“Pitch Perfect” Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on September 25, 2012

You know what we love about this red carpet? It’s for what looks to us like a total chick flick and the cast ladies all dressed the hell up. Sort of a “We’re dressing for ourselves and not to look more fuckable” message. Attagirls.


Anna Camp in Marchesa

There’s so much here that sets off our fashion-rage, like the folded-napkin bodice and the non-color worn by a pale blonde, but somehow, this is all working for us. It helps that the bottom 2/3 of the dress is as simple as can be, and that she kept the makeup clean and got her hair did (as opposed to the yoga class hair so many ladies default to on the RC).


Anna Kendrick in Zuhair Murad

We don’t think we’ve ever seen her wear so much makeup. The eyes are a bit heavy, but we don’t mind. We do kind of mind the heaviness of the dress paired with those heavy shoes. Just because it’s all in neutral tones doesn’t mean you can just pile on the frippery. A simpler pair of shoes with some color to them would’ve been better. Also, that waist bow is sad-looking.


Brittany Snow in Georges Hobeika

That’s way too much frippery for a grown woman. She looks like a birthday cake for a 6-year-old girl. Beautiful color, though. Matches her eyes exactly.


Elizabeth Banks in Alexander McQueen

It’s funny. We loved those shoes when Kristen Stewart wore them, hated them when Ginnifer Goodwin wore them, and now we’re back to loving them. We get a lot of “T Lo, what kinds of shoes DO you like?” But the fact of the matter is, it all comes down (as it almost always does) to the wearer and the outfit they’re paired with. Miss Lizzie is rocking the shit out of that sextastic dress and the shoes make a perfect capper to the look, especially since the dress is fairly simple.


Rebel Wilson in ABS

GREAT makeup – and the dress is great too, but those shoulder roses are not her friend. Little cap sleeves would’ve made this look perfect. Well … perfect except for the silly putty shoes she’s about to fall out of.



[Photo Credit: David Gabber/PR Photos]

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  • Smitty_Werbenjagermanjensen

    To Rebel’s shoes- WHY?!

    • mjude

      i feel your pain.  shoes that dont fit drive me crazy.

    • Introspective

      seriously. its ridiculous how she looks in these shoes like I looked in my mom’s shoes at age 7. i cant.

    • Chickadeep

      Why? She’s probably got wide feet and doesn’t normally wear giant stiletto platforms, so went with loaners. Since sample shoes aren’t available in wide widths, she probably had to go up 1-2 sizes to avoid cutting off circulation to her poor toes. Sky-high shoes are not always the big girl’s friend.

      She’s rocking the hell out of the dress despite those odd shoulder roses. The color is great on her. Disagree with the cap sleeve recommendation, though…those are pretty unforgiving if you don’t have Michelle Obama arms; they hit in just the wrong spot. I’d go with 3/4 sleeves or just simple wide shoulder straps.

  • Sara LaBatt

    I just want to get in there and push Rebel’s shoulders down.  She looks all kinds of tense.  The fit of her dress is weird and I totally agree about the sleeves, she should not be adding volume on top of her shoulders but a cap sleeve or even sleeveless would have been better.

    Elizabeth looks amazing.  Total bitchface, and I mean that as a complement.  I adore the shoes myself.

    • Yes to everything here. Looks like Rebel could use better “foundations,” as my mother calls them 🙂 

    • What’s weird about the fit? Other than pulling a bit at her bust, it looks great. I could do without the shoulder horns–er, “roses,” though; they don’t seem like they’d be flattering on anyone. Cap sleeves would be a huge improvement. If she’s tense, well, I can’t imagine what would be more stress-inducing than being a fat woman in a size 0 profession.

      • Sara LaBatt

        Oh yes, I’d be tense too!  I think what bugs me about the fit is how it pulls across her breasts but sits wrinkly on her chest above.  Just seems like that area could have been tailored better.  I am shaped much like Rebel so I can totally sympathize (except I don’t have to go in front of lots of people on a regular basis!).  I do love this color on her as well.

  • These ladies… are playing college freshmen?

    • Yes, I have heard that Hollywood occasionally casts older actors to play younger roles.

      • Yes, yes…. but younger actresses we have never heard of. Anna Kendrick just played a DOCTOR. Anna Camp dated Don Draper. We KNOW they are not teenagers.

    • They all actually look quite young in the trailer. 

      And Rachel McAdams was like 26 or something in Mean Girls where she played a high schooler. Its more about the feeling they give off rather than how old they were are

  • newleaf1

    I do like Anna Kendrick’s dress (minus the bow) even if it does look a little figure skater like.  It’s cute.

