PR: Cheap Labor “R” Us!

Posted on September 28, 2012

Just remember, kittens. They did a stiltwalker challenge once.

“Designers, welcome to Babies R Us, the store with the grammatically dubious name that none of you have ever entered! And check out Heidi’s fucked up eye makeup while you’re here!”

“I let one of my children apply it!”

“You will be providing slave labor for Heidi’s latest attempt to squeeze every last dollar out of the Project Runway viewership!”

“Because I’m a MOM! These tits have gone from the Victoria’s Secret runway straight to my babies’ mouths and SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!”

“Here are your clients, along with their somewhat stylish mothers, who have all been coached to be kind of bitchy to you!”

“That’s right, Tim! We Mommies work very hard, and sometimes we just don’t have the time to shop for over-priced clothes for our little darlings to shit and puke all over!”


Like we said, the stiltwalker challenge will always be the low point for stupid shit on this show. Not that we have anything against baby clothes, but this is not what we signed on for when we jumped on the PR train, and we think it’s fair to say it’s not what any of these designers signed on for either. Baby clothes, while adorable, are so far removed from the world of the runway that we can’t really take any of this seriously.

But we wouldn’t be a bit surprised, given Heidi’s penchant for monetizing every aspect of her life, and given Lifetime’s demographic and its need to milk every last cent out of the franchise, if somewhere behind the scenes, a Project Runway, Jr. show isn’t being pitched at the moment.

This was just silly reality show shit. And it had the stench of editing all over it. If those designers, who are so close to the tents at Lincoln Center and a shot at the big prize right now that they’d slap a real baby, really had to deal with screaming dolls as much as the editing implied, they all would have been a lot more angry about it.

Elena mostly joked about it, but you know if she was on deadline and her time was being eaten up by tending to one of those little succubi, she would have behaved in a manner that would make your average CPS worker nauseous. No, it was just silly staging that had nothing to do with the actual challenge. It would have been better if they’d given the designers a day off and had them babysit their clients, just to see what it’s like to deal with a needy little poop machine all day.

And don’t get us started on THIS one, whose only contributions were a highly dubious pair of sequined pants and a judging criterion that amounted to “I would buy this for my son. Did I mention my son yet? Because I have a son.”


Christopher Palu

So once again, congratulations are in order for Christopher, just so he can do his beauty queen schtick. “Me? You chose me? Oh, I just can’t believe it! I just keep winning, don’t I?”

We thought the praise for this was wildly overstated. It’s cute, but ridiculously impractical. Not just because it’s white, but because all those tacked-on flowers and leaves are going to make wonderful gutters for catching every bit of stray food and baby spew. And they sure don’t look like they’re going to hold up to repeated washings. In fact, they were already looking pretty ragged by the time she reached the end of the runway. Also, what was the deal with the collars last night? We kept screaming “BABIES HAVE NO NECKS, YOU IDIOTS” every time someone unveiled some big-ass collar. She doesn’t look she can move much in that thing, but then again, that could be a selling point. “Restrict your baby’s movements – with style!”

Also, Heidi practically dictated this design to Christopher and then changed all the white to dark denim for the final product, which means Christopher won for doing pretty much nothing.

Mommy’s dress? Eh. It’s fine, but it didn’t really take her shape into account and the fabric is kind of ugly.

Sonjia Williams

And congrats are also in order for Sonjia!

Let’s face it: her model won it for her. The judges were in love with him.

The jacket is really cute, as is the onesie, but the colors were so drab-looking. It’s marketable and salable, but we didn’t think it was the best boyswear look on the runway. We think the judges loved Little Mr. WERQit here and also liked what she did with the mom’s outfit, which was kind of stylish and easy to wear.


Elena Slivnyak

And it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Elena, who made her baby look like she got her clothes from Goodwill.

Okay, maybe that’s a little mean, but we think the Duchess was dead-on when he said she looked like a baby sample sale. None of those pieces really had anything to do with the others and we don’t think Elena would have made that mistake if she was dressing an adult. The pants were weirdly shaped and the jacket was highly impractical.BABIES DON’T HAVE NECKS. Or really, much in the way of shoulders. They’re shaped like flour sacks with little sausage limbs and a giant head.

Surprisingly, Mom’s outfit was kind of cute and chic, while still looking comfortable and easy to wear, which are not things we normally say about Elena’s designs. Maybe she’s better when she doesn’t have time to overthink things.

But she wouldn’t have been our choice for the Auf. Melissa was kept in because the judges like her prior output more than Elena’s. It’s as simple as that. They always claim they take each designer on a week by week basis, but we just laugh loud and long whenever they say that because the entire history of the show proves otherwise.



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  • siriuslover

    Yes, Melissa should’ve been aufed for her catastrophes.  Chris’ was the only viable win for the girls’ line, wasn’t it? So really, he won by default. And I am a mom (of a boy and a girl). I would buy NEITHER of the winning outfits for either of my children. Christopher’s is a freaking choking hazard (pull off decorations? Really?), and Sonjia’s is ugly. Seriously. No, actually, it’s FUGLY.

    • Billie_Dawn

      Sonjia’s would have been better if it wasn’t in that sad grey color.

      • 3boysful

         Yes. Even us boy-moms like our little guys in color!

        • Glammie

          Eh.  I *teach* baby and toddler music classes and, fact is, the boys usually are in drab colors–i.e. colors Daddy would wear.  

          But *any* of the boy outfits were better than any of the girl outfits.  Which is funny because in real life, finding cute, interesting girl clothes tends to be easier than finding interesting, cute boy clothing.

          • Aziyade Raqs

             I have a year-old boy, and drab colors is all you can find! Boy moms WANT color, we just can’t find it.

      • Violina23

        With those sad, droopy pockets….

        I was voting for Fabio for the win, myself. 

        • me too. i really disagreed with Sonjia’s win. Fabio’s was just better in every way.

          • Yes but this way, Heidi gets to sell THREE items instead of a onesie 😉

      • and if the shirt fit the little guy. It looked like old hand-me-downs

      • KathKo

         It’s a training pant and a silly tee shirt. Granted, she didn’t have much choice in fabric, but still.

      • VivianAdvanced

        Heidi’s sportswear line seemed to feature drab, gray stuff as well, so I guess she thinks people of all ages should be wearing those colors in the day and then gaudy gold, shiny stuff at night.

      • I disagree. I’m a boy mom of a toddler and I adored that outfit. Would buy it in an instant. What us moms of boys get tired of is BLUE. Anything but blue and I’m a happy camper.

    • I can’t wait for Sonjia’s model to be a contestant on a reality show someday himself: reality-TV Uroborus.

      • Lynn Landry

         UROBORUS meets Honey Boo-Boo!

        • e jerry powell

           And after that, we will all have to put on hob-nailed jackboots and squash them like bugs.  Just to make sure neither she reproduces nor he mutate just from being around her.

    • sherrietee

       I was going to say the exact same thing about the winning baby outfit.  Small things to pull off and put in mouths.  seriously.  Both Nina and Heidi are mothers.  How could they choose an outfit like that?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Although they are most likely very involved, loving moms, I suspect that Nina and Heidi might both have nannies or mom’s helpers who could make their lives a bit easier, hence they went gaga over less practical outfits.

        • e jerry powell

           You do have to figure.  Nina’s youngest is not quite two, and even just Project Runway would have had her out of the house every other night for what, five weeks?  And let’s not even consider a month or so of fashion weeks every other season…

          And with The Body banging her Bodyguard, the Seal pups are probably sequestered somewhere or other.

        • VivianAdvanced

          Yeah, I was thinking that Heidi probably never touches her children except when they go out somewhere together; then she can show them off for a bit till the nanny takes over.

      • Elaine Lang

         That outfit has ONCOMING CPSC RECALL written all over it.

      • adnama79

        I’ve noticed that upscale/designer baby EVERYTHING, from clothes to cribs, is way more dangerous than non-designer stuff.  I think design is at odds w/ safety w/ kiddos and there is some distance between the person shopping/designing for the kids’ room and photo ops and the person worrying about the day-to-day details.

        Once I wandered into a baby boutique (by mistake) and the GORGEOUS $800 crib had at least 2 things that would not pass my safety test (high finials to hang from and scroll work on the slats).  The clothes in there were pretty and inappropriate.  Some of the vintage-inspired toys made me afraid.

    • Knightley

       OMG! Thank you!  I just said that about Chris’s outfit being a choking hazard!

    • No one said these could be pulled off. Just because you use snap parts doesn’t mean that you have to make it so that it’s a functional snap. It’s fairly easy to use snaps in such a way that it looks like a snap but doesn’t function. The final product says they’re appliquéd, so that would meant that they’re permanently affixed.

      • siriuslover

        I may be wrong (and it’s been known to happen before), but I thought that Christopher said something to that effect). And the final product is different from his original design, so I know they addressed potential issues.

        • adnama79

          I’m sure someone in marketing addressed the snap issue at the manufacturing (I would hope), but I thought it was LAME that the judges never mentioned 1) Chris’s choking hazard and 2) how do you change a diaper in Dmitry’s outfit?

    • adnama79

      The whole time, I was freaking out about the choking hazard aspect of Christopher’s.

      But I would totally buy Sonjia’s for my son if a) he were still that young and b) it wasn’t Heidi’s line.

    • VivianAdvanced

      Winner by default, exactly! If the baby hadn’t been so cute, it really would have looked kind of bad. I thought the little guy looked adorable in Sonjia’s outfit, though. Remember, that Heidi provided them with the fabrics they had to use. As with her own casual-wear line, I thought the choices looked awful. Grays and blacks on babies? And she had ugly-looking bright prints tossed in as well. Had I been one of the designers, I would have been pissed that I couldn’t have gone to Mood, but then, it was Heidi’s line they had to work with, so they really didn’t have a whole lot of input. Ugh. 

  • Shoelover1512

    Sonjia’s mom look was really cute but I kept thinking that with a baby and all the running around the skirt was a little too long.

    • NCDFan

      I liked long skirts when I had little ones, no worries about bending over sixty five times an hour and flashing the cellulite on my thighs for the world to see.

      • Shoelover1512

        That’s a fair point. But it just seems like if you have to hold it to walk up a step it would be a tripping issue, no?

        • formerlyAnon

           My issue with long full skirts when I was frazzled and chasing toddlers was car doors. Also, the way they become napkins/snot rags for toddlers.

          Thank god for modern plumbing.

      •  Here in Brooklyn it seems like all the moms wear maxi dresses in the summertime.  I did.

        •  I really liked Sonjia’s kid look, too.  I thought it deserved the win.  (Though I liked Fabio’s as well.)  I have a six-month old son and I often put him in a onesie, pants, and some sort of cardigan/jacket.  It works well in spring and fall when the temperatures fluctuate – you can add and subtract pieces to keep the little guy from getting too warm or too cold.  Plus you can separate the pieces and combine them with other things.  I agree that the color is a bit drab, though.  I want to see this in blue or green.

  • MrsMaxPower

    Hooray for Tootie and SO over Morrissey-esque Christopher.  And after Elena asking about draping, Dmitry is now Severus Drape to me.

    • Comrade Severus Drape.

      • MrsMaxPower

        Hahaha – nice! I love that wacky bastard…he’s now my favorite.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           He’s always been my favorite. He’s gorgeous, talented, and snarky (with an accent!), what’s not to love?

        • Boy was on FIYAH last night! “My baby’s getting tired and I’m worried. He has to deliver. He has to sell my look.” – Dimitry

          • Tigerfly

            That is one of my all time favorite lines, EVER.

          • Susan Crawford

            That was priceless!

            “Qvick! Pinch Comrade Baby and vake heem up! He must VERQ now!”

          • Hahahahaha. I’m laughing so hard right now. Also, I was actually sorry to see Elena go after the precious “This is my baby, her name is a**hole”

      • Hahaha! So perfect for him. If only we could add in a Loki reference without being superfluous.

  • VanessaDK

    I was lucky. I got called away after the baby dolls arrived till the runway. All the boy outfits were way better than the girl outfits IMHO.

    • You were lucky. Never in the history of Project Runway have I ever been tempted to turn off the tube after the “dress the mom” twist. Seriously? Let’s just throw random shit and challenges and babies and product tie-ins and what-the-fuck-ever and see what sticks. Stiltwalking was a fucking dream compared to this crap. And, by the by, if I heard one more baby cry, I swear my milk would have come in, even though I haven’t breastfed in almost 10 years. Ugh!!!!!

      • You can already tell at this point in the taping, the designers are fried so lets throw in screaming dolls so whatever they produce is crap. The boy clothes were sad and the winning dress was best of the lot, but really did not look great on that little girl. I did not even look at the Mom dresses.

  • A new low for Project Product Placement. I’m not sad to see Natasha go — Comrade Snape could barely contain his glee, I noted — but the episode left me cold. 

    • Sobaika

      Yeah. If possible I liked this less than the stiltwalker challenge. At least that required some understanding of proportion and presentation, ludicrous as it was. Something more than ‘LOOK, CUTE BABIES’

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    “Because I’m a MOM! These tits have gone from the Victoria’s Secret runway straight to my babies’ mouths and SOMEONE IS GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!”

    Damn straight!  Looking at Christopher’s baby dress in close-ups has me rethinking my kinder assessment of earlier this morning-it’s a hot

    •  I love you for this!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’m blushing!  To quote Young Frankenstein, the feeling is muutual!

        • Call me Bee

          Awwww–look at your love-fest, you two.  Anyway–I’m sure cleaning was the reason the dress is now navy and not white.  Although–on a trip to Saks 5th Ave when my daughter was a toddler, we splurged on a pink linen (!) dress with pleats and an adorable white lace collar for her to wear to church when her little sister got baptised. Dry clean only .  That dress lasted through two wearings and that was it!

          • formerlyAnon

             My kids each had one or two toddler outfits (purchased by the childless) which were ADORABLE and dry clean-only (and probably ridiculously expensive) and were worn only a handful of times.

            I appreciate them more now than I did then, but even then I was glad to have them (and glad we didn’t get too many of them.)

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Your post reminds me of my practice of making what I called “dress” bibs for friends’ babies. I did a lot of counted cross stitch way back when, and would include a bib along with more practical items. I always told my friends that babies ought to have dress bibs.  Can you tell I never had kids?

          • formerlyAnon

            “Dress bibs” -that’s a great name for what I always called “the pretty bib.” 

            And every kid needs an older, childless, relative or family friend to provide impractical but beloved gifts and an interested, outside perspective on the kid’s parents. Often said relative/friend is an invaluable ear for a kid – and if they have disposable income they often are way more generous with fewer strings attached than a kid’s immediate family.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m melting just thinking of how darling that pleated linen dress must have been, even as I know how utterly impractical it was. Bet the grandmothers loved it!

          • Call me Bee

            And the best part–it was the perfect shade of pink with that pure white collar.  Totally impractical for a 2 year old–but she looked like and angel in it.  At the time she had starwberry blonde hair.  Awwww…..

        • Susan Crawford

          There was definitely a crafty/Etsy vibe to those trimmings – and there’s NOTHING wrong with crafty-Etsy vibes . . . except this wasn’t even done very well. There were strings and frays already on Christopher’s little model’s hemline, and the ridiculous oversized collar was .. . well, ridiculous.

          But Mary J. Blige-Mom was also pretty ridiculous in her couture-inspired demands, I thought.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Yes, Mary J. Blige-Mom was ridiculous-come on lady, you’re on a reality TV show. Do you really think you’re going to get couture?

          • She hated her dress, but I thought she actually looked ok in it

  • tignor

    I’m so glad Debby Downer is gone.

    • Stubenville

      But no more “Boris and Natasha” comments.  =(

      • tignor

        Just the constant negativity was really getting to me. Nothing positive about anything. Well…about what she thought of her clothes, yes, but everything was awful in her opinion. Girl needs to get laid. Or some ice cream. Or both.

