IN or OUT: Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney

Posted on October 12, 2012

We suppose this is an improvement for her; possibly even a personal best. But isn’t that kind of sad?


Kate Bosworth attends the SK-II skincare line event in Sydney, Australia in a Stella McCartney dress paired with a Proenza Schouler clutch and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Sandal

She has a reputation for being a fashionista, but we always thought she looked like more of a fashion victim. She always seemed to get her style cues from The Devil Wears Prada, favoring a very severe, almost-parody of a fashion editor look; hair tightly pulled back, outrageously complicated shoes, and garments designed to show off her size 0 bod, all topped off with the sourest of sourpusses. This dress is little more than a sequined bathtowel – and a too-long one at that – but this is the softest she’s looked in quite some time and we appreciate that the look is relatively simple overall. In other words, it ain’t much, but at least she’s not trying too hard. We’d hack a good foot off that skirt and add some spaghetti straps to relieve her poor boobs of doing all the work of holding that thing up. Then it’d look just about perfect on her.

We know the kittens generally dislike anything with Stella McCartney’s name on it, but we figured this entry was relatively inoffensive and like we said, it’s a major improvement for Kate.

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IN! It’s a classic look and she’s selling it!


OUT! A sequined bathtowel is still a sequined bathtowel.

The minions did not love Julie Bowen’s algae dress, giving it a firm OUT.



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  • MoHub

    Too long and makes my breasts hurt.

  • Sequined bathtowel was my thought exactly.  It looks like she got poured into a glittery tube. Out.

    I just looked to see who the designer of this shapeless thing is. Stella McCartney. Of course.

    • EveEve

      Exactly – she is still a fashion victim.  OUT. [and for some reason, she always reminds me of Peggy Lipton back in the day]

    • Yeah no kidding, she looks like a bottle of teeny bopper nail polish.  OUT. 

      p.s. Her poor tits…

    • cleep1000

      Mine, too! It’s so shapeless. And way too long. OUT.

    • curiouserandcuriousest

       Exactly. My first thought was that she had been stuffed into a long, sequined, toilet paper tube. Which I think makes it an OUT.

      On the plus side – lovely, subtle makeup and hair.

    • raeb23

       OUT…she looks just like a tube of glitter glue i had when i was 12

  • Stella McCartney’s clothing always comes off as looking cheap to me somehow, even though it’s hella-expensive.  It’s curious.

    • tereliz

      To quote Apu Nahasapeemapetilon:

      “Look at that outrageous mark-up! You magnificent bastard, I salute you!”

    • In this case, for me, it’s holographic sequins. Those will never not look like cheap dance costumes to me.

      (or, judging from some other pictures, it’s a ton of subtle coloring that just looks like holographic sequins. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?)

      • out for a walk

        I think holographic sequins are the devil’s glitter. So so atrocious, no matter how they’re used. *shudder*

  • hughman

    Ugh, that dress is super snooze. She looks like a gay snake in a fourth grade talent show. 

    •  I’m not sure if that was even funny but it sounds so bitchy it made me LOL’d.

  • She looks like she’s mid-transport to the Enterprise. Beam her up, Scotty, and burn the towel when she gets there. OUT

  • Hey! I wrapped my Christmas gifts in that fabric last year!

  • tereliz

    Eh. I’m underwhelmed. Swinging from color-blind Kate Moss to sparkly blonde Jennifer Aniston is not an improvement. 

  • BazoDee

    IN – nothing too terrible here. 

  • MilaXX

    Okay this is weird because I hate the dress. The fabric is doing all the heavy lifting since there isn’t any design to the so called dress to speak of and it’s too long to boot. Yet as a look it’s styled nicely. The shoes, bag and makeup all coordinate nicely. Therefore despite myself, I’m giving this a rather tepid IN!

  • afabulous50

    OUT! A sequined bathtowel is still a sequined bathtowel.

  • filmcricket

    I love the sequins. Might actually like the dress itself if the improvements TLo suggested were made – with an added slight nipping in at the waist. Completely agree with the assessment of her as a fashion icon – never understood it, or her appeal in general. As it is: out.

  • Little_Olive

    If I’m gonna see a glittery bathtowel, I’d rather go with J. Aniston. At least she picks ones that fit and seems relaxed in them.  

