RPDR All Stars: Comedy Tonight

Posted on October 30, 2012



Doing a drag version of The Newlywed Game? Brilliant.


Having everyone perform it out of drag? Missed opportunity. But Miss Ru loves her some ’70s game show realness, so this was mostly fun.


This was … kinda not.


WELL into this segment – and it felt like it went on for an hour – we turned to each other with the realization that we hadn’t laughed once, despite all the guffawing on screen.


Vicki Lawrence’s Mama on a Laugh-In parody with a bunch of celebrity female impersonators? What?

We realize that if you were to read that sentence without seeing the show, you’d think it would sound awesomely campy. It could have been, but it was mostly just plain awkward. We’re not talking triple threats when we assess the performing talents of these ladies. Most of them can’t even manage one threat.


But except for Manila’s Madonna, which was awesome, most of the impersonations were lame and unfunny.


Nina went too obscure and Tammie picked a character done to death by DQs and then did nothing notable with it.


Raven as Bea Arthur and Jujubee as Fran Drescher: Just okay.


Manila was very good, but Latrice’s Oprah was a huge disappointment. We’d have thought he could do her in his sleep.


Alexis was a big ol’ nothing as Shakira and Yara was a big ol’ cliche as Charo. Nobody did anything truly funny or interesting with their characters.


And bless their hearts, but you’d think Shannel and Chad were both 70 years old, given their style. It’s not that we don’t have an appreciation of old school drag, but they have to know this kind of staleness isn’t going to win it for them, don’t they?


Gorgeous. That may be our favorite Ru gown for some time.


They brought it to the catwalk. They both look very polished and cute.


Good, but not great. We think Michelle’s complaint about the eye makeup is a bit absurd since we’re talking about Drag Queens doing go-go schtick, but neither look was as polished as it could have been.


We’re sorry; we don’t want to be mean – especially since they’re both younger than we are – but they just look like old queens, no matter how much they shimmy. And when we say “old,” we mean much, much older than their actual ages, which is why it’s a problem. They both need to shake up their act quite a bit if they want to stay in the game.


Cute, but underdeveloped.


They don’t even look like two people who know each other, let alone teammates. Neither of them look bad exactly, but they’re in different solar systems. Tammie seemed to spin further and further out of control the more she realized her brand of weirdness simply wasn’t wowing anyone in the room.


So Yarlexis wins it, although we weren’t impressed with anything but their final looks.


Tammie and Latrice face off for the lip synch and no matter what other complaints we have about the episode, that was a hell of a competitive moment. Both those queens brought it, in their respective manners. Latrice was the clear winner, to our eyes, but Tammie was on fire. We wish we’d seen more of that. In fact, we wish the energy and “high drag” of the lip synch could be a template for the rest of the show. The ’70s variety act schtick doesn’t work as well as Ru seems to think.


And it kind of sucks to see Nina going home. But, while Tammie brought her own set of problems to the team, Nina didn’t exactly set the world on fire with her performance this week.


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  • Whoever is calling the shots (production-wise) and choosing these challenges (read: The boring, boorish and oh-so-hideousnous that is the “let’s pair up” idea) needs to be shackled to Santino Rice, put in a cage and made to Go-go away. 

  • Tat

    Tammie in small doses? Brilliant.  More than five minutes of Tammie? Painful.

    I know her schtick is weird and whacky, but in this episode it just felt like a desperate cry for attention.

  • Frank_821

    This further illustrates the problem with the team format. Actually I thought it was close as far as the lip sync. But I didn’t think for a moment though that Ru would toss out Latrice and Manilla this early in the game

  • tammie is just RUDE.  never mind that i think she truly is a little crazy and not in a fun way.  the clips during untucked when she was snapping back at the judges was RIDIC.  i was never a fan of hers and was absolutely not sorry to see her go.  nina, however, i love to death, but was saddened by her lackluster performance from the get go on this season.

