“Revenge” Stars Photo Shoot

Posted on October 03, 2012

The stars of Revenge got their sexy on for photographer Tyler Shields, darlings.

That picture of Emily with the short sword is absolutely gorgeous.

We suppose the guns and the violence are thematically appropriate given the show – and at least the gun isn’t pointed at a woman in every instance, which is what tends to happen when guns and sexy women are put in front of a camera. It’s also notable that the most naked people in this set are all male.

Tyler is a friend of Conor Paolo, who plays Declan, and members of the cast also posed for a series called “Chromatic,” which can be found on his site and which is full of equally visually arresting shots. You can see that series here.

What do the kittens think? Sexy or disturbing? Or both? Do you think there’s a difference between these shots and Cameron Diaz’s porn shots for Terry Richardson? We’d say these shots have more value to them because they’re not just recycling porn tropes for the male gaze. They’re visually much more interesting and they almost tell a story. Or at least more of a story than Cameron spreading her legs and arching her back in a garter belt.



[Photo Credit: Tyler Shields.com]

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  • Violina23

    The first shot is striking… the others don’t do much for me, but this might be because I don’t watch “Revenge” so the “story”, so to speak, doesn’t resonate with me.  

    If ABC has Season 1 of Revenge online, I might check it out — enough people (including those outside this blog) have told me it’s worth watching… 🙂

    •  Season 1 is on Netflix if you have an account there. I got a lot of my friends hooked over the past few weeks 🙂

  • Sam Corbett

    I find his work in general to be pretty derivative and repetitive, but there are semi-naked guys and the whole cast looks pretty good, so… no complaints here, for once!

  • j_anson

    It’s not possible to be significantly more exploitative than the Diaz shoot and still appear in a non-porn magazine, so no question this is different and better! I still found it a very mixed bag – the shot of Emily with a sword is GORGEOUS but some of the other pics bothered/confused/didn’t do it for me.

  • susan6

    Aside from the first shot, the series has the feel of a college freshman with a camera trying to be “edgy”.  

    • Hetha Innis

      Totally. The first shot is gorgeous. The rest just seem immature. 

    • This. They look like results from a Photo 101: Intro to Studio Lighting class. Terry Richardson is a talentless hack, but this shoot isn’t much better. The guns don’t offend me, but the lighting and camera work certainly does. 

  • MilaXX

    I could live without the gun shots, but especially the lick the gun shot, otherwise I like. I *really* like seeing all the pretty boys half dressed.
    Is there a different between these and Terry Richardson’s? Definitely so. besides not feeling the need to rinse my eyes out with bleach, the women are objectified or made to look like someone’s wet dream. The raciest one is Christina’s pulled down zipper. Terry’s stuff always looks like the work of a perv who met you when you first came to Hollywood and took pictures of you in his basement while promising to make you a star when all he really wanted was some pictures to jack off to.

    • MissAmynae

      Extremely well said, Mila.

    • RebeccaKW

       I don’t mind the one gun image, of the guy (don’t watch the show, don’t know names) just pointing the gun, not at anyone you can see.  That’s almost a Bond-like.  I love the sword shot, and even the fist fight one makes sense.  But the gun-lick one is odd and so is the one with the gun pointed at the girl with someone pulling her hair.  I get they are working on a revenge theme, but there are other options than ‘point gun.’ 

      • greyhoundgirl

        I agree with you and thank you for being articulate.  I can’t think that  pointing guns at people is sexy. No matter the theme of the actual TV show–the photos are supposed to be sexy.  Maybe only people who don’t know anyone who has been shot think so.

    • i think i met that guy in 1970…

  • For me, it falls just into the disturbing category. Many shots are undeniably sexy, well crafted images, but the violence imagery almost never works for me.

    • Anathema_Device

      I agree. It is sexually violent, to boot. I can’t say it offends me per se, but it truly isn’t my cuppa.

      • understateddiva


  • The last photo is flat out amazing.

    I liked this shoot. I remember hearing about this photographer and his shoot with Lindsey Lohan. This Revenge shoot is so much better. 

  • Trisha26

    The sword photo is stunning, the gun/violence pix are unncessary and unfortunate. I looked at the Chromatic series – much more artistic and fascinating than this titillation. But all of them are light years removed from Cameron’s dirty show.

