Project Runway All-Stars: Hit It, Hos!

Posted on October 26, 2012

The word for today is “onward,” darlings.

Let us not linger on the events of the past; let us not fret over events yet to come; let us only move ever onward, to new challenges.

Sorry. We’re awash in political ads at the moment. Anyway, Project Runway NEVER STOPS and you CAN’T ESCAPE IT. This train is moving, people.


And it barely has time to scoop up all these old attention whores and get them on their way.


Honestly, once the joy of seeing the new and improved patchouli-scented version of Wendy Pepper wore off, it was a standard PR episode, except with more knowledgeable than usual contestants and a much bigger prize at the end. Not a lot of excitement, but everyone sure knew how to work a camera.

So… two teams; they each have to pick a stupid word from the cheapass PR board of vagueness:


It is to LOL. How do you make a collection around the concept of “Accepting?” The two teams go off in wildly different conceptual directions, with one team choosing “confident” and the other choosing “bold.” How thrilling to know that they are going to make mini-collections based around two words found on the cover of every fashion magazine for the last 60 years. It’s so “bold!” We admire their “confidence!’


New Schmeidi. Kinda stuck up, if you ask us.


But this is generally a good team of judges, we have to say.


Anyway, there really wasn’t much in the way of drama, just the usual delusional “I’m BACK! And this time I’M GOING TO WIN IT! *pose* *grin*” awkwardness.

So let’s hit the runway, bitches.



 Congratulations, Anthony! You are clearly the judges’ pet this time around, which means we should probably just skip all the tsuris and hand you the check right now. Which isn’t to say this isn’t nice; it’s just that it was pretty standard all around and probably not quite as deserving of the hosannas it got.



Ivy was on her very best I’m-NOT-a-bitch behavior (we’ll see), and turned out what we thought should have been the winning look. The lace really makes the jacket and it’s beautifully executed. This was chic, wearable, and had a slight twist to it. Shouldabin the winner.



The judges raved, but we thought it was forgettable.




 Not bad.



Oh, Kaynebow. We have missed you, you little sparkle, you. It’s amazing he got this done in the time alloted. It’s a perfectly fine, perfectly pageant gown, but it had nothing to do with the rest of the mini-collection. He’s just gonna make pageant gowns until they eliminate him. And why not? It’s free advertising for his business.



Pretty. That thing running down the front is awkward.

And now, Team Bold – or was that Team Bold we just did?

And now, the … other team.



 She’s trying, we’ll give her that. This actually isn’t bad; it’s just that it’s way too short and the bustline’s a little on the gimmicky side.



 Very standard. Boring.



 Very Emilio. Also boring, with a side of vulgar.




His outfit’s not good either.



 Actually, we’re impressed he got this done, considering he looked sweaty and wasted through the entire episode. Seriously, what was up with THAT?

And what woman wants bra cups on her shoulders? Apparently, in his haze, he got the idea in his head that this was the unconventional materials challenge.




 Another hot-ass mess. We were actually a little disappointed that his first entry was so bad.



But it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Peach, bless her tennis-loving heart. Like everyone else here, she’s just in it to get some advertising for her own business, so she said the phrase “tennis clothes” 400 times in 42 minutes;  250 times on the runway alone. Unfortunately, this was not a tennis clothes kind of challenge – or more accurately, she failed to integrate her tennis country club aesthetic into the collection. The result was this sad mess of a dress. It’s not necessarily the worst dress on the runway, but it had no point of view to it. It felt like Peach’s answer to a problem – How do I get through this challenge? – rather than a design in its own right.




[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Still:]

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  • GorgeousThings

    So glad I didn’t bother to watch. Your recaps will save me from wasting that hour every week. Though I will say, Wendy’s crotch lace placement is… “evocative”. And not in a good way.

    • Precisely what I was thinking: What the hell is with the cooch-erchief on her dress!  The horror!  I clearly made the right decision in relying on TLo for the recaps, and will continue to do so in the future.

      • Kayceed

        Cooch-erchief is perfect.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          A crotch hanky-such a novel concept.  I think I need another brain bleaching.

      • Cooch-erchief. Excellent! You just made my week.

    • annrr

      I know! Wendy sewed a lace muff right on her dress. I can’t believe no one mentioned it.

      •  The Duchess totally would’ve had a “Oh honey, it looks like your model is overdue for a waxing” moment with that thing.

        • mhleta

          I really should read before I post. I am of one mind with all of you.

    • MissAnnieRN

      Oh, I have to disagree.  If you like Project Runway, on the basis of it being about clothes, then this season should be pretty good.  I stopped watching season 10 somewhere around the 3rd episode, but I think I’ll make this a weekly thing.  

      I don’t think I watched Suede’s season, but I LOL every time he refers to himself in the 3rd person.  And WTF did Kayne make???  I definitely laughed out loud when that thing strutted down the runway.

      • muzan-e

        Now that they’ve got the first episode over and done with, I hope they’ve remembered that you can’t use Suede as a voice-over. Not because he’s not interesting, and not because he’s well-spoken, but because most of the guys sound generally similar and when Suede gives commentary on how “Suede’s gorgeous outfit’s looking great on the runway”, it’s impossible to tell that he’s the one saying it.

        Unless the outfit’s complete dreck, of course.

        • mhleta

          How much of a douche bag do you have to be to call yourself “Suede” and in the third person?

          • Kristin McNamara

            But he doesn’t even do it consistently….. He says “my” and “mine” as often as he says “Suede” and “his”. 

    • MoHub

      So Wendy didn’t need to show the good china; she actually made it part of her dress.

    • crash1212

       It’s the first thing that registered on her dress and I thought it would be the first comment out of Isaac Misrahi’s mouth – but – nothing!

      • MoHub

        If she’d been top or bottom three, I’m sure there would have been a comment. Middle of the pack gets no attention.

      • It was an opportunity that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia would NOT have missed!

    • That dress is terrible.  No garment should have a vaginal frill.

      • YoungSally

        Better than that pubic caterpillar that someone (was it Suede?) did a couple of seasons back.

    •  Her mossy bank is showing

    • drdirection

      vagina fringe

    • I was thinking the same thing. But honestly, if I hadn’t witnessed Tim Gunn call out at least one designer every season for the “vulgarity” of something vaguely…er…bush-esque, I wonder if I’d be seeing it.

  • PastryGoddess

    I missed it as I was getting a new hard drive installed on my Mac

    However, Team Black and Blue massively failed, and how the hell did Josh not go home

    •  Only because Peach’s work was not only boring as hell, but insanely badly made.  Josh, whatever one may say about his consistent taste issues, can construct clothing.

      • PastryGoddess

        Point and match 🙂

      • So long as it doesn’t need to be hemmed. I didn’t catch that on the tv screen but it’s glaring here.

        •  Agreed.  Those raw edges on the bottom of the pants are ridiculous.

        • And this is all-stars. Am I the only one who did a double-take when Carolyn said “You represent the best of the past seasons.” If I’d had a beverage in my mouth I would have spit it out. That might be true of Josh, Uli, Emilio and Wendy, since they were finalists. But the others? Not so much.

          • JMansm

            Well I wouldn’t consider Josh and Wendy to be best of the best even because Josh was a finalist in a bad season and kind of skated by (Laura Kathleen should have been there instead of him her decoy collection was better) and Wendy really made it to the finals on a fluke. So I would take those two out of your list of four and add Laura Kathleen and Althea (because Althea was 2nd place in her season). 

      • MikeW_PHX

         I think Andrea’s was MORE badly made than Peach’s was.   And I couldn’t deal with all of his facial expressions and over the top wringing of the hands..   

    • briecee

      Oh, you know Josh can’t go home until the producers have milked him for every bit of drama he’s worth plus one meltdown.

  • CPK1

    Ivy should have won. It was chic and well-made and definitely bold. Anthony Ryan’s was wildly over-praised, I agree, plus his model stood there all hunched on the runway which did not do it any favors. I won’t lie though, the episode was fun. I enjoyed the hell out of it. The judging was good, i love Joanna, there are some people who (in theory) know what they are doing. But Scheimdi II is AWFUL. TLo are right, stuck-up and wooden. And her contributions to the judging panel made Heidi look like Diana Vreeland. Bring back Schmeidi I! All is forgiven.

    • siriuslover

      Did you look at the clock on the back of the wall from when she entered the workroom and when she left? It appears she was there for about three hours–all condensed into three minutes of talking points.

      •  interesting!  I hadn’t noticed that.  With the insane editing, I missed it.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      While Ivy irked me during her season on PR, I agree that she turned out a very good look last night.  It’s more attractive and more wearable than a top with black lace tarting up the back-I do believe that Anthony Ryan also has some taste issues.

      • I don’t know where they got “modern” from lace backed. I feel like EVERY TIME I think a cardigan is cute, I turn it around and it has a cheap lace back (I shop at bargain stores, can you tell?) and that goes for knit tops, junior’s clothes, etc. And that’s the clearance stuff from last year. At TJ Maxx. So, uh, not so modern, I’m thinking.

        • libraangel


    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      Agreed about Ivy.  Interesting that she’s Casanova’s boss in real life.

      • fashionzombie

        Did no one in the making of this show have a problem with a boss/employee competing against each other? I guess they’re hoping for big fireworks. I just hope Casanova doesn’t lose his job.

      • I wondered how she didn’t notice he was on the show. Did she not realize they were taking the same few months off work?

    • And did you notice that Schmeidi II said she didn’t like Ivy’s jacket, that she didn’t like the lace panels? She did, however, like Anthony Ryan’s look. I wonder if that had something to do with it. I was glad to hear Georgina point out that the tailoring of a jacket is difficult and takes time to do well, since it seemed like they spent far too much time oohing and ahhing over Casanova’s dress.

    • H3ff

      YES! And I loved how SNAPPY the episode was. The hour-long format skims the mundane and pointless “drama” of recent seasons. I feel like I could actually watch an episode another time, which I haven’t felt in years. 
      Also, Joanna is so cuu-hute! I could listen to her critiques all day.
      Isaac Mizrahi made some very astute criticisms. The “beautiful” Georgina Chapman is way too kind (she seriously raved about Casanova’s piece?). Schmeidi II is a complete plank.