  • Joyce VG

    The dress looks like it has vinyl sheeting over it.  Not flattering at all. OUT. 

  • Clueless_Jock

    It needs a belt or something. Maybe a side slit…

    • Introspective

      that dress needs a new dress. and stat. completely OUT. girl bye.

    • PeaceBang

      Your screen name just made me LOL. And yes, a bloody BELT. Is that asking too much?

  • VicksieDo

    I wore shoes like that to my high school graduation, and OMG my feet hated me so much~

    The dress is too long (and I like the hemlines at or below the knee generally). Longer or shorter would have worked better.
    Also, if you’re a size zero (which shouldn’t be a size!) — you should wear form fitting to take advantage of that weirdness.

  • lovelyivy

    Can we ensure she burns that dress before it inevitably makes its way into Jennifer Aniston’s closet (after cutting off a foot or so of skirt, natch)?

  • melanie0866

    Shapeless.  But I like the fabric.  Shorter, with some shape, and it would be cute.

  • MarissaLG

    OUT. Her boobs are smushed and it just looks like..well, you guys said it- a sequined bath towel. I think it would have worked on a curvier woman. 

  • StellaZafella

    A nice try for Ms B but it’s a non-dress…not suprizing because Stella McCartney, to me, is a non-designer.

    I know I had a shower curtain just like that in a gayer life than I’m living now.

  • Janet B


    She looks pretty, but the only good thing about the dress is the colors.

  • alyce1213

    As sequins go, these are pretty and colorful, but the dress is an absolute zero.

  • ojosazules

    Not a fan of the skirt dress. Out.

  • PastryGoddess

    From the neck up and ankles down, she looks great.  The rests is blah blah blah

    Hellooooo… there is no design to this look.  For diety’s sake, it’s a tube dress made out of kickass fabric.  Take away that fabric and what you have is a whole lotta nothing.  Becky Homecky can and did make this in 7th grade HomeEc Class  
    Stella McCartney = Ugly or Unflattering or Blah. Next please

  • AlexisPayne

    Out. Sequin Column.

  • stagmania

    OUT. The dress is just hanging off her body, doing absolutely nothing.

  • Trisha26


  • two things:  1) it looks like two separate people are in the same dress, sewn together at the waist.   2) that girl has the personality and charisma of a lamp.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Now, now.  That’s not fair to lamps.  And least they have a function.

  • mellorcr

    OUT!!!!   Even though it’s not actually pulling her boobs down that much, it’s shapelessness and awkward length make it look as if it’s trying to pull them down.   Send that dress to Jenifer Aniston.  She’d cut it in half and have a spare one for when she wears out the first.

  • teensmom99

    OUT–I like the sequins on this but that’s it.  Why are all strapless dresses too low?  If this were higher up and actually covered her side boob it would tip the scale to an IN even though everything you say, dear TLo, is, as always 100% on the money.

  • In – I like the rainbow sparkles and I love her hair down, so I want to encourage her.

  • B_C_J

    The color of the dress is very lovely and it flatters her. However the style of the dress does nothing for her figure and the length feels awkward. 

  • altalinda

    I don’t hate Stella, but this is an out because the dress is too long and needs those spaghetti straps you mentioned.

  • Aw when did she get the duck lips?  Sad.

    And yes, Stella McCartney = #ofcourse

  • Shoes are too matchy. I want to yank up that top. Hair is a  big ol nothing. OUT.

  • PinkLemon

    IN – methinks the length makes it, although it’s a tit bit long for her.

  • Aly Light

    My inner five-year-old is loving the rainbow iridescence on those gold sequins. But it’s just a pretty piece of glitter wrapped around a dress form. Couldn’t Stella t least have given her a waist in that thing?

  • MissMariRose

    It’s a good thing you mentioned the dress is a Stella McCartney because otherwise I would have assumed it comes from the Jennifer Aniston line of sequined bath towels.

  • l_c_ann


  • Out. It’s a sparkly tube.