    • Michelle Visage has been dishing it out under the impression that she’s untouchable. It’s about time she got read.

      Nina really needs to put some study time into making her English more fluid. It’s not just the accent, the trouble in communicating seems to hold her back and that is a shame.

  • kaydenpat

    So glad that Latrice squeaked it out.  But she was really lame as Oprah.  Come to think about it, she’s really not good at acting.  I recall her lame political schtick in Season 4.

    Enjoyed seeing Vicki Lawrence.  She’s looking pretty young given that I used to watch her as a teenager and now I’m 40+.

    • She was good in “Hot in Tuckahoe”: “GET THOSE NUTS OUTTA MY FACE.”
      On a related note, I recently learned Tuckahoe is a real place, which corrected my prior assumption that Rupaul made up the perfect name for a drag town. 

      • MilaXX

         It’s the impersonation thing that Latrice isnt good at. She sucked Snatch Game last go round. She can work a script, hence her Hot in Tuckahoe success.

        • Truth. 

        • It wasn’t just a script, but also feedback from a director that helped her in Tuckahoe.

      •  Really?  I’d love to live in a town called “Tuckahoe”!

        • It’s in Westchester! I assume there are probably others, what with the U.S. being unafraid to reuse city names in other places (Hollywood, Florida; Miami, Ohio; a bajillion Portlands/Portsmouths for obvious reasons…) 

    • But in the political schtick Latrice had the greatest line, something like: “I just realized Phi Phi is ugly, and I’m at peace with that.” Priceless.

    • annrr

      Latrice missed a huge opportunity by not changing direction and doing Paula Dean. Ru inadvertently came up with a great idea. 

  • I agree with most of this recap, exempting how Chad and Shannel were critiqued for their impersonations. I thought they chose classic characters, played them well (more Chad but still), got the looks right, and picked two characters that worked well together. So they weren’t painfully current, it’s not like everything has to be. And given the veritable pantheon of bores the other more current impersonations were…

  • jonnyf8

    Team Shad has clearly been the worst both weeks.  An all-star competition where Pandora and Nina are gone in the first 2 weeks?  Come on . . . .
    Raven and Jujubee were only marginally better than Shad.  They are really getting this season WRONG!

    • So far the Miss Congenialities are dropping like flies. 🙁

      • andcoh

        To be fair, they represent four of the six teams (Nina, Pandora, Yara, and Latrice), so they’re likely to be up for elimination each week.

  • I absolutely loved Ru’s gown on this show. The Gaff-In stuff was painful – so not funny. Vicki Lawrence was a great judge, and I thought her comments about Tammie were very funny, as well as her comment about Madonna being full of s__t. Ha! Raven also opined that he wouldn’t mind being Tammie for ONE day. “Untucked” was soooo weepy!! But, it had some really touching moments. Once again, I bow down to RuPaul. 

  • royinhell

    I didn’t think any of them did a good impression- Chad & Manila did the best looks-wise, but had nothing good to say.  And if you’re gonna do Charo, you better have more than ‘coochie-coochie’ (and he didn’t even do THAT right!).  The whole Gaff-In was awful- Ru should’ve stuck to Snatch Game.  At least then they wouldn’t have had to write their own jokes (and few of them did anyway). 
    And was there any doubt that Latrice would win the LSFYL before they began?  

    • That so-called impression of Charo was just plain insulting. Drug smuggling?

      • StillGary

        I know and they won — why didn’t these ladies come with some good character lines in their heads?

        •  They won because their runway looks were good.

          • Pinup Ghoul

            Their runway look was so adorable, but I wish that the actual challenge had more weight in the final judging. Then again, none of them really knocked it out of the park. Personally, I adored Chad as Bette Davis, she was my pick for the win, but it was very understated.

  • hughman

    This episode really exposed how painfully obvious this whole season is manipulated to end up. It was like “Project Runway All Stars” and Mondo where it all seemed like a ruse to atone for the past. 

