PR: Easily Forgotten Prints

Posted on September 17, 2012

Let’s wrap this up, bitches. We saved the least interesting for last, so this will be a very short post.



HORRENDOUS print. Truly so awful that we think she should have been up for elimination on that design alone. But we have to admit, we love what she did with it. The shape of the jacket is fantastic, and very modern. It makes a nice step away from all the aggressive silhouettes she’s been angrily throwing down that runway. She’s a complete wack job, but the girl has an aesthetic and it’s a pretty damn chic one when she settles down.



An ugly, childish scribble of a print used to make a sad, dreary, shapeless outfit. This was so bad he should’ve been in the bottom, we’re thinking.



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  • Note to all future PR contestants: during the “print” challenge kindly refrain from using gigantic, phallic, pink columns in your textiles.

    The Viewing Public

    • AAACK!  Cannot unsee!

      • Sorry.  All I could see (aside from her ridiculously juvenile “Elena was here!!!) were church steeples, tombstones, and cock.  Most disturbing.  Although I’m not sure if that is a psychological indictment of me or Insane in the Ukraine.  Either way, yikes.  

        • Scott Hester-Johnson

           Pink cock AND pink gash ((shudder)). Girl’s got some unresolved shit going on.

        • And to think Fabio was the one whose print was supposed to be “reproductive”!!

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Am I supposed to be seeing fallopian tubes in Fabio’s print? Because that’s all I can see…

  • If I could prescribe medications through the television, I’d be shoving Xanex down Elena’s throat. She seems a decent enough person when she chills out.

    I was pretty disappointed with Fabio’s print, which surprised me. I expected more of him, and then he covered it up the same way Christopher did and they didn’t say a word. (Or did Christopher steal the idea from Fabio?) Either way, it’s ridiculous that one of them got slammed for it and the other didn’t get a word of protest.

  • siriuslover

    Yes, agreed on both counts.

  • Spicytomato1

    I agree that Fabio’s was atrocious. Even down to how he styled his model’s hair. I had to laugh when his bf’s response to the runway was “very nice.” Not exactly bubbling with enthusiasm.

    As for Ukraine’s, I liked where she was going with the print, I got a bit of an Eastern European folk art vibe from the illustration. Until she added the color and it all fell apart for me. I grudgingly liked the how jacket ended up, though, it is pretty cool. And a far cry from its initial stages, where it resembled a smock from a hair salon or “dressy” scrubs.

    • meowing

      Hmm, to me, it never graduated beyond the hairdress smock/scrubs look. 

      • VanessaDK

         Yes–and with the ugliest print I’ve ever seen–I don’t think it would sell in a remainders bin.

    • EverybodysStarling

      I kind of loved how she made fun of her own jacket with Tim. It was a moment of her not taking herself so damn seriously.

      • CozyCat

        In elena’s favor, she has never had delusions about her work.  She knew her coat in the last group challenge didn’t come out well.  And she ultimately wasn’t too enthusiastic about her print but came up with a good design for hat she had.
        She’s full of contradictions–she works well with clients (real woman challenge) and seems friendly with most of the other designers, but she seems incapable of dealing with the loss of total control in group challenges. 

        • KathKo

           I agree with you. She’s the most impossible when she’s frustrated with herself and her work. Add to that a team challenge when you have to make compromises and on top of that having Dmitry as a partner and you have a recipe for a disaster.

      • OmegaBlush

        I feel like she’s grown the most out of everyone.  Like TLo said, she’s evolving past the aggressive silhouettes but keeping it modern and tough.  I actually liked her work here.  Not loved, but liked.  Maybe it’s because I’m half Ukrainian myself.  In our household she would have been known as the calm and rational one.  

    • ShamelessHWAddict

      I actually kind of love Elena’s look…it reads Marni to me.  I hate the actual print close-up, but if she had toned down some of the elements (and removed the graffiti), the look could have been top three.  There is a lot more design to it than Melissa’s dress, and I would have switched them to put her in the top 3 and had Melissa be safe.

      As for Fabio’s, I hate every bit of it.  I do not like that jumpsuit, and the vest is pretty sad looking.  I would have been fine with there being a top four/bottom four this week.  I think there is a very clear division between the best four looks and the worst.  Not auf-worthy, but should have been called out.

