PR: Avant Garde, Our Perky Gay Asses

Posted on October 05, 2012

Darlings, it was the so-called “avant-garde” challenge! Where the designers are all let out of their cages and taken to a designer park, where they are free to run wild, chase frisbees, pee in bushes, and sniff other designers’ butts!



And flying in straight from RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’s Billy B, who’s sort of the nasty, dirty-talking, backroom version of Tim Gunn!


Also: a castle!


And a statue!


And product placement!


And a fierce-ass bitch judge who, unlike practically every other celebrity judge, actually had semi-intelligent things to say!

To be perfectly honest, there was a moment there where she actually made Kors look like something of an ass, because he was clearly struggling to come up with the best one-liner (the old lady voice was embarassing) while she calmly assessed the work in front of her. She was kind of shut out of the conversation when they all started talking about the designers’ past work, though.


We see there was quite a bit of grumbling over this judging session, but that’s the problem with an avant garde challenge. It’s like porn; you know it when you see it, but that makes it particularly hard to assess the quality of it. After all, the Adult Video Awards aren’t exactly the Oscars, now are they?

And a two-day deadline with only one fitting session automatically limits what a designer can do. Yes, it’s silly that so many designers go for gowns (but not entirely unexpected when they frame the challenge in fairy tale terms) and yes, it’s tiresome that they all tend to define avant garde as “big-ass collar,” but we’re feeling a bit generous this morning so we’re going to defend them. With so many limits placed on them, it’s not surprising that they all tend to default to playing around with proportions, which is why you see big shoulders, or enhanced hips, or dramatic collars. It’s all they have time for. At the end of the day, the very best any of them can  shoot for is “edgy,” rather than “avant garde.” We wish they’d drop the whole “avant garde” conceit and just call it the creativity challenge. Tell the designers they can do whatever they want, but it has to be wildly creative.

Although we had to laugh as they struggled to compliment their little pet, Christopher. “Did you paint one nail red?!? Visionary! Genius!” Or when they struggled to come up with criticisms like, “When we told you to design something for an enchanted queen, WE DIDN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD MAKE A COSTUME.” Oh, right. They meant one of those “real world” enchanted queens, obviously.


So congratulations to Dmitry! It’s not remotely avant-garde, but it’s a beautiful look.


The judges bitched about that collar, but we thought it raised the look up a bit. If he didn’t have it, we guarantee the judges all would have wrinkled their noses and said “I don’t get it. It’s just a suit.” Besides, when you’re given a brief as stupid as “Wise Mystic,” you pretty much have to add something like that collar. And major kudos to him for NOT going the gown route. Then again, he’s not really a gown kind of guy, is he?

In any other instance, we might have said that there were too many elements for one look; the seaming, the collar, the pointy sleeves, the two-tone edging, the pointy bits, the asymmetrical skirt, and the enhanced shoulders. But it’s a dramatic and severe look and it all works great for us. He really managed to integrate all those elements and still make something that looks wearable. Not that wearable should have been a consideration, but it’s a testament to his skills that he can accomplish it in a challenge like this.


And it’s a sad Auf Wiedersehen to Sonjia. Ironically, her design probably came the closest to approaching avant garde.


But it wound up being half-assed, at best. The top half was an interesting idea, poorly executed. The shape and placement of those panels simply aren’t very pretty and the illusion netting was made far too obvious. To our eyes, she should have used a colored sheer instead and continued the drapey,  peek-a-boo aspects into the skirt, which wound up being far too conventional for this challenge.


Since she had three wins under her belt, the producers clearly decided to fuck with her by stealing her fabric to see what would happen and she just didn’t bounce back and give them the triumphant moment they probably hoped for. It’s a shitty thing to single out a designer like that and the whole “My fabric is missing!” schtick is played the fuck out. It’s reality television, so fucking with the contestants is to be expected, but they need to find a way to fuck with all of them equally and they need to find something a little less tired and less obvious than stealing their fabric.


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  • Poor Tootie!   As soon as I saw that green moire’ I knew it was heading south.  Dmitri’s work, was expected, perfectly executed, as always, but expected.  Christopher turned out a costume, which, honestly should have auffed him. It was a mess of overdesign. Sure there were elements in it that worked, but overall, a mess.  But of course we knew that no matter what he sent down the runway, he was going to FW. My home girl, Melissa did pretty well, though just like the rest, delivered nothing that was truly avant garde.  IMHO, it was Fabio who really pushed the envelope with that great jacket. Too bad the dress he companioned it with was such a misfire.

    • Yeah that fabric choice was terrible – I can’t think of a modern moire garment I’ve seen and liked.
      I agree with TLo that if she’d extended the peekaboo aspect, it would have looked fresher. For some reason, the more I look at it, the more it makes me think of a costume that might have been in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, in one of the upper crust society scenes. Fits avant garde to me, but it’s weird because it’s simultaneously avant garde but also dated (if that makes any sense – if you haven’t seen Brazil, it’s basically a scifi/avant garde 80s movie, and one of Gilliam’s best, up there with 12 Monkeys).
      Loved Dmitry’s. Fill in the back and close down the slit and I’d wear it to work.

      • CozyCat

        I think it’s the fabric that makes Sonjie’s look dated.  Makes you wonder what she would have done with the gold that “disappeared.”

        • Yeah I agree. Moire just screams 80s to me and I don’t know why. Bridesmaid dresses?

          • rh33

             In fact I had a green moire bridesmaid dress. McCall’s Laura Ashley pattern. My eye starting twitching when I saw the fabric.

          • I think I had a flower girl dress in the same material – I kept stepping on it and ripping it. My mom turned it into a dress for my American Girl doll in the end. 

          • Me too! 🙂 A jade green with puffed sleeves literally larger than my head. And a matching lace applique that my dad called the Harley Eagle, to go along the sweetheart neckline. 

          • ballerinawithagun

            I, unfortunately, had to work with that pattern. The brides always win.

          • ballerinawithagun

            You are so right! I had a wedding business at that time. No matter what I tried to talk them into, the brides wanted moire bridesmaids.

    •  That jacket would have looked so much better with minimal sleek pieces underneath.  I don’t get why he put all…. that
      under it. 

      •  He made a reference to it, in passing, discussing the internal conflict he wanted to convey. The dress certainly looked conflicted, but not in a cogent way that communicated effectively.

    • Violina23

      I think Fabio should have done pants, with a form-fitting top. He could have possibly even played with the shape of the pants as sort of a counterpoint to the reversible jacket. It could have been REALLY amazing, I think. 

    • MilaXX

      Loved the top half of Fabio’s design. It was that skirt or whatever it was that did him in.

  • Frank_821

    Zoe was an amazing judge and she pulled no punches

    I did like the summary recaps for each of the 5 and I would say overall they were an accurate assessment.

    Dmitry constructs beautifully but he has produced limited variety. He at least was willing to push himself unlike Ven. Did love the comment his girl is always presented rather severely. “like she has a whip in 1 hand”. funny

    As much as I’m sorry to see Sonjia go, the dress was poorly executed. cool idea though. And she really didn’t show us a particular POV. There isn’t a “Sonjia Look” You have a better sense with the other 4

    • VanessaDK

       Actually, I thought it was funny that absent designers seemed to be represented, and of all things, Dmitry seemed to be channeling Elena  with the exaggerated shoulders on the suit, and Sonjia was in some ways channeling Ven’s overworked fabric origami (though it also drew upon he own folding techniques too).

  • Pupioso

    I agree. Sonjia’s look was not the best. Even with stealing the fabric, which was a crappy thing to do and was so obvious, she didn’t step up. Still they considered the “body of work” and not only this challenge. I think she went because they felt that Fabio was starting to rise and she was starting to falter. It’s really that simple.

    Dimitry’s look was good, I didn’t think it was particularly avante garde but it was very well done and it looked great.

    Bottom line I could live with the auf, although Im disappointed. I just think they aren’t honest about it.

    • Violina23

      Sonjia’s auf, as disappointing as it is, at least explains the lack of spirit in her decoy collection.  I think the poor girl was just beyond burned out, and instead of melting down, she just delivered some sad, sad clothes.

    • MilaXX

       agreed because the comment about the illusion lining while valid, felt like nit picking. If Nina & Michael had liked her dress as much as Heidi, they would have overlooked it. This was a body of work auf. I’m sad to see her go, but okay with the auf.

    • Aly Light

       If Anya’s fabric had gone missing like that, all of the designers would have magically been sent back to Mood with $300 more to spend on extra fabric.

  • Touche, gentlemen!

  • siriuslover

    Congratulations to Dmitry for this win! I think the best definition of “avant garde” ever provided on PR was Isaak Mizrahi on All Stars. There are just so many interpretations going on that you have to ask, “whose is correct?” I think Fabio was the only one who could intellectualize the concept. Christopher had no idea. If you can’t define it, how do you create it?

    Having said that, I think the various ways Dmitry played with the shapes of this outfit were incredible. I love those wings on the jacket, and I really like the collar. It would totally work as an anime wise mystic.

  • I love Sonjia, but I can’t look at that dress and not see a woman wearing a lettuce leaf over her boob. 

    And I love Dmitri, but honestly, I feel like Kate Roberts wore that suit to a business meeting on Days of Our Lives sometime in the ’90s. 

