Jennifer Garner in Roberto Cavalli

Posted on October 12, 2012

Darlings, we’ve been silent on this topic for too long and now we simply must ask the question. What happened to Jennifer Garner?


Jennifer Garner attends the premiere of ‘Argo’ in Washington D.C. in a Roberto Cavalli dress.

Certainly, you can’t accuse anyone wearing that dress of not trying anymore, but for a good while now, every picture we see her of her; every look she hits the red carpet wearing, looks kind of half-assed to us. She’s wearing a tight Cavalli gown with a plunging neckline and she flicked her hair behind her ears like she’s in the middle of doing dishes. She’s got no jewelry on except a couple of unnoticeable rings and while we’re sure she has makeup on, we’ll be damned if we can actually detect it. We’re not kidding when we say her public appearances give us the distinct impression that she’s depressed right now. Seriously, who puts on a multi-thousand-dollar gown and then flicks her hair behind her ears?

It doesn’t help that the gown is pretty damn ugly.


[Photo Credit: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images]

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  • tereliz

    Apparently Ben Affleck happened.

    • MzzPants

       My first thought exactly.

    • VRuss

      If Ben Affleck happened to me I would be estatic!!!! And I would dress to the nines and flaunt it! And flaunt him as well.

    • Knightley

       In a way, I think you’re right.  I think she’s intentionally dressing “down” on purpose to pull focus away from her, and put it on him, since she is at the premier of his movie, which he directed, appears, and has some Oscar-worthy buzz about. 

  • MoHub

    Maybe she gave her hairbrushes and combs to charity.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    She’s f*cking Ben Affleck… 😉

  • shirab

    Despite the dish-washing hair and little visible makeup, and the weird dress, she still looks awfully pretty. Just very underprepared. Maybe she had picked up the girls at school, finished nursing the baby, and was heading to bed when she got an emergency call to appear on the opposite coast to promote her husband’s new movie? Hmm.

    • MilaXX

       Please, these things are planned well in advance.  No way is she borrowing a Cavilli dress on last minute notice.

      • shirab

        I know, I was kidding. (The Internet needs a sarcasm font as tone does not translate well onscreen.)

        • MilaXX

           gotcha 🙂

  • Anathema_Device

    When stars do zero styling, it always looks like they just walked out of the dressing room while out shopping. The only thing missing is a pair of socks bunched up at her ankles. How long does it take to throw on a pair of earrings and some lipstick?

    • TieDye64

      Good call. That’s exactly what it looks like. 

      • Anathema_Device

        Looking again, she very well could have some crew socks lurking under there!

        • Snailstsichr

           You made me go back and look!!  🙂

    • quiltrx

      Or her jeans pushed down to the floor because her shoes are too hard to get off and on (guilty).

  • BazoDee

    Very much seems like a passive aggressive message of “I’d rather be somewhere else” If she doesn’t have on makeup -WOW! 

  • joe_tey83

    She’s just not that into it any more after Ben Affleck and mommyhood.

    • MilaXX

       Then she needs to stay home and out of the spotlight. This is one foot in mommy mode and one foot in Hollywood/Red Carpet mode. The end result is this hot mess we see before us.

      •  Our point.

        • MilaXX

           oh I agree, my point is I just can’t see “oh she’s a new mom” or “she’s in mommy mode” as an excuse.

          •  No, we were agreeing with you.

            And how come no one ever says “He’s a dad!” Whenever we criticize some male celeb for not putting the effort in? After all, Johnny Depp has kids.

          • I think if I were Johnny Depp’s teenage child I’d be embarrassed by how he dresses.

          • formerlyAnon

            It doesn’t matter how you dress. You will embarrass your teenage children. Now, if they’re 28 and still embarrassed . . . 

          • I think a few people said that about Matt Damon after he put on a lot of weight…

          • joe_tey83

            Um… because fatherhood is different? Because men are different from women?

            Anyhoo, different people respond to the same situation differently. Some switched priorities, some don’t. Some want this, some want that, some want this and that, some want a little bit of this but more of that or more of this but a little bit of that blah blah blah.

            Not everybody is “Angelina, January Jones, Heidi Klum, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Milla Jovovich, J Lo”, some are “Jennifer Garner” and just wants to make an appearance but that’s all they want to do – just to show up. Not an excuse for anything, or even a situation that calls for an “excuse” anyway. If that’s what she wants, what she really really wants, then that’s what she wants, what excuse? What is there to be ridiculous or not ridiculous about it?

          • Um… because people impose different standards on people based on their gender? Yeah. We’re going with that one.

          • joe_tey83

            But, it IS true.

            Is it not true that fatherhood is different from motherhood? Is it not true that men and women are different? What’s wrong with different “standards” being applied to different genders?

            I don’t understand.

          • Why are women expected to put their career responsibilities on hold because they became parents? Why are they expected to do the majority of the work of parenting?

            When you apply different standards based on gender, that’s called gender discrimination, or “sexism,” to use the vernacular.

          • Bless you, boys.

          • joe_tey83

            No, that’s not what I mean.

            I mentioned nothing of career responsibilities and parenting. Again, just really basic fundamental general questions – is fatherhood different from motherhood? Yes, no? Are men different from women, yes or no?

            Ask a new mother how she feels about being a new mother. Ask a new father how he feels about being a new father. If they give different answers – and why will they not give different answers? Men and women are different – would you say they are sexists against each other? No, because they are different. Difference is not an “ism”. Differences are just differences.

            Ok, if you want to go into the specifics of career responsibilities and parenting – which I didn’t even go so far into – what you are basically asking for is absolutely complete perfect “equality”. Men and women are expected to make the same exact sacrifices, the same this and that and everything blah blah blah. Fine. But some things can be divided equally, some things can’t. Some things are not even a matter of dividing or sharing or bearing, some things just don’t exist for men, like some things don’t exist for women. It’s not something you can go screaming “You are a SEXIST! Everything must be equal!” and wave everything away. Why? Because men and women are different. EQUAL, but different. Therefore, the different standard, in terms of fashion at least.

            (Again, did I say anything about career responsibilities and parenting in the first place?)

            Let’s say you have a long culture of women being expected to dress in a particular standard and men being expected to dress in another standard. Men and women grew up with different expectations of them. Perhaps things will change. Who knows. But for now, it’s kind of alright to apply a different standard, considering men and women began at different starting points. You know what’s really sexist, and unfair? To expect the SAME of both genders when you know very well they are not at that stage in this point of time.

          • This entire thread and discussion is based on careers expectations vis a vis parenting. If you want to go off on a tangent, be our guest, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

            Arguing that the same standards be applied to both men and women when it comes to careers, parenting, and how they present themselves is the EXACT OPPOSITE of sexism.

          • joe_tey83

            Huh? Oh, never mind, this has become too unnecessarily serious.

