PR Finale Collections: Fabio, Gunnar, Melissa

Posted on September 07, 2012

The finale collections are in no particular order and we’ll be uploading more photos as they become available. So, keep refreshing, darlings!

Fabio Costa


Gunnar Deatherage


Melissa Fleis




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  • Elaine Lang


  • So why are Gunnar’s designs going from cool hipster to African princess? The dresses started out great and went downhill from there. And Melissa’s are completely boring.

    • chill85

      I think the “cool hipster” ones are Sonjia’s posted here by mistake. So you are right, they did go downhill after the cool hipster ones…because those weren’t his. ūüôā

      ETA: one seems to be Sonjia’s; the other’s Dimitry.

      • CarolinLA

        I don’t think so. ¬†All the models have the same makeup with the weird glitter dots on their eyebrows.

        • chill85

          ¬†Haa, it was off for a while, but they already fixed it. They’re such tireless workers!

    • RroseSelavy

      As I recall, he said he wanted to design for older Southern women. WTF?

      • julnyes

         because older Southern ladies like sheer tops with boob panels and pseudo African designs?

        • SouthernGirlRena

           Speaking as an older (compared to models) southern lady Рthat would be no, we do not.

          • julnyes

            I don’t know Ma’am, this Gunnar person says you do ūüėČ

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            And let’s remember that Gunnar is a legend in his own mind.

          • Africa is SOUTH!

          • Lisa_Cop

            Although I don’t love his dresses, i give Gunnar points for his extensive use of African-American models. They don’t get nearly enough work nowadays.

          • katchwa

            I’d agree if the collection was sophisticated or interesting, but this obvious cultural aproppriation makes the use of only blakc models, to my mind, tokenistic and embarassing.

          • mike__tv

            Total orientalism on Gunnars part. 

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            i think it’s both. when he tries to replicate african styles w/o blending in some of his own–yeah, then it smacks of exploitation. na√Įve exploitation–he’s barely in his twenties–exploitation that he really doesnt get that he’s doing but, yep. when he combines it w/ his own √¶sthetic? it’s less.

            i doubt, & that a million times over, that GD is a seriously political animal. & i understand that it’s supertrendy to be PC these days. still, i would give him a couple points of credit for while being, yes, too obviously african influenced still knowing he’s going back to the south & there will work w/ not the young south but the middle aged & up crowd who may still & very much dislike that. meaning: it might get him pageviews in the blue states–along w/ angered discussion–but it may very well backfire on him where he actually lives.

          • kaycem

            *standing ovation*

          • ConstanceGrace

            I don’t think the problem is really the clothes and/or the casting. It’s the freaking styling that pushes it into costume territory. A few of the dresses are bad, but imagine the collection with the same models and modern hair and makeup. There would be nothing offensive, and the black models would feel fresh and celebratory, rather than condescending and reductivist.

          • FashionableLena

            As a Southern Black woman, I can truly say that I wouldn’t wear Gunnar’s collection.¬† But I do commend him for the use of black models.

        • YoungSally

          Boob panels???  I thought those were cashmere coconuts.

        • janegray

           Well,  I imagine some older Southern ladies do.

      • e m

        YES I did NOT expect this!

        And the other two collections here…well….I would buy and wear most of the pieces, but a there are a few in there that are not worthy of a design competition.

    • tereliz

      Not sure, but it looks like the first two belong to other collections, Dmitry and Sonjia’s, respectively, I think.

    • JosephLamour

      Gunnar’s Mother Africa thing seems UTTERLY PATRONIZING. Especially (obviously) trying to make it more authentic by casting mostly black models.

      • e jerry powell

        ¬†A bit, yes, but it’s a good thing to have black models working Fashion Week, no?

        • JosephLamour

          i guess. it would be better if they were working in a better collection.

          • e jerry powell

             True, that.

        • Topaz

          I’m not sure it’s much better to put them in borderline offensive arbitrarily “tribal” prints.¬†

          “Gotta make my mark, pick a theme, have a strong point of view, so let’s think, let’s think…I know, black models! Ummmm, oh yeah, Africa! That’s the theme black people do well. God. I am so inclusive.”

          • Topaz

            In fairness I’m not even that offended. It’s not really surprising when someone who’s not a particularly inspiring designer tries to be daring and ends up using stereotypes and cliches. I can’t condemn him for trying just because I don’t think he’s good enough, that would basically be saying “you should have realised you were too crappy a designer to pull this off”, which you can’t really expect of anyone. I’d be bothered if people looked at his designs and thought they were beautifully “ethnic” and decided to feature him in an editorial, but they clearly won’t. So I’m not really bothered.

            Just don’t call Vogue Italia.

          • e jerry powell

            Oh, that woman.¬† She’s too busy kicking Tyra Banks off of her tits to be concerned with right now (speaking of reality shows that need to be put out of our collective misery already).

          • formerlyAnon

            “Just don’t call Vogue Italia.”

            I didn’t expect to laugh reading the critiques of poor deluded Gunnar’s collection. Hit the nail on the head.

          • j_anson

            Yeah, exactly. I would give mad props for doing a regular collection but choosing to book a lot of models of color. But when you’re just putting a bunch of black people in “tribal-costume” looks… Eh. It does feel appropriative and exoticizing and weird. Although I’m not a person of color, so the call’s not really mine to make.

          • janegray

            ¬†Eh, speaking personally, I’d prefer it were black models rather than a bunch of white models incongruously in tribal gear playing at being “savages,” which is what I usually see. Or, worse yet, white models painted black. I don’t know if Gunnar got some warm fuzzies from thinking he’s being inclusive and it’s sad that I’m willing to take whatever bone I’m thrown, but progress is progress.

          • j_anson

            There are clearly ways it could have been WORSE, granted, whatever one thinks of it.

          • Topaz

            I think from an immediate perspective, it’s good for some black models to have some work, given how hard it is for them to get any, but it’s a bit like when disabled actors only get cast in roles where they talk about being disabled. For an individual, all work is good work, it may even be interesting work, but in the long run it still keeps them in their corner where they can only work when their “otherness” is being commented on. They’re not recruited purely for their talent.

            Then again, modelling’s an impossible issue to debate in political terms, because we are asking people to make purely aesthetic judgements about another person and then criticising them when we don’t like the judgements they make. Obviously prejudices will come into play. We might as well get annoyed about the lack of short/pear-shaped/big-nosed/skin-diseased models (which many people obviously do). Besides, at this level, cat walk shows aren’t art, they’re marketing opportunities, and they don’t want to rock the boat in a way that might actually make people uncomfortable (even if they sometimes do it unwittingly). If they do anything controversial, it’s because they think their demographic will like it. It’s all a dreadful complacency and the uniformity bores me to tears, but that’s industry.

          • ddfrog

            It would have been brilliant for Fabio to use black models because then his pastels would have popped instead of being all washed out.  Gunnar, it seems like he just forgot that this collection should have been more than reality show worthy.

          • e jerry powell

            This is why I simply cannot be bothered with homosexuals under the age of thirty.  They just make me tired. Between Gunnar and Christopher, I need a spa retreat of about a month.

