PR: Menage a Crazy

Posted on September 07, 2012

Despite a really bad first half-hour, last night’s episode was one of the better ones this season. Which is funny, because that first half-hour was one of the worst things we’d ever seen on the show.
It’s hilarious how they try to come up with variations on team challenges and all they can think of is to switch up the numbers. TWO people on a team! No, FIVE! No, THREE, but you can only make TWO looks! Never before in the history of Project Runway…!!!!

But this was just … egregious. Look, Project Runway, you are hanging on to your reputation as one of the “better” reality competitions by a thread. Forcing your designers to go all “WILL DESIGN A DRESS FOR FOOD” on the streets of New York is way too “America’s Next Top Model” for us. Tone that shit down. We don’t watch this show to see designers publicly humiliated.

We watch it to see them privately humiliated.

Good lord, what a shitshow. Show of hands: Does anyone believe those numbers reported? $800? For spray-painted tank tops? Like hell. A producer must have gone up to each team and offered them 500 dollars for a shitty, shredded t-shirt.

Anyway, due to Fashion Week craziness, we don’t have the usual number of obsessively captured screen shots, so you’ll have to use your imagination when we say that Dmitry kinda went after Elena right from the beginning of the challenge. We don’t blame him for his frustration, and she is, by far, the worst personality on the show right now, but it became a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy on his part. “Elena’s a crazy bitch who ruins everything, so we might as well get things started now.” And there wasn’t a chance in hell either of them were going home. You just know the producers in the back are LOVING the whole Boris and Natasha routine they’ve got going on.

As for Christopher and Gunnar, clearly, Sonjia grabbed them both by their neckbeards and hissed “Go suck each other off in the men’s room if you have to, but I am NOT having you two bitchy white boys with crazy hair fuck up this challenge for me!” It’s the only explanation that made any sense.


So congratulations, Tootie! Another deserved win.

The judges gushed over that jacket, and deservedly so. It really is a fantastic, high-end-looking piece with some great details.

But can we talk about the rest of the pieces? We think all three designers were on their A game, and we think that each of them made worthy garments. We just don’t think any of the garments went together all that well.

In effect, everything looked slightly (to very) overdesigned when you put it all together. That first dress probably needed a simpler jacket and that jacket DEFINITELY needed a simpler dress.

Ditto with the second look. Gunnar’s dresses were both pretty great (although we’re not in love with the shape on the front of this one). But they’re dresses that don’t need coats and jackets covering them on the runway.

As for Christopher’s coat, it’s fine on its own but looks like way too much over that dress. We think it would have looked better with a symmetrical hem.

The win was definitely deserved, but we couldn’t help thinking how the dictates of the challenges actually forced the designers into less stylish looks than if they’d been able to design alone. Break down these pieces into three distinct looks instead of 2, and the whole thing would be just about perfect.


Still, props to them. We never would have predicted that they’d get along so well and produce such memorable looks together.

Now, we’re off to the tents of Lincoln Center to watch all these attention hos (sans Alicia) show their collections. Check our tweets, darlings! And come back here, because we’ll have all the collections posted by this afternoon. Be good while Daddy and Papa are gone!


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  • Judy_J

    Wasn’t this type of challenge done on “Next Great Artist”?  How original.

    • Yes, it was, and at least that sort of made sense, because it was artists making and selling art. Kind of. Designers selling ugly spray painted t-shirts is just an exercise in humiliation. It was unnecessary and uncomfortable and well, just plain old stupid.

    • My thoughts exactly, and exactly what I said as it was playing out. I had horrible flashbacks to the WoA mean girls.

    •  I never saw that but I swear they did this on Rupaul’s Drag Race, which makes it even more hilarious.

      • e jerry powell

         Drag queen pole dancers!  Mystique doing the splits all over her junk!

      • hoez


    • Celandine1

      Yeah they did it on season 2 of Work of Art.

    • I thought at least their collection would have been required to reference their t-shirts. That at least would have made the street begging arguably fashion-related.

  • rolacus2

    I can perfectly imagine miss tootie doing that actually.

  • Oh, thank the lord I wasn’t the only one turned off by the “peddle your wares” whoring. I actually started working on a logic puzzle during that portion of the show.

    Team Tootie definitely deserved the win. The other two team produced mall clothes from the 90s.

    • e jerry powell

       That recently?  I must have been brain-dead through the nineties.  I was thinking even further back.

    • Celandine1

      That gray/brown/blush pink combo was hideous. And how did the team with $800 end up with such cheap looking fabric, ugh.

  • Spicytomato1

    I loved Team Tootie’s collection. And I even liked the t-shirts they made. 

    I agree with your “overdesigned” assessment. I think that was a major flaw in the challenge, it pretty much guaranteed that each person had to fight for their fair share of attention (with the exception of Alicia, who seemed to just throw in the towel, not that I can blame her).

    The only nitpick I have is that Gunnar’s brown dress seemed a bit too long. Otherwise, their looks transported me from my sticky, sweaty state and put me an a cooler weather kind of mood.

    • A thought my husband and I had last night: do you think Ven might be on the autism spectrum? Asbergers maybe? The robotic voice, the inability to relate to others, yet brilliant precision – whatcha think?

      • Spicytomato1

        Hmm. Not sure how that relates to what I posted but since I happen to have a son with Asperger’s I’ll reply. No, I don’t think Ven is on the autism spectrum. My armchair diagnosis would be extreme arrogance.

        • I agree. Not all behavior is diagnosable via the DSM. Sometimes people are just assholes.

          •  maybe he has narcissistic personality disorder…or maybe he is just an asshole.

      • tignor

        Every reality show that is recaped on the Internet I anxiously await for the first person to ask this — if someone has Asperger’s or autism. I believe this is the first call out for this season.

        • Spicytomato1

          Oh no, it has been brought up about Ven ad nauseum in previous weeks. Sorry I’m a bit sensitive given my son’s status as an Aspie. I feel like I have an extra-finely-tuned radar for these things as a result and Ven doesn’t ping mine at all.

          •  I’m with you Spicytomato – my son has long been suspected of having Asperger’s and is on the spectrum.  Ven can be engaged and appropriate when he wants to.  He also notices other people and responds, ie eyerolls.  You don’t get to pick and choose when to have appropriate behavior when you’re on the spectrum or have Asperger’s. It’s always a struggle if you get it at all.

          • Susan Crawford

            One of the main reasons I LOVE the TLo site so much is that Tom and Lorenzo are adamant about stating that comments that are critical, diagnostic or speculative about body issues will not be tolerated. I have the same issues with speculation about contestants who trigger off comments about Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD and so on. (Olivierere was another contestant who sparked a lot of speculation, as I recall.) I’d definitely say Ven is somewhat robotic in demeanor, but let’s face it, saying he has Asperger’s is a medical and psychological diagnosis. Maybe we need a moratorium on these comments? How do you feel, Tom and Lorenzo?

          • But then we’ll end up with a ton of comments about how he’s acting like he’s autistic rather than saying he’s autistic.  And then we’ll having lots of back-and-forth with people saying, “Don’t diagnose him!” followed by, “I’m not saying he’s autistic.  I’m just judging his actions.”

          • Susan Crawford

            Nels, I suspect you are right. One good thing, though: even though the PUF’s and BK’s occasionally stray into diagnostic territory, we DO tend to do it with a certain level of panache! See you at the next TLOunge, my dear.

          • CarolinLA

            Can we please refrain from medically diagnosing the contestants and just remark on their behavior and output?  

          • Spicytomato1

            I’m not the one who brought it up. Furthermore I never would have — this week or any of the earlier weeks when speculation ran rampant. 

            But when it comes up I often feel compelled to reply, if only to try to debunk the misconception that people who are cold or robotic or arrogant or clueless must be “suffering” from the affliction known as Aspergers. It’s an insult. And I’d be happy not to hear about it again, either.

          • CarolinLA

            I’m so sorry, ST.  I didn’t hit reply at the right place.  I meant to reply to Missy’s original mention of autism above.  I have got to get better glasses.  Or quit drinking alcohol from them so early in the day.

          • Spicytomato1

            Lol. Thanks and no worries. And my apologies for sounding snappy. I’d much prefer to focus on the fashion or “fashion” on PR.

          •  I understand completely — I get the same way when people talk about depression.  I think those of us who are intimately involved in mental health problems are always sensitive to the abuse of it.

            I’m finding that since my oldest was diagnosed with ADD, I’m getting the same about that, too.  When he was first diagnosed, everyone in the family flipped out about why he shouldn’t be put on medication, like he was going to turn into a zombie from it.  Until he was on the Ritalin for two weeks and made a fantastic improvement while still absolutely him — he’s still very much him, and he’s learning to manage his ADD through behavioral methods by taking enough medication to make it possible for him to control it at all. 

          • formerlyAnon

            There is no “one size fits all” for any meds. Because most (all? I dunno) ADD/ADHD meds are relatively short-acting and people (& their health care professional standard disclaimer) can experiment to see what works best for themselves or their kids, it’s really obvious with them.

            I know & love several adults who tried and rejected ADD drugs earlier in life and now use them selectively & swear the drugs have changed their lives.

          •  No, I’m talking about my relatives who thought I was a terrible person for giving him ANY medication.  (He started taking them and caught up to his class in 2 months when he was behind by a full year — he just couldn’t do it.)  But I kept hearing how he shouldn’t be medicated and we just needed to be better parents and that he didn’t have ADD because he wasn’t hyperactive… all total crap from people who were only thinking of the stereotype from when it was massively over-diagnosed and incorrectly medicated.  Much the way that people with no experience with major depressive disorder think it means you’re sad a lot.

