IN or OUT: Queen Latifah

Posted on October 08, 2012

Anybody catch the Steel Magnolias remake? How was it? Our Sunday night viewing was all eaten up by Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, and Revenge. Should we try and catch it or is it not worth the time?


Queen Latifah attends the 4th Annual Variety’s Power of Women Luncheon Presented by Lifetime.

We have a feeling this looked better in person. We’ve seen a lot of pictures of The Queen and she’s very good at dressing her body, but this dress kind of makes her look wider than she is. There’s something about that line cutting across under her breasts that isn’t working; probably the position of it, because it’s not right under them, it’s several inches below them. She’s a busty gal, but this is making her look even bustier. When she gives you the 3/4 pose from behind, she looks considerably better, but when she’s shot from the front, it’s all hello, Ethel Merman. We hate those rules that say if you’re above a certain size you can’t wear white or you shouldn’t wear something with horizontal stripes, but it’s hard not come to the conclusion that this would look much better on her if it wasn’t white or if she didn’t have that horizontal stripe.

Also, those shoes are ridiculously matchy.


Vote Now!


IN! You shut your whore mouth. She looks fabulous.


OUT! Sometimes, a busty gal needs to know when to say “No.”


Miss Solange’s pink pleated diapers got, to no one’s surprise (except maybe Miss Solange), voted OUT.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • Queen Latifah is SUCH a beautiful woman.  This dress is not behaving like its one of her friends, though. It seems aging, a trifle dowdy, and not nearly fierce enough for the likes of Queen L. So, as much as it pains me, this is an out.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      One word that should not be used anywhere near Queen L. is dowdy.  She could have done better-she needs to talk with her stylist about this misfire.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      One word that should not be used anywhere near Queen L. is dowdy.  She could have done better-she needs to talk with her stylist about this misfire.

    • mmc2315


    • I think with a better hair do (not slicked back), this look might have turned out much better.

  • MsALVA

    Don’t bother with the remake. I was only able to get 10 minutes in. They are all great actresses but some are seriously miscast. Alfre Woodard is wonderful, but she is NO Ouizer. And Queen Latifah as M’Lynn? That is NOT her role. 

    • PinkLemon

       that’s a shame. i’m sure it had potential.

      • MilaXX

         I thought it was okay.

        • Thundar99

          I wanted to throw a pie at the screen.

    • Rebecca Jay

      I cut out after the wedding.  The actress playing Shelby was awful and by the time she drove away with that poor new husband of hers, she and her character were annoying to the point of being unwatchable .. even knowing her fate. 

      I wonder if she got the part because she is Phylicia Rashad’s daughter, or did they really think she could act – let alone pull off that role?

      • whitrome

        And I totally thought that Phylicia Rashad would have been better as M’Lynn, personally…

      • lovelyivy

         Interesting. I saw her in Stick Fly last year and she was great. Then I saw her on Smash and she was annoying at best. Maybe she’s not cut out for tv?

    • sashaychante

      I really wanted to like the remake, but I agree that the actresses were miscast.  It lacked the sense of humor of the original movie.

  • formerlyAnon

    In. It may not minimize, but she looks sleek, sophisticated and at ease. The better to radiate her unbelievable charisma.

    Of course, if I have an irrational like list, she pretty much tops it.

    •  “Of course, if I have an irrational like list, she pretty much tops it.”

      ^^That. Exactly that.

      It doesn’t look awful but it’s not the best she’s ever looked. I’m giving her a small in for the above quoted reason.

    • AnneElliot

      I love her too, even though I’ve hardly seen anything she’s in.  I did love her in Stranger than Fiction.  

      And I have to give this look an OUT because she deserves better.  She’s fierce, and this look does not represent her fierceness in any way.  

    • adnama79

      Ditto. She can do no wrong.

  • EveEve

    In! It is appropriately understated for the occasion. She doesn’t have to dress like Queen Latifah with a capital Q all the time. It’s got a great neckline for her too.

  • e jerry powell


    At first glance, I thought she was wearing flats, which made the whole look seem like a truly unfortunate house dress, particularly with the hair pulled back that severely.

    With that neckline, I’m guessing she was trying to tone it down for a luncheon.  Unfortunately, she powered it off completely.

  • AlinaValero

    Honestly, she’s Queen Latifa. Even if it were more flattering, everyone knows what size and shape she is, so what’s the point? At least she looks like herself. IN.

    • ecallaw1977

       Everyone knows what size and shape she is, but even the Queen and the queen-sized want to look hot!