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            put him in his own context. he’s hardly more than twenty years old. he lives in the south. he works as some sort of couturier w/ mostly older southern white women. he thinks he is making a Big Important Shocking Statement. he’s not but he doesnt know it. & he’s gonna lose a lot of work for doing something this foolish. it’s more on the callow fool side of the equation than the evil racist side. if i didnt think so i wouldnt defend him, not even this much. but his stuff is, you know, clear as glass.

        • Lisa_Cop

          I think it’s a GREAT thing. It’s been much discussed that black models have a really difficult time getting work in this era of uberthin non descript white models.

      • ASK26

        I call bulls..t. talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Had he USED white models all hell would have broken out. He uses african American models and still gets crap
        Except for the fur coconuts those looks seemed like they were creative and interesting

        • I think it’s great that he used African American models. It would be a lot greater if used them in a collection of clothes that did not fetishize their blackness, though.

    • ¬†Dare I say that I am a touch offended by someone like Gunnar trying to do an African princess theme…

      • CarolinLA

        That’s not fair. ¬†Anyone with an active imagination can create garments inspired by and for other cultures. Whether he’s successful or not is a whole other argument.

        • I agree with your point, but his execution, casting and styling crosses that line into patronizing, as the above poster mentioned. There is “inspired by and for” and there is exploitative and obvious.

          • Terrie_S

            ¬†Agreed. He crosses the line from “inspiration” to “appropriation.”

          • ASK26

            So if an African or African American does a clean yuppie americana ala Calvin Klein Tommy h or mk youd say the same. Right?

          • No, because Calvin Klein or Tommy H isn’t exoticizing white culture or white people. Gunnars’ collection is all “LOOK AT HOW EXOTIC AFRICAN PEOPLE ARE” without any point or actual referencing. His designs are all “African” in the same way fortune cookies are Chinese.

          • Terrie_S

            No, because those designers have exported their looks the world over. This is closer to if Kooan had stuck around long enough and sent out a collection that was obviously a variation on Catholic priests’ robe. (Also, who says African-Americans can’t be yuppies?)

          • “Clean yuppie Americana” is not a racial or ethnic-based style.

          • Yup. The fact that it is horribly bad does not help matters.

    • StillGary

      Gunnar’s are a bit surprising — did he some epiphany in the last 3 months?¬†

    • MK03

      Gunnar’s collection is less “couture” than it is “community theatre production of The Lion King”.

      • e jerry powell

         Maybe Julie Taymor could sue him.  She could use a pick-me-up after the whole Spiderman fiasco.

    • I sort of like his sixth look – interesting volumes & proportions.

  • uhh what season is this show for? Melissa’s girls are clearly in a time machine.

  • Frank_821

    GUnnar’s is very rough, over designed and a little costumey. Like he’s trying too hard

    Fabio has his vibe. That first one is very chic

    I think I like Melissa’s the best so far. edgy and not the most commercial but a strong POV

    • Spicytomato1

      I completely agree about Gunnar’s.

      I also agree about Fabio’s but think he could have benefitted from more editing.

      Melissa’s is disappointingly underwhelming to me.

    • Glammie

      I also really like Melissa’s–though I think we’re in a minority here. ¬†She’s less inclined to overdesign. ¬†Her clothes have a bit more sophistication than some of the others.

      • Her clothes also have a lot of Claude Montana in them. Reworked and modernized, to be sure, but still. I don’t know if she’s a fan of his but it would seem that maybe his work inspired the collection.

        • Glammie

          Hmmm, interesting because Elana’s clothes made me think of Montana–not her collection, but her clothes during the competition. ¬†Melissa makes me think a bit more of Helmut Lang, though not her emphasis on the neckline. ¬†She’s definitely into the 90s minimalist vibe.

          None of these collections really stand out to me. I’m going to have to look at them again.
          ETA: Okay, I’m really stumped.

          CHristopher: overworked
          Dimitri: overworked AND dated
          Elena: Interesting, truly *horrendous* styling
          Fabio: Looks like beachwear and lingerie. Not a lot there.
          Gunnar: I actually like a couple of pieces, but a general shake of the head. I hope Korto’s getting a good giggle over this. Now her work truly married an African aesthetic to modern clothes.
          Melissa: I do like this one, but compared to winners past nothing wows me.
          Sonjia: Oh, this one hurts–disasters and a couple of fabulous jackets. What was she thinking?
          Ven: A rose is a rose is a yawn.


          • Agreed! Some of the worst stylings ever, and then some super-bland looks. Ven’s looks so tacky! That said, Christopher, Elena, Melissa, Sonja had some good looks. I miss Mondo…¬†

    • RebeccaKW

      ¬†Fabio’s is not my taste, but I see him in every piece.¬† I knew it was his without being told.

      Gunnar’s assaulted my eyes.¬† Honestly, I can’t remember what it looked like beyond African-themed b/c it was so loud.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    A few of Fabio’s are nice, but most don’t wow.¬† Gunnar = as T Lo said, too literal with his “tribal” influence/theme.¬† Not commercial, in my opinion.¬† Melissa – the top one of this trio, the vermillion gown and the pants and jacket looks are sharp.

  • Melissa’s collection is a huge disappointment except for the second look.¬† Gunnar’s collection is downright hideous.¬† Fabio – what’s with the shoes?¬† But that’s not the only thing making this one boring, boring, boring.

    • kimmeister

      Both Fabio and Melissa used the same shoes for every. single. look.  Hmmm  . . .

  • JMansm

    absolutely adore fabio’s and i actually really like melissa’s too (and i think she must be in the finale because i feel like she wouldn’t have shown a bikini if she wasn’t really really trying to show versatility for some reason). Gunnar’s was interesting *especially the tiered skirt) but some of his pieces looked poorly made.¬†

    • Lisa_Cop

      I really like Fabio’s looks, which surprises me because I haven’t really liked what he has designed for the challenges (except the “real woman” challenge). I’m not wild about Gunnar’s but, again, I applaud his use of African-American models. I thought Melissa’s was boring but give her credit for doing everything from dresses to pants to coats to bathing suits. However that first orange dress looks very much like what she did last week, where Kors said he wanted to cut off the long end of the asymetrical hem.

      • JMansm

        I agree about that orange dress but for some reason this time the hem doesn’t seem quite as out of control.

  • MinkaL

    I admittedly gave up on watching this season after the second episode, but Gunnar’s collection smacks of exotic fetishization and appropriation. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.¬†

    Also I hate their makeup and the dresses are ugly.

    • RroseSelavy

      Absolutely nothing in his collection that derives from his own life experience.

      • Hmmm….I wonder if he likes to pretend he’s an African Princess when no one is around.

      • formerlyAnon

        We can only presume that. Not to mention that many designers are inspired by imagery completely outside their own life experience. 

        Which is not to say that Gunnar’s choices are fortunate.

    • Julian Betkowski

      I totally agree with you. While I support his apparent desire to cast women of color for his show, putting them all in costumey African Princess dresses was in frighteningly poor taste, to say the least.

      • I’m not one to scream about appropriation, this was exactly my reaction to his collection.¬† I was almost embarrassed to continue looking at it.

        • Introspective

          Embarassmeent is definitely the reaction I had. Along with offense as a woman of color. And disinterest because nothing seems innovative. Hoping Gunnar is a decoy. If not hes taking up undeserved space. Really.

        • ASK26

           So is wearing African influenced prints and / or styles Appropriation, too? 