    •  To be frank, Thierry Mugler was making suits that looked like Dmitri’s, 20 plus years ago.  So, avant garde?  not even close.
      Sonjia’s idea was worthy, but her textile choice and her handling of it, killed her dead.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        As TLO said, they should just drop “avant garde” from this challenge and rename it.  I’m very happy for my beloved Comrade Snape’s win, but avant garde this ain’t.  
        And a sad goodbye to Sonjia.  I thought her use of the illusion fabric didn’t work-although I have no idea what other choices she had at Mood-or whether B-M would have stolen that, too.

      • ballerinawithagun

        Love Dmitri’s designs but it probably because I will always love Thierry Mugler!  

    • Lily-Rygh

       I agree on the lettuce leaf thing.  I kept waiting for her to pull an apple out of one of those folded pleats and maybe for a snake to wrap itself around her neck.  The netting was HORRIBLE (although it’s not like she had the time or resources to match it to her model’s skin tone) and the whole thing reminded me of a Garden of Eden creation play at a Christian middle school.

    • Violina23

      LOL, I actually WATCHED Days of Our Lives in the 90’s, and I’d completely agree with you.  I long since stopped watching, but my mother still does, and it amazes me how so many of those actresses have NOT AGED A DAY. I know it’s soap opera land, but it still creeps me out.  Some of you have been on that show for 30 years, YOU CAN SHOW A WRINKLE!

    • olivelovetree

      Lettuce leaf was the comment I was waiting for Kors to make. 

  • To be honest, I don’t think the most amazing Zoe was ever shut out of that conversation — she hadn’t even seen any of their past work and yet she managed to give voice to the exact questions that had to be answered by the judges in their decision making. 

    • alula_auburn

      I wondered if they at least showed her still photos or something–at least few times she said something vague, but at least edited to sound like she was referencing a past work.

  • ecallaw1977

    I agree that they stole Sonjia’s fabric, as crazy as that sounds to me.  If they hadn’t they would have had a brief shot of that gold fabric being left on the counter at Mood right when they left.  As much as things like that annoy me, I will say that overall, I’m pretty happy with this season.  There haven’t been a lot of wow moments, but the general quality of the work has been good–it definitely is a vast improvement over the Gretchen/Anya seasons.

    I think Sonjia was one of the strongest designers, but based on last night, she definitely deserved the Auf.  Zoe was dead on when she described Sonjia’s gown as looking like a tablecloth and napkins.  It looked like someone tried to make a sexy Halloween tablecloth and napkins Halloween costume.  All she needed was a tray hat on her head with a glass stuck to it.


    • 3boysful

       I agree, but it’s really unfair to single out a talented designer to screw with, and then not fake the “second trip to Mood” as they’ve done for other people.  Hers was definitely the worst–banquet napkins being totally on point–but I give her props fro working with what she had and not falling apart.

      • TVKimmy

        Besides the fact that when Kenley left her paid for tulle at Mood, they let her take her reciept, and her smug ass, back to Mood to pick it up. As soon as that didn’t happen, it was crystal clear it was manipulation.

        • ballerinawithagun

          Yes, I thought “Uncle Time” would swoop in with the fabric.

  • Jangle57

    In comparison to previous seasons’ avant garde challenge, these were pretty tame results but maybe they were given less time?  I sort of yawned through this episode though was somewhat surprised by Sonjia’s getting the auf.

    •  I dunno, in previous seasons, designers were given two days for this challenge and turned out very special stuff.  The Chris March/Christian Siriano pair up, comes to mind, since it was mentioned here, just recently.

      • VanessaDK

        That dress will never be matched on PR, and despite the joy of having seen them produce something that spectacular, it casts a shadow over every avant garde challenge (and leads to lots of big collars).  The combined skills of Chris and Christian together was a perfect match–especially Chris’ construction skills from his costume work  and Christian’s couture background.  And let us not forget that all of the looks that season were created by teams of two designers, which expands the amount that can get done in the allotted time.

        • CozyCat

          What’s even more amazing is that the second place design in that challenge was Jillian and whats-her-names punk equestrian jacket combo.  That jacket is arguably the second best design to be produced on the show.  And for both of them to be produced in the same challenge attests to the high degree of talent in that season.

          • Celandine1

            Season 4 is the only season where I was impressed by the avant garde type challenge, Jillian’s coat is one of my favorites of all time. Even talented season 3 designers fell mostly flat and Jeffery’s winning dress was too referential to McQueen. These submissions are mostly in costume territory but they are certainly more interesting and better executed than the total crap that was presented by last season’s designers for this challenge.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I literally gasped when the model wearing Chris and Christian’s design walked the runway during that challenge-the designers of Season 4 set a high bar for the avant garde challenge.

      • deathandthestrawberry

        Yes, but that was gown was made by two people, as you said. I doubt if they were both left to their individual devices (each designing their own avant garde look) that the results would have been as stunning.That was also the year that Jillian created that fabulous coat, but she also had a collaborator/helper (although their name escapes me).

        • CozyCat

          I posted before I saw your post.  Its funny that neither of us can remember the name of Jillian’s collaborator in that challenge!

          • MoHub

            It was bitchy Victorya, who was eliminated in the next—Levi’s—challenge. And it was a further miracle since Jillian and Victorya clearly hated each other.

        • Victorya (I think that was how she spelled it).  That was an amazing challenge, but true, as you point out, two people made each look.  This is a whole different ballgame when they’re alone and they’re expected to create something like that.

        • H3ff

          In fairness though, they also had to design a second look to go with the avant garde piece. Granted, none of them were spectacular, but still.

  • DeGuz

    Wondering if Miss Zoe will be invited back to PR (hope so)? Or is she so good that she makes the others look bad?

    • ChiKat67

      Zoe is clearly the best celebrity guest judge they’ve had in well, ever.  Plus she’s so fabulous that she doesn’t need to draw attention to herself by coming up with stupid quips.  Her comments were articulate and specifically critical, which is what these designers need to hear.  Don’t know if the Duchess will agree to be upstaged again, but she could hold her own w/Isaac & co. for the All Star season.

    • StellaZafella

       They can’t afford her, but wouldn’t it be great if she hosted the All Stars series?
      Zoe S, Joanna C and…oh yeah the Target Duchess, Mizrahi.

  • It never occurred to me that the show took Sonjia’s fabric. Really?  That’s low.  What she finished though wasn’t finale worthy. 
    I was screaming at the TV when the judges were going on and on about Christopher’s make up and nail polish. WTH does that have to do with judging his dress?  Bizarre.  Clearly he was in no matter what the sent down the runway.

    • MilaXX

       Especially when it’s peel and stick nail polish.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        And nothing says class like peel and stick nail polish…

    • RebeccaKW

       But the judges have always judged the styling, too.  (Remember how they used to praise Gretchen for it for some reason).  Sometimes, I think they want to give a win to a particular someone or put someone in the top 3, or the opposite and not give the win to someone, and they have to find something.  So they make a big deal out of styling.  I do agree that styling is part of the overall look, but sometimes I think they take it too far.

  • wow, Poor Tootie ((took the words out of my mouth)) never thought about them stealing her fabric (but makes total sense). The outfit look um, okay onscreen but here? yeesh…I now totally get the ‘napkin’ reference, and the fabric is…eye twitching.. maybe its my t.v. but the nude looked fine- here is really DOES look like a ‘bad figure skating outfit’. (and could they not spring for some sucrets for poor Zoe?). did not see avante garde here (this from someone whose ism is ‘is it clean? does it fit? wear it’.
    Dmitry- from my tv looked like a secretary for an S/M company…looked boring (here it looks a bit better, but yaaaawn).

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Interesting how Heidi was the only one to like Sonjia’s outfit.  I’m now expecting her to show up in it sans beige modesty fabric sometime soon.

  • muzan-e

    Disclaimer: My sole successful sewing project resulted in an embroidered pillowcase. Because I can embroider. I can tapestry. But I cannot sew a thing together to save myself if it’s any more complicated than two rectangles. So I trust that someone will correct me if I’m making a mistake here:

    Because I am seriously disappointed by what passed for ‘avant-garde’ on the runway last night, and simply do not understand why in two days not a single designer could come up with some distinct architecture  They’re given a fantasy inspiration, for goodness’ sakes. A fantasy inspiration. Fairy tales. Magic. Madness.  And of course it’s unfair to compare a real-life assignment to a virtual environment – 

    but my god, there are tweens crafting more interesting wire-meshes for online worlds every day of the week than what these people came up with.

    Crazy, off-balance hoop skirts? Mind-boggling collars?  Anything that we haven’t seen before on a more conventional runway? Is it simply too much to expect from a two-day interval?

    What happened? How on earth did fantasy-based avant-garde turn into a yawn?

    •  You are SOoooooooo right, Muzan-e.  Lackluster, would be the word that should be used for all this work, in regards to its connection to the avant garde.  Such pieces should strongly challenge our notions of beauty, and proportion.  And listening to all of them go on about how excited they were FINALLY to do something of this sort, made the results only the less appealing.

      • muzan-e

        Exactly.  And – okay, you would not believe how many swear words I’m editing out of these posts. Well. No, maybe you would… -grins-

        But the thing that really slays me is that this challenge is a gift. It’s a chance to stretch the muscles, it’s a chance to show off. It’s a symphony after nine weeks spent writing jingles. And even the inspiration wasn’t limiting. And with the halfway exception of Fabio, they all flinched from it.
        Crushingly disappointed. And I do think that Elena’s auf last week was a loss for the viewers; she could have done something with this.

