PR: Hit Me Baby One More Time

Posted on September 28, 2012

Hit it, Babies!

Dmitry Sholokhov

While we liked the cape effect once you unzipped the hood, we have to admit it looked a little odd zipped up. Otherwise, it’s a really great look. It’s got a sense of whimsy to it and the graphic qualities (plus the cape) makes it the kind of outfit any little nipper would beg to wear. We were a bit surprised, because next to Elena, Dmitry did the most complaining about the challenge, only to demonstrate that he has a knack for children’s wear.


Fabio Costa

It’s nuts that this didn’t win over Sonjia’s.

It wasn’t just cute, it was thoughtful, because you can see that this is a relatively easy outfit to get a kid in and out of and mommy would get some mileage out of it even after he got bigger. We think what might have killed it for him was the manufacturing costs, because that trim around the hems and the use of the print were nice touches that would’ve cost money to implement.


Melissa Fleis

Oh, please. We like Melissa a lot, but this had the stench of loser all over it.

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PUT RUCHING ON BABY CLOTHES? Is she supposed to store goldfish and Cheerios in there for later?

The grand irony here is that she made a cocktail dress for a toddler but couldn’t figure out an adult outfit that didn’t look like pure ass. Those shorts are HEINOUS. And sure, the vest is cute, but how many moms are going to want the hassle of such a non-functional piece? Give her a jacket or don’t bother.



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  • To me, Fabio was the clear winner! It was practical, cute, fit in with Heidi’s line, and mom looked good. Show of hands, which mother wears tight and short skirts to chase their toddlers? 

    • batshitmomma

      I have 3 kiddos and I shower, blow out my hair, do my make-up, and then put on PJs until the kids are ready to go out the door. WAAAAAY too many show-up at the office with “surprise” baby puke on my clothes!

      • I thought that particular design flaw became very obvious when they tried to pick up the kids on the runway without exposing the good china! A slightly longer skirt, or maybe some tights, would have helped. 

        •  That’s why Sonjia’s mom outfit was so great.

          • Elaine Lang

             See, all I could think was how it was too long….she was practically tripping over the hem.

            Toddler wrangling skirts need to be cut full enough to sprint towards a child running towards traffic, long enough to hide the good china when bending over (bonus points for hiding stubbly legs) but short enough that you don’t have to hold it up off the floor or wear platforms. 

      • Anathema_Device

         Heh. My kids are older now, but I’ll never underestimate the value of a mirror by the door. One time as I was leaving the house with my daughter (a toddler at the time), I glanced in the mirror/coat-rack thingy and saw a big clump of scrambled eggs in my hair!! I still hang out in my robe until just before I need to leave the house and my kids are 13 & 17!

        • Pinup Ghoul

           Good plan. If your kids are anything like I was when I was a teen (though it really wasn’t long ago), you’ll need to be able to drop everything and run. I STILL give my amazing mother gray hair, I’m sure!

          • Anathema_Device

            Haha. Although, I’m pretty menopausal, so they need to be ready to run at a moment’s notice, too!

        • megohd

          trying to get my toddler’s teeth brushed without getting the toothpaste on me is an impossible dream.

          • Megan Patterson

             I can’t even brush my own teeth without getting toothpaste on my shirt, motherhood is definitely not for me!

          • adnama79

            The day I figured out that my son could brush his teeth in the back seat on the way to daycare was life-changing.  I keep a cup, extra toothpaste and extra toothbrush in the car.  His daily water bottle completes the routine.

    • OneBonBonIsPoison

       Heidi probably does!

      • granddelusion

        Heidi has at least one nanny, and probably household help as well.

    • adnama79

      You can’t properly bend over to pick up a kid in Fabio’s mom dress.  But I love him anyway.

  • Fabio’s and Dmitry’s were way cuter than I remember from last night. And I’m reminded that Melissa really, really should have been aufed.

    • Aly Light

       Am I the only one who thinks Dmitry’s looks like a Mario costume? It’s driving me crazy.

      • Carla Axtman

        My spouse and I kept chortling over how he made that toddler look like a leftover from the Crayola box.  That’s not whimsy. That’s a Halloween costume.

        • tripletmom96

           i see the crayola comparison — still pretty cute, and not necessarily a costume.  someone actually gave me cute little onsie outfits for my kids when they were babies that were solid color with the crayola logo printed down one side of the front — i have a really cute picture of them crawling down the hall in those outfits — one red, one blue and one green.  just thinking of that picture still makes me smile (they’re 16 now….)

        • Emily Rae Burke

           Yeah, I had this huge plastic red crayon sharpener, shaped and styled like a Crayola crayon, when I was younger. That’s instantly what I thought of when I saw that.

      • random_poster

        Nope! My kids both said the same thing while it was still in the workroom.  When the baby walked onto the runway, they broke out in the Mario theme just to drive the point home.

        • granddelusion

          And it’s still cute!

          • VanessaDK

             And it dawned on me that the only one of these I would have bought and taken home was Dmitry’s  My DS would have been adorable in that.  In real life I think many of the baby outfits were too fussy for me.  I am drawn to the simple graphics of it.

          • formerlyAnon


      • My first thought was he made a little gnome!

        • LesYeuxHiboux

           I thought Mario as a gnome. Which I find adorable.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          A cute little red garden gnome!

      • YES!  Super Mario was all I could think of!  But that was all about the colors.  If the jumper or shirt had been in another color I wouldn’t have made that association.

      • ddfrog

        I can’t see past the Super Mario Brothers look.  I didn’t see crayon, I saw crazy Mario.  
        ps.  Babies don’t like hoods or capes.  3 year olds, yes, but that’s not the majority of the sizes the line is geared to.

        •  Both my 3rd and my nephew who is 2 months younger LOVE capes.  Neither is yet two.  And the line is for 0 to 24 months, which means up to 3 year olds depending on the family — aforementioned 3rd is very much still in an 18 mo with his 2nd birthday a week away.  And his father accidentally put him in a pair of his baby brother’s 3 month stretchy shorts and they went on.  (I don’t know how we produced these skinny children!  Neither of us is particularly slight…) The whole “size by age” thing is a myth.

          •  Great! I read this out loud, and now my 11 year-old is tearing around with a Hello Kitty blanket tied around her shoulders going, “Children LOVE capes!”

      • Lauren Friedman

        YES, he looked like Crayola Mario for goodness sake. How did the judges not SEE that?

