IN or OUT: Michelle Rodriguez in Ariella Couture

Posted on October 18, 2012

We have a problem with this look, but uncharacteristically, we can’t quite put our finger on why.


Michelle Rodriguez attends the Hollywood Costume Ball at Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England in an Ariella Couture gown.

Ariella Couture ‘Simone’ Dress

It just looks – we don’t know … kind of standard and uninspired maybe? Like, you’re Michelle Rodriguez, and sure, maybe you’re not the kind of superstar that has Karl Lagerfeld falling all over himself trying to get you into a gown, but don’t you have more interesting options than this? Nothing against Ariella, which is a British fashion company with a decent history, but this just feels kind of bleh. It’s a black mermaid gown with black lace insets. Just writing that description is putting us to sleep. It doesn’t help that her hair looks practically un-styled and she’s wearing no jewelry of any note. In fact, what little jewelry she has, paired with that hair, would look perfectly fine with a t-shirt and jeans. We know she likes to cultivate this sort of “too cool for couture” kind of image, but hey, you’re the one at the gala in a gown, honey. Might as well take it all the way.

Are we being cranky bitches or is this totally underwhelming?

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Emma Stone’s Little Orphan Annie look got an OUT, but everyone loved her shoes.


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  • The lace looks fine on the back, but doesn’t belong on the front.  But I don’t think it’s a complete out.  So a reluctant IN for Michelle.

    • Sobaika

      Agreed, In by default. There’s nothing egregious about this look.

      Besides, I think she has a really natural beauty and fab body that suits well to the ‘undone’ look.

  • Allyson Wells

    OUT You’re right on… paired with better hair and accessories, this could be much better. It doesn’t help that her hair is black, so it all kind of blends in with the dress.

  •  OUT.  I don’t think it suits her personally.

  • B_C_J

    The lace inserts make this dress look very cheap.  The dress looks like a bad prom dress purchased off of the 75% discount rack.  The hair and makeup also look very last minute.  

  • I actually thinks she looks very beautiful and ladylike (which isn’t a word I’d usually use to describe Michelle Rodriguez) but her eye makeup isn’t doing it for me. More polished makeup would have made this a very pretty, classic look IMO. Anyway, it’s IN.

    • lovelyivy

      Agreed. There is something about this look that feels unfinished. I can’t decide whether it’s the underwhelming makeup, the slightly manic grin she’s sporting or a combination of both. Just looks off. It could also be poor posture.

      • j_anson

        It just needs a pop of something. Color, jewelry, stronger make-up. Something. The lace isn’t enough.

  • OUT. It’s seems sort of “half-assed” to me, not “too cool.”

    • Yeah, I think the whole thing just looks sloppy.

  • Teri Brinson

    I agree the hair and jewelry bring the dress down. Her hair looks like she should be sitting at a Tiki Bar somewhere and the random gold jewelry reminds me of women who wear the same jewelry all the time and never change it to suit the outfit. Her curvy body, however, rocks that dress better than the model’s. I think a slightly wicked updo and rough-looking ring-bracelet combo would have made this look and toughened up the lace.

  •  It’s an OUT for me.  Her hair looks unwashed/greasy.  The dress isn’t great either

    • My thoughts as well. Her hair blends in with the dress, too, and it really should have been pinned up at the very least. Big OUT. A little effort and it could have been an in.

  • butterflysunita


  • maybe it’s her hair and makeup? the dress is pretty glam but the face looks like she’s going to the grocery to me. which is fine, but it’s a stark contrast.

  • Michelle never looked hotter than when she was on LOST!, sweaty in hipster jeans…a stylist needs to translate that into an edgy red carpet look. 

  • leftcoastpickle

    In.  But she does look like she just woke up from a nap on the couch an noticed it was time to go. 

  • Nothing is wrong with the dress. It’s the poor styling (bad hair, off makeup, underwhelming accessories) that is making this entire look go off the deep end. OUT.

  • I think it’s the hair and makeup, which make her look like she’s going to the grocery store. That dress could totally work if she didn’t put it on as she was stumbling out of the shower saying shit-I’m-late. I’d bet the hem is hiding flip-flops. 

