All On The Line S3E5: Brooke Rodd

Posted on October 10, 2012

Meet Brooke Rodd. Brooke moved her family to Los Angeles with nothing but a great pair of eyebrows, a beachy aesthetic, and a dream. Also, a husband who can’t get work as an actor, but we’ll drop that lest we get mean.


Brooke makes nice, but totally nondescript clothing.


Enter Doctor Joe, once again. Joe tells her that her clothes are nondescript. She begs to differ. Then she spends the next 40 minutes begging to differ over and over again.


Look, we’re not naive when it comes to reality television, but this is something we don’t get at all. Sure, maybe Brooke was approached by the producers or maybe she eagerly signed up because she wanted the exposure, but what the hell is the point in going to a bona fide expert for advice and then arguing with literally every single thing that expert tells them?


She seems like a nice enough lady, but she had that breezy way of saying “I don’t agree” to every single criticism and it made her come off like an extremely frustrating brick wall. Not only did she argue with Joe’s point that her clothes are nondescript, she argued with his point that she doesn’t know how to describe her brand EVEN AS SHE SPENT THE NEXT 3 WEEKS STRUGGLING WITH A WAY TO DESCRIBE HER BRAND. There’s stubbornness, and then there’s jaw-dropping lack of self awareness.


But like we said, she seems like a nice enough lady, and Joe thought she had something to offer, so that’s good enough for us. He orders her to make a look for Whitney Port, who’s a pretty good match to the “bicoastal chic” aesthetic that he imposed on her (because she couldn’t come up with an aesthetic description on her own).

Can we just say that we’re loving the L.A. locale as a change of pace for the show?


Brooke’s first attempt is embarrassingly nondescript, with a truly hideous Blanche Devereux gold jacket paired with an orange cami. Joe tells her to re-do the cami in a print, and pairs it with this cool little tweedy jacket from her collection, which lifts the entire look up. Once again, we marvel at the man’s ability to style a look at the drop of a dime and never get a detail wrong.


They meet up with Whitney in an empty restaurant, where she pretends to be both busy and eating.

Totally annoying blogger name-dropping moment: We’ve seen Whitney at several Fashion Week events and she’s stunningly beautiful in person. It’s not that she’s not beautiful on camera, but she’s one of those rare celebs who don’t photograph as well as you’d think.


Brooke brings her look out and Whitney is immediately unimpressed.


We think it’s okay, but just okay. But what really ruined the look was the hiddy gold jacket that Joe specifically told her not to include. Like we said: stubbornness at a blinding level. Whitney, to no one but Brooke’s surprise, tells her she’s not going to wear anything from anyone who thinks that hiddy gold jacket is acceptable on anyone but a Golden Girl.

To our surprise, Joe did not tear her a new one for that. Instead, he tells her to come up with a capsule collection for Zappo’s, which seems like a pretty good fit for her aesthetic. He also tells her, in grand “All on the Line” fashion, that he’s bringing in two bitchy bloggers to look at her work.


Enter Heather and Jessica, aka, The Fug Girls! Yay! We love these two ladies like a gay kid loves sequins. Our twice-yearly drinkup with them and Joe at Fashion Week is one of the highlights of our year, even if it does only last an hour or so because we’re all so busy. When you make a career out of being a bitchy fashion blogger, it can sometimes feel like there isn’t a person on the planet who really understands what your life is like. Heather and Jessica are the only two people who really get it, for obvious reasons. Last month, when we all met up, we admitted to each other that we’re fascinated by the other’s work process. We can’t imagine doing this with someone we don’t live with and they can’t imagine living with someone that does what they do. Then we all turned to Joe and told him how much we adore him.

And ladies, you both look super-cute. Loved your dresses.


