Pairs Division: DeGeneres & de Rossi

Posted on October 25, 2012

Ladies? Prepare ye to be judged.


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi attends the 15th Annual Mark Twain Prize For American Humor at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.


From the left:

SHE: Would look fine to us if everything fit her better. There are so many chic ways for women to wear menswear – even literal menswear like this – but for someone who’s been doing it for so many years, she rarely ever lands on any of them. The pants and the jacket look tight and uncomfortable on her and the shirt doesn’t provide enough contrast. None of the pieces feel like they go with each other and she just looks uncomfortable as hell all around. Score: 4/10. If this is your personal style, then why do you look so awkward? If you’re gonna do it, do it well.

SHE: Looks very chic and put together in a ladies-who-lunch kind of way. It’s not a bad look for her to try out, although we do think the hair cut’s a bit aging and dated. We’re resigned to the current vogue for that hem length, but this whole look sure would look freshened up if she raised it to knee length and ditched the black accessories for some minor sparkle. You could argue that she’s dressed conservatively for a reason, for which we’re willing to concede a couple points. Score: 8/10. It’s fine and it’s venue-appropriate, but we think she could have made some more interesting styling choices while still hitting the mark.

Combined score: 6/10. Ellen, hire yourself a master tailor.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Agree about the hem length, though it looks good on her here.  I actually like the black detailing, incuding the belt.

  • Portia looks stunning, haircut and all! I’d bump that up to at least a 9.

  • cooperalden

    Ellen didn’t wear sneakers!  Big improvement.  Portia looks great.

  • inprovo

    She’s not wearing sneakers!

  • filmcricket

    I find it hilarious that Portia’s essentially playing the good wife to Ellen at a humour banquet, when in my opinion Portia’s the funnier one by far. Or were they being honoured together?

    Anyway, agreed on TLo’s critiques. Ellen isn’t Oprah-rich, but she could quite easily get herself some bespoke suits for formal occasions. Imagine how great she’d look if this all fit properly.

    • 3boysful

       Seriously (re bespoke suits).  And as she is dressing mannishly, she probably wouldn’t have the female worry of being seen in a formal outfit more than once.

    • MilaXX

       She may not be Oprah-rich but she ain’t hurting for cash, she can more than afford a few well tailored suits.

    • e jerry powell

       The Mark Twain award is for lifetime achievement, more or less, and Portia just isn’t that old.

      Given the list of past winners, the youngest two are Tina Fey and Will Ferrell.  Everyone else is up there, age-wise.  Cosby, Pryer, Winters, Tomlin, Newhart, Goldberg, Carlin, Crystal.

    • LauraWL

      I read Portia’s book (which was amazing btw) and Portia basically said that Ellen is/was THE heartthrob lesbian for a lot of women (basically the equivalent of Brad Pritt for straight girls?) and that Portia thought Ellen was way out of her league and couldn’t believe Ellen asked her out. Which is really sweet and sort of explains their relationship dynamic a bit. 
      So I totally see the “good wife” aesthetic happening.

      • filmcricket

        I remember when they first started dating a friend of mine said “So Ellen’s just going to date all the hot lesbians in Hollywood?” and I was like “Wouldn’t you?” I can totally see Ellen topping the Lesbian Crush list.

    • CozyCat

      I actually think Ellen is quite cute (and I say that as a straight woman).  And I agree that she would look fantastic if she upped the quality of the menswear–Imagine a really well fitted tux.  (And she’d have the advantage of never, ever having to buy another red carpet look.  Just like most men, she could recycle the same tux for every event!)

  • StellaZafella

    I agree. Ellen, there are plenty of tailors in NY and LA who can work with you and still respect your personal styling esthetic which seems to be quasi preppy, “on-the-go” and not too fussy. If we can say this to sexy people like Robert Downey Jr. we can say it to sexy people like you: If you’re gonna do it, make us see that you mean it.

    Portia, to my eye, doesn’t need to change a thing…but I love pink and black (as long as the pink doesn’t look like Barbie on an acid trip).

  • DCSheehan

    I usually love Ellen’s look but this is a huge mess. Portia on the other hand looks gorge.

  • YoungSally

    That waist seam on Ellen’s jacket is distracting…..maybe if the pocket flaps were in that seamline instead of just below….and I hope the back of the jacket isn’t vented if the waist seam goes all the way around.

