Rebel Wilson on Jay Leno

Posted on October 03, 2012

We go back and forth on this one and we’re going to throw this out to the ladies of size in the readership to get their perspective.

Rebel Wilson makes an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’  in a Tadashi Shoji dress.

See, we’ve been really impressed with her lately because she, or whoever dresses her, seems to have a very good understanding of how to dress her body to its best advantage and that’s not always true about plus-sized celebrity gals. We first saw the pictures of her walking out and shouted huzzahs at her for how fantastic she looked.

Then she sat down.

But look, that’s her body. That’s what her body does when she sits down. We still think she looks pretty fantastic. If we opined that she needed to either wear something big and flowy to hide her body or that she needed to corset herself to alter the shape of her body, we think that’d come off awfully condescending. We’ll recommend shapewear when a lady needs a tiny little bit of help to smooth out the bumps when she’s wearing something tight, but we don’t think shapewear should be deployed to attempt to radically alter a body’s shape (which never works anyway). And we’ve never been of the school of thinking that says larger-sized women should wear tents to hide their shape as if it’s shameful. To us, saying that she shouldn’t have worn that dress because it reveals that she has a prominent stomach would be the same thing as saying that she shouldn’t wear dresses because her legs aren’t sticks – and we’d never say that. To us, the real issue here is that it’s too short for her when she sits down, but we don’t think the silhouette or fit is wrong for her at all.

So, ladies? What’s the deal here? Does this work for you or should she attempt some other silhouette?



Also: kudos to her hair and makeup team.


[Photo/Video Credit: NBC]

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  • I think standing up she’s a WERQ, but sitting down, well be a lady.  Sit back in your chair and cross your legs at your ankles.  It’s not what her shape does when she sits down at all, it’s the fact that I am scared we’re about to see her undies. 

    • As a person who from the neck down could be Rebel’s long lost twin, the crossing the legs at the ankles thing just doesn’t work well for us.  With big thighs it forces the knees apart and deploys the “good china.”
      As for sitting back in the chair – big girl + tight dress = what I call the “beached whale dance” trying to stand up.

      • alice20c

        Too true. One of my weight loss goals is “Be able to cross legs.”

      •  I’m going to push back a little here as i don’t have Rebel’s shape (though I used to). You have one leg at 90 degrees to the floor and you hook the other ankle behind it and that should scissor them shut. Alternately, you put all your weight on one hip and sit with your legs side by side angled in the opposite direction (I went to an Episcopal day school where we had to sit up straight, were not allowed to chew gum, and had cotillions. I know a bunch of ways to sit like a lady.) Posture would have helped as well. In any case, it’s neither her nor her dress, she needs to work on her sitting which sounds crazy, but she’s in a line of work where people practice their red carpet posing.

        • Thank you for this. I know she could cross at the ankles, her body shape is why I knew she couldn’t cross at the knees.  You would still see something similar to what you’re seeing now, except you wouldn’t  be able to see up the dress.  Women simply do not understand what a difference posture makes.  

        • I use the side angle sitting pose myself.   
          Catholic school girl, here.  🙂
          And yes, good posture helps with anything!

          • Jay might need to get a new couch/chair also!

            It might be wearing out.

          • Isabel, this isn’t the site for that.  Go to TMZ or PerezHilton if you want to trash talk.

          • siriuslover

            wait, how is it trash talk. It’s perfectly reasonable that the couch may be uncomfortable for someone to sit on. Unless there’s some hidden meaning going on here and I’m oblivious to it.

          • Not trash talking. Some TV shows are not spending money in the right places. They don’t change the furniture, backdrops, etc. Guests eat stale food in green rooms.
            When some of the guests stand outside the studio, the sidewalks are dirty. That’s what I am talking about.

          •  I thought you were saying Jay would need new furniture after Rebel sat on it.  If that’s not what you were saying, then sorry.

          • I should have written that furniture that is worn out makes it harder for everyone to sit on. My parents are old; they always have trouble getting up from the couch at a friends’ home who is too cheap to buy a new one. The springs are really bad on that couch.

            If they were on TV on that couch, then they would not look good.

            Rebel deserves to look grand but I think that the chair is not helping her to do so. So many people have sat on the chair that it must not in peak condition.

          • YoungSally

            Like some of his material.

          • Kathy Schrenk

             his material was worn out 20 years ago

          • carpediva

            I knew what you meant. 🙂

          • angryparsnip

             For a short time Catholic School Girl here too. Great posture even with my walker and I know how to sit.
            I so agree with what you said good POSTURE help with everything. 
            When you slump over, thin or overweight everyone looks bad. You can cross your ankles at any weight you just need to practice. If she would have sat up straight  leaned to the side just a bit it could have worked.
            I see so many actress on the red carpet that makes me just want to reach in the screen and pull the shoulders back and straighten up the back bone and please no “I got to pee” standing !

            I LOVE the dress she looks fabulous !

            cheers,  parsnip

        • The dress is a little short but good posture would’ve solved 90% of tonight’s problems. There’s absolutely a way to sit like a lady, even in a dress that’s slightly too short.

      • ChiKat67

        That’s the “curse” of being full figured (as I am).  Skirts & dresses that hit at the knee do a HORRIBLE amount of riding up when we sit down, which is one of the many reasons I tend toward tea length/mid calf length for skirts & dresses.

        • J. Preposterice

          Exactly.  Just-past-the-knee when standing would’ve kept this dress more demure when seated, and I think the proportions still would have worked.  It’s a KILLA dress and she looks fab in it, tho!

        • I don’t think it’s just a size thing, it’s a shape thing.  I’m about a size 4 and I have a damned near impossible time keeping my thighs squeezed together when sitting properly in a chair.  Thick thighs spread, no matter what the size, and you can’t relax because you have to keep your knees together, which must be difficult to do when you’re expected to be all relaxed and personable on a talk show.  So if I know I’m going to be publicly sitting, I have to wear something that is below the knee.  I don’t want to have to think hard about sitting.

      • Jennifer, your assessment is frank, true and delivered with humor.  Been there, done that!  I love the dress standing up, but for a “sitting down” event such a Jay Leno, they should have put her in something soft and a bit flowing.  Separates would have worked well here, with a top that doesn’t cling to show the double-rack (I speak from experience, it CAN be hidden or at least de-emphasized) while still making her look stylish and current.

    • What Jennifer said. My body is similar, and I’d by that dress in every color if it were two inches longer, just because riding up ALWAYS happens with just-above-the-knee cuts. But sitting back and crossing my ankles? Only my ob-gyn gets anywhere close to that pose.

      • MFGalena

        Julie, Eshakti is our friend:) I found them as one of the ads here on TLo site. You can modify the cleavage, sleeves, length etc. as well as have dresses made to your measurements. For us big girls, it’s awesome!

        • SapphoPoet

          Really? I keep looking at their stuff. 

        • I literally just took deliver of my second eShakti dress, (the candy-spot Cotton/spandex sheath which is on clearance) and put it on my size22 40F bod, sat down and was comfortable and modest. Ordered on Sept 17th, customized and delivered today.

          I love that company. 

          • boomchicabowwow

            Thank you for bringing eShakti to my attention.  I’d like to point out however, that it’s EVERY girl’s friend, not just those of us that are “big”.  I’m a size 12 5’10 and have monkey arms.  Being able to custom order a sleeve length?!  I DIE!!!

    • siriuslover

      There’d be a better chance of seeing her undies if she sat all the way back. People tend to sit forward during interviews. Those couches look a little long so her feet may have been dangling. No, she’s sitting fine.

    • sk8tfan

      I agree. Standing she looks amazing. Sitting, it’s not the shape, it’s the length that’s the issue. I’ve never heard of her before the ads for the movie came out, but she radiates such sass and fun that I want to see the movie and see her in more films or on tv.

    • Jennifer McClory is 100% right, plus if you sit back, your belly sticks out more. Sitting forward is classic big girl strategy. 

  • mjude

    i think she looks great & i bet she didnt practice sitting down thinking the dress was long enough.  good for her not hiding who she is.

  • Throw an extra inch or two on that hem and she’s perfection when sitting. 
    And I need to know where I can get that dress since she and I basically have the same body.  Gorge!!!

    • You and me both, lady.

      • lalison

        I am guessing Tadashi Shoji. I don’t see this particular dress on the website, but here’s another cocktail dress in what I think is the same fabric:

        And Tadashi Shoji has a RTW plus-size line of cocktail and formal dresses.

        That’s my bet!

        • maretha2

          Octavia Spencer rocked Tadashi Shoji pretty much all of the last award season, and she looked a-maze-ing. It’s so refreshing that at least one designer has a clue about dresses that flatter fuller shapes.
          I think Rebel looks great here. Yes, I’d prefer this a wee bit longer or fuller at the bottom so that it didn’t ride up as much when she sat down. But she’s not flashing anything and she looks like she’s having a great time. And echo the kudos to her hair and make-up people. 

        •  Ah, Tadashi Shoji.  I should’ve figured that.  He’s like a curvy girl’s best friend.  There are a lot of dresses on his site in this shape.  My favorite part of his site though? 
          “*Our dresses tend to run large. If you are unfamiliar with our sizing, we
          suggest you refer to our sizing guide to find your best fit.”
          How often does that happen with designer dresses?!?

          And the Octavia Spencer Oscar gown is a mere $448.  I don’t have one damned place to wear it, but I feel the need to own it for vacuuming and Wal-mart trips, etc.  

          • luvsdieter

             i’m not a plus size lady and i LOVE me some tadashi shoji. almost bought one of their dresses at nordstrom as my wedding dress (then made the mistake of going to a fancy bridal shop and falling in love with a David Meister)

          • Dr. Derf van der Derf

            I like how plus sized is called Queen Size on his site. Makes you feel royal!

        • lrober03

          Definitely Tadashi Shoji.  If you look at Rebel on the Jimmy Kimmel show, she’s wearing another dress by him

    • Vanja

      Found it! It’s the Tadashi Shoji Embroidered Mesh Overlay Sheath Dress. Nordstrom also sells it. @facebook-611638:disqus

    • Fibercrazed

       I agree. The dress is great for her shape whilst standing. Great detail at the waistline. Flatters her curves. I think 2 extra inches and/or some sitting lessons. I’m a big girl too and sitting with crossed legs or ankles in a knee length or above the knee dress isn’t always comfy, I know. You’re on TV dear, suck it up.

    • akprincess72

      Don’t know for sure about that one, but Nordy’s carries Tadashi in plus sizes.

  • PeggyOC

    Nothing wrong with the line of the dress, and nothing wrong if she were sitting somewhere else, like at a meeting or out to dinner.  On Leno, where the camera is a crotch level, you have to step up your “sitting strategy”.  Perhaps the skirt should have been a scooch longer?  An inch or two.  I too have big thighs, and there’s not much you can do about the fact that the knees are going to be apart!

  • It is what it is.  As a woman of size myself, standing always trumps sitting, but you can’t do an interview standing. She looks great and it is a WERQ.   That McCarthy chick should take some pointers.

    •  We were thinking the exact same thing about Melissa McCarthy, who dresses like she’s ashamed of her body, whereas Rebel seems to dress as if she loves her body, which makes all the difference in the world.

      • EXACTLY.

