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Posted on September 14, 2012

Is it safe yet to say that this season is … pretty okay? Like, not teeth-gnashingly awful in the manner of the immediately preceding seasons? Because the presence of Mondo and Anya served to remind us how frustrating we found both their seasons for all the camera-whoring and producer manipulation. This season is positively even-keeled in comparison. Granted, it’s not the most exciting season and we have yet to see any truly jaw-dropping designs, but our screaming-at-the-television quotient seems to be fairly low in comparison to previous years.




Product placement.


There’s something a little off about how self-referential the show’s become. Too much, “Oh, I LOVE this challenge” commentary, which only seems to underscore how formulaic and self-aware the show is now. Because yes, this is not a bad season, all things considered, but can anyone claim it’s an exciting one or an interesting one? We’re glad that the show hasn’t completely turned the proceedings over to the shrieking drama queens in the cast, but the challenges have all been kind of dry and the results rather low on the impressive scale.

On the other hand, we thought the “cultural heritage” twist to this challenge wasn’t a bad idea at all. Oh, we groaned at first, but then we looked around the workroom and realized this might be the most international cast the show’s ever had, so why not tap into that?

So congratulations, Dmitry! Finally!

It’s a pretty great print. Actually almost all of the prints on display last night were pretty great.

There was some discussion about how this is a print challenge and yet he mostly covered up his print, but that doesn’t fly as a strike against him, as far as we’re concerned. The challenge is to design a print and then design a look utilizing that print. That’s exactly what he did. And why this works so well on an aesthetic level and on a meeting-the-challenge level is that he designed that fantastic jacket specifically to show off his print in a manner that pleased him and stayed true to his aesthetic. In other words, a designer who never uses prints found a masterful way to use a print. If that’s not a clear win we don’t know what is.

It helps that he stepped outside of his rut and that the jacket is pretty fantastic.


And it’s a slightly sad but totally inevitable goodbye to Quentin W. Sweetcrackers.

Everything about this look was wrong, from the overworked jacket to the sad little skirt to the depressing and too-busy print.

The print is oddly beautiful in its own way and if the proportions of the design were a little different and if he’d designed a look around it that addressed the somewhat dark themes he was looking at, it might have worked.

But he made a depressing print and then he attempted to make a kicky little equestrian-themed outfit out of it. He was doomed practically from the beginning.

We could tell from episode 1 of this season that Gunnar was playing a game in order to stay in the competiton. His early bitchiness and attempts to make an enemy out of Christopher were clumsy and obvious. It made sense in light of the fact that he was eliminated from the competition before it even got underway last season. Clearly, he looked at people like Josh and figured that bitchy camera-whoring was the way to go. Ironically, his own personality seems to be that of a fairly sweet guy (if a little self-absorbed) and he couldn’t really keep it from bubbling up to the surface.

But with this challenge he returned to earlier form. This whole bullying thing was simply a calculated attempt to recreate the drama that arose out of Mondo’s HIV admission. He pretty much ignored the part about cultural heritage because he obviously had it in his head long before this challenge was even announced that he was going to make it about himself and about a Very Serious Issue he faced. Unfortunately, it fell flat. Mondo didn’t win the HP challenge because he’s HIV positive. He won it because he found a way to render that admission beautifully in fabric. With Gunnar it was just “I know! BULLYING!” With no real thought put into the aesthetics of it and no real attempt to address the cultural heritage part of it . Because no, Gunnar, “I was bullied” is not “heritage.” It’s experience. Two entirely different things. And it seems to us that the judges saw right through his calculation. Ven’s was pretty bad but Gunnar’s was bad, calculated, and ignored what the challenge asked for.



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  • Mighty props to Dmitri for his win. FINALLY!!  I thought his use of the print was inspired.  Sure he didn’t use much, but your eye was instantly drawn to it as the center focus. Without that great graphic print, the jacket, awesome as it is, would have been lost.

    Gunnar?  oh MAN was that a misfire.   Tragic construction and finishing.

    • At first, I thought that he had done piping and that that jacket and blouse matched up so well. Then, I realized it was cut outs.

      Either way, great execution.

      •  For me, it called to mind Ralph Rucci’s “suspension” dresses and suits. It was a masterful use of materials and proportion.  I want to experiment with it myself, now.

        • ballerinawithagun

          Yes, very Ralph Rucci, my all time favorite designer!

        • MoHub

           Nick Verreos pointed that out in his blog as well.

          • Actually, it was Bert who mentioned it in his blog post.

          • MoHub

             You’re right. I stand corrected. I read the blogs one after another, and they sometimes run together.

        •  I wonder if we’re going to be seeing quite a bit of experimenting with that technique — not so much by major designers, because one assumes it’s not new to them, but by serious hobbyists.

          •  I would think so. There are a multiplicity of ways it could be used.

          •  I’ve already starting coming up with ways to work it in to my wardrobe:)

          • What are you thinking of doing?  I have a few notions of my own.

          • Well, I actually ended up using it for a spur-of-the-moment project — a homecoming dress for my sister-in-law’s little sister.  (She’s paying me in babysitting hours, which works for me:) It’s a royal blue satin sheath, with a sheer mesh that perfectly blends into her skin tone on the back and a band around the  waist.  Then it has circles in varying sizes in the royal blue and an aquamarine blue over the mesh, so they’re floating with just the tiniest bit of skin showing between them.  It’s enough to make a 16 year old feel pretty, but not so much it’s inappropriate.  It kind of reminds me of tropical fish tanks — the circles like bubbles and the bright colors… It’s a fun, happy dress.

          •  That sounds adorable.
            Since I have more of a menswear focus, I thought first of taking the traditional seaming of a tightly tailored coat, this the multiple arcing seams on the chest and back and turning those seam lines into the transparency part so that the finished piece looks like an exploded view of the coat.

          • Sweetbetty

             Ah, like slotted seams with the transparent fabric as backing.  Sounds very cool.

        • Call me Bee

          I do, too!  So–I can’t tell, even on the close-ups, what Dimitry used to suspend the panels.  Was it a sheer of some kind?  Chiffon?  Or did he have little tethers on the corners or something?  What do you think? 

          • There was a shot of him at mood, helping the clerk pull out a roll of stiff netting/mesh, which he pronounced “perfect”

          • It looks like a very sheer layer of some kind of mesh material…If you zoom in on the “Rate the Runway” pictures you can sort of tell. 

          • Call me Bee

            Excellent.  Thanks for the ideas.  That technique may show up in a quilt show sometime next year…  LOL…

          • Sweetbetty

             Ah, excellent idea.  Hmm, suspended Log Cabin blocks immediately spring to mind but there are a million ways you could go with that technique.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          And isn’t the fact that this inspires you a genuine compliment to my beloved Comrade Snape’s print and his use of it?

      • l_c_ann

        Links, please?

      • CozyCat

        I really wish they would spend a little more camera time on the garments (perhaps during the juding).  I really couldn’t figure out what everyone was getting so excited about regarding Dmitry’s jacket–I thought Sonjie’s pants were better at the time.  Then I got the chance to see the stills in this posting and the final decision made sense.

        • formerlyAnon

           This has been a complaint from the very first seasons, and I don’t know if they just don’t CARE & think the audience doesn’t either or if somehow the technical requirements of really showing the garments well and clearly and in detail on t.v. are just too challenging. It seems to have gotten better overall from the worst-lit runways of earlier days but it’s still both variable and insufficient.

    • StellaZafella

       I like it when something a designer does makes me say to myself “How’d s/he do that?”
      I may know how to do the thing, but with Dmitri’s execution, it’s flawless to the point of appearring magical.
      I  also love Nina and Heidi when both of them look at something like Dmitri’s suit and side glance each other as if to say: “DIBS, touch it first, bitch, and I will cut you.”

      • Personally, I prefer Nina’s “ah mo cuh chew” look over Heidi’s. It has a refined venomousness, that makes me smile.

        (smirking widely)

        • Glammie

          It’s more Nina’s thing, but Heidi needs it more.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Heidi might need it more, but we know that Nina would WERQ the hell out of Comrade Snape’s design!

        • geeeque

          true but heidi’s side eye can be coupled with that mean slide whistle she demonstrated at the very end towards ven. with her combined powers there is no stopping her.

  • efishfan

    I would have loved to see a cultural piece from someone named Gunnar Deatherage. There’s got to be interesting background there.

    Loved Dmitry’s jacket and print, did not love that skirt.

    I’ll definitely agree, this season has been tepid, but not terrible.

    ETA: Anya critiquing the construction of clothing was kind of a joke, wasn’t it?

    • I would have loved to be in the workroom for this challenge just so I’d have the opportunity to say “Why, hello Mr.s Deatherage. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” 

    • The only remark Anya made that was spot on, was about Ven’s dress looking like three dresses in one. Otherwise, she seemed to parrot what others said.

      • I thought Mondo said that. Or did they both say it?

        I was doing some homework while watching, so I might have missed something.

        •  Mondo elaborated on her comment, and mentioned that it was too much information, and over designed. It confused him visually.

        • BuffaloBarbara

           She said it, then he agreed and expanded.

          • Geoff Dankert

            I was waiting for Anya to say something like “And I love how you made sleeves.”

          • mom2ab

            I was thinking the same thing- only it went more like ” and how did you do that thing to cover the arms, and where is the belt to hold it all together?”

      • Agreed. I thought it was a bit rich, the winner who barely sewed a lick of what were essentially variations of a Chico’s theme her entire cycle criticizing anyone else’s techniques. I completely dislike Ven, but I could see him biting back a comment on Anya’s commentary. I actually winced when Anya said Gunnar’s look had “taste” issues; being told you have taste issues by a non-sewing, former beauty queen with a porn video floating about on the Internet has got to be rough. I also disagree with that assessment — the jacket needed worked but a print being gloomy has never been a problem in the fashion world. Some designers have made it their shtick.  When Gunnar mentioned doing an “equestrian” jacket, I immediately flashed on a McQueen jacket from his graduation collection The collection was called Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims and that jacket was made of red silk-lined black satin encapsulated with human hair — now *that’s* gloomy. Granted, I’ve seen the jacket in person (or rather, in clothing) and it is the jacket I tend to judge all other jackets by given how exquisitely crafted it is. Gunnar’s jacket was having a very sad day, but if he had had more time, it could have really been something. He just got too caught up in himself and his trauma. I was sort of sad to see him go. I am so done with the bloated cloud of gloom that is Ven and really wanted to see the back of him and his roses.  

    • oh yes. Anya’s critiques were pretty ironic and ridiculous. Almost everyone on the runway did more sewing in that challenge than she did the entire season. 

      Aside from the personalities this season, I find the designs less craptastic this season too. Not mindblowing, as TL says, but not bad. The judging mostly less stupid too. 

      • Glammie

        Yeah, I found both Anya and Mondo kind of duds as judges–boring.  Mondo’s an introvert, so I give him a pass.  Anya, on the other hand, was forced on us by the producers despite her lack of skills.  The least she could do is have a personality.  A weird haircut does not make you interesting.

    • VivianAdvanced

      I may be in the minority, but I didn’t think Gunnar’s outfit was that bad. Ven’s was a big mess, right from its menstrual origins to it final cabbage-wads end. Perhaps if Gunnar had done the birds in color, they would have lifted the print from its dead-bird solemnity. He might as well have put x’s for their eyes. I do agree that he used this challenge as way to make himself the bullied poster child. Your life’s struggles are what make you you, but they’re not your heritage, which is what the assignment was. Deatherage is probably a British name? Who knows? Those of us with whitebread Anglo ancestry might have a harder time thinking of something unique, but he certainly had something in his background that could have sparked an idea. Everyone descends from some sort of a culture. Anyway, sorry to see him go. Ven should have been given the boot the week of the “real woman” challenge.

      I am glad Dmitry finally got a win. He deserved it. I didn’t agree with Mondo’s “over-designed” criticism of it. Actually, the term “over-designed” is pretty meaningless. If he meant that there was too much going on in Dmitry’s suit, that criticism didn’t apply because Dmitry used just the right amount of cut-out work to highlight the print, which might have been overkill had he not used it so subtly. I really loved Sonjia’s work, though, and would probably choose her outfit to wear myself.

      Yeah, Anya critiquing anybody’s design is a joke. I guffawed when I saw that she was the other judge.

      • TAGinMO

        I thought Mondo criticizing pieces for being “overdesigned” was almost as much of a joke as Anya criticizing the designers’ construction.

      • AmyAW

        I almost think Gunnar’s print could have worked had it been even smaller & tighter. It was almost giving an hounds-tooth vibe. Some tweaking and it could have worked.

      • adnama79

        Yah, when people ask about my heritage, I talk about being 7th generation Texan.  That’s a unique culture that I know something about – I know almost nothing about the 4 or 5 or 6 European countries my various ancestors came from about 180 years ago…  but I can sing my state’s anthem, identify poisonous snakes, chicken fry some steak, make ranchero sauce and bake biscuits that’ll make you slap your mama!

        • Derek_anny

           English, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Norwegian here.  As soon as they started about heritage, I knew I would have chosen NewEngland.  I’m sure I could have figured out some way to design a pattern based on granite.

          • adnama79

            Mine would have been dashed lines to mimic western boot embroidery. I would have been eliminated. Largely because I cannot design fabric or clothing.

            What’s the granite thing? I’m curious – have never associated granite w/ New England. We have some pink granite here we’re pretty proud of, too.

          • Derek_anny

            I’m from NH, the Granite State. The closest thing to a mascot is the Old Man of the Mountain, a granite formation that fell in… ’03 after staring out over Profile Lake for all of recorded history. Maine has Lobster, Vermont has Maple Syrup, Mass has Boston, NH has a memory. I don’t know about Rhode Island and Connecticut.

          • adnama79

            I just googled Old Man of the Mountain – that’s really cool! Or was.

          •  I’d have gone with a monochromatic plaid — a red or blue with each stripe section being a slightly different shade.  I’m Scottish, so I could totally pull it off.

            Or a variegated gray with a muted green speckle, like stone with moss growing on it for the Irish side.

      • Olive Tree

        It’s funny that Anglo backgrounds are thought to be bland. Hardly! There are all kinds of design motifs that could be used if you are from that ancestry. I suppose it depends on how well you know that heritage. 

        And if you do something “all American,” as Sonjia did, by choosing something like red, white, and blue, why is that seen as too literal or less creative? 

    • tereliz

      Unfortunately, I don’t think Gunnar learned anything from this loss, if his decoy collection is anything to go by. Cultural heritage and cultural appropriation are NOT the same thing, little boy. 

    • adnama79

      The “equestrian” part is his cultural part – he’s from Kentucky.

  • Vickiefantastico

    For once, I have nothing to add. I completely agree with you on all points. Very good discussion and insight into Gunnar.

  • I’ll miss Gunnar.  I can’t really blame him for trying to  play a certain character to win — yes, the show should be about design, but the producers have given an awful lot of people the feeling that to really have a shot, you have to have a gimmick. (Cue music!)  Especially last season.

    For me, last night was that jaw dropping design for the season.  Dmitri’s look was beyond excellent and beautifully rendered.  I think that jacket and print stand up to the top looks from much earlier seasons quite well.

    • ampg

      “If you wanna bump it, bump it with a TRUMPET!”

      Anyway, I’ll miss Gunnar, too.  I thought he was really sweet as a person, and I still think that his middle-of-the-road designs would be an asset at Ann Taylor or another retailer aimed at professional womenswear.

      BTW, I think it was no accident that they finally had two days for a challenge, and the quality of the outfits went up exponentially.

  • I do have to say that based on the Fashion Week showings that I assumed Venn was Aufed, so I was stunned when he was not voted OUT this week (the clothes shown looked ‘thrown together’) I am dying to hear/read what the wizened voices of T’lo have to saw about (best quote of the season?) “an homage to a menstrual cycle”

    • Yes! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear that and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee. I’m also dying to hear what TLo have to say about Ms. Klum’s “Can somebody please go get Tim Gunn? We’d like to have a word with him,”  her blasting of Ven for “showing us what we’ve already seen” and the whole judging sequence. 

