PR: Judging the Judges, Week 10

Posted on September 21, 2012

Isn’t it odd that the judges all dressed in stark black and white? Especially for a Rockette’s challenge? Not that we expected showgirl costumes, but you’d think the ladies would’ve wanted to go for a little glitter and color.


Heidi Klum

Heidi takes the prize for challenge-appropriate dressing. We realize this is a sudden and new criterion to be applying, but come on, it’s the Rockettes. How can you not want to have a little fun with it?

On the other hand, we really hate the bust on this thing. It looks like a bikini tip with a dress attached to it. And to be honest, the whole thing doesn’t look quite as impeccable as it should. It’s a fun idea for a dress, but it’s not making the impact it should. On the other, other hand, the shoes are an inspired choice. And so very Heidi.


This Week’s Score: 4.25/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 3.42/5


Debra Messing in Michael Kors

Man, this looks bad on her. That is not her neckline at all. And the dress looked poorly fitted, not to mention heavy. Read the body language. This is not a sitting-down dress for her and she knows it. The shoes are a nice touch but we can’t get over how poor her jewelry choices are. They just don’t go with this dress at all.


This Week’s Score: 3.75/5


Previous Guest Judge Scores:
Anya Ayoung-Chee: 4.25/5
Mondo Guerra: 3.5/5
Anna Sui: 4.5/5
Bonnie Brooks: 3/5
Alice Temperley: 5/5
Joanna Coles: 4.25/5
Rachel Roy: 4/5
Hayden Pannetiere: 4/5
Krysten Ritter: 4.25/5
Dylan Lauren: 4/5
Lauren Graham:4/5
Pat Field: 4/5


Nina Garcia in Tom Ford (blazer and sandals) and Celine (pants)

This is super-chic and perfectly “Fashion Editor.”  The shoes look really fabulous with those pants. The downsides are that it doesn’t really pop on camera and there’s none of the sense of fun that Heidi brought this week. Chic as hell, but perhaps too serious for a showgirl challenge.

This Week’s Score: 4.25/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 4.224/5





The ladies exchange sharp looks and hissed insults while accepting their crowns!


Heidi narrows her eyes and dreams of victory.

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  • Both Heidi and Debra need better support

    • e jerry powell

       I don’t think that it’s Debra needing a better bra or something, more that she needs a bodice that isn’t quite so roomy.

      • berkeleygirl

        Spot-on, though I do like that she’s looking wore womanly than in the past…

        • e jerry powell

           I mean, why do I get the feeling that it’s just something Michael pulled out of a closet somewhere in sample size and just threw it on her on taping day?

          • Lisa_Cop

            Sample size? I thought Debra has put on a fair amount of weight since Will ‘& Grace and this dress made her look lumpy and overweight with weird boobs. A total miss IMHO

          • e jerry powell

             Okay, more to the point, as the boys mentioned, is that the dress was not checked for fit before they chucked her out onto the set and turned the cameras on.

    • funkypeanut

      Yes, they both have fit issues in the bust. Since DM is wearing MK, I’d think that he at least would want to make sure that her dress fit her beautifully while he criticized the fit of the clothes on the runway. I also think, though, that that color isn’t doing DM any favors, and the fabric seems like an oddly heavy choice for the cut of that neckline.

      Heidi’s dress, on the other hand, makes her look really short waisted. The proportions are really off. I wonder who designed the poorly fitted noodle dress.

      • jjfg

         I agree.  In addition to the poor fit in the boobs, the high waist makes her look boxy – which I think she is, but that’s something I’d think she’d look to minimize, no? 

      • e jerry powell



    • patticake1601

       Heidi’s boobs defy gravity! They are fantastic.

  • Call me Bee

    I thought Heidi’s dress was really cute onscreen, but here in the close-ups…please honey.  Get a bra. 
    Nina–chic but serious, as you say. 
    Debra–her hair and makeup are really nice, but the dress is ugly.   Shoes are awesome, though.

    Ok so aside from all of that–MK is wearing white pants after Labor Day!  😉

    • lilibetp

       White PANTS after Labor Day are okay.  It’s white SHOES that are verboten.  ;o)

      • lovelyivy

         Hmm. What about skirts? Is there an official ruling?

        •  The no-white-after-Labor-Day “rule” is about as relevant today as “A lady never leaves the house without gloves and a hat.” It’s pointless.