      • YES!! Rebel’s figure is beautiful and I’m so glad she’s not trying to hide it, or play into society’s limited ideas of how women should be shaped.

        That said, I wish the dress were just a bit longer. The length is flattering when she’s standing, tho it rides up a bit when she sits.

        Ladies, if you’re gonna be sitting down on TV: do a trial run!!

        •  This could be said of women of any size, however.

      • Every time I see a red carpet appearance by Melissa McCarthy, it makes me sad, because it feels like she has someone whispering in her ear ‘no, you can’t dress sexy like the rest of the ladies’.

        I don’t think her and Rebel Wilson have exactly the same body shape (plus size women come in lots of different shapes) but from what I’ve seen I definitely prefer Rebel’s style – simply because she dares to have one. Also, as a plus size lady myself, I’ve always preferred fitted structure to loose-and-flowy – the latter (with few exceptions) always seems to add pounds to my shape.

        As for this look, it took me years to learn that if I wanted to work/function in a dress, I needed to do the ‘sit down/bend over’ check before leaving the house (or the dressing room of the store). A couple of inches might have helped (although Rebel isn’t the tallest woman, so she’d have to watch proportions) or a different posture. It’s a bit too early in the season (and it might have thrown off the look of the outfit) but a pair of opaque black tights is sometimes my solution to a dress that I know will be just a wee bit short when I sit down.

        • Nicely stated. I always think that clothes that fit are the best – neither too small nor too loose. I see plenty of women (both plus-sized and non-plus-sized) who wear clothes that are too large, or simply don’t fit well.

        • kimmeister

          Yes, women of all sizes should do the sit down check!  I’m not Rebel’s size but I can’t tell you how many wrap dresses/tops look find standing, but gape open drastically when I’m seated, showing all of the goods.  (Thank goodness for emergency safety pins!)
          I also do a “sunlight” check for anything skirts/dresses that have the possibility of being sheer when the sun shines from behind.

      • Squarah

        Yes! I complete agree.

    • miagain

       To be fair, Rebel Wilson is several sizes smaller than Melissa McCarthy.

      • I think Melissa McCarthy’s style has less to do with her size than her feelings about her size.  Which makes her style so tragic, because she’s lovely and funnier than hell.

    • I remember when Melissa McCarthy got blasted by that blogger who didn’t
      want to see “fatties” making out on TV.  When “Bridesmaids” launched her
      into full star mode, I wonder if her wardrobe was an attempt to mask
      her body and just avoid that kind of attention. 

      • Fordzo

        Ugh.  My neighbor (who is very thin) got mad last month because Talbots sent her a catalog or flyer or something that featured both thin and plus-sized models, and she was all sorts of offended that she had to look at “fatties”.  Perhaps my neighbor IS that blogger.  What made me even sadder is that she (my neighbor) teaches at-risk teens in an alternative school, and, with that attitude, I question her ability to be encouraging and empathetic to all her students.  

        • Anathema_Device

           Your neighbor sounds like an asshole. Wow.

        • Can you report your neighbor to the principal?

        • HengRu

          I am not plus-size, and I was delighted when the Talbots catalogs started featuring models of both plus-size and the usual model size — not least because one of their plus-size models was Yasmin LeBon, who is still as stunningly beautiful as she was in her modeling heyday!

        • formerlyAnon

          Most (not all) very thin people with this attitude are very harsh with themselves and super-critical of even a modest weight gain. You can’t eradicate their disdain of larger women until they are capable of liking themselves at a heavier weight.

          • can’t we just eliminate them period? The world would be a much nicer place

    • AudreysMom

       That’s what I thought too. As a woman of age rather than size (can I still weigh in?, no pun intended) I think Rebel looks good here (though I completely get the ‘could be longer to help with the sitting issue’ comments). But Melissa McCarthy does often dress (or allows herself to be dressed) in clothing that makes her look older and is not flattering to her shape. She seems to think (or allows herself to be convinced) that going all out with make up will make the difference.

    • poggi

       yes, Yes, YES!  I love that she isn’t hiding her arms in sleeves or her legs in a long skirt.  It fits and it has nice proportions (particularly when standing).

  • Well, I love the dress and I’m glad she’s brave enough to wear it! I am way too self conscious to wear something like that. 

  • Agreed she looks great standing. The whole “what does it look like when I sit” thing is a problem for a lot of celebs. Look at the PR judges. 

    • MoHub

      I think a little flirty flare in the bottom 6 or 8 inches would allow the skirt to drape a bit when she sits; no lengthening needed. It’s the tapering that makes the skirt ride up in such an unfortunate way.

      • Billie_Dawn

        Nailed it. The length is fine, but a slightly different shape around the bottom would have made it perfect, and probably more comfortable for her to sit in.

      • Fordzo

        Yes!  That would have been perfect.  And not just in this situation because the actor is plus-size.  I can think of any number of talk show guests who need a little help in covering up the good china.

  • nannypoo

    If it were longer when she sits it would be too long when she stands. I wonder if a slit or pleat in the back would make it sit better. Otherwise it’s a good dress for her.

    • mshesterp

      Yeah, I think it’s the perfect length–right above the knee–that needs a little extra room (like a back slit) to make it flare out properly when sitting.  I think she looks great.  Especially after the horror of the red track suit she wore on Conan some time ago, where I was exactly thinking “Rebel Wilson must hate her body to wear that in public!”  But then I’ve seen her in a couple of great dresses, and she’s making it all work.  Nice job.

  • lilibetp

    It’s the ribbon, and the length.  When she sits down the ribbon disappears and it’s too short.  It would help if she’d cross her ankles, but a lot of women don’t do that nowadays.

    • I am the same size as Rebel and I always struggle with belts like this.  They are awesome when standing, but not so great when sitting. 

      • I agree- when she sits, that ribbon disappears under her boobs and it looks awkward- maybe just a sheath next time?

  • Pcatt

    When she is standing I think she looks great.  But when sitting down, its short enough to almost show her lady parts.  Needs to have  a little longer hemline for a sit-down TV appearance. 

  • Kimberly Southern-Weber

    She looks great.  Bellies can’t be done away with and neither should they be hidden. Thanks for continuing to feature beautiful women who aren’t size 0s.  Even when they’re trainwrecks or not perfect, they give some of us curvier gals a lot of hope and inspiration.  

  • HobbitGirl

    I think it does great things for her figure: defines her waist, gives a nice neckline interest, and clearly makes her feel confident. So she has a tummy when she sits down. So do I. But ever since I started wearing more form-fitting clothes (thanks, Joan Holloway!) I have felt more at home in my body than ever. That is her. Those are her curves. Good for her for loving them.

    Although keeping the knees together would be a good idea next time.

  • “The ladies of size”? pah what.

  • Hooray for your thoughtfulness on the points you considered.   I agree that it’s a skosh too short when seated, and add that I didn’t notice her abdomen at first when I saw the seated shots because I thought it was too much pale thigh skin on display.  In the photo with JAWMAN, she even looks a little uncomfortable, and that never translates well.   It looks to be a great length when she’s standing, though, so perhaps the issue is that it’s cut too tight in some spot and therefore rides up when she’s seated.

    I LOVE the pattern of the fabric for her…I think it’s fresh and modern looking and serves to keep the eye moving over a pretty girl who happens to be bigger, rather than honing in on a bulge here or a roll there. 

    This dress would have been a great choice for a standing event.   I generally don’t like the looks of skirts and dresses on that set…the actresses always look awkward and uncomfortable trying to sit elegantly on that couch.   If there ever was a place for the deployment of LadyPants (tm TLo) it would have to be Leno’s stupid couch.

    • RebeccaKW

       I agree-everything about this dress works for her.  Except when she sits down, it’s a bit too short.  And I also think that’s partly b/c it is fitted to her, and unfortunately, when you sit down, you get a bit more…fluffy.  So it pulls a bit, taking up some of the skirt fabric.  And b/c it is so fitted, I think it’s probably not possible for her to cross her legs (at the ankle, yes, but not at the knee, and I’m not sure crossing at the ankle would really do much to help).  So, while the length is great standing, I think maybe a couple more inches to the hem was called for, to avoid this.

      I too wish more lady stars would wear pants.  I also wish these sets were more like the Daily Show-both Jon Stewart and guest face the desk, but are also angled toward the audience.  Then, even if your skirt gaped a bit like this one, it’s not really noticeable.

    • twocee

      I agree with everything you said.  I immediately thought it was about an inch too short when she sits down.  But as others have said, a longer hemline might have made the dress hit her awkwardly while standing/walking.

      Gorgeous dress though, and she looks fantastic in it.  I have to ask though — who the heck is she?  (says the old person)

      • MRC210

        She’s an Australian-born actress and comedian who’s in two movies this year:  Bachelorette which opened last month and Pitch Perfect which opens soon (and which I assume she was promoting on Leno).  She also had a small part in Bridesmaids. 

  • As a lady of size myself, I have to say that the look is great.  She looks comfortable and fabulous.  The only thing I would change would be to make it a touch longer and a little less tight around the middle.  If the dress was just a bit looser around her stomach area it wouldn’t pull as much when she sits down, which makes it a more flattering look when seated.  The silhouette is a good one for her, especially with the tie at the waist.  I think she looks fab, just needs a few adjustments.  

  • Can we get the designer of the dress?

  • Little_Olive

    I agree with your assessment. I think maybe going a size up (and then tucking it here and there) would have allowed her more room to move in the dress, which is really what you need to sit down comfortably in one; also adding a few inches to that hem so that it his her kneed when she sat down (very few women can claim the upper back of their kneepit looks good when sitting down).

    That would also have prevented the dress from riding up, showcasing that beautiful neckline better. 

  • The difficulty is that larger women need things a touch longer in order to not almost flash their undies to the whole world while sitting down. Otherwise, a gorgeous look on a gorgeous lady.

  • Smitty_Werbenjagermanjensen

    Hair and makeup- AMAZING! I’ve never really noticed how beautiful she is.
    The dress needs to be a smidge longer, but a gorgeous look nonetheless.
    I would be terrified to wear something like this, but maybe I should try it out.

  • NCDFan

    Even if the skirt was a couple of inches longer it still would have stretched out between her knees when sitting due to the fitted nature of the skirt. What she needed was a little more fullness so the skirt would dip. Either that or they should have turned the chair so she wouldn’t have to get angled from the camera just from sitting to the side. 

    • MilaXX

       yep, i go for a fuller skirt, slight a line, but not full on circle skirt like M1ndy Kaling favors

  • miagain

    Good for her… she looks great!  I am her size, and wearing a similarly shaped dress as I type this… I just have a scosh more room under the waist line which helps…AND my dress is knit, which makes a big difference.

  • lalagigi

    I also prefer the original dress. Sleeveless, the opening down the front competes with her arms and she looks a little “exposed”. The sleeves make the dramatic opening the focal point of the dress.

    • lalagigi

      Sorry, posted to wrong entry!

  • teensmom99

    She looks fantastic.  I’m not sure how to address the sitting problem since the length is great when she is standing and she just has a lot of thigh.  I am especially touched because she is not doing the “Totie Fields funny lady thing” of dressing crazy. She’s young, and beautiful and also big.  It’s great to see her looking fantastic–& you can tell she feels good.