  • I was, I admit, pleasantly surprised to see some actually worthwhile stuff come down that runway.  Ivy, really should’ve gotten the win. That jacket was wonderful, and perfectly executed. Anthony?  really?  White pants and a mostly forgettable top? Modern? New? Fresh? In what way, pleas,e was it any of that?

    • MissAnnieRN

      I completely agree.  I loved Ivy’s jacket, and didn’t understand why the judges had so many complaints about the shorts.  They are so IT right now.  Just yesterday, KStew got a coveted WERQ for a black and white shorts suit.  Couldn’t you see KStew rocking Ivy’s outfit, too?  Or Blake Lively?

      • One of the judges thought it would have been better if the shorts were *lace*– who was it? Mondo was the one who brought the sanity.

        • MissAnnieRN

          I know!  What a gross idea.  I would not have been able to cosign lace shorts.  Too matchy and too LACEY.  As a general rule I am not at all a fan of lace, though I get that some people die for it.  I far preferred the leather short to the idea of a lace short.  It may have been Georgina, if so, that is a fitting suggestion coming from the the house of Marchesa.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            No, no, no to even the idea that those shorts should have been lace. Then Ivy would have been dinged for being too matchy.  The leather was a good counterpoint to the lace appliques(?) on the blazer.

          • Lace INSETS! You could see through them. Masterful. Ahh, the conflicted feelings that Ivy brings out begin anew. Talent vs. Unquenchable Bitchitude…who will win this epic battle? Or can they work together?

          • alula_auburn

            I had the exact same reaction to the hypothetical lace shorts.  Ugh.

            Then again, apparently it’s going to get so bad that Isaac is going to have to tell someone that it’s not good if you actually see vaj (or vulva, I suppose) on the runway.  Unless they’re ready to spin off PR: Fetish Wear.

          • libraangel

            Doesn’t everything from Marchesa have lace?!LOL

        • tignor

           I think it WAS Mondo.

          • EmyR

            No, Mondo liked the leather – he was the only one to say that made it more modern and youthful. Georgina wanted them in lace. 

        • tired_mommy

          Georgina thought the shorts should have been lace.

          • MoHub

            Of course.

        • carolclark12

          I loved when Mondo praised the leather shorts, saying that it made the outfit “youthful.”  (Or words to that effect)  Sort of an eff-you to the judges who criticized his collection in season 9 for being too youthful.  The tables have turned.  I just wish punkin head and nina (who blocked me on twitter) could have been there.

          • La Nina blocked you??? What did you do? Lol, that is too funny.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I consider it a Bitter Kitten badge of honor that Nina blocked you.

          • carolclark12

            She blocked me because I (okay, maybe like constantly) asked her when she was going to be seen publicly in the much-praised Gretchen granny panties.  After she “lectured” me to “be nice” on Twitter, she finally blocked me.  I am so ashamed.

          • Oh that is too much, LOL.  It’s a valid question.  You know, put your panties where your mouth is…

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            It certainly sounds as if Nina became really sensitive about the uproar that surrounded Gretchen’s win in Season 8. 

          • formerlyAnon

            I’m not on twitter but who volunteers to hound her about wearing that neoprene dress Ra’mon made, she praised (and I think said she’d wear)? Tim bought it for her, but if she’s ever worn it I haven’t heard or seen any evidence.

            Edited to spell Ra’mon’s name correctly.

          • I laughed so hard. THANK YOU

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        Probably already been commented upon — While Ivy’s jacket was executed to perfection, the lace insets made the model look wide right at her waist.  I would look like a walking wall if I were to wear it!

    • God, I know. I love Anthony, probably too much, and I liked the pants, but what the hell? Ivy’s was the stand-out. While I agree with what’s-her-name (Caroline? I should know this because, according to Uli, she’s an icon) that the lace should have gone on the sleeves or the body of the jacket, not both, I think Ivy was robbed. Those are words I never thought I’d say, write, think, or even allow to pass through my mind for a nanosecond., but there you go.

      Oops, MissAnnieRN reminded me how great the shorts were. Not a fan of formal shorts for the most part, but they fit perfectly and looked great on the model.

      • MoHub

        I had the same reaction. When the lace on the sleeves came together with the lace on the body of the jacket, it did awkward things to the model’s shape.Should have been either one or the other or Ivy should have opted for a diamond-shaped lace panels on the front and back of the jacket instead of the sides. Would have created a cool Harlequin effect and probably would have taken the win.

      •  See, what I loved about how Ivy used that lace, was the subtle surrealism of it.  When the model’s arms are at her sides, the body shape gets broken up into components. Plus the lace, forms that pair of diamonds, that seem, alternately, to float in space, or be holes in a white space.

        • StellaZafella

           Unfortunately, my old ‘professorly’ persona looked at Ivy’s otherwise beautifully made jacket and saw lace elbow patches.

        • Point definitely taken. It takes some creativity and technical skills to pull off that effect. (Based on what she produced in her season, I didn’t think Ivy had either) But that’s a whole lot of lace, and I question the jacket’s hanger appeal because of that.

      • MissAnnieRN

        I agree with Kilted on the issue of the lace on the sleeves and the waist of the jacket creating a great illusion of shape.  And I’m with you – I’m not sold on the idea of formal shorts at all – as in I think it’s kind of a dumb idea, and I would never wear them.  But they are on trend, and if you have long, lean legs and are eleventy feet tall, they can look extremely striking.  See above suggested celebrity models.

        • Kayceed

          I thought Ivy should have won. The jacket was interesting but also very saleable, and the shorts were more editorial –fashion-y but the huge majority of women aren’t going to bite.

      • libraangel

        And the model wearing Ivy’s shorts had GREAT legs!

    • I keep getting the feeling the judges (all of them, Allstars or not) have never walked into an Urban Outfitters, and if they did they would just Ooooh and Aaaah over all the clothes. 

      • Imasewsure

        THANK YOU! These were essentially boring collections of standard hipster store basics. Personally I love Urban Outfitters for what it is, but I don’t want to see their runway show or act like it’s amazing fashion or something “fresh.” I’m guessing this will go the way of most “Masters” shows which gush over nothing… maybe it will get better once the individuals with talent start to take off from the herd! 

        • I kind of blame the producers for being unable to come up with creative and coherent challenges. It seems to either be boring inspiration challenges or totally incoherent/uninteresting creative challenges (stilt-walkers, baby clothes). They’re too busy trying to wring all the money out of PR that they’ve thrown out Project Runway’s niche appeal (designers dealing with design problems). 
          I did like Ivy’s jacket, though. And you can just see the crazy simmering below the surface on her. 

          • Imasewsure

            Gotta agree with you on all points and I although I didn’t particularly like her jacket pattern, I thought it was interesting and different – and worth trying – which was a real positive on the runway. I thought she should have won but I could see why they picked Anthony’s as well. Hopefully it will just get better… not just crazier!!

      • EmyR

        I doubt any of them have ever been in a mass consumer retail store. 

    • annyb


      I am not sure those words mean what we used to think think they mean.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Fee fi fo fum…. is that Georgina Chapman on the judging panel?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I missed Josh’s on the runway (I know, no loss there), and while Peach made an unremarkable dress, Josh created somethng hiddy-but he brings the drama that B-M loves.

    • CarolinLA

      I said this last night but every time Josh gets involved with a team challenge, everything goes to shit.  Somehow he exhibits his influence so that all the specificity goes out of the clothes.  Remember that awful challenge where Team Josh used that fucking clock as an inspiration?  When Tim gave his critique, he asked Josh where his girl was going and he said “Anywhere!  It’s a coat!”  “Anywhere” is not specific.  Like last night:  what was bold about their collection?  The color scheme?  No.  The waist cutouts in the dresses?  No.  The fact that Josh always dresses a woman like he likes to dress himself?  NO.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I think I blocked out so much of Josh’s season on PR and I’d forgotten about that team challenge you described. Anywhere? Come on, Josh, that is not a good answer.  He does defend his designs vociferously, and sometimes that, along with his penchant for drama, keeps designers on the show.

      • libraangel

        I thought Laura Kathleen was being bitchy and bossy too?

  • I knee Peach would be the first to go as soon as I saw the contestant list a month ago. Ivy’s was the best, and I am so happy to see crazy-eyes Wendy!

    • MissAnnieRN

      I heart Peach, and I was sad to see her go.  I really thought that Suede’s napkin/bra cup dress deserved to be auf’ed

      • You got that right. Peach’s was heinously made, but they actually complimented those napkins, and I nearly choked because if that isn’t the oldest studenty trick in the book, I don’t know what is. It was bad, period.

  • Pennymac

    New Schmeidi was stuck up, I agree. And Anthony Ryan’s hair reminded me of a muppet mohawk. (Muphawk?) Yes, the train rolls on, and I sadly, am still addicted…

    • StellaZafella

       Not all models are able to carry off posing/walking and speaking at the same time with the same ease and assurance of Fraulein Klum… Heidi may be in over her head on the artistry sometimes but, at least, she’s savvy enough to be in on the humorous aspect of a model (supermodel, whatever) running a fashion DESIGN reality franchise.

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        I know B/M would never cough up the money to pay her, but would love to have seen Iman as the All Stars host.

        • I’m sure Heidi has some veto power over who they pick.  She is the creator and producer after all.  It would be horrendous if someone like Iman took her gig on All Stars and made Heidi look bad.

      • libraangel

        Sorry – I disagree/ Heidi is Ms. Robot. Even the “humor” sounds programmed coming out of her mouth.

  • siriuslover

    I couldn’t believe that Andre turned out such a hot mess, but it was so interesting to see him juxtaposed to all the Season 7 and beyond folk. Completely different attitude. I couldn’t get beyond the cow spots on Ivy’s jacket, so even though it was well tailored, I wouldn’t have given it the win. Anthony Ryan I think won by default.

    For Team black and blue, Wendy Pepper’s also bordered on vulgar. The shortness of the skirt paired with the fringe right on the private area was just gross. Andre my Andre, step up your game you little lamb!