  • Sobaika

    Aside from Elizabeth Banks, I actually think Rebel looks the best even with the shoulder fug. I don’t feel as forgiving with the first few ladies.

    • GorgeousThings

      Agreed – Hell, if Charlize Theron can wear boob roses at the Oscars, shoulder roses are a minor infraction. Don’t like the shoes, though.

      Now on related note, I spent my lunch hour poring over Zappos, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus, trying to find a pair of black suede pumps that are neither horse hoof-platforms or 5 inch stilettos. Do you think I could find a pair? NO! What the hell is with shoe designers this year? Are they simply incapable of designing a decent pair of non-platform, 3-3.5 inch high heels? 


      • Sobaika

        Funny you should ask, I just recently bought non-platform black heels from Aldo – not suede though. And I think they’re around 2.5 inches or so?

      • Ali

         I think I’ve seen moderate heel suede pumps from Coach and J Crew in black.

      • Jillian3538

        I’m trying to think positively.  To date at least, no one’s tried to put us all in spiked padukas.

      • judybrowni

        Ya hafta go with the comfy shoes us old ladies wear because we can’t chance a fall off a 5-inch heel that would break a hip.

        Plus we did the crazy shoe thing for several decades and we ain’t playing anymore.

        Check out Sofft dot com, but even so their 2 1/2 heels are a hella more comfortable (the Vivian suede pump) than their striving for current fashion 3 1/2 plus 3/4 inch platform, or the too flat sandals.

        • judybrowni

          You can get some Sofft at Nordstrom’s.

          But again, the 2 1/2 inch heel is comfy, I find their 3 1/2 nearly as bad as most brands.

        • CozyCat

          Clarks (especially their Indigo line) has really upped their styling the last few years.  I have a great pair of grey suede pump/booties that are cute and extremely comfortable. 

          In addition to the good discount shopping options others have posted here, try Amazon and (if you’re confident of your size) ebay.

      • shirab

        Maybe those LK Bennett pumps Cathy Cambridge always wears come in black? I keep thinking that they must be comfortable, relatively speaking, since she wears them so often on days where she probably stands and walks for hours.

        • GorgeousThings

          I tried those when they first were available in this country, but they run so narrow I felt like Cinderella’s ugly stepsister. Nordstrom since has noted on the website that they run narrow. I have a taupe (not silly putty) color pair of suede Stuart Weitzmans that I love, but they don’t make them any more. Boo hiss! 

      •  The A/W shoes seem to have more sensible heels – there are some cute kittens and courts with 2″ heels around for the first time in a couple of years.

      • MilaXX

         try 6pm (dot) com or do like I do and type what you want into google images.

      • Call me Bee

        Stuart Wetzman (my hero!) has the Platswoon in black suede with just a itty bitty platform (3/4″) that is not clunky at all.  Very lady-like, as are most of his shoes. 
        ETA: I see they don’t have the suede at Nordstrom’s, but they do on the SW website. Good luck!

      • super late reply, but DSW has some (online) – they may not be designer-designer (if I make any sense). I saw some VanELI that seemed pretty and not too high…

  • BrooklynBomber

    Anna Kendrick = Kate Beckinsale-in-training

    • Jennifer L.

      Mmm, I like Anna Kendrick just fine as an actress, but she doesn’t have the same sort of magnetic, balls-to-the-wall-charisma that Kate Beckinsale has. Said charisma is the only reason her string of laughably bad sci-fi flicks haven’t spontaneously combusted in a fiery, fiery pile of sadness. 

      • BrooklynBomber

        I like them both. What I was referring to is that Kate B. always had a slightly “tomboy,” girl next door vibe, but lately has transformed into a glamazon. In this picture it looks like Anna’s on the same path.

  • janetjb

    Does Elizabeth Banks usually dress so fierce?  

    • Spicytomato1

      She’s been on a tear since The Hunger Games. She stepped up her style big time for the premieres and it looks like she’s keeping it up.

  • In_Stitches

     Is it just me or does Elizabeth ALWAYS have terrible hair?  She’s a gorgeous woman with a slammin’ body and she usually has pretty unusual, but awesome taste in clothes and she lets it down from the hairline up, every time. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I want to put a Diet Coke in Anna’s dress.  You know, just for later.

  • Rebel’s dress fits her like a dream!

    • CozyCat

      Yes, she looks great!