          • Much like if you have diabetes (or, god forbid, are overweight), EVERYONE knows what you should and shouldn’t eat. And will tell you. Even if they don’t know you at all. And don’t know anything about diabetes. I’m thinking people should generally STFU more. 🙂

          • I found the best way to handle that was by becoming really really boring and go on about all of the intricate details of Weight Watchers every time someone questioned my food choices.  Worked like a charm — after an hour long lecture, no one will ask if you should be eating that cake ever again!

        • HelenNPN

          Nope we’ve been over it before.  the consensus is NO He’s just an antisocial narcissist, ahem, to put it nicely.

      • MilaXX

         Nope. Just your run of the mill conceited jerk

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I would be very glad if people would refrain from the armchair autism spectrum diagnoses.  There are, after all, people who just aren’t very good at empathizing with others, people who are arrogant, etc.

          • alula_auburn

            This, very very much so.  There are also people on the spectrum who work incredibly hard at compensating, who deserved better than to be associated with all kinds of crappy behavior.

          • Spicytomato1

            Yes. Thank you.

      • Ven is a true introvert who cares more about relating to ideas than to people.  It’s why he cares so much about precision and doesn’t care about making clients happy.  It’s why he’ll continue working in the back room with impecable precision rather than schmooze in front of cameras.

    • e m

      Yes, I liked the t-shirts, too. The shirts from Elenas team were some serious ugly, but the other teams did a good job. Still, 800$ are not very believable. And the challenge itself…there was a time PR tried to explain their challenges with a “real business” analogy. “In the real world you will have to make a departement store version of your high end designs” or something like that. Now they don’t even bother anymore 😀

      To the winning designs: LOVED the collection and especially LOVED gunnars jersey-leather-dress. Not in love with the execution (it wasn’t completely symmetrical) but damn, the design was awesome.

      • melizer

        “gunnars jersey-leather-dress”The leather center shape looks like a very thin model with the surreal proportions of a sketch is standing in front of another person in a solid dress!

        • e m

          hahahaha! now I can’t get it out of my head ^^

        • Sweetbetty

           Yes, I would have preferred it with much subtler curves.

  • SewingSiren

    Maybe they had 5 0r 6 hundred t-shits? Otherwise total bullshit. Why didn’t they use the name “Project Runway” in their signs? Was it forbidden? That could have generated a little $.
    I agree with Sonjia’s win. Her jacket was the best of this group. And this group looked the best on the runway. It was I agree not without problems.  I think Christopher’s vest really brings the whole group down. It is just as sloppy as Elena’s coat and It looks unfinished for lack of sleeves. I think the neck scarf brings Sonjia’s jacket down  and I can’t see wearing a 3/4 sleeve jacket with a long sleeve dress. Both of Gunnar’s dresses are pretty , but they are very similar to Elena’s first challenge dress and also more similar to the McCartney silhouette dress than Elena’s was.

    • Spicytomato1

      I’m pretty sure they verbally mentioned PR when they were hawking their wares. Also, I was thinking how they had the “advantage” of a cameraperson accompanying them, which I’d think would give their appeal some credibility. But yeah, raking in $800? Even $500 (a suspiciously round number) seems highly unlikely.

      • 3boysful

         I was thinking I never heard them mention the show specifically, like they had been instructed off-camera not to say PR when hawking their dubious wares.  It was all”designer” and “fashion.”

    • L.

      Agree!  And who wants a sleeveless coat?  

      • I can maybe see that for fall. Over a sweater and a skirt or skinny jeans. Maybe. 

      • Glammie

        That was my question–a full-length camelhair one at that.  Did not get that one at all from a practical standpoint.

      • I do. I hate coats because I always feel jammed into a coat, and it’s because of the sleeves. I’d wear Christopher’s coat in a heartbeat.

        •  Then it’s probably just not made correctly for you — I’ve had that problem with coats a lot.

      • SayWTH

        The same people that wear those puffy vests in the winter instead of a winter coat? I have never seen the point in having a sleeveless winter jacket, but you see people in them all the time.

        Although, that being said, I agree with accidental housewife: I hate winter coats for the very reason that the sleeves make me feel as if I am being trapped by a polar bear, so I tend to put my jacket/coat on only when absolutely necessary!

    • MilaXX

       My favorite thing was team pink depression allegedly earned $800.48. Seriously $.48? Just round it up and let us go along with the pretense.

    •  Ooo, I agree about the 3/4 sleeve jacket on the long sleeved dress.  Very tacky. 

  • I was so happy I had TiVo’d the episode so I could skip that whole first bit with the selling crap. LAME.

  • Clearly the producers have decided that Natasha is the “Villain” of this season…the Kinley (sp) if you will… she will be around til the final 3 or 4 just for ‘hiss’ factor.

    Thanks for explaining the sudden happy/joy on Team Tootie.

    800$? were they giving blow jobs to hobos off camera? (why not just put up a sign “Project Runway needs $$$ to humiliate the designers, please give”?

    • melizer

      Down in the corner of the screen it said that Elena is the fan favorite!

      RE: blow jobs! I thought that was AWFUL that Tim said they could sell their “skills” and I wonder what got edited out!

    •  Ha, that’s exactly what I said last night while watching the very beginning of the episode!  I mentioned the sales pitch of “Buy this t-shirt for $100 and get a blow job for free!”

    • bitterk

      The producers decided or her fellow castmates?   The consensus in the workroom was that she was a nightmare to work with.  The producers merely ran with it.

  • mhleta

    I never in my life have used the term LOL. I hate LOL, along with its cousins ROFL, PIMP, and ROFLPMFP. I slightly lose respect for people when they use it. But…”As for Christopher and Gunnar, clearly, Sonjia grabbed them both by their neckbeards and hissed “Go suck each other off in the men’s room if you have to, but I am NOT having you two bitchy white boys with crazy hair fuck up this challenge for me!” It’s the only explanation that made any sense.”  LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

    • Does “PIMP” mean “Party in my Pants”? I have no idea what the PMFP addendum to ROFL is. Ugh! I hate being clueless. 🙂

      • Maria Rosenfire

         Replace “party” with a mildly vulgar synonym for urination and imagine that the F stands for precisely the ill-mannered word you think it does and you should be able to figure them out.

        • Learn something new everyday. I thought I was cool because I know what ROFLMAO is. I like Party in my Pants way better.

        • Thanks! I put together your clues and cracked the case. Just call me Nancy Drew!

        • Neverbuynewclothes

          Thanks — I try to keep up so I can decode my teenager’s tweets, which he doesn’t know I monitor.  All explanations provided to this clueless parent will be humbly accepted.

  • Laura James

    A sleeveless camel trench with asymmetrical hem? That’s just silly.

    • SewingSiren

      With a bubbly hem and armhole with visible prick stitching and collapsing neckline. Ick.

      •  THANK you!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          But it was “editorial”, you know! 

          • Oh I saw what Nina meant, but there were some serious issues with that coat. Also, as much as I liked Tootie’s jacket, center front of the hem was weirdly wonky.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Wouldn’t you like to see what they could do with these garments if they were given TWO days?  bunim-murray, are you listening?  HEL-LOOOOO!

      • Susan Collier

        I’m pretty sure he was discussing leather sleeves earlier on.

        • SewingSiren

          I think so too. Which means it looks like exactly what it is … unfinished garment.

    • Spicytomato1

      I’m not sure why I feel compelled to defend it but…I kinda liked it because it was so unique (in concept anyway, I agree the execution was lacking). 

      It definitely would not pass the real world test because of its impracticality but still I thought it was a cool idea, strictly in terms of the fashion world, where working women wear giant cowl-neck dresses and stand around the office with giant bags hanging off their arms during meetings.

      • tignor


      • Neverbuynewclothes

        . . . in completely impractical shoes which will never touch pavement.

        • Spicytomato1

          Of course.

        • Spicytomato1

          Of course.

      •  In the season with Daniel he made a beautiful mohair sleeveless dress with the upturned collar and it was gorgeous.  I wondered if Christopher remembered that too.  Whatever, Tootie won and that is what counts.

        • Celandine1

          That was in the finale right? I think Nick actually made it for him. It was beautiful and the best item in the collection. It was also made in about a day and half.

          •  Oh, you are right!  It was the add on last minute challenge to the collection.  I miss the old days when they actually gave the designers more than one day for a challenge!  

    • CPK1

       Chris’s coat was ridic. I didn’t get all the love for it at all. I love a camel coat but this was the very definition of over-designed

    • CPK1

       Chris’s coat was ridic. I didn’t get all the love for it at all. I love a camel coat but this was the very definition of over-designed

    • I thought that silly sleeveless coat was horrible! 

    • Sweetbetty

       And a belt that hangs way too low off of only one side if it’s worn open.

      • khh1138

        Yeah, I thought Christopher’s coat looked ridiculous open.  It was the one moment I felt bad for Elena, when the judges pointed out that you could only wear her coat if it was closed (true, and even then it looked bad except from the back) – well, what about Christopher’s bizarre sleeveless robe that had to be belted shut and collar-popped *just so* or it looks like a big soft shapeless mess?  

  • DinaSews

    This would have been better had each designer been told to make an outerwear piece.  A ‘collection’ of 2 outfits for 3 people?  Puhleeze.

    • I think it’s a challenge designed to create drama, pure and simple. Whose look is going to get the least play being underneath said outerwear? Which is kind of what happened. Ugh, and the selling of fugly ass t-shirts on the streets of NYC and raising, cough, $800. Yeah, right. Oh Project Runway, please stop sliding into this pit of ridiculously over-produced reality and focus on the clothes again. 

