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Posted on September 21, 2012

Hit it, Mockettes!


Dmitry Sholokhov

Oooooh, the Bitter Kittens aren’t going to like us for this one, but we agree with the judges’ decision and completely understand why this didn’t get the win. It’s absolutely true that it’s a sophisticated dancer’s costume, beautifully rendered. But here’s the thing: The Rockettes, bless their high kicks, should never really be used in a sentence with the word “sophisticated.” They’re campy and meant to appeal to the broad masses. This looks like it could be a fabulous costume for Chicago or something like that, but it doesn’t say “Rockette” to us at all.


Elena Slivnyak

Not to defend this look or anything, but when you look at the costumes they displayed for the designers during their sketching session, this look is only off by a matter of degrees. It’s horribly executed and grossly over-embellished, plus the fabric looked cheap, but the judges acting like this was some sort of abomination seemed a bit over the top to us. She made a glittery, over-embellished dance costume. Since when is that so shocking in the world of the Rockette?

Having said that, it’s ugly.


Fabio Costa

We seriously don’t get this one at all. That grey fabric absolutely ruins the look, taking it from shiny and armored to drab and utilitarian. He should have ditched the fabric and made the straps more functional. This could read like a modern, showgirl take on Bronze Age armor and that’s kind of fun.


Melissa Fleis

It’s ambitious and the results are unusual. For that alone, she deserved to be in the top. But that neckline is impractical for dancing and that inadvertent “1” on the front is way too distracting. Honestly, we thought it was deliberate. She should’ve lied and said she envisioned each girl being numbered from 1 to 36. That might actually be a cute idea. But like we said, it’s impractical and to be honest, the little hat is pure cliche.


Sonjia Williams

She’s seriously lucky Ven made an ice dancing costume for depressed girls and Elena made one for manic girls.


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  • siriuslover

    I loved the idea of Fabio’s, actually. Kind of Xena, warrior princess.  I LOVED Dmitry’s and I am a bitter kitten about the decision. I get it, but I still wanted Dmitry to win. I am a bit tired of Melissa’s straight across the bust technique. Isn’t this like the third time she’s done it? Getting old, Melissa, getting old. The other two are too bad to think about.

    • With the high neckline I was getting Jean D’Arc with Fabio’s.

      • That or Barbarella. He should have done thick shoulder straps and it would have been so much stronger

    • “Kind of Xena, warrior princess.”

      Exactly what my husband said. I was having a flashback to Milla Jovovich as Joan of Arc.

    • lilibetp

       Dmitry’s fabric choice for the bust also seems a bit sheer to me.

      • JillSpill

        Actually it seems a lot sheer to me…I was surprised the judges didn’t comment on that.

        • patticake1601

           They did, I think Heidi mentioned it…something about little kids seeing sheer boobs etc.

      • emily mcginnis

        you can completely see through it to the model’s nipples. i noticed that last night. 

        • YoungSally

          Yeah — even on TV…..but a real costume would be built on a heavy duty nude but not sheer foundation…so his look might have been able to be adapted.

        • Yes, it’s the costume that should read to the cheap seats, not the dancers’ nipples.

        • boomchicabowwow

          Things you never expect to do as a grown, financially independent adult…..slowly, with your face an inch away from the screen, scroll through PR blog sights looking for model nipples.  Thank you Emily, I can now cross that off my bucket list.  🙂

        • Melissa Brogan

           I JUST noticed that with these stills. When I was watching it (online, same monitor) I couldn’t see that at all. Now I understand Debra Messing’s comment that it was too sexy!

      • Lisa_Cop

        That’s easy to fix; just add a little lining.

    • Qitkat

      At the time I was surprised that Fabio was the safe one, but after the judging and assessments by the TLo and BK community, it all makes sense. Am I correct in thinking that he may have made a body suit of the sad grey stretch, which all his armor fabric was attached to? It did have a certain something, but for another time and place. His model’s hair looked too flat, Dmitry’s model is similar but far superior. And sour face much?

      • Glammie

        Ugh, no I don’t get why Fabio’s was safe.  Vin’s boring blue looked better than Fabio’s.  

        Do not get the high necklines on Fabio’s or Sanjia’s–they’re bizarre.  

        Dmitri should join up with Mila and work on Dancing with the Stars.  That costume is gorgeous even if it is too much for the Rockettes.

        • I thought Dmitry’s was smarter that Christopher’s in this sense: the fringe was a detail that would read well up close, and the cutouts were details that would read from far away.  But as Debra Messing pointed out, probably too “adult” for the challenge.

      • boomchicabowwow

        I think Fabio, Elena, and probably even Christopher were cut some slack on their “nude” mesh fabrics.  I don’t think Mood had much of anything for the desiners to work with, at least within the PR budget price range.  Dmitry’s mesh looks awsome, but I’m betting he knew what to look for and picked it purely for quality rather than trying to somehow “match” it to his other fabric or his model’s skin tone. 

        For the first time in 10 seasons (and I’ve seen every ep.), I got the feeling that Mood was not up to par.  I’ve heard rumblings about this (here and on other blogs), but this is the first time I’ve ever gotten that vibe.  We heard Ven talk about the lack of variety in the chrysals, and EVERYONE who made the second trip looked just as defeated as they were the first time around, with the exception of Chris.

        I think Sonji and Elena really wanted to sound off about it too, but knew not to piss off a sponser.

        • CozyCat

          If I remember correctly, in the lady wrestler challenge (oh, those were the days!), they didn’t go to Mood. Didn’t they go to a place with a name like “House of Spandex” or something.  There may have been a similar issue here–they needed a store that was more appropriate for dancing costumes, with a larger selection of sequins and illusion netting. 

          • Glammie

            Yep–and Chris March clearly knew his way around–asked if they still had the green leopard print.  Naturally, he won that challenge.  Sigh.  Thing is, most of those whacky outfits weren’t bad.  Season Four was a real high point in terms of talent.

          • CozyCat

            Well, even the great designers of season 4 had some problems with that challenge.  Remember Sweet Pea’s “Eva Gabor in Green Acres” ensemble?  Or Rami’s “hot pink girl next door”?  That’s what makes these challenges so great:  even good designers are thrown for a loop.  At least everyone in this group was a good sport and there was no moaning that “I just don’t do these tacky dance costumes.”

        • Lisa_Cop

          Mood is good for fabrics but for crystals, sequins or even nice buttons you need to go to a notions store. Still there are loads of notions stores very near to Mood

      • kimmeister

        Fabio’s model’s hair was bizarre!!

    • BuffaloBarbara

      Yes, but imagine if the Rockettes did a Radio City version of the Xena musical!  It’d be awesome for that!

    • snarkmeister

      My thought was Gladiator…or, I guess, Gladiatrix?  (Is that a word?)

    • Had Fabio taken away the horrid, old-granny-panty grey illusion netting,
      gone full-force with the silver it would have been flapper
      warrior princess realness. It’s sad that the grey ruined the whole look for me!

