Project Runway: The Big Wrapup

Posted on October 19, 2012

Okay, well. That happened. We have to laugh, because we sat down and did a tally and only three times in the history of the show did the person we want to win, win it; Jay McCarroll, Leanne Marshall, and Seth Aaron Henderson. Clearly, us and those judges? We don’t see eye to eye.

But Dmitry’s a nice guy (or played one on TV), a hard worker, and his clothes were the most polished of the lot (although that’s not saying much). And besides, we’ve been doing this too long to get upset that someone won Project Runway without our permission.

So Congratulations, Dmitry! You were kind of rude and full of yourself when we went up to you and introduced ourselves at a different runway show later that week, but whatever. Maybe you were tired. Maybe you think we’re bitches. We’ve also been doing this too long to worry about what Project Runway contestants think of us and we’ve long lost count of the number of you who flared your nostrils and spun on your heels at the sight of us.

We’ll say this: that was a very good finale episode. No, really. Ninety minutes is still too long a format for this show, but they managed to give all four of the finalists decent camera time and a chance to plead their case to the public. And whatever struggling or drama that ensued actually arose out of creative concerns. That is to say, last week’s critique served a purpose and it was interesting and enlightening to see what each designer did with their time. Melissa panicked and rethought her collection to its benefit. Christopher ripped off the wide-eyed “l’il ol’ me” mask and revealed what had become increasingly obvious over the course of the season, that he’s a petulant little bitch who thinks too highly of himself. No wonder Gunnar hated him so much. Fabio had an almost Jay McCarroll-like creative epiphany and a sudden understanding of what he can do as a designer. And Dmitry? Well, we’re not quite sure what Dmitry did. He seemed to have made some minor adjustments, but basically, he just quietly forged ahead, like he’s always done.

Anyway, that’s it. It’s not the kind of season, finale, or win that’s going to inspire long diatribes or manifestos from us. Everyone fixed their collections after last week’s critiques but we stand by what we said then; none of these collections can hold a candle to the glory days of the show. There were several good looks throughout, but it still mostly looked like department store clothes to us. In fact, Dmitry’s looked the most like department store clothes (next to maybe Christopher’s).

Let’s run down the winning looks, shall we?

This is a fine look. The fit is bad (because they’re not given enough time to fit their models) and the illusion netting isn’t providing quite the illusion it needs to, but it’s perfectly Dmitry in a lot of ways.


To our eyes, this was probably his best look. It’s stylish, has a hint of uniqueness, and looks polished. But it totally looks department store to us and not runway. High end department store, maybe, but still.


Awful. Absolutely terrible. There’s some interest with the pants, but we think they’re ultimately kind of awkward-looking. The top is hideous.


This is tacky; we don’t care what any of those judges said. The sheer panel at the midriff and the leather fringe? Sorry, you’re never gonna convince us that this is elegant or stylish. As always, his tailoring skills are perfect. But like we said yesterday, that’s what this show’s become: The Amazing Sewing Race. More and more, it’s about rewarding the person who can get the look the most polished in the least amount of time.


Jaw-droppingly awful. Michael giddily proclaimed that any of the ladies on the panel would look good in that jacket and we laughed long and hard. We don’t like to make “No woman would…”-style proclamations. But we’re pretty sure most women would take this off the instant she realized it was giving her gorilla arms. Come on now, Michael.

The pants and the sheer top are ugly and tacky. Yes, he can sew like crazy. That doesn’t mean he has taste.


So department store-basic, it’s almost embarrassing. This IS a New York Fashion Week runway, remember.


This is probably his second-best look in the whole collection. It’s also a look that’s been done countless times over the last couple of years. How many folded napkin dresses have we seen on the red carpet or various other runways? This is nice, but completely unoriginal.


This is nice too, but also not particularly original.


And ditto. It’s very nice, actually.


This is tacky, trophy wife wear. We’re sorry, but we think those judges were nuts when they praised this.


In the end, it was a fairly meticulous collection, almost completely devoid of any new ideas, and in those instances when he took risks, he veered straight off into Tacky Land. Don’t get us wrong; this isn’t some sort of travesty in our eyes, like when Anya or Gretchen won. He’s talented and he’s got an aesthetic. We just don’t think, as Nina used to say, in better days, “the taste level is quite there.”

More collections later today, dolls.



[Photo Credit: Getty, Barbara Nitke/Lifetime]

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  • miagain

    You know what…. I didn’t even care about watching it last night…. maybe I’ll catch it on Hulu sometime…. ho hum!

    • I’m with you. I didn’t bother and opted to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the millionth time

  • zenobar

    Those “Angry Bumblebee meets Boris Karloff” eyebrows are hurting me.  In my heart.

    •  The models actually looked ugly! Like, I couldnt stand to look at them ugly with that type styling.

      •  I LOATHED the overly heavy eyebrow, thing.

        • siriuslover

          I did too when I saw the collections on TLo a few weeks ago. I thought the eyebrows actually worked when I saw the whole thing on television last night and said so in the Tlounge. Looking at the stills again this morning, I’m back to not liking them.

          • What bugged me is that they pulled focus from the clothes, to the model’s faces. NOT good.

          • decormaven

            It’s sad when the facial cosmetics are the outstanding details. The eyebrows stopped the visual interest for me right at the forehead. I get it that there are a lot of angular lines to his designs, but that concept doesn’t have to be telegraphed on the face, for Pete’s sake.

          • Rebecca Jay

            Right.  On first scroll, all I could see were those nightmare-inducing models.  

            First scroll was last scroll, actually.  I’m not looking again.

          • Same here. I didn’t notice them at all on the runway but here they jump out again.

          •  The makeup did look better on TV, but wow is it ugly in pictures. I’ve never understood the eyebrow thing!

          • Wellworn

            I noticed on the show last night, the cameras spent more time on the clothes than on the faces, so maybe that was why it wasn’t so bad.

        • tignor

          The illusion netting on the first look made it look like she wore a hood out in the sun too long and got tanned on everything but her head.

          • JMB_edits

            Sweet! A guilty pleasure movie!!

        • yulaffin

           The makeup ended up being a distraction.  Very ugly!

        • frederieke

          I was so distracted by the eyebrows I forgot to look at the first 3 outfits and had to forcibly pull my gaze away from them for the rest of the runway show.

      • Call me Bee

        Even The Hubs, who never watches PR, mentioned how weird the models look with the heavy eyebrows and ugly eye shadow. 

      • Not sure which was worse, the eyebrows or the birdshit hair “leafing”…

      • BayTampaBay

        Just another decline of my formerly beloved PR.  I did not watch one episode of this season until last night.  I only watched last night because I am tired of “Willard Mitthew”, the debate recaps & local Florida politics, as I early voted last week, and also because I wanted to be able to follow the blog conversation on TLo.

    • MoHub


      • zenobar

        Now I’m convinced that the black skirt and all the fringe were made of rich Corinthian Leather.

        • 3boysful

           OK, I cannot stop laughing!

        • Wellworn

          OMG my dad had that Cordoba.  He was so proud of those leather seats.

        • Touché!

    • geeeque

       it looks like stage makeup on a young actress to make her look old. blech.

  • Funny how when this collection walked last night, I found myself loving it, but now I keep seeing “gorilla arms” and flamenco dancers. Honestly, looking at the collections, it could have been anyone’s game last night. It was sort of nice to sit there and honestly not KNOW who was going to win, for once.

    •  Ditto!! Loved it on the run way, but in the still pictures?  Eh, a mix of tacky and department store.  I would wear a number of the tamer looks and feel beautiful and confident in them….but I’m in IT.  Not exactly a fashionista.

      • annyb

        Tish, don’t sell yourself short. I’m in IT too, and let’s face it, you can be an “IT fashionista” merely by wearing what the rest of the world thinks is “dressing kinda cute”. (For a software dev like me, cute shoes alone will probably do it.)

    • I wish I could do the same thing (not knowing who will win) while I watch it this morning. Unfortunately, while I was catching up on Twitter during commercials in the Seahawks/49ers game, Tim Gunn spoiled who won. The show is running in the background right now; I guess Melissa has a model who can’t walk in this white dress confection…

      • PhoebePowers

         It was spoiled for me too by Tim Gunn’s facebook posts. He was posting congratulations to Dmitry by name before 9 pm PT. I really don’t get that. I was pretty pissed off about it, tbh

    •  It was better in motion — I had seen the pics earlier.

      • JosephLamour

        I agree- I’d be ok with gorilla arms standing still if my arms were all “flapper doing a watoosie” when I moved, 

    • angryparsnip

       Me Too !
      When I first saw the photos of his collection  I thought what happened  ? But I was surprise that walking the runway his clothes looked so much better.
      I was watching the Harry Potter movie (while doing paper work) and then thought maybe I can just catch the last part of the show on the runway.
      Such a difference from earlier years when I would have been camped out full attention to the show, now it’s hohum,  can’t really be bothered to give it my full attention.

      cheers, parsnip

    • peacockprincess

      Totally concur–I liked it much better when it walked then the stills.  I didn’t think he was even in the top five.  Overall I think Elena sent out the best collection followed by Fabio.  Still fine with Dimitri winning. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Chris: Mall Goth Clubwear
      Melissa: Expensive Goth Club Drag
      Dmitry: Stepford Wife Goth Club Drag
      Fabio: Conceptually interesting collection demonstrating a unique point of view.

      I really thought there WAS a clear winner last night, and though I adore Dmitry, I don’t think his was it.

      • Thank you and amen.

      • e m


  • Neverbuynewclothes

    Even if it is the Amazing Sewing Race, I’m glad they are rewarding the best seamstress (seamer?  sew-er?).  Better than rewarding the worst personality (or the one who played the worst personality on TV).

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I can live quite happily with Dmitry’s win. Is his collection up to the standard set by PR’s strongest seasons, which for me include Seasons 1, 3, 4  and 5? No, but I am very happy that after Season 9 the judges decided to look more at ability this season.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      And better than rewarding someone who can’t sew.

  • I didn’t watch any of the show this year, just read the recaps, so I have no feeling one way or another about it, but good on him for winning. 

    I can’t say I like the make-up he’s got on his models (especially the dark eyebrows), and yeah, some of this veers off into tackyland.

    I almost like the dress with the midriff panel and fringe, but mostly it’s just that I like the fabric. I don’t think it’s great for clothing though – I suspect it would widen the models in an unfortunate way if it were used for the whole dress. (Maybe that’s just the cut of the dress though. I think it’s okay on the jacket.)

  • Ick. Models were hideous.

  • kaycem

    i’m happy dimitry won simply because i liked him the best.  but that’s how it’s supposed to be now, right?

    • That’s my reasoning for why I wanted Fabio to win! 
      But I can’t be upset Dimitri won because at least that meant that Christopher didn’t. 

      • kaycem

        fabio was definitely a close second for me. dimitry always made me laugh, with his biting sarcasm and deadpanned quips, but fabio is so sweet and brings a very unique p.o.v. to his clothes. so long as heather (is that her name? still not sure after a full season…) or chris didn’t win it, i’m good.