            I’m still a loyal bitter kitten PUF, by the way – just in case all that whatever makes me sound like I’m someone out to take you guys down and I’m put on an automatic blacklist 🙂

          • Wendy Foster

            I dunno why it’s expected, but it is (generally) reality.  Women nurse lots of times (and I know dads can bottle feed, but I never wanted to pump enough to make that happen very often).  Truth is, women are, by and large, the main nurturers, at least until children reach a certain age.

            But I really think Jen Garner is just a no-frills type of lady 🙂

          •  Do you see how you’re taking your own experiences and applying them across the board? i.e., “I never wanted to pump enough” to “that’s generally reality?”

            There is a huge difference between making your own choices and applying your own choices to everyone else. There is a huge difference between women choosing to be the main caregivers to their children and society expecting women to be the main caregivers to their children. Especially when that argument is taken a step further to explain why working mothers can’t be expected to do their jobs well.

          • tereliz


          • Have you seen Brad Pitt? It happens to men too….

          • We’ve seen the many, many, many comments taking him to task for looking like a slob, yes. We can’t recall any defending him because he’s a father.

          • Little_Olive

            Well, in all objectivity, lets agree that men are able to throw on a good outift (suit, tux, whatever) and they’re good to go. Women need at least hair, makeup and jewelry to worry about. 

            And fatherhood does not (directly) change a man’s body.  

            I am with you on the “shit or get out of the red carpet pot” argument, though.  

          • tereliz

            “But would it kill him to shave?” 😉

          • librarygrrl64

            Well, guys do have to put in a lot less work to be presentable. Not that Depp puts much effort in at all, but you get what I mean.

        • pattyw

          Yes, all of the above are moms. But few of them have 3 kids and we have no idea what Jennifer’s nanny situation is vs. the others. I personally like her even more for seeming completely genuine.

        • filmcricket

          I dunno, I see “They’re growing their own soccer team” used as an excuse for Brad & Angie’s crappy RC showings a lot. Not as much as “They think they’re so beautiful that they don’t have to put the effort in,” but I do see it.

        • hyperionic

          I don’t think Angelina is the best example for people that put effort into their public appearances. 

          • She generally puts in more effort than this.

          • Snailstsichr

             Which is why this is so pathetic.

        • librarygrrl64

          With Garner, it’s like she just doesn’t care much about it any more. But she’s still acting every once in a while, and her husband is still in the biz, so she goes to these industry events. Let’s face it, if she hadn’t had a Hollywood career herself, if she were just “Mrs. Ben Affleck,” she probably wouldn’t be photographed half as much, nor stand up to half as much scrutiny about “letting herself go.” I know I wouldn’t be able to pick out Mrs. Matt Damon in a lineup if my life depended on it.

      • Kayceed

        Yes. Show business is the business of showing.

      • ecallaw1977

         “Then she needs to stay home and out of the spotlight.”

        Wow, that seems a little harsh to me.  I think she still looks stunning, and I don’t think she should feel the need to hide her face just because makeup and accessories aren’t huge priorities for her right now.

        • MilaXX

          Makeup and accessories are part of her job. If they aren’t a priority for her, fine, stay home. She’s not the first woman to return to work soon after hang a baby.

          • makeityourself

            Why can’t she just continue to make a half-assed effort like she has been over the last year and continue to be criticized by people who still want to see the old Jennifer Garner?  Isn’t that her prerogative?  Maybe she IS ready to throw in the towel on the whole celebrity thing, and perhaps you won’t have to look at photos of her much longer.  In the meantime, if it annoys you so much, I suggest just skipping over any posts of Jennifer Garner.  That’s what I usually do, but this particular lead-in by TLo intrigued me. 
            I don’t mind Ms. Garner’s progressive slipping into averageness . . . it doesn’t bother me.  I am much more annoyed by celebrities who refuse to go away, long after their relevance has passed.   And even more so when they take desperate measures that say “Look at ME!!”   

          • MilaXX

            Because bitching about how crappy a celeb looks is part of why I come to this blog & motherhood is a weak excuse for a half assed effort.

          • ecallaw1977

            I’m not defending her because she just had a baby, I’m defending her because makeup and accessories are not part of her job as an actress.  Some women just don’t give a shit about that stuff, and they shouldn’t be obligated to unless they’re models.  She showed up to do promotion and she looks pretty.  She’s fulfilled her obligations, and she shouldn’t have to stay home because she doesn’t meet some arbitrary standard.

          • They’re a part of her job as an actress when she’s standing on a red carpet in an expensive gown that was loaned to her by a design house.

          • ecallaw1977

            With all due respect (and I mean that SO sincerely, not in the completely bitchy way it is usually used!), I still disagree.  I do agree that she could look even prettier if her hair and makeup were done up more and if she wore jewelry, but to say that looking like this she needs to “stay home and out of the spotlight” is overkill. I just don’t think she has somehow failed anyone, including Roberto Cavalli, by keeping it low key. So she’s not a WERQ anymore–she still looks nice and if design houses were unhappy with the way she was presenting their dresses, I would think they would stop lending them to her.

          •  Well, we didn’t say she should stay home. We’re only saying that this IS part of her job, she IS choosing to do it (after all, she could stay home for this one) and she DID accept a very expensive gown. “She’s a mom” defenses simply don’t fly, and they don’t take into account the incredible privileges she receives that separate her life and the life of the average mother by a gulf so wide it renders any such comparison kind of ludicrous.

          • ecallaw1977

            I agree that the “mom” defense is bullshit.  A lot of us moms go the extra mile, so that’s not an excuse.  I guess I find myself defending her here because I don’t think she looks that bad, and certainly not bad enough to have to “stay out of the spotlight” like she should be ashamed.  It’s true she would look better if she followed your suggestions, but really, wouldn’t they all? The “stay home” comment was really the only one that annoyed me, and as you pointed out, you guys didn’t say it. 

          • MilaXX

             Well either she’s too into mommy mode for the RC or she isn’t. Plenty of actress have walked away or slowed down their in the spotlight appearances once they became mothers.

          • MilaXX

            If she didn’t want to put in effort why borrow an expensive designer dress. In her Sidney Bristol days makeup & accessories weren’t n issue for her.

          • Little_Olive

            But aren’t you forgetting that while she may not be Mariah she still has people to do this? I mean, it’s not like being a mom gave her time to either worry about applying makeup OR finding the dress (which does not fit all that well either)… 

      • kayleymaybe

        Frankly, I have two kids and I also no longer put in nearly as much effort, even for dressy work events.  Just seems less important, ESPECIALLY when you have a kid under the age of 1 (I’m proud of her for wearing a dress without spit-up or snot on it!).  I’m guessing she just doesn’t care as much about her career and putting in the effort as some of the other mommies do.  I also am under the impression that she spends more time with her kids/has less help than the other ones, although that’s just a gut sense more than anything else….

  • KuriousKat

    She’s a new mom: her priorities have likely changed and she might not have extra energy to put into styling. Still, she looks pretty damn good despite the lack of style.

    • Janet B

      That’s why she needs to hire a stylist.