    • RebeccaKW

       I think she is very comfortable with her body, which really helps.  She feels she has nothing to hide, b/c she’s sexy this way.  I think…doesn’t she wear a bikini in the new movie?  Maybe I just read she was willing to do so.  But regardless, she is definitely comfortable with her size and that goes a long way to looking great.

  • She’s leaning forward and that is giving everything in the torso a ‘scrunched’ effect.  If the dress were longer it would hit at an unflattering mid-knee length, she just needs to sit further back in the chair, angle her knees slightly away from the camera, and she’d be fine.

  • Clueless_Jock

    I think she looks great.

  • I have this problem! She’s an apple shape, as am I. All of our weight is distributed in the middle. I look fantastic when I’m standing up (as does Rebel!) but when I sit down? *le sigh* It’s annoying. Honestly, I say bump it. The great dress is perfect for her shape. Even if she went one size up it’ll be the same problem. And wearing shapewear would still present that problem. Trust me. Been there, done that.

    So, I guess next time she can go for a dress that features a high waist circle skirt/flowy skirt. But, really, she looks great here.

  • I think she looks good. I think the problem is that the slip part of the dress is too short versus the dress overall. also, shapewear can help or hinder. I tend not to wear it because it pushes things around in such a way that it makes a new problem that is harder to dress around. 

  • KateWo

    I love the dress, but I think adding to the hemline would make it tight around her knees….maybe same thing with a slight A line to the skirt? Otherwise she looks fab

  • julnyes

    I think she looks great, but would have added a few inches at the bottom because she had to sit in it. We should all appreciate the non wrinkly bow on that dress and I like her fresh makeup.

  • It’s a stunning dress and she looks fabulous!  I agree it becomes a bit awkward when she sits down.  I agree with some previous comments and think perhaps if it had been a bit longer or if they had done some sit tests and found a good position, it might be a total win.  But as someone who is the same size, my problem is with the belt.  For our size, they are a great idea standing…accentuates the waist, gives us shape….but when you sit they just cut you in half and/or get lost in the rolls (sorry there was no delicate way to put that).  I have the same exact same issue and I struggle with belts because of it.  But frankly, I think she is gorgeous!

  • photonix

    Legs have mass, and when you sit down, they’re not going to sit perfectly closed together, *especially* if you have thick legs. I love this dress to pieces, but I agree with other posters here that I think the hemline being an inch or two lower might have done her some favors. I’m about her size and shape and often have this issue with dresses and skirts.

  • She looks fab! I feel like the seated sillhouette might have been a little better if the skirt’s shape was a little more A-line than pencil; not that she doesn’t look cute in a pencil skirt, but that, regardless of size, pencil skirts tend to ride up to some extent when you sit down, and thus aren’t the best choice for seated interviews, in my opinion. I feel like something with slightly more drape around the hips would have been much more comfortable to sit down in. But that’s my only real quibble – that she looks uncomfortable, because this pattern and neckline is beautiful on her, and standing, the silhouette is perfect.

  • janetjb

    If you are going to be on a talk show, you better spend time trying on dresses by sitting down.  Too many dresses look better standing up.

    eta: “You might also like:” Examples of women who should have heeded my advice. Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, and Kristen Bell are examples and helpfully listed above for us.

  • In_Stitches

    The ribbon makes it look like she was gift wrapped and I’m not so sure about those shoes, but the dress is fantastic.  Hair and makeup are perfect.  

  • alice20c

    That’s a tough one. As a plus-sized woman of the apple variety, the reality is that sitting will always be a pain from an aesthetic POV. Clothing and shapewear doesn’t help much. That dress is the perfect proportion standing, and really, another inch of length wouldn’t make much of a difference when sitting anyway. I suggest camouflage with a shawl. Enter stage with it being pulled over shoulders for dramatic reveal, then as sitting gather it up and place in lap. This is how I use my giant purse on the train.

  • I think she looks great.  A longer dress would look bad when she was standing and this isn’t TOO short when she’s sitting, just a little short, which would happen regardless of her size.  She’s got more style, class and modestly than most stars.

  • MilaXX

    I like the look although for sitting i might have chosen different.

  • CozyCat

    As the discussion has shown, she looks great standing up.  A few tweaks in hem lenght and fit might have made it look better sitting down.

    But, as to showing the lady parts, she’s showing no more and perhaps less than many less curvy gals have displayed on the talk show circuti. 

  • What a funny woman! She is a riot. And I love her dress – it’s perfect – she was quite ladylike – I didn’t think it was too short when she sat down? We’ve seen a helluva lot more leg on some skinnier gals that’s for sure (talking to you Leah Michele). My onlyproblem is with her hair. Not a fan of the bangs and big curls.

  • S_Swift

    My husband and I watched Leno last night purely for her and Bryan Cranston. The dress seemed a little too tight when she was walking, it bunched a bit around her hips and the black pattern of the overlay gave the illusion that she had on black panties and her dress was see-through. I really like the look, though. I think it could have been better if it flowed out more from the waist. 

  • As someone of size, I think the length is the only issue. It’s a rocking dress and very flattering. Taking it down an inch or two would have been perfect. She is awesome no matter what.

  • It’s a great dress on her, but it does need another couple of inches on the hem.

  • mmc2315

    Question:  Do you think if Rebel wore a a black pump or sandal, that is, a shoe that stood out more and didn’t blend in with the color of her skin so much, that the sitting down position would look less like all leg?

    I love the fabric of the dress, and the silhouette is flattering.  I want to see how it looks with black shoes and maybe a bangle or two on her wrist.

  • I think it is excellent in theory… ruffle to create interest near the face, sash at the smallest part, subtle pattern, etc. But maybe if it was a little longer and a little more A-line it would be a little more flattering? Just a thought.

  • AnneElliot

    I think she looks great, though I’m not a fan of bows in general.  I agree, it would be great if it didn’t ride up when she was sitting, but I’ve seen worse.   

  • Pam Winters

    Oh, man, she looks great standing up. When she sits down…well, on the one hand, she’s a traditionally built woman, as Precious Ramotswe would say, and it shows. Big deal….On the other hand, sitting, she looks uncomfortable. Constricted.

    My build is not dissimilar, and I just don’t know if there’s much you can do to prevent all of that tightness between rib cage and thighs without wearing a fuller skirt, which isn’t necessarily the best look when standing. I’m looking forward to reading what others have to say.

  • sariebee

    It is so effing hard to keep your legs together when you’re fat.

  • Nice_Shirt

    And THIS – as a woman of size, lover of fashion, and all-around nice person – is why I’ve been your loyal reader since your inception. Because it’s always about the clothes and never about the body wearing them.  Thank you for that. 

  • You know I think this is the first time I’ve seen you mention someone’s body shape, like really comment upon it in the couple years I’ve been following T&Lo. And you guys were honest and still nice. I love that you don’t use this site as a way to comment on the fashion and rip on someone’s body. When something looks hideous you just say so and why it doesn’t work and you don’t throw in a last little jab about someone having disgusting legs or hips that’ll never work in a bubble skirt. Anyway, the point of this comment is just to say thank you for being fabulous gay uncles who make a girl never feel self-conscious about their bodies. 

  • MoHub

    Agreed. My only issue is the length when she sits. Otherwise: WERQ!

  • Judy_J

    I think it would have looked better if she’d been sitting in the classic lady-like seated pose…..knees together, ankles crossed.

  • iheartbuffy

    I kinda feel like the shoes are stupid, but if they were darker they’d probably do bad, bad things to her legs. Objectively stupid though, right for the outfit. Right for her. Her hair is beautiful. As tighter dresses go on larger ladies, I think this is as spot-on as it could be.

  • sunflwrmoonbeam

    I don’t think that’s riding up that much. You all are undisturbed when a thin celeb shows a little bit of thigh, and that really is only a little bit. This is the first time I’ve ever seen you comment on the size of a woman rather than her clothing, and I’m disappointed. She’s got big arms and big legs and that dress doesn’t hide them, but the proportions are good, she’s showing far less skin than thinner women; Karen Gillan’s dress posted today rides up WAY the hell more AND has that dark triangle of “are we going to see her underwear?!?!” If Karen Gillan is wearing the “perfect sit down dress” how is Rebel Wilson’s riding up too much?

     So the gist of this post is “Rebel Wilson is fat. Look at her flesh. Ew.” 

    Like I said, I’m disappointed. 

    • When people post stuff like this it only makes us think it would be easier all around if we just posted size 2s all day, every day.

      Thankfully, people rarely post stuff like this.

      • sunflwrmoonbeam

        I have never before thought you expressed problems with larger women. You previous posts on Gabby Sidibe, Rebel Wilson, etc. are excellent. Is the problem really that she’s showing a little bit of thigh when she sits down? And if that’s a problem, why is Karen Gillan showing half her thigh not a problem at all? Go back and compare the length of the skirts. Why is Rebel Wilson’s bad and Karen Gillan’s good? 

        •  We didn’t express a “problem with larger women” here either. This bullshit that what we wrote amounts to “Eww. Rebel Wilson is fat” tells us that it really doesn’t matter what we say, you’re just going to mischaracterize it.

        • SewingSiren

          They talk about skirt length and sit down appropriateness in almost every post they make on stars talk show appearances. In the Karen Gillian post , the mentioned that the dress was not flattering to her bust.
          What do you want? A real condescending syrupy review for the larger woman? If you must know the reason this skirt is too short looking is she can’t cross her legs and you can practically  see her woo woo. I thought they were fairly easy on her the tight sash makes her look like the Venus of Willendorf when she sits down.

    • kaycem

      i’ve not always agreed with t.lo, but in this case, i think it’s you that’s wrong.  i didn’t get the sense that they were shaming her — for her size or anything else.  in fact, they went out of their way to explain themselves so there was little room for negative interpretation.

      and if you don’t think they comment about size 2s in too short dresses, then i think you need to t.lo search “lea michele”.

    • MilaXX

       Whut? I think they were legitimately and respectfully asking AND I think they like her look here. She’s not getting anymore or less critique than any other celeb. I’ve seen them discuss whether or not many a female celeb is wearing the right dress for a talk show appearance.  Search any Lea Michelle post for example.I for one appreciate that TLo’s site is one of the few places that things like this can be discussed.

    • Anathema_Device

       I have seen T Lo comment on dresses being too short on plenty of skinny women. In fact, it is common problem for women who are talk-show guests, esp. with the Leno cushy couch and crotch-cam.

    • ???

    • GAWD.  “Disappointed”?  Really?  I think you’re itching for a fight.

  • Strangely, I’d argue it’s not necessarily the dress length at all, thin tiny girls wear skirts this length and even shorter. and they too ride up when sitting. I think the real problem is the way talk shows have their sets. Deep couches that shorter stars become lost in, low seating that puts their knees right into the camera prime spit, and cameras hitting them from the wrong angle for the height of the seating.

    • mmc2315

      I agree.  On talk shows I often see the lady guests moving position, and adjusting their skirts and legs.

  • Sandy Justine

    For my money, it’s a little short for her when she sits, but I love the silhouette and think she looks beautiful. As someone with a prominent belly myself, there’s no way to hide it — you just do what Rebel does. She’s dressing with sass and confidence and sitting up straight. Good on her!