  • Zippypie

    Violence isn’t sexy to me.  Known too many people killed by guns to think that a photo of a guy licking a gun is hot.  I do like the photo of Emily with the sword and the shadow on the wall.  But the rest fail as “art”.

    • Right. Violence and sex do not go together (unless it is in a health BDSM relationship). When we live in a rape culture and violence against women is ignored I really don’t like images like these emphasizing that statement.

  • ojosazules

    Aside from the first photograph, disturbing while not interesting.

    Added: these shots are not vulgar. Richardson’s are.

  • I’d have been happier without the guns, but this has some well done and interesting shots.  Too bad they couldn’t all be as clever as the first. 

  • glennethph

    I find some of it disturbing, some unnecessary but all are arresting.  Also, for me, you can’t feature Revenge and not play around with these images.  Especially since the first real sequence of the show is someone getting shot by a gun.  Anyway, most pictures are pretty but the one with the knife is the best. 

    I wish they played around with concept portraiture like what the USA network did with their shows — like in White Collar, they featured Neal playing card tricks or in Burn Notice, where they featured Fiona with a shot glass full of bullets (since she’s a former gun runner).

  • altalinda

    I like the first shot.  The shot of the guys lined up and apparently shivering made me stop and look, so interesting, not sexy.  The last one is boring.  The rest, especially involving the gun and the punch to the face, are disturbing and not original.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    There are more interesting things happening in the play of light, negative space, perspective, and composition in one of these shots than in all of Richardson’s work combined. There are a few shots that don’t really work for me, or veer into trite territory – licking the gun, threesome kiss, “90210” full-cast shot – but shots one, two, four, and five are striking and unique.

    This is more interesting to me because it isn’t all about sex…and the lowest common denominator of sex, at that. It’s about power: sex, violence, intimidation, etc. all play a role.

  • Meh. He does the women and violence thing all the time and it drives me nuts. He thinks he’s more artsy and clever than he really is. As one friend put it, his stuff is the work of art school students – only difference is he has starlets in his so he gets more attention.

    I do agree that the picture with the sword is awesome.

    • michkabibbles

      agreed-this looks like every other tyler shields shot i’ve ever seen. but the chromatic series in the link is pretty interesting (at least more interesting than what’s here). much more dynamic.

  • dress_up_doll

    I see more story here although I wish I were in on it. I don’t watch Revenge, but wish I had from the start. For now, I just enjoy the re-caps. Oh, and oooh-eeee! You boys are on fire! Ten posts in one day. Busy, busy! Love it!

  • Little_Olive

    A bit puerile and over the top, but nowhere near the Cammie fiasco. 

    I missed Nolan. Is Nolan gay in real life?

    The last shoot is doing Charlotte’s legs no favors. 

  • Hydra_D

    Just like you said you don’t have definite rules regarding the red carpet, for me the same applies regarding nudety- it depens how it utelized. 
    When I look at those pictures i think “great composition!”
    when I look at Cameron’s pictures I think “great photoshop-boob-job!”

    and that’s the whole difference.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       Exactly! The one with the woman’s ponytail being held while another hand points a gun in her face disturbs me on a visceral level, but once I get past that jolt there is a gorgeous composition to it.

  • crash1212

    I could do without the gun play. The one with all the wet guys made me laugh out loud. Head and shoulders above that odious Richardson troll.

  • MerBearStare

    I always thought Tyler Shields was a Terry Richardson wannabe, but at least the guys are as naked as the girls. The first photo is amazing, but the rest…not so much.

  • Sarah Thomas

    Okay, the gun blowjob shots are just boring, but Cheesus Christ Gabriel Mann is sex on a plate.

  • i like it!  also gabriel mann, check please.

  • chris

    I hate Tyler Shields almost as much as Terry; they’ve both made their careers by taking half-assed photos of their celebrity friends. And these photos are horrible — having people pointing guns at other peoples’ heads isn’t compelling, it’s just offensive and it doesn’t really relate back to the show in any kind of complex or compelling way. 

    It’s just lazy.

  • i just looked at the others they did, now those are awesome!

  • fiestyfashionfem

    Emily photo is gorgeous – the rest rooted in pornographic violence.  I’m so sick of this shit.  