        • sterlingrose

          I’m with you two.  I love Fabio I mean who wouldn’t. What a genuinely nice guy. And he will prosper because of that.  I choked up when he didn’t win even though I thought I wasn’t invested in this season.  I liked Dimitri’s dry wit and that Eastern European deadpan. Made me laugh.  I didn’t love everything but liked his collection well enough.  I would have worn Fabio’s but Dimitri did the work and I don’t have a problem with his win and chance to do more.  Under better conditions he might be great.  But you can see his Dancing Days influence.  

      • tignor

         Fabio’s was very Dorothy Zbornack to me…sorry, but the colors, the loose fit…

    • CT14

      I’m happy he won b/c I liked the “one-way monkey” line.

  • Congrats, Dmitri.  I knew it was between you and Melissa for the win, after all.   Christopher?  Really, m’lad, getting all twitchy at the last moment is so unprofessional and childish that you’ll never get hired by anyone major. 

    I was pleased though, to see that at very least, this episode really was about the work, and not the drama, which was itself, a huge fresh breeze.  Everyone paid attention to their critiques, and tried, with varying success to move forward with them.

    • I really liked that the last 4 got along great together. There was no screaming at each other and overall made the last show pleasant. I just wish their work would have been better. I wish they would have had more time to make better clothes.

      •  It was really nice to see them not hissing and spitting at each other. And they all seemed, with the pronounced exception of Christopher, to be showing genuine concern and admiration for each other’s work.

        •  At least to each others faces. I think there was some off-screen bashing, but that is to be expected.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          That was refreshing. Precious Moments Christopher has some maturing to do before he’s a fully fledged human being. Some maturing and perspective that the world isn’t really all about him will do wonders for the lad.

          • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

            “Precious Moments Christopher” just made me laugh out loud! 

          • Wellworn

            He really does need to mature (I just said that above), but the judges did do their part to make him feel so entitled, giving him so many undeserved wins.

          •  And he is 24, plus apparently he’s the only boy in a family of girls.  That’s a recipe for pain-in-the-ass if ever there was one (I have one brother and two sisters, I know of what I speak!)

        • deltabronze

          And there was Christopher’s muttered “I want a recount” when he learned Dmitry had won.

    • AnneElliot

      This morning I told my daughter not to be petulant.  Thank you, Tim, for reminding me to incorporate this into my daily vocabulary — and I have a teenager and and a tween, so I should be using it frequently.

    • Wellworn

      Christopher is so young!  But 24 really isn’t that young, it’s something else with him.  He needs to move out of his parent’s house, get a job, (at his age I was teaching in South Central Los Angeles), and have a few non-reality show hard knocks.  He can still work on his dream, but maybe he can work in the design field meanwhile.  Then he might lose that petulance.

    • angryparsnip

       Tim’s “petulant” line was the best ever !
      Made me love Tim even more.

      cheers,  parsnip

  • fashionablylate

    I actually love the tacky dress with the illusion netting, lol! Happy with the winner, congrats Dmitry!

    •  I don’t think it’s tacky at all, and it’s my favorite of all the pieces. I’d love to see it on a real famous person who could pull it off with great accessories, maybe Beyonce.

    • formerlyAnon

       I like it, but as someone else said earlier it may be because I like the fabric, more than the cut of the dress itself.

  • MilaXX

    Sadly I agree on most of these. They look  clothes I could go to Neimans and buy now except the chevron dress with fringe and the black gown. They look like ballroom dancing clothes straight out of strictly ballroom.

    Overall a “meh” ending to a “blah” season.

  • Dot

    Reading these recaps makes me glad I don’t watch this show anymore.

  • Reneesance

    This is the first year I haven’t even watched ONE episode of project runway.  And I didnt’ miss anything.  Oh well. Thanks for the recaps boys, they’re the best part!

  • I had a hard time picking a winner because I thought they were all so boring.  Dmitry’s win actually surprised me for precisely the reasons mentioned above: a lot of “taste issues,” and a lot of looks that were fine, but nothing runway-worthy.  Ready-to-wear?  Sure.

    •  Well, to be honest, Project Runway has always, even in its early years, really been about America’s next top ready to wear designer.  If it hadn’t been we would have seen people like Fabio, who’s work is very conceptual, getting the win.

      • Fair enough.  I think it’s been more so since the move to Lifetime (and Nina’s move to Marie Claire).  I can’t decide if I’m up for the all-stars season.  The promos just remind me of the personalities I didn’t like, and I already know they’re not going to be given interesting challenges or enough time to do competent work.

        • I plan to watch it, but with a totally different mindset about it.  I will watch to wallow in the enforced drama. Certainly not to see great fashion, which none of the contestants in this All Stars are up to.

          • MilaXX

             Exactly! I’m watching All Stars purely for the trainwreck value.

          •  I’m watching in hope of seeing both Josh and Ivy tortured by having to deal with the other.

          • AnneElliot

            I can’t wait to see what happens with Ivy, Josh and Wendy Pepper in the same room.  That is all.

          • Spr

            I have a feeling that Josh and Wendy Pepper are going to end up being BFF.

          • Susan Collier

            But isn’t Wendy in that 40-to-death age/fashion category?

          • Stubenville

            Even better, all on the same team in a challenge!

          • Pinup Ghoul

             Someday, I want to see Ivy totally cut loose and have a beer, go surfing, and hang out with a bunch of little kids at a zoo. Nothing would warm my heart more than that.

          • & after that, she would terrify the poor kids, by whispering horrible things to them…

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            This sounds like the right approach to AllStars-which designer will implode most gloriously for the delectation of B-M and Lifetime’s viewers?  I also like to think of Peach Carr and Casanova working on their pilot for a Lifetime sitcom.

          • “The Designing Adventures of Peach and Casanova”, New this season!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            “Casanova, remember that we’re not showing off the good china this season”!

          • “And Peach, we’re not making anything that looks like pieced dishtowels, m’kay?”

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Peach swats Casanova playfully with a tennis racket as she sashays out in one of her tennis to cocktails designs….

          •  That could work, but I’m still holding out for a drunk makeover show starring Peach and Anthony.   

          • Pinup Ghoul

             That would probably be the best show in history. Anything with either of them is bound to be pure gold.

          • fashionablylate

            Oh I agree, this should be epic in it’s ridiculousness. There are some wacky also-rans in this group!

      • Lisa_Cop

        I don’t think Anya qualified as even ready to wear. Victor Luna maybe but not Anya.

  • maretha2

    I think in assessing Dmitry’s work you have to consider the back of his looks as much as the front. Often the backs of his dresses are just stunning, unexpected, visually interesting, and flattering. See the back of his yellow dress and the gunmetal draped dress, for instance, and even the back of the “tacky” leather fringe dress. I admit that Dmitry’s design better suit my own sensibility and I see his clothes and often want to wear them. But even apart from that, I consistently found his attention to the back of his looks very compelling.

    • Judy_S

       I thought exactly that about the first dress. The front looks a tiny bit awkward but the back is stunning.

    • Adella Thompson

      Yeah I noticed the same thing. Another influence from ballroom, I think. The front of a follow (or lead) is hidden by the fact that she is often connected with her partner. As such, most forms of dance clothes, but particularly smooth and standard ballroom, have learned to make the most exquisite part be the back, since it’s what will catch the judges’ eyes. As somebody always on the look out for something with an interesting back (standard clothes put so much effort into the front and make the backs a dull throwaway) I really found his works appealing. 

    • Sweetbetty

       Maybe that’s why he was so dead set on that silver leafing on the backs of his models’ heads.  I barely caught a glimpse of it but I suppose if I was there it would have been more noticeable.  I remember reading once a long time ago that in real life more people view us from the back and for a longer time than from the front so always make sure the back of your hairdo and clothes look as good as the front.

    • khh1138

      I’m so glad you mentioned that – I don’t think I ever fully articulated it before, but yes, that is something that really stands out for me with Dmitry’s looks – sometimes it wasn’t until the model stood sideways that I went “whooah!!”  and you could see that there was *serious* engineering behind that garment.  He designs for 360 degrees.  I love it. 

  • Susan Collier

    I guess I preferred Dimitry’s collection over the other three finalists, but it all read as Neiman Marcus wear. He did some interesting things, but yeah, nothing awe-inspiring.

    I really hated how the final “critique” by all four judges (of all four collections) was nothing but a praisefest. Everything was “polished”, “incredible”, “amazing”, “covet-worthy”, “innovative”, etc. (except Melissa’s non-walkable dress). The judges used to actually criticize stuff. Their judgement means nothing at this point.

    • I wondered what was up with that too. I wondered if they were all such emotional messes that they just could not do it to them

    • Kimbolina

      Maybe they were all just too bored with all of them to even bother presenting any criticisms.

      We’ve gone from crack-smoking judges to just plain boring/broken record judges.

    • tereliz

      The judges were the ones who had to pretend that it was their opinion of the clothes that got these designers to the finale. Last night they had to back that up with “praise”. I would have been happy with either Dmitry or Fabio to win since their work really was the best of the four. 

      Too bad we couldn’t have seen Elana’s stuff in motion. Anyone know if there’s a video available online?

      • Lisa_Cop

        There is a video that show 3 looks from each of the 8 designers who showed. Think it’s from Fashion News.

  • SewingSiren

    I did think that Fabio had the win based on the judges comments. Although I wasn’t completely on board with his collection, and did not see it as a landslide. My initial and current pick as Elena. 
    I never hated Dimitry’s collection. Two of his dresses are dance costumes, the remake of the fabulous candy dress and the showstopper). The others beautifully made sportswear. I am mystified as to why they never pointed out that there were too many cut outs in them. Instead of yammering on about it looking “old” Reallyy?? Too much nakie would be my critique. ANd better by far than the last two wining collections.

    • They barely showed criticism of any of the collections….it was weird. Dmitry they didn’t say anything bad. With Melissa, all they said was that the one model couldn’t walk. For Christopher, they gave him some advice on how to structure a collection. I don’t remember any criticism for Fabio (though I could be wrong). It was really strange. These are judges who had criticism for Jay McCarroll and Christian Siriano, the golden boy. I wonder why they strayed away from that, or it was cut out.

      • Susan Collier

        I have no idea. Are we supposed to believe that these collections were near perfect? Do they think we’re that gullible?

        •  I actually wonder if they cut it, to keep the audience guessing about the winner without saying anything negative — I think they’re getting a bit desperate for someone to actually DO something post-win, since the last 3 winners haven’t really done much (and that makes me sad, because I want more Seth Aaron.)

          • Susan Collier

            Nevermind the wussy final judging. The lack of post-PR fashion notoriety will become a self-fulfilling prophecy if Project Runway continues rewarding storylines over fashion lines. The winners will only be able to stay in the public eye as contestants on Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Fit Club, or some Dr Drew rehab show.

          • Call me Bee

            That can be said about almost all the PR winners.  I hear about Jay McC now and again because he designs quilt fabric (and it’s fabulous, BTW…) and we see Christian actually showing on the runways, but where are the others? 
            The same thing happens on ANTM.  There is a handful of gals you actually see on runways and/or in print ads.  I just noticed one contestant from a few years ago on a Lowes commercial.  Besides her and April, who was a PR model last year, where are they? 