    • Yeah- but who in particular is Teacher’s Pet THIS time round? 

      • Paigealicious

         Probably Latrice.

        •  Much as I love Latrice AS A CHARACTER she is hardly a drag superstar. I wish she could bring the sharp wit and self possession from backstage to the catwalk. She also needs some styling help- makeup is usually pretty harsh, and even though she’s a big girl she defaults to she shapeless drapey look too often. A couple of fitted gowns should be in every girl’s closet, and a jacket or two.

      •  I would have to say Raven.  It was such controversy when she lost to Tyra and people were crying foul, that Ru is only gonna pick girls that resemble Ru herself.  Raven is probably the most polished, witty and talented of all the All-Stars, that’s where my money’s going.

        •  Raven is great- I hope she has some variety in her looks this time, the last time she defaulted to flat straight hair a little too often. Her 80’s glam rock look was dead on though.

        • I’m thinking Jujubee for that reason. I didn’t think it was a controversy that Raven lost but that Jujubee was kicked out of the top two.

          I’m think either Jujubee or Manila are set up for the win.

  • MissMariRose

    I thought this episode was a complete failure from beginning to end. So much so, that I was strangely unmoved by the crying over fathers in the Untucked episode. It just felt painfully, obviously manipulative. I know what I, as an audience member, was supposed to do, but I neither laughed at the Drag Race nor cried at the Untucked. It’s sad to know it’s come to this, because I’ve really come to love this show.

    •  I started to laugh while Jujube was getting emotional – and Yara started weeping. You could see Juju was almost ready to say “Honey this is MY scene!”

  • MissFern

    My guess is that this “team” bs is gone in 2 weeks, if not sooner. 

    • It’s only six episodes long. So teams will be dissolved either for episodes 5-6 (if they want a final three in the last episode) or just episode 6 (if they want a final two in the last episode).

  • As a Colombian and a fan of Shakira, I could only think of one way to play Shakira as funny, and Alexis didn’t find it: if she’d played up the more Alanis Morisette (which is where I thought Alexis might possibly be going with talking about the voice, though I doubted it then and it didn’t ultimately play out), rocker chickish aspects of Shakira’s personality rather than the pop veneer she has now, it would have been funnier. But just playing the generic pop star has always failed in the snatch game so I’m not sure why Alexis thought she could bring it here. 
    Also, as a Latina who had no idea who La Lupe is, I did the requisite wiki-ing for others who may also be curious: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Lupe It seems like it could have been funnier, but the problem with celebrity impersonations is that getting the joke is part of the shtick. 
    I liked Yara’s Charo though. And Manila’s Madonna really WAS hilarious.
    I think part of the problem is that none of these queens are good comedians – they’re good at throwing shade, but that’s a different skill and not the same thing as writing a joke. Plus, the Q/A model of jokes is a little stale and juvenile compared to current humor. The queens would probably have benefited a lot from prewritten material and the competition could then have better focused on delivery and performance. I missed Pandora Boxx deeply during this challenge though. 

  • Paigealicious

    🙁 I still live for you, Miss Nina!! LOCAAAA

  • MilaXX

    Again no surprise with the sashay away this week. I’m happy that Tammie put effort into the LSFYL this time around, but neither she nor Nina were very impressive this week. I don’t know if it’s the team aspect of it or what, but this All Star season is a bit of a downer. Yarlexis won by virtue of being the best of the worst. None of the gals had worn a look or outfit that made me gag with envy.

  • MrsMaxPower

    Raven really disappointed me…outside of my general not really digging her ness.  I mean, how, as Bea Arthur, can you NOT land zingers?!?!  One of my favs from The Golden Girls would have worked perfectly…Rose: Can I ask a dumb question? Dorothy: Better than anyone I know.

    Major disappointment for that and for Latrice’s Oprah…especially when Manilla really brought it. Disappointing episode and just a general let down as a season.

