IN or OUT: Julie Bowen in Zuhair Murad

Posted on October 11, 2012

Our hearts seem to be full of love today, because we seem to be handing out praise left and right.* It’s Gay PMS, darlings. Every 28 days, we stop being loudmouthed bitches and turn into a basket of fluffy kittens.

*Although even we couldn’t work up the kindness for Christina Hendricks’ Big Black Mistake.


Julie Bowen attends LA’s Promise 2012 Gala in a Zuhair Murad dress paired with earrings by Sutra.

Now before you get out the pitchforks, let us ‘splain, Lucy.

Yes, there’s a slightly disturbing fungal quality to this dress. Yes, the length and looseness of those sleeves are problematic. Yes, the shoes are distressingly matchy. But here’s the thing: Julie has a history of hitting the red carpet looking very hard and severe. She favors tight dresses with plunging necklines in either black or metallic. We’ve been saying for a long time that she desperately needs to soften her look. This is a step in the right direction. We like that it’s colorful (and a color that suits her like crazy, to boot); we like that she looks like she can breathe in it; we like that we can’t see her sternum. We’re all about the positive reinforcement here at T Lo Celebrity Feelings, Inc. You, on the other hand, have no responsibility to be kind whatsoever. So let’s hear it.


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IN! She looks colorful, soft, and happy!


OUT! She looks like she’s covered in cobwebs and algae!


And lo, there was much arguing amongst the kittens who are bitter as to whether or not Selma Blair’s romper/jumper/whateverthefuckyoucallit was chic or silly, with the ultimate vote coming down to chic, otherwise known as IN.


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  • I don’t particularly like the dress itself, but I think she looks good overall. So IN. 

    • Totally agree. Don’t like the dress, but she looks very good.

  • In! It’s a POSITIVE change for her. 😀

  • kschwarting

    I just can’t with the sheerness of it.  And she looks extremely peppy in the first photo, which is not making me less snarky.

  • RebeccaKW

    In.  I love this and she looks good.  Yes, the shoes match, but it doesn’t bother me.  And speaking of, I need those shoes.  In that color.  I don’t like the clutch with it, though.  

    • Yeah, what exactly IS that clutch? Is it burgandy or gunmetal?  Satin or suede?  I think it was wise to at least go darker with it….I like the shoes too.  Were that they were silver!  

    • I own the same shoe. Got it from H&M a few years ago.

  • Anathema_Device

    Hmmm…I kind of wish this dress had a lot more or a lot less beading. I’m not loving the pattern on the skirt part, especially. What the heck, I’ll vote her In just for stepping out of her comfort zone. She looks pretty and relaxed here, that’s for sure.

  • Stubenville

    Out. Sheer like this is gauche.

  • She looks nice and is making a difficult dress sing, thus an IN. And yes, hair and face are softer, and she doesn’t look borderline anorexic, which is very, very good. 

    • I agree – love this dress on her & the rest of the look works as well.  I’ve have liked to see something other than a brown leather clutch that could have been part of a western collection, but over all very good!  IN

  • filmcricket

    Out. I’m very over this trend (if I was ever under it) and this looks like a particularly cheap and half-assed iteration of it. Like the shoes and make-up, though.

  • pugluv

    This dress is very similar to the Zuhar Murad dress that KStew wore in Toronto just a different color, correct????  I don’t like the match/match shoes but overall I think she looks great.  Of the two Murad dresses…I think I prefer the darker floral pattern of KStew’s

  • dress_up_doll

    I have no problem with the fungal quality of this look. I do, however, feel slightly freaked by its sheerness (despite the masking of both the good china and dirty pillows).

  • Lochery

    I can’t. Too much mesh.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Out.  As Michael Kors would say, “She’s too matchy-matchy, disco ball, mother-of-the-bride”.

  • imperfectlaura

    One word: pedicure.

    About the dress: I only think this dress would work on a redhead making a “Fuck you, I’m not Ariel” statement.  As a natural redhead, I have dreams about doing just that.  For both reasons, OUT.

    • charlotte

      I thought for a moment that you were talking about the Ariel who plays her daughter. As in “Wait, she is not a redhead?”…”Oh, THAT Ariel!”. Silly me!

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Gotta disagree with you on the pedicure — her toes look fine to me, just not painted….and I think a lot of times, painted toenails look cheap….like they put on several thousand dollars worth of clothes, jewels, and accessories and then slapped dimestore polish on their toes.  (I know it was probably $$$$ polish, but if it LOOKS like dimestore polish, it’s all the same.)

      • TieDye64

        Yep, just because there’s no color on the toes doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a pedi. Some prefer the more natural look. Either way usually works for me.