        • She wasn’t even positive about her own work — she was constantly saying how she hated what she was making.

          • tignor

             But then would be upset when she didn’t win and say her’s was the best up there!

          • formerlyAnon

             Being dissatisfied with your work and thinking it turned out better than everyone else’s are not mutually exclusive!

            She just had to vent about her frustrations with the process. Doesn’t make it easier to listen to, though.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Do you think that Elena didn’t fully understand what PR was about until she was into it?  I wonder if she only realized once they began shooting that this really wasn’t a good venue for her.

  • Susan Collier

    Melissa’s was the real dog outfit for me last night. Honestly, so many jackets last night! And they all looked so stiff.

    I grudgingly give Christopher the Girl Win, but only for the dress, which looks like department store clothes. And when are the judges going after him for his frayed edging. He’s been to that well a ton of times.

    I thought Elena’s was bad color matching and that’s it. Otherwise it seemed more wearable than Sanjia’s, whose flapping tuxedo jacket was going to slip right off those babyshoulders and I think the t-shirt underneath should have had sleeves. Baby would get cold napping in a printed wifebeater.

    • myangelic1

      I agree.  Elena’s jacket, at least somewhat, seems to fit her overall design aesthetic.  If she’d gone with something much simpler underneath, she might have even been a contender for the win. 

      Melissa’s dress was a series of ridiculously bad choices.  A side zipper?  Are you kidding me? 

    • The neckhole on Sonjia’s baby’s tank top thingie made me NUTS. A baby would either be out of that or strangle himself with the arm strap while getting out of that in like zero seconds flat. I do wonder if she made it so big because she doesn’t know the classic techniques for fitting a big baby head through a neckhole, or whether she actually wanted that baby to look like he’s in the J. Geils band.

  • who wants baby pants without snaps on the inseam.

    • Susan Collier

      I know! I am too practical.

    • MissAnnieRN

      I actually always hated the pants with the inseam snaps.  I preferred the ones without.  Way faster.  But you see, this is the problem with this challenge.  We are talking about the merits of snaps v no snaps, not the actual clothes BECAUSE WHO CARES ABOUT BABY CLOTHES?  I mean, aside from expectant mothers and grandmothers scurrying through the Carters/Baby Gap/Osh Kosh/Gymboree/Hanna Andersen catalogs/outlets.  

      • siriuslover

        I feel that if they are pull up (like Elena’s) they don’t need snaps,  but if they are one-piece outfits, the snaps are a great help, even if not the most fashionable look. I felt that Fabio’s was both stylish and practical and should’ve won. As much as I love Dmitry (and I liked his cute look, though a little TOO red), when it walked out, I thought, it needs snaps. It’d be a bitch to do a quick diaper change without them.

        • Dmitry’s was okay, but it was screaming MARIO at my face the whole time, and I couldn’t get over the elongated head aspect of that hood. But yes, the pants needed snaps so bad. You would have to remove the whole shebang to change the baby, and that is no good.

          • Violina23

            Oh good, it wasn’t just me hearing the super Mario bros. theme song when he came out.. lol

          • Susan Crawford

            Wow – I totally missed that, but now that Sarah and Violina23 have mentioned it, I can’t see anything BUT Mario! However, I really LOVED that wonky, elongated hoodie thing – it made me chuckle!

          • zoreta

             You see Mario, I see a big red crayon, complete with black edging. Cute, but not in the wear-it-a-million-times way they were looking for.

        • adnama79

          It would be a bitch to do a slow diaper change w/ that outfit, too!

    • ecallaw1977

       I have a 3-month old and a 2-year old, and I think it is so much easier just to pull the pants off and on than it is to fool with all those damn snaps.

    • Yeah, Right? They should have really looked at the clothes in the store. 

    • formerlyAnon

       People who don’t mind babies.

  • Stubenville

    I’m still shocked that Elana got the boot after seeing her Fashion Week collection. I really had her penciled in as the winner of this season.

    •  Oh, I don’t think B-M ever intended for her to make the final 3.

    • Yup. I was just wondering who won the hell since I really thought her FW collection was the best by far. 

      • Jasmaree

        It really looks like they’re setting Christopher up for the win. Which is sad because my second favorite collection is Fabio’s.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’m preparing myself for a Christopher win. He’s such an obvious favorite with the judges, and he listens to their critiques, and he’s been very savvy in sussing out what they want to see for several challenges.  I’ll be pleasantly surprised if another designer beats him.

          • formerlyAnon

             And his work fits into the Lord & Taylor mold.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I agree-Christopher and L&T should be a good fit, if he is the winner for this season. He’d probably also be ingratiating doing personal appearances.

          • Stubenville

            I just had a vision of Insane in the Ukraine doing personal appearances. Sweet baby Jeebus!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            OMG-can you imagine? 

          • UsedtobeEP

            I just can’t take him that seriously, though.

        • adnama79

          I think they’re setting him up for a Michael Costello.

      • dgh

        I agree – now that I know Elena’s was a decoy, I’m genuinely puzzled – and strangely disinterested at the same time  – at which of the remaining ugly and/or dull collections actually won this season. Makes me hope it’s Fabio just because I like him better than that little Eve Harrington. I mean Christopher. 

      • hac51

         The upside is now we’ll get TLo’s Ripping the Collection crit of her show sometime this week!  But yeah, her line smoked the rest of them.  I adored it.

      • Susan Crawford

        Ditto! Hers was definitely the most cohesive, avant garde and well-sewn of ALL, IMHO. Sigh. A girl like I needs alcoholic beverages to get through a season of PR these days.

        (And when PR All Stars begins with Wendy Pepper in the line-up, I’m gonna REALLY need my beverages, folks!)

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          PR All Stars might necessite a trip to our local wine superstore for a pallet of merlot.

    • EveEve

      This was the first episode of the season that I thought was ALL manipulated by the producers, frame-by-frame start to end.  So at least there were a few episodes to enjoy without feeling used.  But from here on out, I’m afraid it’s going to be all about Christopher, just like last season was all about Anya and “he-whose-name-I-can’t-even-write-without-getting-my-blood-pressure-up.”

    • agentilities

      Elena has been consistently mediocre this season, even though her final collection is amazing. I wonder if people would still have thought she deserved a place in the final 3 if we hadn’t seen her final collection

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Elena’s work was very spotty in the challenges.  Her final collection was a game changer, though. Her styling choices were odd, but I was really impressed by many of the pieces in that collection.

      • Introspective

        clearly shes someone who needs time to execute. when she does, its eyecatching and original. when its 24 hrs with cameras rolling and confessionals and bitchiness to hog screen time, she puts out shit. as maybe many of us would…

        either way its PRs loss that her real talent wasnt showcased properly by the shows format.

        • MrsMaxPower

          I agree about her needing time…for her clothes and her brain. I think her rants/attitude came about from the frenetic BS that goes on behind the scenes. 

          However, I knew she was going to be a goner once Mom came in and she seemed happy and moving into a good place. I just wish she would punched Christopher on the way out….that kid is such a phony little weasel (note: I did think it was cute that he brushed Fabio’s teeth…that was adorable)

          • Christopher’s a bit phony, but in a fairly benign way- he seems like a pretty decent guy. The hateful screaming asshole quotient has been low this year- Ven was more clueless than mean and Elena just seemed to get nasty under pressure. 

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            We have been spared the awfulness that was Ms. Clinique counter,and I appreciate that. Even Gunner’s bitchiness seemed to be more of a pose than genuine.

          • I think people are going all Gunnar on him; i mean really , who is totally natural and not nervous with a camera in their face 24/7? Well, Fabio, but that dude is so mellow 🙂 Christopher just seems amped from the stress, and I am not seeing massive phony here. The other designers seem to get along and like him just fine, I think that says a lot about the manipulative vision of the show right there. He and the others are very friendly and natural with each other. 

            And I agree that more than being mean, Ven just doesn’t get other humanoids. He seems like the kid who played alone a lot. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Knowing that my default settings when I’ve overly fatigued are either uber-bitch or sobbing hysterically I do empathize with Elena.   If PR would schedule even two two day challenges during the season I think that we would get to see some of the designers turn out better work, and for those of us who actually want to see fashion and creativity that would be great.

    • mhleta

      Yes! Completely agree.

    • adnama79

       Me too.

  • VanessaDK

    Oh and Sonjias? One more thing babies don’t have is waists so a onesie under pants looks wierd. And the time it would take to get to that diaper!!

    • MissAnnieRN

      I actually had a number of outfits like this for my son when he was an infant.  Fleece pants over a onesie with a fleece hoodie.  They were my favorite outfits for him because they were warm and practical.  Yank down the pants and you’re in business.  I bought them @ the Carter’s outlet for $9, though….

      • ecallaw1977

        I agree.  I have a lot of outfits like this for mine. During cold weather, I prefer to put my babies in onesies under their pants so they don’t get a draft when their shirts comes up. 

        ETA–I didn’t see that someone else already said the same thing about the shirt riding up. I obviously agree!

        • VanessaDK

           I wasn’t suggesting that the onesie was the problem, but I prefer an outfit like fabio’s which is a one-piece, to a pair of pants over a onesie. 

          OMG–  I just realized that we DO have taste preferences in baby clothes!

          • formerlyAnon

             But note, our preferences have little to NOTHING to do with what they look like. It’s all about how they fasten, how many pieces, and the logistics of removal & re-insertion of baby.

          • SapphoPoet

            I think, too, it’s just a question of what you get used to dealing with. And also what you have on hand when you need it.

      • VanessaDK

         I get that they are practical (and had some for winter) but I still hate the look.  Maybe that is why, to this day, my son wears his shirts untucked :}

        • My boyfriend kept saying “who tucks the shirt on a baby?” and I tried to explain the mechanics of a onesie under there but he didn’t get it (I’m an aunt of 5, he knows nothing about babies, yet, haha). I promised him when we have ours, it will not be tucked.

          • Violina23

            The onesie tuck is pivotal to infants who spend a lot of time lying down or being carried – the shirts that are not attached never stay down and often become a crumpled mess up their backs or fronts. But once they are toddlers, you can go for more “little adult” styles and they can be better seen and appreciated.

    • greyhoundgirl

      I spent many many years with very little kids and onesies under pants are pretty standard.  Pull the pants down, unsnap the crotch of the onesie, diaper change, done.  The onesie prevents the “Toddler Gap” when a shirt rides up.  BUT  the screaming pretend babies were so ridiculous I almost turned off the show.  It added nothing and was pointless drivel.

      • VanessaDK

        I get taht people do this, but I still don’t like teh look. Maybe that is why, to this day, my son wears his shirts untucked over his pants :}

    • siriuslover

      Did she actually do a onesie, or was it just a tank-top? 

      • I thought it was a tank, the neck was funky too.

        • The neck pissed me off. Way too wide. If it’s a tank, that strap is going over his head and around his neck in notime. Waaay too big of a neckhole.

        • siriuslover

          Yeah, I thought the whole thing was really poorly fitted.

    • SapphoPoet

      I had a lot of outfits like that for my son; they worked really well, actually.

  • kirkyo

    I’ve been enjoying this season but this episode was just awful.

  • Well, we all knew this was going to be an embarrassment of the first order, and Bunim-Murray did not disappoint in that regard. The whole notion of the parenting dolls was a pathetic ploy for lots of anguished looks and whining out of the designers, who would frankly, have been well within their rights to say, no EFFING way to that bit of manipulation. 

    I was pretty disappointed in my home girls.  Both Elena and Melissa live in SF. TLo rightly said it. Elena ended up making something that looked cobbled together from odd, found bits. And that top for her Mommy?  Hih Dee Uss!  Melissa, who, btw, is a sweetheart, does sometimes over think, and get herself into a design corner.  The results, to be honest should have sent her packing, and she knew it. Only reason she’s still there over Elena?  B-M want her there.  Elena was never going to be on the board to make the final 3.

    • VanessaDK

      Absolutely. A twist related to design or construction is expected, but baby dolls?
      Of course when they did dog coats in S3 they left the animals in the workroom, didn’t they?

      • Yeah, but the dogs could never possibly have been as hands on or consistently needy/annoying to people trying to work under pressure.

        • CozyCat

          And while the designers were judged on the dog outfit, the main focus was on the human’s clothing. 

          Here, the mothers’ looks were almost completely ignored–because Heidi isn’t marketing a mother/baby line, only the kids’ outfits mattered.

        •  Oh, I don’t know — my in-laws’ dog annoys me far more than any baby ever.  Including colicky ones. 

          •  Its just that a dog is unlikely to grab your attention every 20 minutes without fail, as a tiny baby quite frequently does.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            If Bunim-Murray ever wants to creat real terror in the workroom I can introduce to my brother’s West Highland White Terrier-believe me, that dog is a real piece of work. On second thought, why would I want to assist B-M in their satanic plans?

          • My dad’s wife (never to be called stepmother, not by me) has one of those. It is by far the most obnoxious and irritating dog on the planet. I would way rather chill with a fake baby. And that’s saying something, because I seriously would have put that fake baby in the restroom and gotten down to business. I guess that wasn’t an option…..

          • DinaSews

            I thought that was interesting.  Those dolls get connected to a computer to determine how you did, yet that was not a factor here.  I too would have smothered the doll with some fabric and ignored it if it’s survival was not a part of my judging.

          • I am not even sure how it WAS part of the judging. I mean, I know they were made to do it, and Heidi did comment on how she wanted them to see what its like, but there was zero commentary on their faux-baby techniques in the judging, so I wonder if you made something undeniably fabulous but shoved your baby in the closet or something would they have graded you down for it or just admonished you and given you the win?

          • Pinup Ghoul

             That’s what I did in high school: put it in the laundry room under a pile of clothes.
            I failed that assignment. I didn’t care.

          • Chantelle James

            I have to say that I’m happy that I haven’t watched this show in ages as I’m not fond of real babies and the idea of fake babies screaming would send me right over the edge. Had I bee in that workroom I’d have taken all of those dolls and smothered them so that I couldn’t hear them.

            I understand giving the designers a baby to give them insight into how they’re handled, but I don’t understand the point of giving them a fake baby that cries and not using that information.But then I’m not a producer of this show.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I sometimes refer to the West Highland White as Vampire dog, because he’s snapped at my husband and bitten me. He’s great around his immediate family, though.

          • Susan Crawford

            So I’m thinking the Feline Fun Challenge: Design Halloween costumes for a group of fractious, fur-ball-hacking kitties. As one who lives to serve seven pounds of diva in a cat-suit, I can tell you that THIS would be the ultimate challenge.

            (And getting those kitties to walk a runway? Oh, yeah. That’s going to end ba-a-a-ad!)

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Ha! As one member of Genghis Kitty’s permanent staff, I agree that designing for cats would be the ultimate challenge. And getting my Genghis to walk the catwalk? Excuse me, but he’ll have to sleep on that and have his staff call your staff.

          • formerlyAnon

             But you are handier with the littles than some of us – even some of us who’ve raised our own. When my kids were the age of yours, I was entirely healthy and didn’t have the focus to accomplish what you do at home. I went back to work in part because I was so ineffective as a stay-at-home mom.

    • crash1212

       Elena lives in SF? That’s so funny because I thought I saw her when I was out on Saturday but figured that PR was just in my head and I was hallucinating…maybe it WAS Natasha!

      • Yeah, I believe she lives in the Avenues.  

        • zmayhem

          Richmond or Sunset?

          And how many San Franciscans are there on this board anyway? Possibly someone should plot a bar takeover for a finale viewing party-real-life-TLounge-MST3K-ing.

          • I think, the Sunset, but I’m not really sure.  As to a Bay Area BK meeting, I have long wanted one to happen.  There are a LOT of us.

          • zmayhem

            Hmmm. I’ve got a bartender friend whose bar-owner husband runs a few places around North Beach (more on the colorful-dive-filled-with-old-locals than the young-hipster-douchebag-hangout side of the spectrum); I should ask her about some likely locations.