      And every time they run the commercial for this movie, the few seconds of Rebel make me want to see it!

  • WHAT is so hard about wearing shoes that fit? Don’t these gals all make enough bank that they can afford to (gasp!) BUY a pair once in a while if the sample sizes don’t fit?

    • MilaXX

       I think the problem is when  stylist brings the look, they tend to bring the entire look down to accessories and shoes. I do wish more celebs would say “No” to ill fitting shoes but I think most just buy into the entire package.

    • Kayceed

      Completely agree. I would think any celebrity, especially with a difficult size, could just have in her closet dressy black pumps and sandals; dressy nude/bone/taupe pumps/slingbacks; and dressy gold, silver, and bronze sandals/slingbacks/whatev. And then just wear them. More than once.

  • I am super psyched for this movie. (There, I said it.) It looks camp as hell, is trying to ride the Glee bandwagon, and I know as a Discerning Consumer of Pop Culture I should be rejecting this with all my other elitist friends, but I have a humongous soft spot for Anna Kendrick and I have high hopes for Rebel Wilson’s character based on the snippets I’ve seen in trailers.

    • thoroughlymodernmillie

      I am so with you. But I also have a penchant for movies and tv shows where people spontaneously, or not-so-spontaneously, break out into song and dance. One day the powers that be will release Cop Rock on DVD.

    • I saw a preview of the movie last night and enjoyed the hell out of it. Beyond funny (Elizabeth Banks kills it as a competition commentator), smart use of the performances, and a few cute nerd boys to oogle.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Is it me or does Brittany Snow look like Celeste Holm?

    • BrooklynBomber

      I see more of a cross between Jennifer Aniston & Maggie Gylenhall (but the hair does look Celeste Holmish).

  • Trisha26

    I only love Anna Camp, the rest have serious issues (which TLo pointed out quite succinctly in almost every case). Anna K’s total look is unflattering, Brittany looks like Little Bow Peep and Rebel’s (love her!) shoulders, yes, should have been subdued. However – I HATE Elizabeth’s entire look. Yoga hair, horrible shoes, and that dress is nothing short of Vegas call-girl. Yikes!

  • Jillaine13

    Every single one of the ladies has a distinctive for sure.
    Anna Camp – looks like the drapery pleat lost it’s tacking.
    Anna Kendrick – posed like a Rockette in a dirty snow costume.
    Elizabeth Banks – yikes! scary spice.  
    Rebel Wilson – trussed up tight as the Christmas goose. 

  • melanie0866

    Anna Kendrick looks like Kristen Stewart in that picture.  That is not a compliment.

    • MalCo09

      Agree times a million.  She’s doing the patented Stewart Sneer

  • gabbilevy

    I”ll keep it quick: (The pass/fail college course version of IN or OUT)

    Anna: Pass
    Anna: Fail
    Brittany: Fail
    Elizabeth: Pass
    Rebel: Pass

  • Melissa McC:  please meet Rebel Wilson, or at the very least whoever introduced Rebel to the value of great foundation support and a well fitted dress. Aside from the shoulder flowers, the dress is perfection.

    • MilaXX

       Just a persona observation, but I think Melissa is one of those plus sized gals who are self conscious about their arms.

      •  You’re probably right. And Rebel is smaller and younger, which all helps. But it’s a shame someone doesn’t take M in hand and help her through these issues, because hiding herself isn’t ultimately helping. My personal view is that my arms match the rest of me, it’s no surprise they are “meaty”, so why add a chopped length onto the problem? But I know plenty of weight-proportionate ladies of a certain age who don’t like their arms either.

        • MilaXX

          I am the same way. I have no problem showing my upper arms, but I know some lady celebs prefer not to show theirs because the media can be so mean about it. I do wish she would graduate to at east a short sleeve and since she gets her clothes made just have the sleeve made to fit without making them puffy or blousey.

      • Call me Bee

        I am one of them, as is Oprah!  I always watched her on the RC to see how she was covering her arms and not looking dowdy (remember her red dress at her 50th BD party?  I know –it was 8 years ago, but a fabulous dress…) 

  • Introspective

    Anna K.’s neck and torso seem compressed by that short bodice, the mock turtleneck and that too high waistline, which already kill the look. but the overdone beading and the bow send this look straight to hell.

  • Spicytomato1

    I have always thought Anna K was cute but her eye makeup here makes her look a bit scary. Not liking it. At all.

  • In the last year, I have gone from who’s Rebel Wilson to oh that’s her to OMG I love her Rebel Wilson.  LOL.  She looks good.