    • We’re sorry, but this explanation gets more ridiculous the more we hear it. She’s a movie star, standing on a red carpet wearing a multi-thousand dollar gown with access to the best stylists and hair and makeup people in the world. Her life is no more like the average mom’s than ours is.

      • BazoDee

        I would have to agree and this movie a BFD for Affleck -lots of buzz around his acting and directing -tons of Oscar buzz already – I could see phoning it at some minor events, but this has to be a BFD in Ben’s world so yeah some effort would probably have been appreciated -rather than the appearance of it being something she threw on at the last minute. Even regular moms make time for big nights in their husband’s lives -w/o the stylists. 

      • HomeOfficeGirl

        The guys do this on the RC all the time.  And, yes we gripe because it’s boring to see – but we don’t accuse them of being depressed.  

        • We CONSTANTLY rail against men for not putting the effort in, so you can’t lay an unfairness charge against us. And we’re pretty sure we’ve broken out the depressed line before in regards to some of them. At the very least, we’ve accused plenty of them of looking like drunks or homeless people.

      • AnaRoW

        I think she goes out of her way to be as close to an average mother as possible.  She rarely works anymore.  The other celebs you mentioned before still care deeply about their careers. She still  seems to enjoy acting every once in a while but doesn’t care about being a star anymore.

        •  She just had a movie out a month or two ago and she’s been making the public appearance rounds like crazy for the last 3 months.

          • But she was pimping her own movie then and is playing the secondary role here as supportive arm charm/spouse.

            I do agree about adding some jewelry. Earrings, a bangle and a few rings would have gussied up the look.  While her make up is *amazingly* subtle ;-), I think her hair was styled since I see some curl there. Still she is a beautiful woman. If I did this without make up, the cops would have been called.

            I hope this isn’t a Freudian statement and there is trouble in the house since Ben was recently quoted as still being in touch with La Lopez. My beautiful husband did that to me, and again the cops would have been called.

          • That was in response to the defense that she “rarely works anymore.”

          • My apologies, gentlemen.  I thought you were saying she put a whole lotta more effort into the publicity dance recently and just dropped the ball totally on this one. It appeared to me that she might be trying to be less visible since it was Ben’s time to shine.

  • Susan Sontag

    Is she stuck in mommy mode? 

  • Janet B

    If her little girls helped her with her makeup and hair she’d probably look more glamorous. They would have picked out a prettier dress too.

    • StellaZafella

       I agree about the styling but I think the gown could work if she was wearing it more like it’s an evening gown…not a nightgown. To my eye, it’s not as much about the dress as it is about the ATTITUDE. Ask any ‘A’ list fashionista like Swinton or Saldana.

      • Janet B

        I don’t think it’s her dress and don’t think she does either.

        eta: clarity

  • iheartbuffy

    sigh. Fugs Dress. Not even a “Girl, that’s not your dress”. That’s no one’s dress. Shape, yuck. Neckline, yuck– and doing all the wrong, wrong things to her bust. It’s also kind of making her look pregnant. 

  • Kayceed

    Is she pulling a Jolie? “I have much more important things going on in my life, so I will put in minimum effort”?

    • MilaXX

       yup cause this is all half assed. She’s leaving it up to the dress to do all the heavy lifting without putting in any effort herself.

    • mmc2315

      Pulling a Jolie.  Exactly. 

    • Imasewsure

      I think that is it exactly Kayceed. It’s a “Jolie” – the organza MuMu is not far behind

  • My guess is that she’s got three little kids at home and just has lost interest in the life of a Hollywood high-styled glamorpuss.  Perhaps the priorities in her life have changed and she just doesn’t care what the fashionistas say about her looks anymore… that good enough is good enough. Anyway, I hope that’s the case and not that she is depressed!

    • “My guess is that she’s got three little kids at home and just has lost interest in the life of a Hollywood high-styled glamorpuss”

      And that’s why she’s wearing a skin tight Cavalli gown on the red carpet?

      • The skin tight Cavalli is probably her supporting her husband. She might have fallen in love with the dress or something but still didn’t want to get hair and makeup done for hours. So she doesn’t understand what this dress needs in terms of styling, but she liked it and she had to appear on the red carpet in something because she wanted to be there for the premiere of Ben’s movie. Still doesn’t add up to depressed for me.

        • Our point is that the “She’s a mom who’s not interested in the Hollywood life” defense doesn’t fly when she’s standing on a red carpet in a borrowed Cavalli gown.

          • That’s definitely fair. Insanely famous celebrities are held to a higher standard than every other mom, especially on the RC. But she was never very fashion savvy, so what I’m saying is that the lack of umph or effort in this look can probably be traced back to her lack of understanding of that, rather than some sort of mental funk or sadness.

          • MilaXX

             She may not have been particularly fashion savvy, but she never looks this bad.

          • kittenwithaquip

            I’m a 42-year-old mom of two little boys only 18 months apart. When I go to the grocery store I feel the need to represent for all of the big girls *and* moms. If I can pull my shit together for Walmart, Mrs. Affleck can turn it out for a red-carpet premiere for a film directed by her husband.

          • Kayceed

            Thank you, yes. If the dozens of mother I know can wipe off the baby spit, put on their face, fix their hair, dress well and get to where they need to go on time and with a smile on their face, then JG can do the same.

          • not_gwen

            I think it isn’t that “She’s a mom who’s not interested in the Hollywood life” it is that she has a fashion blind spot.  She probably thinks she looks great –if you showed her those WERQ photos of Kate Hudson from earlier today she’d think that the only difference is that Kate has her hair in a pony tail and is showing more boob.

          • PeaceBang

            I think if she is transitioning away from Hollywood glamour to “low key appearance as wife of director” she and her stylist need to talk about how to make that work. That’s a whole separate look and it can be done. Rita Wilson (Mrs. Tom Hanks) and Kate Capshaw (Mrs. Stephen Speilberg) are living proof — both working actresses who are also busy moms and wives. They know how to make a RC showing when supporting their hubbies’ pictures, so I have no sympathy for Mrs. Affleck. She’s turned out inappropriately for the event and for the gown. 

      • Well if Cavalli loaned her a gown she is going to wear it, but that still doesn’t change the fact that a red carpet appearance may feel more like an obligation to her than something worth putting the effort into. Yes, she probably does have access to stylists and makeup, but maybe she’s “over it.” Mind you this is all speculation, she could just be depressed or distracted.

        • If it’s an obligation, then doesn’t that mean that she SHOULD put the effort in? We’re not understanding the reasoning here.

          • I was just trying to play Devil’s Advocate. Just saying that the explanation could be as simple as it’s an event she has to attend but doesn’t want to. Like I said it’s all speculation when you start to read too much into a person’s personal life based on what their fashion choices.

        • MilaXX

           I really hate the arm chair diagnoses. Depression is a clinical term that should not be confused with I don’t give damn. If she’s over it, she should retire and stay home. She’s not, she’s still making movies knowing the pole dancing involved. It’s not like they need her salary to get by.