    • Funkykatt

      Looked to me like she was designing a Halloween sexy-tacky witch costume. 

  • wendy was actually on the winning team i thought? she’s got lace in there…right/

    • Colleen Robinson

      Yeah, she was on the winning team, not Team Hot-Mess.

  • DaveUWSNYC

    Wow. So forgettable. Sad.

    • libraangel

      Never never never understood how Gretchen or Anya (especially her) won ANYTHING!!! Felt the show was rigged

  • Funkykatt

    The most talented designers from all past seasons (I think that’s why they said)?  REALLY?? At least they didn’t include season 10 in this since no one of them was memorable. I can’t believe Laura would have won if she had been on the other team. Maybe the judges were high. 

    •  Besides, aren’t the most talented designers, the one’s who WON?  (At least in the mythical world of PR)

      • Stubenville

        No. See Exhibit B., Anya Ayoung Chee.

        • Oh I would never forget Ms Chee.  That’s why I referred to PR as a mythical world.  Its a place that operates outside of physical, and logical rules.

          • Funkykatt

            And then there was Gretchen…yikes

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        And not one of those previous winners is going to subject themselves to another round of PR insanity, me thinks.

  • I adore Barbara Nitke. She’s the unsung heroine of the past ten seasons.

    • Barbara is so awesome. I really need to chat with her one day about how she has managed to keep her sanity through all the cray cray of PR. Did you get her kickstarter book, American Ecstasy? I’m reading it now.

    • MissAnnieRN

      Who is Barbara Nitke?  Why do I feel so uneducated?

      • Barbara Nitke is the Project Runway photographer- you’ll see her credit line on the Lifetime photos. She’s also quite interesting…

  • greyhoundgirl

    I would have loved Ivy’s jacket–except that I didn’t at all like the lace on both the waist and the sleeves.  I thought it looked fungal when the model had her arms by her sides and the two lace inserts were together.  If the lace was at the waist and not the sleeves–best garment on the runway.

    • yulaffin

       I agree.  I would have liked the outfit better with the lace just on the waist of the jacket.

  • I would have chosen the word, “coy.” You could make some really sexy, but demure outfits with that word. “Bold” and “Confident” were too safe.

    • roadtrip1000

      I suppose coy could have potential but it could also lean towards twee. Now that would make for an amusing challenge.

  • mjude

    good to see some of the designers, but i struggled trying to remember who was the winner say the “ivy” season.  i dont get why suede should even be an all star or is it just for the drama? 

    • MoHub

      Ivy’s season was the Year of the Wretchen. Ivy made Michael Costello cry.

      • mjude

        thank you!  LOL  i had to google for a list of winners 🙂

      •  Is there someone who DIDN’T make the Costello leak tears?  Man, I thought I was a water faucet!

        • Colleen Robinson

          That’s what I was going to say! Costello cried at the drop of a hat.

          • Michael Costello and Ricky from season 4 should get Lifetime Achievement Awards for crying.

            The thing that’s different about Ivy making MC cry is I’m damn sure that’s precisely what she set out to do. She’s going to have to do some serious kitten- and baby-saving to redeem herself. Girl was straight up mean.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Costello was an emotional mess during that season-and I”m someone who’s been known to tear up during movie credits.

      • Susan Collier

        Which is OK in my book. But, yeah, she grew more awful with each successive challenge.

    • Gretchen won the season Ivy was on. Ugh.

    • alyce1213

      It’s the season Mondo or Andy South should have won.

      • Now that Andy is transgender, maybe he should be on PR again….he fits Lifetime’s Demo!

        • formerlyAnon

          Plus, what a backstory!

        • buildmeatower

           Just a quick head’s up, she’s now going by the name Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong.

  • That little bit of lace that’s right at the apex of the model’s legs in Wendy’s dress is not flattering.  I was taken aback that she didn’t realize it looked like, well…hair.

    • Wendy Pepper also seems fond of putting bits of chiffon in kick pleats, which end up looking like clinging toilet paper.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Ah, the Charmin collection.

  • Funkykatt

    If they are AllStars then how do they have the months to put into PR, wouldn’t they be too busy to do this? 

    • MilaXX

       They filmed them at the same time.

      •  I think funkykatt meant the contestants.

    • formerlyAnon

       They film straight through, no week-long breaks. So 6 episodes could be filmed in well under 2 weeks.

    • andcoh

      A full season of PR, minus the fashion week show, films in less than a month.  They usually get 
      ‘off’ every ten days or so (so about three/four challenges) to do confessionals and such.  First break is when they do all the promo photos as well, so a few contestants have already been eliminated by that time.

  • Judy_S

    Yikes. On this one, I may just skip the show and read the posts. A few decent outfits, great comments on the less wonderful ones, and just enough about the actual show to make me realize I need a break.
    I had seen ads or pictures and I was trying to figure out why Andrea was back. But it’s Wendy. Hmm.

  • 1. You could kill a man with new Schmeidi’s cheekbones, and I am jealous to death of her for that. 

    2. Wendy Pepper designed a short dress with black fringe at the crotch. Black fringe. Crotch. I personally would never want to wear a dress that made it look like I was advertising my poor lady grooming to the world. 

  • Oh, Kayne. I hope he does just send increasingly more extravagant pageant dresses down the runway. If I was on this kind of show and knew that the judges probably wouldn’t let me win, I would totally just make whatever the fuck I wanted and use it as a free advertising opportunity. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      God bless him,Kayne is going to work that pageant shtick for as long as he’s on this season, and I say go for it.

    • CarolinLA

      It is the year of the catwoman.

  • alyce1213

    As soon as I saw Ivy’s lace inserts, I knew Mrs Weinstein would fall all over it, it’s just so Marquesish.  Don’t think she should have won because I’m so over shorts (actually I almost never liked them at all).
    I agree with Anthony’s win, even with the crotch.  
    The drag pageant/figure skating dress was a riot.  Thanks for a big laugh, Kayne.
    I wish Uli had done something else with the front of her dress — she’d have been in the top I think. This is pretty, but not exactly a stretch for Uli.  I want more from her, please.

    •  I laughed so hard when Kayne’s dress came down the runway. I love Kayne and I don’t care what he makes. I’m just happy to see him back on my television.

      • formerlyAnon

        I busted out in a smile when I saw it too.  I also love that he’s good at what he does. That was a lot of effect he created in the working time this episode. Properly fitted and tweaked, I think he could sell it as a stage outfit for a singer.

        •  And I always get the feeling that Kayne knows what he does is OTT and tacky and he likes it that way.  I mean, how many times have we heard him claim to be high fashion?  I can’t really think of any, as opposed to people like Josh, who are tacky and deluded.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I think Kayne is what you see on the show, and I don’t think he has a pretentious bone in his body, which I personally love.

          • formerlyAnon

            I can’t recall the name of the show or the network (I’m sure someone on here can) but there was a short show (a handful of episodes? two? can’t recall) that followed Kayne through a month or two running his pageant wear business as it was at that time. He was really good with the clients, and the people around him (employees & his family) seemed to be decent folks who mostly got along. The drama, as I recall, was entirely around meeting deadlines & tactfully steering clients.

        • You know, you make a point here.  He did a LOT in a short amount of time and Anthony couldn’t even fit that crotch properly.  I think the most annoying thing about his win is that I think it should have gone to Ivy and that disturbs me a little.

      • alyce1213

        Me too, actually.  He’s one of PRs unforgettable characters. And taste issues aside, he’s a darn good technician.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Kayne did a short series for TLC-maybe six episodes?  It was a fun program-lots of pageant dresses, and Kayne had a nice group of people around him .

  • SapphoPoet

    Ack–I didn’t realize this had started and I missed the TLounge last night. Some interesting looks. Sorry to hear Peach went home. 

  • tignor

    New Schmeidi referred to Mondo as the “first Project Runway All-Stars winner”…which was Daniel V…are they back to pretending he hasn’t won anything?

    • MoHub

      They don’t count the first All Stars since it was a one-off. Besides, both Chris March and Uli did better work than Daniel V. in that one.

  • janierainie

    Once again I agree with you guys about the winner. I hope we’re wrong about the AR “pet thing”. He really is irritating, and his outfit wasn’t interesting to me. Andre’ should have won the vocabulary portion of the challenge, though. I lament that. 

    • Like this comment because I think Ivy should have taken it and because of your lamentation.

  • MilaXX

    Words I never thought I’d utter: I thought Ivy should have won.
    Not only was Anthony Ryan’s outfit a bit basic, it had insane crotch. I had to remind myself not to expect logic from PR anymore. I have say though, I love anytime Rachel Roy sits in the judges chair.

    • It just goes to show how commercial the show is.  Instead of fashionable accessories, they offer commercial accessories.  Yawn.

      I really really really really want them to stop name-dropping the hair/make-up/accessories.  We get it.  You’re sponsored.  I don’t care to hear it ever effing show!  I will never buy any of those products because I am offended by that sort of stupid advertising.  “Hey you! Dummy with a wallet!  I’m gonna say the name of this swill I’m peddling so much you’ll eventually forget that I’ve said it a million times and then go out and buy it cuz you’re fucking dumb and I can make you buy my crap, ok?  Ok!”  Eat shit product placers.  Eat.  Shit.

      • MilaXX

        I don’t mind it so much. I mean, it’s a reality show and much like the commercials the network airs. the sponsors pay the bills. For me it’s just funny to see how they have gone from high end sponsors to more to commercial ones. Not for nothing but Laura Mercier is pretty decent stuff.

      • formerlyAnon

        As much as I deride PR’s product placement, NOTHING is as big of an insult to the viewer than as the commercials they had on The Fashion Show in which show mentor Nicole Richie not just *implied* but stated that she used some Suave hair product. AS IF. She’s a well-to-do woman with difficult hair, there is NO WAY anything by Suave goes on her head except by accident.

  • Stubenville

    Dear lord, WTF was Wendy Peppers lace ladybits fringe about?

  • MissAnnieRN

    I felt really bad for Ivy when Joanna was all “I was a little scared to meet you because I heard you are such a BITCH.”  I cringed.  Not exactly a great social strategy, I expect better from Joanna.  I suspect the producers put her up to that so that Ivy had a chance to tell us her sob story.