            I think a lot of them believe that winning these competitions is an automatic free ride to the industry, when, in reality, they still have to create, produce and hustle to get themselves out there, and some just can’t, or won’t. 

          • ballerinawithagun

            Only Christian lived up to the expectations of Project Runway. He knew what he had to do and what he had to give up to become a star. He is really maturing into a very good designer. He still has some mis-steps, especially when designing for Christina Hendricks, but he is constantly improving and growing. 

          •  Chloe is still running her store and she has a QVC line so her name is still out there, Christian everyone knows about, Irina has shown again (I believe), and there are several runner-ups who have something going  — Kara Janx, Korto, and Althea Harper have all been shown here, in fact.  But of the last 3 seasons, we really haven’t heard anything from anyone.

            I think the reason is that they are casting the wrong people and then promoting the wrong people, but I’m sure they believe that they aren’t getting good designers because of their lack of successful winners rather than their lack of understanding how to get successful winners.

      • siriuslover

        Well, MK did say that Dmitry’s last dress was borderline costume and he has to be careful of not crossing that border.

      • rab01

        I thought Kors’ comment on Dmitry’s last look – “borderline costume” – was criticism.  Wasn’t it?  I meant it’s not “disco pumpkin” but they usually aren’t that harsh to the faces of the finalists.

        oops — didn’t see siriuslover’s comment until after I posted.

    • MilaXX

       Agreed, I wish she had made it to the finals. I guess Elena is this year’s Kara Janx

      •  Cut Chris, and replace Melissa with Elena (much as I like Melissa) and we would have had a much better finale.

    • 3boysful

       I was glad Dimitry won, but your comments are valid.  I was thinking that unofficially he got the win based on his overall body of work–he had some fab things that didn’t quite win during the season.  While I liked Fabio’s way more than I expected to, I think there was more up and down to what he produced during the challenges.

  • You guys are totally right.  The pieces that weren’t tacky looked like something I could pick up at Macy’s.  When a collection is indistinguishable from INC’s latest line, the designer is not thinking high fashion.

  • egl48

    Not very inspiring.

  • piecesofconfetti

    So glad I didn’t bother watching this season (just read the recaps). 

  • I skipped the entire season and I think I had the right idea.

    Usually I disagree with TLo here and there, sometimes vehemently, but not once for this collection. I suspect it’s because these looks are so basic there’s really only one thing to say about each of them, unless you happen to have a producer whispering in your ear.

  • fnarf

    I look forward to seeing Dmitri’s designs for an upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. 

    • You know the jacket with the fringe will be showing up….

      • dress_up_doll

        That jacket is totally Teresa Guidice.

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          And of course, Melissa will have to get one BECAUSE SHE IS ALWAYS COPYING TERESA!!! LOL!!!

    • alice20c

      Or Dancing with the Stars.

      • fnarf

         That’s what he should be doing. He’s done ballroom dancing costumes before, right? He could also do figure skating. He should hook up with Johnny Weir.

  • Stubenville

    It’s nice that someone who is serious and has real skill won. I personally like Dmitri, although that’s about as valid a reason for the win as Heidi’s “I’d wear that” proclamations.  And I’m glad the heinous Frieda Kahlo brows and silver crap in the hair didn’t get him disqualified over styling issues; both were serious missteps.

  • Sweetbetty


    This was supposed to be in response to Neverbuynewclothes’ struggle to find the right word.

  • There were some issues with is collection. In fact, there were major issues with everyone’s collections. Nowhere near what was being produced in in earlier seasons. However, I think Dmitry really did deserve a win. He has a point of view, he is a hard worker who didn’t play up his issues for the camera. His work is impeccably made. Tim Gunn has come out and said that Dmitry is a very sweet and humble guy. His collection wasn’t without its issues, but I think he has a future in fashion design. Not a perfect season, but I’m glad they didn’t award the win to Christopher like I though they would.

    • SRQkitten


      I’m with you on Dmitri’s win for all the reasons you listed. I think Dmitri was also one of the most popular fan favorites and I do have to wonder if those fools over at BM productions realized that after the last few seasons they were taking a risk on killing off their golden goose with all the missteps they’ve made (which our dear TLo and the bitter kittens have thoughtfully pointed out).

      It is rather sad though to see what used to be a Project Runway final collection then and now as it shows how much things have slipped. But at least this season wasn’t as wretched as last season with the attention whores that populated the cast.


      • Yeah, as much as I love Dmitry, his collection does not hold a caandle to some earlier seasons. I like to think if there was double the time allotted, these shows would be much better quality. Considering Dmitry did ten structured lookss in five weeks, i can only imagine what he would have done in ten weeks

  • batshitmomma

    For the first time ever, I had a hard time staying awake to see who won in the last 10 minutes of the show. Isn’t that supposed to be the nail-biting time with all of the slow drumming music in the background? I just didn’t care who won, but congrats to Dmitry who had a previously unknown eyebrow fetish.
    BTW, did I mention I’ve suffered with insomnia for over a decade? 

    • Laylalola

      I turned to the computer shortly after the runway show, only barely registered the judges talking in the background, and realized late that the show was over and I had no idea who had won. I didn’t even bother going to the DVR to find out.

  • Funkykatt

    Talk about tacky, what is Heidi wearing? 

    • tereliz

      Right? From the back it’s even worse. 

      A golden boobsling with a sarong. 

    • batshitmomma

      I kept staring at her outfit more than the collection pieces!

      • ballerinawithagun

        There must have been alot of tape going on to keep from having a wardrobe malfunction!

  • I felt like he kind of had to win. His clothes looked professional and the most like a collection, even if I did not like them that much (liked the first dress and the jacket on the second look, hated that last showgirl dress). I really liked Melissa’s clothes, but they were just clothes. 

  • I don’t mind that the clothes have a high end department store vibe — there’s a lot more market for that, and it’s a valid direction for a designer to go.  They say they’re looking for the next great American designer, and most top American designers have very wearable clothing.  I could see this being worth a win, along with Fabio for his more creative collection.  And I liked him personally, which helps, but is by no means required — I wanted Jeffery to win S3 and I thought he was a horse’s ass.

    As for the collection itself…
    1.  Agreed.  I love the concept, though.  I think if he’d had more time, we would have seen more strong looks like this with better fitting.
    2.  Needed something more somewhere in the skirt or top.  The jacket is fantastic, and with a bit more interest in the other pieces — just a bit though — it would have been more “fashion”.
    3.  Thank God you guys hated it too.  I thought it might be me, but that’s just all sorts of ugly.  And it doesn’t really feel Dmitry to me — I mean, it just didn’t hit that tailored, structured, angular feel of most of his work.
    4.  Sorry, I loved that dress.  It’s very… loud, but I like loud.  I do think narrowing the sheer through the midriff area would have helped though.
    5.  I loved the print on the jacket again.  And that’s all I have nice to say about that.  Hearing it described as gorilla arms sort of makes me want it, since I have arms that are far too long for my height, but there’s not a single piece I like in this look.
    6.  Bland.  Like the color and texture of it, but bland.
    7.  I really didn’t like this.  It fell flat for me.  It’s been done to death, and this is in no way interesting enough to make it worth doing again. 
    8.  Love this.  I love the color combo, I love the sparkle sleeve, and I love the angular shapes. 
    9.  Really liked this.  The flow was lovely, and I think it would be very flattering to a great many women.
    10.  Now this is where we really differ:  I LOVED this look.  It had sparkly fringe!  It is ridiculously OTT and I would suggest toning it down a bit for the real world wear, but it’s my kind of tacky:)

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m on board with your comments about Dmitry’s collection.  The one look that I really disliked was the sheer top with the sparkly cap sleeves-serious taste issues, that one.  I liked numbers 4 and 10-both have a ballroom dance vibe, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Designers pull their inspiration from many areas,after all.  No.4 would be a cute look for clubbing and dancing, I think, and No. 10 -you go, Dmitry, pile on that fringe-fun for a gala or a RC look in my book.

      • ballerinawithagun

        That sheer top was dreadful! He should have asked his young models if it was really something they would wear. It was the one that stood out as a matronly idea of a young look.

        • And it felt more like Chris to me than Dmitry — the cap sleeve with the weird tiered effect, the heavy formalness of the bedazzling…

  • MoHub

    For some reason, I have trouble reading the word Wrapup and looking at Heidi’s gown at the same time.

  • DinaSews

    The Amazing Sewing Race – what a perfect description.

  • GorgeousThings

    “This is tacky, trophy wife wear. We’re sorry, but we think those judges were nuts when they praised this.”

    No – close – it’s ballroom dance wear. I could tell looking at his collection that he’s a Latin dancer (that’s not a pejorative; my 14 YO son is a competitive ballroom dancer). This has many hallmarks of ballroom and latin competitions. It’s an influence in his life, and he put it to use. Same with the fringe (here’s a dress I made for my son’s teacher 

    I don’t have any problem with Dmitry’s win. I was surprised, because I thought they would give it to Fabio. But who knows. I can say that I was ready to smack whiny-girl Christopher by about the half hour mark. I was glad they dismissed him right away. I was afraid the producers were giving him the winner’s edit.

  • mjude

    dmitry over costello-lite, i was relieved.  but gone are the days when i watched the repeats over & over because i loved the collections so much. 

  • nannypoo

    I didn’t love any of the final collections. I liked Fabio’s better than Dmitry’s, but Dmitry produced better clothes throughout the season so I think he deserved to win. The judging was pretty worthless, especially Jennifer Hudson’s silly comments. It’s a good thing this season is over. 

  • Scarlet39

    I’m pleased with Dmitry winning.  However, they absolutely must fix the scheduling so that the finalists have more time to work on their collections.  

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Well, congratulations Dmitry on giving us the well-needed surprise ending to such a boring season. I thought all along he had absolutely zero chance of winning. I honestly have no idea why he did win, other than that it would give us the well-needed surprise ending to such a boring season. T Lo’s assessment does nothing to change my mind on that. He definitely would not have won the first season of the Russian version, given what I saw in the Final over there.

    I understand he has charisma and good rapport with the viewers, especially among the Bitter Kittens, so sorry if this sounds a bit mean. If he can become successful, I am all for it, but I am going to need some time to mull this whole thing over. It is just that I could never picture him at the top, ever!

    You know that also gives us two foreign winners in a row? It would help if they were any good, though… but congratulations, anyway.

  • alyce1213

    I’m not that invested in it, so like okay, Dmitry won. Like you said, no outrage, but no big huzzahs either.
    It should have been Fabio – his collection appealed to me so much more.  I thought it was exquisite.

  • and NO ONE commented on the hideous styling?? Was I the only one that saw ‘Klingon Uni-brow’?? (and the camera thankfully stayed away from the aluminum beanie thing….shudder).

    I knew he had won when I counted the # of times he said “I have nothing (sob), I gave up my job…my home/apartment…my country….” (I almost expected them to give him his own theme music, you know from the ‘old country’ to further underscore the poor little waif, washed up on our shores…

    Sigh I miss the ‘dayum!’ days of finales past….T’lo nailed it, this looked like a Burlington Coat factory Ad in its safeness. Remember gowns? anyone?

    •  oh wait…the make up ‘looks’ were created by the major sponsor….and we can NOT say anything negative about them can we? (cue gushing Lord and Taylor CEO)

      and can Melissa please style her poor dad? purple shirt and Walmart tie?