        • VanessaDK

           Just goes to show how many designers have limited imaginations and/or are too scared to step outside the box and take a risk at this point in the competition.  it is a bit of a catch-22:  you don’t want to waste an avant garde challenge too early in the season, but by the time you have the strongest designers at the end, they are all trying to play it safe and stay in till the final 3.

          • ecallaw1977

             I think it’s less about limited imaginations than limited time.  I think avant garde requires more experimentation, and 2 days is simply not enough time to really go out on a limb without knowing if something will work.

          • RebeccaKW

             I agree.  2 days is really not enough time to make something that imaginative.  Given the choice of sending a half-finished, truly avant-garde look down the runway, or a finished not-really avant-garde look, most will choose to finish.

          • altalinda

            Good point.  On the other hand, designers who sign up for PR should know by now that there’s going to be an avant-garde challenge and plan ahead — at least think in advance about what they might do.

          • I completely agree.  I don’t think that they’re not creative enough to come up with something, it’s just for a challenge that’s so involved as AG, two days is just not enough time.

          • muzan-e

            ….  you don’t want to waste an avant garde challenge too early in the season, but by the time you have the strongest designers at the end, they are all trying to play it safe and stay in till the final 3.

            Thank you. Very much.  This actually makes very practical sense!

          • boomchicabowwow

            And please don’t forget that at this point in filming, these designer/contestants are EXHAUSTED!  Sequestered, producer-manipulated and sleeping about 4 hours a night.  About the worst recipe for creativity possible.

        •  I bet I would!  I know the guys let us curse, but I’m pretty sure if I let some of my first drafts go, they’d delete for both obscenity and a lack of clarity:)

          • boomchicabowwow

            So glad I’m not the only one who revises my posts!  Although looking back at some of them…maybe I shouldn’t admit that….

    • The big difference is that the designers aren’t free in any way — they are still very limited by the judges and by the budget and by what’s available at Mood.

    • Jepham

       Don’t they do an avant-garde look every year? Why would the designers not be thinking about what they’d make for this challenge the minute they got chosen to be on Project Runway? I realize they may have to change the color they use depending on the challenge but it’s pretty much a free style challenge. I was shocked at how boring the looks were last night.

      •  Yep.  I’d go in with that already completely planned out, using the time to just construct it and figure out the bullshit story I was going to spin to connect the design to the challenge if necessary.  Avant-garde is not my thing at all, and there’s no way I could come up with anything in a day or two.

      • RebeccaKW

        I can see them coming up with something in advance, but you also have to think about that they never know what the inspiration will be.  One year, it was based off specific paintings.  There is now way to plan that in advance.  So, I can see getting an idea before you arrive, but it won’t always be possible to use that design.

    • CozyCat

      Unfortunately, the inspiration wasn’t just fantasy, it was fairy tale.  “Avant garde” and “fairy tale” point in two different directions.  Is it possible?  Of course.  Galliano could have done it.  But then, Galliano could do anything except keep his mouth shut….
      And on top of that they had to be inspired by the ugly colors of the makeup.  Would Sonjie have chosen that green fabric otherwise?  I doubt it. (I kept waiting for the makeup palletes to show a color combination I might want to buy. But Blech!)

    • poggi

      I think it also risk aversion.  Since making something polished and decent will often keep you safe or afford you a win, most of the designers probably don’t seriously attempt avant-garde. If they experiment and it turns out to be a mistake, they are likely to be out.  If they don’;t even try avant-garde and just shoot for vaguely edgey, they have a much better chance at surviving or winning. If the judges (and of course the producers) actually rewarded failed attempts (like Sonjia’s), even when they end up as trainwrecks, with a safe pass to the next round and actually punished more standard, polished pieces with a loss or at least by being called out on the bottom, the designers’ incentives would change and they might be more willing to take risks in challenges like this. 

      • Kayceed

        Yes, I think Sonjia’s attempt failed, but there was an idea there. The desconstruction wasn’t particularly successful, but I think she and Fabio really had some ideas at work, and took a risk.

        • poggi

          Exactly! And what the judges/producers have done is with this type of judging and this limited time-frame is they have discouraged any future risk taking in this and every challenge by rewarding those who play it safe and eliminating those who take unsuccessful risks. Now the only people who will take a chance are those with immunity or those who know they can pull something off because they have done it before (which is hardly a risk).

      • MoHub

         Bert was the last designer to produce something that was truly avant garde, and he was ridiculed for it.

        • poggi

          You know I forgot that, but exactly right. Experimentation isn’t always going to pay off. They consistently penalize those who take chances unless it works perfectly. I get thatch most challenges th garment has to work, but at least in the avant grade challenge it would be no if they could value creativity more highly.

  • The close up of that “illusion” netting looks like she she cut up some pantyhose.

  • Bozhi

    Isn’t this the second time this season fabric went missing?   I didn’t like that twist the first time it happened, and I’m really tired of it now.  They did it to Anya first if I remember right, and she ended up winning the challenge.   Sonjia seems so sweet, I would have liked to see what she would have done, even though I do not like her final collection.  Dmitry has been my favorite all season, so I’m biased, but I really like everything he’s done.

    • CozyCat

      No, Kenley’s fabric went missing.  And they let her go back to Mood.

      Anya lost her money in mood, and they made a second trip later with more money to buy more fabric.

  • VanessaDK

    I know it is only two days, but this again is an expected challenge, so the designers should arrive with an idea of the “avant-garde” element that they are going to incorporate into their construction (not only big-assed collars).  i am always surprised when they look like they are making it up on the spot.

    • ecallaw1977

       Good point.

    • boomchicabowwow

      What if you use your “avant-garde” idea too early in the season?  Let’s say what you planned happens to be perfect for an earlier challange?  Do you really save that idea – and risk being aufed?  I can’t help but think that these contestants are in such a pressure box that they arn’t able to think about anything more than the task immediatly before them, and that’s EXACTLY the way the producers like it.

  • Could not agree more with the improper labeling of this challenge as avant garde. The looks were a little more edgy than usual, but certainly not avant garde. Maybe if Christopher had gone ridiculous on the hips of his dress instead of just slightly enhanced. But I absolutely agree- they seemed to have made a pact that avant garde would just mean big collar. What actually kind of surprised me was that they didn’t like Fabio’s look. That coat was super cool, and though I didn’t love the dress underneath, it seemed more in the spirit of the challenge than some of the others. 

    And I’m sorry, but I’m starting to question Heidi’s judgement about anything. The looks she liked/disliked from what was presented on the runway, in addition to her own strangely conceived outfits for herself, make me wonder about her taste. That, and the horrible mom jeans she’s wearing in her kids r’ us ad which plays during the breaks…

    • ecallaw1977

       I agree with you about Heidi’s taste, and I don’t particularly like her jeans in that commercial, but “mom jeans”?  seriously?

      • AthenaJ

        I think for an average woman they would be normal jeans (I think she looks good in them), but since Heidi’s taste runs to the sexier side of things, they are probably ‘mom jeans’ by her standards.

    • AthenaJ

      I think the mom jeans are to convince all of the potential customer moms out there that Heidi is ‘safe’ and will not suddenly rip her clothes off and parade around in Victoria’s Secret underwear in front of their husbands.

      •  I really wish she would — it’d be hilarious.  My husband would be so awkward about it… he’d be staring at his shoes and asking about her kids’ school.

        • AthenaJ

          Hehe that would be pretty awesome 🙂

      • boomchicabowwow

        She so would though!  Her wardrobe these past two seasons shoud just be replaced with a sandwich board that screams “I’M STILL HOT RIGHT?!  RIGHT?!  YOU GUYS CAN ALL SEE THAT I”M STILL HOT?!”  It amounts to the same thing…

    • Maggie Raye

      Oh dear – and here I was thinking I wished I could look so good in a pair of jeans.  Guess I’ll just go back to my polyster muumuu housedress.

      • boomchicabowwow

        Maggie?  Ditto.

    • boomchicabowwow

      I SOOO agree with you about Heidi…EXCEPT for the mom jeans.  I think she looks better in that commercial than she has for the last two seasons on this show.  She is a woman who has been a size 2 her whole life and refuses tho size up even though her body has changed.  Mind you, I think she’s probably the exact same WEIGHT she has always been too, which is probably also why she won’t size up.  But girl…….SIZE UP! 

  • Rand Ortega

    Re: The mesh. Considering Sanjia’s model’s very unique skin tone, it may have been very difficult to find a better if not exact match. That said, her the draping in the front wasn’t unique enough. Bye Tootie! You’re adorable! You have a great future in fashion. Start w/ selling your headscarves, they’re really cool!
    Strangely enough, I thought on the face of the challenge, Fabio’s was the most avant garde, particularly the jacket.
    Melissa really stepped up her game. Not so much avant garde, but cool, fashion forward, wearable.
    Dmitri’s was, well…Dmitri’s. He’s much like Baby BuellerBot (Jillian Lewis) that way. Structured jackets, interesting detail. And… that’s it.

  • janierainie

    I agree with you guys as usual. I would like to have seen what Sonjia had made if she had not had her fabric stolen. I would have preferred them to steal something from Ven. Or Elena. Now that would have been interesting. Someone might have been injured.
    I hope that’s not the next step-physical violence.
    I think I’m having trouble caring though, since I’ve seen the Fashion week collections, and no one left in the competition has a collection that is memorable. I just sit on my couch and watch with no emotion at all. I liked Melissa’s look the best. Christopher is such a kiss-up, I can’t like anything he does. Someone said in the designer lounge “who would have thought starting out that we would be the ones left?” No kidding.