  • Anne At Large

    Great shape, another couple of inches would have made it perfect for sitting down, but is she famous enough to get that kind of custom stuff? Because if I found a dress that looked that good on me standing up I would never let it go. No matter how short it was. Also, I find that when I sit, my thighs touch and there is no way anybody’s going to see the good china past them. So I think this is a bit of needless worry (although I see the point)

  • Rand Ortega

    WERQ. That is all.

  • bookish

    This reminds me of a work meeting I recently attended where the tables and chairs were set up in a large square with an empty area in the middle. About half way through the meeting I realized I could see straight up the skirts of the women sitting at the table across from me, and they were all wearing very business-like, knee-length skirts. I guess they just didn’t realize exactly what their skirts did when they sat down. Anyway, I think that’s what happened to Rebel here. She looks fantastic standing up, but like you said the length is awkward when she sits. And the tummy issue is just the way her body is; I know my stomach is always going to show if I’m wearing something form fitting and sit down.

    • Kayceed

      I had 12 years of learning how to sit in a skirt (thank you Catholic school). I see a lot of women who haven’t had that training.

  • I’m 5’9″ and weigh nearly 200 lbs.  If I were going to be on the Tonight Show I’d wear slacks.  Or a skirt that came well below my knees. The dress is lovely and she is brave, but she did herself no favors by not practicing in front of a mirror before she dressed for the show. 

    • kaycem

      oh god, please shut up.

      it’s not ~brave~ for her to wear a fucking dress, ok?  that’s such a condescending attitude.  it’s no different than some other actress wearing some other dress.  rebel’s body doesn’t exist to be someone’s inspiration or dissuasion:  it simply exists.  the fact that she’s not ashamed to wear what she likes and what makes her feel good isn’t “brave” just b/c she happens to have a fat body.  she’s doing what any other woman would do in the exact same circumstances.

      as a fellow fatty let me please tell you:  don’t judge someone else’s choices based on the level of shame you feel about your body.  so you would cover yourself from ankle to wrist, so what?  i don’t care if you think it’s ok b/c you’re fat too (every reason you threw your stats right out there at the beginning) b/c it just plain isn’t.  as t.lo mentioned, fat women are constantly bombarded with the message to cover up, hide their body, dress in a tent.  and the not-so-subtle subtext is “be ashamed.”  i’m sorry that body-shaming has so detrimentally impacted your life, i really am, but please try not to project your internalized bullshit onto other fat bodies.

      • You really need to take a deep breath and not attack someone without asking questions first. You are jumping to all sorts of conclusions and dare to judge me and you know nothing about me! I was only referring to the fact that she is “brave” to appear on television on a dress that may or may not ride up when she sits down, and expose more flesh than she’s accustomed to. All the psychological bullshit you are bringing to the discussion is way overblown, and you really should work on your anger that is coming through loud and clear.  My weight and self-image are definitely not a problem for me, having survived thyroid cancer.  I’m happy to be around to have valid and fair conversations.  I usually try to avoid making judgments about someone who has written a few paragraphs on a fashion blog, something you ought to consider doing, too.

  • granddelusion

    I would have to agree; that’s the first thought I had when I saw the picture. It’s too short when she sits. But she looks great otherwise.

  • If I was sitting next to Bryan Cranston (That is Bryan Cranston, right?) I’d have a smile that big on my face, too. I think it’s a pretty damned good look all around  – it’s the placement of the bow belt that’s kind of throwing it off. I’d like a black pump, too. These are minor quibbles. She has a confidence and a glow and I love the “screw it, I’m going sleveless, bitches!” attitude. Taking notes.

    • Yep. Yep. Yep. Not a fan of the bow either, and I love that she didn’t feel the need to cover her arms. And Cranston would make me grin. He could be my “adult dentist” any day.

    • Agreed.  The first thing I thought was, “yay, she’s going sleeveless!”

  • She doesn’t look comfortable seated and therefore it doesn’t work for me.  And by comfortable, I mean she has a look of concern and she is sitting too far forward because she has concern and therefore it doesn’t work.  

  • kaycem

    i agree that it’s a bit too short, but i think the way it rides up is more a testament to the material.  kudos to rebel for rocking (beautifully) something that’s body con in a material with very little give.  i think if it had been made of a clingier, more standard body con material, it would’ve been fine.

    and i like her stomach.

  • DinahR

    I have a similar shape and can speak to this as well. I think she looks lovely.  Sitting is always going to be a challenge for me too.  Maybe we aren’t used to dressing for that camera angle though. But who is?  I still think she looks really good in all the photos.  She’s owning who she is.  

    In the interest of critique…  I think a lil bit longer skirt, maybe, to help with inevitable ride up.  But I also wonder if that pattern is doing her no favors in this instance of being in Leno’s chair.  Maybe solid black or colored bottom would have come across on camera better?  I might have thought of wearing dark tights, but that might have looked too heavy/dark.  

  • llou56

    maybe with a more a-line hem it wouldn’t be awkward, but still a IN.

  • Nawl, that’s just what happens- no amount of Spanx, shapewear, or corsetry, is gonna make her stomach flat. I think she looks super cute though, and I think the dress is pretty flattering. 

  • meg1971

    I think she looks awesome……She has a great sense of style and must have really good Gays….

  • She looks good. Some spanx wouldn’t hurt but she obviously is comfortable with herself.  

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    i absolutely love rebel wilson, and i don’t care WHAT she looks like as long as she shows off her personality and sense of humor.

  • MintaHallWriter

    The dress is even just a little bit too short when she’s walking. Another 2″ of hem and this would be a perfect look for her.
    The problem is that it’s a bad choice for a situation where she’s going to be sitting primarily instead of standing. If she were attending a cocktail party (and adding another inch or two on the hem), this would be a WERQ. But since she knew she’d be sitting all evening, she’d have been better served to go with a dress that had that exact same bodice, but one that floated more away from her lower body (and had an extra couple inches on the hem). She’d have been WAY more comfortable in her sitting.  She looks like she’s aware she made a bad choice but is trying to live with it.

    So this is an “almost there” for me.  from her waist up she’s darned near perfect. but the dress was not a good choice for a show where she’d be sitting.

    And it needed another couple inches on the hem. Have I mentioned that?

  • I love the dress on her and she looks great.  That said, I find her very uninteresting and extremely unfunny.  Annoying, actually. But then, I think I’m the only person on TLo who loves Lena Dunham…

  • quiltrx

    My build is different but I’m also a lady of size.  I think the dress looks terrific on her standing up!

    Sitting down, the skirt needs a couple of inches, and it may have needed a little more ease in the hip/thigh.  As we ladies whose legs are big at the top know, narrow skirts and dresses tend to “climb” when we sit down.

    • meowing

      This.  A few extra inches of give through the hips would have made the sitting down version more graceful.  Standing, it’s lovely on her.

  • quiltrx

    And I forgot to say how pretty her hair and makeup look!!

  • She does not look comfortable at all!

  • Anathema_Device

    I think maybe the pattern isn’t her best friend when she is sitting, but over all I like the dress on her. I  like that she is bringing glamour without hiding her body.

  • The fact that it’s too short has nothing to do with her size. And if that’s what bothers you, why mention her size?

    • Because we’re discussing whether the dress works for her size and shape, which is something we do all the time. And we mentioned her size to COMPLIMENT HER FOR DRESSING IT WELL. Did you miss that part? The part where we said she looked fantastic and knows how to dress her body?

      • Yikes. no, I didn’t miss that part. I was just curious, I wasn’t trying to be bitchy. I’m big fans TLo, and I read you every single day religiously, but that was a little harsh!

        • If you didn’t miss that part, then why did you ask us why we brought it up?

          • I totally regret saying anything. I didn’t think my comment was offensive. I know you complimented her, and I also think she looks pretty great. My point was that you said her stomach is a non-issue to you, but the length is troublesome. I think you are very kind to larger women – I wasn’t trying to imply that you aren’t. And I’m not saying size can’t be an issue – of course it can. I just wish my only correspondence with you wasn’t a negative experience.

          • I don’t know where you’re getting the idea that we thought your comment was offensive. We just didn’t understand – and still don’t – why you asked us why we mentioned her size when it’s fairly clear why we mentioned her size – to compliment her on dressing it well and to ask the opinions of other similarly sized women in our readership.

            And if you look over our TV Style posts, we are constantly mentioning the length of women’s dresses when they sit down and whether they work or not.

    • They mentioned it because they know we have opinions on the subject.

  • Right, you can have this same problem with a skirt even if you’re a 2 or a 4 – its the way its cut that flattens it out across the thighs/knees when you sit down that’s the problem, not the size of the woman.  The camera angle accentuates the issue – it would be the same if she were speaking at an event up on a stage or dias.  The dress is otherwise great, and great on her.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Yeah, it gets a bit too short when she sits down, which would’ve been a problem anyway. Her case is not as bad as, say, every freaking time Lea Michelle wears anything, but it’s still there. Otherwise, kudos.

  • dschubba

    Whatever shapewear she’s wearing is working about as well as you can reasonably expect shapewear to perform when you’re seated. The only problem here is that pang of empathetic girl fear I felt as I worried I’d be able to see up her skirt.

    I’m most impressed with her hair. The last few times I’ve seen her, she’s had this tragic early 90s middle school yearbook thing going on. This is an improvement.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       Wow, what a perfect description. The crunchy center-parted mousse hair with the completely uniform arc of barrel-curled bangs hairsprayed within an inch of their life. No scrunchies, at least.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I think most sit down appearances need a couple more inches on the skirt.  As a lady of size (nice euphemism), I guess I’d want something over my arms, but hey, if she’s not self-conscious about it, then who am I to mention it?  (I just hate my upper arms.)

    I think my problem with this dress is that the neckline seems like it’s in an odd place–not high enough to seem like it’s supposed to be high.  It’s like it’s supposed to be low-cut, but rode up.  One thing we ladies of size have going for us is that the size gives us killer décolletage.  The way this neckline is looks like it’s supposed to show it off, but got awkwardly resized.

    • Charis1

      Not all of us have killer decolletage… my rack is decidedly unsubstantial, but my rockin’ ass makes up for it!

    • Cheers to the decolletage.  I agree with you, she has a lovely rack and the neckline doesn’t take advantage of that.

      As far as the skirt, I’d throw in an inverted kick pleat in the back seam. It would provide some ‘give’ when sitting without changing the line of the dress while she stands

  • I agree with what you said. It’s a gorgeous dress, she looks great in it, but it’s too short. Most importantly, she looks comfortable and confident, and that sells it for me.

  • reddhouston

    I like it, she just has to learn how to sit with that body.  It takes some work, it’s a lot of ankle crossing while leaning your back, back without looking like you are, and sucking in….anyways…she dresses better then half the other plus size women so I like it.  And she’s hilarious.

  • It is a great dress – but part of the problem lies in that even as a great dress, it’s still a skosh too tight.  You can see the fabric pulls even when she is standing up/walking – and I say this as a plus size woman.  I’m not saying that if it was looser it would still solve the problems when she sat down – but if it was looser even just a bit it would look better.  Or if the bottom part of the dress was a solid black it might be less noticeable.  Another problem is that who ever either a. mass produces plus size clothing or b. makes the design decisions for plus size clothing doesn’t make things long enough (and in general, clothing keeps becoming shorter and shorter which is a problem when ANYONE sits down).  

