Project Runway: Fabio’s Collection

Posted on October 19, 2012

There’s always a huge difference between how a collection looks in pictures versus how it looks in person. For some reason, with this finale, there was a MASSIVE difference between how they all looked on television versus how they looked in person, more so than in past seasons, we think. Dmitry’s fabrics looked cheaper in person, Christopher’s execution problems were jaw-droppingly more obvious in person, and Melissa’s issues with proportion and general awkwardness in her designs were more noticeable in person. In other words, all three of those collections benefited from the TV cameras. Fabio’s, unfortunately, turned out to have the total opposite effect. It just doesn’t translate to pictures at all and what you saw on TV didn’t quite capture the feel of it. His fabrics were the only ones that looked much more expensive and luxurious in person. On camera, they looked like bed sheets.

There was a lot of weird stuff coming out of the judges’ mouths last night, but Heidi said something that was very true; there was a noticeable change in the atmosphere of that tent when Fabio’s stuff came out. It really was a breath of fresh air, and you could feel people getting more intrigued with each look, leaning forward and pointing at certain things.

If you can’t tell by now, we thought his was the best collection by far, and the best representation of what Project Runway does when it’s at its best. It gave you fashion that challenged you on some level, while also providing pieces that could easily be worn and sold in the current market. The best PR collections straddle that line between editorial and salable. It requires a strong eye, but if you take the time and assess each piece separately, you see there’s a lot of really pretty and wearable stuff going on. And while we don’t think we could put this up against the best collections in the history of the show, it was the most interesting collection we’d seen in some time walking down a Project Runway finale show. What made this compelling to us was how much it reflects Fabio’s style and philosophy and how well he interpreted his own look into expensive-looking (trust us on this) womenswear. It was an artistic statement on par with Jay McCarroll’s “hipster country queer quilting” finale collection; something pulled from so far down inside that it surprised even the person doing the work.

Where he failed was in his color choices and his styling choices. If these exact pieces were rendered in more sophisticated hues, and if he’d put all the models in flat sandals, with clean, beachy hair and makeup (and eliminated the crafty accessories), he could have had this in the bag. He surprised himself and everyone else by taking his aesthetic to an elegant place, but he just didn’t manage to go all the way with it.

Bottom line: It showed a distinct and powerful point of view; it was amazingly consistent in that view; and it challenged people by not looking like a typical department store aesthetic.

We don’t think we need to break each look down separately after saying all that. Good luck to you, Fabio. Find an investor and a publicist. You’ve really got something here.




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  • Meh. The colorations are insipid. That’s the only word that comes to mind with this collection.

    So sue me. Shrug. 

    • Yeah, I don’t get it either.  I suspect this speaks volumes about my own fashion sense.  I would say this, however: if he scrapped this collection, but took some of these ideas and had more time and money, I do think he could come up with some interesting things.

      • JMansm

        But I think we should be able to judge work without bringing our “own fashion sense” into it. That kind of comment echoes the late season Project Runway refrain of “I would wear that” or “I wouldn’t wear that.” In previous seasons there was the sense that what you send out on the runway is for “the show” and that what would be purchased would be scaled/modified to be more wearable and I think Fabio fits into that previous way of thinking whereas the other three fit more into the more recent “ready to wear”/”I would wear that!” mindset. 

        • FashionShowAtLunch

          If I could like this a million times, I would.

        • Call me Bee

          Very well said.  I don’t relate to these looks at all.  Being a pudgy middle-aged woman from WI, I’d never wear them, either.  But as a runway collection, this was the most interesing and the most personal.  I think they need to raise the bar on PR fashions from “I would wear that” back  to “that is really weird but really cool” which is where it was for the first few seasons.

          • Glammie

            Yeah, that’s part of the Lifetime/Marie-Claire move.  The emphasis has been much more on being commercial.

            That said, I think, actually, Fabio’s collection is pretty wearable–it’s not that exaggerated or skimpy.  This is the collection to which I would have given the win.

            That said, I’m with TLo and other folks in that the color palette didn’t work.  Pastels are fine, but these are a little too baby’s new room.  A lot of what is beautiful about the collection just gets lost.

            I wish Korto had been around to loan Fabio her color sense.

          • Lisa_Cop

            As a fairly tiny woman, I think Fabio’s clothes would make me look like I was wearing a sack. However, I thought they were very cool looks. But as a former dancer, I felt I had to support. Dmitry.

      • I think this is exactly it, his collection was the least derivative and he was certainly interesting. But I have to admit it didn’t do it for me at all, and contrary to the commentary above, I must say it is difficult for me to talk about these without involving “my fashion sense”. I’m not a designer or an artist or a fashion critic so in the end I appreciate clothes either because they trigger some -highly subjective- notion of beauty or the fact that I would like to wear them.

        • I’m not sure how we civilians ought to judge the collections except through the lens of our own fashion sense.  “I’d wear it” or “I wouldn’t wear it” is how we, as consumers, relate to what we’re seeing.  For the judges, sure, it’s annoying — because they are well-paid professionals within the industry. They ought to be able to give us more meaningful critiques (and frankly, “it’s very editorial” is hardly any more insightful than “I’d wear it”).

          • guest2visits

            I so appreciate yours and Lucia Gavello’s responses. This like the 3rd rail of discussion about PR.
             For myself; I can’t help but gravitate to the designs that I feel will be wearable and somehow
            enhance the wearer, whether it’s me (ME-ME-ME!) or any other womens’ figures.  I also think that
            the designers who create stylish, inventive new ways to dress for this world of ours have more of
            a feel for womens’ lifestyles, body issues, and likes and dislikes.
            I see alot of ‘editorial’ everyday, in every fashion magazine, and on most every RW.. The fashion
            house collections are almost entirely ‘editorial’. Those designs are often the source of wry humor
            or outright derision. And sometimes they are just pure beauty and inspiration.  I do not believe that
            the need or the desire for the editorial work will ever leave; just because some want to create things that are more immediately accessible.  I applaud the imagination of both types of designers
            and I don’t know why they can’t be valued and judged on a show like PR for what they are.
            Especially on a show like PR which is very geared toward the market side of the industry.

        •  I hate Picasso’s work, would never have it in my house, and if I found one I would sell it immediately.  However, I am capable of recognizing the creative leap he made and how innovative his work was.

    • lovelyivy

       Agreed. It must have looked waaaay better in person because most of these looks (exemptions being that gorgeous grey tunic and pant combo and the very sophisticated intricate-while-not-looking-like-a-folded-napkin white dress) look like someone spilled a glass of water on a kindergartner’s watercolor painting.

      • write_light

         and what’s wrong with that? 😀

    • formerlyAnon

      Perhaps he didn’t have a choice, but I thought he missed a bet by not having more brown-skinned models. Some of these looks would be shown to much greater advantage on a model of color.

  • MoHub

    First look: best pair of shorts this entire season!

    • RroseSelavy

      Those look deeply uncomfortable, even on the size-nothing model.

  • GorgeousThings

    Given the judges comments, I was surprised he didn’t get the win. But I’m sure he’ll do well, and I hope he does.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I agree, especially when they kept saying Fabio would benefit the most form the win.

    • Glammie

      I know, but, man, he really does *not* seem to have any money.  I felt really bad for him because of it, though I don’t think Dimitry’s got much cash either.  Both of them showed in borrowed houses/apartments.

      • kimmeister

        Well, I don’t think you become freegan entirely on principle.

      • OmegaBlush

        I hate to make assumptions about people, but I’ve known a few freegans and they’ve all come from upper-middle class families.  It’s just another way of shocking mommy and daddy.  I’ve also worked with street kids (and young adults) and they wouldn’t be going around using eating out of dumpsters as a badge of honour.  Fabio said he split his youth between NY and Brazil.  I don’t know many poor kids that could do that.  His boyfriend also looked pretty well put together.  Again, I hate to make conclusions based on a few hours of reality TV, but just like you have to be smart to be ‘dumb’, I think you have to come from some wealth to be ‘poor’ because both dumb and poor people wouldn’t be so proud of their condition.

        • Glammie

          Hmmm, well, I did know a guy who did dumpster-diving and he really didn’t have money.  As for Fabio, I wasn’t actually thinking about his being a “freegan”, but his comments about wanting to pay his mother’s bills.  She didn’t look well-off.  The splitting of his youth, I thought was his mom emigrating to the U.S. and then his joining her when she could bring him up–not his jetting back and forth.

          With the exception of Laura Bennett, I don’t think most of the PR contestants come from affluent backgrounds.  This has been even more the case since the market crashed in 2008.  They’ve usually managed college, but they’re on the show, in part, because they don’t have a ready way of getting financing.

  • Violina23

    It looks better in the still shots, but I was completely underwhelmed watching this on TV. It just looked silly and cartoony to me.

    But, I guess in hindsight, I was completely underwhelmed by ALL 4 collections.

  • I guess this is one of those times you had to be there. Other than the grey tunic top, not loving it. And those necklaces, what was he thinking?

    • 3boysful

       Agreed.  I really like the grey tunic.  But that “light coat”?  I have a bathrobe that’s very similar.

    • OmegaBlush

      I love TLo, but I think saying TV helped the other collections while hurting this one (the one they happen to support) is a bit of a cop out.  Unless the cameras changed the colour, proportions, styling, jewelry and fabrics I can’t see how Fabio’s collection was so sophisticated in person.  I think they’re getting swept away by the fact that it was so different than anyone else’s.  But different isn’t always good, or at least better.   

  • Judy_J

    This just confirms what I said in my post about Dimitry’s win….Fabio had a more interesting collection.

  • I found his work, clean, easy to wear looking, and lovely.  Nope, I’m not usually a fan of pastels, I mostly find them tepid, so if I had a sticking point, it would be that.  Like TLo, I would have loved this turned up just a tad in the color volume. But I also clearly see his POV ,and his talents. He’s a very bright, gifted man. I have nothing but admiration for how he handled himself this season, and so I can honestly say I wish him nothing but good fortune.

    • Oh, I think you wish him at least one thing other than good fortune…

    • e m

      I usually HATE pastels, too. But here I loved them. They would have looked so much better without some of the craftsy Necklaces! Just imagine the blue/white dress without the necklace…and on an edgy girl. So cool! And look at the looks without jewelry: the white pants with the sheer top over the pink bratop? This look is so amazing.

      Oh and I really loved the white one-shoulder dress that reflected the lines of the (actually cool) necklace in the draping…Damn how could this collection not win?