          • filmcricket

            Sorry, but TLo were the ones who brought up the “depressed” thing first, and I agree, it’s not a term to be thrown around lightly. Comparing male actors to drunks or homeless people isn’t the same – I’m pretty sure none of us think these guys are homeless (and if they’re drunks, well – we’ll find out when the tell-all comes out, I guess).

            I’d be interested to know what Affleck looks like at the same event. Did he put all his effort in? Is he wearing his best toupee? Or did they both throw on something at the last minute?

          • Yup, sorry for throwing “depression” out there as an explanation, just calling back to TLo’s original post.

  • curiouserandcuriousest

    I’d be happy to look like that without makeup. But point taken, the look is very unfinished.

    •  Unfinished and half-arsed. It takes a lot of styling to get hair to curl and be that shiny, so why didn’t she ask the stylist to make her look BETTER?

  • tallgirl1204

    I think she is done being a movie star.  I mean, she may want to act (and I hope she does continue, because I love her), but I think she totally got on board with the family track, and the fame/glamour/public image doesn’t appeal so much any more.  She’s just not a red carpet/gal on the street kind of person any more. 

  • I read an interview with her the other day, and she made a comment about being more excited to discuss her husband’s work than her own. Since they really settled down, they seem to be a couple that has really stayed under the radar. They have three kids, he’s doing more “serious work,” and she seems to be working less. If I had to guess, it’s not that she’s depressed, it’s that she might really find joy in being a wife and mother. She doesn’t seem to be an attention seeker, and she might just be happy with a quiet(er), domestic life. Nothing too wrong with that, if it’s what makes you happy.

    • Celandine1

      The non-famous stay at hope moms who walk the red carpet with their husbands put in more effort than this and don’t get expensive clothes thrown at them by designers.

  • jilly_d

    What the Christ is this happy horseshit? Is that a bra? Or just a stupid dress lining?

  • pookiesmom

    I dunno, sure she’s looked better than this, but this doesn’t seem all that outside of her wheelhouse. She was never a posh fashionista type. Hasn’t her schtick been the sporty, laid back, girl-next-door vibe? Now that she’s a new mom, add “sleep deprived” to the mix and it’s no wonder she looks a little unkempt.

  • Rachel Zoe must be too busy to be her stylist. I know she just had a baby, but doesn’t see look like she is in her first trimester? She said that Ben has potent sperm on Chelsea Lately last week…hmm

    • filmcricket

      She’s looked the same way after all her kids. She’s never been the type to starve herself and spend four hours a day at the gym six weeks after giving birth, she’s always lost the weight gradually.

  • Cavalli is not her friend.

  • Clueless_Jock

    Mary McFadden for Moms.

  • Much would be forgiven if she wore the proper foundation garments.  Granted, she’s had a couple of kids, but this dress demands Spanx and a push-up bra.

  • Is that lacy bit deliberate? It looks as though she decided the neckline was too bare and put on a camisole under it. A bracelet and a bit of lippy would have helped a lot.

    • MilaXX

       Knowing Cavalli it probably is deliberate.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    She’s a mother of three who actually takes care of them herself, and one of the three is an infant? The dress is sad and droopy, and under-accessorized…the hair is pure soccer-mom. Which is not bad, but not red-carpet appropriate. She looks beautiful as ever, but a little harried. 

  • MilaXX

    She’s turned into a suburban mom. There’s nothing wrong with that but it looks like she came straight from her kids soccer meet, showered, put on a fancy dress & heels and hit the runway. There’s no accessorizing or shuzhing to be found. This dress needs a good set of spanx to suck in that belly, a good hairstyle, a better face and some bling somewhere. 

    • Anathema_Device

      I’m a suburban mom with a kid in club soccer, so I put in a little extra effort to not look like one when I go out. Then again, I’m nowhere near as cute as Garner with no effort. Heh.

      • MilaXX

         Honestly not trying to insult anyone,but she looks like the stereotypical mom with kids who thinks that’s a reason to no longer put forth any effort to look cute. She makes mega bucks, so does her hubby. These things are scheduled weeks in advance. She can’t line up a sitter so she doesn’t looks like crap on the RC? If she lifted her dress and was wearing sneakers I wouldn’t be surprised.

        • Anathema_Device

          Oh I agree. My point is that is if I can pull it together, surely she can.

  • She may have money and access to stylists, etc. but she seems to be a very involved, hands-on mom.  Maybe it’s not so much that she can’t afford help for a red carpet experience but that she doesn’t have the time.  Especially having a baby, maybe she doesn’t want to take the extra time away from the kids to sit with hair and makeup so she just throws on a killer dress and does her own.

    And she could be experiencing a little post-partum depression.

  • msdamselfly

    I couldnt disagree more.  These photos when appearing on other sights are much more flattering than the ones posted here and she looks very pretty and attractive.  I think she’s one of the healthiest looking, most attractive starlets.  She is 40 with 3 children, one of whom she just recently delivered, and I think she looks in great shape.

  • clatie

    Actually, I think she’s been looking great lately.  Just my 2¢.

  • Three children under the age of 7 happened.  And yes, she’s rich and that means she has access to lots of help but I agree with a few of the other commenteers that it’s clear the red carpet is no longer on the top of her priority list.  And why does it have to be? She’s not a starlet anymore.  She’s putting in her time for her hubby’s movie – and she puts in the time for her movies too – but there is only so much time in a day. She’s had to dress up a LOT these last few weeks and I think she has done pretty well.

  • Her hair is a bit limp, and she needs some jewelry, but she’s smiling and looking pretty. I know she has tons of money and all, but she has 3 kids 6 and under, and she is on the red carpet for her husband’s movie and fitting in that tight dress, so as a fellow mother of 3 young kids, I give her a pass.

  • VRuss

    Looks like either she is pregnant again or she hasn’t lost the baby weight yet. How old is the baby now? It was her third, and as a mom I can tell you that the more kids you have, the more complicated life becomes sometimes… Maybe she has some post partum depression still lingering…

    As for Affleck… I would fuck him if I had the chance!!!!  He is one of my actor crushes and I’m a huge fan…

  • Sara Loud

    Her hair looks as though it’s been curled so to me it’s just a bad choice of a hairstyle for that dress – not that she just wandered in from the grocery store.  I think it’s a pretty dress that she isn’t quite rockin’…and yes, her make up could definitely be stronger but IMHO I don’t see this as no or even low effort on her part.

  • FoxInSocks

    It kind of gives the impression that she and Mr. Affleck had a fight over whether or not she was going and at the last minute, she said, “FINE I’ll put on the STUPID dress they sent and go to your STUPID premiere. FINE.” She looks especially fake-smile-unhappy in the send picture.

    I do like the color and neckline of the dress (although I’m not sure it fits her). But yeah, the whole image is not one of shiny happy people.