          So if I like a true African print but cannot ever imagine wearing a hat or caftan from the Afro catalog or from Ross¬† does that make me an “appropriator” or would that make me a racist?¬†

          Oye (wait I say that a lot and I am not Jewish, so I guess that is appropriation).  

          White people shall never listen to or purchase anything produced by other races and Americans with European roots (even if generations earlier) should NEVER purchase from other cultures.¬† okay forget Oye….DAMN

    • You are very much not alone (not in giving up on this season, and not in seeing the appropriation and fetishization in Gunnar’s collection.)

    • In_Stitches

      Poorly designed, poorly styled; there’s just a complete lack of thought or care evident.

  • Gunnar’s first dress was shown in the background of Dmitry’s on the previous post.¬† Was it Dmitry’s, but just put here by mistake?

    • YoungSally

      Agreed ¬†— I think it is Dmitry’s….look at the brows.

  • TVKimmy

    Melissa: It has a little interest with the collars, but feels dated.

    Gunnar: It’s all over the place and feels manic and cheap.

    Fabio: So far, I’m loving this. I was surprised who the designer was though. It’s feminine, pretty and diverse. It has good structrual details and the styling is solid. So far, so good.

  • Look’s like Gunnar and Dmitri’s shows are a bit overlapped. Who is responsible for the black and white diamond prints with fringe?

    • MilaXX

       fringe is Dmitry

  • I’m getting a serious Golden Girls vibe from Fabio’s collection.

  • Sally3000

    The first two dresses under “Gunnar” appear to be misplaced. The first is Dmitri’s and the second is Sonjia’s. I think.

  • Does the first model in Gunnar’s montage (with the EYEBROWS) belong to Dmitry?

  • I think Fabio did the best job of these three in keeping with his¬†aesthetic without falling back on things he’d played out already (ahem, Melissa with the¬†asymmetrical¬†hems and high collars). ¬†But sadly, it still isn’t that successful or pretty of a collection. ¬†Too bad, I really like him as a person, but the designs are a snooze fest.

  • I bet Melissa is in the real finals.¬†

  • Kudos to Gunnar for using predominantly minority models. ¬†Fail for making a super boring, studanty collection.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Gunnar’s first dress is going to bite me.¬†

  • Tom

    Wow.¬† Looking at all the shows so far, I’m thinking Fabio has this one in the bag.¬† Gunnar’s are just weird.¬† Melissa’s are disappointing (I wanted to like them!).¬† Sonjia is all over the place.¬† Ven is Ven.¬† Elena’s are right out of Space 1999!¬†

  • lessax3

    Ok, I like Gunnar’s, first Elena and then Gunnar. Melissa’s strikes me as overworked but I also think she may be a finalist.¬†

  • Fabio’s made me gasp. In horror. Shapeless sacks and pastels are not my thing.

    • barbiefish

      I would like this 100x if I could!

  • alyce1213

    Fabio’s soft color palette is refreshing and exquisite. Great collections. I am entertained by all of them.

  • myangelic1

    Melissa?  Is that a (p)leather bathing suit?  OH, honey, NO.

  • MilaXX

    Fabio’s feels like a resort collection, I like it but it feels out of season.
    Gunnar & Melissa are tacky, but Melissa’s is worse than Gunnar’s.

    • Glammie

      Yeah, I had a similar reaction to Fabio’s–resorty–but he is designing for Spring, so it wouldn’t be out of season in that sense.

      Don’t agree that Melissa’s is worse than Gunnar’s though. ¬†I like Melissa’s–it’s just not particularly innovative IMO. ¬†Gunnar’s is kitsch with a couple of wearable pieces to me. ¬†

      • MilaXX

        You know I want to reverse that. I looked at Melissa’s on Zimbio and it’s growing on me. I have no idea how the rest of the season shakes out, but for me Elena, Fabio and Melissa and the top 3. I really want to see how Fabio’s looks while moving.

        • Glammie

          I could go for that. ¬†I like Fabio and Melissa’s a local girl, while Elena really is BSC–the real deal rather than hamming it up for cameras and the collections would be very different from one another.

          That said, the judges seem to like Christopher much more than I do. ¬†So I’ve a feeling he’ll be hanging around.

          • MilaXX

            Read a supposed spoiler (that read more like speculation to me) that has Fabio & Melissa as 2 of the finalist.

  • lilibetp

    Some of Fabio’s things are quite pretty, but are ruined by the hideously ugly clod-hopper-platform-whatever-those-are-calleds.¬† Not shoes.¬† Not boots. ¬†

    • Stubenville

      Orthopedic shoes for clubfoot?

      • Those are Jeffrey Campbells, they’re very popular and are extremely comfortable. ¬†Unless they’re fake JCs…

  • Stubenville

    [Miranda Priestly voice] Tribal, Gunnar? Groundbreaking.


  • I like Fabio’s. Gunnar’s unfortunately feel like awkward cultural appropriations – I feel like he was trying to hard to be like Anya (fabulous and ethnic!), which is clearly a mistake when he seems so very white. Not that a white designer can’t make a collection inspired by other cultures (Donna Karan made a wonderful Haitian inspired collection) but Gunnar’s collection gives me more of an ¬†“inspired by Lion King costumes” vibe than a more solidly grounded inspiration. I imagine him explaining himself to Tim with a dramatic sweep of hand, saying, “I was inspired by AFRICA.”

    • (I will give Gunnar that the two gowns with the blue/brown zigzag patterns are quite lovely and have particularly beautiful shapes, in my opinion.)

  • bluefish

    Go, Fabio — Very nice.¬† Like Gunnar’s 5th and 6th gowns.¬† Sorry, Melissa — nope.

  • CarolinLA

    Gunnar’s theme may not be groundbreaking but I love that gray midi dress and the dress with the black swirls. ¬†I also love his color palette. ¬†I liked a lot more than I anticipated. ¬†

  • Feelin’ like Gunnar’s is a mite racist in the styling.

  • SewingSiren

    Fabio has a few very elegant pieces and some that look like bed sheets. Mostly I would feel like I was wearing my pajama’s if I went anywhere in these clothes. I know people DO do that. But I don’t.

    Melissa, The first dress looks like a combination of two of her best looks, the blue and the bronze. But made out of vinyl plastic, why? The black gown is beautiful and simple, but the vest with it looks horrible and cheap. And the white one , I don’t know I’ve seen it before.

    Gunnar’s is almost cringe worthy, except for that rust colored gown with the cross necklace. That is the most beautiful dress on the page.

    • MilaXX

      ¬†The only look of Gunnar’s I like is the bubble tiers. His styling is awful and condescending.

  • Sarah Thomas

    Gunnar: +10 for women of color as models. -90 for atrocious clothes. Combined score: -80

  • onyxkatze

    I like the theme of Fabio’s collection — what I think is dreamy elegance — but the individual pieces don’t do much for me.
    Very surprised at Gunnar’s collection. I am in lust with the spiral-front dress, but the rest of the pieces seem kind of… directly appropriated? Curious to see what his thought process was behind this.
    Aw, I miss Melissa’s dark, strategically layered hipster faerie aesthetic (really!). Her collection is chic, but perhaps not as original as we know she can be.

  • VestigialMe

    After looking at the collections, it looks like it’ll be between Elena and Melissa. Christopher will probably be there, too, since Heidi loves him so much.

