PR: Legs in the Air, Ladies!

Posted on September 21, 2012


Darlings, it’s comforting to know that in its tenth season, Project Runway can still deliver high entertainment value with a side of camp.


We’re going to say it: This is the best Project Runway season in several years. It suffers from a lack of any truly astonishing talent and the challenges have been, for the most part uninspired (present challenge excluded), but we don’t quite detect the extremely heavy hand of the producers obnoxiously shoving people like Gretchen and Anya to the forefront just because they give good camera. It’s perhaps naive to say this, but it really does feel like they’re slowly eliminating the less-talented designers, leaving the better ones to face off against each other. That is what the show’s supposed to be about, right?

Now if only we can get them to extend the deadlines and cast more talented people.


Heidi’s euphoria in this scene was both hilarious and endearing. Once you’ve conquered the Victoria’s Secret runway, what’s left in the world to give you a little thrill while you wear something sparkly? The Rockettes, of course.


Seriously, she was buzzing like a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve.


Unfortunately, the world of the Rockette is a … rocky one, and apparently it’s an incredibly stressful challenge to dress these ladies. We can believe it. One look at those dress forms and we were all, “Okay, we’re tapped out on ideas. Everything’s already been done.”


Subsequently: tears.

This is what we mean about the improved nature of the show. There’s drama this season, but it mostly came from highly stressed creative people being put in a gladiator contest and forced to deal with the challenges. Again: that IS what the show is supposed to be about. Not: “My mother died 8 years ago and I’m still sad.” or “I’m a beauty queen!” And DEFINITELY not: “Let’s keep telling this shitty designer how great she is because it’s driving everyone else nuts!”

Can we say how much we dig Sonjia’s personal style? We’re not quite in love with how she puts on her makeup, but the head scarves and chunky jewelry paired with cute, girly clothes is kind of an arresting look. It’s like Tootie went on to college and had Maya Angelou as her professor.


So congrats, Christopher! The minute you revealed your design plans, we knew you were going to be in the top. And the minute we saw how well the bodice was turning out, we knew you were going to win it. You can’t go wrong with a NYC theme for the Rockettes, and like he said, they can wear this costume any time of the year and anywhere they go.



Tim really steered him wrong on that skirt. Yes, the one he was making was too short, but it had movement and actually looked like a dancer’s costume. This skirt just looks like something you’d wear on a night out. If you’re tacky, that is.

Also: We really hate the illusion netting. If you’re going for a skyline theme with sparkly stars, then why the hell wouldn’t you choose a black or midnight blue sheer? Because there’s no way this is going to read past the tenth row.


And it’s a not-at-all surprising Auf Wiedersehen to Ven, who was stamped with the Scarlet Auf back when he insulted a non-model sized lady. It was only a matter of time.


Actually, once the judges decided to make an issue of his repetitiveness, that’s really when the fix was in. They made a really good point last night – and by the way, that was a lively and fun judging session: Michael said that if this is all he can do once he’s pretty much ordered to stop making roses, then it really doesn’t speak well for his design skills. He’s the quintessential One-Way Monkey.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • yulaffin

    Loved both Christopher’s and Dmitry’s garments and would have been happy with a win for either of them.  So glad the one way monkey is gone and we don’t have to endure any more of his origami roses.  

    •  Agreed, I liked Dmitry’s a skosh better than Christopher’s as I thought it read better at a distance, but still thought his design was great.  TLo is right, the stars/skyline would read better from a distance with a darker background.

      • I was pulling for Dmitry too, but imagine if you used Dmitry’s fabric in Christopher’s design? It’d be jaw-dropping. I can’t complain though, Christopher’s idea was genius.

        • annieanne

          That’s exactly what I thought. TLo got it exactly right – Christopher’s fabric choice is going to be a silver blur in the balconey. But it would’ve been GORGEOUS with that midnight blue Dimitry used. This is one challenge I wish they’d scored a tie because both those costumes would’ve been great on the stage. 

          •  I couldn’t agree more. The light silver/grey/illusion netting combination is just looking a bit anemic.

      • I actually got goosebumps when I read TLo’s suggestion of either black or midnight navy blue as a background to the skyline. Geez. That definitely would’ve made his outfit one of the highlights of this season.

        •  Totally would have sparkled like NYC at night..would have been “hosannas” all around.

        • Glammie

          I actually thought putting in a dark sheer was a really, really obvious thing to do–so much so I can’t understand why Christopher didn’t do it or someone didn’t suggest it.   The idea was great, but you really wouldn’t be able to read it.

          I loved Dimitri’s, but I suspect Debra Messing’s comment about it being a skoosh to sexy is what knocked it down.  

          Christopher still really bugs me, but he’s very, very good at meeting the parameters of a challenge.

          • Melissa Brogan

             Her comment was confusing to me. I didn’t really see it as any more sexy than anything else the Rockettes wear. In fact, I think it leans more athletic than sexy (because I can see hints of athletic costumes in the design). If there were no illusion mesh there, maybe, but it’s not showing anything at all.

      • My first comment after enjoying TLo for years…because FINALLY it’s a challenge I have tangential background/knowledge in.  I worked and traveled with the Rockettes for over 10 years and know about their costume requirements and the ONLY one that fit the bill was Dimitry’s. It was gorgeous, modern (yet modest), practical for dancing purposes and took their image into the 21st century. Dimitry was robbed!

        • Lisa_Cop

          Don’t know much about the Rockettes other than their height requirement, but as a former dancer, it was clear to me that Dmitry’s garment worked the best because it would move, was lightweight & also had great design.

          • The height requirement is rather fluid – the tallest girl is in the center with the others staggered height-wise on either side of her with the shortest on the ends.  This creates an illusion of all 36 being the same height.  Now the WEIGHT requirements are a whole other story!

        • Allison Woods

           I am a stagehand who works in musical theatre, and one of my colleagues (onstage talent) was a Rockette for years. I agree that Dmitry’s was the winner, though it seemed a little sophisticated for the Rockettes. Christopher’s would be really solid with a major rework, introducing some contrast, addressing the fact that the thing’s a big flat board, and improving the bodice fit A LOT.

          I also laughed when someone (Tim?) said they would have to do two shows a day in the costume–try FOUR. My Rockette friend Nikki said it was FOUR, and that they’d stick their feet in buckets of ice between shows because of the ow.

          Bye Ven. When it became apparent that all you had in your bag of tricks was the “rose”, I had to say Auf Weidershein to you in my mind. Lovely Melissa’s not long for the competition as the bib thing’s also getting old.

          I think Fabio’s silver gizmo was pretty good too.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Agree w/TLo on Christopher’s shirt. Some fringe or another slit would have helped. And the full length nude mesh sleeves read Ice Capades not Rockette for me. Still the bodice was terrific and you could dance in it.
      I have to say I thought Sonjia’s look was worse than Ven’s the feathers were not only ugly but would not standi up to 2 shows a day of grande battements, especially when the girls hold each others waist. Still, it seems no one liked or respected Ven anymore (Tim was candid about that in his Barnes & Noble talk). Ven’s dress was meh for me but earned him an auf for personality/creativity problems.

      • LC3203

        Barnes and Noble talk?

        • Lisa_Cop

          Tim did a talk and book signing at NYC Upper West Side Barnes & Noble Thursday night. He also leaves a few blocks away from me; I sometimes see him carrying groceries home from our local market.

          • JosephLamour

            Well now I’m jealous. The idea of running into Tim Gunn at the supermarket and casually making a joke about yams in the produce aisle makes me so happy. lol

      • MilaXX

         please dish about the Barnes  & Noble talk

        • Lisa_Cop

          Really too much to talk about and this blog is about last night’s PR episode. But one important thing Tim said is that he sees EVERYTHING. If he is not in the workroom he is watching it from a control room. And during judging he is in the back of the auditorium so he can hear what the judges are saying.

          Tim said while there is much support for young designers, there are also many established designers who do NOT want them to succeed (ahem *cough* Michael Kors)for competitive reasons. In fact, apparently the reason there are so many celeb judges is because Michael Kors gets very competitive with guest judges who are designers (he views them as stealing his customers); the tension gets very high and the judges find it hard to reach any decision.

          • Whoa, that’s crazy.

          • ddfrog

            Tim used to have a great podcast where he totally dished after each episode.  I really miss that because he gave a lot of good behind the scenes info.  Wish I saw him at BN last night!

            One thing that was very uncharacteristic was his parting words…

          • JosephLamour

            What were they?

          • ddfrog

            I meant when Tim sent Ven to the workroom to pack up.  He was quite stern with him.  I think he was trying to speak generally to everyone, but it came off as ‘you didn’t listen and now you’re gone.’

      • VivianAdvanced

        Sonjia’s really was worse than Ven’s, but I’m just so happy he’s gone that I don’t care. Sonjia’s was the worst out of the whole bunch, but I’m glad she was safe because she does design great stuff for the most part and it would have been sad to see her go for this challenge. Her costume looked like a baby buzzard that had fallen out of its nest. This was a good challenge, though. It made the designers have to think out of their comfort zones. Too bad Gunnar was aufed previously; I’m sure he would have loved this one. I wish they’d bring back the drag queen challenge. That was so much fun.

    • Except when we rip his collection! Hoo boy. That’s going to be a repetitive post.

      • Terrie_S

         “And here we have yet another rose…”

        • CarolinLA

          The “A rose by any other – oh for Christ’s sake!!!” collection.

    • I liked Christopher’s, but did not think that he took in to consideration that those women have to kick, so I thought Dimitry should have won. Both were pretty though.

      •  He did but then Tim told him to change it.  I think he should have kept it fringed but a bit longer. 

        • khh1138

          I agree Christopher’s needed fringe but maybe fringed using a different material. His original fringe was stiff as well.  Several people picked such stiff fabric – Fabio’s for instance, was like armor.  Dmitry’s fringe was GORGEOUS.  

  • VanessaDK

    Yes–it is amazing that the judges justified their choices well, and seem to be making thoughtful choices.

    I also liked that the designers seemed to be sincere when they came back to the waiting room and they learned who was still in.  All the hugging–even for Elena!

    • llou56

      Dimitri did NOT hug Elena!

      • VanessaDK

         Good point–I was just amazed that anyone did.  And a classic case of a safe designer extracting attention from the winner and loser by overreacting all over the place.

      • vee quu

        I think the ice between them thawed somewhat, though, especially after her apology at dinner.  That seemed to go a long way with Dmitry even if he wasn’t effusive about it.  He seemed pleasantly surprised, at any rate.

        • He can understand the pressure she’s under, because he’s there too.  Apologizing shows that she truly doesn’t mean to make anyone miserable, she’s just really stressed and shitty at coping.

    • deltabronze

      Did you notice that Ven, while hugging Elena, muttered, “Oh, stop crying.” ??

      • dear_sweetlings

         Man, I was wondering if I had just imagined that! Ugh.

        • DCSheehan

          Ven had to comfort her when she’d just been saved over him. I would have said far worse.

  • Sobaika

    BYE VEN! You and your roses will not be missed.

    I agree that perhaps from a production standpoint the show is not as awful as the Gretchen/Anya seasons from hell. But next season I’m really ready to see legitimately talented designers. There was a time when they had 3-4 innovative and engaging designers per season.

    • VanessaDK

       The 4th season–with Christian, Chris, Rami, and Jillian–was filled with an insane amount of talent and raised expectations for this show way higher than ever before–perhaps too high.  Every season since has not lived up to it in terms of talent and skill.

      • Sobaika

        Yeah, that was pretty much the peak. But on the whole the talent-level was much stronger in the past. Could it be poor challenges or poor editing? Maybe. But for me there wasn’t a designer I’d want to see more from. Maybe Dmitry? But even still, I don’t think he would have stood out as much in another crop of designers.

        • This is a constant complaint of mine, but I will not stop making it. 🙂 I think, more than the quality of challenges, it’s the insanely short amount of work time the designers have. I mean, yeah, there’s a designer or two who can turn out good stuff in that time span, but most of them can’t. Melissa and Sonjia have both suffered a lot because of it. I’d say Gunnar did too, but I looked at his decoy collection yesterday. Yikes!

          • formerlyAnon


            Not that the overall talent level hasn’t varied. But we see a better version of everyone’s abilities when they get longer time in which to work. Mostly one-day challenges force even the best to rely on a very limited subset of what one can do.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Allow me to join in the chorus pleading for at least a few 2 day challenges. 

          • guest2visits

            Agree! Surely 5-8 extra hours to work out an idea would make the designers take more risks and give
            more confidence. And to be completely selfish about it, it would make the results better to look at.
            It would also be nice to look forward to challenges that were about the clothes, the designing
            process, and the individual talents instead of the reality show goofyness.

