Kristen Stewart in Zuhair Murad Couture

Posted on September 07, 2012

Looks like K Stew took a page from Miss Scarlett O’Hara and treated the premiere of her new movie like it was Ashley Wilkes’ birthday party and she was just the harlot to show up every other woman in the room.


Kristen Stewart attends the premiere of ‘On The Road’ during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival in a Zuhair Murad couture dress.

Zuhair Murad Fall 2012 Couture

THAT. Is a fucking KILLA dress. That is a “I don’t give a shit WHAT you say about me” dress. That is a “You know you want this” dress. A perfect choice for her at this moment. It’s kind of a shame about the hair and makeup, though. The former we just don’t like at all and the latter looks nice enough, but K looks fantastic in high-impact makeu. And while we might normally say not to go that route with a dress like this, we think she could have more than handled it.


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    • MandyJane

      That dress is beautiful! 

      • Candigirl1968

        Seems like she could credibly pass for Lisa Marie’s daughter. 

    • SewingSiren

      She looks less like Elvis here.

      • Kim Brightman

         I guess her idea of a smile is to open her mouth and pull one corner up a la Elvis but without the sexiness because there’s no sparkle in her eyes.

      • halleygee

        This is the first time I looked at a photo of her and thought “she looks like Elvis” – third photo down.

        I think she looks amazing from the neck down.

    • Sarah Phillips

      I like her hair

      • Sobaika

        And I like her makeup :)

        She looks great with stronger facepaint, but what she’s wearing gives her a shimmery glow and sometimes you can sit back and let the dress do the talking. And that is QUITE the dress.

      • Kristen L.

        That’s the way I wore my hair almost every day of high school in the early 90s. That alone makes me think it probably doesn’t work so well with that amazing dress.

    • frappefest

      AMAZING DRESS! And she even cracked a smile.

    • Michelle Young

      I hate to say this but she looks better when she is not smiling.  I’m usually complaining that she never smiles.  Oh well.  I love the dress so much, and I don’t hate the hair, I think she just needs more dramatic makeup.

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        Honestly her two front teeth look like 2 Chiclets to me, I too, prefer her not smiling. 

        • PaulaBerman

           The smiles look all goofy, but when she keeps her mouth close, she looks sultry and hot. I’m not sure if it’s the teeth or just the facial expression.

      • Jacquez Preposterice

        honestly, I wonder if one of the reasons she doesn’t smile much on the RC is that she’s self-conscious about her teeth. 

        • foodycatAlicia

           Why should she be self-conscious about them? Is it because she has natural teeth and not veneers?

          • Jacquez Preposterice

            I didn’t say she _should_ be, just that she _might_ be. I mean, I’m self-conscious about the tiny gap between my front teeth that no one but me & my mother notices; K.Stew has noticeably large front teeth of the style that often cause nasty teasing in middle school and that their possessors often wish magicked away.  (See Granger, Hermione.)

            • jayme

              AWWWW, but a slight gap between the front teeth is SO SEXY. Seriously. I spent half my teen years biting on straws and sliding it between my teeth to try to separate them. I’m so jealous of you.

            • J. Preposterice

              I think a lot of people, me included, sometimes feel all weird about the things that make us look…not like we came out of a cookie cutter. Thanks for this comment, though; it made me feel weirdly affectionate towards my gap.  

      • BazoDee

        Hmm -maybe that’s what it is -I thought it was the hair and makeup! 

    • Jane Patterson

      She’s *smiling*. Dude.

    • Violina23

      I like the less-intense makeup. She almost looks human…  and I agree that she’s killing that dress. Not many could make that work…

      • Spicytomato1

        Me, too. I like the fresh-faced look a lot. Although I think the dress is a bit too mature for her. To me it’s almost wearing her.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      I do love the dress, but that hair is so unfortunate. 

    • amf0001

      I saw it earlier and hoped it would turn up here! She’s certainly brought it.  I don’t mind the clean face – more of a ‘I have nothing to hide’ look,  and those steely eyes – no deer in the headlights here. Well done! (and I don’t even like her usually!)