Unlike us, the shrieking queens who CAN’T FINISH A SENTENCE, KORTO, H & J were lovely and offered very on-point criticisms that basically came down to the same thing everyone else said, i.e., “Girl, your clothes are nondescript.” They admitted that, given what they’re looking at, they have no plans to do a writeup. After they left, Brooke says that she’s really happy with the way things went; her stubbornness now reaching dangerously delusional levels.


It’s presentation day and the Zappo’s ladies are ready to be impressed. We can’t imagine this is going to go well.


It’s a variation on her look for Whitney Port, but all kinds of chic’d up. She finally took Joe’s advice on the jacket, which totally makes the look. Love the pop of color in the lining.


This is okay. The jacket fabric looks like something you’d make drapes out of. The dress is (we’re sorry to use this word so much) nondescript. The buyers asked to see it without the tie around the waist and that instantly makes it a better look.


Brooke loved this Flintstones fabric, but we hated it. We felt vindicated when the Zappo’s ladies admitted they didn’t like it either. We’re also not fond at all of all that draping at the hips, which seems to us like the very worst place to add draping.


The top is cute, in a minimalist sort of way. The Zappo’s ladies felt the sleeves were too long and we agreed.


This is probably one of her best looks, but it looks totally Tory Burch to us. This is what happens when you can’t describe your brand. Your work winds up being either boring or derivative.


The buyers liked this a lot more than we did. Joe seemed to like it as well. But to us, it looks both boob-droopy and hip-enhancing. Joe helped her a lot with this look, advising her to take it in at the armholes a little more. The Zappo’s ladies wound up buying this dress and the Whitney look, which, not coincidentally, were the two looks in which Joe had the most input. We hope Brooke examined that when this was all over.


But at least she was tearily grateful to him. Like we said, she seems like a nice lady who needed a break, but she really needs to pay attention when she gets criticism and she absolutely needs to be able to figure out her aesthetic going forward.



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  • PeggyOC

    Yay Fug Girls!  I want to be a fly on the wall for that drinks session.  On the other hand, I’d have told this designer that not only are her clothes nondescript, they’re for the most part unflatteringly cut and fugly.

  • mellorcr

    “but what the hell is the point in going to a bona fide expert for advice and then arguing with literally every single thing that expert tells them?”  This is normal behavior for the truly delusional.  They think they want advice, but they really only want praise.

    • Right? Like that guy last season. If you were doing fine, your business wouldn’t be failing. 

    • Glammie

      And publicity.  Actually, I think publicity is the big reason, which also explains why the designers can’t take criticism.  They think the problem is lack of funding and exposure–not any limitations they have as designers.  Thus, the shock when Joe and co. tell the truth.

    • muzan-e

      The point is getting introductions, exposure and buyers’ meetings. The lady wasn’t here for advice. She clearly didn’t believe she required any.

      •  But then she took the chance to pitch to The Fug Girls and used it to get feedback on her designs instead… so odd.

  • Dhammadina

    I was amazed that Zappo’s took these. That last one, the Sadie, looked like it was made from a table cloth runner. 

    You guys are amazingly even handed and your refrain, “she seems like a nice lady who needs a break” could be amended to: “she seems like a passive-aggressive delusional lady who needs a break because she is delusional.”  

    • I could not believe Zappo’s took them either. I liked some of her simple dresses (because I have made them). The wrap dress is a staple of the home sewer.

  • Janet B

    Unfortunately, nothing looked very special or unique.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I thought her clothes were awful. What she showed to Joe looked like the wearer could have sewed them herself. The capsule collection looked like what you might find at Walmart. Ughh!

