“Revenge” Stars Photo Shoot

Posted on October 03, 2012

The stars of Revenge got their sexy on for photographer Tyler Shields, darlings.

That picture of Emily with the short sword is absolutely gorgeous.

We suppose the guns and the violence are thematically appropriate given the show – and at least the gun isn’t pointed at a woman in every instance, which is what tends to happen when guns and sexy women are put in front of a camera. It’s also notable that the most naked people in this set are all male.

Tyler is a friend of Conor Paolo, who plays Declan, and members of the cast also posed for a series called “Chromatic,” which can be found on his site and which is full of equally visually arresting shots. You can see that series here.

What do the kittens think? Sexy or disturbing? Or both? Do you think there’s a difference between these shots and Cameron Diaz’s porn shots for Terry Richardson? We’d say these shots have more value to them because they’re not just recycling porn tropes for the male gaze. They’re visually much more interesting and they almost tell a story. Or at least more of a story than Cameron spreading her legs and arching her back in a garter belt.



[Photo Credit: Tyler Shields.com]

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