Ciara at the VH1 Studios

Posted on October 18, 2012


We don’t even know what to say here.


Ciara leaves the VH1 studios in New York City.

Christian Louboutin Equestria Heel-Plate Red Sole Bootie

Pleated, dropped crotch hammer pants and a too-tight sheer shirt, with — Jesus Christ, are you wearing a white bra under that?

Girl, what the fuck.

If you have gays in your life, they’re clearly only interested in hair, makeup and accessories – all of which look great – but don’t have a frikking clue how to tell you that your taste in clothing sucks.  Maybe that’s what happened. Maybe you walked out wearing this and all your gays were so dumbstruck at the awfulness of it all that they used their gay telepathy and said to each other “Let’s just get the head looking good and slap on some kickass shoes before she heads out the door.”

SERIOUSLY. How does someone leave the house looking like this and thinking not only that they look good, but that they look good enough for television?


[Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales/,]

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  • Patricia Gillett

    What’s the opposite of a WERQ?

    • Snarky_Amber

      A HORQ.

      • EditKitten

        As a cat owner, I LOVE this. 🙂

      • Introspective

        Lets go all the way and call this a horcrux. With shit like this on her back voldemort has to be involved…

    •  WREQ

      • lbl

        Lol petition to add this to site lingo, please.

        •  I can’t claim credit for that one – someone else suggested it ages ago and it was brilliant!

    • DebbieLovesShoes


  • Jill_3

     She looks like a gender-confused genie who is wayyyyy hung.

    • You say that like it’s a bad thing.  ;o)

    •  ok, now im starting to like this. 3 wishes it was, right?

  • choco

    She looks so tall and lean its like she’s on stilts. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

  • blogless

    Aw, she looks like the genie that flunked out of genie school. With my luck THAT’S what I’d get if I rubbed on a magic lamp.

  • Lisa Kramp

    I was going to say, ‘Heh?’ but you did a much better job. Hideous doesn’t even begin to cover this train wreck of a look.

  • teensmom99

    Do go to the less obvious points here–black bras can be your friends when you wear black. I too had to learn this the hard way after looking at pictures.  No need to be embarrassed, C.  And am I the last person to realize that Louboutins are not really nice.  Love a Manohlo but never see  louboutin that I like–and they have a lot to answer for re hoof-like shoe trend.

    • j_anson

      Yeah, generally you want to avoid contrast with your skin (ie wear skin-colored bras, which is what I think she had here, not white), but if you’re going to be wearing something tight that will go sheer-ish if it stretches across your breasts, you need to match the outer layer’s color so that you don’t get show-through.

  • She so badly wants to be Grace Jones but she is too sweet to carry it off. 

  • kaycem

    what is that bump on her boob though?  it’s far too high up to be a nip, and it’s only on one side so it’s likely not part of the bra.  most confusing part of the outfit for me.

    • Yeah, she should have that looked at.

    • tereliz

      A mic, maybe? I was wondering, myself. 

    • schadenfreudelicious

      exactly my thoughts, it’s like an errant nipple gone rogue!

  • This is a full on crisis.  Code red! All hands on deck! 

  • mjude


  • I feel like her breasts are staring at me.  It’s not a comfortable feeling.

  • hyperionic

    Jesus Christ. My eyes are offended. Those pants are an abomination. This is the first time I’ve actually wanted to burn someone’s outfit. 

  • I kind of want those pants. Please don’t revoke my unborn fawndom! 

    • you know, i can see those pants working, worn differently, on a very different person. perhaps an artist who does the black-japanese-angular-oversized thing.

      • mountainFashionista

         Or Gwen Stefani. 

        I think if she had on a different top (maybe some kind of angular jacket?), the pant-shoe combo would actually look pretty badass.

  • MilaXX

    I don’t mind the outfit, but seriously no one thought to see how that sweater would look under lights? My guess is in person it was fine, but the flash made it see through. The outfit is a pop star look, so I don’t mind it as much.

  • PeggyOC

    I know what to say.  Hammer Time!

  • Sobaika

    Maybe I’ll get my BK status revoked for this, but there was a semblance of a good idea in there somewhere. It’s just under many layers of mess.

    I think drop-crotch hammer pants aren’t something most people can wear, but Ciara is one of few who can. They just can’t be full-length, it’d look best if they ended around the knees. The bra situation is a mess, but easily fixable. Boots were not the way to go, but with a short pant a pair of strappy platforms would work. She looks really terrible and that really shouldn’t be the case. Fire whoever is responsible.

    • MilaXX

       Agreed, it’s a pop star look, not a regular person look.