      • Mildred20

        I also thought the season with Emilio-Seth Aaron-Mila was a talented bunch, with Miss Antony for the entertainment value.  I much prefer Miss A’s humor over the drama queens.

        • Call me Bee

          Exsaaaaaatly!  I still use the Miss A’s line, “no fighting in front of the company!”  So cute! 

          • khh1138

            Aaaahh!  He was so adorable.  I wish him well every time I think about him.  Such a sweetheart. 

      • Some of that probably isn’t B/M’s fault, though.  For one thing, they can only use who they get — a lot of designers don’t take the show seriously and never have, even before the issues of the last two seasons.  Then they also narrow the field further because they all have to be able to construct the garments themselves, and a lot of designers don’t.  And now with the recession, people aren’t as willing to take big risks — a guy like Robert Best, who has a design job already, isn’t going to risk losing it right now.

      • zoreta

         I wholly agree- season four was my first season and I’ve been waiting to fall in love with PR again. I am glad that TLo reports it when Christian’s in the news, since he’s been my favorite designer from any season.

    • Aufing Ven and not Elena was a lucky strike for the producers because she gives more reality drama (she’s seriously cray cray, right?), and in this challenge she came closer to the spirit of the task. How on earth was that pale blue thing going to read past the tenth row, let alone to the cheap seats?

      • BrooklynBomber

        Yeah, it’s funny because as bad as hers was, it looks like the red one the Rockettes are wearing on steroids. Ven’s was pretty enough, but totally wrong.

        • MoHub

           At least Elena’s was a costume, even if it was more for a cheerleader or majorette. Ven’s was a dress and would have no impact on a stage in a theater of any size. And Ven was—as usual—unwilling to adapt to criticism or rethink his design in any way. His refusal to return to Mood was a further reflection of his narcissistic arrogance, and it was about time he went.

          • I thought the same thing. While I hated hers, it did look like a costume and it was way out of her comfort zone, so I thought at least she tried. Ven’s did not look like he tried

          • Call me Bee

            Yes!  And I said this in the Lounge yesterday–if the judges have two on the bottom and one is crazy and one is boring–they have always sent boring home and kept crazy.  It’s happened several times over the years.  They’ve mentioned that it’s easier to tone down crazy than ramp up boring. 

          • Lisa_Cop

            Ven wasn’t the only designer who stayed. Fabio & Dmitry also chose not to go back to Mood.

        • MoHub

           At least Elena’s was a costume, even if it was more for a cheerleader or majorette. Ven’s was a dress and would have no impact on a stage in a theater of any size. And Ven was—as usual—unwilling to adapt to criticism or rethink his design in any way. His refusal to return to Mood was a further reflection of his narcissistic arrogance, and it was about time he went.

      • Melissa Brogan

         Elena obviously does go Insane in the Ukraine under stress, but I think they kept her for legitimate reasons on this challenge. Yes, it was bad, but it was a costume and not just some boring, underdesigned dress in a pretty fabric.

    • Season 3 was that year for me. A fantastic mixture of personality and an awesomely talented designers. 
      Season 4 was pretty darn good, too.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Season Three was a very entertaining season, with some very talented designers.  Who can forget Michael Knight’s priceless “Pam mother-f**King Greer” moment during the Icon challenge in that season?

  • Bernadette Moke

    I know Elena’s costume wasn’t successful, but I agree with Ven going home because she understood the challenge better than Ven. It’s not that his design was terrible (ok actually it was), it was just that he didn’t see the full scope of the challenge.

    • VanessaDK

       I thought her design looked a lot like some of the real rockettes costumes that they showed–and equally tacky.

      • Bernadette Moke

        Oh I agree. I thought she embraced the challenge and I give her credit for giving it everything she had. It was similar to the other rockettes costumes… more so than most of the others. I only said it was unsuccessful because the judges thought so. 

        •  I think she might have been safe if 1) she used better fabric (the bright did read cheap) and 2) had it actually fit. That kind of outfit needs to be form-fitted and it just wasn’t.

        • siriuslover

          I hate Elena.  However, I will give her credit for actually trying to think outside her box. I appreciated what she said in her confessional last night of trying to do different things. Isn’t that what PR is supposed to do in a sense? Find the designers who CAN think outside of their miniscule aesthetics? (but I still don’t want her to win).

          • MilaXX

             I give her credit for being self aware enough to know that she does act coo coo crazy and trying to get a handle on things and stop stressing to the point where she’s nuts. So many time we get these looney tunes designers who seem to have no clue how nutty they are coming across.

          • random_poster

            I agree. If Elena’s story is true, then it’s the stress level that takes her over the top. I’m sure many people can relate to that, and perhaps that’s why she’s leading in the fan favorite poll.

          •  She is? Kind of strange, but she did have the by far best collection, so if she doesn’t win the show I would find it nice if she at least got fan favourite.

          • vee quu

            Elena seems fairly genuine, which I think people are relating to.  She is truly the embodiment of the stress of the show; Melissa is as well, though to a more muted tone.  Sonjia seems to be demonstrating the ambition pretty fiercely and you could understand her frustration at the dinner over not having more time to work on the garment.  ‘Loosening up’ doesn’t seem to factor in for her at this point; I think the family visit showed that as well.

            Dmitry is my favorite thus far just because he seems to rise above the drama, sort of Rami-esque in that way, though Rami could manufacture his own drama when he felt like it.  I was surprised they didn’t touch upon Dmitry’s dance background with this challenge at all, even though his is ballroom and not the same arena as Rockettes.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Those fringes Dmitry did were SO ballroom! Very salsa where there is alot of hip swiveling and shimmying (which shakes up the fringe).
            My surprise was that no one used chiffon for the skirt (embellished of course, with sequins or crystals). Chiffon moves beautifully in dance, is very light and easy to drape. Well I guess this is the Rockettes, not ballet.

      • VivianAdvanced

        My thoughts exactly. While her costume was hideous, it wasn’t really any different from anything the Rockettes have worn before. Ven’s just looked like a 70’s disco dress you might have seen somebody wearing at Studio 54.

    • CarolinLA

      Hers was more like a community theater version of Music Man.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        Great.  Now I have “76 Trombones” playing in my head. 

  • Kappyapp

    I’m curious to see what, if any, changes they make to Christopher’s when it goes to the Rockettes. I agree that it definitely needs a different skirt and would love to see black or dark blue to make the skyline pop. But it’s a great design and the win is certainly justified.

    • VivianAdvanced

      I was thinking the same thing. I kept shouting at the TV last night, “Christopher, make the skyline dark! It will be one silver blur past the 8th row!” It needed contrast. It was a great design, but I would think the actual costume worn by the Rockettes would have to be changed. I hope we’ll get to see the final product.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Either a dark skyline on the pale fabric or his skyline on black or dark blue illusion would be so much more dramatic, and make more of an impact on stage

      • khh1138

        Yes, me too!  I could have sworn Tim practically *told* him to do it when he mentioned putting more rhinestones on top for the “night” sky.  What colour would you make the night sky?  I even thought I saw some dark illusion fabric on Christopher’s table, so it seems like he actively made the choice to go with the nude.  I don’t get it. 

  • I thought the same thing about the sheer top, make it blue or no one will be able to see it from a distance! It was awesome though.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I SO agree about Sonjia; I don’t think there’s ever been a designer who caught my eye at the very beginning of the season the way she did. Not because I think she’s the best ever, but because of the combination of her audition collection, her personal style, and her (apparently) relative sanity.

    And I had pretty much the same response to Christophers — it looks absolutely great, but if you’re going to put stars on it (and you want it to read past orchestra), then make it a night sky!!

    • tignor

       Is it possible there was no stretchy sheer in Mood other than the off white Christopher did use?

      • BrooklynBomber

        I s’pose. Well, there was the silly putty (?) color Fabio used, but that was awful.

        • random_poster

          I thoughts Fabio’s was flat out ugly, but I’m still glad to see Ven go.

          • vee quu

            I was amazed he wasn’t in the bottom.  His was robot-like and odd.

          •  Fabio’s read amazonian warrior to me. It had a Xena vibe going on.

      • khh1138

        I *thought* I saw some on Christopher’s table, but maybe you’re right, maybe it wasn’t stretchy…

    • vee quu

      The only thing I didn’t like about the headscarves is that it covered up her gorgeous blue hair!

    • CarolinLA

      But what the fuck is going on with her lipstick?  I don’t have HD so last night it looked like her lips were floating in the air somewhere around her face.  It was a very odd effect.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Agree. Not crazy about her makeup.

  • crash1212

    That bit about Christopher’s New York skyline look not reading past the 10th row is exactly what I thought. While it’s a great idea and nicely rendered, I don’t see it as a showstopper. Once again, I think Snape was robbed…his was sublime in every way. Too bad he couldn’t figure out how to slap the Empire State somewhere in there. Good ep though. Gotta love The Rockettes. One day I will be in NYC when the Christmas show is on…I keep missing it by a few weeks! Planning is everything, people!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Since he has  ballroom dance experience Comrade Snape understood how to design a costume that was visually interesting and would look fantastic in movement, which, although I understand Christopher’s design getting the win, his skirt was meh, and the paleness of his color choice was so bland. 

      • DinaSews

        Maybe they should have judged the runway from the cheap seats.

        • suz72350

          Or have someone from the Rockettes actually judge the pieces. I was surprised that a high-profile group like the Rockettes would trust the judging panel to choose what would be appropriate for actual use. Christopher’s skirt is gonna have to be changed.

          • I was wondering why they didn’t just bring that choreographer in for judging.

          • Lisa_Cop

            You’re right. The female head of choreography would have made a much better judge than Debra Messing.

      • siriuslover

        I think Dmitry could have won the challenge had it not been for Debra Messing saying that it was too “sexy” for the Rockettes. Umm… didn’t get that critique. And I thought that perhaps her like of Ven’s would have kept him in. Why didn’t they have the choreographer judge the outfits? Wouldn’t she know best what the look should be?

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I didn’t get Debra Messing’s “too sexy” comment either.  I’ve always thought that the Rockettes’ audience is going to the show for some kick-ass dancing and a teeny bit of sexiness that isn’t in your face.

        • Frank_821

          I actually understood her comment from the viewpoint of the audience and that a certain level of family friendliness is expected. His entry was not vulgar however it is sexy in that ballroom dancer kind of way in that it’s adult. 

          As I understand it, young children do attend their show and their parents might object a little bit to a costume like Dmitry’s. That is something worth considering.

          • The Christmas Show IS a children’s show.  However, when the Rockettes do their number, it’s legs, legs. legs.  Very sexy.

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          That’s a very good idea.

          • Lisa_Cop

            But a side view. Unlike the crotch view we ballet goers are now subjected to.

        • VivianAdvanced

          I was startled to see that Debra Messing was the guest judge and not the choreographer or someone connected to the Rockettes. Messing was about as useful as any random person plucked off the street. I didn’t think Dmitry’s design was anything a small child’s eyes couldn’t handle. They’ve seen much, much sexier stuff on TV. Even if they happen to see an old Busby Berkeley film on TCM, the costumes are more revealing.

          • Qitkat

            I thought Debra did a decent job of criticism, with her own stage background being valuable, she wasn’t actively parroting the other judges, I’m looking at you Anya, and Mondo. It didn’t seem too sexy to me either. Beautifully rendered.
            However, it would have made much, much more sense if the producers had chosen a choreographer. Not that that’s ever been a consideration for B-M. *Making sense*

    • DeborahJozayt

      And my bucket list keeps growing! Now I have to go!

      • Pinup Ghoul

        A couple of girls from my alma mater are Rockettes. I should take a trip out that way, too!

    • tignor

       I liked Dimitry’s, but it seemed like a baton twirler outfit to me.

      • MilaXX

         I got figure skater

        • Lisa_Cop

          The long mesh arms of Christopher read ice skater to me. The Rockettes generally have bare arms or short sleeves; no mesh.

      • Check out some of those ballroom dance competetions they show on PBS and you will see outfits exactly like that one on spray tanned women with tons of makeup

    • I loved Dmitry’s so much. It was totally gay-gasp worthy, and that’s exactly what I did when I saw it on the runway.

  • llou56

    I was askeered that Sonja was a goner this time.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      In my house she would have been a goner, as much as I have liked her previous work.  Sonjia didn’t take the fact that the Rockettes dance into consideration when she choose to use feathers so extensively in her design. 

      • Lisa_Cop

        Exactly! One or two line kicks (where the Rockettes line up and kick, holding each others’ waists) and those ugly feathers would be on the stage.

  • StellaZafella

    How many souvenir skyline tee shirts does it take to make a Rrockettes costume? Sorry, it’s well made, yes, but I found Christopher’s design trite AND pandering.

    Dimitry was the win for me…hands down.

