Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace

Posted on October 11, 2012

Nicole Kidman IS Nicole Kidman-as-Princess-Grace!

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly filming scenes for ‘Grace of Monaco’ on location.

It’s true that actors don’t have to look exactly like the person they’re playing in a biopic, and we thought Nicole made a pretty damn good choice for the part, but we don’t know, kittens. If we didn’t tell you these were shots from the set and that she’s in costume as her, would you know who this was supposed to be? And do you think she can believably play Her Serene Highness at the age of 33 when she’s 45 herself? A lot of kittens disagreed with us when we said that Michelle Williams was a great choice to play Marilyn, but even so, you could tell from a glance who she was supposed to be. We suppose it’s difficult to “make someone up” to look like Grace because there was nothing particularly distinctive about her look. She was a beautiful, aristocratic blue-eyed blonde, but she didn’t have a trademark look the way Marilyn did.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • MK03

    Wow, they didn’t even try.

    • Aly Light

       Yeah, I’m just seeing Nicole Kidman.

  • Nope. None of these shots at least, capture anything of grace Kelly’s look and allure.

    • Yeah, I can’t see Grace Kelly here at all.

    • littlemac8

      When I picture Grace Kelly in my mind I picture her in Rear Window in those fabulous Edith Head costumes which featured Grace’s glacial beauty and wasp waist!  She must be “expecting” in this number.  And frankly, as long as we’re on the subject, I can’t imagine I’m going to like Naomi Watts as Diana either.   Both actresses have done really fine work but it’s hard for an A-list celebrity to vanish inside of a well-known person who many of the audience remember.  Katie Holmes as Jackie comes to mind as well (which, it goes without saying, I would not deign to watch).  Only Meryl has those kind of acting chops: she nailed Julia but I really did not care for that whole Margaret Thacher bio-pic!  Anyway, you get my drift!

      • Melissa Brogan

         I enjoyed that Kennedy miniseries, but Katie’s scenes were grating.

    • Spreecord

       And no amount of Botox is making that face look 33.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    While not distinctive in her “look” like Marilyn, Grace always exuded an image that i find totally lacking in these stills.  If i didn’t know who Nicole was supposed to be portraying i would be utterly clueless to hasten a guess.

    • RebeccaKW

       Maybe it’s better, if you see her walking/talking.  Maybe the photos just aren’t capturing it.

      I’m a bit freaked out by the photo of her on the steps, touching her face.  That doesn’t look natural-I can’t figure out what is supposed to be happening there.

    • I think Grace Kelly was very distinctive, in the way that Hitchcock defined her: while Marilyn was warm and bubbly and funny, Grace was the Ice Queen. Something Nicole can pull off, but doesn’t try often enough. And definitely not here.

      • schadenfreudelicious

        you are correct, Grace did have a distinctive “ice queen” look, i should have stated that her look was perhaps not as instantly recognizable worldwide as Marilyn’s 

        • After being the Princess Diana of the 1950s? I’m really saying I think TLo are a little offbase regarding Grace;  if she was indistinct, it was because of how blandly beautiful (icy) and symmetrical were her features. She’s the Wasp Nefertiti. 

    • Cautiously Pessimistic

      The issue for me is the wrinkles in the skirt and the appallingly sloppy hem on the jacket.  Grace never looked sloppy like that, at least not in any image I recall.

      • julesj

        Agree. Way too many wrinkles. Can’t remember a wrinkled Grace Kelly. 

  • I saw this else where and immediately thought, NO.  From the photos I’ve seen of Grace Kelly (since she was before my lifetime) I know her clothes were conservative, but Nicole’s look about 5 sizes too large. 

    • annyb

      Yep. Perhaps this is supposed to be a maternity look, but her SHOULDERS aren’t pregnant.

      • kimmeister

        I nearly just peed my pants!

    • 3boysful

       I agree. Unless she’s supposed to be pregnant, I picture Grace in of closer-tailored outfits.