    • Sandra

      Those shoes are WAY too matchy matchy!

      • BazoDee

        Anything else would pull focus. 

        • Billie_Dawn

          Agreed. And can black pumps ever really be “matchy matchy”? They’re a pretty basic wardrobe staple.

    • Diana

      That last picture. Serve it, KStew!

    • Lola67

      I want that dress, having major jealousy issue. I like her makeup, I get so tired of the black liner and she looks beautiful in the last shot.

    • EditKitten

      It’s fabulous. I wish she’d stand up a little straighter, and I actually like the makeup on her, but the hair … meh.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      OMG WHAT a gorgeous dress. She looks amazing in it. That hair is awful, though, and I do agree that she would have looked even better with some dramatic makeup. Also, I know that this dress doesn’t need a whole lot of bling, but is a simple pair of sparkly diamond studs too much to ask for? I think not. Still, it’s hard not to look at her and say wow.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      OMG WHAT a gorgeous dress. She looks amazing in it. That hair is awful, though, and I do agree that she would have looked even better with some dramatic makeup. Also, I know that this dress doesn’t need a whole lot of bling, but is a simple pair of sparkly diamond studs too much to ask for? I think not. Still, it’s hard not to look at her and say wow.

    • Shannon Beamer

      I am thankful that she wore a liner, although I am a little unclear about where it starts and ends.  In any event, I think I covet this dress.  It’s sparkly and showy in a wonderful way.  Hate the hair. 

      • Michelle Young

         If you look closely the liner or slip starts just under her breasts.  She might be wearing support there but I don’t know, hard to tell.  But it is a good look!

    • makeityourself

      She has never looked better.  KILLA killa.  I liked her more subdued makeup.  It showed her true beauty and was exactly the right  contrast to the vibrance of the dress. 

    • Carla_Charlton

      Totally agree about the dress, the hair, the makeup.  I also love it that she’s not wearing platform pumps.  And can I also add that the length of that dress is perfect on her — really flattering to her legs.

    • Elena

      The dress is fab. Overall, she looks great. Definitely the way to go after having the media shit storm on your personal life.

    • marlie

      Gorgeous! I even love the hair. She’s killing it!

    • PinkLemon

      the necklace is distracting and erroneous.

      • IAmJ

         YES! That necklace. Why oh why?

        • PinkLemon

          who the hell knows. her ears aren’t pierced, are they? just noticed that.

    • Sheauen Chung
    • rawrgrowlrawr

      The dress is beautiful, but THAT HAIR. It pains me to look at it. I think she’d look great with a a messy little bob. 

      • Spicytomato1

        Mmm, interesting idea. I’d like to see that.

    • bluefish

      You two make me laugh!  So so so true on the Scarlett O’Hara front — Perfect.  She looks gorgeous — love the dress and don’t mind the hair either.  She’s doesn’t exactly set my world on fire but I do feel bad for her over all the scandal outrage.  She’s young, a star, living the life, things happen.  I don’t really blame anyone involved — so much pearl clutching!  The poor director really blew himself up and that’s always sad to see.  Robert will survive somehow and it’ll do his career a world of good to be set free from anything associated with this tenacious franchise.

      The dress is gorgeous — Her skin looks amazing and I give her props for showing up and bringing it.  

      And I really came online to offer kudos on the NYT feature.  It was so great to see your photograph — Jonathan Adler lamp! — and to read more about you.  I love  Philly and makes me happy to see you call it home. 

      You’ve both brought me so much fun and pleasure over what I think it at least two years now.  All the best and congratulations again on your well-deserved success.   Brilliant stuff!

    • MajorBedhead

      I don’t know, her hair looks clean, which is a bonus. And that dress is amazing and she looks incredible in it. That is a total “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on” smirk on her face, too, which I rather like. And that’s saying something, as she irritates me no end.

    • MilaXX

      She looks better post scandal than she has ever looked. I don’t mind the makeup, but I wish the hair was hanging in the back. Then the sides pinned up would work for me.