    • oh good point because I was thinking even Miss Joanna knows that “reality” doesn’t necessarily jibe with reality.

    • formerlyAnon

      Oh I don’t know. It’s not like Ivy doesn’t know her reputation and sometimes it’s easier to just get stuff out in the open, especially if it can be done in a low drama way.

    •  I preferred that to her “I felt so bad for you when you were chosen last” to Wendy.  Um, why?  It’s not like it was because everyone hated her, since they don’t even know her yet — someone had to be last for god’s sake! 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Wendy is an adult, and she was very open during the first season of PR about her strategy. I’d say the woman can handle this.

    • I felt a little bad for Ivy, and it was cringe-worthy. But let’s not forget that Joanna is the woman who plots Nina’s demise in her spare time, and publicly enumerated the ways in which Nina might humiliate herself at work. :>) I put nothing past Joanna, and I love her for it.

  • almondemy

    There needs to be a PR/RPDR crossover where Kayne designs outfits for Chad Michaels.

    • Kayceed

      Kayne would need MORE FEATHERS. 🙂

      • formerlyAnon

         I’m pretty sure he’d be good with that.

  • Wendy still has deranged eyes which frighten me. Her dress also has a little lace vag curtain. Every woman wants one of those.

    Casanova’s dress looked like every dress Casanova sent down the runway. That lace scalloping is something he did every week.  

  • In_Stitches

    As much as love him, Andrea was the clear loser, no?  Not only was his garment ill-conceived, it was poorly crafted.  Peach’s idea had merit: an lbd with sheer sleeves leading to a pop of blue-it’s sexy, trendy and unique.  Granted, the workmanship wasn’t there, but her efforts were better than his.  

  • Stubenville

    And sad to say, Uli’s flowing gown fell flat executed in a solid instead of a print, and the details were odd and unflattering.

    • That bit on the front reminded me of the designer from this past season who put a ruffle down the front of every outfit he did. 


  • XMom

    When I saw Wendy’s outfit the first thing that popped into my mind was ‘bat wings on her chest’. How appropriate since Halloween is just around the corner.

    I liked Ivy’s jacket, but my husband took one look at it and said ‘cow’. And once he put that in my head, I couldn’t see those lace inserts as anything else!

    I missed Kaynebow so much. That outfit was SO him. I loved it just because I love him.

    I do, however, find myself eagerly waiting for Suede to go. That talking about himself in the third person habit he has drives me nuts. And he did look really stoned through the whole episode. That was funny!

    • Suede seems like he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and I really like that about him. But his referring to “Suede” as if “Suede” were a separate entity drives me nuts too. And his clothes are just batshit crazy most of the time. So despite his guilelessness, I can’t deal with him and was hoping he’d be the first to go. Sadly, it was Peach. :>(

  • Tamara Hogan

    Kayne? Wendy? What’s with those insane crotches? 

  • crash1212

    Yeah…watched it…whatever. What did get my attention were the outfits worn by one Joanna Coles – that dress on the roof was a stunner and all the ‘visit’ outfits were excellent. I know she won’t be part of Judging the Judges – but girl got style!

  • Isn’t Kaynebow’s design not just a pageant gown, but rather a pageant jumpsuit? Ooooh gurl. 

    •  I KNOW!   Lace Cat suit?  With attached cape?  I barked out loud with laughter.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Now that you mentioned it, Kayne’s offering could have been an at home look for Halle Berry in her unlamented “Catwoman”. That, or a “Kiten with a Whip” .

        • I really do wonder just exactly where one was supposed to wear such an outfit. Casual, at home entertaining? Yoga class? Board meeting? All three become possible IF one is a super villianness.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Ah, the world of super villainesses in which they can wear whatever insane outfit they damn well please!

    • Kayceed

      Catsuit with attached train. Not often seen on the ole PR runway.

      • SewingSiren

        He thinks he’s on Drag Race.

        • barbiefish

          Exactly — my husband immediately called it as an outfit for a drag queen.

    • The second I saw that I pictured J-Lo in it. She seems to favor glitzy jumpsuits for performing. It was very much a stage look.

      • formerlyAnon

         Exactly. My thought was Cher, she’s old enough that she’s been going for full body coverage (albeit sheer) for a while now.

    • dress_up_doll

      I realized that it was a jumpsuit right away. Did you notice the lace trim on the bottom of each leg? Ooooh gurl, indeed. There was so much going on with this that I didn’t know where to rest my eyes. Oh, Kayne. Here we go again.

  • formerlyAnon

    Ho. Hum.

    I too, would favor Ivy’s here.Though I see the germ of something better-than-average in those sheer panels sticking out from the bodice of Andrae’s dress, am impressed with the mainstream construction skills Suede deployed, and LOVE Kayne to death. I think there’s a good chance he could sell that dress to Cher. Shoulda stuffed the model’s bra a bit, though, IMO.

  • Susan Collier

    Didn’t understand the Anthony Ryan love. The shirt looked like it had two backs; it was… odd.
    Thought Ivy should have won too.
    Casanova and Althea’s are so similar to me, otherwise nothing worth noting.
    It was great seeing Kayne again! He really whips up a lot of stuff in a short amount of time without a big fuss.

    Josh’s was dreadful.
    Emilio’s was like a pencil skirt liederhosen. And, yes, vulgar.
    The judges liked Laura’s for some reason.
    Andrae’s was terrible. I’m trying to remember if he did anything I liked on his season (besides being the romantic foil for Tim Gunn in Santino’s fantasy world). Did he do the gutter water dress? OK. I liked that one.

  • Oh wow, Wendy’s design is just tacky.

  • jw_ny

    It seemed pretty obvious that Peach was going home…she just seemed so far removed from her comfort zone and element.

    I also think that Ivy should have won this round.  Her design was bold and confident.  😉  Anthony Ryan’s was my second choice  whatevs…it’s early on in the game.

    The rest of the entries were all, for the most part, forgettable…well, all except Kane’s.  O.o  wtf?!  Hideous.  Is she wearing a body suit with a train?  I’m trying to figure out how a woman wearing that might pee.  idk.  (lol…realistically, that’d never be an issue
    cause no woman would ever wear that mess. 😉 )

    I was mostly disappointed with Uli’s.  I like the overall dress, but that bib thing is just odd and looks tacked on.  It had no relevance to the dress at all.  I expect more/better from her.

    • In_Stitches

       It’s a black lace bodysuit with a train; the woman drunk enough to wear that wouldn’t bother taking it off to pee. 

      • jw_ny

         hysterical!  😀

      • alyce1213

        And the drag queen wearing it would just need a zipper installed to pee.

  • kirkyo

    I think I need a break, but I have to admit that was kind of fun. A couple people even gained a bit of self-awareness after their season.

    It’s so obvious that Wendy Pepper came back with a lot of baggage (I’m not here to make friends) but it was kind of melting away by the end, right? I laughed when she was the first and maybe only one to congratulate sweaty Suede on being saved from the auf.

    I also enjoyed Ivy’s “I was an ass****” and Josh’s “from one bitch to another” comments.

  • Wendy, Emilio and Josh seem to have interpreted Bold as Trashy. The others seem to think that BRIGHT BLUE equals BOLD. Mind you, I have no concept of what the bold,yet stylish, woman would actually wear but I gravitate towards Pucci-esque prints when I think bold. 

    Emilio’s design is made worse, I think, by his model’s very athletic body. It doesn’t suit her at all. Not sure who it does suit, but just tacky and trashy. Josh’s entry just makes me laugh, it’s so bad. And Wendy,while overworked, without the vaginal drapery and tragically short length, might have been interesting.

  • I missed out on the Wendy Pepper hate the first go around (missed that season), and didn’t plan on hating her until she said the dreaded “I’m not here to make friends” line. So tired of that. No one goes on PR to make friends, making friends is something that either happens or doesn’t.

    • jw_ny

      It’s typical of Wendy’s bluntness…she more or less just said what was
      on her mind and didn’t want to take any sh*t from anyone.  She was not really likeable nor very nice, but I don’t
      think she was as vile as her reputation has played her out to be.  She
      certainly was never as nasty as Ivy was, or as catty as Josh was.   I think a lot of it has to do with Wendy beating out Austin Scarlet for being the 3rd person going to fashion week…and everyone loved Austin. (blech!) 
      She won the final challenge and they had no choice but to send home one
      of the other 3 favorites (Jay M., Kara Saun, and Austin) and Austin really tanked on that one.  She really was never considered one of the top contenders in that season, and also that was before they started changing the rules and allowing everyone and their grandmother to compete/show at FW.  Also, Wendy had a run in with Kara
      Saun about her shoes for FW not being legit (and they weren’t!)    Kara Saun was that season’s sweetheart (for some odd reason), so nobody liked Wendy for that. 

      Sorry for the long post…but I liked her…understand her, to a point.  She is kind of a bitch tho.  😉

      • janierainie

        Kara Saun- that shoe thing was such a cheat! She thought she had that win in the bag! I bet she never shows up on all stars.  I can’t get over all the hate Wendy took on that. Josh makes her look like Bambi.

        • Wendy is no picnic, and I have little patience for her, but I think Kara Saun is worse because she acted like a special snow flake. She should have been booted off the show for that stunt she pulled with the shoes. It was bad enough that she did it, but when called on it, she never took responsibility. Her “Who? Me?” attitude about the whole thing was galling.

  • librarygrrl64

    I won’t be watching, but I WILL be following your recaps and critiques. It’s handy already knowing who all of the freaks, er, contestants are. 😉 Thanks, gentlemen!

  • One of the judges commented they could see his skirt with a turtleneck. And so can I, just on a tween.

    • jw_ny

      You’re talking about Suede’s, right?  I think it was Isaac that said it was “junior”…as if to say that junior is a bad thing.  what’s wrong with a designer designing for the junior type client?  anyway…I didn’t like the handkerchief skirt..seen it before and now seems dated to me, but it wasn’t the worst of the lot. 

  • dgh

    Ivy was robbed; I assume the producers trying to induce a crack in that nice-girl shtick. 