            Also, the longer I think about Elena’s toddler outfit and its reception from the judges, the more it cracks me up — “doesn’t go together,” “sample sale” and “shops at Goodwill” are all so thoroughly a Bay Area toddler aesthetic. I can’t think of one local toddler I’ve ever known who, once old enough to exercise veto power over her own wardrobe, wouldn’t have happily chosen and worn every single thing Elena made, all of them at once. I’ve gotten used to SF-to-PNW-friendly grown-up designs getting the side-eye on PR (and often WNTW as well), but it hadn’t occurred to me that there was also a kid aesthetic culture clash.

          •  I would absolutely be down with this!  Hell, I’d even host such a thing in my humble hobbit hole.
            And you’re so right about real world kid dressing. Usually kids are a wild mish mash of different things.  So Elena’s look was more real world than any of the others.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Right you are about the Bunim-Murray manipulation, particularly about the baby dolls. B-M has a nasty streak in putting those silly dolls in, apparently for what they figured would be entertainment (?) value.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • MissAnnieRN

    I can’t believe you guys managed to eek out that many words about reality show baby clothes.  Kudos.  I didn’t watch last night, and it seems it would have been a waste of time anyway.  Sigh.  When does PR All Stars start?

    • OCTOBER 25th!!!! They advertised it last night during the episode. It is going to be AWESOME. I seriously freaked out when they showed who is going to be on. SO EXCITED.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        The timing for the premier of All Stars is perfect for my household -my husband will be out of town, so I canlook forward to chugging Merlot and hanging out online in the TLo lounge!

        • Yessss. I cannot wait, seriously. Uli! WENDY PEPPER! Holy crap. I don’t know what it says about me that I’m this excited, but my doctor tells me that being engaged is a sign my meds are working, so yay for Project Runway All Stars!

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Those flowers will be pulled off and eaten before they even have a chance to get mussed up!

    • shirab

      I know, my first thought was “choking hazard,” followed immediately by “product recall.”

      • TropiCarla

        LOL … The final retail version seems to have them firmly stitched down. If I can successfully drag myself to a BRU this weekend I’ll be checking that out myself.

  • I’m pretty pissed off that they did a baby challenge before having a true plus-size design challenge (not that “real woman” shit either). 

    • MrsMaxPower

      YES! I guess we’ll have to wait until Heidi has a plus-size range of clothing…which doesn’t seem likely. And, shilling aside, the constant crying was horribly grating. With all that wailing my dog started crying and even though I don’t have kids I felt like was 30 seconds away from lactating.  

      •  Tim has ranted about the hideous plus-size clothing industry before. They need to GET ON IT.

      • siriuslover

        Did you notice how all the babies miraculously stopped crying when Tim and Heidi were in the work room? Remote controlled crying, nice.

        •  I so wanted to see one of them trying to sneak the batteries out of their doll.  lol

        • MrsMaxPower

          I think Frauline overruled the producers on that one so she could make them cry. Either that or Tim threatened to walk if he had to haul out 6 crying “babies”.

          • My daughter commented that “Tim is putting those dolls right in the broom closet”. How about the way they stopped crying when Heidi came in (edited I’m sure), annoying.

        • Yeah, those dolls were so remote controlled. It wasn’t just when they came in, there was the obvious ramping up of the caterwauling when one of the babies cried. If you’re going to put in an inane twist like baby dolls, you’re going to remote control them, too, is my thinking.

    • dschubba

      I know it’d be too expensive and time consuming, but I’d love a challenge involving two models (one “standard issue” and one plus) and one design, where the designers were judged on how well it translated to differing body types.

  • Jepham

    Christopher made his jacket in white denim because that’s what the Mom wanted. Would he have used white if he’d known the Mom wasn’t going to be asked her opinion of the outfit?
    Grandma’s and some Moms love to buy impractical outfits for their babies for special occasions. They’ll only wear the outfit a couple of times before the baby is too big for the outfit anyway.
    I liked Christopher’s and that baby was SO cute.
    I didn’t like Sonjia’s and her baby sold that outfit.
    I want a challenge where the designer’s are told they can’t use black or gray. Heads will be spinning like the girl in The Exorcist.

    • Stubenville

      Word. Let’s make it the Valentino challenge and limit them all to ONE shade of red.

      •  That would actually be an interesting idea.  Give each designer ONE color, and tell them their work must use that color, and that color only.

        • Stubenville

          I’d take it even further and totally flatten the playing field; everyone using the same color, available in a few different materials to account for different working styles and fabric preferences. Sorry Swatch, no trip to Mood.

          • Its funny, in my head, I had configured a challenge of this sort a bit ago.  It would really be a great way to test their design chops. But why not take it to the end point and tell them they have this bolt of goods to share between them. Everyone must use not only  the same color, but the same textile.  The only trip to Mood would be for notions, and trimmings.

          • formerlyAnon

             Man, you’re strict. Evil, even! I’d have let everyone buy half a yard of something that they could, but didn’t have to, use for contrast/accent.

          • Stubenville

            This could get diabolical really fast; figure out what yardage would (fairly) be required to make the required genre of garment, be it a gown, dress, sportswear, etc. and then have a bolt with JUST ENOUGH fabric and tell the designers that they needed to figure out how to divide it up among themselves.

          • formerlyAnon

             Jesus. You KNOW they couldn’t do it.

        • Oh, I’m liking this idea very much, I just want that color to have to be a neon!

          • As long as its not black, whilte, gray, or beige, I’m good.

          • CozyCat

            They already did a “black and white” challenge:  that was Laura Bennett’s big win.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I would so love to see this challenge.  All too often these folks default to black, and if they genuinely have design chops, they should be able to translate them in color, no?

          • To me, it is the mark of a good designer, to be able to work in any color, or combination thereof.  When I’m working with a client, particularly for the first time, I spend a LOT of time discussing color, and what various colors are their preference, and how they make them feel.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m so with you about this. Certainly I can understand a designer developing a preference for certain fabrics and techniques, but they ought to have some versatility.

          • formerlyAnon

             As soon as I win the lotto, I’m setting  you up with apprentices. These attitudes need to be encouraged.

          • Bless you, my dear.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

             That is my first question to a client when I’m working up a graphic design scheme for them (logos and web design). Do you have favorite colors, colors you associate with your business/product, colors you absolutely can’t stand?

        • 3boysful

           “that color only”

          Because you know half of them would fall back to black with a tiny band of their color.

      • Jepham

         I love the color red so I would like this challenge. Actually I like color and am not a fan of gray.

        • MoHub

           The red challenged in—I think—season 6 or 7, when the designers had to make red dresses for the Heart Association event.

          • Susan Collier

            Yeah, and those were some bad looking dresses.

          • formerlyAnon

             OH, yes they were.

    • RebeccaKW

       They would use it anyway.  “Wait, when you said do not use black or gray, you meant AT ALL?  I thought it was just a suggestion.”  Every season, if they are told don’t use X, someone uses it and then acts like they never heard the dictate.

      • Jepham

         No black, no gray. None. Nada. Zip.
        I do remember the Heart Association challenge and I loved seeing all the red fabric.
        One fabric for all the designers to use would be interesting. Has that been done before? I missed watching the first 2 seasons.

        • RebeccaKW

          I love that idea-one fabric for everyone. 

          The closest I can remember has been either 2 people picking the same fabric and then hearing each bitch about the other, and the HP/runway team challenge, when one team did clocks and the other chaos.  Variety of prints, but some were duplicated, I think.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

         They could call it the Impressionism challenge: the only rule is, no one gets to use any black.

    • Introspective

      really!! what is it with the black and gray?? they are so afraid of color this season. sad about that.

  • crash1212

    Between Stupid Stiltwalker Challenge and Sadistic Baby Challenge, I’d choose Stilt Walker EVERY time because – 100% less screaming babies. Hated this. HATED. I know it was all about the ‘babies’, but some of those mom outfits were kickass – too bad they weren’t being judged on those…which were actually interesting. Oh. Wait. Heidi doesn’t HAVE a grown up line of clothes. Silly me. Sorry to see Elena aufed on such a dopey challenge. Melissa’s was ass.

  • VicksieDo

    I liked Elena’s so much more than Melissa’s.  SO MUCH MORE.  Christopher is getting propped up for a win of the whole show, and I’m over it.  Heidi suggested the dress, the jacket was too grown up, and they changed it for sale, so it obviously wasn’t that good, now was it?  I’d have gone with Elena winning the girl part, and Fabio winning the boy part. Dumb show…

  • I wouldn’t buy Chris’s outfit for my daughter at all.  Utterly impractical.  Those little flowers would have been ripped off in a second and she’d have crapped or puked on it event faster.  Or gotten juice on it.  Or rubbed boogers on it.  The gross things she would have done to it are too numerous to count.  And Sonjia’s?  Yeah…I want my kid to look grey.  ‘Cause kids are all about being colorless, wearing wifebeater t-shirts and grey.  Nice look.

    • Stubenville

      Yet wasn’t Kors praising Sonjia’s for looking “modern”?  At least one judge had no clue.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        And as we all know, babies are sooooo into looking “modern”…..

        • alula_auburn

          And “polished!”

          • And polished.   My daughter, at 18 months, was terribly concerned that the other toddlers believed her to be polished.  It’s a fashion jungle in the toddler world.  

        • I know when my kid wasn’t crapping herself, her next concern was, “Do my diapers make me look modern enough?”

  • Stubenville

    Still, Elena is associated with two of the best sound bites “in the history of Project Runway”: “My baby is named a–hole.” and her totally bleeped sendoff from Tim.

    • I absolutely LOVED those sound bites.  Almost made the night worthwhile.  

    • MrsMaxPower

      I want the unbleeped Tim soundbite as my ring tone. 

  • afabulous50

    Wow – you guys are really bitter about this episode!  More coffee anyone??  I think Fabio’s should’ve won for the boy’s “collection.”

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Our Boys have summarized the outcome so well that I have little to add beyond my complete agreement, save for the fact that – and maybe it was chemo-induced – I enjoyed the Real Babies-sitting that the designers had to do, just because it was pretty clear that all but Fabio were infant-care neophytes.

    Dimitry’s bon mots were worth the viewing alone.

    Melissa certainly should have been given the baby boot; Elena’s outfit was FAR better than Melissa’s misfire.

    Christopher’s dress was the Grandma/Doting Auntie (of which demographic I theoretically was one when my niece was a wee squirt, but I was ALWAYS practical) garment.  T & Lo’s objections to it are all spot on, but it was probably more appealing overall than Elena’s assemblage and certainly more than Melissa’s failure to cover the diaper.


    • “Dimitry’s bon mots were worth the viewing alone.”

      If it weren’t for the squealing babies, I’d watch the episode again just for those.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I would so love a Dmitry bobblehead with sound chip that would include his sound bites.

    • Qitkat

      I adored Fabio’s baby moments. It really endeared him to me. Some single men are amazing with the little ones, I have a son like that, who is almost as good with his nephews as his brothers are as their dads. And I loved his baby’s nautical outfit. Should have been the winner. 

      Sonjia’s little boy model stole the show, was blond like Heidi, and the outfit was cute enough. It was a shoe-in for the win. I pray that little child doesn’t get snatched up for reality tv and ruined. I might even consider buying it for my nearly year-old grandson. I don’t mind the colors. The top is way more practical as a onesie, it’s crazy to have tank tops for infants in diapers. Anyway most moms would use all three pieces separately.

      Christopher came the closest to a cute girl’s outfit. How did the others miss the mark so widely? It was clearly a special occasion outfit, but had fit issues. Anyone who really knows babies would have suggested no or a tiny collar, softer fabric, and a sewn in diaper pantie attached to the dress skirt, which ought to have been shorter. You know that Heidi knew all those ragged flowers would have to be sewn down for the selling look. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she steals Fabio’s look down the road.

      Overall a ridiculous challenge, on all the levels already suggested. 

      • Pinup Ghoul

         Fabio’s not single, though. He has an adorable partner!
        And I agree, his look was so cute and so practical! It could even be manufactured in a variety of colors.

      • formerlyAnon

        “I pray that little child doesn’t get snatched up for reality tv and ruined.”

        Yes. But given the way the “real women” in these challenges often seem to be recycled from some other t.v. exposure, I assumed these kids were all already registered with some N.Y.C. modeling agency.

        (edited to make it make sense)

  • janierainie

     I agree with you 100%. Except I liked Elena’s jacket a lot better than Christopher’s jacket.  Not practical, but sometimes that’s not the criteria for buying an outfit. Go to a baby shower sometime and see some of the crazy stuff people buy just for the cuteness factor, and those presents go over BIG, while the guest who buys the ear thermometer and box of baby wipes fades into the background. 
    They kept going on about Allysa’s vest? They don’t fool me! I can’t believe she didn’t go home. I think Fabios was way cuter than Sonjia’s, but that toddler for Sonjia’s look was crazy cute. I loved how he was waving to MK!

    • RebeccaKW

       Exactly.  People buy baby clothes like babies don’t move, or spit up, or put everything in their mouths, or crawl on the ground.  I see some stuff on registries or that people just buy, and I think ‘really? Wouldn’t your $50 be better spent on diapers?’ Diapers also only get one use, but you get a whole lot more for your money.

      I didn’t watch the ep, but as I was scrolling down, when I saw Sonjia’s toddler, immediately I thought what a doll he was.  You can see his personality in the photos.

      •  I got a knitted one-piece jumper for a newborn.  It had buttons up the collar on the back — because all newborns just love being turned over to be buttoned for 5 minutes — and the legs buttoned instead of snapped.  Yeah, that was fracking insane.  I don’t know why anyone would make this garment or buy this garment. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          When my siblings started their families I put my embroidery skills to use by making Christmas stockings and, for my older brother’s children, counted cross stitch birth records; that way if the children liked them they can be used and hopefully become family heirlooms. I didn’t want to foist lovingly made, but impractical handmade baby clothes on my sisters-in-laws.

          • formerlyAnon

            Genius! My former mom-in-law hand-appliqued Christmas stockings for all the grandchildren, with lots of sequins and the child’s name embroidered on the cuff. It was a genius gift. Most of the parents would never have bought (or made) such elaborate stockings, but they’ve become iconic features of the holiday celebration.

            The only down side is that the first two or three grandkids have noticeably more elaborate stockings than the final four or five.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Those projects take amazing amounts of time, so I can well imagine that the later grandkids’ stockings were less elaborate.

            Speaking of crafts for kids, I’m already champing at the bit at the prospect of making doll clothes for the great niece, although that’s more than a few years away. I still have all of my American Girl doll patterns carefully stored, along with my American Girl doll(after all, I DID have to have a model to fit the clothes on, MIRIGHT?)

          • formerlyAnon

            Yes, I’m SURE that extremely practical reason is entirely why you still have that doll.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Right you are!  Miss Anne Elizabethe (yes, I named the doll-after my two favorite Jane Austen characters) still resides in what I refer to as my craft room.

        • formerlyAnon

           I sure as heck wouldn’t have ever *used* that garment!

  • A baby challenge? Wow, I’m feeling better and better about my decision not to watch this season!

  • crash1212

     Elena live in SF? That’s so weird because I thought I saw her while I was out on Saturday…and thought….CAN’T BE! Maybe it WAS her.

  • SewingSiren

    Let’s play with dolls. I can tell you right now that a crying baby doll doesn’t bother me one iota. I can work right through it , no kidding.
    Christopher’s win was stupid. The jacket was (over) designed by the mother. The dress was designed by Heidi. ANd I’m not sure about de-tachables on infant clothing. It could be considered a choking hazard . There are lots of regulations about stuff like that.
    If the hated Elena’s they should have just given two boy outfits the win. 