  • I love the cheesy Rockettes. I am counting the days till I go to the holiday spectacular. But how could these “designers” so completely miss the ball on this one? Most moms can make better outfits for their daughters’ dance recital in grade school.

    • Maybe they are too sophisticated for this challenge???

    •  Oh, you either have not had much experience with moms of young girls lately or you live in a very traditional area, because most moms now can’t put together anything for a recital.  Seriously, it boggles me — I’m at least 10 years younger than most of the moms from my oldest’s class and yet they are positively bewildered that I can make cupcakes from a box mix let alone clothing.

  • A. W.

    I actually really like the purple number Sonjia came up with! With a less spandexy fabric for the bodice, I can even see it being translated into a cute dress for one of the tween red carpet girls we all love.

    • VanessaDK

       My biggest problem with Sonjia’s was that it flattened the model’s figure–Rockettes need to keep an hourglass shape.

      • And, even if it had been executed more successfully, it didn’t satisfy the challenge’s requirement that the costume be reusable.  It would be pretty memorable, without being “timeless,” like Christopher’s.

    • 3boysful

       Hell, I’m not a tween, but I’d love a cocktail with a feathered skirt and cap sleeves.  Now, where I’d wear it . . . .

      • Lisa_Cop

        Sonjia’s was not a costume, just an ugly and totally impractical dress.

    • MilaXX

       I think she should have made it backless in that paler purple fabric and then used the feathers for an accent. An entire skirt of feather is just not going to work well on multiple shows.

    • Ceur

       I haven’t seen the episode yet and I have absolutely no idea what or who these Rockettes are, and I think it’s cute! Maybe I’ll hate it when I get the context and the task, but just from these photos I think it’s quite cool.

      • Lilithcat

        I have absolutely no idea what or who these Rockettes are

        Here you go:

      •  Are you a Soviet spy who has traveled through time to 2012?  ‘Cause otherwise, how do you not know who the Rockettes are?!?  (And if so, shouldn’t you be doing something way more interesting than watching PR? Like trying to get back to save the USSR or writing a lengthy novel about your experience?  Or both? 😉

        • Ceur

           Or just .. non-American?

          • Do you have a problem with the “take inspiration from NY” challenge each season, then?  (Not being snarky, just wondering ’cause I wonder things like that — my husband is constantly reprimanding me for asking questions that are easily misinterpreted)  Do you find you’re familiar with most of the references or not so much?  NY icons tend to be quite well-known within the US, but I’m not sure how much they relate outside of the country — my guess is some of the biggest would probably be known, kind of like how the Eiffel Tower is for Paris, but what about something like the Chrysler building Jay used in S1?

            Again, I’m really not trying to be all “America is important and everyone should know about us” (’cause we certainly don’t invest the energy in learning about the rest of the world!), but I’m curious.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I think the problem with Sonjia’s design was that although it is cute, and her model worked it, it didn’t meet the needs of a dance costume.  It certainly could be cute tween number, though.

    • RroseSelavy

      I got a cool Josephine Baker vibe off of it. Of course, totally impractical, but I liked the look of it.

  • Jangle57

    I flinched when I saw Fabio’s: armor wear for nuns?  A Rockette chastity suit?  I too preferred Dimitry’s but Christopher’s was too perfectly iconic and well executed not to get the win.  I liked the comment about Sonjia’s resulting in a turkey molt across the stage if all 36 were to wear a costume like that.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Funny, I remembered Fabio’s as having putty colored illusion netting, but it’s not that sheer and the color is awful. It’s like she put her costume on over long underwear. What was he thinking?

    I also get why Dmitry’s didn’t take the win, though I do think it’d look really interesting graphically (as he said) if all 36 were wearing it.

    Also agree about Elena’s: it’s ugly, but it’s not that far off from what they were wearing. 

    • Qitkat

      Agree with all you said, and would add that Dimitri’s had an old school glamour. If all 36 Rockettes wore it, I could imagine the costume sewn reversed for half of them, which might be really interesting for some numbers. It would also translate well into other colors.

    •  I was hoping for a “you both win!” moment.  Or at least a “the Rockettes want both” like the red carpet challenge in S7. 

      • BrooklynBomber

        Me, too!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        That would have been perfect. 

    • BerlinerNYC

      I’m just seeing 3 (or 4) people wear Dmitry’s costume, probably because I remember it from back when Destiny’s Child was wearing it. House of Deréon, anyone? I couldn’t believe none of the judges caught that, but then, I don’t think they’re necessarily that on top of pop culture outside of “fashion.”

  • janetjb

    I thought Fabio really had a good start so different from what the rest were making, but once it was on the runway it was a big miss.

    • RebeccaKW

       I like his idea, and TLo’s idea of Bronze Age armor.  With (yes, I am saying it) illusion netting instead of that gray/putty fabric, it would have been better.

      • Glammie

        Well, if there’s one place for illusion netting it’s on a dance or skating costume.  Though I think Fabio needed straps that worked, no netting, and either lower cut or straight across breast plates.

    • mhleta

      I thought he was onto a win, too. But then it turned gladiator-ugly and gladiator isn’t necessarily good for a troupe of dancing girls because it leaves them open to gladiator/”glad-I-ate-‘er” jokes. 

  • Why does Fabio’s have a turtleneck on? So weird. I think his should have been in the bottom over Melissa’s.

    • Wasn’t Melissa in the top?

      • Lilithcat

        Yes, she was.

        • Glammie

          Yeah, I think Melissa’s looked great during the show and then when the judges got a closer look they realized it was kind of a mess.  Melissa gave herself too much to do, but the overall idea was kind of cool.  It would have been cool with a regular straight neckline, finished sewing and an adjustment to the front panel so that it didn’t look so much like a 1.  

          And unlike Christopher’s, the design would read.  I’m sorry she didn’t do a better job of putting it together.  

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Melissa’s design was ambitious, and is one that would have benefited from an extra day in the workroom.

      • Oops, I meant Elena….I hate thinking two things and typing the wrong one haha.

  • Clueless_Jock

    Dmitry’s dress was modern and very New York. Christopher’s dress wouldn’t read well in a large auditorium and the skyline theme is so cliche.

    • 3boysful

       I agree.  Dimitry was answering the “modern” part of the challenge.  I think the beaded fringe gives it enough sass for the Rockettes, and having one bare arm could be used advantageously in the choreography.

      • Laylalola

        The bare arm could have been used advantageously in the choreography — absolutely! (I keep thinking maybe the Rockettes will somehow decide to purchase Dmitry’s design too.)

    • Eh. Being from NY and having been dragged to see the rockettes as a child, I would say that it isn’t very “Rockettes” TM or New York.  Dimitry’s dress is lovely, but it would suit an awards show better. And since the costume is going to be used on the road, to represent NY, Christopher’s actually works very well. The Manhattan skyline is cliche for a reason. The Rockettes themselves are pretty cliche. The pale color is problematic, but overall its more of what they were looking for. The Rockettes are still somewhat wholesome in appeal, its a family thing not so much showgirlsesque.

      Dmitry’s is too ballroom, not kickline. Its too evening wear really. Those dangling beads would not last though a week, btw. Beads everywhere….