      • “Whose look is going to get the least play being underneath said outerwear?” 
        And therefore most in danger of going home. Gunnar dodged this by making two complete I-will-not-be-ignored dresses. Dmitry also hustled for a complete look on his own. Fabio hedged, making the two tight tops but he also made the limp mohair coat. Alicia was completely overpowered by her teammates and she went home.

    • I think it’s a challenge designed to create drama, pure and simple. Whose look is going to get the least play being underneath said outerwear? Which is kind of what happened. Ugh, and the selling of fugly ass t-shirts on the streets of NYC and raising, cough, $800. Yeah, right. Oh Project Runway, please stop sliding into this pit of ridiculously over-produced reality and focus on the clothes again. 

  • tignor

    Sorry, but I am on Team Dimitri. Elena had nothing positive to say about anything last night other than her stuff didn’t stink and she was the best designer since Coco and the others should stick to commissioning stuff for Wal-Mart. The crazy eyes just ugh…I wanted to throw up every time her mouth opened. I was praying she’d be aufed. Never since Kenley have I wanted someone off my screen so much. YES even Josh was more palatable.

    • SRQkitten


      I’m with you on Team Dimitri (and when is he going to get a win?) – Natasha-dearest can get the heave-ho next week and it would be quite fine with me. But Elena vs. Josh, hmm…that’s a match up I need to think about as they’re both so egregiously awful.

      This is one for TLo to contemplate in those between PR seasons doldrums – 10 most obnoxious PR designers. Kenley, Josh and Elena are all strong contenders.

      Glad Tootie got the win – LUVED that jacket!


      • tignor

         Right on, I have the next Project Runway All-Stars cast lined up:

        Kenley, Josh, Wendy Pepper, Zulemia, Jeffrey, Santino, Elena, Veronica, Irina, Ivy.

        RATINGS, Lifetime. Ratings, darlings.

        • I think having Jeffrey and Wendy in the same workroom for weeks on end would be outstanding.

        • Wendi126

          Can we throw Vincent in there as well? His obnoxiousness was more personality than action but he totally gave me douchechills

          • MoHub

             And maybe Angela Keslar to serve as universal victim.

          • AnneElliot

            I agree, take out Santino and add Vincent.  Santino bugged me in Season 2 but he was really sweet on Austin & Santino, so maybe he’s not really that bad. 

          •  No, I’d want to keep Santino just for the fun of watching him go at it with Nina again.

        • Celandine1

          How about Project Runway All-Stars Cage Match …

        • Sweetbetty

           Wasn’t Kenley already on an All-Stars season?  Plus we got to see her again this season.  I think enough is enough.

      •  IVY!  And Victorya really irritated me too.  Plus anyone who whines about an integral part of the show, like how little time they have.

    • I dunno. When Dmitry claimed she was yelling and screaming last night, I racked my brain and couldn’t think of any screaming I’d seen over the course of the episode. She was certainly being passive-aggressive, but Dmitry had shut down to her before she even started.
      I don’t think either of them acted well.

      Personally, I think Elena is crazy, but also hilarious. But I’m no longer invested in expecting people to deserve to win or be auf’d. I knew Dreadlocks’s time was up and Fabio’s probably next for being too low-key and pleasant, which is a shame because he’s eye-candy.

      • Tatiana Luján

        I also think Elena’s critiques are almost always right on point.

      • Melissa Brogan

         I think Dmitry was speaking more generally, i.e. all the other times she’s been screechy and impossible. Not that I think EITHER of them behaved particularly well that day, as Dmitry quite obviously came out swinging.

      • Susan Crawford

        Heaven (and Bunim-Murray’s production team) knows what was NOT edited into the episode. I suspect Elena may indeed have had some shrieking marmoset moments, but the cackling witch moment trumped them.

        Elena is all kinds of wackadoo, but she makes for hellaciously hilarious TV.

        (But I really miss the olden days when, even with the requisite crazy-eyes contestant, PR was mostly about creativity, and less about creating a scene.)

      • Susan Crawford

        Heaven (and Bunim-Murray’s production team) knows what was NOT edited into the episode. I suspect Elena may indeed have had some shrieking marmoset moments, but the cackling witch moment trumped them.

        Elena is all kinds of wackadoo, but she makes for hellaciously hilarious TV.

        (But I really miss the olden days when, even with the requisite crazy-eyes contestant, PR was mostly about creativity, and less about creating a scene.)

        • I dunno, judging from her finale collection, I think she has the creativity to match the crazy. 

          • Susan Crawford

            After TLo posted her finale collection, I tend to agree! There were many things about it that I liked. (Not the leggings with neon stripes, or the neon lips, though!) But I thought she really had a point of view, great skills and a fabulous color sense.

  • Judy_S

    Sonjia’s jacket was great, plus I adored her headwear in the the interviews and workroom (I was also relieved Fabio isn’t out because he is so much fun to see on the runway, in whatever costume he puts together).  I love your scenario of how the team united, though my own thought is that the two men really just decided to sacrifice the drama for the sake of a possible win. Their design process on the tshirts was also fun to watch and I would have thought they would pull in the most $$, but oh well.

    That said, I thought Christopher’s vest thing was really hideous. The “hem” looked as if it was just the edges of the fabric cut, the belt was miserable, and when belted it looked rumply. Kors’ comment about the camel hair being hard to work with perhaps made sense of this–it dictated limitations on what could actually be done. But the dismissal of it as a bathrobe struck me as justice. It might have made an interesting cape.

    • MissAnnieRN

      Surprisingly, I really like the camel hair vest thing with the asymmetric hem. I though it was quite different. The neckline, the side swept closure wrap effect. The hem also appealed. There are a thousand classic camel hair coats out there. But this was unusual.

      I like Gunnar’s dresses but they looked very Victoria beckham to me.

    • Introspective

      Agree that Christopher’s would have been better as a cape. as it stands its a rumply sleeveless robe for sure. I didnt get the love. He had immunity but his profile was raised by those good dresses and the good jacket his teammates made, cause had he ended up with team crazy or team blah, he would have gotten called out for sure with that bs.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        After listening to the critiques of Christopher’s coat last night I’m convinced he’s one of the three finalists for this season.

        • AnneElliot

          Christopher, Sonjia and Ven are the only designers with multiple wins, so I suspect they’ll be the top three.  I hope I’m wrong — I’d love to see Melissa or Dmitry win, though I’m getting discouraged with Dmitry.  He keeps making the same dresses over and over. 

        • Introspective

          You could be onto something. We spent all of Costello’s season(s) confused by how much love he was getting either for shit we had seen before or shit we hadnt seen because we didnt want to see it ever. Looks like Costello- lite could be following in his namesake’s footsteps…

  • Maria Rosenfire

    Is it just me or do ALL of this season’s designers skew towards the “pretty-but-boring” end of the spectrum? None of them have any color sense, and all of the decent designers seem to just have one signature thing that they’re good at (Ven with his roses and Dmitry with his tight embellished jersey dresses). Sonjia’s jacket was pretty, but it wasn’t mind-bogglingly cool– nothing this season has really stood out for me thus far.

    The t-shirt-hawking at the beginning was egregious, my fellow PUFs. I was embarrassed just watching them trying to sell that tacky shit to New Yorkers.

    •  Really.  Are none of these people aware of the existence of color?  Are they all fully color blind, and seeing the world as shades of grey?   WHEN are we going to see something that is bright?  God how I miss Frokemon.

      • My twitter stream last night was filled with my bitching about the lack of color. It’s fall, bitches, if that’s not a time for rich, vibrant, saturated color then there’s never going to be a time with these designers. I’m a NYC kind of girl and I love my black, but enough already. I thought the dusty rose and taupes on Venn, Alicia and Melissa’s team was like depression walking a runway. Melissa’s white jacket was adorbs but, for me, more spring than fall.

      • My twitter stream last night was filled with my bitching about the lack of color. It’s fall, bitches, if that’s not a time for rich, vibrant, saturated color then there’s never going to be a time with these designers. I’m a NYC kind of girl and I love my black, but enough already. I thought the dusty rose and taupes on Venn, Alicia and Melissa’s team was like depression walking a runway. Melissa’s white jacket was adorbs but, for me, more spring than fall.

        •  Why not do your collection referencing the glorious colors of fall fruits and veggies?  Rich, saturated goldens, deep reds, dense greens, and luscious purples?  heh-LOW!

          • Maybe they’re all color blind. Not one glorious color in the bunch. How can that be with fall as a reference point? 

            I really want to see them have a neon challenge. “Hello designers. Your challenge today is to design classic evening looks…oh, and since our sponsor is Sharpie, you’ll be using fabric in highlighter colors!” They’d totally lose their shit.

          • THAT would be a challenge worth seeing.

          • Stubenville

            Or why not a Valentino challenge, asking the slackers, I mean designers, to create clothes in only tomato red?

          • Melissa Brogan

             Apparently Elena only likes neons for lipsticks, if her own lips and her collection shots are anything to go by. Good grief if those neon yellow and green lips weren’t the most distracting styling.

        • janetjb

          The lack of rich Fall color was so dang frustrating.  My son said the pink was more of a “Winter is getting tiresome, when is Spring?” sort of color (especially paired with the white jacket).

          I wonder what Tootie’s jacket looked like without the heavy scarf?  What were they covering up?  That said, her jacket was attractive and something I’m sure many of us would like to own.