  • Imasewsure

    Yes wow Ellen… seriously bad… let Portia lay out the suits for you from now on…. weird jacket, ugly shirt, shapeless pants… ugh

  • trisker

    Ellen isn’t going to hire a master tailor!  She’s relaxed, except when she’s the deer in the headlights of an RC camera.  De Rossi looks fine.  Red Carpet judging is too harsh for people who don’t ever want to be on the red carpet.

    • Tatiana Luján

      A master tailor would make her clothes that fit, so she can feel more relaxed in them.

    • “Red Carpet judging is too harsh for people who don’t ever want to be on the red carpet.”

      You know she’s in showbiz, right?

      • filmcricket

        Yeah, she’s hosted the Oscars. She might hate the whole “stand & pose” thing, but red carpet critiques are a day at the spa compared to that gig. Or compared to working as a stand-up, for that matter.

  • Ellen also needs a little tweak on the makeup, though that washed out look is sort of her signature.

  • Anathema_Device

    Totally agree on the assessment of Ellen’s outfit. The shirt choice is particularly egregious. The suit looks like a make-do thrift-store find.

    I might bump Portia up a little bit. I like the mod feel of the black with the pink. Not totally digging the comb-forward hair, though.

  • formerlyAnon

    “Ellen, hire yourself a master tailor.”

    Spot on. I mean, what is the POINT of making a lot of money – at a job where being photographed is part of the job – and then letting yourself be photographed looking as if your clothes don’t fit and/or are uncomfortable to wear? [Ahem. Christina Hendricks, are you listening?] 

    Though I do think she does better in casual settings. Or maybe I’m just setting the bar lower.

    Let the 4/10 stand. I’ll let Ms. Rossi’s 8/10 stand, but without your reservations.

    (Although, having recently driven an older friend to Talbot’s so she could see the colors in a catalog item in person – and being kind of appalled at how much of Talbot’s current inventory I’d wear – perhaps my lack of reservations reflect a personal taste for the dull.)

    • MilaXX

       Talbot as been trying to appeal to a more youthful and modern clientele. A lot of their things still read Country Club but they have improved.

    • imspinningaround

      There’s a pair of dark pink leopard print cigarette pants in the November catalog that might open your eyes to Talbots’ awesomeness for good.

  • Mary229

    Portia is so beautiful.   She has such a lovely smile.  I actually think her haircut is lovely.  It was time for a change.  I don’t love Ellen’s outfit but I think she just wears what she wants and enjoys herself and I can’t fault her for that.

  • Rand Ortega

    I love Portia’s look. Everything about it says “Trophy Wife” in the sexiest way possible.
    I lurve Ellen even though she punked the writers during the Writers Guild Strike a few years ago. I know, get over it. But–
    Anywho, I would love to see her get w/ Thackeray or Tom Ford or Gant or Thom Browne for Brooks Brothers to tailor a line for ladies who rock a men’s suit like nobodies business.  Everything just looks like its pulling in all the wrong places.

    •  thanks- was trying to find the right term, ‘trophy wife’ is a nice call… she looks like she is trying to quite upstage her partner (and award recipient). The hair is refreshing as I didn’t realize WHO it was a first. I have to agree about the hemline tho…and maybe, just maybe not the black accessories? Ellen, please turn around, find a gay (not hard) who knows styling (again not hard). We know you have your ‘look’ but…spend a few of those well earned bucks? thanks- your gays who love you.

  • gabbilevy

    I love them both, but Ellen’s suit is tragic. I’m digging Portia’s look, although I’m seeing ‘retro’ rather than ‘dated.’ The scores work for me.

  • Dot

    I actually like the haircut on Portia, but it strikes me as odd that she has one side sort of pushed dramatically forward so much. It looks strange to me.

  • Absolutely agree. Ellen looks great in a three piece suit. She just needs to be a bit more discerning in her choice of pattern and color, and then she absolutely needs a better tailor. And when you have Portia on your arm, you should probably look like she belongs there, and not like she’s slumming. 🙂

  • nannypoo

    They are both gorgeous. I like everything about Portia’s look except the length of her skirt. Ellen always seems to not care about her clothes, so I’m pretty sure there’s no stylist in her future.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    Portia’s looking a hell of a lot better than she did at the Emmys so I’d bump up her grade a skosh based on that improvement.

