PR: Black is the New Black

Posted on September 04, 2012

Hey, remember that show Project Runway, about people with accents shrieking at each other over dresses?


Dmitry Sholokhov

Shoot us; we’re about to use the much-overused term, “meme.”

It seems the meme for season 10 is “Dmitry keeps getting robbed.” And while we do think there were one or two instances of that, at the end of the day, he makes nice dresses that don’t tend to wow us from a design-competition perspective. This is more of the same. How many pencil skirts and sleeveless, tight bodices with pleating details are we going to see. Dmitry’s good and he deserves a win, but he has yet to produce anything that really stands out for us. He needs to shock those judges.


Sonjia Williams

Absolutely no memory of this dress at all. It’s pretty good, but that peplum gets all apron-y in the back.


Ven Budhu

Oh, please. She looks like something’s going to burst out of her chest. We liked this technique the first time we saw it, but we never needed to see it again. And besides, what with her personal life at the moment, we doubt very much Miss Heidi wants to be reminded of roses every week, Ven. Pull something else out of your trickbag.


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  • I’ve said it before that my 10-year has declared glitter to be the new black, but the PR contestants didn’t get the memo. Booooring!

  • Sobaika

    Ven needs to stay away from the rose motif. Enough is enough.

    • SassieCassy

      PREACH. These days PR only plays in the background while I prepare for bed but the judges HAVE to have called him out on it.

    • it reminds me of the Portlandia episode with the segment on how craft designers just take everyday objects and put a felt bird on it.  Ven just puts a damn flower on everything.  even in the instance when said black flower makes it seem that there  is an enormous black hole consuming the models bosom.

  • Pupioso

    Ven’s was terrible. I didn’t like the Peplum on Sonjia’s and Dimitry’s I wasn’t real impressed with either. I found all of the dresses kind of “meh” last week. Quit with the one day challenges already and let the designers work and make something interesting.

    • VestigialMe

      It’s not about 1 day challenges, it’s about giving the designers challenges that force them to, you know, design. Without a central theme, there’s no way to compare entries other than, “I would wear that. I wouldn’t wear that.” 

      If you can have challenges such as a grocery store challenge, a design from car parts challenge, an olympics challenge, a drag queen challenge, a take a picture at night and use it for inspiration challenge, a make an avant-garde look based on the zodiac challenge, and a design a dress for your competition based on music challenge all in one season, I can assure you that the problem doesn’t lie in the time alloted or the casting.

      • hoez

        In the seasons after S5, the challenges have been very much ‘red carpet’ / ‘make a pretty dress’ as opposed to the ‘be creative’ challenges that people tend to respond more positively to.

        •  I like the RTW challenges — I think that’s an important skill set for the designers.  But I think they need to give them more of the really creative challenges, too.

          • hoez

            It is important, but I think that considering that in the past, (S1-S5) they seemed to have maybe one or two RTW challenges (like making over a fellow designer, or translating an avant garde look to RTW, or a garment for Banana Republic) as opposed to just about every challenge being the ‘pretty dress’ challenge. Or maybe I’m remembering things wrong…

          •  You’re remembering right. It’s just the new producers not understanding the brand, but we’re 5 seasons in and I have a feeling that’s not going to change anytime soon.

          • I don’t know if they actually had more creative challenges or if the designers that are being cast are just more naturally RTW — a challenge that could go either innovative or RTW, the designers are choosing RTW instead.

            I’d like to see more challenges like the “imagine a collection for 2050” (or whatever year it was). Something that requires serious artistic chops while still requiring some degree of practicality.

      • Qitkat

        Let’s call this what it really is. The extreme differences between Magical Elves and Bunim-Murray.  The enormous change that took place when the show moved from Bravo to Lifetime. The court battle that took place with the Weinsteins and NBC (I think it was them). The muzzling of Tim Gunn. The show jumped the shark, at least from a creative challenge standpoint, several seasons ago. The success went to the heads of everyone involved, they began to think they were smarter than god, and it’s been tanking ever since.

        • VestigialMe

          Which is why I was laughing a couple episodes ago when Melissa saw how messy the workroom was and asked, “Where were the elves last night?” 

          It was such a beautiful moment.

  • siriuslover

    Well, I still think Dmitry deserves a win. I do think that the winning dress (and the runner up) spoke more to the flowiness of the dresses already made by the PR alums, and perhaps they were going in that direction. I don’t know.

    Ven needs to be aufed for being boring and inflexible.

    Sonjia’s was ridiculous. How could that dress not fit her model?

  • MoHub

    I’m torn between whether Ven’s origami rose looks like a sucking chest wound or a third boob. Either way, not good.

    • muzan-e

      Sucking chest wound.

      No. Puncture wound to the chest.

      No. Mishap on the autopsy table, maybe?

      I mean, I’d wear it to Comic-Con. 

    • lovelyivy

      I was thinking more the erupting alien from the Alien movies.

      • Elizabetta1022

        Two words: Rose Goiter.

    • RroseSelavy

      Or a fleurchon.

      • MoHub


    • it’s sort of a comic book version of a black hole.  it sort of scared me when she walked out.  yuck.

  • Only one place the rose hasn’t been yet – the posterior region!

    • Call me Bee

      That would be awesome!  Heeee…

    • I can see it now – a giant rose bustle.

      • Huge Rose Bustle- That’s something that only Chris March could pull off properly.

    • PatRoadtrip


    • Now THAT would be pooping fabric.

    • MoHub

      It would look like a giant asshole. And in Ven’s case, it takes one to know one.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Looking at the rose I’m afraid of beeing sucked into some kind of Venbot-Hole.

  • SapphoPoet

    I think they all designed the same dress, with a little decorative variation. 

    I can’t wait to see all the same little boring cocktail dresses walking down the runway for the avant garde challenge. 

    • paginatrix

      “Boring” is far too kind.

      But In fairness, the challenge was “Design a department store dress we can sell for less than $300,” which doesn’t invite much innovation. So, as always, let’s blame the PR producers.

