Christina Hendricks in Sydney

Posted on October 01, 2012

We don’t know about y’all, but we woke up to our first really chill fall morning, which means we want warm muffins and pumpkin lattes. Unfortunately, we’re just coming off a two-week post Fashion-Week carb binge, which means muffins are once again off the menu for the foreseeable future. As always, we turn to the world of celebrity for all our needs and Miss Christina is serving up Autumn on a big ol’ platter.


Christina Hendricks arrives in Australia.

How cute is this look? Sure, the leather accents are all a bit too matchy, but it’s a casual day look and such things don’t matter as much.  Love the coat.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • MoHub

    Isn’t it spring in Australia? Other than that, I like most of the outfit, although I’d prefer that the boots hat flat soles. The platforms look a little Frankenstein’s Monster to me.

    • It’s meant to be spring and it was really hot on Friday. But today it still feels more like winter than spring.

      • MoHub

        Thanks for the clarification! I remember several years ago, a choral group I was in went to Australia and New Zealand—I didn’t go—in late June and didn’t know it was winter there. They all had to buy new wardrobes while on the trip.

        • She looks cute, and it is indeed Spring in the southern emisphere

        •  Wow – that’s kind of elementary-school level of knowledge. Plus, who doesn’t look up the weather online before traveling anywhere?

          • MoHub

            Well, I think they were so excited about the trip and the music, and it was so warm here in the DC area, that they just didn’t quite register the season thing until it hit them with a full body slam on arrival. They’re not stupid people; they just had other priorities in mind.

            And this was long enough ago that not everyone was on line.

        • Wow – that’s kind of like elementary-school-level of knowledge. Plus, who doesn’t look at before they go anywhere?

  • It was 32 degrees celcius (close to 100 Farenheit) in Sydney on Friday, not that much cooler on Saturday. She looks like an idiot.

    • fionahelen

      Only got up to about 23C on Saturday, and was gusty as hell. She probably doesn’t need the coat, but who cares, she still looks cute.

    • patticake1601

       She was on a plane (picture was taken at the airport), most people get a little “cold” on flights as those cabins tend to be a little chilly.

  • geans

    Nevermind those people in T-shirts in the background…

    • Derek_anny

       I know people who wear shorts and sandals when there’s snow on the ground.  And other people who will wear long-johns, wool pants, and three shirts the same day.  You also get into what weather people are used to.  In the spring, 60* is practically balmy.  In the fall, that’s when I turn the heat on and get out a blanket for the couch.

  • StelledelMare

    Love it. And as hot as it probably is in Australia I think we have to remember that she probably was arriving from New York or someplace where it is much cooler. Also, planes can get a bit cold as well.

    • Sobaika

      This is an excellent celeb-travel outfit! Chic and her hair/face are covered so it doesn’t [i]look[/i] like she just spent the past 15 hours in an airplane cabin.

  • Agree with others. It’s spring/nearly summer in Sydney at present. These flights are tough b/c you’re leaving one season and coming into a completely different one, but that’s why you have a change of clothes in your carry-on. 

  • Violina23

    LOVE! She looks fabulous!

    • MilaXX

      Agreed this look would be perfect on the East coast.

  • theblondette

    The coat’s pulling a little round the bust but since I know her pain on that front (so hard to get a well-fitted coat as a big-busted lady, and yes I know Christina has the money for alterations but I’ll assume she didn’t have time). The thought of flying in tight jeans makes me feel uncomfortable, so I’m going to assume she wore a nice cosy pair of pyjama pants on the flight. There’s a nice thought. 😉

  • Um, I love the hat. How…insouciant!

  • I love this look on her.  She always looks better tailored than draped or frilly.  

    • EveEve

      She MUST have started using a stylist.  She’s finally looking pulled together and every bit the star that she is.  This is a great look for her.  Keep it up Christina!

      • Something I continue to be stunned by is that the lady stars most of the time do not engage the services of a designer who will dress them, in perfectly fitted clothes every single time.  Sure, I know about the desire of luxury good dealers to place their products on them, but when a star has reached a certain status and income, why the hell NOT have your things made?  Lord knows, if I had the coin, I sure as hell would. Including my shoes.

        • twocee

          I would agree, but at the same time, how many stars wear the same clothes over and over enough to justify having them tailor made?  I know, I know, they’re rich beyond what we mortals can imagine, but it would still cost a LOT of money to have an entire wardrobe (or 3) custom made.

          And after unsuccessfully attempting to find a decent pair of boots for under $300 in my size for the last week, I’m with you on the shoes!

          • Derek_anny

             mmmm, clothes that fit all over, not just one part of me…

        • Sobaika

          So true. Having things made is part of my own personal Dream Life For When I’m Rich. Along with summers in Geneva. 

          But I think having tailor-made clothes is more of a society thing, as oppose to celebs because there’s such a need for ‘trendy’ stuff that they’ll toss once the fad is over.

  • nannypoo

    She looks adorable for the appropriate climate, but the people behind her are all wearing t-shirts. She should have saved this outfit for a more autumn-y location.

  • mhleta

    Well, I adore this woman but I’d suggest a wider leg on the pants for balance. She looks more top heavy than she needs to here. 

