GANT Rugger Spring 2013 Collection

Posted on October 18, 2012

One of each, please! The clothes, not the models. As adorable as they are, they’re positively fetal. First, we’ll let the brand have the floor:

“This season’s GANT Rugger collection is inspired by the American blogger at Pitti Uomo, who dresses the part of the Italian but in an Americano manner. Sharp blazers, be it single-breasted in casual linen or double-breasted in dressy glencheck, are matched with chinos and classic oxford shirts both with button down and spread collars. Summery fabrics like linen, jersey and hopsack are presented in windblown and sunfaded pastels combined with all-American primaries of red, white and blue. Accessories include shantung ties, selvedge madras pocket squares and linen summer scarves, while a black watch tartan car coat is a standout piece in its own remark. After the four-day fair, our blogger continues the journey to the scenic coast at Alassio where he trades his regular sport coat for an unconstructed knit-version that fits just like a cardigan. Summer weight shirts and short bathing trunks are perfect for the beach, and if the Mediterranean night turns a bit chilly cable knit crewnecks in sun tan friendly pastels will do just the trick.

After the four-day fair, our blogger continues the journey to the scenic coast at Alassio where he trades his regular sport coat for an unconstructed knit-version that fits just like a cardigan. Summer weight shirts and short bathing trunks are perfect for the beach, and if the Mediterranean night turns a bit chilly cable knit crewnecks in sun tan friendly pastels will do just the trick.”

When it comes to mens sportswear, we’d be hard pressed to name a brand we respond to as well as GANT Rugger. We love designer Christopher Bastin’s predilection for telling a story and painting a picture with each collection. And come ON. How can we not love a collection inspired by the American blogger? We’d love to say this description captures our life perfectly, but it’s mostly draw string pants and feeding the cats between frantic postings. Still, it’s a lovely fantasy and like we said, we’ll take one (possibly two, because we’re fighting over who gets what) of each.




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  • Maria Rosenfire

     You know those toothpicks with the cellophane on top? That was my first thought upon seeing these tiny fetuses with their cute fluffy hair.
    I love the clothes (particularly the jackets and sweaters), though you definitely have to be toothpick-shaped to get away with those pants.

  • Mkay. Well, the fact that all these models need to go back in the oven for a half hour before their done, aside, the bulky sweater/jacket/whatever under a snug fitting blazer thing, leaves me mystified.  Only a 12 year old attenuated twig could get away with such a look. The individual pieces are fine, of themselves, though there is nothing remotely new about any of it, really, with the exception of the puzzling plaid bathrobe coat in the 5th image down.  Then again GANT is not known for style innovations

    • MilaXX

       I immediately thought of Matt Smith when I saw that plaid bathrobe.

      •  Good call!   See, this collection would have gotten more interest from me if they had riffed on the whole bathrobe as coat idea more.  Its a nice notion, and deserves further exploration.

    • AuntieAnonny

      ” Only a 12 year old attenuated twig could get away with such a look. ”

      ie: The Brant Brothers, but these clothes are maybe too cheap for them.

    • Yeah, I don’t get the bulky hoody whatsit under a sportscoat either.  And apparently Gant’s photoshoot budget was limited to just that one piece of sidewalk.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      That was my main thought and queston – it all looks very much like pieces stylish guys would already have.

      •  Pretty much true.  The work here is classic stuff, given a few tweaks here and there.  Nothing jaw dropping.  But then, within the men’s fashion world Jaw dropping doesn’t really sell well. And menswear in general is far more restricted in terms of suitable colors, shapes, and styles, than women’s fashion.

  • Myra C

    I Love This!! If I were a man this is exactly how I’d dress.

  • Love most of these, but, honestly, these styles only work on slender men. My boo is over six feet and about 220 lbs. and if I bought any of this stuff for him (fantasizing that I could afford it), he would give me some serious WTF face. Bigger guys just can’t really work these slim fashions.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I suppose I understand what you fellas feel looking at wedding dresses, when I look at this collection. I can appreciate certain things aesthetically but being a gay man is so far removed from my personal experience that the appreciation is purely academic.

    I do have a fluffy-haired, wiry, fetal, gorgeous Belgian friend who would look absolutely at home (and amazing) in any of these looks. Maybe I will link him. 

  • I love me some chinos and Jack Purcells.

  • l_c_ann

    They frickin’ stole my husband’s bathrobe (the one I made for him out of madras because it folds up and takes up NO space when we’re traveling) down to the pattern, and turned it into a long coat.

    I guess that just proves my personal brilliance as a designer.  You may laugh now.

  • MilaXX

    I read the blurb and was prepared to hate this. However, I love every piece. It’s a sharp, clean collection. Now I wanna buy a pair of white Purcells.

  • StellaZafella

    I see several of the jackets and tops I’d wear with something else for pants/slacks…I can’t get away with high water hems and I need socks. Out of drag I’m a blue jeans kinda person and this would dress it up a bit when I wanted without being too retro preppy.

    Side note: I think ONE hand in pocket is an okay casual stance here, sort of the equivalent of one-hand-behind for young women. For some reason it just looks relaxed and not a forced pose.

  • I kind of love this. I think it’s my inner preppy trying to break thru. 