      • imperfectlaura

        I didn’t mean it in a “her toes look ugly” kind of way.  I meant more that with matchy toes a bold and different colored pedicure would downplay the matchiness more.  Probably should have explained it. 🙂

  • Allison Woods

    I like it, but I think the middle bit makes her look a little boxy. Cute hair.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    I understand your positive response, but personally, I think the dress is kind of creepy. 
    I mean like fungus. 
    Growing…on her.Ick! But except for that it looks great!

  • A cautious, milqutoasty in. Mostly because those shoes make me feel queasy.

  • MilaXX

    IN. she finally got the ponytail right. That tight, sever look wasn’t working, but this is not as plastered down and looks great. Love the color n her and don’t really mind the length.

  • LadyCelia

    It’s a step in the right direction, I’ll give her that.

  • BazoDee

    Tough call -the shoes draw focus and the cut just isn’t working for me. But it is an improvement. But I just don’t like the dress-not even on the model, which means it isn’t really her fault exactly….hmmm. OUT

  • Janet B

    A giant step in the right direction.

  • afabulous50

    IN! She looks colorful, soft, and happy!

  • i dont love this dress, on her or otherwise, and the shoes are a little on the matchy side.
    but she doesnt look bad. IN?

  • belfebe

    IN.  She looks great.

  • I don’t even mind the matchy shoes.


  • Kirsten Henry


  • Only the length prevents it from being an ice-skating costume. And WHY the matchy shoes? I’m gonna have to go OUT on this one.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Out! I was wondering when someone would say ice skating costume. Also making my toes hurt and I always wear heels.

  • mhleta

    Jumping into the basket of fluffy kittens. IN!

  • Out. It looks strangely cheap to me.

  • Love the shoes, makeup, and hair.  The dress makes her look shapeless and the clutch looks like my mother’s checkbook.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Also love the shoes, makeup, and hair.  I don’t mind the shape of the dress and think it would have looked okay in a non-sheer, non-lace (or non-whateverthehell that fabric is) fabric.

  • DinaSews

    After a deep breath and second consideration, I’m going with IN. 

  • Lilithcat

    It’s fine.  I don’t mind the matching shoes.   The clutch, on the other hand, looks as though it wandered in from an entirely different outfit.

  • The shoes are matchy (and appear to be from Kohls or similar), but they FIT! So she’s an IN just for that.

  • lalagigi

    In. Terrifically flattering color for her. I don’t even mind the matching shoes since they are quite lovely.

  • ringthing

    I’ll give her an IN, or at least a Most Improved. But in that last shot looking over her shoulder, she bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched, all ready to go out to dinner with Darren.

  • L.

    IN!  Love the low back, the color, fun shoes, ponytail.  She looks great.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    I like it. She looks happy and confident in that dress. And yes, it’s miles better than some of her other red carpet appearances.

  • We’re grading on a curve here, so IN. You’re welcome, Ms. Bowen.

  • ralish

    I think that sheer netting only works if it’s done perfectly. Otherwise it looks tacky and unflattering. So, out. But I love the hair!

  • mjude

    i have to say IN.

  • Ugly dress, she looks like she just crawled out of a pond

  • AnnaleighBelle

    I actually think cobwebs and fungus are pretty, and I like the shape of her sleeves.  The photo of the back view is lovely.  I do prefer the dress from a distance rather than close up.


  • TheLaurenJean

    It’s an ice skating costume. OUT.

  • TieDye64

    Yay, no severe sternum. Hair and makeup look really nice. Not digging the shoes and clutch, and the fungal aspect of the dress is a little annoying, but the color is great and she is looking pretty in general. Minor IN.

  • IN

  • 3boysful

    This is really good for her, so I’m going with IN.

  • Trisha26


  • sashaychante

    OUT Cannot get past the hiddy pattern of growth on the dress.  It’s just disturbing.

  • MarissaLG

    I think this is pretty. IN.

  • IN!

  • IN. Well deployed matchy shoes I believe.  

  • formerlyAnon

    Out. Nothing with that many sequins should look that dingy.

    Especially since (as best I remember and it’s true these things can fluctuate) she has a typically actress-trim figure and in that first shot she looks almost thick-waisted.

  • AuntJentie


  • OUT, oh so out. It’s the toe-thong shoes that really really get me, but the whole frock is upsetting. But I like her face.

    • kimmeister

      100% agree.  I was about to like the shoes by themselves until I realized they had a thong component.  In what appears to be suede, yuck!

  • Ugh, OUT.  I just can’t see where you’re coming from here.  That dress/shoes combo is a TRAVESTY, though things do look good above the neck.

  • Miss_Led

    Barely IN. She looks happy!