  • Besides, Girl, you are going to a Costume Ball, far more extreme fashions would have been perfectly appropriate for such an occasion, that is, since you couldn’t manage an actual costume, for a costume event. You’re boring me, here. Out

  • piecesofconfetti

    Also a reluctant IN. I think styled hair and fresher makeup would elevate the look. Otherwise, her body looks slamming.

  • DylanCurtis


  • charlotte

    I don’t know. This looks like she’s at a Halloween themed ball dressed as Kristen Stewart. She just has to work on the KStew “You talking to me?” face.

  • greymain


  • rloliveira

    Think K-Mart. This looks like a bad dress you would buy at K-Mart.

  • I love the dress and I love it on her but take the dress off and she might as well be running errands

  • l_c_ann


    Nothing quite as bad a cheap lace , except too much cheap lace, with a design that isn’t very good.

  • OUT. It’s. The. Hair. 

  • BazoDee

    IN – not a werq but nothing wrong here. 

  • Anathema_Device

    I really dislike that the pretty scalloped lace edging at the neck is folded over on Rodriguez.

    Otherwise, I think all the errors are in the styling category. This dress deserves a more sophisticated look.

    I’m voting Out for not pulling out all the stops with a dress that gorgeous on her.

  • newleaf1

    Sorry.  This is totally Morticia Addams.  I just expect her to turn around and ask for Gomez.

  • TheEverywhereIowan

    Ehh…the make-up could be better, but she looks nice enough (put together enough?), especially for her. In.

  • Rand Ortega

    It’s the styling. Pairing such a dramatic, couture like gown w/ a few pieces of biker chick jewelry, mall hair & makeup really diminishes the look. Gown: IN. Styling: OUT.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    The dress needs to be worn by a taller woman.

  • mjude

    i have always like her bad ass persona but not loving the entire look so OUT.  can i sit with you now TLO?

  • I think her upper body is too muscular for the delicate lace panel, and it makes the proportions go awry,.

  • Janet B


    I am here for the cranky bitchyness.

  • EditKitten

    It’s her hair and her posing.

  • tereliz

    OUT. I think it looks kinda tacky, especially with the bland makeup and bedhead. 

  • MzzPants

    Out.  Sleek up do would’ve gone a long way.  Count me with the cranky bitches.

  • I know I know! It’s her posture. She’s slouching like whoa and hunching her shoulders. Head up, shoulders relaxed, chest lifted, tummy tight, and she would be working it. She looks beautiful otherwise; she’s just not owning it. Looks like dress-up.

  • PastryGoddess

    This is a MEH for me.  I mean at least she’s dressed appropriately for a gala…right

  • MilaXX

    OUT – In theory it’s not a bad dress, but the dress is expected to do all the heavy lifting here. The jewelry is wrong and the hair is just okay. Besides I am sick to death of the lace/sheer panel insert with the plunging neckline.

  • I don’t mind the dress, in fact I think it’s quite classy, but it’s made to look cheap and sloppy because the hair and makeup is very ‘walk of shame.’ “I just woke up at some guys house after last night’s gala and I’m just stopping by on my way home to shower.” OUT.

  • I hate the hair, and your complaints are legit, but she looks basically hot and sexy and not slutty so fuck it, it’s an IN.

  • Am I allowed to say she looks drunk? I think she just needed an updo.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Yeah, I’m getting a definite drunk face vibe.

  • In_Stitches

     Totally cranky bitches-IN.  It’s hella flattering and suitable.  I’m of a mind that jewelry is optional, a sort of costume nod to an archaic, feudalistic place.  The hair is lazy, but not enough to warrant an out. 

  • I think she looks fine, but it would be so much better with hair and accessories. It has a kind of KStew-ish vibe.
    Still give her an IN.

  • In. I like it.

  • Little_Olive

    The lace looks cheap. Poor styling. The dress itself I dig. 

  • snarkykitten

    she’s one of the ladystars who helped me jumped the fence, so she’s always IN for me

  • I really like the back. The way the fabric is pleated at the base of the lace is really sexy and makes it an IN, although the front is half-arsed and the hair is inappropriate.

  • EEKstl

    OUT.  The only thing standing between those sheer lace panels looking tacky or chic is the styling of everything else around them. On the model it looks chic.  Michelle looks like she’s on her way to a biker bar in a couture gown, which makes the gown look like something out of the Frederick’s of Hollywood Red Carpet Collection. Tack-ola!  And the facial expressions and posture are NOT helping!

