Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013 Collection

Posted on September 10, 2012

Taking inspiration from birds, fish, and moonlight on waves might seem a little easy or obvious at first. After all, they’re universally considered beautiful on their own. Still, this collection of looks manages to find its own interpretation of these things and offer up a different take on them. We love the digital prints with the wings and feathers on them, but we gasped at the teals and blues, with smatterings of glitter throughout. The result is somehow serenely beautiful.





[Photo Credit: GoRunway]

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    • HomeOfficeGirl

      oh! ah!  Might be my favorite so far…  I am loving the color in some of these collections you have featured!!
      If only I could wear the middle design in the 4th row…

      • kristel

        Me too – if I were wealthy, thin, and tall, I’d buy that in a second. And then invent reasons to wear it. Love it.

      • Catherine Katz

        I love that one, too!  Gorgeous!!

    • rawrgrowlrawr

      The black lace dress on the left in the 9th row needs to be on my body. 

    • mellorcr

      I actually know an engineer who worked on beta-testing this type of printer about ten years ago, and it’s intriguing to see them finally having a noticable impact on the world of fashion.  They’ve had a serious impact on the world of manufacturing for quite some time, but it’s great to see them being used so creatively in this beautiful collection.

      • Kristin McNamara

        SCIENCE, FTW! :)

      • Chantelle James

        Technology and textiles coming together is a wonderful thing :)

    • Scarlet39

      The oxblood leather look seems to have wandered in from another collection, but I adore it.  Overall, it’s a very pretty, solid collection,

      • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

        I agree, Scarlet – that dress is gorgeous, but doesn’t relate to the rest of the collection.  Otherwise, oooh, ahhh! 

    • Aniela Marie Perry

      Oh my God in heaven, hallowed be this collection. “Love” does not even begin to express how I feel about these.

    • Deac82

      It feels like a grounded version of the McQueen sea collection…but lacking the “umph” as well

    • jmorino08

      Wow! Designers are really turning it out this year! When’s the first big awards show after this? Expect to see a lot of these pieces, when/whatever it is!!

      • Kristin McNamara

        I could see dozens of actresses in the beautiful sea-foamy colored gown in the middle of the second-to-last row. Beautiful.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Gasp worthy indeed. Truly stunning. 

    • Elana Bryan

      Love love love – I want at least 5 of these dresses for my RC appearances :-)

    • unbornfawn

      Beautiful AND wearable!

    • SarahBeth

      Love the third row down, blue dress on the left. 

    • Lauren


    • MajorBedhead

      Wow, that’s stunning stuff there. I agree about the oxblood thing, but the rest is just, wow. 

    • MilaXX

      This is seriously pretty. I love every single piece.

    • M_E_S

      I would cut someone for that light blue gown….or the black one next to it.  Just stunningly gorgeous!

      • Terrie_S

        You’ll have to fight me for them.

    • guest2visits

      Beautiful dresses, beautiful prints… both for the b/w and the blues.  Love the encrusted gold and silver dresses and their
      materials.  And I like the sheer gowns that aren’t see-through, they just give the illusion.

    • Lisa

      This is just so beautiful!  It’s so flawy and oceany  and mermaid-y and pretty.  I approve!

    • quiltrx

      VERY nice use of color and print!  I also love all the sparklies near the end, too.

    • tallgirl1204

      Love it all. I would work my way through this collection like a menu, were I the type of person who frequently strode the red carpet.

    • blondie65

      Oh my.  This is beautiful…the design on the pants (first row, middle), I can only hope makes its way to the retail market.  Makes black and white exciting! Aquamarine gown…next to last row, middle, I don’t have words…just love.

    • snarkykitten

      PEPLUM!!! (said like William Shatner in Wrath of Khan)

    • butterflysunita

      Beautiful.  Who cares if your inspiration is a bit obvious when this is the result?  

    • marlie

      Monique Lhuillier has always been one of my favorite designers, and this collection doesn’t disappoint. I’ll take one of everything, please, including the shoes.

    • Adrianna Grężak

      I want the pants in the first row!!

    • j_anson

      Hmm, not all of it’s lighting me on fire, but I actually really like the dress with the scale print fading to sheer – rare good use of a sheer skirt?

    • aristida_girl

      Sooooo pretty…

    • Joalissa Jean

      Magnifique collection. 