        • Susan Crawford

          I know! Have NONE of these people even looked at a copy of Vogue, Bazaar, W or ANY fashion site online lately? One of the most major stories is COLOR! Deeply saturated, rich colors have been on the runways in Paris, Milan, London and New York for quite a while. Even pastels have been more intense (Raf Simons last Jil Sander collection, for example – glorious peony/fuschia/mauve-enhanced pink, for example). But our fearless designers – perhaps reflecting their tortured spirits, depression and anguish always seem to default to neutrals and/or black. This was a chance to bring in SOME of the current couture trend, but the closest we got was that asshat dustrag pink. Sigh.

          I also agree Melissa’s white jacket was well-done, but it DID have a spring vibe to it.

  • Well, my desire to see, finally, the Dmitri/Elena Slapov, was amply repaid.  What a nightmare that was.  And as soon as I saw how passive and wimpy Alicia was being around them, I knew who was going home.

    • Spicytomato1

      I felt like poor Alicia was just eaten alive. She had such a nice, no-drama persona and that just was not gonna fly anymore. Granted she could have been more assertive, but I think I’d also be feeling pretty beaten down by last night’s runway show.

      •  No doubt at all. Frankly I think she was meant to be cannon fodder all along.  I get her aesthetic, and there is a rather significant potential market for it. She REALLY needs to up her skill level, and sense of dramatic presentation, though.  I wish her well. She seems like such a cool, nice woman.

        • Vickiefantastico

          I agree with you completely. I think if she had more time – like more than a freakin’ day – to work on her looks, she could have made more of an impact. I’ve been pulling for her since the beginning, but yeah, her calm demeanor just doesn’t work for reality TV. I wish her great success!

    • CPK1

       yes! But how much better would it have been if they the Slapov (LOL) had been done in Russian!

      •  I was really hoping for some intense muttering in the side in their native tongues, while giving the stink eye to each other.

        •  We will never see them muttering in Russian or Ukrainian.  I can pretty much guarantee that no one on the editing staff speaks it, and they aren’t going to know which bits are good for TV and which aren’t.  And then they’d have to bring in a translator to subtitle it… It’d be a pain to do and cost some money, so you know B/M won’t bother.

          •  Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

          •  Frankly after dating a Ukrainian, I’d prefer not to hear them anyway — I think it gave me PTSD, so god knows what reaction I’d have upon hearing an irritating person muttering in a mix of Russian and Ukrainian again.  I might actually put something through my TV screen…

    • MilaXX

       It was her time. Seriously even if she had been on her A game unless she made the winning garment she was done. Other than the “real woman” challenge can you think of one thing she has made this season?

      •  The client she has in mind is not interested in fashion, as it is most commonly perceived, or in making a strong impression for its own sake.  Her client is a unique woman, who really doesn’t care what other people think of her, and prefers not to have to give much thought to her appearance.

        • MilaXX

          I don’t mind unfashion, non girly or even laid back fashion, she wasn’t memorable AT ALL. I have no sense of her POV at all.

        • Spicytomato1

          Interesting take and I’m sure I’m splitting hairs a bit here…but I saw a definite POV in her portfolio. Someone who doesn’t give much thought to her appearance would probably not seek out a designer like her but rather just throw on plain tees and jeans or thrift shop stuff. I think Alicia’s clients are a bit more fashion savvy than that.

          •  What I meant by that was that her client would not be willing to fuss for a long time for the exact belt, or the perfect shoe. They want to be able to put the clothes on and get on with their day. Which a perfectly reasonable, and wise way to deal with it.

          • Spicytomato1

            Ah, yes. Absolutely.

          • Susan Crawford

            Agree 100%! I know a LOT of women like that. Alicia’s portfolio was pretty strong – her “client” strikes me as an independent, self-motivated, confident woman who values an edge and a bit of strength in her clothing: pieces she can WORK in. Too bad PR hasn’t included a “Design a New Take on a Uniform” challenge since the Postal Uniform challenge back in the day. I could see Alicia nailing THAT one!

        • formerlyAnon

          I’d have been thrilled to come across Alicia’s clothes back when I was young and lithe – I feel strongly that in a contrarian sort of way, her esthetic is VERY ‘body conscious’ – and would like the occasional piece in my  down time wardrobe even now.  I like a sharp, crisp line between my down time and public face to the world wardrobes.  Public life requires (traditional) structure and tailoring and great fabrics wonderfully constructed [as best as can be managed on the budget] – it’s a cross between costume and armor.

          If I had a lot of money my closet would look like I had multiple personalities.

          • Which idea I roundly commend you for!

          • Absolutely.  I actually have several different personalities in my wardrobe already — there’s a difference between cocktail dresses for business and cocktail dresses for fun, for example.

    • Susan Crawford

      Alicia didn’t have a chance. She seemed so low-energy right from the start, and putting her smack in the middle of Dmitry/Elena meant she had as much chance as a Junebug hitting a windshield. It was, however, time for her to clear her workspace, hit the imaginary under-the-table lightswitch and make her exit. I do wish her well.

      To me, the most nightmarish moment was Elena’s prolonged cackling in front of her mannequin as Dimitry stared in horror at her. It was positively Neil Gaiman/Tim Burtonish! Next week, Elena appears with two buttons from Tim’s button bag instead of eyes!

      • khh1138

        Yes!  This was the moment that pushed Dmitry to the edge, I think.  Elena was *practicing* how best to make fun of Dmitry’s accent, and cackling, and that’s when Dmitry said, “you little witch.”  It was horrifying! 
        How can Elena think she should make fun of someone’s accent? What a meanie.  And, hello? We all have accents. Some of them are dead sexy. 

  • janierainie

    Bring us some goodies!!

  • Oh god, oh god, if only Sanjia had really said that to Gunnar and Christopher, it would have been glorious! All the Emmys in the world!

    I do see your point by a smidge about Dmitry “getting the party started” with Elena – maybe. I’ll have to watch again. But I think he’s been so beaten down by her that he may have put his armor up early. But you do have to figure, she was gonna start shit with him no matter what!

    • janierainie

      Do you think he feels sort of embarrassed by her since they come from the same part of the world? Sometimes I get that feeling.  

      • Susan Collier

        But they’re from two different countries. It’s like comparing the US with Canada.

        • janierainie

          I said same part of the world, not same country. 

          • Spicytomato1

            Yes but there are unique differences, even in that part of the world. My Lithuanian dad, for example, would not take kindly to being lumped in with a Latvian, even though the countries share a border and, from my perspective, many other things in common.

          • janierainie

            My point was that he might be embarrassed because people do tend to lump people together when they have common accents etc., and I have gotten the feeling he is particularly irritated by her, maybe for that reason.

          • khh1138

            I could see that.  Being lumped together as “former Soviet” or “Eastern Bloc” or something along those lines. 

          • Throughout history, the most bitter international relationships have been between two countries in the same part of the world — there have been centuries for those grudges to build prior to modern transportation methods. 

      •  I have been wondering the same thing, Janierainie. Seems plausible to me.

        Also, I am shocked, shocked that a contestant has emerged that I loathe more than Kenley. Elena, please take the congeniality crown from Kenley!

  • janierainie

    It was interesting how Gunnar and Christopher just blew off (no pun intended) Tootie’s jacket and gushed over Gunnars dresses. They just disregarded her completely. Bitches. 

    • Spicytomato1

      Yeah, they kinda ganged up on her, didn’t they? Although to be fair I think they were trying to pull Gunnar out of the gutter. In any case I felt bad that Sonjie then seemed to feel she needed to be sheepish and apologetic for voting for her own garment.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I thought that reflected Gunnar’s and Christopher’s convictions that they are the most talented members of their team. Gunnar in particular was not going to let anyone overshadow his work, since he was on the bottom in the previous episode. 

    • Introspective

      that goes well with the theory that they were doing each other major favors in the men’s room before taking it to the workroom. either way, Tootie was the clear winner. Id cut a bitch for that jacket right now. hope she includes something like it in her finale collection…

    •  I don’t think there was anything wrong with their behavior.  They were asked a question and they both gave an honest answer.  And one I feel was fair — yes, it was a nice jacket, but in the time she made that one jacket, Gunnar made two dresses.

  • lessax3

     I think Gunnar’s dresses may be overdesigned for the coats they went with but he knew if they were on the bottom, Christopher had immunity and he had been in the bottom the week before so he needed something with meat to show the judges. Case in point, Alicia was aufed for a blah throwaway outfit.

    •  I admit to being pleasantly surprised when Christopher offered Gunnar the win for his two dresses.  Quite gentlemanly of him, really.  Though he and Gunnar really just ignored Sonjia on the runway.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    As I was watching PBS until after 11, I only wound up seeing the runway walk-offs and the judging.  Glad I didn’t see the tin-cup jingling self-abasement.  Sonjia’s jacket was the outstanding piece, and her win deserved.  I agree that the camel-hair coat would have been better served by a symmetrical hem, and I did not like that leather hourglass element in Gunnar’s dress.

    Without seeing 2/3 of the program as was my case last night, the judges’ obviousness in their deliberations becomes… well, a lot more obvious, or so I thought last night.

    • MilaXX

       I think the hourglass shape made the model’s boobs look weird. A straight panel may b have been better.

      • Spicytomato1

        Agreed. It had a whiff of vulgarity to it. If I was talking one on one with someone wearing that dress, I think I’d feel awkward, like I couldn’t look directly at her body. And so my eyes would be just darting around in an effort not to land anywhere unseemly.

      • I think it would have worked better on a woman with a larger chest.  It would probably nicely highlight a bigger girl’s curves instead of accenting the thin model’s lack thereof.