    • Tat

      I actually completely forgot who Raven was supposed to be. She didn’t succeed in depicting Bea looks-wise or as a personality.

  • Latrice showed a lotta leg on the runway!

    Why was the back of Chad’s runway wig so frizzy?

    I was so bummed when Nina was not going to do the lip synch, since I thought he would kill anything, but when I saw the song title, I realized it was more of a Tammie song. Could Nina have done better and save the team? Who knows?

    Michelle Visage seemed so over it during the judging, like she was not even interested. Maybe she did not like Vicki contradicting her and Tammie talking back to her, but I wouldn’t mind if she left the judges panel. Replace her with Vicki, who did a good job.

    • Tat

      Vicki as a weekly judge? Brilliant! I’ve been actually wishing Merle would come back to give us a reprieve from Michelle, but having Vicki around each week? Best judging EVER!

  • xay

    This episode was painful to watch and didn’t put any of the queens in the best position to shine. If I hadn’t been cooking while I watched, I would have just fast forwarded to the runway and LSFYL.

    I want to love this season because I am glad to see some of my favorite queens, but after these two episodes I feel like every challenge is setting everyone up to fail.

  • O Superman

    I would love-love-love to see Tammie Brown perform in a club. Her “People look at me and laugh” was just her being very self-aware of what she brings to the table. Not a flexible queen, but a fabulous one nonetheless. And it was really nice to see how much the queens liked and respected Tammie and Nina during Untucked. It’s good to see everyone getting along.

    • Scott Isaacs

      TOTALLY agreed. It was so heartening to see how every queen was all “That Tammie be one weird-ass bitch!” in the most complimentary and loving way possible. I agree…it would be kinda fun to exist in the kinda of reality that Tammie exists in, even if just for a few moments. She was a lot more fun and brought a lot more to the table this time around, I felt, than in her first appearance on RPDR.

    • To me, Tammie represents what I like most about drag: the camp, the kookiness, the rebellion of it all, pure creative whack. Sharon Needles gets a lot of props for representing outsiders, and yeah, she does do that. Weird, gay kids, kids into the macabre, punk rockers. But she’s not as subversive as Tammie, who truly is an outlier with a completely unique voice. Someone who many just don’t get, like Divine and other queens were back in the day. That’s why I find her so interesting and impressive. I would have liked to learn more about what she can do. The glamour queens are great, but goodness how they /bore./

      •  This. Sharon is more the idea/notion of difference, weirdness–Tammie EMBODIES difference.

  • jw_ny

    I didn’t laugh once during the laugh-in skit….jokes, if that’s what you’d call them, were all out there.

    Raven’s runway makeup looks way too severe.  I especially thought it was odd that he got complimented on it by the judges.  His nose is so dark, lip liner is harsh, cheeks too rougey…add his lackluster Bea Arthur impression into the mix…I thought he was going to be in the bottom for sure.  I’m glad not tho…he’s a fav, and I love looking at him out of drag. 😉

    Manila was awesome…love her.  She’s top of my list right now for winner.  I hope she/he’s doing ok now…considering the death of his partner Sahara Davenport. 

    I was sad to see Nina go, but she really didn’t bring anything to the show this time…she was a fav tho in her season.  She had some crazy dramatic drag looks back then.  Also, Tammie was starting to grow on me.  I was really hoping Yara would tank just because she’s so annoying…oh well.  soon I hope.

    • Paigealicious

       Yeah, Yara can only work the “I am so crazy and don’t know English!” angle for so long…

      • Even Charo could handle English better.

      • See, I don’t mind Yara’s linguistic deficiencies, but I find Alexis’s passive aggression very offputting. 

        •  True- even last week it was: Mimi got me fired from my job…………………(but I understand and I’m ok with it).  She’s so very friendly on the surface and will never make a direct statement.