    Bye, bye Ven…now the real talents are beginning to have to go.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Christopher is the judges’ pet, and in the challenges that he’s won he’s been successful in creating a design that will win over  the judges.  The NYC skyline?  Not original, it’s been done many times, and it’s been done better on PR (SEE Jay McCarroll’s Chrysler Building dress, Season One). 

    • Pinup Ghoul

      I can understand your viewpoint, but the Rockettes are a great tourist attraction, too. People come from all over the world to watch them perform, especially the Christmas shows. A skyline, slightly pandering though it may be, will read really well to their non-NYC audience.

  • Frank_821

    This was a fun episode and I forgot what a good judge Debra Messing is-probably the best of the celebrities who have sat in that guest. You can tell she was really assessing the work in terms of the challenge. In fact her comments summed up why Christopher won and Dmitry came in second

    Christopher: “Iconic”
    Dmitry: “A little too sexy”

    •  My guess is that had someone who actually dances regularly been in that guest judge’s seat, the results would have been reversed. I would have loved it if they’d had the Rockette’s choreographer, wardrobe mistress, any of the dancers, or a broadway  star who regularly has to dance on stage and knows how costumes need to fit in that seat, because, ultimately what a costume rises and falls on is how you can move in it and how comfortable it is.

      Actually, the ideal would have been for them to have had actual rockettes modeling the costumes and showing how they work. I’m guessing Christopher’s would have not done so well when a dancer demonstrated that she couldn’t kick in it without ripping the skirt and showing off the good china (tm Peach).

      • Call me Bee

        I was also surprized they didn’t have the choreographer be the guest judge.  I mean–when they did the USPS uniforms in the first season , the guest judge was an actual mail-carrier.  I think a Rockette could have offered some real insight into which designs make good costumes. 

  • 3boysful

    I still think Dimitry better satisfied the design parameters; while I loved Christophers, darn it, you cannot see any of the detail from the cheap seats.  And I doubt you could kick in it.

    I liked Tim’s idea in the mentoring session with Ven about leaving that little border of the other fabric around the edges, which, predictably, Ven ignored.  And I would, unfortunately, still love to have a longer version of Ven’s as a cocktail dress.

    • BrooklynBomber

      It looks like Ven did follow Tim’s advice on the V neck and the back, though not the out edges.

      • 3boysful

         He did, but he didn’t make it big/distinctive enough to be noticeable.  And looking back, I just noticed how his “hem” appears to be just raggedly cut, not finished.  But I did love the fabric and color.

        • DeTrop

          And if he had cut out the diamond on the front,  and trimmed it out, it might have had a huge impact.  Also,, he had plenty of time to fix the hem.  It looked very unfinished.  

        • DeTrop

          And if he had cut out the diamond on the front,  and trimmed it out, it might have had a huge impact.  Also,, he had plenty of time to fix the hem.  It looked very unfinished.  

          • 3boysful

             True, but then we would’ve had “taste issues” since this is a family-oriented show.

          • MilaXX

             He could have used illusion netting on that diamond & blinging it out may have helped. Then roll & bling the hem. A dress for the Rockettes is not the time to be making a “tasteful” design. It needs to be a little showy.

          • Ven’s just pissed because he had this REALLY GREAT IDEA for a rose pleated headpiece!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I liked Ven’s color choice-but I”m a sucker for almost any shade of blue.  It did read as a very short dress rather than a costume-it needed some trim or other design element to make it stand out.

    • NDC_IPCentral

      As I said last night in the Lounge, if Ven had blinged out his garment, he’d certainly have been safe.  The skirt on Ven’s costume would “dance” better than Christopher’s and most of the rest of the designers’ offerings (Dimitry excepted), as it had sufficient volume to allow for kicks, chassés and other movements that the choreographers include in the Rockettes’ routines.

  • SRQkitten

    Perhaps the best season since the move to lifetime? Feel like we’re getting a bit of a reward for having stuck with this show and not ditching it after the Gretchen & Anya debacles.

    I was rooting for Dmitry for the win as his dress was so fluid, which I thought was more rockettes-like but understand why Christopher got the win. Actually, a baby from those two dresses would really be ideal, the darker color of Dmitri’s with that lovely beaded skirt with Christopher’s design on top.

    And adios to Ven – however much I liked his designs at first, his reprehensible behavior in the real woman challenge (and sorry the producer edit thing only can work if you GIVE them sound bites to use) put him on my “auf now” list.


    • I’m certainly feeling rewarded for sticking it out. Other than Dmitry and Elena, we haven’t seen much conflict between the designers, and most of what’s happened between those two has been pretty amusing. Compare that to the ugliness that was Josh last season. Maybe Lifetime and Bunim/Murray received enough complaints about the past few seasons to finally listen to the viewers. Could be the ratings were down. No matter what, though, overall this has been a fun season.

      •  I really want to meet someone involved in production on this show, because I have so many questions.  Now, I have been called hopelessly naive here before (I think once it was even by our fine hosts:) and I’m sure I will be again, as it is completely accurate, but I wonder how much of the producer manipulations are happening the way we think.  Maybe they had no idea how lacking in design chops a lot of these designers were during casting — I can think of several who I’ve really like their portfolio only to hate their work on the show, like Nathan this year.  Once they cast them and saw how bad the clothes were, they turned to the drama so there was at least SOMETHING to hang the show on.

        Or maybe they’re just tone-deaf morons.

        • Lisa_Cop

          My husband is an amateur videographer and has met someone who is one of many PR videographer. He said Tim gets his own lighting (Yes, like Marlene Dietrich, Tim has his own special lighting, so he will “pop”). Last night at Barnes & Noble, Tim said the editing is “kind”, but who know how much people are pushed into saying/doing.

        • ddfrog

          I think what’s hard to understand is that some people are brilliant designers given enough time.  Others shine under short deadlines and come up with ideas quickly.  In architecture school we were often given a ‘charrette’ which is generally an intense period of design in a short amount of time.  I always found that I did better with them than with the longer timeframes.  I could come up with an idea quickly, and then bang it out.  But given weeks, I’d flounder looking for the perfect design.

          So I think potential PR contestants really should be sussed out for who can come up with good ideas & designs quickly over talent that they’ve developed over time.  OR they should be given a mix of challenges where some have more time and some are quick studies.  Because those designers who make it to the end may not be so good at designing over a longer period of time and that’s why they flounder in the finals.

  • Vickiefantastico

    You know, I really liked Christopher’s dress on the show last night, but it doesn’t look nearly as good here. It hangs awkwardly, the waist is a bit too high, and the hem is way too high. I also think it would have been much better in a darker fabric. This light fabric will never show all the way to the balcony. Also, I don’t think it will look as good on anyone with a larger bust. However, it is an excellent concept. I can see why they choose it.

    Ven’s dress was boring and ill-fitted. He deserved to go, although Tootie’s was much worse.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I really like Christopher’s model and I think she’s been great for his other looks, but she was very uncomfortable with the “jazzy walk” he wanted. While I found that kind of cute and endearing, it didn’t help “sell” the look, and I would have liked to see it on a model who was more comfortable showing some personality. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Christopher’s model looked like a debutante who was embarrassed to show so much skin.

      • Qitkat

        My husband said that Christopher’s walk was so much better than his model’s 😉

        • Winter_White

          My husband said the same thing!!  How funny!

    • How Melissa wasn’t in the bottom 3, I’ll never know.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I also agree this is the best season in a while. I just wish they’d show us a bit more problem-solving. For example, last night we saw Elena freaking the fuck out because she was $150 over budget. They dragged that out as long as they could. Suddenly she hands over one little bag of beads, and that’s it?  I realize she could have had  $150 worth of beads or sparkles or whatever it was, but come on. High drama, then “here’s my little bag of beads” and that’s it??  At least they did show Melissa getting help when her zipper came out.  (Funny, though: Melissa got sewing help AND extra money, and I don’t think that brought out the same reaction as it did when Anya got sewing help and extra money!)

    •  Melissa didn’t win after getting sewing help and extra money. She was comfortably in the non-threatening middle.

      • BrooklynBomber

        That’s true.

      • 3boysful

         And Melissa can actually sew.

      • Lisa_Cop

        We know that generally Meliisa can sew. And we saw that generally Anya could do nothing but cut fabric openings for a head and two arms.

    • Frank_821

      The difference is that melissa had already proven her construction skills and everyone saw she was attempting a crazy ambitious design that in this instance overwhelmed her. She wasn’t coasting on other people’s help.

      • BrooklynBomber


    • 3boysful

       During that scene, the anal, practical part of me was thinking “OMG–you can’t return cut yardage.  Won’t Mood be pissed if she turns in cut yardage?!”  Then I figured, eh, the producers pay for it anyway, or it’s part of what Mood is in for for the publicity.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Haha–I wondered about that, too (returning cut fabric).

      • MilaXX

         I haven’t attempted to sew or craft in years, but the fabric store I used to go to had a bin of bolt end and returned cuts. 

  • DinaSews

    I used to make dance costumes and agree with you about the blue or black illusion.  I had the very same thought last night.  It’s interesting, Mood tweeted last night that they thought Ven would win based on his fabric choice.

  • Stupid Disqus mobile interface.

  • VanessaDK

    I thought this was a great challenge and felt very fresh.  I am also glad that they saved it till they could be reasonably sure that the remaining designers were fairly talented and didn’t waste it too early in the season.

    • random_poster

      Yes! A parade of 12 or 13 costumes would be excruciatingly awful.

  • Tiffani Jackson

    THIS: “Can we say how much we dig Sonjia’s personal style? We’re not quite in
    love with how she puts on her makeup, but the head scarves and chunky
    jewelry paired with cute, girly clothes is kind of an arresting look.
    It’s like Tootie went on to college and had Maya Angelou as her
    professor” – I agree with and love!

    • 3boysful

       Which could’ve happened had she gone to Wake Forest!

  • Dmitry was robbed! Christopher had a really great idea, but he didn’t execute it fully. Dmitry’s was STUNNING and perfection. Those would’ve been absolute show stoppers. I think 36 women in those white ensembles will be washed out. No one in the back row will be able to tell that’s a skyline.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i bet they will revamp it before it hits the stage. cos yr right, whats good about it is gonna be invisible after, i dunno, maybe the first twenty or thirty rows.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’ve said it before-the judges love Christopher, and they ignored the fact that his design didn’t move well, and that he chose such pale, bland colors.  I appreciate that he skillfully recreated the NYC skyline, but Dmitry’s was so much better in terms of drama and functionality for performing.   I wonder if the Rockettes’ final version of Christopher’s design will use different colors that will show better during a performance.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Last night at B&n, Tim said the judges place alot of weight on if you have taken their previous advice. Mondo lost to Gretchen in S8 (according to Tim) because Kors convinced Nina that Mondo had not been taking the judges’ advice.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          That’s quite interesting-so they do indeed pay attention to which designers listen to the critiques.

    • Visually Dimitri’s was much better, can you imagine 36 sleeved arms thrusted forward then replaced by 36 unsleeved arms.  Visually it would have been amazeballs.  Also with DImitri’s you could do mirror images of the design for more visual effect.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I love the idea of the mirror image version of Dmitry’s costume. That really could be stunning.

      • Frank_821

        Nina commented on that mirror effect in the extended vids

  • janierainie

    I was glad to see Ven go, not in a naa naa way, but I feel like it was a thoughtful decision, and fair. His range is none existent! I would have understood if Sonjia had gone home too. That was a sad little bird.

    I liked Christopher’s but agree with you about the skirt, and was thinking about that the whole time they were in front of the judges. Dimitri’s was so great!. 

    I wonder why they didn’t have the rockette’s choreographer as a one of the judges? It seems like it would have made more sense than Debra Messing. 

  • Melvis Velour

    While Christopher’s design was logical, though in white it wouldn’t be discernable past the first few rows, let alone in the cheap seats (which was somewhat tactfully refered to by Tim and Heidi).  Dimitri on the other hand was a great dancers costume designed by a dancer however, it didn’t scream “NYC Rockette!”.  With some redesign – mostly changing the colors to make them pop all the way up to the cheap seats and the skirt, which was called out during the judging, Christopher’s design should work well for those high kickin’ gals!

    I would just love to see what would happen if PR attempted to do a redesign of the Kilgore Rangerette’s costume…which will never happen…

  • kirkyo

    Was I hallucinating or are they really doing baby clothes next week?

    • 3boysful

       With fake crying babies.

      • For Heidi’s baby line.

        • Susan Crawford

          The Empire of the Kluminator marches on. The first designer to come up with short, tight and shiny onesies is gonna nail this challenge for sure.

  • Dmitry’s was better, for the reasons you mention. But once the producers decided Christoher should win Tim gave them more money so Christopher could buy the sparkly illusion netting Tim had recommended, I could see the writing on the wall. I find it hard to believe the Rockettes haven’t already done something very similar to what Christopher did, precisely because it seems like such an obvious choice. This is where having a Rockette, rather than Debra Messing, on the judging panel would’ve been helpful.