      • Or something cinched in at the waist.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Huh. I really thought she’d make a better Grace Kelly than this. Then again, that’s some pretty harsh, cold light. Perhaps it will look better with some post-production tweaking? Nicole usually comes through in the end, regardless of how the stills look.

  • This is worse than Naomi Watts as Princess Di.

    • VRuss

      Totally agree

  • Nope, no way.  Too skinny and dorky looking.

    • Dot

      Agreed. She looks like a mid-century librarian.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Grace Kelly looks sparkly, alive, young and with a little more meat on her bones. I don’t like the choice of Nicole for this role.

  • Huh. I never realized just how much Nicole Kidman looks like Nicole Kidman.

    • Jessi03


  •  Is this supposed to be Monagasque maternity wear? If so, she might get a pass.

  • MarissaLG

    I saw a different still from the movie and for a second I thought, “Wow, Grace Kelly looked a lot like Nicole Kidman.” So, yeah. I think it’s just these shots. 

  • Tatiana Luján

    Amy Adams! That’s who should have been chosen for the role.

    •  That’s not bad, but she’d have to give the performance of her life in order to sell it.

      • Tatiana Luján

        Why wouldn’t she? Did you see her in Doubt or in The Fighter? 

      • Mary229

        When has Amy Adams not done that?   She sells everything she’s in.   Heck, I thought that movie with Clint Eastwood was borderline awful and yet Adams was good in it.   She was amazing in The Master.  Amazing in Enchanted.  Amazing in The Fighter.  I imagine she’ll be great as Lois Lane.  She sells everything she’s in.

        •  We like Amy, but we think she’s very limited as an actress.

    • Call me Bee

      I could see that.  Even though Grace was a Princess, she had a strong “girl next door” quality that Adams has as well.  But I agree–she’d have to act her heart out! 

      • Mary229

        Right….but when has Amy Adams :not:: acted her heart out?  That’s such a weird comment to me.   Adams is one of the most intense actresses working today.

    • Zaftiguana

      Oh wow, now THAT’S an idea.

    • charlotte

       This picture (hope it’s okay to post the link here) convinced me:

    • January Jones.  The look alone would be awesome.  She’s not a great actress, but she does Main Line bitchface really well!

    • Mary229

      I’ve been saying for months that this role should have gone to Amy Adams.  She actually looks more like Grace Kelly than Kidman does when you make her a true Blond.   She’s not only younger than Nicole but she LOOKS extremely young.   And, at this point, as much as I like Nicole, I think Adams is the better actress.

  • raininmai

    I don’t know about her ability to portray Princess Grace, but for the look alone they couldn’t miss with January Jones.

    • yep, she would have been a much better look-a-like

      •  My first thought as well. And I think she’s a better actress than Kidman, too.

        • glennethph

          X-Men First Class begs to differ.

          • Didn’t she have like 3 lines in that movie? I don’t know who directed it but i thought everyone came off pretty poorly in that movie.

          • I had the same thought.  Apparently she has turned down all offers to play her.

        • luciaphile

          I respectfully disagree with that. I’m not Kidman’s biggest fan but she has a lot more talent than Jones…

    • You nailed it. I’m a huge fan of both “To Catch a Thief” and “Rear Window,” movies I’ve seen dozens of times over the course of my life. And there have been times when I’ve been watching Mad Men and I’ve thought, “January Jones looks just like Grace Kelly right there.” I think Nicole can do “glacial” quite well, but she doesn’t have the symmetrical features that Jones and Kelly have. All lovely ladies, of course. Maybe Nicole will pull it off?

    • gabbilevy

      Exactly. Remember that scene where JJ as BD was doing a photo shoot for a … was it Coca Cola? That was PURE Grace. 

    • katchwa

       As long as she could play Grace Kelly as Betty Draper she’d be perfect! Otherwise we’ve got nothing to suggest she could handle it.

