All On The Line S3E4: Korto Momolu

Posted on October 02, 2012

Yes, we’re horrible, horrible bitches and we made Korto cry. On the flip side, we can forevermore refer to Mary J. Blige as “our co-star, Mary J. Blige.”

And we will.

Meet Korto Momolu. Chances are, if you’re a long time reader of this site, you’ve already met her. Korto was a finalist in season 5 of Project Runway and in the minds of many fans of the show, she should’ve won over that season’s winner, Leanne Marshall.

Despite her fine showing at Bryant Park and the press she received from her time on Project Runway, Korto, like so many reality show competitors, has found it tough going in the days since. The world of fashion moves on quickly and if you don’t move with it, you’re going to be left behind.

Doctor Joe to the rescue. He takes a look at some of her pieces and says what we’ve always said about her work; she has a tendency to overwork a garment. When she reins that in, she can produce quite beautiful work.

Meet Korto’s team. They all give the impression that they don’t know each other or what they were hired to do.

But they all seem to agree that Korto needs to hire “The Right Team.” Meaning, people other than themselves. It’s like they all had a big sign on themselves that said “The first thing Korto needs to do to be successful is fire me!”

Can we pause here for a moment and say that we love Korto’s personal style? Because we do.

Anyway, Joe tells her she’s got a shot at making a dress for the one and only Mary J. Blige, which is both a perfect fit for Korto’s aesthetic and also quite the feather in her cap if she can pull it off.

Joe doesn’t like her initial attempt (although we liked it); finding it to be somewhat generic. Korto admits that she has a hard time remaining true to herself while serving the needs of a client. Welcome to the world of fashion, Korto. This is probably the Number One problem that struggling designers have to overcome, and if you’ve watched this show for any length of time, you can see how hard it is for a lot of them.

Joe tells her to find a way to inject a little more Korto into the design.

She comes up with this “swoop” detail, which didn’t work for us, didn’t work for Joe…

and, unsurprisingly, didn’t work for Mary J. Blige.

Fabulous Tom Ford glasses, by the way.

But Mary J. loved the basic design of the dress and said she’d wear it if Korto loses the swoop, which is easily done.

It really is a gorgeous dress.

Joe then tells her she’s got the standard 3 weeks to come up with a capsule collection for Neiman Marcus. Then he tells her he’s inviting some members of the press to come and see her progress and possibly to write a feature on her.

That’s when these two assholes showed up.

Lorenzo: Michael Bastian jacket, Thom Browne shirt.

Tom: Versace jacket, Gant by Michael Bastian shirt, Tommy Hilfiger tie.

Hey, we paid good money for that shit, so we’re gonna throw some names around.

Yeah, we were hard on her. But that was the entire point. When we showed up – and can we say how fucking weird it is to recap a show in which you appear? The arguments on which screencaps to choose lasted half the day. Anyway, when we showed up, Korto pretty much had nothing to show us except some sketches and muslin pieces on a rack.

Which is fine, but she couldn’t really talk about her collection, no matter how much we prodded her. She also didn’t have press materials to show us, didn’t have her publicist present, and couldn’t call up her web site for us. Everything we asked her about seemed to be something of a hassle for her to answer. We weren’t mad – although it looks like we were from the editing – but we were a bit annoyed. We asked her point blank: Would you act this way if we were two editors from WWD coming in today? She admitted she wouldn’t have acted this way and we told her that it’s dangerous to think that way. A site with 6 million visitors a month is a site with 6 million visitors a month, whether they started out as Project Runway recappers or not. That’s not meant to be self-flattering. We were trying to teach her a lesson about not dismissing the importance of fashion press, no matter where it comes from. Every opportunity has to be grabbed when it comes along.

And Tom has been dreading that “I CAN’T FINISH A SENTENCE, KORTO” clip from the second he uttered the words. There was a lot edited out of this meeting (which lasted several hours) but we both knew that one sound bite was going to make it in. It’s the kind of thing that makes reality show producers pump their fists in the air.

And we felt terrible that we made Korto cry, but we think she learned a lesson from it.

Later, in a tense scene, Korto fires her bitchtastic publicist, who flounces out the door with “FINE! I DON’T NEED ANY OF YOU LOSERS ANYWAY BECAUSE I HAVE TOTALLY IMPORTANT MEETINGS TO GO TO. KTHANXBAI!”

No one believes her.

Korto shuffles someone new into the position and we wish she had been there on our day, because the girl was ON FIRE, with line lists, press packets and all kinds of professional shit.

See? Our bitchiness helped, right?

We had to laugh, because on the day of her presentation, Korto (who can be quite stubborn, if you haven’t figured that out by now) wore the Mary J. Blige dress. WITH the swoop.

But she was professional, personable, prepared (hey, it’s the Three P’s. You have permission to use that, Joe) and looked great.

Fabulous. We really love that top. And the pants look great. This is stylish, and real-world wearable, which is Korto’s whole goal as a designer.

The texture of that fabric is great. And it’s a smart choice, because the dress itself is relatively simple. Love the sleeve treatment, which bumps up the interest without going overboard.

We love that this was made out of raffia, but it’s just a little stiff and severe. That’s fine, but it goes against Korto’s whole “My clothes are for real women” take. It’s fabulous, but it’s very limited.

We weren’t crazy about this look at all. We love all of the fabric choices – Korto always had a great eye for fabrics – but we don’t like how they were utilized. That yellow stripe is puckery and we don’t think it’s going to look all that great on a range of non-model body types.  Plus, this is the point when we and the Neiman Marcus buyers said, “Okay, enough with the peplums.”

Gorgeous. Full stop.

Didn’t like this one at all. Once you took the belt off, it became totally shapeless. And the sleeves feel like they belong on another dress.

The Neiman Marcus buyers, because they are neither blind nor stupid, saw that Korto really does have something to offer their customer and agreed to do business with her.

We were thrilled. Doctor Joe came through once again.

Korto, we love ya, and since we know you’re reading this, you will please note that we did not once say you were “pouty” so you can finally stop bringing that up every time we see you.

Of course, now you’re going to spend the next four years mentioning that we called you stubborn, but we’ll let you have that one for a while.



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  • A. W.