    Sonjia made a very cute boy outfit. At first I thought the neckline on the shirt was way too low, but if it’s a tank that’s okay I guess.
    Her mom outfit is an abomination. Truly horrid.  Either of the other boy’s outfits could have won just as easily. My kids always liked dress-up and capes (in fact they still do) so I would lean toward Dmity’s.

    I thought Elena actually had the best girl outfit. The only change really needed is to make the pants and the under top the same color. Both green , I think. Plus she had the best looking mom outfit by far, FAR.

    • Susan Crawford

      I was actually a little amazed that not ONE contestant talked about making doll clothes as a kid. So MANY designers reference that, and so many people who have excellent sewing skills learned by making clothing for dolls. Strange.

      If the whole doll thing catches on, I have an idea for a challenge: design a truly couture outfit for a Mdvanii Fashion Doll and have the great BillyBoy LaLa (creator and designer of Mdvanii) as the guest judge. Now Mdvanii is a helluva a doll – throws shade all OVER her downmarket distant cousin Barbie.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’ll have to look this doll up. She sounds amazing.

  • Christopher won because all the other girl clothes were crap.  Melissa and Elena both made better jackets but what went under them was godugly.  And they were half-correct. That dress is easily a Sunday church dress that baby will only have on from 11-1.

    I adored Sonjia’s outfit.  As an aunt who’s brother refuses to let his kids wear anything colorful or dressy, that 3 piece outfit is something I’d actually be able to buy them without my brother looking at me crazy.

    • formerlyAnon

       Your brother needs some grandmas or great aunts to take a hand. Nobody like grandma for buying stuff the parents said no to, while cheerfully cooing at the kid and remaining deaf to all parental comments.

      • UsedtobeEP

        No kidding. My kids come home from my parents’ house telling me about all the diet Coke they got to drink. I just roll my eyes and ignore.

  • TropiCarla

    I found last night’s festivities especially hilarious, given that I am 2 weeks away from giving birth for the first time. My poor hubby shook his head in despair as I bounced my giant self up and down on my exercise ball in glee at the prospect of plunking down my hard-earned cash for whichever baby girl’s outfit was going to win this thing. LOL  

    Christopher grates on my nerves, but his look was definitely the best of the bunch, although between “Mary J. Blige’s” color choice and Heidi’s design decisions, he was little more than a seamstress.  

    I did like Fabio’s better than Sonjia’s. But I’m thinking that her outfit might have gotten the edge over his for pricing reasons. Having scoped out Heidi’s line at BRU, it seemed obvious that they wanted the outfits at a $30–$40 price point. For baby boys especially, it would be harder to justify that price for a one-piece like Fabio’s, rather than a 3-piece mix-and-match like Sonjia’s.

    • Good point about the mix and match price point aspect.

  • CozyCat

    I think Elena’s may look more “thrown together” on a baby scale than on an adult scale.  We never really got a good look at the back of her jacket, but the shirt and the pants may have been intended to pick up the colors of the detailing.  But on a baby that detailing is too small, and it doesn’t work out. 


  • Jennifer Coleman

    Any baby worth their weight in pacifiers would rip those flowers off Christopher’s dress and promptly stuff them in their mouth. And not having seen the episode, I really thought that the mom’s dress was her own because a designer should be instantly auf’ed for making something so freaking unflattering. That dress vaporizes her cute curvy figure.
    Actually, Elena’s mom top would be nice for nursing moms (at least for the left boobie).
    I know non-gender specific outfits for children are completely OUT these days but Sonjia’s would make a cute boys/girls look. I don’t mind the subdued colors at all.

    • TropiCarla

      I’m seriously considering buying that boy’s outfit even though I’m about to have a little girl. I’m sure my raging hormones have a lot to do with it but I’m loving the thought of spending only $30 for a slice of PR propaganda that my baby can wear. She can rock the onesie by itself or with the pants.

      Curiously enough though, the final versions have a choking hazard warning on Sonjia’s and not Christopher’s. Maybe the final retail version has the flowers stitched down securely.

      • I was looking at the final version and it looks like they have the flowers firmly attached, since at least by eyeballing it those don’t look like snaps.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      It looked to me as if Christopher chose that print fabric for the mom’s dress, figuring that he’d be able to whip up a simple dress and the print would do most of the design work, but I also thought that it did nothing for his mom’s figure.

  • I would have bought Christopher’s dress for a special occasion for my kid when she was a toddler. I am NOT practical, so there’s that. And between the other two AUFable outfits, his had to win. Sad, because little girl clothes are way easier to find (I assume produce with the variety of color ad “style” options available) that Melissa and Elena couldn’t bring it. 

    I was totally rooting for Fabio. As much as one can love boy clothes, I loved his. When shopping for gifts for friend’s boys, I was usually depressed about the bland colors and chose the happiest outfits I can find. Fabio’s, and even Dmitry’s, brought some life to the look. 

    Can I also add how stupid I feel making these comments as related to PR. I am thinking this trumps stilt walker for the new low and the jump the shark moment. Fucking Lifetime.

  • MoHub

    How interesting would this have been if contestant Heidi from season 2—who was pre-eliminated—had been there. She got a job as a designer for Carter’s.

    Or maybe if an actual parent—like Seth Aaron Henderson (who actually designed a kid’s outfit in his season), Joe Faris, Peach Carr, or even Michael Costello or Wendy Pepper—had been in the designer mix.

    That said, I’m actually looking forward to the return of La Pepper in the next All Stars.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      i’m smiling as I remember that adorable jacket that Seth Aaron designed for that challenge.

  • thebitterkitten

    Regardless of the color I would never buy Christopher’s dress & jacket for any of my nieces. An impractical dress that would turn into a toy. My nephews would be pulling the flowers off before the Easter egg hunt began! Heidi said make a skirt from the appliques and that’s what he did. He won because she had a great idea & wanted to use it! I actually liked Fabio’s a lot and could see my nephs wearing it but not Sonjia’s. Those Houdini’s would be out of that jacket in no time! It would be forever lost at gramma’s. What a crap ass challenge so close to the end.
    And don’t get me started about those fake babies!!! I had to turn the channel & watch the Raven’s game for awhile b/c I couldn’t stand the crying! Its bad enough that at least one if not two designers cry every episode but to have a whole stretch of nothing but crying…hello mr. wall, meet my head!

  • 3boysful

    Annoyed as I am about Costello-lite’s win, wouldn’t  those flowers look good on a gown for an adult?  It would be a less-seen way of adding some texture without making origami roses?

  • GorgeousThings

    God, am I glad I missed this one. Thanks for the recap, TLo – now I don’t feel like I need to clutter my DVR up with this episode. Off to hit the erase button!

  • mhleta

    This episode was sooo much more entertaining than I thought it would be mostly due to the Russians. Every time Dmitry said the word “babies” in his snarky deadpan, as in “Deez are not real byabiss, Fabio” I was on the floor. I had just begun to pull myself together when Elena named her baby “Asshole” and then I really didn’t care about the designs because I was so delighted. (My other favorite moment was seeing Elena’s crazed face pop out of the bed covers when the babies woke her up. Priceless!) I’m sorry to see Elena go. I really grew to appreciate her loony personality and her decoy line was so good I actually thought she might have won it. I also think Heidi’s entire line, the fabrics and prints are not worth the puke and baby poop that will go into them, so I can’t really blame Elena if her baby looked homeless. (IMO the gold standard for adorable children’s clothes is Crew Cuts by J. Crew. A bit more pricey than Heidi’s crap, but really cute AND consignable if you manage to keep it from getting ruined.) And finally, I hope Heidi has a good lawyer for all the lawsuits that come from kids unsnapping those stupid flowers from Christopher’s dress and choking on them. 

    • sdtripper

      My favorite was in the morning when Dmitry said something like, “Oh, that’s right, I am a father now.” 

    • SewingSiren

      Choking Hazards
      For infants and toddlers, small, detachable pieces on clothing items present a choking hazard, notes Consumer Reports. Snaps, buttons, zipper heads, bows, rhinestones and other decorative appliques are all a concern. Small pieces are best avoided whenever possible on young children’s clothing, and parents should routinely check clothing with small pieces to make sure they are securely attached.
      Read more:

    • SewingSiren

      I was wondering the same thing about the legality of the detachable flowers on infant clothing. There are lots of rules and regulations regarding zippers, drawstrings , and choking hazards.  The dress could be produced and sold in the US as it is. IF the flowers were sewn on , I wonder what the washing instructions would have to be. For infant clothing that is an important consideration too.

      • formerlyAnon

        I just assumed that the production version of the garment – whoever won – would have to be policed to comply with the rules, because as you note there ARE rules, for baby clothes.  I figured it would only count against a designer if it was too expensive to do. (Or maybe if one of the models managed to choke on their outfit.)

    • EveEve

      Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Elena – I am hoping they’ll bring her back for a future All-Stars and let her show what she can really do best – which isn’t making little toddler sweat pants. 

  • granddelusion

    And look at Tim’s HUGELY SINCERE smile! Oh, he’s so happy to be here!

  • I have two sons… and as most of you parents know, all the boy clothes look the same after awhile. I would have bought Sonjia’s outfit just for the pants and onesie. You can mix and match them with other things. The jacket is silly. On the BRUs site, it looks cute.

    BUT my sis-in-law has always dressed her daughter (now 6) as a mini-me and would have loved Melissa’s dress and probably the jacket if she had the same one. Maybe it’s a Long Island-New York thing, but sometimes the babies are better dressed than the parents. As a toddler, my niece was wearing black leggings and a grey tunic with those silly Uggs.

    • MilaXX

       My cousin dressed her toddler like that. Lt me tell you uggs are a pain in the rear to put on tiny feet.

      • No I think Baby Uggs are great. Kids can put them on themselves (more or less) and they are very soft. My nephew rocked a diaper and Baby Uggs running around the house. Of course, one time he wandered out the front door to see what his uncle was up to. There was a foot of snow on the ground but his feet were warm.

  • jjfg

    Totally agree that Melissa should have been Auf’d.  What a sad piece of work she put out there, and she knew it.  Which isn’t to day the description of Elena’s outfit above – that it looks like it came from GoodWill – wasn’t spot on, but at least you couldn’t see the kid’s diaper!  Who needs that?  Ever?

    As for Christopher’s dress – who puts removable shit on kid’s clothes?  Choking hazard, much?

  • yulaffin

    Just going by the pictures here because I fell asleep during the show.  Christopher’s dress and jacket looked awfully unfinished and impractical (and ugly).  I wouldn’t have bought something like that for my kid.  Mom’s dress was also ugly and unflattering to her shape.  I loved Sonjia’s looks for both the kid and the mom.  Elena’s kid’s outfit was too mismatched although I thought the jacket was kind of cute.  I liked her mother’s dress though.  First time I’ve liked any of her designs, I think.

    • Snailstsichr

       I’m glad I’m not the only one who fell asleep!!

  • Sonjia’s baby model was quite the ham. I wasn’t so down on the colors of his outfit, but the wrinkling really bothered me. Also the neckline for his printed shirt was scooped down way too low. He looked a little like a sleazeball landlord.

    Christopher’s dress would look better on an older little girl. 4, maybe? But his was still the best of the girl outfits, so there really was no choice for that win. While Elena’s was a badly matched jigsaw puzzle, Melissa’s was plain awful.

  • Violina23

    Chris is a drama queen to the Nth degree, but I think everyone’s being a BIT hard on him for this challenge. I mean, the flower print itself, he made himself, and was pondering what to do with it when Heidi came in for the critiques. Yes, she suggested making a skirt, and he went with that and turned it into a dress, but is it THAT Much of a stretch that he couldn’t have thought to do that without Heidi? Based on the size of what he came up with, it was too big to be a small embellishment on a shirt or something.  I thought it was a cute easter-type occasion dress. A more well-made version, presumably like the one they eventually produce, could be adorable, and I thought the headpiece was perfect.

    I liked Tootie’s, but I had issues with the poor construction & the throw-away pockets that looked like they were falling apart. It was kinda dull and drab to me, didn’t hold up too well when the baby was moving. Fabio was the clear winner to me on the boy’s side because his outfit had style, looked finished, adorable, and EASY TO WEAR! Never underestimate the power of one-pieces [that look like two-pieces] for toddlers on the move

    Melissa deserved the auf on the women’s side, IMO, just for trying to fit an adult-shaped dress on a baby. Elena’s jacket, however impractical, was really cute and the embellishments were so adorably placed. The shirt & pants were missteps, but the jacket saved it, IMO.

    • l_c_ann

      But they changed the dress to dark blue so the blooms don’t stand out at all and the cute headpiece doesn’t appear to be offered. 

      • alyce1213

        I think the petals and leaves stand out better against the dark denim. I don’t mind white for babies like everyone else seems to, but I think the dark denim is an improvement.

        • I agree, the colors they chose for production… besides being more practical,fortunately still looked attractive. They could have offered it in both colorways however (gasp) just like grown-up clothes!

  • sdtripper

    If this episode proved anything, it is that Heidi thinks she is the boss.  And maybe she is.  Her shenanigans and her glee at the designers’ discomfort were rather unattractive.

    Otherwise, an interesting challenge.  The fake babies were totally unnecessary, but I thought the garments that resulted had some interest.

    Melissa totally should have been the one to go, but my first thought was thank the heavens above that I will not have to see the yellow and green lipstick on Elena’s models at Fashion Week.

    • l_c_ann

      I agree with your take on what it took to make Heidi gleeful. (Heidi with the Nannies when she’s on the street with her kids.) 
      I wonder if Heidi will ever be able to judge a talented eastern European female designer kindly.  Her attitude towards Gordana was NOT a function of editing and I saw the same attitude towards Elena in previous episodes and more so last night.

      Choosing to pick on Elena for her ability to put well formed shoulders as a design element……
      …..was either a way to fight back at the sleeveless criticisms aimed at Heidi’s protege Anya
      …..or a convenient forgetting of the many Princess Puffy Sleeves that were CS’s way of avoiding fitting sleeves. 

      Heidi has become less beautiful inside.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        There is something genuinely unattractive about Heidi’s glee/amusement at the designers’ discomfort.  She’s a very successful business woman and she’s trifling with these people-sad.

      • Wendi126

        Seal would agree

  • Angela Hardi

    This episode was hilariously bad. The fake crying babies really put this in firm shark-jumping territory (if the show hadn’t already done that in the past 2 seasons). I was kinda hoping Elana or one of the other surly designers would have just put one in a closet somewhere (would they have been grilled on the runway for not properly taking care of their dolls? that would have been pure comedy gold). Elana’s was my favorite girl outfit and Fabio’s was my favorite boy outfit. I also loved Dmitry’s outfit because it reminded me of The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats (old children’s book). 

    • meowing

      Would love to have seen one of them shove the fake baby in a closet!  Remember the Frasier episode when Niles carried around one of those?  By the end, it had been scorched and was covered in bandages.

      • Susan Crawford

        Niles actually carried a bag of flour around – and that episode was a CLASSIC! LOL!!

    • alula_auburn

      Oh, wow, it’s totally The Snowy Day.  That’s my niece’s favorite book–if Dmitry had won, I would have totally bought it for her–even if it’s “boy” clothes–just for that.

      (Then again, my brother and SIL don’t worry about Eilis looking “polished and modern” or “keeping her very feminine” looking or anything like that.)

  • And how foul-mouthed was Tim this episode?! At the end, dismissing Elena there… Wow! Has he even been like that before? There was a previous episode where he said “bitchslap that bitch,” which also shocked me, but all that F-bombing took the effin cake.

    • StellaZafella

       He’s a producer now, and his books are in remainders piles at Barnes and Noble. He can say what he wants.

      I still love Tim Gunn, I just thinks he’s gotten more real and is buying a little less of his own press…a good thing.

    • MilaXX

       He was teasing her because she drops f bombs a lot.

