IN or OUT: Solange Knowles in Badgley Mischka

Posted on October 24, 2012

Why so glum, Miss Solange? Is it because we almost gave you another WERQ and then opted not to at the last second, like the capricious little assholes we are? There, there. You’ll get snaps again some day.


Solange Knowles attends the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research Hosts Angel Ball 2012 in a Badgley Mischka gown paired with an Edie Parker clutch.

Badgley Mischka Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Lisanne De Jong

Here’s the thing: We liked this at first glance. It looked sleek and shimmery and oh-so perfect for Miss Solange to make an impact in. But the longer we look at it, the less we like it. Instead of looking chic, she started looking more like a very sturdy column. And the black and gray together give it a heavy feel; less shimmery and more industrial-looking. We think the much wider neckline on the runway version works much better. Don’t get us wrong; it’s a good look, and she’s sure to have turned heads in it, but we don’t quite love it as much as we should.


Et vous?


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IN! She looks fierce, bitches!


OUT! She looks funereal, bitches!


Naya Rivera’s “Let me show you some of our exciting new model homes” getup was roundly panned by the kittens, who voted it OUT.


[Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco/PR Photos,]

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    • charlotte

      Out. It looks too heavy and I can’t with the boob peek-a-boo (peek-a-boob?). And smile, girl! You are still very pretty.

      • MoHub

         Definitely distracted by the boobage. As for the heaviness, I think I’d like the gown if it were January or February, but not for autumn.

      • onefifteen

        It definitely looks better on the flatter model. The boobs take away what is going on with the design and pattern of the dress.

        • mountainFashionista

          The deep-v neckline is vulgar on women who have much action happening in the boob area.  It works on Keira and Gwyneth and Zoe, but not on their more well-endowed sisters.


    • RebeccaKW

      It looks so much…sassier? on the model.  Maybe Solange’s hair and expression are what’s not working for me here.

      Going with Out, b/c I see what could have been.

      • tereliz

        The hair’s not doing it for me. That and the serious bewbage are tipping this into dominatrix territory. 

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      I like the dress, but her hair is way too severe, as is her expression!  If she were smiling this would have been a “WERQ”.

      • Sobaika

        Agreed. WERQ is so much more about attitude and pulling it off sometimes.

      • ecallaw1977

        I agree completely.  If she had just worn this dress with her natural FIERCE hair, this would have been an insanely awesome look.

    • Pants_are_a_must

      OUT simply because she looks entirely miserable. Doesn’t matter the dress fits you if you don’t like yourself in it.

    • bfnh.

      looks like a golden shower of cleavage above a greyscale q*bert board. hair is harsh, too.

      • Stella Zawistowski

        I knew I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought, “All I see is a giant game of Q*bert.”

        • Anplica Fiore

          Out for me as well, although I really really like Q*bert!  As a video game.

      • kimmeister

        I don’t like to ever think of golden showers and cleavage together.

    • Jeff Warhurst

      She needs her old fierce black girl hair with this dress.  Look how much better the model looks with that mane.

      • Judih1

        Amazing what a difference the right hair style can do – makes or breaks the look. I agree wrong hair for this dress

    • Deathcold Survivor

      Two words: No neck

    • Liana Brooks

      OUT – Whatever she did to the neckline is making her shoulders look too wide. 

    • JennaH

      is there a reason we even care about beyonce’s unfamous sister?

      • call_me_schmeg

        because the girl has fierce style. she’s usually a love-it-or-hate-it kinda dresser and i forgive her for all kinds of things. she takes risks, hunty. it’s pretty awesome to watch, even if all of them don’t hit the mark.

      • charlotte

        Beyonce just seems so bland and fake in comparison with all the glitter and the weave and all. Solange is keeping it real, even if her dresses are sometimes… unfortunate.

      • J. Preposterice

        Harsh. She’s not as famous as her sister (but few are), but that doesn’t mean she’s unfamous.  She’s more well-known as a DJ and songwriter than as a singer.

      • tereliz

        Ouch. I love her style (even her more experimental looks because she’s got the chutzpah to pull off stuff lesser mortals couldn’t even dream of) and I think she’s adorable in her Madewell ad campaign. I was also hoping that her preference for wearing her hair natural would set a trend that others would follow, but she’s been eschewing that for this sleeker look lately that does nothing for her gorgeous features.

