Olivia Wilde in NYC

Posted on September 26, 2012

We had a little Abbott & Costello routine this morning over these pics. Tom said, “Hey, let’s put up those pictures of Summer Glau you showed me.”

“What pictures of Summer Glau?”

“You know, the ones where she’s walking around New York in those red jeans?”

“What red jeans? Summer Glau? What?”


Olivia Wilde out and about in New York City.

Bella Freud ‘Jane’ Merino Sweater

She does kind of look like her, doesn’t she? Exactly the same bone structure. We never noticed it before, but they could easily play sisters.

Anyway, this is a somewhat long way of saying that we love this outfit to death. Everything about it is kickass and sexy. Even if someone other than Summer Glau is wearing it.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com, net-a-porter.com]

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  • Sobaika

    Perfect look, city-chic. I really love that sweater.

  • those sunglasses are beyond fab.

  • siriuslover

    The bag disappeared at some point. Where’d she stash it? Not a fan of OW, but I like this outfit. Cute.

    • mjude

      good point about the bag…where did it go?

  • lalahartma

    I want the blazer.

    • Introspective

      try & fight me for it. i dare you. right after i fight summer for it that is.

      • Michelle Cunningham

         Take any standard blazer to a good tailor and ask them to put leather on the lapels 🙂

        • Introspective

          Michelle, I think Im going to take you up on that suggestion actually… thanks!

        • lalahartma

          I am looking for a good standard blazer!

  • gabbilevy

    Woah, how have I never noticed how similar they look? She looks adorable and chic. I’d wear everything.

  • Is polishing one’s shoes/boots a thing of the past?  That child needs some shoe polish and a brush like yesterday. 

  • Jill_3

    This is precisely how I wished I looked in colored jeans, easy and cool and lithe, but I would look like a tomato in those pants. Or like a little red teapot- short and stout. She looks amazing. But isn’t she beastly hot?

    • I wondered the same thing. Wasn’t it nearly 80 in NYC today? But I think celebs have a little glass bubble around them that keeps everything at 68 degrees.

      • alicetiara

         The weather in NYC has been all over the place but I was wearing jeans and a blazer too (& a scarf!). It’s layering weather.

      • For me when it’s hot my body adjusts to the temperature so by the end of summer 80 is a cool day – I could wear shorts or jeans, in the 70s I’m layering. Unfortunately it means I’m freezing and whine all fall and winter because it only gets colder. 

  • IAmJ

     Great outfit. She looks very hip and cool. My “aww, look at that” moment of the day was sponsored by the lint balls on the sweater.

  • The sweater is pilling (3rd from the bottom)!! Doesn’t seem right for a sweater that cost $300, does it?

  • lovelyivy

    I love this look, mainly because I’d wear the shit out of it- especially that blazer. Love!

  • Introspective

    very cute. another good look that also doesnt look like she tried. maybe it was styled, but the mark of a kick ass day outfit for a celeb is to not even see the stylist’s hand. snaps girl.

  • you’renotmysupervisor!!

    I need those boots like yesterday.  ooh, but maybe in orange, purple or grey….

    screw it, blue, orange, purple, AND grey!

  • Rand Ortega

    Maybe because I live in LA but this is kind of standard, almost a uniform. But, that jacket is 2 DIE!  Any idea who’s the designer?

  • WOW! I never noticed the resemblance, but you’re so right. And yes, that is a killer look, though I’m not in love with the sunglasses.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Gorgeous.  And I never put together how much Summer and Olivia do look alike.  They need to make a really kickass nerd movie where they play sisters who kill rogue aliens or something.  

  • Love the front welt pockets on her jeans.  Trying to find the brand….help!

  • Vanja

    I love red clothes, I have a red coat, red shoes and red shirts, but now I want a pair of red jeans too.
    Also, what happened to her bag in the last pictures?

    • bellafigura1

       Yeah, where’d the bag go?  Maybe she had a driver idling nearby …

  • I sort of love how her legs look like just an average, albeit fit, woman’s — not incredibly long or incredibly skinny.

  • I just laughed myself sick, and nearly ruined my paella lunch. You guys absolutely slay me.