      • Spicytomato1

        Yeah, I was thinking that this breakup that was supposedly so tragic seems to have, oddly, done wonders for her skin.

    • elleg929

      Horrible hair and horrible smirk.  Either smile or don’t smile because in between is not cute.

    • Lindsey Irvin

      I think if the hair was styled better the makeup would be great. Amazing dress either way.

    • OhSayNow

      It is a great dress, but she just seems so awkward and uncomfortable that it takes the zing out of it for me. Plus that hair is hideous. 

    • lbl

      That second to last shot is full of win.

      • Billie_Dawn

        That’s actually my least-favorite shot. She looks like she’s about three seconds from turning and running away out of sheer terror. But she’s close to werqing it in all the other shots, so I can accept that it was just a poorly timed photo.

    • Gara St. James

      She’s even trying to smile! I’ve believed from the very beginning that whole “escandalo” was a PR-manufactured stunt to make her seem “sexy” and “Jolie-esque.” Dress and shoes look great; thank goodness she opted not to wear the horrifying booties the model is wearing. With great hair and more flattering makeup, she could have really nailed it.

    • Jacquez Preposterice

      From some angles the hair is great (like that last pic) and from some it’s terrible.  Oh hair, why you gotta be like that.

      I love the look overall in the last pic — she is WORKING that bone structure.  She’s a bit slightly-tough-girl-next-door most of the time, and that last pic is so severe and icy, in a good way.

    • rose88

      Here’s what I think she needs to bring her look to the next level – short hair!  That long hair just doesn’t suit her androgynous good looks.  She’d be super sexy in short, spiky black hair.  Other than the hair I think she’s really rockin’ it in this dress.  Love the face she’s giving in the last picture!  It screams “Call me trampire one more time bitchez!  KStew will cut a bitch.”

    • RebeccaKW

      This dress is amazing!  I love it.  I don’t like where the hem hits her, though.  That hair is laughable, but at least it looks clean.  The makeup I don’t get.  High impact dress and no mascara?

    • YayaGurl

      She inspires irrational celebrity hatred in me.  If you stuck anybody else’s head on that body in that outfit I’d be like “wow” but because it’s her I give it a grudging “ok”.  

    • Patrick Cleary

      She looks ENTIRELY SOBER! Which is a really refreshing change.

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      That dress is gorgeous, but her hair absolutely ruins everything for me. Her apparent mouth-breathing doesn’t help either.

    • BazoDee

      Neck down is a WERQ! three snaps in Z! I don’t even mind that it is a sheer over a micro mini! 
      Face and hair are quite unflattering. 
      The solitary gold ring seems an odd accessory. 

      Okay -just looked -she desperately needs eyeliner!

    • jenuwefa

      She smiles like she’s stoned….she exudes absolutely no self-confidence at all whatsoever.

    • Aly Light

      It’s a great dress, and I still can’t stand her. I want to do the paper doll trick of sticking this dress on a different face.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Must say I love it.  I don’t always “get” her style.  The hair is not fabulous, but for her, it looks pretty good (and clean!).  Clean face too.  I could give it a WERQ…

    • Victoria Pavlova

      I am actually more impressed with her makeup – for once she looks wide awake and present. Heavy eyebrow/subtle eyes/prominent lips work for her beautifully, and her cheekbones are to die for. The overall look is gorgeous.

    • Ali

      She looks killer. I saw some other photos on ohnotheydidn’t and she was legit smiling even harder in a few of them meeting with fans. I’m not sure how she managed it, given that some in the crowd were allegedly screaming “whore!” at her. Love the look, love the makeup, and I like her, even if she’s not the most talented actress in the world. She gets way too much crap for basically not being a stepford actress.

      • Alisa Rivera

        some in the crowd were allegedly screaming “whore!” at her

        OMG, really? Wow. Those Twitwits are something else.

    • Judy_J

      That dress is gorgeous….and she’s actually SMILING!  I can hardly believe my eyes.

    • Trisha26

      Stunning dress. Yes, I want it! The last photo is gorgeous of her, she really (or finally) looks like a model. A model not wearing makeup.