  • Sobaika

    Sexy, striking, and vaguely disturbing.
    I dig it.

  • zbkat

    Jack getting punched in the face by Declan just made my day.

    •  I want to know how they did that.  The way Jack’s face is contorted it actually looks like Declan punched him.

      • kaycem

        yeah, according to the linked post on tyler’s website, that’s exactly what happened.  taking one for the team in its most literal sense lol.

  • kaycem

    they’re slightly better (i agree about the top shot being stunning) and overall ok, but you can definitely tell that tyler is of the terry school of photography.  it’s not as bad as the cammie d. shoot, but it’s not just the content that irks me; the increasing popularity of flat, polaroid lighting is off-putting.  i do tend to like tyler’s pictures better than terry’s though, but that’s probably because his muse is francesca eastwood who is also his girlfriend.  and he often works with personal friends.  emotional connection helps with the objectification thing, i guess (and he definitely doesn’t have the same amount of behind-the-scenes horror stories as terry).

    but then again, tyler did that shoot with heather morris where she had a black eye and was tied up with an ironing cord so.

    • He’s dating Francesca Eastwood…so, he’s the one who caused such an uproar by lighting an (estimated) $100K Birkin bag on fire for art. 

      • kaycem

        yep that’s the one. 

        the cost was, of course, inflated for sensationalism since christies estimates alligator birkin bags in the $40k range.  that’s still a shit-ton of money — more than i’ve ever made in a year, and as much or more than the average american annual salary.  that fact is the whole reason dina eastwood laid into francesca about it, as a matter of fact.  an episode of “mrs. eastwood” (yes i watch some seriously trashy reality tv and i’m not sorry lol) dealt with that particular photo shoot and some of the surrounding controversy… personally, i thought the bag was a fake, but even if it were it’s still a wasteful act.

        (although to be fair, the whole point was to highlight disgusting acts of conspicuous consumption, and i felt no more or less sickened by this photo shoot than hearing that sean combs “throws out” any cars and clothes more than a year old.  there are a million stories of the way rich folk / celebs dispose of shit most people could never dream of owning in the first place, and at least this was done in the name of “art” instead of a reflection of the way either tyler or francesca actually live their lives.)

        but either way, setting a real or fake birkin aflame and chainsawing the fuck out of it is STILL more interesting than anything terry richardson has ever thought about doing.  so in the tyler-terry war, i’d have to be team tyler (even though he was insufferable on the show lol).

  • Monkey Toe

    The difference is that you would not see Justin Timberlake or Colin Firth (two of Diaz’s most recent film co-stars) doing shoots similar to Diaz’s, but you wouldn’t be all that surprised to see another cast of young people from a tv show doing the same thing. I am not saying this is great photography, but male stars of Diaz’s Hollywood status don’t poledance quite so obviously.

  • That first picture is the best of the lot.  The rest of it looks like an American Apparel ad but without the American Apparel clothing.  Like some models playing around with professional equipment before the actual photo shoot.  It isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t compel me, and it doesn’t offend me either.  Neither sexy nor disturbing.  And that “wet” shot of the boys is totally Gangnam Style via El Monte college life guards.  Pretty funny.

  • These are gorgeous, Cameron’s are not. It’s hard to say why, exactly. Maybe because even thought there is semi-undressedness, it seems to be in pursuit of telling a visual story, whereas the Cameron shoot is only “HERE IS MY CROTCH!” You can push many taboos in pursuit of successfully telling a story.

  • the sword and the zipping/unzipping the dress ones are the best

  • MK03

    Honestly, I thought this WAS Terry Richardson. It certainly has the feel of his cheap, trashy, low-rent work.

  • formerlyAnon

    With the exception of the licking-the-gun photo, none of these are as hackneyed images as the Diaz shoot.

    But really, all I care about is the two dudes [un?]zipping girl in dress shot because I have a thing for skinny boys and a big thing for forearms. And Mr. Mann is giving fantastic skinny dude forearm.

    Which is a very good thing because I find guns un-sexy in the extreme.

  • SewingSiren

    These are the kind of pictures that unpleasant people take when they’ve had too much to drink.

  • Monday1900

    I’m really disturbed by these photos and by the mainstreaming of images like this.  I don’t find them sexy or intriguing. 

