New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Front Row

Posted on September 14, 2012

Darlings, let’s take one last, loving look back at The Hunger Games, shall we?

3.1 Philip Lim Spring 2013 Show

Mandy Moore

We… almost like it? Too shiny, though.

Chris Benz Spring 2013 Show

Alison Pill

Cute. Matchy shoes.


Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Melissa Rivers

Joan is Joan. Kelly’s outfit is actually quite cute and sassy. Melissa is tragic.


Kelly Osbourne, Hailee Steinfeld

Very sassy. Sassier than Hailee’s which looks kind of matronly in comparison. And the green pumps are kind of awful.


Paula Abdul

Susan Sarandon

Dogs are not accessories, Susan. We love you, but come on.


Vanessa Williams

Ooooooh, honey. This is not working for you.

J. Mendel Spring 2013 Show

Abigail Spencer

Elisabeth Moss

She looks ridiculously cute. We think from a proportions perspective the skirt would have looked better shorter. And in retrospect, the shoes are kind of ugly. But still, this is cute.


Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Show

Hailee Steinfeld

Oh, you crazy kids today, with your sexting and your Dubstep and your pattern-mixing.


Kelly Osbourne

The hair looked kinda cute in a Whoville sort of way in the other outfit, but here it just looks scary.


Kristen Wiig

That doesn’t even look like her.


Ricky Martin



Rodger Berman and Rachel Zoe

That dress is gorgeous.


Rose Byrne

Kitten ruling on this one? We can’t decide if we like it or not.


Marchesa Spring 2013 Show

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

This looked better in person. Long story to follow.

Jenna’s tweeted her love for us a couple times, but you never really know if a celebrity twitter account is actually them or just some publicist who works for them. So when we walked up to her at this show to introduce ourselves (something we absolutely never do with celebs), we did it with some trepidation, fearing she was going to look at us blankly and say, “Who?” Instead (and thank God), her eyes went wide when she heard our names and she threw her arms around both of us (as best she could, because she’s tiny) “Oh my GOD! I LOVE YOU GUYS!” We chatted for only the briefest of moments because there are always photographers and journalists waiting impatiently for you to get the hell out of the way, but she told us she reads us first thing every morning, that she thinks we’re hilarious, and that she’s fine with us loving her husband so long as we love her too. We assured her we did, told her we appreciated she had a sense of humor about what we do (because any celebrity would be fully within their rights to not want to speak to us, assuming they’d heard of us at all), and told her she looked gorgeous, which she did.


Kelly Osbourne

Props where it’s due: this is chic.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Pfft. THESE assholes. Their entourage of bodyguards were practically shoving people out of the way as they made their way to their seats. Granted, the press descended on them so rapidly and with such force that Tom, who was much further away, briefly wondered if Madonna or the Pope had arrived.

And it has to be said: she is strikingly beautiful in person, although incredibly tiny.


Michelle Trachtenberg

Sarah Hyland

Walked right past us and we could have sworn she was Mila Kunis.


Stacy Keibler

Unlike most other celebs, she is Amazonian-tall, but you knew that already. Still, she cuts quite a figure in person. You can’t not notice her when she walks into a room.


Tinsley Mortimer


Tyra Banks

Her fake Harvard degree is in that purse, we’re sure. She’s pushing the “businesswoman” angle just a little too hard, we’re thinking.


Michael Kors Spring 2013 Show

Camilla Belle



Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas


Katharine McPhee


Olivia Munn


Rachel Zoe and Joe Zee

Nanette Lepore Spring 2013 Show

Abigail Breslin


Edie Falco

Girl, Those Are Not Your Shoes.


Sami Gayle

This is crazy-cute but those shoes are ugly.


Stanely Tucci

He’s adorable.

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013 Show

Joanna Coles

Olivia Palermo

Chic as hell.

Ninety percent of the women at this show were dressed almost exactly like Rachel (as you can probably tell from this one pic alone), so props to her for not going that route.


Rodger Berman

Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 Show

Anna Wintour

Brad Goreski


Conor Dwyer and Ryan Lochte

Boys, you both look great in suits, but what the hell do you have on your feet?


Jessica Alba



Olivia Wilde

Also super-cute.

Rodarte Spring 2013 Show

China Chow

We love you, you crazy bitch. But we’re glad we didn’t sit behind you. Then again, she’s small enough to not impede anyone’s view.