    • They had strong silhouettes, but for some reason the fabrics all looked like Polar fleece, in a way.  And they suffered from the usual “let’s put every fabric in every look” thinking, which they think will make a collection cohesive, and in fact makes each separate piece look like patchwork! (Patches, I’m depending on you, son…) And Gunnar’s dress is just a knock-off of that guy who already did “lady shape” down the front…does anybody know who I’m thinking of? the name escapes me…

      • Spicytomato1

        I thought Elena’s coat (the gray part) looked like polar fleece. I didn’t get that from these pieces.

        She’s not a guy but didn’t Stella Mc do the “lady shape” thing recently? 

        • Thanks, that must be it…I was just using the term “guy” in the general sense, like “you guys”, cause I could not for the life of me think of who I was thinking of…I’m blaming it on “mental-pause”!

      • Maggie Muellner

        Yves St Laurent did lady shape back in the 60s
        See #7

  • Violina23

    I’ll bet the producers were having embolisms over the fact that Gunnar and Chris were getting along.  J’adore Sonjia’s jacket. BEAUTIFUL. 

    The opening half hour reminded me of the Apprentice, like when they make them sell lemonade. 

    I have to admit, if a PR contestant came up to me in NYC tailed by a cameraman, I might buy the crappy shirt just to say “cool, I was on PR” 😉

    • Spicytomato1

      “I have to admit, if a PR contestant came up to me in NYC tailed by a cameraman, I might buy the crappy shirt just to say “cool, I was on PR” ;-)”
      I was thinking the exact same thing. And how cool would it be to buy an “original” t-shirt by a designer who possibly ends up winning the whole thing?

      • Snailstsichr

         And I would totally have them sign it!

        • muzan-e

          Absolutely my strategy! Personalized autographs. Know a fan? Ever heard of eBay? Have I got a deal for you.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       I’d guess that, other than producer giveaways, that’s the only way they could do that.  Forty t-shirts at $20 each would net the number, but who’d pay it other than for the Project Runway connection and an autograph?

      • khh1138

        I still think it’s a little suspicious how much money they had. They only had 2 hours to sell – that means they sold a T shirt every 3 minutes?  Maybe it was just the editing, but it looked like they spent most of their time wandering around aimlessly and getting turned down a lot.  I call shenanigans with those totals. 

    • CarolinLA

      I hope I would say that it was totally beneath the brand to hock wares this way.  But I’d give them money because I love the show.  

      •  If they wanted something like that, why not give them a day to really design and make the shirts, and then put it online with no names?  Promote it with promos for the show as a “taste of the new season” and put them up online for the same $20, and see how many sell.  You’d get people talking about the show while it’s still filming, trying to guess who made which design, and anxiously awaiting the “t-shirt” episode to find out.

  • Amazing how with hours of videotape, the PR big shots cannot edit together an interesting 90 minute program. I no longer watch the entire show, instead watch only bits and pieces as I search the net or do some work. Congrats to Tottie on a nice jacket. My problem with this episode is: with all the “talent” in the room, no one could come up with any sellable or attractive for the street vendor chalenges. I guess HP did not cough up a placement fee because their color prints can make decals that could be ironed on the clothes. Oh, but that will be next week when they design their own fabrtic..

  • I’m surprised at how much I’m starting to like Gunnar. I was prepared to dislike him at the beginning of the season but between is working so well designing for a “real”  woman and getting along with Christopher, I see him gaining some emotional maturity. Unlike some people on this show.

    • Spicytomato1

      Me, too. But his “evolution” was so rapid that it makes me think his initial bitchy/evil persona was just for show and an armor of sorts to get through the first few challenges. He’s just showing his true colors now, maybe, since he feels fairly confident?

      • BuffaloBarbara

        Don’t know if it’s “coat of armor” so much as “This is what the producers told me to play to get on the show.”

      • formerlyAnon

        I was thinking that keeping up the fake persona was just too exhausting.

  • Sorry! Didn’t mean to reply to you specifically. On my iPhone – mistakes will be made.

  • MilaXX

    Anybody know what time the PR show starts? I gotta go out but I don’t want to miss the live tweets of the runway show.

    • EveEve

      It is on…Right now!
      Tweets from TLo:
      Gunnar: “Inspired by aborigines and African tribes”
      Elena: “Y’all are gonna be shocked when you see Elena’s”
      Ven: “I think Ven’s dresses need a Tylenol they’re in pain”
      Sonjia: “She’s adorable”
      Christopher: “its all over the place”
      Melissa: “black, white and gray, of course”
      Fabio: “cosmic tribalism”
      Dmitry: “Very uneven, from tasteful to tacky”

      • MilaXX

        I saw them tweeting when I went to cue up their twitter feed. Apparently Ven made an entire collection of rose tumors.

  • unbornfawn

    Tootie’s jacket was the best piece on the stage last night. That dress and scarf are not doing it any favors. Well deserved win. And what a delight to see something beautifully tailored with sleeves! When you are asking for outerwear, and two looks, with three designers, doesn’t it kind of demand that there be some simple pieces to set off the dramatic ones? Which, in a challenge with three people, whoever, does simple is going to get screwed. Gunnar was pretty shrewd to do more dramatic dresses, even if they didn’t really compliment the outerwear.

  • I don’t know.  After last week Sonjia showed she’s just as good, or better, than Christopher and Gunnar at bringing the crazy drama.  Maybe the three of them just have the kind of crazy drama that blends well instead of the cat-scratch crazy of Elena and Dmitry.

    And I thought their two looks were runway fine if not street fine.  Maybe you wouldn’t wear that jacket with that dress but mostly not both with that neck piece, but on the runway they looked cohesive.

  • sdtripper

    It was indeed sad to see the contestants on the streets of NY hawking their T-shirts.  I actually liked it when Elena called them ugly.  The producers really leave no stone unturned looking for ways to humiliate the contestants.

    There was a challenge like this on Work of Art.  One of the artists made a LOT of money selling nude pictures of herself.  Luckily none of the PR contestants seemed to be aware of that episode.  (I’m looking at you, Ven.)

    I actually gasped when the coats opened and Gunnar’s dresses were revealed.  I thought they were stunning and quite dramatic.

    And let me only say, T Lo, that you guys are really on your game this morning.  One of the funniest posts EVER.  Life (and Fashion Week) must definitely be agreeing with you these days. 

    • alula_auburn

      I thought of the Work of Art challenge too!  But nudie pics aside, wasn’t it the woman who just did portraits who cleaned up?

      I really can’t believe how crappy those t-shirts were.  My middle school girl scout troop could do better.  And I’d have been much more willing to buy a quick design sketch than an ugly spray painted t-shirt. 

  • Susan Collier

    Ugh. Did not get Christopher’s trench vest. The judges ripped Elena’s coat for only working when buttoned up, the same can be said for Christopher’s coat (and Tootie’s jacket). Gunnar’s dresses weren’t perfect, but they were rather inspired.

    Really hated the street vending for cash aspect. You know that crap is on eBay now, “As Seen on Project Runway!”

    • Burkyquirky

       What’s it selling for? (Or is it selling?)

      • Susan Collier

        Sorry, I should have said “you just know that crap is on eBay now.” Conjecture on my part.

  • Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to deal with the crazy that emanates from Elena, without tranquilizer. Buffi tried warm and friendly, Alicia was calm and passive, etc. In a way, I’m glad Dmitry asserted himself without turning it into a yell fest. Plus we got some great one-liners, “walking depression.” Girl needs some emotional help.

    On a happier note, yay for Tootie! Refreshing to see a win for a well-designed piece. I would love to see her in the top 3!

    • Melissa Brogan

       I love Dmitry’s one-liners.

  • Stubenville

    Oy. Is this show slowly morphing into Big Brother with sewing?

    Hated Costello Lite’s “schlubby” bathrobe as it was called during the broadcast. I thought Sonjia’s jacket was nice, but the side details on the dress underneath detracted from it.

    And I still want to slap both of the boys for their stupid hairdos.

    • Spicytomato1

      Actually, to be more precise, I think Elena called his “bathrobe” an “ugly ass Snuggie.”

      • Susan Collier

        I was onboard with a few of her comments about contestants’ work. It might actually be fun to watch the show with her and a bottle of wine (once the pressure of the season has dissipated).

        • Spicytomato1

          Good luck with that 🙂

      • Stubenville

        Actually I made a comment in the lounge last night asking if Costello Light was making a bathrobe and someone added that her mother would have said “schlubby bathrobe”.  But you’re correct that Insane in the Ukraine called it a Snuggie. [shudder]

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I disliked the side panels on Gunnar’s dress. That’s at least twice now that he has used side panels on garments that he’s designed, and it has not been successful in either case.

  • I may be the only person that watched last night’s episode that thought the making and hawking of t-shirts was not such a horrible thing.  As designers, they will be in a position of having to sell their designs AND the ability to sell their designs will determine the resources they will have available for their next designs.

    I absolutely loved the design of Sonjia’s jacket.  I would love to buy the pattern for it since I would prefer it in a different color . . . like a deep rich plum.

    • MilaXX

       ooh I like! I’d totes buy that in plum

    • Susan Crawford

      I love the idea of translating that jacket into a rich plum! I can also see it in a persimmon shade. The fact that we can envision Sonji’s design in other colors in yet another mark of how good the essential design was.

  • Nels Highberg

    I don’t know.  Selling crap on the street seems a slight step above the All-Stars season when they had to ask people to strip off their clothes on the street and give them to the designers.

    • Spicytomato1

      So true! I think I blocked that whole ordeal out until you mentioned it.

  • way to go Sonjia!  well deserved!