  • I noticed the similarities with the Terry Richardson photos with Cammie right away. I don’t know if I particularly like these shots, but they’re certainly different, and better in my book. I love the one with Emily and the sword, and the one with all of the guys shirtless (and pantless) is pretty hot.

    The one thing that I have an issue with is the gun play. I strongly, strongly think that it send a really bad message that guns are being treated so cavalierly even though this is just a photoshoot. This photoshoot violates everything that I’ve learned about being around guns, namely that you never, ever aim one at someone, and you don’t treat it as a toy, so ALL of the shots in which the gun is pointed at someone really disturb me.

  • Loving the first one. Everything else is trying too hard to be edgy. Still, it is better than Terry Richardson. His photographs are just kind of slimy.

  • MzzPants

    You echoed my first thought:  these are sexy and nobody’s crotch is in focus.  And they’re artistically beautiful as well.  I find Terry Richards’ work has become stagnant and uninteresting.

  • adnama79

    The series together keeps it from falling into the male gaze category.  The context of the show helps. 

    The first shot of Emily is spectacular.

    Bravo to all involved – if not for high art, then at least for managing to do sexy and disturbing without the sexist.

  • JMansm

    They manage to make Jack’s actor look disgusting in every single shot but I absolutely love the one of Ashley pointing the gun at Gabriel’s head, the one of Emily with the sword of course and the one of the two boys zipping of Krista’s dress.

  • PeaceBang

    I go cold at the “gun porn” thing. Please. Find a way to tell the story without having pretty people stick guns in each other’s faces.

  • AzulFashion

    The ones with the guns are really disgusting.  

  • BrightsideSusan

    Disturbing.  Upsetting. Can’t believe that actors and models don’t take a stand against this kind of crap.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    silly. not as masturbatory as terry richardson’s. but then terry richardson is really shooting for himself [pun firmly intended] & the guy who shot these is just remembering other stuff he’s seen. not that TR isnt, but this is more generic.

  • Citric

    Holy shit that’s bad lighting. Over-exposed, unflattering, bad shadows that look like direct flash. 

    One can argue all day about the subject matter, but my god, these are shot so badly that I can’t get past that part at all. Seriously, I’m an amateur photographer, I’m constantly trying to improve my shots and learn the best way to use light. I guess that’s a big waste of time if this crap can get published.

    It’s actively disgusting. Seriously, this lo-fi, uncle touchy’s porno basement aesthetic needs to die and all of its practitioners need to have their cameras taken away and smashed.

  • Amandack

    I like the idea of this series, but for many shots, I look at them and all I think is “never point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot, always assume a gun is loaded even if you’ve checked and it’s not, don’t put your finger on the trigger if you’re not ready to shoot…”

    • formerlyAnon


  • crackineggs

    Don’t like the violence.  Guns to the head (or tongue) are just too graphic for me.

    But I do love the swordplay picture. It reminds of the Rita Hayworth photo where she’s on the bed in some lingerie – the lighting is the same.

  • RzYoung

    I’m not so appalled at these as I was the Terry ones but, I’m still a little bored by some of these. Maybe i’m just cranky this morning

  • Vanja

    The first shot is good, it’s a nice pose and I especially like the very clear shadow.
    The combination of guns and eroticism never works for me.
    I don’t really care for the intense lighting both Tyler and Terry R. use. Tyler’s work is a step-up from Terry R.’s work, but I do think both their work is repetitious and therefore boring.

  • Guest

    The first shot is good, it’s a nice pose and I especially like the very clear shadow.
    The combination of guns and eroticism never works for me.
    I don’t really care for the intense lighting both Tyler and Terry R. use. Tyler’s work is a step-up from Terry R.’s work, but I do think both their work is repetitious and therefore boring.

  • Guest

    The first shot is good, it’s a nice pose and I especially like the very clear shadow.
    The combination of guns and eroticism never works for me.
    I don’t really care for the intense lighting both Tyler and Terry R. use. Tyler’s work is a step-up from Terry R.’s work, but I do think both their work is repetitious and therefore boring.

    • PinkLemon

       SO SICK of that LIGHTING.