    • TSkot

      OUT:  That’s just an ugly dress, period.  (But at least she’s tamed that ridiculous hair.)

      • tereliz

        What was so ridiculous about it? That it was her real hair? Heaven forbid black hair should be worn natural! 

        • TSkot

          Not about being worn natural or not natural, regardless of race.  There was just way too much of it for her size.  

          • tereliz

            I thought it balanced out the longer shape of her face and highlighted her cheekbones. So I guess we can agree to disagree. 

      • ballerinawithagun

        I love her big hair!

    • Jenna621

      It (and she) looks rather somber, doesn’t it?  As somber as one can be sporting that much cleavage.  Maybe we’d be having a different conversation if she had less severe hair, shoulders pulled back confidently, and a smile?  But as is, it’s gotta be an OUT.

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        My thoughts exactly. She’s not turning it on like she usually would. If she was, it would be completely different. 

    • Mylynka


    • Sara__B

      NO to the center part hair! And even all that cleavage can’t make that dress look anything but matronly. (I hope those are just awful pictures, because she looks droopy and miserable.)

    • chylde

      OUT. Just looks tacky with the fake tits. The lines are better on the flat chested runway version. 

    • Janet B

      Nothing fierce here. 

      Out. (Not her dress)

    • Patricia Gillett

      IN. She looks good and I love the bag. She needs her diva-tastic hair back though.

    • frannyprof

      Beautiful dress, but she’s turning it into a depressing dress with her frowny face and droopy posture. out.

    • Rhonda Shore

      Those deep v cuts just don’t flatter women with big boobs.  That’s why it works better on the model.

      • charlotte

        “Flatter women with big boobs” becomes a funny oxymoron when taken out of the context. It had me confused for a second because I didn’t read the full sentence.

    • MissFern

      love love love

      that solange sure has learned how to clean up.

    • decormaven

      Sorry, but OUT. I’m more fascinated by the amount of taping it took to keep the chesticles in place than I am with the look. I don’t think that is what the designers intended with that gown. 

    • AnnPopovic

      gorgeous. In and then some.

    • afabulous50

      OUT – My boobs hurt just looking at her..

    • lehen

      girls with big boobs should not wear plunging necklines.  i am allowed to say that as a girl with big boobs.

    • marlie

      I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. This would be an in on other ladystars, but I know that Solange could do so much better. So OUT.

    • JMansm

      IN. But because she looks funereal. 

    • call_me_schmeg

      somber solange, i covet your fantastic rack. c’mon, give us a grin. no…? well… you better be glad i like shiny things. IN. 

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      OUT.  I have to agree with some other bitter kittens, that she is not WERQing it like she usually would.  And that is what makes it not work for me.  It’s not bad at all, especially b/c she is wearing it, but girl. Look like you give a shit. 

    • PeggyOC

      Out.  It’s very heavy and, as you say, makes her look thick and flattened.  

    • Anathema_Device

      Out. The boobs & hair kind of wreck this. The breasts are too out there and detract from the dress’s sophistication. The hair is pure movie spinster or old widow.

      I kind of like the galvanized metal look of the dress’s middle panel, but I admit such a look is hard to pull off.

    • MilaXX

      IN. The only thing I don’t like is the center parted hair. 

    • notanotherusernameforchrissake

      the wider neck on her would not have been an improvement.  I already know waaaaaay to much about which boob sits higher than I ever wanted to.  that dress looks like a fancy HVAC duct. severe. her boobs are ready to party but the rest of her is decidedly not.

    • granddelusion

      Stand up straight. If having your boobs out makes you afraid to do that, then it’s not your dress.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      I think her breasts are just a bit too large for the way that the neck should lie on this dress.   I think this dress is made for a flat chested ballet dancer person from the 1920’s.  It just doesn’t work on her figure.

    • crash1212

      I think women with actual boobs should stay away from these wide plunging necklines. It hardly EVER looks good to my eye. It’s one thing when less well endowed women wear them – looks great. But when boobs start poking out and pushing the neckline all wonky – it just doesn’t look very attractive. To me. It could just be me, but that’s what kills this look.

      • call_me_schmeg

        someone needs to send this comment to katy perry.