  • A B

    While I applaud her for wearing a print and a dress with some shape to it I think this dress needs to be longer by a couple inches and a little less fitted (but I could say that about 3/4 of the dresses like this I see on TLo).  Kudos to hear for going sleeveless–I’m not brave enough to do it. 

  • MzzPants

    The video clip sealed it for me.  She looks great.

  • Unfortunately, we “ladies of size” generally have this issue. Standing up, you look great. Sitting down? Busted can of biscuits, to borrow an internet phrase. Crossing at the ankles works for a bit, but puts a huge strain on my back if I hold that position longer than a couple of minutes. (Which tells  me I need to work on my core strength in addition to the cardio.)

    I think she looks good. 

  • Laylalola

    She’s obviously so confident in her body, to be honest, even in the stills I was focused on other aspects of her demeanor and didn’t even notice the too-short-skirt-when-sitting-down issue. (In fact, it wasn’t until I started reading TLo’s Project Runway judging the judges reviews that how things look sitting down ever even dawned on me as a factor for celebrities to consider!). My first thought on seeing the photos in fact was she looks better than Christinia Hedricks does when Hendricks tries to wear those way-too-heavy black lace pieces buttoned up to the neck and covering every inch of her arms etc. 

  • Squarah

    I love it and love her! Her hair looks great too. She can pull off the doll bangs.

  • lbl

    She looks great and I don’t think it would have looked right while standing if it had been lengthened. So yeah, she’s just going to have to learn how to sit or choose carefully based on wear her appearance is going to be. 

  • RedAgain

    I’m confused.  If this isn’t a hate-fest post, what’s the sage advice?  Why call her out if she didn’t do anything wrong?  Should it have been neon green or had a cape or what???  What was she supposed to do differently?

    I think she looks fan-freaking-tastic, and I am so proud she can be herself.  She knew she couldn’t win and would be bullied anyway, and she just bulldozed through.  That’s amazing.  I’m not even a woman of size but I LOVE seeing women of size looking fantastic because that’s true starpower, and not just Hollywood gloss.

    • Where’s the hate in this post? Where did we “call her out?” Since when is “sage advice” a criterion for our posts?

      •   And let’s just settle something right now before it comes up: We don’t
        expect to be lauded for our sensitivity and we don’t expect everyone to
        agree with us. If someone wants to tell us “T Lo, I think you’re being
        insensitive” or “T Lo, I don’t like the way you phrased that,” or “T Lo,
        I think you’re wrong about that,” we’re willing to listen. But when
        someone comes out of the gate characterizing this post as “hateful,”
        then it pisses us right off.

        • Imasewsure

          Yes and I don’t see where not liking someone outfit completely and mentioning why you don’t like it is somehow either a hate-fest or bullying. We save our hate-fests and bullying for our “irrational hate” list celebrities and then we announce it in advance (and then justify it with catty, insightful observations of course). That’s how we do it at TLo Central. If you see anything else in this blog, the rest of us don’t. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

    • I don’t think you’re confused at all.  I think you have some axe to grind.  But I can’t for the life of me understand what it could be from your muddled comment.

  • beebee10

    It’s a Standing WERQ, a new category. No one else gets a sitting eval.

    BUT, you know, she looks great and then I suspect had a the experience a lot of ladies have in that seat: worry about the hem line, about how to best sit so that you are talking to Jay but not giving your back to camera. 

  •  I think the neck line should be lower, it can still have that detail but when a neckline is cut high when you have big boobs (As I do, 38G WHAT WHAT) it makes it look like you have no neck.

  • BrooklynBomber

    First of all, bravo for addressing this honestly. Second, for me the issue (even more than the length, which is a problem for almost every female who goes on talk shows) is the “emphasize the narrowest part of your body” approach. With that ribbon right under the bust, the top of her looks squeezed. I’m not one of the “ladies of size” but I think a shift silhouette would be better: the basic shape of this dress, but without a seam or tie under the bust.

    • kat89

      I agree. The  long ribbon is doing her no favors and as a “woman of size” myself, I think the bottom of the dress almost looks like it narrows and that’s why it looks so wonky when she sits. Had the dress been an inch or two wider on the bottom, it would have looked fine, without losing any of the original design.
      That being said, I also applaud TLo for addressing this in an honest and considerate manner. I know that a lot of large women are overly sensitive because we are used to being referred to in vicious and demeaning ways. However, when we do get to see women built like ourselves actually acknowledged for being stylish, it’s a good thing and we should embrace it. Plus, on a personal note, when a woman like Rebel, with my body type, wears stylish clothing, it helps me to better figure out what would look good on me.

    • MilaXX

      For some plus size gals it works, for others it doesn’t. I rarely if ever go for belts or ribbons that do or attempt to do that.  At 5′ 3″ it chops my body up too much. On taller plus sie gals it may work.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I’m sure it works better on some than others, but I feel like on ladies of any size, if have anything bigger than an A cup it can skew so easily toward matronly.

  • I think the dress looks great on her standing up, but maybe it’s a skosh too tight. And I don’t like how the skirt seems to hike up on her when she’s sitting, but I think she did the right thing by sitting on the edge of her chair to compensate.

    And can I just say, she was so funny and charming in this interview!

  • Tatiana Luján

    I don’t think it is too short, but I do think it is a bit too tight. Beautiful dress. Don’t like her hair color.

  • She looks fantastic. I’ll echo your only quibble- it is too short and she looks uncomfortable with that. Otherwise she seems happy with the way she looks. Brava to that!

  • I think she looks fab standing or sitting. The only thing that baffles me about these pictures is why she’s walking with her arms out like that, but I’m going to assume she was in the middle of putting her arms down after waving or whatnot.

  • FancyPhilly

    Love the dress. Love Rebel. As someone with a very similar body shape and size I would have probably thrown tights on to help with the sitting down issue. BTW, thanks for all the sitting down tips up-thread!

  • Agreeing with lots of opinions here–dress is wonderful standing up, but sitting is a design flaw as much as a posture issue. Designers need to looks back at the “old school” tailoring tricks of the Mad Men era–a body conscious dress like this needs a kick pleat(s) or discrete slit in back or on the sides so the fabric doesn’t ride up when you sit!  Then the hemline can stay above knee. Even thinner women like myself (size 6-8) need help maintaining their dignity when sitting in a dress like this. 

  • marcella peek

    I think she looks fine for someone sitting under bright lights and with a camera at her knee level. Why do you guys think it’s too short a skirt when she sits?  No one around here seems to blink an eye when skinny girls sit in skirts that end up three threads below their pubic hair.

    • Roughly half the TV Style posts make mention of the fact that the dress doesn’t work when sitting down.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I don’t know if you’ve been reading this blog a long time or not, but the issue of length (as in not enough of it) comes up a lot in posts featuring women on talk shows.

    • formerlyAnon

      I [feel I] whine tediously about seated talk show guests whose dresses are up under their bums when seated. I admit, I felt I was becoming tedious about it so now I try to confine my remarks to ladies I’ve seen on the talk show doing the “wiggle, tug, wiggle, super-glued knees, hands draped over thighs, wiggle, tug” dance, and restrain myself when I only see the stills, here.

  • christinewithanx

    A. Line. That is all.

  • It just isn’t a good sitting-down dress. That happens to skinny people too. 

    BTW, when did Leno go all white with the hair? Guess I haven’t watched in a long time!

  • Women of all sizes make this same mistake – not checking what the outfit will look like sitting down. This is not a sitting down look.


  • I think it really works!  The hem could be a couple inches longer, but ultimately I’d say it’s pretty flattering.  I agree that something looser could easily move into tent territory and would make her look bigger.  The dress’s neckline and pattern make it interesting and the sash around her waste makes it flattering to her body.  I kind of want her to try a new hairstyle though.  Those bangs scream 1995 to me.

  • kikisayshi

    Doesn’t a dress always look better standing up? I think she looks fabulously confident. It’s a great dress for her. And TLo you’re right when you say a body does what it does when seated, no matter what you’ve got on. I love this even more the longer I look at it!

  • LLuL

    I think the skirt length is fine- right at the minimum, though. Can’t go much longer without ruining the look, IMO. She looks wonderful in the first picture- I get the impression she practiced sitting in this dress, like anyone else would. She nailed it- I can’t see up her skirt, anyway. Also, she IS using shapewear, again, like anyone else would. Even size two ladies will smooth things out when they wear a form-fitting dress. Spanx aren’t exactly easy to get into, but once you’re in they’re comfy and so, so flattering- no rolls or bra and pantylines, and it keeps clothing from biting into your gut.  I don’t think there’s any shame in shapewear. I wear a spandex tank top under jeans and tshirt sometimes. Keeps muffin top away without having to size up to something your ass can’t fill out. 

    • Dot

      I too love those spandex camisoles — perfect for smoothing everything out around the waistline with jeans.

  • The pencil skirt is a mistake for her figure. Adding a flare and a few inches would improve the dress. A different neckline altogether would be more flattering. Ruffles make things look larger and should be reserved for tweens who want to look old enough to drive. Ruffles on the neckline only add volume, she’s has luscious curves and I can’t help but think a v-neck would have been much better here.

    • Dot

      Actually, the pencil skirt is what creates that flattering silhouette and long hip line as she stands. A flared skirt would have a completely different effect. The neckline is scalloped, which I think really works here. I am not seeing any added volume from the scalloped neckline.

  • I think it’s awesome. It is a bit short when she’s sitting down, but again I think that’s partly just her shape. The gap between fabric and legs is bigger because her legs are bigger. She could work a little bit on posture but it’s hard to tell from stills taken from a TV show whether that’s really a problem or not.

  • MFGalena

    Same size as Rebel here, wearing anything wide would have made her look like a tee-pee once she sat down.  The dress is awesome but I agree on the length, if it had been cut closer to middle of the knee level it would have looked better once she sat down. 

    Since when does a woman look good sitting down and leaning back, in any size? Sitting with your back straight looks great… I prefer to cross my legs at the ankles but if you can’t hey, you can’t…. get over it. 

    She looks awesome, and while this size and weight carry health issues with it I do hope she doesn’t start dropping the pounds drastically now that she is getting the spotlight.

  • SistaT

    For the most part, she looks fabulous.  I hate that hair and HATE the gold bridesmaid shoes, but that dress is a wonderful shape on her and she looks sexy, comfortable and happy.  Look at that smile on her face as she’s walking out!  She knows she looks good!

  • formerlyAnon

    She looks fine. It is either o.k. to be heavy or it is wrong and one must try to dress so as to allow other people to avoid seeing the actual shape of a heavy person’s body.

    Of course, fat or thin, where one draws the line on how much of one’s body’s actual shape one thinks it is appropriate to share, varies. Ms. Klum being, apparently, on one end of the spectrum. I was raised to be on the other end, and though my opinions have shifted, I still have limited enthusiasm when the dress is as clingy as shrink wrap, where it covers at all, even on the most conventionally “slammin'” body.

    Others have discused how she might sit more gracefully & less revealingly. Doing so for talk show camera angles requires not insignificant abdominal strength and extremely good posture. Maintaining the pose might be difficult whilst chatting vivaciously & that is when a few extra inches of dress might come in handy. 