    I was surprised to see that none of the judges mentioned that the belt buckle of Kayne’s Slutty Grandma loungewear is about three inches shy of a copyright violation; it’s effectively a Chanel logo, as executed by disinterested and uncomprehending factory workers whose source is a third-generation photocopy. 

    Overall a little more promising than the regular Runway season that just ended. I know that’s not saying much, but that was only a week or so ago, wasn’t it? And it’s gone clean out of my head – can’t remember who lost, can’t remember who won, can’t remember caring one way or another. 

    • Kayceed

      Yes, I almost jumped when I saw that belt – I thought one of the judges would mention it.

    • Well I remember that it was Dmitry, if only for the fact that by winning, he will  never get asked to compete in All Stars and that we won’t have the enjoyment of his deadpan asides.

      Of course, they could do an All-Star All-Stars, just winners. Too meta?

      •  No, a large share of winners would never agree to do it. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I can’t imagine that previous winners would have much, if anything, to gain from such a show. Chloe Dao has her own shop, Christian Siriano has been working steadily and showing at NYC fashion week. Jeffrey Sebelia also has a business, too, I think.  I haven’t kept up with the other  winners.

    • formerlyAnon

       I did wonder about the belt – but not having seen a Chanel logo belt buckle up close, that I recall, anyway – it’s not the kind of detail I focus on – I assumed there was some significant difference that made it o.k. to the judges’ eyes.

  • This episode was so boring. I have literally nothing else to say :/

  • Fabulous spot on reporting as usual. I wish Josh had been in the bottom. No wait. That would mean I would have to listen to him talk.
    Why did they like Fabio’s dress? And why didn’t Scmeidi like Ivy’s shorts? There was only one chic, sophisticated outfit up there last night and it was Ivy’s.
    And yes, Suede is clearly not healthy enough to be on the show; it’s Project Runway not Project Detox. Did Wendy really see nothing wrong with putting that little tuft of, uh, lace, down there, in the model’s lady area? Really?

  • SewingSiren

    I would’ve had Uli and Althea in the top. I thought Wendy was on the winning team, and I didn’t think her dress was that bad either.
    I groaned when they chose leather and lace. That’s a pretty banal combination. How about, tartan and lace ? Or something that’t been done once or twice unstead of a thousand times before.
    Team blue didn’t have a single standout piece. I thought Suede should have gone. Bra cups for sleeves? Really? Is this a non conventional materials challenge? What a dope.
    I knew when Peach started talking that it was scripted that she leave first. Did she suddenly forget how to make anything but tennis wear, because the season she was originally on she did know how too. 

    One last thought. When will the judges stop being “surprised” by the surprise bare back. I’m surprised when a garment turns and doesn’t have a bare back.

    • In_Stitches

       I expected Joanna Coles to bring up the bra issue; didn’t she on the last PR: All Stars?  There’s no way you’re wearing a bra with a lace-backed shirt unless you want the band to show. 

      • Yup, caught a rerun of the previous All Stars and she was chastising Costello-Original Flavor for a deeply plunging neckline and back boring-ass caftan.

      • libraangel

        Didn’t Anthony’s have a bra strap showing? I thought so

    • Ah, yes, the surprise of the 742 bare backs that appear weekly on PR. The judges’ surprise is more tiresome than the bare backed tops are.

      Did she suddenly forget how to make anything but tennis wear, because the season she was originally on she did know how too.

      I know! What was that all about? I didn’t always love Peach’s clothes, and she often found herself out of her element (at least partly because she doesn’t have enough faith in her abilities, IMO), but she was certainly able to take a step or two away from her standard aesthetic.

  • nannypoo

    I don’t play or watch tennis. I am aware of Serena Williams and how she dresses when she appears on talk shows, and that’s about the extent of my familiarity with what tennis players wear. So pardon me, but how can you make a career out of designing tennis clothes? A little flared skirt with underpants attached, a little top with neckline and sleeve options, and you can retire. Apparently the skills used for tennis garments don’t transfer to anything else, because that dress was just dumb. I’m glad she’s gone.

    I agree with just about everyone that the newly kind, modest, friendly and humble Ivy should have won this challenge. I wonder how many episodes it will take for the real Ivy to appear.

    • alyce1213

      Tennis clothing is HUGE business. And the outfits ain’t cheap, either.

    • formerlyAnon

       Many people play tennis. Tennis is not one of the cheaper sports to play so many (by no means all) of the people who play it recreationally life-long are able to spend lots of money on their gear.

      •  I always wanted to take up both tennis and sailing, to the befuddlement of everyone who knows me — as they both involve things I dislike, such as exertion and sunlight.  I finally realized that I didn’t want to actually DO either of these things, but I just wanted the wardrobes…

        • formerlyAnon

          Haha. Kinda like how after 2 kids I realized I didn’t really want 4 kids after all, just lots going on with plenty of people coming in & out of the house. And that there are easier ways to accomplish that than 4 kids.

  • bertkeeter

    What’s with the host’s teeth? They look stained and very unhealty.

    • LuluinLaLa

      I was distracted by them too, watching it. It looked like and she spoke like she was wearing braces, invisalign, or a retainer.

      • bertkeeter


  • I might be alone in this, but I didn’t like Ivy’s jacket.  I would have liked it a lot if she had the lace panels at the waist and not on the sleeves but this has the effect of making the model look like she has out of control underarm hair.

    I thought Suede’s look was a lot worse than Peach’s but she’s a middle-aged woman so she had to go first – that’s how it works in Project Runway land.

  • Ivy was robbed… whichever judge who said she’d have liked the jacket with either the sleeves OR the sides was missing the point and pissed me off … the BF and I were mad at Peach for coming back so many times until we realized that was Sweetpea last time. oops.

    • I think every comment the modelhost made was along the lines of “If you dumb this down, I would like it.” The placement of the lace gave it kind of an edgy Rorschach feel, which I never would have expected from a cream blazer.

  • VanessaDK

    Andrae’s dress looks much better in your picture than on the runway.  I can actually see the idea here and i kind of like it.  

    • libraangel

      me too

  • shopgirl716

    Tried to watch it but just can’t take Josh.  Didn’t like him the first time and was shocked and dismayed over his entire season.  Laura Kathleen is another one who makes me want to hurl.  Gross.  Think I’ll just read the recaps for now.

  • MissMariRose

    When I saw all the contestants talking to each other in the hotel, I wondered if any of them mentioned TLo and the blog. Did that occur to anyone else?

    • MilaXX

       I’m sure that gets edited out. You rarely hear the PR folks even acknowledging that blogs exist.

  • granddelusion

    Dear PR: Please define “All-Stars.” You seem to be using the term more loosely with every episode. And, BTW, I did miss this. That is to say, I didn’t watch. Didn’t miss it at all.

  • WOW. I scrolled through shit dress after shit dress, thinking, “wow, you sure THIS wasn’t the loser?” But yeah, I think Peach’s dress takes the shit cake. 

    And also, I can’t believe Uli is subjecting herself to this again.

    • MilaXX

       yep, if you are basically making a sheath dress and you screw up the only point of interest, you deserve to go.

    • formerlyAnon

       Uli’s a businesswoman as well as a designer. I’m sure the attention gives her a little bump every time she’s on t.v.

  • That little number Suede did would have looked good on the Rockettes.

  • StillGary

    How do you make a collection around the concept of “Accepting?”HAHAHA! I missed that!

  • l_c_ann

    Some interesting stuff hidden in the interview with Joanna over on Blogging Project Runway.  A very carefully worded answer about La Nina’s not going with her to Cosmo, and a pro Laura Kathleen comment couched in terms of Nina.

  • StillGary

    Mondo so wanted a pair of Ivy’s shorts — he would wear them with strappy suspenders in a minute — I don’t know about that jacket — the lace patches kind of reminded me of a cow.

    • MilaXX

       I think the lace would have been better either on the waist or the sleeves. Both was a bit much.

    • NCDFan

      I think the lace in both places has the potential to be a very slimming effect on more normally sized women but not with the shorts!

      • Jackie4g

        Slimming effect on a normal sized woman is spot on. On a straight up and down body, it will give the illusion of a waistline. The triangular lines of the insets are flattering to lots of body types. Put it with a pencil skirt and there would be a huge response. People really like it when there is something on the runway that would actually be a wearable piece in the real world.

  • Wendy’s dress was almost vulgar. The placing of that lace on the bottom was a bad idea for such a short dress.

  • StellaZafella

    With Kayne’s whole esthetic I was thinkin’ Alexis Mateo…but the pageant circuit IS self admitted to be one real boobage away from a drag chow.

    • MilaXX

       I was thinking JLo

  • I love it how Uli said that this design showed “the new Uli”. It looks like the same design she used in her season with more stuff sewed on around the neckline.

    • altalinda

      Amen.  That made me laugh.

  • tired_mommy

    Bless Peach and her “tennis-into-day” business–not a fit for PR, but great for the real world. Joanna apparently hasn’t ever been to a suburban school during drop-off or pick-up; tennis-into-day has a definite market.

  • tired_mommy

    BTW, how great was Joanna’s white dress with the red insets–that was bold and confident!

  • LadyCelia

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Peach has been brought back over and over again, with the same sad results?

    • minnye

      For some reason a lot of people are confusing Peach with Sweet Pea.

      • LadyCelia

        Oh my, you’re right, I’m totally confusing them.  They’re more like and archetype of ‘older female designer’ than actual personalities.

        • minnye

          Oh, I understand. 🙂 I think it’s great that they both seem to be happy in their careers (Sweet Pea makeup artist, Peach tennis wear) although that does not explain what they were doing on All Stars…

  • random_poster

    I just want to say that I love Joanna’s white w/red stripe dress.  What a subtle way to incorporate a “bold” and “confident” color into a seemingly simple garment.

  • guest2visits

    How did I not see Kayne’s amazingly cheesy bodysuit until the stills this morning… what crafty editing made me think this was
    a not so bad dress with a train last night ?  It was alot of work to get done, but it still looks like a Halloween project.
    I’m also noticing alot of not so all-star construction on these designs… but it felt like an unusually fast, brief time allottment too.
    Forgot to mention how well Althea’s looked; she might have been a good competitor for Ivy’s jacket and Casanova’s dress.
    Anthony’s was not a winner for me.