    • alice20c

      My feelings exactly. Ever since I saw the finale collections, I’ve lost interest. They were all so lackluster and cookie-cutter that I stopped rooting for anyone. I continued to watch until the new fall shows started, but now it’s a TLo-only experience. I’m glad, because keeping Christopher around would annoy me too much.

      Emphasizing “taste level” so heavily in years of critiques results in the risk averse designer selection. Avant-garde or merely uncommon things can’t happen without risking failure, especially with taste level. The most risk engaged designers are often dismissed by the judges, unless there’s a huge audience push-back, like with Chris March.

    • Lisa_Cop

      They did take fabric from Elena earlier this season. At first she freaked out, then “made it work”.

  • I hated that green abomination — for one thing, that much illusion should never be showing because it’s the devil.  (Lone exception is costuming)  But I’ve never really gotten her anyway.  I’ve liked a lot of her work, but I don’t see the common thread.  It may well be there, and I’m just not seeing it for some reason. 

    I thought this was a very odd challenge.  Make an avant garde look with this make-up palette as your inspiration, but we’re taking you to a different location, so maybe you should be inspired by that too, and it should be avant-garde, not a costume, but we’re assigning each of you a character based on our make-up line…  What were they supposed to be making again?  Gourmet cheese, was it?  Homemade fireworks? 

  • GorgeousThings

    Tootie was definitely getting the win-or-lose edit, and yes, the producers’ bald faced theft of her fabric was a stupid, shitty game to play. I’ve pretty much had it with Project Runway at this point. I’ll probably watch the rest of the season, for your recaps if nothing else, but my heart just isn’t in it any more. PR went from being one of the most creative, exciting reality shows to just another “meh” in a sea of “meh” shows.

    • Laylalola

      The clothing used to blow me away — it just doesn’t anymore. (Not enough time to make something awe-inspiring? Too many twists? Baby challenges? etc.). They lost sight of what drew people into the show. (I only watched American Idol in years when I lived in the same city as my mother so I could take takeout over to her house once a week during a week night, but I get the feeling with all the judge-infighting headlines that show too TOTALLY has lost sight of what drew people in intitially, the spectacle of maybe seeing from the beginning a real true singing talent being plucked from obscurity and given a shot at becoming a star.)  

      • l_c_ann

        I have gotten so tired of the lack of basic skills.  To that add the monochromatic imaginations (what imaginations) of contestants who freak out at the thought of using color. 

        I am so ready not to see the Anya fashion walk at the beginning, to which the editors added “Happy Kenley”.  


      • boomchicabowwow

        TIME.  Didn’t they have a few THREE day challanges in the first and second season?  They need more TIME!

  • mjude

    i agree about dropping the “avant-garde” & re-naming it something else.  i can barely remember past seasons but i will never forget the christian/chris avante garde gown.  will that ever be topped? i dont think so.
     sad to see tootie go.  i have a feeling the costello-lite is going to win this whole thing which makes me not very excited for the finale.

    • dress_up_doll

      Not to toot my own horn, but I kinda called it several episodes ago when I saw Heidi giving Christopher cow eyes. She’s had a thing for him (or his schtick) from the beginning. It’s kind of sad because because there was actual talent on the show this season. And as much as I do like Dmitry, I’m not all that excited about the finale. Just seems the writing has been on the wall since the beginning.

  • im sooooo curious what your take on sonjias collection is!

  • Apocalipstick Now Redux

    I thought the producers were doing her a favor by stealing that gold fabric.  That stuff looked like a lumpy crochet afghan shot through with gold thread.  Sonjia had many other fabrics including a gorgeous gold and green print.  She just chose not to use them.  She used the ugliest of all of her fabrics and made a tortured bodice and skirt for Hedda Lettuce.

    Dmitry manages to make his look boring and beautiful at the same time.  Have we ever seen his model smile?  I’m wondering if his clothes are so tight that she is unable to breathe? 

  • VanessaDK

     That dress will never be matched on PR, and despite the joy of having seen them produce something that spectacular, it casts a shadow over every avant garde challenge (and leads to lots of big collars).  The combined skills of Chris and Christian together was a perfect match–especially Chris’ construction skills from his costume work  and Christian’s couture background.  And let us not forget that all of the looks that season were created by teams of 2.stwo designers, which expands the amount that can get done in the allotted time.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I also LOOOOVED Mila’s black and white jacket,r:17,s:0,i:118&tx=73&ty=70

  • BuffaloBarbara

    On the missing fabric, I kept expecting someone to say “Check your receipt”–if she’d paid for it and it was within her budget (and not forgotten it and not paid for it), then some producer’s assistant ought to have been dispatched to Mood.  Or Swatch could be sent over to the workroom carrying the extra bag.  (Let’s have a “dress Swatch” challenge, shall we?)  If it was paid for and within the terms of the assignment, then she had a right to have it.

    At least all of them noted that they were trying to put two months of work into two days for an A-G challenge, and the judges kindly ignored the impossible aspect of the challenge.

    As product placements go, it could have been worse–inspired by colors and a vague idea isn’t a bad thing, and it’s always going to be some random thing meant for the challenge.  I guess the “avant-garde” vs. “costume”… I don’t know, I guess I’d interpret it as doing representational art about the “enchanted queen” or doing abstract art about it.  None of the remaining designers strikes me as the abstract art type, though.

  • kirkyo

    The L’Oreal guy’s rolled up blazer sleeves and loose tie bugged the crap out of me.

    • paginatrix

       And he wore his blazer and tie that way BOTH TIMES he was on camera. I wonder if he has a personal rumpler.

    • To be fair, he tweeted that they bugged the crap out of him too.

      • I will NEVER understand why men will do that to coat sleeves- it isn’t attractive, it isn’t comfortable, and it’s hell on the coat. Then again, when does fashion make sense?

      • boomchicabowwow

        Did he also tweet why he wore them then?  Or was it more of a “well, I thought that looked okay when I left the house that morning, guess I was wrong” kind of tweet?

  • I shouted at the TV last night: They stole her fabric!  Why?????
    However: Sonjia had other fabric – why the green moire?  I saw that as accent fabric.  She had quite a length of fabric to go full on Wild Lizard Queen, if I am recalling the print correctly.

    •  Yes!  She had a gorgeous green and gold fabric that DID make to the workroom but she didn’t use it.

  • greyhoundgirl

    I love tattoos.  A lot.  I mean whole sleeve and whole back tattoos.  People often ask me why I don’t have any–1. I am very pain averse and 2.  I am middle aged and I don’t ever want to look the way Billy B looks with the neck tattoos. 

  • alula_auburn

    LOL, I realized I’d actually forgotten Dmitry’s brief was “artsy muse.”  To be honest, it seems like a hip evil queen look. I still love it, though.

    • ecallaw1977

       I thought Dmitry’s was wise mystic, not artsy muse.  Am I wrong?

      • alula_auburn

        No, you’re right!  Either way, those “themes” were so dumb (and vaguely insulting) it still doesn’t really matter.

  • DaniOne

    I made a mistake of looking at the photos of the designs before I found out what the challenge was about and my first impression was that they all made Halloween costumes:
    Chirstopher: a witch
    Dmitry: a vampire secretary
    Fabio: a vampire witch
    Melissa: a spider web vampire
    Sonjia: a cross between swamp monster and vampire

    • Qitkat

      Following your reasoning, next season Lifetime ought to have a crossover episode with SyFy’s Face Off. Most of their challenges are for ghouls, monsters and fairy tales.

      • boomchicabowwow

        That will never happen.  “Face Off” is low on drama and high on talent.  They give their contestants 3 full days to create their looks, the judges are clear and consistent, and McKenzie Westmore has more style in her pinky finger HK has in her entire body.

        • Qitkat

          Oh, I mostly agree with you. It was just a thought of an interesting mashup. I especially like how their judges examine every look from 360°, tug on parts to see if they stay on, stay mostly away from MK’s types of cracks and give honest helpful feedback.
          However I have discovered that I am getting a little tired of Face Off‘s  continuous parade of alien/scifi/fairy tale/horror themes. I would like to see them take on something historical, perhaps how they would recreate a real figure from history who was unique looking, or the challenge of a war zone, where people still had to look like humans, but damaged, or disfigured, or CSI type prosthetics. 

          • boomchicabowwow

            Oh, I agree totaly about the alien/scifi/fairy tale/horror themes.  I’d love a challenge in which the contestents knew they would be judged on the beauty of their character, not just the strangeness.  I also LOVED the mini challenge last season where they had to take GEORGEOUS girl models and make them ugly.  The “librarian with a cold” that won was awesomely creative.  Sorry, I got WAAY off topic there.

    • YoungSally

      Their demographic is showing — isn’t everything vampires and monsters and zombies now?

  • MilaXX

    Thank you! I had to seriously side eye the fact that her fabric was missing. It’s a 2 day challenge and they can’t go back to Mood for her fabric? Oh yeah, she’s not Christopher or Anya, so sucks to be you! I agreed a sheer green would have been pretty. I have no problem with Dmitry’s win. As you mention none of these looks was actually avant garde.

    • VanessaDK

       Maybe she should have responded to the theft by using only illusion netting and no underwear and see what the producers do with that!

  • When Sonja said she didn’t have her fabric, I thought “well go back and get it!”. Or send some lowly intern back to Mood to pick it up. Because it was bought and paid for, she just forgot the bag – right? Its happened before, and I’ve always wondered what rule they have in place about that – “If you forget your stuff, too bad.” I don’t get it. I can’t believe they’d actually steal a designer’s fabric on purpose. That is LOW.