      • Lisa_Cop

        That was wild! Getting Tim out on the runway for interrogation-a first in 10 seasons.

    • PaulaBerman

      I am assuming Ven is going to be auf soon, and his use of the rose in every single design in his collection is a big SCREW YOU to the judges.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I think Ven and Elena will be the next designers to go. Given that Ven got a stern warning, I think it will probably be him next.

    • Don Howe

       “Homage” was good, but I think kind of misplaced; my vote for best quote of the season is Melissa annnouncing that “I don’t DO textile dresses”. (Her prior looks were cobbled together out of chicken wire and pine needles, maybe? Is there a Mood aisle we haven’t seen?)
       PR might want to rename this the Print Challenge to avoid further embarrassing exposure of America’s declining educational standards.

      • RroseSelavy

        Thank you!

  • ‘Because no, Gunnar, “I was bullied” is not “heritage”.,

    Hello! Yeah, I was saying, “say what?” at that one too. And the fabric looked like it was designed by a college girl who’s read too much Sylvia Plath.


    • BuffaloBarbara

       Exactly.  (Nor were Christopher’s ladybugs, for that matter.)

      The ones who seemed baffled by the concept of “heritage” made me sad, as it really highlighted that they’re not being educated in anything other than fashion.

      •  At least half of them aren’t educated in that either — remember Bert and Victor’s tiff over Victorian vs. Elizabethan? 

        • BuffaloBarbara

           Oh, my.  I’d been trying to forget that.  (Especially Victor’s follow-up on it–rather than saying, “Oops, of course I meant ‘Elizabethan,'” he declared it unimportant to know the history of his own field.)

          •  Yes, because when describing a design to your construction partner, it’s not at all important to use terms that actually convey what you want.  Especially in the absence of sketching…

    • tennjenny

      Well, it isn’t personal cultural “heritage,” but the equestrian aim was a specific nod to his background and region.

      • VivianAdvanced

        I forgot about Gunnar’s use of equestrian as a nod to his heritage. It got lost in the bullying story. After he revamped the jacket, it didn’t look very equestrian anymore. I still say the whole outfit didn’t look as awful as the judges made it out to be. I preferred it to Ven’s and Christopher’s.

        • RroseSelavy

          I agree — I don’t know how this came to represent “equestrian.” I also thought it wasn’t as bad as the other two. How did Fabio come out over this? I adore him, but what the hell was that?

          • Lisa_Cop

            I loved Fabio’s print but the look – pedestrian.

    • Spicytomato1

      Any sympathy I had for Gunnar being bullied was negated by his blatant attempt to exploit it. Too bad, because had he not tried to force the concept so hard he might not be gone today.

    • Call me Bee

      Well–and I don’t want to sound heartless here–but what kid in school isn’t bullied?  I was, because I am taller and bigger than average.  The Hubs,  because he was a chubby chid.  One friend because she was poor and her clothes weren’t right; another because she was a nerd and good in science.  This was about 40 years ago, but we all remember…

      •  There are different levels of bullying.  I mean, I was really picked on as a kid and it sucked and it really hurt at the time.  But I never really feared for my safety or anything — it wasn’t much compared to what some kids go through.

        • Elizabeth Davis

          I was one of those children who was severely bullied and taunted — pretty much from my first day of kindergarten onward. I only had one friend who would stick up for me. Everyone else seemed determined to make my life a constant hell. Even my teachers were unwilling to help. I guess they wanted to be liked by the popular kids as much as any of their students did. Things got so bad that I had to withdraw from school when I was 13.

          As painful as that period was in my life, it’s made me a stronger and more empathetic person. For that I’m grateful. And that friend who was by my side since second grade is still there for me — just as I’m there for her. A lot of people never experience friendships that strong, so I consider myself very fortunate.

      • You don’t know bullying until you are an effeminate gay boy in Kentucky. Just sayin’ — it’s pretty much open season. 

  • siriuslover

    CONGRATULATIONS, DMITRY!!! I thought the print was beautiful, I could recognize your heritage in it, and MAN, I am still trying to figure out the architecture of that jacket!!! Well done!

    I think Ven should have gone home. However, your juxtaposition of “heritage” versus “experience” is spot on. As a teacher, I always appreciate a student who thinks outside the box and finds a way to take a possible limitation in an assignment and make it their own. I even appreciated Gunnar’s attempt last night. But, you’re right. Probably anyone who follows PR has a list ready-made for “what would I do if we get this challenge?” And unfortunately, Gunnar’s was a bit too forced. But Ven should have gone home.

    • SewingSiren

      The jacket is made in many separate pieces, and stitched down on a foundation of extremely sheer organza.

      • Thank you. I love when people with the know-how fill the clueless masses, of which I count myself among, in. To me, it just seemed like magic.

        • susan6

           Yeah, I figured Comrade Snape had busted out a Leviosa spell of some sort.  But I guess sheer mesh will work for muggles.

      •  I was completely unaware of this technique until seeing it last night (the downside of lacking any formal training), but I’m much enjoying researching it.  Do you know how you select the organza?  What should I be looking for?

        • SewingSiren

          I’m not 100% sure that it is an organza foundation, but it’s something extremely sheer , but also with a little body, Could be that really sheer tulle. You can see the edge of the foundation peeking (intentionally) out about 3/4″ at the neckline and center front of the jacket. You can also see the individual panels  are top stitched to the foundation. I shouldn’t think that the foundation would be very tricky to pick just sheerness and body would be what you need to look for , because the weight of the jacket is going to be supported mostly from the shoulder.

          • MoHub

             Dmitry said it was “mesh” during the extended judging, but he did not elaborate further.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Yes, I would think mesh. As a dancer, I know tulle tends to be very stiff (it stands straight up in tutus). On the other hand, a lot of leotards now use mesh – it has a fair amount of give and is relatively sheer.

          •  I’d want to be careful that it didn’t muddy the color or pattern underneath, though, too.  That’s definitely going on my list for the next fabric shopping trip.

          • ecallaw1977

            Wow!  I totally thought that foundation peeking out was a shadow–even after you pointed me out it took me a second for my eyes to adjust and realize what it really was!

          • Call me Bee

            You are so right.  I hadn’t noticed the foundation peeking out at the edge of the jacket.  That is a really brilliant design.   

      • Kayceed

        I thought that jacket was absolutely fantastic. Didn’t we hear that Dmitry had a ballroom dancing background, or am I imagining that? I’m thinking this technique might have been used in that sort of costuming, though on a stretch netting, rather than organza.

        • DonnaL

           Yes, he has said that he was a professional ballroom dancer in Belarus.  And that his brother was a professional ice hockey player.

          • CozyCat

            And I believe he said he got his start in fashion designing ballroom dance competition dresses (am I right?)

          • Yes, he said that. And he’s doing the Rockettes next week? Perfect. I have to imagine Ven’s getting axed next week, probably stilettoed through the eyeball by a Rockette after he calls her thighs “above average.”

      • siriuslover

        Thank you! I knew there were all the separate pieces, but i was looking for how they held together. At one point, I thought he matched up the print directly under the jacket with print in the jacket to give that illusion. I never even thought of a sheer organza.

    • Terrie_S

      I loved the way the shapes on the jacket echoed the shapes of the print.

  • siriuslover

    she also said something was “impressible” instead of “impressive.” And I couldn’t get past her new haircut. Plus, it almost seemed like the only way they could sell Anya as a guest judge was to lure us in with Mondo. She should not be in that chair, not unless they do a challenge where they have to design a sleeveless maxi dress on a $12 budget with some sneaky producer manipulation. That one, she can judge.

    • MoHub

       I too feel production is constantly searching for a way to justify Anya’s win last season. After all, this is her second appearance in season 10, and I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of her whether we like it or not.

      B/M hasn’t done this with Gretchen for some reason, even though she at least could actually construct clothing. Wonder why?

      • Glammie

        Because they’re wimps or maybe Gretchen is avoiding PR like the plague.  I would if I were her.  She was trashed and except for a small effort on the part of Marie-Claire, pretty much hung out to dry by Bunim-Murray.  

        Gretchen isn’t the worst designer who’s won Project Runway and Mondo wasn’t the best of the runner-ups over the years.  Bunim-Murray’s attempts to retcon it all irritate me.  They decided the way to deal with the anger over Mondo’s not winning  was to visibly rig not one, but two different shows.  So we got a rigged All-Stars and our very special season of PR with handicapped no-sew Anya.

        This season, while not the best design-wise (though I love Dimitry’s jacket) feels a little more honest.  None of the decisions have outraged me, though the judges like Christopher more than I do, but that’s a taste thing.

        •  I liked Gretchen’s collection better than Chloe’s or Anya’s.  (Of course, I had a really violent reaction to Chloe’s) 

          • Glammie

            Chloe was a great technician, but her collection was seriously frumpy.  Season 2 had its own producer manipulation issues–Santino should have been booted off for that shredded jumpsuit instead of Nick.  Kara made the best finale collection.  I think the judges all assumed that Daniel would deliver a good collection and kept Santino for the drama and Chloe as the token girl.  They weren’t expecting Daniel’s misfire.  Santino’s was, naturally, technically weak, which left Chloe.

            No excuse for the Anya debacle last season–Laura and Bert both had strong collections.  Victor’s the only finalist who should have been there.  

            I’m a bit concerned about the finale this season–Sonjia’s done some great work and I think she may be going to the finale, but, wow, her collection’s an illustration of scroll-down fug.  Good jackets and AWFUL bottoms.  

          • formerlyAnon

            I admired Chloe’s final collection – though a lot was not to my personal taste – but I always thought that she won in part because she was clearly ready to *use* the prize money in a defined and businesslike way.  Even though it was Bravo’s own fault (for untenable terms in contract) that Jay turned down the prize money, I thought they wanted a winner that they could point to as a success.

            Just their hard luck that Chloe was very clear about the arena in which she wanted to invest her prize money, and it wasn’t in a filmable fantasy-fueled run at the big city big time.

          • Glammie

            Poor Jay.  They changed the contract after that, but, of course, he still didn’t get the money.

            But you’re right.  Tim Gunn said that Nina was the one who pushed for Chloe’s win–and largely because Chloe was ready to put together a business.  I think Chloe’s been pretty successful with the QVC stuff.  

            Little Christian Siriano was, no question, PR’s big find–though it’s interesting to me that he really is serious about being a designer–enough so that he’s busy working instead of doing the publicity circuit.

            I’d love to see a series of catch-up where-are-they-now posts.  I know, for instance, that Irena’s doing a lot of knitwear because I’ve seen her knitting patterns.  

          • formerlyAnon

            I too would love to see “where they are now.” $100,000.00 sounds like a lot of money, but in terms of a business it’s not enough, alone, to really change someone’s trajectory – especially after taxes.

            I think Christian Siriano is fascinating – he was so young, but his bio made it obvious that he’s been focused and driven since high school.

            A friend in Houston tells me that Chloe has re-branded her boutique (the one she and her sister have owned since before Project Runway) in Houston (renamed from Lot 8 to Dao Chloe Dao), it is smaller and cozier with a more luxe feel. Apparently she had some market research done & that’s the result. She also got married last year, to the same guy she’s been seeing since about the time she was on PR.

          •  Essentially the 100K is enough to act as seed money — by having it up front, you have something to take to the bank to get the loan for start-up costs.  But that’s about it, if you’re looking to do a line like Siriano.  I know Tim has commented on how he really maximized the opportunities available, in terms of connection, so I would imagine that he managed to pick up some serious investors. 

          • Sweetbetty

             “Poor Jay.  They changed the contract after that, but, of course, he still didn’t get the money.”
            What do we know about Jay’s contract and how they changed it after his win?  I’ve seen him in interviews where he said he wasn’t allowed to talk about it but I never knew the details or how it was changed.

          •  I found it boring and unimaginative.  It just really felt like a bad 80s retread to me.  I have nothing against her — in fact, I really respect her decision to go in a different direction than expected after her win. 

      • Maybe because Gretchen is much less likable than Anya? From her color palettes to her voice, I found her horrid. Mondo, I get, although I thought he lost a lot of his charm by the end of All Stars (that stayed with me through his judging; it was a little obnoxious). For the record, I wasn’t a fan of Miss Sweater Granny Panties as I’m Texan and find them improbably and ugly, and found  Anya a much, much less-talented Uli. I would have been very happy to have never seen either again. And add Irena. (Who showed  in her return she is still a nasty piece of work, albeit a talented one. I’m was sort of glad the custom-designed dress made for her made her look like a bloated albino version of my grandmother’s dairy cow, Belle, who had the grace to at least be a cow by design, not just character.)

        • Glammie

          Actually, I think Irena would have worked as a judge just because she’s bitchy, opinionated and highly skilled.

          Irena’s designs have appeared a few times in Vogue Knitting.  They’re interesting and she’s improved her grasp of knitting construction, but they tend to take a ton of yarn–i.e. expensive and time-consuming.

    • tignor

      What I don’t get is why Lifetime is trying to force her down our throats when the majority of people out there were furious with her “win” and really have no desire to see her. Yes, they keep trying to sell her but Lifetime, it is not going to work.

      I also thought she was kind of snotty to the designers. The first comment was Mean Girl all the way.

      • Kayceed

        I found myself wanting to spit at the screen at her every appearance, which is quite unladylike of me.

      • MrsMaxPower

        I totally agree and went totally Regina George when I kept telling my screen “Anya, stop trying to make a legitimate critique happen.”

        Maybe Lifetime is trying to shove her down our throats because she was fan favorite)?  I think she won that, right? Either way, I want to be on whatever magical gravy the Producers have because their thought processes make little to no sense.

      • CozyCat

        They brought in Anya because 1) she won the “make a print” challenge her season (the little black and white dress which was judged best entry on her team)  and 2) they were always raving about how good she was in selecting prints.  The same two things were true of Mondo.  So, on paper at least, it made sense to have them both as guest judges for this challenge.

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        I wonder how much of what Anya said actually came from Anya herself or was told to say by BM.  Two years later and that stupid season still makes me mad. 

      •  Her critique of Melissa particularly annoyed me, because it was bitchy, she had a weird face on, and Melissa is adorable.

  • SewingSiren

    I agree with your points on Dmitry’s win. But I do wish the print was on greater display, because it is a really nice design. The geometric pattern works well within limitations of of the design program they are using. I don’t like the model’s hair. It looks like they ran out of time in the hair salon. What happened to Joan Crawford?
    I liked Gunnar’s drawing alright , but the way the pattern is repeated is extremely unsophisticated and does not work at all for an illustrative pattern. Also the patterned fabric does not work for a structured jacket. And the buttons…. and the skirt…
    Still Chirstophers was less imaginative.
    Anyway I think they do a disservice to the designers by providing such a short length of the patterned fabric, and the quality of the material itself appears to be rather poor. Also they had to shop at Mood for companion fabrics before they could see the actual colors that their prints would be. All these work against good design.

    • Frank_821

      MOndo in the extended judging actually liked Dmitry’s the least

      • SewingSiren

        I noticed that (Mondo didn’t seem to like Dmitry’s) even in the edit for TV.  He appeared to like Sonjia’s the best, which was incidentally the most similar to the design that Mondo did for the the patterned fabric challenge.

        • Winter_White

          That’s what I thought:  the scale of Sonjia’s print was the same as Mondo’s, and she used it to make pants.  Which weren’t nearly as good as his, but the reference was clear.
          I also thought that Gunnar was going to do some sort of dark Goth-drama design, a la April, with his print…anyway, I’m glad he’s gone.  (Surprised though!  I was sure they were setting it up so that the final spot would be between him and Christopher.) 

      • MoHub

         I’ll have to check that out. I definitely got the impression in the on-air version that he wasn’t enthused with Dmitry’s design and was likely overruled.

        • Spicytomato1

          Yeah, I actually thought Mondo was kind of dick-ish to Dmitry about his look.