  • SewingSiren

    I thought Dmitry’s was too sophisticated too, but it is a beautiful dance dress nevertheless. Maybe he should have done some big head dress to tack it up a bit. 
    Elena’s looks more or less like the dresses they already wear. Tacky sparkly majorette dresses. Her bottom placement was well deserved.
    The weirdest thing about Fabio’s was the hairdo. Otherwise it’s okay, except for the grey illusion net.
    Melissa was in the top because of the hat. 
    Sonjia’s was the worst for a dance dress. But I’m glad she wasn’t sent home for it.

    • Pam Winters

      Fabio’s look, including the styling, had me envisioning a caryatid on a classical building coming to life. I rather liked the consistency of that image.

    • Tracy_Flick

      I totally agree that Elena’s looked most like the examples. The ones they came out in at the beginning were sort of hiddy.

      Dmitri’s was the best. Christopher’s was lovely but the skirt was stiff and it didn’t have the right amount of punch. I bet the actual costume will be in a brighter/more contrasting set of colors, and perhaps a different cut to the skirt. Dmitri’s could have gone on pretty much as is.

  • VanessaDK

    Debra Messing was right–the Rockettes are supposed to be “wholesome.”  They are supposed to be sexy in that inadvertent girl-next-door/Miss America way.  Dmitri’s outfit was definitely a slightly more consciously sexy look–great for ballroom dancing though.

    • StelledelMare

      That’s what I thought too, that Dmitry’s would be a fantastic ballroom dance dress. It’s very jazzy, sophisticated, and sexy. And I still think it would’ve been an interesting Rockette look. Different from what they probably normally wear. But I can see why Christopher’s was the better choice. Now if only Christopher had used similar colors and a less stiff skirt, then that win would’ve been even more deserved.

    • Which is perfect given that when I saw the dress, I was like, “Yep, that’s a Latin dress for ballroom.” I dance ballroom competitively and that would not be out of place in the open upper-level comps at all. It actually would get a lot of attention as being one of the prettiest costumes- some ballroom costumes can be so tacky and that is such a classy Latin dress he made.

    • mhleta

      Yes. I’ve seen “Burn The Floor” and Dmitry’s outfit might actually be too tame for them, but it’s definitely in their wheelhouse. 

  • Sabrina Stern

    Now seeing the close up of Dmitry’s and the fact that you can see her entire nipple through the fabric in bright light, I understand Debra Messing’s comment about family friendliness better

  • What’s up with the ultra-pale tights? They couldn’t find flesh-colored tights for the ladies with darker skin? Gimme a break. 

    Regarding Dimitry’s dress: “This looks like it could be a fabulous costume for Chicago or something like that, but it doesn’t say “Rockette” to us at all.”

    Really? Because despite the NYC skyline idea, that silver/white made me think of Renée Zellweger’s Roxie Hart. I do agree that Christopher’s design would have been far better with Dimitry’s color scheme.

    • Kathleen Tripodi

       I believe all the Rockettes wear the same color tights, despite their skin color, so that the kicks look more uniform.  They make a big deal about uniformity–similar height, weight, etc.

  • Frank_821

    Yes fabio’s was a big miss. just enough interetsing things to keep it safe.

    Sonjia confused with the top. why didn’t she cut a lower neckline. it would have made it sassier. that girl’s creativity slings back and forth like SM&P

    • Sonjia also needed to show her model’s waist. That thing is straight up and down and completely unflattering.

      When Sonjia gets stuck the way she was last night, her frustration is palpable. I just feel so bad for her, and I keep rooting for her to get unblocked so she can make something fabulous. I think she has it in her to be exceptionally creative, but she’s not functioning well under the constraints of this show.

      • Glammie

        She’s done some great things–but I’m beginning to see what happened with her final collection.  She needs to find some ways to stand back and assess her ideas.  She’s a little too intuitive at this point.

  • MilaXX

    Completely agree. LOVED Dmitry’s outfit, but I envision someone in the free skate portion of the Olympics wearing that more than the Rockettes. Fabio’s should have been nude where the grey illusion netting is. Making the straps more functional so he could leave off that netting would have been a better idea.

  • VanessaDK

     I actually like Melissa’s except for the repeat of the stand up front and the accidental “1” .  I really loved the pink and black sequins and the back looked fabulous.  I also thought she caught the spirit of the rockettes really well.

    • Frank_821

      Didn’t you love Kors telling Heidi that dress is “long” for her after Heidi said it was too short in the back. In the extended clip Heidi very matter of factly acknowledges that irony as well.

  • 3boysful

    I agree that Elena was trying to address the challenge and was not so far off, it was more the fabric choice.  If anyone ever puts on a Vegas show where Cleopatra has cheerleaders, this is the costume.  (Not so far-fetched as it might seem–there was a Sampson and Delilah part in the Jubilee show a while back.)

    • mhleta

      Elena was sunk before she ever left Mood the first time and she knew it. She couldn’t find a fabric she liked and ended up with this icky shit. Really, think of a scenario where this fabric doesn’t look awful.

      • Glammie

        The fabric’s not good, but I think if she’d gone with a simpler neckline, so that the main decorative elements were at the waist and had made a decent skirt, she might have been okay.  Particularly if she’d made it fit really well.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    It would have added immeasurably to the judging portion if one of the judges – add another! – were either a Rockette dancer or choreographer or costumer.  Input from those who would be most involved with the costume would have resolved the Dimitry/Christopher dichotomy.

    Stills of Fabio’s garment reinforce my gladiatrix conclusion.  It is mighty unattractive, and that gray sheer just looks smokey/dirty.  Melissa’s straight neckline is getting to be “one-trick-monkey,” too, but the cigarette girl vibe does have a Deco/Radio City feel.  Elena’s dress is not so far from the examples the Rockettes trotted out; TLo’s comments about hers were spot on.  Sonia’s feathers are not dancer-friendly, and there was no bust to that bodice.  I like her colors, and her choice of fabric for her bodice had potential, but there was no good carry-through.

    I still like Dimitry’s best overall, and I think he did move the Rockettes’ look into a modern realm.  The wry smile on his face when Christopher was given the win wordlessly communicated, “Always a bridesmaid, so rarely the bride.”

    • Lilithcat

      It would have added immeasurably to the judging portion if one of the judges – add another! – were either a Rockette dancer or choreographer or costumer.

      No kidding.  Why wasn’t Linda Haberman a judge?  

      • Call me Bee

        Great question.  I’m surprised she wasn’t.

      • I thought the same thing. Who better to judge?

    • Melissa Brogan

       Yeah, it made no sense to me that the judge was Debra Messing and not the woman they introduced at the beginning (or together I guess, either way).

  • afabulous50

    I can’t get past these models this season..they’re horrible.  Did PR not have enough cash to pay for some decent models?  I’m not saying their bodies aren’t ok – since we don’t do that here – its their faces (sorry).  The expressions – they either look bored out of their minds, angry, or surprised.  Please PR – do a better casting next season.