Kirsten Dunst

Honey, what is going on with your bust?

Vera Wang Spring 2013 Show

Michelle Kwan

Stacy Keibler



Yao Chen

Chic as hell.

Vivienne Tam Spring 2013 Show

Angela Simmons

Bebe Neurwith

Halley Feiffer

Kelly Bensimon

We sat right behind her and when she sat down, our hand to God, we both said under our breath, in unison, “Girl, that’s not your dress.”


Nicole Trunfio

This is kind of crazy but we love it.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • duckgirlie

    I like Rose Byrne’s dress, but her head looks like it’s been pasted in from a bigger photos. When did she loose that much weight?

    • She’s been tiny for as long as I remember, I like her dress but she always looks like she’s dying of consumption. I mean, a happy spring dress doesn’t go with such a sourpuss.

      •  She’s always been waif-ish, but duckgirlie is right; she looks a little extra-waify in this photo.

    • AudreysMom

       She has been small-ish but watch the difference between s1 and s2 of Damages. I swear she dropped 20 pounds (on a body without 20 to lose). Usually (like in Bridesmaids) she pulls it off without looking waifish and emaciated. But not always. And she always looks so sad.

      • Yup, she definitely did. It was shocking, and I think she looks much better in S1. 

        And yes, she always looks like she’s about to weep.

  • jilly_d

    Ryan Lochte looks very Patrick Bateman in that suit. And not in the good “oh he’s so hot and rich” way. More in the “he will feed a stray cat to an ATM” Kind of way.

  • hughman

    Hailee Steinfeld at Marc Jacobs kind of looks like a home-schooled sister-wife.

  • sockandaphone

    We sat right behind her and when she sat down, our hand to God, we both said under our breath, in unison, “Girl, that’s not your dress.”” this comment gave me the greatest mental image ever.

    • sisterb67

       Hand to God, I’m pretty sure my 9 year old niece has a nightgown that is almost identical to that dress. And I’m almost positive it’s from Target.

  • tallgirl1204

    Abigail what’s-her-name’s hot pink dress was SUPER cute.  Seeing a lot of hot pink in these pics?  “The new black?”

  • merciblahblah

    You had me at Tucci. Siiiiigh…

    • sisterb67

      I love me some Tucci. He’s just so darn adorable, I want to put him in my purse and carry him home.

    • Rand Ortega

       He’s so…dreamy. The absolute only reason to watch “Burlesque”. Especially the scene where Xtina comes to his house in the a.m. & he’s seeing his 1 night stand to the door… yum.

    • AudreysMom

       YES!!!!! The only thing that has made up for the lack of Tom Hiddleston at this event.

  • patticake1601

    Kanye dressed his “bitch” like a mop.  

    • drdirection

      seriously.  it looks like something my daughter would make for her dolls out of crappy yarn

    • MilaXX

       If she wasn’t laughing all the way to the bank I would feel sorry for her. She is however beautiful. I used to follow her on facebook for her makeup looks, but I couldn’t take her speaking even on facebook and had to unfollow.

      • patticake1601

         No argument there…she certainly is gorgeous and seems to be able to print money. But I just can’t stand her or her family.

        • formerlyAnon

          It makes me feel like I’m turning into the kindest of my aggressively evangelical friends/relatives, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan always make me feel like saying “How tragic – they were once a real family but they’ve lost their way.”

  • I don’t give a crap if he’s actually a douchebag or dumb or whatever. Ryan Lochte looks gorgeous. 

  • I like Rose Byrne’s dress, but I think its a “Girl that’s not your dress” moment. I think that dress needs some fresh-fashed smiley young starlet- while she on the other hand has kind of a sad look (I think its partly her face, partly her expression and maybe the eye-make-up, all combined). Because of her sad eyes and general look I think “cool” or “edgy” or just “chic” looks work better on her than this “cute, colourful and happy” dress.

  • Spicytomato1

    Holy cow, there’s so much to take in here. I love it. Highlights for me: Elisabeth Moss’s whole look, Mandy Moore’s hair and makeup, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s shoes, Nicole Trunfio’s ensemble (minus the shoes), Kirsten Dunst’s dress (except for the ball fringe bust details) and shoes, Yao Chen’s everything.

    Less impressive: Kristen Wiig without eye makeup, Susan Sarandon with dogs, Stacey Keibler looking matronly in the pink dress, Kelly Osbourne’s insane haidor, Tyra Banks’s whole schtick, the swimmers looking like undertakers and/or corpses, Anna Wintour’s grandma shoes, Sarah Hyland’s bedhead.