  • I think it works and it looks like she’s comfortable in it. IN!

  • frannyprof


  • Judy_J

    I’m trying to be kind, but I just can’t find anything to like about this outfit.  The bodice of that dress makes her boobs look sad and droopy.  And I’m sorry, but if my toes looked like that, I sure wouldn’t be showing them off in barely-there sandals.

  • G

    OUT.  The clutch – NO NO NO!

  • “Ariel out to drinks”.  Out.

  • Dagney

    The dress is okay, it’s a bit “Miss Rodeo 2012.”  The shoes would be better suited to a summer casual dress.  OUT.  The makeup was done at the mall by the girl at Glamour Shots.

  • Love the dress…thanks for close up shots so we can see the lace details! Not loving the matchy color on the shoes! LUV BOWEN…n she is LUCY!

  • Kayceed

    I like the sequinned fungi effect, but not its placement on the dress, which looks a bit to anatomical to me on the skirt. Also, the top of the dress doesn’t fit very well – I’m guessing the open back doesn’t help matters. A for effort, but still out.

  • I like the close up, but not where the hem falls. Great promise, no follow through = OUT

    But only by a little… keep trying, sweetie!

  • Aly Light

    OUT, and not really because it’s too complicated, but because it’s complicated in ways she can’t handle.

  • altalinda

    It’s not offensive, but it’s boring and old-fashioned.  Marginal out.

  • Judy_S

     I really don’t like that dress, and I don’t know her enough to like her. So I’m an OUT.

  • Kyle Crawford

    Blanche Devereaux !

  • Rrroza

    Even though I don’t like this dress (I find the embellishment pattern awkward) the overall effect on her is pretty. IN

  • Looks a bit matronly. Take or leave.

  • lalahartma

    Sorry, Out.

  • DylanCurtis

    IN…I guess.

  • DinahR

    IN   The looks pretty and soft and its an interesting dress in a color that looks good on her.   I don’t mind the algae growth look so much.  Algae is ‘floral’ right?  

  • LeifBallard

    the dress is an anti Monet…from first glance i was like gross, then when i saw the up close picture I was like wow that is gorgeous! The hair, shoes, and earrings are nice too just the clutch needs to go!

  • BobStPaul

    In.  She looks great even though the dress itself is not fantastic.  

  • SophieCollier

    I really don’t like the dress at all, but I see your point(s) in why you’re pleased with this look.  Still, it’s kinda ugly.  OUT.

  • l_c_ann


    Because the matchiness caused a really stupid idea to get stuck in my mind:  maybe she’d look great on Startrek in that outfit if they’d given her teal colored contact lenses. 
    Matchiness can do that to an occassionally orderly mind.

  • jw_ny


    I only dislike her shoes.  Dress is ok…hair and makeup are pretty.

  • ChelseaNH

    In, for the most part.  With a less severe hairstyle and a different clutch, I would be more enthusiastic.

  • kimmeister

    I’d much rather look at a basket of fluffy kittens than this look.

  • DaveUWSNYC

    Happy colors, happy woman. IN

  • Zippypie

    Out.  It’s just ugly.

  • I like it, except for the clutch.  That cordovan color is just so out of left field for the ensemble.

  • What’s wrong with the length? I think it’s perfect. Love the shoes, the hair, the jewelry. IN

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    There’s something about the tattered lace in the bodice that is giving me a Miss Havisham vibe. 

  • Out. The dress looks like it was made from bath scrubbies. Also, it doesn’t fit as well as it does on the model.

  • Dhammadina


  • The shoes are too matchy, and the clutch totally doesn’t go. But the hair, makeup & jewelry are pretty hard to argue with, and the color is pretty much perfect. I call it IN.

  • Karen Dickerson

    She looks so much better than she normally does, so while I see some problems, I’m going to give her an IN. 

  • MarinaCat

    Is that her checkbook she’s carrying? I give her a marginal in, as she still looks severe to me.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    She always looks so uncomfortable, like she hates dressing up but someone (agent, manager, stylist, producer) is making her. I wouldn’t dislike this so much if she didn’t look like she was getting her teeth drilled.

  • Lisa Kramp

    She looks happy and cute, even though it is a very strange dress. I’m hating the tiny fringe at the bottom…makes it look like they didn’t hem it. Overall, IN.

  • Northern_Light_27

    Mother of the bride, if everyone in the wedding party are zombies.

  • Jillaine13

    IN.  Gloved claps for the step in the right direction.  

  • notdorothygale

    Too showgirl-on-the-town for my taste. The lady had some filling and freezing done over the Modern Family hiatus; too bad a style transplant wasn’t offered.