    •  yes! perfect! and she def has the ice queen thing down.

  • uh, yeah. i think she’s perfect for it. first words out of my mouth . . . ooooooooooooooooooooooh.

  • geans

    Was January Jones unavailable? I agree that it looks, at first glance, like a miss. 

  • charlotte

    Why not January Jones? I don’t want to start another fight about her acting capabilities (let’s just agree to disagree), but looks-wise she’d have been the perfect choice.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I think January Jones would have been perfect. Grace Kelly’s acting improved with every movie and sometimes she played such stiff, aristocratic characters that I think January Jones would have been great. 

    • Zaftiguana

      She’s great for the look, but she doesn’t act so much as portray her own personal affect, and while, in fairness, Grace Kelly did something similar, January’s affect isn’t all that much like Grace Kelly’s. 

    • PrunellaV

      They probably wanted a bigger name than JJ. Too bad. Due to Mad Men it’s almost a cliché now to imagine her as Grace Kelly.

  • Miss_Led

     Nope, not even close. But maybe they will do something with the lighting….

  • BritneyE

    No, this doesn’t work for me. I had wanted to see Rosamund Pike or Georgina Haig in the role but I still had hope for Nicole but its a no. She’s too old for the part. I’d never know she was supposed to be Grace just from the picture.

  • StellaZafella

    Most of these shots appear to be random “on the set of” shots, not character stills. Except shot 3 where she, indeed, does appear to be ‘on’. If it’s a scene from later in Grace’s life…I might think it’s about right. Kidman certainly can portray that glassy delicacy that defined much of the Grace Kelly mystique.

    •  Yes I tend to agree.. the only qualms I have are Nicole’s age and her excessive botox/filler use. Hopefully this won’t turn into another ‘Australia’ where Nicole could barely move her face.

  • Hm.  It just looks like Nicole in gorgeous period clothing.  There is no way that I’d think this was Princess Grace; I’d be more apt to think it was just another retro photo shoot. It’s sad, but the plain truth is I’m not sure there is another human being that is (or possibly could ever be) as pretty as Grace Kelly. 

  • JCWL

    I would have picked January Jones looks-wise, but I think Nicole will pull it off!

  • MilaXX

    I don’t think she looks Grace Kelly like, but I think she’ll be able to pass for 33 once the makeup/sfx people are done.

  • Rachel Goldstein

    Fail. Too bad there aren’t any gorgeous blue eyed blonde Hollywood younger starlets who could have worked the role….

  • January Jones should have been Grace Kelly.  Nicole Kidman is too tall and lanky for the part.

    • NC_Meg

      That was my first thought. I don’t know how tall Grace Kelly was but I didn’t think she was anywhere near Nicole’s height. 

      • She wasn’t as tall as Nicole, but she was tall for her day – and she had a lanky, athletic body type, like Nicole does. See for instance.

      • ThaliaMenninger

        Nicole: 5-11. Rosamund Pike: 5-9. Grace: 5-7. Diane Kruger: 5-7. January Jones: 5-6. Michelle Williams: 5-4. Natalie Portman: 5-3.

        In terms of height, talent and looks, I’d go for Diane Kruger, I think. January Jones has the look, but I’m with janierainie below me — after that SNL skit, NO NO NO.

    • janierainie

      I was thinking JJ too, but changed my mind after looking at the SNL skit for rear window. Her features aren’t refined enough. I can’t see Nicole Kidman either, for the reason you mention.  They should have had an open call. I cant think of anyone that looks like Grace Kelly.

  • formerlyAnon

    She doesn’t capture Kelly for me.

    Also: That jacket looks like period maternity wear to me. Am I right, or  was there a fashion trend for such long, full jackets that I missed? If so, can anyone tell me when, and if possible point me to a contemporary name I can google for images? Thanks.