      • Colleen Robinson

        Thank you! That’s what I kept telling my mom!

      •  Haha, I just noticed that. Now I can’t un-see it.

      • Kristen Williamson

        My brother thought it looked like a red klan hood.

      • Why_do_I_even_watch_this_show

         I just posted that and I’m so glad that I’m not alone in thinking it!

  • Melissa-I’ve liked a few of her pieces, but I’m sick of all the last-minute freakouts. Get your shit done.

    I can’t remember if Dmitry’s piece was a onesie, but I remember that at least one of the designers created a one-piece look. Onesie’s are awful creations meant to torture caretakers. I think Hilary said that having a onesie was a good thing, but they’re not at all versatile or helpful when you need a quick change.

    I don’t know why I have so many thoughts about this silly challenge.

    • alyce1213

      Fabio made a onesie.  I’ve never had a problem with onesies, love them, and bubbles too.

      • You know when you’re about to slip on a kid’s pants and you realize that the damn onesie isn’t buttoned? I hate that. Plus, if anything leaks through the diaper, you have to get rid of the entire outfit, instead of just shucking off the pants.

        I like bubbles, though. 😉

        • ddfrog

          I always found the onesie kept the diaper nice and snug to the skin so there were less diaper leaks.  I did once snap my daughters thigh by mistake, but that was the only issue I ever had.

          Fabio made a one piece or a jumper, which is different than a onesie.  See Sonjia’s monster piece here:

  • Anathema_Device

    Yes, Melissa’s had a diaper full of loser stench all over it. I can’t believe she didn’t get the auf. The baby outfit was not fit for a baby at all and didn’t even fit her baby! The mom outfit was dumpy and sad. Many new moms (speaking from personal experience) already feel that way, they don’t need their clothing to scream it.

    Fabio’s was really great. I hadn’t considered the cost of manufacturing. I think the judges liked the versatility of Sonjia’s, with its 3 pieces. Fabio’s mom dress was a little short for bending to get a kid in and out of stroller or picking up the inevitable trail of crap newly walking babies leave behind them.

    • Yes, crayon! That was funny! And true, weirdly. The stripe details sealed it.

    • RebeccaKW

       And to cost of manufacturing-I would think Christopher’s would be costly, with all those individual petals and what-not.  Fabio’s was really great.

      • Derek_anny

         When Heidi suggested all-over flowers, I thought at her “Manufacturing Costs.”

  • I loved Fabio’s piece and once I heard them mention that he used velcro instead of buttons, I was totally sold.  What an adorable, brilliantly practical garment.  He was definitely robbed, by a considerable margin.

    • Sara LaBatt

      Also, pockets! Front and back!  For binkies!  And goldfish!  I would have bought Fabio’s outfit 3 times over for my son, I loved it.

  • VanessaDK



    AND thank you for pointing out the production costs–but wouldn’t Sonjia’s cost as much with all the details?

    • l_c_ann

      Chinese factory labor.  Probably inconceivable increments of so many fractions of a penny per pocket added.

    • MilaXX

       I’m thinking Sonjia’s might sell better because she had 3 pieces that could be mixed and matched whereas Fabio’s was a one piece. 

      • TropiCarla

        I agree. Plus it’s easier to justify the $30–$40 price tag @ BRU for a boys 3-piece rather than a one-piece.

  • Imasewsure

    I was thikning the same thing about the costs of Fabio’s outfit because the winning look was obviously so cheap to make (and looked it to me) – still don’t get the praise from the judges! Melissa should have been way gone for this ass on the runway too. Ugh

  • kategs

    Rushing?  Don’t you mean ruching?  Or am I missing something…

    • YoungSally

      i think you are correct.  And one doesn’t need ruching to store cheerios…..I could never figure out how my nephew managed to get food under his butt…while he was sitting in the stroller.  

  • janierainie

    To quote someone on the previous post: “Melissa’s was ass”.
    Fabio was robbed. If he had Sonjia’s model he would have won.
    I thought Dimitri’s was cute. 
    It’s funny how the boy’s outfits were so much cuter than the girls. It’s always the opposite in the stores. I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson and it kills me to see how much is put into girls’ lines compared to the boys.

    • Cathy S

       Yes. This always killed me when my boys were little. No thought whatsoever. Throw a ball or truck applique on some boring onesie and then voila! Boy’s  outfit. These boys outfits were so much better than what you’d normally find in the store. And Fabio was robbed. I wish my kids were still small enough to wear that outfit.

  • MrsMaxPower

    I like Fabio’s (and thought he was pretty adorable with the screeching beast babies), but his baby just didn’t sell the way Jude’s did. Comrade Severus Drape’s was just WAY too much red for me…it was cute, but read Halloween. 

    Melissa’s little fattycakes baby was so cute that I was drooling over her fantastic, chubby leg rolls. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Fabio WAS good with the screechy plastic demon howler dolls! I think he’ll be a great dad someday!

  • MarshaMarz

    i loved Dimetri’s — He looked like a little red crayon —

  • BB

    Comrade Snape’s hood simultaneously reminded me of Papa Smurf and the KKK’s Grand Dragon. It was the pointiness…or maybe I’m just weird. Love how Michael got put in his place over that cape, too. I don’t have children, but I certainly remember my brother and his cape. 

    • SewingSiren

      Raise your hand if you think Michael Kors was wanting to wear his Batman cape to school well into Jr. High.

      • Anathema_Device

         I’m thinking more Phantom of the Opera cape.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Dmitry’s hood had a whiff of garden gnome about it that I found quite whimsical and charming.  I would have taken Fabio’s design for the win. It was thoughtful and so damn cute. 

      As for Melissa, as TLo said-a cocktail dress for a toddler? No, just no, and those horribly drab colors she chose for the mom’s outfit were unflattering. That said, no one should have been aufed for such a ludicrous challenge.

      • CozyCat

        To me Dmitry’s outfit had a very European or Scandenavian feel to it.  Wouldn’t it fit in perfectly in a house full of Ikea?

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          It does have that sensibility about it-I can see a Scandinavian childrens’ book with illustrations of little Dmitry-clad elves/gnomes.

        • Sara LaBatt

          I thought the same thing!  Either that or the stuff I and my brother wore when we were toddlers in the U.S.  I thought it was weird that they kept saying how MODERN it was, when I looked at it I saw 1978 all over it.  I loved it and thought one of the judges nailed it when they said it was something the KID would want to wear every day, my kids both did (and still do) attach to things like this and wear the heck out of them.