    • Derek_anny

       Did you see the rest of the line they were supposed to go with?  I’m not suprised they all look the same.

      • SapphoPoet

        I did see the rest of the line, but it seems to me that all those dresses looked sufficiently different from each other (Chris March’s dress looked completely different from Seth Aaron’s) so why do all these dresses look the same? Even given the constraints, they could have done SOMETHING other than a little, black cocktail dress. 

  • Anathema_Device

    I think Dmitry’s dress, while really lovely, was far too much like the other dresses already in the store’s collection. Ven’s was probably too difficult or expensive to reproduce in the desired price range. Plus, same old trick.* I like Sonjia’s, although the back is fairly sloppy. Given her breakdown, you’d think it was going to be a total mess. I loved Tim’s “Why are you crying about this?” moment. “Channel your inner winner.” Oh, Tim. I love you.

    *I think Christopher’s same old trick worked b/c there weren’t many long dresses in the collection. He was smart to play that angle. If he hadn’t, then he probably would have been in the middle.

    • MoHub

       Christopher was also smart enough to have worked out a way to mass-produce the top—shown in the workroom footage—in an alternative method to his zip, strip, and appliqué technique. He has a good commercial eye that I think will take him places.

      • Derek_anny

         Nor can I imagine that he didn’t mention to the judges that he was taking a calculated risk.  He knew his motif was overdone, but this was a huge prize.  He explained it in the workroom, so they probably cut it from the judging.

    • amian3

       Christopher’s decision to make a gown was his best one I think. The L&T collection was full of fitted cocktail dresses so another gown did a better job of adding something to the collection.

  • Susan Collier

    Whew. That fabric that Sonijai and Dimitry used is making me suck my gut in in sympathy.
    And, no, Ven, a rose does not belong everywhere. It’s painful in a science fiction way. Why not go all nuts and put a rose on each breast? At least it would be worth a second look there.

    • janierainie

      I had thought the same about a rose on each breast!  Like they’re ready to pop out!

    • Someone on another thread said it looked like asphalt on their non-HD tv. I am not arguing.

  • lilibetp

    Not to mention that a black rose doesn’t really look like a rose.

  • Judy_S

    Snooze. But any of these would actually fit into the collection, and none of them are offensive (I was offended by Christopher’s, which seemed like the sort of thing a young girl would wear to make it clear she was not interested in guys). Dmitri’s was fine but a bit too close to Korto’s, maybe–if he had done it in a color maybe it would at least have gotten into the top?

    It was interesting to me to get to see Ven’s origami in its pinned-bits-of-fabric stage.  Now we know how you do it, so please stop doing it, Ven.

  • With the amount of black showing in the rest of the L&T collection, the last color I would have chosen, was black.

    • mjude

      hello my friend!  do you think there wasnt much of a variety of colors?  i just cant remember. 

      • Anathema_Device

         They were limited to what was provided, so maybe they couldn’t get a color in the type of fabric they wanted (meaning it was a choice between a color fabric in the wrong weight or whatever vs. black in the right fabric).

        • True enough, but then again, a good designer remains open to a total 180 based on what is available. Given what they had to hand they could have gone in a new, and possibly more successful direction.

          •  Especially those designers that seemed lost.  I understand Melissa needing a certain stiffness in her fabric because she had a design in mind that required it.  But Elena and Sonjia both floundered for a design so they could have easily changed their looks.  And Fabio’s could have been done in a different color, since Melissa said the other colors were all lighter weight.

        • Derek_anny

           Didn’t… what’s her name, Melissa? say that the the colors were all silk during her critique with Tim?

          • Anathema_Device

            I think you’re right. L&T seemed to provide a pretty specific selection if fabrics: floaty silks in colors & black, then heavier dark fabrics, if I’m remembering the fabric-selection scene correctly.

      • There were 3 blacks, and a gray in the collection.

    • SewingSiren

      Seems like there was black, brown, metallic pewter, rosy red , rustish red, and bright blue. Presumably all of those colors would be available to them plus at least the addition of the pale blush, that Christopher used and the bronze color that Melissa used.

      • MoHub

         Depending on where you look at it, Chris March’s dress is either burgundy or a deep magenta.

        • SewingSiren

          I was using rosy red for Chris’s , by which I mean a bluish red  (but magenta is probably a better word for it )and the rusty red which is a little browner is what I’m calling Gordina’s red.

          • MoHub

             Yep! But Chris’ dress reads burgundy on the BPR and TLo sites and magenta on the L&T site. I’d be afraid to take a chance on ordering it as one color would work for me, and the other would be disastrous.

  • Kappyapp

    I would have much preferred a Dimitry win here over what did win. Sure, Dimitry’s dress might not have rocked the fashion world, but all of the PR dresses at Lord & Taylor are, well, dresses you’d find at Lord & Taylor – lovely and wearable. I think this would have fit in nicely, whereas what did win is so lifeless and boring I can’t imagine any woman wanting it.

    • DinaSews

      I felt the same about Christopher’s dress but over the weekend both of my daughters (in their 20’s) told me that they loved his dress. 

      • Kappyapp

        Oh no. Does that mean I have to admit I’m getting old???

        • DinaSews

          You and me both! 

          • Don’t worry – I’m twenty and I would NOT wear that dress.

  • janetjb

    Dmitry’s dress is better than the Sonjia’s and Ven’s, but that’s faint praise.

  • Sonjia — Sucks.  It’s a bland basic sheath with a goofy and cheap-looking peplum stapled on. 
    Dmitri — Extremely flattering, extremely well-made and for me, the best fit for Lord & Taylor.
    Ven — What the fuck…. why… who… how… I really want to know what childhood trauma makes him like this.  I’m seriously waiting for him to go on a serial killing spree of women with great hair after he’s aufed.  He’ll leave behind an image of the rose from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at every crime scene.  Then it will call come full-circle after he’s caught by Lifetime airing a cheesy made-for-TV movie about the victims of “the Beast” as he will be called in the Post. 