  • Rand Ortega

    If a dress can make VANESSA WILLIAMS look frumpy, it should be incinerated immediately.

  • Sobaika

    I’ve decided I love Rose Byrne’s dress.

    • Spicytomato1

      I think it’s pretty but I think it’d be prettier on someone curvier. I could see Christina Hendricks in it if the neckline were slightly higher.

    • Violina23

      I’m OK with the dress, but my problem is her pouty “someone killed my puppy” face… 

    • MilaXX

       I do too.

    • charlotte

       I agree. Is it me or does Rose Byrne look a lot like Shannon Woodward?

  • Alisa Rivera

    I love that you met Mrs. Charming Potato. If the spud himself had been there, I suspect Lorenzo’s head would’ve spun off like a top.

  • nannypoo

    I am going to have to google this Tinsley Mortimer person who seems to turn up everywhere. Abigail Breslin is growing up to be a very pretty young woman, but it’s time to deal with that hair. Until TLo mentioned Kelly Osbourne’s hair I thought there was some kind of evergreen tree behind her. I used to work with a woman who wore her hair in a similar style and instead of a tree it looked like a penis. Oh, for the good old days. Hailee Steinfeld always used to look so cute and lately I hate everything she wears. And as for Jenna Dewan-Tatum, I don’t see anything positive about her very unattractive dress with its boob-eating sequined dragon and her silly hair ornament.

    • Spicytomato1

      I think Tinsely M is a socialite if I remember correctly from the captions of my now-lapsed Vogue subscription.

      • MilaXX

         Yup socialite. IIRC she once was either a guest judge or the client for a PR challenge.

  • aeg66

    Its rather easy to discern who came to NY w/o a stylist . Michelle Trachtenberg & Sarah Hyland look like they switched shoes when they sat down.

  • aeg66

    & who the eff brings dogs to a runway show????

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, right? Man would I have been pissed if she’d somehow ended up next to me.

    • drdirection

      super disrespectful to bring your dogs. 

    • MilaXX

       She is acting a bit crazy with those dogs. One of them is in the movie with Richard Gere and she has set up a twitter account for it and tweets in the dogs voice. It should be cute, but it comes off as a but crazy old lady.

    • formerlyAnon

      And most importantly: I doubt the dogs had any fun.

  • aeg66

    Alright all fashionistas…
    my mom was sitting next to me as I scrolled & loved what Paula Abdul is wearing…. is it Chris Benz?? Anyone have the info???
    My mom appreciates.

  • I LOVE Abigail Breslin’s dress. SO cute. I wish it weren’t too young for me, because I would wear the hell out of it.

    • MilaXX

       This is the best I’ve seen her look in a long while. She’s another on who is almost always just a bit off in their looks.

  • Rose Byrne almost WERQ worthy, its ballsy, hair pull back, part in the middle, maybe in a loose pony tail would had helped; you can put jewelry on cause the pattern is to busy, but the shape is right for her. Make a little bit more youthful

  • kimmeister

    Kelly Osbourne’s color combo in the first look makes me want to barf.
    Why does Catherine ZJ look like a giant next to her husband? Is she sitting on a phone book?
    Michelle Kwan, what in tarnation are you wearing???
    Bebe looks like a vampire.

    • MilaXX

       I saw another picture of her wit that orange and pink number and I have to say the hair worked for me. I guess that is my issue and hesitancy with extreme hair color. If it clashes with your outfit, the look is ruined. So you are stuck with either color coordinating your clothes to the outfit or ignoring how badly the hair color clashes.

    • formerlyAnon

      I assumed Catherine ZJ looks larger because:
      1) Camera angle
      2) There’s only 3″ difference between their “official”  heights – given that he’s almost 68 and she’s 25 years younger I’m betting that in reality there’s maybe an inch and a half difference at this point.
      3) He’s about to turn 68 and has been through a grueling illness in the last couple of years. He’s getting that shrinking old person look.

    • TheDivineMissAnn

       Oh Bebe…..if you look closely, you can see the image of a demon on her chest area. Matrixing, I know, but that’s what I see.       And the woman behind her on the left has become possessed.