  • The delusion came earlier – didn’t she also call the Whitney failure a win? I was scratching my head and rolling my eyes at the screen a lot. 
    Wow, described like that, I totally sound like a monkey. No wonder I played one in the law school musical last year. #monkeysigh
    Also, Brooke was stubborn enough that she insisted on wearing that craft-project drawstring dress Joe refused to let her put in the collection. It looked like a 2 year old’s dress, sized up for an adult. (Actually, did she wear each dress he criticized the next time they met? I can’t decide if I think she’s that passive aggressive or narcissistic, thinking “They’ll love it when I wear it! Because clearly I can show it off better than a model”.)
    My first thought at that gold jacket was Golden Girls and I think that’s thanks to TLo. Also, it should be noted that she only made the jacket in tweed after Joe picked out the swatch and told her to make it in that fabric; she has terrible instincts.
    I also liked the second-to-last look most of all. Most of the rest looked like shitty clothing you could get at an Urban Outfitters. Was that how she interpreted the “New York” part of her style, because if so, I’m a little offended on behalf of my fellow New Yorkers. 

    • kimmeister

      At least you’re not a one-way monkey.  ;-D

      • Anathema_Device

         I literally LOL at that. Thank you.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        Anything that reminds me of Dmitri makes me so happy inside.

    •  No, Whitney just “wasn’t a good fit for my brand”.  Really?  Your whole thing is an easy West coast vibe and Whitney freaking Port isn’t a good match for you?  Then who in your mind is? 

      I bet we could get Rachel Bilson to wear it — she has terrible taste and seems very easily swayed.

    • Yeah, she was a “glass half full” girl. How about the size of her operation (for someone about to loose everything)?,  two women sewing and a pattern maker who could interpret her “designs”. Maybe it was her attitude that was keeping her going….

  • You guys are so sweet–I love how you keep referring to the designer as “a nice lady”! But that last dress–UGH! MY EYES!

    • kimmeister

      “Nice” was the adjective furthest from my mind when I was mentally assessing her  . . .

      •  Passive aggressive, delusional, talentless, partially deaf…

        • MilaXX

           obtuse, crazy, partial blind……

  • artgirl9

    My least favorite client so far.  She didn’t deserve Joe’s time at all.  I don’t understand this choice!

    • DinaSews

      I really, really wanted this one to fail.  When that gold jacket came out I just wanted Joe to tell her ‘we’re done’.  You don’t listen, I’m not wasting my time with you.

      • Gotta love Joe, he never tells them he’s done. How about when she did not have a computer to show her web site?

  • imspinningaround

    The Tory Burch comparison is spot-on, but I’d go one step further and say that these clothes look like the bastard child of Tory Burch and Rachel Pally.  Which is weird, because both Tory Burch’s (high prep with a touch of steel) and Rachel Pally’s (soft, drapey, LA cazh-glam) aesthetics have nothing to do with each other. 

    • “bastard child of Tory Burch”, Thank you! that will keep me going for a while :). I miss “insane in the Ukraine”.

  • Frank_821

    It strikes me that as a designers she’s still raw and needs maturing. Her interpretation of “win” seems to be that people acknowledge she has potential but she does not push herself as a designer. Look what a big deal it was for her to make separates or pants

    I know a designer like that. She’s got a great demographic that’s in need of good fashion and her brand is obvious. sadly she’s lazy in her designs. She makes the same things over and over and worse she doesn’t try to improve the construction quality. It’s a shame since she’s a lot like like Brook in that she’s got something there but she plays it safe

  • ChelseaNH

    I was so bummed that Zappo’s bought anything; I wanted her to fail horribly.  It’s like she has no capacity for critical analysis.  She can’t think about things, just feel, and as long as she feels good, everything is okay.

    But hey, the Fug Girls did look awfully cute, so there’s that.

    • MilaXX

       I was shocked that Zappos bought anything. That was all fug/etsy shop clothes.

      • Courtney St. Julian

        Etsy has better clothes than Brooke Rodd’s.

  • I haven’t seen this episode, but I WORSHIP the Fug Girls – I’ve been reading them nearly since their inception, and credit them with bringing me to you guys several years back. 

    Also, yes, totally derivative of Tory Burch, a designer I don’t really like to begin with. So…that’s not so great.

    • zelavie

      The Fug Girls are the reason I’m here too!  Love them!