    • Little_Olive

      The boots are actually what bothers me most (ducking at the tomatoes now)

    • shoot me now, i like the pants and the boots on her as is.  somehow she looks like a dancer on a break from rehearsals.  ok, maybe a back up dancer for mc hammer.  the whole top/bra situation is tragic.  i’m going to hide for a while now.

      • oohsparkley!

        You aren’t alone. I hate, hate, hate dropped crotch pants, but I think she looks cool.  It’s just the bump on the bra that bugs me the most. A black bra would have improved this situation.

  • MoHub

    Are Hammer pants coming back? I sure hope not.

    And, ya know, I don’t have a boatload of money, but I still own bras in a variety of colors, including black.

  • No more crack before you pick out your clothes. Or maybe, no more picking out clothes before coffee. Something went wrong here and I think it may have been at the check-out line of the local Goodwill. MC Hammer would like his pants back.

  • Um, is it a compliment that at least this look makes her look really tall?

    • I like the shoes in theory. My inner women’s shoe fetishist would still like to own a pair of platform pumps. But the more I see shoes like that, the more I think we’re all going to be embarrassed by them ten years hence.

      • As almost all of us who lived through the 70s look with horror on the platforms of that era. And that there is photographic evidence of us having sported them.

  • SpillinTea

    Am I the only one who kind of likes the outfit? Maybe not the sheerness of the top, but overall I think its kind of a cute look. Maybe if she had a fierce cropped jacket over the shirt or something would take this to Two Snaps territory to me. Different tastes, I guess.

    • I agree.  It looks like she’s wearing a nude-colored bra under that top.  I like the tight top juxtaposed with the voluminous pants.  Like you said, she’s just missing a cropped jacket, maybe a motorcycle-ish one.

      • ohayayay

        definitely a “nude” colored bra. just maybe not the right shade of “nude” for her. also, i’m sure the camera flash isn’t helping.

    • MilaXX

       I don’t mind the outfit. It’s not a WERQ, but if she had the right bra on I would give it a pass.

    • a slightly larger size blouse might help, with a black bra.  as i said below, i like the pants and boots.  amybe i don’t have to hide in the dark after all.

    • mountainFashionista

       I thought the same thing!  I just should’ve read through the comments before posting  🙂

  • A B

    Now I’m gonna be humming “Hammer Time!” to myself all afternoon.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Well, at least we know what her Halloween costume is: the most unfortunately dressed woman in celebrodom.

  • harlowish

    Off-topic, and sorry if someone has already asked (I hesitated posting this all week because I was sure someone else had asked and I just missed it), but are y’all not doing the -ology posts this season?  I can understand why with this crop (what really could you say?), but I do always enjoy reading them.

    • We talked about it and decided not to. The show just doesn’t inspire that level of examination from us anymore and we’ve long since moved on from being Project Runway bloggers.

      • that makes me sad.

      • harlowish

        I can understand that.  And it’s probably a sad comment on this year’s contestants that I can easily pick out the throughlines in their work (except perhaps for Fabio’s) on my own.  Thanks for the answer, gentlemen!

  • ecallaw1977

    Those shoes would be so much hotter without that damn platform.  I know that’s picking out one minute thing out of a disaster, but that’s what is bugging me most.  I am so over platforms.

  • And yet, I’m horrified by the golden dagger fingernails the most. 

  • SapphoPoet

    How does she walk in those shoes??? 

    • PinkLemon

       and why is ‘red sole’ in the name???

      • i wondered about that too.  all his shoes have red soles…duh…

  • I think this is another case of a “nude” bra not being the right shade of nude. And the hammer pants are just tragic. 

  • Oh, fellow fawns, I am so sorry to say these pants are EVERYWHERE in Europe.  Just got back from a trip with my sisters, and we said HAMMER TIME every time we saw a pair on a live person. AWFUL, and I am afraid they are coming to our shores.  I saw a woman in a pair who could hardly walk because the crotch was below her knees. YIKES

    • FashionShowAtLunch

      You know, I was in Barcelona two years ago, and they were everywhere, but they didn’t quite make it into the states like I thought they would.  So I have hope that they won’t really catch on. Unless the US really is that far behind Europe, style-wise, which wouldn’t totally surprise me. 

    • Kayceed

      This is fantastic news, if only because by not wearing them, I will appear exceedingly well dressed.

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    I can’t get over those shoes.  They look like death traps. In the last picture she looks like she’s struggling to stay upright. You don’t stand with your legs that far apart for a photo op unless you feel like you might fall over at any second. 

