PR: Top Prints and Bottom Prints

Posted on September 14, 2012


Sonjia Williams

We really liked this.

We weren’t crazy about the print, which looked, to our eyes, to be based on Native American designs. If Sonjia was referencing a Native American heritage, we never heard her say it, so we were a little puzzled as to the significance.

But she took a questionable print, made a gigantic pair of pants out of it, and still came up with a chic and sophisticated design. We would have been quite happy to see her win it just for beating the odds. The pants fit like a dream and that top is fabulous.


Melissa Fleiss

Another really great entry, even if the dress isn’t all that innovative.

And while we love the print, it’s quite the stretch to claim any cultural significance from it. It’s just a nice looking print, which is surprising coming from this season’s Queen of Darkness (every season has one, y’know).


Still, she knocked it out of the park. It’s a really great-looking, modern-looking dress.


Ven Budhu

We pretty much hated everything about this attempt but we still don’t think Ven should’ve gone home for it.

He clearly has no facility for prints at all; doesn’t know how to design them and doesn’t know how to utilize them in a design. Frankly, we don’t have a lot of sympathy because he had to have known this challenge was coming.


He absolutely deserved to be raked over the coals for putting out another dress with a time vortex/rose pleating technique. It was never as wonderful as he seems to think and he’s returned to that well far too often. But the judges should’ve had that discussion with him several challenges back. We’re not sure why they thought it was Tim’s job to deter him from it, since they’ve given only the mildest indication that they were getting tired of it. As for Tim’s advice this episode, it had us completely confused. We’re not sure what experience Tim has with maxi-pads (probably no more than we do), but pleated and pink is not the description that comes to mind. It’s not likely that Ven’s original design would have been received any better than this, but at least he wasn’t trying to do another rose pleat. Tim probably should’ve been a little gentler in his critique – and that’s something we never thought we’d write.

Don’t get us wrong; both dresses were bad. It’s just that the judges’ high dudgeon over his repetitiveness was overdue and Tim’s advice probably steered him in the wrong direction.


Christopher Palu

We just can’t with this one anymore. His need to make himself the center of everything has gone way past annoying. We think we reached our limit when he started complaining that seeing family members was nice and all, but then they would leave and everyone would feel sad again. Oh, shut up, you whiny thing. Then Gunnar gets auf’d and the second he makes it back to the designer lounge, Christopher immediately makes it all about how he feels about Gunnar, rather than how Gunnar must feel about being eliminated. It was kind of gross.

This dress was kind of gross too. It’s odd that he floundered so much in a challenge that was supposed to be about his own personal history, considering how much he makes everything about him anyway. The print was okay. Maybe not win-worthy, but certainly enough to get him through the challenge if he’d just used it in an interesting way. Instead he made the most standard of cocktail dresses and covered up the print like he was embarrased by it. Everyone keeps saying Ven should’ve gone home but we think Christopher’s entry was much worse than his.



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  • Introspective

    “kind of gross” doesnt even begin to sum costello-lite’s phoned-in monstrosity. it had all the elements of a yawnfest that those who rise to the middle of the PR horde tend to resort to: strapless cocktail dress, overwrought draping, exposed zipper, bargain basement styling.

    He could have easily been on the chopping block for me this week, but I was still fine with quentin getting the auf cause his boxy “i was bullied” jacket was a wreck too.

  • barbiefish

    TLo, thank you for telling it like it is about Christopher!  This dress was not attractive and extremely unflattering — plus he was not able/willing to stand behind his work when on the runway.  Maybe the judges only slam designers for that if they (designers) aren’t favorites.

    • Frank_821

      in the extended video, they did slam him for that and they did it with gentle humor

    • Like+++++ and agree with TLo and barbiefish.

    • Tatiana Luján

      And, besides, he had done very similar (just a little less ugly) dresses twice: in the candy challenge and in the first challenge.

    • Jilli_Beans

      I sort of think Christoper is Anya-lite. Manipulative in a no accountability, egocentric, and overrated sort of way.

  • Frank_821

    Actually the extended judging for him was hilarious. He immediately started lamenting how bad he thought the dress was. Anya tried to console him and Mondo and Kors told him he should always try to sell the outfit, no matter what. And the whole thing ended with with Christopher tap dancing in front of the girl. it was riot

    Speaking of the extended vids, I thought there were some very good comments by all the judges in regards to the others. Both Mondo and Anya nailed the problems with Ven’s design and print. There was balanced and good constructive critiques for the ladies

  • SophiaPehawkins

    Of course Mondo loved Sonji’s pants. It felt like a callback to his winning design. Speaking of Mondo, he was really annoying last night. Even worse was the idea of Anya critiquing anybody’s designs.

    Also with regards to Christopher, I loved it when he said that the one thing his dress had going for it, was the exposed zipper. He said the judges eat that shit up.

    •  Once Mondo became the underdog who should have won, he immediately became highly overrated.

      • MilaXX

        Once he decided to play along with that narrative is when he became annoying to me.

        • Lola

          ugh, you totally nailed it. It was fine when the producers where doing the pushing, but he started buying into it and became super obnoxious.

          •  I hate when someone starts the “I should have won” thing.  Yes, maybe he should have one, but I should have been 5’7″ with great legs; life’s full of disappointments.  It’s right up there with “I want this so bad” — who are you, Veruca Salt?  You haven’t figured out that you don’t always get your own way yet? 

            And in Mondo’s case I find it particularly annoying.  Because yes, to my eyes, his collection was better.  But the judges previewed the collections and TOLD THEM how to make the styling and presentation better, and Mondo decided to ignore them.  It was a total entitled moment — I should be able to do whatever I want, and you just have to except it because I’m so good.

      • TheOriginalLulu

        So true.

      • Glammie

        So true.  He was good, but not the second coming of Yves St. Laurent.

    • RroseSelavy

      Did I hear it wrong? I thought me meant the judges were going to go after the zipper, with claws out, because he knew it looked bad. I would have been OK with any of the bottom 3 going home this week. 

      • LesYeuxHiboux

         That’s what I heard. That they were going to tear him a new one for that wobbly zipper.

    • MilaXX

       Even a crooked, wonky zipper? If so that’s just sad.

    • Spicytomato1

      I couldn’t figure out what Christopher meant by the zipper comment — that they’d eat it up (good) or eat him alive (bad). His tone was oddly ambiguous.

      • eight_of_nine

        I think he meant they would love it.  It’s just a zipper, man.  It can’t save a lousy dress.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      OMG Mondo was SO annoying. I hated how he kept telling everybody that their stuff was “overdesigned”. I loved how Dmitry gave a little laugh when he said that too. Like, whatever, your opinion means zero to me you dork.

      • PaulaBerman

         He and Anya were quite nitpicky, which is ironic, considering. I think Dmitry is a better designer than either of them.

      • aeg66

        Especially since his ensemble was in fact over designed.

  • Bozhi

    I thought Tim was being a little cruel to Ven, maybe he does not like him after what he did to Terry. 

    • Did anyone notice that Ven’s sister would totally fit into the category of women he can’t seem to comprehend wanting to ever wear fashionable clothes? 

      • SERIOUSLY. I just cannot understand designers like him. Ever since I started sewing, I’ve been making clothes for myself and for my family and it feels like a very natural thing to do, so I can’t understand designers that apparently have never done that. He doesn’t do plus size, so he must never makes clothes for himself or his family. So weird and so wasteful of talent. It gave me a flashback of watching that episode in season three when they had to dress themselves and Vincent was all “oh no I don’t know how to do menswearrrrrrr”. As a designer myself, I just cannot comprehend not using my talents to dress myself, and given that Ven actually does womenswear, the fact that he seems to have never dressed his sister seems incredibly rude. 

        •  I know — that always boggles me too.  For one thing, why wouldn’t you want to use your talents to make the people you love feel good?  For another, in my experience, friends and family are usually really great about letting you experiment on them.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          Maybe she just got tired of wearing his stupid folded roses. Ha.
          I didn’t mind Vincent bitching about not doing menswear, because it’s so much more difficult and precise than womenswear.
          In any case, I do agree with you about Ven. He seems extremely narrow-minded.

          • Regardless of difficulty level, I still just find it difficult to wrap my brain around someone who loves fashion but doesn’t actually make stuff for himself. If I didn’t have a desire to dress myself, I would never had learned how to sew.

          •  I can sort of understand that if you’re designing for the other gender, like Vincent not wanting to do menswear.  But I don’t even understand how anyone learns to design without learning to sew.  How do you know what actually works and doesn’t if you haven’t produced anything beyond sketches?  And if you don’t sew, who makes those first attempts?

        • Winter_White

          We haven’t heard it on PR, I don’t think, but on some other fashion-competition shows there’ve been male designers who were quite proud of the fact that they don’t sew very well.  They are “artists”, they insist, not “seamstresses” (scornful tone).  That attitude shocked me.

          • Ugh. I really want to go to design school one day so I can getter better on the business end of fashion, as well as take some classes to improve my pattern making and tailoring skills, but I have a nasty feeling that I may run into some of these types. Ugh. I want to make awesome clothes that make people feel good, not be an angsty “artist”. And being a seamstress rocks. I just got my first job making a dress for someone and it was awesome and I plan to do lots more. Seamstresses get PAID.

          • Winter_White

            Do design school!  Creative artists are often the most interesting and inspiring people!  (As I said, I’m pretty sure nobody on PR has ever mocked sewing skillz; some have lacked them, but that’s a different story.  And remember that there are jerks in every field of endeavor.)  You’re lucky that you’ve found something you enjoy and that you’re good at — learn, grow, don’t let anyone label you or limit you.  

          • If you ever come to Chicago, we must get together!  I could not agree more — that philosophy is the central idea behind our business plan.  Clothing should make you feel great, confident and  beautiful.  And while I admire the artistic skills of designers like McQueen, it doesn’t appeal to me personally, because it’s so far out of most women’s comfort zone.

          • I’ll definitely shoot you a message if I’m ever out that way! I love McQueen and the work that the brand’s done, but I’m more interested in making wearable clothes for real women, especially larger plus-size women that often get the short end of the stick with fashion. I love retro-style clothes and do a lot of vintage sewing partly because of my love of history and partly because those clothes look so much better on my full hourglass figure than most modern clothes.

          •  Exactly! I feel the same way;  I want women to live in my clothes every day and feel great.  You shouldn’t have to wait for a gown to feel like a queen.

          • ArtSchoolDropOut

            I know I’m way late in this conversation but I spent last year (hence the name) at an fine art and design school in Chicago. You’ll meet some of those types and they can be totally insufferable, but you’ll meet some really interesting and humble people as well. And honestly usually the more talented and creative people are the less “ugh I’m such an artist” types.

          •  I particularly love how offended they get at the concept of working for money.  “My art is so important that I cannot possibly compromise my vision!”  Really?  You’re better than Michelangleo?  ‘Cause the Sistine Chapel was painted on commission.

      • It kind of made me wonder what she said to him when that episode aired.

        • Bozhi

          That’s what I was thinking.  Since he and his sister are not model size, I assume his whole family would be the same size.  I hope his mother sets him straight about what he did to Terry.   I was on “team Ven” until that episode.  Of course, now his fashion just bores me.

      • megohd

        I thought she appeared to be pregnant.

        • adnama79

          I thought so, too.  In the dress she wore on runway day – tummies usually aren’t that high and round on top w/out a little uterine action.

          I went from size 4 to bigger than Ven’s sister (bigger than Ven) in pregnancy, so maybe his sister is normally a skinny chick?

          • ASK26

            actually I disagree . I know plenty of women who carry weight/bloat/etc high. That seemed like part of the issue the woman had in that challenge.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      Ven was incredibly disrespectful to his client.  Tim is an honorable guy and Ven’s behavior caused Tim to lose all respect for him.  Tim strikes me as someone who once you lose his respect, he is never going to change his mind about you.

    • CozyCat

      Heidi has HATED Ven ever since that episode.  She was the one who called Tim onstage.

    • sk8tfan

      I agree. Tim’s comments felt a bit spiteful to me, which surprised me. The print was lame but Tim could have given Ven constructive suggestions for using it to better effect. And I always consider Tim to be classy and a gentleman, and he was neither. And the comment wasn’t even true. The print looked like a lot of things, but that wasn’t one of them.