          • e jerry powell

            As the saying goes, ladies are one thing, women are another…

            Hell, I can still remember southern ladies reading Princess Margaret for filth for walking with a lit cigarette in her hand. And I was barely more than a mere child when that happened.

    • NDC_IPCentral

      Remember: when he was wearing those it was some 6/7 weeks ago, well in summertime.  This footage has long been in the can.

    • The show was probably taped before Labor Day, but anyway those rules are old hat, even the shoe rule.

    • another_laura

      I get that the old rules may not apply but white JEANS after Labor Day – I can’t.

      • Yeah, I put mine away. I know the old rules are stupid and don’t apply but I just can’t do it either.

    • aeg66

      It wasn’t before Labor Day when they shot this though.

    • e jerry powell

       Point taken, but literally…

      They were taping in June!  🙂

      It’s not fair to hold him to rules when there’s a time shift involved, particularly if the producers haven’t told him when the show’s gonna air!

  • mhleta

    I’m not thrilled about Heidi’s dress and I generally don’t approve of overt mammary displays, but I’ll give her this: They’re real and they’re spectacular. 

    • Nayasabrina

      Gravity, though, happens…

  • janierainie

    Did anyone else think D M dress looked like a more boring longer version of Ven’s design? No wonder she loved it.

    Heidi’s dress seem’s very blah and looks like it’s made with raw noodles. 
    I guess I’m in a bitchy mood.

  • MilaXX

    It seems Nina’s style gets more and more basic as the season goes on. Still nice, but she’s not hitting it out of the ballpark like she did earlier in the season. Heidi needs to admit that the boobs need a bit more support after birthing 4 kids. Debra messing does not know how to dress her 40 year old body, which is a shame because she’s still beautiful.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Nina needs more purple chainmail in her wardrobe. My jaw dropped a few weeks ago when she presented that inspired number.

      • aristida_girl

        I love that purple chainmail dress so hard…it’s right up there in my fantasy wardrobe along with my black and gold studded chloe boots with the 3 buckles…sigh…

  • Wellworn

    Really?  Heidi’s dress looks like udon noodles embellished with barrettes.  And the top needs more coverage and better fit.  Agree that Messing’s dress is messy.  Are Heidi and Debra starting a new saggy boob trend?  If so, I’m in!  Fashion be damned, let em hang free!

    • call_me_schmeg

      heh. udon noodles.

    • alyce1213

      udon + barrettes    Exactly

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      I’m in too!

    • boomchicabowwow

      HA!  And wasn’t Heidi merciless with Elena’s “macaroni noodles” candy store dress?!  Ahh…the inconsistency!

      • Wellworn

        Yes it’s an unconventional materials challenge reject.  Poor use of udon noodles and barrettes.  Bottom 3. 

  • rorschach1992

    Heidi’s is really cute, very fun dress. The detail on the top is nice, the cups might just be a bit too small, but that’s not surprising. 

    Nina; very chic, but expected, how many times have we seen her wear this? I’d give Heidi the nod this week. 

    Debra Messing, no, that’s not her dress. 

  • How on Earth do you know which designer Nina is wearing? The jacket and shoes I understand but the pants? You guys are just amazing. 

    • Melissa Brogan

       She might have tweeted it?

      • My husband suggested that her publicist is on the ball and released the information. I was thinking that TLo was/were fashionably psychic or just that good. 

        I can see my tweet going out: “Today I am wearing a pair of relaxed fit Lands End jeans in a midnight sky blue with a turquoise and navy striped cotton knit tunic from Kohls. The shoes are a chocolate brown leather flat sandal from the Payless 2008 Summer line. Earrings are laminated paper in a kicky quilting pattern from Endless Slice and the rings are pipe cleaners designed and produced by my son. Hair and make up are self styled.” Yeah, I need a fashion intervention.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           You do not. Those earrings sound adorable.

        • lamireille

          No piece of jewelry is more chic than a pipe cleaner ring designed by the model’s son. 🙂

          And the rest of your ensemble sounds good too. We can’t all be models on TV wearing YSL.

  • call_me_schmeg

    nina is serving jennifer anniston realness. and once again, duchess photo bomb! (gah, i love him…)

  • Judy_S

    I spent a lot of time at the beginning and end of the program thinking what a great body Heidi has for someone who is so old. For some reason I found her looking particularly mature–perhaps the juxtaposition of the Rockettes, but also the runway models. She is a lovely, fit woman but…
    Messing I thought looked a mess clothes-wise, but I kept looking at her and thinking she is just insanely beautiful anyway. Maureen O’Hara, technicolor, fall on the floor and worship beautiful. 
    So I would give Nina the win this time, though by default.