    • theblondette

      I was thinking this look is SUCH a relief after that frankly scary Emmys look.

  • MilaXX

    I agree with Ellen. I watch her show at least 2 days a week and she’s very hit or miss. Sometimes the clothes fit her well and other times she looks a mess. Personally I prefer the vest and pants look she wore on her wedding because jackets almost always  seem to not fit her well.

    Portia on the other hand I think looks great. I really like her new hair and I think she’s tall enough to wear that length.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I love Portia’s look. She’s tall enough to pull off this hem lenght.

    • PinkLemon

       girl is WERQING. IT. one of my fave comedic actresses, along with catherine o’hara.

  • I love, love, love Ellen, and this is a BAD miss for her. Portia, while looking a bit tired, looks fantastic in that dress. I wants it so bads!

  • l_c_ann

    Maybe Ellen likes the way her clothes fit. 

  • twocee

    That first pic of Portia solo makes her look like Lisa Kudrow.  It’s freaky.

    I have say, I love that dress on her.  I hate the color pink, but at least she doesn’t look like Barbie.

  • Love that 60s line on Portia’s top (I met her once you know. Before she was famous. Terribly sweet) and I really like her hair. Ellen gets the usual menswear complaints – the collar is too floppy, the fit on the pants and jacket isn’t great. Maybe a shell top instead of the button-through would have given a better line?

  • Monabel

    THIS is how to do that bright pink.

    • kimmeister

      ^This, so much!

    • theblondette

      I was looking at it, and you’re right – because it’s not QUITE the same pink we’ve seen rolled out lately. This is a very very slightly softer, warmer pink – and just that hint of softness makes it so much more flattering. Harsh barbie pink is VERY hard for most women to wear.

      • Monabel


  • shirab

    If nothing else, at least Ellen doesn’t have her hands in her pockets.

  • B_C_J

    Portia looks like perfection. Her outfit is beautiful and the black details are the perfect touch for all of pink.  I have a small quibble with her hair. The combing forward is not my favorite.  However she looks exquisite.
    Ellen undoubtedly needs a better fit.  The jacket is a tad boxy. The crotch on the pants is questionable. The navy shirt with the tuxedo is not a good combination.  I love Ellen’s hair. The cut and styling are very chic. 

  • That look would be better with out the black Asian inspired obie…..also a more interesting shoe! Ellen…jsu a tad too butch this time!

  • dress_up_doll

    Portia looks absolutely stunning. Ellen, on the other hand, looks tragic.

    • Trixkat

      I agree – Portia looks fantastic, very chic.  Her dress reminds me of the great fashions in the 60’s Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines – very Norman Norell.  Ellen needs some help, bless her.

  • Judy_S

    They just look like they are going to different events. Or just now met at this one, maybe.

  • jmorino08

    Portia’s channeling Ellen Burstyn in a major way with that haircut. 

  • I love Portia’s outfit — I think it reads as kind of tongue-in-cheek Kennedy drag for an event at the Kennedy center that she’s at to stand by her gal, as it were. 

  • Trisha26

    Portia gets a 10 from me, chic, sophisticated, put together, and the hair is cute! Ellen looks like…Ellen. I could live with the ill-fitting suit, but that shirt – yikes!

  • kimmeister

    The boxy cut of Portia’s top wouldn’t work on most women, but she is pulling it off!

  • Every time I watch Ellen’s show I wonder  a) Is she wearing women’s clothes with a men’s wear slant?  b) Is she just wearing men’s clothes off the rack?  or c) Is she wearing men’s clothes that’s she’s had tailored to fit her?

    because, like someone else pointed out, sometimes her clothes fit her poorly and sometimes they fit great.

  • butterflysunita

    Portia looks great.  I didn’t like Ellen’s outfit either until I saw the photo of her with her legs crossed and bent.  She is having fun and carrying the look off.

  • teensmom99

    I think it’s a WERQ for Portia. 

  • I was disappointed when I saw this – Ellen has some perfectly lovely suits. This isn’t one of them, or maybe it was when the waistband wasn’t a tad tight.  A shame, because it makes her look puffy when she truly is not. Perhaps it would have worked with some Spanx and a nicely tailored untucked (and not ruffly) tuxedo shirt in white or a nice light blue,and maybe she’d have looked less uncomfortable.  I like Portia’s look, though. I have no idea who she is trying to portray (first gay FLOTUS? I feel a movie pitch coming on …) but she looks pretty.