      • Introspective

        So funny- TLo is the reason Ive come to know aboutthe Fug Girls! Love them lots!

        But Brooke Rodd- me no likey. At all.

  • kimmeister

    I wholly expected (and was antcipating with glee) for Joe to rip her a new one for the sneaky jacket swapout.  What happened?  That gold lamé thing was HIDEOUS.  The fact that she claims “if I saw in a store, I would think it’s so sexy” is already a huge indictor about her taste level.  (Plus the fact that she thinks she doesn’t make generic mall clothes, when that’s exactly what she does.)

  • I disagree– she might be a nice lady, but she doesn’t deserve a break. The woman is NOT a designer. She can’t design, period. Her stuff looks like first year High School home economics projects. There are too many talented designers who DO need a break. This lady needs to get a job at the mall.

    • l_c_ann

      Even worse, they don’t inspire anything beyond a yawn.

    • CozyCat

      My impression was that she should be working for someone else.  She does good work when someone gives her an idea what to do, but despite her stubborn nature, she really has no independence of thought.

      I know a  lot of designers look down on that career path the way runway models look down on catalogue models.  But those less prestigous jobs provide a good living while doing work that you enjoy. Many people would kill for that….

  • I could not believe when she was showing her stuff to Joe at the beginning and her favorites were print wrap dresses — if I’m spending a lot on a print wrap, it’s going to be DvF, just like anyone else on the planet.  And “people love how my dresses fit” while talking about them?  THEY ARE WRAP DRESSES!!!  If it’s anywhere close to competently made and sized, it’s going to fit well, that’s one of the fabulous things about them!!!

  • I’ve never seen what the Fug Girls look like, and they’re totally adorable! Not that that matters, but now I have a picture in my head of two ADORABLE LADIES when I read GFY!

  • queen_Z

    she was delusional from the beginning and stayed delusional to the end.  she doesn’t want to admit it but her clothes are GMC, no ifs, and, or buts about it.  she did have some nice generic prints with color but anyone who sews has access to them…..the prints that she designed herself were ugly. i think the only reason they agreed to purchase the last dress is because of the color… sure wasn’t for it’s “design” or fit.

  • hughman

    When Nice Lady walked out for her presentation in that sewing project Joe had trashed earlier I thought “Oh shit just got real”. She was shameless. 

    • I made those same dresses for my daughter a few years back. They literally take two hours, cutting the patter to  the hem. I could not believe that she wore that to the presentation OR that she thought it would sell…

  • PastryGoddess

    I actually turned this off 10 minutes into the show because she was so boring.  The only reason I turned it back on was because I saw the Fug Girls were there as bitchy fashion bloggers.  I then turned it back off because she was totally annoying and boring.  

    Did I mention how boring she was.  oh and pig headed too

  • That is the kindest write up because honestly, those looks were so blah that I was stunned when Zappos said they wanted to do business with her. She  was seriously delusional; when she sent that ugly jacket out to Whitney Port, Joe should have just yelled, ‘next!’ and left her sitting there. oy. Very frustrating. Fug Girls did great.

  • as an art teacher, this is the kind of student that drives me crazy.  the ones who take the class just to argue with the teacher are one thing.  but the ones who just continue doing the same thing, acting as if they don’t even hear you, those are the ones that make you wanna scream.  i had one who only used the first eight of an inch of her brush in painting.  when i would point out (repeatedly) that one could really press down hard on a brush, she would just say yes, i know, or some other innocuous remark.  i always wonder, why are you wasting your money on a class?

  • i wonder if joe actually did rip her a new one re: the jacket switcheroo, but it was edited out.  i imagine he was plenty steamed.  maybe TLo can get the deets at their next tete a tete with joe.

    • It looks like Joe lets you hang yourself if you don’t listen and I don’t blame him. He has a job, if you are not going to listen to his advice, you won’t have one.