    I actually despise the Naima dress, and here’s why. As a top-heavy gal, I look at a dress like that on the rack and I think, “oh, what a lovely color! Such a nice fabric!” and then I try it on. That neckline is going to turn even the best-controlled bosoms into a lumpy, saggy-looking, unattractive mess. Even her small-breasted model’s chest looks weird.

    Love the belt, though, and most of the rest of the collection.

    • AlinaValero

      as a small chested girl, i disagree completely and would love to have that dress in my closet.

      • Anathema_Device

         Yes, me, too. I would wear it in a heart beat. And the shoulder treatment would help balance out my bigger bottom half, giving me more of an hourglass effect.

    • MilaXX

       I think it’s a matter of body type/personal preference. I’m a plus size gal who would wear that in a heart beat and I think my DD’s would look great in it.

      • Glammie

        Yep, Naima works for my body type too.  There are lots of clothes I can’t wear, but I don’t understand “despising” them.  Everyone doesn’t look like me.  

        Of course, now I have “Naima” by Angelique Kidjo running through my head.  Fortunately, I like the song.

      • I do see what A.W. means, though. I think the model looks “lumpy” because she’s not got a lot going on in the chestal region. It looks like the dress was created with enough fabric to make room for ample breasts.

        However, size 16 here. I have pretty broad shoulders, so the wideness of the V would balance all that out. With the right bra, I would look fly. Naima ftw.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I think that dress is better suited for big bodies.

    • boomchicabowwow

      I understand designing for an A or B cup size, but please designers, remember that the bigger chested among us NEED to wear bras with their clothes!!

      • mariavii

         A bra with wide-set straps or strapless would work with Naima.

        My problem is that when I find a dress to fit my butt/thigh heavy size 14/16, the top is usually huge on my C-cups, unless I shop in the younger-gal brands…which is hard to do appropriately when I am pushing 40! 

        • boomchicabowwow

          I have the opposite problem (which I did to myself, mind you), but I’m a 34G, so my bra straps sit where they sit, whether they’re designed to be set wide or not! So while I LOVE the Naima, I’d have to accept that people would see my bra when I wear it. Also? Someone on this site introduced me to a website called eShakti, and I’m forever greatful. Check it out, it might be the answer to ALL our problems!

    • syrupandsugar

       The Naima dress is my favorite!

    • Chantelle James

      I don’t despise it… but I don’t like it. I like the sketch because it looked fresh and pretty and if the finished dress had the same proportions as the dress I’d have liked it. However, on the finished dress the sleeves look frumpy because they’re too long and that frumpiness doesn’t work with the wide neckline. I also don’t love the belt with the dress because it makes the model’s torso look rectangular.

  • while i see why Tom was dreading the “i can’t finish a sentence!” bit, it was totally necessary.  she wasn’t listening at all and the points you two were making to her, were being ignored.  i don’t think she wanted to hear how ill-prepared she was for that meeting.

    • annieanne

      She clearly thought a couple of freindly acquaintances that she’s known for several years were coming over to chat about her collection. She didn’t think of TLo as “press” that she had to prepare for; so no publicist, no press packet. And she didn’t think of them as people she had to defer to, like she might’ve the editors of WWD, hence talking right over Tom.

      •  My older brother gave me a piece of great advice once.  No matter who the meeting is with, any time you have to take a meeting on your own business, spend a couple hours before reviewing your business plan first.  And set aside one day a month to go over it and make any revisions.  It not only makes sure you know where you are going and how you are getting there, but that you can speak to it when asked.

        • Pinup Ghoul

          Even if the person one is presenting to is dear old Grandma Bootsy, they still want to know exactly what they’re investing in. And possibly double, because then the stakes are personal: they care about you and want you to succeed, so they’re going to push you to be perfect and organized in every way.

      • Celandine1

        Even if she had what she considered “real press” coming over, I still think she would have been unprepared. Do you think that her publicist would have done any extra work? That meeting with Neiman’s could have been a disaster too. She needed a wake-up call and thankfully she got one. That new publicist really helped impress the buyers and even with her talent, without that show of professionalism it might not have worked out so well. Most of the clothes she showed were really great, so I hope this leads to success for business.

    • VanessaDK

      If there was only one dreaded soundbite moment in all your filming I think you are very disciplined and possibly very lucky. What fun to see your impact on the fashion world acknowledged.

  • AudreysMom

    “That’s when these two assholes showed up.” 🙂 And that’s when this post got really fun and interesting. Thanks for the great detail, guys. Korto was lucky to have your perspective.

    (one of the happy 6 million)

    • I second that motion.

      Now I need to find when this ep re-airs so I can dvr it.  Crossing my fingers!

      • Loretta Pontillo

         On my cable system, they offer “On the Line” as on-demand programming. Do a search and see it comes up! 🙂

  • 3boysful

    I still covet Korto’s seat belt coat from PR.

    And I didn’t realize you were on this–have to go back and watch.  Proud of you guys!

    • Judih1

      Me too – that seatbelt dress was fabulous

      I never watch this show (or project runway) but always read about it here. I will watch this episode ONLY to see TLO. Can’t wait to see what they SOUND like. If they sound anything like the write, it will be a great show

    • agentilities

      isn’t the the same model from the seat-belt challenge in the skirt and vest shot?

      • PostsYouCanDanceTo

        Why yes, that’s her Project Runway model.

        I immediately recognized her and was kinda shocked that I did. It’s sweet that Korto stands by her model.

        • Call me Bee

          Oh of course.  I kept thinking the model looked familiar.  I thought maybe she was on ANTM, as they show up on obscure fashion programs now and again. 

      • ecallaw1977

         If not, they’re very similar!

    • Oh yes, the seatbelt coat. Sooooo beautiful!

    • Season after season, I keep thinking someone will come up with something as fabulous as the seat belt coat dress, and no one ever does.  I think it is still my favorite Project Runway outfit.

      • MilaXX

         yep that’s one of those iconic PR looks which ranks up there with Austin’s cornhusk dress, Andre’s dirty water dress and Jay’s Chrysler building dress.

        • Introspective

           ah for the good talent of PR seasons pre-Bunim/Murray…

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Ain’t that the truth!  