  • Imasewsure

    I thought this was also a near miss but the TLo improvements are just what it needs: straps and a foot whacked off of the bottom, particularly on such a tiny Mr. Tiny like her. I still kind of like it overall… same bathmat look as earlier in the week but a size up (and a bra size or two down!). Cute enough 

  • WhaleTeeth

    I kind of love it. Simple and clean and pretty in a not-too-girly way, which I think is what suits her best. I can appreciate dressing to look skinny, too — Girl’s never going to have big hips and ‘curves’ no matter how much she weighs, so she ought to show off the body she does have!

  • dress, makeup, hair –all are ugh.

  • theblondette

    Out. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this dress and it is designed with no one but a sack of potatoes in mind.

  • VeryClaire

    Pull it up!! It looks like it’s melting off of her. Awful.

  • Knightley

    Honestly, my only criticism is that it needs a belt (not that I could think of one to go with that look) but something in the middle to give it some shape.  I’m not too sold on the length, but I always lean towards better too low than too high.  What sells this is how much healthier KB looks.  Kudos to her!

  • Larkin21

    I like the shoes and would like the dress if the length weren’t so awkward. Hair and make-up are less than impressive. OUT.

  • wisdomy

    Who knew sparkles could be so sad. 🙁

  • Out! Shapeless AND thin, how does that work?

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Too-long, shapeless optical illusion, and by “illusion” I mean “that she has the slightest bit of taste”. OUT.

  • DeGuz

    The fit around her boobs is just…awkward. It looks uncomfortable to say the least. With that bod, she could do so much better. Gotta give it an OUT.

  • AnnaleighBelle

    The dress is shapeless yet it’s giving her quadra-boobs.  I kinda like the wacky fabric, though.


  • OUT. When I was little, I had a bouncy fun ball that looked just like that fabric: “clear” with multi-color glitter in it.

  • She looks like a tube of lip gloss. OUT.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Out.  What a waste of good sequins.  And can we please outlaw The Duckface? Along with the I Gotta Pee Pose.

  • Lilithcat

    This dress is little more than a sequined bathtowel

    My thought, exactly.  A hem slightly above the knee would help.

    Sorry, kid, yer out.

  • Beardslee

    Love the fabric and don’t actively hate it despite the designer.  Agree with you about the straps and the proportions are way off for a wee little creature like her.  Out because it just too damn long.

  • crash1212

    OUT. There’s no there there. No construction, no style, no nuthin’. Sequined bath towel, indeed. Nice hair and makeup, though.

  • MzzPants


  • Out. Sequined bath sheets do not look good on anyone. And I can see visible threads sticking out of the fabric; this won’t do.

  • Jangle57

    Sequined bathtowel – bingo!  Too long and  too blah – I suppose one should congratulate Stella on making sequins look blah. OUT

  • msftmargarita

    Out. It’s so shapeless. 

  • kschwarting

    I just want to hoist up her dress–it looks like it is slithering downward and is one step away from a wardrobe malfunction.  But I suspect Ms. Bosworth would not take well to my doing that.

  • She looks like a New Year’s Eve decoration.  OUT.  Tho’ her hair & makeup look cute.

  • Anathema_Device

    Out. The dress is too long and shapeless, plus it sits too low on her chest.

    I’ve been in the minority on the last two In or Out posts, but I think I’m finally back in sync with my fellow BKS.

  • Kara Keenan

    Horrible. Too long on her. But even if it was a short dress it would still probably be an OUT.  It reminds me of a horrible skirt that I owned in the mid 1990’s.

  • Out.  Pass the sequined shampoo.

    Oh, and … LIPS

  • Judih1

    Sequined TOO LONG bath towel – OUT. If this her her personal best, she needs to hire new gays

  • kirkyo

    I think you’re trying to hard to defend it. The best I can muster is “tasteful stripper clothes”.

  • Jellybish

    I think I have to recuse myself. I see “Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney” and the immediate hate overwhelms rational thought.

  • OUT OUT OUT : this is drab, unoriginal and her feet look like under non-color torturing shoes. Berk ! 

  • bessann28

    Sparkly toilet paper tube.

  • PrunellaV

    Pretty bad when you’re in a multi-colored sequined dress and still look as bland as a popsicle stick. OUT.

  • Judy_J

    Sequined bath towel in an unattractive length. OUT.