      • Her dad is Pure Michigan, we call that “Up North Chic” ’round these parts. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I rather like that Melissa’s parents just dressed as they would if they were doing something festive back home. It’s authentic, and kind of endearing.

  • siriuslover

    I would’ve been happy with either a Dmitry or Fabio win. My heart broke for Fabio, but I have been on Team Dmitry, so I am happy. I understand and even get your critiques, but I still am glad. Although I cannot forgive him for flaring his nostrils at you guys. Why on earth for? 

  • Adella Thompson

    It is definitely an ambivalent ending. I absolutely hands down wanted Dmitri to win and am so glad that it didn’t turn out to be Christopher. The way they were showcasing him whining and moaning, I was starting to worry that it was a set-up for an Anya-style pull it all together. I was really, really happy for Tim Gunn who was obviously so happy that the judges didn’t pick a totally wrong person this time… and I honestly think that if Dmitri had been given appropriate time, he could easily have made a collection to rival previous winners’ works. As a ballroom dancer, myself, I definitely see a very strong influence from there that causes him to verge into tacky land sometimes when he’s in a hurry, but I think that will level out with more editing time. 

    On the other hand, these last few seasons have made it very hard to be invested by the end of the series. I get hooked by the middle few episodes but the pacing leading into the finale usually causes me to disengage. Still… Dmitri is adorable and is it just me or does he have a harem of blonde ladies?? 

    •  I think Dmitri is a handsome man. I thought he rocked the hell out of those leather pants last night! Woo!

      • nannypoo

        I agree. He looked stylish and sexy. Very hot.

    • random_poster

      My teenage son’s comment…”Those are his friends? I want to be him if I get friends like that!” 

  • Frank_821

    What I find interesting that in the judging, they edited to show all this effusive praise. But during deliberations they all accurately stated their weaknesses and reasons not to give each person the title.

    I preferred fabio’s over Dmitry’s for the reasons stated by TLo but I can live with it. I am just happy they put Christopher in 4th. At least Melissa had a consistent point of view

  • I was really glad Dmitry won the show, but I have to agree about the level of originality. I think if the designers had been given more time to make their final collections then MAYBE we would have seen something, or at least they wouldn’t have the excuse for the lack of wow-factor.  Oh.. and jeesh I hated Dmitry’s styling. I don’t know why he wanted the models to be ugly, but I’ve noticed some other collections posted on this site from big designers with the same type of ugly makeup. I guess that’s a thing? 

  • Lipio

    ” We’ve also been doing this too long to worry about what Project Runway contestants think of us and we’ve long lost count of the number of you who flared your nostrils and spun on your heels at the sight of us.” And yet you felt the need to bring it up. Somebody’s upset!
    I do agree with you that some of his stuff was tacky as all gets but compared to the other three, this was the best choice. Fabio had a point of view, but unfortunately his point of view is homeless South Beach chic. Melissa and Christopher just weren’t even close.

    To my eyes Elena had the best of all collections that showed.

    • 3boysful

       Not that TLo need me to defend them, but I read it as some PR contestants–like people everywhere– are nice, some not, but they don’t use this blog to get revenge on the latter.  While they clearly have some favorite contestants, I think TLo do a remarkable job of being evenhanded and objective.

      • Lipio

        “I think TLo do a remarkable job of being evenhanded and objective”

        And again, my point is that there was no need for the little anecdote nor it had relevance to the comments on the clothes (which I do agree were objective). It just comes across as catty. Especially the bit about Dmitry “playing” a nice guy on TV. Way to jump to conclusions based on one incident.

        • Oh, unclench, for god’s sake. We’ve always been catty here and we’re not about to stop now.

          • Lipio

            Cool. I’m sure once the designer/personality decides to play nice and suck up to you  you’ll be singing the same tune.

          •  You need to work on your unclenching technique, honey.

          • Lipio

            I do Kegels every day.

          •  Maybe you should stop.

          • Lipio

            Well look who’s clenching now? 

          • GorgeousThings

            Oh for goodness sake, go back to middle school.

          •  We’re not clenching, we’re making fun of you. Lighten up, honey. It’s a game show.

          • Lipio

            Oh I’m pretty light, but thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to respond to a common troll. I would have guessed you had better things to do. I’m so touched! 

            Toodles 😉

        •  You mean where they said that maybe he was just tired or didn’t feel like chatting?  Yes, clearly they are judging him based on that one time.  As for the playing-a-nice-guy-on-TV thing, that’s the flip side of what they ALWAYS say about reality TV contestants, which is that you can’t trust everything you see — for good or bad — due to editing. 

  • andcoh

    Wait, who did you want to win six?  I thought Irina was pretty obvious.

    • ixoki

      Gordana should have won season 6!

      • Gordana should have been in the final 3… but winning is another story.

  • Judy_J

    I haven’t really gotten on board with this season, so I’m basing what I’m about to say on my first reaction to seeing the collections last night.  I liked Fabio’s better.  It looked more original and fresh to me.

  • I had a hard time getting past the horrific eye makeup on Dimitry’s models.   Still, it was clearly the best of the final collections.  With all those belly tops and short shorts, the other collections looked like a 1991 episode of Beverly Hills 90210.   

    I also thought Dimitry worked the sh** out of those leather pants.  He was the sexiest of the bunch.   

  • kirkyo

    I didn’t think I cared either but I may have spontaneously clapped when he won. Poor Fabio tho…he really did put together something interesting and original.

  • “More and more, it’s about rewarding the person who can get the look the most polished in the least amount of time.”

    But it was only *last* season that Anya “Sleeve? What is sleeve?” won. I think the producers quite rightly course-corrected there. This season has been more about the finishing but I think that is preferable to the seasons when it was all about the styling. If the producers wanted it to be creative, the designers would get more than a day to do a challenge (and more than five weeks to do a collection).

    Of the four remaining designers, I liked Dmitry the best even though I did think several of the looks were tacky/professional dancer costumey. He can be steered away from that with judicious guidance. I’ll save my dislike for Fabio’s bedsheet collection when it’s posted.

  • I’m glad that Dmitri won, but watching the final two episodes gave me a new appreciation for Fabio and what a gentle spirit he is. Really felt drawn to him, if not his clothes. 

    The judges dinged Melissa for the unwalkable white dress, why not ding Christopher as well? His model in the long flowy gown was practically stumbling to the end of the runway! 

    • tereliz

      She didn’t even pose, she just kept walking. I was worried for her and for Melissa’s girl coming out the second time. They had to haul buns to keep up with the others!

    •  Yes, and I noticed that almost all of Christopher’s models looked uncomfortable.   At first I thought they were awkward and didn’t know how to walk or what to do with their hands…but then I got sane and remembered that THESE ARE PROFESSIONAL MODELS.   I think his clothes were falling apart/pinned together/glued to a large extent and those poor young women were just trying to get down the runway without their good china falling out or being stabbed by a pin.

  • janierainie

    I’m ashamed to say I was more excited about Christopher being 4th than Dimitri winning. That was justice served as far as I was concerned. I just wanted someone to throw him out a window, he was so obnoxious last night.I haven’t got a problem with the win, it seemed like a tossup to me. 

    • tereliz

      Christopher should have been eliminated before Lincoln Center. But then the finale would have been calm, civilized and adult. Which as we all know does not for good television make. 

  • Pupioso

    I honestly didn’t care for any of the finalists collections and they are definitely below what the first few seasons were design wise. I feel there is too much emphasis on “do this in one day” and not enough on pure design. Such is the Bunim/Murray PR. Not that much a fan.

    I didn’t even tune in last week and this week I tuned in right as MIchael was starting to show his collection. I didn’t care about seeing the stuff before. 

  • fringebenefit

    Totally floored by this win and 100% in agreement with TLo’s critique. Exactly spot on. Also have been in sync with the judges’ choice only two or three times since the show started. I do disagree on one point, though, that 90 minutes is too long. Not for me, at least. 

  • JackieOBlue

    Can’t say I’m disappointed in who won, unlike the anger I felt over who won the last two season.    I would have liked to have seen Fabio win though. His design style is not something I would gravitate to but he did show some originality.  Loved him on the baby episode, how cute he was with his “baby”. 

  • As I say regularly, I love the stuffing out of you (TLo), but damn.  Project Runway has become so dull not even your sparkling wits can redeem it.  

  • I’m really glad I wasn’t the only one that thought “gorilla arms” with Dmitry’s jacket! What floored me, is that the judges disliked the feather arm-thingies of Christopher’s avant garde look the episode before (which, had his look been another color, I thought it would have been kinda cool, especially when the model bent her arms, and they turned into a Wolverine-type look), but then they could fall in love over Dmitry’s jacket! Could they not see that it had a similar illusion of arm hair?! Not that I didn’t like his jacket, but (again) had it been in a different color, I think it would appeal to more people. I just think both designers should have picked a non-hair / non-fur color for arm-wear…women usually don’t want to elude to being more hairy in certain places (I guess it’s better than fringy underarms, though)!

    • Melvis Velour

      It’s interesting how people react to those gorilla arms, here in Texas, they will kill for them and I’ve received a number of texts from some gal pals who are now on the prowl to get their claws on one of those jackets and pity the fool who gets in their way…

  • Cannot imagine why the designers on PR would want to avoid you or why my dog would want to bite the hand that feeds it.

  • Anathema_Device

    I didn’t mind the Dmitry win. He certainly has a clear aesthetic and produced a pretty nice collection. But, yeah, this show cares waaaay more about commercial appeal than new, exciting fashion.

    I’m not sure how those eyebrows on the models are supposed to equal “young” though. A young Frida Kahlo? A young Leonid Brezhnev?

    • barbiefish

      Your Leonid Brezhnev comment cracked me up!!

      • Anathema_Device

        Well, I grew up in the 60s & 70s sporting Italian brows inherited from my pop…I used the phrase Brezhnev Brows with regularity!

        • mhleta

          And then Brooke Shields came along in 1978 and made those eyebrows of yours a very popular thing!

          • khh1138

            That’s what I keep telling myself too (I think mine came from the Portuguese side of the family). 

          • Anathema_Device

            Oh, I loved Brooke Shields when she came on the scene. We are about the same age. This tall, skinny (back then, anyway), thick-browed brunette was happy to see a non Farrah Fawcett or Cheryl Tiegs image of beauty in the media!

  • hoez

    HATED Dmitry’s collection… how did he win? UGH.

  • granddelusion

    I don’t mind Dimitry won; they all sucked. I missed most of the show, and only regret not catching the moment when Heidi told Chris he was out. Almost worth it.

  • BrooklynBomber

    In the end, I thought Fabio had the best collection, the most “Fashion,” but then I found myself also kind of wanting Dmitry to win, just because I felt his personal story was compelling: that is, that he’s worked his whole life for this, that he’s not a neophyte, that his skills are amazing. I guess in a way he seemed to deserve it more than many others in past and current seasons.