      • I thought the hood looked like those Scythian hats. Warrior baby!

    • My bf said Grand Dragon, too. Poor baby!

    • I thought he looked like a red crayon, but the pointiness of the hood is a bit odd, especially having grown up in the US with images of the KKK.

      • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought KKK with that hood. Though since Dmitry is from Belarus he probably doesn’t have that association.

    • ddfrog

      Papa Smurf meets Super Mario.

  • Judy_S

    Fabio–well, Heidi can make more $$ on 3 sweatshirt pieces than on one high-end jumpsuit. 

    • MilaXX

      it’s being sold as a set, but any value minded mom is going to prefer 3 pieces that can be mixed and matched over a 1 piece + hat.

      • Yes but the sweatpants are going to get worn more than the jacket and after a few washings, you will notice the difference when you try to wear them together.

  • I love Severus’s look! I’m never having kids but if I were, it would make me so happy if they looked like they were wearing little gnome hats sometimes!

    • adnama79

      You’ll be pleased to know that little gnome hats are already widely available.  🙂  There’s gotta be someone in your life to buy one for, right?

  • Dmitry: MARIO WITH AN ELONGATED SKULL. Unzipped: very cute.
    Fabio: The best, but I don’t know how that hat was staying on at all. It was made to cover less than half of his dome. Magic hat!
    Melissa: WTF how on earth did they praise that mother’s outfit. The shorts, lordy. SO bad. Her baby outfit, if made in a different fabric, would have been okay, but yeah, stiff white denim ruching is a mistake. Her baby was the cutest girl, in my opinion, maybe that helped?

    • ladyjane6

      I kept waiting for Michael to say “that crotch is insane!”

  • EliseC

    “And sure, the vest is cute, but how many moms are going to want the hassle of such a non-functional piece? Give her a jacket or don’t bother.”  Amen, brother.  

    • ampg

      Melissa mentioned making a cardigan at one point – I think she ran out of time to make sleeves and had to settle for a vest in an attempt to make the look a little more pulled together.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Fabio’s was absolutely the clear winner.  I liked Dmitry’s, too, but it was a little odd-looking hooded, like you said, and that baby is a little under the developmental age for playing with capes.  All the boys’ clothes were more or less acceptable.  All of the girls’ clothes were… not.

  • GTrain

    Fabio would have been my pick for the win. Super cute outfit plus he consistently gets along with clients.

  • SewingSiren

    Dmitry. I thought this one was pretty cute. I think my favorite of the baby boy clothes. Any of them could have won. In fact I think two boy outfits should have been chosen, instead of giving another win to Christopher for a outfit that had to be completely changed for production.
    Fabio- yes this one is cute too. People like to give you outfits with hats. So it would be good to give as a gift.Melissa- Yes she should have gone home for this . The main problem is the narrowness of the dress. A-line would be fine. And the zipper placement. Why put a zipper all the way down the side? if she had put it down the back it would have been fine and aided the getting dressed process, no need to pull it over the babies head. Here is the rub- They added an exposed zipper to the back of Christophers dress for production , odd right? Especially after Heidi tore into Melissa about the exposed zipper. I like the face, but why wear a vest with a sleeveless dress?

    •  My husband said he would buy Dmitry’s outfit in a moment. I agree. I love the bright geometric designs for babies, not the pukey colours that are so popular.

  • Stubenville

    Dimitri’s made the kid look like a garden gnome.

    • Susan Crawford

      Yes! In addition to the Crayola/Super Mario influence, there WAS the garden gnome effect going on. (If only someone had made a baby riff on the lawn jockey look, it would have been perfect!)

  • alyce1213

    Fabio’s was the clear winner. It was adorable and chic, well made, well conceived, very special.
    I love Dmitry, but I really didn’t like his outfit.  It wasn’t awful, maybe a bit tacky, nothing I’d buy.  Too much red.
    The rest, feh.

  • Stubenville

    This is the best that the final five can come up with? Pathetic.

  • Stubenville

    And look! The Minnie Pearl blue suede pumps with the price tags on the soles again

  • Violina23

    “Is she supposed to store goldfish and Cheerios in there for later?”

    My 2YO says that that is a BRILLIANT idea, and now wants me to get her that dress…

  • Contralto

    Hate that last outfit on so many levels.  Moreover, infants and toddlers should not wear black.  Tacky.

    • MilaXX

      why is black on kids tacky?

      • No black on babies is old-fashioned.  My son has several black articles of clothing, and he looks adorable in them.

        • MilaXX

          I honestly never heard of no black on babies.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

             It’s rooted in superstition, from when many babies didn’t make it out of babyhood. Like a baby in black is inviting catastrophe.

        • alula_auburn

          There’s a whole product line built around the “Urban Babies Wear Black” board book.

        • khh1138

          It still looks odd to me to see kids in black, but I was raised by a very old-fashioned mum who would never have dreamed of putting me in black.  I think I was 15 before I owned a piece of black clothing (I wore uniforms as a child).  i even went to funerals and recitals in dark grey, navy, brown or dark green velvet…but my upbringing was very Old World.  Meanwhile, my mum loved to wear black and described it as “sharp” but I think she just thought of it as very grown-up. 

      • Contralto

        Not on kids, on infants and toddlers, and it’s because I am an old lady, that’s why.

    • The black is okay; what’s tacky is the cartoon face on the back.


      • I think she was trying to put one of Heidi’s “monsters” on the jacket…but I agree with you (((shudder))). I don’t know why they made such a fuss over it

  • TLo, thank you for all of your insight and fun comments about this silly silly episode. I’m really impressed the designers did well at all. I vacillated between a state of rage and outbursts of laughter while watching it. Laughter only because of Dmitry’s quips that highlighted the absurdity of this challenge, and Elena’s precious name for her ‘baby’. Too funny! Otherwise, mean-spirited and gimmicky challenge. Poor Fabio, he deserved the win for the thoughtful and adorable outfit. Did he create the hat? Or what that an available accessory? 

  • siriuslover

    Totally agree. Fabio was the clear winner for the boys with Dmitry a close second. Melissa should have gone home. Horribly executed, and she has a knack for time-management problems. At this stage, the boys were absolutely right to make her do the work on her own

  • Susan Collier

    I cant’ believe that Melissa made the Marie Claire work challenge dress for a baby (minus a spitup bucket cowl neck). A MINIDRESS. FOR A BABY. And a vest. For a baby. And it looks stiff as heck. WTF? She should have gone home.