          • AthenaJ

            I was really sad about that. I love Mondo, but it seemed like because Dmitry has a different aesthetic than him (Dmitry uses dark colors and is big on architectural elements, Mondo is all about prints and color), that Mondo was very dismissive of Dmitry’s work. His final comment to Dmitry went something like “ok yeah, you can sew, that’s nice” was really insulting. Oh well, I guess Mondo has his bitchy queen side, too.

          • Tatiana Luján

            You guess? He absolutely has it. He acted as a bitchy queen during the All – Stars season.

          • AthenaJ

            Um yeah – I didn’t see any of the All Stars episodes, so I wouldn’t know.
            All I remember from Mondo is the sweet guy who was brave enough to come out to everyone about being HIV positive.  So if he’s turned mean then that’s a shame.

          • Tatiana Luján

            Not mean, just histerical and grumphy at times.

      • Glammie

        Yeah, even on TV he slammed it for not great reasons–Mondo’s a print guy, I think he doesn’t get Dimitry’s aesthetic.  Mondo’s not subtle–I thought it was funny when he ragged on someone for being a bit junion–that’s Mondo’s bit issue.

    • Spicytomato1

      I agree that it would have been nice to see more of Dmitry’s beautiful print. I know he had to make something other than a dress or risk being auf’d for being a “one-way monkey,” but I think that print would have made a KILLA dress. Oh, the irony!

      • Introspective

        so funny, because I thought the same about Dmitry’s print! his structured sheath dress go-to in that print would have been amazing… but as it stands now, the effect of the jacket over that print- amazing too!!

        As for the rest of the show, Mondo had good critique, but had a real axe to grind with Dmitry. Anya was useless. Ven or Gunnar could have gone home really.   Overall it was a good show where the winner and the auf were well deserved.

    • I don’t sew, but the patterned fabirc looks like a stiff cotton.  HP plotters can easily print onto a stiff, treated textile like canvas, but that’s not a clothing fabric.

    • So what was the fabric? It seemed to be what I used to call polished cotton, cotton sateen? It had a sheen to it but not much of a drape.

  • Joe J

    I’m quite interested to see what Dmitry’s outfit is going to fetch on the auction site that sells off these looks (currently $40, but it’s early), since the judges apparently thought this could sell for $1,500 or so quite easily.  If there was a look this season that’s going to break the four-figure mark, I hope this one is it.

    • I wonder whether the relatively low selling prices reflect the mainly lackluster clothing or the fact that most people aren’t as genetically blessed as the models. I know if there was a snowball’s chance in hell of Dmitry’s jacket fitting, I’d be all over it.

      Here’s a link for those of you who may be interested –

      • We are also in the midst of a recession. I had to save months and months to buy a pair of  Fluevog pumps

        But first, I had to make my car payment, 2 tuition payments, car insurance, and medicines!

    • I replied but it went to moderation, I think because I linked to the auction site. T-Lo, do you prefer us not to link or it is just a spam precaution?  

      • blondie65

        I think it’s some kind of precaution. In TLo’s Dallas episode blogs, I posted a link to the Dallas facebook page b/c someone asked for it and it was moderated.  But it did show up about a day later.

        •  Yeah, I’ve posted links several times and never had one get rejected after moderation.  I think it’s just to keep it clear of spammers, which I love — I know it’s extra work, guys, but it makes it so much nicer to be here! 

    • As of tonight, it’s up to $425, the highest one so far.

  • siriuslover

    I was that girl!

  • Srw27

    So Ven’s design went from an “homage to a menstrual cycle” to “Hawaiian airline stewardess” in one fell swoop.  Snicker.  He looked shocked by their critique that they were tired of his schtick.  And he needs to STOP being such a kiss-ass-the judges know you can do better, that’s why they almost eliminated your sorry ass, so you don’t need to tell them.

    •  I love Heidi and her baffled response to why he would keep doing this.

      • Srw27

         I know!  They even brought in Tim to ask if he was telling Ven to quit doing the same. thing. over. and. over. LOL

        • Spicytomato1

          That seemed extra harsh. It’s like they wanted Tim to repeat his “menstrual homage” sound byte just so they could all laugh at Ven together.

        • Geoff Dankert


      • I may have missed it, but I don’t think the judges EVER criticized Ven for being a one way monkey.  In fact, he’s won for it.  I thought it was pretty rich when the judges all sat there in complete surprise like WHAT?  He’s doing the same thing again? when they’ve never said a word to him about it.

        • Spicytomato1

          I know. On top of giving them so little time for challenges, the judges sometimes seem out to deliberately mess with designers’ minds with all their out of left field criticisms. It drives me crazy to watch it, so I can’t imagine what it’s like to live it.

          • Lisa_Cop

            In the “designers’ dish” videos, other designers have ridiculed Ven’s rose theme. But I also never heard the judges complain. Of course, what we see is an edited version of their critiques.

  • Judy_S

    Thanks for this analysis, though I feel that this season is even better than you say. Dmitry’s look this time around WAS amazing. We are far beyond the nuttiness of the past couple of seasons. I was also reminded by Anya’s presence as the winner of the previous HP challenge that last time around they set the print challenge as a team project, which resulted in some really lousy prints as well as a pretty much undeserved win. (I don’t mind Anya but I remember being really shocked by her win, because she had contributed so little to the garment).
    On the other hand, I thought Christopher’s dress was genuinely appalling, while Gunnar’s jacket was passable. So I feel there is still producer manipulation lurking in the background, favoring Christopher.  I agree Gunnar was misled by his desire to emulate Mondo (though how very different the two men are–nobody would ever call Mondo either Quentin or Sweetcrackers), but in a way it may have been the sincerity of his “dark” feelings about bullying that messed him up (I recall that before Tim’s visit he was going even blacker). I think his look would have been much better if the dress had been a color.

    • ccinnc

       Agree. I hated Christopher’s dress. I would’ve liked Gunnar’s print if it had been bolder. The jacket itself was fine, I thought, and I liked the piping. But he did ignore the actual challenge.

      • Jean-Luc Bresson

        He did say his family has horseback riding in his heritage. He is from Louisville, to his credit. Christopher’s was a bad print that he tried to hide and made an easy cocktail dress to go with it. 

        • Glammie

          I think that’s what saved him–that he knew it was bad and tried to cover for it.  That and two wins.  The judges tend to give one freebie to someone they see as a strong contender. Christopher was having a bad day, but Gunnar’s construction skills are too weak to keep him in–Anya, of course, being the exception to all of this.  Sheesh, the other contestants from last seaon deserve a redo.

  • Dmitry’s jacket is everything and more! I’m serious. I think it’s one of the best garments to have been made this season. It’s high fashion yet ready-to-wear. I can see teenagers to 60+ year old ladies wearing this jacket. From size 0 to plus size wearing this jacket.


    • It’s up to $425 on the auction site linked above if you are interested. 🙂

      • Thank you! But there is no way I can fit that particular jacket. And while my sister and mom are both smaller than me (size 4/6 and 14/16 respectively), I don’t think his jacket would fit them either.


        BUT if he’s smart (and I know he is) and he sees the reaction towards his jacket, he’ll make variations of it in different sizes for us commoners to purchase. Hopefully.

        • He used the same technique in his final collection, no? A white dress?

          • Unfortunately that dress was hiddy.
            Ugh, I like Dmitry but I kinda don’t want him in the final 3 because his collection was so meh.

  • I just realized that since Gunnar’s eliminated we get a review of his collection! Yes! I need to see the fab duo’s opinions about Gunnar’s very literal interpretation of an African tribe.

    • Glammie

      Hmmm, maybe he decided to borrow some heritage.

    • Maybe it was his literal interpretation of an African tribe attacking Anya for calling him tacky? You want tacky prints, princess? I got your tacky prints right here.

  • ccinnc

    Can anyone remember the one absolutely hilarious moment in that show last night? I am old, and I’ve forgotten already. (not the menstrual comment) My daughter and I hoped TLo were tweeting and would respond, but alas.

    • I’m not sure if this is the one you are thinking of, but I loved it when Gunnar said that he needed to win so that he could buy his mom a boob job. When she showed up, I couldn’t stop trying to get a better look at her.

    • FlaviaPP

      Gunnar saying he’d get his mom a boob job?

    • MoHub

       I assume you’re referring to <i.That Girl and Elena’s inability to understand what Tim was referring to. Interesting to me that she both made and “got” a number of references to other American cultural references from before her time. Could the producers possibly be feeding her information? Ya think?

    • Tlo were probably napping. Poor boys.

  • Frank_821

    Congrats Dmitry

    I recommend strongly for people to go the extended judging videos. What’s there and what made it onscreen has got 1 of the biggest disparity I’ve ever seen.

    Everyone’s comments feel so different and richer. Even Anya’s. She not as keen or articulate as the others but she actually makes some pointed comments about Ven’s dress.

    also there’s a air of geniality and humor I think owing to the presence of the alum as judges

    Oh how I wish they had shown the extended version of CHristopher’s critque

  • Heartful Dodger

    As a former equestrian, however, I have to say: There is NOTHING equestrian about that jacket. Not in cut, shape, “theme” or anything else. 

    • Copy that. During Tim’s workroom crit, I thought he had a sort-of late 40s/early 50s hipster thing (yes, that is the technical term) going on with the color blocking which had a bit of drama but it was never equestrian. The final look was just pathetic though. 

  • Great Caesar’s ghost, I wish they’d give them enough time for the challenges.

    And the flashback of Mondo made me sad, because he just seems so negative now.  But that may be just me.  And, you know, editing.

    • MoHub

       Mondo started showing his bitchy queen side in the All-Stars competition. He needs Michael Costello to temper his moods.

      • I freely admit I was not a Costello fan until I saw his tweet a few weeks ago, telling Venn’s “real woman” that he would love to design a dress for her and to get in touch with him. Really kind and classy thing to do.  I hope she took him up on it; I bet he would make her something lovely.

  • deltabronze

    Yay Dmitry! At last. And I can’t help but wonder if Gunnar’s mother would have been quite as cheerful if she had heard his “I want to use my winnings to buy my mom a boob job” comment beforehand.

    • Spicytomato1

      I know. Most people dream of buying their moms a house when they hit it big. In any case, the “boob job” comment was extra bizarre (to borrow a Heidi-ism) to me because I thought the winnings were supposed to be used to create their own line? 

      Maybe he was thinking ahead…that after creating a successful fashion empire as a result of winning he would buy his mom a boob job. Oh well. No new boobs anytime soon.

      • formerlyAnon

         Maybe my family is odd but I wondered if it were a family joke of some kind that just didn’t come through right on t.v. We’d make that kind of joke (though NEVER about a boob job for mom, must admit). Then I just wondered if his family is way  more odd than mine and he was serious.

        •  My family is definitely odder than yours then, because while I find it an unwise use of the funds, it doesn’t strike me as all that bizarre. 

      •  There is no clause saying what the winnings are to be used for — the idea is that you’ll use them to start a line, but you aren’t obligated to.  Besides, boobs aren’t THAT expensive so it wouldn’t take all of it.

        • Lisa_Cop

          I don’t think any of us know what are in the contracts they sign. I would assume there is something about how the money is used. However, we have yet to see a “clothing line” from Anya.

  • I love Dmitri and his MAGIC FLOATING JACKET! YAY!
    I was even a little sorry to see Gunnar go, he turned out to be a sweetie, but the truth is he can’t design his way out of a wet paper bag.
    Ven should be next. He has been put on notice, “NO MORE FLOWERS!” What on earth will he do?
    And besides, I’ve seen baboons in the zoo that show their ass less than Ven does. 

    • Maybe that is why Ven’s hibiscus was pink….baboon ass pink. 

  • mjude

    glad dmitri won.  felt a bit sad that gunnar went home. 

  • Congrats to Dmitry for a well-deserved win – Finally!  He seems the most naturally confident of all the contestants (without the arrogance of a guy like Ven), and it was nice to see that, yes, he can make something other than a beautiful, well-constructed dress.  I love the print and the jacket – And although the jacket covered the print to an extent, the cut-outs were amazing and took their cue design-wise from the print.  It was, to me, the perfect response to this challenge!

    (Also, is anyone else surprised that Fabio wasn’t in the bottom??  The judges noted that Dmitry and Christopher hid their prints, but Fabio’s was hidden and barely used!!!)

    • Kimbolina

      Maybe the producers tipped the judges off about Fabio’s explanation for his print and just threw him in the safe middle so they wouldn’t have to make him explain it?  Though I would have loved to see Kors’ face while Fabio went into detail about Fallopian tubes and the like.

      •  Oh, that would have been PRICELESS!

    • Melissa Brogan

       I liked Fabio’s print, and though he hid it through a sheer overlay, I think his intention was less “hide my print” and more “tone down the saturation.”

      I felt the bottom 3 were pretty bad, so maybe Fabio’s dimmed print was less objectionable, making him 4th from bottom.

      • My problem with Fabio was how very little print he used to start with, and then he covered it.  Christopher also covered his, which was a problem for the judges (and Mondo even commented on Dmitry’s jacket over the print as a negative).  However, while I like that Christopher made more use of his print, Fabio’s overall look probably was better, so I think you’re right – 4th from bottom and safe. 

        Ven and Gunnar were, to me, the worst (although I have to admit I was sorry to see Gunnar go – While I think Ven might have more technical skill, he lacks creativity, tact, character, and personality). 

  • Jangle57

    I thought Ven’s print was childish and showed a definite lack of imagination which was only reinforced when he made a dress with yet another one of those stupid flowers worked into the skirt.  Talk about a one trick pony….  I think he should have been auf’d. 

    • Spicytomato1

      I was shocked at how unsophisticated the print was, too. I also though he should have gotten the auf over Gunnar.

  • Jeebus. Comrade Snape is a hottie.

  • Laylalola

    The level of talent is clearly so much higher than in recent seasons — Anya’s presence (girl can’t even sew a sleeve! Nevermind some of the jackets show this season) only brought that thought very clearly to the surface last night.

    • Kayceed

      I am really enjoying this season – last season and the one shot in LA were really poor.

  • Yay! So glad Dmitry finally won a challenge. I loved his print and the jacket is gorgeous. I hope he keeps pushing himself and makes it to the end.

    I felt the same way about Gunnar, I knew he was being calculating when he came up with the bullying shit. I mean, I totally believe that he was bullied, but he was going for sympathy. I actually liked the print he made, it looks a bit like houndstooth from a distance. He could have done something beautiful with it.

    Did anyone else feel like vomiting every time Anya gave a critique?

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Anya, Andy Warhol called.  Your 15 minutes of fame are up.

  • SabrinaBanoJamil

    I think Ven should have been auf’ed like no one has ever been auf’ed before. But that’s because HE TOTALLY BLEW IT. Guyanese of Indian descent? I’m America of Indian descent, and there is so much inspiration to be had in Desi culture that so far as I can tell, he just tanked. I mean, the possibilities are truly endless. Indian culture and heritage has an extensive history and a super crazy present. Indian culture has filtered to all kinds of nations as a consequence of British colonialism. Then there are massive numbers of expatriates who have established communities in obvious places like London, but also less obvious places like Houston (yes, there are massive numbers of desis in Houston.) There is generational conflict over traditions, cultural conflict for expatriates trying to assimilate, adaptation of cultural practices to their new homes. There is history of war, civil conflict, forced relocation, religious tension of all kinds in the last 30-40 years alone. There is Bollywood. There is an entire rich cultural history of mythology, art, and story telling. There are fifty thousand wedding traditions all of which all for different garbing. There is a rich history of jewelry, shoes, accessories, and clothes to draw from. There is the art of MEHNDI and henna art. There are embroideries and tapestry and woodworking that is beautiful and intricate. There is the FOOD to be inspired by (anyone ever Guyanese Indian food? It’s killer awesome). There are stories of leaving home, going home, trying to figure out where home is. There is so much identity conflict that it is a subject of a vast and varied post-colonial and expatriate literature. There is a literal treasure chest of inspiration here.
    And all this dude could come up with was “Uh, how about this mostly ugly pink lotus flower”?  Because, yknow, Lotus Blossom, India, etc.
    Aristotle distinguishes between arte and techne, in knowledge. Techne is the technical knowledge, the knowledge of how. It’s a task unto itself, as we know, to be technically skilled and knowledgeable. But arte is the creative knowledge. And all the techne in the world is useless if you are completely unable to find inspiration in the rich culture and history of INDIA.