    The first girl looks like she ate something sour….the rest of them are smiling so wide I can see their tonsils..

    • Frank_821

      It’s funny you should say that. the other day they had a season 2 marathon (where of course Messing was the finale guest judge) and I kept thinking “Wow! they really had some superb runway models back then and the only prize was the Elle spread”. Grace alone puts the girls from the recent seasons to shame, but they really did have a much greater number of caliber models in the early years

    • mhleta

      The hair style on the Fabio’s girl might account for her sour expression. It’s really nasty.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I remember Fabio telling the stylist that he wanted his model’s hair to give a turban effect. Some of his styling ideas do not work well on the runway.

    • Kayceed

      Fabio’s model looks positively sullen – the anti-Rockette.

    • Call me Bee

      I can’t agree more!  They are a dour lot.  The little girls on ANTM are better than these gals. 

  • Qitkat

    One thing that bothered me about the editing with Melissa’s. We never got to see that there was a ONE on the bodice while in the workroom, only when the model walked the runway, it jumped off the screen. In the workroom the hot pink and black was quite striking. Now that I see it in closeups, I find I dislike the cut of the top.
    However it does look like a “cigarette girl” and the cute hat adds to that (not a bad thing). Reworked, this could look festive on stage.

  • When I saw Fabio’s outfit I kept waiting for someone to sing a line from “Gotta Have a Gimmick” – it reminded me of a Miss Mazeppa outfit. [I agree that the grey-T-shirt effect of the fabric really ruins it; with a better treatment it could have finished much higher. But I still keep hearing “bump it with a trumpet”.]


    •  When I saw it I said “Timmy, do you like Gladiator movies?”

    • Ha! “Once I was a schlepp-ah, now I’m Miss Mazeppa”  (Oooh, Turner Classics is showing Gypsy sometime this weekend. I haven’t seen it all the way through in a few years)

      You’re right. I can totally see my favorite stripper from Gypsy wearing Fabio’s outfit.

  • mjude

    i just noticed that fabio’s girl was not wearing dance tights & shoes.  his outfit looked so stiff to me.  sonja’s was sad to me. would dimtry have done better if the outfit was in a different color?

    • lilibetp

      I think Dmitry would have done better if the bodice hadn’t been so completely see-through.

  • JackieOBlue

    Remember when you wanted to wear your dance recital outfit as your Halloween costume and your mom would make you wear a turtleneck and tights under it because it was cold out?  I believe that was Fabio’s inspiration.

    • boomchicabowwow

      Oh Jackie, if you you grew up in the US, it must have been in a northern state.  I live in Minnesota, and one year my kids and I spent Halloween in Kansas. My poor babies trick-or-treated for all of three blocks before needing to make the trek back to the house to peel off the three layers of underclothes I had insisted they wear under their costumes. Then of course, the costumes were about 3 sizes too big.  They were the droppiest Ninja and Supergirl in the neighborhood. 

      • I feel their pain.  The year I was 8, my sisters both moved across the country, leaving me with only my mother for Halloween.  I had a fantastic harlequin costume all planned out complete with spectacular make-up, and no one to put it on for me — my sister had taken some cosmetology classes and would always help. 

  • I agree with whichever designer said Dmitry’s costume looked like high school dance team, because that’s exactly what I thought. It is not anything new or special.

    Fabio almost had something. The armor effect was so cool looking. Lady Liberty about to hand out some justice. Or something.

    The rest were just awful awful.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Oh Dmitry, you can be my One Way Monkey any day of the week. *swoon*

    Although I fangirl about him, I agree that I don’t see Dmitry’s design as ‘Rockettes’. It’s too awesome. It would work for, as you said, a dancer in ‘Chicago’ (or any number of Fosse-choreographed pieces), or even a figure skater doing something dramatic, but not the Rockettes, who are all smiles and high kicks and glittery exuberance.

  • yulaffin

     Fabio’s made me think of Gladiator.  Melissa’s was cute but a little too stiff and maybe a little too short.

  • Laylalola

    I keep hoping the Rockettes will decide to buy Dmitry’s pattern anyway …

    And is there really anything restricting the Rockettes from making Christopher’s (or Dmitry’s) costume in as many different colors and/or color combinations as they like? They’re the ones that’ll be making 36 of these things. 

    • Glammie

      I doubt it.  I suspect that it will get adapted so that there’s a better skirt and some way of increasing the contrast.

  • CarolinLA

    Melissa and that fucking collar!!!!  Jesus, let it go already.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Word.  I know that she likes to do unconventional neckline treatments, but this wasn’t flattering.

  • Aww, it’s that sad time of season when we start getting down to just a couple posts 🙁

  • CarolinLA

    If Melissa wasn’t making a “1” on the front, what was that??!  

    • Spicytomato1

      Looks like a “1” to me. Even odder, didn’t Andrea also sew a secret “1” on one of her garments? What’s up with that?

      • Call me Bee

        it wasn’t secret.  Andrea’s was a delibrate “1” on her candy apron dress. 

  • Vickiefantastico

    Wow, I didn’t realize that Dmitry’s costume was so see-through! That makes their choice even more obvious. I will say that I am a Bitter Kitten so I loved it, but I understand why they chose Christopher’s design. While not executed perfectly, it was a perfect idea for the Rockettes, and they can totally use it for their cast.

    I kinda like where Fabio was going, but he got lost. I actually didn’t hate Elena’s, but it was very cheesy. I think Sonja’s would have been better without the purple shoulder pads. I am tired of Melissa’s neckline, but it was an eye-catching design.

  • Dmitry: I still think it’s the clear winner. This entry is a masterpiece of construction utilizing hand-beading. He also showed proficiency with the use/integration of the nude mesh. What this piece has that Christopher’s lacks is greater movement allowance. Not only does the skirt portion lend itself to kicking and dancing, it also is the perfect length for the Rockettes. In addition to all that, it has a great kind of petaled shape augmented by that fabulous beading.

    Elena: I don’t like it, of course I don’t. Do I hate it? Mostly, but I don’t think it’s the worst. Make no mistake, this IS bad. It’s poorly designed, poorly fitted, and rendered in a tacky fabric. It’s over-embellished and quite gaudy, BUT at least she designed SOMETHING (you know, without sticking feathers how a ten-year old would stick them). The cutouts have merit. I wish she’d have known how to best use their intrinsic graphic impact.

    Fabio: Eh, it’s way out of his comfort zone. He doesn’t work with glitter. He works with matte surfaces and muted tones. Did he make an honest effort? Yes. He hand-cut those chevrons and did a fair job of arranging them. I don’t get that opaque fabric that acts as canvas.

    Melissa: Gross. Utterly gross. We’ve seen that boat neckline from you, honey. We’ve seen this stand-up strapless top, too. Do something different, or at least know when this type of configuration works. Didn’t she notice its resemblance to a pillow? I guess not. This is, after all, the girl who had no fucking clue her color-blocking had formed a “1”. The whole look is boxy, and that skirt portion is a bare ass. She should have been eliminated. It’s clear she’s the weakest designer left. Her technical skills are pretty limited (judging by her collection, too).