  • Maybe she has post partum depression?  Despite what Tom Cruise thinks it is real, and medication helps.  When you have PPD you just don’t give a damn about a lot of things you used to care about. 

    • VRuss

      It IS real… I had it when my first was born and I had to attend some of my then husband’s fuctions looking like Jen does.

  • mike__tv

    I know plenty of mum’s who not only take care of their kids but have full time jobs too. And when they go out to dinner, or out for a drink…They dress up. It’s clear she’s just not into it anymore, or lost confidence or something. It’s not that she’s too mommy for earings.

    Whatever is up. If you’re going on the red carpet. Have your stylist pick out an outfit that isn’t sad. Have someone do your hair before the premiere. You’re an actor. So in those 30 seconds when you’re getting your picture taken, sell it! fake it! ACT. 

    •  “It’s not that she’s too mommy for earings.”

      THAT. Is an AWESOME line.

    • twocee

       “sell it, fake it, ACT”

      I think you’ve nailed why people get annoyed with celebrities who don’t put in the effort for the RC, or who are put out when they have to make public appearances (I’m thinking of the Kristin Stewarts of the world).  I think we average people do understand that the pole dances probably get really tiresome and there are a lot of actors who are actually fairly shy in real life (which is why they started acting in the first place).  But their entire career is based on pretending to be something that you are not, and a public appearance in any venue is just as much part of the job as showing up on set every day and pretending to be a serial killer or a vampire or a mom who lost her kid — if you don’t want to be there, tough, paste a smile on and act like you’re winning an Oscar.  I think that is why it’s fair game to call out someone for just phoning it in, even if she does have 3 kids and is a frazzled mom.  It’s not that “ordinary” women do it too, it’s that it is actually part of Garner’s job and just like we mere mortals have to suck it up and spend 2 hours pretending to care when we’re in an interminable business meeting, she needs to suck it up for the 2 hours that it probably takes to get properly prepared to be photographed.

    • Exactly.  There are women who work full time, 40+ hours a week 52 weeks a year and still having to go home and feed those ravenous teens.  They may have to shed 4-inch heels and a business formal outfit but they still wake up every morning and put that shit on.

      Did you people forget America in the 50s?  The whole nation had fashion standards back then.  Hell, my grandma had 13 goddamn kids over the course of 22 years in a third world country and STILL wore a dress and heels every day she wasn’t pregnant or bed-ridden.  When I went to visit the motherland a few years back, bitches were in platforms with full make-up and their cha-cha pants in subtropical humidity on hills.  So, Miss Jenny G, pretty pretty gal even if she is a post-baby size or two bigger than “normal” (rolling my eyes SO HARD at that notion) can slap on a kodak smile and a pair of tasteful fake eyelashes and prance for the cameras.The rule is, If you have to leave the house for more than 20 minutes and you are not some lazy sloppy college kid on campus, you have to look presentable.  If you’re a celebrity on the red carpet, bring your A game.  It’s not like she’d be combing her own hair or applying her own make-up, someone would be doing it FOR HER and don’t lie, that’s called getting pampered.  Would someone like to pay me to look nice on a regular basis?  I would kill to have access to beautiful clothes.  I might look tacky or absurd and covered in cat hair, but I’d be utterly fabulous nonetheless.

      Here’s some perspective.  If desk monkeys can perform twice-checked for accuracy hellacious data entry every damned day on top of whatever else they have to do, then Jennifer Garner can slap on a little more than five-minute eye makeup.

  • YayaGurl

    I’ll tell you what happened she pumped out a bunch of kids in a short amount of time.  Heidi Klum is the exception of post partum bounce back, not the rule.  I had four kids in five years and it does a job on you.

  • 3boysful

    I just want to have wine/coffee with her.

  • LauraWL

    I dunno. I don’t think she looks that bad. Compare this to what another director’s working wife wears to her husband’s big premiere. She doesn’t want to upstage her husband, but she still wears a beautiful gown… I’d love to see what Leslie Mann wears to Judd Apatow’s premiers.

  • i dunno she’s got 3 kids one of whom is still in diapers and it sounds like she might actually do her own parenting instead of having 3 nannies per child.  maybe she’s just super tired and over it.

    • actually.  how long ago did she have that kid?  maybe a little postpartum depression?

  • Pants_are_a_must

    She probably stopped paying a stylist.

  • That gown does her no favors.  maybe she should have done the black slacks thing with a severe gelled back hairdo.  Severe works for her with those cheekbones.

  • birkatbaby

    Nothing to do with Jennifer, but this post and the comments under it clearly illustrate how TLO read every single comment, and I just want to say how much I appreciate that.  I love how you guys keep it a conversation with you instead of just posting your thoughts and walking away to let us discuss amongst ourselves.  It really keeps this forum friendly and warm.  So thanks.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    She has GOT to get back to her Sidney Bristow days! I know she just had a second kid – she may really have some post partem depression going on – I hope not, though. 

  • Three kids happened, I don’t care how much help she has…

    • MilaXX

      Heidi has 4

  • Jangle57

    Isn’t she also styled by Rachel Zoe?   And maybe she is a bit depressed; yes she had two movies out this year but both are considered to be not successful (to be polite) plus a new child.  And Ben has admitted that she shoulders the majority child rearing.  It’s an ugly dress but I like her so I am giving her more slack than some. Maybe there’s some passive agressive thinking behind her choice of dress….


  • I think she is a gorgeous woman with no style and a bad/lazy/blind glam squad. She needs to borrow J.Lo’s people. I hear Ben still talks to her! Maybe he can ask for her 😉

  • beebee10

    I think the likely situation is that she just doesn’t like the RC, and feels uncomfortable/unconfident with it. Which results in these half-assed looks. 
    Jennifer, you are drop dead gorgeous. Your looks are both pretty and beautiful.  Have fun, wear gorgeous clothes and love it! And honey, love yourself! You have a long-term marriage (in celebrity years), you’ve done good keeping your kids out of the glare, and people want to see your work. Drink that cup of gratitude and march out there! 

  • B_C_J

    Beautiful woman in a REALLY ugly dress (it should be burned) which is made worse by the hair and the minimal makeup.

  • twocee

    Without getting into the whys (I absolutely will not speculate on her mental state based on what she looks like on an RC), she really does look pretty bad here.  That lace around the neckline does her no favors whatsoever — I keep staring at it thinking I’m seeing her bra.  I don’t think a necklace was called for, but a bracelet (or two) would’ve helped the look.  I think she is one of the few female celebs I’ve seen in a while not carrying a clutch on the red carpet and it doesn’t seem like she knows what do with her hands and she’s posing kind of like she’s in a line-up.  And I don’t really like the color of the dress at all.

  • Coddingtonscat

    Every time her husband calls Blake Lively ‘fabulous’ in public, a part of her dies

  • Little_Olive


  • Fordzo

    I honestly think she IS suffering from post-partum depression. Not just because of her appearance, though that could be a sign. Does anyone else remember a few weeks ago she met Victor Garber at some sort of press function and as soon as she saw him, she just burst into tears and clung to him? I think she is dealing with some kickass hormones right now, and maybe we could all judge her gently.