      • Sadly, no matter how innovative, forward thinking, or well conceived his collection was, Fabio was not going to win. His clothes are too intellectual, and deeply felt for B-M

        • e m

          I actually never bothered to google Bunim-Murray, the little information I have about them, I got from T-Lo (I’m German and follow the show from Berlin, no clue about the american television landscape). Who are those people, and how are they not getting, that we want to see CREATIVITY!?

          • They seem to believe that their audience is only interested in the most obvious and tawdry sorts of drama.  It’s a situation that is wide spread, especially in the reality television framework.

          • Hi e m, just like me – Berlin calling! 🙂

          • e m

            Haha! So I’m not the only one ^^ Great to hear!

        • I hope he reads these comments, and especially yours. For so many reasons, I want him to do well. His talent, yes, but also, as you say, his intellect. Plus, his poise and grace, his humility and the socioeconomic he had made reference to. In some ways, he’s not of this time and place — he is smarter. So I want so much for him to get the backing he needs.

          • * socioeconomic challenges

        • OmegaBlush

          Erh, I think that’s a total cop out.  “My favourite designer didn’t win because the masses are too stupid to get him!”  Maybe people just don’t like pastel Golden Girl housecoats.  Maybe the judges saw consistently good work from one designer over the course of the show, while they just saw mediocre stuff from another who happened to pull out an above average final collection with heavy guidance from them.  I wouldn’t have been upset if Fabio won, and I wouldn’t be making excuses about the intelligence of his fans if he did.  Although I could say the whole dumpster diving, rope wearing, wild beard sporting ‘intellectualism’ is a bit too on the nose to be considered authentic in any way.  But I won’t say those things.  Because that would be rude.  

  • Jasmaree

    Fabio’s collection was definitely the most creative and innovative. All the other contestants made some form of department store clothes. Honestly, given the little amount of time he received, this is about as good as it gets for a finale collection. Shame about that jewelry though. Looks like something my niece would make me. 

    • Derek_anny

      I am 90% sure it is ribbon and that plastic craft mesh stuff I did projects with growing up.  I was not impressed.

  • I definitely agree this would’ve benefited greatly by not using pastels. It’s amazing how much better they look on my computer screen than they did on my TV screen last night. Still not my style, but definitely the most forward-thinking of the bunch. Good luck to you, Fabio!

  • I really liked Dmitry all season (“one-way monkey” alone was enough), but I thought this was the best collection, too.  I didn’t think it looked like bedsheets, but it’s interesting to hear that Dmitry’s looked cheaper in person.

    As I tweeted last night, between Belarus giving us Dmitry and the Ukraine giving us fan favorite Elena, the clear winner of season 10 of PR is the former Soviet Union.  A toast, tovarich!

    • tereliz

      I totally agree! Elena’s was one of my favorite finale collections and Dmitry showed very well for the time they all had. 

      P.S., Oh, but it’s just Ukraine. Not “The Ukraine”. Sorry to nitpick (it’s not you, it’s everyone!), but it’s not like “the Caymans”. There’s only one Ukraine. There’s no grammatical reason for the article “the”.
      /end ridiculous Grammar/Geography nerd rant

      • RroseSelavy

        So it’s not, as the beauty queen said, “the Iraq”?

      • It depends on what language you learn it in. In French, every country has an article and is either masculine or feminine, and I assume it’s that way for most romance languages, but I don’t recall my Italian enough to be certain. In Germanic languages, including English, we don’t use the article before the country’s name. So in English we would say “She comes from Ukraine” but in French you would say, “Elle vient de l’Ukraine,” which translates as “she comes from the Ukraine”.

        • tereliz

          Yes, but as you said, that’s true for every country: l’Engleterre, la Trinité-et-Tobago, and les Maldives. But in English, we DON’T say “The Trinidad and Tobago” if it was translated from French. And there are no articles used in Ukrainian for countries. So why would we ONLY translate The Ukraine incorrectly? 

          Not trying to start a fight, just ruminating on why we perpetuate something as a culture because it “sounds right” after so long of saying it wrong. 😉

          • It’s just a Cold War holdover.  Like Call me Bee suggested, the USSR was implied when referring to it’s territories, and it stuck because just saying “Ukraine” is awkward.  If it was “Ukrainia” or “Ukrainistan,” people wouldn’t stick a “the” in front of it.  And no one says “the English Earth” because we call it “England” and “earth” becomes “land.”  I didnt’ realize French folks called it “Trinity and Tobago.”  They could easily say “Trinidad” and they should stop being silly about it.

            Now, the one that bothers me is when people refer to Orange County as “the OC.”  It’s just OC.  Oh and it’s “new-clee-ur”, not “new-cue-lure,” but mostly, there cannot be “a myriad of” anything.  “Myriad” is plural.  I can cite myriad examples of bad English, but I prefer to let those go and maintain peace of mind.  I also don’t want to count how many people say “could of” instead of “could have” or “could’ve.”  I try not to let it drive me crazy.

          •  I always start to type “of” in that case before correcting to “have”.

          • dgh

            Too late. It drove you crazy. But I’m right there with you. You didn’t even mention realtor/relator, which shows a restraint I don’t possess. (In re SoCal and articles, it took me years after moving to California to get used to “the” 5, “the” 405, “the” 10, etc, etc.)

            Now will somebody Dutch explain about Den Haag?

          • I can answer that, being half Dutch.
            Well, to start with, that’s not the real name. The real name is s’Gravenhage, which refers to the fact that it was originally merely a hunting lodge belonging to Floris IV. Floris was the Graaf, or count (earl to you people in the UK). A ‘haag’ is a hedge or lane in modern Dutch, although it was used to refer to a wooded area in old Dutch. The word ‘den’ means a fir tree, so that’s another reference to the woods. Floris’s son, Floris V finished the building and the knight’s hall is still standing – that’s where the Queen gives her annual speech, etc.
            As for why they call it The Hague, well, my best guess is that it’s because the rest of the world can’t pronounce it properly in its original form. And on older Dutch maps, s’Gravenhage is the word you see, not Den Haag, although Den Haag is on the letterhead and most governmental paperwork, with the exception of marriage and birth certificates and other papers like that – those have s’Gravenhage.

            Thus endeth the lesson.

          • zoreta

            As a native Californian I grew up with ‘the’ 5, ‘the’ 405, etc- as if they’re considered places, rather than directions or streets. It’s the same with the metro, “take the Goldline to Pico,” etc.

            However we also have a proclivity for ‘like’, so I can’t vouch for SoCal grammar with a straight face.

          • Interesting that you mention putting articles in front of freeways, because that’s one of the easiest ways to tell Southern Californians from Northern ones. I grew up in San Francisco and I still flinch when I hear “the 101”.

          • Untrue. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area and my parents referred to “the 101” or “the Bayshore”. It’s not a reigonal thing exclusive to So. Cal at all.

        • It’s funny you mention that- I do audiobook recordings, and  I had a bit of anxiety over the last one (Western European history) because I couldn’t decide whether I should read “Louis XIV” as “Louis the Fourteenth” or “Louis Quatorze” since he’s the one name you’ll often hear referred to by the french number, even in English books.  Le sigh.

          Hey, there’s an example where you have the definite article in English, but not in French!

          • dgh

            Louis the Fourteenth makes me think of the king. Louis Quatorze makes me think of the furniture.

        •  How do they decide which countries are male and which are female?  ;P

          • Excellent question. The Académie Française makes those decisions. Some people think that it has to do with whether or not the word ends with an ‘e’ in French, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Canada, for example, is masculine – le Canada. But Mexico ends with an ‘e’ in French and it’s also masculine – le Méxique. France, on the other hand, is feminine – la France. So, to quote a francophone friend of mine, “il faut le savoir par coeur” – you have to know them by heart. 

          •  So it’s completely arbitrary?  No wonder I couldn’t learn French… (Probably had more to do with my particular brand of tone-deaf — accents and I don’t play well together)

        • e m

          In german it really depends on the country. You would say:

          Ich komme aus Deutschland = I come from Germanybut you would also say:Ich komme aus der Ukraine = I come from THE Ukraine

      • Call me Bee

        True.  I wonder if that habit comes from back when the USSR was together?  Then it was The Ukrains Soviet Socialist Republic or The Ukraine SSR, as was The Estonian SSR.  Just a thought…

      • No offense taken.  Lord knows I’m the first to correct people when they post incorrect things on the political boards I frequent, so I’m in no position to get upset about it. 😉

    • peacockprincess

      Ditto–I didn’t care for this in still but I really liked the way it moved on the Runway last night.  I felt terrible when he lost but I am fine with Dimitri.  And remember, Tim Gunn almost begged him not to send down the models in those clunky shoes. 

  • Definitely the most creative and innovative of the collections.  I have to disagree, however, with your assessment of the fabrics on TV.  I’m sure they were more beautiful in person, but I didn’t think they read at all badly on television — most of them had really lovely movement.

    I can’t really break down each look because it’s so far outside my personal taste — it’s a collection I appreciate for its merits but would never see myself in.  

  • I hated what we saw of his collection last week; the more I look at it this week, the more I like it — especially that white dress, the 2nd to last look (if you lost the neck thing). It just clings to her in such an interesting shape — like it’s a sheet draped over her after really good sex rather than a dress. 

    I think my ultimate takeaway from this is that he’s made a lot of choices in terms of fabric and color and so on that could read as really stereotypically sweet, soft, and feminine,  and his designs render them in such a way that they’re strong and challenging. So good on you, Fabio. 

  • kirkyo

    There was a coolness factor here that was lacking from the other collections. I responded especially well to #6 (sheer top w/ wide legged cropped pant). I really hate the last look however. The bib and robe are just plain ugly.

  • MilaXX

    I liked this collection as well. I think you hit it on the head when you said he straddled the line between editorial vs salable. I want to see this in a magazine and I can see individual pieces being sold in stores. Not sure I agree about the sandals, but the beachy hair, more restrained makeup & with a few less of the neck pieces would have made this a stronger collection.

  • Sobaika

    Was anyone else’s heart breaking when he was talking about his mother at the end last night?

    I really liked his collection, even the color palette. It was refreshing.

    • MilaXX

       I cried  with him.

    •  Oh yeah, I teared up at that. He obviously is such a deeply caring soul. Makes you wish you had him as a friend.

      • Yep, I was crying. I wish he was my friend, too. He’s a good guy, and a real artist. Not trying only to please, just trying to let his vision out. I thought his clothes looked beautiful on TV, so if they “didn’t translate well” they must have been incredible in person. And I don’t like “jordan almond” colors either.

      • RroseSelavy

        Fabio is the friend I have who I turn to when I need to feel better about myself. Dmitri is the friend I turn to when I want to have cocktails and get catty.

