Kristen Stewart for Vogue UK Magazine

Posted on September 04, 2012

Kristen Stewart, having dared to do something not approved of by millions of people who don’t know her, and having acted in the less-than-entirely-responsible manner that all 22-year-olds in history have avoided up until now, has decided to show her strumpet face on the cover of Vogue UK.


Kristen Stewart covers the October 2012 issue of Vogue UK magazine photographed by Mario Testino in a Gucci dress.


Attagirl. Give ’em hell and give ’em FACE.

That tagline should really read: “KRISTEN STEWART: suck it, haters.”



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  • alyce1213

    She looks dazed and confused and frankly, nauseous.  And the hair’s still on one side only.

    • RebeccaKW

       And still dirty.

      • formerlyAnon

         Let’s be fair. It may *look* dirty, but I’m sure there are many dollars worth of product applied to squeaky clean hair to get it to look that way.

  • PeggyOC

    Actually, it should probably read “Kristen Stewart, Least Flattering Facial Angle EVER!”  One presumes she put her face at that tilt herself, but it’s really not her best look.  Gives her 36 miles of chin.

  • Imasewsure

    “KRISTEN STEWART: suck it, haters.” Luv it! I know I was the object of decorum, good taste and resolute morals when I was 22…. oh wait, that wasn’t me… oops

    • amandacq

      I was, but it was because I was shy, too-serious, and perfectionist-bordering-on-nervous-breakdown. And you know what? I totally regret it now.

      • sweetestsith

         Me too! It’s odd, but I think I would be better off now if I’d done more silly somewhat less responsible things when I was younger. Alas.

  • ChiliP

    She looks pretty, but I dunno….isn’t this the same dead-eyed look she always has? And how is it possible that her hair looks disheveled even on the cover of Vogue?

    • Vickiefantastico

      Agreed! Surely they could have furnished her with a hairbrush?

    • foodycatAlicia

       I’ve come to the conclusion that the dead-eyed look is just her face. And if I stopped to consider that dress is WAY too hold for her and much better on Alexis Carrington. But god the colour is good on her!

      • Ros Clarke

         No, I googled. If you look at pictures of her smiling, she really lights up and looks gorgeous. But since she got famous she has refused to smile.

  • Gabriella M

    I wish her hair didn’t always look dirty, but that blouse is fabulous and looks good on her. And the makeup is nice.
    Never having given two-shits about either of them and not believing they were ever actually dating (though my Sister-in-Law insists VampBoy is heartbroken), I still mostly just feel eh toward her. 

    • RebeccaKW

       I just can’t get worked up over this ‘scandal.’  I never really bought into their ‘love’ for one another, but regardless…people have been cheating forEVER, especially celebrities.  Not saying it’s right, but I wish people wouldn’t act so shocked when it happens.

      • Gwen Chadwick

        It’s shocking because she was in a committed live-in relationship with a guy who always publically supported her and seemed to adore her, and jeopardized that for a momentary indiscretion (her words) with a married director who has children. Is it anyone’s business but theirs? Of course not, but then again, how is anything that “celebrities” do in their own time any of our business? That doesn’t stop people’s interest, though.

        • RebeccaKW

           I never said people can’t be interested and I definitely agree that when you take on celebrity, you are knowingly giving up a lot of privacy.  My point was that people act as though this is something new.  It’s sad to say, but when I hear of celebrity break-ups, I am rarely surprised.  When I hear of celebrity cheating scandals, I am rarely surprised.  The part that surprises me is that the celebrity knows that his or her every move is tracked by paparazzi and yet he or she still stands on a balcony of a hotel kissing a person that the world knows is not his or her spouse.

  • Lizzyisi

    I know I am in the minority, but I very often love how she looks.

  • Sobaika

    Her hair looks pretty gross, but other than that it’s a decent cover.

  • Mary Saucier

    She’s not smizing.

    • Sobaika

      But she is elongating her neck, so there’s that.

    • shirab

      Word! She looks like she’s not even focusing, and her eyelids are approaching half-mast. Maybe it’s nap-smizing.

    • out for a walk

      That was my first reaction: Is her eye makeup really bad, or is she just anti-smizing?

      • RebeccaKW


  • lovelyivy

    I’m never gonna be a fan of hers, but agreed- she is giving serious Shake Them Haters Off FACE here.

  • Erin Hines

    That’s the same face she gives EVERYWHERE, to everyone.

    • merciblahblah

       A-freaking-men. I’m so sick of it, and frankly, she is ROCKETING to the top of my Irrational Hate List (along with Katherine Heigel and Lana Del Ray), so HOLLA to K-Stew for that.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    She does look vaguely dyspeptic.

    • Aly Light

       …which is a step up for her.