        • kimmeister

          And see, out of those three you just mentioned, I only remember the corn husk dress, but I definitely still remember the seatbelt coatdress.

        •  You know, I loved that coat.  I’m still pissed it didn’t win.  I’ve actually considered hitting up junkyards for seatbelts to replicate it.  

          (Though having not seen S1 when it aired, I heard a lot about the Chrysler building dress and I just wasn’t that impressed once I finally saw it. I think it suffered from overly elevated expectations.)

        • Call me Bee

          I always think of Seth-Aaron’s mother-daughter outfits along with all of those.  Oh–and Jeffrey’s newspaper dress. 

          • MilaXX

            those are good ones as well. I just listed the ones that made me gasp the first time I saw it.

      • annieanne

        IMHO the only thing that’s come close is Laura Bennet’s recycled flour(?) bag dress. My two favorite unusual materials looks from the show.

        • Call me Bee

          It was a peanut bag.  I loved that one as well. 

    • A.W.
    • MilaXX

       she does this really fun thing on twitter where she post a design and ask her followers what celeb they think would look great in it.

    • l_c_ann

      The seat belt coat could be copied in wide silk easily.

      •  No it couldn’t.  You could do the same design, but the texture wouldn’t be quite the same.  Seatbelts have a fairly unique texture to them, which was part of what made the design so impressive — seatbelts are not something one thinks of as being beautiful or even interesting fabric.

  • Korto and Leanne tied for the season 5 win, in my head. 

    I thought she did great, but I cringed for everyone during the press meeting. Very glad Korto came through in the end – really want to look at her stuff when it comes out at Neiman Marcus. 
    Also, my boyfriend (who is well aware of my obsession with your fabulous opinions) was curious to know if this was one of the meetings during your whirlwind glam NY/SATC month. 

    • MilaXX

       Agreed. I liked both collections for different reasons.

  • flamingjune

    I wish they’d shown more of your meeting with her!  Lo got the “good cop” to Tom’s “bad cop” edit, no?

  • “Tlo said: That’s when these two assholes showed up.”

    LOL! You weren’t assholes – not even close – but I can understand why Tom was dreading the edit. And I can also understand your (& Joe’s) frustration. She was shockingly unprepared for the meeting. It doesn’t matter who was going to show up to meet her, the reality is, she was on camera, on a TV show, that she had to know the impact of. She should have brought her A-game, period. That said, she falls into the trap of many artists, who need organizational help. That seems to be the story of so many of the designers who appear on this show: They surround themselves with the wrong people and that, more than anything, stunts their growth. I was glad to see her pick up that new publicist.

    And I did love the sound they made when Joe first mentioned your names! You should make a sound-grab of that and attach it to your site so everyone who lands here hears Joe saying ‘Tom and Lorenzo’ followed by the chorus of ‘Ohhhhhh!’

    BTW, j-adore the Naima dress! And I was happy to see that Neiman’s is going to buy from her. Korto is very talented and I like to see talented people get the shot they deserve.


    • kimmeister

      The part where they blamed the rain for a bad internet connection?  *snort*

      • Actually, where my mother lives, the rain sometimes affects both her phone and internet service.


        • kimmeister

          Does she live in NYC?  I’d expect spotty service in a rural area, but not in an industrial area of NYC like where Korto was doing her work.

          • I’m guessing you don’t live in NYC. We have spotty service here too. 


          • khh1138

            And here in sunny LA, a little rain can be a disaster for our internets too.  Sometimes it’s the wind…

          •  Really?  I’m in Chicago and ours is fine.  Hell if wind messed up our internet, we’d never have it.

          • Sweetpea176

             The rain affects my internet, too.  Not in NYC, but in Boston.  It just takes one leaky junction box somewhere….

          • Lisa_Cop

            I live in NYC Upper West Side (where Korto’s studio is) and the rain does NOT affect the Internet EVER.

          • That’s not where Korto’s studio was.

  • I knew when you guys kept tossing us JLo and Rose McGowan that you were having a hard time writing this. Writing about yourself is the worst. You did great. Great re-cap and great job on the show. All of us who read your site know all about the editing-trickery that reality shows use to keep us all enthralled. Your fans – at least this one – know we didn’t get to see even .0002% of your intelligent and thoughtful input (the meeting was several hours?? yikes!). And you – and Joe – were spot on that Korto was totally unprepared and not taking the meeting seriously enough. Glad she got rid of that hysterically-bad PR lady and replaced her with the new one. Lastly, and most importantly, you two looked fabulous!

  • agentilities

    I hope she fires her entire team! I have had the displeasure of meeting some of them and they were quite unprofessional

    • Introspective

       dish please!!!

    • MilaXX

       I suspected there were some bad apples in that bunch. I hope that Michelle looks so awesome in comparison that they either step up their game or get replaced.

  • sherrietee

    I love that Mariah blouse.  I don’t think I could wear those colors, but I’d sure give it a try.

  • Kate4queen

    sorry to bring this up yet again, but where can you watch the episodes if you don’t have Sundance ch? thx 🙂

    • IAmJ

       I bought this episode on iTunes for $2.99.

      • Kate4queen

        thank you-I always forget that option. 🙂

    • Frank_821

      Time Warner Cable Free Movies on Demand channel. Channel 1002 in my town. should be available tomorrow morning

  • This show takes FOREVER to show up on iTunes! Waiting to watch you two “assholes” make Korto cry!!! 🙂

  • FkUrAzz

    Ha – after all the bitching – Tom’s sleeves are swallowing his hands…physician, heal thyself!!

  • I’ll have to track down this episode. I really liked her final collection (on her orig PR series) and afterwards I checked her website and her jewellery was fantastic, she could’ve made a career in that. But sadly, not liking anything here except the raffia jacket, that looks cool.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      You’re right about the jewelry, it’s fantastic! It’s not my aesthetic, but I know my sister would love to have some of the pieces. I wonder if there’s a place to see them besides her store? I really think she ought to feature her accessories more prominently, she clearly has a knack for it. Thanks for pointing it out, I never would’ve known about the jewelry if not for your comment!

  • Srw27

    I loved seeing you guys on the show-now I can tell you apart 🙂  Just kidding!!