  • NCDFan

    Clearly, Heidi has watched ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ to get the name for her line. It’s funny to think about the designs today as opposed to last night. Christopher’s won because the initial impression of both the little girl look and the mother’s look was fresh, dress up, Sunday brunch, etc. Today all I can think about is that the dress wouldn’t survive a single washing and the white would be stained in an hour or less. Elena’s outfit was cute enough and the jacket was pretty but you could find similar pieces in any child’s wear line and the ruffled collar on the little jacket would be a problem after the first wash. Melissa was saved by the cute vest. Only by the skin of her teeth too. The little boy looks were all good. Much more practical and durable than the little girl looks. Personally, I like Fabio’s better than Sonji’s but it’s not a strong preference. I liked 
    Dimitry’s red and black though you could see he wasn’t familiar with the 2 important criteria for children’s clothes; 1) kids move in them and the clothes move on the kids and 2) room to grow. 

    • formerlyAnon

       And I still want to know if she had to pay to use the name.  I am SURE that the company that has rights to the movie (MGM?) would want her to do so. (The character wasn’t in the original book, so Ian Fleming’s estate has no claim, I presume).  But I don’t know what the law is. She’s not using the character, just the two words that are the character’s name, but which are also perfectly ordinary english words.

      Intellectual property & trademark & copyright are so confusing to me.

  • TerryMH

     I’m a mother of both a boy and girl. When they were young I would have never dressed my daughter in Elena’s outfit – ugly colors and that jacket looked uncomfortable. I think she deserved to go home. True, Melissa’s outfit wasn’t great with the toddler’s tookus hanging out but at least the vest showed some spirit and personality which I always looked for when buying clothes for my kids. Sonjia’s outfit was just drab and on a side note, I hate putting children in “adult styled” clothes. Putting a toddler who can barely stand in essentially a menswear suit just looks wrong to me (as wrong as toddlers in tiaras and evening gowns).

  • StellaZafella

    I liked Fabio’s because it was retro and the pocket in the back of the jacket is a good spot to grab for when the tyke does a runner…

    Next season: “Babies on Stilts”…walking plus-size dogs…in red.

  • I cannot believe you two didn’t love this! Sure, it was overdone in the drama department, but Dmitri’s quips and Elena’s breakdowns and Christopher’s gasping gay-craziness and Fabio’s paternal instincts…seriously, we can’t just watch them all churn out red carpet gown after red carpet gown for a season…that’s what got us ANYA.

    • mhleta

      Thank you. I agree. This was some great TV.

    • meowing

      Agree.  While not capital “F” Fashion, it was good natured and a break from make-a-pretty-dress.  Threw the designers a curve other than dress-a-larger-than-model-real-woman, too. 

    • Anathema_Device

       It was a crap challenge, but some of the workroom stuff was pretty funny. But the staged-feeling of it detracted a little. I do like that the editors/producers aren’t working the conflict and villain angle any more. I like it when the designers get along.

    • SapphoPoet

      Yes, I agree. This was a funny episode and had me laughing. I didn’t find the crying babies annoying, but I have a three-year old and am not too far away from those days. 

      Christopher: “I need a drink.”
      Dmitry: “Oh, I forgot. I’m a father now.”


  • Kimbolina

    Were the flowers on Christopher’s actually removable?  I thought he just used the snap hardware to attach them to the backing fabric?

    • meowing

      Yeah, I heard removable, too, and wondered why.  (a) toddler will pull ’em off and eat ’em, and (b) are you supposed to remove before washing, (c) how many will get lost–yeah, right.

    • Anathema_Device

       I thought the snap was a detail, like he sewed snaps in the middle of the flowers. I think removable flowers would have been a huge issue for any of the moms on the panel. That’s a choking hazard.

      • Kimbolina

        Yeah, that’s what I thought too but it seems like a lot of people think they were actually removable.  I feel like if that were the case, Heidi would have mentioned it in the work room or the mom would have said something about it.

      • Not to mention that it would’ve taken him twice as long, sewing one half on the dress and the  other half on the flower. Or maybe they can use glue for this? I forget the Rules for Glue.

    • formerlyAnon

       I just assumed they were not removable. I don’t think you can legally sell clothing in the U.S. for children under 3 that have little removable bits.  Of course, I’ve been wrong.  But if they were, you figure the mom would have said something.

  • MilaXX

    Baby Jude was seriously WERQing that runway. I liked his outfit though and honestly would buy it.  Totally agree that Melissa deserved the auf, but the judges were tired of Elena. I have nothing left to say about the one who appears to b this year’s pet.

    • alula_auburn

      Love the name. 

    • Anathema_Device

       Love the Dr. Who name!! And she sound like a gorgeous kitten. Congrats. I think Elena is available if you need clothes for your new baby.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Ms. Stormie sounds incredibly cute!

    • Be careful of the eye. If it continues to bother her even with meds, she could lose sight in it. I have a permakitten (super wee adult female) that had a bad eye as a baby and even with antibiotics it still bothers the heck out of her four years later. Nip it in the bud! Otherwise, congrats! Kittens make the world go ’round, or at least they make it better while it spins!

      • MilaXX

        she’s on meds and goes back to the vet in a month so hopefully it was caught in time

    • Susan Crawford

      Congratulations and have FUN with Stormie, who sounds adorable.

      • MilaXX

        thanks! she’s a doll

  • fnarf

    I really don’t understand high-end baby clothes. They grow so fast you get one or two wearings out of a piece and then it’s back into the huge trash bags to pass on to the next pregnant momma at the work shower. At my work, the pregnant women have a dozen of these big black trash bags full of barely-worn clothes foisted on them every time. So, yeah, nice outfit, nobody cares. 

    I actually thought the weird red Klansman suit was the cutest.

    • StellaZafella

       I liked Dimitry’s too…made the kid look like a red Crayon.

  • Kara McBride

    Yes, this episode was full of reality-TV drama-creating ridiculousness that had nothing to do with fashion. And yes, the “designs” for baby clothes left a lot to be desired. However, I will take this challenge ANY DAY over Heidi’s athletic-wear challenge we’ve had to suffer through multiple times! Those clothes were always insufferably boring and drab and awful. At least we got to see cute babies and COLORS (well, some) for this totally obvious Heidi self-promotion challenge.

  • marilyn

    I agree. Melissa should have been given her walking papers.  That was truly unsuited to a baby, and showed no skill or design at all.    I was surprised about the unsuitable colors used and the fact that almost every designer decided to add a jacket that did not look good on the baby.  They would not lay flat on the baby’s chest.  Elena’s design used colors that were suitable for a child:  light pink and green.  I thought her design was better than Melissa’s. 

    • mhleta

      Not to mention, Melissa was undone by this rather simple challenge, and so probably should have been booted. I do like her and she looked awful cute in her little hat, but she was in over her head and this wasn’t that hard.

      • Pam Winters

        Yeah, if they were going to take overall work into account–and I think that they did–you’d think they’d have considered Melissa’s lack of time management skills as well as that ridiculous baby shift dress.

        I’ve been finding myself wondering if there’s something seriously wrong with Elena, healthwise. (Maybe she quit smoking right before the show or something? Those moodswings were freaky. I really liked her work, overall, and was beginning to find her somewhat entertaining. Then again, we’re down to 6 reasonably deserving contenders, so there are bound to be disappointments.

        I would have found this challenge horribly confusing. “Design a look for the mom, too. But don’t worry too much about it. The judging won’t be about it. Mostly. But maybe a little.” God, I’d have gone full Elena over such vague guidelines.

        • My shrink would have her on Klonopin so fast she’d be drooling in minutes. I mean, he’s pretty much the “throw meds at it and see what works” kind of doctor, but still. Elena is waaay to wound up and moody for normal life. At least a stiff drink or two, you know? Just TAKE IT EASY, lady.

          • khh1138

            I do feel so bad for the designers that all they seem to have access to are those single cup keurig coffees to get them through the day.  That might actually be making everything worse. 

  • Beardslee

    I’m distracted by the high heels the moms were wearing.  Not practical footwear for the broken field running required when taking care of a toddler.  Their clothes were nice, though.
    I had the exact same reaction you two did to the winning dress.  It will be disgusting inside of a day.

    • Me too! Trying to drag a toddler down the runway by hand while wearing a four inch heel that makes it that much harder to REACH said hand is silly.

  • Could you imagine this challenge with Laura B?  With her practical Mom skills she could have made something amazing.

  • Kayceed

    There were a few fun moments in the show (thank you Dmitry!) but the thing that bothered me most about the challenge is that this show is supposed to be about fashion, not clothes. Apparel that will be crawled in, spit up on, and laundered thrice a week – those are clothes. Frou-frou wear, worn once for Easter or Christmas and once for a photo session before being outgrown – those are still clothes, fancy clothes, yes, but not fashion. Fashion is on a different level, and I don’t mean a changing table.

  • AllisonAndStuff

    CPS dig? Really? Man, that’s the worst. I love you guys, but that gets me where I live. That’s really disappointing.

  • SophiaPehawkins

    Was there anything worth noting in the episode except Dmitry and his hilarious commentary? I love him so much.

  • Pam Winters

    I don’t have kids, but I remember enough about being a kid that Christopher’s design, as reworked by Heidi, scares me: those “metallic gold threads” would look awfully tasty.

  • I don’t even know how to critique this.  It’s baby clothes.  I can go with the “I would/wouldn’t buy this for my kid” but that’s all I got this week, y’all.

  • nannypoo

    Elena will make a great All-Stars contestant next year.

    • khh1138

      OMG of course.  I can’t believe I didn’t think about the *years* of Elena we have in store for us. 

  • SewingSiren

    Okay. I just visited Babies R Us webpage  and Sonjia’s is pretty much just as she designed it (although tidied it up a bit) except the top is now a traditional onesie , no scoop neckline.
    Christopher’s is only similar in that it is a dress and a jacket. It’s been completely redesigned.

  • Sally3000

    As a mom, I loved Sonjia’s outfit. Yes, the color is a little dull, but a colorful onesie underneath solves that pretty well, I think. Maybe reversing the colors (gray patches on blue) would’ve worked. Anyway, it looks comfortable, warm, washable, durable, of good quality (not cheap looking), and the elbow patches and lapels differentiate it from the billion other baby sweatsuits out there. On the other hand, Christopher’s dress featured like 20 snap-off choking-hazard petals. Fortunately, it appears they sewed the flowers down for Heidi’s line.

  • mjude

    i loved all the babies but i did not love this episode.  i am so afraid costello-lite is going to win.

  • I actually had a lot of fun watching this episode.  They turned the craziness quotient up to 11 and then broke the knob off, and that was much appreciated after the day I’d had. 

    And I think that Fabio has conclusively proven that he would be the only contestant to trust with a real actual baby.  Though I wish he’s dressed the baby as himself.

    • AthenaJ

      Baby turbans!

  • Anathema_Device

    Christopher was lucky that Elena and Melissa stepped in it with their designs. The girl outfits were not as strong as the boy outfits. I would have auf’d Melissa over Elena. I think Elena’s outfit was more baby/toddle appropriate and fit her client properly, even with its other issues. Melissa’s wasn’t baby clothes.

    Regarding putting a baby in white, I put my babies in white cotton all the time. It looked great with their soft baby skin and it was easy to bleach.

    btw this is one of those T Lo posts that had me snorting and guffawing. It is the silver lining to a crap challenge. I love that you channel your disgust into top-notch entertainment for the BKs.

  • alula_auburn

    Wow, Heidi’s (literal) label is fug.  Kind of 70s looking graphic design to me.

    The whole real babies thing was so dumb.  I’m a pushover for actual real babies, but seriously, nothing about that made sense.   

    The dress is cuter in denim, but nothing I(‘d go out of the way to buy for my niece. 

  • This entire episode made me furious!  Baby clothes, really??!!  And then to throw in the crying baby dolls and make Mom an outfit too was ridiculous and meaningless!  What a stupid idea to attach flowers via snaps that a baby can pull off and choke on!  WTH does Hillary Duff know about judging anyway? Worthless waste of TV time last night.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I wonder if Lifetime has an future Hillary Duff project in mind. That might explain her presence.

  • ShivaDiva

    Wow.  Just when I think maybe I should give the show a try again… something like this happens. 

  • The babies (real ones) were the only thing that saved this episode from being worst than the stiltwalker challenge – I think – I’m not sure. Sonjia’s adorable cupcake model was so full of sunshine, the judges missed the sad sad color he was wearing. I would have preferred Fabio for the win. That’s right, I didn’t say Dmitry! LOL

  • Judih1

    Thanks for summarizing this cause I don’t watch the show anymore. Do you guys have children or neices and nephews that you babysat? Cause you did an awesome job of stating the needs/limitations of dressing babies!

  • I was missing Ven. Can you see him with a baby? (fake or real)

    Dimitri’s comment at the beginning about it being like having to make an outfit for a CAT made me LOL! I think I’d have pulled the head off my doll, or put it in the microwave or something. What a ridiculous challenge. Shame on you Heidi.

    I can’t decide if it was entertaining, or nauseating, to see MK (and all of them ) doing the “Bye bye” wave at all those semi-precious little snots. (Can you tell I don’t have the ‘baby gene’?)

    Having said all that: 
    I liked Fabio’s outfit the best, for some reason. 
    I thought Sonja’s suit was dreary, however comfortable it might be. 
    Dmitri’s was kind of cool. 
    Melissa’s was sad all the way around. 
    Elena, yes, Goodwill is spot on. But how unfair to have to fail at such a lame challenge. 
    The best thing about Christopher’s was that his client hated all of it. No, OK, the dress was kind of cute, but I was wondering if those flowers had to be unsnapped every time it was washed, and washed separately, then re-snapped back on? 

    • I found myself thinking about what Ven would have done if he was still there. I predict it would have been hilarious and/or wince worthy.

      Though my favorite part was probably how everyone else reacted to the baby dolls with horror and Fabio was just like “It’s cool guys, I got this.”

    • Susan Crawford

      Yes, Ven would have been complaining about how chubby the baby was, and forcing the toddler to try on belts while making passive-aggressive comments. And then creating a rose-o-gami homage to menstruation onsie.

  • Judy_J

    What was this….Toddlers & Tiaras?  I was kind of sorry to see Elena go.  She was starting to grow on me.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Can you imagine the drama quotient if you had a crossover challenge with the designers having to work with those pint-size horrors and their even more horrific stage mamas?

      • LesYeuxHiboux

         They could get a twofer if Miss Alana Honey Boo-Boo herself were involved. I’d want her to work with Dmitry.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          My money’s on Dmitry in that match-up!

  • This is the first time I remember wishing the show would hurry up and be over so I could go to sleep. 

  • Jepham

    Just checked out the clothes on Babies R Us. The flowers no longer snap off (that was a given) but I also noticed the dress has a back zipper on it. WTF? You don’t put a zipper on a baby dress if it doesn’t need one. All that dress needed was a couple of buttons or snaps on the should tabs.
    I have a boy and a girl and I always liked shopping for girls clothes better than boys clothes. The designers did better making the boys clothes in this challenge, IMO.

  • Bozhi

    I fell asleep so I had to come here to see who won and who lost.  The only thing I see up there that does not look it came from some suburban mall is the top Elena made, and I don’t even think I like it that much but at least it has some interest and does not look like it was made in some Asian garment factory. 

  • dress_up_doll

    Like most everyone else I thought that this was one of the worst challenges EVER. I also thought that Hilary Duff was annoying, condescending and smug as a guest judge. Why do they have such difficulty finding appropriate judges? Is it really that hard to find either relevant celebrities or genuine fashion professionals to do the show? I usually enjoy watching these episodes a second or third time around, but not this one.

  • Ing

    This was completely ridiculous and I did not sign up for 30 minutes of those dolls screaming in my ears. But it was almost worth it for Dmitry’s commentary and deadpan delivery of absolutely every comment he makes. My flawless king. I nearly died at “I barely had time to put on pants this morning.”