  • greyhoundgirl

    I am not a fan but I do think she’s beautiful in a tough, sullen way.  But there’s something disconcerting about her eyes.  They don’t exactly focus–could one be a little bigger than the other, or very slightly turned?  Whatever it is, it makes her look not just sullen and “I don’t care about any of you”–that can be hot, but “I just don’t care.  About anything.  Because I’m not really here.”  And that’s not attractive.

  • Nicole

    Bwahahaha!!  STRUMPET!  Suck it haters, indeed.

  • SewingSiren

    I think she looks like Elvis.

    • Chrystyl

      I did think Lisa Marie at first glance!

  • call_me_schmeg

    …or they should’ve just painted a big red A on her and called it a day…? (this is coming from someone who cares not a single iota about her shenanigans.)

    • AthenaJ

      I’m all for giving her the scarlet letter only if we can also put her in the stocks and throw rotten vegetables at her all day.

  • TaurusKW

    Boy, celebrity culture can sure be disgusting at times.  She’s all over the news for having an affair with a married man, and then Vogue decides that she should be a cover model?  Apparently the moral message is, “you can achieve success by behaving badly.”  Ugh.  (and for the record, I blame the adulterous husband even more than her; he’s the one who was bound by vows)

    • Serenachan

      This cover was probably decided way before the news of the affair broke

    • Linda Merrill

      And, not that I care either way really, she was all over the news long before the affair of the century broke. I feel sorry for her though – once again, the woman gets the blame even though the other guilty party was 1)in a position of authority over her 2) twice her age and 3) married. It would be terrible if she lost work because of this – we know the “other man” won’t, that’s for sure.

      • MidArmJewel

        I am in total agreement with you on this!

        • Scoobydrew

          Agreed!  I am so glad that the whole world wasn’t watching when I made my mistakes at 22 … 

      • another_laura

        Sing it, sister

      • formerlyAnon


      • Alloy Jane

        THANK YOU for pointing out the obvious.  Especially since the mass majority of first world people stay in the “young and stupid” category for a hot minute.  I mean, if they didn’t, Judd Apatow movies would never succeed at the box office.  But society remains as sexist as it is racist and so KStew gets raked over the coals.  I don’t know how her publicist or manager approved that stupid tag line by Vogue.  I guess they figured they’d get more readers that way.
        As for the cover, she’s giving dead face.  Seems like there is much less there than normal.  She’s very pretty despite having a plainness and boringness about her, and the cover would be spot on if she wasn’t persistently making the same face.  She’s like Andre’s gutter water inspiration: dirty and common, but with the potential for beauty.

  • Eva_baby

    I am not seeing a ‘Suck it haters’ face.  I am seeing ‘a ‘Today is Tuesday’ face.  Which, incidentally, looks the same as her ‘I like cheese’ face and her ‘My toe hurts’ face.

  • Judy_J

    I look at her face, and there’s nothing behind the eyes….no expression, no life.  She could be a mannequin in a department store window.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i shall be working “strumpet face” into my lexicon immediately!

  • Le_Sigh

    I feel like “Suck it Haters” is the perfect description of her constant facial expression – scandal or no. 

    I like that red lip though – how very Twi-appropo.  

    • Aly Light

       Her facial expression is the result of sucking on Suckit Haters brand bitter candies.

      • Le_Sigh

        Ooh!  I can see a TLo line of goodies now – “Suckit Haters Bitter Candies: Brought to you by the makers of Bitter Kitten’s Bitchy Quibbles and Sweet Jesus on a Breadstick.”

        I would totally buy all of that stuff. 

  • nannypoo

    She looks as vapid as always, and her hair is truly nasty. No talent, unpleasant, unlikable in every way. I think her little fling is a publicity stunt to promote her newest movie. She and her boyfriend will get back together in some romantic, well publicized maneuver. Everyone else should just get over it.

  • sashaychante

    I’m not a fan of KS, but I do think she’s getting a bum wrap about this whole makeout/affair deal.  She wasn’t married to RP.  Best she had this happen BEFORE she ended up married to RP.  The other participant in the situation (don’t know his name) was married.  The married guy was way off base in this little scenario.  Unfortunately, KS does have something about her that is inherently unlikeable.  So, whatevs….

    • marie234

      please stop saying that Rupert is excused or doesnt get the hate. We can go around and around this but get it through your head, she is the star! no one gives a sh!t about a nobody director.

      • formerlyAnon

        The two statements are not mutually exclusive. Yes, she pulls focus because she’s the celebrity. But (in another society) it could have all been about how a foolish young girl was led astray by her crush on an older married man *who was in some sense her boss* and wasn’t that terrible that he was too weak or too immoral to behave decently, and so on and on, with endless discussion of how she should have known, and was she heart broken and where were her friends or advisors, etc.