    But on the other hand, his idea of “sexy” veers way too easily to tacky, and his editing eye is in serious need of a tune up. I do think that first look of  his–the white dress–is really great, and possibly the best item to walk the runway in this finals BUT I never realized till now that the illusion netting was across the neck line — WHY????? That’s so crappy looking, and it doesn’t need it. In fact it ruins the illusion of the cut outs. Speaking of cut outs, his insistence on showing flesh on every damn piece is what takes him straight to tacky land. The yellow dress is great, but ruined by the damn cut outs.  And I agree a lot of his looks are very department store and not really Fashion (capital F). 

    Still, I can’t be sorry he won. But it’s more about the person–and his skills–than the collection.

  • Call me Bee

    As I saw the collection on the screen last night, I was not impressed with it.  Seeing it in stills reinforces that feeling.  Some good ideas and excelleent sewing skills, but a lot of odd pieces styled even more oddly. Even still, I’ve like Dimitry from the beginning (though I know that’s due to a bias toward any kind of Eastern European person…)  and I’m happy he won.  Just as you, gentlemen, this was one of the few times I was rooting for the designer who actually won.  That feels pretty good.  I hope Dimitry can turn this win into a real career.

  • It’s amazing how arrogant some of the contestants get after a little reality show publicity. Makes me want to taunt them cruelly when they take my drink order at a Chelsea bar.

  • Sheila Venable

    I watched the show out of habit, but what a bore. I didn’t care who won. I didn’t even have a “he/she better not win” candidate. So Dimitry won; meh. Maybe next year.

  • BobStPaul

    I agree completely with your comments.  I actually thought Dmitry might be the first one let go by the judges.  I think that over the course of the season he actually produced the best collection of outfits but this finale collection was a big letdown.   I probably would have placed his collection third of the final four or fourth of fifth if Elena’s collection was considered.

  • dress_up_doll

    I found the eyebrows (in stills) way too distracting. And at least Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows went with her how personal style. The eyebrows on the models just look weird and alien-like.

  • NCDFan

    I’m glad Dmitry won. I liked his look. The eyebrows and hair were unique but certainly didn’t read dowdy which was one of Michael’s criticisms. And at least his models didn’t look like the undead, a look that seemed common in other runway shows. I think given the 5 weeks that the contestants were given that it would be hard to get a collection that was as good as previous seasons. All things considered I think these were better than season 9. I would have been okay with a Fabio win as well but Dmitry has put out one beautiful garment after another all season and I think the win was deserved.

  • minglumama

    Big Black eyebrows Bad…couldn’t get past them.

    • mhleta

      It looked like they were attacked by a rabid pack of kindergartners with Halloween make up crayons. Fabio’s models were a mess, too.

  • SneakyKitty

    I am so glad I only “watch” the show through your recaps now, otherwise I think I may have burst a blood vessel from shouting at my TV.  

  • SapphoPoet

    I haven’t watched it yet; not surprised Dmitry won. Even if he makes boring clothes, he gave us “one-way monkey”–he deserves the win for that alone. Glad Christopher did not win. 

  • I’m OK with Dimitri winning. But I was rooting big time for Fabio.

  • TDSE

    I’m confused TLo, I thought you wanted Chloe to win Season 2 and Irina to win Season 6? Yeah Chloe was a default win because Kara was a decoy and Daniel and Santino didn’t perform, but Irinia’s collection was extremely strong. So are you counting decoy collections now when you say who you wanted to win?

    • Put it this way: Jay, Leanne, and Seth Aaron were the only winners we were actively rooting for. In other years, we think it felt more like picking the best of an unimpressive lot.

      • ixoki

        Oh, but Christian, Jillian and Rami were all very, very strong in their season!! 

      • Stefanos Mantyla

         Wait a minute… I thought Jay Nicholas was your pick for season 7, not Seth Aaron!

        • We see we’re going to have to start drafting these PR posts like legal contracts in order to be as specific as possible. Jay Nicholas wasn’t a finalist, but we did think his collection was the best that year.

          •  Who was your pick for S4 then?

          •  Jillian.

          • Who is now back at Ralph Lauren and, according to the PR book, isn’t in touch with anyone from her season.

          • formerlyAnon

            I take this to signify, if anything, that she’s busy having a full & rewarding life. Even though she is not, perhaps, BFFs with anyone with whom she went through the PR whirlwind.

          •  Why would she be, really?  It was several years ago and they didn’t spend that long together.  I guess you could meet someone and just click instantly, but if not, why bother trying to stay in touch?

  • L.

    I thought the L’oreal people really messed things up for Dmitry – he’s lucky the silver leafed(!!??) hair and Leonid Brezhnev eyebrows didn’t knock him out.  The ponytails did make everything look a bit more youthful, per the judges advice. TLO.. these looks might not have an edge that is NYFW worthy, but I’m sure they’re keeping the marketing tie-in with Lord & Taylor in mind.  They are going to sell these things to regular people.  Actually, I think all four collections had a lot of wearable by humans pieces.  Is that so bad?  I would love to see more of the design and construction process and less selling of t-shirts and dealing with fake babies.

  • mhleta

    There was a moment back in the studio when Heidi came up to congratulate Dmitry and he, in a very familiar way, put his hands on her waist, which happened to be naked because of the cutouts in her dress. I thought, “Hmmm. I wonder if Heidi will be delivering his prize to his room personally?”  

    • khh1138

      Oh no.  She’ll eat him up and leave nothing but the bones! 

      • tereliz

        ROFL! She sure would! 

        Just FYI, I almost just sprayed my monitor with Mango Tango, but only got a drop on my keyboard instead. That’s the first time I’ve ever been reduced to sputtering out Odwalla due to a comment on a blog post. You just made my afternoon! 

  • sockandaphone

    Im gonna have to disagree. I actually loved his collection. the baggy pants and gorrila arms jacket look was awful but his collection was far superior than the other bland collections. Im happy he won.

  • Thomas Rosenberger

    Your opinions are obviously influenced by your meeting Dimtry. Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, blog. Nuff said.

    • MilaXX

       Well that’s an assy thing to say. They are simply posting their first hand viewpoint of the collection. There are far better ways to state your love for Dmitry’s collection than being rude to T & Lo.

      • Thomas Rosenberger

        Rude queens get rude comments.

        •  Yes, because it’s so terribly rude to give an opinion on a site entirely dedicated to them giving their opinions. 

        • MilaXX

          and stans remain obtuse.

    •  And those who can’t do any of them leave butthurt comments.

      • Thomas Rosenberger

        Actually I do, I teach and I blog. And even more, queens.

        • So you posted a comment designed to insult teachers and bloggers? Because you’re butthurt about something we said about Project Runway? And you’re calling US queens?

          Oh, honey. You sound very confused.

          • TLo, Thomas is obviously that special kind of queen that lives in constant aggrievement,just looking for people to blame for everything that is wrong in his life. Tired and common as dirt.

  • kattyatlaw

    The dress with the leather fringe looks like Wilma Flintstone decided to do an homage to Charlie Brown’s iconic shirt. It’s AWFUL. Hate. And yet, I still hate the gorilla arm jacket more. Ugh.

    • MilaXX

       His Ballroom dancing background shows. I keep imaging Cheryl Burke shimming in this on Dancing with the Stars

  • SophiaPehawkins

    I love Dmitry. So happy he won. I would have been thrilled with anyone but Christopher.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    I fear that that bunch is going to hurt my favorite, Ulli.  Or B/M will someone make her unlikeable like they tried to do to Mondo.

  • Snailstsichr

    The eyebrows were less jarring on TV than in stills. I seem to recall some designer using similar brows in a Fashion week show, but can’t remember who it was.

    I was hoping Dmitry would win early on, but wasn’t all that thrilled by his final collection. The first time I saw it I had a sad because I assumed it was a decoy.

    But really, I’m glad anyone but Christopher won. He needs to grow up and learn how to be nice. I’ve about decided calling him Costello-lite is an insult to Michael.

  • SouthernGirlRena

    This was the first season I remember I did a fist in the air woo hoo when they announced the winner.  I love Dmitry.  I think he clearly had the best pieces if you look at the whole season.  I completely agree a lot of his final pieces were tacky on a Kardashian Kollection kind of way.  I hated most of it.  I wonder how much exhaustion played a part in his editing.  I am going to blame the horrible styling on the hair and make-up people.  He said young and fresh and that is where they went.  He should have said that looks ridiculous but he went with it.  I think he has a great career ahead.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    NEVER BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF PROJECT RUNWAY has T Lo described a winning collection as tacky, if I am not mistaken. Past winners have had various defects in their collections, but never a distinct taste issue as far as I remember.

  • mhleta

    I wish he’d cut the illusion netting out of the V neck in that dress. It actually spoils the illusion. Without that, it looks like the pieces of the dress are just magically floating in formation. I’m a big fan of ballroom dancing as a spectator sport. One of my favorite things about it is the way the fringy fabric dances around on the dancers’ hips. I actually really enjoyed seeing that translated into street wear. I admire Dmitry for his awareness of women’s bodies and his appreciation of how they (we) move. That fringe-bottomed dress and the feather-bottomed dress really appealed to me for that aspect. I agree about the jacket, though. Maybe if he’d brought the arm holes up a bit and shortened the sleeve a bit it wouldn’t have looked so bulky, but as it is, the model looks like a thug in that outfit. 

  • Not one word about that styling?? Come on guys! He made those woman look like Romulans dying of syphilis!

  • I like Dmitry as a person. He was charming and funny on the show. But as to his clothing: I have never thought it to be much more than (very well made) tacky high-priced escort wear. Not only that but I’ve seen variations on these looks worn by a lot of women in my Eastern European neighborhood and I’ve never much liked that cold and severe sexual aesthetic.

  • Could his win be because he designed for Heidi’s taste? every single one of those outfits look like something Heidi would wear with pride

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

       ..if he took the hems up.

  • whitrome

    I’m of a completely different mind and am SO glad that Dmitri won. I also truly loved Fabio’s and could have gone either way. They were my faves. I suppose that possibly meeting him and finding him rude or unapproachable would be dissapointing, but maybe some of the designers dont realize that making nice with you guys is pretty beneficial, both professionally and personally!

  • Trisha26

    TLo! How can you say it’s “The great sewing race” when Anya sewed nothing? But thank you for saying her win was a travesty, that makes up for your dislike of Dmitry’s collection – which I loved. I also loved Fabio’s. I wasn’t excited by this season at all but at least the producers and judges weren’t trying to pimp one contestant over another, at least not so obviously, and at least the two best collections in my eyes were also the judges’.

  • ShivaDiva

    Half Mervyn’s, half costume store.  So this is what PR has become.  Remember when all the contestants used to look down their nose at “great sewers?”  This must be their revenge.

  • Joyce VG

    I was rooting for Fabio in the end.  I actually liked Dimitry a bit.  But I didn’t like his collection last night.  I thought he would be on the bottom. I really like Christopher’s collection which surprised me.  Anyway, I’m full of ennui.  Hopefully the all star season will better.  Now with more Pepper!

  • Lisa_Cop

    Have to say that though I didn’t love Dmitty’s collection I was shocked that judge pet Costello-lite didn’t win. That how predictable PR has gotten. Or that the boring goth Melissa looks didn’t win. The judges only gave Dmitry 1 or 2 challenge wins. So I was pleasantly surprised that the obvious didn’t happen this time.