    Or maybe it’s me…

    • pokokpuding

       OMG that would be disturbing and hilarious at the same time!! I think I need a headcheck…

      •  Any time someone goes way overboard with an overly specific “signature” I always think of serial killers and crime scenes. 

    • Pennymac

      That vision is gonna haunt me now………..

  • Joe J

    I’m wondering if part of the reason Dmitry’s didn’t get more consideration is that the judges thought it was a bit too similar to Korto’s dress already in the collection:  (lower left corner

  • I would love to have Dmitri’s dress. : ) But I think it didn’t win bc it looked like Korto’s and probably had too many details for L&T to manufacture cheaply.

    • SewingSiren

      Dmitry’s would be less expensive to produce than several of the dresses that were in the collection. It’s sleeveless and the back is more or less the basic slopers.

      • I agree.  I can’t see where it would be all that problematic, and I think it would do beautifully in retail — it’s one of the few that would look great on a variety of women and without custom fitting.

        •  A variety of women who were H/W *proportionate*.  There were a lot of
          fitted sheaths on the runway and in that collection and they pretty much
          fit one body type. Anyone who is A, V, or H need not apply.

          •  Actually, that would work quite well on a lot of body types.  The seaming creates an hourglass, giving apples more of a waist, and pears appear to be more balanced because it makes your top half look bigger. 

  • withbreaththatisbaited

    As soon as I saw Ven’s sketch, I said outloud “Of course.” You guy should patent that phrase! That said, I like the final product better than the sketch, but still. Same ol’, same ol’. Everyone was so boring this week!

  • SewingSiren

    Yes. I remember it.

    1. Dmitry, I kind of feel like he landed in the middle with this dress because it was too similar to the one Korto already had in the collection. It would have benefited from use of a different color. Bright gold would have been good. Or if no gold was in the barrel, the bronze that Melissa used.
    2. Sonjia, Again with the metalic pewter! I don’t like the use of two different fabrics either, I think that brings it down market.
    I think she should have used the blue fabric that Nick’s dress is made of. Then it could have hung with Gordina’s and Uli’s as kind of a day to night option.
    3. Ven he would have had a real stand out dress if he had steered clear of the black. I think he should have used the rusty red of Gordina’s dress for the body and bodice and overlayed the bodice with the rosy organza that Chris used for his dress. It would have given the rose kind of an iridescent quailty , Maybe overlay the skirt too it the colors clashed too much..

    • Joe J

      Yeah, I thought Dmitry’s dress was too similar to Korto’s as well. 

    • MoHub

       Interesting that you suggest bright gold for Dmitry’s dress. Nick Verreos’ original sketch for his dress is gold with a contrasting (grey?) halter neck. Evidently, it was JS/L&T’s idea to make it in solid cobalt blue.

  • I think Dmitry’s actually fit the challenge, even if the dress is very similar to things he’s made already. They gave Christopher the win and he used that same shredding technique he’s already used too many times.

  • janierainie

    Think about how much better Ven’s would have been if he had made an opening with some kind of oragami trim where the rose was. And I agree with you about Dimitri. He needs to step it up . Color and another shape! He’s turning into a one way monkey!

  • kittenwithaquip

    Ven’s ubiquitous rose detail gets a little too Georgia O’ Keefe/vagina flower for me. He spent all of his time working on that stupid rose, and didn’t bother with the fit of the bodice– it’s all baggy on her bewbs, which just further cements my feeling that Ven isn’t keen on working with actual women. He’d rather just work on a dress form and make something that looks good on a hanger, not get near all of that icky woman flesh.

  • DinaSews

    How did Sonjia’s get hemmed?  She was cutting it off as they were leaving the work room.

    • SewingSiren

      Maybe glue or tape? I can’t imagine that they would ding her for that, as the winning entry had no hem on the sleeve  and the back opening was completely raw all the way around, I think the neck opening was too.

    • The front of it looks hemmed but, if you take a close look at the back, it doesn’t.  It’s a smidge longer than the front and kind of rough looking.  I noticed it more when it was moving back up the runway.  I think she may have been hacking the back of the skirt off, perhaps it was asymmetrical and she decided she didn’t like it at the last second?

  • Call me Bee

    Oh gentlemen.  The “Heidi and The Rose” comment is brilliant!   
    Anyway–I did love Dimitry’s dress this, week, but it’s not for this particular challenge.  Albiet the close fit, it’s not sexy enough to be a cocktail dress–more for the office if it were not quite fo fitted–and all the seaming does not for easy production make. 

    I do remember Sonjia’s dress.  After all the fussing and ripping and tearing, it turned out rather pedestrian.  But–she was lucky to be safe with this.  It coulda been a contender for an auf. 

    Ven’s dress?  Of course. 

  • greyhoundgirl

    Dmitry and Ven:  One way monkeys.

  • I’ll give Sonjia this much: peplums are on trend. I’m doing my best to avoid them at the moment. 

    • Pennymac

      No kidding? Blurg! They make my ass look GINORMOUS!!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        When I shop for a dress or suit I”m usuallhy looking for something that will NOT make my hips or ass look larger than they already are, so no peplums in my closet, either.

        •  There are a lot of women who can wear peplums to great effect, though.  Anyone who’s more of an apple shape needs that extra hip.

    •  Peplums are great if you have the hips of a 5 year old!  I think they work best on dolls and maybe Betty Grable in the 1940’s

      • I disagree, I’m a big fan of making my waist look smaller by adding some volume to the hips. I just think peplums are usually goofy. I can tolerate them in jackets, I guess but i like my embellishments to be in my dress rather than on my dress, if that makes any sense.

        • Peplums on a jacket are fantastic for that.  I hate tacking them on like this dress — a peplum needs to be on separates so that it isn’t so jarring.

  • nannypoo

    Every week I think Dmitry’s entry is among the best and every week he is ignored by the judges. Part of his charm for me is that he does not appear collapse under pressure and say things that make him seem crazy. Also, he makes well-constructed, attractive garments that seem to fit his model well and that conform to the requirements of the week’s challenge. I guess that’s why he never wins – he’s competent and drama-free.