    • AthenaJ

      LOVE Dmitry! And if he has no time to put on pants, that’s fine with me… 🙂

    • khh1138

      I died.  He really needs his own show.  Please make this happen. 

  • dress_up_doll

    It’s funny that you menitoned Heidi’s lable being fug. When I saw it I actually thought it looked like a cheap, quickly thrown together afterthought. Or, Ms. Klum must have designed it herself.

    • Susan Crawford

      Let’s face it, her athletic-wear collection was cheap-looking and unoriginal; her jewelry line is clunky and unoriginal; and this baby line is . . . wait for it . . . cheap-looking, clunky and unoriginal. It is low-end, and you will soon be able to buy it at deep-discount stores everywhere.

      Heidi, I give you credit for many things, but as a designer? No.

  • hac51

    I wanted to smack whichever Duff Sister that was.  Worst judge ever?

  • Tatiana Luján

    Those are the cutest little babies in the world. That said, I hated this challenge and I officially hate Lifetime. I’m re-watching the show from the beginning and it made me sad to notice how fun, interesting and amazing PR used to be.

  • Kim_W60

    Wouldn’t let my child where any of it!   Impractical, ugly and lots of potential items to pull off and swallow.

  • Jenna621

    I stopped watching Project Runway after Anya’s season, but I still catch up on the posts here.  I’m expecting my first child and opened my email this morning to find a Babies R Us email announcing “The Project Runway winners are here…Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum!” and immediately thought, “Oh my gosh, they did not do a baby challenge.”  It appears that, in fact, they did.  Good grief.

    I wouldn’t purchase either outfit, especially for $30 a pop.  And is it just me, or does it seem a little desperate that all of these lines Heidi “designs” for have to get free labor out of the PR designers?  This is not an opportunity for them to “get their name out there.”  I couldn’t care less who designed my baby’s clothes.  They are going to get puked/pooped/peed on, for heaven’s sake.

  • Totally agree that Melissa should have been the one to go home this week. The thing is, Christopher could sent down a plain old white onesie down the runway and not been aufed, b/c the judges (or producers, more likely) have such a hard-on for him.

  • AnaRoW

    While I agree that baby clothes have nothing to do with the runway, making stylish clothes for babies is big business. The one thing that stands out to me is how unbelievably cute those babies are, so much so that I’m having trouble focusing on the clothes. Sonjia’s does stand out a bit because it’s so drab and Christopher’s because it’s so white.  I suppose that’s why they won?

  • Bozhi

    I think Fabio and Dmitry should have won.  Christopher or Melissa should have been sent home.

  • couldn’t watch the part with the screaming dolls so just caught up to it at the runway.  i felt embarrassed for these people having to deal with this reality show bs.

  • Judy_S

    I had to turn off the program just before they called the contestants back for the coronation/auf process. I had figured out Elena would go, yes, precisely because they would see more potential in Melissa so they are giving her a pass. Also, as someone noted, Christopher won by default. All the boys’ outfits had something going for them, though, and I couldn’t call that with any certainty. I did like Sonjia’s but maybe if she had swapped models with Fabio or Dmitri… hmm. On the other hand, 3 pieces are more free design work for Heidi’s line than 1.
    I used to make clothes for my kids when they were toddlers and it was fun. Sewing for cats, indeed.

  • girliecue

    If PR was even 1/10 as entertaining as your recaps I’d still be slavishly watching it. Gems like “needy poop machines” and “BABIES HAVE NO NECKS!” are not only hilarious but give T Lo serious cred to being seasoned baby uncles. Your lucky nieces and nephews!

  • nancylee61

    I didn’t watch, but you guys are hilarious!!! Make a CPS worker nauseous!! I sputtered out loud so many times, this is one of your funniest posts ever!!!
    Thanks for brightening a rainy day!!

  • GTrain

    Sonjia is really looking like a contender for final 3. This outfit was super cute but my favorite moment of the episode was when she snarked about Christopher’s client Mommy, “Mary J Blige”. Owned!
    Oh and speaking of Costello-Lite, I simply cannot with him. Can-not.

  • JMansm

    I love love love Melissa but I’m so shocked that Elena got eliminated. It seems like everyone who has seen the finale and decoy collections thought that Elena was in the finale for sure because her collection was so very strong.

  • I would have bought Elena’s jacket for my daughter, it was adorable!  Melissa’s was a trainwreck, she should have gone.  Elena would definitely have won with her final collection, its really such a shame she’s out.

  • suz72350

    I would have liked to see the designers rotate ‘babysitting’ duties. Two of them could have ‘sat’ with all those fake babies in a separate room for an hour, followed by the next two, etc. Or remove the batteries. Or stick them in the closet. How about the elevator? Taking them to Mood was silly, too. Nothing to do with the real challenge except to insure that everyone turned out less than wonderful baby clothes. A true jump the shark moment, for me even lower than the stilt walkers episode.

  • Knightley

    Babies are incredibly strong.  People who don’t know or think that are obviously people who aren’t around them much.  Three years ago, I was one of them.  Christopher’s outfit is a CHOKING HAZARD!  My baby niece would have had all those silly flowers off in about two seconds and in her mouth before you blink.

    • Bozhi

      That’s what I was thinking, choking hazard.  I can see a recall in the near future if many of these sell.  I just hope nothing happens to some little girl.

      • meowing

        surely the real-life version has sewn down flowers, in addition to the color change.

  • tired_mommy

    Christopher had to win the girls challenge because Elena and Melissa were so far off the mark. Christopher made a special occassion dress which moms do buy even if they are impractical.  Also, Christopher had by far the best fit on the baby.  At least Melissa made a cute vest–another special occassion type item, but there are moms who would buy that. Possibly the cutest piece in Elena’s outfit was the pink top, but you couldn’t see it. Had Elena or Melissa just added a tulle type skirt with leggings it would have been more of a competition.

  • guest2visits

    While designing clothes for babies is a little bit of a ‘real world’ challenge, – there are several things that make me hate this
    idea for PR contestants. In general, making clothes for babies and children is a whole separate world from RW fashion for logical
    considerations. Every designer here had functionality issues, slightly malfunctioning pieces, and misconceptions based on a lack of
    knowledge about baby-specific needs. All of these designs would need to be tweeked for safety, comfort and basic wearability.
    And we had to endure the lack of substance for a legitimate PR challenge with animated doll-drama thrown in, secondary moms-
    wear, and worst of all – Heidi’s awful fabric selection guide; yet AGAIN.  
    Have to add that I thought Elena’s colorful assortment very typical of toddler wear, and appropriate. Did she put together the toy
    and the hairpiece too?  Minus those extra bits, the outfit might not have seemed so busy.

  • tired_mommy

    All of the boys outfits had merit. Think it boiled down to personal preference and what Heidi wanted in her line.  I’m fine with Sonjia’s win.

  • Contralto

    “They’re shaped like flour sacks with little sausage limbs and a giant head.”  PERFECT.  And the first design won because who can resist a baby girl with a TWA and a white headband!?

  • Alan Pursell

    My wife’s been watching project runway since the second season, which means I’ve been watching project runway since the second season, and these recaps keep me sane and laughing. I would love more photo stories from the episodes because they just make me smile.

    Also, since we have a 15 month old son, and are totally in the wheelhouse for this episode, I would have bought Fabio’s. Twice. Sonja’s, not so much, and yeah, that her ‘model’ bears a resemblance to my son, won it for her.

  • cereus

    Alas, this show has jumped the shark so high that I can’t even see it in the sky. Don’t even get me started on the designers on the new All Stars. meh

  • tired_mommy

    I am now really bummed Ven got auf’d last week–would have loved to see him tote around the plastic baby while constructing an origami rose covered dress…

  • random_poster

    I think if Elena had made a complementary pair of leggings in the same material as the shirt the result would have been better off.  I do think the concept for the jacket is cute, but the collar is a bit too open which probably means that it would fall off Baby’s shoulders as she moved around. 

    Still, Melissa’s was worse and that should have been the auf. 

  • Kate4queen

    I actually loved the dress Christopher made for the little girl and if my little girl was that age now, I’d put her in it-just for a one-off special occasion. I agree that I don’t think it would either wash or wear well but I’d still buy it. 🙂 Christopher also did the right thing as a ‘competitor’ by making the garment Heidi suggested rather than being put off by the Mom not liking it at all. Under that sweet exterior is a businessman, which reminds me a bit of Christian Siriano.
    I wasn’t so impressed with the drab grey sweat pant suits as it was too messy and flappy for me (I also have 3 boys) I liked the T-shirt though. I would’ve bought Fabio’s in a heartbeat.
    Also thought Melissa should have gone. She made almost nothing, over thought everything as usual and produced the least attractive garments out there.

  • Sonjia’s outfit was passable, but not amazing.  Just standard baby clothes.  I find nicer and more interesting stuff for my son at Target (and probably cheaper).  I would love to have the outfit she made for the mom though.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Okay, I missed it. They had to make two outfits, one for the woman, and one for the baby?
    And both Sonjia & Christopher won?  Thanks.

    • meowing

      Yep, design 2 outfits, but oddly, only the baby’s outfit was supposed to be judged.  Mom’s just had to coordinate.
      And 2 winners, 1 for baby boy, 1 for baby girl.

      • BrooklynBomber


  • No one has commented on Heidi’s Baby ‘R Us store display. Those clothes were hid. e. ous. Horrible. There was a shot of, I think, Christopher’s client looking at them with her lips curled in disgust. When they got back to the workroom and there were the piles of fabric, such ugly colors. 

    Christopher was smart/lucky that his client wanted white. Elena was sent home because her thrift store look of mis-matched separates in cheap-looking pink, mint green and navy. I was disappointed only in that, her final collection was the best and I wanted to see it in motion on the runway and hear the judges comments. Melissa, I don’t know what she was thinking with that narrow dress. It’s like she forgot babies wear diapers and that the dress has to be wide enough to accommodate that. So Christopher won by default, I wonder if he figured that out? Not that it wasn’t a cute dress and, snaps or not, easy to dumb down for production.

    I thought Fabio should’ve won for the boys. His onesie looked very smart.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Per below, I didn’t see the episode, but based on the pictures, Elena’s baby looks dressed like a real baby, not a baby fashionista, so I sort of like it. The little appliques on the back look cute. But the mother’s dress is very unflattering.  But from what I’ve seen of the final collections, I agree that hers is the most unique and interesting. Sometimes I change my mind after repeated looks, but on a once-through basis, hers stands out. Too bad because I don’t think that in the challenges she came close to hinting what she’s capable of.

      • khh1138

        I think that’s why Elena lost – her baby looks just like what my friends’ and family’s babies look like:  not dressed by a designer.  Just picked 3 random things that were smooshed up in a dresser and threw them on – they don’t care anymore, they haven’t slept in a year.   

      • Lattis

        Amen to that. After looking at her final collection I thought about the disappointing things she’d done on the show up to that point and figured she must have really pulled out the stops in the final challenges to get a winning spot. I not only thought her collection was one of the three finalists – I figured she’d won. Still can’t believe that her collection was a mere decoy. It is the only one of the final collections that I remember – or like, for that matter.

  • Dlou 212

    Two things to say–no, three.  Three things to say:
    1.  Loathed this ep with a white-hot fury.  People with babies don’t want to watch tv that features babies screaming.  People without babies don’t like it either, oddly enough.  It’s a sound designed to drive you mad.  It succeeded, brilliantly.
    2.  The official title for the next series beginning in October is “Project Runway Allstars: Bottom of the Barrel”.
    3.  I simply want you all everyone to know I saw AUSTIN SCARLETT in person yesterday, walking up 22nd Ave with a slice.  He’s wearing a 70s full ‘stache and looking fine.  Now that is an All STAR,

    • formerlyAnon

       Even though I know better, his appearance whenever photographed is so painstakingly assembled I find it hard to imagine Mr. Scarlett eating on the street. Or without a full table setting, including at least 6 pieces of silverware, water goblet and wine glass(es), for that matter.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Ah, Austin Scarlett-absolutely in my personal Top Ten of PR designers.

      • Susan Crawford

        I still want to own a cornhusk dress, don’t you? And one of his swooshy, Loretta Young gowns so I can twirl into the next faculty council meeting! Yes, Austin is a STAR.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          One of the things that I love about Austin is that he wants to design clothes for women in which they look and feel beautiful.   Love the Loretta Young reference, too! My mom and I used to watch her show and I remember her twirling onto the scene in those gowns!

    • khh1138

      I’m so happy everytime I remember that Austin Scarlett actually exists.  He’s something of a white rabbit for me. I adore him. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        The world is a happier, lovelier place with Austin Scarlett.

  • Call me Bee

    I am so happy to see screen caps–as the kids were so squirmy I really get a full look at any of the clothes–kids’ or moms’!  Anyway–I like Christopher’s outfit so much more as it’s rpresented ont he websit.  The navy and white is so crisp looking–whereas the original white looked wilted on the runway.  And–I’m surprized the price ont he website isn’t outrageous.  It’s pretty in line with any baby clothes at any departments store. 
    What I thought was really funny is that the mom he worked with didn’t like the dress, not the jacket nor her dress.  She was a buzz-kill to be sure.  YOu’re on TV getting a free outfit for your kid–a little graciousness would be nice. 

    As For Elena’s–I am acrimonious.  Yeah–the colors were kinda all over the place, but it looked like a preppy Florence Eismann outfit.   Navy and that spring green is a classic combo.  I didn’t get the color hate at all.  Obviously, the judges took into account past challenges–something they’ve done more lately (meaning the Lifetime years…) 
    I am angry that she was aufed.  Very, very angry. 

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Elena’s actually looked like department store baby clothes to me. I can definitely see those colors together in a Spring outfit, especially since the pink and green were picked up in the flower appliqué on the jacket. The pants were pretty awkward, but I appreciated that she left room for a diaper. It seemed like Dmitry and Melissa, in particular, didn’t. I laughed when they said the pants made baby look disheveled. Babies are disheveled by nature. Still, as an outfit it was safe at best.

    Christopher’s look was ridiculous to me. White and ragged, just waiting to have those flowers torn off by groping baby hands and the whole thing stained with grass, dirt, juice, etc.

    It really seemed like the designers with the cutest/most charismatic models won.

  • ddfrog

    The dolls were 100% worth it just to see Fabio acting the dad.  How cute was he?  That and Dmitry’s comments.  Priceless.

    • Linderella

      I’d say 20% worth it.  Fabio and Dmitry were the lone bright spots.  The faux-baby twist was RIDICULOUS.

  • neofashionista

    As a pediatrician I would just like to say that first baby outfit while cute looks like a serious choking hazard if they manage to get one of those flowers off and the second one I think the pattern on that would probably scare most children the fangs are too violent
    just sayin

  • marilyn

    Maybe you should turn the ‘one week you’re in and the next you’ re out’ and similar phrases that indicate they only judge based on the current work, into a drinking game.  Do a shot everytime you hear that nonsense.

  • Trisha26

    Horrible, silly, and desperate challenge. Absolutely hated Sonjia’s baby outfit. Aside from color the pants didn’t go with the top – casual pants don’t go with a “suit” jacket no matter what material is used. I kept thinking the jacket with those silver buttons looked like something out of Sound Of Music. I didn’t like her mom outfit either – droopy knit skirt & a linen top? Loved Christopher’s baby dress – wildly impractical – but it was sort of nice to see him win with that less than amiable client. 

  • What did Elena say to Nina? I went back and listened again and I still didn’t understand her. 

    • Winter_White

      I was just about to ask this question!

      Elena mumbled SOMETHING which caused Nina to narrow her eyes a bit and respond with a cold mean smile, “That’s my opinion.”  Brrrr.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Yikes. Now that, coming from NinaGarcia is the kiss of death.