  • it looks SOOOO matthew williason. too much. the gown, the yellow with the sleeves, the yellow skirt and black top… too much.

  • Do you get the feeling Heidi forced his win through because (a) tacky is part of her own aesthetic and (b) he looks good standing next to her? 
    In my head, Elena won. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I just know that Elena’s going to go far, too. She’s an incredible talent, I’m sure any number of design houses would love to take her on.

      • Yes! I’m thinking Proenza Schouler or Jil Sander. Get on it, fashion people. 

      • tereliz

        Or Comme des Garçons

      • let’s hope she gets her shit together emotionally.  i’m not sure i’d hire her after all the histrionics.  she could suck the air out of a workroom fast.

  • I wasnt invested in this Final Four, so the outcome didnt really faze me. After the judge critique I hit FF to the end to see who had their hands clasped over their face to let me know who won. I saw Dmitry and just said “Oh. Okay.” and went on to other recorded shows.

    Very blah. Maybe All Stars will excite me.

  • I’m sorry, but Joanna Cole loved Dmitry’s collection and so did I. I’m thrilled he won. Fabio’s was really nice, too, though, and I think Bea Arthur would have rocked it, may she rest in peace.

    • You and Joanna Cole should take up ballroom dancing or bar fights, because that illusion netting and that tacky fringe are appropriate for both. Bea Arthur was probably ten times more generous in spirit than you.

      • Can’t I do both? Why must you make me choose, Alice, WHY?! Bea Arthur wouldn’t make me choose! *sobs*

  • I was really torn between Dmitri and Fabio. Dmitri’s fit better, looked better, and some of those pieces were gorgeous but there wasn’t anything especially ground breaking about anything he made (and those brows – not so bad on TV but still yeeeech). Fabio’s was much more original and it really feels like he has a really interesting and unique aesthetic but it just felt like his collection needed a bit more polishing and editing, it just felt like there was something off about it.

    The best part was that Chris didn’t win. He was such an annoyingly-whiny, annoying, whiny person. I really felt they were going to give him the win just to annoy us and to see him get a well-deserved but ill-timed auf was lovely. 

  • GTrain

    I was shocked he won. With the exception of a couple of challenges, I find the majority of Dimitri’s styles tacky.

  • Agree with everything especially with Christopher’s description.

  • patticake1601

    Dimitry won because he was the best of who was left. But he seems to be a decent man so I wish him luck and I’m sure he will have a career in fashion now. He does make nice clothes.

    I don’t understand the gushing over Fabio’s collection. I thought it was awful and seriously doubt that Heidi would wear any of them!

    I apologize but I can’t remember the girls name: her collection was just so cheap looking.

    Chris played the game and came off as a huge dick. I shouted “just shut up” at the tv countless times when he was “stressing”… grow up! His gown made my eyelid twitch…the colors did not match up on the back. For me a major no-no.

    I don’t think I will watch next season as I feel this show is now just mediocre. I used to be amazed at the outfits and the collections. I was in awe of the ideas and the styling. I make clothes and accessories so I know how hard it is to make anything “new” and perfect, but this show, in my mind has gone from haute couture to Kohls.

  • So many of the models look like men.  Was that done on purpose? 

    • yes!  i brought this up when we looked at the collections earlier.  this asexual genderfuck look is so obvious that it couldn’t have been accidental.  yet it’s not something that dimitry leaned toward at all during the competition.  perhaps he knew he had to do something with the styling after last week’s critique, but he had no idea, so he just went for strange.  i am dying to know his thought process on the hair and makeup.  the silver in the hair virtually disappeared on the runway and all that was left were stern eyebrows and nonexistent lips.

  • LuluinLaLa

    I’m sure this has been said, but I’m betting that Lord & Taylor’s involvement had to do with the win. Despite their recent overhaul, they’re not the most fashion-forward department store, and Dimitri’s looks fit right in. I happened to like Dimitri’s looks and was glad he won, but I’m the first to admit I’m not the most fashion-forward person. Also, I remember not liking his runway show when you posted it here a few weeks ago, but seeing the looks on TV last night for some reason changed my mind. Maybe I was just so over the other designers that I let my personal fondness for him color my opinion. 

    • I was thinking the same thing, that Lord & Taylor are a big part of the show, and Dmitry fit in with them best of the last several designers on the show.  Well, Christopher’s aesthetic fit in too but he was too immature and couldn’t come up with enough interesting looks in a short time.  

    • now that you say it, i think that’s exactly what is happening.  having a not particularly high end department store as a sponsor, and offering as part of the prize the “opportunity” to design a collection for them, skews the competition towards commercialism and the middle of the road.

    • minnye

      Dmitry’s pieces were way better in motion than the stills that were posted a few weeks ago. If he designs a line of sheath dresses for L&T I will take a real careful look and probably pull out my Visa card. Thank God the lady from L&T who was in the audience apparently did not have much say in the final decision because she said she favored Christopher’s show. Blech!

  • Yuck. I haven’t watched the show, but if his designs were the best, I shutter at the thought of the rest.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I love Dmitry. He’s one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen, hands down. He makes me nearly pass out when he’s on screen.

    That said, I don’t think he should have won the whole shebang. His collection was fine, they were all fine, I’ve just seen all of his stuff before. This is how I felt last night:

    Chris: Cheap Goth Clubwear
    Melissa: Expensive Goth Club Drag
    Dmitry: Stepford Wife Club Drag

  • I think the show could be vastly improved with one simple change: clarity.  So much of the ire directed at the show has been over judging decisions that didn’t make sense.  During the Road to the Runway (or whatever it is now), have the judges explain what they are looking for in a designer — someone professional, someone with good taste, someone who can do RTW…. whatever specific traits they are looking for, because there are a lot of ways to be a good designer.  Or have Tim lay it out to the designers during a casting special or something.  If they would pick a set of criteria and lay them out, it would make it much easier to take.

  • Dmitry isn’t a bad choice and PR has done much worse (ehm, Anya anyone) but, based on the final collections only the win should’ve clearly have been Fabio’s.  Fabio’s work screamed something very avant-garde, very asian/Japanese, very imaginative.  Dmitry’s work, like his work through the season, is polished, sellable, and nothing new.  He would’ve never won on Bravo-based PR, but those days are sadly behind us I think.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    You know, with everything he knows about the art as well as the ‘look’ of ballroom dancing, I’m surprised he’s not working as an instructor. I know being a professional dancer is an extremely demanding career, and it probably wouldn’t allow him much time for design, but even acting as a consultant for a studio could pay really, really well. He could help a lot of teams elevate their look from ‘traditional ballroom’ (which seems to be stuck in the 80’s or early 90’s) to something truly sophisticated and more modern.

    • maybe since he’s been doing it since he was eight, he just got bored with it.  good observation, though.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Ugh. Slutty Russian Mob Wife-wear.

    And how could the judges not have bitch slapped him for the Jiffy-pop hair? Ombre, my ass.

    And don’t get me started on those Frida Kahlo eyebrows. WTF?

    Fabio was robbed, robbed I say!

  • Carla_Charlton

    Geez, Louise.  I feel like a sad Power Puff Girl looking at these clothes — so disappointed that these won.

  • none of the four final collections invoke any sort of anything. Butterface. Everything was butterfaced fashion. 

    • Lattis

      Well, I am such an old fart I had to look up Butterface – but that totally describes this collection to me. I actually don’t fault Dmitry for wanting the strong eyebrow look. I fault the make-up people for applying it so insensitively. 

      That first model especially looks odd – they took a pretty woman and turned her into an oddity. The dress’s illusion netting doesn’t help – it gives her a reverse farmer’s tan at the neck and chest. 

  • Stefano29

    Heyyy I could have sworn you picked Irina for the win in Season 6, and not only because it was the best collection by default but because you genuinely loved it.

    • SewingSiren

      Season 6 was the lost season. Maybe they don’t remember it either.

  • Brian Hawkes

    Didn’t you guys agree with Irina’s win?  And Chloe was the strongest of her season.

  • Qitkat

    I didn’t mind it on the runway last evening, and thought it would be between him and Fabio, giving the win to Fabio, but here looking at the stills again, as I did during fashion week, I dislike it all over again. I like the diamond shaped greek key-like fabric, not the garments, the fabric, and I respond to the yellow dress with the jeweled cap sleeves, and agree the second look was his best. But I detested the styling. Dmitry seems like a fairly nice guy, with excellent construction skills, a few good ideas, and I imagine he will do moderately well. I wish Fabio had won though, he would have benefitted the most from the prizes and exposure. 

  • I completely agreed with the judges decision on this and believe the right contestant won. I didn’t really LOVE his final collection but he did the best job stating his thesis, interpreting his inspiration and then confidently presenting it. Throughout the season he’s shown that he’s a grownup with the temperament and skill set needed to survive and thrive in this particular industry. The pieces I don’t like (leather fringe) were all pieces that would probably do very well in a European market and I can accept that just because I don’t like it doesn’t make it bad. It wasn’t made for me. 

    And TLo, I know you said that Fabio’s looked much better in person and I’ll have to take your word on that because on television it looked like tie dyed bed sheets and I found the color palette unsophisticated and hated most of the jewelry pieces. I like Fabio and I think with the help he’ll get from this show he could possibly end up a very successful designer. He seemed to really find his voice during the filming of the show and I appreciate Project Runway giving me the opportunity to see it happen. But I don’t think he’s quite ready to jump in with both feet in the way that Christian Siriano was and the way I think Dmitry is.

  • Susan Crawford

    I’ve been squarely in Comrade Snape’s corner since the beginning, but I confess that in the two finale episodes, I was jonesing for Fabio, just because he really commited to an original concept that was all his own. After last week, when the Nina said, “Make it look more expensive and luxe” – he really got it, and by making some good choices, he achieved it.

    But I am very happy for Dmitry! I’ve loved his low-drama approach to the pressures of Project Runway, and his sense of determination. Obviously, that determination took him way outside his homeland, far from his family, and all the way to a big win. From the get-go, he showed us absolutely MAD sewing skill and impeccable workmanship. I think he has even more to offer, and I am hoping to see where his career will take him.

    Melissa has a lot of talent as well, but she designs for a VERY specific client. I see her with her own boutique, and doing custom work – and I have to say in passing that she looked stunning at the show. She is truly a beautiful young woman, and seems to be a truly gracious and kind person as well. I just wish she had managed to cut a slit in the back of the white column dress so her model could walk – it would definitely have bumped up her whole collection, because honestly, all I could remember was her poor model painfully along.

    Christopher’s mask finally dropped off, revealing the spoiled, self-centered, unpleasant little douche that I think we all knew lurked behind those big round eyes and that innocent little po face. Did he really have that much indecisiveness and insecurity, or was that all part of the act? I really couldn’t find a single piece in his collection that looked original. Most of his pieces looked somewhat cheap and derivative, and the back of that tiered, ombre gown was AWFUL.

    All in all, this was a somewhat dull finish to a relatively dull season. Once dear Frokemon left (and I was so happy to see that fuzzy Fro in the audience!) and Andrea flew the Atlas coop, things settled into a bit of a rut, with no one – or two – designers who were true knockouts in terms of talent or point of view or willingness to get a little cray-cray with the Brother sewing machines. It was a relatively conservative group.