    I give up. I’m trying to reply to someone, but Disqus won’t let me.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      As much as I like Debra Messing, I would have preferred a Rockette on the judging panel.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Or their costumer.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          When the show opened I thought that she would be the guest judge-silly me, we had to have an actress who’s pole dancing for her NBC series….

  • At the PR Finale…Ven choose to ignore anything he may have learned from the judges and send one MS ORIGAMI ROSE design after the other down the runway. One look was identical, sans jacket, to what he showed at the beginning of the season in the Times Square show.  None of his designs were taken to the next level…just the same old flower BS! Boring and cheap fabrics, lame colors…white, red and pink! Absolutely no WOW factor…Someone please buy him a rose bush to plant in his you know what!

    • GorgeousThings

      I really wish that Lifetime would change their scheduling so the eliminate the large number of decoys. Yes, Ven is a one trick pony, it seems. But it must be pretty tough to gear yourself up to do a collection if you know that 1 – it’s not going to be seen by the show’s audience, and 2 – the attendees aren’t buyers or editors. Despite what Tim has said on past seasons (specifically to Kara Janx in S2), I can easily imagine that it can be demoralizing, especially when there are 8 other designers in the same show.

      • alula_auburn

        Me too!  I really don’t understand why they can’t adjust the production schedule better.  

      • I agree about the horde of designers but I think the producers are doing it on purpose. More designers makes a longer runway show with more drama and splash. All of it smacks of attention seeking behavior. As for the designers, why on Earth would you throw this chance to be seen by a hand picked audience and get world wide media attention? So you didn’t win PR but you got a nice chunk of change to buy good fabric and the chance to show what you can do. Look at Malan as an example.

      • Qitkat


        These producer antics drive me batship insane.

      • CarolinLA

        I think they’re helping the designers who have been eliminated by letting them show at FW.  They put out a lot of money for the collections, the models, the makeup, and the accessories.  That’s a really big opportunity that no designer should piss away.  No telling what was going through Ven’s mind when he created his collection.  It’s very passive-aggressive especially because those fucking flowers and pleats are in every single garment.  He certainly thinks he knows best and that was his downfall in the competition.  He wasn’t the first, of course, but he’s the one who didn’t just double down, he decupled down (aka x 10).

        • khh1138

          Yes – isn’t this still a huge opportunity?  I’m baffled by Ven’s remarks at the end of this episode, when he said that he could have really put on a great show, or something to that effect.  Er, you were given the same opportunity to put on a show!  You were given money, models, a runway at fashion week, what’s your problem, Ven?  Make the most of what you have been given – most designers would give their eyeteeth for this chance. 

    • GorgeousThings

      I really wish that Lifetime would change their scheduling so the eliminate the large number of decoys. Yes, Ven is a one trick pony, it seems. But it must be pretty tough to gear yourself up to do a collection if you know that 1 – it’s not going to be seen by the show’s audience, and 2 – the attendees aren’t buyers or editors. Despite what Tim has said on past seasons (specifically to Kara Janx in S2), I can easily imagine that it can be demoralizing, especially when there are 8 other designers in the same show.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Big mistake to send a FY collection down the runway at NYFW.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    So we’re down to six designer, with three girls and three boys left. When it was down to Elena and Ven, I was pretty sure Ven would get the boot so the genders would stay even. I think Elena is next, though. Although Sonjia is having a meltdown, so…

    • Based on her finale collection, I hope Elena stays in.

      • ThaliaMenninger

        And based on Sonjia’s final collection, I hope she doesn’t stay in! Really, really not good. But it makes me sad, because I loved some of her earlier looks. I’m afraid she’s really lost it. As for Elena, well, she has a strong point of view and that helps.

    • Susan Collier

      Or it could play out that the judges suddenly realize that Fabio is still there.

  • Kimbolina

    I agree that Christopher should have stuck with his original skirt idea (Tim Gunn, why are your critiques so unhelpful this season?!) but if you look at some of the other costumes, the skirt he went with isn’t that much different…  It’s pretty similar to the red one they were wearing, probably should have flared out a bit more though.

  • miagain

    I loved Christopher’s, and I loved this challenge…

  • Ven should really consider the drag name Origami Rose, though…

    • But then he’d have to make plus-sized women’s clothing if he was dressing his drag-self.

  • I think Christopher’s would work well for things like visiting children’s hospitals and being photographed up close, but Dimitry’s was actually a dance costume that could be worn on stage and be functional, while still looking good. Elena’s read “classic dance costume” and really wasn’t far from the traditional Rockette’s esthetic, which tends to be very 1950’s majorette in a lot of ways-but it wasn’t what was desired when they were supposed to come up with a modern esthetic. I did think Elena’s model was having a blast out there, and enjoying herself. I kind of wish there HAD been a baton on the Lord and Taylor accessories wall. And I wish, in this case, that there had been a Capezio accessories wall and that they would have stuck all the models in the traditional silver or black character shoes-because for dance costumes, you really don’t accessorize the feet-the shoes have a specific job to do.

    I did notice that somewhere along the way Dimitry found some dance tights :).

    • 3boysful

       Baton on L&T wall=assault in workroom.  😉

    • siriuslover

      I wonder if he requested them. Can they do that?

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    that has gotta be the worst picture ever taken of HK. i actually put in several seconds–almost a full minute, maybe–trying to figure out who she looks like in that shot. it’s not herself. & it definitely is someone else, somebody famous–like, maybe, somebody else on television–but i’m too tired to snap my synapses properly. i’m curious if another person here sees it & can name it & claim it. i will check back later w/ a half-smidgen of hope [if not quite in my heart then at least somewhere].

    other than that i can only add: if the execution had been but better. i agree w/ the members of the commentariat who think that the dresses made by christopher & dmitry should have been mated before at least this one was created. i agree that it’s gotta be an old idea, one already done, but it’s still got that essence of sentimentality thing going for it. especially on, what, 9/20? i wonder, although i will never know, if the idea was suggested to him by someone on staff. it’s not impossible.

    agree also that this is the best PR in at least several years. actually, i agree w/ pretty much all of the abovenoted. i wish the final collections were better. i was honestly shocked–you know, in a small, pop culture way–at how damnably ordinary they were.

    i gotta go to sleep. there was something i wanted to add? [thinking][thinking] oh–i suppose nobody’s gonna like it but i didnt think ven’s was the worst outfit. i thought elena’s was the worst outfit. but her other work is almost always at least top drawer adjacent so i wouldnt have tossed her, no matter how ghastly–& ghastly, i believe is the word [or at least a synonym] for the thing she made. oh heavens, i liked some of her work but here, oh, idve said goodbye to melissa.

    • BrooklynBomber

      June Cleaver.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        is that it? the mother of the beaver? i dont think i’ve ever watched it. but if one is an elderly gothic punkrocker, first gen, one has heard so many Li2B micro-stories, i guess, that it’s almost as if one were [once upon a time] there. then again, for some reason i can picture it too well so i mustve seen it at least once.

  • Pamdela

    First, may I say how surprised — and delighted — I was by Ven’s Auf? I had him pegged as a major talent early in the show, but it’s amazing how the slow grind of challenges starts to reveal who really has the goods. And of course, he proved himself so despicable in the non-model episode (like others, I literally had a hard time sleeping that night; I needed so badly for Tim or SOMEONE to call Ven out on his disturbing behavior)…that I’m extra glad to see the back of him. Justice. However, his Auf seems to have been more about breaking the golden rule on PR: Go crazy, throw tantrums, send deco rocketeer disasters out there if you must…but never. Bore. The. Judges. On a side note, I love Dmitri more and more, and would die to dish with him over cocktails! Ok, last thing: I feel that the producers got the message about the excessively bitchy judging of recent years, and the tone of the commenting has overall been far more gentle and constructive this year. Does anyone else feel that?

    • Qitkat

      Every season Kors recycles the MOB insult along with *Disco something-something*
      We are plenty tired of his overwrought witticisms in our house.
      Some weeks it might as well be *Here Come Da Judge*
      After 10 seasons reinvent everything about the show would be fine with me. But I imagine it’s a giant Cash Cow for Lifetime.
      Ima cynical.   

      • CarolinLA

        I hear ya but saying that Origami Rose should be Ven’s drag name was hilarious.

  • Tatiana Luján

    It makes me so sad to know Dimitri’s final collection is so tacky! I thought that after being robbed several wins he was going to win it all in the final episode.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i agree. it made me very sad when i saw it. i dont remember if it was tacky or what, exactly, other than way substandard from what i thought he could, & would, do. he’s been my pick to win–either him or sonjia–since the day of the walkouts. if i remember correctly hers wasnt all that much better. depressing.

      • siriuslover

        I didn’t mind his collection except for the furry eyebrow thing he went for.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i agree. it made me very sad when i saw it. i dont remember if it was tacky or what, exactly, other than way substandard from what i thought he could, & would, do. he’s been my pick to win–either him or sonjia–since the day of the walkouts. if i remember correctly hers wasnt all that much better. depressing.

  • Jangle57

    Ven’s was booooooooooooooring and we all know that boring usually gets the auf over bad/tacky in the world of PR judging.  Not to mention all the bad karma he had collected by being a boor.  I slightly preferred Dimitry’s over Christopher’s but knew that realistically sentimentality would win out with that skyline of NYC being as well executed as it was.  And while they are going to use his design, I’d bet the house they change the color.

  • Venn’s ‘design” walked out and I screamed at my t.v. “Hooray! Venn’s (finally) going home this week!” (and knowing the blue cheer leader outfit and purple duckier outfit was out there). (seeing his ‘collection’ as T’lo so widely pointed out, screamed  ‘not the final 3’). So Auf! I hope the only clients who will pay you are size 10-20s!

  • Yosa Addiss

    I knew they were going to get rid of Ven- or I hoped they would- for the very reason they did 🙂

    And, there had to be something going on, because they revealed the secret of his roses technique.  Once a show on national television shows a clear shot of the wonderful roses technique as being created with overlapping rectangles of fabric built out from a circle?  Over.   If there aren’t 100 Etsy listings using that technique today, there will be very VERY soon.

    • Qitkat

      I’m pretty sure that technique has been out there for decades. I’ve even tried it myself, in paper. On a greeting card. With varying colors. Not original to Ven in the least. I can’t recall at the moment, but I think it is based on a Scandinavian cutting and folding technique.

      • Call me Bee

        Yes.  I used that technique to make a quilt about 15-17 year ago.  It’s called sew and flip.  All of us quilters know it.  I think Ven is one of th few that use it on garments. 

  • Miss_Magpie

    I completely agree with TLo, and I thought it last night:  Tim was WRONG.  Christopher’s  original skirt had movement and was adorable, albeit short.  Now if Christopher’s had a skirt like Snape’s but in in Silver, with midnight blue illusion at the top with the stars?  KILLER.  

    And now we know Ven’s decoy collection WAS a giant F YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU! to the judges.  So very happy he is auffed!

  • Kayceed

    Dmitry had the better dress, but Christopher had an idea that was easy to describe, easy to envision and nicely executed, though naturally the first thing any long-time viewer thinks of is Jay’s Chrysler dress. As others have noted, Christopher’s colors are impossible for stage, where you need high contrast and/or color saturation. This – despite the movement of Ven’s skirt – is what doomed him. You don’t go for “tasteful” with stagewear – you go for “impact.” I was delighted by this episode, what with Heidi – and especially Tim! getting a kick (heh) out of being on that stage and also – booze! which also was a welcome sight for this crew.

  • SapphoPoet

    I haven’t seen the show yet, but I do like Christopher’s design. Agree the background should have been darker, but I love the idea of the NYC skyline with stars–really inspired. 

    I’m surprised that Ven was auf-ed; I would have though he’d lasted a bit longer. Having said that, his design looks pretty boring. One-way monkey indeed.

  • SapphoPoet

    I haven’t seen the show yet, but I do like Christopher’s design. Agree the background should have been darker, but I love the idea of the NYC skyline with stars–really inspired. 

    I’m surprised that Ven was auf-ed; I would have though he’d lasted a bit longer. Having said that, his design looks pretty boring. One-way monkey indeed.

  • StelledelMare

    Agree with everything you said about Christopher’s and I understand the win but I would’ve given it to Dmitry.

  • GorgeousThings

    I’m willing to bet that once the look gets transferred to the costumers, they’ll change the coloring and skirt to make it more useful.

    • MilaXX

       agreed. I think they will probably keep the skyline look and adjust the rest to their needs

    • Qitkat

      Absolutely. When they used to show offsite challenge wins in the past, something has almost always been changed.
      I did think it was beautiful and iconic. Also as PR viewers, while we naturally recall the stunning Chrysler Building inspired dress, very few of the RCMH attendees will be familiar with it.