    • Laylalola

      I have very little education about India, but the first thing I thought was, what about all these batik designs I have in my own apartment? Some of my favorite designs and patterns on the planet.

    • SewingSiren

      Remember, the designers only have a very short time to come up with a textile design. Combine that with the pressure of a loved one looking over your shoulder whilst you do it.  And the unfamiliarity  of the cad program. It’s really a quite miraculous that any of them came up with something worth while. 
      The flower was kind of mundane , but obviously it means something to Ven. 

      • I was thinking of Ven’s fabric design and wondering how it could have been improved…like reversing the colors and making the fabric pink with the flowers in white against the background. Or maybe huge, luscious flowers that spill across the fabric. Or color! My Mom has raised hibiscus and they come in so many gorgeous colors. Ven just could not get out of the box on this one. 

        • Spicytomato1

          I was thinking along the same lines. Too much white space overall, which seems like an oddly rookie mistake.

          • Terrie_S

            He said he wanted the colors of the flowers to “pop” yet I found the overall colors to be dull and drab.

        • Glammie

          A little green would have gone a long way–made the pink pop, not brought up the menstrual imagery.  A nonwhite background would have helped or some shading of the flower.

          I actually felt bad for him when Tim trashed his print.  That would hurt because Ven’s an ass to non-zero women, but his love of flowers seems pretty genuine.

          Oh well, it’s clear that he gets auf’d and made a majorly floral show as a “so there!”

      •  And the limitations of the program — it has to be something that repeats well because of the way the fabric is made.

      • SabrinaBanoJamil

        Fair enough — I certainly don’t think Ven is a less of a person — or even less good as a designer — for those failings. But, as a critique of the judges, how could they let SUCH a lack of creativity slide? Even if Gunnar’s design flopped, his pattern showed more creativity under the same kinds of conditions as Ven — limitations of program, new cad program, etc.  And I definitely get it may have been personally meaningful, but it was poorly executed in comparison to the design that was auf’ed.

    • I think he mentioned something about beading in his judging and all I thought was what a great inspiration that would have been and what a fantastic fabric he could have created. Love the idea of Mehndi. When you frame the argument the way you just did, I’m even more pissed that he wasn’t AUFed.

      You also made me hungry. Guyanese food, mmm, where can I get some?

    • AthenaJ

      Agreed, even the simplest henna designs are miles beyond what Ven created.

      • Ven drew a crude, poorly informed hibiscus (the hallmark tube of stamens rising out from the petals was totally missing) with an awkward proportion of negative space, then destroyed the print with his pleating.  I thought he was really onto something when he pleated the hibiscus–possibly he knew the print wasn’t working by itself and that it needed to be manipulated.  If I had a bad print I’d try to do something to it to change it, too.  Like Christopher did with the print in the team challenge several weeks ago.  Then Tim came along with the off-the-wall menstrual remark that would throw anyone for a loop. There went the saving strategy of the pleats.  That Ven came up with a well-made (if butt-ugly) product in very little time, is to his credit. 

    • Frank_821

      It’s funny you bring this up. In the extended video, Anya dinged him for such an uninspired print. She mentioned that Guyana itself is such a lush country that she was surprised this was the best he could come up with

      • Susan Crawford

        Exactly! The beautiful foliage, the variety of flowers, the colors: none of it was there for Ven in his print. I’m not saying he had to go all Lily Pulitzer, but he could have done SO much more than those random overscale hibiscus blooms.

    • To be honest, I don’t know that I could find inspiration in Indian culture or history — but I’m not Indian.  I would be at a loss to create a print based on India that didn’t go cliche very fast. 

      • SabrinaBanoJamil

        Fair enough. And maybe I’m projecting a bit here. I won’t even say that I love everything about my cultural heritage (there are fair amounts of misogyny built into all the prettiness of women’s clothes and jewelry, and a lot history of trading women like cattle). But even so, I think it can be done. Lots of Indian and Middle Eastern designers reinvent classic ideas every day. I have some amazing modern jewelry from Pakistan that plays on somewhat cliche traditional designs.

        •  I can understand that.  I mean, if someone said they couldn’t be inspired by Ireland or Scotland, I’d be flabbergasted.  I wonder how deeply steeped in the Indian culture he is, though.  Because that would make a big difference.  I never realized how much until meeting my husband’s family — for my mother in law, the traditional Chinese prints are just the obvious choice, where for my daughter they’re something really special and unique.

    • Nicely said.  My husband (who is Indian) and I were baffled not only by the hideous print, but by the very things you mention:  INDIA, for god’s sake!  Billions of amazing ideas, images, histories, etc.  There were so many ways to go there, and he couldn’t.  One way monkey has little imagination.

      • Spicytomato1

        I don’t think Ven is ignorant about his heritage or even unimaginative. I just think he really likes flowers. And had he come from a culture where flowers didn’t figure prominently, he would’ve invented a flower angle.

        • khh1138

          But for someone who likes flowers, Ven sure couldn’t draw one. 
          I wish he came up with a MAD floral. Flowers everywhere, of every hue. I would have gotten behind that big time. 

    • Melissa Brogan

       You are totally right, but just as a side note, I think his flower was meant to be hibiscus.

  • Judy_J

    I was glad to see Dmitry win.  I really liked his print, and I liked the way he used it as piping on his jacket, in addition to using it for the blouse.  Very clever, and it worked beautifully. Gunnar’s print would make a nice wall hanging or similar piece of art….as fabric for clothing, not so much.

  • SabrinaBanoJamil

    Just to add, this less forgivable to me than Gunnar’s attempt to convert experience to heritage. I can understand why a white American might have trouble with the concept of heritage; its not like there isn’t one, obviously, but its sort of hard to take American history and turn it into something inspired, especially if one’s family hasn’t really tracked where they are from. But Ven really has no excuse for his hideous print.

    •  I was thinking the same thing. I know a little bit about where my ancestors came from, but heritage? not so much! I think I would have felt the same as Gunnar and Chris. How do you create a pattern based on an entirely American heritage? McDonald’s arches? lol

      • Red, white and blue (with a top that matches your skin tone) worked a treat for Sonjia.

        •  Yeah, and we’d be laughing our asses off if Gunnar or Christopher used a fabric because it matched their skin tone.

      •  Um, lie?  Yeah it’s not the most morally upright thing to do, but if you’re white, pick any European country you’d like and run with it — who’s going to be able to prove you wrong?  “Oh, yes my grandparents were all immigrants from Italy, but we were originally Spanish who immigrated to Italy in 1652.”

      • I think there are many things about American heritage that are iconic and useful as design inspiration.  Cowboys, patchwork, denim, football, prairie, pioneers, overalls, railroads, fringe, baseball, gold rush diggers, hollywood,  diversity, car culture, mass culture (yes, even McDonald’s arches), high tech innovations, assorted local traditions, etc.  Just because American culture is new and pretty much everyone’s, it is not any less valid.  It certainly is influential.

        • I know American culture is valid and influential, but creating a print based on it, if you’re not thinking about it with the right frame of mind, would be very difficult. Sonjie and Melissa were able to make interesting prints because they didn’t really let themselves get too hung up on the heritage bit. They probably realized right away that if they made something good, they could bullshit their way through the heritage stuff.

    • Laylalola

      I am going to give Gunnar a little slack here. Twenty years ago Queer Nation was in full force; today things are much more open, but I don’t get a sense Gunnar has a “movement” of activists to join so much as he’s only a couple of years removed from having very much been going it alone as a gay teen bullied, and in the South no less. This had to — and maybe still does — overwhelmingly shape his identity at this stage in his life. Identity is not the same thing as culture or heritage, exactly, but I can understand how, depending on how politically experienced he is or is not, that experience dominated any suggestion that he focus on more personal aspects for this challenge. 

      (I vaguely remember him being from maybe Louisville, and another designer might very well have carried through a Kentucky Derby-ish or more general Southern culture / heritage approach, it would be possible but frankly I don’t know how well that would fly in New York compared to picking an international culture or heritage instead.) EDITED TO ADD: OH WAIT. This would explain why he went with the horse-riding element to the overall look he put together. None of this was really explained on the show.

      •  I could make a case that Gunnar was referring to being bullied because of his sexual orientation, and therefore WAS referencing his heritage — his spiritual heritage, of a sorts.  He was inspired by the plight of generations of gay men who weren’t free to be who they really were and their struggles against that societal oppression.

        Of course, just because I can spin it does not make it true — would have given him a better shot on the runway though 😉

    • SewingSiren

      Isn’t Gunnar from Kentucky? That state is a treasure trove of cultural (beautiful and horrific). Music, food, geographic diversity, horses, coal mine, moon shine.

      • Terrie_S

        Exactly. I’m originally from Minnesota. If that was all I had to work with, I could still come up with something more than “I was bullied.” I could do something black with red and white, based off the state bird of the Common Loon. Something watery to represent that we’re the Land of 10,000 lakes. Something reminsicent of wheat, corn or cows, since we’re a farming state and my grandfather was a farmer.  

        • I’m originally from Hawaii, and just for one local culture, there is a wealth of material.  I’d bet that most local cultures are equally fascinating.  But you need some perspective to value the culture and see all of the facets.  Perspective is hard if you’re a very young adult.  For instance, when I left Hawaii in 1968 I was so glad to get away from it, from all of the conformity and small town backwardness, but when you’re gone long enough, appreciation sets in. 

      • Laylalola

        He is, he did try to mix the riding look (Kentucky Derby) into his offering and that was never explained and didn’t work, anyway.

    • Kimbolina

      The thing is, cultural heritage is a pretty broad term.  Culture doesn’t necessarily have to refer to ethnicity or race or anything like that.  There’s always state/regional cultural heritage.  I mean, the cultures in California or New England or the Deep South are all pretty unique and different from each other.

      • barbiefish

        Good point abut the different parts of the US.  I’m of mixed WASP ethnic heritage but would identify more strongly with the culture of where I grew up (California) and when (50s and 60s) than with one of the western European countries of my ancestors.

      • SabrinaBanoJamil

        I definitely agree with this. That’s why I think Gunnar should have stayed, and Ven should have been auf’ed!

      • RroseSelavy

        I’m not even sure they said “cultural heritage” — just “heritage,” right? To me, that can mean a lot of things other than ethnicity/nationality.

        • Melissa Brogan

           Exactly. Take Dmitry. He used his personal heritage–his father and grandfather’s artistic aesthetic and the shapes they liked–to make his design. I mean, maybe he was also inspired by Belarus itself, too, but I don’t know enough about the country to say and I’m not sure he said anything about it specifically.

    • Terrie_S

      But black Americans have even less knowledge of their background, since many of them only know their ancestors were brought over with the slave trade. And Sonji, while I personally was not a huge fan of her print, took that and made something that worked  with the challenge. You could totally see the connection between her print and her as a black American. So no sympathy for Gunnar.

      • RroseSelavy

        Her comment about using a black background “because I’m black” cracked me up, though.

    • I’ve designed repeating textile patterns and it comes very difficult to me and I’m a graphic designer and I love prints. Just because these people are clothing designers doesn’t mean that creating a print comes easy to them. It’s an entirely different focus.
      Add to that, they are looking at a computer screen to judge the color, RGB color! which is not the same as the dyes used for fabric. And no proofing! Those ink jet printouts are not a proof. Aaarrgh.

      Heritage schmeritage. MOST of those prints were hideous.

  • Plus Ven’s did address his Indian heritage.  It was bad because after Tim’s critique he panicked and fell into his routine, but who knows if he could have saved his original design.  But Gunnar’s was awful from conception and tried to manipulate the situation.

    And that pissy little brat Mondo didn’t consider that, like Nina pointed out, the jacket is shown off to it’s best advantage BECAUSE of the print.  With a solid color underneath the cut outs just look like incongruous cut outs?  Why cut something out of a jacket unless you want what’s underneath to show?  But he was a sour little pill the whole time, so who cares what he had to say?

    And Anya?  Gurr, you’re a mediocrity.  Just sit there and tell the designers how pretty their clothes are because even Gunnar’s sad little jacket showed more skill and talent than the entirety of your PR output.

    • Susan Crawford

      Having Anya as a judge was . . . almost as bad as having Anya as a season winner. And for her to say ANYthing about “taste level” whilst sitting there enveloped in a shapeless mass with half a shaved head? Excuse me, but the girl looked like one of Quark’s Dabo Girls on Deep Space Nine.

      I liked Mondo SO much during his season, but came to dislike his moody, mememe attitude on PRAS to the point that I wanted to open a can of whupass on his head! He was determined NOT to see what everyone else saw in Dmitry’s sophisticated design, wasn’t he?

      • Kayceed

        I think Mondo’s King of the Prints identity – using them in a fun and brash way – felt a bit threatened by the sophistication of Dmitry’s approach. 

    •  Mondo was always a bit pissy — he lost his season in no small part because the judges flat out TOLD HIM to tone down the styling because it was over the top, and rather than thinking “hey, they’re the ones I’m trying to impress here, so I might want to listen to their opinions” he went right on doing it his way.

  • And can I just say how psyched I am about Bert doing one of the blogs on Lifetime’s site?  I always come here first because no one can top TLo for PR coverage especially, but I find that I have far more tolerance for the producer crap because of it — I appreciate the dissenting voice.

  • You guys are right on with the assessment of Gunnar’s “heritage.”. I was pretty much thinking the exact same thing- this is a calculated play on what he thought Mondo did with his story. Though admittedly he might have actually gotten the idea for that kind of treatment from Mondo himself in the workroom before the challenge. A little sad to see Gunnar go, which kind of surprised me. I was prepared to think he was an attention seeking Josh.2 to the end, but he definitely grew on me. Not that I thought he’d win, but… 

  • jennmarie19

    I was DYING at Anya’s critiques. “You didn’t push yourself far enough,”  etc. This from Baroness No-Sleeves. Mondo’s critiques were very thoughtful, however, and I appreciated that many times he expressed a different opinion than the lock-step judges.

    And OH, does Ven need to go. I wonder how his very beautiful plus-sized sister feels about his horrible behavior to his client a few episodes back.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Venn’s sister and how she must have felt when he was busy dissing his client. His sister is a beautiful woman.

      • khh1138

        And she came across as genuinely likeable – a little bit of it rubbed off on Ven for me.  As in, if she likes him, he can’t be ALL bad.  

    • Spicytomato1

      Mondo’s often dissenting opinion made it obvious to me, much more so than with other guest judges, at how much Michael, Nina and Heidi consider the contestant’s whole body of work to date. The guest judges don’t have that context so they judge purely on the merits of the design in front of them. 

      It has to be frustrating for the guest judges to feel like they’re left in the dark. Unless they are briefed on each contestant’s work to date before the runway show?

    •  He clearly needed my mother’s rule for my brother when he started dating:  Never treat any girl in a way you wouldn’t want someone to treat one of your sisters.

  • Anya was worthless. Saw that in her own season when she and Burt had videos, not on lifetime, for whatever challenge they won (Burt had the tennis dress with the dangly belt). Burt explained his design very technically and why design elements he included would work for women, while Anya had nothing to say aside from, “Uh, I made a pretty dress.”

    Goodbye Gunnar. You were more lovable when you were not a bitch.

    Finally Dimitry! I feel like I would have liked to see a little more of that peekaboo technique on the skirt, or something just a little bit more.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Well-deserved win for Dmitry… and he did use traditional ideas from his culture in order to create a new print that wasn’t literal.  Then he did that amazing thing with the jacket once he had it.  I completely bought the optical illusion, and it was a wonderful use of the print.

    Gunnar had a couple of mistakes here, but I think another part of what happened was that he did stop playing the bitchy queen, which was obviously what the producers had told him to play.  And, oops.  We’re gone.  It didn’t help that he missed the challenge and made a sad jacket out of a sad print, but I think they’d have ousted him one way or another.  Too bad. I liked having real Gunnar on my screen a lot more than I liked in-character Gunnar.