  • dorothea_brooke

    That was really fun. I put the whole “can’t finish a sentence” thing down to editing, because I *know* you two to be sweet as cream and gentleman of the first water, even though I haven’t met you and likely never will.  Get a bunch of creative types in a room together and interrupting is inevitable. (Shrugs.)  Whoever decided to change to a smaller belt for the Naima dress made right choice – so much fresher. I’ve always loved Korto’s stuff.  Wish she’d do patterns for us poor folk!  I even liked that first coat/dress/gown thing.  Make it a foot shorter and it’s a great winter dress. 

  • mightbewrong

    “That’s when these two assholes showed up.”
    TLo, even when you make designers cry, you make me chuckle.

    In other news, I actually adore the Bella dress. There’s something just slightly off between the main fabric and the sleeves, but I’m coveting it anyway.

  • LOVE! Wish I had cable. Might have to try to track this down online.

  • Scimommy

    Is that 6 million clicks a month? Because that would mean me and 5 million others.

    • kaycem

      lol it’s *probably* uniques, as that’s typically how a website’s popularity / clout / value is established.  i would imagine with the popularity of posts like the t.lo lounge, and the number of stories posted per day, their total monthly visitor count is probably far higher than 6 million — like probably 10x higher i’d bet.

      shit, i clicked on t.lo at least ten times today waiting for this AotL post, and that’s not even counting clicking on stories.  😉  and if you and i are doing it, guaranteed everyone else is, too.

      •  If I type the letter “t” into Mozilla, every single thing that comes up is a TLo post, simply from the number of times I will go into the same post to read new comments.

  • reduce the sleeve length on the bella dress drastically, so they almost
    become shoulder treatments rather than sleeves, and i think it could be
    quite gorgeous!

    love korto, love you guys.

  • jonnyf8

    I don’t think any one has been “ready” for the press meeting in any of the episodes this year.  Maybe that should be part of Joe’s mentoring process.

    • Introspective

      agreed, but inadvertently it is a lesson learned via tough love. I think joe sets up press meetings he knows these people arent ready for on purpose. he is trying to teach them a lesson about the business side of the industry by showing them the major misstep of bombing in front of fashion editors/bloggers.

      you can have fabulous clothes all you want as a designer, but if you cant figure out how to market them properly to the people who will be your best sources of promotion, youre done…

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        For me one of the most interesting parts of All on the Line is to see the business side of the fashion industry.  I can better understand why it’s so bleeping hard to make it in fashion-having the talent is just part of it.  

        I couldn’t believe how unprofessional Korto’s original publicist was-she gave the impression that she didn’t take her job, or Korto, seriously.

        I really enjoyed the two buyers from Neiman-Marcus, and their input, and I’m thrilled for Korto that they decided to pick up a collection from her.

        •  There’s also the fact that the skills that make a great designer are not skills that necessarily lend  themselves to business success, unlike certain other fields. 

  • Eva_baby

    I hear what you are saying about that raffia jacket, but damn, I can think of at least 5 women I know who would rock the SHIT out that jacket.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I rarely say this, but I would totally cut a bitch for that jacket. That was absolutely stunning-didn’t Joe Zee want it, too?

  • gabbilevy

    Saw “Michelle” and immediately thought “Michelle Obama.” And girlfriend would look ah-MAY-zing in that dress. Just me?

    • Introspective

       girl i thought that too last night! so her color and her best silhouette…

    • Qdahling

      I thought the same thing!

    • MilaXX

       I posted the same thing.

    • Jessica Goldstein

       Just what I cam to say. Her team should ship that sucker off to FLOTUS immediately.

  • kimmeister

    It was almost shocking how bad that PR rep was.  And I don’t want to sound culturally insensitive or whatnot, but I kept wishing Korto would take off that headpiece and show her hair more often!

    Once TLo showed up, I was struck by how UNnoteworthy their height differences are.  One of the writeups (was it the NY Times one?) made it sound like the difference was drastic.  Wish more of Lorenzo’s comments had made it into the episode, the editing made it look like he mostly just stood there (which I am sure is not the case at all).

    Love the Neiman’s guy.  I find him charming and insightful, would love to see him more.  I was kind of puzzled by their reference to a peplum for the first look though.  Doesn’t really look like a peplum, just that the blouse is belted so that the bottom flares out.  Am I wrong? Also appreciated the little footnote on screen explaining what raffia really is. I had no idea!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I wasn’t seeing peplum in that first look either; that might be because I think of a peplum as being somewhat more structured, and definitely standing away from the waist.

  • afabulous50

    I would buy that first pant/blouse combination in a heartbeat.  Love the top.

  • Winter_White

    So mad at myself for missing this — you and Korto.  Oddly enough, and despite all the photos I’ve seen, my mental image of you two is still your cartoon icon!  The one with both of you in tuxes.

    (But how do we know those aren’t just actors hired to portray the beloved “Tom and Lorenzo” characters?  Sort of like Christian Bale isn’t really Batman, right?)  🙂

  • I bought one of her bracelets from Dillards, a few years back.  What?  Did that career not go well? 

  • Pamdela

    I actually loved you guys; I’ve always had a soft spot for Korto too. But I’m starting to feel that the show is becoming very formulaic. For the past three weeks,we’ve seen the exact same story arc: Joe sees a problematic collection; Joe serves up a celebrity challenge; Joe demands a three-week capsule collection to be shown to well-known buyers. I’m hoping the producers shake things up a bit going forward, as I can’t believe that designing for a celebrity is all it takes to shake a floundering designer into smarter design choices. 

    • MilaXX

       Can’t say I dislike the formula. The dress a celeb almost feel like a trial run for the capsule collection & it give Joe something concrete to critique in progress instead of the ready made looks they already have. It also helps set the framework for the capsule collections. It’s a good trial run for dressing a very important client and drives home the important of how much press can be made from pleasing a client. Yup, lot’s of learning in that dress a celeb bit.

    • flamingjune

      I’m disappointed that the focus group segment of the show (where “real women” try on the designer’s clothes and give their honest feedback) has apparently now been relegated to the commercial spots. The show-mercials.  It was one way that AOTL used to mix up the formula a bit.  Plus, it was hard for the designers to ignore the critiques of actual customers. 