    • girliecue

      Well, Ms. Kristen and Ms. Scarlett are both Aries, as is this Kitten. Not so much bitter as defiant and unrepentant. Fiddle dee dee to those mousy, mealy-mouthed shrews who don’t have their own lives so whisper viciously about yours. Go on, sister Ram – you do you! After all, tomorrow IS another day.

    • AllForUSophia

      Her hair looks clean and shiny, her make up is soft and human-like, the dress is killa. Well done girl. See? You CAN do it! Brava!

    • Judy_S

      I have never seen her look so good. Of course, I have never seen her except in this blog…. 

    • kingderella

      this dress is AMAZING.

    • Heather Snedeker Innis

      I want to fuck that dress! But the hair almost ruins the whole look! Damn….

    • nannypoo

      This is a woman who has been photographed a million times, but I think only twice with her mouth closed, because I would not even recognize her in the last two pictures. I wonder if she can breathe.

      The dress is gorgeous, and she doesn’t look like she’s withering away with grief. Is it possible that her recent troubles are nothing but – (gasps audibly) – a publicity ploy?

    • Alisa Rivera

      So interesting that your interpretation of her look is very different from other blogs. She’s wearing fresh, clean makeup, pink lips and a flowered dress, and she’s smiling. Yes, the dress is sexy and sophisticated but her face and demeanor are much softer than her previous I’m-such-a-rebel persona. So not sure this is really the raised finger you think it is.

    • teensmom99

      Scarlett O’Hara indeed!

    • Sue_Asponte

      The hair is the only thing holding this back from a WERQ, imho. And the rest is so unbelievably awesome I would’ve given it a WERQ anyway. That really is a killa dress!

    • Elaine Lang

      The first couple photos…they look odd somehow.   Like her face is broken, or some such.

      Oh, nevermind.   She’s just smiling.    Well.   THAT is different.

    • Liana Brooks

      She looks very different without the heavy eye makeup. 

    • kelsita421

      awesome dress. awful hair.

    • Dee B

      She needs to find a happy medium between looking like she normally does and whatever face she’s making in that first picture because she looks like she’s a had a mini stroke…

    • granddelusion

      I love the hair and makeup. Love the dress, too, but that sheer skirt to the underpants thing can go away now.

    • kvlm

      Best she has ever looked, that dress is her bff.  HOWEVER, what’s up with the constant to the side hair do?  It’s pretty but if she’s going all ode-to-my-inner-punk-rocker, shave that shit and own it.

    • BradWatson

      I’d file this under “Girl, That’s Not Your Astonishing Frock”.   It fits her like a dream, physically – but it’s WAY beyond her in every other way.  This dress deserves Fan Bingbing, and vice versa.

      • Tess Danesi

        Oh Fan Bingbing, where has she been? I love any post with Fan Bingbing.

      • SapphoPoet

        Yep, I agree.

    • Jessi03

      She looks fabulous, and any reference to GWTW will have me snapping all over the place.  You go on with yourself, KStew O’Hara.

    • egl48


    • Candigirl1968

      She looks amazing.  I don’t know who insisted that she blow out her hair, though.  Her natural waves would have been perfect for this look.

    • julnyes

      I like the dress, makeup and even the hair (it looks clean and if it was swept back instead of on her shoulder it would be perfect)
      She looks great in my opinion.

    • onyxkatze

      Wow, she is really stepping up her game. New stylist?

    • Tess Danesi

      This is close to a personal best for her. The dress is to die for. I actually like her makeup here, she looks fresh and, though I’m sure it’s more the lack of weed than her makeup artist, not stoned for once.

      Her hair, however, is tragic, just tragic.

    • Sarah Winningham

      Damn, that’s a gorgeous dress. Bizarre choice of lip-color for her.

    • CQAussie

      Fab dress, still slightly dead eyes but more life than last time.  Hate the hair.  Decent choice on the shoes.

    • frannyprof

      I wish she would close her mouth.

    • Kate4queen

      it’s a gorgeous dress.