  • melanie0866

    It’s a great little dress, and looks fantastic on her.  She just needs to learn how to sit.

  • PastryGoddess

    the silhouette is fantastic, it just needs a bit more length so make it easy to sit down.  Also, maybe a slight A-line skirt would work as well, Not MObama-esque fullness though.  Less riding up the legs when she sits and still comfy and modern

  • Elias Pineda

    is not too short she is just sitting wrongly

  • neofashionista

    as a plus size woman it is wonderfully refreshing to see a star not in a mumu or a tent if they are larger than a size ten
    she looks good sitting or standing
    like you so wonderfully said that is just what her body does and what to be honest most of our bodies do when we sit down so why cover it ; good for her

  • Miss_Magpie

    As a “Woman of Curve” myself, this is a tough one.  If you enlongate the hemline the dress could run the risk of becoming dowdy – the proportions would be off.  As far as the belly issue – the thing that saves this dress is the ribbon.  It visually cuts the look where you don’t see a bunch of blobs covered by a print.  I think she looks great!

  • Imasewsure

    Agree about the sitting issue but I like the dress overall except I think she’s just too pale to show that much skin… Sometimes the contrast works but usually it doesn’t….hate the shoes…

    • Dot

      She’s “too pale” to show her face, arms and calves? LOL! That’s hilarious.

      • Imasewsure

        It’s not hilarious. I don’t always love the contrast between really pale skin and dark dresses especially when they are sleeveless, short, etc. I think she looks pretty overall. I just don’t love it. 

        • Dot

          You said she was “too pale to show that much skin,” not that she was too pale to wear a dark-colored dress. The idea that someone shouldn’t show their face, arms, and lower legs because they are light complected is what I find funny (er, ridiculous).

          • Imasewsure

            Well that’s your issue not mine. She’s very pale in the close up shots and I don’t like the look. It’s not ridiculous or some sort of hidden agenda about size and frankly it’s a little ridiculous that you are reading so much in to it. It’s just about the fashion and basic opinions. Whatevs. I’m done posting any comments for awhile… Ugh

          • Dot

            Who said anything regarding a hidden agenda about size? Not I! I thought we were talking about how much skin is “appropriate” for a pale complected person to show. No need to get defensive.

    • Wellworn

      Wow, really?  When I was younger and much thinner in the olden days when tanning was the thing to do in California, all we girls tried to tan but I just couldn’t, as a naturally freckled pale skinned redhead.  I never thought to cover up my paleness and show less skin.  You sound like some of those cheerleaders in my LA high school, complaining about being too fat while laying out in their bikinis to tan.  I thought we had learned over the years that any skin color is fine to show.  I think your issue is with her size, if she had been thin it would have been fine.  “Too much” as in plus sized pale skin is offensive to you, interesting.

      • Imasewsure

        WTF??? Apologies to TLo for fanning some sort of flames here. Going back to “likes” only.

  • Kayceed

    This post is similar to most of the celebrity posts – Is the garment decent? Is it appropriate to the occasion? Does it flatter? I’m happy that we can have some discussion around men, women of different sizes, older women, pregant women, etc. here. It is one of the few places where one can find thoughtful analysis.

    Oops – for some reason this showed up in the wrong place — sorry can’t figure out how to fix.

  • mommyca

    I think the dress should have been at least long enough to cover her knees just right. For those of us without “stick legs”, that part of the knee where the thigh starts can be challenging (to say the least).   

  • minglumama

    She looks great. I think the next time maybe the stylist will make her less doll-like, but, I think the contrast of lace/frills goes well with her approach to comedy/slapstick…she’s unpredictable!

  • siriuslover

    I am probably her size or a bit larger. It doesn’t work when she sits, unless she were behind a desk. First, I feel it’s a bit too short. Second, it bunches up around the middle. As a standing dress, as a dress for the red carpet when after she walks away she won’t be filmed sitting, yes, it’s beautiful on her. For a television interview, not so much.

  • Joyce VG

    I am a lady of size and Rebel looks wonderful.  The silhouette is lovely on her.  It is a bit short and rides up when she is sitting down but overall the color, cut and fit are perfect for her.  Her confidence makes her just more vivacious and beautiful.  And if her dress was any longer she wouldn’t have been able to jump on the chair and raise her arms like a champion.

  • jackie cohen

    funny, the only thing I DON”T like is her hair ….

  • Cathy S

    I think the dress looks great on her. I’m not sure why the skirt’s so short when she’s sitting–the chair? the way she sits? But it’s a great dress.

  • EEKstl

    I love this on her and it fits her really well, but should probably be about 2″ longer if you’re going on a talk show.  This holds true for size 0 ladystars too.

  • I love it

  • I think she looks good. The fact is when you are a big girl there is only so much you can hide. Shapewear only works for skinny girls who have a bit of a pot belly or cellulite. On a large women they are just pointless and uncomfortable. I think the best thing a plus size girl can do is accept that her body looks like it does and embrace it. Let anyone offended by it go eff themselves!

  • snarkykitten

    I agree. she looks fabulous, but the dress is too short for TV. It would be too short on anyone, if it were in proportion to a thinner woman. Her dye job isn’t very flattering to her skin tone, though

  • PeaceBang

    You’re absolutely right. It’s a standing-around cocktail dress frock, but too short + tight for sitting with cameras on her. She’s adorable and I covet the dress.

  • She spent most of that interview walking around and singing, so sitting wasn’t as much of a consideration for this look. I think the problem was the ribbon belt, I almost never wear belts because I know things will bulge awkwardly over them when I sit down.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I love the fabric, and the shape is great for her figure. It’s more an issue of how she is sitting, than dress length. Knees together darling! I have the same problem when when I wear short skirts, as a muscular-thighed woman. It really takes constant vigilance.

    She was hilarious in Pitch Perfect, in case anyone is wondering. 

  • Judy_S

    I don’t think it’s any more revealing when she sits down than most of the approved talk-show dresses you feature, and it’s certainly not too short. It seems different when she sits because the skirt stretched over the tops of the thighs creates a larger space that seems to invite one to look underneath…. on slimmer women the effect is less because the space is smaller.If the skirt were a bit fuller it would just lie relaxed on her thighs, which might please you if you find the tighter skirt upsetting. I really like the dress on her, the way its patterns look on her curves, drawing attention to them rather than trying to hide or minimize them.

  • tallgirl1204

    I love the dress standing up, although I would lose the black bow.  I agree with the posters who say that it’s a matter of learning how to sit with ankles crossed, knees angled away from the audience. 

  • mozzer0906

    Standing up she looks fabulous and kudos for her for showing off her shape and looking gorgeous while doing it.  I much prefer this to the mumus that many wear to disguise their shape.  Sitting down, well, it is what it is.  Sadly a bigger woman is going to paunch when she sits.  There are better ways to sit of course and the dress was too short for sitting, but still.  I think she looks great.

  • Wellworn

    To me, it’s not the stomach either, and she probably was wearing shapewear.  It is the length, which was perfectly fine while standing, but you have to do a test sit if you know you will be sitting.  I am plus myself, and it isn’t easy to do the ladylike leg cross, so you need a bit more length or you might show the good china (quoting Peach).  Otherwise beautiful.  It celebrates her shape, and doesn’t hide it.  I learned long ago that flowy  clothes don’t hide anything.  I’m fat and I’m fat whether I wear a tent or something more fitted, and more fitted always looks better.  Whether you are Melissa McCarthy or an Olson twin.

  • stagmania

    She looks very uncomfortable seated. You can tell by the way she’s holding her arms down by her thighs that she is aware the skirt is too short for sitting. I think the silhouette is nice on her, but a couple extra inches would have been nice and probably left her feeling less self-conscious.

    And yeah, not much you can do about the stomach. Bellies do not magically suck in when you sit; quite the opposite. Even very thin people can get stomach rolls.

  • I think any dress that’s tight around the thighs is going to restrict the woman wearing it when she sits down. You’re constantly fighting the hemline to keep it from creeping up a foot at a time and if you’re on television that’s not what you want to be doing. She looks fantastic standing so I think this wold have been a better dress for a different event. When sitting the celebs that choose looks with more room right at that thigh line do themselves a favor. 

  • Tracy_Flick

    I think she looks gorgeous, and I don’t think she’s showing too much sitting down. Karen Gillans “perfect sit-down-and-interview dress” from yesterday was waaaaaay more revealing.

  • Trisha26

    What is condescending, TLo, is you asking for opinions from “ladies of size.” As if all women couldn’t give a thoughtful opinion? 

    Rebel’s look is much more flattering when standing, but since she appears quite comfortable in the dress throughout she obviously doesn’t feel the need to hide anything, and her hair and makeup are lovely. I despise the makeover shows where all women are encouraged to dress to “show their shape”, i.e. “hoursglass figure”, by accentuating the waist with a belt or by wearing something fitted. From the front they look fine, but from the side? No. Bottom line, wear clothes you feel comfortable in, not to conform to the latest style or others’ opinions.

    • Oh, for fuck’s sake.

    • Wellworn

      Hey there “all women” lady.  You can be as thoughtful as you want, but I understand why they asked plus women to sound out here.  We know what it’s like to try to wear clothes that are designed to go on size zero models, sized up to fit us.  We are different than thin women, we have our issues with clothing and fit.  Things that smaller sized women wouldn’t even conceive of.  Now to respond to your feelings about women showing their shape and seeing something bulging out from the side?  “All women” lady, what is wrong with showing my shape?  Should I wear a tent so I can be more comfortable?  Obviously you have problems with plus women showing their shape, so maybe you aren’t the best person to give an “all women” opinion. 

      •  “Hey there “all women” lady.  You can be as thoughtful as you want, but I
        understand why they asked plus women to sound out here.  We know what
        it’s like to try to wear clothes that are designed to go on size zero
        models, sized up to fit us.  We are different than thin women, we have
        our issues with clothing and fit.  Things that smaller sized women
        wouldn’t even conceive of. ”

        THANK YOU. I mean, Jesus Christ, we would have thought that was pretty freaking obvious. The earlier conversation about crossing your legs and how to sit in a chair was incredibly eye-opening to us and full of information we never would have thought of otherwise.

        • Wellworn

          I love you TLo!  Any time you need a big girl to keep it real for you, I’m here.

    • There are some biomechanical issues you can only appreciate by owning a belly.

      For instance.  Everyone who wants her to sit up straight?  There’s a very fine line to walk there.  When you sit down, that belly has to go somewhere.  It can’t go down where it usually lives unless you don’t keep your knees together.  If you sit perfectly perpendicular to the chair, it’s squished way out front.  The remaining options are 1) lean back like a poker player with a really obvious tell, or 2) create a curve in the back to make a little more space.

    • I’m guessing TLo put the question to ‘women of size’ because if you aren’t or never have been a woman of size you MAY be unaware of some of the style and posture considerations that a woman of size would be aware of, hence the first comment about ‘keeping her knees together’ – a difficult thing if you have larger legs … something a number of the larger women here pointed out immediately. 

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    She can do no wrong in my eyes.  

  • I don’t think tight, short stuff looks good on anyone for sitting on talk shows. But this isn’t terrible. Yes, she should’ve crossed her ankles, but maybe she did most of the time.