    • tereliz

      I don’t want to comment on her mental well-being, but if I was feeling emotional, I know I’d feel better if I knew I looked like a million bucks. 🙂 

  • Leanne Schwartz

    I’m another who thinks it’s likely her priorities are with her family. Nursing a baby and being an attached mom can be insane. Some kids are more intense than others. You can have those priorities and still show up to an event (planned weeks in advance, lol, but life is still crazy–maybe baby was crying for mommy nonstop or she had a plugged duct and needed to change her dress last minute or go to the doc w a kid etc etc LIFE WITH A BABY IS NONSTOP if you’ve decided to be there. Not all babies go easily to others and not all parents want to let them cry). Also tight bras etc could give her mastitis. I think it’s sexist to say she shouldn’t go where and do what she wants without dressing better. Quite possibly she simply hasn’t thought through her priorities and is just going along, not doing a great job at her “work” but how many mom blogs say the same thing? You easily get mediocre with early motherhood; it’s a season in life and she can go glam again in ten years if she wants, but she has to disapear until then? Uhg. Say she doesn’t look as good as she could but not everybody cares to, no matter how much help they could get.

    • We’re
      sorry, but this is just silly. She’s a movie star at her husband’s
      movie premiere. The idea that she was too busy to put on a pair of
      borrowed earring or pick out a free ten-thousand-dollar gown that isn’t
      ugly is absolutely ridiculous to us. And plenty of male stars – FAR more
      than people realize – get their hair done and sport makeup for public
      appearances. In fact, it’s pretty obvious that SHE got her hair done and
      is wearing makeup. The point is IT LOOKS BAD.

      Can you imagine if we applied this standard to every single celebrity
      who has children, male or female? Seventy-five percent of the red
      carpet posts on this site would consist of no more than. “Well, he/she
      tried, but they were probably tired.” We’d lose our readership in a

      We’re trying not to be too argumentative or obnoxious about our
      disagreement, but it stuns us how much some of our readers want to
      pretend that celebrities lives are just like their own. They’re NOTHING
      like the average person’s life, whether they have children or not. Sure,
      plenty of busy working mothers head to the office sporting whatever
      isn’t wrinkled or dirty in their closets. But those women don’t stand on
      a red carpet and get their picture taken by dozens of photographers,
      knowing that the pictures will be seen by hundreds of thousands of
      people. That is the entire point to our red carpet coverage here;
      holding celebrities to a higher standard than the average person
      precisely because they get free clothes, free shoes, free jewelry, and
      world class hair and makeup people falling all over each other for the
      chance to do them up because it’s their job to look good while they
      promote some movie that cost a hundred million dollars + to make and

      Isn’t it pretty obvious, given both her career and her husband’s,
      that they have some sort of help at home with the kids? How else would
      the two of them be able to make the many public appearances that are
      required of them both? How would they both be able to work on movies for
      months at a time and then promote them for even more months at a time?
      She doesn’t have an office job nor does she work in retail. She’s a
      movie star. It would be pretty condescending to hold her to a different
      standard just because she has kids.

      She picked out an ugly dress and made what we consider poor choices
      regarding jewelry, makeup and hair. It’s not an indictment of mothers
      everywhere to point that out, just like we do when any other celebrity
      does it.


      • Leanne Schwartz

        I totally agree that she made poor choices, I was just annoyed by the comments of others saying stay home. Critique away at her and everyone, that’s why we love you. But even moms who have world class careers and world class help can feel awful on a given day, call it PPD or just tired/overemotional, or she’s just not so invested in it all, even if she is still there. That doesn’t mean I’m saying hold her to a different standard! In fact I agree the stakeholders in all this should get on her case if they want better. But I don’t feel others should really be offended by her disinvestment. And I agree it’s a different world between her situation and other moms, but I think many of us are sensitive (perhaps illogically so!) to the idea that any mom should stay home while caring for babies because boy do we hear that a lot. But really she’s often made odd red carpet choices, so this seems like a misstep but not surprisingly so for her.

  • DCSheehan

    I like the dress. Not a perfect colour for her but it fits her fine. And she’s had 3 kids? Well she still looks bloody hot.

  • Trisha26

    Totally agree, TLo! That gown is so odd – it actually looks like she’s wearing one of those “weekend casual” bras and just didn’t care it would show at the neckline…

  • I love JG and Blake Lively is FAR from fabulous!  That dress, besides being ugly, is a sad color which doesn’t help the overall effect.

  • Jennifer-Please burn that dress (and wash your hair)

    Gorgeous woman tho.

  • greyhoundgirl

    I think she’s the mother of three who is spending much of her time actually taking care of her kids and she is probably tired.  I love that she doesn’t feel the need to spend inordinate amounts of time on her look during these post-baby years.

  • I know you guys give them hell for it, but a lot of guy stars slap on a suit or tux and walk out the door.  They don’t do hair and makeup and so it probably takes them 10 minutes to get ready, 20 if they take a shower.  Maybe she was having one of those days.  Maybe she really didn’t want to go but it’s her husband’s movie.  The way the Hollywood press is nowadays if she’d skipped it altogether the tabloids would be screaming that they are on the verge of a breakup.  So, she did the bare minimum required to get out the door.

    • We’re sorry, but this is just silly. She’s a movie star at her husband’s movie premiere. The idea that she was too busy to put on a pair of borrowed earring or pick out a free ten-thousand-dollar gown that isn’t ugly is absolutely ridiculous to us. And plenty of male stars – FAR more than people realize – get their hair done and sport makeup for public appearances. In fact, it’s pretty obvious that SHE got her hair done and is wearing makeup. The point is IT LOOKS BAD.

      Can you imagine if we applied this standard to every single celebrity who has children, male or female? Seventy-five percent of the red carpet posts on this site would consist of no more than. “Well, he/she tried, but they were probably tired.” We’d lose our readership in a week.

      We’re trying not to be too argumentative or obnoxious about our disagreement, but it stuns us how much some of our readers want to pretend that celebrities lives are just like their own. They’re NOTHING like the average person’s life, whether they have children or not. Sure, plenty of busy working mothers head to the office sporting whatever isn’t wrinkled or dirty in their closets. But those women don’t stand on a red carpet and get their picture taken by dozens of photographers, knowing that the pictures will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. That is the entire point to our red carpet coverage here; holding celebrities to a higher standard than the average person precisely because they get free clothes, free shoes, free jewelry, and world class hair and makeup people falling all over each other for the chance to do them up because it’s their job to look good while they promote some movie that cost a hundred million dollars + to make and market.

      Isn’t it pretty obvious, given both her career and her husband’s, that they have some sort of help at home with the kids? How else would the two of them be able to make the many public appearances that are required of them both? How would they both be able to work on movies for months at a time and then promote them for even more months at a time? She doesn’t have an office job nor does she work in retail. She’s a movie star. It would be pretty condescending to hold her to a different standard just because she has kids.