  • Kimbolina

    So now I’m trying to picture Christopher’s costume but with a black or dark blue background and I can’t decide how I feel about it.  I feel like it might come across as too tacky with the dark…?  A contrast was needed for sure but I don’t know what would look best.

    Either way, I can’t wait to see the actual costume!  I wish they had shown it.

    • I agree. When he first said he was doingthe skyline I thought it was going to be tacky and cliche, but rendering it in the lighter fabric saved it from that. Of course now it doesn’t meet  the requirement of showing up for the cheap seats. Its a bit of a catch-22, but he got the win, so I guess he made the right choice.

  • mjude

    i really did like costello-lites, but i also love dimitry’s.  my concern for christophers was the color, i wondered how you could tell it was the skyline in the back row.  as for ven, when the show started i thought he would really go far & then rude ven came out. i was a bit suprised it was him but i totally agree.

  • MilaXX

    The most priceless part was the look on Ven’s face when Tim made a suggestion in the workroom. It was obvious that he would rather have cut hi left hand off than change his boring design.

    I agree overall this season hasn’t been bad, but we need designers who make that one thing that makes us gasp when we see it and no one is doing that.

    • Tatiana Luján

      And 2 day challenges, so they have time to create and not just to be safe.

  • CarolinLA

    I hope when they produce Christopher’s they include little lights around the buildings.

  • afabulous50

    I missed it last night…glad I recorded it.  I’m going to play Ven’s leaving over and over again…whilst I sip a nice chilled vodka.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. While I loved what Christopher did (although I had the nagging feeling I had seen it before), I could not for the life of me understand why he didn’t go with a night sky for the top. Waaaay more dramatic and readable from the cheap seats.

    Of course, the idea of the stars in the sky was Tim’s, soooo…

  • After seeing his decoy collection, all I can think is that Ven should make an appearance in All on the Line. If anyone can make him evolve as a designer, that would be Joe Zee.

    • Qitkat

      Joe Zee would want to slit his throat, or Ven’s before long. He wouldn’t put up with Ven’s entitled attitude.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Or a session with Joe Zee would give Ven some hard-eyed commercial insight into where he needs to improve. Then again, some of the designers that Zee has worked with in the past seasons either are oblivious or so set in their ways that they can’t or won’t take advice.

  • siriuslover

    TLo said: “If you’re going for a skyline theme with sparkly stars, then why the hell wouldn’t you choose a black or midnight blue sheer?”

    OMG, this comment is exactly what I was thinking the whole episode.  I really think it would have been better with that blue sheer. Maybe when it is recreated for the Rockettes they will change the color scheme.

    And buh-bye Ven. I’ve been waiting for you to get aufed since you pulled that belt off the Lord & Taylor wall to publicly humiliate poor Terry. Clearly, a one way monkey (man, I love Dmitry. drool).

  • SublimatedRage

    Duchess was on fire last nite!  The line “Origami Rose should be his drag name” made me snort!  Classic Michael Kors one-liner…..

  • I totally agree with you guys about this being the best season in years.  I can tell, because I actually make an attempt to watch the shows on Thursdays, instead of skimming through them later.  I even completely stopped watching the All-Stars with about 4 episodes to go it was so dull and predictable, and I actually made it through Gretchen AND Anya.  And this year I haven’t really been completely annoyed with any auf or, better yet, keeping anyone on for obvious drama.  take last night.  Sure, the screaming marmoset is a nut, and her costume was tacky, but it looked like a tacky COSTUME, which is what it was supposed to be.  And she did try something different, which Ven never really did.  I’ll even opine that the level of talent would appear markedly better if she had more two day challenges, like they did back in the day…. 

    • SRQkitten

      “Screaming marmoset”

      Erica, THANK YOU for my laugh of the morning, that’s TFF – and so true.


  • Did Dimitry’s design make anyone else think of the movie The Fifth Element? the ‘bandage dress’?

  • Susan Collier

    Yep. I had to laugh at Ven’s dress because the back looked just like the front of Debra Messing’s dress, except sparklier.
    Agreed with all points you made about Christopher’s outfit.
    Sigh. I really wanted to be wowed, but there really were only two contenders among a pile of sparkly turds.

  • SewingSiren

    On Christopher’s side I would say this is the best dress he has done so far. And it’s his most deserving win. I don’t count a little sloppiness against them because they have to work so fast, but it puzzles me when the judges specifically praise them for “very well made” garments, when there not.  Dmitriy’s was well made.
    I don’t think Ven’s was the worst of the lot. It’s rather generic , as were the examples that they were given. I do think it would work as a dance dress for a rocket. I thought it needed holiday accessories like snowflakes or fur, but I see that the were supposed to be “year round” costumes. In that case generic silver accessories , but I think turning in the rose motif for a snowflake would have been perfect and cheeky too.

    • pippitypup

       For a rocket, yes, although I rather suspect the Saturn V wasn’t into drag.

      • SewingSiren

        I read that three times  before I finally backtracked and read my own comment. And the coin dropped-tink. RocketTE.

  • Pupioso

    “Origami rose” was my favorite line all year long. The best. The Duchess rocks. I had no problem with Ven going and I think TL are correct that the bottom line is they are getting rid of the lower talented designers. That’s pretty much the way it’s gone so far. Gunnar’s finale collection showed they are making the right choices.

    Ven should have gone. I had an issue with Chris’s one note color and the skirt. I agree that the background should have been midnight blue. It would have made the rest of the bodice really pop. Maybe they will make that change when it goes live.

    •  I wish Gunnar would have been around for this one though — I’m sure he would have nailed the Rockette look.

  • Carrieanno

    Okay, start hurling the virtual rubber bricks, but I honestly don’t think Ven is a bad person.  He’s just remarkably unaware of the world, i.e., “normal” people in the world.  He also hasn’t matured enough to have learned to edit what comes out of his mouth. 

    • But he’s 28, when should someone develop a maturity to edit ones self?

      • Tatiana Luján

        Ven is 28???? He looks 40, at least.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

       I don’t think he’s a bad person either, just quite introverted and is someone who has a very small comfort zone.
      We can duck the virtual rubber bricks together.

    •  He’s not even a year younger than I am and he wasn’t just clueless, like Christopher often is, but outright mean.  No way he’s getting a pass from me.  I have seen far too many women made to cry over fashion, something that should be fun.  Anyone who adds to that number I’m done with.

    • I enjoyed watching Ven’s unflappability and competence. Designers who decide the play the high drama card are tiresome and contestants who lack construction skills are a waste of time. On the show, ultimately he lacked range but he made it as far as could be expected. His final collection would’ve been the logical time to show everyone that he could be creative outside his favorite motifs but instead he just confirmed his lack of imagination. It was not a FU collection, that would imply anger, defiance etc. Have we ever seen those emotions from Ven?

  • With a cattle prod. In the workroom.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Disqus can be quite capricious in my experience.

  • janetjb

    I agree that this season has been less of a joke, but none of these designers have shown me anything all that special.

    One Way Monkey can choose some beautiful fabric, but otherwise….meh.Christopher certainly had a terrific idea, although I think the final dress will look vastly different so someone more than 20 feet away will be able to see the skyline.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Christopher’s bodice was certainly a winner, and I’m impressed how well he was able to reference the “finials” of the most emblematic of Manhattan’s skyscrapers by manipulating the angles of his columnar + horizontals fabric and the rhinestone strips.  That was pretty impressive.  He fell woefully short, however, with the final skirt, which gives a whiff of “afterthought” – though we know that Tim Gunn’s advice is what precipitated this result.

    Take a look at the Rockette costume mannequins – the only skirt that seems similar to Christopher’s is that on the red costume, yet it certainly seems to me to be fuller than Christopher’s, which is necessary for the dance moves the Rockettes perform.  Tim’s advice, as some of the BKs have noted this season, is more often not good and results in criticism at judging time.  I can’t remember the shape of Christopher’s original skirt, but he and most all of these designers (Ven actually had been an exception) cut skirts waaaay too short.  Good China alert, contestants.

    The color palette for Christopher’s costume, too, cannot project effectively to the back of the room in cavernous Radio City Music Hall.  This is theater, so there needs to be impact and visibility all the way back and up to the nosebleed section.  Actually, the color that Fabio used for his gladiatrix costume – a more pewter shade – might have worked better for Christopher’s design, if it ere available for the fabric he had selected.

    Ven is one stubborn guy, and he declined the lifeline that Tim offered to him and the rest to revisit Mood for more supplies.  His dress probably was one of the best to sit on the dancer’s bodies (plenty of support from the halter/racerback, and the skirt was dancer-friendly, but otherwise it was a monochrome snooze.  If he had embellished the bodice, perhaps something done with the midsection diamond, and maybe repeated that theoretical theme on the hemline, he’d have been safe.  The color, I thought, was arresting and different.

    Dimitry really should have gotten the nod, though, for the best costume for the dancers and for a modern interpretation for the chorus line, which was part of the challenge instructions.

  • Judy_S

    An appropriately sparkly commentary–thanks, TLo!
    I agree with the critique of Christopher’s dress, and I have one more of my own. I was ready for him to get the win until someone commented on the fact that there would be a row of 35 of these costumes. Hmm. That edged me over to Dmitry. 35 New York skylines don’t quite do it for me. I think they should have given a double win–Christopher’s dress for a “star of the show” and Dmitry’s for the other 34. Maybe the Rockettes don’t have a star, but you see what I mean.
    Ven–well, I thought it was sweet that the powers that be were forced (by Elena, I guess, with her runway embrace that had to be explained narratively) to give him a rather nice last episode, in which he was helping people out and generally being a nice guy. It was a pretty dull dress for the Rockettes, so the Auf did feel justified.

  • daliah lugo

    “It’s like Tootie went on to college and had Maya Angelou as her professor.” ROTFL… perfect!  I kept thinking last night how much I like her style, but of course couldn’t have put it better than you two!

  • adnama79

    I think I like Elena.  She apologized and this is the 2nd or 3rd time she’s said that she’s not normally like this.  Even if she is handling the stress poorly and spazzing out, at least she’s self-aware. 

  • adnama79

    Is it just me, or did the tone of Tim’s goodbye to Ven seem to say, “You’re a giant douche and I can’t stand you but I’ll be polite b/c I only have to stand next to you for one more minute?”  

    • It looked like Tim even rolled his eyes at one point during his goodbye.

      • Lisa_Cop

        During his B&N talk, Tim made it clear he didn’t like Ven and wanted him auf’d.

  • amywinns

    I tuned in late, in time for the show. Without seeing anything before, I knew it would be Christopher, then Dimitry, with Venn getting the auf — once again, the worst sin proves to be “don’t bore Nina!” Better to be interesting and impractical (Sonjia) or interesting and ugly (Elena). And Dimitry’s was clearly better made and better suited for dancers generally, but the Rockettes are absolutely nothing without camp, nostalgia and gimmicks. So Christopher really tuned right in to the challenge. It was all pretty predictable when one knows the show as well as many of us do.

    HOWEVER, I am outraged, on the designers’ behalf, that the producers should go from such an interesting challenge to such a bullshitty one next week: Make baby clothes! To promote Heidi! And carry noisy dolls! These are not children’s wear designers, for one, and to handicap them with a ridiculous impediment while they work??!! It’s incredibly demeaning, insulting, and basement reality-TV-ish. Whoever gets auf’ed next week should be grateful because they can leave with heads high and surely no one will think less of them. (Assuming they pretend they game for this foolery and don’t act like jackholes about it on-camera.)

    So much for it being a “good season”! Ugh. So B-M of them!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Since Heidi is one of the powers that be behind PR she makes sure that each season now includes a challenge that at the least gives her latest business venture free publicity as well as a free design.  Having the designers do baby clothes is ridiculous, but I suppose the Teutonic Napoleon can’t be denied.

      • amywinns

         Oh I realize that getting mad about product placement or internal/cross-promotion is TOTALLY pointless. (I need not mention all the beauty and fashion products painfully, awkwardly name-checked by Tim Gunn alone. And what a coincidence that Debra Messing’s show Smash is an NBCUniversal show!) No, I realize Heidi’s ventures will be thoroughly aired. But pairing such promotion with non-adult clothes plus a stunt is a new kind of outrage.

        It could have been done in a more dignified way, like an adult dress and paired with a baby outfit. We’ve done Mommy-and-me challenges, Barbie doll challenges, pet challenges… etc. It’s the dolls that kill me.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I agree that they could do this more skillfully,as they did with the past challenges that you named.

        • Frank_821

          Actually I thought it was Bravo that had the connection to NBC not Lifetime. In hindsight Messing is a perplexing choice to judge this challenge but at the same time she did do a good job overall. Ironically this is a challenge where you would need a performer or actor to be judge.