  • alyce1213

    OUT!  Why? The lace is very cheap-looking, the dress is too long, it’s poorly accessorized, her hair looks messy and greasy like she just woke up . . . etc.

  • Sara__B


  • Tatiana Luján

    her makeup looks like traces of makeup from the day before, the lace looks matronly and the hair looks as if she just got out of the shower.

  • ChelseaNH

    I’m torn.  She doesn’t look bad, but she doesn’t look all that good.  Even the model looks kinda boring — although it would have helped if Michelle had copied the styling by putting her hair up and wearing some colorful earrings.

    Okay, I’ve decided — Out.  But at least a step in the right direction.

  • Beardslee

    I’ll give her an IN because she looks happy to be there and she isn’t doing the crossed legs pose.  Both those things carry an okay dress into an IN for me.

  • MarissaLG

    OUT. It’s a beautiful dress, but on her it looks really sloppy. 

  • ringthing

    Sloppy. Out.

  • Larkin21

    She has gorgeous hair but here, the style doesn’t match the dress. Other than that, I think she looks really great. Slight IN.

  • You’re right.  It’s off.  We can’t see her feet, but my guess is she’s in a heel that’s too low.  And her foundation garments are too relaxed.  She needs a sleeker hair do.  A chignon, and more dramatic make-up.  Lashes.  And one statement piece of jewelry.  A crystal bangle.  Because it’s such a simple silouette, everything has to be perfection.  If her hair was up and if her posture a little more erect, you’d be raving about this look.  This is Nicole Kidman’s dress.

  • Trisha26

    Out. On the model it looks elegant (different styling aside) and Michelle (whom I love) made it look slutty.

  • MissMariRose

    OUT. It’s Morticia Addams’ lingerie. 

  • Underwhelming.  Michelle looks as if she stepped out of jeans and a t-shirt, slipped on the dress and hit the RC.  She’s a beautiful woman, but a little effort would have made this stunning.

  • In, because with all the crazy and terrible get ups she has had on this seems like a win for her. There are some people who you are just grateful when they look boring instead of totally messed up. When she goes out looking cracked out it dosen’t seem like its her style like HBC or Nicki Minaj it just looks like a mess up.

  • turtleemily

    Out, but I think it’s the dress’s fault and not Michelle’s. The V in the front looks too wide since Michelle has breasts, and the neckline is too high, where the scalloping is lost since it’s folded back down, which seems to be the only interesting part of the dress. The hem on the train looks unfinished, too.

  • IN – I like it. 

  • Ali

    It’s not her dress – doesn’t work for her shape or style. She needs a bit more edge. This is more Evan Rachel Wood, I think.

  • jjfg

    Not being cranky bitches at all.  There’s 10x more dress than there is her; you can’t get away with that when you’re not particularly far north of 5′ tall.   Sorta looks like she’s playing dress-up in Charlize Theron’s clothes.  OUT.

  • cleverlady

    I don’t think she’s tall enough to carry off this dress as is.  If the front V was gone, her hair up, a striking neck piece and the skirt proportioned to her height with heels this would have been a knock-out.  I really love the back… lace and skirt.  IN ’cause I don’t think it’s really an OUT.

  • kimmeister

    The whole thing was inspiring a bit fat MEH from me, then I noticed the weird way it wraps around the back of her knees.  What’s up with that?  A tepid out.

  • I give her an IN, because she’s seriously working that dress. And it’s not a dress to write home about, but it’s sexy, it fits her, it’s and flattering. Though she should have done something with her hair.

  • OUT. That dress isn’t nearly as flattering as she thinks it is and she’s not doing anything she can to help it. Most women look better with proper foundations and she’s no exception. I’m not trying to be mean – that’s true for me, certainly. It’s true for most women who aren’t coat-hanger models.

  • Neverbuynewclothes

    Let’s try hair up, big wide belt, statement earrings, and then we’ll see.

  • annie_wonder

    I think the problem here is that she looks like this is the end of the night – she looks HAMMERED. It’s a shame because I actually really like the dress. 

  • OUT. While you cannot deny she is a very pretty woman, she just does not look comfortable or natural in this gown. I see someone taller and blond in this dress. Maybe a Gwynneth. Her hair looks too untamed, her makeup is sort of boring, and her jewelry is mismatch. I would like to see her in something red and cocktail length.