      •  Yeah, one of the things that makes The Queen such a style goddess is her unabashed love and acceptance of herself.   She never tries to “dress small,” always puts herself out there like “I AM MORE WOMAN THAN MOST OF YOU CAN HANDLE” and she’s right.  

        This dress?   It’s not up to the FIERCE that she brings to the table.    Shoo it back to from whence it came and put her back in one of her Abundant Lady of Awesome frocks. 

        • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

          I have to agree with you, Elaine.  She usually brings the fierce.  This dress doesn’t cut it.  But her makeup is beautiful.  Still, OUT.

    • Melissa Brogan

      Doesn’t matter what a celeb’s actual size and shape is (size 0 or size 30), if they wear something unflattering to their figure at a public appearance, the outfit is something of a failure.

  • PinkLemon

    i WANT to like this, i really do. i’m gonna say OUT based solely on the too-matchy shoes. gross.

    • kimmeister

      It would’ve looked 2x better with, say, red pumps.

      • PinkLemon

        My thoughts exactly. Or turquoise? Or yellow. SOMETHING UNEXPECTED, DAMMIT.

  • MissMariRose

    It’s not the best I’ve ever seen her, but she still looks damn good. IN.

  • imspinningaround

    The dress doesn’t offend me, but those shoes are terrible. 

    I blame J.Crew for this trend of wearing shoes made from the same fabric as the rest of your ensemble.  Like, no, Jenna Lyons.

  • the acting is fabulous, but the direction – not so much. many of the parts that were so beautifully seamless in the original were kinda choppy in this one. 

    as for the outfit, i think i have to agree – she’s always so good at dressing her body, but this one is a bit off in the bust area. from there down, she looks great. it doesn’t derail everything tho, so perhaps i give her an IN. curvy girls gotta stick together!

    • MilaXX

       I guess that was bound to happen on an 18 day shoot.

  • Perhaps Tyler Perry should have been cast as Ouizer!

    • e jerry powell

       Bite your tongue.  I am sworn to destroy Tyler Perry by any means necessary.

      • TropiCarla

        YES! Please complete this mission. I will happily provide you with an air-tight alibi when the time comes.

    • MilaXX

      UGH! Dear lord NO! Tyler perry seems like a really nice guy, but I hate Madea with the fury of a thousand suns.

      • lovelyivy

         Madea and all his works should be shunned. Can we do that? Do we shun any more?

        I WOULD say that other Tyler Perry movies aren’t so bad but I just had the misfortune of watching Why Did I Get Married 2 at the beauty salon. It does not get better.

        • MilaXX

          I just don’t think he has the skill set to be a good director. I am interested in seeing ow he fairs in Alex Cross Like I said, he seems like a nice guy, but he’s a bit of a hack when it comes to directing movies.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Eh.. the dress is ok.  Not great.  I think the hair is the big miss here – fuller hair could have helped balance out the proportions.

    • Agree.  And her face, usually so radiant, is a little dull. It’s clean and polished, but lacks her sparkle.  

    • Agree.  And her face, usually so radiant, is a little dull. It’s clean and polished, but lacks her sparkle.  

  • RebeccaKW

    I think the white on her is fine.  I don’t even mind the shoes.  My biggest issue is that she has no shape.  She has uniboob, no waist.  I think the sleeves should be longer or shorter, rather than right at the elbow.  I also wish she had a brighter lip.  Out.

  • elleg929

    OUT – She is so much better than this look.  Plus she needs some fun makeup if she is just wearing black and white.

  • Anathema_Device

    Not flattering. I think you nailed it when citing the black horizontal piece. It makes it looks like her boobs are hanging way lower than they are. I like the fabric, but I think the cut of the dress is a little off for her.

    Out, but just barely.

    • J. Preposterice

      it’s not just the placement of the horizontal — the vertical pieces manage to eliminate her waist in a way just the horizontal alone wouldn’t.  DAMN.  Out!  which pains me to say about QL because I looooooove her.

      • Anathema_Device

         Yeah, it is a weird optical illusion because I’m used to those kinds of seams/insets being used to create a slimming effect, but here it is taking away her shape.

  • IN – not all the angles are flattering, but some are fab. The shoes should go though.

  • Joyce VG

    I like it. The shoes are awful though. IN. 

  • Libby Larson

    I don’t like the print on the white — it looks like words to me…..

    • teachmusik

      It reminds me of Victoria’s chair on Revenge.

  • Judy_S

    IN. If you got it, flaunt it. She looks magnificent. I love the combination of what the vertical lines and the horizontal one are doing.