    I think the cultural heritage thing was a great idea, but the producers more or less set the “It’s all about me” people up by sending their relatives with personal pictures instead of the cultural information that was promised.  (And it was really weird that they gave them the sketching time before the “inspiration” came.)

    And I agree with you guys.  It’s not a bad season.  I’m enjoying it, actually.

    • Spicytomato1

      Good point about the confusing directions on the challenge. I saw the disconnect with Melissa especially, as she and her mom looked at a slideshow of her life, which seemed as All-American as can be. And then afterwards Melissa said something like “ok, now, what says Polish?” It was weird.

      • There are many people of ethnicity who have all-American lives but also a totally other facet which is rooted in their parents’ or grandparents’ immigrant heritage.  You don’t even have to be bilingual to be at least partly bicultural.  It’s something in the bones, or genes, where you can intuit a non-American mindset.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    Humpf. My hubby stopped recording 9 show to watch something. No worries, the DVR was set to record the 1 AM showing WHICH MY SON STOPPED (sorry for shouting) because he was taking a study break to watch European soccer. Clearly a male conspiracy! Ah well, this week I shall live vicariously through TLo and the BK comments.

    • Spicytomato1

      You can watch the full episode on the PR website. Easy peasy.

      • Burkyquirky

         I find the lifetime show very irritating, it often freezes up completely. If you can wait until mid=morning, it’s on Hulu, very smooth and easy to watch. I agree that Dmitry’s outfit was fantastic. In my best Heidi voice (which is pretty bad), I would wear that. One of the very (very) few PR designs I would.

    • SapphoPoet

      You can watch the episode on the Lifetime website–that’s how I watch the show. 

      •  You can also get it sometimes on OnDemand — Comcast has them up, I know.

        • Lisa_Cop

          Time Warner also has Lifetime On Demand where you can see not only PR episodes but the winner and loser interviews.

    • 3boysful

       If it makes you feel better, I stopped my teenage son’s recording of How I Met Your Mother to watch PR!

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        THIS. IS. AWESOME!!! Thanks! lol

  • This is always the challenge that makes me want to go on this show (along with the real woman challenge, just because the attitudes of the designers always makes me crazy! 🙂 — I would love to design my own print.  I already know exactly what I would want, too. 

    • There’s always next season. Do it!

      • Yes!! DOOO IIITTTT!!  You’d have a built-in fan base of BKs and PUFs!

    • 3boysful

       We’d love to have a BK contestant to root for!

      • Oh, you guys would hate me!  I’m very very RTW 😀

        And about 3 days in, I’d have to slap someone for not knowing who Sgt. Pepper is or something.

    • MilaXX

       Go, we’ll all cheer you on!

      •  I’d just want a way to use my doodled plaids — I can’t draw so when I doodle, I make plaid.  I’d do a gradient color palette in blue or red, with each shade being used as a different stripe in the plaid.  From a distance you’d just see the color and then as you got closer you’d start seeing more of the pattern in it. 

        Besides, I’m a Stewart and a Campbell — plaid is my heritage.

        • Call me Bee

          Do it, do it, do it, do it!! 

        • MilaXX

          Doodled plaids sounds interesting . I’d love to see a sample of that.

          •  You know what plaid looks like?  Yeah, it looks like that 😛  Essentially, it’s just a black and white (or blue and white or red and white depending on what pen is handy) plaid because it prevents me from hearing how all of my animals look like boxes with faces.  Which is the critique I got when I was permanently banned from Pictionary with my in-laws.  They can all draw and after the 2nd game in a row where NO ONE had a clue what my drawings were, they banned me.

          • MilaXX

            lol, banned from Pictionary? too funny.

          •  Yeah, it’s translating anything from 3 dimensions like in life into 2D — my brain just cannot do it. 

    • There’s always “Spoonflower”…

  • sdtripper

    I like this season and I don’t think it’s boring.  There. I said it.  Up till last night I really didn’t have a favorite, nor do I think anyone is still there who doesn’t deserve to be there (but Elena’s time is just about up).  But after last night I’m really rooting for Gunnar.  He is funny without trying, and I really think he is there to make beautiful clothes and not become a reality TV star (gosh, I hope I’m right).

    I also think Gunnar is at heart a sweet guy.  I really liked his print the best.  I don’t care about the heritage-vs-experience debate, the judges have excused far more egregious disregard of instructions in the past.  Maybe the print would have been better if it were larger.  The jacket was undeniably unfortunate, but I thought the print was excellent.

    On to Ven.  I truly felt sorry for him.  He was totally thrown off his game by Tim’s comment (which I personally think Tim should have kept to himself, but that’s not good TV).  I think what Ven showed was his version of a desperate move to stay in the game.  I should, I guess, be glad he got knocked off his high horse, but I think Ven was the one who got bullied last night, and all the other Mean Girls in the work room just took over.

    • sdtripper

      Oops, I meant I am rooting for Dmitry.

      • MoHub

         You can edit, you know.

    • MilaXX

       But that’s been Ven’s problem. He cannot take criticism and course correct.

      • Whaaa? Tim told him his dress was awful and –notice he didn’t dramatically stomp around making a scene–he just pulled it off the mannequin and started over. Since he was short for time, he pulled out the inevitable origami. 

        However tiresome it is, and the judges did say they had called him on it before, Tim came out and said that he had not reminded him of it in the workroom on this occasion. Since Ven knows construction and proportion so well, I think the judges were willing to give him a pass until the cannon fodder were disposed of. Now that Gunnar is gone, I think they will be shown to be more critical. But bearing in mind that the last regular season had a non-sewer winning, they could be mindful of not aufing a technically qualified person over a dramatic entity. 

  • Martha Anderson

    “But he made a depressing print and then he attempted to make a kicky little equestrian-themed outfit out of it. He was doomed practically from the beginning”

    Doomed because he has clearly never been near a horse show or done any study of the tradition of hunt / equestrian wear.
    there is nothing here that says equestrian but tall black boots

    • Lisa_Cop

      I think equestrian jackets are very fitted. Gunnar’s was too short and too boxy. But I agree that the real Gunnar seemed sweet. Actually sorry to see him go.

  • I’m still so freaking thrilled that Dmitry finally won one. And TLo, all the reasons you pointed out were spot-on! I loved it!

    I am sad to see Gunnar go, especially after that potato sack Christopher sent down the runway. I hadn’t thought of it in terms of Gunnar being calculating, but now that you mention it, that does make sense. It’s a shame.

    • We’ve been rooting for him forever and it made me so happy. Well deserved win. 

      I was hating on Venn’s way more than Christopher’s or Gunnar’s but that may be more about my intense dislike for his arrogant ways and his treatment of his client a couple challenges ago. I think I’m holding a grudge and I’m also so freaking tired of roses. When the challenge was announced, I predicted he’d design rose fabric. When it was a hibiscus flower, I thought, close enough but then to see him combine it with a damn rose again, it just pushed all my angry buttons. 

      I wish I could buy Dmitry’s winning outfit. It will probably go for way more than I can afford and it won’t even fit my 17 year old daughter.

      •  And it was such a waste.  I’d have gone with stripe or something similar and then done the rose shape with it, so you could experiment with the lines.  It’d have been so much more interesting. 

        Of course, I’ve spent the last 3 weeks yelling during the episode about how to make this shtick work — like why hasn’t he done a jacket that’s based around a calla lily shape.  Or a bodice based on a chrysanthemum.  Hell, why didn’t he do a tulip skirt instead of that sad gathered thing last week? 

        •  Ooh, a rose/fan effect with a striped fabric would have been so interesting. And completely out-of-the-box for him. He’s so into his dull bridesmaid satins.

    • alula_auburn

      In a weird way, I feel slightly better about the auf in that it was probably calculated, so it’s not quite so much seeing someone smacked down for real vulnerability.  (I think it also makes me feel a little better about the judging–that the judges were reacting to being manipulated.)  

      I also thought that there was something odd when he was talking to Sonjia in the workroom, and being really vague.  I absolutely, 100%, completely believe that he was bullied, but maybe the vagueness (he said”I was bullied past the point I should not have been bullied” or something) was an indication that he wasn’t really ready to transform that experience into design, which also accounts for the muddled design.  (Not that it’s exactly the same, but I had to write an autobiographical graphic memoir for a class this spring, that centered mostly on a chronic illness I was diagnosed with about ten years ago, and I think if I’d had to write about it then, it would have been a whiny mess–I needed a few years to come to terms with it before I could use it in my writing in a way that wasn’t just angst.)  It’s just an example of what happens when you try to recreate or manage something like Mondo’s print moment from the start–you get the elements all wrong.Still rocking on Dmitry’s design.  I like it even better today, and I love that it was recognized as a really smart way to use the print, not just display it.  And I love that he showed off that his impeccable finishing isn’t limited to sheath dresses.  

  • Tatiana Luján

    The only thing Anya was good at was choosing fabrics and mixing prints. Maybe I am the only one, but I don’t think theorically she was such a bad choice for a gest judge.

    • BrooklynBomber

      That’s why I thought she was there: prints.  (Of course, Uli might have been an even better choice if they wanted a prints expert.) And given both her limitations and her strengths (she does have an eye for style), I thought she did okay, mainly because she didn’t say too much, and kept most of the comments she did make in the realm of what she knows.

    • formerlyAnon

      Yes. It seemed like the only episode she could be a good judge for. I had hoped she would have more to say that was constructive. I don’t know if she didn’t because her taste is intuitive, and she can’t analyze why a print is appealing, or because she was under the impression that she was there to skate by on smiling and surface chat and looking cute.

  • I loved Dimintri’s design last night – think it might be the best of the season.  And i didn’t think Gunnar’s reeked as badly as everyone else thought, but did think it was his time to go.  He was a real sweetie though, that came through quite clearly.

  • I LOVED the way the construction of the jacket sections echoed the geometric design of the print.  It really was masterful piece of work.  I don’t know what pipe Mondo was smoking to think that Sonja’s pants were better…sure, they were great pants, and we’ve seen some tragic pants on this show, but they weren’t in the same league as that combination of jacket and print.  I thought Christopher should have been in the bottom, because that dress was tired and poorly constructed.  Yucch!


  • Funkykatt

    Thank goodness for you guys, I skimmed this episode on line because it was so dull, I thought. Reading through your comments saved me lots of time. 

  • Can one of you guys explain how Dmitry constructed that jacket? I thought the print parts were piping when I watched the show, but seeing these photos, it appears that the jacket has been cut into sections and somehow attached to the underblouse. Anyone?

    • DinaSews

      It appears that he cut the jacket into pieces and reassembled it using his print.  That’s why it looks like piping.  The blouse and jacket are not attached to the blouse underneath.

      • DinaSews

        I am wrong and stand corrected.  Earlier posts and views on the Lifetime page say it is constructed with a sheer black mesh that appears invisible. 

    • carolclark12

       I hope someone answers this, because I’ve been stumped.  It’s like they are floating.  Dmitry can do magic, TOO??? 

      •  Makes the Snape moniker ever more appropriate doesn’t it?

    • crash1212

       And this question brings up my main issue with the expanded version of Project Runway. Why don’t they SHOW us how the designers are constructing their garments? I know I’m supposed to care about the drama and the tears and all of that nonsense, but I’ve never watched PR for that. I’m very interested in the PROCESS – and they never show that. It’s very disappointing. I wish, just once, the producers would take more of a “This Old House” approach and actually show us the process. That was a fab little jacket and I loved the skirt. Rant over.

      • MilaXX

         To be honest they have never shown us how they are constructing their garments. This isn’t a how to show, but I agree we used to see more work room process.

      • BrooklynBomber

        THIS!  All along I’ve said that what got me hooked on this show was watching people turn straw into gold. It really was the creative “magic” (which is not magic at all; it’s skill, imagination, etc.) that drew me in. So, yes, more of how they get from sketch to finished product would be of interest to me. So often we see someone with an un-sewn garment and 5 minutes till runway, and the next thing you know, there’s a finished piece on the runway. I’d really like to see sometimes how they get from crisis to completion.

        • alula_auburn

          Definitely.  Even in the magical elves days, they would sometimes slide through things, but now I feel like 3/4 of the looks each week don’t get a single comment or talking head to get an idea of what the designer is envisioning.

          • khh1138

            I remember last season there was this ONE lead-in commercial that ran over and over that explained what the term “ombre” meant, ofter Olivieriieee used it when he turned fuzzy pet beds into a shapeless outfit.  I got all excited at first, thinking that someone had the brilliant idea of making a series of those ads, to educate the public about design terms and techniques.  No such luck. Just that one ad, over and over, until I wanted to cry. 

      • formerlyAnon

        Rant seconded.

    • Kimbolina

      The cutouts were attached to a backing of a sheer fabric (I think it was organza) so that the print could show through.  The print fabric wasn’t used in the jacket at all.

      • khh1138

        Yes, I think you’re right, Kimbolina – it’s a sheer. So perfectly cut and sewn you don’t even see it. Amazeballs!

      • Lisa_Cop

        I think it was mesh not organza. Of course as Nathan hilariously put it ” not that HOOKER mesh”.

    • Call me Bee

      Sewing Siren explained it earlier, but Dimtiry cut the pieces and attached them to a foundation of very sheer organza or tulle.  If you look at the photos, you can see an outline of the sheer fabric along the neckline and front edge of the jacket. 

      • That’s absolute genius!

  • ray

    Anya who? I would have preferd Josh McKinley.  kinda like s9 re-dux.

  • SapphoPoet

    I loved Dimitry’s outfit and how he showcased the print in an unusual way. I wish he had styled his model’s hair up so that we could have seen the jacket better. It’s the only garment I’ve seen on this season that I wanted a really close look at. 

    Poor Gunnar. I wish he’d made something that emphasized the flight of the birds–maybe something more flowy might have worked. That tight little jacket just didn’t work with that print. 

  • Dimitry’s jacket had me baffled until I watched the extended juding clip. Genius! I think Mondo was a bit clueless and maybe jealous of the look. Sometimes, subtlety works best and the execution made us want to see the print, rather than shoving it on our faces. That’s called mystery and reveal.

    • dress_up_doll

      Yeas, I, too wondered if Mondo might have a case of the green-eyed monster. Dmitry’s look was something that I would imagine most designer’s would marvel at and study.

      • I just brought this up in a newer post a few pages ago, but I think you all may be on to something with the jealousy theory.  Did any of you see Dmitry’s audition footage?  It was Mondo, Seth Aaron, and a producer lady.  Seth Aaron loved him (of course!), and Mondo and the producer gave him both maybes.  But Mondo was incredibly rude and dismissive to him, the same as he was last night – the clip is on You Tube.  He really seems to have some kind of issue against Dmitry, because that’s twice now.  Jealously sounds completely plausible.

        • Lisa_Cop

          I thought it was Nick Verreous who auditioned Dmitry and compared him to Alber Ebaz of Lanvin.

          • Nope – I just went back to double check it to make sure I wasn’t going crazy.  It was Mondo and Seth Aaron.  And you know what’s crazy, Mondo even SAID some of the same shit to Dmitry in his casting session that he said to him the other night!  Apparently, there’s something about Dmitry that really gets under Mondo’s skin.

        • khh1138

          You’re right, and it’s really sad.  It’s so wonderful when you see the designers happy to talk to each other and look at each other’s work because they have a chance to be *inspired* by each other — Mondo, you completely miss the point.  It’s entirely possible for someone to like Mondo, and to like Austin, and Dmitry, and to still like early Chanel. Mondo’s like a dumb little kid who doesn’t know you can have more than one friend. 

          •  I never understand that.  I love to talk clothes and construction and concepts with other people who don’t go into a boredom coma when I go on. 

    • janierainie

      Count me in with you and the green eyed monster theory. 

    • Spicytomato1

      If he was jealous and let it affect his judging, that’s disappointing. And unprofessional. You’d think a former contestant would want to show some compassion for someone going through the process rather than throw him under the bus out of petty jealousy. Grr.