  • poggi

    I think this is the same issue that all female stars, whatever their size, have when dressing for talk shows.  Does it look as good sitting down as it does when standing or does it gape in the bust, become unflatteringly or embarrassingly short, or show or create weird bulges?  I think she looks pretty, and she seems to project that she feels pretty.  Maybe if it was a little looser in some areas, she would have a little more room when seated.  But I understand the dilemma.  I have a few things where they look nice standing, fine when seated at a a table, but would probably do something quite similar if I was seated on a couch.   I would not want to photographed or televised while seated at a couch.

  • I would have gone for something slightly more A-lined/flared as far as the skirt goes because it would have been for flattering and easier to move in since she is AMAZING and she sang and danced and jumped in the chair.  The fabric is great and the bodice is great and overall it works but I would have kept the bodice and done an A line skirt.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i dont think it’s too short for her when she sits down. it’s about the same length as everybody else’s current dresses when everybody else sits down. only difference really, lengthwise, is that hers starts out longer & recedes further.

    as for the rest of it, i do think it looks good. she’s following in the footfalls of beth ditto–which, you know, is a great thing. at present thats a short march down an equally abbreviated hall. it’s good to that finally another comrade signed up [melissa mccarthy is somewhere adjacent].

    as for sitting down:
    some version of the abovepictured is pretty what happens to most not normal celeb sized women. maybe men too, i just never thought about it. but if you take a look at, say, the way oprah looks when she’s seated, the way anna sui looked on PR, the current shapesize of christina aguilera, on & on, yr gonna see a variation of the same thing. [right now i’m finally actually falling asleep, thank heavens, or i’d give you a longer list.] one thing i noticed right away w/ christina hendricks is that theyre quite circumspect about how they shoot her sitting down. they either stuff something beside her that re-forms her space, or she’s got something on her lap, or she’s behind something, or theyre very careful w/ the angles, or etc & ect. the same stuff is often also done w/ oprah no matter where she’s on her ever fluxy continuum.

    all of thats too avoid this. this one is just larger than the rest of them, but she’s got the same issues. most of the others have been in the squally eye of the public a whole lot longer so have more experience working it–& most likely more experienced people to help them. still, this is a nice early volley in the foolish figure wars from this one.

    edited for grammar. good afternoon, good night.

  • great dress, but why no pants on these shows, she would have looked kick ass in a great pair of trousers. Nina proves it every time, trousers work for sit down shots

  • “But look, that’s her body.”

    I think this attitude needs to be adopted by more people since unfair body critiques are thrown at women of all sizes (not by TLo so much as the rest of the world). I find that 99% of my posts here are a reflection on my life as a small-boobed lady because I see “flat-chested” being used as an insult constantly. Some women will look flat no matter what they wear, just as Ms. Wilson here will inevitably show a bit of tummy when she sits down. I just wish there wasn’t a (seemingly) universal disapproval of any shape that isn’t hourglass. I think Rebel Wilson looks gorgeous. Not in spite of her size, but because of it.

    I should seriously change my username to “Tiny Tits” or something.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      If you do that, I’ll change mine to “Seal Belly”. Looks even funnier in French: Vent de Phoque (sounds like vont do fuck?)

      • We’ll start a movement of self-deprecating celebration. Could you provide a French translation for “Tiny Tits”? I want to be fancy. 

        • LesYeuxHiboux

           PetitsSeins, or SeinsMiniscule if you really want to commit.

          • You are my new favorite person.

            My boyfriend will be so happy now that I can finally speak to him in French. Our conversations will be limited to constant recognition of my petits seins, but he’ll approve all the same. Merci!

          • LesYeuxHiboux

             De rien 😉

  • megohd

    I think maybe this isn’t the dress for a talk show, were she’d be filmed sitting down. Her gut isn’t what bothers me; it’s the legs. Maybe a couple of inches to the length of the dress would have helped, but something less tight/form-fitting would be a safer bet.

    Walking I think she does look good — maybe this should have been for a red carpet photo op instead.

  • DCSheehan

    She. Looks. Fabulous. Love the dress on her.

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    Love her. Love the dress. Length is fine standing up, sitting may show a little more skin than feels comfortable with cameras zooming in but that’s Jay’s couch for you! Keep rocking Rebel! 

  • Any woman that wears a dress that length on TV and then sits doe not always look so great unless they do the whole Anna Wintour hooking legs thing (though she pretzles, which is quite the feat) and most do not.  I think the best thing is if a woman wears a tea length or  body hugging something with a slit on the side that faces the desk, so her left side I guess, so that she would not have that awkward angle with the camera.  That’s the true conundrum.  How to look good standing and sitting.  Uber long pants with killer shoes?  I’m not so sure b/c half of these lady stars can’t even walk correctly in heals (and wear horribly too large ones- both in size and platform).  When a woman is curvy, she is not a fan of her thighs (usually- or I wasn’t), and when a woman is skinny, nor is she a fan of her thighs (especially the upskirt shot) then–despite the amount of yoga and squats one might do because they will never be what these people look like in magazines and movies and tv.  

    I say, more power to her if she is comfortable, I effing love the dress.  My only thing is that I wish that scalloping detail was along the hem maybe (instead of the bust)? I don’t know, maybe that would make it too twee now that I think about it.

  • LJCdoc

    As an unborn fawn of some size, I say hell yes – she looks amazing standing. True that it’s not so great when she sits,  but like you said what happens is what happens. I say rock the shit out of it when standing, and bring the same attitude when sitting, & that’s what she seems to be doing.

  • It’s a pretty dress.  She looks amazing in it and she was hilarious.

  • As a woman of size…I think the dress is fantastic.  The problem is her posture.  I love that it’s form fitting and nothing is bulging more than it should be. She looks great…love the shoes

  • snich11

    OMG cover those legs PLEASE!! And the belly hanging out when she sits, EWWW.

    • wow, bet you think normal women should all be shaped like Barbie

    • bellafigura1

       Clearly, you didn’t bother reading the TLo commentary.  And, you should have sat out this thread.

  • frannyprof

    She looks amazing and just needs to straighten up when she sits. Also a skosh more length on the hem.

  • bellafigura1

    Really, as you pointed out, the main issue is the length, 2 more inches would have changed the game on this.  It’s a great dress, and she looks happy in and like she’s owning it, which is all that counts … or should be.

  • Qdahling

    I love the dress and thing she looks fine sitting down, it just needs to be a skosh longer for the sitting down length.  I am not the same size, but do like my skirts and dresses to not be too short when I sit down in the office. 

  • I think she looks fantastic.  She is doing her best with what she has and sitting may not make her look her best, but she had to.  Sit, I mean 😀

  • NatalieD28

    I think she looks gorgeous! I have to say I had no idea who she was until I started seeing promos for Pitch Perfect. I still am not too familiar with her work, but I’m definitely going to brush up on it. The dress is gorgeous, if a skosk too small when she sits – but it’d lay that way on anyone, I’d think! I just love how her hair and makeup is working with her complection too. Overall I think this is a fantastic look with only a small smudge on it that seems to happen to 99.8% of ladystars – the dreaded sit-down skirt shift!!

  • Diana Torell

    You said everything right. Her body is her body and I’m thrilled to see it (me) on TV. Go to the Health At Every Size blog, ladies and your lovers, for support keeping your sanity in this size bullying world. thanks, Tom + Lorenzo

  • I am a similar size to Rebel but taller … the thing is, the jig is up. we know she is heavier … no amount of fabric or length will hide the fact that she has a large stomach! so I’m glad that she went for it. I think she looks great and you can tell she is comfortable with herself so who cares if she is showing her big tummy.

  • Just a note to say I love you guys, and I love your approach to this topic.  Rebel looks fantastic, and I actually find it kind of endearing that celebrities also have to fight the eternal ‘looks great standing vs looks great sitting’ clothing battle.

    My vote is not to put the camera at crotch level.

  • Patti Lever

    As bigger girl, it is hard to sit “properly”.  If we cross our ankles our thighs open. Crossing your legs is impossible and if you can manage it, it looks terrible. The only way to sit properly and comfortably is to side sidesaddle and practically on the edge of the seat. Sitting down the extra bits have nowhere else to go but bunch up in the middle. Love this girl though!!

  • i’d be happier with the fit if it didn’t cup under at the crotch.  maybe a half-size bigger?

  • LittleKarnak

    As a lady of a certain size and a certain age….I agree, it needs a longer hem. Otherwise, I really like it and would totally wear this to a fancy work function.

  • as a lady of size (imma use that all the time now), i WERQ that shape too, but will always go for lengths below my knees, whether standing or sitting. Ensuring that the length is long enough standing will also usually sure that, when sitting, we can at least get the hem over the thighs – but also past the knees is better. 

    • MilaXX

       I go for the fit and flare skirts like the Tadashi that Christina Hendrix wore a while back. The slight flare on the skirt is more forgiving sitting down.

  • The shape of the skirt is wrong for her, no question.  It’s clearly outlining the *cough* tops of her thighs even while she’s walking.  Straight down from the hips would have been better; slightly A-line would have been ideal.

    I would have put at least a little sleeve on it- cameras have a way of making upper arms look larger in sleeveless tops- and done the neckline a little lower, because when she sits, you can see all that extra pooling in her cleavage.  And I would have done the whole thing in not-black, because there’s way too much contrast between the dress and her skin and hair.

  • LeifBallard

    I thinks it pretty faltering  especially from what she normally wears.  It’s a really pretty dress expect I’m getting over long bow tails haha

  • Rebel Wilson is my Spirit Animal – I love her – but the dress needed to be a little longer to accommodate sitting on Network tv.

  • Lisa Kramp

    The hem should be at the top of her kneecap because no matter what weight you are, a fitted skirt like that will slide at least 5″ up your leg when you sit! It’s a gorgeous dress and it looks good on her.
    I’m her size but about 25 years older, and I know it’s not in anymore but…this is when good pantyhose can be your friend. Any darker color on her legs would have minimized the shiny look of her white legs (and she has nice legs), but also, it’s easier to slide a dress back down over hose than over bare skin. Bare white legs under theater or TV lights look weird, period.

    • guest2visits

      I didn’t read your post til after I entered mine; I also thought a shaded hose would have been something to consider
      for a sit-down up on a stage.  I’m not her size but I am also about 25 yrs older and I just can’t NOT use some kind of hose
      except in the most casual settings.  I grew-up with it and would just feel too undressed.

  • It’s a KILLER dress, and she looks beautiful, but it just needs to be a skosh longer to cover up when she sits down.

  • ferngilly

    I think she looks fantastic, even sitting down.  She just looks so, so, pretty and happy…and that is hard to fault on anyone.  This is the person from “Bridesmaids”, right?  If it is – wow – I feel like people who are much thinner can learn a thing or two from her.  Myself included!

    • MilaXX

       Yes she had a bit part in Bridesmaids playing the roommate of the guy from Little Britain.

  • JMansm

    You guys are so spot on with this. It’s a great dress for her and it’s cut beautifully for her shape (maybe the neckline is a bit weird but the shoulder treatment is brilliant) however the one issue is if it went just past her knees it would be better. 