    • boomchicabowwow

      For someone who is so OLD?!  If Heidi would stop dressing like she needs to be CONSTANTLY TOLD THAT SHE’S STILL HOT, you would simply think, “Wow, Heidi has a great body.”  Her body is KILLER!  For a 40 year old, for a 20 year old!  Watch her “Truly Scrumptious” promos if you don’t believe me.  She’s wearing jeans and a button down in them.  She looks 15 years younger and 15 pounds thinner!  I CANNOT take that one seriously as a judge anymore….

      • Judy_S

        That was my real thought: why did I feel she looked old, when usually I think of her as a lovely girl? If she had not been dressed “in competition” with the younger women, the thought would not have occurred to me. There is a softness of youth that is gone, but in different clothes you don’t miss it–instead you see the gorgeous face and strong perfect body.

        • boomchicabowwow

          It’s so odd!  She’s always had a penchant for short and shiny, but this seson and last have struck me over and over as her style DEvolving somehow.  I firmly beleive that if she were the 20 year old Heidi dressing this way, I’d be just as infuriated.  Well, Not AS infuriated, I’d probably give her a break for being young and not knowing any better.

          All this babbling boils down to me trying to say that I don’t think girlfriend looks bad as compared to the much younger women around her, I just think she looks BAD.

        • formerlyAnon


    • funkypeanut

      Old? It’s not like she’s pushing a walker or pushing hard candy off on her great-grandkids. Who are you calling old, you whippersnapper? Oh, and get off my lawn!

      • Betty Cagle

        Can I like your comment a million times? I so agree!

  • Judy_J

    Heidi’s dress is not doing it for me.  As others have pointed out, the girls need a bit of support—face it, Heidi….we all reach a point when they’re just not as perky as they used to be.  Nina looks sharp, as always.  Damn, that woman knows how to dress!

  • meowing

    Heidi is such a pretty lady, but her girls need some support.  The bikini top didn’t flatter her at all, but that fringe was great for the challenge.  Agree about Debra–not a good look for her.  Nina wins, but only by default–didn’t she tell ya’ll that her choices went downhill as the season progressed?  Rather generic looking for her.

  • gabbilevy

    The way Heidi’s top is fitted, her girls look like they’ve deflated. Which… isn’t fair to her otherwise lovely girls.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Heidi looks HORRIBLE.  Her tits are too damn old for that dress and the dress cups won’t fit at all.  Unless your nipples are at 9 and 3 or something.  It’s terrible.  I give her a 1/5 just because I wore similar shoes she has on in the picture to the office today.  UGH.

  • Scarlet39

    That has to be the ugliest thing Heidi has ever worn on PR.  

    • boomchicabowwow

      Did you not see the wookie dress last week?!  Or the wierd 2-sizes-too-small black bathtowel with the leather bust?  OR the CHEETA PRINT SWEAT SUIT PJ’S? 

      • Scarlet39

        I did.  I think this is worse. 

        • boomchicabowwow

          Fair enough.  I hope we can both agree that this season is NOT a high point for her.

          • Scarlet39


        • funkypeanut

          Nah, I’ll go with the hair dress for the worst. It made me itch just looking at it.

    • NDC_IPCentral

      Worse than a couple of those pajama outfits of a couple of weeks ago, or the Sasquatch dress from last week?

      • Tatiana Luján

        Yes, worse. That’s how hideous it is.

  • I’d rate Debra Messing higher than Heidi (much as it pains me), Heidi really looks like she needs bust support and that waistline makes her look broad.  Both of these things make her look like she doesn’t have the killer figure I know she actually does…

  • boomchicabowwow

    So, I posted this last week but it bears repeating:

    You guys have been scoring Heidi way to high. I’m calling it now! If this show is still on the air 3 years from now, there WILL be a contestant who throws Heidi’s “taste level” back in her face. I imagine something on the order of:Heidi: “I would NEVER wear that! It’s so sad!”Contestant:”Well, I don’t design for over-the-hill models in denial, so the fact that you don’t like something that isn’t a sparkling bath towel (*trademark-TLo) or the fact that you have no respect for a garment that can be worn both WITH undergarments and WITHOUT double sided tape is “criticism” that I choose to interperet as high praise indeed.”