    • Pennymac


    •  The previews for this week looks like Dimitry may have a bit of a melt down or temper tantrum, or both.

      • nannypoo

        Good. Then he’ll probably win.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Isn’t he paired with Elena? That could give him the chance to eomote big time.

    •  Maybe they’re downplaying Dmitry because he’ll be in the top three?

      • rab01

         That would be nice but I can’t remember any top three finalist that Project Runway downplayed.  (Caveat – If it happened during the lost season in California, I wouldn’t know because that’s been permanently blocked from my memory.)

  • alyce1213

    The fabrics are disgusting, so the dresses have to fail.

  • Frank_821

    Yes vortex is a good description. A whirlpool came to mind for me

  • Remember that year when everything was beige?  I’m getting flashbacks.

  • Pennymac

    Oh, TLo, the links were LOL inducing. Ven’s “rose yoke”  (Roke?) (Yokel?) looked like a diagram of a bullets’ exit wound. Over it, and over him!

  • Bozhi

    That “rose” is ugly.  It looks like some kind of growth or worse.  Dmitry’s was my favorite again.

  • theblondette

    Dresses aside, I literally OH SNAPPED! at Seal’s remark in that linked interview. Hahaha. Ex-Mr Klum gives good bitch.

    •  LOL!  I just posted it.  My mouth fell opened when I read it.

  •  “I guess the only thing I would have preferred is that — I guess I
    didn’t expect any better from him, I would have preferred Heidi show a
    little bit more class, and at least wait until we separated first before
    deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were.” -Seal, regarding rumors about Heidi boinking the body guard

    O-M-G, the drama!

    • formerlyAnon

       I know people going through a divorce are sometimes too emotional to be smart (been there myself) but for god’s sake, I just have NO patience for people that seem to forget that they have kids.  My ex- and I exerted enormous restraint in order not to bad-mouth the other in front of the kids, or when they were in earshot.  I’m sure they know more than we ever thought we let them know, but we tried.

      And when you’re a long time celeb, seasoned in protecting your family’s privacy against the press, it’s just a shame that you’d make your issues known in a public forum where they will never be beyond the reach of being dug up for your kids to deal with.

      •  Yep.  And there is simply no reason for it.  I always think of Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager).  Her ex-husband ran for Senate in 2004 against Obama.  Turns out in their divorce agreement, there were some rather unpleasant details about why she was asking for the divorce.  When the press petitioned for the records to be made public, SHE jointly tried to have it sealed with her ex, even though it made him look terrible and there was nothing harmful to her in there.

        • formerlyAnon

          Hadn’t heard that story. I like it.

          • I’m from Illinois so I was there when it was all going on.  The stuff in the divorce papers was bad enough that when the press did get it unsealed, not only did Ryan have to drop out of the race but they had a hell of a time finding anyone to run on the ticket because no one wanted to risk being associated with him. 

            When it was first petitioned, Jeri Ryan entered a joint effort with her ex, saying that they had young children and it wouldn’t be good for them to hear the personal details of their parents split, and that that was why the records were sealed.

  • Andra Ruscoe

    I really expected to see just the phrase, “Of course,” following Ven’s entry.  

    • CarolinLA

      Me too!  I thought Sonjia’s two word comment was going to be “How sad”.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I love Dmitry’s dress, not because it’s amazing or anything, but just because it’s so flattering with that vertical seaming. He really has been robbed a few times, but I think we all just love him so much for giving us “one way monkey” and for so openly hating on Elena. We just really want to see him get a win.

    Sonjia – This dress is a snooze. I don’t hate peplums like a lot of other bitter kittens, but this one just looks like an afterthought.

    Ven – TOTAL one way monkey. 

  • MoHub

    As someone old enough to remember Li’l Abner, I was reminded by Ven’s rose detail of the giant wounds characters in “Feerless Fosdick” used to sport when shot. That, and a little Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. If only Ven had found a way to screw his model’s head on backward!

  • Derek_anny

    Her chest is staring at me!  Make it stop!

  • Lynn Landry

    “fornicate with the help.” I moved on from this post to the juicy gossip.

    • mskgb

      He just couldn’t stop talking after the fairly generous comment about his children seeing a familiar face. Using three-syllable words to publicly chastise the mother of your children and your former staff? The very definition of class.

  • Why on earth haven’t the judges called Ven out for using the same design trick every week??

    • Frank_821

      I think they might have if they had not declared him safe. The dress except for the overplayed trick is actually well-made. It’s likely he was declared safe becuase he’s overdoing this trick. Hopefully Ven will get the message but I doubt it. Note how he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t in the top 4.

  • Jangle57

    I think the thing about the L&T collection is that they were considered ‘classics.’  While I don’t remember what they all looked like precisely, it seemed to me that whatever these designers created, it should have been fairly conservative.  Since I think there’s no way the peplum is going to be considered anything more than a momentary trend, that pretty much killed Sonjia’s for me regardless of all her other issues.  I liked Dimitry’s but I remember thinking it looked too much like a dress already in the collection which apparently was Korto’s. Ven’s black hole could have been cool but wasn’t.  All in all, a pretty uninspiring group.   I wonder what Anya would have created?  A black muumuu?

  • sk8tfan

    I actually thought Dimitri deserved the win here because his dress met the challenge but was still stylish. Ulli’s dress reminded me of his style. If he’d done it in another color it might have taken the prize. But he needs to step it up. I think his work is beautiful and would sell, but he’s not knocking me over with his inventiveness and I’m tired of black. I live to see Ven auf’d. I hope there will be blood when that happens.

  • SapphoPoet

    Ven’s theme song: “The Rose”

  • mhleta

    Given the parameters of the challenge, I still would have chosen Dmitry’s dress were I queen of L&T. A bit snug on the model, but otherwise it’s a head turner coming and going. Otherwise, I’d amend “Black is the new Black” to read “Boring is the new Black.”

    •  I thought Dimitri’s dress fit perfectly into the other L&T styles in the set. Not fair.

  • sashaychante

    Comment about the roses…priceless!  It figures the public view of that marriage was just a bit manufactured.