  • An hour seemed way too short. Not enough time for all the gooey workroom drama.
    Meh clothes this time, sheesh. Except for that jacket. That was wicked cool, but it also made me want to scratch my arms.

    • libraangel

      HA HA scratch your arm! me too. I agree one hour was too short, but regular PR – one and a half too long! Maybe it’s because they still have 12 designers?!

  • NCDFan

    It’s occurred to me that the PR judging really seems to work on a demerit system. The outfit with the least number of objections wins.

  • VanessaDK


  • jjfg

    Totally agree that Ivy should have been the winner! 

    However I think my favorite part of the show was the judging.  I LOVED how Mondo pretty held a different opinion from everyone – in fact it was refreshing to see them all disagreeing as much as they did.  Heidi, Nina, and Michael almost seem to groupthink much of the time.  LOVE Joanna Coles as the mentor.  Much as I respect Tim, she brings a smack of reality to the work room.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Is that a nip slip on Josh’s model?  Yes, all of the designes are there to advertise for their businesses.  Good bye, Peach-I’ll miss you getting the chance to sling the “good china” phrase.

  • Carleenml

    I was happy to dvr and watch this one. It’s back to an hour. The way the fashion gods intended PR to be. Worst thing they ever did was go 90 minutes. I can’t sit through that even with fast forward. 

    • The 90 minute shows fuck with my DVR too.  It only allows me to record two shows at a time and I have two other 9pm (central) shows.  Since it was already recording PR, it wouldn’t record one of my other shows.  The last couple of weeks, I had to cancel the 8pm show and record it at midnight.

  • Qitkat

    I think it’s funny that all 13 outfits are dispensed of in one post. Like the efficiency of country music awards show outfits.

    I knew Peach would be the first one to probably go home, as she had no business being there, she was just for the *nice* drama, and didn’t someone (Joanna?) tell her she didn’t need to “mother” anyone, but to concentrate on her design. Andrae’s was a hot mess, but at least it showed design elements. Does anyone else get squicked out by belly buttons showing under sheer? I would have replaced Suede with Josh in the bottom three. His was such a tackyslutty hot mess. I actually liked Wendy’s on the runway and did not realize the lace umm good china til these pics.

    Uli surprised me, and not in a good way, with that choking dog collar/overdone placket thingy. Ahh, Kaynebow, you sweet, pageanty, over-achiever. Great skills, if completely irrelevant to the challenge. And, like many others, the words I never thought I would udder, Ivy was robbed. It didn’t look like a cow to me. AR, this win makes me give side-eye to the judges.

    • Freudian slip? Or pun?  re: udder/cow.

      • Qitkat

        pun ; )
        I was immediately aware of it, so I guess it doesn’t qualify for F.S.

  • Sam

    I loved Kayne’s look. It look like something Catwoman would wear. Couldn’t you just picture Ertha Kitt wearing this to some black tie gala as she tried to steal the Cat Scratch Diamond? 

  • Kayne:  I love him so I’m a bit prejudiced but I thought the fact that he turned this out in such a short amount of time was amazing. 

    Emilio:  All I can see are painful looking baby heads.

    Josh:  I totally expected to see a wardrobe malfunction on the runway.

    Suede:  Haven’t we seen this napkin skirt a million times before in earlier seasons of PR?  He should have gone home.

    • Snailstsichr

       Yes to the napkin skirt comment!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Kayne is very skilled in the work room, whatever taste issues might crop up, the man can turn out clothes fast.

  • butter nut

    josh shoulda been the one to go home, for his sheila e thunderdome get up. but the producers are going to wring as much drama outta that one as they can.  im already exhausted.  even though i think it needed a good bit of tailoring, i really liked ivy’s & wanted it to win.  also, i’d put althea in the top three over cassanova.  poor peach.  at least everyone knows who to call the next time they need tennis clothes.  also, too, seriously how high was suede?  that bitch is so fucking medicated.  i hope we get treated to a very special crossover episode of PR All-Stars meets Intervention.  please, dear cable gods, please make this happen.

  • Best thing about about All Stars? It’s only an hour and not an hour and a half. 

  • Ivy should have won, and though i LOVE Peach, she should have been auffed. Now I’m waiting for Josh’s inevitable meltdown, where he turns into a raging monster bitch. 

  • kschwarting

    Aw, Peach.  I love her, but that dress is a disaster.

  • Wellworn

    The best 5 minutes of the show was Joanna Coles far too brief first walk through in the workroom.  All we got were one liners, but they were fabulous one liners.  I wish they would spend more time on the mentoring part, but then it would be a half hour longer.  As for the designers, I know it’s petty of me but Althea and Laura’s hair annoyed the hell out of me.  Made me actually respect Wendy for keeping her hair real.  Agree that Ivy was the best, but Peach wasn’t the worst.  If she had executed it better, I think it would have slid through.  Hated those vulgar skank outfits from Emelio, Josh and Andrae.  Is the midriff coming back?  Yuck.  And Suede made another of his ice skating dresses, and as usual, an ugly one.  Not impressed with those All Stars this time around, and sad because I love me some Uli, Casanove, Kayne, and Peach.  Just to see them, not necessarily their clothes.  Which is kinda sad, too.   And that is all I want to say about this.  Cause they didn’t give me enough time to fully recover from PR.  I know how you guys feel, wanting to just get the whole thing done in one post.  Onward to next week.

  • Here’s my opinion.  Suede reminds me of an ensemble member of a community production of RENT.  Josh stole Edina Monsoon’s jacket, Wendy sucks, Emilio’s face when he speaks reminds me of Sandra Bernhard, Althea is lovely, Ivy is still a bitch, Andre is off his rocker, and I can’t remember any of the other.  Uli is great.  

  • Why did they keep calling this the second all-stars?   What was the thing that Daniel  V. won?

    • Lilithcat

      It was a one-episode special, as opposed to a series.

      •  Oh…OK.   They seemed to be pushing it hard, they mentioned it a few times, and I don’t remember them saying anything last time about it being “the first”.   Did Daniel piss them off, or am I seeing passive-aggression where there is none?

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I don’t know whether B-M and the PR franchise had any ideas of doing a full season of All Stars when the show moved to Lifetime.  I remember having the impression that they did that first one episode All Star special partially as  a promo for the first season that ran on Lifetime, and also to give Daniel V. another shot at winning.  He did so well during Season Two and had a lot of fans.

  • Oh, Kayne! You’re so adorable and pageantastic!

  • ClevelandburbsBeth

    No one else thought the lace on Ivy’s blazer looked like fungus? Just me? I blurted it out to no one as I was watching it come down the runway and today, seeing it again, I still can’t see anything but (well-executed) fungus. Blech.

  • alula_auburn

    “Boring, with a side of vulgar” seems kind of like a meta-statement about PR these days.

  • What was up with Suede?!?!? Holy crap, he looked drugged beyond belief.

    Wendy Pepper…goodness me….she’s a friend of a co-worker of mine, and she’s sweet as pie. You can tell she’s trying to do the villain thing, but her hippy dippy goodness keeps leaking through.

    None of the looks were even regular season-worthy this episode.

  • Coco Cornejo

    Okay, I’ll admit it up front. I was looking at the runway shots from Season 10 to avoid starting my workday. And it occurred to me that TLo missed a perfect opportunity to report on much loved auwfed contestants. I would have loved to read what Frokeman had to say about what he saw on the runway that day. 

  • Rebecca Jay

    As one who detests lace in any form, I do like Ivy’s jacket.

    The lace thing on Althea’s dress is pretty neat, but the dress itself is not neat.  

    That piece running down the front of Uli’s dress… she’s done that before, right?  Funny how she says she’s not just all flowy pretty dresses, she’s going to show us the new, City Uli – then puts out a flowy (leaving out the “pretty” on this one) dress.

    I don’t like that host, whoever she is.  And the top three judge-people who grate my nerves and clench my jaw are, in order:  Mondo, Rachey Roy, and Isaac Mizrahi.  That whole panel last night – just .. ugh, hate you all!

  • mom2ab

    Anthony Ryan wins with a pair of white pants with polterwang…gonna be a long 8 weeks.

  • mom2ab

    And as much as I love me some Uli that dress is the same dress she has been making since we met her- just in a solid not a print.

  • dickylarue

    How can Uli lose this? The field is lackluster to say the least. 

    Peach was so obvious in her plugging attempts for her tennis brand she deserved to go rather than give her more plug time. 

    Anthony Ryan previously came out of the gate fast and then became boring and coasts until he’s auf’d. I expect the same. 

    They liked Laura Kathleen? Really? 

    Folks, this is Uli’s coronation. It feels like these All Star things are just payback for bad luck the first time around. 

    What they need to do is a season with all the champions vs. 1st runner ups for the “biggest prize in PR history”. 

    This season feels like a yawn and I’m not excited to see Ivy play Jeckyll & Hyde all season. 

  • UsedtobeEP

    I thought Josh should have gone home, no question. That top was just awful. I know Wendy did the crotch lace thing, but I think the neckline was actually bold so I’ll give her a pass. And yeah, Ivy should have won. Maybe the judges kept her from doing so out of spite. Heh heh.

  • Tracy_Flick

    The bra cups. I cannot believe they didn’t bitch more about those. I don’t know much about dress-making, but when that came down the runway, I was like “OMG are those BRA CUPS? Hiddy.”

    I liked Uli and Althea the best. 

    • Suede never could do sleeves, so now he resorts to bra cups.  Awful – he coasted way too far his first season – hopefully he’ll be aufed soon.

  • Dana Cole

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed Josh’s model doing a discrete pull at one of the, for lack of a better word, boob flaps, when she was posing at the end of the runway?  I was seriously worried that she was going to fall out at some point.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I thought that looked like a nip slip.  I’m often puzzled by designers’ fondness for doing such low, wide necklines. Do they think it’s sexy? dramatic? Are they saving time and fabric?

  • Vera L-

    It looked like Clinique Counter left his model’s breasts hanging out, and not in a good way. Also, the long gray dress Schmeidi wore, it looked Maternity to me. 