  • Would it kill Anna Kendrick to smile full-on, instead of this “meh” look she always has?

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I watched Judge Dredd in exchange for my husband accompanying me to this movie. Can’t wait!

    The ladies don’t look their sartorial best, but they look so happy I don’t really care. What is up with Elizabeth Banks’ blush?!

  • I think those are oversized sparkly pale gold shoes Rebel Wilson is wearing,not just standard oversized silly putty shoes. As a sucker for sparkly shit, I can’t help but be pro-sparkly shoes. (Sorry, TLo. I never claimed to be a woman of taste and refinement.)

    I love the hell out of that dress, though. And the color is perfect for her. Other blondes should take note. Thank you for not leaving her out, since I know you’re loathe to feature plus-size celebrities. I remember when you used to do so a bit more often, but I also remember how easy it was to get everyone’s hackles up if you weren’t 120% complimentary.

  • ojosazules

    The Linens Fairy, The Baton Twirler Fairy, The Blue Fairy, and The Sex Fairy. The Sex Fairy wins.
    The color is so perfect on Rebel, and the fit, too too bad about those friggin’ pointy roses! This woman is a comic genius. She saved “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” 


    Anna K’s Cocker Spaniel hair paired with skin toned, high neck dress = yuck.  Looks like no-neck!

    • kimmeister

      Yes, that high of a neck positively screams for an updo.

  • Miss_Led

    Ven sleeves!

  • MilaXX

    I like everyone’s looks except Brittany Snow’s. That’s a dress for the toddlers and Tiaras crowd, not a grown woman.  I have some minor quibbles with the high neck on Anna Kendrick’s dress & I hate that boob cut outs are apparently a thing even if Elizabeth Banks does look good. I think Rebel deserves a most improved award because the fit & color of that dress is really good. I will concede the rose detail isn’t great and I wish her shoes actually fit, but overall well done.

  • claudemtl777

    Anna Kendricks is giving porn star face…I see nothing else…

  • judybrowni

    I think Anna is showing her range: from usual nice girl look to sex kitten.

    Didn’t think she had the sex kitten in her until I saw this dress and makeup, so no, I don’t think it’s too extreme.

  • Call me Bee

    I like that the ladies here didn’t get all gaown-y for a chick flick movie premier…(which looks like a total Glee rip-off, BTW…) All in all, they all look pretty swell. 
    Rebel’s shoulder roses could have been made by Ven! 
    And–Ann’s shoes are perfect for that dress!  The straps mirror the swirls in the fabric. 

  • nannypoo

    Anna Kendrick is wearing one of the losing Rockettes costumes from last week’s PR.

  • Jangle57

    Re: Rebel’s dress: does Ven design for them? 
    I despise everthing about what Elizabeth Banks is wearing.  But that goes for about everything all of them are wearing so why should she be any different?

  • j_anson

    DAYUM, Elizabeth Banks.

  • kimmeister

    I hate Elizabeth’s shoes no matter who is wearing them, or with what.

  • Zippypie

    Elizabeth Banks needs to get her roots done and then she’d be smashing.  It’s so distracting.  And the shoes? No.  Dress is fab though.

    Everytime I see a folded rose, I think of Ven.  Shit.

  • save_the_hobbit

     I wish you would’ve done Pentatonix’s looks, they were at the premiere and I would love to see you guys talk about Mitch Grassi’s style….and his boyfriend wore like, neon pants, it was fabulous.

  • What, did Ven do some of these dresses?  Hah!

  • Rebel Wilson’s dress, beautiful color, lovely neckline. I think it’s hiked up a bit, the dart seems to be in the wrong place and it’s pulling tight across her boobs. I like the rosette sleeves… they are adding height to her arms and giving the illusion that they are slimmer. A cap sleeve would be too ordinary and the hem of it would cut across her bicep.

    For the rest, I like the Marchesa but love the McQueen.

    • mmc2315

      Yes, the color is so rich and beautiful on her.  I would’ve liked to see a different hair style with it.

  • quiltrx

    Sorry, but I think that Lizzy Banks looks like a hungover Vegas Prostitute.

    And I love Kendrick’s dress…too bad about the rest of it being overdone.

    • DCSheehan

      And a cheap prostitute at that.

  • Brittany Snowe’s dress would have been MUCH better without sleeves.  

  • m0r0

    It’s all just too too much! UGH>

  • TieDye64

    Elizabeth Banks FTW easily. Fierce.