    • Anathema_Device

      Yes. When reality show contestants cry, I’m not often affected by it, but those tears were so real and raw. I really felt for him. He seems like such a genuinely sweet, living, creative guy.

    • Jasmaree

      Oh, my god it was so sad. The way he just bared his heart on national television. He was the only contestant to actually say “I’m so sad” and start crying. I’m not used to seeing that much genuine emotion on reality TV.

      • flamingjune

        I agree with this, which is why the editing afterward seemed weird.  Heidi went on about what a gentleman Dmitry is and JHud mentioned that no one will work with you if you’re unpleasant.  I can’t imagine they were contrasting Dmitry with Fabio (who seems genuinely sweet), but it had a weird way of seeming that way because Dmitry won over Fabio.  But maybe I’m overinterpreting.

      • kimmeister

        I’m also not used to the “ripple” special effect they used during his interview near the beginning of the ep, when he talked about his nerves!

    • BrooklynBomber

      Oh, yeah, that definitely was a moment. I think we viewers tend to forget how important the money part of the prize can be for some of the contestants.

  • kolokOlchik

    You’re right – it doesn’t translate well to pictures

    • RroseSelavy

      I agree. It must have looked hellagood in person, because in photos I just don’t get it. I missed the runway, so maybe it looked better in motion.

  • mjude

    fabio is adorable.  i didnt care for his collection, maybe it was the pastels & jewelry.  but i understand where tlo is coming from.  i wish him nothing but the best.  what a doll.

  • Deac82

    I was really disappointed when Fabio didn’t win. I thought that his collection was conceptual while still having a customer that wasn’t just “art gallery owner.”  I agree about the colors not being very sophisticated, but Leanne won with a similar palate.  At the end of the day I think that Fabio has the most to say to the fashion industry and to customers than any of the other contestants this season. 

  • Scarlet39

    Fabio by far has the most distinct POV.   The more I look at this collection,  the more I like it.  The opposite is true of Dmitry’s.  The more I look at it, the more I dislike a lot of the pieces. 

    I certainly hope this is a great springboard for Fabio and that he does well after PR.

  • Le_Sigh

    Not a fan of pastels – but I like how he used them here.  The flowy-ness reminds me a bit of Leanne’s finale collection.  

  • Judy_S

    Thanks for this analysis. You mentioned before that the fabrics were more tasty on the runway, and I paid attention watching the show last night. I felt there was a wonderful sensuality about this collection; I enjoyed it visually but also felt a desire to wear the garments and feel them on my skin! He made this a somewhat exciting finale, and it would have been nice if he had won (though I did like Dmitri’s work too).

  • BitterOldQueen

    I just can’t get past the nursery-wall color palate. On the other hand, the clothes look better in these stills than they did on TV (“bedsheets” is absolutely right). And there’s a sameness to the collection that transcends “cohesion” and (for me) goes directly to you-only-had-one-idea-land. And I totally miss the whole fashion-forward, visionary nonsense that’s been tongue-bathed all over Fabio; we’ve seen this kind of flowy, drapey, pastelly stuff before. Making a couple of items asymmetrical, and adding combat boots to the mix hardly makes it New. I just didn’t get it. He dresses himself far more creatively than he dresses these models.

  • Susan Collier

    I’ll take your word for it on the look and feel of the collection in person because I really didn’t see what everyone was raving about. And I hate those colors, like stoner college student tie-dying her sheets in RIT. The colors sunk it for me in such a way that I couldn’t see beyond them.

  • Would have loved to see this in person and last night my bf and I were both lamenting that we couldn’t “see” the collection despite the HD-ness of our tv – the lighting and the white runway didn’t do his whites and pastels any favors.

    Really like the collection: clear POV, interesting yet wearable pieces, overall beautiful – except for the hair: messy and frizzy on top, overly complicated while pointless in back. (Full disclosure: I don’t think braids are runway or red carpet appropriate 99.999% of the time.)

    • golden_valley

      The cameras kept giving us close ups of the models so all we saw was from the waist up.  They needed to back off so we could see the whole model and see how the clothes moved.  

  • Carey Cauthen

    This is really pretty, but I don’t agree with your claims that it is innovative or new. I’m wearing a jacket right now that could have come straight out of this collection (except that it is a gorgeous crimson; I do not do pastel), and I bought it several years ago at Dillards. I’ve seen pieces similar to many of these at other stores, and considering Dillards is the highest-end store I shop at, I think that says something. I really like this collection; I just don’t see what you see.

    I would have been happy for a Fabio or Dimitri win. Both looked good on the runway, both had a distinct point of view and were well-made (though I do wish more time had been allowed for fitting). I think the fact that neither man had the time to really spread their wings is much more an indictment of the show than their talents.

    •  We never said it was innovative or new.

      • Carey Cauthen

         Okay, looking back I see you didn’t. I guess that was my interpretation of a runway show that “challenges you,” is a “breath of fresh air,”and that is “interesting” and an “artistic statement.” That to me means innovative and new. It’s a matter of interpretation, I suppose.

        Like I said, it is very pretty. I really like it (especially that blue ombre dress). But if one of the main critiques of Dimitri’s collection was that it was too department store, then I feel the need to point out I’ve seen iterations of this show in several department stores over the past few years.

    • Crimson…Dillards. You wouldn’t really be Fabio’s target demographic.

  • Sweetvegan

    “His fabrics were the only ones that looked much more expensive and luxurious in person. On camera, they looked like bedsheets.” I’ll have to take your word for it, because it seems I’m one of the few people who just didn’t get Fabio’s collection, and yes, I thought it looked a lot like bed sheets! I really wanted to like it because I’ve liked him all season and he seems like a nice person. And wouldn’t it have been cool if the freegan won?!

  • hoez

    Loved this collection. Moved beautifully. Was sad to see that he was so heartbroken after not winning. 🙁

    • tereliz

      Fabio’s clothes really showed much better in motion than in the stills. The asymmetry was really captivating, but the rest of the fabric didn’t read quite as luxe as that new blue stripe he used for the shorts. 

      I almost cried myself when they cut to a red-eyed Fabio. It’s refreshing to see someone crying on a reality show and want to cry along with them. I wish him the best.

  • Anathema_Device

    I would have been pleasantly surprised to see Fabio get the win. This isn’t all to my personal taste, but he really grew as a designer though this show, which was fun to watch. I liked what Kors said about a good designer giving people what they want before they know they want it and how Fabio did that. I hope Fabio comes out of this well and takes advantage of the press and positive feedback to make a career for himself. He seems like a good guy who deserves a break like this.

    I will disagree about changing up the styling to a beachier aesthetic. I think the clunky (and ugly) shoes and the hair really bring home Fabio’s desire to mix up the beachy with the urban. That styling is what makes many of us able to see the pieces on a variety of women in a variety of contexts.

    • Qitkat

      This is what bugs about the editing of the show, Kors’ comments were so thoughtful for once, and the other judges seemed to respond so well to Fabio’s collection. It’s far from the first time that the contestant who seemed to get the most praise, did not get the win. 

      • Anathema_Device

        I totally agree. In the past few seasons, the judging is edited to fake out the viewer. I miss seeing the judges really hash out what they liked and didn’t like. I also liked seeing them champion certain designer. (Although it was aggravating when I didn’t agree, but still it was more of a peek behind the curtain.)

  • spititout

    All season, I did not pay much attention to Fabio’s work, although I loved his personal style and his kindness and intelligence. I sort of dismissed him as a thoughtful designer, ahead of his time in a gentle, quiet way.  When I saw the preview pictures of his finale collection, I still did not think he was a contender for the win.  But, last night, as I watched his collection walk down the runway, I found myself uplifted and tears streaming down my face.  I have never been moved deeply by anything Project Runway had to offer since Jay.  Fabio’s vision needs to be brought into the physical realm, and made available to real people like me.  TLo’s recommendation for an investor and publicist is spot on.  May it manifest, Fabio, I am grateful to you. 

  • I’m going to respectfully disagree.  There were some that were nice, but nothing stood out to me.  I think a number of pieces would look fabulous worn with more chic and sophisticated garments and styling, but on their own, I don’t feel like they made up a winning collection (not that any of the final 4 came even close to any of the final collections from seasons 1-5)

  • Janet B

    My first thought was, “finally, clothes that look like spring”.  I was surprised Fabio didn’t win.

  • Sam

    I wish he would rethink his own outfit up there. It makes him look squat and boxy. 

  • It was a beautiful, beautiful collection. The best of the four by far! 

    • spititout

      The compliment means quite a bit coming from you.  You demonstrated taste and elegance throughout your season on PR.

    • Totally agree with you.  Is your recap up on the lifetime site?

    • It took my breath away. Yay, Bert!

  • nannypoo

    I’m not a fan of pastels and I don’t like the crafty jewelry but I like the layering, the shapes and the textures. I also like the way Fabio dresses himself. He is certainly the most artistic of any contestant. I’m confident there’s a market for his work, and I think he would have been helped enormously to find that market if he had won the damn show. The second place finisher should win something. Heidi said Fabio made her want to wear his stuff, so I hope she at least turns up somewhere wearing it to give him a boost.

  • MoHub

    Conspiracy theory time. As soon as Melissa was eliminated, I knew Dmitry had the win, as B/M and Lifetime believe their demographic will accept only a woman or a straight male winning. Lifetime has had five seasons of PR now, and the winners’ circle has comprised three women and two hetero men. Unfortunately, Lifetime has not yet figured out that many loyal PR viewers do not fit the target demo and that PR is the only Lifetime programming they watch.

    All Stars was an exception only because there was so much outrage about Mondo’s loss to Gretchen. 

    • We try not to make an issue of that fact, but it’s kind of hard not to notice the pattern. A big reason why we don’t bring it up is because no one has a bigger claim on being shut out of the win than the many black designers on the show.

      We probably shouldn’t make assumptions because we don’t know for sure, but it’s not hard to assume that Fabio is a man of color, based on his looks and heritage (Brazil has an enormous multi-racial percentage of its population), and it would have been so nice to see a multi-racial gay man win last night.

      • MoHub

         I agree with you. My “conspiracy theories” tend to be mostly tongue in cheek, but one can’t help but look at the rest of Lifetime’s programming and think the network has a skewed idea regarding who’s watching PR.