      • Pamdela

        I feel the same way. I don’t mind the celebrity challenge, but it now feels like the default setting for every designer. Joe Zee used to switch things up, depending on the “lesson” he wanted the designer to learn.

    • Lilithcat

      I can’t believe that designing for a celebrity is all it takes to shake a floundering designer into smarter design choices

      Not all it takes, but, let’s face it, a designer is going to pay a whole lot more attention to what a celebrity – whose look will be photographed and seen by millions – thinks of a design, that what Lilithcat – whose look will not be photographed and will be seen by tens – thinks.

    • CozyCat

      What keeps the formula working is the fact that not all the designers succeed.  The first two designers this year didn’t get either the press coverage or the order.  It’s like those TV shows (eg, Buffy) that aren’t afraid to kill off a major or beloved character.   The element of suspense keeps things interesting.
      That said:  as soon as Korto showed the pieces to Joe Zee, you knew she was in good shape.

  • FkUrAzz

    Lol… edited as these two can’t handle a little criticism aimed at them… hags

  • Vanja

    Lorenzo, was the “I’m wearing this red jacket to an important meeting” tweet, about a while ago, about this show?

    •  No, that was when we were meeting with publishers, pitching our book.

  • Introspective

    korto and tlo in the same ep with hot ass joe zee! my head nearly popped off with squeals!!

    i died when lo exclaimed “im mad I came from philly for this!!!” it was a bomb of a meeting and that first pr rep was a hot steaming bowl of mess.

    in the end though korto’s fab eye for prints, flattering shapes and color came thru. i knew there’d be some tweaks necessary as the thru line of the whole ep was that she over designs and needs to tone it down, but in the end neiman cant pass on such amazing talent. really its a shame that PR had all these excellent designers and no drama only a few seasons ago, and now its all drama and pretty mediocre talent…

    whatever. go korto!! so hoping to get a piece if I can afford it when neiman releases your line.

  • mjude

    loved this post…had to read it twice!  LOL

  • Qdahling

    Ooh I need to watch this episode and see “my boys” (because of course you belong to all your precious unborn fawns) in action! Oh and of course I always liked Korto on PR

  • ShivaDiva

    Cool. So where’s your own show?

  • Judy_J

    I’ve never watched this show, but made it a point to tune in when I saw your FB post last night.  (thank god we switched from the Dish to DirecTV).  Anyhoo, y’all looked great, even if you did make Korto cry.  But all’s well that ends well, and I’m glad Neiman’s saw fit to do business with Korto.  She really did produce some good-looking, wearable pieces.  And I also think she should have won her season of PR.  I’m still in love with her safety belt coat.

  • SewingSiren

    How exciting. I love T Lo and Korto.  I’m glad that Neiman’s is going to be doing business with her . I love the Michelle dress and the Saba jacket . And I even thought bitchy Tom was cute.

  • Oh I need to see this! Can’t believe she was so dismissive…

  • hughman

    Holy crap – SIX MILLION!?!!

    I really need to start wearing pants when I comment here. 

    • Introspective

       i know right!! i was thinking the same. god only knows I say the silliest shit sometimes on this site. had no idea that 6 m people get to take in all my unfiltered crazy on the regular. TLo are impressive for being able to face that many people daily with wit and style to boot.

      • Call me Bee

        Oooh I hadn’t thought about that.  I do know I never need to wear pants no matter how many are reading, but I better start watcing my diction and stuff….

      • formerlyAnon

        Oh, let’s be real. Probably no more than than a few hundred thousand read all the comments. If that. So we Kittens can leave Our Leaders T & Lo to take the scrutiny of the full 6 million. 

    •  Why? We don’t.

      • tinyredlocks

        I love you guys…

  • Rand Ortega

    TLo, you both look fantastic. Completely ready for prime time. I hope your reps are pitching you for more shows, perhaps even 1 of your own.
    1 question re: Korto. Where are her signature prints? I really love the Mariah top, but found myself wanting more of what I considered expressly her strong suit. Prints. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but was there any discussion of her doing more designs w/ variations of the Mariah fabric?

    • kimmeister

      The Mariah fabric started off as a dress with what Joe considered ‘Star Trek shoulders’ or something like that.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    I liked many of Korto’s designs during her season, but I felt she did more interesting work when she was constrained by a challenge.  I seem to remember some real missteps in her finale collection — including that just-barely-this-side of vulgar mini and her drab wedding and bridesmaids dresses.

  • Sobaika

    I bought this online just to see you guys! Highlight of the episode for this BK.

  • Tom–love the fit of your Versace jacket.
    Another one of the 6 million.

    • Thank you. The sleeves are too long because the jacket was brand new. In my defense, I had them altered to T Lo specifications just before Fashion Week.

  • Carla_Charlton

    What a great post!  Really interesting to see the progression; it helps that Korto is a designer with talent.

  • MilaXX

    Can I just say I find her pretty? That last screencap of her is just beautiful in a way that only brown gals can be. I think this week I am going out to the fabric store and buy some remnants to practice my headscarf tying skills.

    For the record don’t think you were too hard on her. I  also got the sense she didn’t take your meeting serious and in this age of social media bloggers have all the power. I’m also happy that it prompted her her that do nothing publicist, because the new gal was all about the business. I hope she also prompts her to clean house because honestly, it looks like there is still room for fat to be trimmed from that group.

    I’ve been following Korto on twitter and facebook since her stint on Project Runway. I hope her NM line goes to a size 24 because I would love to wear something from her and the one thing her wearing the swoop dress demonstrates is that her stuff could be sized up. If anyone is interested the look book is post on the All on the line facebook page. I was also wondering of the Michelle dress was a homage to the FLOTUS, cause I think Shelly O could rock that dress hard.

    • SewingSiren

      I loved the head wraps too. I think she should consider doing a line of them. A few of the garments form this mini collection could have been styled with them as well.

      • SapphoPoet

        Yes, the headwraps are very interesting. 

      • MilaXX

        unless they are premade, the people who would wear the head wraps likely won’t buy them. It’s really just fabric wrapped around your head then twisted or knotted in the front. You don’t even have to hem the edges since they get folded under.