          • amywinns


            Bravo’s tie is stronger, but NBCUniversal is a colossus. WIkipedia tells me: ” On August 27, 2009, A&E Television Networks (A&E) merged with Lifetime Entertainment Services (Lifetime), giving NBC Universal an equal share of both Lifetime and A&E with The Walt Disney Company and Hearst.”

          •  How is it possible that this has not been ruled illegal under anti-trust laws?  When Disney owns ABC and has ties to NBC, two of the four regular networks, which are granted the license for the airwaves by the FCC in the “public interest”…

        • VictoriaDiNardo

          But do we know for sure that the challenge is baby clothes?  I noticed that none of the teaser-clips they showed last night had clothing images, which makes me wonder if it’s baby-related clothing, maternity or baby carrier or something.  Something seems off in the promo.  
          Is there something more conclusive on the PR site?  

          • amywinns

             Ok interesting point. I guess I’ll stow my outrage until I watch the actual show. 🙂

          •  I thought the same thing – that the promo seemed off. There was also a misleading promo for the “selling your wares on the street” challenge. I had the impression the designers were going to be panhandling, not selling stuff.

            I’m curious, though, why they’d have those fake babies if they’re not making baby clothes. (On a side note, just yesterday I watched the Veronica Mars episode in which the seniors had to take care of the same type of baby doll. If that doll pops up anywhere else this weekend, I’m gonna be a little spooked)

          • VictoriaDiNardo

            I was thinking maybe functional clothing for mothers?  The baby is to help them identify perhaps, otherwise it’s just throwing a roadblock for no good reason..of course that never stopped them before!

            Now I’m having a vision of one of those babies popping up in your hallway, like that creepy puppet in the Post Office commercial. ” Yeah, that’s gotta go!”

          •  Ok, that makes sense. Having a fake baby that does all the things a real baby does could give them a clue about what the mother of an infant has to go through.

            “Now I’m having a vision of one of those babies popping up in your
            hallway, like that creepy puppet in the Post Office commercial. ” Yeah,
            that’s gotta go!” “

            Yikes! And I can see right into the hallway from my side of the bed.

            I know this much. I won’t be saying “PR’s fake baby” three times while looking in a mirror any time soon.

          •  Like the way that we were shown designers have to dance — there was no dancing last night by the designers which made me quite sad.

        • they used those dolls in the local high schools when my daughter was younger.  it was supposed to make them not want to get pregnant when they see how much work a baby can be.  i think it backfired, though.  the girls couldn’t wait to get their babies so they could dress them up all cute and bring them to school in a stroller.  

    •  Have them make children’s clothes, that I could live with — S7 did the mother/daughter challenge and that was fine.  But baby clothes?  From DESIGNERS?!?  Designers with their own line charge high prices, and anyone who pays that for something for A BABY is a lunatic.

  • The idea of Christophers design was cool, but I think it was badly executed from a costume perspective.  The white and nude was washed out on the runway, so I can’t believe you could see any detail at all from 10 rows back.

  • I like Christopher’s entry. When he announced he was going to replicate the New York skyline, I groaned, for I thought it to be a literal-minded approach; when I saw the garment evolve in the workroom, however, I knew it transcended that literalness. He cut the garment beautifully and embellished it thoughtfully to bring out the intended architectural feel (i.e. the percolating studs nicely delineate the buildings.). I’m not fond of the skirt (Tim has been very unproductive, or worse, counterproductive in his critiques this season, I think.) A more movement-friendly skirt would have worked well.

    V.: I’m perfectly fine with his elimination. He received way too many chances, and it became apparent in this challenge that he’s unable, or finds it difficult, to deliver a garment that contains design interest NOT generated by draping and sculpted roses. This piece is bland and under-designed. Is it the worst? No. Sonjia’s turkey and Melissa’s number 1 pillow were better candidates for the Auf.

  • granddelusion

    Actually, the show claims to be about “One day you’re in, the next, you’re out.” Given that they have disproved that practice time and again, I wish they would just keep aggregate scores so the best designers do rise to the top. As bad as Ven’s dress was (and i agree he should go), Elena’s dress was much worse. Were they judging this strictly by challenge, she should have been the one to go. However, I have no reason to believe in their tagline, or their integrity.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The tagline is just that-a tagline. After watching every season of PR, I simply don’t believe that the judges make their decisions based solely on each challenge.  When a designer turns out a poor design as Melissa and Sonjia did last night and they stay in the game, you know that the judges are taking into account their past work.

      •  I don’t believe they SHOULD make their decisions on a purely weekly basis.  I’d much rather see a talented designer get a second chance that some hack stick around through to the end simply by being the second worst every week.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I agree. For me it makes sense that a designer who has consistently produced work that is top three, meets the parameters of the challenges,for instance, should get a bit of a break if they have a bad day. 

          •  Sure, it’s annoying when it’s someone you just cannot wait to see the end of, but I think it’s far more fair and makes for a much better show and especially finale show. 

  • Winter_White

    The designers getting to sit down together, have some wine, and really talk to each other…that was so good.  Nice moments between Elena and Ven and Dmitry.  While the judges were deliberating and Elena was so nervous, Ven put his arm around her comfortingly and she sort of snuggled toward him: it touched me, and I realized how much that restaurant scene had softened my opinions of both of them.

    I loved the color of Ven’s and was hoping he’d do something great with that fabric.  That little dress was sad.  Goodbye and good luck, Ven.


  • mhleta

    One of my favorite things to do after watching an ep of PR is to lie in bed and think about what I would have done for the design challenge. (The fact that I can’t draw worth a shit and can barely thread a needle is of no importance because, when I’m solely in the realm of my head I have mad, mad skills.) Anyway, after performing this little exercise I was surprised at the number of decent ideas that came to mind. Which leads me to wonder, why did they have to limit themselves to darling little skating dresses? Could they have gone with a one-legged, one armed jump suit? (Think Sheena Easton in Prince’s “U Got the Look” video. Sounds hideous at first, but the visual of 30 pairs of alternating colored legs doing the cancan might be pretty cool.) Or…1940’s style head dresses? A fabulous, over-the-top head piece may have saved Ven’s boring look. Anyway, if you haven’t tried this exercise, I encourage you to. The best part is that you get to be Heidi, Tim and the designer all at once. And, you can never be auffed. 

    •  I’d be trying to come up with an aquatic themed costume for a number set to “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” — yes, the movie wasn’t the same, but it had its own charm, much of which was in the casting. 

  • I was hoping Dmitry would win. His outfit was so much better than Chris’s. Chris’s looks like an ice skating costume. 

  • DeTrop

    Everyone is commenting on Chris’s costume not making a showing beyond row 3.  (This is also the concern on the PR Blogs).  Having seen the Rockettes numerous times in RCMH, this is a real problem.  However, what’s to prevent the costume guru from changing the color and keeping the design?  Personally, I love the choices Chris made.  It’s elegant and so NYC.  As long as they keep the colors the same i.e. midnight blue skirt and skyline with a sheer midnight blue top with crystals, it will work. 

     I cannot abide that orangish/tannish mesh that Elena chose.  This is so ice-skater costume.  There has to be a better shade of allusion mesh that can be used.  She is one lucky lady.  I saw her decoy collection and based on that I did not want her to go.  She was right to cry. Her outfit was awful.

    Melissa’s design showed great promise and I’m willing to bet that the Rockette designers will get some ideas from it.  Her overall styling was adorable too.  Dmitry’s outfit was absolutely perfect.  I find it amusing that it was deemed too sexy for the Rockette audience.  Those long, high-kicking legs are very sexy to begin with.  He is consistently excellent.  I hope he’s in the final three and that the decoy collection we saw will not be his final collection.  Fingers crossed for Snape.

    • SewingSiren

      I think the styling was what put Melissa in the top three. The Rockettes almost always have accessories, especially head wear..

    • Qitkat

      Unfortunately I think your wish that Dmitry’s decoy collection not be his finale collection is fruitless. We’ve never ever seen that to happen.

    • Lilithcat

      I hope he’s in the final three and that the decoy collection we saw will not be his final collection.  

      I don’t understand what you mean by this.  If he’s a finalist, then the collection that was shown at Fashion Week is his finale collection.

      • DeTrop

        I thought the finalists were able to tweak their collection when they came back to NY.  Eliminate some that don’t work and add something else.  I really thought Tim Gunn visited only the true finalists and that they were given guidance.  What do I know?  I don’t understand the timeline here.  I didn’t think that all the designers were visited by Tim.  I’m obviously in lala land.

        • Lilithcat

          You’re right that only the finalists are visited by Tim and that they have a couple of days to tweak their collection (and, of course, panic when they hear about the dreaded “extra look”).  But this happens before they show at Fashion Week.  The finalists don’t make a decoy collection.  Just their finale collection.  What you see at FW is what you get.

  • You took the thoughts right out of my head about the background on Christpher’s skyline!  The New York nighttime skyline is so famous and it would have looked even more spectacular.  But this was also the problem with the challengers not being given enough money to buy good fabric and doo-dads.  I loved Dimitri’s costume and it would have won had not Christopher gotten the New York state of mind!

  • nancymae

    The Ballad of Origami Rose is filled with disdain, arrogance and rosettes, rosettes and more rosettes

  • Actually, from a Dance perspective, Ven’s design was one of the best presented in this segment, and Christopher’s was one of the worst.   Christopher’s design was also a wopping cliché, but that’s pretty much what the Rochettes are all about, so I can see why he won.  Dimitry’s dress was still a thousand times better.   Apparently, Dimitry lost this challenge because he showed too much skin. 

    I was sorry to see Ven tossed, not because I love his designs (I don’t,) but because most of the others are worse; and having seen the final collections, I feel he had the second strongest one.   However, as the other designer up for eliimination was the one with the strongest collection, I was very relieved that Ven went rather than her.   The strange thing of course is that while Elena definitely belonged in the bottom for this particular monstrosity, Ven probably should have been in the top three, yet I wasn’t at all pissed at his leaving.   He seemed to take it pretty well also.   No doubt he also saw that the fix was in and simply accepted it as the way these things are run, fair or not.

    • alula_auburn

      “Apparently, Dimitry lost this challenge because he showed too much skin.”

      Which is frustrating, because for a whole bunch of challenges Heidi was whining about how his impeccable, elegant dresses didn’t show enough skin.

      (Also, honestly, I don’t know that seeing a dancer’s abs should be all that scandalous, even for “little little little” ones.)

      • really, what toddler will be scandalized by a glimpse of tummy?  his costume was more covered that many of the others, with the one long sleeve and the fringe skirt covering the essentials below.  i thought that “little ones” remark was totally inappropriate. 

        • SewingSiren

          Little ones aren’t scandaled by nipple either. But I’m sure if Dmitry’s would have won they would have lined the bodice with something slightly less sheer on the bust portion.

          •  Little little ones, as referred to by Debra Messing, aren’t scandalized by any body part as a rule.

  • SewingSiren

    Oh my. I just went to the Lifetime site to watch the first part of the episode because I missed it. And the winner’s interview started playing. Very informative, that is. Christopher’s simpering banter with judges has always been kind of irritating to me. But boy this win sure did go to his head. He critiques everyone else’s (including Dmitry’s), as though he were the only one in the top, and he states how he was hoping Melissa would “grow” as a designer (because of his help) , and  how none of the other designers “got” the challenge.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m having to work really hard to separate my impatience with Christopher’s personality from his designs.  A little bit of his gushy, starry-eyed persona goes a long way. Yes, I know he’s excited, but I wonder how much of that is carefully crafted for the show.

      • Qitkat

        Every season has an *appointed* designer who is given the most on screen time criticizing the other designers, under the guise of help. Christopher is this year’s annointed one.

  • Raise your hand if you also really want to see Ven in drag now? “Origami Rose”, with a ginormous black Geisha wig and something kimono-y with a dainty fan …

    If they could somehow do a mash-up of Dmitiri and Christopher’s dresses, they’d have perfection. Dmiitri’s dark color (for the ‘sky’,like has been said) and maybe something fringey-er for the skirt, paired with the skyline, would be a knockout. 

    Debra Messing was adorable (and a good judge!).

    • someone call chris march immediately to order ven’s costume!

    • turtleemily

      I’m picturing Chien Po from Mulan…

  • Winter_White

    I just remembered the photo T Lo posted yesterday in the Lounge of the designers dancing on stage.  Why didn’t we get to see that?!  I feel so cheated.  *g*

    • alula_auburn

      I knoooow!  As soon as Tim told them to start sketching, I was all sad because the Rockettes were gone and there was no designer dancing.  Boo.  Next week we’re going to see how many minutes of fake baby crying footage, and they couldn’t give us this?