        • Winter_White

          Sure was — which is why I’m so curious about what Elena said to begin with!  Did no one else catch it?  Hope some sharp-eared Bitter Kitten who did sees Maggie’s question above and can let us know.

    • Susan Crawford

      Same here. Does anyone know what Elena said? Because Nina certainly gave her The Look, didn’t she? Scary!

  • Can you imagine I (along with you others it seems) sat through this almost unwatchable episode.  In 10 seasons with some lows, this challenge was up there for sure!  It just seemed silly, at this point, to give them such a non-fashion challenge…and baby dolls, producer, don’t EVER do that again.  

    Have they decided that Christopher is the winner because it’s sure being editing that way.  Am I the only one not feeling his faux-babydoll vibe?  It’s almost as fake as Gunner’s bitchiness, but not as amusing.  Based on this challenge alone, Melissa should’ve gone but Elena really has been messing up for quite a while.  Too bad that bitch turned it out for the finale runway presentation because she could’ve won on that collection imho.

  • kikisayshi

    I completely agree about the Auf: Melissa was the clear losing design here. I know the mom outfit twist was another reality show drama ploy, but they didn’t mention how poorly made most of the moms’ looks were, nor the fact that Elena went completely out of her comfort zone to create a good-looking draped outfit for her mommy model. I am totally unhappy with the outcome of this.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    What a ridiculously annoying episode. I love Project Runway because it’s a show I can watch without BABIES SCREAMING CONSTANTLY. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s just irritating. 

  • ZnSD

    ok I have to say: I’m actually kind of pissed that Heidi changed the little girl’s dress to blue. I liked the white even if it is impractical. The jacket I could care less about. 

  • Cathy S

    Sonjia’s look was okay, but Fabio’s was great. I would have bought that for my boys when they were little. I  wouldn’t have touched that gray suit. I hated Christopher’s entire look but it looks really cute in the dark denim and toned down. I liked Elena’s jacket and Melissa should have been auf’d. I’m still in shock that they didn’t toss her.

  • formerlyAnon

    Sonjia’s was ugly. There’s not much TO kids’ clothes besides color and durability. And her t-shirt had a weirdly large neck. Oversized neck tees aren’t a thing for toddlers, Not even hipster toddlers. They don’t have any chest hair to show off, and not much in the way of cleavage.

    Liked Sonjia’s Mom outfit. Compared to what else was out there.

    Christopher’s was cute, cuter without the jacket, IMO. The version Ms. Klum is making money off of is cuter. Also a better color for kids.

    Christopher’s Mom outfit didn’t fit great and was entirely uninspired otherwise. But I liked that there was actual color, and I liked it better than some of the more stylistically interesting attempts.

    Elena’s kid looked like she’d picked out what she wanted to wear & then her parents put one of those dopey headband bow things on her.( By this age my kid would have pulled it off her head in a fury, if anyone had ignored her screaming and writhing long enough to put it on. My kid had texture/fit issues. Nothing so namby pamby as opinions, issues.) Nothing wrong with any of it, but as noted, it wasn’t noticeably an ensemble.

    I didn’t love Elena’s mom outfit. It looked like the result of a challenge to turn limp, wornout workout gear into a chic outfit.

    But, yeah. She did better than Melissa.

    • Lattis

      Elena’s kid looked like she’d picked out what she wanted to wear

      hahahahaha Gotta say I have a soft spot in my heart for kids who look like that – my kids looked like that pretty often because I’d let them pick out their clothes. Both sons went through phases where they loved to wear mis-matching socks.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Your comment reminds me of how much I loathe those bleeping headbands on bald babies…..just no.

  • tripletmom96

    although i agree that melissa’s was far worse than elena’s garment, i don’t have a problem with them keeping her since her total body of work has been better overall.  yes, i know they say they don’t use that to decide these things, but we all know they do.  besides, there have been several challenges when i thought elena should have been sent home and she was either saved by someone else doing something even more hiddy, or she was kept most likely for the drama she creates….sooo  — bye, bye natasha. 

    as for christopher’s win, i agree with some of the other posters — it was really by default.  the other two entries were awful.  at least his was cute, however impractical and ridiculous it was….i really didn’t like sonji’s ugly boy-suit.  really loved fabio’s.  he really should have won.  i agree that sonji’s model was so darn cute the judges were a little blinded and apparently got confused between the garment and the model…..

    AND as a mother of triplets — two boys and a girl, i would NEVER have bought any pants for my kids that didn’t have snap openings in the crotch as long as they were in diapers.  even when i made them clothes i made sure they had snaps.  comeon, designers — they really aren’t that difficult to put in….

  • TSkot

    Quite surprised at Elena’s departure as 1) her decoy collection was the clear winner in my book and 2) Melissa’s baby dress is pretty unwearable.  And Fabio got screwed.

    • DCSheehan

      Yes. Yes. And yes.

    • Lattis

      I loved, LOVED, Elena’s collection. And there isn’t another collection that I can even bring to mind because they’re so totally forgettable.

  • turtleemily

    Did the designers do all the styling too? I want to know who put that toddler in flip flops. Or why they even make flip flops for toddlers.

    • formerlyAnon

       They seem like they’d be dangerous. Given the toddler propensity for charging full speed ahead until they grab what they want or kind of tumble down, anyway.

  • SapphoPoet

    Finally watched the show. 

    I liked Sanjie’s outfit, although I wish she’d used the monster material for the pockets and patches. It would have made it a bit more lively and colorful. I thought the jacket was a bit drab. 

    I would have liked to see Fabio win–loved his one piece, although I see the appeal of Sanjie’s separates. I think that’s why Fabio didn’t win. 

    Melissa’s dress was terrible, although the vest was very cute. But I think she should have gone home for that dress. 

    Elena got sent home because Heidi wanted a cohesive look and she didn’t provide that. Her separates didn’t speak to one another, although I thought she did a really good job, overall. 

    I loved the dress Christopher made. Most kids have one or two completely impracticable outfits that they wear once or twice–nothing wrong with that. I loved the flowers and how they gave a visual depth to the dress. Yeah, white is problematic, but this isn’t a dress that’s going to be worn every day. I was ok with his win. 

  • I *loved* this episode! A) It was hilarious ridiculousness all over the place (starting with Heidi’s wall-eye makeup and ending with Elena’s Raver Chick Baby ensemble), B) the designers seemed to ease up a bit and not take themselves so seriously. it was actually pretty fun. And Dimitry was spittin’ one-liner gold all night long. So much yes.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    I will just add that the name “Truly Scrumptious” for a line of baby clothes makes me want to hurl every time one of those ads comes on, which is way too frequent.

    • Lattis

      Man, I’d like this x’s 1000 if I could.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      With any luck, and some good judgment on the part of the Babys “R” us shoppers Heidi’s line will be truly marked down in a matter of months.

  • Thathoodwink

    The neckline on the tshirt that Sonjia made for this little boy is off-putting, and I’m not sure why. I think I keep imagining dribble landing on the poor child’s neck and having no fabric with which to absorb it.

  • rainwood1

    Fabio can’t seem to buy a win at this point.  Sonjia’s was not all that great.  And Elena was gone because she’s sent a lot of crap down the runway in previous challenges and because she dissed Nina from the runway.  I thought Elena was going to burst into flames from the look Nina gave her. 

  • Susan Crawford

    Have to say I was absolutely STUNNED that Melissa wasn’t AUF’ed for that train wreck she forced a toddler into. But . . . so be it. I liked Elena’s little jacket, and only wish she had omitted the ruffle-collar. And for once I agree with The Duchess that each piece in the ensemble looked pretty random in relation to the other pieces.

    All the love for Costello-Lite’s floral fantasy went right over this gal’s head. A simple little white dress with a cute full skirt would have been nice, and then those floral/leaf trims could have gone onto the jacket. But, ever crafty Christopher really listened to Queen Klum when she suggested the flowers go on the skirt. A-HAH! Costello-Lite has a brainstorm! One laundering and that white jacket and dress will look like my mother’s old dustcloths. And the huge collar just swallowed up that poor child’s adorable face. I did like the little headband fascinator, though.

    Also, I found myself with a little lump in my throat when I saw what he did with that gorgeous de la Renta floral silk: Let us observe a moment of silence. I think Tootie nailed his Mommy as “Mary J. Blige” – and of course I snorted out a mouthful of my T-LOunge single malt at that.

    I liked Tootie’s cute “Little Man” outfit, but I believe it was the personality of the actual little man in the outfit that won the judges over! I assume baby modeling agencies are bidding even now for this tyke- he’s a natural. The mom pieces she created really did compliment the baby look, and were quite wearable. GO, Sonji!

    I could have donw without the fake baby bit – so ridiculous and time-wasting, if funny and an opportunity for a few good one-liners. “I wish Swatch was my baby.” And did anyone notice that all the “babies” were screaming when Tim entered the workroom, and suddenly they all fell silent? You see what I mean when I call him St. Tim of Gunn?

    “Suffer the little faux-children to come unto Him.”

    And as far as Runway Day looks, Tootie nailed it again with her fabulous head-wrap and animal-print, flowt shirt. I LOVE her style, although I desperately want to rip the lipstick tubes from her hand!

  • natalia osiatynska

    I have to give it to Sonjia this time… somewhat grudgingly, because I just can’t with her, in general.

    I’m a mother of a two year old boy and Sonjia’s pants and jacket are the very embodiment of the way I dress my son: simple, functionalist, subtly referencing clean adult lines, ultra-comfortable. I don’t mind the austerity: kids don’t cease to be cute when not put in bright colors, but it’s refreshing when they are not infantilized and made “cutesy.”

    Also, for the sake of comfort and safety, I dressed my son in jersey knits only for the first two years of his life. I also never took to pants with snaps because I carried my son in a sling and the closures would dig into his skin (that and they come undone when a kid plays hard).

    Incidentally, I will add that my kid spent most of his first year of life in a onesie paired with some merino wool leg warmers hiked up his entire length of leg; it was very easy for diaper changes and going diaper-free.

    I agree that Melissa got off easy. But they all got overpraised this time.

    Oh, and I can’t believe I’m sorry to see Elena go. Her impressive and surprising final collection is rendered only more so.

    I’d also like to pose A QUESTION: please help me understand why the designers (who all just announced and showed at the very same fashion week show) keep referring to becoming finalists as “GOING TO FASHION WEEK” – I realize that historically timings were different, and that used to make sense, but surely they know this and knew of it at filming time. Do explain! Or point me to a place where this is explained comprehensively already. Thanks!

  • Zippypie

    If the stiltwalkers was the worst challenge, this was the stupidest.  It’s not fashion, it’s not anything but reality show bs, served up in a nice steaming pile by B/M.  The only thing remotely entertaining were Dmitry’s one-liners.

    I did not like Sonjia’s outfit.  The color is so drab and boring and the monsters print didn’t go with it.

    Christopher’s won by default though I loved Elena’s colors.  My little niece wears those in combo a lot and looks adorable.  Her auf was crap.  Melissa’s baby and mom outfits were complete ass and after seeing Elena’s final collection, I’m very disappointed she isn’t a finalist.

  • Lattis

    If I was a designer on PR (can’t sew worth crap so it’ll never happen) I would kind of feel little less bad if I got eliminated on a challenge like this. If I got eliminated on a “make a pretty dress” challenge I’d be failing at something that I should excel in. Whereas with this challenge, baby clothes, it is so off the wall I wouldn’t feel so bad if I screwed it up. 

  • unbornfawn

    If I remember correctly the stiltwalker challenge was Heidi’s idea. I thought the way she laughed at the designer’s when giving them the crying baby dolls was pretty sadistic. All the entries for the baby girls were terrible. The three entries for the boys were all better than any of the girls. Fabio’s was the overall winner in my eyes. No more baby challenges, OK PR?

  • BethR52

    Many babies have spaghetti arms instead of sausage limbs.  At least mine did.  Very challenging when outfits have sleeves.

  • frankystein123

    This episodes deserves a digit up, not a thumb, but a middle finger.

  • CarolinLA

    Sonjia’s looked like it belonged on a Jersey mobster’s baby where the father and son dress exactly alike.  Except the father would have chest hair.

  • Linderella

    No time to read all (as of this writing) 368 comments, so maybe this has been said:  Sonjia designed a jacket FOR A BOY that buttons (or snaps, I guess) RIGHT TO LEFT.  It drove me crazy the entire time–and not one judge mentioned it!  Gah!!!!

  • CarolinLA

    Why would Heidi put her own name on something where she did everything within her power to distract them from making good designs?  Not only the crying baby but the mom outfits sucked up their creativity and their energy.  

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      You know that Heidi banks on a percentage of customers who will snap up anything with a recognized celeb name on it.  I can’t imagine anyone buying her workout line for instance, for any other reason.

  • adnama79

    Fabio’s pocket-on-the-back = pacifier/bottle out of reach but handy.  Win.

    Or if you’re out and the baby is fussy, put a cell phone on vibrate and stick it in that back pocket.  Win again.

    • Amy

      Those are smart ideas! I think you may have tapped into the next great kid’s clothing market: clothes that are functional and make parenting easier!

  • Ruffffian

    As a mother of two young boys, I loved Fabio’s outfit best and found Tootie’s drab and unappealing.  I like her fabric choice, but didn’t care much for the jacket and the way it looked open.  I also found Christopher’s outfit ridiculous because those flowers would look like crap very quickly, and white is an atrocious color choice for any child under the age of 5.  Or really, 16.  

  • Amy

    The dolls were definitely there for entertainment and as staged as it was, that part was funny. As for the kids clothes, I felt the judges kept changing their minds between wanting practical and commercial vs. innovative and unique. Sonjia’s was very cute in the latter way, but I don’t want my child wearing a shirt that scoops that low. It’s creepy enough on skinny hipster men. As silly as a collar is for a baby, that bothered me less.

    Oh and the mom part of the challenge was useless! They barely commented on the mom clothes and had no concern for whether or not they went with their baby! Complete booby trapping.

  • AthenaJ

    I’m so divided about Sonjia’s outfit… part of me thinks it looks cute and comfy, and the other thinks it looks like baby’s first leisure suit. I know everyone is saying her model won it for her since the judges were in lurve with him, but personally I think Fabio’s lil’ model was THE most adorable!! So cute, he almost makes me want to have kids of my own 🙂 Dmitry’s and Christopher’s were also adorbs.

    Oh, and speaking of Christopher’s model – Her mom was NOT happy with either look, and her expression on the runway said so. I’m surprised the judges didn’t ask her about it since they normally love to stir up shit when the client is ticked. I guess what Heidi wanted trumped what the client wanted, though why did they even bother to get the mom’s opinion if this was all about Heidi?

    I don’t agree with the judge’s hate for Elena’s outfit. Green, pink, and blue look really cute together for kids clothes. Plus she added a lot of detailing on the jacket to tie all of the colors in together. I’m curious what Elena said that ticked Nina off so much. I also am annoyed with all of the KKK references for Dmitry’s hood. For one, the guy is from Belarus and probably has no clue what the klan is, and two, that little hood was way more gnome or smurf than anything else. I for one liked it, though I may be partial to Dmitry in general. The man is funny AND hot! I think I’ve got a crush 🙂

    One last thing, Christopher’s ego is huuuuuuge from four wins… I have no idea how he will fit that thing into the workroom now without suffocating the other designers. 

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    about now they mustve figured out who theyre supposed to keep as finalists. cos theres just no way elena’s is worse than melissa’s. it’s a joke. i understand a little why they might wanna keep christopher’s dress–even if i didnt think he was probably already slated to win the whole damned thing–the way they refigured it is very workable, especially for so low a price point. but i have no doubt he was told what to create. there’s no feeling of christopher in it. actually, out of all these folks, none of whom create work as terrible as much of that seen over the last several PR & PRAS seasons–christopher’s is the most impersonal. i cant tell you what a christopher look looks like. anyway.

    anyway, i do think this is the stupidest challenge over maybe, i dunno, all the seasons of PR? even though birthing & nursing is very very trendy at the moment. other than melissa’s nobody’s work was bad. & her little vest was just kind of silly, not terrible. still, i’d rather watch stiltwalkers than this–those were at least costumes. then again, i cant watch this anymore anyhow.

    edited to add:
    the whole business w/ the crying dolls reminds me of nothing other than the postpostmodern version of a dance marathon. nobody’s dying here [or even dehydrating] but it’s just so manipulative. & pointless. i almost forgot that.