      • Glammie

        Like Tim’s ever spent time with a maxi pad.  And what was Ven supposed to do?  The print was already there.  He had to work with it.   And it clearly really stung–I think Ven *was* trying to make a print that had meaning for him. It was crap, but it didn’t deserve the kind of comment that made Ven just squirm.

        Actually think Ven’s would have been better with the print used as a blouse and then a narrow skirt that did NOT feature one of his bloody flower/time vortex thingies.  

      • But, we don’t know what else Tim said to Ven, only what the producer’s chose to air.  He may have very well given him advice but that’s no “fun” to watch.

      • kimmeister

        When they showed the “coming up on Project Runway” segment showing Tim making the “ode to menstruation” comment, I had no idea it was going to be for Ven.  I thought it was maybe Melissa or Christopher, depending on what they had done with their prints.

      • adnama79

         I thought the fan shapes w/ pink blobs looked like pads. 

        • sk8tfan

          Even if it did, I think what’s bothering me isn’t the comment so much as the fact it came from Tim. Ven is a jerk who deserves a good smackdown, but I look to the judges to be the ones to do it and be crass about it.  I count on Tim to be composed, elegant and classy. Here he was a bit vulgar and downright mean. I expect better from him.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            As far as Ven is concerned, my thinking is that he behaved abominably to his client in the real woman challenge and has been justly criticized for that episode. Now the criticism strikes me as simply piling on the unpopular guy in this season’s cast; he keeps going back to a design motif that isn’t working for him, but he isn’t the first nor will he be the last designer to default to a design element that they really like.
            I don’t know why Tim thought Ven’s print and pleating looked like a maxi pad. As I remarked in another thread, Melissa’s color choice and print struck me as more deserving of the menstruation description.

            As much as I enjoy and love Tim, he’s human and he’s not immune from pettiness.

      • fashionablylate

        I have no idea how Tim got “maxi pad” from that. On my tv and computer monitor, the flower looks like fuschia pink, not at all red. And truth be told, I liked where Ven was going with the original design. It didn’t look like a top 3 and in fact may still have landed him in the bottom 3, but I found it interesting and was curious to see the finished product.

      • MattCooper27

        I’ve liked Tim in the past, but after the way he acted toward Ven (whose dress was hideous), I lost a lot of respect for him. Especially when he called out to the other designers and asked if they saw the maxi-pad effect, too. It was a bitchy-bully type of thing to do.

        I’d much rather see Joanna Coles take over his role. She is consistently sharp and insightful and doesn’t speak in that old school/pre-school teacher voice. “And how is Christopher today? And how is Gunnar today?”

        Christopher doesn’t bother me at all the way he seems to bother others. Michael C was a calculating, fake drama creating bitch squealer.

      • MissBethie

        Tim hates Ven after he was such an insufferable, classless prick to his ‘everyday woman’ client.  Both of Ven’s designs were awful this week.  I think Tim will throw a bitch under the bus if she’s deserving.

        • sk8tfan

          I agree with your assessment of Ven. And I agree that Tim probably loathes him, but Tim doesn’t need to stoop to Ven’s level. He could have thrown him under a bus in a subtle way, for example, by encouraging Ven to go on the runway with his first design. I have confidence that Fraulein Heidi will auf Ven in a public, humiliating way after having seen how he treated that hapless woman. On a side note, I felt that Ven’s second design was a lazy cop out, almost like a little kid saying “you don’t like it? Whatever.”

          • MissBethie

            I agree, Tim could have been more subtle and the results would have been the same.  With editing, there’s no way of knowing exactly what Tim said, but his maxi pad comments were over the top kicking a bitch.   Ven’s design esthetic doesn’t appeal to me personally, so the sooner he gets the Auf! the better.

      • rh33

        Way prior to Project Runway, Tim worked in the admissions office at Parsons at a time when the art world was awash with female artists using “menstrual imagery”. Many a performance, painting, sculpture used images that looked very similar to Ven’s bloody fans. I thought Tim’s comments appropriate. Unfortunately, it sent Ven down the Rose of Vortex path…yet again.

  • OhSayNow

    I just can’t quite get behind Sonjia’s…I just see circus stilt walker.

    •  Thank you! I don’t care for it either and I love her most of the time. It fit well and I like the top quite a bit but I just can’t understand where all the love for those pants comes from.

    • pdquick

      I was wracking my brain trying to remember what it reminded me of. That’s it: silt-walker challenge.

  • I’m going to get an eye sprain from all the rolling I’m doing over Ven’s designs.

    Christopher’s dress is a dreary mess.

    • V V

       Does Ven not realize that he IS PUTTING A GIANT SPHINCTER ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS GARMENTS? Seriously.

      • Since he spends the vast majority of his time looking in the mirror at an a**ehole, perhaps he’s been desensitized to them?

  • Looking at Melissa’s print here today: Besides the colors of the Polish flag,  the style is reminiscent of Polish paper cut ornaments.  Perhaps this is just coincidence.

    • e m

      I’m living in germany but I’m actually from polish heritage and you’re totally right. To me the print SCREAMS “polish”. T-Lo just didn’t get it.

    • Kolena

      I also thought of the pisanki Easter eggs. 

  • Spicytomato1

    I really liked Sonjia’s pattern and Melissa’s dress design. Both were fresh and modern.

    Ven’s print! I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of…now I remember. The other day at Trader Joe’s an employee was painting a giant hibiscus on a column in the store. I think hers was more sophisticated and used the background more creatively.

  • Joyce VG

    Loved Sonja’s everything and Melissa’s dress was so perfect.  Ven is a great designer just annoying.  Christopher is getting a bad edit I’m sure but I mostly block him out. Christopher’s dress was really awful though. 

  • mhleta

    “Don’t get us wrong; both dresses were bad. It’s just that the judges’ high dudgeon over his repetitiveness was overdue and Tim’s advice probably steered him in the wrong direction.” Good point, and now that you mention it this is the second time in a row Tim’s critique has left Ven worse off than when he started. The problem is, though, that as soon as Ven gets a little push back, he dives right back into his bag of trick, proving himself again to be a the One Way Monkey Dmitry proclaimed him to be.

    • Introspective

      this is the nail on the head. Ven cant respond creatively to any criticism. any disagreement with his direction sends him straight to folded flower land.  he will have to shake that bs if he thinks he has a future in this business…

      • StellaZafella

         Folded Flower Land is where Venbots go when their programing is interrupted…

        • His programming must have been in apocalypse mode for the final collection.

          • formerlyAnon

             His final collection amused me. I couldn’t figure out if he was a decoy & spitting in the face of the anti-rose feedback, or if he was a finalist stubbornly determined to sink or swim on this motif which seems to be so vital to his view of  his own aesthetic.

          • I’m betting he gets axed next episode — I  mean, glittery dance costumes with sequins? Rockettes? Not in his programming. He’s going to put a big-arse rose on a Rockettes hips and she is going to clobber him, ax kick to the head! Or worse, he calls her legs too big and gets stilettoed — that would be the actual Most. Shocking. Runway. Ever. Just watching Nina inch away from the blood in disdain would be a most satisfying finish for the runway. I fear we are just going to get another Christopher/Elena meltdown toward the end of taping with their “Oh noes, I am crap, this is crap, I just can’t do this, oh look, I’m totally in the top three,” thus casting the blah blob of personality that is Ven to slink into the shadows of obscurity while another soul is sent home. (Seriously, they are setting this guy up for a meltdown — they will get him to express real emotions or kill everyone trying. I didn’t buy the tears — I think they were photoshopped on later. Surely the tears would have caused him to short circuit? No, he’s going to snap when he sees ladies with dancer legs, sequins and colorful satin in the same place. Total AI breakdown. Only he’s not as cute as the guy in that movie (Was it Jude Law? Eh, one of those blandly English handsome blokes. :))

          • mhleta

            You may be on to something. Fan fiction for PR!

    • dschubba

      “bag of trick” really nails it, doesn’t it?

  • Judy_S

     Sign me up for the Christopher should have gone home list, or petition, or whatever it is this week. I could put up with whining and egoism but not with that dismal dress.

    • Kayceed

      I think it was by far the worst garment on the runway this week.

    • Melissa Brogan

       Yes. It’s not that I liked Gunnar’s outfit so much I thought he should have stayed, and while Ven’s is boring & hardly meets the print part of the challenge, Christopher’s dress is AWFUL and he was so ashamed of his print he wanted to hide it. Blah.

  • sdtripper

    I think Tim should have been raked over the coals for telling Ven his dress looked like a maxi pad.  It did not literally look like a maxi pad, yet I imagine that’s all Ven could see when he looked at the dress after that.  I think he was truly incapacitated by Tim’s comment (after shedding the first tears of his life when he saw his sister) and went into Auto-Rose mode.  Borrowing a comment from The Book of Ven, there were worse looks on that runway.  And some of them were even safe.

    • Wellworn

      Yes.  I didn’t see anything menstrual about it either, and I have had my share of experience, *chortle*.  I think his print was awful, looking like something designed for bedding rather than clothes.  Ven seems to go catatonic by any criticism.  The flower tumor thing might be his point of view, but it just doesn’t always work.  It reminds me of season 3’s granny circles from Angela.  She just plopped them onto so many of her designs.  She finally went home when she wore them on her butt.

    •  I didn’t see it either.  Don’t get me wrong, I thought the first dress Ven was working on sucked, and I think his print was dull.  But I didn’t see menstrual cycle.

      • mskgb

        I saw pleated, printed dinner napkins and thought that Mr. Gunn may need to speak with a mental health professional about his aversion to “down there.” However, I couldn’t work up sympathy for Ven. On the contrary, my partner and I started with the cackles and “pobrecitas” when he cried during his interview.

    •  Y’know, I didn’t think Tim was right at first, either.

      But the more I think about it – those are EXACTLY the colors that get used in advertisements for maxi pads.  And tampons.  And everything else related to that particular period in a woman’s life.  Particularly if it has the word “Kotex” on it.  Because everyone wants to wear white and neon colors, y’know, as you do when you’re going to be out and about.

      • mom2ajs5

        That is such a good point! It’s makes more sense to think of it from an advertising point of view instead of a literal one. I didn’t get the sense of a maxi pad from it and I don’t think many women would, but that pattern on the outside of tampon box; absolutely!

        •  And because that would be the only thing Tim would see related to menstruation…  that makes a lot more sense.

      • tereliz

        This is more like what I thought Tim meant. Like those “Have a happy period” ads that make me want to choke some sonuvahbitch for even presuming such a thing was possible, lol. The color and the florals feel very “Kotex” to me, too. Glad someone else had this thought. 🙂

    • e m

      At first I thought it was ridiculous…for me to see it! Then I was kind of relieved that Tim saw that, too ^^ But such a critique is still….ridiculous.

    • CarolinLA

      Tim was WAY off base.  If anyone had menstrual fabric it was Christopher.  

      If Ven has been over-criticized for the rose stuff, it just hasn’t aired.  We’ve only seen a part of it then.  

  • You know it only just occurred to me that it might just be easier and quicker to do a big visible zipper, rather then neatly hiding it away. Mind, I’m not sure of that. I only ever put in one zipper and that was years ago. 

    •  Honestly, I really don’t think it is.  Maybe it’s me, but I actually find having the zipper hidden to be a bit easier, because I don’t have to design around it and it’s not as pressure filled — any element that’s going to be exposed I get very critical of, and the first time I do a design I like to play around with it a lot and make a lot of changes.  I own like 4 seam rippers because I use them so often on first drafts that I lose them.  I’ve actually started to make every garment in miniature to begin with just to conserve fabric, because I find I always have to tweak little things to get it just so.

      • Winter_White

        “I’ve actually started to make every garment in miniature to begin with…”  For some reason, this thrilled me!!   My old Barbie doll would like to meet you.  🙂

        •  I actually use my daughter’s one doll — it’s an American Girl-esque doll and a great size for seeing how a design will fall with the minimum wasted fabric.  That way I can experiment to my heart’s content to get the pattern perfect with less than a foot of fabric.  I started doing it that way because muslin doesn’t really work for me because it moves differently than the final garment will and I don’t like to drape silk because once you stick a pin in to hold it in place while you examine it, you always have a hole.  It also allows me to put together a look and see how all the pieces will work together, and makes my 6 year old really happy.