  • That sweater is so cute. On the back it says “Gainsbourg is god” but that’s silly, everyone knows that Tom Brady is god.

  • Jennifer Bartell

    Anyone know the make on the sunglasses? Super cute.

  • RebeccaKW

    I do think she is put together well here.  And I don’t hate anything.  But…somehow she looks stumpy.  I think it’s maybe the shortness/tightness of the jeans at the ankles, with the thickness of the boots.

    • In_Stitches

       It’s not a fortunate situation, that’s for sure.  If they’re ankle boots, she should have worn a cut that was slimmer along the calf.  If they aren’t, just tuck em in!  Slightly cropped jeans that aren’t really tight/tapered will made a supermodel look funky.

    •  It’s amazing how the camera makes her look short.

    • holdstillnow

      Those were not the greatest choice in footwear.

  • Sara LaBatt

    Hard for me to watch her walk around with wallet and cell phone in hand and not think she’s asking to get mugged for those.  But she looks cute!

  • It was the “I love you, Jayne”, er, “Jane” T-shirt that threw you, wasn’t it?

  • Zippypie

    Jeans are too short, giving her a bad leg line.  If they were two inches longer and she didn’t have such clodhopper boots on, I would have loved this.

  • Kato16

    Jacket and bag, please. 

  • i don’t know, it just reeks of trying too hard. 

  • MilaXX

    cute! Love the top, not crazy about the boots.

  • This whole look is ridonkulously cute!  Perfect for just wandering around NYC in this weather!

  • Trisha26

    Summer Glau rules. Olivia Wilde…she looks thick-thighed in those jeans. And where’s her bag in the last 2 shots?

    • Thick-thighed, really? I can see what people are saying about the jeans not being the best length for her, but her thighs definitely do not look thick. I think we’ve all become too accustomed to extreme thinness. 

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Cute outfit.

  • snarkykitten

    super cute. it irks me though, that a pair of red jeans & a basic sweater with some text on it probably costs more than my paycheck.

  • Both very pretty ladies, but Summer Glau is so much more a goddess-like creature. 

  • Sorry, but that sweater is a boring waste of good merino.  And they misspelled “Jayne”.

    I’m too faceblind to judge the Summer Glau resemblance- you could have told me she looked like Nathan Fillion and I would mostly believe you.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      birkin not mansfield, although i have to say that even w/ the je t’aime reference, a reference which shoulda jumped out & bit me smack on the jaw or someplace–i still had to look it up to see who BF meant. i would think, in this case, if it doesnt mean anything immediate to me, it aint gonna work on most people. & it didnt & it doesnt. ha. so there.

      in other news: in someplace between the pleistocene & the miocene, if i remember correctly, i did used to do some modeling [if more acting, something at this late date i hate to admit]. i’m only bringing this up, in a manner of speaking, to say that no matter how much i brought many another thing up [or never put it down in the first place], i woulda killed–killed–to have thighs that thick. what in heavens name are people who are saying that stuff seeing? i cant even imagine.

      • kimmeister

        My immediate reaction upon seeing the sweater is that Adam Levine should have had this sweater before Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane album came out.

  • TieDye64

    I’m sure the “Jane” tee helped with the confusion. Laughs!

  • It’s fabulous, but a sweater that says, “Je t’aime Jane” would have been much more fabulous on Summer Glau, because of the Firefly tie-in!

  • Myra C

    I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to disagree. I know the last thing Olivia Wilde is stubby, but those jeans and those boots make her look short-legged.  She ain’t tall but she ain’t that short, either.  It’s very noticeable in pictures two and five.

  • Mary229

    Yeah, this is totally cute.  I have not always been a fan of Wilde.  She’s a lovely woman who just didn’t seem to be that talented. I’m still not sure I think she’s very talented.   But she dresses really cute.

  • guest2visits

    Even thought I like these as separates – I think this black over black is looking kind of frowsy.
    I love that jacket, wish the top was white.

  • Where the heck did her purse go? One minute she has it, the next minute she is carrying her wallet.

  • MzzPants

    Summer Glau.  Now that’s the heart of a true nerd-boy.  At least he didn’t say ‘…those pictures of River Tam.’