mimi knowing exactly why she was brought on the show, only she wasn’t in on the “joke”. With that in mind, Mimi was just as screwed as Pandora. It reminded me of high school, when everyone would make personal attacks and not consider it bullying. I am so confused by Drag Race and the message it seems to send out sometimes, when there will be a lot of cruelty (it does not count as simply throwing “shade” if it lacks wit, and if the other person is not in on the “joke”), and then the same queens will turn around on social media and say “Oh I totally respect them as a performer”. Really? Then why are we seeing so much negativity? What kind of confused message does that send to your fans? I get that there will be arguments, and these will be over-edited and dramatised, but at some point it goes beyond that into this ganging up mentality. Its ugly. Pandora’s attitude was poor, Mimi tried her best given the circumstances, and many other queens were just plain bitter. The ones behind the scenes need to take a serious look at the format of the show, the degree of respect and fairness the show pays to representing the performers, and the message they send out into the world. At the moment it’s not looking too good.

    • IMO RuPaul has always been disingenuous. Promoting “love” all the time while on his show promoting bullying and nasty behavior. Including constantly featuring the dog pile on Mimi by her whole team even though they WON in her season in Untucked with Shangela throwing a drink on her. That was shown every single week in the promos. Mostly everyone on this cast was unlikable this episode. At least the Heathers was funny, based in a hilarious concept and a result of sticking up for themselves against the shade of the others, Shangela in particular. 

      • I’ve never gotten the love for RuPaul. He’s a talented performer (I respect a queen who can sing convingingly and not lipsync) but a terrible actor, and comes off as very shallow.

      • Eveniah

        I agree with you for the most part, but not so much on the Heathers thing. Maybe they were deflecting from Shangela, but remember how awful they were to Stacey Lane Matthews, among others? I think Raja and Manila were in on the joke and didn’t have too much invested in the Heathers thing, but Delta and Carmen were convinced they were better then the rest. It was all so desperate…
        I think the only queens that will keep me watching at this stage are Tammie and Nina. 

  • Eveniah

     Also, at this point Tammie Brown and Nina Flowers are the only reason I want to keep watching.

  • I’m pretty much in agreement with everything you said here.  I was really looking forward to the triumphant return of the great Pandora Boxx and to have her cut in the first episode was total bullshit!

    I don’t think Pandora gave up on the challenge, as a lot of others have suggested.  She knew Mimi was there as cannon-fodder and she knew she was screwed as soon as she got teamed up with her.  It would have been nice to have surprised us by not being that predictable with the format, and that’s the thing that worries me is that the whole season is going to be a big yawn.

    But I’m a sucker for drag queens and I’ll keep watching and hoping that Pandora is called back before it’s all over.  Oh, and I think the Raven/Jujubee pairing is fierce!  Right now they’re the team to beat.

  • I hate the teams twist and I hate that Pandora was sent home first WITHOUT EVEN LYPSYNCING!!  crying so hard

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    Forgot to record the show; my sis gave me the highlights and lowlights the next day. Teams all the way through? No thanks.  I’ll let my sis paint the word imagery, then fill the gaps with TLo’s commentary.  Obviously the team challenge thing is due to this being a 6 episode season — has anyone read why such a short season was chosen?

  • MichaelStrangeways

    Sorry, I’m gonna say it…
    SCREW Pandora.
    She. Gave. Up. Immediately.
    “Boo Hoo! I didn’t get picked and I got stuck with scary Mimi so I’m just going to pout and not try!”
    And, Jujubee is a thousand times funnier than Pandora…

  • This show has always been as frustrating as it is fun. So glad you’re recapping it again! That makes it all the more enjoyable.

  • Pandora’s attitude was awful and the entire cast was intentionally awful to Mimi on Untucked as a strategy. It was obvious since they each presented her with a prepared complaint even nonsense about her working clubs off the show. Manila too. How is Latrice a comedy queen? She can’t do much requiring talking on camera, she’s a pageant type queen with some edge in her makeup when required. Pandora was always going to go home early teams or no teams because she does the same thing that the judges hate – still, 3 years later. If she’s so great she should have done the LSFYL or at least pressed the button. I thought Team Brown Flowers had the best photo, hands down. The opposites attract concept was flawed to begin with since the teams were not paired up as opposites anyway and it makes no sense. 

  • I don’t get the Pandora worship that seems to be going around.  While she is funny in prepared comedy, I don’t find her off the cuff commentary or general personality to be any funnier that most of the queens (Raven, Latrice, Jujubee, just to name a few).  Also, her look (not just clothes, but face and hair) are completely uninspired.  She looks the same all the time, and rarely experiments with hair or make up.  She seems to be labelled as “campy” as some sort of defense to her lack of style, but Manila Luzon shows that you can be campy AND glamorous at the same time (that headpiece with the hand and the cigarette… BRILLIANT).  The only time I can remember when Pandora really embraced the campiness in her fashion was the racetrack dress in the reunion.  Most of her looks are oddly humorless and sad for a queen whose main claim to fame is comedy.

    I understand that it was bad luck being paired with Mimi, and that had she been paired with someone else it probably would have helped to elevate her and bring out things she lacks.  However, no one wanted to be paired with her (expect Mimi), which shows IMO that while she is immensely likable and probably super fun to chat with, she’s not that competitive on a show which judges its queens primarily on the characteristics which she lacks the most.

    I like Pandora and think that she’s great in her way, BUT she’s also lacking too many qualities needed to excel in this competition.  I don’t really understand the assumption that she’s be a front runner but for being paired with Mimi.  Just my thoughts.

    •  There’s a lot to love about Pandora, but she wears terrible wigs- they’re good for stylized looks but when she tries to step up to being elegant she comes off as tacky.

      • PantherontheRunway

        Honey, she looks like grown up Lizzie McGuire lol

  • I’m excited for team Latrila. I love Latrice, but I always worry about her because she’s honestly not that creative and doesn’t do much in the way of characters or stepping out of her comfort zone. But when she’s pushed, she can be fucking fantastic out of her box. And I know Manila will push her.

  • Tausha Woods

    You would think Ru likes Pandora. She’s on almost all the Drag U’s. Yet, it almost seemed personal when Pandora was paired with Mimi and then quickly eliminated. Boo. I’m kinda mad at Ru. I haven’t seen Monday’s show yet, I hope it’s better.

  • PantherontheRunway

    Okay never been a Pandora fan, never will. But she shot herself in the foot NOT Mimi, by mentally checking out and more determined to be passive aggressive and sulky rather than step it up, she nailed that coffin down. Mimi is not a dream partner but you can tell she was genuinely trying to make it work this time around. And you tell me what good common sense, after all the times Santino has clocked pandora, for her to wear that ATROCIOUS green fuzzy dress.

    for runway alone Rujubee should have won. Work it out burlesque bitches! Love