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Ms. Garcia’s hair here looks the best it has in many episodes.  Shorter and less puppy-ears-ish.  Too bad she went for funeral black for her outfit.  A little sparkle or some color and she’d have left the other two ladies in the dust.

    Bad bustlines for Frau Klum and Ms. Messing. and a bigger pop of color (where have we heard that expression before?) would certainly have been welcome.  No one was on her A game this session.

  • msdamselfly

    Does anyone else hate Nina’s hairstyle?

    • aeg66

      She has a hairstyle???? 😉

  • Pants_are_a_must


    I can’t even believe you think that dress fits Heidi in any shape or form. She should release it to the Hollywood-hipster wild. Maybe Vanessa Hudgens can wear it in the next Coachella.

  • rainwood1

    Is there some requirement that the non-designer guest judges wear Michael Kors?  So many of them have shown up in MK and almost none of them have looked all that great.     

    • Laylalola

      I’ve wondered before whether maybe some of them are showing up in casual or street clothes, as though it’s the equivalent of a photo shoot and there will be a wardrobe available to them (and naturallly it’s going to be his)? Would celebrities expect wardrobe options and/or stylists on site for a typical TV show appearance (like I imagine they must assume there willl be hair and makeup stylists available to them before they go on air too?)

    • meowing

      Yeah, I’d think MK shouldn’t be too happy to see so many judges wearing his designs when those designs don’t flatter the wearer.  Hardly a recommendation of his clothes.

      • zbkat

        I often try on his clothes – discount at Annie Sez, where it seems all of MKs clothes go to their final resting place – and I’m ALWAYS disappointed at the fit. Looks great on the hanger, but not on me (and I’m 5’8″/size 8).

  • boomchicabowwow

    Debra Messing is beginning to look RADICALLY different than she did even 10 years ago.  Yes, some of it’s the natural aging process, but I can’t help wondering if she was under an insane amount of pressure to stay skinny while Will and Grace was on the air.

    Watch, now someone’s going to tell me she’s pregnant and I’ll feel like a complete ass.

    • No, I was thinking the same thing.  She was rail-thin on Will & Grace.   I think this dress makes her look beyond frumpy, though.

  • Susan Crawford

    Somewhere, Joanna Coles is waving bras at Heidi and Debra. Ladies, it is time to admit that gravity has prevailed.

    And could it not be a rule that guest judges have to wear something by Michael Kors? But wait: that might mean they would have to wear a gown made of old HP motherboards and a few thoughtfully selected accessories from the accessories wall. Sorry- I forgot.

    • boomchicabowwow

      See, I don’t think this is a gravity issue at all.  A 20 year old with the same cup size as Heidi would look just as bad.  It’s all that flopping about that’s vulgar.  If your boobs hurt when you walk (as I’m SURE Heidi’s did) it’s time to find an undergarment.  Or at LEAST some built in support. 

  • I thought poor Debra’s hair was tragic — it just squared off her face from almost all angles. She’s so pretty but this whole look frumped her up like whoa. Great shoes, though.

  • Laylalola

    Debra Messing isn’t a smash Broadway musical writer, but she plays one on TV. I guess that’s how she got this judging gig?

  • marilyn

    Heidi looks desperate and Nina looks disapproving (of everything), practically in mourning.  Debra Messing is wearing the most unattractive dress for herself I have ever seen.   Nobody looked good this week.

  • granddelusion

    Heidi, you’ve had a bazillion children. It’s time to give the girls some support.

  • Sweetvegan

    I want to see what Nina’s jacket would’ve looked like closed. There’s an odd-shaped flap that I suspect looks great when it’s closed, but just looks awkward when it’s open. But the neckline was probably very severe or high on camera, and in black the details would’ve been lost on camera, so she decided to open the top button and we have this weird flap.

  • kschwarting

    Poor Debra.  That is one unflattering dress, because in no way is she as large as she looks in it. 

  • granddelusion

    Debra Messing is so pretty.

  • another_laura

    I’m surprised you gave DM a 3.75.  That is a “girl that’s not your dress” moment.  I’d have given a 2, to give her credit for the shoes and because her hair looks good up like that.

  • Zippypie

    Poor Debra looked severe in the face and baggy in the dress.  Her poor mammaries look so sad.  Very unfortunate.

    Speaking of sad mammaries, HEIDI – YOU NEED AN EFFIN’ BRASSIERE!

    Dare I hope she heard me yell?