      She picked out an ugly dress and made what we consider poor choices regarding jewelry, makeup and hair. It’s not an indictment of mothers everywhere to point that out, just like we do when any other celebrity does it.

    •  And don’t we always rag on people here for doing the bare minimum to get ready?

      What we don’t understand is why this standard is so selectively applied by some of our readers. What makes Jennifer Garner so precious as opposed to Sarah Jessica Parker or J Lo or Heidi Klum or Nicole Kidman, all of whom have multiple children?

      And more men than you realized get their hair done and sport makeup for public appearances.

      • I know there are guys who do the whole hair and make up thing.  I’m not giving Jennifer Garner a pass I wouldn’t give to any other lady star but I think, to the general public, she seems more like a regular mom.  Other than Heidi, how many of the women you mentioned are seen schlepping their kids around on a regular basis?  SJP’s hubby is a male example of what I was talking about.  How many times have we seen them on the red carpet for one of her movies and Matthew Broderick is a hot mess?

        •  They’re all see schlepping their kids around. We’re not sure how Jennifer Garner managed to convince the public that she’s different somehow, but of all the women we mentioned, we’ve seen every one out with their kids, doing the mom thing.

          And we’ve more than criticized Matthew Broderick for looking like crap on the red carpet. Just like we criticized Ben Affleck this week.

          • I’m not saying we don’t see the others with their kids, it’s just that it seems like I’ve seen twice as many pictures of Jennifer Garner than any other mother.  I’m sure that’s the persona her team wants people to see and, apparently, it’s been effective.  You guys asked in a response to someone else why people give her a pass for being a mommy, I’m just trying to explain it, not disagreeing with you.  Like I said, I’d be willing to give the others a pass too but I like all of them except JLo.  Everyone is entitled to bad days. 

            Looking back over your original post and the mention that she’s depressed… I don’t think her body is snapping back from this pregnancy quite as quickly as the others.  She is in no way overweight but she seems softer or rounder.  She’s quite possibly unhappy with the way she looks right now which is reflected in her appearances.  The ruching of that dress is giving her shape but it’s not doing her any favors.  She looks a little lumpy.

            I’m not trying to change your minds, just throwing out possibilities for the blase attitude she may have and why people are willing to give her a pass.

  • guest2visits

    I think her hair and face look charming; but the dress is major ugly.  She’s the mom of 3 now and the baby is still a baby, …
     maybe she’s a hands on kind of celeb-mom and everything else is less important than the family stuff. 

  • PrunellaV

    This look screams “My husband doesn’t love me.”

  • “i’d rather be home with my babies.  stop looking at me!”

  • Fordzo

    Do you think that SHE picked out the dress?  I’m not trying to argue, I’m just naive about how this works.  I thought that movie stars and others had stylists that did all that for them, and they just put on the dress/outfit/suit.  I mean, I suppose they’d say something if they really hated the look.  But if she has a stylist she has worked with for a while, whom she trusts, is it possible that she just thought, “Everything will be fine,” and didn’t lay eyes on the dress until that evening?  And if that is the case, and she had looked in the mirror and vetoed this dress, would there have been a Plan B?  (Again – I’m playing Devil’s advocate because I’m naive to how the other half really lives.)
    I mentioned earlier that she has been very…emotional…lately, and it is coloring my judgement and sympathy in this situation.  

    I have a picture of myself when my son was her son’s age.  We were at dinner with some friends, and I SWEAR I thought I looked good when I left the house.  But when I saw that picture months later, I was shocked that I left the house in that state (and that my husband didn’t say anything to me).  I had PPD, but at the time I was in denial or afraid to admit that something was wrong – I thought that PPD meant that a new mom couldn’t get out of bed or cried all day long, and I didn’t do THAT.  I was just *emotional*.  And my judgement was clouded by hormones and lack of sleep and the stress of wanting everything to be RIGHT.  And I am not playing the Hormone Card because I’m trying to be all “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar Every Month When PMS Hits”, I’m saying it from the standpoint of someone who was completely unprepared for how I would feel and think and react for the first 12 months of my son’s life.  (This was not my first child, and my experience was a complete 180 from my first experience as a mom.  I never thought things would be different the second time around, and had no clue what was happening to me.)

    And that’s why, in this situation, I’m not laying all that much blame on Jen.  SHE might have honestly thought she looked good when she left the house.  She’d put on a pretty dress, someone else did her hair (maybe?), she’d put on more makeup than had been on her face for 6 months…in her mind, she could have come to the conclusion that she looked great.  

    NOW…why her stylist (because I’m assuming she has one) didn’t take one look and say (gently) “Gurl, that’s not your dress,” is beyond me.  Isn’t that what she pays a stylist FOR?

    •  Generally speaking, a stylist procures an array of garments and accessories whose value can be upward of a hundred thousand dollars. Then they work with the client to put together a look, knowing that she will be photographed and said pictures will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. All to promote the celebrity, the project they’re making an appearance for, the designer, the jeweler, and the shoemaker, not to mention the hair and makeup people involved and the stylist themselves. This is why we rail against the idea of comparing movie star Jennifer Garner at the premiere of her movie star husband’s film to the average woman at a dinner with friends. It’s not a valid comparison any way.

      And yes, her stylists are all to blame as well, but when we don’t state that outright (which we do often), then it’s implied. No celebrity of Jen’s stature is forced into clothes or hairstyles against their will.

      • Fordzo

        I think the comparison I’m trying to make is between our states-of-mind, not our versions of a night on the town (dinner with friends vs. the red carpet).


        •  But you’re still trying to liken your life to hers when there are clear and obvious differences.

          • Fordzo

            Apparently, I’ve read one too many of those “Celebrities!  They’re Just Like US!” articles in US Magazine.  

          • Pretty much anything found in Us or People is publicist-approved if not publicist-generated.

          • Fordzo

            I was being fascitious.  I was referring to their habit of publishing a picture of, say, Gwen Stefani at the park with her children, and in big letters next to it they’ll print, “Celebrities! They’re just like US…They take their children to the park!”  

  • She’s in desperate need of a good stylist, but I still think she’s cute as heck.

  • frannyprof

    Well, she had her third child not too long ago. Either she’s putting more effort into being a mom (which is what I think) even if it means she has to half-ass it on the RC, or she’s suffering from postpartum depression. Or both.

  • I love Jennifer Garner, and I have a “she can do no wrong” attitude about her, but this? This dress isn’t working for me in any way, shape, or form. Sorry Jenny.

    She’s still adorable, and I totally think that we could be besties.

  • margaret meyers

    This dress and the red dress — they both look sad, cheap and thoughtless.  This one is also a terrible color for her.