  • Jasmaree

    From what I’m seeing so far…it looks like Fabio and Elena are definitely in the top 3. The third is up in the air.

  • Fabio’s collection=Star Trek TNG utopian resort planet that tried to execute Wesley Crusher for walking on the grass.

  • Gunnar lost his damn mind. Fabio’s is nice, but just not my style, so I can’t really comment. Love the JC style shoes, though. Melissa bored me.

  • Gunnar’s black swirl dress is my favorite out of these three collections. The gown below it, with the lovely billowing orange skirt, is destroyed by those brown boob covers which seem too reminiscent of a coconut shell bra to be considered remotely fashion.

    I was so rooting for Melissa but I’m just not feeling it.¬†

  • Definitely Melissa and Christopher have the strongest collections so far.¬†

  • marilyn

    Melissa’s clothing is the most likely to enhance a woman’s good looks.¬† Fabio’s clothes are rather dreamy and hippie-ish.¬† Gunnar’s clothes are rather hit or miss.¬† Some show depth as a designer, and some, like the one with the pockets to cover the boobs.¬† Not high end.

  • john v

    i actually kinda like Melissa’s looks. Fabio’s looks so sad and washed out

  • e jerry powell

    I know, I said it higher up, and the relevance to the competition is almost non-existent, but I’m happy to see so many black models cast during fashion week, even if it smacks of colonialism.¬† It’s been six years since Ajuma Nasenyana was walking for Jay McCarroll, right?

  • When I opened this post, the page jumped down a bit and I knew instantly that I was looking at Fabio’s collection without having to see his name… then I got to Gunnar’s and I realized that if his name hadn’t been there at the top I would never have guessed he made those outfits, and they’re kinda horrible! The makeup seems offensive somehow.

  • snarkykitten

    I’m getting second hand embarrassment from Gunnar. holee-shit. Dense as a lead cape.

  • Pupioso

    Fabio. The all whitish color choices are a shame. Some of the designs are good, he needed more color. Gunnar. I am really shocked at Gunnar’s. some of the designs are very good (I like the spiral front dress) but man overall I’m not sure where his sense of style went. This collection seems so not Gunnar. I liked the models and great to see him using non-white models but the collection just seems odd to me.

    Melissa’s here was the best I thought. A clearly cohesive style, liked the fabrics and how she fit the styles together.

  • Kate4queen

    What’s with the horrible clunky shoe choices?? I quite like elements of Fabio’s.

  • Melissa’s designs always look exactly like 2010 Rick Owens. His is a highly distinctive look (and now very much played-out) and to so strongly reference/mimic it? They just don’t feel like now.¬†

  • e m

    I actually love gunnars 8th look! but the look after that is so atrociously unflattering and ill-fitting. i bet all my belongings, that a model didn’t show up.

  • VRuss

    Everything here is soooooo Fing ugly!!!!

  • Wow, Gunnar’s collection is just…I can imagine him thinking, “I’m going to make a statement by using all black models! Better dress them in tribal outfits!” It’s almost offensive to me.

  • tallgirl1204

    Gotta say, Gunnar’s is really interesting and almost all stuff I would be attracted to in a store.¬† I’m not sure how “on-trend” tribal is,¬†though.

  • janierainie

    Gunnar’s 6th and 7th are my favorites of his. I think he’s a decoy. The other stuff looks cheap and crafty. I think Melissa must be a decoy too. None of these are wowing me, and I’m not rooting for anyone. Elena’s (ugh) is the most interesting to me, although styled within and inch of it’s life.

  • msdamselfly

    ¬†Fabio’s 3rd look is lovely

  • ghopping

    Why do I feel like Gunner’s collection is a tad bit racist? With almost all black models, tribal prints, and tribal paint…. It’s not really an inspiration with that much going on…

  • guest2visits

    I do like the look of Melissa’s line, even if I’m not a giant collar person. Especially the cool, clean dresses ( I’m seeing abit of
    CalvinKlein).¬† I love some of Fabio’s tunics and pant sets, and that gorgeous white dress with the tucks. His looks like a beautiful
    spring/summer collection. Hers looks more year-round.
    I don’t know where Gunnar’s design aesthetic went; he lost some good ideas for something that looks like a giant craft project.
    None of these flatter even the models; with the exception of gown 7, which was unique, intricate and pretty.

    • Lisa_Cop

      To me , Fabio’s look kind if Calvin Klein. I remember when he was selected for the show, someone said his clothes had a Helmut Lang (another minimalist) vibe.

      • guest2visits

        Just googled some Helmut.¬† I can see Fabio’s definitely has some of that. But happily, Fabio’s collection here
        is lighter and more bouyant then¬†the HL lines that I looked through.¬† I’m pleasantly surprised by Fabio’s RW;
        When he was showing us through his closet and his sample selection at casting; I was turned off. I thought flat,
        depressing;¬†( even though I’m a fan of neutrals like greys, tans, navy, etc). This stuff is ethereal, feminine, pretty.
        ¬†Not what I would have thought¬†for Fabio’s.¬† Not loving the shorts outfit or the white culottes though.

  • Gunners is awful. From top to bottom, there is not one look that made any sense or was chic in anyway. From styling to make-up. Ugh.¬†

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Fabio – Too monotone, with no definitive wow pieces.
    Gunnar – Too kitsch. This African princess thing is coming out of left field for Gunnar, and he took this theme way to literally in everything from clothes to styling to models (and probably music, too, if I could hear it). Does this really represent him as a designer?
    Melissa – Surprisingly boring. When given the chance to show at Bryant Park, why spend it on showing basic items we have seen countless times before with no design interest? There were some good pieces, though. The ones with design interest, that is.

    I think this post is clear of any winners. Melissa is the only one I would consider as having any chance at all, but not that much.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Fabio’s is so vague it’s floating away from my brain’s attempt to grasp it, Dr Death’s is offensive, and Melissa has some sharp pieces but other stuff only an Olsen twin would love. That said, they’re all better than Gretchen was.

  • pookiesmom

    Cultural appropriation has been done so much better and more visually interesting than in Gunnar’s collection.

    • pookiesmom

      Also, Fabio’s is horrible! It looks like nightgowns on parade. Melissa’s? Meh. Some decent looks but a lot of it doesn’t look like it fits correctly and is overall pretty boring.

  • Samuel Donovan

    GUNNAR ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Kid, you are NOT Sophie Theallet; you are the (evidently) the equivalent of a toddler finger painting ‘tribal’ patterns.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Fabio’s is the only one I like of all of them. Which means he won’t win, not a chance.

    I have no idea who will win this year. Nothing stands out.

  • Ezmartin

    Did a sleeve haunt Melissa as a child? None of her tops (save the jackets) have them.

  • SapphoPoet

    I think Gunnar really over-designed his collection–wow. It’s all a bit much.¬†

    Fabio: not much there, there; but it’s definitely him.¬†

    Melissa: I’m underwhelmed. Mostly they just look like clothes.¬†

  • Susan Crawford

    Fabio’s collection is pretty – I would wear any of his designs. To bed. He appears to have created an entire line of floaty, wifty-wafty negligees.

    Gunnar seems to have developed a mild case of Gretchenitis with this ethnic-inspired, rusty-paletted collection. Honestly, I liked a couple of pieces (6th and 7th photos down) but on the whole, it was derivative.