    • SignLadyB

      Or Seal is working the crowd. We really never know about a couple’s marriage/divorce no matter how much press is given to the participants. 

      • MilaXX

         I think he’s a hurt Heidi as moved on. His post breakup interviews where he was promoting his latest CD seemed like a plea for her to take him back and now that  that is no longer an option, it appears that the claws are coming out.
        I will say though I was never one for the renewing the marriage vows thing. Why is an anniversary party not enough? In my mind anniversary = celebrating the years together and vow renewal = effort to save marriage. Just not my cuppa.

        • See, we’re planning to renew ours at some point.  But we got married very young and couldn’t afford the wedding we really wanted, and there were all the family guests that had to be invited… So when we hit our 15 year mark, we’re renewing our vows with the wedding we always wanted and only the people we really want there! 

          • MilaXX

            I’m think in that instance it would be sweet, but this every year crap I see so many doing is a bit much. Then again my own views on weddings are a rather odd mix of the odd ball and traditional so don’t mind me.

          •  Yeah, I don’t get the every year thing — what if you miss a year?  Do you then consider yourself single again?  Is it like an apartment — I’m not breaking the lease but I’ve decided not to renew? 

            And besides, we had our oldest when we got married — I had pushed the wedding back a year, and then got pregnant like a month after the original date — so we have to do a renewal so the other 3 can be there, too.  I doubt the boys will care but Kate is highly annoyed that she missed a chance to wear a fancy dress.  She’s trying for a career as a professional flower girl at this point 😀

          • MilaXX

            sounds like fun. Enjoy!

  • I really liked Dimitri’s dress! At least it wasn’t black!  (looks more charcoal grey here but I could be wrong). I hope he really does something unexpected and brighter next time, I’d really like to see him win.

    Ven’s roses are getting really old. Maybe next week he’ll put one on the back of the dress, wouldn’t that be exciting? (snore) 

    I agreed with the other contestant who said that Sonjia’s dress was from the ’80’s; yeah, the peplum was poor, and black again!  I could have sworn that there were other colors in their workroom!

  • yybb

    I think peplum is proportional and gives nice curves. Girls with “no hips” would’ve looked good in this dress. Cameron Diaz would’ve rocked it.
    I like Dmitry design. Would’ve liked to see it in different color.

  • SignLadyB

    I agree with mhleta. For me that was the best dress on the runway–it wasn’t black, it had some interesting (if overdone) shaping and Dimitri really does deserve a win–he has produced week after week (I almost typed weak) if not amazing also not cray cray. Costello Lite’s thing was really nothing when shown with the other 9. And he can call it shredding all he wants, it still looks like nothing so much as poor sewing with threads hanging out of the seams to me.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    These are all so ugly. 

  • CQAussie

    Forget project runway….how about Seal’s SLAM of a quote about Heidi??!!

    “…..before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were.”

    Oh hot damn, it is ON.  

    Yes, agree, all the dresses are ugly.

    • MilaXX

       I was so dissapointed with that. I’ve like Seal since he had a full head of dreds and thought he was classier than this. I may admit though from the initial post breakup interviews it felt that he was still hoping for a reconciliation so I can understand if he’s hurt to see Heidi moving on, but to say that to TMZ knowing how fast something like that would fly around the internet is a low blow.

      • formerlyAnon

         People get emotional going through a divorce and as you said earlier, it seems he just couldn’t stop talking after he made the initial, appropriate remark. But it’s a damn shame since both he and Ms. Klum have been doing so well at not dragging crap out in public where it will exist forever to make their kids uncomfortable.

        •  Especially in the Internet age.  It used to be that you’d have to look through archives of magazines and newspapers to find those comments later, but now all the kids have to do is Google.

  • Based on these designs, I’m glad I’m not watching this season. Did the challenge dictate that they had to make boring black dresses? Christ.

  • Markatha

    Honestly, it would take a miracle for any designer to create something really wonderful with only one day to come up with/execute/fit a look.
    That’s the reason there is never any real knock-outs these days.
    The one day challange is so anti-climatic.
    In the end, week after week it seems the best we can hope for is mostly meh. 
    Is a two day challange really too much to ask for PR?

    Something tells me the other 9 past designers took a bit more time and thought with their L&T looks than a “Day”.
    And it shows. Sheesh!

  • mskgb

    The rose, neck width and empire waist on Ven’s dress make the model look like a linebacker. But I guess that’s just evidence of a “strong,” male designer.

  • why did they all choose that horrible fabric?  it’s heavy, stiff and shiny and comes in a variety of colors from charcoal to black.  it doesn’t even look like a textile, it looks like something you’d buy at the hardware store.  tar paper?  ultra-fine grade sandpaper?  something like that… 

    • alyce1213

      Looks like non-slip stuff you walk on.

  • kill me, i actually liked ven’s dress, however it is difficult to keep my feelings about his personality from affecting my opinion of his work.  the rose wouldn’t look so expected if we hadn’t already seen it multiple times.  maybe next he’ll make a dress with a great big rose on the butt!

  • I liked Ven’s dress (shrug). It wasn’t earth-shattering but then no one’s was. Not a fan of the rose but the origami is way of adding interest without buying and applying trim (same with Costello-Lite’s shredding, Dimitry’s seaming) . In this case, I would have altered it so that it did not form an *actual* vortex but I appreciate the Georgia O’Keefe reference.

    Also I liked how the phoney Mood drama was sidestepped and the fabric was already chosen. OTOH, it was god-awful ugly depressing fabric.

    • SewingSiren

      The shredding is called ” fabric chenille”, here is how it’s done

  • marilyn

    You’re right:  Totally forgettable.

  • I kept thinking that Ven’s dress was a part of a challenge on “Face Off” Totally looks like an eye in the middle of her sternum. 

  • cleep1000

    I like Dmitry. He’s funny as hell. In an understated way.

  • Ven’s dress desperately needed a lovely, monster eyeball peeking out from that rosette. With an eyeball in the bodice and an a-line skirt, I’d totally wear that dress.