    I have lots to say about Heidi’s look . . . but will wait for Judging the Judges to let loose!

    Sorry I missed the T LOunge last night, but this chemo/radiation regime has knocked me for a loop – I tend to be recumbent and half-conscious by 8:00PM. But I was there in spirit, drinking my frosty champagne flute of iced water and lemon with the Bitter Kittens and Precious Unborn Fawns!

    See you all at the PR All Stars T LOunge, friends.

  • Lattis

    we’ve been doing this too long to get upset that someone won Project Runway without our permission.

    that made me laugh. Most all of the winners have done so without my permission 🙂

  • Started this season cheering for Melissa, Sonjia, Dmitry, and eventually Fabio. Melissa, although she has a cool personality and personal style, turned out to be very limited. Fabio demonstrated the most growth, but I don’t think he is as prepared and polished as Dmitry to have his own line. Fabio needed a bit of guidance to achieve his final collection. To me, the judges picked the right person who has consistently shown talent and skill throughout the show. In looking at Dmitry’s pre-Project Runway collections, I also think there’s more sophistication and experimentation there that the PR time constraints probably hinder (same goes for all designers). I’m sorry you had a negative experience with him. He seems like a rather nice and drama-free contestant who had just enough confidence and sass to keep things interesting. I thought he was a refreshing reality TV contestant.

    Also loved most pieces in the collection, minus the fringe-sleeve jacket – I don’t see gorilla arms, but I’ll agree that’s tacky. 🙂 But I actually think that last dress is gorgeous with just the right amount of sparkle. I hope I’m not tacky. LOL

  • Lauren Davies

    I’m gonna push back on the last design. I really think it’s unique/original. To each their own.  I liked Dmitry and I agree that it wasn’t the ‘wow’ factor of previous season but…the show itself is more to blame for that, methinks.

  • could we please talk about the elephant in the room?…. THE STYLING.  i’ll admit it did not glare as much in motion, but in the stills, it’s all i can see.  it’s scroll up fug, so bad i had to cut off the models’ heads just to see the clothes.  i guess he knew he had to do something with the styling after last week’s critique, but THIS???  i don’t know what is worst;   the two tons of eyebrows, the clearasil lips, the hair pulled back so tight their ears are sticking out like dumbo’s, or the scowling facial expression.  that angry look can’t be random, not with all of them looking like they’re gonna tear someone a new one.  i can’t believe neither the judges nor our beloved leaders have said a word about this.

    anyways…i’m sorry dimitry was rude to you guys.  with as much charisma as he seems to have on camera, he needs to learn how to work a room.  did you know at the time he had won? (since you said you went up to congratulate him, i’m wondering).  if so, it must have sucked the fun out of the show last night for you.    

    • guest2visits

      The styling was horrid, yes – and no one mentioned it!  But it seems the ideas belonged to the make-up guy, and Dimitry
      went along.   The silverleaf looked nothing like silverleaf – it was closer to baked clay on their heads. And the unibrow look
      was done like a man using a crayon.  He might as well have penciled in a curley mustache and a pointy beard. And a monocle.
      So strange, because his model was styled as feminine/sexy during the challenges.

  • Hooray for Captain Spaulding the African Explorer, did someone call me schnorer, hooray, horray, hooray…


  • kimmeister

    I couldn’t believe Nina said she loved the gorilla jacket paired with the sheer top and hammer pants.  I thought that look was ridiculous.

  • i could see dimitry developing a public persona a la karl lagerfeld, with his three blonde animatronic beauties following his every move through the fashion elite.  if only he had karl’s taste and vision.

  • afabulous50

    I guess you can call me tacky – I like the dress with the fringe.

  • I hate those eyebrows. Just by the way.

  • jorinde

    fabio’s never done any look that i even remember, so feels his whole collection. new? all these hipsters in front of my berlin-neukölln door dress like this, and as much as i like the more unusual aesthetic, i just hate the shapeless floaty stuff. your shoulders just vanish in it.
    more importantly: why was there no reunion show this year? did i miss something?
    i’ve always enjoyed the reunions.

  • Zippypie

    There are garments I really like in this collection and items I despise.  And I love the geometric dress with the fringe.  I think it speaks to “organic architecture” pretty well (what is that, btw?  because “organic” is not pin straight lines which don’t exist in nature).  But of the four, I think Dmitry has the most potential to be a successful fashion designer.  Fabio will have a niche market and the other two, well, they can get jobs working for someone else.

  • Sing4yursupper

    Predictable, all the way around. Good for Dimitry, but he would never have been my first choice.

  • MarinaCat

    The yellow skirt with the one-shoulder black top: where is her left breast? Strange fit.

  • CarolinLA

    The next-to-last look reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw’s newspaper dress.

  • guest2visits

    Ah Tlo.  I hear what sounds like wistfulness. And resignation. And a dead on analysis of the show and it’s designers.
    Oh how do I reach this noble zen ?  Sounds like a 3-step program for very bitter kittens.
    I thought Dimitry’s RW was the culmination of too many different ideas on too few models. The models looked alot like mechanized
    contraptions. I preferred the looks he made during the season.

  • Toto Maya

     A couple of seasons ago I angrily proclaimed that I would never watch the show again. I was totally wrong and continued to watch. But after this, I’m not angry. I’m just so bored. I’m not sure if this show is worth my time anymore. And I liked Dimitry, but I didn’t even bother with this finale. Unless they step it up, I don’t know if I’ll be back next season. I’m not angry or rage-quitting, it’s just dull and uninspired.

  • margaret meyers

    I didn’t watch a single episode this year.  I would look at the garments here and they were all so boring, simplistic, badly made.  Why tune in?  Last year should have been a big lesson for this production team, but they learned nothing.

  • Well, you won’t get a different kind of post from me!  😉  If anything, I am a consistent and unapologetic fangirl.  I’ve been crazy about this guy since episode 2, and I’m absolutely beyond thrilled that he won!  I was hoping that the clothes would look different to me once I saw them move, and they did – I like the collection much better now than in the still photos.  That gown at the end – I don’t care if it was glitzy, it was amazing when the model flicked the skirt around as she did her turn!

    I hope for a huge, bright and successful career for Dmitry – he deserves it.  One of the things I totally agreed with last night was when Michael Kors told him he was a gentleman – I completely agree.  There was none of the bullshit drama with this guy, which was refreshing.  And when Tim Gunn got completely teary-eyed at his win – well, that says Dmitry’s probably a sweet person in my book.

    All in all, yeah, pretty much 100% satisfied with last night’s finale!  And I’m ready for All-Stars!

  • formerlyAnon

    I think just what everyone else does. So I’ll skip it and stick with: There would have been no Anya-winner-level ire had any of the 4 won, particularly since Lord & Taylor must have a hand in deciding which designer they wanted to feature.  I’d have been happy if either Fabio or Dmitry won. Dmitry endeared himself to me by entertaining me more on the show, I think Fabio’s stuff was more original.

  • Line Fauchald

    I didn’t love his collection – it was just okay. How much more could he do, based on the challenges? This was, however, a fairly good episode. Decent camera time for all the designers, didn’t expect the outcome (had my money on Christopher, but the right guy won!). I will say this, though: Iappreciate nothing more than my Project Runway-based minutes in front
    of the TV. It’s always the highlight of the week. It’s not because of
    the contestants, judging, challenges, characters or B/M-cutting room
    changes. It’s because I’ve got my 3 1/2 year buddies T-Lo to get me
    through the shit challenges and at times sad judging.

    I love you – regardless of how much you might start to hate the show.

    Edit Reply

  • CarolinLA

    I’m not sure how much architecture like the Guggenheim really influenced these looks.  

  • T & L, I’m with you. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  • Lily Shield

    You guys wanted Irina to win, too!

  • queenceleste

    I am DYING to know the backstory behind his three “friends.” Is he a fundamentalist Mormon and those are his sister wives? Is he doing a Robert Palmer thing and they are his backup singers/bass players? Did he rent them for the occasion? I must have answers. Also: Lord and Taylor obviously chose him as the winner, JHud was horrendously bad as a judge and somebody needs to take Heidi aside and tell her it’s time to put the girls away.

  • pdquick

    “…trophy wife dress….” Priceless!

    And why does that look familiar?

    Oh, yeah:

  • I like how they told him to make his styling more youthful, and he responded by putting *literal* silver in their hair and painting them all up with ridiculous little old babushka lady eyebrows. All they needed were some of those plastic rain bonnets.

  • Rosington

    He should have called this collection Neanderthal Night Elf.

    DH and I are reading this together, just howling!!!

  • Well your previous favourites, Jay McCarroll, Leanne Marshall, and Seth Aaron Henderson did not do that all well, except maybe seth who had a pretty descent cllection lately. There was not a single piece among the 4 contestants that made me think: I really want that. I did not like Dimitris collection and even if I enjoyed the aetherial show of Fabios I could not stop thinking: “nightgowns and robes”. Melissa and christopher should not be at the final. This show has made a wrong turn somewhere. They need fresh young contestants with fresh ideas and seamstresses to help the process. I dont know any good designer that hasn’t got help from experienced seamstresses. Do you? That way they would show more pieces n the rubway.

    •  NOBODY does all that well leaving Project Runway, with the exception of Christian Siriano.

      •  Do you think it hurts the contestants’ careers going forward, or is it that most of the people going on here are making a hail mary pass when they haven’t been able to make it any other way?

  • BrightsideSusan

    I was so diasppointed in this season – I am bored of the “personal drama” and the clothes are not interesting anymore.  I hate the promos for the new All Star season and I am not sure I can watch it.

  • I liked Dmitry and thought he had some nice looks over the season.  I am not too thrilled with this collection mostly d/t the taste /tackiness that you illustrated. I am not a big fan of cut-outs and some of these looks had too many elements where others were devoid of ideas.  I like your term “the amazing sewing race”  I think that is what happened after Christopher Siriano’s season.  The the fact is that this franchise was irrevocably damaged after the Anya/Gretchen seasons and the judging panel has lost all credibility.  They have altered the structure so very little real creativity can be showcased as they do not give the opportunity for it to flourish.

    • if it was truly the amazing sewing race, viktor would have won.

  • I’d never heard of “24 Hr Catwalk” until posters here mentioned that Dmitry had been on it and won so I watched a few episodes last night (including his). It was interesting in that it combines some aspects of PR (insanely short deadlines) with PR suggestions I’ve seen here (have seamstresses do the actual sewing, fabrics provided).

    The most notable aspect is it seems to be filmed in the space of a weekend so that ACTUAL WORKING DESIGNERS can take part without having to quit their day jobs. There were a couple of designers whom I’d like to see again, ie, the gap-toothed girl from New Orleans. I thought the quality of design was better than PR. 

  • I just got to watch the finale this morning and let me just say that I am so glad for you guys because otherwise I might think I was losing my mind. That dress with the fringe? The jacket with the fringe arms (read: feathered wings). The gown at the end? TACK-eee!! I tell you though, that styling criticism the judges gave last week certainly helped them all (or rather three of them) bump it up a notch. It was positively stunning how it transformed Fabios pieces.