    All three are uninspiring but I give Heidi a marginal win for at least trying to spice it up for the Rockettes.

  • Imasewsure

    Love all the shoes and hate all the clothes this week

  • Tamara Hogan

    I think both Heidi’s and Debra’s ensembles would have looked better if worn with a well-fitting bra. 

    • poggi

       Yes, yes, and YES.

  • GTrain

    I thought Debra Messing looked like she was wearing an ornate burlap sack.

  • Glammie

    Sorry, I can’t give Nina the win here–she’s in fashion-editor safety mode in the black.  She’s wearing a uniform.

    Debra Messing–oh dear–she’s gained a scooch of weight and needs to adjust her style a bit.  And, no, I’m not saying she’s not gorgeous, just that she needs to rethink what works best for her.

    Heidi, Heidi.  Yes, dress has problems, but I actually think the make-up was kind of the big fail here.  It kind of went nowhere.

    In other words, Duchess for the win.  Just because.

    • l_c_ann

      I agree with Glammie, Duchess’ uniform works better than Nina’s default.
      Heidi….ok, I’ll say it….is she trying to get even with Victoria’s Secret for no longer employing her by convincing the rest of the world to go braless.  (It’s not working.)

  • Verascity

    I don’t get your scoring, boys. 3.75 for Debra Messing, after completely (and deservedly) trashing her outfit?

  • turtleemily

    Is Nina’s makeup different? Her face looks fantastic.

  • aeg66

    3.75/5 for Debra???? You’re nuts. Try 2/5 it was all bad, particularly the jewelry choice.

  • aeg66

    Its not just you. I remember in her Grace days how anorexic she looked. Hell you could see her ribcage when she wore revealing clothes & now…I don’t know if its the dress or just she finally said eff it & eats but its nice to see her healthy.

  • quiltrx

    Something vaguely Pocahontas about Heidi’s…me no like.  And honey, those things aren’t defying gravity like they used to.  Go ask the cheaters for some boob tape (kidding!).

  • Le_Sigh

    I want to steal Nina’s blazer.

    That dress makes Heidi’s girls look lumpy in the bad way.  I kept hearing Carrie’s mother screeching, “Your dirty pillows!”

  • LOVE what Nina has on!  Heidi’s okay.  Debra Messing needs to go back home and try again.

  • Monabel

    You were inexplicably generous to Heidi.

  • I’m not really thrilled by anyone’s outfits this week. I think I’m least bored by Debra, so she wins by default. Heidi’s is ok, but she really could have used a little bit more, um, support up top. 

  • kikisayshi

    Do you think Michael Kors ever looks at someone wearing his dress and says, “Honey, let me take you in the back and show you how to work this shit”?

    • Do you think any of the celeb judges take a look at one of his freebies and say “I’m not wearing this shit. Get me someone who doesn’t make me look like a cow”?

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    A number of the non-designer, guest judges have worn MK’s designs.  Anyone know if that’s part of the deal to be a guest judge?

  • Man, the front of Debra’s dress looked like the back of Ven’s Rockettes entry this week.
    And Heidi’s dress is uber-unflattering. I think it’s atrocious.

    •  I thought that about Debra’s dress too! And I just don’t think a dress with that halter-ish neckline should be made out of heavy tweed!  Looks itchy.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i understand the impetus behind the heidi geegawgery & froufroutiness. i like what it says, yes, but boy that dress is not becoming.

    the other two [three] are just invisible.

  • UptownNippy

    Anyone know what Heidi’s tat says? I can’t figure it out.

    This is such an unfortunate look for her, she needs a stylist….T & L?

    • Snarky_Amber

      It says Seal. Ooops!

  • Claudia Fernandes

    week four? always week four?

  • e jerry powell

    Now that I think about it:
    Is there an on-set stylist for Project Runway, or are people just winging it in terms of how they look on screen?

    I know Nina certainly has it in her to pull something together every other day for taping, and Michael never wears anything different, but really, there has to be someone somewhere for at least the guest judges that aren’t designers or stylists themselves.  I concede that no one can tell Heidi Klum what to wear.  Ever.

    • e jerry powell

       I stand corrected.  Frau Banging-the-Bodyguard does have an on-set stylist herself, and her name is Maryam Malakpour.  Apparently she was also credited for wrangling wardrobe when there was still “Models of the Runway,” and interestingly (or not), handled styling duties for The Rolling Stones for two of their tours (specializing in ol’ bag-o-bones, Keith Richards) and was costume consultant for Val Kilmer during his porno period.