    • Frank_821

      PR alum Louise has done stuff like that for the steampunk crowd. she and her husband can’t keep up with the orders :p

      I’m not kidding

    • MilaXX

       that would make i perfect for some of our lady nerd celebs. Felicia Day would look great in a funky eyeball dress.

  • Frank_821

    Ultimately this challenge is a fail owing to it’s parameters. As people said, a 1 day challenge for something like this is impractical (even for a reality show) to produce something that needs to be both well-designed and well thought out in manufacturing terms.

    The other is the artistic constraints. Tim specifically said it had to be a cocktail dress or gown instead of it simply having to fit with the rest of the collection. That I felt was ridiculous since it automatically put designers like Alicia and Elena at a major disadvantage. More importantly, Uli and Seth Aaron’s dresses could be worn at the office (by the “Marie Claire Woman on the Go”), so it seems silly they couldn’t be allowed to do something that was more akin to sportswear or even outerwear.

    Can you imagine what someone like Jillian could have done with this challenge?

    • Kayceed

      Not exactly a wardrobe staple anymore, but a beautiful evening coat would have been fun to see.

  • The rose.  Who cares?  Look what Ven did to that poor girl’s ass!  The back of that dress is the real abomination!

  • StellaZafella

    Haven’t read through all the posts yet but:

    Dimitry: I would like this done in Blood Red with the linear accents in black, please. I’m attending a board meeting and then to drinks with friends.

    Sonjia: A Chic uniform… for Marilyn Manson’s maid? Goth Denny’s waitress?

    Ven: Just what I’ve always wanted, an LBC…Little Black Charybdis. This is your lungs on too much chiffon.

    • Stubenville

      Goth Denny’s waitress

  • MilaXX

    The most remarkable thing about this lot of dresses was Sonjia’s meltdown and the shade she threw  at Ven in her talking head about that tired rose technique. I am waiting for the judges to speak up an tell Ven to stop playing that same card over an over again, and so help me if they do an Anya give this one way monkey the win, I’m hopping on the next megabus to NYC and jacking them all up personally.

    • alyce1213

      I’ll join you. Where should we meet?

      • Second.  I’ll bring coffees.

  • Dmitry: Well, I loved it. I wanted to wear it the second it came out on the runway. It’s rendered in a dazzling metallic gray. The striations are great (they tend to visually elongate the body for shorter-than-five-six gals such as myself) as is the origami-like neckline. Couple nits: 1) ditch the earrings. They overwhelm the neck area (what with the structured neckline). 2) try some different silhouettes, Dmitry. I agree with him in that simpler dresses are more difficult to make than overly elaborate/highly embellished ones for there’s no room for error when making the former, but he won’t win with one sheath dress after another. That’s probably the only reason they did not declare him the winner. Another possible reason could be this dress’ resemblance to Korto’s Lord & Taylor dress (resemblances in fabric selection & piping techniques & dramatic necklines/collars). Who knows?

    Son: Nah should have placed in the bottom. She was seen asphyxiating the poor girl in trying to make this mess fit. “The hem’s not done,” she bawled. Oh, get a grip. You had as much time as everyone else. Why isn’t Dmitry’s hem a mess? Or Fabio’s? Stop crying and get to work. Get to cutting and sewing, don’t lament your being in the bottom the previous challenge (Seriously, she was seen wailing the entire episode). I’m surprised she didn’t send a half-dressed model down the runway.

    Ven: I like it, I really do. I appreciate the combination of shiny & matte surfaces. The rosette? Well, it’s not something toward which I’d personally gravitate, but women with a more feminine, romantic aesthetic would. I heard him say to Tim that the sculpted rosette would be his “selling point”. I tend to agree. That’s what he wants to be known for. If they declared this dress the winner, most of the people browsing and buying wouldn’t be familiar with his previous work. The dress and its detailing would have to stand alone. I kind of like the shoes, they’re not matchy-matchy at all, but there’s this rosy/blush synergy between them and the rosette.

    • I’m fine with the combo of fabric, and if he could work the rosette in, that would be fine.  But as it stands, it’s just awkward.  And in most cases I would agree, but the PR collection is specifically aimed at PR viewers.  Most of those will be familiar with his work.

  • Ven’s rose is an “ALIEN whorl”. Yes? (I feel so clever.) I was thinking it looked like something was going to pop out of it too – great minds!

  • turtleemily

    I’m starting to think Ven has only watched the Philip Treacy challenge from S8 when Heidi came out to “Kiss From a Rose” with a rose on her hat, only Ven never got why.

  • formerlyAnon

    I kind of liked Ven’s, but not for the life I actually think many of us have. For the life in which we lead secret revolutionary cells while (choose one) 1) Holding a high government position in which the dress code runs toward adventure-movie-villainess, 2) Being photographed as a slightly macabre figure at society charity functions one attends as a leading industrialist’s wife or 3) Working as a scientist/fundraiser in a strangely sinister medical research firm.

    I think Dmitry’s was top three, I wouldn’t call it a slam dunk for first.

    Sonjia’s was better than many, but I didn’t love the partial peplum.

    •  You know, Ven seems to provoke a great deal of flights of fancy — how odd, since he’s personally so very bland…

  • Susan Crawford

    Dmitry made a pretty damned sexy dress that still managed to fit the L&T brief. I had a few issues with the somewhat wonky back zipper, but overall, it was deserving of a LOT more attention from the judges. I do agree, however, that Dmitry needs a real WOW moment – and soon! And I have a feeling his day IS coming. Go, Team Comrade Snape!

    Sonji – aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! Kill. The. Peplum.

    Ven – I often sit around wishing that I had a sort of va-jay-jay on my chest. Frankly, one more rose-o-gami creation from Ven might just be enough for even the seemingly blind judges to wither his buds. Come ON – one way monkeys should be eliminated by this point in the season, but of course Bunim-Murray know how to suck faux-drama even out of a Ven-Bot. Sigh.

    •  No, I can see him sticking around on merit, much as I dislike him.  He’s very repetitive, but the repetition is very well-executed and generally tasteful so they’ll take awhile to get around to him.