  • Love Rose Byrne’s dress, hate her shoes (quelle surprise).  Also, I must express my amazement and delight that Joanna Coles is sitting in the same manner that my mother always scolds me for (knees together, feet apart).  Also, also, I’m apparently a big fan of the parenthetical element today.

  • Rand Ortega

    Why does Kelly Bensimon always wear dresses that look like a toddler’s Sunday best?

    • aeg66

      Because that was the age she stopped maturing…duh. 😉

      • Rand Ortega

        LOL! Exactly.

    • MilaXX

       Because she’ crazy as all get out.

  • gabbilevy

    Mini-Mila Kunis looks like she’s ill. Did she look like that in person, or is it just terrible light and bad makeup/hair/angle? 

    • Violina23

      I did a double-take on her picture as well. I’d wager it’s the angle/lighting.

    • MilaXX

       She’s super tiny, but she also had a kidney transplant a few months ago.

  • Call me Bee

    Just random thoughts: 

    Stanley!  Bebe!  Edie!! 
    When did Abigail grow up?  She’s adorable! 
    Those two guys in the suits are hot.  Too bad they are wearing rubber shoes. 
    Joanna Coles looks nice and approachable here, but I really want the shoes of the woman sitting next to her.  Kirsten’s too. 
    Love, love, love Kelly Osbourne’s third look.  Beautiful! 
    How nice that Michael Douglas dressed just like Michael Kors to attend his show! 
    Kelly Bensimone and Tyra Banks can both go sit in a corner along with Kim and Kanye.  It can be my Irrational Celebrity Hate Corner. 


    • Sing4yursupper

      Celebrity Hate Corner… tee hee

    • LocMama

       A new show coming to VH1?

  • jw_ny

    In could comment on each, but won’t..a of good and interesting looks.

    As for Rose Byrne’s dress flowery dress…I like it, and I typically dislike flowery dresses.  Maybe because the top and bottom are not matching colors…idk.

    Nice to see Michael D. and Katherine Z.J….haven’t seen either in a long time, they both appear healthy.  🙂

  • It’s Dawn Summers! Yay! She looks cute.

    I kind of like Rose Byrne’s dress. I don’t know why, but I do. 

    • Violina23

      Her look is cute, but [and this might be the lighting] she looks like a ghost!

  • Sorry but Rachel Zoe’s arms look positively skeletal and in the second photo, you can see her breastbone very clearly.  Every time I see a picture of her she looks more & more like a stick.  How can this be considered healthy? 
    Also, all of these people have access and money to patronize highly-skilled hair people-why so many awful manes?

    • Linderella

      Rachel Zoe continues to astound me.  How can someone whose job it is to make people look great ALWAYS looks so awful?!  Learn to dress yourself in something that flatters and FOR FUCK SAKE CUT THAT RIDICULOUS HAIR!!!!
      (Whew!  That felt good.)

  • Kristin McNamara

    -I think Hailee Steinfeld’s ugly green shoes are the same as Allison Pill’s ugly red shoes.
    -Kristin Wiig needs some eyeliner. ASAP.
    -Tyra Banks looks plastic from the neck up….. which is funny, because she played a doll-come-to-life in a Disney Channel Original movie with Lindsay Lohan in about 2000.
    -How old is Brad Goreski? He looks like he could be one of my students. I teach high school.
    -A lot of this photography is really tragic. The flashes are washing people out, and making them look much more shiny/pale/porcelain than I’m sure they really do in real life. That’s too bad 🙁 (e.g. Jenna D-T, Michelle Trachtenberg, Lochte, etc.)

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Who cares if the female half of Kimye is strikingly beautiful. She is like Amber Rose, only even more desperate for attention. I’m happy you guys don’t feature editorials with her.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I like Rose Byrne’s dress and I think everyone else would too if she had accessorized with a smile. China Chow’s hat is divine. 

  • Check out the expression of the woman on the right of Mandy Moore in the first picture. {snort}

  • MilaXX

    I gotta say Rachel Zoe looks good! I can’t recall ever seeing her with her arms out before & I love that orange outfit.
    No lie, I had a suit out of that same material in 7th grade. Only my skirt also had a jacket to go with it and I didn’t look nearly as cute as Jessica Alba. I had bangs, afro puffs& these awful round tortoiseshell glasses.
    I don’t know what Sami Gayle does but she is cute as a button.
    I will always have a tiny crush on Ricky Martin.
    I don’t typically like people going blonde, but I adore Elizabeth Moss’s cut & color.