    Son: Then maybe it should have been her instead of Melissa (or Ven, or Elena). EWWWW! This is beyond bad, this Anya-bad, this is the work of a dilettante.

  • CarolinLA

    Sometimes I think the judges look at Fabio’s garments and say “Uh, I can’t…even…he’s safe”.

  • Lilithcat

    to be honest, the little hat is pure cliché.

    As are the Rockettes.

  • CarolinLA

    Dmitry didn’t win because the Rockettes are more chaste than his garment suggests.  We’re more likely to see Pam Anderson wear that on Dancing with the Stars.

  • marilyn

    I think that Fabio or Sonji should have gone home, not Ven. 

    Fabio’s costume was just ugly and drab.  The use of the gray on the neck made it very plain and depressing.  At least Ven’s appeared to be better constructed, and was attractive on the model’s body.    Ven’s costume was not ugly like Fabio’s was.

    Sonji’s costume was not suited to the occasion:  The Rockettes.  This looked like a homemade ice skating costume for an 11 year old Quaker.  The top is what killed it.  It was plain with a round neck.  It was not cut to flatter the wearter, and it was not embellished.  It was cut like a tee shirt, with feathers stuck on the shoulders.  The collor of the fabric on the top was too different than all of the dark-purple-feather action going on with the skirt.  The skirt was not full enough to cover the dancers while they do their kicks.  Fabio edged out Sponji to go home, because Sonji’s was cheerful, while Fabio’s was depressing as hell.

    Elena’s costume would be great for cocktail waitresses at Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas.  I am not being rude.  The taste level was not there for the Rockettes (I can’t believe I said that).

    Dmitri’s costume was too sleek and modern for this crowd.  Personally, I liked it best.  But, the Rockettes are supposed to be glitzy and G rated.  They are supposed to be a little old-fashioned and corny.  Dmitri’s costume was very sophistocated,but a little too edgy for them. 

    Melissa’s costume was the surprise.  I thought it was a ‘hot mess’.  I was very surprised when she was considered to be on the top.  The colors are good, but the weird neckline with the spaghetti straps was odd.  The design on the back was great, but the design on the front was awful.  I don’t care that it came out to be a ‘1’.  The design on the front was too disorganized. If she had continued her black and pink bold stripes on the front, she may have had a winner there.  She needed more to the skirt to cover the dancers when they kick.  The hat was cheesey, but it may be exactly what the Rockettes were looking for.    

  • I thought Fabio’s outfit was when the Rockettes re-enacted Ben Hur —

  • Susan Collier

    I can’t really get behind Melissa’s toboggan-underside neckline. It might be dramatic high fashion, but it doesn’t really work for off-the-rack Lord & Taylor clothes or Rockette dancing dresses.
    Yeesh, after Fabio was dismissed, I wondered which one of the remaining designers made the third top spot. They all looked equally bad to my eyes.
    Sonjia’s plain front could use some eyes and a nose to go with that scruff and two puppy ears on the shoulders. You could see those purple puppy faces from the cheap seats!

    • meowing

      Melissa’s front, which she’s used before, was the classic “crumb catcher” design used in some wedding gowns.  Certainly didn’t seem appropriate in this challenge.

  • fringebenefit

    To be honest, this episode made me very cranky. If the Rockette’s director had been on the panel, Dmitry would have won. His costume worked on every level. It was stunning and highly danceable and several orders of magnitude better than any competing dress. As pretty as Christopher’s costume was–a lovely accomplishment–it just wasn’t designed for movement. And it won’t read from the cheap seats. Hell, it won’t read even 10 rows back. And those are vital criteria for a Rockette’s costume.

    Elena should have gone home…a far greater sin than Ven’s profoundly underwhelming dress. Elena’s dress looked like it was made by kids in summer camp. It was so ill-fitting and cheap looking, the decision should have been a no-brainer. 

    And I agree with those who are saying the models are wretched this year. I think some of the real-women models earlier in the season walked better than many of these lumbering sourpusses. Where did they find these women–Craigslist?

  • I really think the only reason Dimitry didn’t win this is because he had a very sophisticated dance costume that looks great and could be worn by any dance troop anywhere.  It’s too generic, even if it is a fabulous costume.  I hate the skirt on Christopher’s, and I hope it gets modified somehow when it is reproduced for the dancers.  Still, with that NY skyline, it was a lock that his dress would win.  It would also benefit by replacing the illusion netting with dark blue or black, maybe even making sleeves, so when they lock arms there’s a night sky stretching down the whole line (“I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps….”).

    BTW, I could even see the Rockettes doing a number with Elena’s get-up, probably while holding pompoms.  Although, maybe more so if half the dancers were in Giants blue, and half in Jets green.  Kind of like Fabio’s, while holding spears or swords or something.  Certainly not twittering about in Sonjia’s.  And that depressing meh that Ven made.  I’m torn about the cigarette girl/usherette costume that Melissa made, but I don’t think it reads Rockette in any case.

  • The top of Mellissa’s dress- didn’t we see that in a design already? Or am I confused with another season?

    Sonjia’s dress looks a lot like the outfit they made one of teh contestants on America’s Next Top Model wear when she had to pose as an ostrich standing over a Crocodile

    • melissa used that neckline on a bronze metallic dress in an earlier challenge.  was it the lexus episode?

      • Susan Collier

        I think it was the Lord and Taylor challenge, which I thought would be difficult to pull off as an off-the-rack retail dress.

        • Yes, it was the L&T challenge.  In the Lexus challenge, she and Dmitry made the silver gown for April.

  • Call me Bee

    Up until just this minute, I thought Dimitry should have won with this design that was so perfectly exected.  But gentlemen, you are so right about it being too sophisticated for the masses.  As it is, it would make a fabulous skating costume for the Nationals or the Olympics.  Remove the fringe skirt and replace it with a chiffon skirt, and it would be perfect for ball-room.  It is just one of those perfect garments that didn’t win. 

    Elena’s was certainly fine for the Rockettes, but sheesh the fit was awful.  In fact, the model is awful as well.  Cute smile, but her posture didn’t hepl the outfit at all! 

    Melissa’s was so cute, save for the stand-up neckline.  It was an interesting color-blocking concept, but I think it would have been received had the blocking been more symmetrical.  The random blocks were too odd.  But it was a great color, and the hat, while totally cliche, was, at the same time, totally perfect with that dress. 

    Someone in the TLounge last night described Fabio’s model in that outfit as a Gladiatrix.  Perfect! 

    Sonjia’s outfit was absolutely awful.  Really cool colors and concept, but poorly done.  Maybe if the bodice were more interesting, the outfit would have worked better.  By the way–I thought the judges were harsh when talking about the feathers.  if done well, I think the Rockettes would look awesome in feathers!   

  • neofashionista

    Elena’s just looks like trashy band camp

  • EverybodysStarling

    From now on I am rooting for everbody left there. Since this means 6 designers, I am pleasantly surprised with this season. Nothing extraordinary so far, but overall much designing, less drama. Lovin it. 