  • guest2visits

    It would be very pretty if the bodice were not so low on her, it appears the dress doesn’t fit well. No to the matchy shoes.

  • In! Love the dress, AND the shoes; think she needed different hair and bling, though.

  • Imasewsure

    Gentle out… me no like but she still looks pretty overall

  • Jangle57

    Oh ultimately it’s ok, I’ve seen much worse so IN

  • In. Every time she poses she looks like such a silly pet, it’s quite endearing.

  • in

  • Haley Buchanan

    The first thing I thought when I saw these pics was, “she looks happy.”  That’s worth a lot.  Plus the color and the not-too-soft-not-too-severe hair are great on her.  IN.  

  • sleepycat

    Out the dress is like halloween cobwebs

  • She is giving it the old college try but it’s not working.  I’m not sure anyone could do it.  The dress is a mess and the pretty earbobs and cute clutch can’t save it.  Props for trying, with attached courage cluster for trying something new, but OUT.

  • demidaemon

    This is a personal best, in my opinion. Obviously, IN.

  • mayavaly

    I had a hard time getting passed the “Look at meee! I’m so cute” expression in the first pic. And then those overlaid sheer dresses make me very uncomfortable. They’re like creepy, eye road maps, and this one has a veritable Rond-Point sign pointed directly to her lady parts! OUT.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Maybe this looks better in real life because in the photo, it’s a little too illusion-y for my taste. But I love those shoes and they look nice on her feet.

  • msdamselfly


  • Out. It’s a sheer dress with lace on it. Just can’t.

  • PeggyOC

    Out, out, out.  Mermaid skater with bridesmaid shoes.  Bleach.

  • lrhoff

    I like it…..good coloring for her, too.

  • NCDFan

    Since there is a lining below the decolletage, I give it an in.

  • quiltrx

    OUT. Ugly plastic tablecloth dress.

  • Ugh, fine, it’s not terrible, so lower-case in, I guess.

  • jmorino08

    Jesus Christ TLo!! Are you smoking crack?!? This is so clearly an out, I… I… I just can’t…

  • Emily Wilkerson

    I love the dress (aside from the weird fit of the sleeves) and I think that the accesories are killer. Overall, she looks great. A clear in.

  • DCSheehan

    She is so gorgeous! Why can she not find a look that suits her? That said, this isn’t a trainwreck and she’s clearly trying hard so I vote in.

  • IN. She looks so feminine!

  • Marcela86

    IN, I really like this look!

  • I like the dress on her a lot, but the “too matchy shoes” were a bad choice.  All in all, however, its an IN.  

  • Ice dancing costume realness. OUT.

  • SewingSiren

    In. I love the SIrenian quality of the dress. Her shoes are too small though.

  • Larkin21

    Other than the shoes (which I don’t love regardless of the matchy-ness), I think she looks great. IN! 

  • OUT. “Disturbingly fungal quality” nailed it…especially near the neckline. (But I was never one for the “lets put some sequins over only your lady bits and keep the rest sheer” kind of dresses. Tacky)

  • If Betty White were to join Stars on Ice, this would be her costume.

  • iheartbuffy

    IN, but the shoes make me cry, and not in happiness. 

  • pookiesmom

    Weirdly, the outfit you panned was arguably the one I liked the most. Clearly I have not internalized years of reading style advice via your blog.

    This is alright. Love the shoes and the color, but I just am not a fan of the dress. I have no idea why this gorgeous, rich, thin-as-a-doornail woman has so much trouble dressing herself. If she can’t do it, what hope do the rest of us have?!

  • EEKstl

    IN but I wish she’d done something different with the shoes.  Not always a hater of the matchy matchy, but in this case it’s really bothering me, probably because the aqua of the sandals is greener than the aqua of the flowers.  It’s “not quite matchy matchy” which is very distracting.

  • IN. It does look like algae but it’s working for me and I think the color and fit and hair are all lovely.

  • stagmania

    IN; the color looks great on her, so I’ll forgive the matchy shoes.

  • ccm800

    OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Weird veiny chest yuckiness must go away. Just EW! 

  • Myra C

    I concur. I like it. No complaints.

  • cleep1000

    It’s too Sophia Loren. Ages her. OUT.

  • none of the accessories look good with this dress.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    IN.  Except the clutch.  But still, IN.

  • up with pod people

    In! Love it, love the colour, want those shoes desperately.

  • OUT.  Can’t get past the dress.

  • bitterk

    A tad too old lady-ish for me.  But i like the color.

  • neofashionista


  • elemspbee

    OUT. Dress is creepy.

  • librarygrrl64

    I don’t love the dress, nor that bag with it, but she looks much better than usual, so, IN.