  • The first few things that just came out of my mouth:

    Kelly Osborne needs to just STOP with that hair.

    Vanessa Williams’ dress makes her look thick around the middle, and we know that she’s not.

    I love that saturated color on Elizabeth Moss.

    Kristin Wiig’s makeup is horrendous.

    Kim Kardash looks like she’s wearing a mop.

    Tyra’s wig looks ridiculous.

    Love Jessica Alba’s plaid skirt. 

  • everest19

    Michelle Trachtenberg = Corpse?

  • I like the Roser Byrne dress. Very cute.

  • Scimommy

    I want to worship at the altar of Olivia Palermo’s outfit. For some reason I am finding it out of this world gorge.

  • trisker

    Stacy Kiebler looks beyond divine in both photos; Rose Byrne looks like she’s shrinking away to nothing in that print; and Rachel Zoe has so much botox her face is frozen in one expression.

  • e jerry powell

    If Keibler is going to go with a nude shoe, she either needs to quit tanning or go about three shades darker on the shoe.

    The t-shirt/tuxedo combo is Ricky Martin’s fallback look.  Doesn’t he have anything else in his closet?

  • TSkot

    To me, Rachel Zoe always looks hagard and her clothes droopy.  The only way I could call that dress “gorgeous” would be if I were on her payroll.  !?   Hmm…

  • guest2visits

    Stanley Tucci looks magnificent!  And Kelly Osborne is so cute but at times that lavender hair is sucking the life from her, I think.
    Lots of pretty dresses, pretty people too.

  • quiltrx

    Love Kelly’s ‘vine’ dress, Abigail Breslin’s hot pink (though not that blonde hair, darling), and Alba’s bright skirt.

    And I’m convinced Joanna Coles is trying to convince us that she’s fit to breathe the same air as THE SWINTON.

  • mom2ab

    Crazy world when Paula Abdul looks chic and appropriate and Melissa Rivers looks like she is heading into the final scene of Intervention.

    • Shawn EH

       And her shoes are too big! Sad.

  • butterflysunita

    I don’t know who Yao Chen is but she looks great.  

  • nosniveling


  • formerlyAnon

    Man. That was great!

    NEVER thought I’d be typing this: Kelly Osbourne & Rachel Zoe tie for the win. There were some (better) stand out outfits, but they each looked both good and better than average more than once.

    LOVE that J. D-T knows & loves you two – but I’m gonna have to take your word for it that she looked gorgeous. That photo doesn’t really convey that at all.

    Whoever made the suit he’s wearing should consider getting a restraining order to keep Rodger Berman from being photographed in his suits.  The young swimmers looked good, but Joe Zee wins the Male: Suits Division.

  • formerlyAnon

    Oh, and I cannot deny that Rose Byrne looks cute in that dress, but I cannot say I like it because the color scheme is just too Lilly Pulitzer for me.

  • CatherineRhodes

     1. Channing’s wife seems very gracious and charming. Just don’t try approaching Maggie “Nursing Home Pee” Gyllenhaal. You may not get such a warm reception.

    2. Hallie Steinfeld is definitely my fav teen dresser.

    3. Regarding Anna Wintour, may I remark that the emperor has no clothes — or in this case, tacky ones. How is she possibly the most important woman in the fashion industry in that silly dress and those ugly beige mules? With all the apparel at her fingertips, THAT is the outfit she chose for New York Fashion Week?

  • lrhoff

     Kelly Osbourne needs to cease wearing turds on top of her head.  NOT attractive.  Kim Kardashian is “tiny”?  Have you looked at her backside?  There’s nothing small about it.  Ugh.  This woman is working her inability to do anything to be famous and still being somewhat well known for all it’s worth.  Unfortunately, our society buys into it.  Too bad she doesn’t just get a job and work for a living like most others.

  • DCSheehan

    Lots to love here. J’adore Kelly O’s dresses. If she’d just figure out her hair… Mandy Moore needs to stop looking so pissed off. You are young, beautiful and talented, girl, so cheer the hell up! Rachel Z is so thin that she looks like she’d snap if you bumped her. And Stanley Tucci is hands down one of the sexiest men alive.

  • Olivia Munn’s head looks huuuuuuuge! And are you sure that’s Kristen Wiig?? Weird.

  • ccm800

    again Mandy Moore – never the same person twice

  • Le_Sigh

    Is it just me, or is Tyra giving some serious Naomi-face?