  • jmorino08


  • Candigirl1968

    This is what the AbFab ladies wrap around their bods when they are drying off after a long hot bath.  

  • bessann28

    Sparkly toilet paper tube.

  • DCSheehan

    Out. Hate everything. Even her lipstick is wrong.

  • Allison Woods

    Stella McCartney is still a shitty designer.

    The end.

  • hmariec19

    OUT. A sequined bath towel is a sequined bath towel. And Stella McCartney sucks.

    Kate’s face looks pretty though. And I like the shoes.

  • Sara__B

    Out. I don’t like anything about this, from her hair and the expression on her face on down.

  • Ooh, no. That is ugly. She’s trying at least. Still, OUT.

  • rissa42210

    The colors are pretty.  The rest of it is painful.  Out.

  • OUT. Pretty color, but it looks so heavy and shapeless and yeah, WAY too long. Shoes and make-up are completely fab. 

  • kimmeister

    Utterly OUT.  Her lip color is great though.

  • julesj

    It is a sad look. OUT

  • LLuL

    Not a great dress, yet somehow she’s looking much fresher and prettier than usual. I’m gong with IN.

  • Sonia Mistry

    AUF.  I thought “sequined bathtowel” before I even saw “sequined bathtowel” in your “Out” statement.

  • DaveUWSNYC


  • tired_mommy

    Out. She looks like a tube of glitter glue. Plus the top seems to sit to low–it almost looks like she is trying to hold it up with her inner arms which never works for longer than mascara application.

  • Qitkat

    I HATE this. And I couldn’t care less that it’s SMcC. 

  • 5HT

    IN – I like it, although I wish her hair was more sleek to go with the minimalist look. 
    I don’t understand the vitriol towards Stella McCartney. Her designs are not always flattering, nor do I always like her designs, but she is just as talented as many other successful designers out there. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Stella McCartney needs to be permanently ensconced in the glittery bath towel.  Made to wear it, day in and day out.  Made to sleep in it.  It’s uncomfortable.   But worse, it takes NO design skills to make this ridiculous excuse for a dress.  It’s just a long tube top.  WHY DOES STELLA MCCARTNEY STILL GET TO HAVE CLIENTS?  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!  

  • Oh dear. Out.  At least the sandals are cute. Stella needs to stick to sportswear.  Liked her Olympic stuff.

  • Louise Bryan

    The dress is totally tubular. Not a fan of disco ball dresses, and this one is WAY too long. Keeping everything else minimalist was smart, but choosing a different dress would have been smarter. Out.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Her face looks lovely, great makeup for her, but the rest is such a big old nothing. 

  • PeaceBang

    OUT. Sequined bath towel. Her lipstick is divine but for God’s sake — with a size 0 bod, a gorgeous face and oodles of dough and stylists at her disposal, this cannot be the best this young woman can do.

  • demidaemon

    I’m sorry, but everyone knows sequined bath towel = OUT. Also, I’m sorry but this is really partuicularly hideous. And if this is a personal best, than I just am at a loss for words.

  • Tracy_Flick

    OUT. It looks like it weighs 45 pounds.

  • What the hell? No. Out.

  • frannyprof

    OUT. everything north of the neck is pretty. South of the neck is painful. Sequined bathtowel dresses–a new RC microtrend? God, I hope not.

  • Anna Tree


  • Jennifer Coleman

    OUT+, simply because her hair & makeup look nice. I don’t even notice the fivehead with that center part. The dress is Stella’s usual anti-body configuration.

  • lucasuk82

    Out. I had Trapper Keeper in that same holographic material.  This looks about as stiff and seems to be stapled to her chest. 

  • I like it. Nothing to write home about, but it’s a good look. IN. 

  • bailey debruynkops


  • Judy_S

    Relatively inoffensive. Yeah.

  • margaret meyers

    Out.  Stupid dress makes woman with beautiful figure look oddly shaped.

  • No, sorry, out. It looks like she’s wrapped herself in a roller rink birthday table cloth.

  • eandh99

    Yeah, this is pretty blah – but compared to that Preen thing (I refuse to call it a dress) she wore – oh, it’s on the whiteboard — sexy zombie?! Yeah, I’ll go for sequined bath sheet.

  • This is either four inches too long or four inches too short. 

