GQ Gentleman’s Ball 2012 Red Carpet

Posted on October 25, 2012

Darlings, it was GQ Magazine’s 2012 Gentleman’s Ball in New York City. Let’s see how the gentlemen did, shall we? In fact, let’s play a game, because “hem your pants” and “get your hands out of your pockets” gets old. You are allowed to change one thing about each gentleman’s look here. It is a given that poorly hemmed pants will be whisked off them and magically altered to correctly fit them, so skip THAT one, otherwise this is likely to get boring quickly. Aside from hemming the pants, what ONE thing would you do or one item would you change to fix each look? Shout them out. We’ll call this game “Speed Stylist.”

Ready? Our answers are on the bottom. See how many you can predict! Please ask a grown-up to help you with the scissors.



1. Adam Levine


2. James Tupper



3. Kellan Lutz



4. Mark Consuelos



5. Michael Strahan



6.PJ Morton



  1. Hair product!
  2. Correctly fit the jacket!
  3. Everything!
  4. Patterned tie!
  5. Patterned shirt!
  6. Undershirt!


So? How’d you do?


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  • Patricia Gillett


  • 1.  Straighten the collar
    2.  Get rid of the vest and fix the hair
    3.  Suit is way too shiny
    4.  Wider patterned tie
    5.  Can’t disagree with TLo
    6.  Looked good to me.

    I’m quibbling on 1 & 4.  They look pretty good to me overall.

    •  I’m with you on #1

    •  I agree – #2 and 3 were the only ones where I thought “just NO.” All the rest of the guys did pretty well. It’s nice though that none of them showed up in jeans and t-shirts. At least they made an effort. Maybe the guystars finally got TLo’s message to not phone it in on the red carpet.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Oh my god I yelled “EVERYTHING” at Kellan Lutz. I love you guys for thinking the same thing.

    Also, I want to change Adam Levine’s face into one that’s less smug and douchy.

    •  me too!!!

    • drdirection

      I was unable to find the right phrase for what I thought of Adam Levine.  Thank you for finding one so perfectly fitting!

    • out for a walk

      Ha! This morning I was in Drawing class and a 17-year old was arguing that Adam Levine is the hottest musician ever.

      I… disagreed.

    •  I like it smug and douchey…it does inappropriate things to me, his face 🙂

  • 1. White shirt.
    2. lose the vest *or* button the jacket
    3. remove clothing
    4. Perfection
    5. Get back to work on those projections for next quarter.
    6. Bow tie.

    • alyce1213

      Love the bow tie idea.

    • MilaXX

       I like the bow tie idea

    • MzzPants

       Bow tie would be perfect.  Couldn’t put my finger on it.

  • alyce1213

    Very funny.  with the exception of PJ, they look like pall bearers.

  • MissFern

    2 of 6.  I only got the new tie and the new shirt (4, 5).  I totally thought you would say something about Adam’s collar.

  • merciblahblah

    Oooooh – this is fun. Here goes:
    1. Ascot and a hairbrush.
    2. Clipboard and a longer vest. P.S. Hugh Grant called and wants his hair circa Four Weddings and a Funeral back.
    3. Newsboy cap.
    4. 90 pound perky blond sidekick. Oh, wait…
    5. Directions to the insurance seminar.
    6. Matching pajama bottoms and a bathrobe.

  • RzYoung

    Hah! I did really badly TLo 🙁 it appears I’ve learned nothing from your teachings…I was all ‘uh, your shoes are too shiny’

  • I like this game!

  • andcoh

    #3 Dear god, Kellan Ken Doll, those contacts.  Still, I’d go on a date with him.  Pretty sure he’d spend more time preening than talking, which might be a good thing.

  • BazoDee

    1. Hair product -Agreed! 
    2.Correctly fit the jacket! -Agreed! 
    3. Everything! -Agreed
    4.Patterned tie! -Tie Bar
    5.Patterned shirt!
    6. Undershirt! -AND belt!

  • I had- 1. Add a tie, 2. Hair, 3. Jacket (though in retrospect, everything is a better answer), 4. Tie or Pocket Square, 5. Shoes, 6. Button the jacket- which would have probably hidden the missing undershirt problem.

  • Adam: Necktie
    James: Haircut
    Kellan: Better fit on suit
    Mark: Ditch the tie bar
    Michael: More interesting tie
    PJ: Different shirt

    • MilaXX

       I have a feeling PJ’s shirt/jacket combo looked much better in person.

      • And no question that he was showing the most actual style.

  • JuliaInBlack

    That was fun!  I got 3 or 4-ish, I think.  Mine were:

    1. Fix your hair, dude
    2. Lengthen the jacket sleeves
    3. Set the whole thing on fire
    4. No complaints
    5. Explore colored/patterned shirts
    6. Lose the hipster pants

  • 1. Put on a tie.
    2. Vest is not covering the shirt at the bottom.
    3. Too tight, too shiny.
    4. Other than looking like a banker, he looks fine.
    5. Tie is a skosh crooked, but he looks good.
    6. The shirt looks like a pajama top. 

  • Michael Strahan shouldn’t be doing the high school/college girl duck lips pose

  • Snailstsichr

    4 & 5 had such nice smiles, I gave them a pass on everything. I guess I’m a pushover.
    I wanted 1 & 3 to shave (among other things), 6 to start over and I want to play with 2’s hair, though it looks like someone else already has.

  • MilaXX

    Adam Levine – Give him a tie
    James Tupper – Change the hair
    Kellan Lutz – Give him a bigger jacket
    Mark Consuelos – Different shirt/tie combo (mostly lose the tie)
    Michael Strahan – Better shirt
    PJ Morton – Loose the side part in his hair

    BTW – Thanks for picking a new crop of guys to feature. It’s nice to see some new blood around these parts.