    And Fabio should have won. I realize that I’m practical, but this outfit looked soft and comfortable and cute and easy to get baby in and out of. Plus no giant collar!

    Sorry. I love Dimitry, but this is total Super Mario Brothers + Crayola hood. I’m sure that if Heidi reproduced this bizarre outfit, she’d add some crotch snaps because you’d have to remove the entire overall thing to get to the diaper (or even to check if the baby’s wet). At least it was interesting (in mostly a “what a bizarre outfit” way)…

  • mjude

    fabio should have been the winner, the outfit was so cute & well done.   as for melissa’s, not goood at all.

  • afabulous50

    Love, love, love the photo of that little baby boy walking off the runway with mom!  Adorable.

    • MilaXX

       That is the sort of thing you frame. It’s cute.

  • Scarlet39

    Fabio should have won; Melissa should have gotten the Auf.

  • It’s been ages since I’ve looked at baby clothes, but Fabio’s might have lost because it has no ‘rack appeal’. Oshkosh alone has hundreds of variations of that exact look, and probably at a lower price point. Outfits like Sonjie’s are less practical, but also harder to find for cheaper prices, at least 6-8 yrs ago.

    • guest2visits

      Fabio’s did look alot like Oshkosh, now that you mention it.
      But that must mean it’s a very successful design – cuz they’ve been around for a long, long time.

  • Jangle57

    Obviously you can find justification for any decision if you really want to;that’s true in life as well as Project Runway.  They wanted Melissa for the finals so they justified the crap out of keeping her and aufing Elena.  They must have really hurt themselves reaching for that decision cause it was a loooooooooooooong stretch. 

    •  Elena was also in the bottom last week.  And the week before she was just safe.  While Melissa has been in the top the last two weeks.  I can sort of understand their decision, though I think based just on this week, it should have been Melissa going home.

      • Glammie

        Also, Elena was the only one left who’d never won a challenge.  She’s never hit it out of the park–so when she sent down her mish-mash, the judge’s saved Melissa.

        Melissa’s *was* a mess, but I think if she’d done a simpler, more fluid white dress the outfit would have made sense, whereas Elena’s just didn’t go together.  So, bad execution v. poor conception.  

        I also think Christopher’s was a mess, but somebody had to win the girl’s side.

  • MilaXX

    I preferred Sonia’s look, but i wouldn’t have been upset at a Fabio win.

    • Glammie

      Yep.  All of the boy’s looks were good and distinctive.  Who’d a thunk it?

  • Qitkat

    Fabio’s was CLEARLY the best thing on the runway. Cute, practical, no fit issues, thoughtful details AND he made that adorable little hat, which most babies would refuse to wear for long, but is something grandmas adore. I wanted that so much for my almost year-old grandson. Watch for Heidi to steal the idea.

    Dmitry’s was very cute too. He was smart to put the car silhouette on the front, because until then it didn’t have any pizazz. But that pointed hoodie was funny, though I didn’t mind it too much after seeing the zipper effect.

    The only thing Melissa did right was to steal the monster face from Heidi’s line for the back of the little girl’s vest. She was so clearly out of her element, and panicked with the mom as well. And didn’t one of the judges praise her mom’s outfit? HUH? Another cracked judging decision.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Fabio should have won, indeed, though I think most agree that little Jude, Sonjia’s baby, sold that outfit to the judges.  Blinded/influenced by that infant’s delightful personality.  Melissa’s was dreadful and should have been auf’d; her time-management problems and repeated need for finishing assistance from others – though not something the judges apparently are aware of – are dings, too.

    Dimitry’s was the sort of semi-costume-y outfit that a kid would love and love and demand to wear long after it was getting too small for the tyke.

  • granddelusion

    I thought Fabio’s was going to win. I would have picked him and Dimitry for the two top. The kids’ clothes were not only adorable, but Moms’ clothes were thoughtful and cute as well. They were also the only two mom looks that tied into (someway) the kids’ looks.

  • I just can’t.  This wasn’t a challenge.  It was one long commercial for Heidi’s crappy children’s line.

  • granddelusion

    I didn’t see the whole show. Am I right that the dresses aren’t being merchandised, but were only added to make the designers crazy?

  • Maybe Sonjia won because it was three pieces (more to buy, more money?). Now that I see the still pictures, that little blue suit should have won. It is adorable. Melissa’s looks even worse in the pictures.

  • All I could think with Dmitry’s was that the hood made it look like a condom.

    My favorite was definitely Fabio’s, and it’s too bad they didn’t pick it.

  • My little guy is 7 now, but I think one of the issues with Fabio’s outfit is that I doubt that it would scale up in size as well as Sonjia’s. That type of one-piece outfit tends to be strictly for younger babies, which Fabio’s client was. He might have been better off making it two pieces and losing the velcro closure. I’ve never seen an actual baby outfit, that wasn’t a Halloween costume, with such a long velcro strip. Zip or snap front, yes, velcro, no. Velcro is scratchy, bumpy and hard to clean. Not good for any clothing, especially babies. A two-piece outfit – elastic waist shorts and a snap or button-front top – would likely have sold much better and might have earned him the win. 

    • Call me Bee

      You make a good point, and I wonder if that’s why Fabio didn’t win.  Toddlers grow up quickly, but not out until they’re much older, so pants would offer much longer wear.   If they are bought longer than needed, they can last over a year as the kid gets taller but not wider. 

  • SapphoPoet

    I haven’t watched the show yet, but I really liked Dimitry’s outfit and Fabio’s. Melissa’s was terrible and she should have been auf’d for that. It was dull as dishwater and impracticable to boot.  

  • guest2visits

    Listening to Dimitry (and Elena) last night was the only redeeming value of the show!
    Alas, I didn’t like his baby outfit. Oddly shaped, the shortened legs made it look like baby had already outgrown the bottom half.
    And I don’t want a large hoodie attached to the baby’s jumper – only a removable jacket please, for safety reasons.
    Fabio’s little buckaroo was very natty. And his mom outfit looks better in these pics than on tv.
    And Melissa was really lost after she scrapped her leggings; she didn’t understand she didn’t have to make something similar to
    any kind of adult fashion.  In fact, that’s something I really hate to see in the stores: kids clothes that look like adult stuff in
    miniature. There is such a small window of time for kids to dress like kids.