  • Laylalola

    And the logical next step in this artistic exercise is staged stuff and so on

  • 3Beaz

    I’m not really disturbed by these photos, it just seems the obvious route to go with this cast and I’m wishing they had done something unexpected in another direction.  Some of these make me second-hand embarrassed because the posing looks so forced.  Also… ‘Declan’ is obviously the odd one out in the photo with all the shirtless boys, made me giggle.

  • kat89

    The shots all look very amateurish. No imagination at all.

  • I think it is really thoughtful and makes me want to add the show into my rotation.  That first shot is just arresting..amazing..beautiful.  She looks like the Hampton’s Batman

  • afabulous50

    stupid and unneccesary.

  • cjarellano

    Oh, my God. Gabriel Mann. That is all. 

  • tereliz

    This shoot is without question much more genuine to the actors and the mood of the show they are promoting; the fun they must have had that day definitely comes through the lens. I like it!

  • Thematically it is marginally more interesting than the Terry Richards shots, (who I agree is gross) but stylistically the hard white flash is a pretty tired stylistic choice. 

  • gabbilevy

    I think my instinct would normally be to hate some of these shots on face value, but for once, an exploitative photo shoot is right in line with the themes of the show this group of people stars in. Approve.

  • I think both are fine. I think Terry Richardson has fun with his sleaze, and that Tyler is doing a fun meta-commentary on the show with a bunch of beautiful actors. I don’t think Cameron demeaned herself at all for Esquire, and I don’t think this shoot was just about undressing women.

  • I wouldn’t call these sexy OR disturbing. I would call them silly. Granted Revenge is not an incredibly serious or classy brand, but this is just a little too cheesy.

  • And since they’re more-or-less in character I really don’t appreciate the shot of the supposed adult having a threesome with the supposed teenagers.

    • pop_top

       What’s funny is that because they’re more-or-less in character, I thought they were zipping her up!

  • Sartorial_She

    I come away from looking at this with one overwhelming conviction: god, I loathe all the lead male characters on this show save the one played by Gabriel Mann. And damnit if Gabriel Mann isn’t really, really creepy in this photo shoot.

  • Some are distributing but I really like the men without shirts and the last group shot.

  • MGMcD

    I’m always happy for naked Nolan, but apart from the first shot of Emily with the blade, these are just Terry Richardson-lite. And not very well composed. All of these people are so beautiful, this is a waste of all that pretty. 

  • EEKstl

    Save for the first shot, which really is beautiful, I’m not that impressed with these.  They appear very amaturish and not terribly imaginative.

  • juliamargaret

    I hate these. The fetishizing of violence is disgusting, especially the ones with the guns. Unnecessary. If you are a good photographer, you should be able to make a cast this talented look arresting without using guns. Ugh.

  • The first shot w/ the dagger is good but they could’ve done this theme withOUT using guns.  Too easy and not very imaginative.

  • jo

    Not as gross as the TR pictures, but the gun play and implied violence is still bad.  Guns aren’t toys and shouldn’t be used as props in photo shoots.  It’s creepy and irresponsible.

  • Eh, I would say that at least it fits the themes of the show, if I didn’t believe that Shields would have done virtually the same shoot with the cast of Hot in Cleveland. He returns to the violence and gun fetish well as often as Uncle Terry does with his slimy schtick. I find both of them to be overrated and overused.  And I am beyond over the awful lighting.

  • oohsparkley!

    I don’t like the gun licking one particularly, but I’m not offended by it. The rest are interesting. Except the over-exposure of all the bare chests is frustrating me, I can barely make out faces.

  • TieDye64

    That first shot is freaking amazing. The rest? Meh.

  • neofashionista

    OMG rediculous I love the third one from the top great chemistry between all 3 of them, no surprise emily and that other pretty boy dude are dating

  • Linderella

    Gabriel Mann is clearly the only one in this group who actually worked as a model and it shows.  In every shot he’s doing something interesting that catches the eye.  (Is it wrong that I find licking the gun incredibly hot?!)  Mostly good shots, though, even with the obvious non-models.

  • These shots are good, even great, but not amazing. (except for that first one). I like them, but I’m so sick of Tyler Shields and his pseudo-erotic gunplay. These shots are identical to 90% of his work.

  • librarygrrl64

    Disturbing-to-“meh”, not sexy, but I give this one a pass because at least it sort of fits the style and themes of the show.