Ben Affleck at the London Film Festival

Posted on October 18, 2012

Okay, seriously now. Are we going to use the “He has babies at home!” excuse for THIS one? Because he looks like crap here.


Ben Affleck attends premiere of ‘Argo’ during the 56th BFI London Film Festival.

We hate blue suits with white shirts on the red carpet. They’re perfectly fine for the average person and for real life, but a celebrity promoting their latest project should show a little more style than that. The look says “banker” or “politician” to us.

But skipping over our personal distaste for the look, why the hell does it fit him so badly? Why is it so wrinkled? Did he sleep on a bench somewhere? Judging by the stubble, he did. We can forgive stubble on the right guy and with the right outfit, but you pair it with such an establishment-looking suit and he looks like he went on a bender after getting laid off on Wall Street.

Ben, we’re gonna do you a solid. Here’s how you could make this work:


  1. SHAVE
  3. Pair it with a subtly colored or subtly patterned shirt and a brightly colored tie.


There. You do all that and you won’t look like Mitt Romney after a lost weekend in Vegas.  You’re welcome.




[Photo Credit: Getty, WireImage]

    • Sobaika

      Why are all these celebrities suddenly looking like a distant relative of the Romney clan?? Disconcerting.

      • Gayer Than Thou

        Meanwhile Scary Romney — the terrifying son — has missed his calling as a movie villain.  It’s like the world is turned upside down.

        • mellbell

          Which one is that? Matt is, to my mind, “the cute one,” so it can’t be him, and Ben, by virtue of being blonde, is the odd man out, but he still looks pretty normal. Tagg could play a reformed mafioso (or someone of that ilk) and Craig just looks like a huge dweeb. Therefore, by process of elimination, Scary Romney is Josh?

          • Sobaika

            I don’t know his name, but there’s a still of a Romney son from the most recent debate where he is boring holes into the camera. It’s all over the internet, I’m sure you can find it. A part of me feels bad because it’s simply a case of the right (wrong?) expression at the right time, but whichever Romney son it is, he most certainly missed out on a career as the go-to character actor for serial killers.

          • gabbilevy

            I think you’re right, I think it’s Josh. I just hope to God Romney never gets elected because I’ll *never* be able to remember the names of all his sons. Between his kids and his siblings, Romney could field a whole baseball team.

            Tagg is the one who told reporters he wanted to “take a swing at the president,” and Josh’s response was the president “has nothing to worry about.” Which means either Tagg punches like he’s Romney’s only daughter, or Josh really is as scary as that meme-y photo makes him look.

      • MilaXX

         Boston inbreeding?

        • GorgeousThings

          Hey! Leave Boston out of this. He’s from Michigan. Or Utah. Or wherever he thinks might get him the most votes.

          • gabbilevy


        • Kimbolina

          Hey now!  Romney wasn’t born in Boston!

          I still can’t believe he was actually the governor here in MA.  I actually can’t remember anything he did here other than health care and running off to SLC for the Winter Olympics…

          • Tom and Lorenzo

             Okay, guys. The Romney crack was not an invitation to start talking politics here. Please don’t.

            • Snailstsichr

               But can I say I’d love to see you post something about the pink dresses both the spouses wore at the debate this week? I’d like a better look at both.

            • DeborahJozayt

              Thank you!

      • Lori

        In Affleck’s case it may have something to do with the fact that he actually does have some political ambitions. I don’t know what everyone else’s excuses are.

        • lovelyivy

           REALLY? He does? That is… that’s just precious.

          • AnaRoW

             He’s very active politically but I don’t think he has any plans to leave his current job.  He is smart enough for the job though.

    • blogless

      “average person and for real life”
      Yeah, he looks like a guy who accidentally wandered out on the red carpet. Horrible fitting suit.

      His hair looks nice though!

      • Crystal Marie Stewart

        His hair does look nice! And that is a feat he does not always accomplish. I just wish his suit fit him. And was a different color. 

        • Gayer Than Thou

          Is that hair home-grown or store-bought?  I’ve heard rumors both ways.

          • kcarb1025

            It’s his. The only thing he’s done to it is dye it mostly back to his original brown because quiiiite a bit of it is actually gray. You could really tell when he still was growing out the long Argo hair but hadn’t had it colored yet for the filming the picture. 

    • StellaZafella

      I ‘m thinkin’ 20th high school  reunion, trying to fit into his graduation suit…

      oh, and the plane was late.

    • 3boysful

      Stubble with a suit only works if you’re know for the stubble persona, which usually goes along with longer hair.  This minimal stubble just looks like he had no time to shave after a long night on an overseas flight.

      Hands out of pockets, please.  (Could someone please devise a casual posed stance for guys that doesn’t involve hands in pockets?)