        • BrooklynBomber

          I don’t know what Dmitry’s sexual orientation is, so I don’t know if a straight man won last night. But Lifetime certainly does seem tone deaf to a lot of things. I pretty much thought that Melissa lasting as long as she did was producer manipulation (not because I don’t think she has potential, but because there were others who were stronger). It did occur to me that after the outcries against Gretchen and especially Anya they wanted to give it to someone who had solid professional experience, who could not in any way be construed as a beginner or a home sew-er, and that’s that’s why they gave it to Dmitry.  But I don’t know. Lifetime is so bizarre, as a network, and I don’t think they’re a good fit for Project Runway. I wonder if the PR audience demographics are very different from the demographics for the rest of their programming (though if they are, they surely know that). I agree w/ TLo that it would have been nice to see a multi-racial gay man win, and I thought Fabio’s collection was the strongest. But clearly “may the best collection win” isn’t always the m.o.

          • MoHub

            Dmitry’s straight. It’s come up in non-Lifetime interviews. And I hate that I have to watch Lifetime in order to see PR. If it weren’t for PR, you’d have to hold a gun to my head to get me to watch that network.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Oh, I didn’t know about Dmitry.
            I’ve posted this before, so sorry for repeating, but Mr. Bomber & I have always called it “Lifetime for Victims.” As networks go, it’s [say this with Heidi accent] “Bizaarhh!”

          • Snailstsichr

             OK – I’m at work daydreaming about Project runway on LOGO now. What a happy thought!

        • CozyCat

          At least there seems to be some improvement over the last season.  Based on the their previous logic, Melissa–the young pretty girl who could almost be a model–would have won. 

          But LIfetime may not have enough feeling for the “storylines” of people of color.  Fabio is a quiet, gentle sould who doesn

      • While discrimination probably is at play here, I think it’s also possible that after the Gretchen debacle, B/M wants to choose the “safe” choice, the collection that looks good on TV and the one viewers could relate to, so they have a sense of fairness about the outcome. I’m not in fashion, and while I read your blog daily, I couldn’t see why Fabio’s collection was better until I looked at the stills this AM and saw the pieces individually. Just a thought.

      • MilaXX

         Both are valid criticisms though. I think PR in general doesn’t really “get” black designers.

      • amariana

        Eh, I don’t care about the winner’s sexual orientation, skin pigmentation, or whether they prefer gerbils or hamsters. I want the best designer to win. I was pleasantly surprised by the changes Fabio made in two days, and really did like his show. I also liked Dmitry’s show – both looked SO much better walking than in stills or hanging on the racks.

        I could have seen either for the win based in the collections, but am glad Dmitry won for best overall body of work as the tipping point.

      • I often wonder who the bias is coming from, because throughout all of PR, both on Bravo and now, there have been an awful lot of black designers who were incredibly talented and never got the response they deserved.  And especially the men — the only nonwhite winners have been attractive women who represented their own brand. 

        I could see that coming from the judges, though, just as easily as the producers.  Not because they are racist but thinking of all the comments about “no woman wants X” when it’s something a lot of non-white (and non-conformist white) women do want.  It doesn’t seem that there’s a lot of ethnic representation in American fashion and I wonder if maybe there’s something unconscious at work for the judges there — they don’t seem like fashion designers.  And it’s made more likely to me by the frequency of their comments about the designers’ personal styles, so there’s clearly an element of “who fits the brief” on a personal level as well.  (Just to make it clear, I firmly believe that if that’s the case, it is completely subconscious on their parts)

      • Call me Bee

        What aannoys me the most is that, if this is even a little bit true, they insult the intelligence of their audience and assume that they (actaully, we, as I guess I’m their target audience being a middle-aged white woman from the Midwest suburbs…) would not enjoy programming that includes people of any color, creed or sexual orientation.  We are not all stupid, closed minded, Bible-thumping mouth-breathers out here in fly-over land.   

        •  I love the perception of “fly over land”… I live in the 3rd largest city in the country right smack dab in the middle!  There is precisely one more cosmopolitan city on either coast and that’s it, so perhaps we should stop considering everywhere without a coastline as backward.  (Not directed at you, I just find it odd)

      • Thanks for bringing that up, about the black designers getting shut out.  I’ve only watched the show since it moved to Lifetime (came late to it) and it’s really made me uncomfortable as a viewer.  I also feel like the judges have a very limited aesthetic, not through fault of their own, but because their work is in a fairly small world.  I was really excited about what sweet Frokemon (I’m a horrible person; I cannot remember his name) was bringing, because it was a look that you don’t see in the US.  (I really thought about him a lot when the video for Gangnam Style became a hit – I could really see the connection between what he was doing and what was worn by the women in the video).  I think the show could be a really amazing doorway for viewers into fashion worldwide and even across American cultures, but I guess the producers don’t see it that way. 

        Anyway, I’m a dumb white girl, so I’m sure this post was racially insensitive in a dozen ways, but I really don’t mean it to be.  I grew up in a mixed family myself and I’d like a more diverse PR!

      • kimmeister

        Just a note of confirmation about Brazil’s racial diversity: of the ~25 countries that I have been to, Brazil was the country in which I felt most “at home,” where locals spoke to me in Portuguese instead of assuming that I was a tourist.  I was amazed at how people came in every color and every combinations of colors.  Even in Vietnam (I am Vietnamese), everyone spoke to me in English because they thought I was either Korean or Japanese!

        •  Remind me to buy a t-shirt saying I’m a linguistic moron if I ever go to Brazil then! 

          • kimmeister

            One of the first things my Brazilian friend taught me how to say was “I don’t speak Portuguese.”  I ended up having to use it constantly!

  • BrooklynBomber

    In the Dmitry post, I said I thought Fabio’s was the best, but I wasn’t sorry Dmitry won (even though I have a lot of problems with his “esthetic”).  And seeing these pictures, I’m even more sure that Fabio’s was the real winning collection.  What a  surprise — I never expected him to last that long in the competition; he started to turn around with the “real woman” entry. 

    What amazes me about this collection, is that is seems SO different from the 3 piece mini-collection he’d shown the judges 2 days (?) earlier. I’m not even sure I see all the pieces from the mini collection. What I’d like to know is: How did he turn this around so much? He had $300 for fabric and two days and he raised the whole thing up several notches. 
    How did he do it???

  • After reading your post, I wish I had seen all the collections in person. This collection looked like yoga clothes on television. The pieces did not even look finished to me.

  • granddelusion

    Perhaps it’s the TV dichotomy you mentioned, but Fabio’s collection left me unmoved. As did they all. I liked that he had color, where the others were bland black and white, but otherwise, enh. Oh, and Fabio, find a dresser, too. You look like hell.

    • tereliz

      Like, a dresser to put his clothes away in? 😉

      • granddelusion

        Like someone who knows what he’s doing to dress him! 😉

    • formerlyAnon

      I know I’m not the majority, but I like oversized clothes on lean people (men & women). Not exclusively, no one wants to walk around in tons of extra fabric all the time, but I think it’s very sexy.

  • While this is not in my taste, I can see that pictures wouldn’t do it justice.  Slightly different color scheme and TLo’s styling suggestions and this would have been the winner.  It was definitely a nice change from all the dark that was up there previously.

  • I just don’t see anything all that wearable. It all only works together..

  • BobStPaul

    I thought this was the best collection and should have been the winning one.  I was happy to see him make at least the final two because I didn’t expect the judges to respond well to it.  Now his outfit – that’s an entirely different story.

  • Yep, I feel the same way. He was a sleeper, but he really surprised me, and as he made it to the end, I thought hey, my favorite is going to make it to the END! And he DID! I thought his speech about why he should win was eloquent and as selfless as it could be, and although the Duchess noted that Dmitry was a gentleman, I would like to point out that Fabio was more so the entire season, with never anything but kindness and creativity and graciousness to offer.

    • alyce1213

      Absolutely.  In fact, Dmitry was not such a gentleman in this particular episode — he really badmouthed Christopher a couple of times.

  • crash1212

    Fabio was the clear winner for me last night and that thought is only reinforced by looking at these pictures. I even liked the clunky shoes (beats uni-brows!). Fabio is the clear artist with a vision from this group – I hope somebody with money was watching last night and they got on the phone immediately….I would buy most of his collection. Loved it. 

  • alyce1213

    Oh to live serenely and elegantly in Fabio’s collection!  I loved it all — a fabulous, conceptual collection.
    Dmitry may have made a somewhat stronger showing throughout the competition, but he exhibited serious taste issues throughout as well, including this final collection.  I actually disliked a few pieces.

    I hope Fabio does well.  He seems like a lovely person and has a great deal of talent.

  • kat89

    I really liked a lot of his pieces. However, I hated the necklaces. They looked like they were made from recycled milk jugs and I thought they cheapened the outfits. The shoes were awful too. I absolutely liked his collection the best and I think the wall he hit during the season was broken through in a big way. I really look forward to seeing his future work.
     Maybe Jennifer Hudson was the right choice for judge. The girl who didn’t win the contest and was actually told she didn’t look like a star, yet went on to be one of the most successful people who ever competed on American Idol is a good role model for these finalists.

    • Qitkat

      I hope she will hire Fabio to make her something flattering and fabulous, and then werq the hell out of it on some red carpet, telling everyone who made it.

  • SewingSiren

    I think both Fabio’s and Dmitry’s collections looked better on the runway than the do in the stills. As to the way they looked in person, I’ll take your word that Fabio’s was better.
    I don’t  know why they picked D over Fabio, maybe they thought Dmitry had more connections to set up a business right away.
    I also don’t know why every single designer showed a pair of shorts, If I had a chance at just a 10 piece collection I’m pretty sure I would live shorts out of it. And belly shirts (which every one showed) and Wilma’s (check) and sheer tops which you can see the bra (or otherwise) which I don’t find the little least bit shocking or runway worth in 2012.
    I love the shoes that Fabio chose. Heavy roller skate boots with fragile colors and light floaty fabrics. Love.

    • CozyCat

      I read an article recently in one of the fashion rags that shorts are really “hot” (pun not intended) amongst the young fasionistas right now.  The rationale was that it’s one of the few looks that “mom” can’t appropriate. 

      I don’t know if all that is true, but if the designers were trying to be “current”, especially in a spring collection, shorts might be a must.

      •  And why can’t moms wear shorts?  I am now confused… In fact, most of the moms I know wear a lot of shorts during warm weather because picking up toddlers in a short skirt requires Olympic level coordination to not flash.

        • CozyCat

          Not mom’s in general, THEIR mom.  That is, they see shorts (especially really short shorts) are something that are much easier to wear when you’re young than when you’re older (just quoting the point of this article)
          I don’t know if this is true, but it is true that shorts have been seen in a lot of non traditional settings lately:  for cooler weather; shorts suits for the office, etc.  So it seems to be some sort of trend, which is why these designers might want to include them.