    Melissa (and Fabio): Breaking News – BOOTIES DO NOT GO WITH EVERYTHING.

  • MilaXX

    Gosh the more I see it, the more I hate Gunnar’s collection. I like exactly 1 dress out of the entire thing.
    Melissa has some nice pieces but many are just too much. Either have an asymmetrical hem or that high collar. Both look crazy.
    I think I want to see Fabio’s in motion.

  • jmorino08

    I like Fabio’s and Melissa’s collections. Fabio’s in particular has really good cohesion amongst all the looks. Gunnar’s, though, is like a what people with no imagination think something inspired by Africa should look like…

  • everest19

    Melissa’s is A M A Z I N G.¬†

  • Fabio, meh – but at least they all look well-made. Gunnar, STOP THIS TORTURE! Ugh, I can’t even say anything anymore. Melissa, it’s okay, some are fine, some are blah.

  • Based off this group –

    Fabio FTW. His collection was designed well, unique, had a voice, had some interest. And I absolutely love the color palette that was used. 

    Next up, Melissa. I did not resonate with her collection AT ALL. It was just blah.
    Last, Gunnar. It looked like a school play project based on a particular African tribe. Like, I couldn’t take his collection seriously.

  • Gunnar’s collection comes across as ‘appropriated’ and affected. Too weird as well.¬†

    Fabio: I dislike the color story intensely. And the silhouettes. And the bunchy crotches.

    Melissa: OK, but nothing we haven’t seen before.


    • Genuine question: If a black woman had designed this instead of a white man, would you feel the same about it? ¬†My gut was that it would bring him to grief, but because the aesthetic is somehow not “his” to be inspired by.

      • Exactamundo.

        That is exactly what my reservations are.¬†–GothamTomato

      • Being that I’m African (Nigerian-American), if a African designer – male or female – created a collection similar to Gunnar’s I would say that it is 1) too literal (literally) and 2) modernize it a bit. Show a different twist to the culture that he/she may have been raised in or have been a part of. Take some inspiration from Kortu Momolu (Liberian) and how she designs.

        Quite honestly, if any designer of any color had done this collection, I would say the same thing (with more emphasis on #1). Because seriously, the more you look at the collection it just becomes laughable and sad…AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

  • Melissa, Claude Montana called. He wants his impossibly high necklines back.¬†

  • Samuel Donovan

    Continuing with the ‘stores people belong in that aren’t Lord and Taylor’:

    Melissa: CK
    Fabio: Vince
    Gunnar: high school costume department

  • PaulaBerman

    One word comes to mind when viewing Fabio’s collection: schmatta. Just one schmatta after another.

  • j_anson

    It’s fascinating looking at these without actually knowing anything about the people who did them (I do read the recaps but without watching the show I never remember who is who.) I can actually approach them entirely based on what I like rather than partly based on the degree to which I loathe them. Verdict: Melissa’s collection bores me and doesn’t seem like a real finalist collection. Gunnar… ugh. I really like some of Fabio’s but he definitely also crosses the line into tacky in places.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Gunnar! Wowza. A couple surprising pieces and some incredibly disastrous pieces. Melissa is looking like more and more of a one-way-monkey. Collars can’t do all the work, all the time.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    OK-I understand that these designers are going for a younger clientele, but enough with the exposed midriffs.

  • yulaffin

    Fabio Рwith the exception of maybe two of his pieces, the rest look like pajamas.  Gunnar РSurprisingly, I liked most of his collection.  Melissa РYeah, boring.  

    • AnnPopovic

      They look like really comfy pjs, though, don’t they? I’d totally buy them as jammies!

  • notdorothygale

    Ewwwww….my eyes! Have to say that Gunner has a collection that most matches my personal esthetic.

  • Gunnar’s collection was a real surprise for me. would not have expected that from him. I mostly like it. Its interesting and unusual but still fairly wearable. Melissa has some nice moments but feels much more expected. Glad Fabio did something that feels true to his personal look and some of it is pretty cool¬†

  • Fabio: clearly phoned it in. ¬†It’s like someone tried to turn the mom capri into an iDevice that then came back to haunt them.

    Gunnar!  Love!  It!  All!  Except for the dress with the stupid pasties.

    Melissa:  Every single look feels awkward, the kind of awkward you feel when you get a wedgie in a public place.  And nothing there is interesting.

  • janegray

    Why did Melissa make a leather bathing suit? 

    • l_c_ann

      If it were real leather (and I don’t think it can be according to PR rules), once wet, it would shrink to fit the wearer perfectly (albeit perfectly uncomfortably.)

  • AnnPopovic

    Assorted pajamas! Yay!

    I like Gunnar’s fabric choices and several of the pieces. And hey, I wouldn’t buy them to sleep in!

  • Verascity

    I guess I’m in the minority for liking Gunnar’s. Melissa’s is good, but weirdly overworked and underdesigned at the same time — like, it’s a PR finale collection and you sent a plain white dress and a plain black dress down the runway? And tortured the hell out of some of that leather.

  • snich11

    Love Fabio’s! Ethereal, like floating on a cloud…

  • G

    I love Fabio’s collection.

  • Fabio’s always look so comfortable, but ultimately kind of sloppy.

    Gunnar — I see a lot of hard work. But seeing the African theme, although different, makes me wonder why you’d go so far outside your wheelhouse? ¬† I think he might be in the final but I’m so confused!

    Melissa, enjoy your moment. But none of these are memorable or terribly flattering.

  • jo

    I have to say, my first instincts about Gunner’s collection was “Huh?”¬† But going back over it, it’s actually pretty cool.¬† Not what I would have expected, but cool.

    Fabio’s is someplace between uber cool and boring.¬† I like the concept and could see myself wearing some of it, but it also looks like a gauzier version of a Soma catalogue.

    Melissa does interesting shapes, but seeing this many of her signature designs in one place, it gets repetitive.

  • Er… wait… I think I saw that dress in a different color from EVERY OTHER CONTESTANT!!! Wow. >.<¬†

  • Disappointed in Melissa’s, which makes me sad. ¬†I adore her. Fabio’s – no real opinion, but I don’t really have any opinion of Fabio in general.

    Out of these three? ¬†Gunnar’s is the only one that’s doing it for me. ¬†He seems to be the only one who really stepped out of his comfort zone – I love the whole tribal theme!

  • redgauntlet

    I wish PR would set aside an episode to critique the ‘not-in competition’ collections because some of them are very interesting. Maybe a a cash ‘Best of the Rest’ prize?¬†

  • MissMapp

    I don’t use this term lightly, but I find Gunnar’s collection and styling downright offensive. I hate to get all Anthropology 101 on a silly reality show, but cultural appropriation is a THING, dude, and it sucks.

  • cleep1000

    I think Melissa is going to win the whole thing.

  • l_c_ann

    I like to look at Fabio’s.¬† Lovely, soothing colors.¬† And lacks of colors.

    Then one of the cats jumps on the keyboard and I’m reminded with gauzy perfect smooth fabrics aren’t a part of my world (claws, people, the cats come with them.)

    Too many of Melissa’s look like Calvin Klein Vogue patterns from thirty years ago.

  • quiltrx

    Disappointed in Gunnar’s…seems to be a really narrow POV, and not the one he’s shown all season??

    I can totally see Pink in the orange dress by Melissa.