    • l_c_ann

      At the time, I wondered if Mondo was pontificating a bit too loudly.  If the editing was true to time, and Heidi’s response came immediately after Mondo’s, then Mondo could consider himself bitchslapped by the teutonic goddess.

  • carolclark12

    I haven’t read the comments yet, so someone may have already addressed this.  Usually, I do a quick once-over looking at each design, and how it initially strikes me.  I’ve looked at Gunner’s jacket about 5 times already this morning and have just now noticed how horrible – HORRIBLE – the buttons are.  

    •  That was the first thing I noticed on the runway — those buttons were just awful.

      • Lisa_Cop

        And to think when Gunnar auditioned, he proudly explained how he made the buttons himself. And Mondo asked Gunnar to send him a button!

  • Um, is it just me or does the losing print look like it has cicadas crawling all over it? Ick.

  • BobStPaul

    I thought the cultural heritage aspect was pretty much a joke.  When it was announced that they would be presented dossiers representing their cultural heritage I got relatively excited and then they were presented family photo scrapbooks.  It’s no wonder some of the designers were confused.  How many of them actually referenced their cultural heritages?  Dmitry and Ven for sure but everyone else that I can remember was pretty much off the mark, including Sonija’s “not so tribal” pattern.  However, I do agree that Gunnar was attempting to replicate Mondo without the skills to back it up.  Regardless, I still thought that his jacket, sad though it might have been, was still far better than Christopher’s ill-conceived and horribly made dress.  Christopher truly deserved to go home but the producers and/or the judges clearly wanted him to stick around. I personally think that Dmitry’s jacket is one of the very best pieces ever produced in any season.

    • Spicytomato1

      Yes, a joke and confusing indeed. Sonjia’s comment about using black because she’s black was kind of ridiculous. Even she seemed to think so by the way she said it.

    • MilaXX

       Agreed, I would have auf’d Christopher over Gunnar.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I don’t know much about the Ukraine but Elena claimed to be referencing it.

  • on an unrelated note, i am shocked that ven’s sister was such a beautiful LARGER woman. clearly he has experience with women who aren’t straight-sized. if i were his sister, i would have been livid during the “regular woman” episode.

    • jfsnyder

       I think she was pregnant.  As well as being a plus sized woman. 

  • nannypoo

    Gunnar’s unfortunate design for low budget junior separates was not nearly as bad as Christopher’s bunchy mess. The zipper-gone-wild disaster on the back of his dress should have sent him home. Dmitry’s outfit was brilliant. I thought Mondo was a great judge, but his criticism of Dmitry’s outfit, that he didn’t use enough of his print, was way off base. Dmitry’s blouse clearly showed the print and the jacket capitalized on it. By contrast, Ven basically made a white dress with one section using his print, Christopher’s print was concealed by a layer of another fabric, and Fabio’s odd penis/vagina celebration was barely visible, to name a few. Dimitry was the only one whose design was really dependent on his textile. 

    • MilaXX

       It’s funny how passive aggressive Ven gets when his work is critiqued. His original design which did at least attempt to incorporate the print was deemed “maxi pad like” by Tim so Ven defaults to his typical fold techniques and basically uses the print as a sash. I didn’t feel one bit of sympathy for him when the judges were reaming him out even though I thought it was unprofessional of Anya to laugh at him.

      • AthenaJ

        I noticed that laugh from Anya too… reminded me of when we saw glimpses the mean/popular pretty girl ‘pageant queen’ side of her during last season.

      • nannypoo

        I agree. If there was ever a one way monkey it is Anya. I can’t imagine why she was even invited to judge, and then she had  the nerve to laugh at a contestant. Unbelievably rude.

      • Frank_821

        Not to make any excuses for her laughing, but she clearly wasn’t the only one doing it. You can hear multiple laughing when Kors makes 1 of his quips. I don’t think we should someone in that context since it would be hardfor many of us not to respond in such way at 1 of the Duchess’ zingers

        Also, going by the extended vids, she did try to provide some supportive comments and constructive critiques. Now I’m not saying she was great or that there were not more qualified people to judge a print based challenge. I will say i think she probably did a better job than was shown on tv. 

        She and Mondo are both “print” people. I wonder if she was brought on to balance Mondo out in terms of personality. Kind of a Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell thing

        • MilaXX

          I know it’s unfair, but I kind of hate when the h=guest judges laugh. It’s like, they are guest and really don’t have the right to laugh. I know crazy, since the judges clearly amuse themselves at the designer expense. I also don’t hate Anya. I think she does have a good eye for prints and I kinda like her personal style. I do, however dislike the fact that neither her or Mondo’s makeup win were earned and seeing them visit frequently reminds me of the bad taste left in my mouth when they were awarded their wins even though I do think Mondo was robbed during his season.
          If PR is trying to redeem itself for veering so off course by at least managing to have people who can sew and design, then they really need to move past trotting out reminders of 2 of the show’s wore seasons.

          • You know which former contestant would have made an amazing guest judge, because she totally understood prints?  Korto.  And she probably would have had enough class not to laugh at them.

          • khh1138

            I would have loved to have seen Korto – I really respected her!  Imagine the interesting feedback she could have given, especially about scale, construction, styling…I miss her. 

      • Spicytomato1

        I was enraged when Anya laughed. I seriously wanted to slap her, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way about anyone on the show, including Josh and Jeffrey. Close but not quite.

  • Is it me, or does Quentin’s show at Fashion Week look like a big screw you to PR?

    • MilaXX

       His didn’t but a few other designers did. I won’t name names for those who skipped the PR Fashion Week post.

      • Winter_White

        Thank you MilaXX — from a spoiler-averse TLo reader.  😉  Sometimes I look at the FW collections beforehand, but I think this season I’d like to (try to be) surprised. 

        • Call me Bee

          Me too.  I have never looked at the decoy collections before PR is over and the finale has aired.  I just want to see them while watching the show and not before. 

  • Valdri8

    The best bits of last night’s episode were Tim’s amazing suits. The purple-hued one had me swooning.

  • Oh, we saw Mondo’s dark side in “All Stars.” Too bad, but then again, he hasn’t had the easiest road.

  • Susan Crawford

    At last! Dmitry WINS! And for a pretty remarkable design. First, I thought his print out of all those created really and truly DID reflect his heritage. There was a definite reference to his Belarus background in the color and the intricate, linear patterning found in so much folk art from that area. And I love that he used a pattern that could easily have overwhelmed in a subtle yet striking way.

    “How about that?!” Indeed, Comrade Snape!

    Gunnar was getting the loser edit right from the get go. Obviously he was so swept up in the moment of viewing Mondo’s pattern challenge that he forgot ALL about the heritage and just flat out ran with the emotional story. Which was a powerful story, but NOT what the brief specified. I actually liked his pattern (a little Miu Miu influence, but still interesting) but the first thing I thought when he said he was making a jacket with thirteen pieces to fit was ching the pattern was going to undo him.

    After Tim’s very valid critique of his initial effort, Gunnar modified to the point of blah. His jacket looked style-less and dated, the fit was poor and his choice of what seemed to be dark mother of pearl buttons ended up making the piece look really cheap. I wonder how he would have fared had he chosen a second fabric in a color instead of – surprise! – black. Well, moot point now.

    And did anyone else snort whatever they were drinking out of the nose when he said he wanted to win to buy his mother a boob job? Poor Mom. When she appeared onscreen, the entire PR viewership was focusing on her breasts. Thanks, son!

  • janierainie

    It didn’t seem like any of the judges noticed the repeat of Dimitri’s print in the cutouts of his jacket. He totally hit it out of the park in my opinion. 

  • MilaXX

    I like Dimitry’s jacket, but I still would have given Sonjia the win. I know I’m in the minority but it feels more like Dmitry was awarded the win for stepping away from the neat little dress and making a really great separates look more than the print.
    Completely agree about Gunnar’s print & design.

  • yybb

    I like Gunnar’s jacket and the skirt. I would’ve worn both of them. The same for Dmitry’s. Although I did not really like his pattern, but it fits the challenge very well.

  • tallgirl1204

    I just watched last week last night (since I’m an on-line follower) and it is interesting that Sonia won for her beautiful jacket last week while Dmitri was criticized for yet another dress– and this week was kind of a big “@#$# you” — let me show you what I can do with a jacket. It’s gorgeous, and I want to see more.  Also, I agree with you that the jacket totally set off the print in a mighty way.  I haven’t been quite Team Dmitri up to now, but I have just offically boarded the bus. 

    • (*Skooches over*) Welcome aboard, we’ve saved you a seat!

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I could not have agreed more with this win. He showed off the print in a way that nobody else did. LOVE that jacket. I was sitting on my couch imagining how good it would look with a number of my printed tops, and even the solid ones. Definitely a well-deserved win.
    Gunnar – Oddly enough, I was sad to see him go. I know you guys are 100% right about the reasoning behind this boot, but I was hoping it would be Ven. Not because I adore Gunnar or despise Ven or anything like that, but because if I have to look at another fucking folded napkin flower on a dress I’m going to fucking lose it.

    • reganmeister

      Yes!  That jacket would look amazing with so many different shirts, not just the one it was designed for….

  • I thought Dmitry’s print was great and the jacket was great, but that was a sad sad skirt. The outfit overall was pretty average – the skirt brought it way down… But yeah, he was overdue so I didn’t mind. I thought ELENA of all people had the best design even though her design was cracktastic.  Christopher should have gone home though because his was just AWFUL…

    • Don’t agree about Elena’s design, but the colors on her print were so awful.  I just didn’t get it at all:  weird medium blue, pale icky lime, and then that pinky lavender color.  Yikes.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Hospital scrubs; nice ones but scrubs

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Seriously, this is the week they should have sent Ven packing. Yes, Gunnar’s jackety thing was sad and his blatant attempt to replicate the Mondo HIV thing was transparent, but c’mon, another f-ing rose skirt?!?!

    Side note: Fabio’s boyfriend was adorbs!

    • AthenaJ

      I loved Fabio and his boyfriend together! They are so sweet and cool, like the couple you’d love to sit around and drink wine with and spend hours talking to.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I said something similar about Gunnar’s strategy last night, but you said it soooo much better. The only thing I’ll add is that I wish he had gone with actual heritage: after all, he has one of the most interesting names in the history of Project Runway, and something heritage-y could have been interesting — if only he’d decided to be creative instead of calculating.

    • alyce1213

      Great name Gunnar Deatherage — like an evil Super Nemesis. The name may not even represent a large part of his heritage, but everyone has some cultural background — who they’re from, where they’re from, etc.  He didn’t get it right.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Yeah — as TLo said, I think he just figured he’d pull a Mondo. But you can’t plan that. 

      • Winter_White

        Gunnar Deatherage could be the evil Super Nemesis of delicate Miss Austin Scarlett.

        • khh1138

          Oh, god, a thousand likes.  My all-time favourite delicate flower, that Miss Scarlett.

  • Apocalipstick Now Redux

    So…Anya says they didn’t push themselves and Mondo says something looks junior.  Tell me that in the extended judging Mondo at least acknowledged that looking too junior had been a problem for him?

  • I roll my eyes every time they bring out the family members. I keep waiting for them to stop crying and get back to the fashion part of the show. 

    • Winter_White

      My version of that:  I shudder at the thought of having one of my original family members hauled in during such an already stressful situation — we were not a happy clan.  (Husband is perfect though, so he would be welcome!)  I sometimes get a vibe from a designer that he or she feels the same way about it.  

      •  There are some that I would love to see and others I would kick out of the room.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    deathrage, there, is more than ten years younger than mondo. i know i keep harping on GD’s age but, you know, it really matters. mondo has too much life experience to go for a full on character–meaning: he’s too settled into himself to easily adopt an annoying persona even had he wanted to do it–i imagine it’s the same kind of thing here. different levels of maturity, different personalities. different goals, even, i think. & different, um, what is it? cultural heritages? but that hasnt much to do w/ the different outcomes. anyway–something like that. still weary, here.

  • Adella Thompson

    I have to agree that this is a decidedly “ok” season. Nothing ground shaking, but I’m glad enough to have kept it on my dvr after all (was this close to taking it off after last year). Strikes me as a season hand made for a sick day PR marathon. The kind you can watch repeatedly, because it’s ultimately pretty comfortable. 

    It was interesting to see that Ven – I know we’ll get to him – actually had a female family member who was probably about the same “real woman” build as the woman he was so merciless towards. That really surprised me. 

    Also interesting to hear Mondo’s critiques include so many comments that have been leveled at him previously: “junior” and “over worked” in particular. 

    I’ll miss Gunnar. I kind of grew fond of him once he dropped the Josh-act. But it really was his time as much as I wanted it to be Ven. 

  • bluefish

    Dmitry, Czar of the Russian astringent sexy!  He’s made the season for me really — He’s really pretty great as both a languid personality and a designer. 

    I loved many of the prints — his, Melissa’s (very Aubrey Beardsley!), and Sonjia’s.  Loved loved loved her tribal elephants pants in red while and blue and the black jersey top. 

    Yeah, overall this season is much better.  Have to say though, I’m a big fan of TIm Gunn but could totally have done without the menstrual cycle comments.  Vulgar beyond belief, not witty, and I’m sure crushing for Venn.  And Heidi’s amusing little whistle to Venn while effective I also found mean and hapless.  They go too far.  Make a point but keep it classy.  Especially when you’ve got a producer driven bread and circus show going on that has never fully recovered from the broken ties with Bravo.

    • Love “Czar of the Russian astringent sexy”!  God, I freakin’ love that dude.  Languid but a sharp wit, and that absolutely charming way with English that so many immigrants (including my husband) have.

      • RroseSelavy

        I couldn’t have said it better myself. I adore Dimitry.

        • And also –  sweet baby Jeebus under the Christmas tree – is that man beautiful!  Plus, talented, funny, quick-witted – what’s not to adore?

    •  He did, but he didn’t get to go home — no one does until they finish taping.  Until the finalists are chosen and sent home to prepare for fashion week, everyone stays sequestered.

    • Call me Bee

      Yes–Gunnar is certainly a Scandinvian name (I know a couple of them…) but his last name is old-school British:

      I wish he would have done something actually based on his heritage instead of his experience.  It may have been much are interesting, and not a re-hash of Mondo’s experience. 

    • Call me Bee

      Yep–Gunnar is decidely Scandinavian, but the name Deatharage is old English.   So between that and the Scandinvian, he could have created something pretty interesting actually using his heritage, as opposed to the Mondao re-hash he ended up ith. 

  • l_c_ann

    This was a TWO day challenge.  They got two days to sew, and a night in between the two days to think about it.  As well as some time with family to really relax. 
    That super jacket of Dimitry’ s couldn’t have been made (with the skirt and blouse) in a single day.

    Two days made (for some of them) better design and self editing.  The ones who turned out simple nothings could have done that in a single day.

  • Stubenville

    Is it safe yet to say that this season is … pretty okay?

    For Project Ennui, yes.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Finally, Comrade Snape gets a long overdue win.  Two points for Slytherin! 

    I think Dmitry’s design holds its own with the best of any PR season.  Also among the best of PR is Fabio’s wonderful dress that won the real woman challenge.  I covet that dress!

    TLo are spot on with their critique of Gunnar’s motives for designing the bullying print.  But I don’t think it was the worst thing on that runway last night.  Ven’s tortured rose skirt with the boring bodice should have gotten the auf.  Christopher’s was just as bad, maybe even worse, than Gunnar’s, but  the producers and judges all seem to have a hard-on for Baby Costello.  I need to see them again but I thought both Elena and Fabio designed ridiculous prints and made some ugly clothes.  They could have been in the bottom as well. 

    Gunnar turned out to be a really sweet guy and I wish him well.  He’s very, very young with a lot of learning and living still to do and I don’t see him turning into a Josh 2.0 at all. 

  • I can’t get over how clever Dmitry’s jacket is.  I thought Heidi was going to take it off the model and wear it for the rest of the show.

    • mhleta

      And cover up that fabulous pubic hair dress of hers?