          • Heh, that’s so great. My grandma used to make clothes for my Barbies and they were the most awesome mini-masterpieces ever. Your daughter must be thrilled. 🙂

    • I’ve been sewing for like three months and I greatly prefer inserting invisible zippers over centered visible ones. The invisible ones are much easier to install and look better.

  • Stubenville

    Sonja’s was okay, but it looked a bit Dorothy-Zbornak-on-the-4th-of-July to me.

    • tignor

      Ah, good eye! I was going to read through the first page of comments and see if anyone else noticed the price tag before I commented (as I have a tendency to Epcot Center a blog post by trying to get my thought out before reading at least some). Seriously, Lord & Taylor, take the tags off! And if they don’t, the designers should turn them over and check them.

      If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the accessory wall was supplied by TJ Maxx.

      • Call me Bee

        Oh I never noticed the price tag.  I’ll look for it from now on!  When her look came down the runway, I did mention out loud, “here come the blue suede shoes!” 

    • TheOriginalLulu

      I hadn’t even noticed the big ole price tag on the sole of that shoe. OMG, you cracked me up with Minnie Pearl! You’re showing your age! *wink*

      • formerlyAnon

        I felt so old when I first had to explain the Minnie Pearl reference to my kids. (Somehow it was worse than when they realized Grandma’s house had a rotary dial phone and I explained that I remembered when ALL phones were rotary dials.)

        • Qitkat

          *GRIN* You still have a rotary dial phone? I didn’t even know those still worked. Now, to age myself, I remember when phones had NO dial. You picked up the receiver and if no one was talking on your party line, the operator asked you for the number. My family’s was 4280.

  • rainwood1

    I thought Sonjia’s print was lovely (maybe it’s the Native American in me) as was the top, but the black stripe down the sides killed the look for me, and though the pants fit elsewhere the seams pull too much at the crotch.

    I loved Melissa’s print and what she did with that heavy stiff fabric they all had (wish they’d print on something less heavy).  This would have been a strong second place for me because of the loveliness of the print (and not too literal as Mondo cautioned) and it was so far outside of her usual wheelhouse.

    I felt badly for Ven because Tim was both wrong and too cutting in his critique.  Tim obviously doesn’t know much about women’s menstrual cycles because even in the fashion world women don’t bleed fuchsia onto stiff pleats.  Ven should have stuck with his first design because Tim is no help to him whatsoever.  And the judges bringing Tim out to kvetch further was just too much.

    Christopher’s was awful.  The dress, covering up the print, the exposed zipper (talk about repetitive – he even admitted that), and the fit.  I’d have sent him home.  He didn’t meet any part of the challenge.

    • CozyCat

      I forget what Sonjie’s explanation of the print, but to me it looked more African than Native American–the shapes remind me of African tribal masks.  I thought it was a cute print and I am amazed how she got it to line up in those pants!

      •  I also love that the darts in the blouse are the same shape as the print (which I also read as tribal masks).

  • Winter_White

    Ven:  you are almost starting to make me dislike my beloved Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  If you won’t cease and desist because it is going to get you sent home, at least do so for MY sake!  TY.

  • I do see a Polish-ness in Melissa’s print.  Okay, using the national colors was way too obvious.  But there is definitely a preponderance of red in Polish folk costuming, and lively floral prints, too.   The shapes remind me of folk-art paper cutouts.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i love sonjia’s outfit. i still think that, out of this whole season’s remaning post-fro contingent, she & dmitry are the most talented. again, count me a full citizen of Astonishedland when considering how both of their final collections appeared. cos they both did fabulous work on the show, much better than most, especially over the last few seasons. i just hope that theres more final stuff than we’ve seen.

    at least this dress of ven’s doesnt remind me of maxipads. & i’ve seen a lot of maxipads. too many. anyway. i also think that, while the print is –weird, i guess. stunted–is maybe a better word. kind of disturbing unenriched [there you go]–anyway, i think that the lowdown hipspinner is probably the best of his vortici, at least of the ones he’s created on the program. there’s something weirdly compelling about the dress–note that i’ve used a form of the word weird twice when describing it. thats cos i think what creates its vitality is its oddness. i’ve never seen anything quite like this dress of ven’s. not even the other dresses of ven’s. not even though his singular focus on the rose seems to have travelled, to me at least, from sincere interest through obsession through OCD obsession through an autisticlike inability to think outside a narrow, if floral, tube. for reals, i believe is how the kids today say it. or maybe that was yesterday.

    melissa’s i find disapointing. not horrible, or anything, just fürstenburgian-lite, w/ funny shoulders. most importantly, i guess, is that the last two photos as uploaded hereupon look kind of disturbing jarring. the way theyre calling one another, each to each. not on purpose, i dont think. & maybe not to anyone else, either. or too. i’m still too beat to write properly.

    i have nothing to say about hairboy 2s. the only thing i can think of is that i’m sure i have a very similar dress somewhere around here, probably early 60s. it’s the fabric thats similar, even though no pixelation couldve been involved.

    • formerlyAnon

      re: Alaskan Native art: I thought Tlinglit, though I am not sure that’s right or just the strand of Aleutian Peoples’ art with which I am most familiar.

      And I’m pretty confident that isn’t what Sonjia was thinking about.
      (edited: spelling)

      • MrsDudleyDoRight

        I agree that it looked pacific north west, but hearing her say she wanted the color black’ to honor her african heritage I think her print was to honor her being “African-American” (black-red-white-blue). And since other posters saw African tribal mask, that color scheme makes sense… (but I first saw Inuit)

  • MilaXX

    LOVED Sonjia’s look. This was my choice for the win. I didn’t hear her mention anything abut Native American ancestry and I didn’t get an Native American vibe from the print, but I’m no authority on things Native American. Melissa has surprised me. I thought her work would be all tortured black like April, but she seems able to adapt and use color or prints if necessary. I thought the colors she used were a reference to her Polish heritage, but I’d need to rewatch to be sure. Ven’s was awful, but I think Christopher’s was worse. Is it me or doe his dress make his model look like she has scoliosis? The fact that he stoodd ther and apologized for how bad the dress was made me want him to be auf’d. I would have sent Christopher home over Gunnar, but I think Gunnar simply outlived his usefulness.

    • MrsMaxPower

      Sonjia’s was my favorite too because it was not only beautifully done, but it looks like it would be fun to wear. I got kind of a cool twist on a totem pole vibe from the print. I would have given her the win, but I’m ok with Snape winning because he cracked me up last night. That guy looks all heroin-chic depressing, but is funny/catty in a way I’m beginning to really enjoy.

      • MilaXX

        Now that you say it I can see the totem pole. Sonjia’s pants are something I would war if I was 5 inches taller.
        Yeah I’m not upset that Dmitry won, he’s mostly done solid work all season and the jacket is all kinds of fab. I just thought Sonjia’s was a hair better.

    • SapphoPoet

      Melissa said the colors referenced the Polish flag. 

      • Spicytomato1

        And bloodlines.

  • lovelyivy

    New rule: We will ALWAYS refer to the rose things as time vortices. Discuss.

    •  No.  Because I really love sci-fi and I don’t want it tainted by having associations with Ven. 

  • Christopher’s dress was completely hideous. Lopsided, ugly, stupid zipper, unoriginal, obviously hiding his print. All around fail. Ven was bad but at least he showed a little bit of skill even if it was utterly repetitive. 

    • Spicytomato1

      Yes. And did Christopher ever say one word about his cultural heritage? What was his print supposed to represent? At least Ven’s reflected his point of view on his heritage.

      • eight_of_nine

        It’s supposed to be a ladybug; Christopher said ladybugs are special to his family for some reason.

      • Nothing about heritage but more of that his grandma or aunt (can’t remember) used to collect ladybugs. Something like that. 

      • Spicytomato1

        Oh. Hmm. I must have stepped away during that portion of the show. Thanks!

  • I’m getting an upside-down clown smile from Sonjia’s, and it’s kind of creeping me out.

    Maybe she comes from Circus Folk.

  • SewingSiren

    Sonjia’s main reference to her cultural heritage were the colors she used : red , white, and blue for the US flag and black (for herself) . I love the blouse more than the pants. The fit on the pants was great though. I don’t love the print itself. A little to pajama-y.
    I loved Melissa’s. I think it is a beautiful dress. Showcases the print, and not overdone. I don’t know why so many mix the prints with something else. The print itself (I think ) is pretty sophisticated. To me it looks like the patterns you see in Polish paper cutting or pottery, or possibly embroidery. But not literal.
    I do not love Ven’s print. The original dress was much better. It looked nothing like a used Kotex. That was very crude, and to try to draw the other designers into it was a bit mean. He did need to be told to stop with the rose pleats . But last week they wanted to see “Ven” in the design. I would have taken that to mean roses, or pleats.
    Christopher’s is a big yuk. I covered his print like he was ashamed of it. And he put the zipper in the same way he did for his competition garment of week one. Do you think that big wave is a design element? 

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I agree with Our Boys.  I believe Christopher’s dress was the worst of the lot, and he knew it.  It was far less imaginative than Ven’s, and that’s saying something.  The ladybug dress was a tired design, the overlay was an attempt to bury the print, and the dress looked poorly made.  I contend, and I’m no Ven fan, that Ven’s dress was well made (did you see the good seams in the skirt?) and at least was faffing around in search of a style.  Ven seemed chastised after his dressing-down on the runway (which was a little too maliciously gleeful for my comfort), but we’ll not know until next week and (possibly) onward whether he took the criticisms to heart.  From the work he sent down the M-B FW runway, I’d be inclined to conclude “not.”

    I liked Melissa’s dress and print, though I thought the styling was too matchy (you Boys have indoctrinated me).  I thought Sonjia’s was a difficult print, and just making a pair of pants was – fine fitting notwithstanding – not a design stretch by any means.  She just had to match the print and avoid camel-toe.

    And what’s with the execrable styling coming out of the L’Oreal Paris beauty salon??  Man, the hairdos and makeup this season that those beauticians have cranked out are lousy!  They deserve the heave-ho in favor of another crew with better skills and execution.

  • I sort of wish now that Ven would put a Vertigo/Saul Bass-esque figure over the time vortex. He won’t because he has no sense of humor in that regard, but I wish.
    10:1 he slips up next challenge when he has to go to a different well and goes home.

    • MoHub

       Or maybe a spinning door à la The Twilight Zone.

  • siriuslover

    No, I am sticking with my original thought: Ven should’ve gone home. But I agree with your assessment of Christopher

  • Stubenville

    Christopher’s was a mess, but I think this was his first trip to the bottom. I detest the exposed zipper.

    • alula_auburn

      Well, he was on the bottom with Andrea and that awful brown dress.  Maybe it’s an Anya-proximity curse?

  • marilyn

    Sonji’s pants were great.  The print was just the right size.  Did she put a narrow band of black down the sides of the pants, to create a slimming effect and eliminate the problem with matching the prints at the side seam?  I can’t quite see.  But the story was the overall effect.  It was sleek and a little snobby.  Casual. and effortless.  White pants normally are bulky, but they work here.  The print was just noteiceable enough to make the pants interesting.  The cowl neck on the back of the top was unexpected and gave it style.  The simplicity of the top worked well with the busy top, but the top had interest.  This was a great job.

    Melissa scored with the best print.   This was a busy print, and should have been a nightmare to match at seams.  She made a fitted dress with this fabric, and the seam matching is not noticeable.  That is a feat in and of itself.  That is a voodoo print.  The dress is well made, and simple, so the structure did not fight the print.  She should have won.

    Ven needed to be nagged about his fabric flower technique, but I thought Farmer Tim’s comments about leaking tampons did not really apply.  Ven should have stuck to his guns and presented the first dress.  It would have been his statement, and been an overall better finished result than what he put on the runway.

    Christopher:  Where is the model’s cigarette and neon blue eyeshadow?  He should have gone home.  This awful mess was tacky and cheap looking.  It does not matter whether he covered the print with a sheer fabric or not.  The knot of fabric at the waist in the front made the model look thick through the middle.  The dress was really short, tight and low-cut.  The tacky and poorly sewn zipper in the back made it look cheaper than it already was. 