          •  I guess it’s that I know a lot of young moms, most of my friends started having kids in their early 20s, so there’s still a large element of wanting something age appropriate.  I actually spent years with a separate area in my wardrobe of “mom” clothes — cardigans and trousers and very conservative soccer mom stuff, just for going to stuff for the kids.  Then my everyday wardrobe was all more like Melissa’s stuff.

  • I surprised myself by becoming totally enamored with this collection. I could never wear a stitch of it and I suspect I’d be secretly mocking anyone I ran into on the street in these looks, but it was so different and interesting.  The other shows were so dominated by hardness and darkness, that this soft, lightness just felt new and fresh.  I feel like I haven’t seen these clothes before and that’s pretty cool.

  • siriuslover

    Though I am happy with Dmitry’s win, I was also really pulling for Fabio and thought he was going to take it. I appreciated the conceptual framework of the collection and my heart just broke for him when he lost. I actually thought they were going to pronounce two winners since their aesthetics are so very different. Good luck Fabio. I am sure we will hear great things from you

  • AuntieAnonny

    Perhaps it’s good that he came in second? In most of these competitions, second place means almost the same amount of recognition without the slave contracts that the winner has to sign to get the loot.

    Anyway, this collection is like a box of delicious pastries, and now I’m hungry.

  • Stubenville

    I’ll take your word that this looked better in person TLO, but I don’t quite get it. Al lot of the pairings just seem random to me. And as others have said far more eloquently, Fabio does seem like a truly decent and caring person.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    This is one collection I could possibly see as being part of a Final on the Finnish version, so there is that. Though I do not want to suggest it is because of this that this was the best. That would be rather condescending. I just would have liked to have seen a representation of the best of what only an American designer can do. Melissa was closer to the mark in this regard, I feel.

  • Stubenville

    And at the risk of getting flamed to a crisp, why was Fabio dressed like an elderly lesbian last night?  

    • StellaZafella

       I looked again: Gertrude Stein borrowed Alice B’s favorite fedora…and it rained.

      “There is no there there…”

  • Emily Wilson

    First reaction: his clothes are going to be all over Coachella next year.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Definitely festival clothing!

    • kimmeister

      Well the boots would certainly work there!

  • Fabio seems like a sweet guy but this collection was not a stand-out for me. Pastels? fine but his use of color was so, so tentative, particularly the fabric he tried to paint himself. There is no tension so ultimately I find it a bit tepid. There are plenty of couture collections that are not *my* taste but I can still appreciate the concept, proportions, skill etc. Not here.

    SInce there are no “ologies”, I was forced to go to Lifetime’s website–surely one of the worst websites in creation–and look at Fabio’s output since I couldn’t remember anything off hand. He did the great gray color block dress for the best friend/real woman challenge, he unfairly lost out for the little boy toddler outfit, he did a striking b/w color block dress for the working woman challenge. He said Ven did the dress they made for Kenley and he made a horrible long-underwear-gray-turtleneck Rockettes costume. He did an upside-down jacket over sheer palazzo pants for the avant garde challenge… 

    So some I liked and some were mediocre. I’d forgotten that the very first episode, his design has the same baggy saggy silhouette as his final collection–only in black. To me, he didn’t have a consistent look through out the series. Not that he should be a one-way monkey but I don’t think I’d be able to identify one of his designs on the runway except by process of elimination. He always seemed to be reacting to the specific challenge, not starting from his viewpoint and interpreting the challenge. 

    Most of the time I found his personal look to be more interesting than his clothes. 

  • Melvis Velour

    I loved this collection – it was such a breath of fresh air and the Kluminator was right about the whole mood changing when it came out.  We even felt it at home – gotta love HD TV!  I was telling the spousal unit this morning as we drove to the gym “…imagine if Uli and Fabio got together to create a collection, it would be unbelievable and make a total joke out of the crap Anya won with” which he agreed.  Honestly, this was the first time in quite a while that I was actually excited about the final 2 looks after some horrific prior seasons.

    To me, the win had to go to Dimitri for one simple reason, this was a collection for Lord & Taylor and he’s got the aesthetic for their client base down to a t.  I honestly couldn’t see Fabio’s collection at L&T but could just see it flying off the racks at many other stores.

  • tereliz

    Dear Fabio,

    You need to make friends with Joe Z. Fast!


  • Sara Loud

    I’ll have to take your word for it that this was a knock-out in person but it does nothing for me.  I fell a little bit in love with Fabio last night for his personality, passion and sense of self – but I just really don’t like the collection at all.

    EDIT – Stubenville – just saw that we started our comment out exactly the same! Sorry ’bout that!

    • Stubenville

      Great minds, Sara!  =)

  • msdamselfly

    I Think there is a loveliness here and like the ethereal quality of the colors

  • My first thought:  “Thank you for being a friend, traveled down that road and back again……….”
    At least the models are ready for the charity dance marathon episode……

  • SapphoPoet

    Hmmm. Well, I’m normally all about the flowy, boho look, but this doesn’t really speak to me much. Having said, that, I think it’s the most interesting collection of the four finalists. It’s clear that Fabio had a specific idea to communicate and it’s consistent throughout the collection. I would have liked the colors to be a bit more intense. It’s too bad about that jewelry, too–I think those pieces look really clunky and don’t add anything to the looks. Same with the boot/shoe things. 

    Finally, can I just say that Fabio has THE BEST VOICE? I could sit and listen to the man read his grocery list.

    • sinicalpopsicle

      He doesn’t have a grocery list.  He’s a dumpster diving freegan.

      -coudn’t resist ; )

      • SapphoPoet

        I stand corrected. 🙂

      • formerlyAnon

        We’ll let him read the phone book, then. Though under 35 has them, anymore.

  • StellaZafella

    High-end Boho Beach chic. North Beach San Francisco on a warm day…al fresco with a sweet brewed tea.
    If I were a buyer I’d say, go dustier, dusky with the color palette, Taupes, Sage, Tarragon, Bleached Sunflower and Periwinkle and Mauve – do the whites in raw silk. I would pick light, one-of-a-kind bling in gold and silver, mixing them at random and a layering the jewelry, too, but not too much. Flats, or ballet slips. Yeah, it’s way too “Rich Hippie” but the point is: It’s the ONLY collection that peaked my imagination.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Exactly, “Rich Hippie” and “Boho Beach Chic”, I love it but nothing that Californians haven’t been wearing for years.

    • l_c_ann

      I love your suggestion of a changed color palette. 

    • SapphoPoet

      Excellent suggestions. 

    • Oh yuck. Mauve!

  • Someone made the comment (judges) that Dimitri would do OK on his own, without the win, whereas Fabio needed the support to get him off the ground. Which I thought was spot on, and I wondered why they didn’t follow through with that then. 
    None of this is my style, personally, but that’s neither here nor there – I think its all lovely, and has that “something”.
    Good luck Fabio!

    • StellaZafella

       Jennifer Hudson made the comment, I think. The producers decide who wins…no one really listens to the judges…the guest judges are just “Bling”.

  • Mb

    I still think Elena’s was the best collection; too bad she didn’t make it into the finals.  It would have been interesting to hear the judging then.

  • sockandaphone

    the lack of color just makes this collection so meh. And I just cant get past how everything looks like bedsheets.
    At least it was different from the other 3 collections, but it didn’t do anything for me.

  • ninjac

    If you imagine the styling different, like with a more laid back beachy vibe, this looks amazing. If he had used a different color palate but kept the styling, it would’ve looked amazing too.

  • I loved this collection.  The colors make me happy.

  • mhleta

    I’m glad you broke this down, because I kinda didn’t get it. The clothes scream J. Jill to me, which is sort of the Chico’s for aging hippies. I also agree that the accessories looked crafty and and the color palette a bit too passive. If I were an investor my biggest concern would be that the clothes probably have zero hangar appeal and the average woman would need a personal stylist or a diagram to help her figure out how to wear them to her best advantage. Having crapped all over the collection, however, I’ll say I love Fabio’s personal style and his pure spirit. I think LOADS of women who live in temperate climates would love to wear this collection. I will look forward to hearing of his future successes.

  • Sara__B

    I wish Joe Zee would gallop in on his white horse and help Fabio. 

  • ChristinaRi

    I didn’t think his collection looked like bed sheets.   I thought it was rich and cool and flowing.   I’d love those garments on a summer day when you need to be cool and yet shield yourself from the full blast of the sun.

    Maybe it’s because I live in the desert.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Nothing here would suit my complexion or shape, but I love it all anyway. Particularly that first pair of shorts. I tickles me that he he took “dumpster hipster” and made it Upper East Side. 

  • AnaRoW

    I’m going to take your word for it that these look expensive in person.

    Also, it’s good to see that Dani(elle) from ANTM is still working.

  • I rather liked the shoes and all the colors used, though I can agree that punched up colors would be more appropriate for a NY Fashion Week runway. There would be no reason the colors could then be toned down to these for sales.

    Fabio is my favorite this season. I wish him all the luck in the world.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t get past the colors at all. They reminded me too much of my late-1980’s doctor’s waiting room wallpaper, or of the cafeteria of my great aunt’s nursing home.

  • EEKstl

    I love this.  I know there were some hue issues, but the grays and aquas really work for me.  

  • l_c_ann

    When I first saw stills of this, I thought how clever Fabio was to spend $500 on fabric and then use the remaining $8500 as a true freegan to live on for the next decade.
    Thanks, TLo, for telling us that the fabrics looked LUX up close and personal. It makes a difference in how I view the collection.
    (Sadly, I doubt that the really pretty ones would have hanger appeal, unless the fabric is so great that passersby want to touch it for the glamour and that ropes them in.)

  • alula_auburn

    Even on TV I did have some of the sense of the change in atmosphere.  I wasn’t sure if the editors tried to capture it/enhance it by filtering out more of the ambient noise, or something, but there was a definite sense of shift to something more contemplative, or even almost revenent.  Which, with the needs/ambitions/trends of Lifetime PR, may have been a double-edged sword.

    • LuluinLaLa

      I agree. I think they let his runway music play, or at least, Fabio’s runway music was the most noticeable/notable, because it was the only show in which I sat up and took notice because the music was so unique. I remember thinking it was almost dreamlike and it really synced with the collection. I couldn’t tell you what was playing at any of the other shows or if it added anything to them.

  • Trisha26

    I liked everything about Fabio’s collection, crafty accessories and goofy boots too, and it looked pretty darn okay on TV. I would have been very happy with him winning, but really thought Dmitry deserved the win because he’s proved all season he had a vision, technique, and focus, while only Fabio’s finale collection demonstrated those same things. I hope he succeeds! 