  • Stubenville

    I’m probably reading a bit too much into it, but Dimitri’s reminded me a bit of Escada, where the piping detail and the lining of the jacket matches the blouse pattern, etc. The “floating panel” illusion was actually quite clever.

  • ShivaDiva

    Interesting.  Well, glad to hear the show is picking up a bit.  Maybe if they have a couple of reasonable seasons I’ll watch again!

  • afabulous50

    I personally was so disgusted with Mondo & Anya’s crtiques last night I did my seasonal vow of “never watching again.”  Mondo criticizing people for over-styling – seriously??  And bringing back Anya who sent the same thing down the runway week-after-week while still winning was just too much for this bitter kitten.  I guess once you win PR you forget what you did as a contestant.  Any BTW Anya – your hair looks ridiculous.

    • Scarlet39

      In fairness to Mondo, I think it’s a lot easier to see the faults in someone else’s work than in your own sometimes.  Particularly in anything creative. 

    • He also criticized someone for their look being “too junior”, something which MK and La Nina both accused Mondo of more than once during his season.

  • Joyce VG

    I wanted Sweetcrackers to stay so bad. I wanted Ven to go away so bad.  Now I’m sad. But Congrats Dimitry!  He was going to lose his mind if he didn’t win a challenge soon.  The floating effect the jacket cut outs made were great.  

  • Wait…didn’t Anya work with Christopher in the ‘Welcome Back to the Runway’ challenge??? She shouldn’t have been judging while he’s still in the competition. (She shouldn’t have been judging period).

    • what’s she going to say for a critique?  “oh look, he made sleeves!”

    • Lisa_Cop

      Yes, you’re right. I’m trying to remember who worked with Christopher that episode….wasn’t it Andrea, the cat lady who left in the night?

      • Yes, that’s right – it was Andrea.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I agreed that Gunnar needed to go for that, even if Ven’s was awful, too. It was awful in a different way, an overworked, constructed like a madman way, not “This is what I made for my Home Ec project in 1967” way. Cause, seriously, that looks like what the 13-year-olds in my Home Ec class were making in 1967. My own plaid culotte jumper was more fun and more difficult, but the sloppy inside and my failure to match the plaids doomed me to a C, whereas the girls making this sort of thing maybe eked out B-.

  • I think Ven’s dress was an epic fail, and he should have gone home.

    Remember Gunnar’s dress before Tim critiqued it (saying it was ‘heavy)? It had more black, and I remember it being more interesting than what he edited it into. It even looked a wee bit more ‘equestrian’. Maybe if he’d stuck to his gunn(ars) (SORRY) he’d have been OK.

    It was nice to see Mondo. 

    Dmitri cracks me up, with his little comments. I’m so glad he finally won.

    I loved Elena and her Mom (“You are a strong Ukrainian woman!”) I’m going to tell myself that in the mirror every day (even though I’m Irish).

    • khh1138

      I agree, Elena’s mum was awesome.  Too bad she’s not around all the time because she is such a good influence!  I wanted more screentime for her. I was totally tearing up to see the lovely relationship she and Elena have.  

  • Amy

    I had a “this season isn’t half bad” moment myself. I looked at who was left and felt like they had all had relatable moments on camera. Except maybe Ven. I could say I would love to kick back and have a drink and a chat with all of them (and beg them for at least one item they designed this season. Except maybe Ven.  But Ven, I did feel a tad sorry for you during the first critque.

    As for Dmitri, you always make me laugh and your jacket was a clever move!

  • Judy_S

    I actually missed the first part of the show when they explained the “heritage” thing, last night, so I just watched it now. It seems to me that only Ven, Dmitry, and Melissa, and maybe Elena (churches?) really referred to a cultural/religious/regional heritage. Fabio went abstract (“the origin of life,” rhythm, sex) while both Christopher and Gunnar thought about childhood experiences. Not sure what Sonjia’s was meant to evoke–African masks? or Pac-Man?

    • I liked Sonjia’s print. I think she did the right thing in trying to blend a ‘tribal’ print with typical American colors. There was a risk that the print would end up looking clichéd, but she understood that it couldn’t be full-on African mud cloth or that would look silly. So her print evoked traditional African prints without being costumey and that’s why it worked.

      • mhleta

        I LOVED her pants and print! Still, I keep thinking about the Fashion Week runway images we were fed earlier in the week and I’m still so puzzled over Sonjia and Gunnar’s collections. Hated hers (which I thought I would love) and loved his (which I expected to hate), but I find Gunnar’s final collection such a disconnect with everything else he’s ever made that I’m suspicious whether it was even his. 

  • CarolinLA

    I thought Elena was a goner last night.  I thought her print was HIDEOUS.  And her garment was a big fat auf.

    • RroseSelavy

      I think the best thing for Elena’s was to not talk about it, forget that you had seen it, so that turned out all right in the end.

    • I actually loved the sporty silhouette. The print WAS hideous though.

  • CarolinLA

    Cultural heritage?  I’m white.  From Oklahoma.  My access to any heritage was the international cuisine at Furr’s cafeterias.

    • mhleta

      I’m seeing a motif in green jello and Sanka packets.

    • formerlyAnon

      Ha. Middle America isn’t trendy, but there’s an identifiable culture, and there’s your heritage right there, influenced by the geographic environs and the local inhabitants.

      Granted, it’s harder to spin that into a graphic design in half a day than it is if you’ve got a pre-identified stock image of ‘my heritage in food and costume’ in the back of your mind.  And if you don’t have some distance – miles or years or both – from the environs of your upbringing, it’s hard to see what is there – similar to the way no one sounds like they have an accent to those who speak as they do – it’s the people from far away who talk about the ‘local accent.’

      • And if you’re from Oklahoma, why not go with something like Sonjia’s, reminiscent of Native American art? 

  • The only thing I will say in defense of Gunnar’s lack of cultural identity likely stems from bullying being a great eraser of memory. He’ll have to grow older and less self-absorbed to even go looking for it. It’s too bad he can’t sew. or design. He was the most empathetic in the “client” challenge.

  • CarolinLA

    Choosing cultural heritage as a theme was a producer manipulation to try to recreate Mondo’s moment.  To see if they could suck a heartwrenching story from one of the contestants.  I didn’t like that part of it.

    • meowing

      But, as TLo said much better than me, Mondo’s HIV + print was about Mondo’s life experience, not culture.  The only ones who seemed to really have the ethnic background to explain were Dmitry, Elena (but I never heard her story, if there was one, behind her ugly print), and Ven’s, whose was all too literal.  Odd challenge.

      • Yeah, out of eight designers, only three really followed the cultural part of the challenge.

    • alyce1213

      But Mondo’s print was not inspired by his cultural heritage — it was inspired by personal challenge! 
      To me the cultural heritage theme doesn’t say drama, trauma or heart wrenching stories. It’s getting inspiration from one’s culture, which can be interpreted very broadly. 
      In Gunnar’s case, it was misinterpreted to be a bullying story, which did not meet the criteria.

  • Frank_821

    Oh I forgot to mention

    Elena maybe a crazy whack job but I actually liked seeing her skip about like a little girl after seeing her mom and calling Gunner, “Gunny-poo” at the end

    • mhleta

      Her mother’s really beautiful and seeing the two of them together really humanized her. But..I really wanted them to make her explain herself as far as that print went, though. WTF??

      • RroseSelavy

        I thought the print was cute in a mid-century hipster sort of way. For me it brought to mind jazz record covers or beatnik paintings.

        • mhleta

          Yes! It didn’t quite get all the way there for me, though.

      • Katy Carroll

        I lived in Kiev for a year+ back in the mid-90s, so I think I get some of the references in her print.  Blue and yellow are the colors of the Ukrainian flag (symbolizing the sky over the wheat fields), and Kiev has a ton of churches with golden onion domes.  Overall, though, the print is pretty sloppy.

  • I keep looking at Gunnar’s print and wondering what would have happened if he’d made it half again as big and oriented it so that it read as a houndstooth check.

    • mhleta


  • Am I the only one who wants a separate post about Tim’s wardrobe during this show? He’s really going for the patterned shirts and boldly striped/windowpane suits. And the color of his tie at the judging was GORGEOUS. I wish all men dressed like Tim Gunn.

    • mhleta

      Yeah, I want more Tim. Like, a director’s cut with Tim narrating would be AWESOME!!

      • Lisa_Cop

        Tim lives in my neighborhood (NYC Upper West Side) and I occasionally see him food shopping. Strangely enough, in person his clothes look kind of cheap.

        • mhleta

          You lucky girl!!

  • I thought the whole “cultural heritage” theme was stupid so I don’t blame most of them for ignoring it completely.  Dmitry’s was the only one where I could see some Russian influence in the design.  I thought it was very smart of him to use the print in a subtle way.  Why would a print challenge mean that you have to overwhelm the whole look with the print?  Dmitry’s win was well deserved and overdue. 

    I agree that Gunnar missed the mark with his theme and his design.  I actually liked the print and thought he could have come up with something interesting, but why he looked at his print and thought “Equestrian!” was baffling to say the least.  However, his was boring and uninspired but Ven’s was awful!  That lotus/rose/fan Franken-dress he came up with was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen in PR history.  I think Ven should have been Auf’d instead of Gunnar.  Although I must say that Gunnar looked like he had been sprung from prison when he got the news, so maybe it was for the best.

    • meowing

      Gunnar’s equestrian was a huge leap from being from Kentucky.  Which also could have a role in the bullying when he was in school….not exactly the most cosmopolitan of areas, Louisville (I’m from KY, just even more south than Louisville).  BUT, his equestrian design somehow got lost in the itierations of the jacket, and how that print would have worked with the horsey set is beyond me.  He did seem released, however, like the bird from those claws, when he was auffed!

  • The whole “heritage” thing was a bunch of BS. (“I’m black so I made a black shirt!”) I didn’t see much heritage in most of the designs, apart from Dmitry and MAYBE Ven. At least Gunnar, who maybe didn’t have a strong connection to his cultural roots, tried to be creative. (I liked the jacket, but it was a pretty drab look. I didn’t hate it, but at this point in the game “not hating it” ain’t cutting it.)

    Side note, did anyone notice that the more Anglo-Saxon looking contestants stuck to more what made them the person they are, versus their actual cultural background? Christopher with the ladybugs, Melissa with the veins, Gunnar with the birds…..

    • mhleta

      Yeah, this was a discussion I had with my daughters last night. We have no sense of ethnicity or heritage except for being American’s from Massachusetts. I’m from Princeton, NJ. My dad is from Pittsburgh and my mom is from Boston. My dad’s parents were from NJ and Pittsburgh and my mom’s were from Malden. I’ve got distant Welsh, Italian and Irish to draw from but those earlier generations shed their cultural identifiers the second they hit the harbor. No friggin’ idea what I could have done for that challenge. Tan. I don’t know. It definitely lent itself to the transplants among the group. What kind of a name is Deatherage, though? It’s kind of awesome. I wonder if he made it up? 

      • Call me Bee

        It’s British.  Old-school England. 

        • khh1138

          Quite.  A lot of Deatherages in Kent, West Midlands…but there have been Deatherages in America for a long time. Very cool and memorable name.  I’ve been searching out family names in England because my people come from Devon. 

          • mhleta

            Yes, it strikes me as a name JK Rowling might have contrived. Wonderful.

    • RroseSelavy

      I thought the challenge itself was borderline offensive : let’s see how you can define yourself by your race and then draw on that for a commercially appealing retail product! So I’m completely OK with someone choosing to define “heritage” any damn way they please. 

      •  It’s not necessarily by race — they could have chosen any “heritage” identifier, like nationality, family tradition, religion.  It’s just something of their personal history.  And why shouldn’t they be able to draw on their heritage for a viable commercial product? 

        • RroseSelavy

          I’m not saying they shouldn’t, only that they shouldn’t be expected to. Everyone has their own relationship to their “heritage” that is personal and shouldn’t be forced. You can see yourself how awkward the contestants were in the face of it. “I’ll use black, because I’m black.” No thanks to your fetishizing my culture.

        • RroseSelavy

          But point taken that it’s not necessarily about race. That’s what I was clumsily trying to say / not ream the designers for.

          •  I guess I took it as being open to interpretation so they wouldn’t have to use something they weren’t comfortable with.  I made the point that Gunnar’s bullying story could be seen as a heritage issue, because of his sexual orientation — it could have been a genuine, heartfelt expression of the bigotry faced by generations of gay men (in this case, I don’t think it was, but I could see the connection.) 

            Culture and heritage aren’t always about what you’re born into, either, but what you choose.  It’s sort of a thing for us, because my nephew is adopted and half-Korean by birth.  But both of his adoptive parents are white, as are both of his step-parents.  He does, however, feel a very strong connection to Chinese culture — my husband is Chinese and my nephew looks to him as someone who looks like him.

            But I can see your point, now.  Because while to me, they could choose what they felt a connection to, they may have felt pressure to depict something they weren’t comfortable with — as my nephew could feel that he had to use Korean culture rather than one of those that he has been raised in.

      • Huh, that’s a great point. I was disappointed by Ven’s pattern & garment because I had hoped this challenge would take him out of his rut and give him some inspiration, but you’re right, he should not be made to play Exotic Caribbean Native on command.

        It was funny to see how Sonjia rebelled against the challenge in her own practical, intelligent way — by being very literally obedient and honest about it. She was like, “I have no idea where in Africa my ancestors came from or what their clothes would look like, but the judges obviously just want me to draw something vaguely tribal and add some black so I’ll do that.” It was sort of awesome. I like her.

  • rainwood1

    I found this episode to be a reminder of what I don’t like about PR.  Anya, of course, but also Mondo.  I always get excited to see him, but then realize again what a joy kill he is.  It came thought in his judging.  The one design he liked was Sonjia’s, whose pants were most like his aesthetic.  

    I also thought the judges were too cutting with a few of the designers.  I know most people here hate Ven, but I thought Tim and the judges went after him with a little too much vigor, but I’ll get to that when all of the bitter kittens rip him to shreds in the next post.  

    Gunnar’s design wasn’t good, but how Elena escaped the bottom three with that eye searingly ugly print of hers is a mystery.  I thought hers and Gunnar’s were equally horrible in much the same ways.  

    • SewingSiren

      I agree , especially about Tim and Ven. Ven’s original design actually incorporated the pattern into the pleating technique, which is exactly what Nina suggested he do.  And if anyone remembers last week when his contribution to the “collection” was a big shapeless dirndl, the judges ask where is the “Ven”? as though encouraging him to do the  signature pleating.
      And finally Ven’s original design looked nothing like a used Kotex, nothing. And Tim encouraging the other designers to “see” it that way was crass.
      Edited: I loved Elena’s fabric, but it was all wrong for her design. If I had a length of that fabric I would make a very tight sleeveless bodice with a very full skirt , like a 50’s silhouette . And wear it to summer parties.

      • I’m glad i’m not the only one who didn’t see the Kotex reference. Not to be gross, but when has a used pad ever looked like a pleated pink and white flower? 

  • eight_of_nine

    Fluevog shoes are 100% worth it, though!

  • I love how Tim had to come out to save Ven.  “Yes, he does this all the time, but for this challenge, I basically told him to trash what he had, so cut him some slack for this round because this is better than what you would have gotten if he hadn’t listened to me.”

    •  Yeah, I liked that.  I appreciated that Tim was allowed to clarify that he hadn’t told Ven to skip the pleating and that his advice played a part in the final outcome, and that Ven didn’t get booted for it.  Much as I could see Ven go home any time and be fine with it, I do like it to be fair.

  • eight_of_nine

    A thousand internets to you for the DS9 reference!  But let’s not be unfair to Dabo girls… Leeta was awesome.

  • mhleta

    Yes, yes, yes! Well stated in every sense of the word. But can we please talk about the disgusting pelt of pubic hair that was climbing up the front of Heidi’s dress?? That was the most vile garment I’ve ever seen. I wanted to pair it with Ven’s “homage to menstruation” and a little hand bag shaped like a bottle of Midol. Yeccch!!