  • fringebenefit

    Both belonged at rock bottom. Elena’s white trash hairdresser’s smock was one of the most hideous things I’ve seen walk down the runway this season, and that’s saying something. And Fabio…well TLo said it all.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m thinking either hair salon or dental assistant for Elena’s jacket.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Uninspiring.  Jeez, there is no life in either of these prints.

  • SewingSiren

    Ha. Well I loved Elena’s print.  If I had a length of it, I would make a 50’s style fit and flair sundress.  As to her design, She should have sent the model down the runway carrying a bowling ball.
    I couldn’t see Fabio’s print at all. The printed fabric looks nothing like what is shown on the computer screen. That’s the trouble with this challenge. The color ways are never the same. 

    • BrooklynBomber

      Haha! A bowling ball!!! 

      • SewingSiren

        Maybe they’ll have an active sport challenge and she can use it again.

    • VanessaDK

       I have the greatest respect for your knowledge and taste, but using that as a fifties sundress would sort of be in an ironic retro style, which would defuse the print rather than presenting it as sincerely attractive.  Also … the fifties sundress vibe is not exactly Elena’s heritage.

      I have to say I find the graffiti on it to be a bit disturbing.  Was that actually on the print? Doesn’t look like she was taking it seriously.

      • SewingSiren

        It’s just what I would use it for. To take it a step further, I think I would cut the fabric upside down because then it would look like martini glasses and champagne flutes. At a wild party..with black lights…

    • Tatiana Luján

      Fabio covered his print with organza to mute it. I actually thought Fabio’s print was clever and interesting, but his desing is a big whole of nothing.
      And I agree with you about Elena’s print: it screamed summer dress.

      • SewingSiren

        Did he really? That’s a shame. Because the actual print has kind of a kinetic energy about it. But filtered though the organza it’s dull as dishwater

    • Glammie

      I don’t know that I loved Elena’s print, but I loved that she took something that extreme and made it work on her own terms.   She takes chances–it reminds me a bit of Prada that way–where the whole ugly/pretty thing is pushed–sometimes it doesn’t work and sometimes it’s amazing.  

    • RroseSelavy

      Hey, I liked the print too (liked, not loved, far from loved). I posted elsewhere that it brought to mind for me beatnik art and jazz record covers.  This mood would have been enhanced with better use of color.

    • Without being disrespectful..but using this print in a 1950’s dress would make me feel like project runway was recorded in 1984.

      • SewingSiren

        Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that Elena should design that dress. I am saying if I had that fabric , that’s what I’d do with it, for my own personal use, not for competition. I am far beyond caring about whether what I wear is on trend or currently stylish. If it’s good design and it works for me I still use it. 

  • Heh, it’s all a matter of taste with prints, because I loved Elena’s print. I was disappointed that she wasn’t in the top three, actually.

    • Spicytomato1

      The more I look at it the more I like it, too. It has a lot more personality and flair than many of the others. And I like the 80s flair.

  • If you would like to play with a similar program and play with symmetry, try  or  I use this in my University classes and my kids love it too.  You may not get a pretty print out of it – though maybe you can.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Add me to the chorus that endorses your comments and conclusions, gentlemen.  Elena did churn out modern look; her design did have some “heritage” themes, too.  Fabio’s was childish and deserved a scolding, just as Gunnar received.

  • gabbilevy

    I really like Elena’s jacket, except for the little bit on the back. Would it have killed her to let the navy band continue all the way around, instead of having an odd little tab?

    • BrooklynBomber

      completely agree. And she really saved it from disaster by adding the collar and band, but that tab looks terrible.

    • 3boysful


    • KathKo

       I found the little tab being a nice touch.
      But it’s a question of taste.

  • Meh and meh.

  • Peeve

    I haven’t yet seen the show, but I truly think Elena should have been auffed after seeing this. I guess it’s me, but I don’t see the fabulous design in her jacket. The print is fugly, and the jacket looks like a nurses uniform smock. Awful!!! And for someone who thinks navy is out, she sure used a lot of it.