  • siriuslover

    I think she was pregnant.

    • barbiefish

      Who, Christopher’s model?  That big ugly-ass fabric knob in the front of the dress may be good cover for the baby bump.

      (I know you are probably referring to Ven’s sister; at least others have mentioned that she appeared to be pregnant.)

  • Tatiana Luján

    Sonjia’s print reminded me of Darth Vader, I don’t  know why.

  • Stubenville

    Ven – a mess with another napkin folding technique. The guy should become a caterer.  And I can’t believe the tiny bits of leftover pink pattern at the top and side of the bust – that’s horrible.

  • Susan Crawford

    I was worried about Sonjia when she revealed her large-scaled, intricate print design and said she was going to make wide pants with it. But she did a superlative job fitting the pants and matching the pattern, and the black top was fantastic. Also, despite the matchy-matchy shoes and bag, the styling was great: the hair/make-up was so clean and modern with her outfit. Great effort, and had Dmitry not won, I would have given it to Sonjia!

    I liked Melissa’s dress, despite the kind of odd batwing/cap/pleat sleeve thingy. It was sharp, well tailored, moved well and – SURPRISE! – did NOT feature a ginormous exposed zipper.

    Ven – T and Lo pretty much said it all. The man does NOT have a clue how to design or use a print. And by this point, anyone chosen as a contestant on PR better figure on sharpening up in the print area, because it is a given that this challenge is going to happen.

    Costello-Lite’s ladybug print was pretty awful, and obviously, he thought so, too, and tried to mute it with the sheer black overlay. The result? A dark, gloomy, muddy-looking effect with a big wad of fabric at the middle. The judges mentioned that it looked like a prom dress – SRSLY? Well, if Corpse Bride went to prom, maybe. Such a sad little blob of a dress.

    Frankly, I would have been happier to see Christopher or Ven get the auf over Clinique-Deux, but must admit that dreadful jacket was auf-worthy. And if Ven doesn’t pull something new out of his sewing kit besides the rose-o-gami vortex, I will lose it big time. Meantime, I LOVED Ven’s gorgeous sister – I wonder how he would feel if a designer talked to her the way he spoke to poor Terri? Something tells me Ven would be furious, because he obviously adores his lovely, “real woman” sister.

  • sonjia’s print may refer to african shield designs, but i too see native american, particularly the northwest and inuit tribes.  her comment about the red, white, and blue plus black, because she’s black was rather amusing.  best excuse for black award.  with all the black we’ve seen this season, they could all be african american. and his comment re: the judges loving exposed zippers shows how shallow and short-sighted his thoughts are.

    melissa’s dress was a lovely day look, and it was good to see her drop the goth gloom and doom and come out in the sunshine.

    i didn’t hate ven’s look as much as most of the commentariot.  perhaps i felt sorry and embarrassed for him due to tim’s tasteless critique.  i think we can all agree that tim has never seen menstrual blood, but does he think maxipads are folded like fans?  i can’t believe no one questioned this.  to me they looked more like coffee filters.  anyway, i thought he had a hint of new direction in the cross-body top of his dress, which to me referred to the sari.  if he had followed that idea instead of falling back on his tired old whirlpool rose, he might have had something.  in addition he needed to develop his print so that the hibiscus flowers relate to one another, rather than just plopping them down on a vast white background.  although as is, it did remind me of a marimecco (sp?) print.

    oh christopher, were you so frightened of your bright red print that you had to throw a shroud over it?  you should have told the story about the lady bugs at your grandma’s funeral, dead relatives are worth ten points, you know.  that was one ugly depressing dress.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       All Ven would have had to to to make that hibiscus print work was layer the flowers, to create a unified field rather than single blossoms plopped on white. He could have done mostly black and white flowers with a single pink hibiscus per square (of repeated pattern) and kept the clean look he favored. He also could have brought in some marigold or saffron colors for a busier print, and created his vortex by alternating strips of busy print with strips of solid-color fabric. He could even have used his time vortex as a print, by drawing it. Pretty much anything would have been more exciting than what he did.

    •  That was my husband’s comment when I said I simply didn’t see menstrual cycle — that it looked like blood soaked up with coffee filters.  At which point I asked him under what circumstances would I be soaking up that kind of blood with coffee filters, and why would I bleed hot pink? 

  • Judy_J

    Christopher cracked me up when he made the comment about how the judges would love that exposed zipper, because, you know, they LOVE zippers!  That was one ugly dress, though.  I loved Sonji’s pants….loved the pattern and the design.  Very well done.  I liked Melissa’s dress, but I think it would have looked better if the back and front were reversed. 

    • Stubenville

      Yet another reason to replace ALL the judges.

  • Stubenville

    I really liked Melissa’s pattern, but the dress seemed basic and those cap sleeves billow out oddly in the front. My choice for second place.

  • Sonjia’s pattern looked a lot like an African mask to me. 

  • rawrgrowlrawr

    The way Melissa’s last two pictures are lined up is freaking me out. 

    • DonnaL

       I find it extremely disturbing myself.   A very unfortunate coincidence.

      • Oh, freaky – I just noticed that myself.

    • Sara LaBatt

      Oh wow.  That is freaky.  Reminds me of the SNL Kristin Wiig character with tiny hands somehow.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Yes, Christopher’s was awful: a standard issue Project Runway entry. I remember a few seasons back that’s all anybody made for a while. Remember the one when we were all just wondering when anyone would make a damn sleeve? I forget which “season” it was.

    I’m not sure Tim was off the mark with his criticism of Ven. The same-old-same-old silhouette with big fleurettes tacked on looked like it’d be terrible (and why make a print like that, only to obscure it with pleating?).  I thought Ven’s recovery was somewhat successful; that is, the draping on the Wilma looked nice. And the rose/vortex was beautiful; problem is we’ve seen it too much AND it didn’t work with the top half of the dress. But I still think it’s better than his original concept. Though I guess it didn’t matter: Gunnar’s and Chris’ were gonna be worse no matter what, just because they don’t have the level of craftsmanship Ven has.

  • Ooo, two in one day!  This is why I hate team challenges — less TLo.   But onto the clothes…

    Melissa — I love this print, I love this dress, and I think it was terribly well done.  Only problem I have with it is that the shoulder could have been fitted a tiny bit better, it sits a little oddly.  Some of that may be the fabric’s fault though, I have a hard time telling anything about fabric without touching it.  (I learned to sew as a kid before getting my glasses, and since I’m blind as a bat without them, I work by touch) The way she handled her fabric was lovely, and I don’t care at all that it wasn’t a big “story” print.  I don’t care why a designer makes a print, I care how it looks.  I would buy both the dress and the fabric in a heartbeat.

    Sonjia — Another strikingly good entry.  So impressed by the top 3 this week!  Usually there’s one I’m at least meh over, but no.  I did feel like the front and back of the top didn’t really relate that well, like they could have been on different garments — not in an overly jarring, Frankendress kind of way, more that the back wasn’t a “of course” moment (where you don’t realize until you see it that a design element was the only possible right choice, not the Lea Michele kind). 

    Though I have to disagree with you guys a little here.  I thought the print was great.  I think it’s attractive, simple, and versatile.  And I kind of dug the little bit tribal/Native American feel.  So often I feel like prints of that sort are cliche — and as I have mentioned before, something I don’t think white women can make work for some reason — but this seemed inspired by and modern. 

  • Don Howe

    Christopher’s dress was an embarrassing, amateurish disaster and he should have been told to go away for it. Miles worse than Gunnar or Ven. That stupid, bulky knot in the front makes it look like the model had to tie up her longer skirt because the rec room’s flooding at her 1987 home-school prom.

    I wanted to see more of Fabio’s outfit; was that a jumpsuit under there? It looked beautifully fitted, and moved better than Sonjia’s pants. And I actually liked what happened to his print under the organza.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    I have a hazy memory that Kors told Ven to quit with the roses when he critiqued his black Lord and Taylor dress. Can anyone back me up on that?

    • SewingSiren

      Ven was not critiqued on that challenge. He was sent off with Dmitry and Sonjia in the “safe” group.

      • See, you’re right, but I seem to remember the same thing Kate’s talking about.  How could that be, though?  He was sent back as safe, but I could have sworn the judges saying something about that during the course of their conversation in the L&T challenge.

  • granddelusion

    I didn’t get Tim’s remark either. Not a great print, but out doesn’t look like any menstrual cycle iv ever had. I also didn’t get his comment to the judges (!) About his total frustration with Ven. Out of context, I guess. And really, why are they keeping Chris? Such a boring no-talent.

    • There were so many red-based prints, by the time Tim said something to Ven, I had already decided that Melissa’s must be the print in the question (she did say that it was to reflect “bloodlines” and the Polish flag), though Christopher’s looked vaguely VJJ-esque (if you stare it too long) and Dmitry’s could considered be VJJ-esque (if looked through Picasso’s eyes after a couple of shots of vodka). If it had been any of those folks Tim was criticizing, I would have thought Tim was being too harsh, but he clearly lost respect for Ven during the Makeover challenge. Big surprise that Ven can dish out the crappy comments but when poo is flung at him he shows the first emotion he’s had all season and reverts back to his ugly standby roses (and he must have really had it in for the judges given his final collection). 

      • Spicytomato1

        I tried to match the quote with the print and waffled around, too. I eventually landed on Christopher’s. 

        Point is, it wasn’t obvious that Ven’s was the menstrual one. Which to me is indicative that it was probably scripted and definitely wrong.

  • Call me Bee

    Sonjia’s print was very good and American looking.  I hated her pants, though, and thought that maybe she made them to ride on Mondo’s coattails a bit.  I can think of very few instances where boldly printed pants are a good idea.  (Actually–no instances…)  I did like the fact that the seams in the top mirrored the shape of the motifs in the print. Really smart. I didn’t hear her talk about native American heritage either, though when she was working on the computer, both she and her mum mentioned that the print looked tribal; which could be NA or African.

    Christopher–So confused about it.  Ugly print and ugly dress.  ‘Nuff said. 

    Ven’s print was awful–so elementary school!  But–while Tim was a bit gruff about the maxi-pad remarks, I agree that Ven’s original idea was even more awful.  Making a simple (for him) top and skirt was so much smarter.  Even though it was a re-hash of his rose pattern, the pieces were perfectly made. Excellent sewing skills can save a poor design every time. 

    I loved Melissa’s print.  All the Polish people I know (and there’s a lot of them around here!) go apeshit for anything red and white, so it was perfect for her heritage.  I was a bit surprized, though, that the judges loved the dress!  It was cute, and used the print well, but it seemed pretty run-of-the-mill.  In the end, though, I was happy they liked it and gave Melissa high marks.  I like her a lot.

    • 3boysful

      I must mention that several years ago I purchased a pair of paisley print trousers from Harold’s, they’re pretty classic in style, and I (who you never confuse for a model) have gotten loads of compliments on them from strangers.  (And, yes, I always look back to see if they are really making fun of me!)  With a solid, dark top, print pants can be a great look.

      I also like the way the back “cowl” of Sonjia’s shirt mimics the curve of the model’s behind in the pants.

      And I really want Melissa’s dress.

  • And for the bottom…

    Christopher — I don’t have the dislike for him that many here do.  I find him to be self-centered, in the most literal way.  It’s not so much that he doesn’t care about the feelings of others as that they simply do not occur to him.  As I put it to my niece when she was having a rough time, other people have feelings and that’s really annoying, isn’t it? 

    HOWEVER… I find any designer complaining about prints in this challenge to be supremely irritating and I’d like to see any of them who do so summarily dismissed.  “I don’t do prints”  Seriously?  You are so bad at your job that you can only work in solid colors and you don’t see that as a problem?  Now last season, they could legitimately complain about it because they made it a stupid team challenge so your print had to work with everyone else’s print and that’s lame.  But if you can’t make something out of a print when YOU ARE DESIGNING THE PRINT so you get EXACTLY what you need for the design, then you need to take yourself home and think about what career path you’d like to pursue because it most definitely should not be design. 