  • Had she not won in the past Sonji most likely would’ve gone home for that number.  What is it with the ladies who are just collapsing on these type of challenges?  Fabio’s model’s hair is crazy and I LOVE IT…still it’s all a bit too severe Reconquista for the Rockettes.  I still think Dmitry did the best and is so polished…the clear winner to me!

  • So my eyes weren’t deceiving me – you really can see Dmitry’s model’s boobies right through that outfit!  Now I get Debra Messing’s comment about this not being appropriate for the “little, little ones.”

    I’ve seen the Rockettes many, many times.  And I’ve been up in the nosebleed seats.  The problem with Christopher’s was that unless they use a dark mesh in the actual costume, it won’t read to the back rows.  Also, I’m sure they’re going to tweak that skirt to make it more high-kicking friendly.  But it really was a cool look.  I still think Dmitry’s was better suited for the Rockettes, if you made the top less see-through.

    Eleana’s was tacky, poorly executed and ill-fitting, but I agree that it was still in the realm of being a Rockette-style look.  I thought Fabio’s sad gladiator look was worse.

    And Sanjia got lucky this week that it was Ven’s time to go, because I thought her’s was by far the worst look up there.  But her overall skills are way more versatile than Ven’s so I’m glad she dodged the bullet.

    • Yeah, I didn’t notice until the pictures this morning that you could see Dmitry’s model’s nipples through the navy blue!  Yike!  But that’s fixable with some lining.

  • let me just start by saying that a costume for the rockettes is an oxymoron (ok, it’s not one word, but…).  the rockettes are a living cliche.

    you are so right about dimitry’s look.  i kept thinking that he needed some contrast on top, something that would show from the balcony.  or some sort of head piece to jazz it up.  but what it really is lacking is the camp factor.

    elena’s had the opposite problem:  all camp and no class.  i don’t get the criticism of the fabric as cheap, it looks to me like the same fabric as the costumes the girls were wearing only in blue.  if you put it on a dress form and it looked like it fit, you could put it in the line-up of examples and it would fit right in.  her model definitely was not selling it.

    melissa’s look was an example of tim’s remark to chris march on his home visit when he saw the human hair collection.  essentially, the first day you’re in the monkey house, it really stinks.  after a few days, it’s not so bad, and after a week you don’t even notice it.  when there’s a big number 1 on the front of your dress and you don’t see it, you’ve been too long in the monkey house.  if she thought fast enough, she might have sold it as a “we’re number one” theme.  i thought the overall look was cute, and it had the contrast you need for a stage costume.

    fabio’s skirt was cute, but that grey mesh, ick.  he needs to get away from that depressing grey.  combined with his dumpster-diving philosophy, it’s pretty awful.  like old sweatpants.  his look needs a theme, something campy like “a funny thing happened on the way to the forum”.  a fascinator styled after a gladiator’s helmet.  something…

    sonjia’s problem was the bodice and neckline.  it looks like a costume for a pre-teen tap dancer with a modest mother.  i don’t see where the feathers are a problem.  those vegas showgirls wear a ton of feathers and they must get a lot of wear and tear without falling apart on stage.  the costumes.  not the showgirls.

    i rest my case.



  • I love the pink and black one by Melissa!

  • rainwood1

    Dmitry’s was beautiful but it said Russian ice dancer to me or maybe DWTS on a good day.  Fabio’s looked like the model’s mom made her go home and put on a dickey.  Sorry, boys’, but there’s no defense for Elena’s.  She took everything tacky about the Rockettes and amped it up a thousand.  She’ll be gone next, and I do think she’s stayed as long as she had for the drama value.  

    Melissa’s was unfortunate but benefited from all the fug on that runway.  Sonia’s looked like something my mom made for one of my dance recitals when i was 7.  It’s only missing the purple satin laces for my tap shoes.  

  • Susan Crawford

    I would still have gone for Dmitry, not only because it really was modern, but because the skirt was the ONLY one I could see doing the right things on the kickline.

    Fabio was doing OK and then came that lumpy grey fabric that dragged the whole gladiator effect right down. And there was so MUCH of the shiny! Maybe Fabio can sell this to the Reynolds Aluminum folks for their annual stockholders meeting – “And now, a Salute to Foil! Come on out girls!”

    Melissa’s pink and black was ambitious, and certainly eye-catching. I can’t believe she didn’t see that she had made a numeral one, but I suppose given all her time issues she was so wrapped up in just trying to finish that she didn’t step back enough to see it. And that high front panel would limit the choreography.

    Elena – She managed to find one hellaciously tacky fabric at Mood, and then cornered the market on rainbow crystal trim and came up with a truly hiddy outfit . . . and I actually LOVED it! I loved seeing her dancing around the workroom; I loved all the cutouts; I loved the bling; I loved the twirly skirt.

    Tootie’s Turkey dress was not up to her usual standards, to say the least. But her own outfits this episode? Epically adorable.

  • I completely agree with T’lo on Dmitry’s design- it was just too ‘sexy’, too much skin. This is the rockets- a place for great grandma AND the kids to go and have fun… this would be amazing in Chicago, or some edgy fun place (or the ice rink), but not here.

    and how did she not see the “#1”?? and why all the talk of 18 separate pieces? I simply don’t see it.

  • Pupioso

    No way are they getting rid of Sonji but yeah that was terrible. Elena’s though I could not stomach. for the life of me why Fabio wasn’t in the bottom I don’t get but I guess they had to send someone back to the room without criticism but “safe”? based on what he did? Okay..I guess.

  • BobStPaul

    I actually thought Sonjia’s was worse than Ven’s.  At least Ven’s had movement.  While overall I liked the concept of Christopher’s the best, I think Dmitry’s was a more fully realized outfit and I would have given the win to him.  

  • crash1212

    I’m thinking by the completely unattractive way Fabio styled his model, he WAS going for a Rockettes as Joan of Arc dance interpretation….seriously FUG. 

  • I loved Dmitry’s and I think it could be a Rockettes costume, (but not in that color). Except– when I look at it, I can’t figure out how the model got into it. Show costumes have to be constructed in a way that allows a quick change.

    Where Elena’s went the most wrong was that skirt (and the bad fit). No matter how tacky Rockette costumes are, they always fit like a glove. Fabio’s looks like a Viking in a Mel Brooks movie, in a bad toupe. I agree with Nina, when I saw Melissa’s, my first thought was cigarette girl. And Sonjia’s? Well, I’ll just say that I’m glad she’s still there, but that costume was awful.

    • sisterb67

       My older niece had a similar one-armed costume for a dance team performance, the whole dress was “side entry” – hooks & eyes on the sleeveless side of the turtleneck and an invisible zipper up the bodice along the side seam.

  • snarkykitten

    not that you boys play Oblivion, but putting Ven’s next to Sonjia’s reminds me of the Shivering Isles. Ven’s costume could be what the Rockettes of Dementia wear, while Sonjia’s is what the Rockettes of Mania could wear 

  • judybrowni

    Dimitry was robbed!