    • l_c_ann

      I had that top, but as a coat for church in the 1960s.  It was wonderfully flattering for every face shape (and covered full skirts well)

  • frannyprof

    I’m not buying it… yet.

  • Awful.  They didn’t even get hair and makeup right (to help the illusion).

  • She’s as much PG as Lohan was ET! Okaaay, maybe just a tad more! 

  • I have to be totally upfront and say I really can’t stand Nicole Kidman. She is well up on my irrational hate list. BUT she is a pretty good actor. I’ve seen her in a few things where I don’t see her as “her” which may give her a chance of selling this in a way that poor, wooden January Jones couldn’t.

  • Scimommy

    Oh please, this is not even close. It should have been Charlize Theron!

    • Anathema_Device

      I was thinking January Jones, like some of the other BKs, but Theron would have been a good choice.

      • Scimommy

        I must be the only person in the world who does not think that JJ is a dead ringer for Grace Kelley. I see no similarities except hair color.

        Re: Charlize, I think she could be great because she’s got the look and is a versatile actress, but she would have to modulate her voice quite a bit. It’s a lot lower than Grace Kelly’s was, I think.

        • We don’t think JJ looks like her either.

          • christinewithanx

            Nope, not at all. I’m a little late to the party, but think that Kidman resembles PG in body type only, boyishly slim and willowy, but none of that healthy, slightly rounded, pink-cheeked american girl look that PG had at times. She’s not pregnant in the movie, either. Stephanie wasn’t born til ’64 and she was very thin in ’62, even though she already had two children: I will be interested to hear your opinion about it when it’s released!

        • h0n0rb

          I didn’t see this when it first aired, but it’s an SNL skit with JJ in full Lisa Fremont drag. I have to say that you’re right – she doesn’t have it:

        • Anathema_Device

          I don’t think Jones is a ringer, but she has that patrician look. I honestly feel like an old biddy saying this, but very few modern female stars have the cool elegance that so many actresses of bygone eras had.

  • They couldn’t get January Jones to do it?

  • There’s nothing here that even resembles Grace Kelly’s era, let alone the lady herself.  I doubt her hair was that mussed giving birth.

  • Little_Olive

    The thing is, you have to get someone who captures the aura. And Grace Kelly, beyond the “Icy Hitchcock Blond” thing, had a kindness in her eyes that Nicole lacks. 

  • altalinda

    On the other hand, I WANT those shoes she’s wearing.

    • julesj

      Why? So…ugly.

  • deltabronze

    The 45 playing 33 thing reminds me of Kevin Spacey playing Bobby Darin. Nice try, but it just didn’t seem right.

  • Judy_S

    Hmm. They will have to do the reverse of what they did with Meryl Streep in Julia & Julia–put everybody else in lifts and Nicole in a rut. Maybe the problem is that she looks too much like Grace, so there’s no possibility of a double-take or moment of questioning her identity.  

  • Scarlet39

    I’m not buying it. 

  • LittleKarnak

    Would never know she’s portraying Grace Kelly….who’s playing Rainier???

    • charlotte

       Meryl Streep?

      • Rand Ortega


    • Billie_Dawn

      It’s Tim Roth.

      I find this really hilarious, for some reason.

  • E_bee

    Nope, not working here. Could Gwyneth Paltrow have managed it better, maybe?

  • I don’t know why Nicole Kidman is playing Grace Kelly when January Jones exists. 

  • Tamara

    Should have been January Jones!

  • BrooklynBomber

    I agree with you guys. I’m not seeing it. Nicole Kidman is a very capable actor and way above average in the looks department. But Grace Kelly’s beauty was off the charts. One of the reasons people can do Marilyn is that so much of her look and manner was pure artifice. With Grace, however, there’s not much to do except have her perfect face and figure, and imitate her patrician bearing. 

  • Grace Kelly, Caroline Bisset: they had the inner and outer regal thing going. While Nicole Kidman is tall and blonde, she doesn’t necessarily own that inner upper crust-ness. But I think we should wait and see the performance. She’s a good actress. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone else.