        • SewingSiren

          Yes, pre made is what I was thinking and hopefully more in the Dillard’s price range than the Neiman Marcus one ;). 

          • MilaXX

            It’s not that hard, you can youtube how

      • Call me Bee

        And see?  I was not that crazy about them.  She looked beautiful in them, but I loved her own hair and wished I could see it more often.  But the jewelry she and her partner Maria wore in the episode was stunning! 

    • SapphoPoet

      I would love to wear her clothes, too. I did check out her website; loved her jewelry.

  • BrooklynBomber

    The Elise vest would be gorgeous w/o the yellow detail. The satin at the armholes PLUS that is too much. the more subtle armhole detail is nicer.

    LOVE the first top.

  • Frank_821

    Very cool. You’ve come to the point where you can make Designers tremble in fear. Anna Wintour watch out. Actually it is easy to forget because you’re such entertaining bloggers that you are in fact legitimate media. You wouldn’t be invited to Fashion week shows if you were not. That was foolish of Korto to not recognize that especially since you 2 were probably one of the first people to write about her with your PR recaps.

  • SapphoPoet

    I don’t watch this show, but I enjoy the recaps. This was a fun one. I really like her clothes; the fabrics are beautiful and it looks like she was able to restrain herself with the designs. 

  • SapphoPoet

    Ooo–that’s gorgeous. I would totally wear that. 

  • Le_Sigh

    YAY!  I was waiting for this 🙂

    Werq you two – also that Michelle dress has Michelle Obama written all ova it.  

  • meowing

    anywhere I can watch this online for free?

    • Frank_821

      Time Warner Cable Free Movies on Demand. Should show up tomorrow

    • Lilithcat

      Check your cable company’s On Demand schedule.  I know Comcast has the show, even for those who don’t subscribe to the Sundance channel.

  • Damn you guys! I just pre-bought the entire season on iTunes because after reading your recaps I simply MUST see these episodes and not the year it will take Netflix to get on it. I love Korto and can’t wait till the download is done!

  • You guys look so cute! I have to find this episode on the Interwebs somewhere.

  • Lilithcat

    Love the Saba jacket and the Michelle dress.  Those are gorgeous.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Great recap, you gentlemen look great. And why shouldn’t you throw some designer names around? Can’t wait to watch the episode. 6 million readers a month! I recommend this blog to everyone.

  • Aww, crap, TLo, I missed it! I’m a baaad BK! I’m going to park it in front of my computer and watch it as soon as I get home tonight – even not having seen it yet, I’m proud of you guys!

  • Lauren Schuman

    I would love to have a few of these pieces –  but I’m not sure she has really listen to all the advice. Her website is terrible – hard to use and there is no clothing products available on it. I would think if you were being featured on a tv show you would make sure everything was up and running so that you could make the most of this opportunity in the spotlight. What a wasted opportunity.

  • Aw, I really liked Korto’s PR collection, there were a ton of pieces from that collection that I would have bought.  And I really like many of these pieces as well, except the Bella dress.  

    I wouldn’t feel too bad about making her cry, as I recall she is quick to cry.  

  • l_c_ann

    Isn’t one of her models for NM the same one who wore her clothes so well on her season of PR?

    •  Yeah, it’s Katarina, her model partner. It’s amazing they’re still working together after so many years!

  • siriuslover

    I need better cable so I can watch you guys on TV… oh yes, and Joe, too.

  • tired_mommy

    Loved the show–especially TLo. Thought the whole bad PR angle seemed contrived/off. Obviously the first PR person wasn’t a good fit, but how can Korto be angry the PR girl didn’t do anything for Mary J or TLo if she didn’t tell her about it? Is she supposed to have ESP?  And how did Michelle magically come up with the entire presentation,etc in one day?

  • mhleta

    I really dig that Saba jacket. I like the idea of the yellow stripe on the Ellise top, but it needs to be integrated better. What is this TV show we’re talking about here? First I’ve heard of it. Time, day and network?

    • mhleta

      Just found it. Sundance. I was able to watch the first ep with Mario Lopez on line, but I don’t think I’ll be forking out the $16 a month for the Sundance channel. Though it is tempting. 

  • Oh, I would wear the hell out of any of those items!  LOVE that Mariah blouse.

  • granddelusion

    “Hey, Kittens! Let’s check in and see what’s happening with our favorite pouty designer!” PR post 4/18, 2009! She will be stubborn about that!

  • GorgeousThings

    In music, there’s a saying, “Treat every gig like an audition, and every audition like a gig.” It goes for meeting with press, buyers, and clients, too.

  • Imasewsure

    Sorry to suck up to our daddy(s) but judging from the pictures here the best piece in the episode was of course Lo’s Michael Bastian jacket! Sorry T – you also looked elegant but the jacket was fantastic. And our beloved bloggers are the best bloggers of course but that’s force of nature (and technology) that every designer has to start taking seriously if they want to succeed so glad you schooled her as gently as you could… gotta find the episode too. 🙂

    •  I always find it odd that young designers need to be schooled in this — how do they not already know that?  And why would you not want to deal with bloggers? 

      Though I’m always surprised when anyone turns down a chance to talk…

  • Guys, just so you know, I am fully willing to let you make me cry for a shot at your six million readers any time.  I will even let you have pictures of the scary gargoyle face I make while doing it, and trust me, that is seriously rare — I have taken horrible news without batting a lash until I was alone simply to avoid letting people see that face.  

  • Anathema_Device

    The “I can’t finish a sentence” bit was priceless. She was doing that fast-agreeing thing and talking over the advice throughout the episode. It is like my son’s first grade teacher said, “If you’re talking, you’re not listening.” But, she did listen. I always wonder how these designers will do going forward, whether than can take the lessons learned  forward or whether they need constant hand-holding.

    I actually liked the red dress with the sequins on the sleeves. Without the belt, it looked very young and flowy.

    The ex-publicist was a riot! Yeah, lots of appointments. I’m sure you do.

    • Call me Bee

      Well–I’m sure she won’t have many appointments after this episode…her reputation just hit the skids. 

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Lorenzo, those jeans look AMAZING on you!