  • Judy_J

    Am I the only one who saw Dimitry’s outfit and thought “Smurf”?

  • BrooklynBomber

    Eek, Melissa’s are terrible, though the applique on the back goes withe Heidi’s “funny monsters,” or whatever she says.  

    •  The monster thing drives me nuts.  I love it and find it adorable, but if I can buy it at five stores in 2 blocks for under $15 each, I do not want to see it on PR.  Is All Stars going to have a “Design a pair of socks” challenge?

      • BrooklynBomber

        Haha. Great idea. How about:

         a headband for Heidi
         a turtleneck for Kors
         a tie for Tim

    • Winter_White

      I appreciated the fact that the assignment matched the judging, which hasn’t always been the case.  Tim told the designers that the mom’s outfits were not very important…and sure, enough the judges barely commented on them.

      • BrooklynBomber

        oh, that’s interesting. a bit strange, but interesting, and points for rare consistency.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I loved both Dmitry and Fabio’s looks. Dmitry’s little jumpsuit made his baby look like Super Mario, a crayon, a dwarf, and a superhero all at the same time. It was like every childhood love mixed into a single outfit, with the cute little car graphic and racing stripes. Loved the little bit with Nina and Heidi explaining to Michael that looking like a superhero is a major plus to a little boy. I would absolutely buy that look for my nephew or a future Petit LYH. He whipped up a great dress for mom, as well.

    Fabio had that fabulous forties look, a babified marine mechanic’s jumpsuit. Clever use of print and trim, and I adored the little hat and the baby Timberlands.  So practical, cute, and fashionable at the same time. He really was robbed. He had the perfect model for his look, though. Easily the most masculine-looking of the babies. A beefy little baby greasemonkey.

    • Winter_White

      I don’t have kids, so I was just as confused as Michael Kors.  “A HOOD? that unzips into a CAPE?  What the…” — but then Heidi, Nina and HD, in unison, rolled their eyes and shouted him down.  “They ALL do that these days, ALL of them!  Kids LOVE that…”
       Which was so funny.  They acted as if Kors had been confused about the fancy, newfangled concept of “velcro”…or “zippers.”

  • marilyn

    Melissa needed to be sent home.  That was a mess for the child and the mother. 

    Dmitri did the best overall, with a great look for a little boy and a great look for mom.  In fact, mom’s look was rather stylish.


  • I am going to miss Dmitry when this season is over. He’s so unflappable but with a great sardonic sense of humor. And the accent: this week he said “fleep-flops” and it made me laugh. I’m sure he’ll be back for the next All-Stars after the coming one though.

  • CozyCat

    Last week and this week were the first times in the season when I started to feel the “Lifetime” effect.  They seem to be more interested in constructing melodramatic story lines than showcasing the creation of fashion.

    Last year we got the story of a plucky former beauty queen who taught herself to sew, won a competition, and became and international

    • Rand Ortega

       It’s so interesting how you mention being nice as part of being successful in this competition. There’s a very interesting article on the Fashionista blog about the “10 ways Project Runway changed the fashion industry” & that (the power of being nice) was 1 of the reasons.

      • Scarlet39

        That was great advice from Fern Mallis

        • CozyCat

          Yes, but not being nice didn’t get you eliminated in the early years. 

          This season, Ven was dead designer walking after the “real woman” challenge.  And Jeffrey not only failed as badly in the similar challenge his year, but made someone’s mom cry but went on to win the whole thing.

          Being nice seems to be an end in itself now

    • adnama79

      And I don’t believe for one second that Elena didn’t adore that kid. 

    • Elena’s attitude was intriguing.
      She hated her fake baby and cooed over her real one.

  • I can’t believe we didn’t hear anything said about those shorts during the judging.  Madame Garcia wouldn’t have let those pass without comment.  It must have been edited out.

  • Bozhi

    I think all three entries for the boy babies were pretty good, but the girl baby entries were not so good.  I really thought Fabio should have won. 

    I also agree with Tired Mom on an earlier post that Christopher’s dress looks like a choking hazard.

  • Trisha26

    Fabio should have won, very cute & practical, and I liked his mom dress – really different – just now noticed the black border! I also loved Dmitry’s outfits – both of them. And here’s another problem with this challenge. Fabio & Dmitry had the best looks but because they needed both a boy & girl winner, Christopher snuck in with a win. Based on this challenge, Melissa deserved to go home; so obvious the show uses that reasoning when it’s a contestant they want to “auf” but ignore it otherwise.

    • alula_auburn

      Also, it seems kind of silly to me to be so insistent on gender-branding.  I mean, I get it for the challenge, I guess, but in terms of the design in general.  Dmitry’s could definitely be done with different graphics on the front in a variety of colors, and I think would look just as cute on a girl baby.  Probably Fabio’s, too.

  • Isn’t using the gnome look in children’s clothing a European tradition? I have some knitting and sewing pattern books and there are lots of little gnomes in there. Couldn’t Dimitry’s look be referencing this? I even made a tiny poncho with a pointy hood for my son. It was great for being in the stroller. 

  • Winter_White

    I suspect that a Belarusian translation of Ezra Jack Keats’ “The Snowy Day” was Dmitry’s favorite book as a child.

  • alula_auburn

    For some reason I love that Dmitry’s tot-model is barefoot.  I don’t mind the height of the hood as much as some seem to; I find it all kind of charming.

    Melissa’s dress is even worse in close-up.  And the vest isn’t that original, and if possible, makes the little cocktail dress even more ridiculous.  

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      That vest doesn’t work with the dress(which itself is an awful misfire);it looks as if Melissa panicked and threw it together and slapped the monster eye motif on in desperation.

  • VicksieDo

    The judging on this episode made no sense for me.  They must have had criteria I have no clue about.  I thought Elena’s was the cutest for the girls, and Fabio for the boys.  

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I think the most important criteria was what Heidi liked best for her kiddy clothing line.

      • I think the most important criteria was WHO Heidi liked best as a person.

        This was NOT Elena’s day to go home.

  • Dmitry’s looked a bit costume BUT little boys like to play dress up and an outfit that makes them feel like comic book characters is something they love!  His actually captured the joy of babies the best…the others for me were terribly drab and sober.  Sonji won because her model kid was adorable not because she made a better outfit.  Melissa really should’ve gone home for that one but taking her entire work on the show, she’s stronger than Elena…perhaps not as creative or forward-thinking, but stronger.