  • MilaXX

    I love Joe Zee and up to now I have adored watching the process as he works with struggling designers. However this week screamed fake to me. That was one shitty collection and I’m am absolutely gobsmacked that Brooke was picked up by Zappos. Also? Brooke took all of 10 mins to instantly jump on my irrational hate list. I suspect she and hubby either come from money or have family  that is funding them because he’s an out of work actor and she’s a wannabe making GMC/etsy shop clothes. I haven’t disliked one of Joe’s makeovers since the ever so lovely Layla L’obatti [/sarcasm]. Her firs jacket was nice, but the rest of that stuff was fug. Zappos needs to be shot for selling that nothing of a cami for $198. That orange shirt she presented had sleeves that were uneven and that orange dress the Zappos lady liked drapes weird and made the model look wide. ! I hated how delusional she was. No matter what someone said to her, all she heard was, “they really like me and think I have potential.” She was even so delusional that she wore that hiddy pink dress to present to Zappos. As if seeing it on her made that thing look like anything less than the paper bag that Jessica called it.

    • Yes! I was just going to comment on that insanely overpriced cami after visiting Zappos.  That dress is so oddly draped I cannot imagine anyone plunking down nearly $300 for it. 

      As for the sack she made and wore for her buyers appointment, I would have loved for one of the buyers to ask her why the hell she was wearing that sack. It looked so much like a home ec project that I am astounded.

      • MilaXX

         Think of it this way. Tadashi Shoji who we have been raving about sell his dresses for $298 – $350. Now look at this home made looking crap. Which one is anyone in their right mind going to plunk down hard earned cash for? The only folks I see buying this are those fans who watch and buy this stuff because it was on PR, or that acid trip design show Jessica Simpson had.

        •  I take offense at characterizing anything she was making as “home-made looking”.  Nothing I have ever made at home was that badly fitted or that boring.  ;P

          • MilaXX

            You have my sincere apologies cause that mess is an insult to home sewers.

          •  First thing I made after having not touched a sewing machine in more than a decade (and I’m not all that old) was a wrap dress for my daughter — it took me 3 hours and was more fitted with more detailing than this and I was working with an extremely twitchy 4 year old.  The wrap dress thing at the beginning just killed me. 

        • Lisa_Cop

          $198 for that cami?? Are you kidding? I think even $20 would be too much to spend on that.

    • Anathema_Device

       Sing it! I totally agree.

    • kimmeister

      $198, really?  I don’t think I’d wear that cami if you paid me $198 to do it!  (Ok, well maybe completely covered by a jacket or something.)

      •  And what kind of screwy pricing decided that a completely basic cami was worth $198 while a jacket from the same line was only worth $220.

        • kimmeister

          Ridiculous!  And speaking of that jacket, I think putting the studs on the inside is just silly.  No one would ever see them, they could easily catch on things (like belt loops) and they’d be poking you all day.

  • Cathy S

    The only thing I liked was the print cami. Joe’s adorable though.

  • First, I am so glad that T-Lo started reviewing this show. It made me order the whole season on iTunes so I finally got to see this episode before the recap. But this was a tough one to watch as Brooke just consistently went against Joe’s advice. And as her own aesthetic was essentially missing, this was a really, really bad thing to do.

    That Golden Girls jacket was the worst. Why she was so stubborn and switched it out can only be attributed to bad taste and a high degree of delusion. The line she presented to Zappos was mainly a big snore except for the nice tangerine & hot pink, but that was more for color than for style. The last dress actually looked like she ignored Joe’s advice to remove the excess under the arms, to me it still looks as though it has boob pockets which contribute to the droopy look.

    The only time I liked her was when she seemed so genuinely touched by Joe helping her get the order. I don’t predict much from her in the future, though with what she makes, perhaps a little shop by the beach somewhere would work for her. I really think her husband should start looking for other work.