  • Judy_S

    I didn’t mind Fabio’s print but his use of it was pointless.
    I am glad to have a chance to stare at Elena’s print. It looked particularly ugly when glimpsed in the show.  I don’t think it’s really awful but it’s not very appealing.

  • withbreaththatisbaited

    For all of Mondo’s complaints about Dimitry’s print not being prominent, he should have insisted Fabio be in the bottom (maybe he did, I guess we’ll never know), because his print is all but non-existent! 

    Not crazy about Elena’s print, but I ended up liking the finished product. The print doesn’t even look bad from a distance – maybe tropical-like, but close-up? Yeah, it’s bad. “Elena was here”? Really? 

    •  Mondo held a viewing party Thursday night here in Denver (with Fabio in attendence), at which he said that he scored Fabio the highest.  Make of that what you will.

      • I’m hoping he was saying that just to kiss Fabio’s ass, because if that was true, I just lost a ton of respect for Mondo.

      • Glammie

        Not impressed with Mondo’s judgement.  But maybe his vote kept Fabio out of the bottom.  Clearly no one else scored it that high–or maybe it balanced some bottom scores.  

        I didn’t think it was bottom level–there was some bad stuff out there–right, Christopher?

    •  How is that any worse than Emilio’s print for the first HP Print challenge, where the entire print was a graffiti of his name, and a not terribly original one at that?  And he won that challenge, the judges just LOVED his branding crap.

      • Glammie

        Didn’t he win that challenge?  He was certainly in the top.  Ugh.  Hated that outfit.

        •  Yes, yes he did.  I was incredibly annoyed because I LOVED Seth Aaron’s jacket with the face thing.

  • Catiline

    Considering how much I hated it every time I saw it on the dress form, I’m surprised at how much I like Elena’s final product.  I really hate her print but the way she’s wrangled it, it kind of works. 

    Fabio had the kernel of a cool idea, but his final look is just the definition of meh.

  • I enjoy Elena and her crazy ways more than everyone else seems to and therefore I recommend that you all check out Wes Bentley’s recent minor horror movie The Tomb (based on the Poe short story Ligea). The villainess is a batshit goth Ukrainian necromancer who I swear could be Elena’s twin.

    • Kayceed

      I hope PR continues to cast the Eastern Europeans – Irina, Dmitry, Elena – I love them and their focus and intensity – which sometimes goes a bit off the rails, but still…

  • BrooklynBomber

    I think during the night, Elena & Fabio were in a mad scientist’s laboratory with those metal thingies on their heads, and beams of electricity going back and forth between them. When they woke up, she had his Brazilian exuberance, and he had her Slavic sense of doom. 
    And I think Elena’s print works. It’s very ’80s, and I don’t care for it at all, but I do think that it works. Fabio’s, on the other hand, does not on any level.  I take that back: if Fabio had taken ONE square of his design and enlarged it to be the entire bolt of fabric, it might have been interesting, and more him.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Fabio, what the fuck was that? I could have lived with the print (grudgingly) , but NOT with that hair. At least he hated it too. 

  • Aly Light

    I liked the fact that Elena’s print was clearly on the cultural heritage theme, though I wasn’t into the colors she used. But I have to disagree with you about the shape of the top– I think it looks like something a grandmother would wear fast-walking in Florida.

  • Stubenville

    Elana – ugly hair salon smock.

    • 3boysful


  • Stubenville

    Fabio, WTF with the proportions? You managed to make a size two model look like a size thirty two.

  • kismet026

    I really love Elena’s look. That closeup on the print is pretty bizarre, but it looks good in the actual outfit. I love what she did with it, and I was really thinking she belonged in the top. I hope she keeps designing along these lines, because this is easily my favorite look she’s made so far.

    • Kayceed

      I thought the jacket looked great, especially walking – there is such structure there, but an easiness as well. Didn’t care for the print, however.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I think they didn’t put Fabio in the bottom because the producers didn’t want him elaborating on his theme for the judges.

    • Catiline

      That would have been hilarious.

    • Stubenville

      How could it have been any worse than what Tim came up with?

      • Catiline

        I’m still WTFing at Tim for that. 