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Late to the confab here (I went back to work today! and I’m being strict about nose-to-IP Central’s grindstone), but I’m thrilled and delighted that Tom and Lorenzo deported themselves in their own fabulous (and opinionated) way.  Dunno whether I’ll figure out a way to watch the episode, but I was struck by the screen caps — Tom, with my chemo crop you and I have nearly identical hairdos, practically down to the color.  Congratulations on your debut on AOTL!

    • Yaaay!  Congrats on going back to work today, sweetie!  Hope it wasn’t too tiring and that you had a good day!

      As for me, I”m home now, so I’m off to catch the episode!

      • NDC_IPCentral

        Hey, Lisa, thanks for the attagirl.  I’m exhausted!  Part-time is certainly all I can manage for quite some time.  Nice reception from my colleagues and a pile o’ files now sitting on my desk waiting for my professional touch.

        Watch Our Boys for me, willya?  I can’t zip down to Astoria right now to watch with you, alas. 😉

    • MilaXX

      Our boys are indeed fab. This is their second appearance. They were on last season for the Nicole Miller episode.

      • NDC_IPCentral

        Mila, thanks for setting me straight on the debut and the return.  My not having Sundance in my cable subscription puts me behind the knowledge curve for this show, not to mention my lack of HBO, LOGO and a few others.  Then again, Our Boys’ recaps fill the void handsomely.

        • MilaXX

          I’m sorry I didn’t mean to come off as rude. I’m just proud to see all the good things happening for T & Lo.

          • NDC_IPCentral

            Oh, Mila, I didn’t think your comment was rude at all – you provided more information, which I appreciate.  I’m happy for Our Boys’ continued success, too, and I’m happy we have a friendly and spirited community of commenters and on-line friends.

          • MilaXX

            just checking because sometimes it’s hard to tell how you sound to another person when speaking online. glad you weren’t offended.

  • Handsomest assholes I’ve ever seen.
    Great job, TLo! All we need now is your future guest judge stint on PR. 🙂

    • AutumnInNY

      Agree with Victor. It was so much fun seeing you boys, and absolutely would love to see you do a judge stint on PR. We all know you both would rock it! 

  • Sweetvegan

    I didn’t know you were going to be on this show! I would’ve Tivo’ed it! I wonder if the Michelle dress was named after Shelley O. It would be a great dress for her!

  • Call me Bee

    You know this from a totally star-struck Middlewesterner, but seeing you on TV was akin to seeing some of my favorite 60s bands (The Monkees, the Dave Clark Five, the Beatles) on TV after just seeing them on album covers or magazines (no videos back then…)  It was really fun! 
    Anyway–you are certainly not assholes.  Your annoynace at Korto’s lack of preperation was well-founded.  She and her team were totally unprofessional.  And her “PR” person was hysterical–didn’t know why she was given the boot. 
    As far as the collection, I liked most of it, but three peplums in 6 looks is a lot.  But–would totally buy that raffia jacket–what a great idea!  Also loved the yellow dress and even the last dress–worn loose.  Since it was well-fitted at the bust, I didn’t think it was shapeless at all. 
    The only clunker was the vest with the odd yellow stripe.  Just didn’t jive with the rest of the looks. 

    • “Well, she already has a fan base”  It doesn’t matter how many fans she has if she doesn’t have anything in stores!  And if you aren’t inviting buyers then how will stuff get into the stores?  I’m still trying to figure out the process she was working on…

  • formerlyAnon

    First things first: You guys look so much like the best teachers/mentors: serious, no-nonsense, but caring. [Because yes, I can read all that in three photos.] And re Tom: as my Aunt Eileen used to say “I can read the map of Ireland on his face.”

    I love the the Michelle dress and the Mariah blouse & like most of it. HATE the Bella dress. The neckline of the Naima dress would be questionable on the larger busted or just simply larger woman – I can’t tell from the photo if there are darts in the bodice, if there are they might save it.

  • I’m so annoyed at myself that I forgot that this was going to be on (bad enough), but then couldn’t resist reading the recap. I’m sure the show will be ‘delicious’ enough that having read the recap in advance won’t affect my enjoyment of one bit of it 

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    that first grey dress is stunning. everything else, just about, is fine but not as good as that. not to be mingy, i dont mean her other work is bad, i mean that that first dress is beyond most everything we see these days from almost everybody. at least to me.

    i hope she read the comments cos i actually meant what i said &, of course, i hate it when people feel bad. then again i bet she no longer feels so bad now that she’s finally got a decent contract. thats gotta be a major lift.

    i cant imagine what even being on a single episode of a reality program must be like. everyone i know who’s been offered one has turned it down [edi note: crazyspouse was briefly offered one before he died. i dont think the show he was offered has ever been televised, or perhaps even made, but had it been & had he not been quite so crazy i wouldve been given a chance to turn at least a little of one down myself]. this one doesnt seem so mean. still, even through the phantasm of being well dressed & televised, it mustve been hard to make korto cry–i hear that in yr recap, actually–along w/ having the one thing you wish you hadnt said, shown.

    still, sounds like it came out pretty good all around. & life is so standard, it’s tremendous fun to do something bigger & more unusual than what one does on the other wearying days.

  • Bozhi

    Tom and Lorenzo!  You guys are fabulous!  You looked great, and Lorenzo, while that was a great jacket, Tom, you brought it.  Loved your whole outfit.

  • Okay, so I watched it, and honestly, I don’t think you two were too tough on her at all.  I mean, look – the lady wants to have her own business, and a completely passive way of doing things isn’t going to help.  Years ago, I used to sell my own artwork on ebay, and I had business cards, a website, the works.  The stuff you were asking her about wasn’t out of the ordinary.  I think you gave her a wakeup call – nicely done!

    •  I know!  I was expecting so much harsher when they said they made her cry

  • Hetha Innis

    I am SO BUMMED I missed this! I saw your Facebook post and then spent the next 20 minutes trying unsuccessfully to find the show! Agh! You look great in those screen caps and are you just freaking out that you were on tv with Joe Zee? WTF. Life is stranger than fiction for sure. 