    •  Yeah, I was not impressed with them as a pair, either.  I get having dreams, but when you have children to support, you take turns taking your shot — you don’t go “I’m gonna play designer while you go play pretend in front of the camera, and surely we’ll be rich and famous in no time.”  If you don’t want to put at least one set of dreams on hold, then don’t have children until one of you hits. 

      • MilaXX

         They didn’t mention it but I bet there is either family money or trust funds. No one appears to be struggling and neither of them is bring in the bucks.

        •  I will freely admit that on shit like that I am an absolutely judgmental bitch — I have known far too many people who manned up and put their lives on hold to see that their children were taken care of, so I have no patience for that nonsense.

          • MilaXX

            I just never got the impression that her children’s well being was at risk, hence the reason I think there’s some family money they are living off.

          • No, they seemed well taken care of now — but it’s really short-sighted to not have a back-up in place for “in case”, on either side.  For one thing, I truly hope neither develops a health problem because neither of them has a job that provides benefits!

          • You’re not alone in your judgement. A few years ago, I was part of an online community of young, successful photographers. One of my friends in the community got his girlfriend pregnant. After a year playing the father role, he abandoned both of them to follow his dream of being a famous photographer. Last time we spoke, he said he hadn’t seen his daughter in a year, but he was having a blast taking photos! Oh, and his new eighteen year old girlfriend was pregnant. I told him to grow the fuck up and take responsibility. Once children are involved, priorities change. Period.

          •  And it’s not that you can’t do it — you just have to have some freaking sense about it!  My brother is a software designer/programmer who quit a job along with his wife to start their own business.  But he has a company who has offered him a job every year for the last 8, so he could go back if necessary.

        • flamingjune

          Absolutely.  In this case, money is also apparently what makes you a “designer.”  If I had the cash, I too could pay a pattern maker to interpret my shitty drawings and production people to create my garments.  She didn’t appear to have any real vision or talent for design.  IMHO, Old Navy clothes are more designed…

          •  I have a wrap from Kohl’s from 7 years ago that at least has an interesting sleeve.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Beach cover ups is all I see her capable of making. She should stick to that.

    • kimmeister

      I think SHE should start looking for other work . . .

  • Courtney St. Julian

    TLo are being very generous in their description of this one. She was the poster child for lack of self-awareness. The only person more delusional that her is the customer who’d pay $200 for that tired camisole:

  • oh_dear_oh_dear


    • Anathema_Device

       You probably button the whole thing except for the top button, pull it on, the button the top one. It looks loose-fiitng enough.

    •  Oh, I could do it — but I have oddly long and flexible gorilla arms (I apparently got the arm genes from the tall side of the family and none of the leg genes)

    • kimmeister

      You have someone else dress you.

  • G

    My gosh.  Zappos is charging over $250 for that horrific Sadie dress… it actually looks even worse on the Zappos model.  I wonder if any have sold?

    • I wonder what the buyers were thinking…

  • I feel like I’ve seen all of these pieces as downloadable sewing patterns on BurdaStyle. And I know I’ve seen that sac dress on a ton of DIY blogs, usually made from an old shirt or a bed sheet. 

  • Anathema_Device

    Dear god was this woman aggravating. I think you are right that she went right past stubborn into delusional. I think she irritated me more than the Unruly Heir guys did, and that is saying something. Her clothes still aren’t all that special, and they are too expensive for what they are. (I checked them out on Zappos.)

    But yay for the Fug Girls! I have to admit I followed them more closely than my beloved T Lo at first. I think they are fantastic, and they were great on this episode.

    •  At least the Unruly Heir guys had a POV. 

      • oh_dear_oh_dear

        MTE. I understand an artist sticking to their guns even to the point of financial ruin. But what the fuck was she sticking to? She couldn’t articulate her POV, and it looked like bathing suit cover ups you could find at Macy’s. She didn’t even have a good sense of print or fabric. What about that final collection was worth all that angst?

        •  Some of those that she chose were pretty but her designed prints weren’t appealing.

