Christina Hendricks in Temperley London

Posted on October 19, 2012

Christina Hendricks attends a private Johnnie Walker Whisky tasting in Beverly Hills, California in a Temperley London dress paired with Tacori diamond earrings and ring.

Temperley London Pre-Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Erjona Ala



[Photo Credit: Getty,]


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  • G

    She is so pretty, but this look is horrific.  

  • Oh, honey, no. Did you sleep in that dress? It’s so wrinkled and so not flattering. 

    •  I actually said aloud, “Oh, honey, no.”

    • MissAnnieRN

      Seriously – how long was she sitting down before she was photographed?  Did she wear this on a flight from JFK and go straight to the photocall?  This could have been a great dress for her.  Wish she’d pulled her hair back from her face a little more.

      • kimmeister

        I think she might’ve been curled in a fetal position for 3 hours to get that many wrinkles!

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yes, this looks like it would look great on her, love the asymmetry. But, yes a looong flight was my first thought also.

        • littlemac8

          I think the v neck is a great choice but when you put all those doo-dads on the neckline and then pair that with big breasts it just creates more of a massive feel in the boob area and thus it makes this dress an OUT for Christina.  Really, how can she know nothing about how to dress her body-type.  BTW, I adore her.

  • 3boysful

    I like this from the bust up–great hair and makeup.  But from the bust down, that is fabric that doesn’t take to being sat down in.  And she needs a little more ease of fabric there.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Something with just a little stretch in it.

  • Billie_Dawn

    Is the dress wrinkled, or is it so tight that it’s pulling and causing all that craziness? I think it might be wrinkled, because the arms look wack too, and they don’t look tight. Either way, it looks terrible.

  • Judy_S

    It seems to me this should look perfect on her, but it does not.  Is it just the easily-wrinkled fabric?

  • Michael Owens

    Oh, my. Bless her heart. 

  • Sobaika

    No, Christina. Go back to your closet and try again.

  • Joyce VG

    This is all kinds of wrong.  And she’s so beautiful! wtf. 

  • Miss_Led

    All the horizontal wrinkles across her hips are tres unflattering.

  • I like the dress on the model, but it comes off as is too wrinkled and shabby looking on Christina.

  • lbl

    I don’t like this, but I’m too distracted by the beauty that is her face to explain why. 

  • tereliz

    Give up satin, sweetie. It is not ANYONE’S friend. 

    I so want to like this on her, but the appliqué/embroidery/ivory garden of look at my tits is not helping. It seems like a dress with that shape should work (in theory) on her, but the fabric is conspiring to make her look like a bag lady. 

  • Kate4queen

    I think she should give that dress to me. 🙂

  • Joan Holloway would weep at those wrinkles. 

  • Paigealicious

    Very pretty dress on the model, but it makes Christina look like she has a huge gut. Out.

  • Is black the only color she will wear in a dress?  This is so unflattering on her as well.  

  • God, I had such high hopes when I saw her face. The dress is a disaster. It has such a sad, Depression-era look to it. I feel like I need to see her in sepia. Oh dear.

  • Why does she always seem to default to those ugly peeptoe shoes? They make her look even more matronly than some of the clothes she wears. 

    On the wrinkling issue: Women from my age range (60) remember wearing slips. They make an enormous difference when wearing fabrics like this, helping to keep the wrinkling to a minimum. The designer should know, too, that a decent lining would also keep the fabric from wrinkling. Clothes are meant to be worn! On a body! That moves! Geez, how can they not know things will get creased? That is just unreal.

    • Janet B


      One size up would probably help too.

      • Dot

        The size doesn’t appear to be the problem — it’s the crappy fabric. I have to wonder if it looked better in person.

        •  Mmm, I think it’s size, too. Look at the upper arms, and the way it pulls across the middle, especially in comparison to the model. A bigger size would flatter more.

          Sigh. Let’s face it, it’s just a hot mess.

        • Janet B

          Upper arm in the mirror, too tight.

        • mountainFashionista

           I don’t know if it’s a sizing issue, or if it’s just crappy tailoring.  The model’s arms look similarly wonky to me.

          • Dot

            I agree about the tailoring. The dress looks wrinkly and awkward in places on the model, too. There is ample fabric on the sleeves in the front shots of Christina, but it gets weird around the shoulder area.