  • MzzPants

    Again with the ‘dayum’.¬† These are some of the best collections the show has featured in years.¬† Gunnar’s looks like it’s trying too hard, though.

  • aristida_girl

    I like Melissa’s, but I came of age in the 90’s so her style is very much to my taste. Gunnar’s would have been a little better without the awful styling, but was overall disappointing…

  • Zippypie

    Good grief.¬† Maybe it’s fatigue from watching season after season, but there is so little innovation in all of the collections.¬† Here and there is a striking garment but no one collection stands out.¬† Someone mentioned the repetitiveness of having the designers show Spring collections and that is true.¬† I’d like to see Fall collections instead of Spring for a change.¬†¬†Meh is my general comment.

  • lrhoff

    These ARE NOT cohesive lines.¬† Please, just stop.¬† I can’t bear it.¬† Over it….done with it….RIP Project Runway.

  • Fabio: A refreshing collection, deconstructive in places, somewhat awry, containing few but salient and inspired geometric embellishments, and emanating such peacefulness. It’s almost transcending.

    Gun: Bravo! This collection is a wonderful mosaic of many things: interwoven things, ruffles, trims, textures, tones, experiments in configurations and proportion. There’s something hard and primary about these pieces, something earthy, honest, and commemorative. It’s as if he’s exploring a phase of cultural experience and trying to transmute it into something permanent and pervasive.

    Melissa: Bland, bland, bland. She lacks technical prowess and inventiveness.

  • ChristinaRi

    I like all three of these collections.   They are so different.

    I actually respond emotionally to Fabio’s collection. ¬†They speak to my heart. ¬†I would feel so pretty in those clothes.

    I was completely surprised by Gunnar and his tribal collection. ¬† It’s very well done and brave. ¬†I’m not sure how on trend it is.

    Melissa is good, but maybe more hit and miss.  I love some of those items, and some are just not nice looking.

    • DonnaL

      ¬†I don’t see anything brave about cultural appropriation and exoticization. ¬† What’s his next collection going to be “inspired” by?¬† Hasidim?¬†

      • Too late- PRAS already went there.

        Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca was cultural appropriation, too. ¬†Gunnar might have gone too literal with it, but any good designer has to reach outside his own time and place for inspiration.

  • l_c_ann

    FYI:¬† today’s Daily Mail has a photo spread of Heidi and Jennifer Hudson and it’s correctly labeled spoiler as down in the text, it says who the three finalists are.¬†
    I won’t put a link because if you want to be spoiled,¬† you’ll find it.¬† Otherwise, you won’t.

    • DonnaL

      ¬†I won’t give it away, but what a depressing spoiler.¬† Ugh.

    • duneboi

      I saw that, too. What a disappointment. Would not have picked those designers as the top three after having viewed all eight collections. And shame on The Daily Mail for posting the three finalists. That hasn’t happened here with the U.S. press for some reason.

      • l_c_ann

        Several seasons ago – in a PM to someone who had attended several of the PR finales- I asked if the judges made any effort to appear to judge all the designers or if they just wrote things on their score cards about the finalists.

        The answer was that no effort was made by the judges to hide who the finalists were from the other folks at the show. 

        After than there was a time when the collections were shown, but without the designers, so I’m told.¬† That doesn’t seem to have happened this time.

    • I was just spoiled. I mean, wow. You know, I guess in a good way and in a bad way. That has to be a decoy spoiler, because I just can’t really see that.

    • CarolinLA

      That’s not a spoiler. ¬†That’s lazy journalism. ¬†Those just happened to be the last three that walked the runway.

      • duneboi

        Hope you’re right . . . The Daily Mail does tend to skew toward quick and dirty journalism.

      • DonnaL

        ¬†Yes, I hope you’re right also, but if you’re wrong, I think you just gave away who the three finalists are!

        • duneboi

          FYI, The Daily Mail article was different than these last three posted by T&L.

          • Blogging Project Runway put the collections up in the order they were presented. Those so-called “finalists” were definitely the last three to present.

            Yahoo News also accidentally released the finalists’ names. I didn’t take a look, but they were apparently DIFFERENT than DailyMail’s finalists AND Yahoo immediately removed them. I’m betting Yahoo’s were correct.

          • duneboi

            Thanks! Glad to know that The Daily Mail wrongfully posted the finalist — sloppy reporting on their part, as usual. Kudos, too, to Yahoo! News for quickly removing their spoiler article. I guess we should now all be happy that the final three is still a mystery.

    • Melissa Fleis on Twitter linked to it. When s*** hit the fan, she claimed it wasn’t a spoiler.¬†
      Let’s hope she’s right.

      • Oh yay! Melissa Fleis just solidly confirmed it was bad journalism.

  • I do like Fabio’s color palette. It mostly looks fun and easy to wear. And it looks like a collection, unlike some of the other designers.

    Didn’t Melissa do at least a couple of those looks, or very similar, during the episodes we have already seen?

  • I kind of love Fabio’s collection, even though I don’t exactly understandhow any of it relates to the body. It’s like all those girls just accidentally stumbled into god’s laundry basket. The neck pieces are great. What the hell are they made of? Baffling collection, yet strangely satisfying.

    Gunnar: Terrible, embarrassing cultural appropriation in the name of fashion. Too much. They look like extras from The Lion King. Too bad, because there are a few interesting things mixed in with the dross.

  • Please tell me his last model isn’t in blackface.

  • Qitkat

    Trips over mouse thrown in last posting. Almost breaks other wrist. Starts mumbling incoherently to herself.

  • kosmoheadon

    Oh, Gunnar. Just when I was starting to like you a little tiny bit. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing inspiration from other places, but…oh, Gunnar. How did it just never occur to him that the styling was offensive? I actually liked a couple of the dresses, but my jaw just dropped when I saw the makeup. Literal, as others have said, and with a distinct whiff of that white people thing where “Africa” is just one place. Was there a particular region evoked?

  • Spencer Cunningham

    Im getting a bit of Bert Keeter from Fabio’s collection, especially in his 5th 7th and 10th looks

  • CarolinLA

    Michael Kors just said that leather is a big trend for fall and that he likes a woman to have some feminine leather pieces in their closet.  So Melissa may get his vote.

  • There was one dress of Gunner’s that I really liked, mainly because it did not really look African or anything.¬† The 7th in line with the woven neckline is really pretty!¬† What do you all think?

    • The gray one? ¬†Yeah, that was really pretty!

    • watchmeboogie

      That one’s really pretty, though it seems to add a lot of volume to the model’s body all over, like it’s really thick. I also like the skirt in #2 a lot.

  • watchmeboogie

    Oh, Gunnar with the ticky-tacky tribal/ethnic/African/Aboriginal thing (because why not, they’re all interchangeable backwards black people amirite?). On black models, to boot. I can’t even be mad at him because he’s like a well-meaning puppy who just pooped on your new rug.

    • bitterk

      Hopefully good intentions but man o man, I’m shocked he didn’t throw in a spear. ¬†

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Fabio – overly complicated pj’s.¬† wah wah…
    Gunnar –¬†seriously?¬†¬†other kittens know the right words to explain what’s happening here.¬† I will just say his work is an insult.¬†¬†Take your fabric coconuts and stick them up your….
    Melissa Рzzzzzz.  Some Ok pieces but then every other one is a totaly mess.