    • kaycem

      the only issue i had with his use of litas (the boots, by jeffrey campbell) is that they were sooooo played out, even in september or whenever fashion week is.  every fashion blogger on earth had been rocking them for about 18 months prior to this, so i was kinda shocked he used something so … normalized, for lack of a better word.  everything but the boots were something we’d never seen before.

  • RroseSelavy

    Genuine crying, not fake TV crying.

  • Not a fan of Fabio throughout the season, and in fact didn’t think he should have even made it to the final competition. However, there was something so compelling about this collection. I was a season-long Dmitry fan, but when I saw these crazy Hare Krishna pastels coming down the runway I thought “Oh shit, this guy’s got it in the bag!” 

  • Wellworn

    I would wear almost all of those looks, and if I had any money, I would buy them, even in those colors.  But I wonder if it’s because I’m  approaching Golden Girls age.  I’m so glad Dmitri won, but Fabio’s collection really spoke to me.  I’m just not sure if that is a good thing.  I guess I don’t trust my own taste, but I think these looks are gorgeous, especially the flowiest ones.  So pretty, and after all that darkness and leather, so joyful.

  • RroseSelavy

    That’s funny! I wonder who they think can afford to buy clothes? Hint: many of them are known as “mom.”

  • ixoki

    I thought Fabio’s collection looked great on TV! He should have won…

  • tired_mommy

    I think the producer’s selected Demitry as the winner as he seems like a safer bet than Fabio to grow his fashion business in the near term.  In my opinion, Lifetime wants the credit for selecting a commercially successful winner and I think Demitry is more likely to fit that bill than Fabio. I love Fabio as a person and think his collection was great, but even with the winnings, I’m not sure he would launch a successful business anytime soon.  Fabio seems like a likely candidate for some Joe Zee guidance if he really wants to develop a profitable business.

  • I have to say Messieurs you nailed this: the styling was horrendous. Initially, it made me hate the entire collection. But, Messieurs, you are oh so right when pointing out these pieces paired with lovely flat sandals and loose hair: fabulous. What a shame. 

  • Hmn, I guess this is truly a “you had to be there” moment because I really don’t get it. I disagree with your praising of this collection and critizing of Dimitry’s, but I wasn’t at Fashion Week so I suppose you guys have the broader horizon for opinion.

  • Imasewsure

    I thought the fabrics looked great on tv… not so much in the screen shots here though. It could have gone either way and I was glad that the judges clearly eliminated the two mediocre “talents” to debate the win for only Fabio v. Dmitry. I think Fabio won the Most Improved trophy and hopefully he can run with it in the future. Wish there was a cash prize for the finalists though… Seems strange that they don’t get some sort of $$, etc for making it that far. Hopefully they get to keep their collections at least

  • Yeah, this was the only slight disappointment I felt about this season. His collection really embodied spring in a fresh, Calvin Klein minimalism meets zen hippie sort of way. I wasn’t really invested in anyone (like I’ve said elsewhere, Elena was my choice for the win despite her crazed bitchiness) but Fabio was so earnest and genuinely talented. Was nice to see someone who didn’t succumb to reality tv personality disorders who still had a spark of creativity. 
    Dumpster hipster did good! 😉

  • Fordzo

    The colors reminded me of my great-grandma’s condo in Boca.  She last remodeled it in 1987.  

  • Qitkat

    I surprised myself by how much I wanted Fabio to win after seeing his collection walk down the runway. I had truly disliked almost everything I had seen when I checked out all the stills back during fashion week, and I mean all the stills of everyones’ collections. This season had left me in a real state of ennui when I watched it early on, thus causing me to skip several episodes. But I kept reading TLo and the BK comments and that is what brought me back into the fold. But I still wasn’t emotionally invested in the finale, like I felt in certain seasons with Mondo, and Leanne, and Uli. (Funny that I also have around a 30% ratio of those I wanted to win vs the actual winners.) Just like TLo. 

    I appreciate the very thoughtful exposition by the boys here, because I completely believe it. Sometimes you just have to have been there. By the end, Fabio had also turned out to be the most mature, and sweetest (something which is vastly underrated, and often berated by others) contestant, the best listener to critiques, and the person who showed the most growth as a designer, as he responded with this lovely, ethereal collection. It’s extraordinarily feminine, soft, flattering, with those little extra details that I’m always looking for, that set a designer apart. He truly does have a lovely aesthetic, and I hope to see more from him. I would even suggest that Joe Zee change his premise, and instead of taking on failing, struggling designers, to mentor someone relatively new to the industry, who has a unique perspective already, like Fabio, who would benefit from the expertise and connections, and who would definitely listen, so that he could polish himself further, and get the recognition and success he well deserves.

  • rab01

    Wow, it looks worse on my computer than it did moving on TV.  I’ll take TLo’s word for it that it looked great in person. 

    I think I preferred it slightly to Dmitry’s collection but, even if the judges picked the winner, I’m not shocked by their selecting Dmitry.

  • It is utter bullsh*t that Fabio did not win. PR is all about finding ‘America’s Next GREAT Fashion Designer.” 5 weeks is not nearly enough time to put together, style and fit a collection for NYFW – even if it is only 10 looks. Fabio showed he has the insight and creativity to do great things with fashion. And yes, he showed light pastels. But they did look chic and new. He reminds me of early Margiela and Sander. Screw Dmitry and his sheer tops and illusion netting (PS, Michael Kors, I thought illusion netting was for Betty White…) crap. Great season? No. But Fabio actually has talent and a new vision. Tragic loss. If I had the money I would fund his line all the way to Barneys and Collette and Lane Bryant.

  • Miranda Prince

    I was totally bored by Christopher and Melissa’s collections. I found Comrade Snape’s to be tacky in places and not that exciting in others. Fabio’s at least was different and had a point of view. He was my pick for the win.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Seriously, how much does he look like Paddington Bear in that picture?

    Meanwhile, this was clear winner in my book; fresh, innovative and not slutty black clubwear.

    Poor Fabio, I hope he wins on All Stars when he eventually gets on.

    • enonymous

      I’m with you on the All Stars competition.

  • Kate4queen

    I actually loved this collection the most from the original post of the photographs, there’s just something about it that made me keep looking and dissecting. I do hope Fabio makes it. I’d definitely buy some of these pieces and I’m definitely not young or in Golden Girls territory yet!

  • paulmkane2001

    Wow.  I’m stunned by all the complaints about Fabio’s colors.  Listen, I don’t normally like those pastel/sand colors either, but I can see, and feel, what Fabio was trying to convey with them, and I think that makes them beautiful.  Call me crazy, but I find it thrilling when a designer opens my eyes to something.    

    And I think even those who seem to like what Fabio did are missing the point.   Fabio came from a street fashion background, and by this I mean real street fasion.  I don’t mean Park Avenue.  I mean behind-the-dumpster.  I mean realer than real.  Maybe a lot of you folks aren’t aware that there is a real world out there.  You may be closer to it than you want to realize.  What Fabio did was create a connection between this guts level of society and the ‘lux’ level.  This was an act of revolutionary socio-economic vision, one that could change the way we see ourselves.  Perhaps this is threatening to many fashionistas, but it could open our eyes in a very good way.

    • Lattis

      They should have given Fabio the prize because he actually created an original collection – not just a rehash of some existing category of clothing. I disagree with T & L that he should have styled it more beachy etc.  – because its the styling (boots with the crazy lacing patterns, jewelry out of stuff you can make) that connects the lux to the street. I just wish he had put jewelry on his models like he wears himself – look at that bracelet he has on. 

      But, I am with you, paulmkane2001, on this: he has an interesting vision, he should have won, pastel/sand colors notwithstanding.

      And I totally agree with you about the judges. But, it’s been awhile since I had the passion you express about the show. I kind of envy you.

      • SapphoPoet

        Totally agree about his bracelet–it’s such a beautiful, organic shape. 

    • Excellent analysis.

  • paulmkane2001

    Also, Tom and Lorenzo say that they aren’t mad at the judges, though they disagree.  Well, you should be mad.  It’s increasingly clear that the judges care about two things.  They care about their egos and they care about what clothes might sell in department stores.  Is that really acceptable to fans of the show?  I don’t think it should be, if it is.  I want to see new judges.

  • Tom and Lorenzo, you take my breath away with your eloquence and insight. Such a pleasure. You are spot on about Fabio’s mis-styling; I could cry. He coulda, woulda, shoulda won.

  • Zippypie

    I liked this collection but felt it was so one note that it didn’t excite me.  Yes, it looked much much better in motion on the runway but still there is a repetitiveness that doesn’t show enough variation in silhouette or fabrication and that to me speaks to Fabio’s inexperience.  I think he has creativity but he also didn’t show enough on the show itself.  He was usually safe, making something unremarkable.  And that hurt him with the judges.

    I wish him all the best.  He seems like a gentle, sweet soul and the world certainly could use more of that right now.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    I really didn’t like his neckpieces (necklaces?), but at least his collection was very different from the others.  I was rooting for both Dimitry and Fabio, so at least one of them won.  Fabio’s tears were really heartbreaking.

  • I hope some great opportunities go Fabio’s way. He definitely has potential. There’s a lot of heart and intellect that goes into his designs. I really appreciate him as a conceptual designer. This was my second favorite collection of the night. The colors worked, there was a fresh tranquil quality about his clothes, and he did the best he could with making it look more “luxe”…but in the end, it still looks unfinished to me. I agree with the judges on this decision.

  • Susan Crawford

    I agree 1000% with T and Lo. I think Michael Kors referred to Fabio’s palette as “Jordan almond colors” and that was a terrific description. I think if he had included at least a few pieces in more vibrant colorways along with the pale, watercolor looks, he would have done MUCH better. It would have shown that he had a greater range and a sophisticated approach to color.

    I had a feeling that his fabrics were not “translating” well on screen, which was a pity. Overall, though, I loved the layering, the draping and the ease of his pieces. They moved better than ANY of the other looks, and the airiness and floaty quality was such a nice change after all the tightly fitted pieces the other finalists were showing.

    Another thing I loved about his collection was the wearability factor. Sure, his looks were terrific on the tall, uber-slim models, but curvy women could also rock them. And I loved that each piece could be mixed with a zillion other items. The long vest would look fabulous with a skin-tight body suit; many of the flowing tops would work with cigarette pants, or pencil skirts. His collection was designed with his special style, but women with more tailored  styles could rock the individual pieces as well.

    I truly, truly hope that Fabio has been noticed by the fashion pros, and that he will find a great mentor and continue to design. I will certainly look for his designs, and would wear them with pride. In addition, I adore his sweetness and optimistic attitude. I’m feeling that we need to do brunch, and bond over some Bellinis – and then hit a dumpster together!