    As for Fabio’s, since when do rockettes wear turtlenecks?

    And armor over a turtleneck would be hell to pay under those hot lights.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I”m sticking with my love for Dmitry’s design.  Yes, it’s a bit more sophisticated, but who says the Rockettes couldn’t use a little bit of sophistication every once in a while?  The problem with the see through in the bodice could be easily solved, I suspect.

    • Exactly, they could have lined that, and it wouldn’t have been a problem.  I’m with you, Dmitry’s was the best one up there.

  • Megan Patterson

    I so agree with you about Fabio’s! He really should have taken the armour thing and really run with it, it could have been spectacular. 

  • bitterk

    I thought Heidi made it clear that the design should be a modern take on the traditional Rockette’s look.  Dmitry and Christopher nailed that.  If they wanted more of the same costumes, why come to PR?  

    My bigger gripe is Fabio in the middle.  I ranted once about this already and I can’t get pass it.  That design is F-ugly.  And the hair?   For the love of baseball, on what planet is that considered modern or fresh?   It’s not appealing or attractive in any way.  Forget the PG version of the rockettes, this is the geriatric version.  Tootie isn’t the only one who got a pass this week.  

    And Melissa in the top three?  I guess by default there had to be three top designs but there was nothing redeeming about it other than the color.  

  • Leah Burns

    Something like Fabio’s piece might work for the next Wonder Woman live action thing they manage to squeak through the system (this may occur in 2990).

  • You naughty TLo! Making your kittens mad by not thinking Dmitry should have won!  For SHAME – now go to your room, and think about what you’ve done, LOL!  😉  (Totally kidding you!) But seriously – I do think it should have won, and not just because I have the hardcore Dmitry love – I think it was a cleaner design, a gorgeous color, and you could see it from the cheap seats.  Christopher’s won’t show past the 8th row.  But I do understand – when you’re talking Radio City, a NYC skyline is gonna be the “winner winner, chicken dinner” every time.  

    But can I just say – I’m just so TIRED of that needy little attention whore winning three times?  And it’s not that I don’t think he shouldn’t have won at all – he’s actually lost during the times I thought he *should* have won (for example, the day to night look – I liked that better than Sonjia’s).  The times he’s won, thought – nope, I really don’t agree with those wins, and this is one of them.

  • frankystein123

    Only the first costume deserves a thumbs-up, but apparently it’s much too elitist. What bullocks.

  • kikisayshi

    I was disappointed to see Melissa using that same neckline again. I know she is much more versatile than Ven but this just didn’t fit the challenge. I wish she would have done something different because those colors are definitely eye-catching. Though I’m not sure anyone had a prayer of beating out Christopher this time.

    • snich11

      I know! That neckline is getting old. Is she the next one-way monkey?

      Also I don’t get why she cut 18 pieces for this, I don’t see the payoff for all that work. She was going for art nouveau but I don’t see it at all.

      • write_light

        Art deco, and I see it, squinting.

  • lippysyd

    I think they should have just gave the win to both Christopher and Dmitry with the condition that they combine their two looks; Chris’ bodice and Dmitry’s skirt and colors.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      there you go.

  • guest2visits

    Having just looked through a sampler of many Rockettes’ costumes; the variety of looks range from standard bathing suit onesy,
    to mini Vegas showgirl, to period costumes, to the cigarette-girl look, from sexy to 50s ice skating queen. I’m not sure why
    Dimirty’s wouldn’t look right in a line of 30 something girls with matching headgear and styling. The netting could always be
    switched for blue, and the dress wouldn’t lose it’s happy, dancy, quality.
    Elena’s design resembled a dancer’s (or skater’s) typical uniform; but it was very badly fitted. It’s garishness reminded me of the
    way she looked at the print challenge.  I didn’t think Melissa’s was that bad, it seemed to need an inch or two in length, and more
    solid construction, the hat went with the design.  Fabio’s silver material was beautiful; I am mystified why he decided to build
    an ugly sweater under the top of his dress. Hid-E-us.  Sonjia’s color choice wasn’t bad, but everything else was kind of a half-
    hearted attempt, and it already looked like it was falling apart.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i’m in LA, right? elena’s looks exactly like a UCLA basketball cheerleaders costume. exactly. only very poorly made. or like it went through the wash by accident or something.

    oy vey, birdsuit.

    a little less oy vey, bronze age.

    i did not like melissa’s. i’m sick of the shoebox collar.

    dmitry’s is beautiful, truly beautiful–but it’s the skirt & the color that works it. everyone who wanted it combo’d up w/ the skyline is following up the right road to the proper alley, if you will. i wonder if, in the end, thats what they do if they really do use the outfit somewhere.

  • Everyone watch Christopher’s winner interview.

    What. A. Fucking. Brat.

    • God, he’s just so fucking insufferable.  He’s already been wearing thin with me, but that just put me on the “loathe” train.

      • I’m waiting for the “Marie Claire Steel-Cage Deathmatch” challenge where he gets ripped to shreds by unmedicated Elena, secretly the former lightweight women’s wrestling world champion, “Svetlana Skullcrusher”, stripped of her title for illegal biting techniques.

        Tim: “Well designers, I would normally be telling Christopher to clean up his workspace, but seeing that he’s smeared across the floor, you’re all tasked with cleaning up his remains! Use the Babies ‘R’ Us high-absorbency cleaning wipes thoughtfully.” 

        • Haaaa haaaaa!  That’s hilarious!

        • I-love-you for this.

          • It’s the “Use the Babies R Us high-absorbency cleaning wipes thoughtfully” that makes it art!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I cannot possibly like you enough for this brilliance!

    • SewingSiren

      I love how he starts off the interview with a wide eyed, hand to the mouth, super modest, and simpering ” I can’t believe I won”  . But ends up lecturing us on the faults of ALL the others and how no one else “got” the challenge. I especially love how he expresses his ” genuine” desire that Melissa would grow as a designer. Very kind of him. I sure she will appreciate it, even though in his view , she failed too.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I don’t think I can watch Christopher’s interview-I like my PC monitor too much to punch him, and thereby it. I’m convinced he made the final three and he might well be this season’s winner, but that wide-eyed naif persona just puts me off. 

        • SewingSiren

          I know Ven was off putting to a lot of viewers. But I much prefer someone who is blunt to the point of rudeness to a boot licking phony.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Indeed.  I’m congenitally skeptical of the Christopher type of personality.

          • That’s true.  I never thought of it that way.  In some ways, it’s better to see this person who’s just rudely blunt (and doesn’t realize it), than this fawning, fake little drama queen.

        • Oh, I totally think he makes it to the final three, and wins – he’s got the same exact winner edit that Gretchen and Anya got.  The exact-same-one.  So!  That would make, what, three seasons in a row where the designer who *isn’t* the most talented wins it all.  Don’t even tell me that this little bitch isn’t winning – they’ve been making that clear to us since the first episode.

        • Let’s not completely give up hope yet.

          In the “Heidi explains what you win” montage at the beginning of every episode, there’s a silhouette of someone cartwheeling who is CLEARLY Fabio because of the curls and baggy clothing, indicating that he probably wins another challenge. That gives him two wins and may put him in the finals.