    • DeborahJozayt

      Every celebrity needs to be our scratching post at least once in their lifetime.

  • But Mark Consuelos is pretty banker-tastic. I’d hid that.

  • Jessica Rowe

    1. Different shirt!
    2. Weird shoes!
    3. Tight n shiny – like a streetwalker!
    4. Not too bad!
    5. Not too bad!
    6. Stoned!

  • gabbilevy

    I would play, but Mark Consuelos… whoever he is… is totally turning my brain to mush. HOT.

  • All I know is that I’m about to retire to my bunk with thoughts of Mark Consuelos ripping off all his clothing. 

  • ojosazules

    That somehow there was something men could wear besides the same damn thing all the time!

  • BrooklynBomber

    1. Shave
    2. Shave and a haircut
    3. Shave
    4. Shave
    5. Shave
    6. Shave

    • kimmeister

      Two bits!

      • BrooklynBomber


    • Janet B

      My thoughts too.

  • Adam Levine looks mighty fine to me.*swoons*

    • kimmeister

      Have you ever seen him perform live?  I was never particularly impressed by his looks, just his band’s music, but when I saw them in concert a few years ago, it’s like my pants spontaneously fell off at the sight of him performing.

      • No! I haven’t. But they are coming to DC soon so I may just buy a ticket.

        • kimmeister

          You won’t regret it!

  • kimmeister

    Has Kellan lost a ton of weight?  Has he always had such skinny legs, and they were just hidden in wider-cut pants?  They seriously look the same size as his arms.

  • Trisha26

    1. Caffeine
    2. Lose the vest
    3. A suit that fits
    4. Lose the tie bar
    5. Colored shirt
    6. Everything.

  • I’m learning! Here’s what I had:

    1. Shave.
    2. Button jacket — or it may just not fit.
    3. Too shiny, too tight, bad knot in tie.
    4. A colorful tie? Looks good, but maybe too businessy.
    5. Also too businessy.
    6. Undershirt.

    I don’t know who PJ Morton is, but I like his style.

  • nankipoo

    Not one of these lummoxes is a ‘gentleman’.

  • StellaZafella

    I’d like to play Speedo Stylist, yeah!
    Put them all in Speedos and I’ll see what I would want to f—.

    Oh, sorry, I misread the name of the game…now, shit, where’s my glasses…….

  • 1) Adam Levine needs fucking. Stat!

  • joything

    1. bow tie
    2. longer vest
    3. upsize the jacket for better fit
    4. nothing – perfect
    5. something with the jacket – lapels, maybe? – so he doesn’t look like a navy blue refrigerator with a long grocery receipt attached to the door
    6. nothing – perfect.

  • Sunshine16


  • amf0001

    Im voting for a pop of color,  they are drab looking bunch (except for the last guy,  whose outfit I liked)

  • Natalie Marshall

    Three-ish out of five. I had:

    1) starch the collar
    2) longer/size up vest
    3) looser jacket/horrible shiny suit
    4) colored/patterned tie
    5) colored/pattern shirt
    6) wider belt/unbutton collar button

  • melanie0866

    I was 0 for 6.  I need to pay more attention.

  • snarkykitten

    hahah I looked at #3 (whoever he is) and immediately thought: EVERYTHING

  • kirkyo

    I don’t know who James Tupper is but he is adorable and I wouldn’t change a thing here.

  • jw_ny

    1. wouldn’t change a damn thing
    2. vest bottom shows triangle of shirt
    3.  just make him get out of all his clothes!  (so cute!)
    4. add color…too business like
    5. add color…too business like
    6,  wouldn’t change a damn thing.

  • I think Mark Consuelos and PJ Morton (who the hell is he?) look AWESOME.

    And I hate Kellan Lutz’s suit. Too shiny. 

  • I’d rather play my own game.

    Adam: Go Away.

    Kellan: FUCK ME.

    The Rest: Who??

  • Andrew Walker

    Adam Levine looks like he needs some Clear Eyes; he looks high as a kite. That, or remove all clothing.

  • So, apparently, the men of Hollywood just need to pretend they’re going to the Gentleman’s Ball to look presentable. Clearly, they can all do it. 

  • SeriousStyle

    1. Lose the clothes and come hop in my bed!

    2.  There are other guys on the page?

  • NCDFan

    There seems to be a lot of guys wearing vests that are about half an inch too short after they distort their pants by putting their hands in the pockets. A trend made worse by the lower riding waistlines on the pants. Maybe the tailors ought to just have the guys jam their hands in the pockets while they are being fitted.

  • 1. Iron his clothes
    2. Longer vest and bigger pants
    3. Just take everything off and go naked.
    4. Different tie.
    5. Different shirt.
    6. Weird colors, not sure they match. Otherwise, thumbs up! (love the pants!)

  • Am I the only one who thinks Strahan’s gap toothed smile is adorable?

  • Candigirl1968

    Kellan needs to burn all of his shiny suits.  They don’t work on him at all. 
    On the plus side, there are a surprising number of seemingly well hemmed pants on display. 

  • MzzPants

    1.  Topless, please.
    2.  Good God, the hair.
    3.  No reflective surfaces.
    4.  Color in tie.
    5.  It’s just all wrong.
    6.  Vacant expression.

  • ccm800

    Levine: Bright print tie

    Tupper: everything

    Lutz: Shine or facial hair removed

    Consuelos: not be a banker

    Strahan: TIE! Liven up the tie

    Morton: it’s a BALL! Formalize this thing!