    • I cannot with those shoes.  And I love me a high heel but…the very first thing that came to mind when I saw those was a flashback of ANTM about the time Tyra made the girls wear those ridiculous Vivienne Westwood’s  that none of the models could walk in and Danielle fell and (I think) broke her pinky toe.

      I give her all the props in the world for managing to actually walk in those things because I KNOW I would have face planted, no doubt about it.

      She’s such a beautiful girl but this outfit does her no favors.

  • padma s

    Dear God. This is tragic. I could have dealt with the hammer pants cause I know wearing is beyond comfy. But that sheer top is making my eyes twitch. Gurl, no should know what you are wearing underneath your clothes!

  • I wish there was video of her walking in those shoes. They look unwearable. Louboutin hates women’s feet for some reason, apparently.

    I’m seconding Snarky Amber’s nomination of HORQ for being the opposite of a WERQ. 

  • holy hell. there are no other words.

  • neofashionista

    what you say is Hammer pants… correction baggy hammer pants HELL to the NO

  • Her shoes are nice… *exits post before other less than nice comments spill out*

  • tereliz

    Wow. A trifecta of O_o. My eyes just kept getting wider and more incredulous as I scrolled down. First the bra, then the pants,then the boots… I can’t even begin to say what a WREQ this is. 

    • mmc2315

      LOL…exactly, it was quite an amazing scroll down wasn’t it?  I was NOT expecting those pants. Louboutin’s shoes are evil.

  • MC Hammer called from 1990 and wants his pants back. Can’t touch this!!  White boobies under a black shear top on black women isn’t cool.  What is that weird bump on the upper right boob?  Horrible look.  

  • Rand Ortega

    Was she there for an MC Hammer tribute? Hiddy w/ a capital Hid.

  • Imasewsure

    If you are putting together a “Bottom 10 Looks” for the year, this has to be a new contender… so glad you didn’t pass on the opportunity to share this one with us. Hilarious

  • Honey, it doesn’t matter whose fault it was – just apologize to your stylist before you have to leave the house again!

  • l_c_ann

    Pants for colostomy patients, who’da thunk it?

  • pop_top

    “Girl, what the f*k?”
    I often feel similarly when I see Ciara.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Ciara, you once told me that your goodies stay in the jar. If I can’t believe in that, what can I believe in?

  • Violina23

    She looks like a barbie doll that got into the WRONG HANDS

  • B_C_J

    Pretty woman, pretty makeup, even the hair is good. The pants need to be incinerated immediately. The see-through blouse is NOT acceptable.  Oh, and those shoes….?  I don’t care who made them.  They look like shoes a third-tier stripper would wear at a second-rate club. 
    Finally she should remove some rings and a few  bracelets and get rid of the gold-tipped nails! 

  • nannypoo

    Her glowing boobies are so distracting that I barely noticed the rest of it.

  • Teri Brinson

    I like it. She looks cool, funky, urban and different. Those boots are kick-ass.  If every outfit was tailored to the body perfectly ala Jackie Kennedy and Dita V Teese, how boring fashion would start to be. I’ll give you that the bra is problematic though.

  • Anathema_Device

    Fashion victim, thy name is Ciara.

  • she needs her knobs adjusted.

  • piecesofconfetti

    The look is a disaster, but kudos on the ability to walk in those shoes. 

  • AthenaJ

    Someone call Fabio, apparently his pants were stolen…

  • decormaven

    The back shot of those booties on her makes it appear as if the soles are licking the pavement. Fitting image- this entire look puts a vile taste in one’s mouth. Fashion palate cleanser, STAT!

  • And if she’s going to wear something so dreadful, she should at least have posed like she was wearing some major designer clothes, instead of stuff off the sales rack at Discount Fashionz. Attitude and great posing would have helped.

  • Those torture devices on her feet are not called “Equestria” for nothing.  More horse hooves footwear that is absolutely hideous!  If those boots didn’t look like a tiny pair of stilts they WOULD be kickass but these are just ridiculous.

  • another_laura

    Thank you for my giggle of the day, guys!

  • Judy_J

    Hammer time!

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    She’s such an attractive woman.  She is so fit – look at those arms!  Her smile is bright! But what the HELL?  Was she caught in a time machine from the early 90’s?  Has she been trapped in an air vent or under a bed or something?  Why wear a white bra ever?  Oh no!

  • quiltrx

    Certain celebu-ladies could pull off those pants with some out-there top….but this is not working AT ALL.

  • mhleta

    Rrrockin’ body on this girl. She could wear anything. But this. 

  • Definitely scary…& she has a bubble in her bra…