      • BuffaloBarbara

         That’s a good point.  Though once Tim said it, I totally couldn’t not see it.

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          Once Tim said it, I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

  • lalagigi

    I actually like Elena’s print at the large scale you show above. If she had used it larger, in a kitschy 50’s outfit, it might have had more impact.

  • What saved Fabio was the wig.

    • PinkLemon


  • Wellworn

    I was surprised when both of these were safe.  Really, was Gunnar’s worse than these?  Actually, I still think Christopher’s was the worst, but these could have joined him in the bottom.  Just for the ugliness of the prints alone.

    • CozyCat

      Someone in a previous thread referenced Chico’s when talking about Gunnar’s look, and they were right.  Both the print and the design would fit into a Chico’s store, and I think that’s what did him in.  Someone in this thread (sorry!  if I try to look you up, I risk freaking out disquis!) referened Prada for Elena.  And that’s the difference–you can find Elena’s print and/or design ugly, but still find it interesting (and I can imagine some hip young girl in a big city wearing it.)

      • Glammie

        I made the Prada reference FWIW–I hope TLo don’t set their kitty Miu Miu on me for it.

  • 3boysful

    You MIGHT be able to convince me of the merits of Insane in the Ukraine’s jacket, were it not for the little “tail” of print on the back.  What was the point of that?

    Sadly, Fabio’s should have been among the bottom.  Bleh.

    Future PR contestants:  There will be a print challenge.  (Assuming you make it past the unconventional materials challenge.)  Plan for it.

  • tired_mommy

    Fabio’s gives me stress if I look at just the print.

  • Fabio should have gone home for this.  The print was bad, the clothes were ugly.  What else is there?

  • There’s this restaurant in my area called The Standard, with a Rat Pack theme. Elena’s print makes me think of their bar area, since I keep seeing martini glasses and other barware in the print. It also reminds me of Alton Brown’s Good Eats opening credits. 

  • Vickiefantastico

    Fabio’s is a tragic mess. I hate the print, which can’t be seen anyway, and the outfit makes her look like a middle-aged office worker.

    Begrudgingly, I have to say that I really liked Elena’s look, apart from the throwaway skirt. The print looked modern to me (as much as I loathe neon, it is back in a big way), and I agree with an earlier response that I can see some of her heritage coming through. I did not like the shape initially, but upon further reflection, it us quite modern and cute.

    • sk8tfan

      A middle-aged office worker who got tangled up in the bedsheets and ran out wearing them so she wouldn’t be late.

  • janetjb

    I liked Elena’s use of color and her jacket is the best thing she’s done.  Up close the print is silly.
    Fabio? I don’t understand.  His model’s hair made me laugh.

    • Winter_White

      The hair was Fabio’s tribute to Joanna Coles?  

      • Call me Bee

        In the episode he told the hairdresser to make the model look “androgynous.”  Didn’t work. 

    • MilaXX

      that was some seriously tragic hair.

  • kikisayshi

    Each of these prints was a hot mess. “Elena was here” REALLY?? It looks like she spent too much time talking to her mom and realized she only had 5 minutes left so she scribbled something down and left it at that. Fabio’s model’s weird hair is so distracting I’m still not sure what his outfit looks like.

    • Winter_White

      Sorry — I didn’t see your comment before I wrote mine above.  I think the three exclamation points were overkill, no?  😉  I did think she and her mom were cute together.

      • Susan Crawford

        To me, the best part of this whole episode was seeing Elena with her mother, who by the way was stunning. They seemed to have a very loving and warm relationship, too, which was truly a refreshing change from Screaming Marmoset Elena.

        I appreciated the close-ups of the fabrics T and Lo provided, and saw some details in Elena’s pattern that actually sort of reflected her heritage: those abstract “churchy” shapes, for example. But overall, her design was unmemorable, and signing her name in the print has really been done to death.

        But in the end, I found myself actually liking the coat she made. Maybe it was the look at her finale collection (faux or real), but it was definitely a design that reflected her point of view.

        As for poor Fabio, I think the nearness to his boyfriend kicked his body chemistry off (they were a really cute couple) and he ended up with the “penis/vagina” design and then repented, tried to cover it up, and ended up with what appeared to be a gigantic half-unrolled bolt of fabric on the runway. I sensed a little Ping influence there.