    •  Carey Mulligan or Mara Rooney – maybe too young. What about Kirsten Dunst? She was brilliant in “All Good Things” She has something very contained and regal about her.

      • Helen C

        I feel like a b*tch for saying this, but Mulligan and Mara are not good looking enough to play Grace Kelly. besides Mulligan got this middle class country/small town English girl thing that is so much Grace Kelly. Mara is way too edgy and modern.
        Kirsten Dunst can do classical beauty and regal well, but her face is too round for this role, she is simply way too sweet and not icy enough for this.

        Maybe a younger Charlize Theron or January Jones after gaining some weight? rosemund Pike is another good choice.

        Strangely, I think Naomi Watts would make a better Grace than Diana. Mulligan probably can do a better Diana, after being put in lifts.

  • jw_ny

    I believe Nicole has the ability to pull this role off.  Princess Grace deserves someone of her caliper.  

  • Judy_J

    I see nothing of Princess Grace here.  But I love that outfit Nicole is wearing!  Looks like designer maternity wear.

  • Do not like. 

  • sashaychante

    January Jones has a look similar to Princess Grace, and with makeup and lighting, could really look like her.  Unfortunately, JJ lacks the chops for the role, unlike Nicole. 

  • Zippypie

    Don’t see it at all.  Nicole’s a capable actress, so perhaps she will nail it from that perspective.

  • Rand Ortega

    It’s still better than Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Kidman looks predatory here- there’s nothing of Kelly’s graciousness.

  • ellabob

    If she could act – maybe she could pull it off

  • margaret meyers

    Better to have an unknwn in the part  — it’s easier to acept them in the role.

  • I would have prefer that they had cast January Jones…far more Gracelike!

  • Hollywood Grace Kelly definitely had a trademark look, Grace Kelly as Her Serene Highness not so much.

  • Lisa Salmon

    Not even close

  • jonnyf8

    is this going to be a real movie or an HBO thing because it seems better suited for Lifetime but I don’t imagine Nicole would work on that network.

  •  If investors insisted on an A-lister, Gywneth Paltrow would have been a better option me thinks.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    She looks a foot too tall to play Grace Kelly, with none of Her Serene Highness’s serenity. I might’ve given this one to Michelle Williams, too. Or dye Natalie Portman’s hair. I’m not seeing any of Grace here.

    •  Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are too short to play Grace Kelly — Grace Kelly was fairly tall, especially for her day.

      • ThaliaMenninger

        Because of body type, Nicole Kidman reads as a very tall woman. What they used to call “statuesque.” So have her play Alexis Smith. Or even Suzy Parker, although Nicole isn’t really as drop-dead gorgeous as Suzy Parker, either.

        In terms of actual height, not just “how I see height,” Nicole Kidman says she’s 5-11. (I think she’s actually 6-foot but cheated down on her published height when she was married to Cruise.) Grace Kelly was 5-7. (Audrey Hepburn was 5-6 1/2, by the way. Sophia Loren, 5-8 1/2. No wonder Grace Kelly doesn’t read tall. She wasn’t, among her peers. Even opposite Bing Crosby, also 5-7, Grace didn’t look tall.)

        Anyway, Michelle Williams is listed at 5-4 and Natalie Portman at 5-3. So at the extremes, Natalie is four inches shorter than the real Grace, while Nicole is four inches taller. And, seriously, there is such a different look there.

        But I’ve changed my mind to Diane Kruger, someone I think has a better look, more talent than January Jones, and is also 5-7. 

  • CozyCat

    I guess Meryl Streep wasn’t available.  Yes, Ms. Streep looks nothing like her.  And is way too old (for the early years, anyway.)

    But five minutes in she’d have us totally believing it….