  • The story line of all 3 in a row is My Little Pony goes to Africa and then is beamed up onto the Starship Enterprise.

  • Scarlet39

    I’m actually a little horrified by Gunnar’s¬†collection.¬† ¬† He didn’t take inspiration from anything “tribal” or “ethnic”,¬†he went straight up costume. And what in any of his prior work would indicate that this was anything close to his esthetic?

  • alyce1213

    I imagine myself walking around in Fabio’s clothes forever. ¬†

    The draping on the one-shoulder dress is so simple and flattering, it makes we weep. ¬†For that matter, all of his draping is masterful and not overdone (which we’ve seen a lot of from previous designers). ¬†I’m picking him for the win.

    Conversely, I like Melissa’s tougher, edgier looks as well. For the other side of my closet.

  • Oh Gunnar, Gunnar, Gunnar. Literal to the core that the collection looks like an offensive joke. I see potential in his work…if only the collection was more referential rather than what he put on display. I seriously hope that’s not a top 3 collection, but it might be considering the details and seeming amount of work that went into it.

    Mostly indifferent to Melissa and Fabio’s collections. Fabio’s looks comfy, cool, and soothing, sort of like Fabio himself. ūüôā Melissa’s is completely boring and disappointing. Looks like a decoy collection.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i doubt it’s a top three collection.

      i think i said this somewhere but my thoughts are scrambled right now, apologies, so i will say it again. at least it’s brief:
      i think he thinks he made a Shocking Collection of Great Importance. i think thats where all the effort went–he was gonna get people talking. my guess is that he doesnt get that not all people–especially not, say, ny fashion people–are shocked or impressed for the same reasons as might be those of us living in the reasonably small southern space from wherein he arrived on our televised shores. i doubt he thought for one second he’d make people on the left angry. people make big stupid mistakes when theyre scarcely old enough to legally drink. he made one.

  • I hate Gunnar’s. What the fuck? Nothing like anything else he designed… I think the other designers were right all along in saying he does not know who he is as a designer. I like the idea behind his line, but I feel like it all looks so cheap and just.. blah.

  • GraceArmstrong

    Is it me, or is everyone costuming a Logan’s Run-esque sci-fi movie? Particularly Fabio.

  • BelleBook

    Here are my takes on the next three:

    Fabio — all pastels and white.¬† None of them are disasters but overall they’re more boring than Leann Marshall’s pastel collection from Season 5.¬† I don’t think he makes the Top 3.

    Gunnar — not my cup of tea at all but I have to admit that it’s dramatic!

    Melissa — overall a good job but the third and seventh looks that I saw are not good at all!

    I prefer Melissa’s outfits but I’m not sure she’ll make the Top 3.¬† I like Gunnar’s the least — more a matter of taste — but he’ll probably be in the Top 3.

  • DesertDweller79

    What happened to Gunnar?¬† I just can’t believe it.

  • DinahR

    Are we sure that’s Gunnar? ¬†lol ¬† Based on this total change from what he’s done so far, and that this is all very much cohesive (mayhaps too much?) I say he’s in the finale. ¬†This is very dramatic. ¬†Also, I bet this is a season where they put more than three in the finale… ¬†or have that pseudo competition between two designers for the 3rd spot like they do. ¬†Sigh.¬†

    Melissa’s is surprisingly blah… ¬†I don’t think her heart was in this and therefore I don’t think she was in the finale. ¬†ūüôĀ¬†

    I like Fabio’s! ¬†But I don’t see the judges thinking it’s all that salable. ¬†But the collection is varied and cohesive and I like this styling of the models. ¬†I am not sure he made it either, but I hope so. ¬†

  • lill5

    I sort of like Fabio’s. Melissa’s collection is disappointing. And Gunnar Goes Tribal is too wtf for me to even deal with.

  • alula_auburn

    Ugh, I am really not liking/trusting Gunnar’s tribal look. ¬†It’s something I seriously distrust/side-eye from people I find a lot more credible than him.

    There are a couple vaguely interesting things in Melissa and Fabio’s, but overall kind of meh. ¬†I hate Fabio’s shoes.

  • CarolinLA

    At least Gunnar showed us something new and different from his work both prior to and on the show.  Good for him for trying.  

  • bitterk

    More surprises.  

    Fabio’s doesn’t have a chance at making the cut. ¬†Lurking somewhere in the folds is a good idea but it’s overpowered by his poor choice of colors and lack of editing on many of the looks. ¬†He’s so sweet that I hope there’s a market for this collection somewhere in the world. ¬†Gunnar’s is REE-DIC-U-LUSS. ¬†I love that he found inspiration in the tribal prints and beautiful brown skin tones but the collection reads costumes. ¬†More caricature than homage to anything African. ¬†If the judges so much as utter a word of praise after ten seasons of knocking pocohontas outfits…. ¬†I love Melissa and respect her point of view, unfortunately I feel like I saw everyone of these outfits before. ¬†She has to stretch herself a bit more or she will also join the one way monkey club. ¬†

  • Fabio’s is ah-MAZING. Love the color pallette. It looks dreamy and ethereal and INTERESTING enough to be editorial, but with some toned down styling it could easily be seen on an a cool art-school chick walking down the street. And we finally get to see Fabio’s dumpster-baggy personal style incorporated into his clothes! And in a good way! One or two of them might be a teense overdesigned though.

    Poor, bitchy, sweet, bitchy Gunnar. Train wreck. Insulting, out of left field, and costumey. Can’t blame him for thinking loud prints and ethnic themes would be a good idea though. (Oh Anya.) All that’s missing is his sex tape.

    Melissa… I feel like we’ve seen it all. There are some real winners here (the bathing suit/coverup is dramatic and stunning, as is the white high-collar coat), but they’re outnumbered by the ‘mehs’. That orange dress is a variant on her winning look. The two white dresses are eh. The THREE black dresses — ALL meh, and repetitive too.

    Favorites are Elena and Fabio. I feel like the 3rd finalist is Christopher because he’s the season’s pet. Ugh.

  • CarolinLA

    Melissa has now made that exact dress three times:  once in her portfolio, once on the show, and again here.  And her white coat from this week was also a copy of one from her portfolio.  One-way monkeys indeed.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i really like deathrage’s sixth & seventh royal africa conquers the south dresses. i think theyre great. were i doing better myself i couldve named them better, alas. but theyre good. theyre interesting & much less derivative than a lot of the work on this program. an odd mix of styles that actually doesnt look ridiculous, at least not in these photos, but which instead works.

    in the last ten minutes, however, i’ve forgotten just about all the other work on this page. thinking about it again, i remember that the rest of GD’s ranges from fair to okay & that i’ve seen melissa’s work something like half a zillion times before, done just as well or better. sad, that. one more sad thing. & i liked the first item of fabio’s but the rest, eh. i bet that, taken piece by piece, there are some nicely wearable pieces there. i like him as person a whole lotta much more than i like his work. otoh, colorwise all of it, here, reminds me way too much of the worst final collection i think i’ve ever seen on the show [other than anya’s which was terrible for different reasons]–the barbie collection made by some skittery fool w/ a mohican & a nickname of what? shark? stump? i always forget. the guy who–rather obviously–spent all of his PR final money not on fabric but on tweek & faked his receipts. just a conjecture but an educated one & something, oy vey, he really should not have done–for more reasons than he yet knows. then again, i thought he was doing better now? anyway, his show was way worse than fabio’s. but the colors, the colors, were the same–& not good in either instance. i think the stump guy also used pink.

    edited to add:
    1/ nobody on earth needs a [p]leather bathing suit [probably nobody on any of the known planets does either], &
    2/ the outfit above GD’s two nice dresses? why? why? if you can make something good why do you make something clear w/ only mal-fitting boob pockets? & a spider web? boob pockets & a neck web? why? why?