    • khh1138

      Yes!!  Everywhere I go, I see little girls wearing princess dresses (costumes, really) and it’s not Hallowe’en, they just like dressing up.  How come the little boys can’t get in on the fun?  If it’s okay now for little girls to dress this way on a daily basis, I say let’s start selling fireman outfits and cowboys outfits and astronauts outfits as daily wear, too.  And sell them to GIRLS, please, too!

    • Here here!  I saw his and LOVED it.  A baby crayon!!!  Too cute.  Kids like to play dress-up, yes.  And while Fabio’s was also kinda cute, I wasn’t crazy about it.  I like the whimsy of childhood.  The girl clothes overall were pretty bad.  But whatever. We knew blad was going to win, remember the athletic wear challenge?  Gray and more gray won then, so why wouldn’t it now?  WHATEVER PROJECT RUNWAY.  Just end already so we can see who survives the cage match that is the upcoming All Stars show.

  • Call me Bee

    Dimitry’s outfit was totally cute.  The only thing I didn’t like were the legs–I would have made them wider so that one does not need to remove shoes in order to change diapers.  But the hood was awesome, and little boy would love to run around with that cape flying behind him! 
    I wish I could relaly see the mom’s outfit, because it looks very cool.  The tight little skirt is not so practical for a mom who has to stoop and bend, but the top looks comfy and stylish. 

    Melissa’s was really awful.  I was floored when she was spared the auf.  She seems to be a sweet ad talented person, and I like her design esthetic and personal style, she has not really produced any show-stoppers in the past.  Plus–always has time-management issues, which does not bode well for an industry that is driven by countless deadlines.  She should have been shwon the door. 

    •  I also did not understand the legs.  They were tight and stopped right under the knee, as though he had outgrown them.

      • I think it just kept riding up, but I thought the same thing. When that starts to happen on a baby, you get rid of the outfit because it does not fit.

  • elleg929

    The hood looks like Papa Smurf’s hat.

  • I love the way Dmitry says “baby”.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      “Be̞i-bɵ”. I love it. I could listen to him talk forever. It is both hilarious and sexy. I love his mangled malapropisms, too.

      • mhleta

        He and Elena had me in total stitches. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Don’t you think that we need a Dmitry bobblehead with a sound chip that says baby, one way monkey and other choice Dmitry-isms?

  • There will never be a crazier crotch than those shorts. 

  • neofashionista

    that last paragraph is pure literary awesome gentlemen thank you love it hilariously true

  • fringebenefit

    Fabio probably didn’t win because his dress for the mother was a sad, misshapen wreck. I’m all for keeping a designer based on “body of work”–within reason. Melissa failed miserably on this, but her work has been stellar, although she was equally bad last week…one more fail and it’s time to go home. Elena has turned out very little of worth all season, at least from where I sit, although her decoy collection was impressive. 

    I wonder if Melissa just wants to go home now. It seems to happen to a couple of contestants mid to late season. They lose the will to continue. But I saw TLo’s photos of her final collection, and all I will say is that I’m glad the judges kept her around. 

    • mhleta

      I loved Fabio’s dress! I seemed like he didn’t get to fit it the way he would have had she been the focus of the challenge, but his dress was my favorite. I don’t think ANYONE other than the judges would have picked Elena over Melissa to go home for this challenge, including Melissa. 

  • FABIO’s look could totally be made at an inexspensive or correct price. If that couldn’t be made at a good price how could Christopher’s “dogwood flower” covered dress?

  • tripletmom96

    i think you may be right, tlo — fabio’s certainly would have been more expensive to manufacture.  his was clearly so much better, cuter and more practical than the others.  his has snap closures on the crotch – i think it’s the only one that does.  as i posted on your previous post, i would never have purchased any pants for my kids without snaps.  fabio clearly made the most thoughtful outfit.  he was really robbed on this one.  i also liked dmitry’s better than sonjie’s, but it’s not nearly as sharp looking as fabio’s.  

    overall, it was a stupid challenge, but i guess every season needs one.  at least this was better than stilt-walkers….

  • EverybodysStarling

    Dmitry’s model looks like a teenietiny Super Mario <3 And Dmitry's comments helped me through this episode. I was chuckling all the time. 

  • Scarlet39

    I just don’t get Dmitry’s.  Granted, I know nothing about baby clothes, but it looks too costumey to me.  Is he a fire hydrant?  A crayon?  And the pointy hood kind of just ooks me out a little bit.

  • emily mcginnis

    Fabio’s is the only one I would consider putting on my child. Maybe. 

  • nannypoo

    Fabio should definitely have won for the boys. The judges praised Melissa’s little jacket, which is nearly as ugly as her hideous dress. I assume they were trying to find something positive to say to justify Elena going home instead of her.

    • DCSheehan

      Exactly. They kept heaping praise on that ugly vest thing, clearly because they’d already decided on the outcome. My god, Melissa’s stuff is hideous.

  • kaycem

    when the judges said that melissa handled the mom’s outfit “probably the best of all of them” i knew elena was going instead of her… this mom’s outfit was so egregious that i just can’t. the judges were obviously on that producer crack, looking for reasons to keep a person who put some serious hideousness on the runway.

    • khh1138

      I don’t know what they were thinking.  It didn’t even look like clothes. What mom (woman) wants to look like that?   And who wants to stuff their daughter into a slinky white tube?  yechhh. I’ve liked a lot of what Melissa has done in the past, but her efforts for this challenge were pretty unforgivable.  

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        There really isn’t anything that redeems Melissa’s regrettable designs for this challenge.  That said, this was such a ludicrous idea for a challenge, and to auf anyone was just wrong.

  • Thathoodwink

    Is there extended judging for Elena? It looked like they edited out some possible mouthing-off on her part towards Nina when Nina said that she did not like the jacket. I actually thought that that might have contributed to her aufing because I thought for sure that Melissa was going home. Melissa even said how much she hated the mom’s look…and that awful dress that Melissa made for her child, riding up the whole time, to me was the worst look of them all.

  • DCSheehan

    Snape’s outfit looks like a KKK Little League uniform.

    • rgv4

      No, it looks very European.  Even my midwestern born-and-bred kids recognized that.

  • rainwood1

    I loved Fabio’s outfit.  Cute as could be and it was the only one that still looked great walking down the runway.  