  • Stubenville

    Unrelated (but nowhere else to discuss) – will Nina Garcia get the reins at Marie Claire Since Joanna Coles is moving on to Cosmo?

    • dress_up_doll

      Oh, that’s a juicy bit of news I hadn’t heard. NG at the reins would be kinda fabulous. However, I’m still trying to process JC at Cosmo.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        I hate Cosmo — well, maybe Joanna will be able to class it up a little bit.

        • Shouldn’t be too hard to class up Cosmo.  It got so vulgar years ago that it became an embarrassment.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      WOW — when did this happen?

      • NDC_IPCentral

        It was in either yesterday’s or Wednesday’s NY Times Business Section.  Kate White, the Cosmo head, has decided to step down to concentrate on her fiction writing.

        • Spicytomato1

          Fiction writing? I know nothing about the woman but that struck me as funny, like someone wants to cash in on the Fifty Shades of Gray trend before it fades. It is (was) Cosmo after all.

          • NDC_IPCentral

            She writes murder mysteries, with a fashion-y theme, and I have read most all of them, I believe.  I had no idea – must not have read the back flap closely – that she was affiliated with Cosmopolitan, let alone the head honcho.

            The appointments are Hearst (for which I did IP work 12 years ago) moving the chess pieces around; Marie Claire and Cosmo are both Hearst publications, I believe.

          • Spicytomato1

            Ah, interesting. Good for her that she can quite her day job.

      • OmegaMu
        By the way, I went to grade school, Jr. high and highschool with David Carey.  I wish we were still in touch!

    • l_c_ann

      Thanks for the news. 

      Maybe Cosmo will break new fashion ground by not having covers showing as much boob and midriff.

      • Spicytomato1

        Yes but isn’t that what distinguishes them? It would be a mistake, I’d think, to try to fix what’s presumably not broken. The title might be a step up for JC but it seems like the venue is a step down. Just my perception.

        • melizer

          Who is today’s Cosmo reader?  

          • Spicytomato1

            Not me.

          • Given how trashy it is, probably the Kardashians.

    • Winter_White

      Anne Fulenwider got it.

    • Melissa Brogan

       Nope, they’ve already moved the former editor of Brides into JC’s position.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I would’ve been much happier as a consumer to lay down my cash for sketches of designs instead of craptastic tank tops and tshirts. 

    • MilaXX

       That was the lack of thinking on the designers part. Tim said they could sell anything.

      • khh1138

        I was really disappointed that the designers all went with the selling crappy T-shirts idea.  I can’t believe they didn’t set up a booth offering fashion advice from a PR designer – $50 a pop, free souvenir PR T shirt with purchase.  I think they would have sold out in seconds.  I would have hired advice from all 3 designers, just to see what they said.  

  • nannypoo

    That jacket was fabulous. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But Christopher’s coat? Hell no. I’d freeze to death before I’d wear that thing. The most ironic moment of the night for me was when Gunnar said he couldn’t stand Christopher’s voice. What????

    It was time for Alicia to go. She seemed sad and boring, just like her clothes. But didn’t they say the person going home would be from the losing team? And didn’t they say they liked Ven’s team the least? So wouldn’t Ven’s team be the losers? It almost seemed like, oh, I don’t know, like someone off stage was calling the shots, like maybe producers or someone like that. No, that would be manipulative and unfair. Can’t be.

    • zelavie

      They said they liked Ven’s team the least, but didn’t “officially” declare them the losers.  It was past time for Alicia to go, so they had to make that happen, no matter what.  Same reason she was on the team with Elena & Dmitry – there’s no way that was random, and I trust the velvet bag as much as I trust the rationalism of the judges.

      • MilaXX

         They didn’t velvet bag they simply assigned them. I still trust the velvet bag, it’s the “random assignments” I distrust because you can tell they are grouped for maximum effect.

        • Stubenville

          MilaXX, I hate to burst your bubble, but you take the buttons and light tack them (rubber cement?) to three strips of paper to seem to have a totally random, yet totally predetermined outcome. Not that Tim has sold out and would stoop to such tactics…

          • MilaXX

            yet another illusion shattered

        •  No, they used the bag — remember Tim commenting on how it was funny that Christopher was the first name chosen since he was the winner from last week? 

          And why are there so many team challenges this season? 

          • MilaXX

            I missed that. I hate that the teams are so obviously fixed this season. Once is okay but repeatedly bugs.

          •  I wouldn’t care if they were honest about it or if they didn’t keep doing team challenges every other week to try and wring out every drop of emotional instability in these people. 

  • siriuslover

    It was a nice coat, it was a nice collection. It seemed Gunnar (or any of the others who didn’t do the outerwear didn’t stand a chance. It seemed to me it was really an outerwear challenge.

    • CarolinLA

      If he’d been smart, he would’ve said to Christopher “Look, you have immunity.  Give me a chance at a win and let me make one outerwear piece.”  

  • BPlease

    I have to rewatch, because I don’t remember Dimitry going after Elena, and I thought Christopher’s ‘Boris and Natasha’ crack was obnoxious, and predicted much more on them having, to him at least, similar inflections in spoken English than anything else.  Elena is a world-class PITA, and was difficult enough to create real problems in prior team challenges.  I think in that limited way – in terms of collaborating with anyone on PR – everyone should be wary of her and try and cull the damage her assy attitude creates.

    • melizer

      I thought it was bizarre, because as Christopher was saying so, and I recalled the visual of Boris, Christopher looked just like him.

  • There is more integrity in five minutes of “Face Off” than in a whole episode of this show since they went to Lifetime.

    • MilaXX

       I LOVE Face Off. The artistry some of those special FX artist have is amazing!

    • melizer

      The Fashion Show is looking better and better…

  • voter1

    I thought the dress with the leather panel would have looked so much better if it had been one piece and not a seamed piece of leather.  The seam just chopped the whole dress in half.

    I didn’t like the trench vest – it looked too Golden Girls to me.  Old looking and would only look good on a tall woman – it would make a short woman look like a fire plug.

  • Winter_White

    Christopher’s coat is invisible to me:  ever since Gretchen, Season 8, I can’t even look at camel.

    I love Sonjia’s jacket!  The buttons on the dress cuffs are a perfect detail with her 3/4-length jacket sleeves.

    • Spicytomato1

      Lol about the camel, I didn’t even connect it with Gretchen. My one quibble with Sonjia’s jacket was the sleeves. While they look great in theory, they are not so great in practice. My sister passed along an adorable jacket to me with 3/4 length sleeves and every time I wear it I compulsively can’t stop trying to pull the sleeves down. I’m sure I look like a lunatic when I wear it, so I mostly just leave it hanging in the closet.

  • I loved Anna Sui! She gave great critiques and had wise words for all of them. Wish she could be a regular judge.

    Loved Kor’s comment about the grandma coat – “all she needs is some Kleenex in the pocket” (or maybe he said tissue). I was thinking “tucked into her sleeve”!

    There sure were some sad pieces up on that runway. And I thought that sleeveless coat was just weird. Loved the green jacket. 

    That whole t-shirt thing was bizarre. Tim DID say they could do other things for money other than sell the shirts, and the camera didn’t show any of that, so who knows how they actually raked in all that cash …

  • Kate4queen

    I thought the guest judge, Anna Sui made a very interesting comment about the dynamics of the three groups showing in the clothes- that the anger showed through in the Elena/Dmitry/Alicia group, the complacency with Fabio/Melissa/Ven and the ‘you will make this work for me bitches! vibe of Sonjia/Gunnar/Christopher.
    I actually liked the winning collection!

  • pippitypup

    Gee, do you suppose they’ll have the leftover T-Shirts for sale on the official “Project Runway” site? “$40 for something you did better in 5th grade!”

    • Stubenville

      Coming soon to Lord & Taylor?  BWAHAHAAAA1

  • oohsparkley!

    No one’s mentioned those kind of silly fingerless, leather long gloves. I like Gunner’s dress under the fab jacket. Don’t care for the camel asymetrical long vest at all.  Gunner and Christopher are hysterical with their mutual distaste for each other.  To me they are very similar personalities. It would be funny if they ended up a couple.

  • Susan Crawford

    Sonji really outdid herself and created a jacket that was elegant, tailored to perfection and really sharp – even the peplum effect worked this time, because it was fully integrated into the design of the piece, not simply “tacked on”. Way to go, Sonji – you earned this win BIG time.

    I have to wonder a little about all the judge-love given to Christopher’s camel-hair “trench”. Frankly, much as I hate to admit it, there was more than a hint of truth in Elena’s observation that it looked like an “ugly ass Snuggie”. Kors is right in saying camel-hair is tough to work with. It really needs a sure hand. If a designer wants to use it for a more unstructured look, it STILL needs some interfacing so the material at the collar and hemline lies properly. The decision to make that asymmetrical front weakened the whole thing, too, and created an imbalance. There is unstructured, and then there is limp. Sorry, Costello-Lite: you went limp.

    As for Clinique-Deux, a few observations. He is maintaining a somewhat less screechy attitude, thank goodness, but still working the I-am-SO-fabulous persona. And were we shocked – SHOCKED! – when Uncle Tim pulled out Gunnar’s button as part of Christopher’s team? No. Not one bit. Any more than we were shocked that Dmitry and Elena were buttoned together. Aaaanyway, Clinique-Deux gave himself the usual over-the-top praise for his dresses. They weren’t bad, but again, the judge-love went easy on some seams that went a bit askew, and some puckered hemlines on two fairly basic sheaths

    As for the Designers in Need street theatre that occupied the first half hour – puh-leeze. Artsy-Fartsy tee shirts? Glitter? Spray paint? Stenciled shapes? Never Before in PR History have we gone . . . TO DAY CAMP! Maybe this was intended as an arts’n’crafts therapy day. Given the cray-cray and breakdown level of this season’s designers, perhaps a day to play with glue and glitter was mandated. The fact that well over $1,000 was raised by the three “teams” for their “creations” has left me scratching my head in amazement. 