    • The turtleneck doesn’t help. I really don’t love a turtleneck on a busty woman.

  • Ozski

    I would like to wear those shoes, please as I am in Boston and it is a nippy 59 degrees. Do we know the brand?

  • Aaaaaand, that’s the purse I’m getting for my b’day  🙂 

  • I don’t like the shoes, but other than that, she looks great, if a bit overdressed for Australia. I covet that bag. Hard. 

  • That coat is so cute, with it’s leather trim in the exact color I always search for and can never find. Like others, I covet the bag, the shoes, however, not so much. All in all, she looks cute, I know all to well the desire to rush the fall dressing as soon as the temps start to dip.

    • you’renotmysupervisor!!

      off topic, but Tess- if you haven’t already–search for “cognac leather.”  totally agree–such a fab color!

      it got down to 77 here in Texas, time to break out the jeans, scarves and killer boots!!

  • Yes!  Sooo cute!

  • jenno1013

    This is totally rationalizing, but it does say she’s *arriving* in Sydney, and there’s her luggage cart, so she’s still dressed in whatever she got on the plane in (in New York?)  and if she carried the jacket instead of wearing it she’d look even more wintry in plain black pants and a turtleneck?  and when she gets to her hotel she’s changing into a breezy spring frock?

  • Okay, so it costs a lot.  Lets say they spend 400K on a wardrobe.  That is still less than many of them make per episode on their shows, if the work TV. FAR lass than they command per film. And well within reason for a major recording artist.

    • filmcricket

      The Mad Men cast don’t make that much per episode, not by a long shot. The only one making that kind of coin on that show is Matt Weiner. So far as I am aware, Jon Hamm makes $250K per ep, and a supporting player like Hendricks might make $100K by now.

      Yeah, it’s a ridiculous amount of money compared to us plebes. But remember that, for example, Charlie Sheen, Ray Romano, Kelsey Grammer and all the Friends were making in excess of $1 million per ep at one time, and suddenly cable salaries start to look like peanuts. Add to that the fact that all these women “have” to show up in new clothes at every event which would make a bespoke wardrobe very expensive, especially compared to getting freebies from designers.

      On the other hand, it would certainly obviate the “OMG! They Wore The Same Dress/Who Wore It Better?” problem.

  • Noelle Haland

    What in the world is up with wearing a watch on the OUTSIDE of the coat??  It looks just plain silly to me, as do the hat and platform (when will this trend die!?) boots. Still, the coat’s cute (maybe she runs cool and the transitional weather there varies day to day anyway?), as is the bag. 

    EDITED TO ADD: Ahhhh, okay, now I realize my mistake — it’s trim on the coat and not a watch. Phew. I need to chill. 😉

  • janetjb

    Since she’s in Australia, she should have switched out the black for a lighter color and she would have been appropriately dressed.

    The coat and accessories really look good on her.  She should wear more outfits like this.

  • Sonja Brisson

    I love her, but double breasted coat with buttons atop the nipples, not so much…Tlo, how can you let it pass?

    • jw_ny

       I do like the trench and plaid, but now I can’t un-see that, and they’re a bit askew to boot.  lol. 

      The black turtle neck, hat, and pants seem a bit heavy for the current temps in Sydney, and for LA too (assuming she left from there.)  I see people in the background in t-shirts.  If she were in NY, I’d say she looks good…aside from the button nips.  😉

  • lesmaha

    Love it!


    brb purchasing plane ticket

  • Jecca2244

    the people behind her are in short sleeve t-shirts. she must be sweltering. because wasn’t she coming from LA where is has been 100 nearly every day? 

  • lalahartma

    But wait, It’s spring in Sydney!

  • Judy_S

    As you say, delightful. Superb muffin-substitute.

  • SewingSiren

    If the coat fit her it would look a whole lot better. 

  • jmorino08

    I would cut a bitch for that coat!

  • PeaceBang

    Love that coat to death. She looks adorable.

  • Anathema_Device

    I can’t believe how good that coat looks on her. I’d have imagined a wool plaid coat would have looked like a couch, given the size of her chest. Fit really is everything, isn’t it?

  • alyce1213

    The coat’s just okay, not great, and doesn’t fit her too well really.  It’s a cute idea, not well executed due to taste issues and may be a bit gimmicky.
    But BETTER, for her.

    • l_c_ann

      If it weren’t a plaid the boob gape wouldn’t be as glaring a problem.  That upper, seldom buttoned button simply wouldn’t button on this coat on her body.

      That the belt is loose is just sloppy, that it is loose on a plaid, where horizontals should all be parallet, is sad. 
      Her face looks great.  If this is a Burberry, and she’s the face of Burberry, this should have been a size or two larger and tailored to fit her, darn it.

  • So her skins looks that silky and radiant all the time? Like even after flying half way around the world? Have I mentioned how unfair life is?  sigh……

  • Isn’t Christina the face of Burberry right now?  May be a contractural photo op

  • Dot

    She looks fab…those colors are incredible against her complexion.