  • EEKstl

    OUT.  As a busty woman myself, I can say uncategorically that the lines were not her friends.  Not only that, but it looks so wan and half-assed.  She can do so much better.  This was actually boring. As Heidi would say…it looks a little sad.

  • Little_Olive

    The bottom half is not bad. It’s the top that got cut off by the black stripe, making her chest look like one big painted brick. Or block of cookies and cream. 

    Hair and makeup look great.  

  • Jangle57

    The shoes are a bit much but overall, I think she looks good.  IN

  • Jackie4g

    Ms. Dana has the most gorgeous skin EVER, so I do like the shape of the neckline, and I like the three quarter sleeves, but the fit of the dress body is not flattering. Out.

  • I agree that she looked great from the back pose, but as much as I want to like this dress, it’s not working for me. And QL has always been one of my favorites – but I KNOW she can do so much better!

  • miagain

    IN… she looks great!

  • The dress doesn’t OFFEND me or anything, but she looks sort of blah and washed out (the hair isn’t helping, I think.) And she is SO MUCH better than that, so I have to say OUT. 

  • mjude

    love her but not the dress, sorry Queen…OUT

  • MilaXX

    IN, the dress isn’t great but it’s passable. The shoes however, need to be burned.
    I recorded Steel Magnolia and watched it this morning. I may be biased because I love all the ladies involved, but I thought it was petty good. I’d give it a B-

  • IN! I like it!

  • Janet B

    The silhouette and fit are terrific, but the sleeves should be longer or shorter and the grey isn’t flattering to her skin tone at all.  Plus the print is ugly.


  • lalahartma

    Yes, In.

  • siriuslover

    To me, it’s not the horizontal line that’s the problem, it’s the two vertical lines, because they seem like they’re supposed to be a frame and then she’s outside the frame. Take away those two lines and it’s awesome.

  • VicksieDo

    I think the black lines are minimizing her width by tricking the eye that her size is that wide, for a second.  And even so, it’s a nice look for the event. IN.

  • poggi

    Sometimes I am surprised by how something that I like really on me does not look good in photographs.  Things often look wider, flatter, and boxier in 2 dimensions.  Perhaps I am just making excused for her because I like her, but I will cling to the possibility that you mentioned that it may have looked better in person and reserve judgment. 

  • Kate4queen


  • OUT.  The print looks too much like TV static/fuzz. The matchy shoes kill me.  Let this not be the next trend after nude pumps and hockey puck platforms.  Also, girl, do something with your hair. 

  • Delaney Davis

    IN. The shoes are a problem, but I think she looks much better than most of the other women photographed for this event. 

  • I shouldn’t like it, but I still think she looks good, so IN.

  • kikisayshi

    I LOVE this lady! She definitely looks the best in the last pic. Unfortunately, I agree with the assessment that she looks rather wide. I don’t have a problem with the white or the striped print for her. It’s just all that with the bustline makes me sad to say OUT.

  • Kinda housewifey- not bad but seriously lacking fabulousness.

  • michelle shields

    I struggled through the whole movie this morning. The baby was the best actor out of the bunch. Sorry gals but I have to say thumbs down on this one.

  • royinhell

    IN or OUT?  I didn’t think you were referring to what she was wearing… 

  • MoreShoes

    IN. The line direct under her breast would have made the breast look even bigger. 

  • MoreShoes

    IN. The line direct under her breast would have made the breast look even bigger. 

  • Barb Ray

    I’d call it a Meh, rather than an Out. It’s not egregious, but I’ve seen her look better. I wish I could dress my shape 1/2 this well though.

  • Barb Ray

    I’d call it a Meh, rather than an Out. It’s not egregious, but I’ve seen her look better. I wish I could dress my shape 1/2 this well though.

  • Judy_J

    I’m going with my first reaction.  IN.

  • Judy_J

    I’m going with my first reaction.  IN.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    SM was dull. Not worth your time. The daughter isn’t a good actress. And neither is Phylicia Rashad, the woman who sucks the energy out of every scene she is in.

  • kirkyo

    It’s missing a pillbox hat.

  • snarkykitten

    the print makes it look like she’s wearing a dressed up burlap sack.

  • If the boob stripe was thicker and placed properly, this would have been great. But it’s not. Sorry, Honey, I love you but you are out.

  • altalinda

    Sadly, you’re right.  Out.

  • alyce1213

    Out, marginally. I don’t think white is the problem, mainly because it’s not an expanse of solid white.  It’s all in the silhouette, which is just not right, for reasons stated.