  • Winter_White

    The fact that she felt the need to write “Elena was Here!!!” on her print annoys me.  I always think of this as my favorite challenge — I guess because it’s the one I want to do myself — but am so often disappointed by what they come up with.

  • Can’t help but think that, with some tasteful color blocking, Elena’s chic jacket could easily fit in with her amazing finale collection. The print was just awful. I’ve also always liked Elena’s model. She’s quite pretty.

    Fabio might be over-indulging in pretentious artiness in his print. “Vajay-jays and peenies everyone! So edgy!!” The shape of the garment had potential, especially the wide-legged pant, but everything just looked so sad in the end. Could be the lack of shape. I feel like Fabio’s technical skills aren’t on par after he showed us the saggy sad-girl homeless dress coat during the team challenge. 
    Some of that sadness could be attributed to his model, who has the most intense mug face I have ever seen outside of prison. 

  • sk8tfan

    Fabio should have been auf’d for these lazy, sloppy, ugly scribbles. I assume the voices in Elena’s head directed her to design hospital scrubs a la 1980’s Miami Vice.

  • granddelusion

    They’re both hideous. Ugly prints, boring outfits. Elena’s jacket might have been interesting with a different print, but as it is, it’s boxy and discordant.

  • MilaXX

    I liked Elena’s print, but wasn’t completely wow’d by the look. It felt like a middle of the pack entry to me.
    As much as I love Fabio, I think his print was as much of a cop out as Gunnar and Christopher’s entry. His motif, peens & va-ja-jays was a left field as Gunnar’s bullying tale and his covering the already dark print was as bad as Christopher’s hiding his print was. I’m happy he stayed, but wouldn’t have argued against hum being in the bottom.

  • Lily-Rygh

    I just about fell off the couch when Heidi announced that Elena was safe.  That print is just horrific.  It’s not quite right to say the standard “my 2nd grader could do that” thing, because once in a while those childlike prints actually work.  But this monstrosity is in its own new LEAGUE of fug.  I will admit, against my better judgement, that the overall look is okay.  But that print is the stuff of nightmares and absolutely should have landed her in the bottom 3.

  • SapphoPoet

    If I were planning on being a contestant on Project Runway (which I never would because I can’t sew, although I guess that didn’t stop Anya), I’d have several different print designs up my sleeve (heh-heh, see what I did there?) ready to be pulled out for this challenge. 

    These prints are terrible. And how does Fabio’s connect with his ethnic/cultural heritage? Neither of the outfits really speak to me, either. Just sad all the way around.

  • PinkLemon

    elena better be kissing the judges feet for this one. who in the what why?!?!

  • Elena: a kindergarten drawing of print but utilized well. She used the print to delineate the jacket, and the high collar gives it a slightly edgy appeal.

    Fabio: I don’t know, I found the print rather more intricate than many of the others’. It may appear scrawl-like, but I thought it created a nice graphic impact (the lines are sharp, and there’s something chaotic, even acerbic about the print). I don’t like the garment he made, but it does have some design interest to it (i.e. it’s far more interesting than Melissa’s dress). This looks like something Fabio would/does wear. 

  • Ugh. Sorry,gentlemen. Elana’s ensemble seemed as if they were the new Burger King uniforms for a more “younger mom” feel – or stuff worn at those new airport bars with the i-Pads. I really don’t see much difference between Elana’s, Fabio’s and Gunther’s. They all had a sadz, but I could see all (well, maybe not Fabio’s) worn by hipsters on a home brewery pub crawl.

  • mjude

    i was so confused with fabio’s design.  it was awful.

  • afabulous50

    I’m on a model rant today…I have to say this season’s crop is not good.  They are all dull & lifeless…perhaps they’re saddened by the clothes they have to wear.

    • Call me Bee

      Oh yes.  Especially Elena’s model here.  Can she look any more dull? 

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Are you and optimist or a pessimist?  When you look at Anya, do you see a head half full of hair or a a head half bald?

    • Thank you ma’am for devoiding me of a mouthful of coffee. Good show.