          Let’s not forget Elena. She has an amazing ability to stay afloat the whole competition and has currently begun a redemption arc, so I feel like she could potentially win one of the remaining challenges and then dazzle them all with her unexpectedly amazing collection.

          Unless the Christo-boner swells to an unreasonable size, Fabio or Elena may very well win this season for having such strong collections.

          And if all else fails, we can count on Dmitry’s tasteful-to-tacky collection, Sonjia’s schizophrenia-mania collection, or Melissa’s one-way-monkey collection.

          • Hades Pussercats

            Isn’t that cartwheeler an old clip of neck-tattoo guy? Jason? I forget his name. He won his season.

          • Is it really? I thought they pulled the clips from the current season. The “model paired with the winner” clip is Kenley doing her runway kick during the Emmy challenge.
            I really hope Fabio pulls through, though.

  • Elena’s looks like a bad Vegas cocktail uniform. You know, at the tacky end of the strip with all the old cheap people

    I think they chose to make an example of Ven for his boring dress which was a misread of the challenge, but that was a producer/show decision. Elena is much more drama than Ven. They were done with him. I still think he is one of the more skilled designers if rigid in outlook. 

    • Yup. There was so much fug out on the runway, it was just a matter of picking the personality whose time was up.

    • Leanne was manipulating the fabric in different ways that all shared a similar aesthetic and also showed an ability to temper all the petals with cute separates and outerwear. She was not a one note wonder. Ven was doing virtually the same treatment every single time and it’s almost a certainty that his decoy collection was a huge f*ck you to the judges.

      •  Leanne was able to take a theme and translate it across a collection (no matter how much I disliked it and found it dull).  Her finale collection showed a wide range of looks from daywear to a wedding gown within that theme.

  • StephenTrask

    Gentlemen, The problem with you analyses of Dmitry’s loss are myriad. Forgetting about the fact that the winning dress was not only not a dance costume and that any camp value is of the truest, unintentional variety, as it’s a dress version of a piano tie, the specifics of the challenge, spelled out with more clarity than any challenge this season, were to embrace “elegance and glamour” and to design for a “contemporary audience” and “embrace a modern aesthetic.”  Dmitry’s dress succeeds at being both a dance costume for the very athletic Rockettes and at embracing modernity and elegance in a way that Chris’s dress doesn’t.  Chris’s dress is tres cool and beautifully done, but it looks more appropriate to the 30’s when  “Radio City” was a term with some resonance.  If I saw three back-up singers in a big band semi-circled around a giant microphone wearing that dress I would say “perfect.”  But it neither works for dance nor as an expression of a modern aesthetic. 

    • “The problem with you analyses of Dmitry’s loss are myriad. ”

      i.e., You don’t agree with them.

      • StephenTrask

        Well, yeah. That’s another way of putting it. 🙂

  • Scarlet39

    This has probably been asked before, but just who in the hell is voting for Elena for Fan Favorite on the Lifetime site?

    • Elena promoted herself by promising to donate half her prize money to save endangered tigers if she was voted Fan Favorite. As a result, a lot of activist-types began mass-tweeting for her.

      It’s similar to the Anya situation where all of Trinidad and Tobago voted for her, but I admire Elena’s philanthropy.

  • libraangel

    Victor; unmedicated Elena – ha ha -so funny – I can see the scene in my mind!
    Fabio-Turtleneck? Really?!
    Elena – Cheap and nasty/ugly
    Sonjii – oy vey bird
    Melissa-Art Deco not!
    p.s. I love Sonjii’s model – she is adorable!
    p.p.s Yes, Sonjii herself looks fab, but why do the other designers’ clothes look ugly or boring?!

  • emcat8

    So, I haven’t watched the show and I’ve been drowning in work and haven’t always read all pages of the commentariat on the episodes, but Fabio’s model is…is she always that Teutonically terrifying? She looks like a taller version of Rosa Klebb and she will kill me with her shoes.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I love the Rosa Klebb reference.  Perhaps Fabio’s model was really pissed off at having to wear the gladiatrix costume in public.

  • adnama79

    Dmitry’s was gorgeous, but I am confused every time the word “sophisticated” is applied to anything with any bare skin in the torso.  In my mind, cut-outs on the torso disqualify that descriptor from applying (even if the garment is fabulous, as this one is).  Am I alone in that?

  • CozyCat

    Melissa’s model really sold the look during her runway walk.  She was very cute!

  • CozyCat

    Yes, Melissa’s hat was cheesy, but that may have been what got her into the top three.  The hat gave the look the “cigarette girl” vibe, which is sexy in the same retro cheesy yet non threatening way as the rockettes. 

  • CozyCat

    “My taste includes both snails and oysters.”  (Spartacus, 1960)

  • Leanne’s work was nice, but it all blended together after a bit. She looked very Bridal. Every one of her dresses looked bridal. Ven’s look eveningwear/event dress. 

    Ven does need to branch out but the point was that repetition worked for some, not for others as it suited the show. Not as a design elemnet. 

  • I agree. People here are forgetting that it was for the rockettes who have a certain retro camp themselves. That is why Christopher and Melissa scored so high. They understood the appeal of the act they were dressing. 

  • I might be wrong (and frequently am), but I believe that the designers were specifically asked to create something sophisticated, that the dancers could wear to a variety of events (not just matinees). So, yes, I’m a Bitter Kitten. Dmitry’s was the only one with actual movement. The Rockettes could easily kick out the jams in that on stage and also look amazing standing behind those giant charity checks. The skyline was clever (and very Jay), but silver on white on white? Seriously. No one past the 5th row would be able to discern that.  And that skirt was not made for high kicking…

  • BrooklynBomber

    I respectfully disagree. So one member of DC is wearing something the same shape as what he made. No one said he was reinventing the wheel, but I don’t think the look itself is so unusual or iconic that Dmitry’s would automatically bring it to mind.

  • bluefish

    Dmitry should totally have won!  That’s all.

  • KathKo

    what I like about Elena is that she’s completely unable to censure herself.
    I get why Dmitry gets so frustrated about her : he doesn’t express a lot of feelings, he’s always so cool and composed. he’s not a robot like Ven.
    On the other hand, Elena expresses everything. The other thing I like about her is that she doesn’t fool herself : she knows when she makes ass. And ass she made.

    Dmitry’s outfits is lovely and so him. It’s chic and nice and still a dance costume. Being french and never set foot in America (and I’m so sad about that), I didn’t know that something like the rockettes ever existed. But, even with my absent level of knowledge, even I could say that Dmitry’s outfit had nothing to do with those girls.

    Fabio’s a big scratch on the head.
    And Sonji… Oh boy, is she floundering lately ?

  • Jane_Lane

    I do not get why saying that Melissa’s costume looked like a cigarette girl was supposed to be a compliment. I looked at it and I saw usherette. Like, from a really bad version of the Rocky Horror Show. I did like Fabio’s, but that flat gray fabric was really sad.