    • Imasewsure

      OUT… she doesn’t just look funerial… she looks like a fricking casket

    • Eva_baby

      OUT.  This just doesn’t look like it is ‘Her’

    • WordyDoodles

      I love the glints of emerald in there and would have loved to see green or aqua accessories to pick up on that. Also, I would have voted for a side part here.

    • stagmania

      OUT. Hate the severe hair, and it’s not as flattering on her as I want it to be.

    • j_anson

      In, definitely. But agreed that it’s not a WERQ.

    • Lilithcat

      I think that any neckline difference is due to the difference in the wearers’ bustlines, not any actual alteration to the design.

    • In_Stitches

      She has a sour face because she knows she’s not as fabulous as she’d hoped for.  The design of the dress just isn’t that flattering to her figure.  It really broadens a woman’s top half; maybe a pear-shaped woman could rock it?

    • Vivi N


    • Cathy S

      She looks sad. Maybe she misses her old hair? And the boobage is too much, I think.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      IN.  i like it all but the hair and lipstick.  with full hair, she would look even more like a gustav klimpt painting.

    • Deborah Lipp

      It looks heavy and painfully tight. She seems confined. Out.

    • Katrina Bassett


    • kingderella

      dont love it, but its not boring, and she doesnt look bad. plus, her face is very pretty, despite her aparent lack of enthusiasm. IN!

    • Judy_S

      Out. I think it’s the hair that bothers me here.  There’ s a sense of immobility. But a different picture (where she’s smiling and walking” might put it into In territory.

    • Nancer

      I think this is a case of Girl, that’s not your dress. It doesn’t flatter her, which is hard to do because she’s gorgeous.  Out.

    • The Dose of Reality

      I want to like this…but I don’t. Something about the dress is just…off. I don’t know what it is…maybe the neckline? I think if she would have accessorized with a smile (or at least not such a sour expression) it would have helped. OUT as it is now. 

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      For exactly the reasons you articulated, I feel quite comfortable declaring this OUT. She seems to be all about the initial impact and never about the aftertaste, so to speak.

    • poggi

      This doesn’t look bad on her by any stretch but she doesn’t seem fierce or happy in it.  If she looked like she felt fierce or sexy in it, I think she would and it would be an in.  But given that she looks so subdued (which doesn’t seem like her typical red carpet persona), I have to say out. 

    • ChelseaNH

      IN.  She could look better, but she doesn’t look bad.  Although the glump is starting to wear on me.

    • Fifi LaRoux

      I’m kinda digging it. IN.

    • aka Darth Mommy

      Out, go back to the fabulous natural hair instead of this slicked down mess, change the neckline and STRUT lady!

    • Lilak

      TLo’s “sturdy column” comment is on the nose.  She’s stumpified the neckline – and thus the bodice and the shoulder effect – which upsets the proportions of the line, shoulder to hem (which would be tough to maintain anyway if you’re shorter than the model). 

      Yet another design only for the long and lean … sigh.   

    • PinkLemon

      IN for the dress, out for the sourpuss face.

    • mjude

      OUT (she looks so sad)

    • Jangle57

      Looks tacky with her natural? endowments.  OUT

    • Shawn EH

      IN! She likes to play monochrome Tetris, who doesn’t?

    • mrssage


    • Judy_J

      I like the runway version; the one Miss Solange is wearing looks drab and dull.  OUT.

    • demidaemon

      OUT. There is something off about the whole look. I think it comes down to the styling. She needed bigger hair and more jewelry. Right now, everything is too dour.

    • AlexisPayne

      In, love the drama, wish she had her hair loose 

    • Elizabeth

      OUT. This dress needs fierce hair (even the model is rocking some wild tresses). And I agree with the posters who prefer the plunging necklines on small busted women. With bodacious ta tas, this look will only inspire the inevitable headlines in US Weekly, “Solange Knowles Barely Avoids Nip Slip.” 

    • kimmeister

      No one can deny that the dour face isn’t helping, but I think she looks pretty good (although not perfect) otherwise.  The clutch is awesome, although it’s competing with an already busy dress.