  • Her hair might be a little dated but at least it’s a little softer – and less crazy – than last time we saw her. Portia gets most improved. And yes, totally agree about Ellen, what is up with that? It looks like she borrowed the suit from Justin Bieber.

  • Portia pulls of that hem length like no one else. She’s tall and willowy and it just suits her. I don’t even mind the black accessories though when T-Lo mentions a touch of sparkle I can see how it would elevate the look a bit. The pink looks fantastic on her, so much better than that godawful romper on January Jones.

    My first thought on seeing Ellen was Little Lord Fauntleroy, not a good thought. That jacket is so ill fitted. I love Ellen, she deserves so much better than this look.

  • altalinda

    Portia looks 1000x better than her last visit to TLo, and for that I say, thank goodness!

  • siriuslover

    I agree about Ellen’s look here, but I think Portia looks great! I like her hair style.

  • Janet B

    Ellen’s hair and makeup are nice, but that’s probably one of the worst outfits I’ve seen her wear in a long time.

  • lucasuk82

    I like they’ve stopped coordinating their outfits.  Love Ellen’s jacket and Portia’s belt.  The pants are unfortunate and the heels look DTM.  (Too steal a Kohrs-ism)

  • guest2visits

    Completely love Portia’s look; length and all.  Don’t know why Ellen has to look like she’s wearing a little man’s suit – it sure
    is nice on the show when she looks like she’s wearing something designed for a women’s body; even if it’s a suit.
    Correct that this looks abit awkward and uncomfortable in the fit and proportions. 

  • quiltrx

    I’m relieved…the last few pics of Portia I’ve seen she looked like a real haint.  She looks pretty here.

    I love her dress…the pop-over top is very Audrey to me!

    And Jane Lynch, please send whoever does your ladypants looks over to Ellen for some help on how to do it elegantly.  She looks like she just got off her shift at the bank, popped on a jacket, and came on over.

  • filmcricket

    That was my immediate reaction, too: “Oh, hello Jackie!”

  • RzYoung

    I LOVE the pink outfit, it’s so chic! I think Ellen looks nice too

  • My guess on the black vs. sparkly accessories is the venue. Kennedy Center in DC just screams conservative to me in a way that venues in LA or NY would not.

  • I would’ve given Portia a 10. I’m digging everything about her look. 

  • sarahmichelef

    Ellen’s jacket is, if such a thing is possible, too fussy, on top of not fitting properly.

    Also. Navy blue and black makes my eyes bleed.

  • dgh

    Portia’s dress is a 9.99 for me; the length could go up an inch maybe but still below the knee. I cannot express how grateful I am to see female celebrities in public in clothes that hookers just couldn’t attract any trade in.

  • ballerinawithagun

    Now that is the way to do shocking pink. Schiap and Vreeland would be proud. Love the contemporary belt with the retro modern (is that an oymoron???) ensemble. Would love more detail. I assume it is a dress with a topper that zips up the back. Not exactly practical but gorgeous and it keeps away any horrible gapping at the mid-section.

  • Candigirl1968

    Portia – like the dress (so I guess we all need to go buy something pink), and do like the black accessories.  The hair is a bit too Ellen Barkin-ish.  There is no reason that this Ellen would wear such an ill fitting suit with that totally-wrong-for-the-outfit shirt.  

  • cleep1000

    Oh, Ellen. Ellen! Why??  She looks more put-together for her daily talk show. If this is her “winging it”, please make it stop.

  • Lisa Kramp

    I have never understood the need for one of the lesbian pair to dress like a man but hey, I’m a hopeless heterosexual and a total fembot so what do I know? That said, I’ve seen Ellen rock a tux and you’re right, she needs a better tailor. The dark blue shirt isn’t doing the look any favors, either. Portia is bringing the Jackie O glam in a big way.

    • dgh

      It’s not a need, it’s a preference. Some women love dresses and some women hate them. Some women from both camps are lesbians, and sometimes they fall for each other. I’ve known plenty of Portia-Portia and Ellen-Ellen couples in my day.

      I’m just glad the lesbian mullet is over.

  • I really love what Portia’s wearing, but it does skew a bit matronly.

  • ccm800

    Portia is barely recognizable anymore and I’m not sure why. She has (had?) such unusual facial features but they seem to have been somehow homogenized. I dun get it.