    • Kirsten Henry

      I think this deserved a werq

    • Wellworn

      “Looks like K Stew took a page from Miss Scarlett O’Hara and treated the premiere of her new movie like it was Ashley Wilkes’ birthday party and she was just the harlot to show up every other woman in the room.”

      THIS is one of the many reasons you get our love.  I saw footage of her earlier on TV and I was thinking she’s trying to show up and show off like she doesn’t know how villified she is right now, but your GWTW reference summed it up perfectly.  She should have done the Scarlett cat eyes and fluttered a fan at the camera too.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Her hair just ruins the whole look for me.

    • PeggyOC

      Wow.  For two shots there she has her mouth closed and no smirk and it completely transforms her face.  

    • Heather

      It’s a gorgeous dress but seems a little mature for her. I can see Halle Berry in this.

    • Julia Fox

      Hair and make up are atrocious. Pretty dress, though.

    • Glammie

      Love it–wear that Scarlet A, I mean rose . . . 

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      Redefining ‘suck it, haters’ realness. She’s winning me over.

    • Vic

      Skinny as all get up, having lost at least 10 lbs, but she’s looking fierce. Ferocious. The hair and makeup are simple – let the dress shine.

    • karena10

      The dress is amazing.  I like her make-up and think she could have used a pair of earrings if she is wearing her hair back like that.

    • greyhoundgirl

      Beautiful.  At least her hair looks clean and isn’t covering her up.  And look how fierce she looks in that last pic with her mouth closed.

    • oohsparkley!

      Love the dress and she looks good.  She looks a little tense and unhappy, but who could blame her.

    • lamamu

      Gorgeous. And the make-up was an oddly bold choice in a naked kind of way. But is it just me or does she resemble Ashley Greene in some shots?

    • lamamu

      Gorgeous. And the make-up was an oddly bold choice in a naked kind of way. But is it just me or does she resemble Ashley Greene in some shots?

    • LC3203

      I find nothing about her attractive.

    • Jen R

      I actually like the makeup – she doesn’t look as corpse-like as she normally does. That smokey eye thing just makes her look bruised or tired like she’s strung out. But no amount of makeup is going to make her beautiful because she has an awkward smile and her face is so triangular – very big forehead and narrow pointy chin.

      The dress, however, is fabulous.

    • SapphoPoet

      Beautiful dress, but I don’t think it suits her. She needs something edgier and less elegant. 

    • leave_Blake_alone

      Neck-up, this is literally horrifying. Turned what would otherwise be an automatic “WERQ” into “waste of a perfect dress.”

      • Kelsey Albrecht

        My thoughts EXACTLY.

    • NCDFan

      She’s wearing a fine chain necklace underneath the dress that’s a bit distracting but otherwise I think she looks great. 

    • Alloy Jane

      That dress is unbelievable and she looks smashing in it.  Makeup isn’t great and the hair.  The hair!  Terrible style but IT’S CLEAN FFS!  Oh the apocalypse is coming…

      And now we know why she doesn’t smile.  She has gopher teeth.  Poor kid.  Even if she can’t crack a smile without going all Bucky Larson, she could at least try emote a little more.

    • Call me Bee

      Killer dress, but she still looks like a teenager playing dress-up. I don’t agree that she can handle it–its wearing her.

    • The Dose of Reality

      I think this is the best she’s EVER looked.  She’s even kind of smiling in the first picture–a real first. I adore the hair and even like less dramatic makeup especially around her eyes. Her brows are to die for.

    • The Dose of Reality

      I think this is the best she’s EVER looked.  She’s even kind of smiling in the first picture–a real first. I adore the hair and even like less dramatic makeup especially around her eyes. Her brows are to die for.

    • DominoEstella

      Gorgeous from the neck down.  Hair and makeuo are horrible!

    • Kato16

      Her hair ruins 99% of her looks.

    • Good Shot

      Enough with the pink lipstick!  Sonjia and Elena are already pushing me to the limit….