    • Call me Bee

      I see a delusional woman thinking she looks hip and radical when, in fact, she just looks silly. 

      • Catiline

        I thought the partially-shaved thing was cool when Anya’s remaining hair was cut short.  It had kind of a cyberpunk vibe that I really dug.  The half shaved/half Lana Turner hair, on the other hand, bugs me.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Both of these should have been in the bottom and really either one of them should have been aufed.  Elena’s print was just silly and she once again made a jacket with big sleeves.  Except this time she turned the jacket into a salon smock or housedress.  Maybe that’s the cultural reference – if it were in black, that shmatta is just what some Eastern European grandma would wear around the house.  I am so over her.  But her mother was beautiful.

    Fabio’s print was ugly and sophomoric.  Whee!  Penises and vaginas!  Look at me, I’m such an edgy little hipster!  But the print wasn’t the worst part of the look, which would have been everything else.  Terrible design, terrible fit, terrible styling.  A look that should have sent him home.

    I do think that the overall talent level this season is higher than it’s been in a while.  So why are they putting out such boring, uninspired designs? 

  • ecallaw1977

    I HATED Elena’s print, but I’m surprised by all the hate for the finished product.  I really love that jacket–I thought it was the best thing she’s done all season by far. It looks very sporty. Except for the sleeves, it looks like something I would buy from Nike to wear while running. It just needs to be made out of that fabric they have for running during the winter, and the sleeves changed. Super cute.

  • Call me Bee

    I can see where Elena was going with this print.  Blue and yellow–flag colors.  Arches, domes, crosses–cathedrals or Gate of Kiev…  But when she threw the pink and mousy grey in there…ugh.  I’ve seen a lot of prints like this, with these colors,  in modern quilt fabrics.   But they are meant to blend with other prints.  One their own, like this one, they are plain ugly.   At least she did not use it head to toe.  Or–maybe she should have.  As it is, it’s just hard on the eyes. 

    Fabios print had such potential!  Then when he covered it and dulled it, it lost all sparkle.  I like the idea of his outfit, but the execution…. Those pants are awful and make the model look plus-sized.  Never good. 

  • marilyn

    Elena:  It is either a stab at a stylish bowling shirt, or a polyester dental hygenist tunic.  Pink shoes and a short skirt will not save this.  She should have been on the block for this.  Based on what was written on the print, Elena was either at the bowling alley or the dentists office.

    Fabio:  1980″s sale rack at Penneys, mature women’s wear.  Boring matronly style.  Ditto about being on the bottom. 

  • jenuwefa

    I always thought this was kind of an odd challenge – these guys aren’t visual artists (in the traditional sense of the word) – they’re 3D textile artists, to give them a fancy title…who was it – Mondo? – that couldn’t even sketch a design properly, yet look at how well he did overall (and won the print challenge, but with such a simple geometric print)…I think this exercise is extraordinarily hard for many of the designers.

  • quiltrx

    Elena’s print is kind of a Monet–it’s interesting from a distance, and you wonder “what IS that, making up the design?”  Then you get up close, and you see it’s NOTHING making up the print, and it’s ugly.

    Did Fabio dislike the challenge? (I’m not watching this season.)  It looks like he made NO effort–a pissy child’s ‘fit’ at being made to do something.  And it really didn’t translate well into fabric. 

    And it looks like his model’s butt is eating the skirt.

  • Elena’s print was garish–and seriously, where did those colors come from? She’s done nothing except black since the show started–and the garment on the mannequin was scary-bad but I quite like the shape and color-blocking of the finished piece and made me want to see more from her.

    Fabio’s print was worst of anyone’s but I liked the slouchy garment he constructed because I’m a slouchy kinda person. It’s the kind of thing I’d wear if I needed to look reasonably presentable but didn’t want to make a real effort. Okay, that sounds bad. 

  • Kristy Evans

    Yeah, I was sad Elena’s print was SO UGLY because her design was pretty awesome. Sigh.

  • judybrowni

    Fabio’s creepy mold print traveled upward and the poor model a mushroom head hair do!

    Brown mushroom stem dress, and blond mushroom head, ugh.