    But that dress sucked.  It was uninspired and boring.  There was nothing remotely interesting about it.  And it was poorly made and conceived.  I mean, really?  You’re going to use a big honking zipper up the entire back when there’s no edge to the dress at all, and you can’t even get it to lay straight and smooth?  And then you’re going to put a fabric goiter at her waist so she looks shapeless?  And you’re going to drape the organza over the print so there’s plenty of bunching?  Just… don’t.  Speaking of uninspired…

    Ven — The floral thing?  Not that impressive.  I think there’s something he could really do with that impulse, but he just keeps doing the same thing rather than exploring it.  After watching him do this same thing over and over, I have now come up with literally dozens of ideas to do that floral shape thing without being repetitive and boring.  There’s no reason why he couldn’t, too.  I feel like he has excellent construction skills, but he needs to expand his horizons more.  I see a hint of real potential there, but right now everything he makes just leaves me bored.  And not just because I’ve seen him dip into that well so much already — I had that same feeling about the first week.

  • ven’s florals remind me of the animated dream sequence in vertigo where jimmy stewart goes crazy.

  • StellaZafella

    Only Sonjia and Dimitri seemed to understand the concept of “Heritage” but, while Dimitri’s evoked both the homeland, cultural and family background in the arts, Sonjias was more a generic reference, (in her own words,) to being black. I wouldn’t have been nearly as impressed with that print or the pants if the top hadn’t upgraded the look in some way, which it did.
    Ven’s was lame from any angle and neither effort warrants much comment. More to say ‘One Way Monkey” is becoming increasingly prophetic as the season unfolds.
    If Christopher and Micheal Costello were actually in the same room it would be a real Whine and Cheese fest.
    Gunner, I feel, just needs time to do some more growing and move his life to a more edgy, urbane setting in order to become a designer and not just a dress maker for southern ‘gals’…though, if he’s happy there, more power to him.

    I’ve decided to start having hot flashes for Dimitri…that is all.

  • Trisha26

    Melissa’s dress was simple & pretty, but I didn’t like the way the shoulders caused that fold in the front; picky, but that seems like a fit issue the judges would usually fault. The “sash” effect on Ven’s reminded me of a sari, but I totally agree with – I think it was Heidi – who said it was like 3 designs combined. He has skills but show us something new! And I agree, TLo, WTF with Tim’s Maxi Pad comment? It’s one of those “things” people say that gets an initial laugh, then you think about it and not only isn’t it funny, it makes no sense. Was Tim scripted? Perish the thought.

    • Spicytomato1

      Tim’s comment really was in poor taste…and that’s so unlike Tim. I bet it was scripted. And whoever wrote that line was so enamored of it they made him come out and repeat it on the runway. Gross.

  • SapphoPoet

    Sonjia: I don’t love the print, but I thought she used it well and came up with a well-designed outfit. 
    Melissa: I liked her print and the dress was real departure for her. Didn’t care for her model’s hair, though. Too poufy. 
    Ven: I felt bad for him this week. I totally did not understand why Tim said what he did about the print looking like a maxi-pad and all that. It seemed a really uncharacteristic thing for Tim to say–just gross and rude. I’m very puzzled by that. I don’t think the print was interesting, but it seems very insensitive to criticize a religious symbol in that way. I found it all rather dismaying.
    Christopher: A sad print and a sad dress.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Enough with the exposed zippers!

  • mjude

    loved sonjia’s thought she might win.  costello lite, i thought was awful.  as for tim & ven, i just couldnt help but laugh my head off the critique even though it was out of tim’s character.  i am so bored with ven’s designs.

  • Ven is just like Bert.  He will keep putting out the same dress because it works and will keep him working.  When PR needed a designer from each season to make something for the capsule collection, they went to Bert.  If they do that again, you know they’ll go to Ven for this season, and it’s because they know exactly what they will get.

  • As usual I agree with our esteemed hosts, I thought Tim was rather cruel, crass and off-base. Not a Ven fan, but I might have been thrown off by that as well.  And since when is blood pink?  Shut up Tim. 

    So Ven has a really gorgeous pus size sister?  Shut up Ven.

    I’m glad giant print crazy pants didn’t win again.  

    This is the challenge that every year almost makes me wish I could go on PR.  ALMOST.  It would be really fun to design a print and have it appear on a bolt of fabric mere hours later.

  • VRuss

    I don’t think Sonja’s was that fabulous… Go ahead, flame me. Liked the top, but those seams in the front are just weird, hated the pants, no matter how well they are done.

    I have to thank Tim for the laugh when he compared Ven’s dress to a menstrual cycle homage… Didn’t quite look like maxi pads, but it was bad… hated Christopher’s and Ven’s second attempt as well… Elena’s deserved to be at the bottom as well… It was hideous!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I appreciate that Sonjia did a fine job in matching the print when she decided to use it for the pants, but the finished product leaves me cold. Her decision to do the solid top with the lovely draped back was really smart.

  • BTW, has anyone else noticed just how much Chicos is advertising during PR?  I find that so disturbing — they’ve watered down the brand so much that PR viewers are now the kind of people who Chicos is marketing to.  

    • Stubenville

      Chico’s bothers me a lot less than the ads for Dance Moms.

    • aeg66

      All the advertising is very so not fashionable.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      It doesn’t surprise or disturb me. The average Lifetime viewer’s fashion budget is more Chico’s than couture.  When you think about recent PR seasons, in addition to the tacky melodrama so many of the challenges boil down to “make a pretty, commercial dress/suit/separates”

      •  But their taste doesn’t have to be — there are far more fashionable, inexpensive options than Chico’s. 

  • AuntieAnonny

    So, wait, Gunnar got the boot? Not Rosé or 2.0? Aw.

    Sorry for the whole being oblivious thing, but I can’t keep up with this show, the housewives over on the Mother Ship are a handful, especially those new Miami gals. I can only follow so many personalities a week, even Top Chef Masters is going unwatched. 

    I do have to say, though, Tootie’s pants sure do resemble a certain judge’s past winning entry, mirrored graphics and high waisted pants? Come on.

    How many wins is this for her now? I don’t want to say anything, because I really like her designs, but I’m starting to smell a planned winner.

    • Frank_821

      Dmitry won  not Sonjia

      • AuntieAnonny

         Oh god, I feel like an ass. I didn’t even see the first post and just assumed this was the winner/loser post.

        Really embarrassed.

        • Spicytomato1

          No need for embarrassment. When I don’t see the show and just look at photos/read posts, I often can’t tell who’s in the top and who’s in the bottom. 

          Actually sometimes I can’t even tell that while the judges are critiquing them. For example, last night it took me a while to figure out they were praising Melissa’s and not dissing it.

  • alula_auburn

    The only thing I can think of re: Tim was that he was fixated on the. . .crumpled effect of the original design?  Or maybe the onslaught of roses and slitted skirts has fixed the whole Ven’s designs=vaginas equation in his head so he made a kind of weird cognitive leap?

  • Ven’s roses bore me to tears, but it is INCREDIBLE how quickly he whipped that out. I don’t even understand how he makes it. 

  • Wellworn

    I agree!  Chris should have gone home.  I think the dress wasn’t even a standard cocktail dress, because that would require some kind of construction, and this one just seemed to be two layers of ugly wrapping paper tied up in a bow.  I also hated Ven’s design, and his print was something that my second graders would have drawn, but at least it was flattering and had some interest.  I am sick of the little flower tumors.  The very first time I saw it, in that suit, yes, it was gasp worthy.  But doing it over and over shows no growth, unless you count tumors as growths.  I have a little sad, because I was really starting to like Gunnar, and really starting to hate Chris.  Chris should have gone home last night, not because he’s a pathetic whining crybaby who is fakey fake, but because his dress was the worst.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I think Christopher should have gone home.  I get the choice on Gunnar, but at least he went full-steam ahead with his print.  Christopher made a mediocre print, turned it into a bad dress, and got so scared of his print that he covered it up with badly placed netting.

    I actually could see Tim’s comment to Ven, but sort of the way Dmitry did–“Er… well, now that it’s been mentioned, I can’t unsee it.”

    Melissa’s dress and print were nice, but it had the feel of, “Oh, I guess we need a third for the top three to fit format,” more than “Wow, this was the third best thing out there!”

    I can see all the work in Sonjia’s, I can appreciate how skilled she is… but giant print bell-bottoms are never going to do a thing for me, no matter how well made they are.  They take me to a Greg Brady place, and that’s just not the best place to go.  Still, she did a really good job with them, and if Dmitry hadn’t come up with the jacket of a lifetime, she should have won.  Though I still wouldn’t have cared for the look.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I just didn’t get all of the love for Melissa’s design-it’s a nice dress, but top three?

  • I really liked Melissa’s dress, but I thought it was amusing that she got so much praise for what was essentially a Dmitry design.

    Christopher’s was truly hideous. I actually thought it spoke well of him that he knew it and didn’t try to defend it. His appropriation of Gunnar’s exit, however, not so much. Ven got in on the Gunnar-who?-this-is-about-ME action as well.

    About Ven. I’ve been thinking this since the real woman challenge, but I was too steamed up about him to put it coherently. Ven really should not be a designer, he should be a sculptor. No clients, no collaborators, no trying to take into account different body shapes or the reality of trying to wear a garment for work/school/taking the subway, just a beautiful object that adheres to his vision. And that’s OK, as long as he isn’t trying to subordinate the real needs and desires and feelings of a real person to that vision.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Costello II’s outfit pretty awful and styled to 4am.  Still, how did Ven manage to survive on yet another rose dress, a badly made rose dress that looked like someone spilled juice on it.  I was loving that his sister was a big girl too…bitch was acting like he’d never seen one before so it just confirmed what a royal douche he is.  Tim’s menstrual comment was funny though, as though he on purpose were trying to find something vulgar to offend the “good taste” of Ven. Subtle, that Tim Gunn.

    As an aside, did anyone else find Elena’s wretched?  It looked absolutely off on my screen and I don’t know how she wasn’t in the bottom for it.  (That chick’s finale collection is the business though.)

    • Wretched is a little harsh, darling.

      The print was messy. Her aesthetic is so graphic and architectural that I was shocked to see how scratchy and awful her drawing was. I did like what she tried to do with color choice though.

      That styling was just WTF. Ungawdly hair, odd sunglasses. Too busy to fit with the print.

      Elena clearly rules in construction and design though. She made a cool, modern sporty look that was executed cleanly. Unfortunately, her clean sportswear would benefit more from color blocking, like her final collection.  The print itself was terrible, but it was a nice enough idea to land itself in the middle. She SHOULD consider herself lucky that Ven and Christopher had some designer’s block.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Anya effusively praised Sonjia’s outfit because SHE WAS WEARING THE SAME THING. Hilarious, and not just because I want to smack Anya every time I see her.

    • Frank_821

      Referencing the Extended Vids Yet Again: Anya said outright of course she would like that outfit since it’s her style and Sonjia said “OMG Anya’s wearing my outfit!”

  • Kate4queen

    The pants look lovely, but I just can’t see how anyone who isn’t six foot tall and a size 0 could get away with wearing them I worry about those things. I thought Christopher’s dress was the worst thing out there by far and he should’ve gone home.

  • I think Christopher has the ability to someday be a great designer, but he doesn’t have a point of view yet. Same with Sonjia. I have never looked at anything they have done and thought “Oh, that is so Sonjia/Christopher!” Though Ven is boring, you know when it is his work and he has a future designing wedding gowns/bridesmaid dresses. 

    • Aka

       … “he has a future designing wedding gowns/bridesmaid dresses.” Awesome, Julia. Just think of the money the bridal party could save–no need to buy bouquets when their dresses are already screaming roses.

  • Amy

    All the previews with Tim saying “it looks like a homage to the menstral cycle” and I thought Costello’s look was the one he was talking about! Maybe it looked my lady bug like up close…

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The homage to menstruation would have been more apt for Christopher or Melissa, as they both used a lot of red in their prints.

  • I like Chris and I’m a fan of his work but, yeah, his dress was the worst from last night’s episode. When it came down the runway only phrases came out of my mouth like “ugh”, “ooomph”, “oh no”, “oh boy” and finally, “ewww”. My face was stuck on “eww” until his model and dress left the runway and then my face began to relax again. I was pretty shocked on how easy the judges gave it to him. It’s like his past work definitely saved him for being knocked out.