  • altalinda

    In, but with demerits for arching her back to make her cleavage more apparent.

  • Monabel

    Sitting next to you.

  • Imasewsure

    Out… kind of unflattering on her and as many have said, the lace looks kind of cheap. I know many of us kinda hate on KStew but she should counsel our girl here on how to rock that Don’t Giv-a/RockerChic kind of look

  • PinkLemon

    the V front is usually used with some cheap looking sheer insert. ne’er looks good. that’s my issue with it. i give it a hearty MEH. but yes, drunk-hair.

  • Underwhelming.  Out.  The difference between her and the model picture made up my mind for me.  The model is 1000 times better.

  • patticake1601

    I think it’s the hair, had she styled it a little better she would have looked amazing.

  • random_poster

    Out.  She stopped at the mall to try on dresses on the way home from running errands.  Realizing last minute that she had to be somewhere dressed fancy, she left the dress on, paid at the register and left. 

  • a_liking

    In. I like the unkempt look.

  • OUT. I think the problem is that the dress is very feminine (mermaid silhouette, low back, lots of lace) and Michelle just doesn’t do feminine very well. She’s gorgeous and has a bangin’ bod, but she looks sexiest in fierce kinda tough girl looks. As for her best accessories … I’m going with a huge machine gun.

  • I liked the first photo with her chin tilted up, that is kinda badass, but it was downhill from there. What the heck is her hair doing in the bottom one? 

  • Out. needs an updo. Dress is a horrible fit in the boobs. Just looks sloppy

  • Judy_J

    OUT.  Hair looks like it needs shampoo, and the fit is off on the bodice of the dress.  The whole effect is sloppy and shows no effort. 

  • In, she looks so confident!

  • Joyce VG

    IN and OUT. She’s an IN because she looks great and OUT because I want to sit at the cool table. 

  • Call me Bee

    IT’s a stunning dress.  And She’s a beautifl woman.  But they just don’t go together.  I think that gown needs a tall, ethereal type to pull it off, and Michelle is not that.  She’s athletic and strong (lookit those guns!) and would look more at ease in something less girly.  The lace and flounce just doesn’t suit her.   OUT. 
    But she looks like she’s having a great time. 

  • AmeliaEve


    Her girls are of a size where they need a little help if she’s going to look dressed up. Also, since this event is about Hollywood glamor, this dress would fit in much better if she’d gone for a classic Hollywood shape, with a real girdle and a bra that has some serious lift.

    I won’t slam on the dress itself — those lace panels are everywhere this year. But it does not suit her the way she’s styled.

  • Laylalola

    Out. Wrong dress for the wrong woman. (Why doesn’t she just wear pants? She’d look 100 percent better.) 

  • j_anson

    That’s just an awful lot of black, and given that her hair is black, and she’s wearing pretty toned-down jewelry, it’s all kind of… same-y. I don’t think it’s an out, though. I mean, it’s appropriate and pretty. So… in.

  • joything

    I call it IN.  Morticia is a mixed-martial-artist.  Totally Rodriguez.

  • librarygrrl64

    IN for the gown, which looks great on her, OUT for the styling and accessories.

  • demidaemon

    To me, it all comes down to the boobs. Even on the model, the dress makes them look saggy. And if a model–who usually has non-boobs looks saggy–something is wrong with the garment. So, I say OUT for poor dress choice and, maybe, poor undergarment choice. (As a gay man and one who has seen his fair share of bras, I am not sure what the correct undergarment answer to a dress with a deep V lace panel would be. I just know there has to be one.)

  • PeaceBang

    OUT. She seems really psyched about it but it’s not her dress. It doesn’t help that her hair is a mess. 

  • Lisa Kramp

    Her hair looks like ASS. Too much black from head to toe. Sittin’ next to you cranky bitches and saying OUT!

  • It looks cheap.  

  • lill5

    Out. This woman is a mess.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I think her neck is just too short for this look – and when you put her hair down, it drags it down all the more.  I wish that the neckline was just cut a teeny bit different, and that her hair was up up up, and that she was somehow LONGER.  Then I think we’d have a better time here.  Also, a really vibrant red lip.  Dramatic but simple makeup and cut all those bangles OUT.  The lace is decoration enough.  That’s what I think anyway.