  • Lisa_Cop

    Some idiot posted a link to a Daily Mail article that seemed like it was about Jennifer Hudson but gave up all the info on the true finalists. And without posting a bold spoiler alert. So don’t mistakenly read a newspaper article unless you WANT to know the real final. 3.

    On the other hand, a brief video excerpt of the entire show (all 8 designers) is now YouTube provided by Fashion News Live. Some garments (Ven) look far worse in the video than the stills. Others Sonjia) look better. if you’te curious, the video is sorti a look.

    • Relax, it was bad journalism. That “final three” was just the last three designers to present. DailyMail is known for quick ‘n’ dirty journalism.

      If it really WAS the final three, I’d be disappointed. Or really, 2/3rds disappointed.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Thank you guys for letting me know. Enjoy Fashion Week!

    • mhleta


  • mhleta

    Melissa’s is very Melissa and, unfortunately, shows very little growth, though I do like it. Gunnar looks like he’s channeling Fabio but I think it’s all pretty exciting and unexpected. Fabio’s is pleasant.¬†

    • mhleta

      I’ve looked at this more. Who even IS GUNNAR?? Where did this come from? Look at his portfolio and then look at this. It looks like Kato or Jerrell Scott designed. I’m so confused. I do love it, though.¬†

      • CarolinLA

        Me too!!! ¬†Honestly, I like Elena’s first and Gunnar’s second, only because Elena’s is more cohesive. ¬†

  • geeeque

    damn i am super disappointed by melissa. she’s been my favorite so far this season, a literal and sartorial dark horse. but her collection is really dullsville; very light on inspiration. fabio’s on the other hand is surprisingly fresh and cool.

  • PhillipWilde

    I can’t decide whether Gunnar’s collection is offensive or fabulous.¬† It’s a very fine line.

    Fabio’s colorless garments are getting lost on the white runway.

    And I love Melissa’s styling, but that’s about it.

    • NCDFan

      With different styling it would be much easier. 

  • Vodeeodoe

    Love Fabio’s, Gunnar’s was surprising and I kind of liked it, Melissa was a letdown. Leather…bathing suit? What is that? Tank dresses??? Boring.

  • Gunnar…what the hell?
    That first jacket in Melissa’s collection is FABULOUS.
    Fabio’s collection is surprisingly…pale.

  • libraangel

    And Let’s see: Aw, come on, Gunnar: Black models with African costumes? Really! And Melissa: Let’s see – one plain white dress, one plain black dress. Really innovative – not! Fabio was smokin’ – something!

  • If all three of these are’t decoys there is something seriously wrong with this season.

  • miatamam

    OMG…..Melissa’s #9 model looks like a baby Tilda.

  • NCDFan

    Fabio’s is resort wear. Gunnar’s stying is so ethnic it distracts from the interesting pieces in his collection. Melissa has a couple of good pieces but the rest is basic and blah.

  • oohsparkley!

    I have nothing new to add to the discussion of Gunnar’s “African” looks, other than to say, there were a few I liked. The skirt in the second look, the 5,6 and 7th looks I liked. I liked Fabio’s¬†third look and thought most of Melissa’s were boring. Looking back again, I don’t think Gunnar’s are too costume-y, I think he just liked some “tribal” influenced prints. I guess it’s the eyebrow styling that went over the top.¬† Why am I defending Gunnar? I’m really not I think he’s a little bitch, but I was surprised to like a few things.

  • oohsparkley!

    Another thing, Gunnar’s styling is silly but at least it looks¬†cooler to me than those yellow lips.

  • Mark Boston

    But Fabio…pastels?

    • CarolinLA

      Y’know, that’s what I thought until I saw Christian Siriano’s collection for spring. ¬†They are almost the same palettes.

  • ASK26

    Prob be edited but trying to defend and seriously question where the hell the lines are drawn? ¬† Do YOU think Gunnar is a bigot – he may not have done his collection to everyone’s liking, but the insults being thrown around seem unfair – and there have been people here who liked his work¬† – and the fact is he used more diverse models than just about anyone.¬†

    • You’re not defending or even seriously questioning anything. You’re making ridiculously inflammatory comments and then ducking away when you get called on it.

  • GUNNAR – WTF. Also I’m sad that Fabio & Melissa just sh*t the bed. They were my two hopefuls for the win…god knows they still might.¬†

  • gelcat

    did anyone else get a men in skirts vibe from Gunnar’s collection? nothing to show off a woman’s body – and if you crop off the heads, how many of the pictures can you tell if it’s a girl or a guy??

  • Oh wow.
    I just watched Melissa’s collection on Youtube and the reason all these dresses looks so similar is because most of the more interesting detailing is on the back.¬†

    *sigh* I wish we could see the back. It makes or breaks a look.

    • JMansm

      having read that then I DEFINITELY think she’s in the finale.¬†

  • WERQitspice

    No one has commented on Fabio’s sherbert collection….I like him, he is never a hater, but this collection…..YAWN… milk toast….even for a resort collection
    OOPS…. sherbet….please excuse ūüėé

    • JMansm

      i’m not sure if milk toast is a joke you’re making and i’m not trying to be a jerk or anything but the word is actually milquetoast and i want to point it out although i think i’m going to start saying “milk toast” instead because it’s hilarious.¬†

      • WERQitspice

        yes, i know the proper word and you”re not being a jerk. you are welcome to use my “milk toast”……..i happen to think it’s the best-est!!!!

  • OMG is that kanistha dhankar? the last model of melissa??

  • Melissa – You can do better.
    Fabio – schmattas.
    Gunner – HUH?

    • Bozhi

      Gunnar began a relationship with someone who was studying Australian culture and tribal culture after he left the show.  He said this would not have been his final collection if he were in the finals, but he decided to explore the tribal influence. 

  • JMansm

    Okay I really have been going back and forth trying to guess who is in the final 3. Melissa has been a point of contention because it looks so bland and straightforward (and you’d think after getting praise in the print challenge she would have used a print in this collection) but I think that orange dress combined with the bathing suit are indicators enough that she is trying to impress people and if you read the collection as the cool, chic, urban sportswear kind of thing it could be in the running in the same way that Althea Harper’s was. Therefore, my guess for Top 3 is Elena (everyone’s favourite collection), Fabio (maybe too intellectual but I still think he might be in the top but just didn’t win) and Melissa. I would count out Dmitry because of the cheap fabric (but maybe somehow he was in and just made bad decisions), Ven for being as I have said before cartoonishly bad and Sonjia and Christopher because their collections are all over the place and some pieces look poorly made (plus Sonjia didn’t do as much outerwear as I would have expected but maybe that’s because it was for spring, not sure).¬†

  • Sherry Copeland

    I really like Fabio’s collection. Although his designs on the show don’t impress me. Melissa’s seems a little different given her esthetic. Gunnar’s collection is odd.