    Melissa is still here because she’s done some good work in the past AND because she didn’t diss Nina from the runway like Elena did.  Nina shot daggers at her, and they didn’t even show what Nina had to say during the judging session.  La Chica was not going to let the Ukrainian whine queen survive another day.  

  • yulaffin

    Loved Fabio’s outfit – he was robbed!  Also liked Dmitry’s outfit but why no shoes on the kid?

  • Susan Crawford

    I am biased in Dmitry’s favor, as I never tire of announcing to my fellow PR-addicts, and I really loved his outfit, even with the cray-cray Crayola effect of the hood. It was adorable and cheeky and smile-inducing, and most little ones would LOVE having all that red going on – AND a superhero cape. (Yes, Michael Kors -this IS a toddler-trend!)

    This time out, though, I really think Fabio was robbed. He created a great little-guy outfit with some very original details, and even managed a wearable and fairly well-fitted Mom-dress in the short space allotted for Heidi’s Evil Twist.

    Melissa just went nuts. That is the ONLY explanation for a pure white, ruched zippered sheath dress for a toddler. I liked the little monster-face top, but with the Baby’s First Happy Hour dress it looked oddly misplaced.

    •  I loved the little monster vest.  The little dress was obviously a disaster, but I thought the vest was a great topper than could have gone on another outfit.  Who says that little girls always have to be in dresses?  I think it might have been cool over a little pair of pants.

      • Susan Crawford

        Agree 100%! Why NOT put a little girl in pants? She just might want to spend the day running and playing instead of having a Mojito from her sippy cup, as that little white cocktail dress implied!

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Melissa’ baby outfit would only make sense if the BBC did a toddler version of AbFab. I can picture Pats or Edina toddling over to the liquor cabinet to add some gin or vodka to their morning OJ.

  • Megan Patterson

    Yeah, I thought Melissa was getting the loser’s edit! I was very wrong. 

  • Jean Albus

    First timer commenting BECAUSE none of that stuff was any good. And none of the moms looked better than they did before they met these designers. Worthless challenge, pitiful results. 

  • Linderella

    And Fabio’s outfit buttons LEFT TO RIGHT (even though they’re fake), unlike Sonjia’s.  That is going to make me nuts all week. 

  • Am I the only person who said, “It’s me, Mario!” when Dimitry’s look hit the runway? LOL

  • Why_do_I_even_watch_this_show

    Seriously, does no one else look at Dimitry’s and think of Mario from Super Mario Brothers!?!  The red, the blue, the black– It’s Mario with a cape (or was that a feather that caused Mario to fly!).

  • judybrowni

    Dimitry and Fabio got hosed!

  •  They can hide it anywhere.  When my oldest was a toddler we discovered he was stockpiling snacks in a corner of his toy bin UNDER the toys!  A whole little cache of beef jerky and cheese crackers… to this day none of us knows why.  I maintain it’s because my in-laws gave him a children’s Bible with the Moses story and the bit about the rivers turning to blood made him fear the end was drawing near.

  •  Honestly, it wouldn’t at my house.  I’m very big on sets being worn as sets — I put them in drawers together so I don’t have to  hunt for matches.  And I love things like that jacket because all of my boys tend to run a bit warm, so for fall, that’s the ideal outfit for them.  Plus, I find my children grow oddly: they stay the same size for 9 months and then they jump 3 sizes in 4 months.  So I’m big into layers like that because if they don’t grow by the season change I can just take away the jacket and it becomes a spring outfit.

  • Melissa’s been stamped with auf. She’s going next week for not having the construction skills or imagination for avant-garde.

  • Rebecca J.

    Fabio’s snaps on the insides of the legs – THEE most greatest invention in baby clothes ever.  I was waiting for someone to do that.  AND the pocket on the back of the top.  That’s like a built-in toy/distracter/keep-em-busy thing you could actually play with, with the kid.  
    Loved his outfit – would buy it even though I have no and know no babies.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    other than melissa’s none of these is radically better than all the others–& they all are good. elena’s a little worse, i guess–but not as bad as the abovenoted ruched & zippered business. it’s very sad, it’s just one more indication of how played out the whole francise is–or at least to me, anyway. it’s not that the clothes are bad, especially this season out of the last three. a lot of the garments people made have been pretty good.

    it’s just that the show itself is too contrived now & formulaic. i do think they made an effort to get away from how obvious it had become that the winners were chosen way ahead of time. &, of course, that the work had very little to do w/ the outcome. but the challenges are stale &, it seems, competent work is not enough to revive them. tossing in crying toys is not whats necessary. then again, theyre not really playing to me–who doesnt even own a television–so maybe i’m wrong. at one time i did make an effort to watch online, though, so theyve lost a tiny chip of a small corner of their audience.

  • nosniveling

    Yes, Melissa’s was worse than Elena’s.  Too bad, Elena was getting really entertaining.
    Fabio’s outfit was better because it’s one piece- you don’t have the jacket flying all over the place when you’re trying to keep hold of the little monster.  Costly trim details?  When they can make the dress with the attached flowers for 29(!?) bucks?  Don’t think that was the reason.

    • Zippypie

      If you look at the winning designs on Babies R Us, guess what? They’re both made where else? In China.  The details wouldn’t have mattered fiscally when you’re paying 30 cents an hour for labor.


  • Logo Girl

    I’ve enjoyed this show much more since I haven’t had cable. I read these posts for the comments and screencaps, and speed-view the episode on the Lifetime site. The the markers in the video make it easy to watch a 15 minute version, where I can watch the challenge intro, skip to the runway show, watch the judges pontificate then see the win and the auf. I am realizing that I just don’t care about a lot of the rest.

  • mom2ab

    Fabio was robbed- that was the hands down winner and his kid was cute too.   Elena took flak for making an outfit with a questionable taste level but keep in mind these clothes are going to be sold in a mass market mid to low price point store. By definition it should not have been designed to appeal to millionaire models/fashion designers/actresses/fashion editors- take her outfit to middle america or an urban center and see what real people think- I bet it sells.  Not going to talk about Melissa’s tragic efforts- what difference does it make clearly the producers have made their decisions already.  Finally- starting to really crush on Dmitry- “its like designing clothes for a cat”- accurate funny self deprecating and he went on to make an effort.

    • Citric

      This wasn’t a decision of the mythical producers, the shadowy cabal behind the scenes that are blamed whenever something goes wrong that people in comments don’t like. That was a pure judging decision, either due to wanting to auf her last week  or for not showing proper respect to Nina. The producers love Elena, she’s insane and produces great sound clips, while Melissa does not. You can tell because Elena tends to get more screen time.