  • kckris

    When will they remake “The Color Purple” with a white cast?  Just sayin’…Paz de la Huerta could be Shug Avery.  “You sho’ is UGLY!!!!”

    • Qitkat


    • mhleta

      I took a dramatic lit class in which we watched an all black cast do “Long Day’s Journey into Night.” Despite the incredibly excellent cast (Ruby Dee and Ozzie Davis, for the love of God) I still struggled, particularly when it came to lines like, “You’re a fine one to talk with the map of Ireland all over your face.” It was also impossible to have a sane discussion about it without several people (invariably white) getting sanctimonious and indignant.

  • Qitkat

    I didn’t want to spoil my memories of the original movie with Lifetime claptrap.
    Though I do love QueenL I have to agree with the OUT. Not so flattering.

  • MintaHallWriter

    I’m going to give this a half-IN. Not quite bad enough for an out.

    I adore Queen Latifah and she generally looks fabulous. She’s brilliant in so many ways. This certainly is not her best look, however. I think it doesn’t convey HER very well.  I’m going to say she could have done better…

  • I’m watching Steel Magnolias ala Queen Latifah right now.  So far it’s okay.  They have not changed the script one iota so I’m not sure what the point was.

  • Cathy S

    I like it. I’m not crazy about the shoes though. I give her a slightly unenthusiastic In because of the shoes.

  • It’s not bad…. it just makes her look about 30 pounds heavier than she is.

  • My mom tried to watch the Steal Magnolias remake, she didn’t care for it. She said they laid on the Southern accents a bit too thick. Hollywood thinks we all sound like Honey Boo Boo, I reckon.

    Not loving that dress on Queen Latifah. She usually looks stunning, but something’s off. 

  • Aly Light


  • ChelseaNH

    I think it’s the vertical ribbons that are the problem, not the horizontal one.  So OUT but not by much.

    I did watch Steel Magnolias last night — it was a worthwhile effort, but nowhere near the original.  Alfre Woodward and Queen Latifah were great, Jill Scott and Phylicia Rashad were fine, and everyone else was okay but not great.  I mostly noticed the lack of Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts and Darryl Hannah.

  • MzzPants

     Mmm…hate the shoes.  It’s not that women of size can’t wear white.  I just don’t think white’s her best color.  I like the shape of the dress, but not the empire line of black.

    Still love the Queen, though.

  • demidaemon

    To me, this dress is obscuring her shape, which I know is quite beautiful. I think the general silhoette was a no; the black lines are just contributing to the problem. I think white would be fine; as they say on What Not to Wear, it isn’t necessarily the color but the structure of clothing that creates a good shape. OUT, sadly.

  • I’m of the “shut your whore mouth” variety. The stripe across the bust curves because of the overhead compartments, but she looks fabulous. Even if she has looked more fabulous in the past in other garments, this look still falls into the faboo realm.

    And, as always when theories fly about how “insert-euphemism-for-women-over-a-size-7” should dress, I’d like to enter the following into the record: women have different body shapes, ergot, women carry their weight in different areas. I, for example, (size 16) look pretty awesome in white. Whereas if I could claw the eyes out of every empire waist or wrap dress/blouse, I would, because they look HORRENDOUS on me. 🙂 

  • I want to change the shoes to a solid color (black would be the safe choice, I think, but maybe the proverbial pop of color?), and probably take off the watch, too–but beyond that I actually think she looks lovely.  Far from WERQ-ing, of course, but working.  I say IN.

  • GorgeousThings

    IN. Except for the shoes, I think it’s a killer look for her.

  • LJCdoc

    Screw the rules, I think she looks great. In.

  • Call me Bee

    Being about Queen’s size–I like it. I could totally wear that!!
    It’s not the greatest dress in the world, but good for this venue–intersting but not too showy.  Really don’t like the shoes, though.  But–I say IN just cuz she’s Queen!!

  • Sometimes a busty gal needs access to decent designers.  The shape in general is nice, but loose the horizontal bust stripe needs to go.  Do this dress in a vibrant solid color and it would be gorgeous.

    Queen Latitfah is gorgeous, let’s remember what she looks like when she has a costume designer who knows how to work with her figure instead of thinking ‘camouflage the fat chick’,r:0,s:0,i:73

  • I wonder if maybe the lines that are black and go down her torso make her look wider. It gives an optical illusion that the line is being pulled and puckered by her body. I think it looks pretty good and she looks beautiful. So an In because she does a much better job then a lot of people out there. 