  • Coralie Legister

    The 2nd print should be called ‘The Angry Gynecologist’.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    It bugged me, too.  On one side, Lana Turner.  On the other side – Uncle Fester.

  • KathKo

    When I first saw Elena’s print, I was horrified. I think everybody was, even her.
    But you really have to give it to her : she knows whats she’s doing. This is chic and stylish, even with a “scrub” print.
    And I still don’t think she’s THAT mental (OK, in last team challenge, that was pretty bad). I think she’s opinionated and rude but she’s in no way up to last season Josh’s standards.

    As for Fabio, I still don’t see the penis and vagina copulating but I don’t really know if Fabio have ever see a heterosexual copulation before… 

  • Scott Isaacs

    After reading all the Fabio-bashing amongst the commentariat, I had to share this little tidbit, taken from Beauty Bar in Denver last Thursday. (Mondo was hosting, with Fabio as the guest.) And I SWEAR this is true:

    Mondo said that he loved Fabio’s print. In fact, he felt that Fabio should have won. Now, whether this is true or whether he was just buttering up the fans to like Fabio is up for speculation. But he did indeed say this.

  • I agree, Elena’s print is hideous, but that outfit is FANTASTIC. Perfectly put together, appropriate use of crappy print

  • dickylarue

    Fabio’s clothes, on the whole, just depress me. It’s like he designing for humble Vegan food co-op devotees. Nothing against humble Vegan food co-op devotees mind you, you’re a vital member of every community, but I don’t look to you for fashion sizzle. The clothes are just loosely fitted earth tones that play down any sexiness and the human body. Fuck humble. Give me crazy Ukrainian bitch shoulders any day of the week over happy non-agressive commune clothes. 

  • rainwood1

    Elena’s print was the worst in the bunch, but I also thought the jacket itself was neither chic nor modern.  but instead was shapeless and awkward, and I’d have sent her home.  Elena’s lucky that her model worked the shit out of it because that outfit needed all the help it could get.  

    Fabio’s print wasn’t as bad, but that’s not saying much.    

  • TomBord

    I see vajayjay’s and pink torpedo’s !  

  • guest2visits

    SewingSiren posted upstream that Elena’s print would have made a fabulous 50s style dress – and I totally agree.
    The print was loud and kookie, but using it sardonically that way, would have made Elena’s print the most chic one this week.
    I thought when I saw it – that maybe Kenley could save it (sidestepping hatrs); because it was so outrageously kitschy.
    I thought Elena just about ruined it when she scribbbled; it’s clear she was disdainful of the print challenge.  Obviously prints are
     a little beneath her high design standards. Though I have to admit , she did just barely save it from the trash can. It still looks
    alot like a bowling shirt/scrubs; but a cool one.  I can’t see it paired with anything else though.
    Agree Fabio’s was hugely bad. His low voltage scribble, the dated 80s-90s lounge wear and hair-do were on the bottom for me.
    For some reason he got a pass by the judges panel.

    • I liked the final colors of Elena’s: pairing the loud print with subdued blue and gray was smart. Totally a Kenley pattern, though, or who was that other girl who liked loud patterns and cute little dresses …. Kimberley?

  • Am I the only one thinking “lab coat” ??

  • ri_dic

    These were all so ugly.

  • CarolinLA

    What part of Fabio’s cultural heritage was being referenced with the penises and vaginas?

    • DeTrop

      Good question.  This could have been asked with a wink and a nod but these judges are a tad uptight.  I wonder if the judges even remembered the heritage part of the challenge.

    • Brazillians are kind of slutty?

  • I REALLY disagree about Fabio’s design.
    I think it’s a modern, cool, well made, european looking piece. And the print is the most interesting and “now” we had this challenge. The styling was edgy and well balanced.
    Yeah, I would have had this on the top instead of Melissa’s.

  • DeTrop

    Elena missed a great opportunity here.  What part of her heritage did this design represent?  I shudder to speculate.

    Fabio’s design was very interesting but he covered it up showing no faith in his work.  Both of these designers are lucky they didn’t wind up in the bottom and possibly get auf’d.