    But deep down I wanted Ven to bounce. I know on here I’ve kind of backed his work and called him a great designer. I was basing it off his previous work prior to the real woman challenge. But ever since that challenge, it’s been downhill from there. That flower shit has got to stop (unfortunately, it did not considering his finale collection). Gunnar’s jacket was a piece of shit but I liked the print. Ven’s work was the same tired design and an useless print. Auf’d.

    • Miss_Magpie

      I think the fact that he did that at the final collection means he is a decoy.  Kind of a ginormous “F YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU, this is what will make me famous!” moment.  Time will tell if I am right or wrong….

      • EverybodysStarling

        That was exactly my thought – he would never have dared to make this collection beeing in the Top 3. Not after last night. 

        (Edited for spelling reasons)

      • CarolinLA

        I thought his finale collection was soooooooooo passive-aggressive after watching last night’s episode.

  • Hmmm. Well, OK. Yes, Christopher’s dress was BAD. And he IS whiney. I thought he’d be the one to go home. 
    But my dislike for all things Ven-ish swayed me to wish he’d get the auf this time. As much for him as for his dress. 

    Also, just saying – its not that easy to design fabric, especially not GOOD fabric, when you have, like, a half an hour, and are supposed to pull all your feelings and cultural heritage and soul into it. Having said that, they all KNOW they’ll be getting a ‘design a fabric’ challenge and must have at least thought about it some before the actual day to do it arrived. 

    • minnye

      That’s the thing… you’d think they’d KNOW they would have to deal with team challenges, designing for non-models, the HP fabric challenge, etc. But consistently these designers (the ones featured in the talking heads segments, anyway) are shocked, totally unprepared and whining. I don’t get it.

  • BobStPaul

    When Sonija said her print was going to be tribal, I assumed she was referring to African tribes but now that it’s mentioned, Native American tribal seems to be a better reference point (but I don’t think that’s what she intended).  I’ve said all along that Christopher should have been auf’ed though his dress actually looks better in the stills than it did on the runway.   I don’t know if Tim’s disdain for Ven stems from the “real woman” challenge or not, but I felt his interaction with the judges concerning Ven was not very professional.  

    • Lilithcat

       I don’t know if Tim’s disdain for Ven stems from the “real woman” challenge or not, but I felt his interaction with the judges concerning Ven was not very professional.  

      Tim hasn’t behaved professionally since he allowed Heidi to convince him to try to persuade the judges to give Mondo the win over Gretchen.  Whatever one thinks of that decision, it wasn’t Tim’s place to do that. Prior to that, he always said that he would never give his opinions or try to influence the judges (with the obvious exception of the emergency when he was officially a judge), that to do so would conflict with his role as a mentor.  I don’t know what changed him, and I think it’s sad.  I lost a lot of respect for him after he did that, particularly when he started trashing Gretchen publicly. Not cool.

      • I somewhat disagree.  I understand Tim’s position prior to that season.  However, I think there were two important factors at play: 1) The judges were deadlocked, an equal tie in votes with both sides feeling very strongly (which it must have sucked to be Andy), so another voice had to be added to further the discussion.  2) It was the final collection, the final judging.  There was no mentor relationship going forward that would need to be protected.

        • Glammie

          I think, though, by trashing the decision the way he did afterwards was really unfair to Gretchen.  Gretchen has taken a tremendous amount of flack for a decision she didn’t make.  Really, her worst sins were being self-absorbed and charmless.  I’ve always thought the final decision could have gone legitimately either way. Both collections had issues–it really was a matter of taste.  Kors clearly preferred Gretchen’s approach–particularly since it was shortly after Seth-Aaron had presented a totally bizarre god-awful post-PR collection.  

          I think people tend to see Gretchen’s as worse than it was and Mondo’s as stronger.  Neither one has done brilliant collections since then. 

        • Lilithcat

          1) Maybe so, but it it was a voice that was supposed to be neutral, and a voice that was added in secret.

          2)  There was no mentor relationship going forward that would need to be protected.  Not as to those specific designers, but those in subsequent seasons might well wonder whether they could trust Tim’s advice to be objective.

  • CassandraMortmain

    I like Sonjia’s print a lot and she did a great job fitting those pants,  But they’re still circus pants.  And far too referential to Mondo’s winning print pants.  I would have placed her third, not second.  And a side note about Tootie:  she has got to stop wearing the garish lipstick.  She sports about three different shades and they’re all just awful.

    Loved Melissa’s print and the dress.  Points for stepping so far outside her comfort zone.  The clear runner-up.  

  • VRuss

    Now that I’m reading all the comments, I’m thinking that if Ven did that rose thing he always does, drawn into the fabric and all the little folding triangles being the print, instead of the hideous pink flower… It would have been so much better… The graphic designer in me really responds when prints are simple, yet graphic enough to cause a big impact.

  • Very much agree with you, as usual!  Did someone tell Tim to say that?  It was a shocker.  At least Ven was veering off in a different direction, and the two times he has tried that, he got slammed.  No wonder he went back to his trick.  Christopher’s was far and away the worst thing up there IMHO.  It was definitely time for either he or Gunnar to go.  I knew Melissa wasn’t going to win, but it was a VERY pretty dress, and I am so glad the judges put her in the top.  I am glad Sonja was recognized too, but she didn’t deserve the win either.  The right person definitely won this week, and about time, too!

  • janetjb

    I would have sent Christopher, Ven, and Gunnar home.  I could go on and on, but it’s all been said.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Sonjia’s outfit was so freaking cute and chic. I love that top. Still, I thought Dmitry really deserved the win for being so original with how he showcased the print.
    The maxi pad episode had me cracking up. I was trying to see what Tim was seeing and all I could think was, he clearly has never seen a maxi pad before. ANYWAY!

    Melissa’s dress was cute, but I don’t like the way the shoulder part sags forward. Looks a little weird.

    I’ll admit that if this were the first time I was seeing Ven’s folded rose technique, I would think it’s pretty great, but that doens’t change the fact that the dress in its entirety is a little nuts. I mean, there’s entirely too much going on here. It’s just bad.

    I didn’t mind Christopher’s print, but that strapless prom dress was all kinds of horrible. Maybe you’re right and he should have gone home for it, but I still maintain that it should have been Ven the One Way Monkey. At least Christopher has shown some versatility in this competition. Ven seems to think he’s going to be able to build a brand based on just those stupid flowers and designing only for women built like models. Plus, he’s just such a sourpuss. Blah.

  • cheesebomb

    I would love to wear Sonjia or Melissa’s – I doubt I could pull those pants off, but I’d be tempted to try it!

  • EverybodysStarling

    Huh, so apparently clowns-pants are the next great thing. Never would have guessed that. 

  • Seeing Costello-lite’s dress in stills makes me hate it all the more.  The exposed zipper is hideous, especially shining out in the midst of so much darkness.  I really wish he had gone home, I’m done with him as well.

    I liked Sonji’s top, but really didn’t like the pants at all.  I don’t think I much like prints on pants…reminds me of my father’s golf pants with whales on them!  The design of the pants was nice, and the sewing masterful.

    Ven?  Meh.  I’m sort of way past over with him.

    Anya as a judge?  I just can’t even begin to address that.  Insane.

  • HobbitGirl

    The vortex pleating thing is cool. Once. For a statement piece. I am really surprised that this guy keeps bringing it back again and again and again. I gave up the show halfway through the Anya disaster-season, but I like keeping up with PR via TLo.

    •  No, he could use the same technique over and over again — if he managed to find ways of keeping it interesting.  Like maybe thinking about something other than shiny bridesmaid satin.

  • formerlyAnon

    I don’t know about “should’ve gone home” because the criteria for that are so hard to discern for me at this point in the season – except, perhaps for the strongest competitors – because I don’t know how to evaluate & weight ‘body of work’ which the judges OBVIOUSLY take into account, if erratically.

    Sonjia’s had a bigger “WOW” impact on the runway than Dmitry’s; his designs’ strengths were harder to see from a distance, and on t.v.  But I think first runner up – and a STRONG first runner up – was the right place. I *might* be influenced by my feeling that Dmitry’s been owed a win for a while.

    I liked Melissa’s and Ven’s. Her print was way stronger. But I think the target audience’s life & personal style would have more influence than strength of design if they were put to a retail numbers face-off.

    Christopher’s colors were ugly, IMO, and his PR cliche cocktail dress did nothing to redeem them.

  • Ana_ragu

    Enough with the long, visible back zippers already! Anyone ever try sitting on those, or against those? UN comfortable, and not very appealing to look at, except in a few contexts. The designers this season have been over-relying on those damn zippers. Please, stop.

    • janierainie

      Really! How much longer are we going to  have to look at those!  Are they upholstery zippers? That’s what they look like!  Wait a minute! He could have made a seat cushion out of his fabric and that zipper!

    • aeg66

      My mothers a tailor & it makes her cringe. Its not for effect…its cheaper than hiding it pure & simple.

  • pdquick

    I love her lipstick. The bright red one was unflattering, but i like the rest. I also thought the most interesting print on the stage was the one she was wearing.

  • Christopher’s dress just reminds me of a sadder version of Michael C’s Miss Piggy dress from the All-Star season.

  • formerlyAnon

    deleted random disqus placement

  • nannypoo

    Christopher’s dress was hideous and the back was all bunched up and ill-fitting. Definitely the worst thing on the runway last night. I don’t understand the praise for Melissa’s dress. The wingy little sleeves were unattractive and the neckline was unflattering and poorly made. Sonjia’s outfit was very nice. I especially liked the top, which was flattering and beautifully cut. Her print seems to represent elephants, which would made sense as an African reference. Ven’s dress didn’t bother me as much as it did lots others. If it was the first time we had seen the folding, and if the print were less pitiful, we would probably all be saying it was a fairly decent dress. Dmitry was a great choice for the win.

  • “Tlo said: We’re not sure why they thought it was Tim’s job to deter him from it, since they’ve given only the mildest indication that they were getting tired of it.”

    Me thinks that Tim being brought out to the judges was an obvious set up (not that they’d ever do that…)  the producers heard Tim’s maxipad remark and he was called out to repeat it (for hilarity to ensue).


    • I think the producers were up to more manipulation.  I think they wanted Tim to come out and give the judges a reason to keep Ven.  I read Tim’s comment to the judges as “I told him to change it, and he listened. Not his fault!”  Or the judges seemed to respond that way. “Oh, that’s why Ven did this.  Okay, he’s in.”

  • cleep1000

    I have to disagree with the auf’d person this week. That thing Ven made was ugly, fugly, funky, wonky, and weird. He’s had too many chances to produce something interesting and new, and failed them time and time again. I didn’t get the hatred for Gunnar’s jacket. It could have had more structure to it, but I thought it was cute and wearable, whereas Ven’s dress was just plain awful.

  • cleep1000

    But I agree that Tim’s critique of Ven’s first dress was off the mark. Menstrual blood isn’t pink, for starters. And maxi-pads aren’t pleated. That first dress could not in any way have been worse than what walked down the runway. I really don’t get why Ven is still in the game.

    • CarolinLA

      Thank you!!  If someone’s menstrual blood is pink, they need to see a doctor!  That annoyed the bejeesus out of me.

  • Son: It’s a sharp look. No wonder Mondo deemed this piece the most successful. He, too, did these high-waist pants for the print challenge. I responded not so much to the print itself but to the black side stripes. I thought they worked well to break up the monotony of the pattern (or what could have been a monotonous pattern given how abundantly she used the print). The top’s pretty good. She juxtaposed the structured/piped front to the fluid/draped back.

    Melissa: It’s this roots/leaves/blood/bloodline/lineage conceit. It’s not particularly inventive; it’s certainly nothing idiosyncratic: She’s not the first, nor will she be the last, to liken the tree roots to “one’s roots”/blood. The print, however, is nicely rendered, nicely cut, and nicely matched up.