  • Kate4queen

    Obviously I’m nowhere near this superstar league but I do think T & Lo have a point. 
    I’m a writer so normally I get to hang out at home, slob around, and not have to make much of an effort at all. But about twice a year I go to conventions, put on my spanx and nicest clothes (a lot of Tadashi Shoji, Jones New York, Laundry etc etc) slap on lots of make up and smile and sign books for my readers for several hours. Why? Because they bought my books and they are looking forward to meeting me, and even though I’d rather hide under my desk and carry on writing, I have to get out there and be my pen name and public persona. 
    I kind of like having an alter ego who gets to dress better than me.
    And I have 4 kids. 🙂

  • Oh, I know, I know. 
    She has three kids at home under the age  of 6, one of which she gave birth to, what? 6 months ago? Shit can tire a girl out! She’ll bounce back… eventually lol

  • The dress looks like she tried to take a slutty Forever 21 number and make it age-appropriate by shoving curtains under the hem. Is that what motherhood does to a lady?

  • Ben Affleck. 

  • quiltrx

    Ben Potatohead Affleck has this effect on the good things of the world.

  • Lisa_Cop

    Hair is bad but can take time. Earrings take precisely 30 seconds to put on. And a bracelet or bangle 5 seconds. Have the stylist pick them out but FOR GOD’s SAKE wear some jewelry!! To wear that expensive dress w/no makeup or jewelry does seem crazy or passive-aggressive IMO.

  • Everything you said, TLo.  The dress looks like she’s at least trying (even though it’s not a good dress at all!), but you know – a little hair, a little makeup, some jewelry.  The hair and non-made up face look like they’d be more at home in a baggy-ish tee shirt, boring capri khakis and tennis sneakers.

  • thecitysleeps

    She has three kids.  I think she looks pretty.  

  • She’s still absolutely adorable when she smiles, though.

  • She’s been looking very frumpy these past few months. Yes being a mother is hard work but its not like she doesn’t have the means to get spruced up every now and then.

  • bellafigura1

    Hmph, now you’re making me worry about their marriage.

  • wiggligirl

    She did get her hair and make-up done. It was just done badly. I think her make-up is tricky to do at the best of times – her eyes are beautiful, but small – and I think she instructs her artists to go lightly and the result can be washed out. Same for the hair – it’s curled, it looks done – but it still looks bad.  The dress is just awful. It’s sad. I don’t think this is so much an illustration of not trying as an illustration of bad choices being made. She looked pretty good at the Beverly Hills premiere, i thought, so she still puts the effort in. She just had a bad day here. The big mystery here is the complete lack of jewelry. Courier go missing? Problems with the hotel safe? Because she does usually wear a little sparkle here and there. That looks like a mistake.

  • DTLAFamilies

    I’m very late to this party but here goes: I think that Jennifer Garner dresses like crap on purpose. Her current celebrity persona is Martyr Mother: I sacrifice everything for my husband and daughters and I’m too selfless/busy/tired to think about frivolous things like my appearance. It’s calculated to get the minivan moms in her corner because they identify with her (look at all the women defending her in the comments). This also greatly benefits Ben Affleck because he’s had stripper/gambling/drinking problems floating around in his past but his marriage to Garner has sanitized him, made him appealing in the mold of his buddy Damon. If Garner suddenly showed up at a premiere in full movie star mode, she would alienate the fan base she’s cultivated so well. 

  • kmk05

    T and Lo, I’m on page 3 of the comments and I cannot thank you enough for your input on this: yes, being a new mommy is not an excuse for being half-assed on the RC. She has access to stylists and hairdressers and thousands of dollars worth of accessories and people: if this is her job, then let her do it well, dammit.
    You guys (and us BK!) never excuse any other celebrity for looking half-assed anyways. Why should she be an exception?

  • I think Ben f*cks around on her and yeah, she does seem depressed. Girl used to be fabulous. So sad. 

  • I have to disagree with you on this one boys.  I think there’s something really effortless and elegant about putting on a multi-thousand dollar dress, and then keeping the rest of your look polished, but low-key.  And I think that’s exactly what she’s done here. Her skin looks beautiful and flawless, her hair looks polished, but casual, and her toned down jewelry lets that fancy-schmancy dress  sing.  

  • librarygrrl64

    She looks like an average wife and mother rather than an actress. She’s still a very pretty woman, but she’s not really trying to do the “look” very much any more. Maybe her priorities have changed.

  • Did she fire Zoe and Co.?

  • Rosa Guillen-Vela

    She looks one step away from breaking down.  Her marriage is rocky and with 3 children this could just be taking a major toll on her.  

  • Sara LaBatt

    This is a super interesting conversation.  I know celebrities aren’t just like us, but I can definitely relate to the feeling of having to look the best I can and soldier on doing my (much less glamorous) job, even when I really just feel like quitting it all and staying home. 

    I think the comments about how she is wearing a very expensive and borrowed dress are the most interesting actually.  I would argue that every celebrity has a brand with some amount of value, and people (the media, bloggers, all of us, really everyone) assign some value to that celebrity’s brand based on how they feel about the various attributes of that celebrity.  So maybe people believe that celebrity X is beautiful, dresses lazily, is a good actress, is a mom, and cares about her husband’s career, and that leads them to some conclusion about the value of that celebrity’s brand.  A positive brand value means  they either want more of that celebrity (in movies/TV, magazine layouts, paparazzi photos, etc), and negative means they don’t want to see more of that celebrity.  

    If a celebrity gets too well known for something negative, in theory people will conclude they don’t want to see that person anymore, their market value drops, and they don’t get to borrow fancy dresses any more because the dress makers aren’t prepared to risk a negative association.  Of course, the relationship between being known for something negative and the public’s desire to see more of a celebrity aren’t always related in the way we would assume (see: Britney, Courtney Love, Tom Cruise, etc.).  How the “but she’s a mom” factor plays I’m not sure, but from many of the comments here and elsewhere, it seems that the effect is net positive for most people when assessing the value of said celebrity. 

    Cavalli, by loaning her that dress, makes a calculated risk that she will make it look good, or at least people will talk about her and share photos of her wearing it.  They were willing to take the risk and deal with the potential repercussions of her choices once that dress left their shop, good or bad.  And if she made a bad choice by making the dress look bad, in theory eventually Cavalli and others will stop loaning her fancy dresses, and eventually she is pressured to either make more effort, borrow/buy cheaper outfits, or remove herself from the public eye.

    I guess I feel like everyone is making the decisions they feel like they should, given what they know about the market and their own value/weight.  Cavalli takes the risk of Jen looking bad in their dress.  Jen takes the risk of people not liking her as much because she gives off the appearance of not caring.  The event happens where Jen looks a little sad in the pretty dress, then we all adjust our value calculations.  Some up (she’s supporting her husband, she’s doing her best, new motherhood is tough, she looks beautiful) and some down (she’s phoning it in, she isn’t treating the dress with the respect it deserves, she should not have come to the event looking like this).  

    Am I a nerdy game theorist and market researcher, or what?  😉

  • Maybe she is just in full on Mommy mode.