  • rorschach1992

    Didn’t Nina wear a jacket a few weeks ago that gave her gorilla arms? I think it was gold fringe added too. So in this instance its gorilla arms, but when Nina wears golden gorilla arms is fabulous?

  • libraangel

    Yes, Dmitry deserved to win, although Fabio was the only one who designed for SPRING/SUMMER!  (Melissa: A black leather bathing suit?!) But I have to disagree with you guys about the title ‘The Amazing Sewing Race” : Remember someone named Anya?!
    And Dmitry is charming and cute – Isn’t he?!

    • what happens when you swim in a leather suit?……shudder…

  • libraangel

    p.s. Don’t you have to be kinda “full of yourself” to have enough courage and confidence to go on the show in the first place?!

  • libraangel

    I am also nosey about the three blonde buxom “friends” that came out to congratulate him. All girlfriends?!

  • that last dress may be fit for a trophy wife, but from the neck up the look is a totally fugly geek-out (or freakout).  the model looks damn scary, and not in a good way.

  •  I’m perfectly fine with Dmitry’s win. His collection contained the most showmanship. He accomplished a lot in five weeks, and given the ridiculous time constraints (10 looks in five weeks? That’s 3 and 1/2 days per garment, assuming the designers start to work immediately and do not spend any time relaxing. How is that better than being required to design and execute a garment in 1-2 days?), he managed to present highly polished pieces that displayed good technique and design interest. I, too, miss the days when designers were allowed months as opposed to weeks to complete the collections. I think one the reasons they abridged the time allowance was to justify Anya’s travesty of a presentation (the producers in their infinite wisdom hoped that would we would forgive the stapled caftans and say “Oh, well, she only had four weeks, and she’s been doing this for only four months, and that’s so fucking amazing. FOUR fucking months! Imagine that!”) PR has degenerated considerably in these last three seasons; thus, I’ll take their awarding the designer who can sew best than the one who can’t even construct a sleeve. I responded to the architectural elements: the cutouts, the rectangular piping-accentuated pants in look # 3, the triangular shapes (most successful in the yellow dress). I appreciate the hand-crafted elements: the beading and the fringing. There’s only one look I truly hate: that inelegantly pleated one-shoulder black top paired with the oh-so-basic yellow skirt. Overall, good work.

  • libraangel

    Casanova is scary looking in a porn, disgusting way!
    Forgot about Victor Luna – excellent designer – and he didn’t win anything!

  • libraangel

    I think Dmitry is very sexy and hot also, and he can come over and give me sewing lessons any time! I am envious of his girlfriend who is one of the blond harem?!

  • libraangel

    The look on Christopher’s face when he was auf’d was priceless.

    p.s. a comment a few pages back: Fabio’s = Bea Arthur: yes!

  • libraangel

    Yeah, but Elena’s model had green eyebrows!
    Never noticed the illusion part in the first look until now and yes, it does look like a bad tan.
    Maybe the eyebrows were to instill a cold, Eastern European look?

  • libraangel

    Just saw this: why are there two black lines above the model’s leg on the folded napkin dress?

    • I really liked that dress, so I was looking at it multiple times and noticed the lines. It made me wonder if she was wearing “Spanx” or simply control top pantyhose-that’s what the lines reminded me of. (I’ve made that faux-pas in the past-when the skirt rides up, if you have control top hose on where the control top part goes down to mid-thigh, that’s what it looks like)

    • Amy Ennis

      There was some sort of mesh fabric underneath it. I think it bunched up a little to give those lines. If you look at the picture right above, you can see where the sheer fabric is sitting. 

  • LambeeBaby

    I did not have an overwhelming attachment to any of the designers this season. So I am feel as though I am basing my assessment on the finale and not the season. I think the win should have gone to Fabio. Since the camera was more flattering to the other designers and less to Fabio, that makes me even more sure. Yes, the colors were too washed out, but the looks were the most original and flowed beautifully. Sorry Fabs.

  • I was watching the season 4 finale on Bravo yesterday and noticed how superior the quality of the collections were compared to subsequent seasons. Rami is such a master of fabric manipulation. Jillian made an entire collection of things I would wear. And Christian is a true prodigy. I’m sad that  a.) we don’t get to see that level of talent nowadays (which could be due to shorter time constraints for the challenges) and b.) that the designers only have 5 weeks instead of 5 months to build a collection. I love feeling excited by seeing what these contestants can do when they have TIME.

    • jorinde

      I really don’t get this “nowadays” sayings here. having watched most of seasons just this year I couldn’t help but notice, there have been overwhelming and underwhelming seasons from the beginning on, talent-wise. season 1 was fine, season 2 was meh, season 3 fine again, season 4 was exceptional, season 7 exceptional as well, season 6 was nothing at all, season 8 had mondo, and season 9 was drama. haven’t watched season 5 yet. 
      for me there were only 2 seasons really standing out – and you just can’t compare everything with these two.

      •  Oh, see I thought that seasons 1-4 were really great creatively and after that there were standout designers (like Mondo and Korto) but the seasons weren’t as good overall.

        • jorinde

          if it is so, it might have something to do with the fact that the hugely talented people have either already been on the show or don’t want to be there at all. i mean, unique talent and ability is what we want to see BECAUSE it’s not something you see every day.
          if there was a winner like siriano every year, the world would be flooded by exiting designers, and it wouldn’t be something special anymore. 

      •  Honestly, I thought S8 and S9 were the weakest in terms of design talent.  But I thought 5 was fairly bad as was S6.  Neither year had any final collections that I LOVED or any designers who really wowed me — those like Korto and Leanne were more of the abstract “I can see the merit”, which is fine, but I do like to see at least one who really strikes me personally.  And both 5 and 6 I found kind of dull to watch, with 5 better than 6.  (I do disagree on S3, though — I really enjoyed that season immensely, with 3 really well done final collections)

        I think there tended to be more creativity in past seasons, though, with mixed results.  The bad was terrible and the good was excellent.  Now it tends to be more moderate.

  • I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve seen of Ukrainian ladies, I think Ukrainian evening wear tends more toward the showy-glitzy-glittery than evening wear in other places in the West, with a lot of strong shoulders and one-shoulders and slitted pencil skirts and black and gold and leather (way before the current 1980s/early 1990s retro trend). So to me, the tacky, trophy-wife aspect of Dmitri’s clothes always looked like he was just making clothes for women he knew back home. Which makes him even more mainstream and boring in a way! Cultural differences (perceived or real) aside, I’m just not a huge fan of his for all the reasons TLo mentioned. I don’t think he’d make anything hugely impressive even if he had a lot more time and money. He’s a pro at what he does and he’s been quite entertaining on the show, I’ll give him that!

    • jorinde

      he’s from belarus, but anyway, the former russian women’s clothes are indeed indescribable glitzy and cheap-looking to our eyes. dmitry at least somehow managed to make tacky look halfway sophisticated. he couldn’t just forget the aesthetic he grew up with and exchange it with another aesthetic. to me it’s just fine that you can see his cultural background in his work.
      i liked dmitry as a person and i adored his sheath dresses, although i could never see him as a winner. 
      but as i couldn’t see any other contestant as the winner, I’m more than fine with the outcome, and I’m quite relieved that christopher’s non-design doll clothes didn’t win. 
      i would recognize a dmitry dress on the rack, but what (apart from his shred-technique stuff maybe) would I recognize as christopher’s?

      • Really, Dmitri is from Belarus? Eep, sorry! I must have gotten him confused with Insane in the Ukraine…

        The thing is, Melissa, Fabio and Dmitri were all nice, friendly, professional and hardworking throughout the season and occasionally produced nice stuff, so I was vaguely rooting for all of them (as well as for Sonjia).
        Christopher was the one thorn in my side in the second half of the season — just a fake little camera whore with no apparent talent. A win for him would have really annoyed me.

        • jorinde

          they might have been just too nice… yeah I know there’s always something to complain, last year they were too awful… but I mean: there can’t be any nicer person out there than fabio. melissa and dmitry are no assholes as well, if only a little too “normal”.  and christopher – yeah, he IS one actually, but he WANTS to be mr nice guy, so of yourse the atmosphere before the finale was all about “we love each other”. which made it a little boring maybe, but not so hard to watch like josh or wendy. 
          still don’t know where the reunion show went, I hoped to get some drama out of there. also: the models were completely invisible. wasn’t there something to show about them?

  • Melissa Kramer

    Oh dear I’m a tacky trophy wife. I quite liked those two dresses that you think veered into that direction. Ah well, I do think Fabio should have won though.

  • bluefish

    Sorry he was rude to the two of you … That’s just not smart!  Let’s hope he realizes his error on that score.  I didn’t love the collection but was okay with his taking it.  I’m curious to see what he comes up when less stressed and pressed.  I kind of liked the ballgown … It’s a bit tacky, sure, but I like that kind of Gilda vibe he has going on there.  One can see in his clothes thus far that he’s had experience in the stage world —  ballroom dancing, possibly theater.   He’s not afraid of being showy — Russian! — and this win is so much more interesting than the last several that I’m okay with it.  Fabio’s, interesting as it was, would’ve been another slouchy beachwear collection–far superior to the ones that came before him for sure  but still.  The judges must have wanted to switch it up.

  • Remember when models used to be pretty?

  • Monica_Hjort

    omg – i’m watching the second episode of pr-australia. it is ” the unconventional material” challenge and the energy and creativity of the contestants struck me with the contrast to this flat and lackluster season of “original PR”…I wish you guys would review that series as well 🙂 it has become my favorite add-on to have your comments on the crazy. 

  • Truly_Outrageous

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU TLo. Almost everything you typed here I was thinking too. I totally had the same thought about why Gunnar would hate Chris. The only thing he said last night that didnt annoy me was “I demand a recount.” Dmitry wasn’t my first choice for the win and I was actually suprised he won. He seems like a nice guy and we wasnt annoying (like some other people) and he’s talented. But I didnt like his collection. I was only okay with 2 or 3 looks. I HATED that fringe jacket and I HATED that fringe dress. Maybe he should’ve paired them both. Im kidding, ewww that would be a disaster. I feel most of these looks weren’t exciting or jaw dropping.  And I didnt see any youthful styling like Michael asked. One thing that bothers me about his win is that he already won a fashion competition show on the same network. Remember 24 Hour Catwalk?  Yes I admit I watched a few episodes. And that win came with prize money.  I thought he already had a chance to “spread his wings.” But I guess its not so bad that he won. I just prefered Fabio over him.

  • I fast forwarded the entire show.

    He seems like a nice guy, and the craft, skill is there – but this was dull. Pretty sure I have seen his illusion geometric dress in the stores and elsewhere. It was all vaguely familiar. But someone had to win I guess. 

    All of their collections were lackluster, thrown together in 5 weeks. I am done with this show I think. No point.

  • kaydenpat

    At first I disagreed with T&L, until I clicked on their links to earlier contestants.  Definitely, the talent has decreased.  Perhaps next season, they’ll change things up and give contestants sufficient time to produce extraordinary designs.  I love this show and would like to see it get back its mojo.

  • Today, my boyfriend asked me how this season of Project Runway ended. I COULD NOT REMEMBER. I didn’t drink THAT much. It was just boring.