    • Lisa

      I don’t love the hair, and I think she should have gone for at least a stronger lip.  But other than that – DAMN!!! This girl is done playing around!

    • minnye

      She’s posing better and looking more confident, yay. 

    • redgauntlet

      She needed red shoes, red nailpolish and no knickers to really pull off that ‘Scarlet Woman’ look.

    • Alyson Lamble

      Love the dress, but this is one instance in which her penchant for JBF hair would have actually been wholly appropriate.  I would have gone with statement earrings rather than her usual raccoon face.

    • Corazon Nunez

      Atta girl. I’ve never really gotten her style, but I love this. I totally want that dress!!!! And yes, hair is iffy, makeup is light. But I love that dress!

    • Maya

      She looks terrific! Almost a WERQ.

    • quiltrx

      That is an AWESOME dress!  And I kind of like the hair…showing her face instead of hiding it.  But I agree the makeup should have been more dramatic with this look.

    • Rebecca Jay

      Now I understand why she doesn’t smile .. she has an awful one.  Plus, maybe she knows she should keep those teeth covered.  Now if she would just learn that about the ears.  
      She doesn’t deserve such a fabulous dress.

    • LuLusLemons

      Her face, hair and makeup make her look like a Venture Bros. character.

    • padma sallah

      She looks banging. My only issue is the hair but it does not detract from from the overall look. Also, the last pic looks like one of the best “fuck you, haters” face ever.

    • SophieCollier

      That hairstyle is horrible, but the dress is fantastic.  

    • Qitkat

      SHUT UP! She looks amazing. And I love her hair and makeup here too.

    • Joey Melliza

      harlot girl’s werqing it!

    • DCSheehan

      Her face is all lopsided. It looks like someone ran over her head. But A+ for the dress. Never seen her dressed better.

    • JaneDC

      Gorgeous dress that looks perfect on her. I applaud the PERFECT length. And the shoes. I personally will be thrilled when the ugly booties with dresses trend stops trending.

    • elzatelzabelz

      The dress is great, the expressions and make-up are not great.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      Saw her on TV, thought she looked great.

    • PeaceBang

      She looks smashing from the neck down. Everything above the neck is a huge fail and the hair is atrocious. I hardly recognized her without her signature smoky eye. If I hold my thumb over her head to block it out, it’s a WERQ. 

    • pugluv

      Beautiful dress but the hair and makeup really detract from it…That girl can not get hair right EVER…always looks awkward or a mess….

    • PaulaBerman

      She is a beautiful girl and turning into quite a clothes horse BUT she always has such a vapid look on her face that it’s hard to give her the unconditional thumbs up, like, EVER.

    • amanda lynn

      i like the kiss of color (dare i say *tan*??) that she’s got going on here.

    • LambeeBaby

      The dress is fabulous AND I cannot believe she has what appears to be a genuine smile on her face. Although a heavier more dramatic make up would have been good with this dramatic dress, I think her face really looks beautiful with a light touch.

    • jayme

      She looks good. This cheating thing has made me willing to tolerate and even like her in a way I never would’ve considered before. I don’t get it, but it’s happening.

    • ccm800

      LOVE the makeup sans the shine – hate the shoes and shes looking pretty gaunt to me. 

    • mhleta

      I agree about the hair, but I think the makeup is perfect. If she’d gone with all the bells and whistles she might have taken the dress into gaudy land. 

    • H3ff

      Girl is serving up DEATH STARE in that last shot.

    • kikisayshi

      Snaps to her stylist for helping her to look like a human on the RC

    • turtleemily

      I think this dress should be sent to Dita instead – it wants someone with curves.

    • alwaysanswerc

      That last shot is insanely fierce.

    • Shawn EH

      Scarlet flowers do as well as letters, I suppose!

    • Buffy

      Love the dress, but I think she went the right route with the understated makeup.  I hate those overdone eyes she usually sports.

    • heartbot

      The dress is great. The hair and make-up are appalling though. Her face looks like a dude in granny make-up, and the hair…great from one side but all lumpy and bizarre from the other. She should have pulled just the top back on both sides.