    • I bought a skirt from J crew that was damn expensive and it wrinkles when I walk *irrational hate*

      • roadtrip1000

         Sounds like rational hate to me.

    • ballerinawithagun

      You are so right in all of your comments! I hate slips, but I line almost all of the clothing that I create. Clothing as expensive as Temperley should be lined.

  • MissMariRose

    She makes it so hard to root for her sometimes. 

    • alyce1213

      I know, it’s like there’s no hope.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    That has got to be one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen.  I really respect and admire Christina Hendricks as an actress; unfortunately, when it comes to fashion she has no taste whatsoever.  She really should hire herself a good stylist.

    • hyperionic

      She does have a stylist. She just thinks she has to wear the trendiest designer clothes even if they don’t suit her. 

  • Qitkat

    Oh gurl. Who would wear this? It looks like an Hawaiian lei gone berserk.

  • rab01

    Christina Hendricks at a “private Johnny Walker Whisky Tasting”? 
    It makes her sound like the celebrity version of the shooter girls that liquor companies hire to push their products, which is way sadder than the dress.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I love scotch!!!! It makes perfect sense to me with all of the scotch drinking that is done on Mad Men. Johnny Walker makes fabulous top shelf scotch so she was probably paid very well.

      • rab01

        Yes, it makes perfect sense and I love scotch too but it’s the other half of that “private scotch tasting”, the people who weren’t on-camera.  If it’s not just a photo call but also “say hello to various people who paid to attend a private scotch tasting with Christina Hendricks.”  I have no idea what type of event it was but that’s why it made me think of shooter girls.

  • MilaXX

    Seeing her behind the table the look is fine, but the dress is too wrinkled to even begin to critique well but I don’t think that length is good for her. I also think either a patterned hose or a sheer black with pumps that are not peep toes would look better on her. The peep toes can sometime look aging. Lastly considering the all black backdrop, this look would *really* have benefited from being a color. She looks like she’s paying hostess at an Irish wake.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Yes, now that stockings are back in style she should be wearing them. It would have elongated the whole look on her, which is what she needs with her curvy shape.

  • mmc2315

    I suspect the wrinkling is making it look 1000x worse.  Come on Christina, I’m rooting for you, girl!

  • CozyCat

    This is a dress that works in theory but not in practice.
    The basic style, particularly the embellishment on the neckline, is a good idea.  And the color is a nice contrast for a red head.  But either the fabric or the fit or both is making it look so wrinkled and/or pulled, especially across her midsection.
    Could she get a custom fit of this basic design in another fabric?

  • Scarlet39

    It’s just too damn tight.

  • New for fall, whisker skirts.  No.  Bad bad bad.  And her hair looks like a fried wig.  And I love her.

  • Fabric entirely too wrinkly. Good shape though. Just the wrong fabric. And her hair looks too beachy for a polished look. That being said, I wouldn’t turn down a pour from her. 

  • Love her, but this dress doesn’t flatter her at all. It also doesn’t fit well.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Get a steamer for that dress, stat!

  • call_me_schmeg

    um…… at least her hair is looking fuller? oh, dear…

  • kolokOlchik

    Say no to appliques on full-bodied girls.  This dress makes her look several sizes larger than she is.

  • Rand Ortega

    1 size up & it would’ve been perfection. Maybe it just needed a steam before the presentation. Her hair & face are flawless.

  • Ooooh. I like the dress in principle, but clearly it never met the underside of an iron. The wig is a bit askew, no? I’ll have a Johnny Walker red, please.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Looking at the model, it seems that there is some mild wrinkling going on too if you look at the model’s (our right) left arm, chest area and even across her abdomen.  Still, I think ruffles and too many do-dads on the chest are often best left to one’s less endowed sisters.

  • SewingSiren

    I like the style for her, but the fit isn’t quite there. And the hair is way wiggy.

  • Valdri8


  • Anathema_Device

    Oh dear, that’s a lot of wrinkling.

  • alyce1213


    Tadashi Shoji
    530 Seventh Avenue  11th fl
    New York NY 10018

    CALL IMMEDIATELY!! (And fire your current stylist)

  • CONFIDENTIAL to CH (Isn’t that how Dear Abby phrased it?): When your stylist presents a dress for consideration, grab a handful of the skirt fabric and squeeze your fist. Then let it drop. If it is wrinkled, pass it up.