  • MintaHallWriter

    I liked the same looks TLo did. 
    But did y’all notice that Lo was a near-clone of Joe Zee in every picture. Head cocked at the same angle. Wearing the same clothes (slight variations in color only). Same body pose. Even the same expression.

    Come clean, TLo. Joe Zee is Lorenzo’s long-lost twin, right?

  • nancylee61

    I don’t like most of these, but I LOVE the Michelle dress!! Was that designed for Michelle Obama?? She should grab it, it would look great on her!!

  • photonix

    Aw, lookit you guys! *sniffle* Amazing. I need to find out where I can watch this online!

  • LIB represent

  • LIB represent 

  • bluefish

    Korto got great advice from all involved and came up in short order with a definitely B Plus collection.  I thought and LeeAnn and Korto were evenly matched for the Season Win and that that LA won it fair and square.

    It was great to see both of you in NYC doing your thing but wish that editing had been lighter.  I would imagine most all knew that Korto’s so-called staff were not really — I don’t imagine given what we saw that she had the cash to hire anyone much less a PR person.  Think people weren’t doing their jobs because there was no money to pay for their services.

    Also in terms of your own PR, Philly to NYC ain’t nothing in terms of travel for the huge exposure benefit that comes off being on TV.  Love you both but be careful not to get used yourselves in the black hole suck void that is reality TV.

    Still — a very positive result for Korto who had benefit of some great advice and opted to take it.

  • Trisha26

    I barely remember Korto’s designs from PR, but I remember her attitude which I see hasn’t changed. (Leanne deserved to win that season, hands down.) Even considering the producer/editing manipulation we put up with on PR, we do see how difficult it is for these creative people to often tolerate each other, let alone work as part of a team. Add attitude and opinion to the mix and it’s a wonder anyone ever designs anything! So it was utterly fascinating to see the members of Korto’s team immediately identify “the right team” as an issue. Loved the stern, much-needed critique from TLo – it’s not only the Boy Scouts who need to always be prepared!

    As a peplum hater, the only design I loved here was the Michelle dress – gorgeous fabric.

  • Um…you guys didn’t say she was pouty BUT you guys did say ‘pouty-faced’. How do I know? Because there’s an Kortu Momolu article under ‘You might also like:’ that starts off with “Our favorite pouty-faced designer…” lolol. Pouty…pouty-faced. Same thing, no? If not, ignore this whole paragraph.

    Just finished watching this episode. So, so good. I didn’t think you guys were mean at all because what you guys said was true. She totally came unprepared and almost dismissive. Just because she knew you guys. That wasn’t right. 

    I loved her collection. My favorite being the Michelle dress. And it’s funny she named it that because this is so a Michelle Obama dress. It would look fantastic on her skin! Someone needs to call Michelle Obama’s stylist! STAT!

  • I wish there was more of you two in the actual episode…She did seem to have a little bit of an attitude when she heard you were going to be there. I am always amazed on this show when the designers are not prepared, I just don’t get it

  • lucasuk82

    I love Korto’s aesthetic; the layered sleeve detail on the first red dress is perfect to me.  I also enjoy her personal style is elegant without defaulting to the Park Avenue pearls on a skeleton cliche.  Gorgeous woman!

  • Bozhi

    Korto is all over the place with her designs.  I hated most of her final collection for PR.  I loved most of what I saw in this show.  I found one design at NM that I would want to wear.

  • I finally got to see this. You guys didn’t make her cry! Joe started it – she was primed, and the stress of trying to get her sh*t together had her on the edge. I’d have been annoyed too at how unprepared she was for your visit.
    I’ve always liked her, and am so glad it all had a happy ending.

    And I think I need a cardboard cut-out of Joe for my studio. Not life size, just a little one to put on my drawing table. Is that weird? 

    • boomchicabowwow

      No, but it is weird that you don’t want one of TLo more….but maybe you already have one?

      • Is there such a thing? TLo cut-outs, or bobble head dolls? 
        I need one of Joe to help me kick myself in the pants about work, to stay on track.
        I don’t need one to help me make bitchy comments to myself about how poorly I’m dressed because I know I look like crap (I work at home). 
        *kiss kiss*

        • boomchicabowwow

          If there is not such a thing already, I propose we (Paula Pertile and I, although I’ve just now absorbed your user name and want to esteem you on your CSI astuteness)copyright the idea posthaste and begin production immediately.

  • Wellworn

    Damn, how did I miss this?  I blame facebook, which has been hiding TLo from my feed for a couple of days now, and my busyness.  Luckily they are repeating the show on Saturday.  By the way, my dear TLo, never feel bad that you made someone cry when you were trying to help.  I always felt it was a great moment as a teacher when I would talk to a student (never in front of the class) about something that needed improvement and the tears would come.  Because I was truly trying to help and because the tears showed that they got it.  If you don’t give the tough love, then how will they learn?

    • Wellworn

      Wait, my DVR recorded it tonight, and I don’t see it in the schedule for the rest of the week.  Sorry about saying it was Sat., guess the menopausal brain farts are happening with higher frequency now.

  • I don’t watch the show but I did grab your bit that was on the website and you are TOO CUTE.

    I like the collection in general… I actual have some fabric in the same vein as the Mariah blouse waiting to be made up into a wrap dress AS WE SPEAK.

  • HEY! WAKE UP AMERICAN WOMEN! When did we relinquish our power? We are the WOMEN to whom these jokers intend to ply with their wares!!! We KNOW what a) looks good;  b) FEELS good, c) expresses ourselves and individuality, and last, but certainly NOT least, what we are willing to spend our hard-earned or inherited bucks on!!!!!!! Who turned over the power to a few whimpy ol guys who have never (in public) worn a dress???? Puh-leeze, people, they are talentless clowns who have no more promising avenues than to play you (the “weaker” sex) into believing their spin  (pirouette, whatever), therefore shaming you, into jumping onto the “Emperor’s New Clothes” bandwagon (read the book). Listen up, ladies, our dollars support these weasels, and the only reason they have a job is from the spineless age of females who looked to them to condone or reject style… after all, we are the weaker sex… no? NO! Free yourselves from these parasitic individuals who direct your money as well as your sensibility, with absolutely NO experience whatsoever at actually being one of US…. a woman!!!!!!!