      • Susan Crawford

        I can’t argue with that, Shannon. Ven has excellent skills, and it will be VERY hard for the judges to call him out on that score. More problematic in the long run will be his unyielding and rigid sense that HE is far above the masses.
        He does not play well with others, and in the fashion world, when “others” include retailers, private clients and a whole team of assistants, this could be a huge issue. And he does need to demonstrate more diversity in his designs and a greater willingness to push himself harder.
        We’ll see, but either way, you and I know VenBot will be around for a while, and unless something totally untoward happens, he will probably be in the final three. (And his random Venomous comments ARE something to anticipate each week!)

  • granddelusion

    Dimitry’s was by far the best dress of this particular challenge, though the styling sucked. All that black was truly monotonous, and the Chris win was just laughable. Ven does beautiful work, but we do keep seeing the same design from him, and you’re right, once was enough. Step out of your comfort zone, Ven.

    • granddelusion

      Sigh. I miss Mondo.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Given the particular challenge, I can see pulling out the “signature” stuff–I guess, if you really want to buy a Ven, you want the damned rose, so you can tell all your friends, “Ah, yes, it’s a Ven… see the rose, just like on the show.”  But you know, as a signature, one foldy element is not really a great idea.

    And I agree about Dmitry.  He needs to get out of his rut.  I think he has it in him, but he needs to do it.

  • NCDFan

    I even went back and watched the episode again and I think that the fabrics available must have been pretty crappy. The bins showed lots and lots of black, some grey, the blue and maroon already used by other designers and I didn’t see much else. That said, I think Ven’s was ugly, that shiny growth on top reminded me of the dresses stuffed with tissue I saw at the senior prom. Dmitry’s was nice but I don’t think that the shaped lines in the hips would be flattering to any but the smallest figures. Sonji’s was okay but again I can’t imagine anyone other than a very small size being able to carry off the peplum. The other comment I have for most of the entries in the contest is that the designers put the waist of the dress higher than the model’s natural waist which just made the dresses look off.

  • Joshua

    Dmitry may not be wowing us week after week, but then, how many of the other designers are?

  • Stubenville

    Ven – King of the Tumor Dress.

    • l_c_ann

      Being frugal by nature, I’d differentiate between tumor dresses and origami.  Origami minimizes fabric; it’s a rather interesting way to use us bits of fabric (either torn along the warp and weft or used diagonally for a different, softer thing.  Tumor dresses acutally use a lot more fabric, main cuts, with lots of gathers but making volumn within a single piece or at most two or three large pieces.

      Origami minimizes waste; tumors maximize waste (and they don’t travel well at all).

  • Stubenville

    Folks – remember that Jay’s stunning Chrysler Building dress on PR season one didn’t win the same challenge. As brilliant as it was, it would have cost too much to fabricate. The same is probably true of Comrade Snape’s vertical seam details and Ven’s rose. 

    • SewingSiren

      I don’t think Dmitry’s has more operations than some of the other dresses in the collection. I thought they didn’t pick it because it was too similar to Korto’s, or,  more likely ,because it wasn’t in the script ;).

      • Sigh…. I never saw the same similarities to Korto’s dress other than the material, but when I see them side by side, I do see it. (*Sadness!*)

      • MilaXX

         true, but then why put out fabric so similar? That particular bit of dumbness was on the producers.

        • SewingSiren

          They had to use the fabric that was already sourced.  
          I originally thought he should have used a gold or green (neither were in the collection). But maybe that bronze color that Melissa used would have saved him. 

      • MoHub

         I tend to agree with you. I have many mass-produced garments with what appears to be complicated seaming and pleating—and all purchased at considerably less than L&T prices. Dmitry’s dress looked to me to be easily replicable.

        I also begin to wonder whether Dmitry is getting the Jay McCarroll treatment: no challenge wins but takes it all in the end.

        • This is what I’m hoping his worst case scenario is.

  • oekmama

    Maybe Ven is doing this, so that when TLo does the Ven-Ology, it’ll look all cohesive and like a collection already.

  • redgauntlet

    Sure, Ven is a one-trick pony but, give him his due, what a trick! If we hadn’t seen everything else he’d ever done we’d all have our socks knocked off by that little cocktail number.

    • MilaXX

       That’s the problem he played his one trick too soon and now too often. Now it’s just a yeah, and what else can you do.

    •  Nope, I’d still find it awkward.  I found it awkward the first time, too. 

  • RroseSelavy

    Sick of the rose motif, but looking at it again here, there’s something a little interesting about the chest opening up and the heart coming out, something that reminds me of Frida Kahlo or Jay DeFeo — I know that’s giving it too much respect, but I’d love to see him do something like this with it.

  • RroseSelavy

    Also, is the rose not something like Angela’s precious fleurchons?

  • guest2visits

    Of all the designers; I really thought this was Sonjia’s challenge to win. I thought she would easily create something sophisticated
    and suitable for a L&T market; with her own signature (such as that swag-front skirt had). Instead, it appears it completely
    stumped her, she seemed to take the longest of all (except possibly Elena) to get something on her form.  Inspite of my hopes;
    this was an odd design. The dress and the peplum didn’t fit each other, and the material wasn’t working either. The end result
    was both 80s and frumpy at the same time, I put it close to the bottom.
    Of course Dimitry’s was very appealing, with it’s simple, classic lines and sleek, subtle details. It was abit form restrictive; unless
    they can reproduce it for women of various sizes. I thought it was very pretty, and I put at the top with Fabio’s and The Evil Ven’s.
    Ven’s was for me, another simple, classic design that would flatter lots of women’s shapes and needs. And although I like the rose
    thing; I think this one needed to be designed down, into a simpler, more flat pattern, and the placement seemed a little off, too.
    I noticed these 3 were designs that allowed for ‘normal’ underwear; the winning design and the others chosen for the top didn’t.

  • bitterk

    I’d like to see the judges reward Dmitry  just once for making sellable, impeccably made dresses.  is that a crime?  MK made a fortune doing the exact same thing. 