    Next week: MONDOOOOOOOOO! And a PR First: An Homage to Menstruation!!!!!!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Homage to menstruation-that coming from Tim Gunn made me laugh out loud!

      • Susan Crawford

        Now you know why I have created an altar to St. Tim of Gunn: bow down to his heavenly hilarity! Make it work!

      • melizer

        I can only imagine how much more squicky it is to Tim, perhaps the worst thing imaginable…

    •  I’m hoping that Gunnar will hear that critique from Tim and learn how to pronounce “homage” — it is not “home edge”, Gunnar.  Don’t use words you don’t know.

  • marilyn

    Sonji’s jacket was beautiful.  The rest was forgettable.  The one dress we could see looked as if Elena or Dmitri had done it.  The trench coat was horrid.  The odd collar and neckline, the wraparound middle and the way off bottom hem are not good at all.  They are something a definant 14 year old aspiring designer without good sewing skills  would turn out.  And wear just to make a point.  Who saw the dress under it?   Really.

    • AnneElliot

      The asymmetrical seam on the back of the camel hair coat bothers me — the one over the left shoulder.  The whole thing looks sort of messy and skewed, like it was a mistake.  The asymmetry on Sonjia’s piece is better executed, so it looks deliberate.   

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    We watch it to see them privately humiliated. HA!  Indeed. 

    I was quite pleased that Sonjia’s jacket was the winning design. I love that jacket and would buy it in a heartbeat. For a moment I thought that they were going to award Christopher’s coat over the jacket.  That team did do a much better job of cooperating -TLo’s speculation about Sonjia laying down the law to Costello-Lite and Clinique-Deux sounds credible to me.

    I did think that Gunnar’s dress with the leather insert was a tad long, and the hem was a bit off, but I give him credit for producing two acceptable looks.

  • bitterk

    I was thrilled to see Alicia go home.  Sweet girl but she had not designed anything worth mentioning since the beginning of the season.   And her lack of a spine made me think she is not cut out for the fashion business. At least not the commercial fashion business.

  • alula_auburn

    I do like Sonjia’s jacket a lot (I love coats and jackets the way other people love shoes), but something about the back seems a tiny bit too-much-muchness for me.  I think it’s the points and where they fall on the model.

    Agreed that the asymmetrical hem on Christopher’s was too much.  I don’t really get the sleeveless thing, but I guess I’ll buy that it’s “editorial.”

    But if Sonjia really did get make the boys cowboy up all ready, she’s even more awesome than before.

    • oohsparkley!

      Now that you mention it.  I thought the picture with back view of Sonjia’s jacket, made the model’s butt look lumpy, droopy and sad.  I guess that’s what a too skinny butt looks like. (I wouldn’t know by looking in my mirror. My butt might be a little broad, but it doesn’t look deflated.) I respectfully disagree and quite like the back of the jacket.

      • alula_auburn

        I think for me it’s kind of an effect of where the points fall in relation to where the color blocking on the skirt is?  To me it’s like one too many pieces of asymmetry, to the point where it just looks not quite adjusted right.  Like, there’s a point near her hip that kind of matches the edge of the color block and then the seam in the skirt in the middle, and then a point 3/4 away across her butt (that points to the, er, lumpiness), and then the color block starts again but also not even or related to the jacket or the other side of the skirt?  I just  wanna twist something! I think over a solid bottom, or at least a more symmetrical one I would have no problem with the points at all, and find them kind of adorable.

        • chitowndg

          Watching this reminded me that I have an old Dries Van Noten-camel-sleeveless jacket that I wear to death a few weeks every fall, and those few weeks are coming up shortly!  To the points made in this thread, it is straight hem, jacket length, and I wear it with jeans or black pants with a turtleneck, the weight of which is dictated by the weather.

          I think I will go out and buy a new turtleneck for my jacket in olive green in honor of Tootie and the gang.

        • khh1138

          I’m with you, alula, I want to grab Sonjia’s jacket and twist it over or something – it’s just not lined up properly with the garments underneath *or* the model’s body – I have a skirt like that that won’t stay put and it gives me the same feeling looking at the back of this jacket. 

      •  Mine does — it’s quite sad.  And incredibly uncomfortable.

  • Oh gosh, I couldn’t disagree more. I thought both outfits were sheer perfection. I think the camel jacket would like quote odd without the long-sleeve dress under it.

  • Call me Bee

    I was thrilled to see Sonjia get the win for her cool jacket. I loved the 3/4 sleeves with that long sleeved dress. But– I really, really, REALLY wanted to see the neckline without that huge scarf. And yes– on my TV it was definately forest green.

    I love me some camel colored cashmere–I actually want a blanket made of it. But in Christopher’s hands it DID look like cheap camel colored poly fleece. Ugh. Way too many things going on– asymmetrical collar, asymmetrical hemline, leather trimmed belt, no sleeves! What a mess.

    Also have to say I loved Gunnar’s dresses, though we never got to see the one under Sonjias. Jacket.

  • How is Elena leading as fan favorite?  That’s a serious question.  I don’t get it.

    • nannypoo

      Good question. She’s toxic and her clothes are bad. Does not seem like a winning combination to me.

    • melizer

      I wonder if they are counting mentions of her name on Twitter rather than just uses of the tag #teamelena?  Are they doing it that way again?  I don’t like that method.

  • I don’t understand this — did they have their wallets removed by the show at the start?  Because I totally would have gone over to one of the other teams and offered them $800 for their entire stock if they did the same for my team.  In fact, we could do a circle and then none of us would have to do that ludicrous sales thing.

    • Stubenville

      Supposedly keys and wallets are confiscated at the beginning of the production to dissuade “runners.” Obviously that has changed or doesn’t completely work – look what happened to Andrea.

      • formerlyAnon

        NO WAY IN HELL I wouldn’t have a house key, a credit card and a twenty dollar bill sewn into the lining of a suitcase or something.   There’s a difference between going all in & putting yourself at the mercy of a corporation that doesn’t give a shit about you.

  • I’d love to wear Tootie’s jacket and I’d pay 600 Euros if I had to. It’s the kind of garment you buy and wear all the time – casual and for business, which never get’s out of fashion and still isn’t boring. Call me, Tootie. I’m your customer. 

  • Okay, I didn’t see the show last night beyond the first 20 minutes because my daughter has been possessed by a particular annoying form of demon this week (We are all together too much alike:).  So can someone tell me if the back of Sonjia’s jacket was supposed to be crooked?  Was she going for an asymmetry thing?  ‘Cause if so, she should have made it more clearly intentional.

    • alula_auburn

      Seeing that comment from the fabulous Shannon Stewart makes me feel less crazy about my tiny qualms about how the back quite works.

    • nannypoo

      I think the model’s hand on her hip shifts the jacket a little to the side.

      • That could be.  Or it could be the fact she was walking.  I just didn’t know if she’d be shooting for an asymmetry thing.

      • That could be.  Or it could be the fact she was walking.  I just didn’t know if she’d be shooting for an asymmetry thing.

  • I hate watching team challenges. 

  • guest2visits

    I would rather have a long camel coat with sleeves, but I actually like Christopher’s idea (since the fabric appears light weight,
    and very tractable, almost like a nice sweater).  But the execution was abit sloppy and I thought it should have had a
    squared-away hem too.  
    I especially loved the material Sanjia used for her jacket; and the folded treatment in front. She got the peplum right this time too;
    but, (and this will upset so many); I may be alone in wishing that her jacket was a slightly simpler design, it was almost busy with
    design elements – the folds, the flared bottom, the 3/4 sleeves, even the shoulders almost appeared to have a peak to them.
    OR, – maybe it just looked like a little too much because (like TLo said, and I agree); it just didn’t go at all with Gunnar’s dress underneath.    For me, it was a tie between Sanjia and Gunnar’s 2 dresses. Although his leather sleeves seemed excessive, and
    something better-off on a coat, than a dress.

  • Gun: I like the color-blocked dresses, although I would have reduced the length of the leather-paneled dress (not by much, mind you, but, you know, slightly above or at the knee). The voluminous scarf-like collar serves as a counter-point to the sharp, form-fitting jacket.

    Son: Yep, the jacket constituted the focal point of this mini-collection. It’s very well structured, clean, and edgy.

    Chris: I felt the judges were way too effusive in their comments about his coat. It’s not a bad coat by any means. It’s certainly an ambitious piece, but I perceived the asymmetry of the bottom portion as more a “mistake” (or irresolution) than a deliberate choice.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I laughed my butt off as Elena was talkin about how much she hates glitter while wearing a shirt WITH GLITTER ON 😀 

    Edited for politeness.

    • melizer

      She did have a glitter shirt on when Tim announced it! And Gunnar was bedazzled with studs, and Christopher had a paint splattered tee! I myself was chuckling at how she doesn’t like tacky but had those neon green-yellow nails.

      • bitterk

        Her make up is tacky all the time but those stone washed jeans last night took the cake.  

      • Call me Bee

        And neon green nails! 

  • CarolinLA

    Elena clearly thrives on chaos so she creates it for herself.  But she’s so myopic that she can’t see how destructive it is to others who depend on her for teamwork.  

  • CarolinLA

    Elena needs to STFU.  Given that Dmitry “hogged” one entire outfit, that coat should’ve been perfect.  If it had, it would’ve been her best revenge.  Instead, she pouted and bitched and turned out crap.  Way to help yourself, Elena.