  • VivianAdvanced

    I’ve been a big fan of Mondo’s work, but I kind of got the feeling that he was envious of Dmitry’s cleverness and did come off as bitchy, almost refusing to accept that the suit was an excellent piece of work or worthy of any praise at all. Yes, it was as if he was dismissing it because it wasn’t his personal aesthetic and was incapable of understanding someone else’s.

    • meowing

      Yeah, I recall Mondo being a little ultra-critical and bitchy about competitors during his season, too.  He’s wildly talented, though, so he really doesn’t need to be dismissive of others ideas.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i’m 99% sure they push people to act like that &, i am also 99% sure that, even still, at least 50% of what they do say is neither bitchy nor particularly viciously negative–& that 99% of that type stuff is edited out. otoh, i think that post-production hypes up the [probably less than] 50% of stuff they say which is in the ballpark of mean & 99% of the stuff thats edited in comes from around there. hope it makes sense! not that they do it, mind, but what i said about what they do. the sense of what they do makes no sense to me even in the best of times.

      • You know, I always try to like Mondo, but during All Stars, he turned into such a depressing little snob, it was hard. Plus, I hated how mean he got towards Austin – I mean, how can you be mean to Austin?  Not that Mondo hasn’t had a tough time of it, but he’s really turned into a bitch.  And I saw a post earlier where some BKs thought that maybe he might have been a bit jealous of Dmitry’s look, and to that I say – entirely possible.  He was very dismissive to him.  Plus, when Dmitry auditioned, it was Seth Aaron (who loved him, of course!), a producer lady, and Mondo.  And Mondo was really incredibly rude to Dmitry – the clip is on You Tube – check it out if you have time.

  • Well, now Gunnar’s decoy collection makes some sense.

    • mhleta

      Do you think he made it?

  • marilyn

    I liked Dmitri’s well enough, but liked the red and white dress better.  Dmitri’s skirt was overworked.  It was a distraction from everything going on above the waist.  The model’s hair should have been up so the work on the back of the jacket could have been seen more easily. 

    Gunnar’s print looked like cockroaches from a distance.  Other than that, it was very forgettable.  What do birds have to do with bullying, anyway?

  • VivianAdvanced

    That’s got to be Tim’s best simile yet! I want Ven gone. I mean, his stuff isn’t much more than a Martha Stewart project folded into a dress.

  • VivianAdvanced

    I thought the same thing about reversing the colors or using a different hue for the damn flower. I had heard Tim’s menstrual sound byte previously, but I didn’t know to whom he was referring until I saw Ven’s print and it immediately clicked. Spot on, Tim (no pun intended)!

  • Tatiana Luján

    I hope 2 day challenges become the rule and not the exception. Producers can manage to get some drama otherwise and we get to see great clothes.

  • Dmitry’s outfit looked like something a secretary would wear for a high profile client in South Africa or maybe even Barcelona (if it were styled differently) and I mean that as a compliment.  They gave him a deserved win for what is an insane jacket.  Gunnar, on the other hand, I too thought was a bit calculating getting on the “It Gets Better” bandwagon BUT, Ven deserved the auf for the 3in1 origami bridesmaid dress he sent down.  At least Gunnar has shown versatility and wasn’t it the last episode that he made not one, but two great dresses.  I guess the “one day you’re in” applies when they want it to (or when they don’t, see Ven).

    Was anyone else amused by Anya calling out someone’s taste?  Girl half your head is shaved!  GTFO, lol

  • msdamselfly

     I really liked Gunnar’s look

  • formerlyAnon

    I liked Dmitry’s print, and I was fascinated with the construction of the jacket. I have to confess it didn’t give me a WOW! moment on the runway because it was hard to see what was going on with it at a glance. I appreciated his jacket more than I was stunned by it. The dark fabric and the way the runway is filmed seem to me the reason for that.

    But I wanted him to have a win and I’m thrilled it was for a garment I can be enthused about. The way the patterns of the cut-outs mimic the patterns in the fabric just slay me. Plus, the Eastern European side of my heritage can’t ever not like a red like that.

    I’m just sorry that Gunnar couldn’t (or thought he couldn’t) last this long on the basis of his natural personality, which I liked so much better than Shrieking Howler Monkey (or Shrill High-strung Mean) Gunnar.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I just gotta make this Heidi-Style: Dmitry won. Und wir so: Yeah! 

  • My only question was why does Gunnar’s Mom need a boob job?  She looked perfectly fine.  
    Also, I really wished they offed Ven — it’s like ‘Hey, Ven does the rose origami over and over and I’m bored with it — but lets give him another chance!’     Hope he’ll be off next week.

    • Lilithcat

      My only question was why does Gunnar’s Mom need a boob job?

      That was appalling.  I’d have auf’ed him just for that comment.  Who says that about their mother on national television?  He is such a jerk.

      •  Why is that appalling?  Maybe she wants a boob job.

        • Shawn EH

           ICAM, I think she probably has told him she wanted one. Gunnar likes to help the grown ladies, he doesn’t insult them on purpose.

      • Amy Ennis

        I thought he was being snarky and funny. I often tell my boys if they get rich, I want a boob job, and I’m carrying around C cups, so maybe it was a private job between Gunnar and his mom. 

  • Gosh, is it me, or does Dmitri’s model look like Prince Adam with lipstick?  Maybe it’s that hair…

    • LOL!  Noooo, I love Dmitry’s model – she’s gorgeous.  I always thought Prince Adam looked like Uma Thurman.

  • I guess I have bad taste, because I love Gunnar’s outfit. Melissa’s was probably my fave though.

  • I got so sick of hearing Anya’s voice and seeing them cut to her every 22 seconds that I just wanted to throw the tv out the window. My husband finally came in and said, “my GOD, what are you bitching about?” Then he saw the screen and said, “ugh, her again?”
    Lifetime, please get it through your head that we don’t want to be bombarded by this “Anya Brand” you think you’ve conjured up. Now that all her sock-puppet fan club has disappeared, is there ANYONE posting here now that is just dying to go out and buy something with her name on it?  sigh.

    • Shawn EH

      Telling someone they didn’t take it far enough, when all she did was resort dresses for a whole season? What was she even doing there? Mondo already had enough bitches for twelve contestants!

  • guest2visits

    As many problems as Gunnar had with his design, I don’t think it was the worst. By the tinyiest margin anyway.
    Yes his dead bird design was just not appealing, his jacket looked more like a country/western shirt, and it didn’t work that well
    with the dress he made. I thought if the dress had been pants of some sort, or a different color, it would have helped the design.
    But Ven’s print was even worse – he couldn’t make the print he created work in his design. The red flowers were awfully clownish, 
    they didn’t remotely fit with the bottom and the whole thing ended up looking like a basket of folded table napkins. All his work
    at the bottom was lost and wasted, fighting all the other clashing folds and weirdly placed flowers.
    And Christopher’s looked like a giant wad of angry fabric with a bad zipper. At the very least, his print wasn’t really that bad, but
    what he did to it was hideous. Too bad he didn’t use the print as a skirt and black for a top/blouse; it would have kept his
    ladybug theme.

    • RroseSelavy

      “giant wad of angry fabric” fits it to a T.

    • I think Christopher should have been the clear auf last night, but the producers are way too much in love with him.  Not only would I have kept Gunnar, but hell, I”d have kept Ven over Christopher last night!

  • Gunnar made an equestrian look because he’s from Kentucky.  That is his heritage.

    And as if Anya has a right to judge anyone.

  • Buffy

    Finally!  Congratulations Dmitry!  His print was beautiful and reminded me of traditional designs used on psanky.  When I saw the jacket under construction I did not have any idea where it was going, but the final product was innovative and beautiful.  And it would look totally different depending on what top you put under it, print or not.  I think so many women would buy that in a heartbeat because that makes it really versatile.  

    I agree with everything you said about Gunnar.  But I still would have sent Ven home.

  • withbreaththatisbaited

    First of all, I want Gunnar’s bird and skeleton hands (just one, not a repeating pattern!) on canvas in my bedroom. I think it’s gorgeous in a totally depressing way. I loved it. I had high hopes in the beginning for it. Oh well, at least he’s leaving as less of a bitch than he was at the start of the season, I was actually sad to see him go!

    I loved Dimitry’s design. I was annoyed with Mondo’s critique that the print wasn’t prominent enough and the jacket was the takeaway piece. Yes, that jacket is fabulous and could be worn over any type of top, but pairing it with the print really put it over the top. You could tell the cutouts weren’t random, they were very strategically placed and designed to invoke the print. Loved it, a well deserved win!

    • unbornfawn

      Mondo’s critique about Dmitry’s design highlighted Mondo’s limitations. Dmitry really took the whole process to the next level and I really appreciate that the other judges saw that. This is the type of design that keeps me hanging in there with PR.

      • Right.  As soon as he started bitching about how the print was covered up, I realized he was missing two key elements – A) that you could see the print through the spaces in the cut outs, and B) that the cut outs were in the shape of the shapes in the print.  I only do minimal sewing – hems, button repairs, home ec stuff.  I don’t have a creative mind to come up with the designs that these folks do.  So the fact that *I* was able to see what he did immediately tells me that Mondo either didn’t get it or didn’t want to get it.  I suspect the latter.

      • Shawn EH

         Remember one of Mondo’s things is loud prints paired together, that still somehow work. Dmitry’s more like Seth Aaron in making the print subservient to the total look.

  • Was I the only one (having just barely got to this on DVR) who immediately thought “Russian Easter Egg” when I saw Dimitry’s print?

    • Amy Ennis

      I did too! And I loved it for that. 

    • formerlyAnon

      I thought “Polish Easter Egg” because that’s part of MY ‘heritage’ – even though it’s not perfectly the same.

  • I’m sorry T&L, but I call bullshit.  Sure, Gunnar has been playing it up for the cameras from the beginning, but at least he put a little effort in this challenge.  The print was at least pretty, even if depressing, and the jacket might have been interesting if edited and paired with something else.

    Ven, on the other hand, has done ONE THING since the first day and he’s not even doing it well anymore. You couldn’t have saved that dress with anything.  I just don’t understand why he is still in this competition. It seems like b/c his very first piece was good, we have to keep him in. Even taking producers concerns about personality into this, I would MUCH rather watch a couple more episodes with Gunnar — who at least attempts human interaction –than sit through another minute of one-hit-wonder, I have no emotions or life story, douchebag Ven.

  • Linderella

    Didn’t get to the show until today, and I must say it rather blew my little mind in a way.  I kept thinking of the coffee commercial:  “We’ve secretly replaced the Season 10 PR contestants with these look-alikes.”Elena was nice!  Ven showed emotion!  Melissa made something colorful!  Dimitry finally won a challenge!  Gunnar was…sweet!
    WTF Twilight Zone alternative universe was this?!

  • lintvedta

    But I came to love Gunnar and will totally miss him. As always, with me, it’s about personality, not fashion or design. And I do know that’s messed up.

  • adnama79

    I think Dmitry should be a commentator or host for reality television. 

    All his camera commentary this week made me laugh out loud – and upon reflection, he’s been pretty insightful and funny (w/out being too bitchy drama boy) in those throughout the season.

    • Shawn EH

       He’s the king of the deadpan delivery.

  • adnama79

    I agree w/ TLo about most of the Gunnar commentary except I don’t think he totally threw the heritage piece out the window – he was trying to make an equestrian outfit b/c he’s from Kentucky.   He mentioned that early in the episode.

  • ChristinaRi

    I still don’t understand why Dimtry had is model wear her hair like that.  It obscured the jacket.   She needed it slicked back and in a bun so the jacket stood out more.

    • Yeah, I think his only mis-step in the whole thing was not having her pull her hair back.  But no matter, he won!

      • Shawn EH

        The judges told him to watch his styling from now on. Imagine if he’d gone Fabio’s intense way with the dramatic wig? But I think the full hair was Dmitry’s attempt at sexy, taking Tim’s advice.

  • quiltrx

    I have to say, the Print challenge is my all-time favorite (other than the dress-Barbie-and-model, of course)–I hope they keep doing it every year, because it’s always really interesting.

    Dmitry’s print is fantastic…and that jacket is nothing short of magical!

  • Lilithcat

    Saying a happy good-bye to Eddie Haskell, and not before time.

    • HA! That’s exactly who he reminded me of.

      But then I suppose Ven is Lumpy.

  • JMansm

    I love this group so much (except for Ven and now Christopher is getting on my nerves a bit). How adorable was the exchanged between Elena when and Tim when he came in for the critique: “Where have you been? We need you!” “I’ve been having separation anxiety myself, but I’m here now…” 

  • Ven’s was embarrassing. I’ll miss Sweetcrackers a bit, even if the print was crazy bad, I liked the jacket.

  • mhleta

    Fellow horse people out there, Is that remotely like a riding jacket? REMOTELY?!?

    • It’s not meant to be a riding jacket. People are taking the term “equestrian” far too literally. In a fashion context, it only means clothing that’s been inspired by equestrian wear, which usually translates to very fitted jackets and tight pants or a full skirt.

  • ASK26

    I liked Gunnar’s jacket. Although from close up did not love the print. The seaming in the back esp. was what I thought was needed in the real woman challenge . I feel like a broken record but based on the clothes this episode it should have been Fabio Chris or Elena to go.

  • jjfg

    I wanted to smack anya for her comments on Dmitri’s jacket/print/ensemble (and some of the other looks, for that matter).  I thought I was over finding her as annoying as shit but I guess not.  Bah.  I never need to see her pretentious ass again.

    So, go Dmitri!  And I have to say, I WILL miss reading the name, Quentin W. Sweetcrackers.  But I won’t miss Gunnar.  When your attention whoring chops dip to the level of translucency, it’s beyond time for you to go.

  • Amy Ennis

    I liked Gunnar’s print and his jacket. It was one of my favorites, which meant there was no way it would be in the top. I loved Dmitry’s too, and I’m not sure how he magically put it together. I suspect witchcraft. However, I didn’t find Dmitry’s to be sexy. It was artistic and lovely, but with little sex appeal, which was something that Tim warned him about. Also, calling Tim out to defend himself when Ven made another rose? I was like, hello, you guys haven’t called Ven out on the rose. Is that even Tim’s job? Anyway, yay to my boyfriend for finally getting a win!

  • Shawn EH

    I can’t say that you’re wrong about Gunnar’s print calculation. He didn’t know what to do with it once he’d made it. The taste level problems he’d been coping with couldn’t save him. The print should have been bigger, then it mightn’t have looked so tablecloth-y. With a nice silhouette he could have easily gone punk rock rather than equestrian. Too bad there wasn’t a team challenge, as Melissa or Elena could have probably made that print work.

  • drdarke

    Yay, Dmitri! About time you got a win from the judges!

    As for Ven’s print? Maybe it wasn’t quite “Kotex Maxipad”, but the print was boring and kind of pathetic, and it was Yet Another Fucking Flower from him. At least we all (the auf’d Gunnar included!) got the pleasure of hearing Heidi school him big-time before letting him go back to do his stupid floral origami yet another day.

    Gunnar’s print was – interesting, but yeah, it didn’t work out in the context of what he designed, did it? Actually (as I pointed out elsewhere), it looked a still from Palladia HD Music Channel’s “Crow” Interstitial ….

  • Regarding the criticism that Gunnar confused personal experience for cultural heritage, remember that they were given “cultural dossiers” or whatever to work from. These all seemed to be family photo albums, and not anything to do with their ethnic heritage. 

    Sonija’s print had nothing to do with any particular heritage, other than the red, white and blue cuz she’s American and the black, because, you know (you’re actually a lovely shade of brown).

  • Julian Betkowski

    I’m late to the party, I know, but I’m really glad that Gunnar got sent home, just because it proves that his was a decoy collection at Fashion Week. We are thus saved from having to watch Nina Garcia try to explain Post-Colonialism to Gunnar at the final judging.

  • With close to 500 comments I must the 20th person to note Dimitri’s outfit weas very Ralph Rucci

  • When was the last time the designers have had to change models? The last few seasons the designers have had the luxury of knowing the exact dimensions of their mannequins. Between this and the predictability of the challenges, it seems the producers are getting mighty lazy.