      • Tom and Lorenzo

         Shoulders back, hands at your sides, fingers and elbows relaxed. It feels uncomfortable, but it looks fine.

        • marlie

           And all of the guystars should have figured it out by now. The ladystars do the stupid, unnatural “gotta pee” pose; the guys can suck it up and do their step and repeat pose too.

      • StellaZafella

         Agree – most of the time, some casually posed looks in street fashion, maybe it’s not such an abomination. In a dressy situation it’s the same for me with the ladystars and the “I-Gotta-Pee” pose with ankles crossed like they’re holding in a fart.

      • foodycatAlicia

         What about one for girls too? I always end up EITHER clutching a champagne glass for dear life or standing with my hands on my hips, which looks absurd.

        • Marie Drucker

          i think the crossed leg look for ladies must have de-volved from something else. I remember reading, somewhere, sometime, that the “pony pose” when you’re sitting and being photographed makes you look thinner. You’re facing the camera and leaning slightly forward and your legs stretched forward (not tucked under) and crossed at the ankles. Now it seems to me that I must be mistaken because why would that be called a pony? 

        • sweetestsith

           I don’t know how well it works in “real” life situations (I always end of clutching a glass and giggling like a moron…), but for cosplay step and repeats I was taught: 3/4 angle, one hand on back hip, front hand relaxed, shoulders back, tits out, chin up. It shows off the outfit, typically puts your body & face at their best angles, and only takes a blink to get into.

          • lovelyivy

            That was my best sorority girl pose in college. I dont know how much I took away from the experience, but I DID get that. Handy!

      • CallMeJane

         If I designed and created beautiful men’s clothes and actually got some celebrity to wear them in front of a camera, I’d sew the damn pockets shut.

    • MilaXX

      yep, sloppy look all around

    • Bozhi

      While I HATE Mitt Romney, he does not smoke, drink, gamble or probably even stay out late.  He’s Mormon.  He’s only a generation away from the polygamist mormons, but he is still very mormon.  Romney probably did wear this outfit while he avoided the draft by running around France as a missionary, but I’m sure he was not wrinkled or unshaven.

    • formerlyAnon

      I’d settle for #1. #1 & #2 & it’ll be Christmas round here.

    • Laylalola

      I think it looks more like he went on a bender after getting laid.  

    • Miss_Led

      Ben looks somewhat shlubby in the movie, too.

    • CozyCat

      Ah, but he’s now a serious producer/writer/director, not just an actor!  He’s an artiste!   He’s too busy thinking to take interest in non serious pursuits like fashion and grooming. 

    • Fatima Siddique

      This look says “My movie is awesome, so I don’t give a damn anymore.” 

      • lizlemonglasses

        It really is a great movie.

    • Ken Johnston

      is he wearing a brown belt with black shoes?  :::clutches pearls and gasps!!!:::

      • Fordzo

        The shoes look brown on my browser (granted, a much darker shade of brown than that belt).

        • foodycatAlicia

           Dark brown on my monitor too.

          • B_C_J

             I thought the same thing!  It appears after carefully looking that the shoes are simply quite a few shades darker brown.  The dissimilarity in shade is too much in my opinion. 

      • Carina

        HAHA!! The shoes are brown as well. But your comment is hilarious.

    • msdamselfly

      I saw pics for this event at another site and he looked way better.  These are not good pics

    • marlie

      You nailed it – banker, after the end of a long work day. 

    • miagain

      Wonder what would occur during Mitt Romney’s lost weekend in Vegas???  too much Hawaiian punch?

      • Fordzo

        Not Hawaiian Punch – real Coca Cola and National Geographic Magazine.  (My sister lives in Utah, and she swears that Nat Geo is the Mormon Playboy.)

    • Heather

      Even as scruffy as he is here, I still find him hot. He has that alpha-male, supreme confidence thing going that I respond to (I’ve started calling it the ‘Don Draper effect’).

    • Kim Brightman

      His tie isn’t even straight.

    • mjude


    • foodycatAlicia

      Maybe the baby is colicky and threw up on his more appropriate suit and he had to change into the one in the laundry basket from their trip to the investment planner?

    • Beardslee

      I wonder if it is the lighting or the flash but he just doesn’t look great here.  Kind of wan.  The stubble sure doesn’t help.

    • PeggyOC

      Um, at least his hem is good?  But yeah, that looks like the jacket he bought in college and threw it on at the last minute to go to a wedding only to realize it completely doesn’t fit.

    • Fordzo

      He just seems like such a douche.  Like nothing ever makes him happy.

    • kcarb1025

      I’ll be the odd one out and say, looks good to me!! 