  • The problem is definitely the challenges, but I can imagine how tough it was to come up with some. They couldn’t just use challenges from the regular show as-is, because they’d all do too well and they’d have to decide the lip-sync based on nitpicking. They just swung too hard the other way and did a challenge that was so difficult that NO ONE was good. People who are naturally funny find it pretty easy to be funny on the fly, but writing jokes? It’s ridiculously difficult.

  • e jerry powell

    I do think that Chad’s runway look was totes adorbs, though.  THOSE BOOTS WIN!

    • Yeah, but he looked like his mother.

      • e jerry powell

        No lie. That or Jerri Blank on an acid flashback.

  • I love the go-go schtick…also Jujubee looks just like me in normal day wear. Should I be worried that my doppelganger is a drag queen? lol

    • is that you in your little avatar picture?  I don’t think you look even the slightest bit like Juju.

  • Amandack

    NewNowNext has been posting the full Gaff In segments from each team throughout the day.  I haven’t seen Yarlexis’ yet, but I am anxiously awaiting it since I’m sure it will contain some key information to show me why they won.  Latrilla’s proves they shouldn’t have been in the bottom, and–although I’m not sure why–the others seem less painful all the way through than they did last night.  It’s as if each has a joke that wasn’t in the broadcast that kind of redeems the whole thing.  Kind of.

    • Yeah, Latrila’s jokes were actually funny. I don’t know that Latrice was much like Oprah (I don’t watch her), but the jokes actually had decent punchlines.

  • I did laugh during the main challenge, but in a ‘WTF am I watching here?’ way, not a ‘Wow that sure is funny!’ way.

    I hate to say it, but this All Stars season is turning out to be a dud.  Last week they cut Pandora, the only queen who stood a chance of landing a half-way decent joke for this week’s show.  This week, just as I suspected, Nina Flowers and Tammie Brown bit the dust.  Next week I think Chad and Shannel will be off, which is actually good because they really do kind of suck this time around.  Then it’s time for Yara and Alexis to go home.  The final two teams will be Jujubee/Raven and Manilla/Latrice and I think Latrice will take the crown in the end.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Latrice, but I also think the whole thing is as fixed as Project Runway All-Stars was for Mondo last year.  Very predictable and boring with lackluster challenges.  It’s too bad because this should have been a lot more fun.

    • I really doubt the “fix is in” thing. I meet as many people who are Team Rujubee as I meet Team Latrila, so it seems like it would be stupid to set up one team to win if it weren’t justified because the people who were rooting for someone else would be pissed.

  • Scott Isaacs

    A comedy-based RPDR? Awesome! Paging Pandora Boxx!


    Crap. Missed opportunity. Pandy, we hardly knew ye. This episode was CRYING for some good ol’ Pandora.

    This show was bound to be a series of painful Sophie’s Choices. I was gearing myself up for that. The whole team thang is…I dunno. More painful, because of who’s been eliminated so far? Less painful, like tearing a band-aid off at full speed? Either way, it’s still painful. I sincerely hope that if there is a second All-Stars, that Ru doesn’t fuck it up by pairing up her goyls at the beginning again.

  • StellaZafella

    Overall, we didn’t get to see enough of anyone to get more than a taste, so my impressions were as follows (pun intended):
    Chad: Cher doing Bette Davis at a party…funny-ish for that alone.
    Shannell: She’s no Lucy…Maybe Kirsty Alley?
    Yara as Charo: a natural fit and she played it to the hilt. GO GURL!
    Latrice, Raven and Alexis…Girl, this was not your challenge.
    Tammie Brown should have played a SILENT screen star.
    Manila: Actually made Madonna funny to watch…a little.
    Nina: la Lupe may be too tragic a personal story to convey the funny here…a little like Cuba’s Billie Holliday.
    Jujube as Fran Dresher: Hysterical, if just for her laugh and the hairline on the wig.

  • Scott Isaacs

    One more thing: Chad doesn’t have the widest and biggest of eyes. For him to pull off Bette Davis eyes (both in makeup and in physical manipulation) was truly awesome.