    Also stop wearing black and avoid ruffles.

  • Snailstsichr

    It doesn’t look so bad when she is seated at the table. There is visible interest and the wrinkles don’t show.I wonder if the table cloth matching her dress was planned? It sure looks like it.
    Can I have a shot of Black Label? Give me a double and she will look perfect.

  • Hate it.  ‘Nuff said.

  • Dot

    I don’t hate the dress on her at all…it’s a good shape and fun concept, with the neckline detailing. It’s just that this fabric composition doesn’t seem to be suitable for sitting down, because it looks like it wrinkles if you look at it wrong. It even looks wrinkled on the model. I would have chosen a more interesting shoe, too.

    • tereliz

      I’m even willing to partly blame the flash photography and hot lights for upping the contrast between the wrinkles, if that makes sense. But it is just not a good fabric for making a public appearance in. 

  • I think she looks great, apart from all the wrinkling. Sad. A beautiful dress otherwise. 

    Can someone tell me if she wears a wig? Her hair always looks so funny to me. And even though she has the skin tone of a natural redhead, that color looks so artificial to me. Puzzling.

  • BrooklynBomber


  • kschwarting

    That dress does absolutely NOTHING for her figure, which is slammin’–she almost looks pregnant in that first shot.  Those who know more about tailoring than I do, please chime in, but I think she needs clothing with a more defined waist.

  • DylanCurtis

    NOOOOO! She looks pregnant.

  • It’s the fabric!!  AND it would make a cool ad, in principle with the grey dress and background and her hair is the same color as the whiskey

  • Ann Erickson

    That dress does nothing for her. Nothing fits right or flatters.

  • That pattern draw your eyes straight down to the midsection. The dress also makes her look pregnant. This is a shame, because she is so gorgeous and sexy and this dress does NOTHING for her. She also blends right into the tablecloth.

  • The tablecloth is less wrinkled than she is.

  • I love Christina and her curvy body – she is fantastic on ‘Mad Men’.  That being said…so many things wrong with this outfit.  Dress, although very pretty on the model, is not flattering at all on her.  Waistline too high, fabric VERY wrinkly, not crazy about that lace applique meandering down the right side of the dress, and the general fit of the frock is not good.  Her hair…I love red hair (being a ginger myself), but the ‘beachy’ waves don’t suit the overall style of the dress at all.  I’ve seen her look MUCH better! 

  • PastryGoddess

    obviously she fired her stylist…

    • alyce1213

      Obviously she needs to fire her stylist.

  • Um, I see a belly button dent. Next size up, sweetheart. 

  • Ozski

    Wow, she is just SUCH an amazing actress, with breathtaking
    features. So, so lovely. But this dress makes her look wide and stumpy. No, NO,
    NO! In addition, this is not one of my favorites of her wigs, um, I mean,

  • TieDye64

    God, that face is so gorgeous. Too bad I had to scroll down to view the train wreck. 

  • thecitysleeps

    Whyyyyyy, most beautiful woman in the world?  Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? Bahhhh,  you’re still the most beautiful woman in the world to me.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    I just hate it when I get a new dress and it’s a wrinkled mess by the time I get to work. Help us out designers, sometimes a girl needs to sit down.

  • Did her stylist quit? WTH, Christina? 

  • Susan Crawford

    Such a gorgeous woman, but this is definitely NOT her look. And the wrinkling in the arms and across the skirt is a disaster – did none of her minions think to steam her before she did her step-and-turn with the whiskey?

  • Not a good color, should have gone up a size.

  • samo_samo

    The dress is a bit sad and unflattering on the model and Christina. The wrinkles are helping at all.

  • PrunellaV

    Maybe it’s the liquor bottles, but she looks blowsy and low-rent. I’m horrified. A goddess deserves better than this.

  • Trisha26

    Good lord, no. From head to toe disaster. She needs hose, different shoes, smooth, chic, wavy hair, and a dress without wrinkles.

  • Contralto

    I think she’s insanely gorgeous, but I really wish they’d taken her picture before she sat down. Hair up would have been more flattering, too.

  • mommyca

    what a wrinkly mess! and also she needed some Spanx (see her reflection in the mirror)… and her curly wig… not so much… 

  • I don’t understand how some one so hot can look so bad so much of the time. It’s like she’s operating under a curse. 