  • if you cut a foot off her dress, she’ll look like jen anniston.  yawn…

  • Patricia Gillett

    Sequined beach towel. Flyaway beach hair. OK shoes. Adds up to an OUT for me. 

  • Katie McKinney

    shiny towel

  • OUT. It looks like a huge hologram sticker.

  • Ow. OWT.

  • OUT. Not kind of sad, definitely SAD. It’s shapeless and looks like a glitter sequin flour sack

  • SophieCollier

    Ugh, what a mess the edge of the dress is!  Like the just cut it and hoped the sequins wouldn’t start shedding off.  No effort whatsoever in designing or making this thing, was there?  OUT.

    • bringbackbeatles

      Finally! I thought it was just me. The top ede of the dress is a mess and it does look like it was just cut off and left to fray.

  • “Relatively inoffensive”?  It’s a sparkly vinyl tablecloth.  OUT OUT OUT.

  • While I agree with your assessment, wouldn’t those modifications make it a bit junior for her? 

  • ChelseaNH

    It’s a soft OUT — too much toweliness to be in, but not hideous.  I’m trying to be encouraging here.

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    OUT. I can’t stand her and I can’t stand this dress, so yeah she’s 0 for 2 on that one. LOL

  • butterflysunita

    OUT.  Total bath towel.  Though a very pretty one.  

  • boweryboy

    OUT by virtue of the fact that it’s Stella  McCartney’s shapeless unflattering version of a Halston dress.  Although, I must say it’s by far the best SM dress I’ve seen.

  • quiltrx

    I’m going to have to go with a Kors-ism for this one…Monet Disco Bathwrap.

    • Rainbow Bright’s porno mother of the bride! Dubai! 

      Lol, Kors-isms are fun.

  • zelavie

    Out.  If the dress fit her, I’d give it an In, because I kinda love the sparkles, but it doesn’t.  So Out.

  • You know, I came back to maybe try and inject a little bit of PR-annoyance-free objectivity into my initial ruling, but on second look…  [shakes head] Bleeding Jesus on the cross.  If you attached people feet to a bioluminescent mermaid frying on acid, this would be the outcome.  I hate that fabric, truly.  Yeesh. O. U. T.  SO SO SO OUT.  Love the lips btw, now go fix your hair.

  • KathKo

    That thing is so underdesigned for Stella, I’m amazed.
    It’s still ugly and too long.

  • OUT.  Just out.

  • unbornfawn

    OUT. It is totally a sequined bath towel. There is no attempt to fit it to her body. It just hangs there. Poor Stella she has the worst instincts for a designer.

  • annamiklo

    It’s…it makes her boobs look like a man’s pectorals, and once you said “bath towel” it was all I could see.  Also definitely too long.  I have nothing against Stella, but OUT.  For being shapeless and disproportionate and boring.  Personal best doesn’t necessarily mean stylish, and anyway I think she’s done better than THIS before. 

  • Aurumgirl

    Okay, so you chop a foot off its length and add some spaghetti straps to hold it up and then–you have your typical Forever 21 $19.99 party dress, don’t you?  And it’s a mega improvement over this actual dress. You’re damn right I’m gonna bitch about Stella McCartney.

  • Oh my god, that looks like one of those plastic glitter shower curtains that you can get for $12!  Awful! OUT!

  • ChaquitaPhilly


  • Roller Girl on the red carpet. 

    Also, I know we don’t judge looks, but what is wrong with her mouth? 

  • spooki C

    This does nothing for her figure, it makes her look shapeless and stumpy. At least it’s a fun fabric.

  • Gener1c

    Meh. She’s washed out and painful looking.  Out.

  • mmc2315

    OUT.  Yes to the bath towel comments.  And a heavy looking, too long, bath towel at that.  The lip color is off to my eye, and the lack of jewelry emphasizes the bath towel image.

  • Marcela86

     IN, I like this!

  • Out, she looks completely shapeless, she may as well have just wrapped a towel around herself.

  • ballerinawithagun

    Out. Send it back to Jennifer Aniston. She’ll have 2 bath towel dresses made from it.