  • mayavaly

    The problem is that as soon as any woman becomes a celebrity in this country, she seems forced to occupy the comportment of a tiny (white?) girl. It’s Hollywood’s equivalent of the airplane seat. I don’t think the problem is so much with the dress, because it does look cute when she’s standing; it’s more the world she’s trying to squeeze into — this dreadfully dated set (show??!!) should almost certainly go before her dress.

  • boomchicabowwow

    I LOVE this chick!!  She’s the first hollywood lady I’ve EVER believed when she says she “LOVES” her body, as is!  Hollywood has been in need of this kind of body confidence for a very, very long time.  I make a vow now pay full price for any entertainment vehicle she chooses to participate in, so long as her body ALWAYS stays her own!  Okay, off to check theater times for Pitch Perfect…..

  • LesYeuxHiboux

     It doesn’t make sound sense if you think of what we already know about fashion either. What pattern makes everyone look wider? Horizontal stripes. So if you place a solid horizontal band of color at your narrowest point, it will somehow make you look thinner instead of widening that region to match the rest of your body? I don’t think so.

    • BrooklynBomber

      That, too.

  • jw_ny

    I think she looks fantastic.  It accentuates her positives…legs, boobs, and pretty face, fits her well, and I like that neckline on her too.  It’s kind of a bombshell look.  Sure, a flared/flowy skirt would be better suited for sitting, but this is flattering for standing…walking.

  • Aunty_Stephy

    As someone almost exactly that shape, I’ll just fill all you skinnies in on a little fact — the way she sits isn’t the problem. That skirt was going to do that no matter how she sat. It’s the fabric that’s letting her down. It either needed to be longer (which would kill the proportions standing up) or be in a more flexible/stretchy fabric. Personally, I always go for slightly stretchy with a genrous kick pleat if I’m wearing a pencil skirt this short. Also, that bow needed to be four inches lower.

  • Standing it’s beautiful, but a bit short when sitting. Siiigh… But agree that her face and hair look awesome!

  • TieDye64

    If the dress had been a smidge longer it would have looked so much better when she was sitting down. Digging everything else.

  • TheOtherChristina

    My shape is pretty similar to hers, although I’m bigger, and while I think people have made some good points about the mechanics of sitting and the beauty of kick-pleats, I also think the dress is a skosh too small. Now, I admit that I’m sort of claustrophobic about tight-fitting clothes, so maybe that’s skewing my perception. But in her place I think I would have gone up a size and had it nipped at the underbust, or set this dress free to find one that fit more comfortably. But all that said, I think she looks pretty damn good.

    • Nah. The dress is a perfect fit. It’s just a little too short when she sits. But making it longer would’ve made it look too long when she stands. Fun, fun, fun.

  • cclaussen3

    This gal and Lily Mae from the glee project are my idols, even though I’m probably almost 20 years older than them. So fearless!

  • Like it.  Very much.  I used to be close to her size, and I never EVER dressed with such confidence/style at that point!  I also ran this one by my DH, who has an appreciation for women of size, and he approves, too.  She could definitely use some instruction in ladylike sitting in a short skirt.  It’s difficult with large thighs, but doable.  I give it an 8/10, and it’d be a 9.5 with two inches added to the hem to help with the sitting.

    TLo, this is only one reason why I love you so much, but it’s a biggie.  You are so damned respectful and understanding of the style issues that come with size.  It’s sad that that’s rare enough to be pointed out, but it is, so there you go.

    • DebbieLovesShoes

      Well said, and I couldn’t agree more!  

      T and Lo make me laugh every day, and they also make me so happy w/ the way they treat all sizes respectfully.  Makes me want to give them a big hug and thank you!  We can WERQ it no matter what size we are!  That’s their gift to me. 

  • It works, and your thoughts on it were well-stated. It is a little short when she sits, but others have already made great suggestions on how it could’ve been prevented. She’s gorgeous. <3

  • UptownNippy

    The dress is too tight and too short.  I don’t think you have to be PC about the dress just because she is a zaftig woman.
    If she were tiny and wore a too tight and too short dress you would comment.  
    T and Lo you have to be honest with all types of criticism. 

  • guest2visits

    This was such a cute dress and she looked very pretty – maybe the sheerist black hose (with black heels) would have
    served her better for a sit down interview; not sure.  Being under super bright lights up on a stage makes everything appear
    that much more out there.

  • To be honest, speaking as a lady of size (similar to Ms. Wilson but not nearly as gorgeous), what looks great on us standing up will look poor sitting down, and vice versa. But even skinny people look “fat” if they sit in a way that’s comfortable – the only time people look good/skinny sitting is if they’re preening and positioning their body just so. And frankly, who has time for that?

    As for her legs, again, when the fat spreads, it’s a little more awkward to sit with crossed legs. She’s keeping them closed; to cross them, she’d have to lean back in the chair and it would be even MORE unflattering.

    Frankly, I think the look is worth a WERQ, and the criteria of “does she look good sitting down” seems a bit obtuse as, again, NO ONE looks good sitting down in most dresses. 

  • :)

    This lady of size says: What??  You think this is TOO SHORT for her??  The length is just-above-knee, downright demure in Hollywood.  We would NEVER be having this discussion about another, *thinner* ladystar.  

    •  This is almost becoming funny now; this insistence that we’d never talk about the length of a thinner star’s skirt. Every time this page loads, the “You Might Like” feature is loading a “Michelle Williams in Jason Wu” on the Tonight Show post that starts off “Ladies, is this skirt too short for sitting down on TV?”

      Just once, we wish someone would actually check to see if we’ve ever made this statement about a thinner star before throwing out the accusation.

      • UptownNippy

        I acknowledged that you comment on short dresses and now my post is missing isn’t it?

        This dress is too short and tight to look good when she is sitting, no matter what her weight is.

        • 1_other

          My god woman, judge much? She looks fine. 

          • UptownNippy

            Puhleeze do you read this site daily?  I am judging? ha

            She looks stuffed.

  • h2olovngrl

    You two are so considerate and thoughtful. I think she looks very pretty and she really isn’t hiding anything, sitting or standing. She just looks lovely full stop. Also, if I had a nickel for every shirtless, hairy, nasty looking, grossly overweight man I have seen…ugh, the double standard just gets me all riled up. My point to this rant is: pretty girl, pretty dress. Who gives a rat’s ass about her size or her weight.

  • Samuel Donovan

    To me it just looks too tight in the armholes and hem for when she sits down, like she can’t move her body–look at the positioning of her arms and legs. They’re just sort of hanging at an uncomfortable looking angle.  It looks great when she’s walking and when she’s sitting down, but the difference is while it looks like she’s comfortable when she’s standing up, she does not look comfortable sitting down.

  • She looks damn cute, and I love the gold shoes. The sitting problem can happen to a woman of any size. Stylists need to be aware.

  • She looks amazing. Back off with the body policing.

    • Back off with the responding to a post without actually reading a post. We are getting so damn tired of this.

  • harleydear

    Three inches on the hem: the dress would hit exactly at her knee when she stood (emphasizing her fantastic calves) and it would be long enough when she sat to veer away from “fanny-shot” fear. (In Rebel’s honor, I’m using the Australian/British usage of “fanny,” which it’s sorely time we adopted and not just because “fanny-shot” fear alliterates.)

  • Verascity

    I think she looks INCREDIBLE. Easily a personal best. Like you said: when she sits down, that’s what her body does when she’s sitting.

  • librarygrrl64

    That is not a sitting-down dress for her. Too fitted, too short. Standing up, she looks great.

  • oohsparkley!

    I think it’s working for her.  Tight straight skirts do ride up.  If it had been just very slightly a-line, then sitting would have been much more comfortable for her. Unfortunately that style isn’t real popular right now.

  •  If the dress were slightly more A-line, I think it would have worked better for sitting. She looks hot as hell walking in, though. Sassy thang.

  • MilaXX

    Rebel is on Ellen today and looks soooo much better. She’s dressed more causally, but the hair and makeup are much more youthful and modern.  She looks really cute.

  • The last time I saw her on TV she was wearing a green Adidas track suit, so I think this is a huge improvement. If you’ve got a belly and you wear a tight dress/skirt, it’s just an actuality that you’re gonna deal with a bit of a pooch. I’m a size 14. Trust me. See also: It’s not the end of the world. Kudos to her.

  • what a lovely discussion going on here. Practical, fun, self-deprecating and informative. Well done all you lovelies who contributed. 

  • TLo thanks for posting this.  We need to see more critique of plus size women because, ya know, like WE EXIST.  Additionally, honest critique of clothes and styling may open the door for more people to think about what works and doesn’t work on a different canvas.  There is damned little clothing out that’s flattering  for Christina Hendricks to wear, much less if you are size 14 or above…and it’s obvious from what a lot of plus sized actresses come out in that not only is there a shortage of clothing options, there’s also a shortage of stylists who know how to advise a plus sized celeb.

    Keep up the good work guys

  • UptownNippy

    I don’t get all the approval of this dress on her.   It is too tight, I will say it again and it does nothing for her.  She should wear a dress that looks nice while she is sitting down in front of a tv camera.  Nothing hard to figure out.  Something loose and flowing that doesn’t bunch up.

    Are some of you who are her size wanting never to be critiqued?   I don’t get it.  If you want to think no one makes a bad style/size choice then why are you reading this site?   Fat or thin no one should get a pass if you are going to be honest.   

  • MarissaLG

    As a plus sized lady myself, I am so happy to hear your comments. You guys GET IT. 

  • I think she looks fabulous. Definitely she needs to learn which sitting pose is right for tv, even something as simple as angling her body more towards Jay and pointing her knees down could solve the problems the dress is having in that area, but the silhouette is practically perfect for her. (Personally, I’d go with something that adds a but more volume to the hip than the bust. She’s slightly more top heavy than bottom heavy, taking away the neckline and moving that fringe to the bottom of the dress might balance her out just a bit more).

  • I think your comments are dead on, TLo. I am a woman of size myself, and I think the dress looks great while she’s standing – but it should really go to the knee. You are absolutely right about what it looks like when she sits, and that is what it is. However, knowing that she’d be sitting, why didn’t her stylist go for a dress with a more forgiving skirt? Even if it had been to the knee, it would have been too short when she was sitting. Also, I think of what you two say about the PR judges – when you know you’re going to be sitting and shot from the waist up for the majority of your time on screen, dress for that.

  • nicole seligman

    WERQ standing AND sitting. a little length probably wouldn’t have helped her discomfort because she’s still aware of what bloggers are saying about her today. she looks incredible, end of story.

  • In a lot of ways this is a fantastic dress for her. Over all, she looks great. However, I’m going to say this as a fellow big girl/well endowed woman – anything that adds fluff to the top of your breasts will make you look like you have no neck as soon as you sit down. That’s my problem with this look. It looks a wee bit like it might be smothering her, even though those frills aren’t anywhere near her face. 

  • Silhouette is perfect. Some light shapewear might help with the tummy, but she’s not much bigger than me; we have tummies. You can do an empire waist but the risk is that it forms a flotation device around you when you sit.

    I’d say the only problem is the length.


  • artensoll

     The only thing I would change about the dress is the neckline.  If it were cut a bit lower with narrower shoulders, perhaps, she wouldn’t look so ‘boxy’.

  • Mrs Campbell

    It’s a lovely look, but if she was going to be sitting, I would have put her in dark hose.