All On The Line S3E7: Ina Soltani

Posted on October 29, 2012

Darlings, we haven’t forgotten our favorite fashion show. It’s just that with two different All-Stars favorites debuting last week, we got a little behind on our reality TV coverage. Now, with the season finale AND Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us tonight, we’re feeling the need to wrap this sucker up, pronto. Let’s hope we manage to get to the end before the power cuts ou–









Meet Ina Soltani. At first we thought she was going to be a raging bitch, but at worst, she was mildly difficult. She turned out to be one of Joe’s better projects this season.


Ina designs rather stuffy-looking evening wear, for the most part. She’s gotten some celebrity coverage of her work, but she hasn’t been able to translate that into actual money.


Doctor Joe swings into the scene and immediately informs her that she needs to forget about gowns and concentrate on separates.

He bases this assessment on this look, which is a pretty sharp one, we have to admit.


Joe does the usual sit-down with the designers team and they all seem to not know each other very well.


But the gist of the conversation is what it always is with these designers: they need to focus, and they need to listen to their team more. Ina has problems on both fronts.


Later, Joe takes her to a tourist trap in order to sell his point about modern, chic separates and to inform her that he’ll be making a dress for Ashley Madekwe to wear on Revenge, in character as Ashley Davenport.

Ashley Davenport is such a deliciously perfect soap opera name, isn’t it?


Anyway, Ashley, who later that night told us on twitter that she loves us, sending us into embarrassing gigglefits, turned out to be quite aggressive in her critiques; more so than the usual starlet who tend to weakly offer up vague criticisms. No, Miss Ashley knew exactly what she wanted.


Fortunately for Ina, Ashley wanted this look, with only slight changes made. It really does look like an Ashley Davenport outfit, doesn’t it?

Joe tells her that he set up a buyer’s appointment for Shop Bop, which seems like a good fit for her.


Later, he brings T Lo fave Merle Ginsberg of the Hollywood Reporter in to assess her work. Merle, like Ashley, proved to be more aggressive in her critiques than a lot of her colleagues were; more on point and precise.

Merle likes quite a few of the pieces and agrees to write a piece on Ina. That’s a first for the season, right?

Anyway, yaddayaddayadda, there was some minor drama in there about her not following Joe’s advice and not listening to her team, but it all seemed to resolve itself (or at least blow over) by the time presentation day rolled around.


That jacket is killer. We like the maxi-dress, but we don’t love it paired with the jacket. We think that, aside from editing the work, the biggest problem Ina has a designer is a less-than-impressive skill at styling looks.


This is what we mean by styling. We’re pretty sure a couple Shop Bop buyers could be convinced on a pair of pink, pleated pants if they were styled right, but this whole look is problematic. Nothing really goes with anything else. Having said that, we liked the jacket.


This is just okay. We were more interested in what was under the vest.


This is different and unexpected, but it looks a little Star-Trek-y to us. Too costumey. We don’t love the pea-green-and-brown combo and we really don’t like the brass closures.


She lost us on this one.


We’re back to killer. It’s a bit overdesigned, but that’s an enviable trench coat and any buyer would be crazy not to consider it.


Which they did, of course.

Darlings, don’t forget to catch the season finale tonight on the Sundance Channel with Nicole Ritchie. You might even see us for a little bit. We hope our power holds out long enough to watch our pretty faces on TV again.




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  • Anathema_Device

    That pink shorts tuxedo thing was a monstrosity. Like a Megazord of all the worst current fashion trends.

    I liked this designer and her willingness to jump into action and not whine all too much, if I’m remembering the episode correctly. Joe did a great job of revealing the amazing jacket designer lurking beneath the evening gown designer.

    • kschwarting

      Seriously!  The second photo of the model in that outfit makes her look chunky, which she almost certainly isn’t.

    • kimmeister

      Not only was it a monstrosity, it had nothing to do with the rest of the collection (save the equally random pink pants).  It looked more like sleepwear.

  • Frank_821

    I was pleasantly surprised by Ina. It was an interesting problem she had. she was too small of a fish in the high end pond. But i have to say, the lady has some serious construction skills and nice sense of style. I was just as amazed as Joe how much work she and her assistant got done overnight to present to Merle. 

    I also like she really new how much trouble she was in and she knew she had to crank to impress Merle. You would think more designers would appreciate the importance of publicity.

    And that trench. again damn! To have made it overnight!

    • kimmeister

      The lady had a killer work ethic, didn’t she?

      And DANG if her mom didn’t look the same age as her!

      • sweetlilvoice

         Exactly, those ladies had killer genes. The kids have some good things to look forward to as they get older. I liked most of the pieces except the pink ones. Those were just bad.

  • joything

    WANT. THE. TRENCHCOAT.  (zombie shuffle & moan) WANT. THE. TRENCHCOAT.

    • CozyCat

      I checked (I have no life) and it is carried on shopbob, though you have to look for it.  Unfortunately, it is the only piece they bought.  (it is in a special “collection” of items where they only carry one item from the designer in question)

  • granddelusion

    Miss Ashley is sitting with her hootch right on that leather couch. Which is gross. But at least I don’t have to use it!

  • StelledelMare

    I NEED that motorcycle glam outfit as well as that last coat. Everything else is just alright though they don’t seem to go together that well.

  • That last trench coat is to die for!

    (Stay safe TLo!! I feel like you’re part of my family, sniff.)

  • TLo – I had no power for a week during H. Issac. I missed your posts so much. Good luck on your end.

  • MilaXX

    I didn’t like any of her pink pieces, but the buyers may be onto something with suggesting she work on outer wear. I was happy to see that she was one of the few who understood the importance of the interview appointment. Ina was able to hold her own in her discussion with Meryl, hence the reason she was the only one this season to get an article written. I think the pea green vest could work with less contrasty closures, perhaps toggles in the same color.

  • Scarlet39

    I haven’t actually watched this episode yet, so I can’t really comment  on it, but my God, the pics of the space they were in??  I have major real estate envy!

  • SassieCassy

    stay warm and dry, tlo and other east coasters!

  • Rand Ortega

    Stay safe, TLo!

    • Rand Ortega

       Also to all the right coaster BK’s & PUF’s! Batten down those hatches!

  • glennethph

    Her jackets are interesting, much more than most of her separates.

  • quiltrx

    This chick makes some FANTASTIC jackets.  Who would’a thought it from a foo-foo gown designer?

  • bertkeeter

    I want that fireplace! Hate the way the “name the designs” in the pink sketches they always put on this site! Takaaaaay!

  • Bwin51

    She makes some nice jackets, but not much else. Still, jackets are tough to make so kudos to her for that. I like the skirt and jacket ensemble. Best look IMO.

  • Teri Brinson

    All the looks except that odd pink one brought the 90s flooding back to my mind. In fact, the designer herself looks like she’s been time-traveled from then too.

  • Seems to me she should focus on outerwear. That seemed to be the only pieces that were interesting and successful.

  • C’mon since when does a c-level actress (cute as she is ) on a C-level show on a c-level network have ANY say, much less over the costume designer, on wardrobe!!?!