      Maybe that explains something, maybe not.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Loved Heidi in her on-stage Rockettes outfit, but the judging dress? Not so much!
    Poor Debra, except for the shoes.
    NINA rules, even in black.

  • Trisha26

    Sorry, TLo. I give Heidi a 1 for showing up. That’s it. Nina rules.

  • I’m worried because I like Heidi’s shoes very very much.

  • deshard

    Not a fashion q but why was MessIng even there or at the very least why wasn’t Ms. Haberman from the Rockettes org a guest? I mean wouldn’t the woman in charge of the girls want a say (on camera) in the judging? Just seemed weird to me to not have someone with HK, MK & NG from the Rockettes. No?

  • guest2visits

    I couldn’t tell what the material was on the tube, I just knew it looked terrible on Debra. Up close, I like the tweedy fabric very
    much, but man – that was a terrible use for it, MK. The material looks bad as a twisted halter top. Not flattering.
    Nina’s was ok; she could have used a color saturated gemstone necklace. Or maybe a pin for her jacket.
    Something to break up the somber.
    Heidi’s was pretty, but kind of too flimsy up top. Nothing new, really. 

  • ASK26

    ? I wouldn’t give Heidi’s more than a 3 – the shoes look good but man that dress.   

  • libraangel

    Yes, why wasn’t Ms. Haberman a judge?
    Debra’s boob fit made her look like she had sheep udders
    I am so sick of seeing Heidi’s boobs!!!
    Nina – You need a pop of color, honey!
    And God Almighty! MK is wearing WHITE, not black? SHOCK!!!

  • DCSheehan

    Debra looks drop dead gorgeous from the neck up. But that dress needs to be burned.

  • sk8tfan

    Love the fringed skirt on Heidi’s dress but the top walked in from a different show. Even supermodels need to lift and separate. Did anyone notice that when Heidi was with the Rockettes, her legs were every bit as good as the dancers’? She fit right in. If she gets tired of being a gazillionaire supermodel producer, she can join the chorus line.

  • Rachel Council

    I covet Nina’s shoes.

  • aristida_girl

    Nina is queen! god i love me some tom ford…and those shoes must be mine!

  • Can we please have another run of judge-libs? we haven’t gotten those in a while and they’re always hilarious. 

    • MikeW_PHX

       We need some Nina-Caps!  

  • Rebecca J.

    Is Debra Messing’s dress tweed?  Yick.

    Love Heidi’s dress and those shoes ! except for the gray smaller-than-the-sole platform.  I like platforms but they need to be flush all around to the bottom of the shoe – like Ms. Messing’s.

  • ccm800

    amazingly that dress did nothing for Heidi’s figure – I think the weight of it just smooshed Hansel and Gretel 

  • formerlyAnon

    IMO, you were kind to Ms. Klum. Her fame sprouted from her prowess as a brassiere model. Her bust needed some support, badly.

    I also do not see what’s so great about the shoes but I am close to irrational hatred of animal print these days, so I’ll bow to your greater fashion judgement.

    Ms. Messing needed a better fitting garment – I don’t know if her apparent need for more support is real or an optical illusion. In either case, one supposes that dress was chosen while she was standing & that was an error.

    I am almost sure I love Ms. Garcia’s ensemble passionately, but I can’t see it well enough to be sure. So, all in all, I will concur with all your scores but that for Ms. Klum. I’d say 4.0 is more than generous.

  • Lynn Landry

    It looked like Debra Messing was wearing a rug. (Not on her head, the dress looked like a rug). I hated that thing. 

  • Lynn Landry

    The last photo of Nina with the Dutchess photobomb was my fave!

  • Cathy S

    I think you rated Heidi too high. The bust on that dress ruins it, which is too bad because the bottom was good for a Rockettes’ challenge. Nina wins.

  • xmixiex

    it’s really nice that debra’s taken up food again.  during will and grace her sternum was distracting.  too bad about the dress, though.  also: heidi’s boobs look better than mine and i’m 29 and have not given birth.  supermodelgenes. 

  • Snarky_Amber

    I wonder if Heidi is going to get rid of that tattoo now?

  • WOWZA5

    You nailed it. But I did not think Heidi’s shoe choice was inspired nor a good one. Totally inappropriate choice with the dress.  Nina would look FANTASTIC…at the office. What can I add about Debra that you haven’t already pointed out?