        Except, not in our culture.

        ETA: And, of course, neither my theoretical version of the gossip or the version playing out now necessarily has anything at all to do with the reality of what did or didn’t happen. But the reality isn’t the point.

  • Aly Light

    The fact that she’s the center of some pointless ire tinged with sexism is not enough to make up for Twilight and her general lack of any appealing qualities. 

  • afabulous50

    Though I’m not a fan – I shake my head that she’s been so vilified.  Yet, what about the married man??  I forget now, did he do something wrong or not??  And, I so do not feel sorry for Robert Pattinson…you’re in your 20’s for God’s sake  – rich, with the world at your feet – move on (oh yea – take a shower & get a shave, then we’ll chat).

    • rose88

      I’ve heard rumors for years that they were never a real couple anyway.  Just good friends who played the role of lovers on and off screen for publicity. Given this is how the Hollywood machine works, I suspect that’s the real deal. If Robert Pattinson is really angry, it’s because she was indiscreet right before they needed to crank out publicity for Twilight Pt 20: Breaking Wind or whatever the hell the next chapter in that stupid sparkly vampire series is.

      • afabulous50

        Personally I don’t understand why this was considered “news” when this so-called scandal hit the presses!!  Americans don’t even know what real news stories are anymore.  When celebrities are on the evening news for items other than their passing…it is a sad commentary on society.

      • RebeccaKW

         I would agree on the role playing.  How odd that you see photos of couples all the time-shopping, eating dinner, on vacation, and never a pic of the 2 of them other than at red carpet events.  Yet somehow the press was able to get photos of her and the director?  I only feel sorry for the wife of the director and their kids.

      • heartbot

        Agreed. Although I think even the break-up was manufactured for PR for the release of On the Road, attempting to give her some edge where there is none…unless you think a perpetual dead-eyed, open-mouthed vacant look and dirty hair (oh, look, just like the picture here) qualifies as edgy. And in Hollywood it apparently often does. 

        I’ll be surprised if there’s not some sort of Pattinson/Stewart reunion just before the release of the last Twilight movie, which of course will quickly fizzle out once it’s no longer a boon to their careers to appear interested in each other.

    • Ka T

      The hatred that KS gets is rather disproportionate to the many others who walked her path.  Angelina doesn’t get this kinda hate,  nor does Fertile-Myrtle Tori Spelling; both of whom played strumpet with married men.  Maybe that’s because we love that kind of wind-swept passion that goes with a torrid love affair.  Something I doubt KS ever felt- ever.

      • alyce1213

        I think Angelina does still catch hate from Team Jen diehards.  And there’s always LeeAnn Rimes, poster girl for skanky homewreckers.

    • muzan-e

      Oh, wait just a moment now. Are you saying we’re not going to be shaming the whore today?  But I set aside an hour after lunch just for the occasion, and look at all these bolts of scarlet organza that I bought just so that everyone could join in stitching a bright, red A of their very own! Are you sure? Really?

      …. I just don’t know how I’m going to get this pitchfork into the hatchback again…

      • formerlyAnon

        I love you forever.

  • love2309

    “KRISTEN STEWART: suck it, haters.”?? really?? this attitude is what makes her worse, she can’t be like that anymore, she needs to be humble now

    • out for a walk

      But isn’t that what they all do, pull the humble card out next? Going the Suck It Haters route seems more noteworthy for Hollywood.

    • afabulous50

      Humble?  I know “being” with a married man is wrong.  I get that – but where is the public vilification for him?  Why should SHE hide in a corner?  She wasn’t married.  I certainly don’t believe she & Pattinson had anything that even remotely qualified as “serious.” 

      • KC

        I think they should both feel bad about what they did. Just because she wasn’t the married one doesn’t mean she didn’t know it was wrong and that it would break a lot of hearts. And the husband should be ashamed.
        I don’t hate her or anything. I think it was dumb to parade the relationship around for the paps to see. I have never hated her, and I have always thought she was pretty but she looks a bit bored in this photo. 

    • formerlyAnon

       Um, why?

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Oh do tell us, Kristin, about love and living dangerously!! 
    Seriously? From a 22 year old who regretted a make-out session??  Stop.  Just stop.

    • ojosazules

      I bet it has to do with her three way and nudity in ON THE ROAD- the dangerous part, anyway.

  • Oze R.

    Give them face. Dead face, that is. I just cannot with this girl…

  • marlie

    This is not her most flattering picture. She has such a vacant stare in this picture.

    Aside from that, I couldn’t care less about her personal life. 

  • CQAussie

    Shameless hussy!  hahaha….oh please.  The whole kerfuffle over her “affair” was just so sanctimonious I gave myself a stroke rolling my eyes.  