    • I know – this wasn’t the challenge to send him to the workroom unloved.  

  • unbornfawn

    This was a classic “make a pretty dress” challenge. Why did everyone have such a hard time with it?

    • guest2visits

      No kidding.

  • ChristinaRi

    Got to correct you T-Lo.   The correct meme for the season is “one way monkey.”   We’ve got a lot of one way monkeys and it’s high time for them to snap out of it!   I mean now!   Right now.

  • Oh, TLo, you’ve meme’d my beloved Imaginary Boyfriend, Dmitry… you’ve meme’d him!  (*Gasps, falls on the floor dramatically, dies in front of TLo, the BKs and the PUFs*)   Okay, okay, I’m done being silly!   I have many many thoughts about Dmitry, and some of them aren’t filthy, so here we go…

    I said a week or so ago that I do think Dmitry needs to step it up and wow the judges, because the problem is, no matter how wonderful we think he is – and he is – clearly the judges are being cockteases for some reason or another.  I mean, hey, I adore this guy – he’s become one of my favorite contestants in PR history.  But this isn’t my contest to judge, nor is it Dmitry’s.  It’s the judges’ contest, and it always has been.  And if the judges ain’t happy, no one’s happy.  To my eyes, Dmitry’s not doing a thing wrong – he’s creating gorgeous lovely dresses. But the judges think otherwise, and they’re the ones he has to impress.

    I’ve said it before – I do think he was robbed during the candy challenge, and during the Emmy gown challenge.  Those should have been clear winners, or at least at the top.  Again, it’s not up to me or the entire internet.

    This challenge, though?  This one was different.  Yes, he did a very similar kind of dress that he’s been doing – but THIS time, I truly thought that despite the sameness of some of his designs, the judges would see that he had the best dress out there, and stop denying him the wins.  I hope that makes some sort of sense – I figured the judges might say, “Okay, this is similar to his other designs, but it’s 100% within the parameters of the challenge, and it’s the best garment up there.”  Maybe that’s naive of me, but I figured that for this *particular* challenge, it would be counter-productive for the judges to spank him into the middle just to prove a point.

    And I’m honestly getting nervous for him.  There’s nine designers left – yes, Alicia and Elena could be fodder over the next two weeks, but he really doesn’t have time to not impress the judges.  He’s right in that danger-zone where the judges could decide he’ll be the next “shocking” elimination, and deep-six his ass for “boring Nina”.  It’s happened before; it could easily happen to him.  He doesn’t have a lot of time and extra contestants to fall back on.

    • Linderella

      Everything Lisa says, just let me add a “Ditto.”  This was the best dress on the runway.  Period.

  • kikisayshi

    “what with her personal life at the moment, we doubt very much Miss Heidi wants to be reminded of roses every week” Bahahahaha!

  • alula_auburn

    I saw an episode of The Golden Girls last night where Blanche was wearing a fuschia jacket with a big ol’ rose in the middle.  I’m just saying.

  • Sweetpea176

    I would have put Ven in the bottom.  That THING on her chest is just so hideous, it’s kind of making me angry.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I like your concept, but something about the dress itself just isn’t right.

  • Thathoodwink

    Oh my word, I never thought of Ven and the Roses/Kiss From a Rose….you two are so doggone funny!!

  • Nice links, TLo 😉

  • Ven’s look is nice if I don’t take into account all his previous PR designs. It looks well put together. The black hole in the chest thing doesn’t really occur to me unless I make it (after reading comments). Compared to Sonjia’s and Dmitry’s, I’d say Ven’s look is superior. 

  • janierainie

    I just realized what Ven’s thing reminds me of-Jiffy Pop popcorn!! It looks like it’s ready to explode.

  • Okay, so over at “Project Runway Auctions” the dresses are currently being auctioned off online.  One guess who’s design has the highest bid?   Dmitry’s – it’s up to $455, and it’s more than twice the amount as the next highest one, which is Christopher’s winning design – his is only up to $205.  Of course, this just reinforces it even more to me that he should have won that one.  

    • khh1138

      *gasp* How did I not know about this?

      • I don’t mean to sound like a bitch, but Fabio’s dress – which was in the top while Dmitry was cooling his ass cheeks in the back room – is currently up to a whopping $55.  Dmitry’s is going for $455.  Does not compute.

        • khh1138

          At least Dmitry is getting some love somewhere…When the public is given a voice, they put their money where their mouth is! 
          (I’m still a little confused about the whole “fan favourite” voting, but that’s another story.)

  • Allison Woods

    As usual, I love Dmitry’s dress. Not the winner? Rilly? No fair.

    Am not looking forward to more bad chemistry between him and Elena.

  • rab01

    Just returned from vacation so I’m late to the discussion but this is one of the very few times I have to disagree with TLo.  Dmitry’s dress might not have been terribly innovative but it’s not like any of the other dresses on that runway were all that surprising.  Judged against his competition, his dress was as good or better than the top 4 so I’m going to say he deserved to feel disappointed.

    Sonjia, on the other hand, deserved to be up for elimination. TLo: “It’s pretty good, but that peplum gets all apron-y in the back.” Without the peplum, what element of design is in that dress? To be honest, I just don’t see anything good about it. It’s all kinds of unflattering on her model.

  • Ven’s dress looks like a chestbuster (from Aliens) has come out and been subsequently torched to death…what woman wants to look like she has a gapping black wound on her chest?  Dmitry had the right name for him because he’s more or less done the same dress in different colors for a few challenges now.  From a construction standpoint, Sonja’s (Alicia gets that one) wasn’t the worst but from a design standpoint, she could’ve gotten the auf for that dress.  Dmitry’s was the winner of this challenge for me over Christopher’s ripped t-shirt and a long black dress look, a look incidentally you can see high school orchestra players wearing anywhere in the US.  Perhaps Dmitry’s details were too intricate but in terms of the overall challenge, he did the best imho.

  • elikit

    Ven’s freaking rose/orifice detail is as played out at Costello-Lite’s flayed fabric effect. Thoroughly meh.