  • MilaXX

    Look at them shoes. If there was any doubt that girlfriend has a new stylist, I think we can use that a pretty much confirmation. She looks cute and those shoes don’t look like something she would have chosen on her on. (I do agree the leather accents are a bit matchy though.

  • marilyn

    Too much pop.  She is  wearing too many attention grabbing thngs, so the coat has become invisible.  The brown shoes and all the black dominate the look.  The coat just sinks into the background. 

  • I’m so jealous. It’s going to 104 in California today 🙁 

    • Lingus

      I’m so jealous! Native Californian, hating the East coast weather right now. 🙁 And that’s knowing it’s only mildly chilly today and will get much much colder.

      • It’s going to be 105 today. AGAIN. it’s so not good. let’s trade! 😉

  • tallgirl1204

    This reminds me of a family story.  My grandmother went to New York on the Ferry from Charleston in about 1910, to be a nanny for a wealthy family.  She was tall and striking in a Gibson Girl kind of way, and she was wearing her best traveling clothes, including a black fox collar.  There was apparently a star of theatre on the same boat, and when the passengers disembarked, my grandmother was momentarily mobbed by reporters and even a photog or two– until they saw the “real” celebrity and turned their attention to her.  I still have the fox collar, 100 years later, although who could wear such a thing today? 

    All this to say:  Ms. C is making me laugh with her “oh, me?  I’m just an ordinary tourist, don’t mind me….  NOT NOT NOT LOOK AT ME OH PLEASE LOOK AT ME.”  I think it’s the shoes that put it all over into the realm of ridiculous.   Love the rest of the outfit though.  With some motorcycle boots it would have been a WERQ.

  • So we’re all going to ignore the double breasted coat…on Miss big breasted Christina?

    • ModernDowager

      thank you

  • Le_Sigh

    Hat – want that hat!

    And the shades too please!

  • tired_mommy

    Super cute! So ready for fall–it’s supposed to be over 100F in So cal today…

  • Isn’t the weather down there like opposite or something? 

  • She looks cute! Love everything about this look!

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour


  • librarygrrl64

    Oooo, a double-breasted coat on a big rack? No me gusta. I know of what I speak.

    • Ohhh, I hear you, and I know from where you speak AND from where I speak.  Plus, I’m not loving the hat – to me, it takes it into “trying too hard” territory.  You know the old Coco Chanel adage of “before you leave the house, take off one thing”?  The hat should have been what she took off.

      • Thank you! For god’s sake, her hair is one of her best features, she should never cover it with a stupid hat! And the wall-eyed nipple buttons look ridonkulous. And why will she not quit wearing black? It is not slimming, it makes her hair and skin go all wishy-washy, when she’s meant to be a fiery redhead. Autumn colors are her friend.

  • Lily-Rygh

    Regardless of the weather-appropriateness of this outfit, she looks chic as hell!  This is a HUGE step forward for our little Christina.  I only wish her belt was a bit tighter — it looks just a tad sloppy the way it’s drooping down…

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    Love it! And I do love how all the accessories match. I remember my Mom telling me that your bag and shoes were supposed to match and it’s a look that still appeals to me. Good thing I’m not a celebrity. 


    I think this a damn near personal best for her. Gorgeous.

  • It looks a little try-hard to me, although the individual pieces are nice. Dressing in Australia and NZ at the moment is a little tricky because the weather is all over the place. I must admit I initially thought she would be sweltering but actually when you really look at what the people are wearing in the background it’s a mix of tshirts and heavier jackets which is about what you see on the street – shorts on one person, down puffer jacket on the next (or on one person to be honest).

  • Aren’t the seasons nearly the opposite of the northern hemisphere?  She looks like she’s on a foliage tour in New England in  November.

  • This is the second time (remember your Miranda Kerr post?) in as many months you’ve assumed it’s the same season all over the world. A two second google search (or even an inquisitive glance at the people in the background of this picture) would reveal Christina walked out into a warm Spring day looking ridiculous.

    • Please point to the sentence where we assumed it was Autumn in Australia. If you’re going to bitch at us, do us the favor of bitching at us for something we actually said.

    •  Still waiting for you to point out that sentence.

  • ccm800

    She has the prettiest lips. 

  • LocMama

    I thought the coat was adorable until someone mentioned the button/nipple placement.  Now I can’t get the Carmen Sandiego theme out of my head.

  • It got up to 105 today in SoCal’s Inland Empire, so I’m supremely jealous of any “fall chill” you may be experiencing.  Send some of that cool weather our way!

  • pants are too short for her bust.

  • EEKstl

    Love the coat, but would have loved it more a size up: A pet peeve of mine is keeping one of the buttons open in a double breasted situation when it has no earthly hope of closing.  

  • shelley514

    Nope nope nope.  This ensemble just does not work. I don’t care for the coat and it’s rare that I don’t like a trench coat.  But the pattern on this and the wrist bands are just competing against each other and “doing too much.”  CH’s handbag . . . . is that a vintage coach, because I do think I had that same bag in brown about 15 years ago when I was a wee babe. Yes, anyway that bag does not go.  A low slung crossbody bag would have worked much better.  I don’t like the black turtleneck and pants with this coat either.