  • PinkLemon

    this is not good.

  • Laylalola

    Just okay (but far better than a lot of what she wears). She’s still radiant. But the girl likes weird shit all over her tops, doesn’t she.

  • She looks huuuge, like 3 sizes bigger

  • myristica_fragrans

    why doesn’t she get a stylist who likes her and a tailor?! this needs to stop!

  • The hair and the wrinkles are terrible, but besides being a little on the tight side I kind of like it. I think it would have been really great for a face up kind of thing, say were she to be  a judge on project runway, i think the lace detail frames her face very nicely. Also she is gorgeous that is all 

  • margaret meyers

    That is a wig, right?  I feel like we often see her in wigs.

  • Oh dear.  I feel for Christina.  The kind of clothes she is drawn to, are not always the best clothes for her figure.  Christina, I have been there.  Admire these designs on someone else while picking something that suits you more.  You are astonishingly beautiful.

  • DCSheehan

    I like this on her but the angles she’s been shot from aren’t doing her justice. Look at her sitting down, her top half looks damn fine. A slight twist of her body to the side and this wouldn’t have that illusion of making her bigger

  • I would have said that I loved this except – why wear something that gets so obviously wrinkled for this kind of event?!

    Even still, I really like the dress and I think the shape is really flattering on her. 

  • Jackie4g

    Oh the wrinkles, the wrinkles! I blame the designer for picking the utterly wrong fabric for a sheath style. Temperly London needed to use a matte jersey knit. The matte finish is good with the applique work, but the woven as a base is the wrong choice. Anyway, how would the average consumer know that this dress is a wrinkle magnet?  Grab a handful of the fabric and crunch it in your hand and let go. If the wrinkles persist, make another choice, because if it wrinkles in the store, you’ll never be able to sit in it without looking like you slept in it.

  • quiltrx

    So not flattering!  Makes her look like she has a paunch.  And this is clearly a dress that one needs a ride in the Popemobile to keep wrinkle-free.  It’s gorgeous ‘on paper’  but not in a real setting.

  • annrr

    One word. Bunchy

  • nannypoo

    It doesn’t fit and it’s wrinkly. And her hair’s too big. She sure is a beautiful woman.

  • I think her Mad Men stylist should dress her, always.

  • formerlyAnon

    HAS SHE NO “PEOPLE”???????!!!???

  • amf0001

    from the waist up,  in the last shot, she looks so pretty!  but those wrinkles… oh honey…

  • decormaven

    I’m more intrigued by what constitutes “a private Johnnie Walker Whisky tasting.” Hon, knock back a shot, then fire whoever handles your appearances. This is a staged photo op, so that dress should had been steamed/pressed, slipped onto her body, photographed, then exchanged for another outfit.

    • turtleemily

      She’s in their commercials now, so it was probably a contractual obligation.

  • Diana Martinez

    She is so adorable and I love her, but WHY WHY WHY is her dress so wrinkly?? 

  • Monabel

    Is it just me, or has her hair (horribly) changed color?

  • Lilak

    Oh my, absolutely everything’s wrong.  In addition to what-all’s been said about the dress, there’s the basic error of wearing shoulder-length hair with a garment that’s got stuff going on in the torso and/or at the shoulders.
    The effect is even worse when your hair looks like you air-dried it in the car with your dashboard vents wide open.

  • thehousesparrow

    That’s not good. :/  The dress  looks like it’s made from the same fabric as the tablecloth.  Doesn’t stand up well to wrinkles easily, either.

  • She looks a mess, between the wrinkly dress and frizzy ‘do. Could’ve used stronger make-up, maybe? Or more jewelry? It all looks a bit underdone.

  • kirkyo

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not good. But, I’m a bit surprised by the hate, considering we’ve seen much, much worse…and often.

  • An ode to taxi-creases.

  • bluefish


  • MarissaLG

    I wish that dress wasn’t so wrinkly, but oh well. Her makeup has really been on point lately.

  • librarygrrl64

    Yikes! Girl, this is NOT your dress. 🙁

  • Why is it that stars don’t bring their wrinkle-prone garments with them to an event on a hanger and change into it once they’re out of the limo and ready to be photographed. The dress could be pretty on her, but it’s hard to see past the appalling wrinkles.

  • Hendricks!