    Ven: Yep, bottom 2, but not auf’d for me, too. He clearly has no idea how to design an eye-catching print. It’s a hibiscus. Now this hibiscus doesn’t need to be boring. He could have utilized the print in imaginative ways; he could have placed it aptly; he could have designed within the print. We know he had started to do just that– yes, yes, he pulled those “hand-held fans” out of his trick-bag; you’ll notice the pleated appliqué in a look he included in his pre-show portfolio. He shouldn’t have scrapped his design because of Tim’s menstrual blood comments. Tim, that Maxi-pad joke was funny once. You said it to Sweet P in S4. Go hunt for penises and vaginas now. Fabio’s got some. (Then again, Tim, quite simply, may have been reading his script. Alice Temperly read it: what’s a streetwalker mean? A tart, replied Kors.) Ven (and others): Yes, listen to Tim’s critique. If, and only IF, it resonates with what you think of your own design as you are designing it, then make alterations. Adjust, not discard. (In Ven’s case, he could have maybe reduced the number of pleated appliqués or placed/spaced them differently, etc.)

    Chris: You’re OUT. You made a terribly dated and oppressive dress with a bursting bow. EW.

  • Valdri8

    Hope that is the end of the Ven alien-pustule.

  • janierainie

    I really thought Tim’s critique was out of line. I didn’t get his maxi pad  comment. And I’m really sick of Ven, so it’s not like he insulted my favorite designer by any stretch. I wonder if he was so pissed about how Ven treated the real woman challenge person, that he waited for an opportunity to torpedo him. I would hate to believe Tim would do that, but he is human I suppose. 

  • I love Melissa’s dress, and wish I could buy it! (But her model’s hair and makeup was soooo bad). Sonjia’s pants looks like sophisticated clown pants to me. I wouldn’t wear them.

    I have to agree about Tim’s comments. I am an actual female with many years experience menstruating, and that design element never in a million years would’ve made me think maxi pads. Cray-zee.

  • minnye

    I’ve been trying to be nice or not say anything at all, but Christopher has been annoying the shit out of me since episode 1 and I would have rather seen him go than Sweetcrackers. And his dress sucked balls. There.

    Sonjia’s look is overall very cool although I am not sold on those arches over the breasts. It’s possible that big pants are coming back? Nina was wearing some serious pants. Anyway, Sonji – I really liked her print. Love her personality. I’m even on board with her lipstick.

    Funny that Dmitry was severely scolded last week for making sheath dresses and they praised Melissa to high heaven for making a sheath dress. I know, the colors are unusual for her, but I was surprised at the love. It’s a cute dress though and I’m glad she’s getting attention – she seems to have the chops for a commercial career.

  • Sonjia could be the first black person to win this thing.  Lord knows it’s about time.  And she will have earned it.

    I’m thinking she and Melissa are the final two.

  • DinahR

    Sonjia – her entry felt very referential to Mondo for me.  I was surprised no one mentioned it, esp with him sitting right there.  It felt a bit intentional to me so I wouldn’t have given her the win, but I did like the look.  

    Ven – it’s not that bad, but there’s zero element of surprise there.  I wouldn’t have sent him home, but I’m glad they issued him a firm warning to start mixing it up.  

    Chris – Egads.  This I would have sent home on.  He was lucky this week that they deemed it Gunnar’s turn, but this dress was far worse.    

    • GTrain

      I totally agree about Sonjia referencing Mondo. She basically did all but make them high-waisted.

    • unbornfawn

      Absolutely! That is one of the reasons she didn’t win. The judges had essentially seen this exact same thing. Of course Dmitri really did take the whole process to the next level.

  • Random thoughts…

    Am I the only one who didn’t like Melissa’s dress?  It makes my head hurt just looking at it!  The pattern in itself isn’t bad, but it’s much to much of it for my taste.

    Am I the only one who thinks Elana should have been in the top instead of Melissa?  I thought her look was kinda cool and edgy and fun.

    I thought Sonjia’s was the best, even though I’m usually not a fan of pants with busy prints she really made the whole thing look very sleek and fashionable.  I still support Dmitry for the win because she has two behind her already and he was overdue.  He was also among the few who actually tried to incorporate his heritage into his pattern.

    Yeah, Christopher’s sucked.  Bad prom dress circa 1986.  He got off easy because the judges seem to melt at the sight of his sad puppy dog eyes.  As soon as I saw his pattern I thought he was going to be on the receiving end of Tim’s menstrual musings.  Speaking of which…

    I’m in the minority but I totally got Tim’s “ode to menstruation” comment to Ven.  The nasty splotches of color against the white gave it a strange maxi pad-like appearance.  Ven was doomed as soon as he decided to go with that ugly flower pattern.  There were a lot of beautiful patterns he could have done with an Indian background and all he could do was fall back on his boring “Flowers – I sure do like ’em” thing.  He should have been gone not only for his ugly dress but for his total lack of creativity.  Gunnar tried to do something creative and fell on his face, but Ven didn’t even try.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      You are not alone in your opinion of Melissa’s dress, and I think your comment nailed why I don’t like it-it’s just so much pattern I feel as if I”m looking at the model’s venous structure.

  • Consuelo12

    Google Kotex images. The box not the pad itself. Spot on.

    • OMG, you’re right! Ven’s design did look like the packaging with the red flowers! Which is understandable that Tim might have been thinking of, rather than the actual pads themselves. Although a spreading blood-spot on white isn’t exactly attractive regardless.

    • Oh… wow.   Damn, girl, that really *is* an eye opener!

    • Meelah

      You’ve got to wonder if Tim ever had to make Kotex runs for female family members.

  • Ing

    Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing about Ven this episode. I can’t even explain why it was so funny to me, but the moment he drew that flower I just thought ‘OF COURSE’ and just cracked up, unable to stop. It’s not enough that he does the whole flower-folding thing, but the print had to be floral too! Then Heidi tells him that if they see that flower thing ONE more time… and I started thinking about his collection which was basically the flower thing over and over and over. 

  • PaulaBerman

    I hated Ven’s because it seemed kind of, I don’t know, sulky? He did the same thing last week, when deterred from his foldy pleaty design. It’s like, “Oh, OK, you don’t like what I’m doing? FINE, I’m going to make something lame.”

    Also, it seems blaringly obvious that Ven is eliminated and his final collection is a decoy. There is a vortex rose in every single one of the designs in that collection, which is a big old SCREW YOU to the judges. It is, in fact, a flounce/sulk/protest in collection form. Ven just seems like a very unpleasant person to me.

  • guest2visits

    Dimitry’s print was probably one of the best prints created on PR, and his three piece suit was also uniquely crafted and totally
    his own look. And he was so due a win. Still – my favorite has got be Melissa’s; I love the way the print and the dress go hand-
    in-hand, I like the flow and the easiness of it.   Hers, Dimitry’s and Sonjia’s were all very good looking prints.
    Sonjia’s pants were a pleasing design, and well made; my only question mark was the low back of the top. It was a beautiful design
    but I wondered if the sweeping low back should have been kept for different garment – the pants seem too playful for such a
    sexy/serious back. But thats just me.
    I couldn’t understand why Christopher AND Ven didn’t make skirts and tops seperately in place of these beleaguered dresses.
    It felt that they were both unable to readjust at some point and just stopped or shut down.   I don’t who’s was worse; ..well,
    at least Christopoher had a better print than Ven under that hideousness.

  • buddy100

    I honestly think that the critique surrounding Ven is largely vindictive. Sure, he was a total dick, but Tim stooped to his level. I think he was trying to humble the designer. Which is probably necessary, but very passive-aggressive and classless. Ven was trying to do something different by having a simple silhouette with a consistently branded but different fan design. Was it great? No, but I’m pretty sure the man could create couture that would summon the second coming of Jesus, and people would still be pushing him to fail.

    I don’t like the guy but I have to call bias when I see it.

    • Consuelo12

      Tim is not that way. He thinks people know where he is coming from. Is it likely that he really was reminded of a kotex box and assumed that’s what Ven would hear. Or do you think he wanted to make him feel bad and compare it to a bloodied pad? They actually use hibiscus flower. Maybe . Just saying.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I can understand boredom with Ven’s overuse of that one design element, and yes, he was a jerk to his client, but I find the continued criticism of Ven to becoming tiresome and ugly.

    • guest2visits

      I was surprised to hear Tim’s terminology; I would have surely expected it more from Ven’s peers in the workroom –
      but they were kind of surprised themselves.  Tim’s usually very deliberate in his wording and his critique, so I actually
      believe he was trying very hard to get through to Ven, as in ‘STOP, this is a hella big mistake; start again’.  Ven’s just not
      that easy to convince to change course or look at something at little differently; otherwise he would have come with a
      few more ideas in his idea bag.  I LOVE his rose motiffs, I love-love them; no matter how much they are scorned. But I feel
       resorting to the rose pattern for his ‘hibiscus’ print was a complete miss. Was it lazy.. just a tempory block..or maybe
      a lack of imagination or design aesthetic?  Hell if I know. I wish we could have seen something more from him though.

      •  I find the rose motif annoying, not because of the technique itself or even the frequency of his use, but the lack of creativity in how it’s used.  When he has his way, it’s always on the same types of material, for the same type of garment, and the same flower shape.  There are so many ways of mixing it up and still having it as a signature element, so many ways of making an interesting collection with a variety of looks all using the same technique.

        • guest2visits

          Yes, he never really expanded on his rose idea, did he?   And then he used the exact same pattern with
          a conflicting flower print; weaksauce!
          As bad as this past week’s dress was; his pleated pinwheels were even worse – I was stunned for a second
          when I saw them on the dress form, they were so awful – it may be Tim saved him from an auf by getting
          Ven to put them away.
          I thought Ven could’ve used the ugly hibiscus print as:  a large wrapped scarf/sarong across the basic
          shape of the white dress, faux-tied at the hip. Or – as a pleated peplum. Or- as the entire bodice of the
          dress, using his folding technique.   But thats all easy to say from my perch in front of a tv screen.

  • Christopher’s dress was truly awful. His attitude on the runway during the judging plainly said, “I don’t care.” Other designers in the past have been scolded for that kind of attitude. Why was he not? He should have been aufed over Gunnar.

  • megohd

    Agree re: the non-maxi pads. I have no idea how Ven’s lame design resembled maxi pads.

    And I also HATED Christopher’s dress. Blah doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  • aeg66

    Thank God, Christophers sad sack of ego is waning on others too. He’s even perfected the sad strained eyes a la Michael Costello.

  • withbreaththatisbaited

    Sonjia’s pants were ridiculous. I guess they look great on a tall stick-thin runway model, but you can’t sell those pants in the real world. 

    Ven seems like he just gives up when Tim doesn’t fall all over himself praising his work. I think Tim was correct in his maxi pad comment. They didn’t look like flowers, they looked like pink blobs on white. Anything pink/red on white that doesn’t have a distinct shape is going to invoke menstruation! As Heidi pointed out, the printed flower and the fabric flower do not mesh at all, and besides that, the dress was just bad. 

    Christopher’s dress was horribly executed. It was crooked, the zipper was a terrible addition, that crazy poofy flower (?) at the waist. Just bad all around. 

    • Meelah

      I would wear those pants and I’m not a tall stick figure.  They fit a certain demo.

  • Yeah, I’m definitely ready for Costello-lite to go home. It was sad to see Gunnar go, but I suppose it was his time, or would have been soon. I pray that Ven gets Auf’ed soon, because I’m REALLY over him. I like Melissa’s dress, but there’s something about the neckline that seems off to me. And Sanjia’s pants were adorable. I think she would have deserved the win, too. 

  • kikisayshi

    Christopher’s is a sad, sad little dress.

  • adnama79

    Am I the only one who agreed w/ Mr. Gunn about the appearance of Ven’s 1st dress?  ‘Cause I totallllllllllly did.

    • No, I know you and I are in the minority, but as soon as he said it, I couldn’t unsee it.

      • Iroqhard

        ME TOO. In fact I read the recaps first (because I’m weird like that) and when they showed Ven’s first dress from a distance, it TOTALLY looked like used maxi pads glued to a dress. 

  • quiltrx

    I’ve been meaning to ask for weeks…is Tootie’s model as FIERCE in motion as she is in stills?  She has a very commanding presence in stills, IMO.

    And I’m ready for Ven to be eliminated, so he can go ahead and make a “how to make a vortex rose” tutorial on YouTube.  I’m fed up with them on clothes, but I think just one in one of my quilts might be okay. 🙂

    • Meelah

      I think Sonjia and Dimitri won out in the model pickings.  

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I think that Sonjia has one of the best models this season. She always works the sh*t out of Sonjia’s designs!