  • There’s no content to this challenge. Make something “bold/confident” is extremely vague (though more translatable into clothing than “accepting”: I’m accepting of Amish skirts/I’m accepting of pussy bows). I understand the producers wanted to wring out some drama by making this a team challenge, but these bitches didn’t give that to them. Everyone seemed very magnanimous (well, it’s only the first day). Sans the drama, this challenge made no sense as a team challenge. What’s the point of coordinating fabrics and establishing a through-line for a “bold” or “confident” (how differentiated!) collection? At least in Season 8 each team was to choose a concept and a textile from a board and develop a fall collection (there’s a lot more specificity and more problem-solving). Since they could not come up with an interesting challenge, why not have the designers “represent their aesthetic/point-of-view by making a garment that exudes boldness”. There. It’s about as uninspiring as it gets, but it circumvents the pointlessness of working in teams.

    The garments?

    Anthony: His win is ridiculous and scripted. To me, this was one of the least successful looks. The crotch looks pissed off, there are fit issues in the back, the front’s kind of frumpy and lackluster, and the scalloped lace in the back looks tacked-on (probably because it is).

    Ivy: Easily the best look. It’s meticulously rendered, and I like how the lace panels match up in a harmonious, symmetrical way. The shorts are good. Their edginess serves as a counterpoint to the refinery of the jacket. It’s a winning look.

    Casanova: Very well made, and he did integrate the lace better than, say, Anthony or Althea (I like how he utilized the scalloping in the back). Overall, good work (even if the garment’s a bit unremarkable).

    Althea: Some nice work with french seaming, but the lace is not applied all that aptly (it looks a bit thrown over).

    Kayne: Oh, the filigreed boy. Well, he did put in the work. This is better executed than most looks (particularly the winning look), and it is in keeping with his aesthetic, but I don’t know: the lace jumpsuit with those boob panels and the glitter and the camel toe is not working for me as far as taste goes (though as I noted, the execution’s rather good, especially considering the very finite amount of time).

    Uli: I love the hemline (it’s beautifully finished). The dress is very expected of her: flowing, breezy, resort-oriented. I like the straps, don’t mind the ruffled panel, hate the collar, and hate-hate-hate the embellished bib.

    Wendy: Ditch the bow, ditch the lace at the crotch, make it slightly longer, and you have something halfway decent. I don’t mind the cut of the neckline: yes, it is gimmicky but it’s the only element that generates design interest.

    Laura: Not a fan of the peplum, but it’s a clean-cut garment (devoid of unnecessary embellishments). I’ll take that over the ruffles and the handkerchiefs, and the sparkles any day.

    Emilio: Competently made. Yes, it is kind of vulgar though less vulgar than Josh’s.

    Josh: I think THIS is vulgar. And badly made. There’s a lot of junk in that thing. At least Emilio’s is well-cut and balanced.

    Suede: He’s in his 40s and still dresses like a 15-year old skate rat (not that there’s anything wrong with that; in fact, I’d rather he design something similar to what he wears himself than have him make ballerina/Barbie dresses over and over). The bra cups are ridiculous. The ruffles? Well, at least he designed something. It’s a done-done-done technique (which he did not utilize well, though I’ll take into account time constraints). That said, it’s ugly. Girly ugly.

    Andrae: He’s at it again, quivering and whimpering. I don’t know what that thing IS. WTF are those scarf-like blue… things? A stand-up sheer top wasn’t a bad idea, but he clearly couldn’t engineer it.

    Peach: Splat.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Rooting for Andre and Wendy. Yeah, I said it!

  • ChristinaRi

    The show was fine from my point of view.   It was the introductory phase where there are too many designers to keep track of.   Joanna Cole’s critiques were interesting and on point.   As much as I love Tim, I think his critiques suffer in comparison.   I also enjoyed the judging.  It was fresh and it was critical without being demeaning, or at least that’s what I thought.

  • I’m going to say this until they schmauf him, but I can’t stand Anthony Ryan’s stuff.  So boring and there’s always some really obnoxious detail that makes me want to attack it with scissors and a blow torch.  This time, it wasn’t the bad crotch (remember his merkin?), it was that stupid stupid collar.  

    Anywho, Ivy’s crazy self should’ve won.  Andrae, oh Andrae, wtf?  I didn’t get a good look at Kayne’s entry, but now that I see it…  Wow with a side of lol.  Uli 2.2!!!  Wendy, how very old fashioned of your model to not groom… Althea’s exploded lace all over her model’s ass.  Not flattering.  Laura, boxy and yawn-worthy.  Josh, ninja dominatrix.  Blech to the others.

  • Lattis

    I love Uli and I love Uli’s dresses – they look fabulous in motion. If I was wearing one I’d be all “Hi bye can’t stop have to keep moving catch ya later . . . “

  • You boys are on fire today. Each comment about the pictures made me laugh harder than the one before it. Oh,and I thought Anthony’s was horrible. “Heidi New Balance activewear” in front and ‘Charlotte Russe” (if that place is still around) in the back. As boring/tacky of a mess as “ESosa”

  • Indovina

    Good, bad, or boring, I think it was better than it had any right to be, really.

    I’m not quite sure how to respond to the Ivy redemption arc—especially since the preview indications are that it’s misleading—but I am a sucker for redemption arcs and, besides which, so long as she doesn’t revert to her Season 8 level of design, I don’t care if she reverts to her Season 8 behaviour. In any case, I agree that her outfit deserved to win this challenge.

    I must admit I also enjoyed the relative self-awareness that the contestants at least appeared to show—the toast to Wendy Pepper as trailblazer for instance. It was almost too aware.

    Onwards. Anthony Ryan’s was overrated, but I’m not sure if he is the designated judges’ pet. And on the subject of judges’ pets, the bizarre and unnecessary comment by the judges about Laura Kathleen makes me wonder if they might not be headed in that direction—I know that TLo and many others (including Joanna Coles, I believe) found her decoy collection the best of Season 9, but I found it just plain ugly.

    Now, as for Peach’s elimination, there is no nice way to say this, but I don’t think she is even regular Project Runway material, much less All-Stars material. Not that there has actually been a difference in quality between regular PR and All-Stars, mind you. Frankly, she’s just far too narrowly oriented a designer for the show.

  • TSkot

    Emilio’s dress was definitely bold; the only look in that collection that was.

  • rainwood1

    I was pleased by the lack of drama and agree that Ivy’s should have been the winning look.  I also liked Laura’s.  It wasn’t groundbreaking but it was lovely.  I’m hoping Suede is the next to go and Joshua right after him.    

  • Ay-yi-yi-yi…

    I was disappointed with Andre’s as well. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he thought the challenge was to build a model of the solar system. Wendy’s looked like something a group would wear to a Batman The Dark Night convention. Kayne Bow’s, with the ass cape, looked part Fredrick’s of Hollywood and part Lucy Ricardo. What was up with Suede anyway? He seems to have aged 20 years – though with the origami stuff, I’m wondering if he’s trying to channel old castmate Judy Noodles. Uli’s was very disappointing – because she’s the one designer here I’d expect more from. I don’t get why Anthony’s won. It looks like mall clothes to me. And I agree that Ivy should have won this one. But I’ve got to admit, I dozed off for parts of this episode.


  • kimmeister

    Oh my, Mondo is wearing Blanche Devereaux’s pajamas.

  • halo323

    I also thought Ivy deserved the win, but looking at it now, I HATE those metallic shoes with her outfit.  Lace inserts + black leather booty shorts is a look that does not cry out for a pointy silver pump.  A hot little black stiletto ankle bootie would have really put the look over the top.

  • piperkitty

    Andre’s dress, all I could think of was Judy Jetson.

  • minnye

    I liked the b&w graphic of Ivy’s look, the way she matched the lace diamonds on the body and sleeve, and the little leather shorts. I was mighty confused when Murphy called Ivy, Casanova and Anthony Ryan to step forward together. Casanova looked like safe middle and Anthony R, sorry, I thought that outfit was ugly. I didn’t get the love for Laura K’s look either. But as other BK’s have noted, we are not to expect logical judging here.

    As for the other looks, Althea’s dress was elegant and I loved that she used opaque black hose. I loved Wendy’s neckline. If that had been a vest, say over a slim trouser, it would have been really interesting. I am looking forward to more of Uli’s flowy gowns because they’re always beautiful, don’t care if they are expected.


    Wendy was of course on the Confident team, not the Bold one, and her effort wasn’t bad, just a little comical.   The top three from her team should have been Ivy, Uli, and Althea, with Ivy winning.   Emilio and Laura had the best pieces on the losing team.  Josh, Suede, and Peach had the three worst.    Josh should have been sent packing.   There were no real surprises, aside from Ivy’s apparent improvement (at least as a designer.)

    • Stubenville

      Did you notice the crotch lace detail on Wendy’s?


        Yes, I thought it was funny, not ugly (though it doesn’t mean that I particularly like her work as a designer.)   Also, (not in answer to your question) I meant to say earlier that I don’t remember Wendy as being a Bitch.   I remember her as being slightly unhinged.   Based solely on her appearance now, I’d say she looks like she may be a convert to Wicca.       

        • lesmaha

          I just watched season one reruns because I was home sick with the flu.  Wendy was the full combo platter, but even so, the whole of season one was just head and shoulders above anything we’re seeing now. It was pretty incredible. Made me sad for the current state of PR.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Season One is such a treat to watch-it was fresh, and no one knew what to expect. Jay McCarroll’s final collection was so original, too.

        • libraangel

          LOL  Wendy Wicca Witch!

  • pdquick

    Did Casanova have bra cups surgically implanted in his upper lip?

  • bitterk

    I guess I am the contrarian.  I enjoyed last night’s show.  The designers seem to have all progressed.  I like April’s suit and Anthony’s top.  I loved the back of Casanova’s dress and loved the flow of Uli’d dress.  Laura and Emilio both produced bold looks that would have turned heads.  The runway show, while not jaw dropping, collectively was better than almost all of last season’s efforts.   This is a far more talented bunch than we have seen assembled in a while.  Aside from Josh who is determined to outshine his own designs, there was little personal drama.  I also thought the judging was fair.  Not that I agreed with everything but it’s not like the four of them agreed on everything either.  I thought the challenge had potential and could have been great if word choices had been more thought-provoking.  I hope TLO will continue to cover the show.  I think this season has alot of potential and I think folks should watch before they pass judgment.    