      • Frank_821

        there’s a video of them getting dance lessons on the website. it was done in the vein of the mail carrier to give them perspective. Fabio was pretty fab throughout

        • Winter_White

          Thanks Frank!  Just watched it:  Fabio is so cute…and Dmitry has those lovely, graceful dancer’s hands.

        • alula_auburn

          Yay!  My computer usually hates the Lifetime site, so I don’t always bother, but I’ll make a point to look for this when I get home.  Thank you!

  • PaulaBerman

    I wish Christopher’s had had a silver version of Dmitry’s skirt. Then it would have been perfect.

  • megohd

    SO AGREE about Christopher’s illusion netting. I loved the idea of his garment; didn’t like the execution. It took an exciting, clever idea and made it dull.

    Dmitry for the win, for me.

  • TomBord

    What a fun fun challenge!!  Such a HUGE shame the designers didn’t have access to authentic costuming supplies and a appropriate budget to really meet this dream challenge head-on. But what’s PR w/o designer exploitation, right? 
    It was very interesting to see how the lovely senorita’s  struggled w/ this challenge while the dudes thrived.

  • Tatiana Luján

    What would Kooan have designed for this challenge?

    • YoungSally

      Anime robot flowers

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    LOL, can’t you just see a line of the Rockettes with giant, pleated rose headpieces?!  🙂

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Was it Elena’s model who did that adorable kick?

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Loved Christopher’s turban and sunglasses last night, lol.

    • I really wanted him to keep that stuff on throughout the whole episode. That was hilarious.

  • Adella Thompson

    You know, I knew he would win, but I just didn’t see Christopher’s garment. Granted, as a ballroom dancer, I was strongly biased towards Dmitry’s (which was basically a fantastic competition-ready garment that I’d be happy to plunk money on right now!). But I just felt like (1) it was a tad derivative of Jay’s Chrystler dress, (2) not fitted fantastically, (3) not all that interesting to see in movement, which is really the entire point. It was a fantastic idea, but I was left most *meh* about the execution ultimately. Ven’s dress just kind of looked like something I’d buy at a mall shop for teenagers… or looking at closer pictures of it… a Halloween costume I’d find at Kmart (with a witch hat that had sparkly tassles or something). 

  • He’s the quintessential One-Way Monkey.” Ha! I love you guys so much.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I want to enjoy some drinks with Dmitry and Sonjia some day. Siiiiigh…

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Oh my gosh, me too. He’s classy, clever, graceful, AND good-looking! What a dreamboat!

    • i agree, except that physically he just doesn’t do it for me.  i would love to hang out with him but there’s no sexual chemistry there.  i like some meat on my men!

      and, just out of curiosity, do we know what his gender preferences are?  it seems to me he’s avoided any indication of which team he plays for.  not that he’s obligated to invite us into his bedroom.  so often designers come on to pr proclaiming their allegiances.  remember “i’m the father of two girls” Joe?  and “I’m the only straight guy” kevin?  and how ’bout that weird guy with bowler hat, who claimed he was at a disadvantage because he was straight and the model was shaking her boobs at him?  dimitry remains a mystery.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         I like an air of mystery to a man, though. I think the only thing we knew about him before the ‘Heritage’ challenge was that he was a ballroom dancer.

      •  I know, this year we did not have the “NO I SWEAR I’M STRAIGHT! REALLY!!” guy.  I think this might be a “first time in Project Runway history…”

      •  After Heidi’s dance he said something like, “It was a surprise to see Heidi in that little green dress.  And the way she moves – oh baby!”  So I guess he’s straight?  His delivery was pretty deadpan.

  • Agree..Mr Gunn was wrong in detering Christopher in halting the direction of his first skirt! Again!

  • I would have been interested to see what lead to the second trip to Mood. Does Tim look around the work room and tell the producers ” Do something Quick!”….? 

  • Diana Martinez

    SOOOOOO mad that Dimitri didn’t win.  SO. MAD.   Loved Christopher’s idea, but the judges agreed that it DIDN’T MOVE! Bah. 

  • golden_valley

    Dimitry’s costume was a ballroom dance costume.  It showed lots of skin and had lots of movement in the lower regions. I think he lost because of that.  Rockette costumes just aren’t the same.  They stick with the ’30’s and ’40’s style and are just not as sexy.  Christopher’s was more in the style traditionally associated with Rockettes.  Ven’s costume was appropriate for a kick line but really too restrained in color and lack of ornamentation.

  • vee quu

    The designers gushing all over her (Christopher, come on now) was pretty embarrassing.  “Thank you, Debra Messing.”  UGH.

  • vee quu

    I was about to ask if Tim Gunn’s involvement as a producer this season may have had some positive effect on the trend away from megadrama back towards the show’s roots……….. but then I discovered he was a producer for the latter half of last season as well.  So much for that theory.

    • maybe he was so irate by the end of last season that the others had to promise to do better to keep tim from walking out.

    •  Maybe that’s why, though.  He through a fit, threatened to walk, but it was too late to change the season.  So they gave him the producer slot as a guarantee that he’d be able to restore some integrity to the next season.

  • Ven gave up.  You could tell he just stopped caring because he was so relaxed and opened up at dinner and just didn’t seem to give a flying frack anymore.  He’s so much like Bert, it’s scary.

    • Qitkat

      Bert has more talent.

      • Maybe.  I haven’t seen enough of either to say.  But they both have the same background before the show, and Ven will end up following Bert’s path after the show.  They both just stopped giving a crap about the show, and it’s kinda fun when people stop playing into the producers hands when they try to get everyone to go all Hunger Games on each other.

        • In what way do they have anywhere close to the same background?  Ven is 28 and has not a whole lot of practical experience, as evidenced most strongly by the fact all he could ever cite was his time at design school.  He gave no thought whatsoever to any of the practical side of fashion, like the fact that his beloved roses would be horribly unflattering to clients.  He also had a non-American ethnic and cultural heritage, which may or may not influence design choices — most designers are heavily influenced by their backgrounds.

          Bert, however, had been in fashion since the 70s — with a hiatus of unstated duration — working for Halston and having impeccable experience and credentials.  If anyone understood how the business of fashion operated, it was Bert.  He has since been working for Lifetime writing a blog for the site, so clearly hasn’t severed ties with the show.

          • Good god, all I’m saying is they seem very similar in terms of attitude, style, and professional background.  No, Ven’s is not as long as Bert’s, but it’s not that different.  Also, I didn’t man to convey that Bert had severed ties with the show.  He just didn’t seem to care about winning it.  He cared more about doing the designs he wanted to do and screw the rest of it.

            But, you win.  I fold.

  • Yeah, I was thinking a black sheer would look way better, or at least keep this costume and make an alternate with black sheer for other events. This skirt was too stiff as well.

    I did like that silver netting Ven got and agreed it was an unexpected color, but what he did with it was… nothing. It’s too bad.

    • yes, i thought that a dark sheer would have been perfect.  and i’m wondering how that light skin-toned sheer will look on a dark-skinned woman.  not good, i imagine.

  • DJ Ron Slomowicz

    Calling him a monkey? Can we hold off on racial epithets please?

    • Scarlet39

      Are you kidding? Dmitry got the expression confused and called him a “one way monkey” instead of a “one trick pony”.  It has absolutely nothing to do with race. 

    • mhleta

      You must have missed it, DJ Ron Slomowicz, but this was in reference to Dmitry’s malapropism in an earlier episode. Dmitry meant to refer to Ven as a one-trick-pony, but he couldn’t think of the proper expression (because of the language barrier presumably) so he called him a “one way monkey.” You’ll notice it repeated by other commenters many times throughout different posts. No racial epithet intended.

    • Citric

      It’s not a racial epiteth, it’s a reference to a Dmitry malapropism. He was trying to think of the expression “one-trick pony” and didn’t know the actual saying, so he went with “one-way monkey.”

  •  And Anya was CONSTANTLY getting help — she was regularly being lent a hand by her fellow designers (and the producers).  Even then it didn’t bug me until she refused to help in return after losing her money. 

  • mhleta

    “Heidi’s euphoria in this scene was both hilarious and endearing.” Yes, she had me chuckling a bit. I kept thinking of her as a version of Kristen Wigg’s washed up stage actress, ie “Don’t make me dance! No, please, don’t make me DANCE!”

  •  I actually think it might be better to show as a decoy than as a runner up — you can do only what you want to do.  And yes, it’s not the big event that PR likes to pretend, but you only need to impress one big client.

    • That’s true.

  • Coco Cornejo

    Am now wondering what guidance and budget the decoy designers were given. 

    I ask because it was pretty obvious to me that both Gunnar and Ven’s collections screamed “I’m just here taking up space” variety. And am left wondering about Dimitry’s collection since he used the heavy brow makeup that a previously Auf’ed designer used. Was it Olivier?

    • Qitkat

      It’s been said many times. They all get exactly the same budget. But no Tim guidance.

  • e jerry powell

    What I thought was amusing was the tweet from the owner of Mood about how Ven was the only designer who actually followed the parameters of the challenge.

    • YoungSally

      Really — I am so confused.  Unless it had to do with construction.  Or I just can’t remember.

  • Srw27

    “It’s like Tootie went on to college and had Maya Angelou as her professor.” And I officially choked on my lunch.  Snerk.

    I love me some Tootie Angelou!!  And Ven’s was BLAH with a capital B

  • Bittybis

    I knew as soon as I saw Ven’s NYFW collection that it was a decoy, because there’s no way all those roses weren’t a giant FU.

  • Call me Bee

    Christopher’s dress was a brilliant design and I’m glad he won (though I would have been happier had Dimitry won…) but I wish it would have been a different color.  White can look stunning on stage, but the skyline details will be lost in a place like RCMH.  However–it sounded like the outfit would be worn for community performances, so in a more intimate theater, that dress will be stunning.  It was fun to watch a good idea hatch and develop without all the hemming and haeing of some of the other designers (except Dimitry–he also knew from the very begniing what he was going to do and he did it.)  So–well done, Christopher.

    I have to disagree that Ven was aufed because of his “real woman” challenge.  This dress lost it for him all on it’s own. It was not only boring, but poorly fitted and styled.  It’s like if he couldn’t make his origami rose, he just kinda gave up.  Ven was in already in trouble when they showed the sketch.  It wasn’t intersting enough.  I loved the color, but MK was so right when he said it was a MOB dress just shortened.  Yawn.

  • Alan Pursell

    NO! Gentle Venbot was just starting to learn about human emotions! Now he’s doomed to cold preprogrammed roses forever!

  • voter1

    Not surprised to see Ven go.  When you posted the pics from fashion week, I immediately knew it was a decoy collection.

    • Pupioso

       Same here. I knew he was gone the instant I saw them and confirmed when they told him to stop the rose thing last week. No way was he going through.

    • Lisa_Cop

      There’s also a brief video from Canada’s Fashion News on the PR show.

  • Cathy S

    I loved Christopher’s design but I thought from the beginning that it was just too washed out. I think they should definitely change the color for the actual costumes. The colors of Dmitry’s dress would have been great with this design. That said, I loved the skirt on Dmitry’s dress and the rest of it was pretty great too. Ven’s dress really was very boring.

  • Christopher’s costume will look blinding under the lights (which is good or bad, depending) but also will wash out from a distance and just look white.  His costume was nice but that skirt made the model look quite boxy and was so stiff…I don’t know if it’s quite functional.  Dmitry’s on the other hand while yes, it’s “sexy” for Lifetime’s PR standards, it’s 2012!  One of the examples they showed the designers was all peek-a-boos so what are they talking about?  Dmitry’s moved, looked functional, and was modern.  I would’ve given him the win.

    Poor Ven’s time was up some episodes ago.  His costume really was under designed, boring, and looked like a cheap cocktail dress more than a costume/Rockette costume.  Bye bye gurl!

  • I usually roll my eyes and groan and Michael Kor’s corny attempts at bitchy, biting humor.  However “His drag name should be Origami Rose!” was his best line, not only of this season, but I think in PR history…I nearly peed myself!

    • Yeah, Kors absolutely outdid himself with “Origami Rose” – that was gold!

  • Susan Crawford

    Of all the contestants, only Dmitry really heard the part of the challenge that stressed making the design MODERN. And frankly, I would definitely have given him the win, but you can’t beat a New York skyline. You just can’t. I also wished, as T and Lo did, that Christopher had gone for a deep blue sheer rather than a nude pink. I have a feeling that his skirt will also be edited when the outfit is produced.

    And Ven justly goes home. I knew he was headed for the auf when he was so nice and friendly and supportive and huggy-bear. On PR, the moment a previously unlikeable contestant gets all sweet, you know they’re done. (I was also worried about Tootie with the teary boyfriend skype, and Elena with her wine-fueled apologies at dinner, but it was Ven’s time to go.)