    • Anathema_Device

      I really love much of this, with the exception of the scaly looking outfits. A few of the pieces in the first two rows are reminiscent of McQueen.

    • RoxieRider

      All of the ones with the teal motif that looks like scales are breathtaking, and the silky gowns are to die. But isn’t that black lace number almost identical to Keira Knightly’s WERQ today?

    • P. Capet

      i never do not like her work and this collection is no exception.  in this world, i can always count on her to bring the lovely.

    • kahluagal

      Breathtaking.  There are so many of these that are just too beautiful.

    • Candigirl1968

      Let this collection be a lesson to Marchesa:  you can be feminine, dramatic and lovely without looking like a wedding cake.  

    • Blondage



    • Verascity

      I honestly straight up could not focus on the lovely dresses because of how thin the girls look. I can’t take emaciated models anymore.


      Wow, this is a really stunning collection. One of the best that’s been posted so far.

    • AuntieAnonny

      This is going to be the best red carpet season ever.

    • 3boysful

      Breathtakingly beautiful.  I’ll take seven for grocery trips (I go almost every day), one for PTA stuff, one for JV football games . . . sigh.

    • mshesterp

      It’s collections like these that really differentiate (especially after watching lots of PR) the professionals from the amateurs.  This is absolutely stunning, and I don’t even care about fashion.  The dresses are just so beautifully made and put together.  Love that black and white tank dress 2nd row down in the middle, and the colors throughout the collection are just divine.  Beautiful, just beautiful pieces.

    • foodycatAlicia

      I love these but I just can’t wait to see them go horribly wrong on the red carpet. Schadenfreude be my name…

    • Tamara Hogan

      For me, the star of this collection is the fabrics. That first dress? TO.DIE (Dye?).FOR.

    • WordyDoodles

      Magnificent. That top dress is a work of art. And the middle dress in row 7 is a dream come true for me. (If I were an edgier kitten, I’d just say “MINE!”)

    • Elena

      I freaking love this collection. Would be wearing the shit out of it if I were rich and famous.

    • drbjudgingyou

      Maybe it’s just me, but this sort of feels like Viktor’s finale collection with the purples and whites, plus the patterned pants.  Beautiful collection.

    • kimmeister

      Love the teal gowns the best.  Also appreciate the diversity of models used.

    • MinAgain

      Love the color story, except for the maroon pieces.  They seem out of place.

    • elirt

      Some of these are so dramatic (in a wonderful way)! Feels very majestic.

    • viridian61

      The styling here demonstrates one of the very few times one can wear  bright blue eyeshadow.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      I especially like looks 7-12. 

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      This collection is gorgeous and everything that Christian Siriano’s was not — fierce, edgy, memorable.  I keep waiting for these types of amazing prints to show up on textiles that I can actually buy!

    • tereliz

      This is definitely my favorite Spring collection thus far. So many beautiful and unique pieces. Wish I had someplace worth wearing dresses like this to… 😉

    • Shannon Stewart

      I’m sorry, I could have loved it if I didn’t know it was inspired by birds.  Now my ornithophobia has kicked in…

    • marilyn

      This is my favorite collection so far.  Each dress is inspired and gorgeous.  

    • Tatiana Luján

      LOVE some of this dresses and I loved that the ones with transparencies were lined. 
      Enough with the peplum, please.

    • kim i

      first gown, next to last row:  rachel weisz needs to wear that.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      it’s like someone fairly high up at chado ralph rucci decided to quit after he or she had assimilated a lot what there was to be learned there. then that person hired someone who once worked in the print department mary katrantzou & together they hired a marchesa lacemaker. after they’d put together their collection, they brought it to donatella versace for final touch up. now here it is.

      i do like some of the dresses [left, bottom two rows. middle, fourth row] but most of the rest of it leaves me kind of, you know, eh.

    • oohsparkley!

      My new favorite designer.  This is so my thing. I love almost every piece.

    • Zippypie

      The digital prints have a McQueen vibe to them.  The gowns – holy shit! I want to walk a red carpet just to wear some of them. Spectaclar!

    • Joan Golann

      beautiful! But did the leather dress wander in from another show?

    • Louise Bryan

      Hmmm.  Some of it’s pretty, but this is far from my favorite collection.

    • libraangel

      BEAUTIFUL!!! EVERYTHING!!! THE COLORS!!! The best collection

    • Susan Velazquez


      • amanda lynn