  • Michelle Trachtenberg looks like a ghost.

  • mhleta

    Tom and Lorenzo, where do these photos come from? Do you take them, capture them or draw from some photo pool?

  • I love your Jenna Dewan Tatum story!  That’s adorable – it’s right that you got love from her, you deserve the love!

    Kelly O’s first and third outfits – LOVE.  Second one is cray-cray.

    Kelly Bensimon – Haaaaaahhhh….

    Yao Chen – who the hell is she and how the hell did she get so CHIC in one lifetime?!

    The Rose Byrne BK Vote 2012: Queens, NY Chapter – Nope!  And you know, it’s not just that I don’t like the dress, because it’s not good.  It’s the sad sack way she carries herself in every goddamn picture!  It’s that slump shouldered, sad-faced way she ALWAYS looks. You know, like someone held a gun to her head, AND killed her puppy to show they were serious about dressing that way.  I’m tired of it.  She always looks miserable.

  • BerriG

    I love Kristen Wiig, but why is she taking make-up tips from Paz de la Huerta?

    Though the shoes aren’t good for Edie Falco, she is rockin’ that dress!  Also, love good-looking boys in suits!

  • MoHub

    Best look for Elizabeth Moss EVAH!

  • Maybe an odd question TLo, but were any celebrities being followed around by camera crews?  Especially Kim Kardashian, with her own reality show.  Just wondering.  P.S. Totally just envisioned the Tom & Lorenzo Show, BTW. 

  • Bree The Vole

    Tyra’s outfit and hair look awful, but I’ll never not be impressed with her striking face. Those impossible cheekbones!

    • Shawn EH

       Girl can still smyze!

  • HOW did Stanley Tucci manage to stick his hand in his pocket and NOT ruin the line of his suit? He just looks genteel and casual. Can he give lessons? I would like to sign up my boyfriend for a lesson, because he feels awkward as hell not doing anything with his hands in pictures and he can’t copy my “fist on the hip, cock hip out and show some leg” pose. ETA: Always in 3/4 angle, of course. I don’t do that Jolie shit.

    • 3boysful

       ADORE Stanley Tucci.

  • I want Anna Wintour’s dress!

  • Why does Rose Byrne always look so sad? If I had a day of going to Fashion Week shows – I guarantee that I could work up a smile.

    • This is exactly what I said!  I mean – I know, right?!

  • bellesprit

    Scrolling down, I came to Nicole Trunfio and, inexplicably, loved her outfit. Blushing with shame, I was thrilled to find TLo’s comment on it. Whew! I’m not totally out of it.

  • Shawn EH

    Rose Byrne clearly needs a better prescription, but Rachel Z. actually looks pretty great. So does Liz Moss, but I wish Kelly O. would just leave her hair alone sometimes.

  • PhillipWilde

    How many mops did it take to make Kim Kardashian’s jacket?

  • IAmJ

    The Dwyer/Lochte picture is hilarious. They look like very nicely dressed mannequins.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    That photo of Rachel Zoe and Joe Zee is so cute-I’m looking forward to the new season of his series.

  • bitterk

    is this the season of clunky colorful fugly shoes because I am seeing alot of them.  What was poor Vanessa Williams thinking.  And the two of you showed immense restraint in not tearing Michelle Kwan’s cracky ensemble a new one.  Oh and Rose Byrne is in.

  • I liked Rose Byrne’s dress, minus the boring shoes. Speaking of shoes, looks like Lochte came to the show in crocs. 

  • I adore Stanley Tucci in every possible way.  Kirsten Dunst looks like she stole the fringe from a toreador’s hat and pasted it around her bustline.

  • LocMama


    btw, I love your name & description.

  • LocMama

    I didn’t notice Kristen Wiig’s makeup because I spent so much time trying to figure out if she was wearing a massive bow tie.  Am I the only one to see this?

  • Myra C

    Zoe & Zee! The new Bravo reality series about a stylist and fashion editor who travel across America to makeover the women in our great land.

  • librarygrrl64

    I heart Stanley Tucci SO. DAMNED. HARD. I have also become a little bit of an Olivia Wilde fan ever since I saw her on Colbert. She was really goofy and smart and self-deprecating in a non-annoying way.

  • HK4Seven

     I want to host a post-fashion week Oreos party.  Or perhaps cheeseburger party.  I’ll let you all know.