    I was thinking Sonja’s green creation looked like napkins, and then Zoe said exactly that. It was too bad, because she had a good concept, but it just didn’t work. That green was kind of hideous.

    Dimitri’s reminded me of something from Blade Runner. I loved the collar!

    Heidi was such a b*tch. “I don’t know who’s is uglier!” I mean, they’re standing RIGHT THERE. They can HEAR YOU. That’s something you say to the other judges when you’re hashing it out behind the designers’ backs. 

    Fabio’s jacket was pretty cool. I didn’t hate the rest of it. 
    Melissa’s I’m sorry to say I didn’t get at all. 
    Loved Chris’s black dress, mostly, except for the feathers.

    Its so hard to watch because you just know its so manipulated. They might as well have a gun, shooting at the designer’s feet, saying “Dance! Dance!”. You know?

    • Jepham

       I’ve already deleted the show from my DVR so I can’t go back and check. Didn’t they show a piece of fabric falling off the counter at  Mood? I don’t know if it was intentional or not but I think the camera did catch it happening. I was surprised she wasn’t allowed to go back and get it. How far is it from Parson’s to Mood? 

      • YoungSally

        Couple of blocks.  Parsons is on 7th (or is it Bway there) and 40th…Mood is 37 or 38 between 8th and 9th.

    • formerlyAnon

      It’s WORSE than simply forgetting a bag. Former contestants say that after they pay for the fabric and Mood bags it, the show’s production assistants take all the contestants’ fabric back to the workroom.

      SO. Either there’s a particularly inept PA involved or . . .

      Either way, it seems like intentional drama not to let her replace it.

  • I actually didn’t think that Zoe was that amazing of a judge. I was really paying attention to what she had to say, and if you look at it, she more than half the time simply agreed with what someone else said. Or riffed off of their comment. Her calm demeanor was nice, and she seemed intelligent, but I didn’t see too much come out of her that seemed like her own opinion, just a lot of “I agree.”

    • boomchicabowwow

      You know, I was going to disagree with you, but I just figured out that you’re mostly right, but that’s why I thought she particularly good! She was not invested in criticizing or demoralizing the designers, she was simply trying to share her knowledge with them, in order to help them improve.  When she made that very specific point about bodices being a focal point, it was less “here’s my opinion”, and more “this is something you should try to remember.”

      • She wasn’t bad, I wasn’t saying she was, really. I just didn’t think she was a font of original commentary. She was calm and classy, yes, but for instance, she got a lot of accolades for critiqueing Christopher’s bodice, and it was Heidi who brought that up. Zoe just took up on her behalf. She did have a few things to say of her own; credit where it’s due, but I think the problem is that some of the last few guest judges have been so vapid that a pleasant, intelligent, agreeable woman came off more amazing than she actually was.

        • boomchicabowwow

          I think the real illuminating fact here is that a “pleasant, intelligent, agreeable woman” (and I would also add knowlegeble-when-it-comes-to-fashion to that list) is actually a very rare Hollywood commodity, which is also why I enjoyed her so much.

  • Violina23

    I’ve accepted that there is [at times blatant] producer manipulation, but do you all really think that they stole her fabric? That seems a bit low, even for B/M, but I guess now that I type it out, it doesn’t seem as far-fetched.

    I think Tootie’s downfall was the illusion material being the wrong color, which really was accentuated by the dull back.  Demitry’s was really nice, the shape of the neckline took it away from normal “suit” territory, but yeah, we didn’t see the avant gaurde watching either.

    I don’t hate Chris quite as much as everyone else, but his was awful. I kept thinking of Regina from Once Upon a Time, gone horribly, horribly wrong.

  • So, doing a little research on avant-garde leads me to believe there’s no way to do it right in 2 days. T-Lo had posted a collection, maybe from Thailand, that totally embodied this and it looked like each piece took months to create. It had all these conical cylinders forming skirts and sleeves and was A-freakin-Mazing. 

    That Violet Beauregard thing that Gaga was wearing the other day also fits the bill. 

    • meowing

      Yeah, Gaga or earlier Alexander McQueen are some references, but truly, if you’re picked for the show, don’t you have a bunch of ideas planned?

    • Exactly.  Again, this is why I’ve just decided not to be mad at any of the designers over not being able to create as much as they could.  In two days – it’s not gonna happen. Even with the extra money, as Melissa pointed out, you have to spend a lot of that on supports and structure pieces, etc., which eats up a lot of the money.  Plus, AG just takes a lot of time – I wouldn’t expect someone who’s not a pro at it to have it wrapped up in so little time.

  • sdtripper

    I agree with a lot of the points that have been made.  None of the looks were avant garde.  Maybe none of the remaining designers understand avant garde.  (Elena would have killed it, or she would have been exposed as a fraud who doesn’t understand A-G either, but I think she would have killed it.)  In any event, the judges were so obviously willing to give everyone a pass on the A-G part, maybe no one took it seriously.

    At this point the designers are exhausted and doing the math they figure they have a 60-80% chance of making it to Fashion Week, so I guess I understand that they played it safe.  Sonjiya was the right auf, the others did enough to keep themselves in.  I can’t understand why she didn’t make more of a deal about the lost fabric (although I did cringe when I saw it at Mood).  If she really wanted it, the producers should have found a way to make it happen.

    TLo, insightful and funny re the judging.  I thought it was funny that Heidi liked what the others didn’t and vice versa.  Harkening back to the Great Gretchen-Mondo debate, Sonjiya had to know it was all over for her at that point.  Looking forward to Judging the Judges.  Zoe has it in the bag, right?  Maybe the highest rated guest judge of the season.  Beautiful color on her.

    I like the remaining designers and am going with Dmitry FTW.  I think he has the strongest vision.  It feels weird but refreshing that there are no superstars or villains in the final field.  All grownups for a change.

  • From Mila Hermanovski’s PR blog on Lifetime: “What did actually happen to Sonjiaʼs gold fabric? When we select fabric at Mood, we pay for it, the Mood cashier bags it, and then the producers take all our bags away from us and bring them to Parsons, where they are given back to us. Just sayinʼ…”

    • dickylarue

      Which leads a sane person to question if the bags are the producer’s responsibility to deliver to the workroom, why don’t they go and find/replace the fabric when things they need to complete their looks go missing? Disgusting. It makes no sense why they play this ridiculous plot point and then don’t fix it. It’s not like Tootie dropped it on the F train. Still, her dress was horrid and she deserved to go. The fact that she doesn’t sketch and doesn’t have a concept before bringing her fabric back to the workroom sunk her. It’s why you have no idea what her style/esthetic is. 

    • mhleta

      Interesting bit of an insider’s take. Thank you for sharing that. 

    • I love when former contestants sing like canaries about production stuff!

  • SewingSiren

    Dmitry certainly made a tight little Mugleresque . Maybe he did deserve the win. At least the praise that was heaped on it was due to the design and construction. The only thing I dislike is the beaded appliqué on the collar stand . I love the profile view of the suit.
    Poor Sonjia. They stole her fabric and she had to make do.  I can’t imagine what made her pick illusion netting and vivid green moire. It really did look like a table cloth, although I didn’t think the banquet shtick was nearly as funny as Michael Kors thought it was.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Nothing that comes out of Michael Kors’ mouth is ever as funny as he thinks it is.

      • boomchicabowwow

        I CANNOT like this comment enough.

    • missy kors is his own best audience.  he just finds himself so witty that it gives him giggling fits.

  • voter1

    The only avant garde thing we’ve ever seen on this show was the collaboration of Chris March and Christian Siriano.  Don’t they teach the definition of avant garde in design school?

    • When I think of Avant Garde I think of art and design with wearability a secondary consideration. These designers seem to have the sales rack in mind.

  • Judy_S

    I haven’t yet watched the judging (I moved to another channel at 10) but I was glad Dmitry won. My only problem with his design was that his model’s neck wasn’t avant-garde-long enough to carry off the huge collar. I was sad and surprised to see   Sonjia go. Not sure what was going on with the gold fabric, though; the scene at Mood was so crazy that she might have actually forgotten to have it cut. I am not however sure that it would have made a difference.

  • SewingSiren

    And one more thing- The judges seemed to decide that Sonjia didn’t have an identifiable style, but what is the identifiable quality of Christopher’s work? Pandering to the judges? Yes, maybe that’s it, never mind.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      You nailed Christopher’s style-he’s been very adept at sussing out what the judges will respond to and producing that.  He gets an A+ in Pander.

    • yes, exactly. and then heidi was carrying on (and the citrus duchess chimed in as well) about his remarkable ability to “detail” fabric.  she was talking about that technique of sewing through layers of fabric and then cutting though the top layer, leaving raw edges.  most quilters in america have learned that in a workshop sometime in the last ten years.  and she was raving about a dress that he made at home to show in the first runway show, before the competition even started.  i think he also used that dress as part of his audition portfolio.  god knows how long ago he made it, or how long it took.  it could have been his senior project.

      • SewingSiren

        Yes. I posted a Youtube video about “Making fabric chenille.” I think it was Sews with Nancy or something like that. 
        And I too remember that the first challenge that he won, they only praised the dress he brought with him, the dress he actually made for the challenge was pure crap. I thought he was up for the ‘auf.

        • I hated that dress that he won for (the companion piece that he made)!  It was hideous, and it barely fit his model.