  • I like it, in!

  • I can’t bring myself to vote OUT because I’ve seen so many in this category who look positively hideous.  So she gets an IN even though the dress is not particularly flattering and the material reminds me of a 1950s upholstered chair.

  • out. it’s just not flattering on her.

  • ojosazules

    The dress isn’t great but it’s not an out. In.

  • Karen Maslowski

    She needs lip color. Queen Latifah, washed out looking? That’s just wrong. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I love her but that is NOT her dress.  

  • aristida_girl

    In, because she is the Queen… (also I think the dress is cute enough for a pass)

  • nannypoo

    I think Queen Latifah is absolutely gorgeous, but sadly not so much in this dress. I think it’s the fabric I dislike more than the shape or the style.

  • fashionablylate

    I think this fits great and flatters. IN.

  • I think she looks pretty. I’m giving her an IN. I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch the remake. Between remaking a classic like Steel Magnolias and this Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor travesty, I really think Lifetime is on some kind of CRACK.

  • mhleta

    IN. I think the lines are actually well-placed. My only comment is that she looks a little like a birch tree, but I actually really like this on her. Some red shoes would have kicked this all the way to the top shelf.

  • jw_ny

    not special or particularly flattering, but not worthy of an OUT either, so therefore…IN.

  • In, she looks hip and confident. 

  • Sara__B

    I was going to say in, but she needed more volume in the hair style and different shoes, so I’ve talked myself into an OUT. But I like the dress quite a lot.

  • greyhoundgirl

    In.  Not the best Queen Dana has looked, but she is still the Queen.

  • I loathed the original. Am I the only one?

    • SRQkitten

      I suspect not. I saw the coming attraction for the original in a theater and went, “pass”. Haven’t changed my opinion since.


    • ThaliaMenninger

       HAAAATED the original. Which is a stageplay done by every community theater in the nation. On the good side: Shampooing and styling on stage. Bad side: Soooooo sentimental and treacly. I saw the trailers for the movie and went, Hell to the no! Sitting through it on stage was bad enough, and at least then I could be all, ooooh, look, real water coming out of a sink on stage. But on the big screen? Nooooooooo!

    • No I hated the movie and there should be a Federal Law to keep Sally Field from ever playing a Southern woman again, she stinks at it. 
      If you also hate Forrest Gump, we may be related

  • butterflysunita

    She is IN because she is the Queen and radiates fierceness, whatever she wears.  However, that dress does not deserve her.  

  • imakeart

    The remake made me sad.  THE movie has some of the best one-liners ever and was superbly acted, top to bottom.  The remake was sad and lifeless.  And the famous cemetery scene…moved to the beauty parlor!  I know I’m partial – call me a superfan, because I actually went to the world premiere of SM in Atlanta some 20 years ago.  I wanted to give the Lifetime version a chance because of the casting, but it was pretty bad.

    • NO!  Not to the beauty parlor?  That scene can’t be anywhere else.  

  • Shorten up those sleeves, lose the stupid “I’m pretending to be a variegated yarn that’s just pooling a little” stripes, and release the hair from the gym class bun, and this would be acceptable.  (I’m going to start a meme called “shoes are unrelated”, though.)

    It’s disappointing, but redeemable.  In.

  • LittleKarnak

    Out…she usually does a much better job than this. And although I didn’t watch the remake (why the need to remake it is beyond me) all my friends who did either fell asleep during the show or turned the channel 1/2 way through.

  • Trisha26

    In. I don’t mind it at all, maybe a little stronger makeup all around and it would draw attention from the bust area? The shoes are matchy though.

  • Shut your whore mouths.  She looks fabulous (though I agree about the horizontal stripe).

    • I love “shut your whore mouths”!  That’s fantastic!

  • Love her, but gotta give this an out.  It just really makes her look bigger.

  • I’m going to say IN, but only just. I like it a lot at first glance.

  • Candigirl1968

    The dress might work with more interesting jewelry and different shoes.

  • lucasuk82

    In. I think I would have liked this better if the fabric was just white without the pattern, slightly chunkier black shoes and a touch of color in the earrings, but it is eye catching and elegant. She’s a busty woman with strong shoulders; why try to minimize it?  It’s not like she’s wearing shoulder pads or a push up bra.  She’s such a naturally beautiful person.

  • Melissa Brogan

    I looooove her and she usually looks fantastic, but this dress is not her friend. Sadly OUT 🙁

  • It isn’t awful, but she has definitely looked better. I’d give it an out. As for the Steel Magnolias remake, I cried like a baby just like I do in the original. I really thought it was a decent remake. I think it is worth watching.