      • DCSheehan

        Totally agree. Even those final clothes were generic. I kept saying throughout the episode ‘Is she a designer?’ Perhaps she is, but she certainly lacks originality.

      • MilaXX

         and actual talent

        •  I think they could do really well if they can get their shit together because they had a real perspective and some great work.  I wanted to slap the one kid, but they really didn’t bother me that much — I think I saw them as being young and capable of getting it together.  This woman doesn’t seem like it would matter how business savvy she became, her work is unimpressive.

          • MilaXX

            I couldn’t have said it any better.

      • …and some talent. In spite of everything, the designers usually have some talent. This one doesn’t.

  • formerlyAnon

    I suppose Joe Zee and the Zappo buyers know more about sale-able dresses than I do, it being part of their work. But the final dress was only appealing, in my opinion, because the color combination was pretty and I didn’t think that alone was enough to sell a dress.

    But what do I know?

    • kimmeister

      The word ‘salable’ makes me twitch every time I hear it on this show (or anywhere else).  Why doesn’t the fashion industry  just say ‘sellable’?  That’s a perfectly real word too.

  • jesus christ, what boring clothes.  i didn’t watch it, but reading through this recap makes me think i’d have been yelling at my tv during the viewing.  none of this would make me think it was by an individual designer whose name didn’t begin and end with “chico’s.”

  • flamingjune

    “About the Brand” from Zappos:

    Growing up on the beaches of Long Island, Brooke Rodd always had an easy awareness of all things cool. These days, this New Yorker calls Venice, California home, and fuses her uncanny sense of Hamptons and Manhattan chic with the laid-back feel of the SoCal coast. The collection uses an array of custom designed prints and vintage trims that make all her pieces stand out in the crowd. From casually chic jersey dresses to elegant, easy-fitting pants, these pieces are sure to keep everyone staring.
    Brooke Rodd’s designs are hip yet timeless. Sophisticated yet very alive. The result is a lifestyle brand that is a groovy confluence of elegance and fun.

    Though this may be better than what she was able to articulate about her brand on the show, it’s still freaking hilarious. I think my fave part is “sophisticated yet very alive.”

    • MilaXX

       Straight from Zappos copy-writing department

    •  Because vampires are noted for their sophistication, so you must specify.  And zombies are very trendy now, so you really need to make sure you let customers know that your market is the living…

  • YoungSally

    I, too, gawked at the prices.  It’s crepe de chine….last fabric one would ever wear in NYC (unless you’ve had every pore on your body botoxed).  I don’t think people in LA sweat….except while at an extreme yoga class.

  • CarolinLA

    She irritated me just reading this as I didn’t see the episode.  

  • Trisha26

    I thought every one of her looks was horrible. Simply awful. Wrong fabric, wrong color choices, those awful prints and that “vintage trim print” – ugh. I also have a problem with how the show goes; it reminds me of, sorry to say, What Not To Wear, where the mentors makeover women of all different shapes by having them all wear exactly the same thing regardless if it’s figure-flattering. “Accentuate your waist to have an hourglass shape.” “Add color.” “Wear a heel.”

    While Brooke’s existing line wasn’t “50 states” friendly, I felt as though Joe was forcing her to bury her beachy, relaxed vibe in structured separates or tortured dresses. Why not push her to do something more sophisticated or elegant but still in her aesthetic and with beautiful branding prints? If these 6 looks & prints rep her aesthetic – yikes!

    •  I don’t think he was.  He wanted something that was a beachy, relaxed vibe but an upgraded version.  He didn’t want her to start churning out structured black suits, he wanted her to be able to do something more high end, more detailed, and with better business sense, such as the trademarked fabrics (She talked about having a copyright on the fabric… can one have a copyright on fabric?  I thought that was a trademark instead, but I could be wrong.)  She just really didn’t get it.