          • boomchicabowwow


    • Yup – Sonjia just couldn’t widen her eyes up and wave her hands around her face as well as Christopher does.  And the quivery “Ohhhh my goooooood, you guyyyyys, thannnk youuuuuu!”  is just gross.

  • granddelusion

    P.S. Billy Bob is a slob. Why should I take his advice on anything but how to get dressed in a sty?

    • sisterb67

       Good god, YES. Why on earth would they bring him on when they could have used the adorable mustachioed fabulousness of Scott Patric?  He’s sweet, camera-ready, and already connected to the show (unlike Billy, who’s sort of a throw-away here).

      • boomchicabowwow

        Billy B does better make-up in his sleep than Scott Patric on his best day. 

    • mhleta

      Thank you! I couldn’t agree more. I did not enjoy him at all.

  • Jepham

    Does anyone still have the show on their DVR? I already deleted it from mine. Did they show the gold fabric falling off the counter?
    Also, when the designers first came out after the runway show, Heidi said they were really impressed with all the designs and I couldn’t believe she said that. Then the judges tore apart every one of the designs for one thing or another (as they should have). 

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    I think Tim Gunn and Billy B would be the cutest couple! 

    • mhleta

      No! Keep that silly troll away from my elegant Mr. Gunn. Billy B. What a dopey name for a grown man.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        Yeah, but if they got married and he took Tim’s name he would be B.B. Gunn.  🙂

        • You have to admit, she has a point!

    • YoungSally

      Not enough Purell for Tim to go near him.

    • boomchicabowwow

      I was shipping them during the whooole show!  I think they are two ABSOLUTLEY ADORABLE sides of the same coin!!  My husband had to tell me to shut up about it the entire episode.

  • GTrain

    I hate hate hated Sonjia’s green…thing. The illusion netting was a massive fail but even if it had worked the top overall looked sloppy to me. The skirt was very flattering but that netting on the back totally ruined the effect. I would absolutely be more interested in seeing a collection by Fabio but she shouldn’t feel bad because this is a pretty strong top 5 to have been in (Costello Lite being the weakest link IMO).

  • TomBord

    I love Billy B being the Weho version of Timmy G. I’d like to see more of them, pls.

    Ok Sonjia, now it’s time to get a real good NY Lawyer and sue the avante fart producers for stealing the gold fabric thus fucking w/ your original vision thus screwing you and your chances from the get-go. WTF WAS THAT????

  • guest2visits

    Looks like I may be the only one who loved Sanjia’s shocking green moire, and the way she draped and formed the fabric.
    I think she could have completed her look with a draped back (like the one she created for her print pants). By using that same
    moire, she could have cut down on the use of almost all the netting except for a small portion from collar bone to waist.
    She didn’t really need her stolen fabric, imo. I also figured that the missing material was part of the stupid circus theatre that the
    producers came up with for ‘entertainment’. If it were really an oversite; I would expect that the designers would not allow
    themselves to be so unfairly handycapped – especially at such a crucial time in the competition. (lawsuit please).
    I definitely think Sonjia has an appealing style and ability – but her point of view is not developed enough to create that all
    important cohesive line yet.  I had to agree with the auf if only because of the very bad use of all that netting.
    Dimitry’s was just a very sharply made suit with kind of unattractive features; like the exaggerated split up the back skirt, the
    stand alone collar, the matradee pointed jacket that stuck out and gaped away from the skirt, the dourness. I think he’s done
    so much better. O and the garish zipper. I think there’s a difference between serious, quiet elegance and sophistication; and
    just depressing.  I had to look it up this morning to remember who had won.

    • AthenaJ

      I liked the green dress too, though I really wish the ‘nude’ part had been sheer.

    • i liked the green fabric as well.  that color is a favorite of mine, and it has been seen in some recent collections. and moire satin can be lovely to work with, my maid of honor wore a gown made of pale rose moire, and i wore a suit made of similar fabric in a friends wedding. i also was intrigued by the concept of the fabric mysteriously clinging to her torso in an artfully folded and draped way.  if only the illusion had worked.  and if the back wasn’t just butt ugly.  how could she not see that?

      i was surprised that sonjia didn’t make any fuss about her fabric not making it back to parsons.  i would have been right on it and made sure that the fabric was located.  remember during kenley’s season when she left her tulle at the counter at mood, and tim immediately said, well if you paid for it and it’s on your receipt, you should be allowed to go back and get it.  she was penalized for her carelessness by losing the time it took to go back to the store, but i can’t imagine any designer just letting that slide.  i’ll bet there was a lot that was edited out around this lost fabric.  i hope someone does some digging after the season ends to find out exactly what went on.     

  • Srw27

    I love Tootie but her model looked like the Jolly Green Giant lol

    And Melissa TOTALLY should’ve won!

  • Wow, I naively never thought the producers might have taken the fabric.  They really are going to make sure no black woman ever wins this show, aren’t they?

    • Word.

    • Qitkat

      Waitaminnit. What race is Anya?

      • mhleta

        Anya’s Asian, no? She immigrated to Trinidad by way of the Phillipines if memory serves.

        •  Per Anya, “I am of mixed origin, mainly Chinese, Indian and Caucasian.”

        • Yep, Caribbean by way of South Asia.  Two Asian women have won the show, which I think is a higher percentage than winners of other competition shows.  Right now, that’s more than 20%.  When this season’s winner is crowned, it’ll be exactly 20%.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      I’m really don’t think that they were purposely trying to get rid of the one african american woman, but was I the only one that didn’t like that the two people left standing at the end for possible aufs were both african american?  

      •  Fabio is from Brazil.

        • Girl_With_a_Pearl

          Didn’t know that.  Missed a few shows at the beginning.  Thanks.

  • batshitmomma

    I’m glad that Dmitri is in the finals, but really? I’m from the suburbs of Charleston SC and can’t think of how that fits into the concept of AG?? Perhaps the fact that the zipper barely covers her ass and makes it the coolest colonoscopy outfit ever conceived? How did that escape anyone’s notice?

    • Qitkat

      I just posted my comment about the zipper without having seen yours. I like your description!

  • LuluinLaLa

    First, I have to say that I LOVED Kors’ old lady voice. I rewound and rewatched that several times because it made me laugh so hard. Second, I wasn’t surprised at Sonjia’s auffing, but at the beginning of the series, I thought her and Ven were shoo-ins for the finale, so it’s kind of weird that they both ended up cut beforehand. And finally, I’m glad you mentioned the producers stealing/hiding the material. The way someone phrased it in the workroom, like, kind of knowingly but resignedly, made me think that they all knew that’s exactly what happened. I understand producer manipulation – I get that this is a TV show and they spend millions of dollars to create story arcs and conflicts and aren’t going to leave much up to chance – but this just crosses a line. I mean, if the producers hid everyone’s fabric as part of the challenge, that would be fair, and maybe fun. But to give one person such a disadvantage like that, and not disclose it as part of the storyline just takes the fun out of it for me.

  • I wish PR would really ask fans what challeneges they want to see because I truly want them to do a “church lady” outfit. at least it’s a different idea and may be fun but OMG if they ever bring back the Stilts, I’m learning how to make a bomb!

    •  Oh you tickle me! Yes, church ladies, with big hats, handbags, gloves, maybe custom hankies! At least it would be different. And Austin Scarlet would be the perfect judge…hee hee!

    • boomchicabowwow

      Ohhhh….Anthony would have KILLED a “church lady” challenge!

  • AthenaJ

    Hmmm… wise mystic, artsy muse, evil queen… Wait a minute, are the PR writers actually LARPers??

    Btw, when Kors was doing his old lady voice to make fun of Tootie’s dress, I thought for sure she was going to jump off that stage and smack the orange right off his face.

    • Athena, my reply to you somehow wound up on top of the page – but I agree, she was clearly pissed, and I don’t blame her. I think it was uncalled for.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Now that would have been TV worth watching, seeing Tootie smacking the faux tan off of MK!

  • Qitkat

    Oh Dmitry! You just had to go and put that damnable sporty mega metal zipper on your girl’s ass didn’t you? I hissed for the length of her walk back up the runway. Does this bother nobody else? [voice slightly raised towards shrieky]

    This was an otherwise beautiful, nicely tailored and detailed, severe, NON-Avant Garde suit. So congrats I guess. But Grrrrrr at that zip. I could use that whip on him for this.

    Sonjia apparently thought that by shopping in the upholstery division of Mood that that would automatically give her an avant garde edge. I have never seen moiré in anything other than fancy boudoir pillows. I actually liked the color and thought the drapey element with the partial collar was the only thing she did right. The falling napkin on the other side indeed looks in danger of sliding right off, and what gal would want to wear that back? First of all, too much illusion, second, that was one of the most unflattering skirt top edges ever, just straight with no design thoughtfulness. If she had two more days to work this out, an entirely different fabric, and some real design criticism from Tim, as opposed to his phoned-in work of several seasons, she might actually have the makings of a beautiful gown, not avant garde, but still lovely.

    • Beverly Kozma

      Agreed!  Can you imagine trying to SIT with the big zipper up your backside?

  • joancarol

    Too bad Ven wasn’t still around for this  challenge. He would have made a giant rose with the model’s head coming out of the middle. 

    • khh1138

      I can see it now – now that *is* avant garde!  

    • boomchicabowwow

      HA!  A rose giving birth!  Now that’s going to be in my head all day….

  • I thought Zoe was a great judge but I did have a thought while watching her last night.  Her voice was pretty raspy and I got the impression that she wasn’t feeling so well (maybe fighting off a cold?).  I wonder if she would have been as on point critical if she’d been feeling better or if she’d have been more like other actresses who don’t seem to like criticizing the designers?