  • CarolinLA

    If anyone is turning into a one-way monkey, it’s Dmitry.  He better turn out something other than a sheath dress next week or they should send him home.

  • CarolinLA

    When did it become so imperative that the designers have ONE signature trick that they repeat over and over as if they will magically trademark it over the airwaves?  I want to see something ELSE.

    •  When they started casting people who don’t really understand the concept of a POV.  Putting a rose on everything or shredding every piece of fabric is not a point of view.  It’s is redundant and shows a lack of creativity.

  • CarolinLA

    If Dmitry had been smart about it, he would’ve chosen to do an outerwear piece.  Outerwear was clearly the main focus of the challenge and it would most likely mean a win for whoever produced those pieces.  But instead he said, “OK, who wants to do what I’ll do a dress” in one run-on sentence.  

    • Well, in a way, he *did* do an outerwear piece – it just didn’t work out for him.

  • formerlyAnon

    It is SO nice to wholeheartedly agree with a win.

    Oh, and when I laugh out loud at:
    “Sonjia grabbed them both by their neckbeards and hissed “Go suck each
    other off in the men’s room if you have to, but I am NOT having you two bitchy white boys with crazy hair fuck up this challenge for me!” It’s the only explanation that made any sense,”

    I then have to tap dance a bit about what made me laugh when the nice coworkers ask me.

  • The right team won but imho Christopher’s coat was the weakest on their team.  Unless they “roll out the tape” I’ll never believe they raised so much money ($800 in NYC?!) off of those cheap looking t-shirts w/o producer interference.  That was quite budget and seemed oddly beneath this show (which is saying a lot).  Perhaps one of the reasons why the designers keep pulling out the same tricks (aside from that being all they know how to do) is the time constraints which are just ridiculous this season.  Still, if I see one more MF rose, shredded top, 80’s shape, or coffin coat (thank you Dmitry, that’s some funny shit right there) I’m going to scream.

  • Elena = the Britta of Project Runway?

  • I don’t get the impression that Dimitry really cares all that much what anyone thinks about where he’s from. I did think however his bristling at her over the top manner may in part be due to the fact that they both come from countries that historically placed much less value on a woman’s opinion than a mans.But even then I feel it’s not so much what she’s saying that’s bothersome most of the time, but how she says it. Or rather, screams it.

    • bitterk

      Best line of the night – To kill the witch you need a wood stick and a silver bullet.  His one liners crack me up.

  • You know, Elena’s main problem is that she’s a worrier. More to the point, she freaks out in a challenge where someone else’ work could reflect badly on her, even though that’s not really the way the judging works. If someone would just say “Elena. I know you don’t like what I’m doing, but they’re not going to punish YOU for what I’M doing, so please calm down,” I think she’d at least be able to go back to whatever she was doing and not continue freaking out. Instead, people keep telling her that she’s crazy and that she needs to shut up without reassuring her that it’s not going to be her problem if it turns out that the garment is unsuccessful. 

    Also, Dmitri was totally baiting her. I really don’t understand why so many people like him, to be honest. He does pretty sheath dresses with a little visual interest- the one challenge where he did something exceptional was when he made that dress for April with Melissa, and now I’m thinking that might’ve mostly been Melissa. Especially looking at his runway collection. Did anyone else think that while his little cocktail dresses were pretty, his pants were horrifying?

    • bitterk

      I actually find Elena entertaining.  And that she gets under Dmitry’s skin produces some of the best exchanges on the show (of the non-fashion variety).  That said, I am glad the judges knocked her down a notch.  Her “I only design couture” record  is growing tiresome.  

  • glennethph

    That leather curvy dress?  Isn’t that like that dress from All on the Line?  The designer who priced her pieces too high and fought Joe over how many seams she puts on her dresses?

  • kaydenpat

    Yay for Sonjia.  Gorgeous jacket (gorgeous girl).  Since Ven has turned out to be a hostile dude, wouldn’t mind seeing her or Dmitry take it all.

  • SapphoPoet

    I liked Anna Sui as a judge. She had great comments for all of them; particularly enjoyed what she had to say about designing clothes from love, not anger. I’ve been saying for weeks now that Elena makes angry clothes. 

    Tootie totally deserved the win. I loved that jacket, especially the fact that it had 3/4-length sleeves; I have short arms and most jackets/coats sleeves are too long for me. I liked the idea of Christopher’s coat, although agree execution could have been better Gunnar’s dresses really surprised me–didn’t expect that kind of look from him. 

    I feel sorry for Alicia, but it was past her time to go. But what a way to go–yikes. I’d hate to be caught between Elena and Dimitry. 

  • Melissa Brogan

    I liked the dress Gunnar made for wear under Sonjia’s jacket, but I don’t get the love for the other dress. That pair of leather front panels looks all wonky and crooked to me. Plus I’m wary of a seam from neck to knees cutting a girl in half. And the weird fingerless gloves. Are those gloves, or are they part of the sleeves?

    Sonjia’s win was deserved, though personally I’m not convinced that 3/4 sleeves were the way to go. Better that than a sleeveless camel hair coat, I suppose, which is really the only real problem I have with that one.

  • muzan-e

    Two things:

    1) Forcing your designers to go all “WILL DESIGN A DRESS FOR FOOD” on the streets of New York is way too “America’s Next Top Model” for us. 

    My husband, passing by during the show’s early minutes, actually paused in passing to wonder what I was doing, because Hadn’t I sworn off that show when it veered from softcore/pageant, through public torture, and all the way into ugly nonsense? So I explained that Yes, but this is totally different, because – – – 

    And he walked away snickering.

    2) If ever I am a reality TV contestant required to sell handmade t-shirts on the street, I will spray paint every single one of them pitch black, and hit the sidewalk with shirts in one hand and a metallic-gold marker in the other. And I will sell my crappy black t-shirts. By informing people who’ve caught sight of the cameras trailing me that Yes, I am on television and you are too, and for the measly sum of ___ I will autograph this t-shirt in any way you desire. 

    And once the show’s over, you can e-Bay the shit outta that thing.

  • enchanted216

    I thought the idea of going an extra half hour was so that we could see more of the clothes.  I’d rather they go back to an hour and nix the extra drama.  Boring!

  • I don’t remember if I posted in this one, the site’s been so busy today, LOL!  LOVE Sanjia’s jacket, that was a well deserved win!  

    I haven’t mentioned it before (because it doesn’t have anything to do with what we talk about here), but since late May, I’ve been doing Nutrisystem (which, after many failed diets, is working like a charm for me!), and out of the 45 lbs. I needed to lose, I’ve lost 21 lbs. as of this morning (going from 165 lbs. to a goal of 120 lbs).  And the first thing I thought when I saw Sanjia’s jacket was – “God, I wish they’d put that into production – I”d buy that in a minute after I hit my goal weight!”

    • Susan Crawford

      Good going, Lisa! And I totally agree that if Sonjia’s jacket were put int production, MANY of us would be lining up to purchase it. Here’s to your continued success and good health.

      • Thanks, Susan!  I really appreciate that.  It feels good to have 21 lbs. less “baggage” to drag around!  24 more lbs. to go!

    • Call me Bee

      Good for you!  I know how difficult that can be (boy do I know…) and I raise a glass (of diet soda) to your continued success!  Prosit! 

    • khh1138

      That’s awesome!  Congratulations on amazing progress towards your goal! I totally endorse the idea of “inspirational clothes” – they keep me on track and help me picture what I want to look like/feel like, especially on those days when I can’t seem to bring myself to get away from the computer and go to the gym. 
      For me, it’s this certain kind of swimsuit I love that they make in Japan and I only fit into their largest size (which is around a size 8 here in the US, hahaha it’s like a terrible joke) and if I get any more out of shape I won’t be able to wear them anymore.  

  • Rebecca Jay

    Gunnar’s model looks like she’s got on her leather apron and gloves, ready to butcher some meat in the back of the shop.

  • AdamBR

    I also didn’t for once believe Tim actually read the names on the buttons, if there were names at all. Anyway, I completely agree this would have been way better if it was an individual challenge. Sure, it’s another “Make a pretty (blank)” but at least it’s not a pretty dress. (And I’m a fan of outerwear, so….)

  • Amy

    Aside from their little “we are the 99%” street hustle, I thought the challenge was fine but the results were disastrous. How could Elena suddenly lose her ability to pop a collar? How could Ven make a praire skirt and be ok with it?

    The only thing worth watching besides those 2 fabulous Gunnar dresses and the Tootie jacket from heaven was the increasingly goofy looks on Dimitri’s face.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    since i hadnt seen this until now i get to report from the vantage point of looking at each of their final collections:
    how did any of these three come up w/ such atrocious collections? every one of em’s work is better than what they did! this stuff is all better than all of those final collections put together. it’s baffling. mystifying. [i couldnt figure out which word i liked better so used both.]

  • ccm800

    Bah! I thought Christopher’s robe looked like an unraveling ace bandage. NO Like.  

  • ccm800

    This was actually my least fav episode so far – but the results were probably the most impressive of the show so far. Balkie continues to be the chief Quote-ntate “To keel de Wutch we need silvah boolet and wuddun stick” – HE is no “one way monkey” when it comes to funny! 

  • I loved Tootie’s jacket but hated how the collar of Gunnar’s dress obscured the neckline of the jacket — the model looked like she had a scrunched neck brace on. 

  • HATE the camel coat, LLOVE the entirety of the other look and want to purchase it, including the scarf. Want. Want. Want.