  • I would love to see these clothes in jewel tones. I did love that he used color instead of mainly black and white like the others. And as a not-model-thin woman, I like that a lot of the collection looks comfortable and like something a more average-sized woman could wear.

  • What a bummer that this dude had to be on this season, with it’s commercial bent and time constraints.  I wonder what we would’ve seen had he had a sufficient amount of time?  This is the only designer whose work I would care to see under the old regime.  The rest of the showings were blah.  I don’t know if having the luxury of 12 weeks would’ve made any of the other finalists more interesting.

  • I like his the best also, the color was refreshing compared to three collections that were dark. These pics definitely make his collection look better than on TV (and I watched the finale on a TV that wasn’t even HD so yeah, it all looked like bedsheets). I think that any time someone on the show does something white, it always ends up looking like the unfinished muslins, not the finished products.

    I agree, I HATED the shoes, though. Those Lita boots are so effing played out. I like the sandal idea.

  • This collection would have been greatly benefitted by a shift in hues. If only those pinks had been replaced with poppy reds and corals and the sky/baby blues were more in the indigo/violet part of the spectrum I might have loved it. I like the way he paired the grey and cream fabrics together and that he painted his other fabrics – brilliant. I just really hate the colors he chose. Even the aqua (which works better than the rest) is a little too “hot” and needs to be toned back a bit.

  • Dagney

    So, this is the Bed Bath and Beyond 200 thread count collection? 

  • sashaychante

    Absolutely agree with TLo on this analysis.  I couldn’t get past the styling with this collection.  For me, the color palette was not such a problem, but, the collection probably could have gone up a level with more sophisticated color choices.  I’ll trust that the fabrics were more expensive in person than apparent on TV.  Overall, a lot of this collection is interesting.

  • Cold Fire


  • afabulous50

    Baby Rami….

  • l_c_ann

    Fellow BKs,

    If the final runway had been between Anya last year and Fabio this year (and IF we knew nothing of their personalities or levels of sewing ability), which collection do you think would have won?  Anya’s of the many, many different prints or Fabio’s with conhesion?

    • Fabio actually did work and put thought into each piece. Clear concept. Color story. Baked clay, hand painting. “Mobius strip” dresses. Hand-made accessories. AND HE SEWS SLEEVES.

      No contest.

  • enonymous

    It wasn’t exactly my style but I totally got what Fabio was going for. TLo was right. The cameras dosen’t do it justice because they do look like bedsheets.

    I’m still happy that Dimitry won, but I would’ve been just as thrilled if they gave it to Fabio. I have to admit, he’s the designer that I had the least expectations from and thought he would be an early casualty, but now I absolutely adore him and his vision.

  • slimkate1260

    I loved this collection!  I do hope Fabio gets an investor and proto.  Would love to buy some clothes from him.

  • Mikala18


    I am surprised Fabio’s collection looks
    as well as it did. I wasn’t sure he would be able to pull together a cohesive
    collection, but from the looks there are a lot of wearable pieces. I missed the
    finale of “Project Runway” because of my work schedule at DISH. I’m glad I
    remembered to record it on my Hopper, there is a ton of DVR recording space
    which I’m saving room for the upcoming “Project Runway: All stars.” I hate to critique
    the styling, but I agree that if he would’ve dressed the models in sandals
    instead of the chunky heals, and pulled the hair back in a loose chignon it
    would have made the presentation perfect.

  • Lilithcat

    I thought this looked gorgeous on camera, so if you’re saying it was better in person, it must have really been something!

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    There are some pieces in Fabio’s collection that are quite lovely, and it does come across as more conceptual to me. I wish him well and hope that his season on PR will be helpful for him.

  • oh wow, if anyone is still reading… I just read an interview with Tim and Nina at another site and Nina says their decision was “very unanimous”, “a clear and definite winner”. 

    Tim goes on to say that when he visited Fabio at home, “I thought it was one of the worst collections [I had] ever seen in my entire life. I was mystified. He is so talented, but the palette was so juvenile, and it was just so junior…”

    He also mentions Frokemon and the woman that quit, not very complimentarily and that Gretchen’s mother was angry and hostile (!) when he did his home visit a couple seasons ago, and that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

    Tim unmuzzled! Woo.

    • margaret meyers

      I’m responding to the collection the way Tim did — this looks really juniors.  The few ideas, the repeated themes, the colors and fabrics are all so very, very junior department.

      And I kep thinking of the loose, pastel, bland stuff dental hygenists wear.

    • Tim did end up loving it though. It appears that Fabio is the best self-editor of the group. I mean, they knocked Dmitry on the dowdy pairings and he kept ALL THE PAIRINGS THE SAME. Odd move.

      • Yes, I thought Dimitry’s looks were still so dowdy.

  • Fabio’s was my favorite at first blush; and I can only say it’s grown on me over time.  I don’t agree with Tims assessment AT ALL.  I think Fabio’s point of view was the most interesting….by far.  I hope he does find a backer.  Those clothes would sell, and sell well, I think.  

  • Perhaps you have to be a woman to appreciate Fabio’s runway line.  Heidi, I concur…I love, love, love it!

  • My favorite too. He wuz robbed.

  • VivianAdvanced

    I thought sure Fabio’s collection would win. I’m not going to sue anybody, but I liked these Easter-eggish colors. After all, it was for the Spring 2013 collection. There were outfits from each of them that I would want for myself. Flowy, layery stuff isn’t my personal style, but I felt Fabio’s collection was the most innovative of the four. I didn’t care for the platform roller skates without wheels he used for footwear, however. 

  • Megan Patterson

    Fabio is adorable, and I think maybe he would have benefited from the win more than Dmitry (who probably would have had buyers knocking on his door regardless), but I don’t really see this collection as salable. I have no idea who would wear it, other than really rich ladies at the beach? 

  • This was by far my favorite of the four collections, and I think that he deserved the win 100%. His was the only look that was fresh, interesting, and actually involved DESIGN. 

  • I’m struggling to find the words. I really saw moments of profound inspiration in Fabio’s work throughout the season and felt that his vision had the promise of revelation, if he could just keep developing it. I feel he did just that. There is nothing insipid in colors that are like liquid. In the best sense, they had the lightness and yet paradoxical depth of watercolor, an effect mirrored in the layering of the pieces (you can get stunning effects from working with watercolor paints as you would oil). I think Tom and Lorenzo are right. Investors need to get behind Fabio. I have never felt moved to comment on Project Runway, but I did after watching the finale.

    • totally agree.  as a watercolor artist, i would love to wear these clothes.

  • Rebecca Jay

    I think it all looks like melted rainbow sherbet, and the shoes are total WTF-ery.  

    I am crazy about Fabio’s personal style, and personal self, though.  I could look at and listen to him all day.

  • I don’t get any of this. I don’t get his asthetic, and I never really have. This just looks like jammies and drapey bedsheets.  I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy, but I think his future is in bedding collections.

  • bitterk

    Fabio is hands down the sweetest contestant in Runway history (and probably the cutest) but his collection was pure fugliness.  And it’s not because I don’t get it.  Imagine this on a size 8 5’4 woman.  Not so cute right?  And where is this woman going anyway?  Not to work, not to a club, not on a date (maybe date night with the hubby), not to a show.  I also don’t think the ideas are all that cutting edge or revolutionary.  He used pastels when everyone else was using black.  I lived through the 80s, pastels were everywhere.  He used layering when everyone else was more minimal.  Ok, been there done that too.  I love Fabio’s personal style but I can’t even see him wearing any of the stuff he designed for the finale.  I think when he comes up with a collection that best approximates his own style, it will be killer.  This is not that collection.  And as for Christopher, what a negative ass.  He could learn a think about gratitude and graciousness from Fabio.  Fabio is a class act and I would have applauded a win for him simply because of his character but I can’t pretend his clothes were amazing.  They were not.  

    • Well, you do realize that most women’s clothes would not look special on a man, right? You could hardly lob that criticism at most designers in the history of fashion. Otherwise, I suppose the YSL wrap dress was a fail because a man could not wear it… As for the 80s, I recall neon and turquoise dominating the mid 80s and jewel tones near the end of the decade. Layering is not the point, either. It’s the total effect. If you don’t like it, okay — that is definitely your prerogative — but your criticisms aren’t quite valid. Nice comment on grace vs the lack of among the designers.

      • bitterk

        The point wasn’t that he would literally wear those clothes, but rather his personal style, which I love, is not reflected in this collection.  When his clothes most closely reflect his personal aestheic, they are most compelling.   And yes, the 80s featured lots of neon and turquoise but also lots of pastels.  Every wedding I attended featured peach and baby blue.  If you don’t remember, that’s ok, but don’t say it isn’t valid.  

  • guest2visits

    I liked the pastel, and I liked the way he manipulated the boots for his ‘tribal’ aesthetic. The line was very cohesive.
    But I truly disliked the use of the swimsuit-like tops, they really took the look into cheapy beach wear, as well as the ‘bathrobe’
    look for a couple of the models.  But I loved-loved the white drape dress which reminded me of Sonjia’s way with shaping fabric,
    and the soft, pretty tunic over pants design that could serve as both a casual look or something more formal. As well as the simple
    white dresses that fit the models so well. His styling of the models’ hair was perfect to me, but the necklaces did not bring the
    level of sophistication that the collection still needed.

  • adnama79

    I’m glad y’all said that the fabrics looked better in person.  My sister and I have been in love w/ Fabio since the “real woman” challenge.  I like the shapes here but hate the fabric – hate the colors and thought the fabrics looked cheap.  If it’s just the colors, then I hope Fabio finds that investor and publicist.

    TLo – Can y’all contact him and tell him to get on “All on the Line?”  Please.

  • Again, they chose to choose commercial Mainstream over totally fun, fresh and innovative (Like Mondo a couple seasons back). I understand that Dmitri elevated this edgy look that is hot right now, but the fact that the look is already mainstream and out there is where that security comes in and wraps tightly around Dmitri’s collection. Will Dmitri be able to let go of his Bold Ukrainian Roots and evolve as fashion evolves? 

    But Fabio went outside this blanket of comfort and took a risk, and really did make a collection about Cosmic Tribalism! And believe me…. This stuff is in, pastels are hot, especially when they are on this ethereal fabric. Not only that, but these designs would still shout the same message if it was in a Hot Pink, neon yellow and trite teal triadic colour scheme!!!!