    • boomchicabowwow

      I don’t think she did a lot of criticizing, and I LOVED her for it.  She made solid, specific observations that seemed designed to help and encourage.  Not just silly grabs for camera time a la Kors.

  • khh1138

    I love love love Dmitry,my serious snarky Belarusian mystic, and I’m so glad he won, but I didn’t see anything that looked like it was pushing the boundaries of known fashion. Count me in on the “rename this challenge” train.  I wish this week they had taken everyone to the Met (either the museum or the opera!) and had the “artistic inspiration” challenge. OR. 
    What if they made the avant garde the very last challenge – the one that determined who truly goes on to Fashion Week?  Give them a WEEK and see who can actually push it past the limit of what we expect and understand.  That would be a true test of who is worthy.  

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      One of the elements that made Season Four memorable, in addition to the talent level, was that final challenge for which the remaining designers went to the Metropolitan for inspiration-and I think Tim told them that they should also be tying that design into planning for their final collections(could be wrong about that), and Jillian and Christian knocked the ball out of the park for that challenge.

  • Dmitry: another exposed zipper. So avant garde! I don’t think the collar was too much though.

  • tripletmom96

    i have to say that i love dmitry’s designs.  i don’t think he would know how to do “avant garde” if his life depended on it — he’s just not that edgy.  but what he does is classic, beautiful and extremely well constructed.  i loved his suit – i agree that the neck/collar thing was a little weird (it almost looked like a bat clinging to her neck – vampires anyone?), but i also agree with tlo that had he left that off, the judges would have complained that it looked too much like an ordinary suit.  so, congrats to dmitry. 

    although i thought melissa’s garment was much worse and not in the least avant garde (can’t believe the judges pronounced it the closest to avant-garde of the lot), i thought that green napkin/tablecloth thing of tootie’s  was pretty bad.   overall, i think she is a very talented designer, but i don’t have a problem with her elimination for what she produced, although i do have issues with her fabric disappearing which resulted in a huge handicap that was uncalled for if the producers truly had a hand in it.  if so, shame on them (of course we all know they have no shame when i comes to manipulating the results…)

  • e jerry powell

    Thoroughly underwhelming.  I like to think that the producers keep the judges locked in that room until they get acceptable sound bites that make it sound as though the designers did something that wasn’t total shit.

  • mhleta

    I didn’t dig Billy B at all, particularly the fact that he wore two neck ties to the makeup consult. Ridiculous. I’d like to add that the creative on these L’Oreal products is also ridiculous. What grown woman would be lured by these titles into buying this makeup?? Do they imagine us standing in front of the mirror putting on our makeup and chanting “I am a Mysterious Muse! I am a Mysterious Muse!!” Hogwash.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      think about being thirteen years old, when you first buy makeup. or seventeen, or even twenty. i think thats their market. as an aside, though, i didnt even notice any of the makeup on any of the models. if thats common it cant be a good thing for l’oreal.

  • Credit where it’s due: Zoe was the only guest celebrity judge that seemed to know what she was talking about.  Beyond “It’s pretty” or “I’d wear that,” none of the others have added much imho.  Certainly, Zoe looked better than the other two women on the panel, but that’s for another post.

    Anyway, you could see where Sonji was going with it but she didn’t quite get there.  IMHO, Christopher’s was actually the worst but since they’ve decided he’s the winner of this season (I hope I’m wrong) they let him do anything.  Dmitry’s was great but in no universe avant garde and was actually a more detailed variation on the outfit he did for the design your own fabric challenge.  If they really wanted them to do somethng avant garde, why not take them to one of the decommissioned subway lines with that beautiful art deco work or somewhere weird like a natural history or archeological museum?  A castle is nice but better suited for a gown challenge I think.  Unless of course they flew them to France (like in season 3?) to Versailles or something…but that is from a different Project Runway.  Ah well.

    • CozyCat

      The natural history museum would be a great idea!  All those weird bugs and plants!   And animals!  And rock formations!  PR always goes for the conventionally pretty inspirations (flower gardens; castles)  Some truly weird inspirations would separate the creative designers from the pretty dress makers. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    TLo, you seem not to be joking about the purloined fabric. You really do think it was producer manipulation? Yikes. (I get the feeling you guys know something.)

    • boomchicabowwow

      I don’t think TLo would ever make a remark that pointed if they didn’t know it for a fact.  Not that I expect them to confirm it, nor do I think they should.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Dmitry in leather pants. I’ll be in my bunk.

    • YoungSally

      And dressing left if I am not mistaken.

      • sisterb67

         No, you are not mistaken. Yow. ZA.

        • Oh, man… I actually went and found a picture of him on the runway from last night to confirm that he indeed dressed to the left – it was for research only, I swear!  Mmmm, baby!  In fact, my favorite TLo tweet from Fashion Week was, “For the ladies – Dmitry is wearing tight leather pants.”  

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            That tweet is another example of TLo taking care of their BKs!

      • khh1138

        I’m hopelessly naïve – I had to Google “dressing left.” The things I learn from you guys!

  • Scarlet39

    I could see someone like Daphne Guinness wearing Dmitry’s with some insane McQueen shoes.  

    • Ooooh, yes – she’d look amazing in that suit!

  • I hated Sonia’s dress but I also hated Fabio’s and Chris’s. And Melissa’s (that skirt fabric was SO eighties). I liked Dimitri’s – except for the part where you could see the model’s ass at the bottom of the, wait for it, exposed zipper!  ‘It’s so avant garde that it’s only been on the runway a gajillion times this season!’
    But if they are talking about who they want to see more from, it’s Sonia for me. I could care less what Casper Milquetoast-Melissa comes up with and judging by Chris’s attempts at a non-costume dress, I can’t see him having anything to keep me awake. And Fabio, mister ‘Stuck in the Middle.’ Really? They want to see more granny panties and sad, floppy skirts? Have at it.

    •  How is it that NONE of the judges pointed out the fact that the zipper was RIGHT at the model’s ass?? That irked me SO much. Just thinking about it the next day, it’s making me all-caps-y.

  • Did anyone else think that Christopher’s look screamed “McQueen”?? It seemed the least original of the bunch to me just because of that. And Dmitry’s was the FURTHEST from Avant Garde. 

    • PinkLemon

       I kept waiting for them to grill Dmitry’s for being so normal!! But NO! So arbitrary. It’s laughable that he won the round.

  • YoungSally

    Billy B looked like Tim’s 12-step cousin…..or he got dressed by the animators at Fox.

  • How come Tootie didn’t get a chance to go back to Mood after she”lost” her fabric but Anya was always given a second chance in these instances? Not that I am a fan of Toots, she was all arrogant on the runway last night (and her dress was awful) so I am glad she was auf’d.

    The product placement… just when you think it couldn’t get any worse/ more onvious, it comes back and puts a stranglehold on you. I can’t take it anymore. And those stupid HP digital drawing pads? You KNOW the designers don’t even use them, but they sort of mock use them just to get those stupid tablets on screen.  

    Also, they need to make Zoe a judge every week. LOVED her.

  • Chaiaiai


  • Rebecca Jay

    Dmitry, “Love your suit.”  And you.

  • am I the only one who can’t stop seeing the outline of a fox’s head in Dimitry’s collar? AHHHH! I thought his look looked like a knock off playboy bunny/fox suit from the 80s.

  • jahphotogal

    TLo, do you really think the producers stole her fabric? Horrible! I think it’s a travesty that Sonji went and Melissa stayed.

  • Call me Bee

    I loved Dimitry’s suit, which, for him, was avant garde! But it was tailored perfectly and I love it when he adds a bit of tulle or organza at the edges. It did convey the “mystic” aspect of the challenge and could still be wearable.
    Sonjias dress was a mess. When she first began draping with the green, I was hopeful. But it went off in the oddest direction. MK was right when he said it was napkins thrown on her chest. Shell be missed, as she always had a really good attitude. Hope she does OK with her career.

    • I think she’ll be okay.  She designs great stuff, I think this was just the challenge that she choked on too close to the finals.  

  • Kate4queen

    I was pleasantly surprised that the judges decided to let Fabio go onward and got rid of Sonjie. And considering the collections, they made the right choice.:) The only two collections that have stuck in my mind after that first and only look are Elena’s and Fabios.
     I didn’t see Dmitri’s as avant garde at all and Melissa’s was just funky. Only Fabio’s coat was really on task.

  • Lilithcat

    I loved the collar on Dmitry’s suit, and I loved that he didn’t do a gown.  The back, on the other hand, with that atrocious visible zipper and the slit that went up to her ass crack, was horrid.

    • kschwarting

      Thank you!  My thoughts exactly on that back zipper.

  • Trisha26

    I’m late commenting & haven’t read other posts (bad critic, I know) – but if Sonjia has a receipt for the fabric couldn’t she just go to TPTB and explain? There aren’t a lot of places she could have “lost the fabric” other than it was never placed in her bag at Mood, so this seems pretty lame. That said, she was never a fave of mine and that dress was just wrong. (Love your suggestions TLo!)

    I loved Dmitry’s collar! That made the outfit for me. I was sort of turned off by the side slit/open panels & the rear slit up to the hoohoo, but whatev. He’s been my fave all season & I’m excited to see his final collection.

  • Bwin51

    I didn’t care for Melissa’s look, but what kept her in is that she works with leather. I don’t think she deserved to make it to the final.