    • kattyatlaw

      Stand up straight and bring back the ‘fro and you’ll have all sorts of WERQ THAT DIANA ROSS SHIT snaps from all the bitter kittens. Until then? Ehh. I suppose it’s an IN but only because I don’t care enough to bother giving her an out.

      • pookiesmom

        Agreed. She looks like a toddler forced by her mom to shellack her hair and go to church. With natural hair, better posture, and a big smile? WERQ. As is? Barely an “In.”

    • Rand Ortega

      The model has funkier hair. Maybe I’m not being fair, but I expect more interest & more daring from Ms. Solange. So, a very marginal IN.

    • Pamela

      Out.  I think the boobaliciousness messes with the line too much.  Put the runway version on Keira Knightly and you’d have a winner.

    • kolokOlchik

      Fierce, IN.  Now smile, Solange!

    • Meg P. W.

      So close to an IN! All she needs is her fro and her smile back. :(

    • Kathleen B


    • Gordons

      Too Morticia Adams, especially with the middle part in the hair.  Out.

    • Louise Bryan

      Given her past penchant for afros, it seems odd she would button up her hair for this dress.  Some big hair action might’ve lightened things up a bit.  A just barely OUT.

    • foodycatAlicia

      I’ve seen a lot of bellydancers in saidi galabeyas very similar to this. Needs a hipscarf to give the shape some definition and a cane instead of the clutch. 

    • iCouture

      She needed to attach her ‘fro for this look.

      I think the boobs look fine

    • karena10

      I wouldn’t call it funereal, but I will call it OUT.  The neckline looks much better on the runway model – on Solange it is too distracting to the rest of the look.  The make-up and hair are too grim (almost Morticia Adams).

    • ojosazules


    • l_c_ann


      The top is so tight that it gapes.  Look at the fit over near the shoulders; that should be smooth, but there’s not enough fabric on the sides so instead of being an elegant V neck,  it’s a strained to bursting U neckline. 
      First you fit the boobs; then you alter the dress.  Really, it’s supposed to be done this way, not sqeeze into anything that might fit, or at least won’t bust a seam for four hours of wear.

    • oohsparkley!

      It’s a Werq for me. In too.

    • Laura

      Too boob-tastic for me. OUT

    • miagain

      Eeetz ze boobs, zay are (how we say)…. tooo beeeg for zees dress…. jeeesh!

    • melanie0866

      I don’t think it was designed to be worn by someone with breasts.  So, “Not your dress, honey.”

    • nannypoo

      Her hair is too tight and those boobs, oy, but I love it anyway. The model serves to demonstrate for us the importance of not sticking your wet fingers into a light socket. 

    • Susan Crawford

      OUT. She seems overwhelmed by the gown, which looks really stiff. Her posture isn’t helping, either. Stand up proudly, Miss Solange, and smile your thousand-watt grin!

    • Jeremiah Capacillo

      OUT. She looks too severe.

    • chitowndg

      Out because they did not hem the dress.  Can’t these dresses be altered for the correct length when they are borrowed?  If not, borrowing should stop and purchasing should commense.

      I also would have modified the bustline given the assets she has.  That low of a V is okay on the flatter model.

    • littlemac8

      How could I give her an out?  No way!  It could have been done better but it’s sure an IN!

    • altalinda

      Out.  Her baby-heads are fighting for attention with her face.

    • Sara Munoz Munoz

      Now is the time for the divatastic hair. I just don’t like the sleek. Or maybe sleek without the center part. Also, the purse is all wrong.

      But still, she gets an IN!

    • bitterk

      If ever there was a silhouette that screamed for an afro, this is it.  The Ruth Buzzie doesn’t work.

    • Carrieanno

      Good posture can fix a multitude of sins.  Somebody shoulda told her to throw those shoulders back and stand up straight.

    • Aly Light

      I think it looks dated. I don’t like the neckline. She looks  better with natural hair. I don’t like the lipstick. OUT.

    • Merneith

      Out. It depresses me.

    • kittenwithaquip

      She can be so striking and gorgeous, but I feel like she’s working against everything that makes her beautiful. She’s got the severe hair and dress of a much older society maven, complete with the boxy little clutch. When I think back on all of the times she’s looked great, she’s usually wearing he hair curly and natural, and rocking some boho or eclectic look. This severe heavy look doesn’t suit her. OUT. 

