Christa B. Allen in Donna Karan

Posted on October 19, 2012

Christa B. Allen attends the 2012 WSJ Magazine ‘Innovator Of The Year’ Awards in New York. Christa wore a Donna Karan bodysuit, DKNY high waisted pegged trouser pants paired with DKNY leather mesh ankle strap pumps and Fred Leighton jewelry.



[Photo Credit: WireImage/Getty]


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  • MilaXX

    I liked this when I saw it on twitter last night, but seeing it now, it appears the fit is off.


  • tereliz

    They need to either stop trying to make this girl happen, or someone needs to loan her better clothes. 

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      But she’s so fetch!

    • TieDye64


    • Introspective

      Agree. But who the hell is she??

  • Yeah, no. The trousers are weird and don’t fit well and I hate the top.

  • Trisha26

    Did she forget to do her hair? And what’s with the wings on the cuffs?

    • kimmeister

      The wings look even worse when you add the shadows that the cast on the backdrop!

  • I’m not sure why, but it’s reading Aspiring Superhero to me.  Maybe it’s the Wonder Woman pose in the last picture, combined with the shiny midriff and winged cuffs.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    She’d look a lot better with her hair up and some major bling.

  • Sobaika

    Not the best, but it’s sadly my favorite outfit of hers yet.

  • Sara__B

    Nice smile. Pretty face. I don’t like anything else from hair to shoes.

  • All sorts of NO. Too Star Trek-y.

  • lbl

    First off, no on everything but your face. Second, man do you go to a lot of parties >_>

  • Rand Ortega

    Are sleeve wings, ala Melissa’s jacket & these on this girl, whoever she is, becoming a thing?

  • amaranth16

    Those pants are a disaster.  She has gorgeous eyes, though.

  • alyce1213

    Again her?  She ain’t all that, so why?

  • Suz

    HER HAIR. That is all. 

  • Zippypie

    Ok, I’m officially old.  Who the hell is this chick?

    • JasmineAM

      Hell, I’m newly 21 and I have NO IDEA who she is.

      •  Can’t thank you enough for that comment, Jasmine!

    • gabbilevy

      She’s on Revenge–she plays the daughter and half sister, respectively, of TLo-faves Madeline Stowe and Emily van Camp. Last season, her character was pretty dull, but she’s turning out to be a little more intriguing so far in season 2.

      • Zippypie

        Oh god, I’ve watched “Revenge” and I wouldn’t have recognized her if you ran me over with a truck. Hahahaha!

  • kimmeister

    Those aren’t separates, are they?  On my screen it looks like a big ol’ onesie.  With an origami satin belt.  Yuck.

  • margaret meyers

    The Justice League has a new member:  Eager Catering Intern!

    • understateddiva

       this is just. awesome.

  • This is a terrible outfit.  Donna Karan WAS the 80s, she should either retire or leave the 80s in the 80s, because Donna Karan retreading Donna Karan is wacko.

  • adnama79

    Pasa Doble!!!!

  • nannypoo

    Pretty face. Melissa made the outfit. No one bothered with the hair.

  • DesertDweller79

    Ugh no. The fit is all wrong.  And I really don’t like what her hair is doing to her face.  

  • decormaven

    Snooze. No thought at all in this look. “Mime is money!”

  • jenno1013

    She needed a padded bra to balance everything south of the belt.  When you can’t make your hips smaller, or you insist on wearing pleated pants that make your hips look wider, then make your boobs bigger.

  • matronly

  • olufunke faweya

    I feel like these whiteboard posts are sponsored … the text surrounding them reads like an ad or a PR piece. Same thing with the last whiteboard post which actually had a movie trailer and the release date! 

  • She’s cute and all, but she should pack that outfit up and ship it to Cate or Tilda.

  • kevin foley

    poor fit–doesn’t work with her body type–flattens her chest, puffs out her small waist, bulks her tummy.  plain while busy (shoulder pads and winged wrists)– she needs something more draped/clingy/sparkley

  • Hai Yen Nguyen

    Does this girl have a stylist? If yes, they should be fired for all the horrific things they’ve put her in. If no, she needs one stat.