    •  I agree — I thought the leather on Melissa’s jacket was too thick, and even though Sonjia’s gown wasn’t her best, I wish she was in the top three. 

  • CarolinLA

    Zoe seemed like she was in a bad mood the whole time.  Probably because she’s dying for a hamburger and hasn’t eaten since Labor Day.

  • I loved this recap, TLo – GOLD!

    TLo said: “With so many limits placed on them, it’s not surprising that they all tend to default to playing around with proportions, which is why you see big shoulders, or enhanced hips, or dramatic collars. It’s all they have time for. At the end of the day, the very best any of them can  shoot for is “edgy,” rather than “avant garde.” ”   Yup, this is what I decided on when I decided to stop bashing them for not being creative enough, because they really don’t have time.  And I know, the gold standard was set by the Season 4 AG challenge, but they also worked in teams of two.  So yeah, I’m cutting them some slack.

    TLo said:  “Although we had to laugh as they struggled to compliment their little pet, Christopher. “Did you paint one nail red?!? Visionary! Genius!” Or when they struggled to come up with criticisms like, “When we told you to design something for an enchanted queen, WE DIDN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD MAKE A COSTUME.” Oh, right. They meant one of those “real world” enchanted queens, obviously.”   I KNOW!!  I nearly lunged at my very own TV when they started going on and on about the NAIL POLISH in order to compliment Christopher on *anything*.  How desperate!

    TLo said:  “So congratulations to Dmitry! It’s not remotely avant-garde, but it’s a beautiful look.The judges bitched about that collar, but we thought it raised the look up a bit. If he didn’t have it, we guarantee the judges all would have wrinkled their noses and said “I don’t get it. It’s just a suit.” Besides, when you’re given a brief as stupid as “Wise Mystic,” you pretty much have to add something like that collar. And major kudos to him for NOT going the gown route. Then again, he’s not really a gown kind of guy, is he?  In any other instance, we might have said that there were too many elements for one look; the seaming, the collar, the pointy sleeves, the two-tone edging, the pointy bits, the asymmetrical skirt, and the enhanced shoulders. But it’s a dramatic and severe look and it all works great for us. He really managed to integrate all those elements and still make something that looks wearable. Not that wearable should have been a consideration, but it’s a testament to his skills that he can accomplish it in a challenge like this.”   I agree, it wasn’t AG, but it was a gorgeous suit, and it had just enough cool and different touches that made it work for this challenge. And I really loved the collar – I was mentally telling the judges to shut up when they were criticizing it.  It was totally deserving of the win!

    TLo, do you really think the producers nicked Sonjia’s fabric?  It’s a shame they feel they need to resort to hijinks like this.  I guarantee, if Christopher had lost his fabric, they would have let him go back to Mood for sure.

    • boomchicabowwow

      Just a quick post to tell you how much I enjoy you in the comments section!

  • Yeah, Sonjia was pissed over Kors doing the old lady voice, and I don’t blame her.  I mean, yes, her dress was a train wreck.  But these people are the tops in the business. They are supposed to be their mentors and judges.  The criticism is supposed to be constructive.  So when the judges sit there and mock the designers and laugh at them, it makes my blood boil a bit.  Not that I’m saying that the designers need to be handled with kid gloves and treated like they’re made of glass.  But god, just – can they not do THAT to them? Why is mocking them to their faces necessary in a critique?

    EDIT: Sorry! This was supposed to be a reply to someone way down the page – I have no idea how it wound up here.

  • VivianAdvanced

    Sorry to see Sonjia go, but that gown looked like green pieces of moire got all twisted up and stuck to a top made of flypaper. It might have worked if she’d carried it to further extremes. Maybe. But then she really might have gotten into Ice-dancing territory. It’s hard for the designers to come up with avant garde when they’re criticized if it looks too ready-to-wear or if it drifts into a costume. They’re sort of damned if they do, damned if they don’t. It’s a shame Koan/Frokemon didn’t last long enough to do this challenge. I actually liked Melissa’s the best. When she was in the process of assembling it, I thought, ugh, but it eventually all came together nicely.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    of all these people i think sonjia is probably maybe probably maybe the best designer. so they had to fuck w/ her. so they stole her fabric so they would have a reason to get rid of her. cos theyve already decided their top three. & for whatever reasons they have–i have no clue what they are–she was not among the chosen.

    dmitry is the best tailor, no question about that either. i would absolutely buy this outfit were i able to afford it [also he’s probably not gonna remake it & that sample size is gonna be–oh, unaccommodating, lets say. at least for me. but thats neither here nor there]. it’s a fabulous suit. that it looks like a combination of mid-period betsey johnson crossed w/ mid-period vivienne westwood–& even more vintage thierry mugler<—-him, in fact, the most–is surely not a put down. again, it's a wonderful pair o' pieces. & it wouldve been avant garde when the abovenoted three were working their avant guardianships. but not now. now you could wear it to work w/o getting a whole lotta comment. twenty years ago you wouldve been told to go home.

    of the rest of em, i dunno, fabio probably comes next. melissa started out strong but petered out later. the other one i couldnt remember probably cos i cant remember almost any of his work–christopher. the one who i think’s gonna win.

    as an aside, i agree w/ yr statement re: the illusion netting. in a color it wouldve worked so much better. it wouldve lost that supp-hose feel. [do supp-hose still exist? or have they been flattened by spanx? cos thats exactly what the abovenoted fabric looks like but i’m not sure sonjia has ever seen it. ive barely ever seen it, come to think of it, & she’s younger than me.] anyway, i stand by my thought that she was purposefully producer screwed so they could find a reason for her banishment from the enchanted televised reality castle. for were it a real loss they wouldve bent backwards to take it into account. instead they flew freely into the vamoose. feh.

  • Amy

    I am really shocked that Sonjia isn’t in the final 4. I was so certain that Costello-lite and Tootie would make it (the judges love and respect them and she deserves the respect more than him) with the wild card being Melissa “I can’t finish a damn thing in the time I’m given so it never reaches potential” and Fabio “out of the box but the judges don’t always like out of the box”. Sonjia has done so well that can we really punish her for a green napkin boob dress?!

    As mad as I am that she didn’t make it, I really was happy to see Fabio move on. I am really worried about his hit and miss record but boy is he likeable and a total sweetheart. Putting more of his own quirky style into his work is just the push he needs! On the other hand, Chris…you my friend can suck it. 🙂

  • I hated this challenge from the moment when five designers were randomly given one of four inspirations…oh wait, our math sucks – one of you just gets to choose

  • Truly_Outrageous

    Amen sisters. I agree T Lo. Avant Garde indeed. Pfft. I kept saying in my head as the models went down the runway “this isnt avant garde.” I was screaming in my head during judging “this isnt avant garde!” Some had avant garde ideas and some were pretty close or kinda got it but I feel a couple of them failed. I feel bad for Sonjia. I know there was mistakes in her design with this challenge but I definitley agree. Its one of the designs that came closest to avant garde. And Kors went overboard on his judging. I dont think she deserved to go home. I pegged her as being one of the finalists. Thanks PR producers (again!).

  • Aki

    Fucking furious that she was booted out, half-assed garment or not, she was one of the best designers of the lot of them.

  • hape_dex

    I had to laugh at the “a castle” caption, it’s just a house.

  • quiltrx

    Poor Tootie!  I’m not watching this season, so I’m kind of appalled to hear they pulled “where is my fabric?” out of Ye Olde Trick Bag.  It’s so lame, and just cruel.

    And I hate to see Tootie’s fierce-ass model go!  Girl definitely has a future.

  • The idea that anything was Avant Garde was truly pathetic.  Drop it already and let the designers be creative without the sad product placement.  I’m so sick of,”And to get the model’s hair super slick we’ll put Loreal’s Super Slick Model hair cream on it.”  Whooppe freakin’ doo.  

    And bless Tootie’s sweet little heart for throwing down out there.  She didn’t make a damn wearable suit and she gave it her all.  Like I’ve said before, makes me glad I’ve cancelled cable.  

  • libraangel

    YUM! A colored sheer for Sonjia’s dress! Wonderful idea, T&L!(I could see it in black!) (And yes, she was fucked!)

    p.s. We should boycott MK and his use of fur in his collection!

  • libraangel

    A few more thoughts: Billy B looks like he smells like stale beer and doesn’t wash his underwear. (Loved the comment B.B.Gunn!LOL)
    Hope Dmitry is straight cause he could phone me. Sonjia’s model is adorable. Christopher’s outfit is saloon lady from a western! 

  • truthoid

    Do you think they really did steal Sanjia’s fabric?

    I thought her dress looked brilliant at first glance. But, on closer inspection, the nude mesh made it look cheap. If she had actually had the model naked under those green drapes, then the dress would have been truly avant garde.

    • Clacey

      I think the producers took Sonjia’s fabric. And Elena’s, too, in an earlier challenge. After reading on Mila’s blog about the shopping at Mood drill, I got the distinct impression that the producers take the bags from the contestants so they can collect the receipts and sabotage whomever they want. Neither Elena nor Sonjia had a receipt to verify whether the fabrics had been bought and and paid for, so they couldn’t back to Mood like Kenley did in her season when that precious tulle didn’t make it into the bag. They were screwed and that was that.

  • Is it just me, or was everyone just delightfully nice to one another on this season? Certainly as far as reality shows go. Sure there was the early gay feud, and Elana stressed everyone out, but generally I believe that most of them got along pretty well. Am I crazy?