  • dougldallas

    I don’t see anything that wasn’t inspired by 80’s color and fashion ala Buck Rodgers, Brave New World or frankly anything syfy where the future is often costumed to reflect peace, harmony, ranbows… someone give my SOMA now or I won’t be able to take another look at this.

  • Fabio’s was my favorite collection too.  I thought it was fresh and new and a cohesive collection.  I didn’t think anyone else put it together like he did.  It was very versatile and could be worn by almost anyone.  He came across as a nice guy who listened and has vision.  I wish him fabulous success.  He should have won.

  • Imaginative and luminous collection.

  • formerlyAnon

    I  thought Fabio’s was more interesting than the others; it is good for my PR-related rage issues that the quality of the fabric & “feel” apparently didn’t come across on t.v. I never believed he’d win, he’s too different and his work not “department store” enough, but I didn’t have to feel the rage about it.

    I’d very much like to see what Fabio would have done with 8-12 weeks to create his collection.

  • PaulaBerman

    I really loved Fabio’s from the front. However, from the back, they all had this baggy sack thing swinging down that really turned me off. That, and the Jordan almonds color palette, which in a million years I would never wear, and in which most women look terrible.

  • DCSheehan

    What a superb critique of Fabio’s collection. I hope he can find an investor and some publicity because if he could develop from here then I think he would produce some interesting clothes. He clearly grew as a result of the show so good luck to him.

    I’ve watched this show from the start and I’ve never liked a contestant more than Fabio. He seemed genuine.

  • spooki C

    I haaaaated this collection right down to those stupid Lita boots. The colors are very 1987 doctor’s office decor and the slouchy fit just makes everything look like pillow cases with holes cut out for the head and arms. The last look is something Dorothy Zbornak would wear out on the lanai and I don’t mean that as a complement. It looks like old lady bed clothes!

  • BrightsideSusan

    I got past the shoes but I hated the jewelry. I agree that he should have won, though – just for being different.  It is shocking to see the earlier fashions compared to now.  Mostly Kohls Klothes.

  • He should have used metal jewelry, some hammered gold or silver or both.  I agree with TLo about the shoes.  That silk was just to die for.  I bet it felt like wearing clouds.  Plus, I think his designs would translate to many different body shapes and make them look and feel beautiful.  They did look like bedsheets on the tv and I’m glad you posted the pictures because they make a big difference.  I can see the subtlety in the dyes and the texture/drape in the silk much better.


    I liked both Dimitry’s and Fabio’s Collections little enough that I could easily be persuaded that either one was the better.   I thought they both failed but weren’t embarrassing like Melissa and Chris.   The only ones who will really get anything out of this season of the show are Elena and Ven (if nothing more than an interesting friendship.)

    Fabio’s stuff is often nicely cut and here is beautifully sewn, but man, those colors are just so weak.   If he wanted to go with watery color then he should have gone for harmonius pairings like washed out purple against weak tea yellow, pale orange on the faintest turquoise.   Girly pink and baby boy blue are infantile color choices.

  • marishka1

    Ugh. Here’s where you’ve lost me. Maybe the pieces were much better looking in person, but from my computer screen, they look like the 85th national tour of a non-Equity production of Xanadu. 

  • nosniveling

    Loved the collection and thought his progression as a designer during the season was incredible.
    I also would love to see him go into production- there just isn’t anyone else in his realm.

  • I was right on board with Heidi and it sounds like with you guys; I was never really turned on much by Fabios clothes during the season, but the runway show was a revelation. He was the stand out; original, cohesive, pretty, different. He could be the next Ellen Tracy. Women love these wearable, floaty pieces and there isn’t a lot of it out there. If he sticks with his aesthetic and keeps focusing on pretty and high end, he could have a lot of fans out there.

  • Fabio’s was by far my favorite collection. He utilized the brief time very well by producing thoughtful pieces. Had he been given more time, I suspect he would not have done much more than this. His work is not tailoring-oriented how Seth’s is (or even Dmitry’s). It’s not about displaying mad technical skills (for which months not weeks would have been appropriate). He’s not offering anything grandiose. What he is offering is something subtle/nuanced, something painterly and artisan (I loved the use of pastels and most of the jewelry), something serene and transcending. Gretchen, take notes: this is how you do airy, flowing, and ethereal–NOT by making frilly crotches and calling it organic. Fabio’s draping is as fluid as fluid can be. I did express my approval of the jewelry: sure they’re a bit arts-and-crafts, but I love the geometrical configurations. I do wish he would’ve substituted some of the jewelry with sheer bits of fabric (a good example would be look # 9: it’s a dress that exudes personal radiance and the jewelry is VERY aptly placed, but I would have preferred those half-diamond shaped lines to have been rendered in sheer, delicate fabric instead).

    • i did love the jewelry.  his use of that plastic needlepoint canvas was a bit jarring, but i wonder if it was meant to be ironic-  sort of low-high like the shoes.  i was thinking, however, that he could find a high-end substitute, but not sure exactly what.  sheer fabric might be one idea-knd of hard to work with by hand, though.

  • geeeque

    i totally agree except t-lo’s advice to “beachify” the styling. oh no! the shoes  and hair and makeup made it street and cool and urban. if he’d put the girls in flats and natural ha&mu that would have totally dragged down all the elegance and sophistication he worked to add. it would have been a collection of schmattes! no, i think he did just fine; i really think his vision and aesthetic are just too far ahead of the judges and the vast viewership. this is some next level shit. 

    • totally agree.  beachy hair and sandals would have sent the look straight to socal.

  • libraangel

    Bed sheets, maybe, but the only collection to typify lovely, impressionistic Spring. This runway for all 4 designers WAS supposed to be a Spring/Summer collection, wasn’t it? With all the leather in the other 3, you would think Fall – in Siberia!

  • libraangel

    I felt really bad that Fabio was so torn up and sad about his loss.

  • ccm800

    Agree on all points TLo. 

  • Melissa Kramer

    I feel slightly redeemed for my liking of Dimitry’s more ‘tacky’ dresses. I thought this should have won too. It had a beautiful ethereal quality to me. I wouldn’t wear it, it wouldn’t suit me at all, but I did find it beautiful.

  • bluefish

    The kind of luxurious summer wear one sees on the streets of Rio — and colors that always looks fantastic against a true deep tan.  Fabio came out looking like Santos Dumont from the neck up too — Nice shout out to the Brasileiros. 

  • i adored the eye makeup.  did you hear fabio say he wished he could wear it everyday?  he should have worn it on the runway.  he would’ve had to lose the hat, though.

    would anyone else like to see fabio in the gaultier with the turbans and the kilts?  mighty fine. 

  • The collection was beautiful. He truly surprised me. I ended the season with a new love. Fabio! 

    P.S. that 4th model had a HORRIBLE WALK! Why on earth was she casted. You can even tell in the photo….

  • He should have won.

  • d

    i would disagree about the styling, i think the way fabio style the modles actually is a plus to his design,without these styling ,those girls might look like rich grandma. absolutely love his collection,wish he would get a chance to produce these fabulous pieces for sale.

  • I kind of hate it; its so nothing an actual female would wear….but it reads the most as fashion to me. It was the most creative and seemed the most whole as a collection. 

  • zeldan

    Are. You. Serious?!

    His collection is the ugliest I’ve seen.  I’m certain you guys are not being serious, like you are insulting everyone and toying with us when you say that you wanted his collection to win.  Find a publicist and investor?  What a cruel joke.

    • Harsh, man.
      But I see where you’re coming from.
      It’s very low in mass-appeal. Lifetime viewers have polarized opinions on it, which may be why B/M didn’t give it the win.All the designers and editors (and bloggers, as we can see) loved it. All the Lifetime bloggers and designers on Twitter were pulling for Fabio to win. The feeling in the tent was that this was the winner, and it was the only collection (besides Elena’s) that really caught people’s attention.

      The reason? It’s deceptively simple and actually very cerebral. It looks like poorly-fitted tunics, but his process actually involves a lot of thoughtful draping. I mean, he draped Mobius strips. He had a concept. Each garment told a story, even if he didn’t have the time to explain it.  He baked clay. He hand-painted. He made those cool plastic accessories. He’s the only true artist (again, besides Elena) of the S10 designers.

      But from a “I want to wear that” standpoint, it falls a bit flat. Too thoughtful and quiet for the brainless masses to appreciate, unfortunately, and it tells a lot about this show’s decline. Jay and Kara Janx had flawless, funky, offbeat collections in a cool bohemian style, but the Lifetime audience wouldn’t even appreciate those. Sad.

  • zeldan

    Are. You. Serious?!
    His collection is the ugliest I’ve seen.  I’m certain you guys are not being serious, like you are insulting everyone and toying with us when you say that you wanted his collection to win.  Find a publicist and investor?  What a cruel joke.

  • Truly_Outrageous

    What made his loss more heart wrenching was that he was crying. And it was genuine. He probably had the best personality throughout the whole show. He has a great attitude and he never was bitchy to anyone and during the confessionals. I liked how he was positive about other peoples work when he liked them. And to top it all off he has an awesome sense of personal style. And he’s made some pretty cool looks on the show. I thought this collection was the best out of the top 4. I didnt mind his necklaces on this collection. It went with his neo tribalism theme. And I didnt mind his choice in shoes at all. Its a very youthful and cool choice of shoes. He really has a knack for draping and he knows how to layer creatively. I hope he has some success in his career. He really is creative. 

  • can someone please explain to me his accessory choices.  Why did he use plastic, cross stitch crap?
    eta: I love looking at fashion, but Im a flannel shirt and jeans gal….

  • barbarasingleterry

    Maybe it’s my CA beach background, but I find all of these looks breezy and beachy.  I can see wearing them at a swank San Diego Yacht Club party or Day at the Races in Del Mar CA.  Even the colors match the beach, soft and bleached out, kind of like driftwood or those tiny pinkish shells or even some sea glass.  I couldn’t wear most of these, (wrong body type), but my daughter would look gorgeous in them and they fit her aesthetic…sporty, comfortable with an elegant edge.

  • It looks to me like he was having a Chico’s kind of day…all week long

  • Nixonesque

    Loved it. The colors were inspired and Oh my god! NEW! It kinda reminded me of what the future is supposed to look like, once peace and tranquility have finally been achieved. A woman would feel elegant and as though she were floating wearing any of these. THAT’s the genius. Loved the clunky shoes. pulled some out of the back of the closet and tied them on. So fun!

  • He was my favorit this season. I’m looking forward to see what he’ll do next

  • wanda

    OH MY GOD !!! All I can say is he is a fashion GENIUS !!!!!

  • wanda

    LOVE LOVE. LOVE this designer !!!!!! Words can not even describe the art of his designs !!!!!!!