  • Mikala18



    I love Kayne, but he should have
    been a designer in the 80’s on the set of “Dynasty;” I still can’t believe the
    outfit Andrae put together it was all over the place. I’m glad Rachel Roy was
    the guest judge as she actually gave feedback the designers could use. I have a
    feeling Wendy Pepper will make it to the finale, and my co-worker at DISH
    thinks Josh will be the overall winner, but it is too early to tell. I will
    miss next week’s episode but I’ve set my Hopper to record it, and since I’m so
    obsessed with this show I decided to record the rest of the season. I wish they
    would have brought back Tim Gunn; he is what makes this show so much fun to


  • Zippypie

    I love how you boys dispensed with all these boring looks in one post.  *I bow*

    Ivy’s shorts did her in.  Issac doesn’t like shorts.  They all agreed – and rightly so – they are passe.  End of Ivy’s win.  But also both the waist and sleeves having lace insets didn’t work.  Waist yes.  Sleeves looked weird.

    AR’s top was trashy with that lace back.  And I bet it was hot glued on.  The rest of the garments were unremarkable, really, except for Kayne’s which was a magnificent piece of drag queen wear.  Tacky central, but terribly entertaining!

  • BobStPaul

    The “other” team looks far worse in the stills than on the runway.  It must have been hard to decide which three were the worst.

  • Amandack

    What happened to Andrae?

    I said “titties” aloud to the tv when Josh’s outfit came out.  That’s not a good thing.  I thought for sure he’d be in the bottom, but the producers probably want to keep him at least halfway, if not to the finals for maximum drama, so he probably couldn’t be bottom in the first challenge.

  • lucasuk82

    Oh Kayne – his was one of the few I ID’ed correctly. I find Ivy’s jacket very interesting and impressive, although I wonder how flattering it would be on a non-model.  I actually kind of like Little Lamb’s dress, or at least the criss-cross lapel and shoulder detail.  (Was it sheer over the abdomen?  If so, ew.)

  • Amy

     Bless cute little Uli. “look at my new and improved style!”’s the same style. Lucky for you, it’s a great one 😉

  • Linderella

    If Ivy had made a skirt instead of shorts, I’d have been 100% behind it.  But the shorts and the jacket, for me, felt as if they belonged to two different outfits.

  • zelavie

    I haven’t watched the show yet, so these pics are all I know of the clothes.  

    So is it just me, or does it look like Wendy’s model has a horrible affliction that’s causing her crotch to melt away her shorts?

  • MattCooper27

    a) Why do so many male designers’ personal style seem so misguided? (Suede’s douchey dyed hair and pretentiously third person narrative, Josh’s severely tweezed brows, shellacked hair, and Cloroxed teeth, Mondo’s male tweeness… What are you thinking when you look in the mirror each morning? “God, I’m hot”?)

    b) Why do so many female designers have an equally tragic sense of personal hairstyles? (Anya’s “Look at me, I’m so edgy with my half-shaved head”, Wendy’s straggly, stringy, dirty mop…)

    c) Why do the PR producers think the viewers don’t see through the blatantly obvious storyline manipulations? (Mondo wins the most challenges in his season and is bested by Gretchen, Dmitry comes from behind to take down Christopher’s repeated wins…)

    d) Why do I come back to this show year after year like a dog to its vomit even though I know it will leave it a bad taste in my mouth?

    • Citric

      Unless producers were sitting outside Christopher’s window making loud noises so he didn’t get any sleep, that wasn’t producer manipulation. The guy was completely exhausted.

    •  Because with most designers the only memorable thing about them is their personal look. Mondo’s hairstyle is easier to remember than any of his design elements (mixing patterns, a fondness for houndstooth check).  Same thing with Seth Aaron Henderson- he’s the over aged goth rocker guy from season 7, otherwise his stuff is like Mondo  but with more structure. It seems as if most designers these days design for themselves- If Josh thought he could get away with wearing skirts he’s wear his own stuff.

  • mhleta

    I really objected to the pube fringe on Wendy’s dress. The Duchess would have had something to say about that. Josh’s concoction was an affront to the eyes. Why was Peach there? Again? She’s cannon fodder, always. Tennis ball cannon fodder. 

  • Seems like I’m in the minority here, but I really liked Anthony Ryan’s outfit and was glad he got the win. It really stood out like a breath of fresh air. Though the crotch was a bit awkward (like most pants on PR, sadly). Would have put Althea in the top too, instead of Casanova. And Josh in the bottom, because his model’s boobs looked like they were trying to escape his outfit.

    Considering how much I grimaced when each of the cast members were announced, this episode was a lot better than I thought it’d be. Decent looks, not too much manufactured drama. And the shorter running time really helped it zip along.

    And I burst out laughing at Kayne’s outfit. Oh, Kayne.

  • I finally watched the episode, hooray! It was pretty good. I do get what Andrae was going for, I do. Maybe because I watch a lot of anime, so I am used to seeing complicated outfits. I loved how Peach was stroking Casanova’s head in the lounge, like he was her little pet. :p

  • unpious

    The intro paragraph to this post has led me to title this season Project
    Runway All-Stars: Twirling Towards Freedom. If the “wrong” person wins,
    I want Isaac to say “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.”

    OK, done with old Simpsons references now. 

    • fashionzombie

      So now I understand all the opposition-hand-holding.

    • No don’t stop, more Simpsons references! Miniature American flags for everyone!

  • paulkane2012

    I think it’s a weak group of contestants.  It could still be an interesting season, I guess, but why didn’t the judges call out the designers?   Weak designers doing weak work doesn’t make for interesting tv, it seems to me.

    And what is going on with Mondo?   This is a guy who is intelligent, and what is more, has actual emotional depth, by comparison with the rest of the designers we’ve seen on PR.  Why does he come off as out of his depth when he is judging?   And why isn’t he producing work as a designer?   I think he’s clearly the most talented designer to come out of PR, unless you count that Vivienne Westwood schooled ringer, but he seems to be riding on talent and PR fame, and it is getting a little old.  I know he does a lot of community work, but he needs to do some  fashion work.  

    When it’s been a while since PR and your website is still mostly full of your PR stuff, you are like someone still boasting about high school glory days decades later…

    •  Mondo didn’t come off very well during his All Stars season- by his own admission he’s going through some kind of depression.
      I’ve been wondering what he’s been producing- it seems as if most PR designers disappear back into the ranks after their public exposure. I was very amused to find out that Casanova was working for Ivy.  I think that a lot of them end up like that, if they’re lucky- not a lot of recognition but a paying job.

    • fashionzombie

      Mondo, both this judging session and the previous one, seems to be pointing out things that are given weight during the competition. I think he’s trying to steer the judging into areas that contestants are continually called on, but the judges just blink at him silently, then resume their conversation about whatever and ignore him. 

  • LambeeBaby

    Ivy’s jacket looks like there are large patches of mold growing on it.

  • Sweetvegan

    Ivy should have won.  Did Kayne make a jumpsuit?! I already deleted the episode, but I don’t remember it as a jumpsuit.

  • I can’t stand Josh. I want to smack him off the TV. I actually liked his outfit though. Mostly because it came after 6 boring ones. 

    •  Josh’s stuff has a little spark of interest, it may not be good but you notice it. If he’d lose the attitude he might do better.

  • libraangel

    I agree with all you opinions. Except OMG I like Suede’s dress, bra cups be damned! And did anyone else like Andrae’s? Maybe I’m extra weird (or smelling Wendy’s patchouli! ha ha), but I like the avant garde look of it (I know, it’s not the avant challenge yet).
    Speaking of Wendy, that frayed stuff on her dress coming out of the crotch looks like the poor model is sprouting pubic hair!
    And speaking of perverse, does anyone else think Casanova looks creepy and leering? And what’s with the fuss about his dress – so boring!

  • libraangel

    They should have had Victor Luna in the bunch. Very talented designer

  • libraangel

    Last PR 1 and a half hours way too long, except for the Dmitry-Elena segments. PR All Stars – 1 hour – too short and rushed for all 12/13 designers!

  • Susannah Perry

    Just finally got around to watching this past weekend and I have a question… I adore Rachel Roy, think she is absolutely gorgeous.  But… has she had some work done?  Like some cheek fillers or something like that?  She looked different somehow and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it… 

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    Anthony Ryan’s sack of a shirt made me think “K-Mart sales rack” right off the bat, and I did NOT understand why they raved so over that blah thing.  HATE the solid black pantyhose/tights: shades of the 1980’s come back to haunt us (seriously, folks, once you’ve lived through a particular “style” era, you’re like to hate it when it rolls around once again).  Uli, Uli, Uli…darling, that totally looks like something you would make, except for that thing you slapped onto the front, sort of a sadomasochist’s version of a baby’s bib.  Some designer did a similar thing, was it Michael Costello on All-Stars? Wendy  Pepper — nothing to add except that I’d like to shear you like a sheep. GAH. Personal pet peeve — gals my age insisting on wearing haggy, shoulder-length hair — ladies, please — gray and white hair grow out coarse and wild and do NOT make look 24 anymore, you just look worn out.  

    and Andrae?  All I could think the whole time was “Andrae? What happened to Andrae?” lol

    • libraangel

      Even though Nina is not “our” (and Wendy’s) age, she should cut HER hair to at least shoulder hair. Her long, straight hair is great for someone in their 20’s, even 30’s, but…! And can’t she do an up-do once in awhile: she would look SO much more elegant and chic!

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    Oh, I will! I don’t like Nina, so asking her will be my pleasure.

  • libraangel

    I think maybe Andrae looks creepy also – does he? 

  • Bwin51

    I liked Andrae’s use of organza, but those crisscross bands of blue destroyed the whole look.

  • Kasie Hilburn

    Wendy’s dress makes the girl look like she has some massive pubic hair