  • formerlyAnon

    Dmitry’s kid’s outfit was my favorite, though I didn’t like that the legs were so short. Looked like something the kid was already growing out of. Nonetheless, it’s the boy outfit I’d most likely have bought. 

    Fabio’s came in a close second on the kid’s outfit – I may be prejudiced because I hated every single cute matching hat that ever came with my kids’ clothes. They were never shady enough to provide sun protection or warm enough to be good in cold weather. They were just completely gratuitous things for adults to think were cute and for me to lose.

    I liked Dmitry’s mom’s outfit, but I think Fabio’s was cuter and more practical. Overall, I’d have given boy win to Fabio if mom outfit counted, to Dmitry otherwise.

  • SVLynn

    Ridiculous that Fabio didn’t win, most adorable by far. Plus Christopher’s was very cute, but there are not too many moms out there that are going to want to get out the iron and flatten out all those flowers every time it goes thru the wash.

  • libraangel

    Dimitri rocks!!!
    As for Melissa’s baby’s vest, that “monster” was stolen from the stuff Heidi already has in her collection!
    But I commend all the designers for being able to design and SEW baby clothes. Could The Duchess do the same?!

  • Sweetvegan

    I can’t believe the moms walked in 3-4 inch heels, carrying their babies! And that runway is shiny and smooth. What if a mom fell down, holding her baby?

    • khh1138

      EEEeeek I was thinking the same thing.  Maybe they roughed up the bottom of the shoes?  I refuse to wear heels, ever, because I won’t take the risk of falling with just ME.  It kills me to see women wobbling around in pain instead of walking confidently.  I really don’t know how the models do it.   I feel a little bit one-note, sometimes, harping on this, but I swear a revolution is coming one day, and we’ll look back at the footwear from today and think it sad that women did this to themselves. 

      • Sweetvegan

        Yes, I think in the future, we’ll look back at today’s high heels (and the broken ankles and bunions and other problems!) and consider them in the same way that we now look at Chinese foot binding.

  • KathKo

    what a bunch of ugly child clothes.
    Fabio might hav thought about closures but it’s still drab and the print is monstruous.
    Don’t get me started on Dmitry. He might be the only one who thought about infusing fashion in that challenge but still, that’s unsellable.
    That challenge drove me crazy.

  • VivianAdvanced

    Melissa’s really was the worst. I thought the judges were actually too kind in the critique. I didn’t realize that was ruching. It just looked like the dress was chuffed up under the jacket. The poor baby looked horribly uncomfortable in it. The mother’s outfit was awful, but didn’t Nina actually like it? Elena’s work was pretty bad, but the baby looked OK in it. Actually, it looked like the baby might have picked it out herself. I’ll kind of miss Elena and her bitching. It got to be funny after awhile.

    At first, I was afraid Dmitry’s was heading for a Baby KKK line, but it turned out cute. I thought of crayon myself after it lost its Baby Grand Wizard look. That baby was adorable too, with his long black hair. I liked Fabio’s retro-baby. It looked very ’20s-’30s. I’m surprised the ones doing the girls didn’t go retro. I would have done a Shirley Temple/Darla Hood take, harkening back when little girls wore very short dresses and skirts with cute little panties underneath.

    • khh1138

      Cheers for the Darla reference!  “I’m in the mood for love!”  such a cutie. 

  • Catiline

    One thing I’ll say for Dmitry’s – you will never lose that kid in a crowd!

  • Liiiisten, I’m just grateful that Dmitry is safe – you won’t hear me screaming about him being robbed, or blah blah blah – because in this bullcrap challenge, all I care about is his fine ass walking from the runway to the workroom to wait out the other designers.  I did love the way he styled the mom, and the baby outfit was cute.  Not his finest work, but it was cute.

    Now FABIO, on the other hand – was fucking robbed.  No way should Sonjia have won over that outfit – Fabio’s was ADORABLE!

    Melissa’s was totally the worst.  I’d have sent her home over Elena for sure, but then again that leads to a whole bunch of people – myself included, I do admit – hollering that Elena wouldn’t have deserved to be in the finals over Melissa.  And this isn’t even taking into account the Fashion Week collections; let’s put those aside for a minute – I’m talking about the body of work *on the show itself* – Melissa has been far stronger.  If we didn’t know what the Fashion Week collections looked like, would we argue that Melissa should go to the finals over Elena? Sure.  But since this is supposed to be “one day you’re in and the next you’re out”, should Melissa have been auf’d?  Sure.  It’s enough to make your head spin if you debate the fairness vs. unfairness of both sides.

    • unbornfawn

      Sing it sister!

  • Dmitry: I respond to the graphic elements of this outfit (the black striping/trimming: pockets, hood, hem of pants, sides), the whimsy of the car, and hood-to-cape transformation. I like the tone-on-tone quality of the sweater. I say, good work. Mom’s dress is pretty messy. The top portion is quite bulky, and the dress relies on the belt to give it shape, and a very unflattering shape at that.

    Fabio: It’s very nicely done. It’s practical. I love the well applied double trims, the buttons, and the cartoon print/motif. Most importantly, he didn’t give the baby a high collar (probably because it’s a boy, but I wouldn’t put it past, say, Melissa to design a high-collared jacket for a bay boy.

    Speaking of Melissa– the reason she made a ruched dress, complete with side zipper, for a 12-18 month girl is because there isn’t   much else she can do. She doesn’t have the technical skills, inventiveness, or adaptability. She can make high-collared ruched dresses (not great ones at that), clunky asymmetrical hems for dresses (see looks for challenges #1 and #7), and high-collared relatively basic leather jackets (and, girly, please don’t implicate someone stole/ripped off your white leather jacket. Yes, Chris isn’t particularly creative and neither is your leather jacket. When did your ass invent high-collared leathery jackets? The judges praised the baby’s jacket. I, however, think it’s awful, particularly in the front (it’s odd in how the pieces overlap). There’s no way Elena’s jacket was worse that this. Yeah, Melissa, give a baby rolling eyeballs and cocktail dresses. It’s not that she doesn’t know what little children wear; it’s that she can’t do much. Her skill-set is painfully limited (come on, not Anya-like limited), but compared to many of the other designers’ work, hers is not up to par, not up to par at all.