  • Lisa Kramp

    I thought it was hilarious when they tried to make Nicole look like Virginia Woolf but at least then, THEY TRIED. This is ridiculous. She’s too old, too hard-eyed and too wickedly beautiful to capture Grace’s soft, sophisticated look.

  • Lisa Kramp

    Elizabeth Banks would have been a better choice…she’s closer to that ‘Patrician New England Blonde’ thing Grace had going.

  • Yeah, I’m not supportive on this  one. Nicole Kidman just looks way too severe. Every movie I see her in, it takes me a little while to convince myself she’s not playing a villain. I mean, a regal, queenly villain. But she always looks so intense. Grace Kelly’s looks were much gentler. If I’d compare her to any actress today, it would probably be more in the Rosamund Pike direction than the cheekbones and eyebrows of Nicole Kidman. Add some makeup and throw Nicole a Joan Crawford biopic. You know she could chew the scenery like nobody’s business.

    • AnneElliot

      Rosamund Pike would have been perfect!!  AND she can act, much better than January Jones.  

  • MintaHallWriter

    Only in the one photo where she’s looking up with her eyes closed does she even begin to resemble Grace. What they both have but what doesn’t show in these photos is the beautiful bone structure. I also don’t think the hair even begins to resemble Grace’s.

    And that outfit looks like it’s about 5 sizes too large. It is horrible. Tell me Grace never wore anything resembling that monstrosity!

  • guest2visits

    These are beautiful pics; but Nicole is so very striking and distinctive herself – I have a difficult time seeing Grace Kelly.

  • Just don’t see it.

  • Imasewsure

    I can’t stand her but January Jones probably could have nailed that patrician look (and the age range) better…. Don’t think this will work but at least she’s a good actress so you never know

  • Gwenyth Paltrow would have been my choice, or even January Jones. Betty Draper was basically, look wise, Grace Kelly in the suburbs.

  • colleenjanel

    Grace had an internal serenity that can’t be faked. She also had very soft, relaxed features … Nicole’s botoxed features haven’t relaxed in 3 decades. 

  • i see nicole kidman in sensible shoes.

  • lucasuk82

    I kind of see it when she is looking up with her eyes closed, but yeah, NK is way too distinctive to slip into Princess Grace.  However, she does have acting chops and I would like to see an actress who can do justice to the person rather than just match the face.

  • elzatelzabelz

    Sorry, she just looks like her Bewitched character in these shots. 

  • msdamselfly

    January Jones might have been a good choice

  • VRuss

    No one, not even her own daughters, will ever come close to Princess Grace… I don’t love Nicole and think her acting is forced and her movies are boring… But really, I cannot think of anyone I could cast as Grace. Grace Kelly was in a class of her own!

  • lrhoff

    Grace was just as her name defines:  grace.  She was exquisite, and I don’t know of a living actress who could portray her.  Nicole is close enough.  We’ll see how they pull it off in the end.  Wow, trying to recreate such an icon is a feat — just imagine her in “Rear Window” with her little black overnight bag…..I mean, really.

  • SophieCollier

    Nicole looks fantastic for her age, but I did instantly think she looks too old for the role.  Gweneth Paltrow would have looked a bit more like her.

  • Kidman looks more like a rich socialite than Grace Kelly, and while Kidman is a good looking woman, she does not look thirty-three. Someone younger, dewier, and fuller of face should have been cast. I’d actually be curious to see Olivia Wilde in Grace Kelly drag. I think she’d suit the look of the role better once in the outfits and with blonde hair and slightly thicker brows.

  • quiltrx

    Not even her hair looks remotely like Grace Kelly to me.  She’s one of my all-time favorites, so this bugs me.

    (a bonus aside for you…Princess of Monaco, named for her, is my favorite rose in my garden!)

  • jmorino08

    I am certain that Grace Kelly did not wear pajama-proportioned clothing such as this. She was no sexpot, but her clothes always looked like they belonged on her body, not like she was paying dress up!