  • PantherontheRunway

    I don’t know that much about tammie. I know she flubbed in the girl group challenge season one and that’s about it.
    So sacrifice it to say since I don’t know her work, I was shocked when I saw here along with Mimi in the line up for all stars.

    I’m not a person who thinks being weird for all the wrong reasons is endearing, and I thought miss tammie was annoying.
    Nina is a fabulous performer and maybe would have gone further with Manilla or Yara as her partner.

  • I’d never checked Shannel and Chad’s ages in previous seasons, I just felt pleased Ru was including some of the older generation——then I was all “Huh???   They’re IN THEIR 30’S???????  Oh Honey NO!!!!”

  • The one moment that I truly laughed was when Raven said “put it in me” in that deadpan way during the pie in the face segment. For some reason, what she said and the way she said it was ridiculously funny to me. 

    •  Raven is very good at deadpan poise- she really aced the book / cocktail promotion in her season. The kind of pro who won’t break character even if she flubs something.

  • Speaking of mean old queens, have you seen that Ian McKellan & Derek Jacobi are doing a new sitcom called Vicious Old Queens? http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2012/10/29/itv-commissions-new-gay-sitcom-starring-ian-mckellen-and-derek-jacobi/ god I hope the script does those two justice.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    This show is certainly not what I thought it would be…in fact I just don’t get it. I was happy that Manilla and Latrice won the first challenge, but I could not tell you why they won. Chad always seemed so sweet but now seems like a bitch. These teams don’t seem to be working out for anyone’s highest good. And I am not as entertained as I should be. I am not seeing as much of the individual queens as I would like and some very good queens are gone before their times,

  • I think Shannel would be perfect to do a Kirstie Alley impression, she looks just like her, dresses just like her and you could have so much fun with that, making her skinny and fat every time you changed scenes.  I felt like her Lucy was a waste and Chad’s Bette Davis was poorly edited, I didn’t see enough of it to understand why the judges praised him so much.

    • jw_ny

       I completely agree about Shannel/Kirstie Alley.  Never saw it before, but in the ’70s mod outfit with that do…it’s uncanny.  Kirstie is such a character that he could have a lot of fun with it…really should add it to his repertoire. 

  •  I completely agree and Alexis doesn’t seem to have the goods to back up all that attitude.

  •  Jerri Blank reference for the win!

  • Iroqhard

    I said it last week I’ll say it this week. I HATE THE TEAM FORMAT. It is harrrrrible. These bitches need to be competing one on one. 

    I do love the suggestion of having Vicki back as a judge- she was a great judge! I agree. 

  • My favorite team gone home already. Tammie is bonkers, but I love her. And Nina has always been a favorite. At least I still have Latrice!

    • out for a walk

      I too thought Tammie outshone Latrice in the lipsync department!

  • Cliché or not, Yara’s Charro was fantastically energetic and believable, and Alexis was not so much Shakira but the straight man to Yara’s hysterics, and it worked perfectly for me. Latrice, Raven and Shannel sucked. Chad and Shannel looked more like they are in their Sixties than being 41 or “31” (Shannel, if you are lying about your age, you should make it a bit more believable).

  • the teams thing seems like a really transparent way to get the season done over as quickly as possible. Untucked has had some genuine emotional moments, but last night’s felt completely forced… I don’t expect this to pick up in the… what… four or so episodes they have left. BUT I’m still gunning for team Rujubee cuz I love them.

  • As much as I love Mama Latrice, she’s never quite as polished as I’d like (think Delta Work who was pretty un-clockable paint wise). Her outfits imho always seem like real women’s clothes as opposed to stage clothes which also works against her in comparison to the others.  Not sure she’s there for the win…seems to me like they’re setting Raven up for that one, but who knows.  (Should’ve been the winner on her season truth be told, but she let that mouth get out of hand too often.)