  • I was just about to say… it looks like crayons. Or penises.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    These two prints are just butt ugly.  I find Fabio’s marginally less awful simply of the colors he chose.  His jumpsuit was, to use Fraulein Klum’s word, sad.  The judges really had it in for Ven to rank Fabio as safe.

  • Zippypie

    I can’t believe these weren’t in the bottom, but then again, almost all of them would have been in the bottom.

    I’ve seen nurses in better office scrubs than that Elena jacket.  It’s a scrubs shirt with a zipper.  Fabio’s is just a sack of meh.

  • Count me in with the bunch that are shocked that these weren’t in the bottom.  Gunnar’s was better, and I’d dare say even Ven’s wasn’t this bad.  The only one out of the bottom designers who was worse than this was Christopher’s.

  • fragileindustries

    I didn’t hate Elena’s pattern as much as I was repelled by what she did with it. It looks like a beautician’s smock. A bad, sad beautician, cranking out tight perms. In Sheboygan. I don’t see a bit of chic in it, boys. The print might have been acceptable had she given a playful nod to 1959 retro, Kenley, and a Peter Pan collar … Still not great, but acceptable.

  • Mordeus

    I loved Elena’s outfit and I didn’t mind the print. I think we have to give the designers some slack, they have 1 hour to learn the HP software and somehow fingerpaint themselves into a good print. That’s why the geometric prints work so well because they don’t look like they have been drawn with your fingers. They should be supplying the designers with a program like Adobe Illustrator or allowing them to scan in photos or drawings to make repeat prints. Afterall last season’s inkblot print was so effective because they did it all by hand and avoided the HP software, you’d be hard pressed to replicate that inkblot effect with the HP software.

    Besides I see the references of her culture in the usage of colours from the Ukraine flag, Christian iconography and scrolling “Elena was here” is a tongue in cheek reference to actually coming from the place she is referencing. She probably took the challenge brief too far when others got away with a very shallow take on cultural heritage. I really liked how she just had fun with it despite being a 100% colour blocking designer.

    As for the outfit, I thought it was a nice evolution from her more aggressive silhouettes and you can definitely see how her final collection completes the journey. Elena may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I appreciate that she has a very distinct style that she’s experimenting with at each challenge, it makes her journey all the more interesting to watch. Whilst others are a little more sporadic or stagnant in accommodating the judges’ expectations, Elena sticks to her guns. I truly think her outfit deserved a spot in the top 3 for her brave use of colour and for once again finding a way to meld her aesthetic to a commercial aesthetic. I would have switched her with Melissa, who made a pretty standard dress and print that really isn’t representative of what we know of her style.

    As for Fabio, it’s another case of black reading so poor on the runway. I loved the organza effect in the workroom since it made the print look so glossy but with the runway lighting just washes it out. It’s something you really need to appreciate up close.

  • ccm800

    Fabio is a snooze of a designer and Elena –  nutty as a pecan ring is maybe the best of the lot…at LEAST she designs. 

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    dont people know that theyre gonna have to make a print going into this? why dont they have one ready?
    otoh actually, it’s the same-h, hers looks like a uniform for someone who works at a fast food sephora, his looks–i dunno, i’ve seen it a million times w/ a less awful print.
    thats all i’ve got to say too.

  • Hated both.  Would have put both in the bottom, but I’m not sure who I would have had as safe instead — the 3 in the bottom did commit plenty of sins of their own.

  • Thathoodwink

    This print reminds me of when I was a kid, and we had an art project where we had to color a piece of paper and then completely cover over it in black crayon and then create a design by scraping the black crayon away.

  • ASK26

    Seriously Fabio should have been gone (not just bottom three).  Not only boring but ugly AND did not really try to work the challenge.   I would have liked a skirt in Ven’s print with a cute top and the print was visibile.   Fabio black bad pants with a black plain top you cannot see, with a black (barely there print) in an ugly lomg vest…  really hiddy

  • Bwin51

    Frankly, I liked Fabio’s print. The problem is that it repeats too often . . . in other words it’s not abstract enough, limited by the computer program.

  • Bwin51

    Elena’s work proves that you can take any print and turn it into something desirable with the right garment design.

  • patticake1601

    Elena’s print reminds me of scrubs, the kind they wear in kids dental offices.