  • Scott Isaacs

    Yep, I’m too big to wear lots of these – by choice. Le sigh. One of my biggest complaints about Men’s Fashion (capital letters intentional): so much is for GQ-ready wasp-waisted dandies or hipsters. But I can at least get inspiration from them and work things to my advantage.

    Having said that, I applaud the use of shorter shorts! See, American men? You can have shorter shorts that look fine! It doesn’t have to be manpris and cargo shorts that are thisclose to being pants. And it doesn’t have to be 1970s ball-crushing tennis shorts or 1980s Daisy Dukes for men. Please, let shorter shorts come back into fashion soon…

    That orange and tan button-up hoodie and tan blazer is awesome. A lot of the rest here is a bit spiffy for my taste, but still very nice. Good inspiration.

    •  Totally in agreement about shorter shorts.  Most cargoes hit men in the wrong place, and make their legs look less attractive.  And I’ve never quite understood the desire for shorts that were vanishingly close to being full pants anyhow.  Of course this is from a man who wears kilts every day.  So what do I know?  lol

      • Tatiana Luján

        I love the bermudas, theones that hit above the nkee, but the shorter shorts I see here look like they’re made from a very thin fabric, I don’t like them.

      • Snailstsichr

         Maybe I’m strange, but I feel uncomfortably like a voyeur looking at the shorter shorts.

        • It just seems strange, cause its been decades since men’s shorts were that short.

    • If you’ve seen any of the pics of us published in the last month or so, you know that Tom is not exactly petite, but he has several GANT shirts, pants and jackets. Of course not everything is going to work for every size, but for big guys who want a stylish look, it’s hard to go wrong with classic preppy. Especially if you’re “of a certain age.”

      • Oh, and you’d never believe it – God knows I didn’t when L talked me into buying a pair – but the Gant white jeans are the absolute best fitting pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. They’re what I’m wearing in the picture taken of us in the New York Times piece. -T

        And just so we’re clear: no one at Gant has ever gifted us so much as a pair of socks. We’re not getting paid to say any of this.

        • Scott Isaacs

          Not sure where else to say this, but something I just noticed today.

          FIFTEEN POSTS in one day? Damn, gurls! You work hard for the money! Kudos to you both. I hope you have a live-in bartender taking good care of you tonight. Preferably scantily clad. Or maybe in Gant jeans. 🙂

        • Imasewsure

          It’s a damn shame… you should be paid in pants!

      •  I don’t think the longer madras coat really works on any size, but most of those clothes are classic and pretty easy to wear for the non-twink, I would have thought.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    I really like most of this collection apart from the short shorts.  I’ve always thought they looked stupid on guys.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       They don’t look great on gals, either.

  • kimmeister

    Sweaters with shorts, seriously?  I also hate it when scarves peek out from under blazers.  They just look like merkins.

    There are some nice jackets, but any man with significant musculature will never squeeze into them.  Heck, I wonder if those sleeves could even fit my biceps!

    • nankipoo

      You should reinforce this point by going out and beating the crap out of Popeye and taking his girl.

  • I love the whole sweater and shorts look, but aren’t those sweaters a touch heavy to pair with shorts. That minor and useless quibble aside I really really like it. 

  • nankipoo

    He has two thousand pounds for a leather satchel but not one pound-fifty for a pair of socks? He’s a fool.

  • DCSheehan

    Who are these clothes for? Stick figures? Men made of pencils? Oh, skinny douchebags!

  • librarygrrl64

    “As adorable as they are, they’re positively fetal.”

    Had to read that three times before I stopped seeing “feral.” Couldn’t imagine why you thought these clean-cut young men were wild. 😉 LOVE this collection! I can understand why you want it.

  • nankipoo

    Pretty clothes for the twink escorts of gay Hollywood executives.

  • AtticWife

    Oh my stars and cows. I die for shit like this — the disheveled morning-after Eton boy. Mmm. Mmmmm.

  • margaret meyers

    Such nice boys, those Gant boys.

  • Kolo_Ol

    I’ll take a few of these fetal models.  

  • LOVE!  I wish I can afford it.  On their website, they have this dogtooth peak blazer that is just to die for.  

  • Wow, this is like Gant back in the 70’s, when they were the last word in preppie. I can see you guys wearing everything, except for the high water look. 

  • Sarah Thomas

    I would shank a baby to get that weekender.

  • hughman

    It’s all very “Suddenly Last Summer”, hoards of horny Italian youths scampering around the beach town looking for Trade. 

    Oh wait, what were we talking about?

  • decormaven

    Not following men’s fashions closely, but are trousers being hemmed higher now? To my eye, the jeans are the most appropriate length shown here.

    • AtticWife

      Definitely. Higher hems and colored socks this season, higher hems and bare ankles for Spring.

  • Yowza!

  • My 12-year-old will want all of this (he’s had a lifelong overdose of fashion from yours truly).  Too bad he’s only 47″ tall and 48 pounds.  Maybe he’ll hit a growth spurt soon…  🙂

  • gabbilevy

    This looks like Gabriel Mann’s wardrobe for the next season of Revenge. Mama like.

  • PhillipWilde

    Beautiful pieces, but I always have to shake my head when I see a sweater paired with booty shorts.

  • lucasuk82

    That navy blue weekender needs to be in my life.  I’m going to have research their price-point.