  • ccm800

    that Stella what a design genius. A glitters tube. Woweeeee. OUT

  • phrenk

    I love the dress as is but the shoes are boring with it.  Still, she looks good.  IN.

  • Snailstsichr

    Oh T Lo – I think this post was just a clever ruse to give us something to read over the weekend! I bet in your heart of hearts you knew we’d almost all say “A sequined bathtowel is still a sequined bathtowel.” And keep saying it all day Saturday even. And that is indeed what I say. OUT.

  • PeggyOC

    Out. Too long, unattractive and the hem looks like it was done with a stapler.

  • AthenaJ

    Just like most Stella McCartney looks, the concept is ok, but the execution is a no. 

  • TSkot

    Does nothing for her: OUT

  • bringbackbeatles

    I’m not anti-Stella McCartney. I’ve seen some sharp dresses from her here and thete, but this ain’t one of them. The top edge of the dress looks completely unfinished, as if someone took scissors to it and left it to fray. The hem looks like someone folded it up to make it shorter and glued it at the last second. The clutch is too matchy, but the shoes are fabulous. I don’t even mind the fabric of the dress if the execution was there, it was shorter, and it tapered in t the waist. She’s a gorgeous girl, but this dress is not showing off her beauty te way it should be.

  • MissAnnieRN

    IN.  For Stella, this is innocuous, and I’m a sucker for a sequined dress, even if it is a bath towel.  Like a magpie, I am.

  • Needs some shaping – I agree it looks like a sequined bath towel. She needs to eat a sandwich – at least she looks clean, for a change.

  • That’s a dress?  I thought she was going to a Halloween party as child’s tube of glitter.

  • chitowndg

    In – she looks beautiful.

  • formerlyAnon

    In. Somewhat too long, but that’s an inoffensive offense, in context.

    And, this is the fourth not-awful McCartney you’ve dug up for the blog in the last couple of months, fellas so I guess that means I have to quit instantaneously dismissing anything with her name on it.  Though I have faith she’ll put enough celebs into mistakes soon enough to lose the probationary immunity from eye rolling dismissal.

  • out. her makeup looks nice, but the dress is too long and doesn’t offer enough support.

  • Is “eh.” an option?

  • jjfg

    You know, if the dress WERE at least a foot shorter, and had straps, I might go in, for all the reasons you stated.  But it’s a shiny TUBE DRESS that doesn’t even show off her figure, much less expose some leg (which might have saved this).  OUT.

  • neofashionista

    OUT for exactly the reasons you provided above

  • guest2visits

    I think this is perfect on her, and I love the length that gives it interest and sophistication that yet another short shiny dress would not.
    The only thing I would like to see would be the tiny straps that keep it from looking too much like the ‘towel wrap’ look.

  • lalahartma

    In, I say!

  • Inoffensive?  It’s 4 yards of stretchy sequin spangle fabric sewn into a tube and yanked up over her chest for gosh sakes.  That’s not only offensive, it’s insulting.

    Anyone sending this down the PR catwalk during the past 9 years would have received an automatic auf just on general principles, even Anya couldn’t have survived sending THAT down the runway.

    Just. No.  Bone-a$$ lazy, no design AT ALL.

    Cranky this morning.

  • OUT. Glittery bathtowel was the first thing in mind. And MoHub is right–my breasts hurt just looking at her.

  • elemspbee

    OUT. fancy and shiny but still a bathtowel

  • piecesofconfetti

    OUT. Bath towel. Her boobs look sad.

  • librarygrrl64

    “This dress is little more than a sequined bathtowel.”
    Exactly. And, with that, OUT.

  • Painful. And seriously, wouldn’t those sequins give you serious welts under your arms?

    Jeeeeeebuzz, Stella, back away from the drafting board.

  • Cathy S

    No more sequined bath towels!

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    The dress does nothing for her shape, it is too long, and like you said, it needs some spaghetti straps.  Hair looks better than usual, but I hate the matchy clutch and the shoes are too delicate for this look.  OUT.

  • Pterodactyl111


  • Sweetvegan

    In! I agree that it’s too long, but overall, she’s in!

  • EEKstl

    Terrible length and hardly what I would call “designed,” but I do like the colors of the sequins.  Still OUT tho because she annoys me.

  • All I can think about is scratched up armpits.