    Team Brown Flowers was never going to go all the way: it was simply too odd of a pairing (Nina would’ve been much better with Yara  or Raven) and Tammie, bless her soul, was (like in her season) never going to be taken seriously by the judges apart from Ru.  Speaking of the judges…

    Is there anyone else who longs for Merle to come back?  God I miss her as a judge!  I find Michelle pretty gruff with questionable taste levels and too much to say for someone as unpolished as she is.  Same is true for Santino who could easily be replaced with Billy B full-time with no problem…the way he goes on, you’d think he was designing for Valentino or had WON Project Runway (he was the third runner up if memory serves, just being real gurl).  

    • When you said Latrice dressed like a real woman I think you hit it. She dresses like a big woman who wants to show a lot of leg but hide everything else.

    • julnyes

      Santino and Michelle can both take a flying leap and be replaced by almost anyone. They both have obvious biases against the non fashion / body queens and it gets on my nerves.

      •  They are just not funny, and I was just thinking “Who do they think they are?” They behave as if they were superstars, and Michelle with the ICON necklace was really ridiculous. Icon for what? Boob jobs? Being a poor man’s Elvira? Santino, expert in what? Looking like an extra from “Fiddler on the Roof” and talking in a monotone drone that makes Tyra Sanchez sound lively? I want Mike Ruiz. He is really funny and authentic.

  • halo323

    The funniest part of this episode for me was imagining what it would have been like to tune in during the Gaff In segment without knowing what you were watching. 

    I will miss Nina– I feel like she never got the chance to show her awesome Nina stuff.

  • When Latrice did those little steps and then twirled at the end of the lip-sync I thought I was gonna die! SO PRECIOUS! I played it back repeatedly and cracked up each time!

  • I wonder what Pandora Boxx would have done with this challenge?

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    SO glad I’m not sitting up late to watch this…or dvr it.  I’ll just leave it to the experts to recap and review for me, and save the dvr space for something else.  **air kisses** Thanks TLO!

  • Le_Sigh

    Oh La Nina – I LIVE.  I really frikken hate this team format thing.  

  • Glenn Gore

    Tammy’s comment that she can make people laugh by just standing there is just SO sad.    Honey, when you do that, people are laughing AT you, not with you.    The constant babble, non-sequitors, etc, just made her unwatchable.   If you are going to dress up like Tammy Faye Baker and that’s it, do nothing IN character, then why bother?   

  • Tausha Woods

    1. Glad Michelle Visage got read. She is mean and bitter.
    2. Santino’s opinions are not nearly as relevant or important as he thinks they are. He needs to go.

    3. Nina is an A-MAZING queen. Her make-up skills are off the chart. She seemed bored and uninspired this season.
    4. Ru, the team thing is stupid and no one likes it. You really should have asked a test audience first.

    • I don’t think the budget would allow for a test audience, unless some cosmetics company donated it.

  • With this ‘team’ format will the show be over in 3 weeks? this is silly…

  • Stubenville

    Power back on, caught this in a rerun. Now I know how the west coast people feel during TLounge. 

    The more I see of it, the team thing seems dumb and unfair. But Tammy Brown is a whack job and deserved to go home. But Nina? No, that was totally unfair. 

  • Susan Collier

    I thought the Bette Davis getup was funnier when I thought it was Madonna.

  • frite

    the ‘team’ thing sucks, big time. Fabulous queens like Pandora & Nina gone so early. Quite frankly, I thought this was Nina’s to lose. Bitch is FABULOUS but just really seemed uninspired the whole time. I’m in agreement though that Untucked is better than the real show this time around.

  • I wish they would have edited the gaff-in portion as if it were a real show; leave out the awkward pauses and bits where the queens messed up. I think it would have been at least a little more entertaining for us that way, especially since the queens themselves were so unfunny in that format.

    •  Sadly, humiliation is reality show GOLD. That is why Drag-U is boring- it’s an “Everybody Wins!” kind of show.