      • Sartorial_She

        I completely agree! I’ve gone back and reviewed the pictures again, and think he looks just fine. He’s not breaking any ground, but I think he looks adequately groomed and his suit fits better than most we see here.

        (Edited for punctuation–because it counts!)

    • Bozhi

      You guys deleted my comment?  I’m out of here.

    • Pants_are_a_must

      We could shake our heads and say “ech, straight men”, but not when Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt swan around on their red carpets like they’re the ones gunning for an Oscar. KNOW BETTER, BEN AFFLECK.

    • SapphoPoet

      Maybe he’s undercover?

    • MajorBedhead

      From the nose up, he looks great. Why have I never noticed his eyes before? Perhaps it’s my irrational dislike (not hate, just dislike). 

    • Me Again

      I think it’s just the hands-in-pockets that’s making it look wrinkled.  I agree with your advice on the shirt, tie, and shave.

    • neofashionista

      even looking sloppy i would still do him
      he has and always has had my ideal looks tall dark handsome etc…..
      plus his new movie rocks

    • Kayceed

      Well, the good suit was at the cleaners and no one remembered to pick it up, and the blue shirt hadn’t been ironed, and there was no spray starch in the house anyway, so… – oh, wait a minute, I keep forgetting that celebrities and I don’t share the same life.

    • jmw1122

      I loves me some Affleck but the man has never been a very good dresser. He was only ever well put-together in the Bennifer 1.0 days, so I suspect that was J Lo’s influence.

      • AtticWife

        Yeeeuww. No. Unless by “well put-together” you meant to say “like a greasy toolbox with Pickup Artist training.”

    • CallMeJane

      You see banker, I see airline pilot.

    • B_C_J

      The jacket is way too small on him. When you button a jacket and the lapels buckle that is a red flag that the jacket does not fit across his chest.  Judging by the degree of buckle he needs to go up at least one maybe two sizes.  This does not mean he is overweight. It simply means that his ribcage is wider than this jacket allows. Whoever fitted him with this suit should be ashamed of themselves. It’s suit fitting 101.
      The blue tie is also a bit boring.  A splash of color would have been welcome.  

    • glennethph

      Argo was great.

    • Anathema_Device

      I love that shade of blue, though. It is a very nice suit, but yes, you are correct as usual, T Lo, on all the styling and fit points.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      he looks like a salesman too long on the road.

      and i know he’s a sensitive guy and all, but i’m not buying that he’s choosing to change diapers when i’m sure he has a nanny to do it.

    • alyce1213

      He’s just very bland, even as an actor, so I expect nothing more.  
      As a director, however, he rocks.  “Argo” was very well done, one of the year’s best movies.

    • AtticWife

      But, but, butbut… As a lifelong Whoffleck fan, I have to call a teensy bit of bullshit: you chose all the pics where he looks serious and none of the ones where he was mugging adorably with his costars. He looked fantastic, facially, in all of those, AND they explain the rumpledness of the suit. It doesn’t fit him beautifully and there’s no excuse for that, but this takes what appeared to have been a lighthearted, fun red carpet and turns it into Smug Ben And His Fashion Disaster which just ain’t how it was.

    • decormaven

      Kinda reminds me how Alfalfa used to wear his suits in “Little Rascals.” Serious auteur or not, Ben could find the time to be fitted for a decent suit & get a close shave.

    • oohsparkley!

      I agree with you, but still f***able.

    • jmorino08

      I still hit that…

    • DCSheehan

      Ben, do not shave! No shaving for you! Ever!

    • Michelle Le

      my banker husband would never wear this suit and shirt combination.

    • quiltrx

      He ALWAYS looks bad.  I’m just glad more people are noticing it now (I loathe him!).

    • VRuss

      Even looking like crap, he is SOOOOO HOT! But I have loved him for years now, so maybe I’m a little biased. He can do no wrong in my eyes… *swoon!*

    • DTLAFamilies

      Okay, in keeping with my “Jen Garner dresses like shit to court mommy fans” theory, I think Ben dresses like shit in order to distance himself from the slick look he had during the Bennifer era. He has said that he thinks his career took a hit as a result of that relationship, so he’s trying to dress like an Everyman in order to erase that image from the public’s memory and to solidify the family man image he’s cultivating with Garner’s help. 

    • granddelusion

      4. Take your hands out of your pockets for cameras.

    • TieDye64

      Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..sorry, this guy puts me to sleep.

    • TSkot

      We should all look like such crap.

    • guest2visits

      No I’m pretty sure he’s gorgeous.

    • VicD

      Yep, I was going to say the junior VP from the bank after a bender – but you pretty much beat me to it.

      His Romney name could be “Fugg Romney.”