  • I’m almost reluctant to admit that I really enjoyed this episode, from Tim Gunn’s evil laugh when the challenge was sprung on the designers to the reactions from the gang (Dmitri, noting that the babies probably can’t even talk: “It is like designing clothing for a cat”). Was it necessary to throw in the robo-babies? Nah, but I found that pretty funny too. The dress-the-moms-too aspect was no surprise at all to me, and shouldn’t have been to the designers (did they ever WATCH the show?), though the way the judges kept saying “don’t focus on the moms” seemed like pulling punches to me.

    I’ve never been in the market for baby clothes, but if I were, Dmitri’s super-crayola costume would probably be the one I’d pick; didn’t really care for any of the others much.


  • I’m really annoyed with this episode too for the shameless plugging of yet another ugly Heidi line (I stopped watching the show for a while after that hideous workout wear challenge). But the designer’s reactions to the babies was pretty amusing. It kind of made me wish Ven was still around just so we could see him have a circuit overload.

    B/M really has NO shame with the product placement. They don’t even try to make the shit make sense. It would have been at least a little acceptable if they made them design for the mothers first, then maybe throw in the baby shit for the inevitable drama.

  • Rebecca J.

    I always like seeing cute babies and I don’t care about the designers having to do something they, and others, deem as beneath them.  

    I hated the dolls, though, and would have just torn out their working parts.  Like I did with the one I got saddled with for a week in 9th grade health class.  I’ll take the ‘F’ tyvm.  

    [email protected]“flour sacks with sausage limbs.” hah!

  • Gotta say that I actually liked this episode alot! Ok, the fake baby thing was weird, but all the designers did a pretty good job and it got them out of their comfort zones. Maybe because I’m a mom (like the Duff) did I tell you I’m a mom? hahaha
    I did think Melissa should have gone home instead of Elena though. And doesn’t Heidi’s baby line sound more like something for Whole Foods???!

  • I think Heidi’s picture on the Scrumptious masthead wearing a sweater twin set is hilarious!  

  • luluransom

    I’m sorry, I just refuse to watch this. REFUSE. Are they freaking kidding me??

  • I liked Tootie’s design and thought she deserved the win. That would work on an actual baby- the big neck is a plus to me; a lot of babies have big heads and this will pull over the head nicely. Didn’t hurt that her baby model was totes adorbs. And WTF with Heidi’s eye makeup?

  • libraangel


  • libraangel

    Sonjia’s mom’s look is Amish, Melissa’s mom’s look – crotch!!!, and Fabio’s mom’s look is mom of the bride!

  • HelenNPN

    Tom and Lorenzo, your Chris hate comes off as unfounded and bitchy.  But that’s okay, we are on a double daddy run reality show fashion review website, so why not a little snipey snipe with the snippity snip. 

    And Dimitry is one hot talented straight male designer – a truly rare breed.

    Tootie’s turban thing is annoying and she wears the most unflattering weird buttoned up ruffled denim shirts. These days nerds in third grade know better than to wear shirts like that.

  • Clacey

    Melissa absolutely deserved to be auf’ed this week. Even she thought so. She knew that both of her looks were crap. 
    And yes, Heidi has a sadistic streak. Just watch a season or two of Germany’s Next Top Model if you need any confirmation there. 
    Sonjia’s baby won that challenge. Had he been wearing Fabio’s or Dmitry’s outfit, that look would have won instead, I’m sure.

  • KathKo

    Late, as always.
    Silly, boring and painfull episode. I fail to see how you can infuse high fashion in children clothes in anyway. Oh, lot of designer try to do it. I had a beautifull Lacroix dress for my baby daugther but there’s so much shape you can be limited.
    It was painfull to watch.
    Christopher’s both looks were ridiculous. The girl’s outfit is fugly and her mother was dead on when she said her dress looks like tablecloth. Feh. I have the most dreadfull feeling Christopher’s going to be in the top 3. I don’t like him, I don’t like his aesthetic and I don’t want to see more of him. Yikes.
    by the way, Good Luck in selling that silly dress, Heidi.
    Sonji’s better, but not that much. It might be for a boy but it’s so drab. A jogger pant ? Honestly ? And that tee-shirt ? Yikes.
    But I don’t think Fabio or Dmitry were any better. Drab, drab, drab.

    I don’t think Elena should have been eliminated over that outfit. It’s not THAT bad. At least, she didn’t try to make an adult outfit for a baby.
    You can say wathever you like about baby not having neck, mummy won’t hear it. They’ll still want to put jacket on their kid. because they wear some and want mini-me to actually be mini-me.
    That’s what I did on mine. She wore jacket from 3 months old up to now. hopefully, she finally grow a neck so now she actually does look nice with it.
    My point is that unpracticallity has never been a criteria in fashion, even in ready to wear. I mean, who on her right mind would wear an extra mini-skirt while knowing if you drop anything you have to bend to pick it up and flash a lot more of skin than you want to ?
    Still, how many mini-skirts are there on the runway ? Loads of them.
    Anyway, I’m glad Melissa’s still here but she should have been aufed over that one.

  • Clacey

    Elena didn’t get auf’ed because of her outfits. She got auf’ed because she stopped being the crazy, shrieking marmoset who brought the DRA-MAH. The producers have no use for a quieter, calmer Elena. 

  • VivianAdvanced

    I groaned when I saw that they were going to be designing for babies. Yuck, gotta please the Lifetime demographic. It did help that the babies they had to design for were cute. I’m not a baby person, unless the babies have fur, hide or feathers, but my heart melted when I saw the lineup. But this was just a big commercial for Heidi’s money-making endeavors, and I felt bad for any of the designers that were going to by aufed. This has nothing to do with what their goals are, and I do hope that there is NOT a Project Runway Kids, but I wouldn’t put it past Heidi to produce such a thing.

    From the look of the fabric pile they had to pick through, the designers didn’t have much to choose from. The colors and prints looked awful. Why would anybody want to dress a kid in grays and blacks (unless you’d used them for accent colors)? I thought the designers dressing the girls would have an edge, but they were the worst. I’m glad the ones doing the boys’ didn’t try to emulate menswear. I’ve seen baby boys in suits or shirt and pants that make them look like freaky ventriloquist’s dummies. Sonjia’s little guy looked quite cool in his outfit despite the gray. She had the best line of the night with the Mary J. Blige crack about Christopher’s complaining mom. I was glad he won the girls’ division, just to spite the mother.

    If I were the mother of a kid or had a pet chimp that I dressed, I definitely would NOT buy their attire from Heidi’s line. I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to throw in those fake babies for the poor designers to care for. Since they weren’t high school kids who were going to be graded, and there was no mention of deducting points for bad baby care, why didn’t they just stuff those things in a closet under a heap of clothes to soften the crying and screaming? That’s what I would have done. No way would some plastic doll interfere with my work or sleep!

  • Indovina

    Okay, yes, there was a stiltwalker challenge once, though I’ve mostly blocked that from my memory, but at least the stiltwalker challenge could—potentially, conceivably, in some universe—have been really interesting. This challenge not so much (but I still think the low point of this season was several episodes ago when they made the designers sell things).

    I would say Christopher won by default, but the judges seem so strangely enamoured of him that I’m not sure he wouldn’t have won even if Elena and Melissa had each produced something brilliant. He, of course, appears to be the designated front-runner. I, for one, find his work over-praised and boring with a soupçon of tacky (he really is Costello-lite! Oh, that was mean.). Anyway, I think I’ve seen this dress before—both of them, in fact.

    I was not quite on board with Sonjia’s win and yet I’m not averse to it. The idea of it is interesting, but I don’t think it works nearly as well as the judges seemed to think it does. They did seem to love her model/client/baby and that did seem to be the deciding factor.

    I’m sorry to see Elena go. I agree that Michael Kors was right in his criticisms of her entry—the pieces individually are interesting, but they just don’t go together at all. I know she bothered most people who watch the show, but I always liked her (no doubt the fact that she bothered most people added to that.) Clearly, the judges did not.

  • boomchicabowwow

    Help me fellow BK’s, are we actually discussing the merits of these outfits?!  I’ve watched every episode of Project Runway (whatever that says about me) but I could not finish this one.  By the same tokin, I faithfully read through every comment before posting, both because it’s entertaining and because my queries are usually addressed, but with this episode I simply CANNOT!    Please fellow TLO fans, tell me that most of us think this episode was a horrible Bunim-Murray catastrophe?!  I don’t want to live in a world where my beloved Unborn Fawns are actually discussing this episode as if it were anything other than (as TLO reassuringly states) an example of “Heidi’s penchant for monetizing every aspect of her life.” 

    Reassure me people…please?

  • I’m back from vacay, and ready to put in my two cents on this clusterfuck of an episode!  Because yeah – that was a bullshit challenge if there ever was one!

    TLo said:  “Not that we have anything against baby clothes, but this is not what we signed on for when we jumped on the PR train, and we think it’s fair to say it’s not what any of these designers signed on for either. Baby clothes, while adorable, are so far removed from the world of the runway that we can’t really take any of this seriously.”

    Holla!  In fact, pretty much “HOLLA!” to your whole post, but I’ll at least elaborate rather than leave it at that.

    TLo said:  “So once again, congratulations are in order for Christopher, just so he can do his beauty queen schtick. “Me? You chose me? Oh, I just can’t believe it! I just keep winning, don’t I?” ”

    I know, right?   It’s okay, Christopher.  WE can’t believe you keep winning, either.  And I’ll say this much – the ONLY good thing about Christopher’s kid and her mom was that Sonjia referred to the Mom as “Mary J Blige”, which I did love.  And yes, while it was technically the *cutest* girl’s outfit up there, it was highly impractical – you could keep that on her for a total of 10 minutes before it was trashed.  If a parent wanted to put her in that cute little white dress made entirely of daisies?  Fine. Just as long as Mom understands that she’d better pack a second clean outfit for little miss.  Plus – how much bullshit was that when Heidi pretty much TOLD him how to make the dress, and then – “OMG!!! Christopher!!!  You won the challenge!!! What a surprise!!”  Anyone who doesn’t think this histrionic little bitch isn’t winning the whole freaking season is crazy.

    TLo said:  “Which means Christopher won for doing pretty much nothing.”  Yeah, but Christopher has been winning for pretty much doing nothing all season. 

    TLo said:  “Let’s face it: her model won it for her. The judges were in love with him.”   True.  And that was an ugly, gray little old man outfit.   Now, normally, I’m head cheerleader in the “Dmitry Was Robbed”  contingency, but this time, I was just grateful he was safe.  But on this one?  Fabio was robbed like hell, baby!

    And as for what the hell I know about baby clothes, I sure didn’t think Elena’s was the worst girl’s look up there.  But at least she lasted long enough that I got to hear her says, “This is my baby.  Her name is Asshole” – best moment of the show, I’m sorry!  I know I suck, but it just really was!

    TLo said:  “But she wouldn’t have been our choice for the Auf. Melissa was kept in because the judges like her prior output more than Elena’s. It’s as simple as that. They always claim they take each designer on a week by week basis, but we just laugh loud and long whenever they say that because the entire history of the show proves otherwise.”

    Oh, absolutely.  That whole “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out” has very rarely been the case. Everyone knows that in the long run, they do take into account a designer’s whole body of work when they spew that bullcrap.  There was no way Melissa wasn’t going to be spared since, I believe, this was her first time in the bottom.  And it was unfortunately several times in the gutter for poor Elena.  So – that’s that.  More or less!

  • I didn’t think it was that bad of a challenge. Season 3 did, after all, include a dog challenge. I doubt any of those designers expected to see Tim leading a bunch of puppies. I think many of this season’s designers had a difficult time coinciding their aesthetic to the dictates of the challenge (designing high-collared jackets for one year-old babies is a good example indeed). It should be noted, however, that everyone, barring Melissa, did try to meet the requirements of the challenge. Should Christopher have won? Absolutely not. His wins, save for perhaps the Rockettes’ dress, have been ridiculous and undeserved. I think he has potential, but he’s quite young, and I feel he needs to mature as a designer. Much of what he does fails to exude a discernible point-of-view and is frankly not that well made or stylish. This outfit? Sure, the leaves and flowers look cute. They are, however, highly impractical and fragile-looking. They wouldn’t survive many wears. Their edges already look droopy. The jacket’s awful. It looks annoying to wear, and it is quite clumsy. Mum’s dress looks like curtains.

    Son: I think it has merit, but it’s not a winner. It’s got some interesting details, such as the pockets and the lapels, but I don’t find it particularly stylish; it’s kind of dreary and slightly flimsy-looking. I don’t like the farm skirt she designed for Mom, but the jacket’s decent.

    Elena: I don’t think it’s a losing entry. Yes, there is a disparity between the structured, pleated jacket and the very basic pants and top, both in design and in color choices. Still, she completed three pieces, one of which (the jacket) contained some design interest, namely the pleating, which could have worked had she found a way to incorporate it without that high collar. The Mum outfit has plenty of design interest (though not all of it is flattering) and a solid counterpoint generated by the basic skirt and the asymmetry-abundant, detailed top.

  • I noticed that in addition to changing the colour of Christopher’s design, if you look carefully, it’s pretty clear that while the flowers themselves are still loose around the edges, the leaves all appear to be tacked down. I didn’t see a single drooping leaf in either picture that’s up on the BRU site.  But the other two girl’s outfits were SUCH disasters, they *really* didn’t have much choice – which is pretty sad, really. 

  • All I could think when they brought out the crying baby dolls was “these people have *scissors*, why are they not cutting out the noise boxes?!?”

  • MarissaLG

    I actually really liked Heidi’s eye makeup in this episode and even thought to myself that I should try it! I thought this was a fun challenge, and I’m sooo happy Elena is gone. On to the next!

  • TropiCarla

    Just in case anyone still cares …

    I dragged my pregnant ass to BRU this weekend to check out these little outfits. I found it hilarious that they were not even displayed out on the floor, in spite of the fact that they were virtually sold out online. The lovely saleslady went to the back and brought me one of each when I explained what I was looking for.

    The little girl’s outfit in blue is adorable. Instead of snaps, there are embroidered gold thread circles, firmly affixing the flowers to the dress. The shiny gold thread is also used on the green leaves and to make a little meandering pattern in between the flowers. I doubt the jacket would be very practical on a baby, but I got a size 24 months, so I won’t know how it will hold up to wearing and washing for a couple years. lol Nevertheless, the dress is super cute and would be gorgeous on its own for a special occasion. Not bad for the $29.95 price tag. I do wish wish wish the headband was included in the final produced ensemble.

    The little boy’s outfit looks like ass. The grey is drab, the raw edges on the pockets looked tacky and the onesie materials was kinda stiff. Maybe if that cute little fella was still wearing it I might have been more impressed. Color me disappointed.

    The highlight of my experience, and a shining testament to Ms. Klum’s shameless propaganda machine — Each outfit had an extra tag, which featured a photo of Heidi hugging the two babies above dressed in their winning outfits, with a big ass Project Runway logo above their heads. I LMAO when I saw it.

  • I am expecting a boy (and have a 4 year old girl), and I actually would buy Sonjia’s outfit for my baby boy. I think it’s adorable; granted, the items I have already purchased are things with monsters on them and argyle sweater vests, so it’s right up my alley. I’m not into babyish stuff in primary colours, so I like it!