  • Sweetvegan

    The right person went home! I’m very relieved that Gunnar’s temper tantrums didn’t keep him there longer than he should have been there. While the judges pretend that you can be in one day and out the next, Christopher and Ven are clearly two of the judges’ faves and both have turned out great looks in the past. They weren’t going anywhere.
    I do think Gunnar could’ve greatly improved his print if he got rid of the scribble hands and the black bird were repeated more closely together to create a faux houndstooth. It would look like houndstooth from a distance, but up close, you could see that they were birds. That would’ve been cool.

  • rorschach1992

    I’m personally a bit concerned about Sonjia. Not about this week’s look, its great, but because her Fashion Week collection was rather bad, and didn’t look as sharp as her work the past two weeks, and her other great entries in the competition. This week however she knocked it out of the park, The pants are great at every angle, the print is great, and the top is fantastic, the back drape was a surprise and impeccably thought out.  

    Also I don’t think Ven will get much further, and if he does he won’t win, considering his collection was 10 flowers, and he was flat out told to do something else. The fabric folding was completely inappropriate for this challenge and yet he did it. Bad dress, both of them. 

    • I don’t think Ven even gets even *close* to winning  At the beginning of the season, I would have pegged him for the win in an instant.  But now?  No way.  The judges are sick of him now, that’s obvious, which is really what a contestant needs to take into account.  It doesn’t matter that the *fans* can’t stand him (because – hello, Gretchen and Anya!), but the fact that the judges are just really over this guy is a big deal.  I don’t see him lasting much longer.

    • Meelah

      I don’t think Ven will be top 2 because several of the items from Fashion Week are not all new garments.  They’re some of the things he showed Mondo and the other audition judges before the show started.  Almost as if he figured he’s not going to win the competition so why put in the work to create new things.

  • Did anyone else think that they seemed to cut a section out of Tim’s discussion with the judges. It seemed like he might have gone into some “issues” he’s had with Ven and it was cut. Considering Tim has publicly said that Ven is a vile person, it wouldn’t surprise me if he through some shade during judging. 

    • mhleta

      Ooo, very curious. Where did Tim say Ven was a vile person?

      •  At a book party, Tim said that the editing was kind to everyone on the show, and especially to Ven during that challenge, that his behavior was exceptionally bad.

  • ccm800

    Christopher is the WORST kind of asshole. I know everyone loved the little fella with cancer but he was the same type. Secretly a little bitch  but outwardly just enough to fool the untrained eye. I would rather an Elena or McKenzie – what you see is what you get kinda hard ass ANYTIME. It’s called integrity and even if your a whore if you own it – you’ve got it. TLo – u read my mind with your assessment of this one. UGH. And that dress…just plain UGLY.

    • Exactly.

      Elena doesn’t hold back. When she’s mad, she’s full-on Insane-in-the-Ukraine-snark-meister mad. When she’s happy, she’s full-on giggling-skipping-little-girl. So she’s only bearable half the time, but you know she wears her feelings on her sleeves.

      Chris on the other hand is just a sneaky little bastard who thinks he can get away with it all by trying to be cute.

      •  I wonder if she’s ever been asked about manic depression — I regularly have to explain to doctors that I don’t have manic depression, I have social anxiety and a very fast brain which translates to me talking very quickly and in large amounts (shocking, I know, who’d have thought someone would accuse me of talking too much;) and I’m simply moody.  Psychiatrists and psychologists can spot the differences right off, but GPs ask constantly.

      • ccm800


  • Rebecca Jay

    The style of pant that Sonjia made look good on me, and I want hers SO BAD.  

    AND the red dress, even though the shape of the top half makes me think of the Amityville Horror house.

  • Indian here. First, Lotus is the flower that has lots of religious and cultural meaning for us Indian Hindus, not hibiscus. Second, Indian drapes and patterns are way more beautiful than what Ven has done. 

    I think he did not know how to draw a lotus and so he tried to talk his way out by siting religion and culture as an excuse. 

    • Lilithcat

      The hibiscus was a reference to his growing up in Guyana, not his Indian heritage.

      • In his ITM he said it was about being a Hindu and an Indian. In the panel he said it was about growing up in Guyana. 

  • Even though I hated Ven’s print, that pleating is so beyond Anya’s range she should have felt ill sitting on that judging panel. The maxi pads thing is hilarious. Rarely, rarely, Tim doesn’t like someone (ie: Emilio) and he will accidentally hate something they make too much (Emilio in the print challenge) and then it’s “Oooh, Tim hates him!” Still, if Tim doesn’t like you then you’re probably a jerk.

  • I do love Sonjia’s look, and thought it was a well-deserved second place.  It was a good print, and she tailored the pants beautifully, but that’s about all.  The top is a well fitted simple black top.  It’s a great look, but not for the win, but it absolutely belonged in the top two.

    As for the bottoms?  Yes, Ven’s look was bad, but Christopher’s was MUCH worse.  I wish he wasn’t the BM/Lifetime Designated “Sweetheart Of the Season”, because that clump of fabric deserved the auf.  If that had been up to me, his little ass would have been on the first Long Island Railroad train back to Massapequa (I can even tell you what time he could catch it, because my boyfriend lives along that line!).

  • bellesprit

    “Oh, shut up, you whiny thing.” Yes! Maybe he’ll listen to you. :huge weary sigh:

  • leftcoastpickle

    Sonjia’s pattern is full of north west native design elements. I wonder if she has some native heritage or absorbed this type of design somewhere. The pants are perfectly made, but still pajamas. 
    I’m always surprised how badly people do designing fabric and the colours they go for. Why always red, for instance? It seems to me they are always ending up with some ugly ass black and red patterns.  I guess it’s easier to be dramatic in black and red, but take a colour theory class, people. 

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Truthfully for me both Melissa’s and Christopher’s prints were more worthy of the homage to menstruation description than Ven’s pink pleated first try.   As for Christopher, I don’t understand his use of the chiffon over his print;it wasn’t the best print out there, but I think that the overlay of black chiffon created a muddy mess. And yes, I”d like to take Christopher by his shirtfront and tell him to get over himself-dear, the world truly is not all about you.

  • jjfg

    Eh, I would have been fine if Christopher went home.  Sick as I am of Ven’s orgami rose shit,  Christopher’s dress was just BAD.  And he knew it. 

  • Qitkat

    I actually did not hate Ven’s. I wonder what would have been said if he had never gone to that well before? It was very well made, and while he did not make quite the best use of a print he was obviously stuck with, I did not find it painful to look at. He made the right choice to limit the use of the print and go with the solid white skirt. He was the only one with a really large motif, and in the hands of someone with better design skills (Ven’s are technical sewing skills, I think), a really great dress might have resulted.

    • Ven’s designs might be boring but they are always technically well made. I guess it’s an extreme reaction to Anya that I don’t mind him getting a pass each week; it’s not like the judges are aufing more qualified contestants to keep him on.

      As far as his personality goes, I find people like Costello-Lite and smarmy Gunnar much more irritating. Neither one has enough talent to justify the drama they indulge in.

      •  There really hasn’t been a challenge that I felt he was really unfairly kept.  Even with the real woman challenge, as awful as Ven was to his client and as bad as that outfit was, Nathan’s was pretty terrible.  At that point it was a real toss-up, and a matter of taste, as to whose was worse.  This one was bad, too, but I really didn’t feel that it was the worst (for me that was Elena’s).

  • Christopher’s print=  reject print from Super Mario NES  D:

  • Why haven’t the judges addressed the repeated use of the exposed back zipper, sewn on the outside of the garment like Christopher’s? They all try to make it out like it’s an “edgy” design element when really, it’s just the fast & easy way to put in a zipper. And every single challenge for the past 4-5 seasons has had at least one zipper executed like that. Every time I see one, I want to scream at the judges!

    And yeah, Project Alum were both kind of bitchy judges. Mondo worse though. It’s like they were asserting their authority, the seniors picking on the freshman. It was annoying.

    • Yeah, I was shocked by how nasty Mondo was in his critiques… where’s the empathy?  And big agree on the exposed zipper thing – I hate it!  It always looks lazy and cheap to me.

  • I feel like I might quit if Christopher wins. Gretchen is strike one. Anya is strike two. Christopher will be strike three.

    The signs are there (WHY WERE THE JUDGES SO EASY ON SUCH AN AWFUL DRESS. NINA, DO SOMETHING.), but hopefully Fabio or Elena will be in the final three to knock him out with their gorgeous collections. Unfortunately, both of them are rather edgy, artsy designers who tend to go beyond the judge’s taste preferences. Sigh.

    Even if their collections missed the mark, I would rather have Sonjia, Dmitry, or Melissa win rather than Christopher. Ven’s a goner.

  • CarolinLA

    Hey, Fashion School peeps:  how does someone graduate without knowing how to use prints well?  Even if it’s not their affinity, I would think it would be a requirement.

  • Meelah

    Sonjia’s pants gave me a Polynesian vibe.  There are so many different African tribes so it’s hard to say if she’d seen something that looked like that.

    Just as a side note: Some African tribal prints aren’t actually originally from an African tribe.  Some prints are originally from Indonesia brought to Africa during Dutch colonialism of both areas.

  • Clacey

    I’m curious to see what Ven will come up with now that the judges have said “No more florigami.” It looks like next week might be a Make a Costume challenge.

  • Thathoodwink

    I was hoping to learn what nationality the name “Palu” is. NOW I have to google. 

    • Thathoodwink

      We do not have a record of the primary ethnicity of the name Palu. Many surnames travel around the world throughout the ages, making their original nationality and ethnicity difficult to trace.” 
      Maybe Christopher doesn’t know, either….so he designed an ugly-arse fabric and covered it with netting.

    • Clacey

      I googled it and came up with French. But that sad, wadded-up little cocktail dress is basse couture IMO.

  • Shawn EH

    I would have been happy for a Christopher auf, but Ven’s inability with the print was far worse. I liked the ladybug story, they’re very good luck symbols in a lot of cultures, why not go Asian-inspired or make a resort dress or do something like Melissa did with her equally loud print. Melissa is still the Queen of Darkness, btw, because only she knows that all that red pattern is an exposed cardiovascular system!

  • Clacey

    So far Ven has shown that he has three tricks in his bag – the fabrigami fan (four times now) and the florigami rose (also four times). Take those away from him, and all he has left is an asymmetrical exposed zipper (Marie Claire and Makeover challenges). I don’t know why the producers/judges love Christopher so much. He’s telegenic, but I haven’t been too impressed by his actual designs.

  • annieanne

    Tim’s advice probably steered him in the wrong direction
    I don’t think that’s at all fair. Tim told him to stay away from the pom poms he was planning to splat all over his design. He never for a minute suggested he fall back on the folded rose. Ven just doesn’t have a plan B other than the rose. Not much of a Plan A either at this point.
    I thought for sure Chistopher was getting the loser edit. I’m pretty amazed that Gunnar went home instead. Not that Gunnar’s wasn’t a pretty bad attempt but it had a little more imagination than Christopher’s.

  • geeeque

    i cannot imagine anyone under the age of 50 wearing ven’s silhouettes. they are so dated and dull and frumpy. i really do not see what the hullaballoo is over that guy. he’s utterly humorless. maybe it’s the way they edit but having him in my workroom would totally freak me out.

  • Ven.  Sigh.  I think he was so horrified by Tim’s bizarre and tasteless maxi pad/menstruation critique he ran to his personal rose covered happy place in an attempt to get Tim’s words out of his head.  
    I was surprised they were as nice about Christopher’s dress as they were – granted they put him bottom 3 but they just pretty much said “meh – boring”.  It’s AWFUL.  Lumpy and wadded up fabric, the tired sweetheart neckline looks uneven and odd…. just a terrible dress all the way around.
    Loved Melissa’s dress.  Where can I buy it?  Actually I’m glad she kept the silhouette simple – the pattern is the design.

  • christopher’s print looks like one of those 3D posters that were so popular a while back – if you stare long enough an image will appear!!

  • Nissa

    Did anyone else notice that this is the third time Costello-lite made this dress? Y’know, the short, sleeveless dress that makes the model look like she only has half a torso? His second outfit in the first challenge was like that, and so was his candy dress. It’s like every time he doesn’t know what to do, he makes this dress. The only thing different about this one is that it has a knot in it.