  • quiltrx

    OUT.  She usually looks great, but this is pretty matronly.

    I would like to see the dress with the vertical lines a little closer together…and thus the horizontal line not going all the way to Side Boob Hour.  I have a feeling that would have looked more ’empire’ and less ‘my tits are each bigger than your head.’

  • guest2visits

    I do like the dress and the shoes; but up close it looks like the fabric needs something extra.
    She looks good though and I like the way she accessorized.

  • Not feeling the dress that much. Out

    But I did love Queen La in the movie. Her hair was also gorgeous in it and she should adopt those styles more often. I was confused by her wardrobe in the movie though. She had some gut-tastic tops on in the flick. She and I have pretty much the same shape, and like u said, she’s usually better about showcasing it! But I love the original and the remake was a good time. I’d recommend, as I would any lifetime flick; u know, it’s lifetime.

  • littlemac8

    OUT.  I don’t like that fabric…never like white shot through with black…it just looks dirty.  The Queen looks matronly!  This will never do!!

  • Out. It’s totally unflattering and makes her look heavier than she is. The weird black lines cut her up in an unflattering way – had the dress been fitted better without the lines I think it would’ve worked. 

  • Pennymac

    OUT, its just not flattering, and she can do much better.

    I watch the rerun of the remake tonight, and cried. Living in the south means I’ve met each of the ladies in Steel Magnolias, I even used to get my hair “did” in a woman’s remodeled carport, and she was Truvy to the max. the story transends race, and is a sweet portrayal of a mothers love and the friends that support her. I thought the acting in the new version was really good, and loved Alfre Woodard!

  • Not her most fabulous look, but not horrible either. IN.

  • Bozhi

    In.  I think this would look a lot better in person than the picture shows.  I think the shoes are not a bad choice, but actually great.

    As far as Steel Magnolias, I’m watching it right now, and she is the only one who is doing any sort of real acting.  Steel Magnolias always brings me to tears, and this version is not doing it. 

  • L.


  • PeaceBang

    OUT. Just not a good look for her. Although whenever I see her I have to give a little holy roller church wave because that’s a big-bosomed woman who KNOWS the importance of a well-fitted bra. Yes, Jesus.

  • DesertDweller79

    I’ll give her a tentative in.  She usually looks more fierce, for sure.  But, it looks like she tried to tone it down for a more serious luncheon.  I like the dress from the black horizontal stripe down.  And while there are problems in the bust, I don’t think they are too severe.  The shoes are the biggest strike against it, really.  

  • pdquick

    The only thing wrong with that dress is the stripe under the bust, but that’s minor. It would look better without that. But the shapely stripes show off her curves, it’s an interesting print, her makeup is lovely, and she’s Queen Fucking Latifah! IN!

  • Carlos Abreu

    she needs a boob job that’s it…

  • neofashionista

    It is really just ok but maybe like you say it was fab in person
    I will give her an IN

  • BazoDee


  • love her, but its an OUT. the boxiness…ugh. and the material looks natty.

  • “You shut your whore mouth. She looks fabulous.”  I’m afraid so, darlings.  Not that I love you any less.  I think she looks shapely and polished, and I have to throw her fellow-woman-of-size snaps of respect.  IN.

  • librarygrrl64

    Pains me to say it, but OUT. I think this was probably a “good on paper” dress for her.

  • IN … this was a ladies-at-lunch event and this is a great look for it. She looks polished and appropriate. Always love her smile; she seems like such a sunny person.

  • GTrain

    OUT. It’s a nice dress but that detail in the front isn’t flattering.

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    OUT. Busty girls have a difficult life when it comes to clothes, so I sympathize but this simply doesn’t work. 

  • jahphotogal

    I don’t mimd the horizontal stripe – toe its the vertical ones that have the opposite of the desired effect.

  • SophieCollier

    In.  It’s fine, if not spectacular.  The design across her midsection isn’t all that awful.  This look isn’t bad, so not an out.  The shoes, however, should burn.

  • It’s not the cut of the dress that’s wrong, it’s the color! I feel that black and white-ish ness is washing her out. She looks so much better in warmer tones. 

  • kaycem

    i love the phrase “shut your whore mouth” and wish like hell i had an opportunity to use it today.  but alas:  le queen is OUT.

  • IN. I think she looks fresh, pretty, and curvy. I would have chosen different shoes, but still an IN.