  • crash1212

    OUT. She looks drunk. I have the lace insets and seeing her bra cups or whatever those white things peeking out from the boob area are. Yuck.

  • Jangle57

    It’s not awful but I think with better hair and better accessories, it could have been so much more and for that, I’m voting OUT

  • leave_Blake_alone

    IN. You two are being totally cranky! Yeah, the hair is messy, but I think it works for her, and the dress is kickass (first time I’ve ever said that about a mermaid gown). Agreed that a little extra jewelry would have bumped this up, but it’s still clearly in – and maybe close toa personal best for her.

  • SophieCollier

    It’s not the dress, its the wearer.  Another woman could make this look elegant and classy, but here’s Michelle with her “Hey, lets pull over and get some beer” expression and posture and it just isn’t working.  And her hair and makeup are a mess.

  • quiltrx

    IN, because I think she looks pretty great.

    But the dress…the lace on the front is too wide of a V, or it doesn’t need to be there at all.

  • Candigirl1968


  • margaret meyers

    I think the problem is that the dress is a size too small.  The pulling in the bodice had stretched the lace V insert until it is no longer a gracefully shaped V, but a gaping V.  You can see that on the model there is alittle air between the body an the fabric,and the result is a narrow, graceful V.

  • velomango

    I think the issue is that this dress doesn’t match her style – Michelle rocks the short, body-hugging, stretchy look (akin to a JLo “of course”), or other streamlined, severe looks. This dress really flies in the face of what we expect of her, and really, what suits her. It is, sadly, an Out.

  • Gorgeous in the back, lame in the front.  Can’t decide, so it’s a -meh- from me.

  • TieDye64

    It just doesn’t look good on her, with that styling, or lack thereof. Looks half-assed to me. OUT.

  • lrhoff

    Well, my finger points to sloppy.  This gown needed groomed hair, etc., which this chick isn’t offering.  Out in all aspects.  This is a dress for a grown up and not high school girls.

  • sockandaphone

    i think its the styling. like it is so half-assed and she looks like she barely put any effort. it makes the entire look bleh.

  • Sarah Thomas

    From the neck up, it looks like she’s about to get her mug shot taken for D&D.

  • kmk05

    I don’t care I have a girl!crush on her so IN

  • neofashionista

    iN hair n makeup r lil sloppy but dress is fabulous so IN

  • jenno1013

    Out.  Put your hair up and drop your shoulders.

  • mmc2315

    OUT.  ITA that it’s the styling, and the [cheap, not classy] vibe the wearer is giving off.

  • I think the V is too pronounced in the front and the lace definitely goes up too high. You can see her tipping her head back to create more neck.

  • stagmania

    OUT. Her hair looks too messy for the gown. This might have been nice with better styling.

  • warontara

    Out! You have money, honey. Go get your hair did.

  • Mexxoo

    I think it has to do with her posing – it looks like someone told her to push out her rib cage for photos.  Love the back of the dress, but I’m still voting OUT.

  • littlemac8

    In, somewhat reluctantly…but I do think she is improving…grading on the curve  

  • mrcorsino

    I think the problem with the look is her. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like her. But her attitude does not fit the dress.

  • melanie0866

    Out.  With the hair and the expression on her face, she looks drunk.

  • Sunshine16

    In, she looks better than usual. But, style your hair for Pete’s sake!

  • almondemy

    I give it a “girl, that’s not your dress” – a classic moment where the dress is meh, the fit is fine and she is a beautiful woman, but it is not adding up. It totally de-celebritizes her, in some weird way.  Hand it to Megan Fox for us to hate on and wear something more fantastic.

  • it’s not fabulous, but it’s not horrible, so i’ll give it an in. agree about the hair though.

  • Out, it is totally underwhelming.

  • In Cranky Bitches!  She does look drunk though.

  • Bailey Debruynkops


  • lesmaha


  • amber_julene

    My reaction: if her hair were styled and styled up, if her makeup didn’t allow for shiny face, she may look less like she was channeling Paz de la Huerta. You know. High off her ass on coke.

  • lalahartma


  • OUT.

    It’s also a sloppy fit.

  • It’s IN, but the problem is her posing. She looks drunk!