    • nancymae

      OUT. Maybe if she had tweaked her hair a bit and returned to Foxy Diva (like the model) in stead of obvious I don’t want to be here flat ironing. Then again, it would probably still be dull but sparkly.

    • blue

      It looks fantastic on the model. I can’t quite pin down why it looks less so on her. It doesn’t look bad exactly just not great. Maybe because it’s too tight? There’s also the your-boobs-are-too-large-to-be-exposed-that-much-without-looking-trashy issue.

    • margaret meyers

      Solange looks so glum and insecure.  No wonder the dress werqs on the model, but not on her.

    • greyhoundgirl

      I actually like the dress a lot but I can’t with the boobs.  So out.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      Hate the boobage issues. OUT.

    • butterflysunita

      OUT.  Would have been IN with a less plunging neckline.  

    • Stephanie

      Out.  Tacky lipstick.  Work out hair.  Old lady clutch.  Hem the dress.

    • another_laura

      I think the dress needs to be moving. And she needs that ‘fro.

      It’s In because I can’t say anything is really wrong with it.

    • quiltrx

      OUT…mostly because SHE doesn’t like it.  She’s slumping, seeming to try to disappear (or keep her tits in, did she forget the body adhesive?)…she doesn’t think she looks good in it, you can tell.  None of her fierceness is coming through.

      I actually REALLY like the dress in theory, and I agree that the neckline is better on the model.  This is more of a wintry dress to me though.

      And that clutch is killa.

    • GTrain


    • Maya

      i had the exact same thought: at first, ok, but the more i look at it, the less i like it. out.

    • TigerLaverada

      Incredibly wrong hairstyle for the dress. 

    • Renate Yerkes

      out. it looks like nike got into designing “formal” sportswear.

    • timotomasu

      The first couple of times when I glanced at it, I thought it was Macy Gray!

    • Judih1

      Good call about the wider necklace – which is what this look needed. But her rack is too much for this dress. Plus her make up looks drag queen like OUT

    • RzYoung

      Out, it looks a bit dreary

    • Vera

      Small in. If she kept the neckline of the runway version of the dress, and had the big hair, this would have rocked.

    • minnye

      The dress looks like it was made from duct wrap and electrical tape, and I like it. IN because she is wearing it well although I agree the severe hair takes a lot of the fun out of the look.

    • Kate Clausen

      I miss the fro.  What happened?  Bring it back, Solange!!  Agree that she is too well-endowed for this dress.

    • MarissaLG

      I think her facial expression is making SUCH a huge difference here (her hair, too). The dress is really beautiful, but here it looks kinda drab, kinda sad. If she had her signature hair, and signature smile on, it would be a different story. As for the in/out, I’ll focus on the clothing only and give this and IN. Love the clutch, too. 

    • Trisha26

      In but I hate the exposed boobs.

    • Sunshine16

      It’s a boob-tastrophy.  I would have liked it better if she was wearing her FAB fro!

    • B_C_J

      The dress is very architectural and it fits her well other than the hem length. I don’t think she is  showing an exorbitant amount of cleavage. It’s sexy and yet contained in a ladylike fashion.  I don’t care for the hair style as much. Her big hair would have suited this dress more.  I also think that the lip color is making her skin look a little sallow.  Less orange and more red on her lip would have been better.  

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      OUT.  She just looks bored, or sad, or something.  The hair is too severe.  Just not working at all.

    • guest2visits

      I like this dress on her alot. Maybe one of Solange’s curlier, loftier ‘do’s would have created a different feel; but I still like this.

    • butter nut

      OUT.  her tits look as sad as her face.

    • blondie65

      out. hair is wrong.  dress does not work with her boobs. and i hate the clutch which is too close to matchy matchy without hitting it spot on.

    • samo_samo

      Out…she’s got this Morticia Adams vibe going. The colors are just not flattering on her.  

    • Candigirl1968

      Beyonce would have cut the skirt off up to her thighs, worn her hair like a lion’s mane, and had some fun with this. 

    • Vonmiwi

      She looks just like every one else now. That Afro is what made her stand out because of her desire to set her own rules. When are these “It Girls” going to realize that it is their sense of individuality that attracts most of us to them in the first place?

    • ccm800

      melting column of bleh OUT