  • don’t you think naomi watts or sienna miller would have been a better choice

  • Susan Crawford

    I just don’t see HSH Princess Grace in ANY way, shape or form. Nicole looks beautiful, it’s true, but nothing about her evokes Grace Kelly. (I’ll bet Diane Kruger could have nailed it, however. She has that cool, reserved sexiness that Kelly projected, and the same kind of tailored, soigne chicness.)

    • kschwarting

      I wouldn’t have thought of her, but you’re right that Diane Kruger has that same “quality” that Princess Grace did.

  • Are you sure these are from the Princess Grace movie and not, I don’t know, the prequel to Steel Magnolias or something?  I am seeing 0% Grace Kelly here.

  • akprincess72

    See, I was never a huge Marilyn fan but adored Princess Grace (To Catch a Thief & High Society are favorites).  For me, Nicole just isn’t working…

  • time for nic to move over and let someone more appropriate for the role have it.

  • PatRoadtrip


  • Larkin21

    Love Nicole but not seeing it at all.

  • pugluv

    I am not seeing anything that is reminiscent of Grace Kelly.  She does not have that cool, blueblood, aristocratic carriage or beauty of the magnificent Grace. 

  • I always thought young Gwyneth Paltrow looked a lot like Grace Kelly.  I’m not seeing it with Nicole Kidman.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Write “Amy Adams Grace Kelly” in your brownser and you will find lots of pictures where they both look alike.

  • AuntieAnonny

    Is this for Lifetime or something?  

  • elirt

    I think January Jones is a closer fit than Kidman. 

  • Nicole looks matronly. That yellow swing coat (is that what it is) isn’t giving me young expecting mother at all. I always thought January Jones for a Grace Kelly role. Glacial ice princess. Aristocratic blue-eyed blonde. Swan necked. Narrow oval face.

  • pookiesmom

    I think it doesn’t help that she’s wearing that matronly yellow cheap-fabricked potato sack.

  • EEKstl

    I love Nicole and I don’t even mind a 45 year old playing a 33 year old.  But Grace Kelly?  Not even close.  She looks distractingly unlike her.

  • The thing about Michelle W. as Marilyn is that she is 1. a good actress and 2. really, without the pixie cut, rather indistinct looking. Kidman is a great actress but VERY distinct looking. I am not sure I am going to be able to buy it. 

  • Should’a been January Jones

  • ccm800



    nonononono.  egads, no.

  • melanie0866

    I never saw Grace Kelly wear something that shapeless and baggy and wrinkled, unless she was trying to hide a pregnancy.

  • Candigirl1968

    I don’t see it at all.  And Nicole’s American accent always is a bit dodgy. 

  • Honestly, these stills don’t capture ANY of Grace’s elegance and style. This outfit is – dare I say it – a bit frumpy. If she were dressed like a knockout, then I might be able to see Nic channeling Princess Grace.

  • Corazon Nunez

    Yeah, no. Grace was something else. 

  • boweryboy

    Meh.  This is the reason why I don’t watch Nicole Kidman movies. 

    She doesn’t have the ability to tranform into her character so all I see is Nicole Kidman playing  Diana Arbus.  Nicole Kidman playing Virginia Woolfe with a putty nose.  Nicole Kidman playing a newscaster.

    She pretty and a good actress and all but it’s always Nicole Kidman.

  • Judih1

    Amy Adams would have been my choice to portray Grace Kelly, orJanuary Jones – not Nicole Kidman. She’s too old and doesn’t have the “look”. Speaking of look, hopefully these stills are from a pregnant Grace Kelly scene in the movie. I’ve never seen photos of Grace Kelly looking dowdy or droopy like these.

  • Pike is very beautiful, but I don’t think she looks anything like Grace Kelly in those shots. Pike has a vulnerability that Kelly never showed.

  • Would have preferred January Jones. That’s an icy blonde, blue eyed, bad bitch. 😉

  • librarygrrl64

    It’s not working for me at all.