    I’ve been to Mood, and lemme tell ya –  anyone who says they couldn’t find the right sequins/crystals/trimming/glitz has taken a few too many sad pills washed down with a tumbler of salty tears. Those aisles are positively BLINDING! Yes, I know they have a budget and a time limit, but there are puh-lenty of choices.

    All in all, this really was one of the better episodes in a long time. And hearing Tim say, “Bitch slap those bitches” is one for my personal Project Runway Quotable Quotes Book!

  • Susan Crawford

    Why not get a judge like Bebe Neuwirth, one of the great Broadway dancers? Or – and this would have been KILLAH – how about Debbie Reynolds, who is a veritable dance goddess, AND knows her way around great costume design?

    • Laylalola

      Deborah Messing isn’t a smash Broadway musical writer, by she plays one on TV. 

  • Please, no more social time with the PR contestants. Last week, it was dinner with family, this week, it was a night out on the town. I don’t care about that crap, I would rather they gave the contestants more time to sketch, shop and sew (seriously, they only got 15 minutes to shop at Mood that second time around? 30 minutes to sketch?). No wonder there is no exciting clothing anymore.

    And am I the only one who didn’t love Christopher’s? I feel like I’ve seen the skyline thing done before and it’s a bit of a cliche since the Rockettes famously dance to “NY, NY”. Maybe I just didn’t like it because I have a thing against ugly illusion fabric. Plus I don’t think it would read at all in the audience and I am not sure how I’d feel with 50 dancers in that costume. Though, perhaps I might have loved it in midnight blue.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I agree with your first 
      paragraph entirely.

  • Susan Crawford

    I loved his Homage to Sonji, too. Those two can rock a mean turban!

  • Susan Crawford

    The above comment was supposed to appear near the comments about Christopher’s demonstration of “the walk” to his model. Thanks, Disqus.

  • rainwood1

    I’ve never had the Ven hate that so many do, and it was clear he wasn’t going to win, but it must really burn to lose to that hideous POS Elena put out.  Ven may not have a lot of range, but at least he has taste.  Elena is the next one out and then it’s a race to see who goes to the finale with Dmitry and Christopher.

    I haven’t liked this season that much, mostly because so few of the designers have shown real talent. It’s better than last season but that’s a REALLY low bar to clear.  

    I also can’t help but be influenced by seeing everyone’s finale collection already.  No one hit it out of the park so I don’t have much invested in who wins.   

  • I find it a little silly they questioned Dmitry’s being too sexy, yet Christopher’s winning design has a slit that could be a little awkward during high kicks. Just sayin’!

  • I adore Christian’s costume. However, his model has a very small bust. How will Rockettes with even a slightly larger cup size look in it? Granted they’re all thin and toned, and probably the same size, but I feel like even a slightly bigger chest would ruin the Chrysler building. 

    • Yes, the Rockette’s aren’t big girls, but they’re bigger than say, a ballet dancer, who would have a smaller chest.  You put any girl with a B cup in Christopher’s design, and you’re going to get some fallout from behind The Chrysler building!

  • I loved this challenge – it was something actually new. And I absolutely love the picture I saw elsewhere (did you boys tweet it, I think?) of Tim standing in the kick line with the Rockettes. Fun!

    And I agree about the illusion fabric on Christopher’s. I would also liked to have seen dark blue for the sky. And Ven’s was awful– Appalachian Barbie awful.–GothamTomato

  • snarkykitten

    I should probably start actually watching PR again. So delighted to hear that Ven Diagram got the auf. Rose scented shitstain.

  • nosniveling

    I’m not sorry to see Ven go, but his outfit was far from the worst.  I’m thinking of Big Bird’s purple offspring…
    Elena was actually pretty endearing, she is quite gorgeous when not flipping out.

  • jjfg

    I was 99% sure Christopher would get the win, although I liked Dmitri’s much better.  I don’t know WHY the Rockettes should wear a dress with the NY skyline.  Seriously?  Anybody NOT know where Radio City is located?  I would have liked it more if it had fitted better, but when you looked at the fit of Dmitri’s, then the fit of Chrisophers – no comparison.  But it was an original idea and hopefully it will look better when it’s actually rendered for the Rockettes.

    And Ven?  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Zippypie

    Hey, was anyone else disappointed that they didn’t show footage of the designers dancing?  What happened to that??! 🙁

    • It’s on the Lifetime videos at the site.

  • Cousin_Rose

    Dimitry waz robbed

    • Oh, totally!  I’m so sick of his only win having been last week, it’s insane. 

  • Meelah

    You could tell that Tim couldn’t give two shits when Ven was booted out.  It was nice to see Ven show some compassion and shoulder hug Elena on the couch in the judging waiting area.  Good riddens though…

  • Megan Patterson

    That judging session was HILARIOUS and highly entertaining, as was the whole episode. Keep it up Project Runway! Next week looks pretty crazy, I dunno how they’re supposed to design for babies either. I think Dmitry should have won though, because his dress moved so much better. I won’t be surprised if the actual final design has a kickier skirt. 

  • cclaussen3

    My only issue with Christopher’s is the lack of any structure to support the girls up top. Dimitry’s was so impeccably constructed, perhaps one of the most tailored polished finished garments ever produced on PR. Well done!

  • guest2visits

    Christoher’s had the dainty charm of a pale, sparkly skyline – but everyone’s of the concesus that it would need to lose that
    color scheme almost completely to be seen, and that the skirt would also need to be modified to work for the famous Rockette
    kicks.  I don’t know why not the same consideration for Dimitry’s – his center panel of nude illusion net could be blue, if more
    modesty is the aim.  Christopher’s design was very retro in style, and pretty too. But I thought Dimitry’s felt very fresh and new,
    and abit different from the Rockettes’ standard forms. It also looked like it was dancing just standing there. That’s got to count for
    some extra points.
    I thought Ven’s wasn’t quite that bad. He should have gotten himself back to Mood for some sparkleys. And I thought Tim’s  
    suggestion to keep the overlap edges was wonderful, it added some dimension.  But the fabric was pretty, the design had a good
    shape, and it really didn’t need much more. I thought his was definitly not the worst; Elena’s was a deflated mylar balloon, – the
    fit was terrible (again); and the top of Fabio’s was hideous, Melissa’s had a few design issues, and Sonjia’s was a complete
    malfunction for a dance costume; sad purple Tweety.  Sonjia’s was the out.   I thought Ven was more tied with Fabio’s.

  • bitterk

    I preferred Dmitry’s design simply because I could actually see the dancers performing in it and I agree that Chritopher’s fabric choice would not have met at least one of the requirements.  Both designs were impressive so I could understand either winning.   Ven leaving was expected.  I think the judges were looking for a reason and he gave it to them on a  platter.  The far more puzzling, confusing and disconcerting outcome was Fabio in the middle.  No one loves the freegan cutie more than I, but his design was atrocious, indefensible and unflattering.  And don’t get me started on the styling.  WTF.  The judges have a soft spot for him and he should thank his lucky stars.

  • See, again – I just can’t blame the designers for any crappier designs when they don’t have any real time to crank these garments out.  I mean, okay, last night was a two day challenge, but then they ate up a lot of their time by taking them out to dinner.  

    I am enjoying this season more than the past couple, which says a lot – the Gretchen and Anya seasons were unbearable.  Now they have people I can actually get behind, and the people who I don’t like aren’t totally loathsome, and the challenges aren’t bad.

  • Chris’ bodice needs Fabio’s skirt – now THAT’S a dance costume

  • Le_Sigh

    Damn I wish I could rock a head wrap as well as Sonja does – so fierce!

  • Karen Dickerson

    Is it terrible that after seeing all the finale collections, I’m rooting for Elena a little? Yes, she’s a crazy person. But I think her collection was completely kickass and could win it all. 

  • Hades Pussercats

    I actually liked Costello Lite’s nude and silver, in that it hearkened back to showgirl costumes in the 20’s and 30’s, when nude fabric really signified nude girl (at least from afar.)
    what do they do when they have women who are different shades of nude trying to wear the same costume? Especially considering they probably sub in dancers now and then, or might use the same costume one year with one cast and the next year with a slightly different one.

    Midnight blue netting might be pretty…

    It’s a shame– he really seems to want to choose his colors only for women whose skin is petal pink.

  • Christopher’s garment = Christian Siriano. That is all.

  • Christopher’s design = Christian Siriano. That is all.

    • HelenNPN

       lol “that is all”.  ; )

  • zbkat

    Christopher’s application of the sequins outlining the skyscrapers looks like something done by a middle-schooler in art class. There really is no elegance to it. Tim is the one who suggested he add a starry sky, so he added it. Tim told him the skirt was too short, so he changed it. There doesn’t seem to be any authenticity of self in his designs – he merely cranks out what he thinks (and obviously, quite rightly) will get him the win. Whatever.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I loved Dmitry’s costume, but yes, Christopher’s read perfect “Rockette.”  You can see them high kicking through New York, New York in that little number, though they’ll have to loosen the skirt up in practice.

    I don’t think Dmitry’s was out of the ballpark, and would have made a fairly stunning chorus line, but the Rockettes are the heart of kitsch New York–a kitschy New York costume is just the ticket.

  • So *everyone* was forced to use color this week! I loved the color of the deep purply black feather fringe that Sonjia used and the fabric she paired it with, just don’t like the result. Also loved the sparkly periwinkle of Ven’s outfit (ditto).

  • Truly_Outrageous

    Chris is not my favorite in this competition but even I have to admit that he did well (at least for the top he made). But I didnt really like the skirt. Like Nina said it didnt have any movement.

  • Clacey

    Christopher’s design will probably be tweaked for production, like his winning L&T look was. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went with dark mesh for the top (pink sky at night, Chris? really?) and a longer version of his original skirt.

  • “In fact, Origami Rose can be his drag name.” 

  • libraangel

    I agree with the comments about Ven’s  “dress” actually being quite beautiful (too bad he didn’t get any sparkles!) and about Sonjia’s: dancing with feathers on?! And I’m loving me that kicking Tim!

  • Dmitry should have won the Rockette contest!  Christopher’s was lovely, but it didn’t have movement. Damn, I wish Dmitry’s won, I could see that dress beautifully swinging, and if the shoulder was alternated between the 36 dancers as Nina suggested (in the extended judging clip on the PR site) it would have been magic.   That was a 21st century Rockette — Christopher’s was more an 80’s rockette; illusion netting with sparlkles?  It’s been done a million times,more of the same we’ve seen for years at Radio City.
     I hope the Rockettes will consider Dmitry’s dress for future use.

  • Bwin51

    Loved the bodice but not the skirt. Rockets gotta wear it for heaven sake. Those ladies kick their legs. Dmitry’s was a better choice.

  • ccm800

    In all my years following this blog and all my frank disagreements and happy agreements I have never ever agreed so word for word with you fellows on a PR post. LINE for LINE – Regarding the tone of the season  (thank GOD), Tim’s disservice to Christopher regarding the skirt to Tootie’s style right down to lip color! WOW! and YAY! Costello lights was a tiny bit expected (this cant be the first time this was put on a Rockette in some incarnation) and he really seems to have trouble putting in a ziper – it always ends up wavy – like he puts an extra inch on there or something! But those are minor crits and he won fair and square – though I think Dimitry’s was the update modernity the challenged stipped.   

  • KathKo

    I agree with you. that’s what I was wondering a few challenges ago : not so much drama. No drama queen circling the place searching for the next fight, no sad story about dead neighbours’-aunt’s-baker’s-second cousin or anything.
    Refreshing, really.
    Maybe the producers started paying attention to the fans’ grumbling and toned down the drama level ? And maybe in next season we will actually see some raw talent.
    One can hope.

  • I agree – Christopher’s costume was very flat and one-dimensional and needs lots of work before it can hit the stage.  The more I look at it, the less I like it for the Rockettes.  Radio City uses a NYC skyline drop for their city-inspired routines (ex. NY, NY) so the skyline on the costume would be redundant (and as others have stated, wouldn’t “read” past the middle of the orchestra;  beyond that, it would look like a crazed asymetrical design).  It might work for smaller venues or promotional appearances, though.

    I love the Rockettes, past and present,so say hi to your friend for me.

    ETA My apologies – I was replying to Allison Woods below and don’t know how this post ended up on top. Having a hard time trying to figure this out!

  • geeeque

    i thought christopher’s design was spectacular as is. i don’t agree with T-Lo’s criticisms at all. from row 3 back a dark blue sky would absorb the silver skyline and NOT be noticeable. and i love the straight skirt–it’s unexpected and adorable. all his design decisions reflected back to his original inspiration of art deco new york. fabulous!

  • HelenNPN

     Hhmp…its more Miss Piggy meets Nancy Reagan.   But still somehow adorable.

  • HelenNPN

     Consider it?  Heh, its a done deal.

  • Okay, Christopher’s was great up close but NONE of it would read past row five. It would just look like a big silver blah.