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    This was the most confusing episode of AOTL I’ve ever seen. Usually the people Joe picks DO have potential and with his coaxing and tough love it becomes apparent that their stuff could be good. Sometimes they don’t take his advice and the result is usually a failure (like that infuriating nutbag from the lingerie company episode), but the viewers can easily see the potential, POV, skill – whatever – is there. 

    This time I didn’t see ANY reason this woman was on the show? No one had ever heard of her. EVER! She had no POV. She was basically trying to make Calypso style garments, but with far less style, character, skill, and quality. I was just so confused about how Joe decided to work with her and what on Earth was going through his head when he thought THIS WOMAN. could be a successful designer. 

    Anyway, worst episode of the show I’ve ever seen. I almost thought it was a practical joke, like Joe had been given a dare to try and turn this delusional nut around. 

    •  Remember the guy from the 1st or 2nd season?  Jedda something?  He was probably the worst design-wise, I thought.

  • The Whitney, The Kate, The Sienna, The Cameron, The Sadie…zzzzzzz

    If these are the best names she could come up with she’s better off going with nondescript.

  • Call me Bee

    Fug Girls!!  Fun!
    I didn’t see the show, but the fashions are…fug.  Except for the Whitney print cami with that tweedy jacket.  That was cute. 
    Regarding her stubbornness, it’s realy hard as a business owner to hear about all the mistakes that have been made, indeed that the owner herself is the problem with the business.  After watching myriad “fix my business” shows, though, it’s apparent that it’s always the owner who’s the problem.  But really–you’d think someone who asked for help would at least listen a little beofre dismissing the advice. 

    • Nelliebelle1197

      More fun! Someone  apparently bought a camisole and reviewed it. Judging from the comment, it was someone with as much style as Brooke!

      • DinaSews

        Probably Brooke’s mother.

        • Nelliebelle1197

           Judging from the comment about Florida, you are probably right!

  • Candigirl1968

    At its most generic, this looks like something that I could get any day at the week at a big department store at the mall.  I wonder if when she sees the show, she’ll see what the experts did.

  • That last dress is hiddy. Surprised the buyers liked it.

  • Eeek! The dress is even uglier on the Zappos site. What were those buyers thinking?

  • Aurumgirl

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting a dress that would make even a flat chested woman look like her breasts had turned into sunken dugs.

  • Srw27

    She was cuckoo for cocoa puffs because the clothes in her capsule line were just seven shades of hiddy.  Joe TOLD her to give that green & pink jacket something to “wow” him and she didn’t and of course it looked gross.  She’s lucky the Zappos ladies liked two of her looks because I thought they were all unflattering and BO-RING!!!!!!!!!!
    And if you have Joe Zee advising you, for the love of all that’s holy, LISTEN TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chantelle James

    Those outfits are fug. It’s clear to me that she lacks design and/or patternmaking skills because the outfits don’t look like the sketches. Even that horrible Jasmine dress didn’t look nearly so hiddy in the sketch because it didn’t have that awful extra draping under the arm (which looks even more awful on zappos). She also has no idea how to use prints effectively – I loved the print in that Sienna jacket but it was all wrong for the size and cut of that jacket.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t see much design in her work. As an aside, husband/actor, get a real job, & as much as I applaud someone following their dream, ( & the kids are adorable), Brooke doesn’t seem to have a clue, & I’m surprised they’ve made it this long. Cute, beachy, but it would only work at a much lower price point (but maybe everyone in California has alot more to spend on throwaway clothes), it’s different from the NYC setting, but I don’t like to see Joe Z throwing away his valuable advice on folks who don’t want to hear it…that gold jacket was nasty, & if she couldn’t see that, I knew she was toast….

  • I just checked out her web site. She is selling that gold jacket (which she calls  the “Joe Jacket”) for $150.00….

  • Fug Girls!!! I got to meet the H&J on their first book tour, and they were just wonderful–and hilarious. So glad our bitchy fashion bloggers are getting wider exposure!