    But seriously though, come on….with all that illicit sex going on in her life, one would think she’d finally get some FIRE into her eyes.  But then, one would be wrong.  That top is all wrong for her, it’s so fussy.  Her hair looks greasy.  Maybe what she really needs are new Gays?  

    • Rebecca Jay

      LOVE hussy and kerfuffle in one divine line haha!

  • marie234

    yeah lets give kstew a medal for what she did. *rolls eyes*
    If Pattinson cheated on her, then he would be a total scumbag…. but since it’s a woman cheating on a guy – it’s ok.  Our society is F%^&* up. The only people I feel sorry for are Liberty Ross, Rpattz and the kids.

    • formerlyAnon

       We’re living in a different zeitgeist, somehow. From where I sit it’s the guys who get more of a pass on the cheating.

  • Kevin VanOrd

    She always looks as if she can’t stand this terribly boring world, and the lowly peasants that occupy it. Oh, Kristen, I am so sorry you must demean yourself by parading about this bland rock; you deserve nothing less than Eden itself.

    Yes, I am incredibly irrational about this young woman I have never met and know too little about. I don’t know how she sets me off, but I think it has something to do with her almost-sneer. I must need help. 

  • Connie Marshall

    Thank you. I married at 21, thinking I knew it all. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I don’t like what she did, but is just a dopey 22 year old, after all.

  • Kira Gartner

    Honestly, I think she looks like she has indigestion. I wish she would actually try to communicate something with her expression.

  • Shawn EH

    Love the lips, like the swollen lids.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Wearing a lot of Photoshop by Adobe, I see.

    /disdain for her existence, not her behavior (though yes, she is sorority-worthy for That Thing)

  • Judy_S

    Who is she, again? And why do we hate her?

  • sterlingrose

    Just don’t get the Kristen Stewart thing – she does look dead, maybe her vampire movies have had a profound effect on her.  Her eyes have no life in them and she isn’t all that pretty.   Being conventionally pretty doesn’t matter but then you need something , like a personality or talent, to keep me interested. She seems to have neither.  Don’t think I have ever seen a photo of her smiling…

  • joancarol

    That’s a Elvis snarl.

  • Amy

    “on love and living dangerously”. I feel like she should be bungeed jumping. Maybe in a strumpet appropriate teddy?

  • MishaFoomin

    How can she be said to be purposely giving face when that is the only facial expression she has, aside from the lip bite?

  • Bree The Vole

    Not my favorite look, but TEAM KRISTEN!

  • Scoobydrew

    okay, I’ll admit it … I love that little Trampire!  I liked her in Adventureland, The Runaways and Snow White.  I’m with you Kstew .. suck it, haters! 

  • Fibercrazed

    Sorry, TLo. That’s not face. That’s the same 1,00 yard star we see all the time.

  • estella_nyc

    I like everything but the dead look in her eyes (and for the record, I actually like Kristen).

  • n a

    i agree! suck it haters! It was all for show anyway… :)  I think she’s great- she’s 22?  Christ- pretty tame, actually. (well except for being a homewrecker, I suppose…)

  • Nancer

    I read this post, then I surfed over to a slide show featuring Katherine Hepburn. Now THERE is a lady who knows how to give face! And that really highlighted for my why I have issues with Kristen Stewart. She is a beautiful young woman but she has only one expression on her face. Thanks to the tilt of her nose and the shape of her mouth, she always looks dissatisfied. I don’t think that this is her personality, though she could smile more. I think that this is just the way her features come together. She will really have to work to become more animated and expressive if she wants a long career ala Hepburn.

  • ojosazules

    No kidding, TLo, well put. You’d think Hollywood was peopled by the Amish the way folks have been going on. 
    Re: her face- I’ll go with “Elvis snarl” as seen below. TEAM KRISTEN!

  • SapphoPoet

    I dunno. She always looks half-drugged to me. I guess it’s working for her. I like the blouse. 

    I don’t see why she had to apologize publicly for her behavior. What she did wasn’t a good idea, but she’s an adult and entitled to make her own bad decisions. The married man has a lot more to answer for, and I don’t think we’ve heard even a peep out of him.  

  • poketom

    I don’t like this “furry eyebrow” trend. If anybody was going to get on board with it I’m not shocked to see it’s Vogue UK. But really. Just smooth em down. 

  • belfebe

    Good for her!  I am sick of people obsessing about the whole thing.  Yes, what she did was wrong.  On the other hand, he was in his 40’s and much more experienced than her, and no one is giving him the kind of hell that she’s getting.  He deserves to be dumped by his wife.  End of story. 

    • MilaXX

       Agreed. I’m not saying what she did was wrong, but the douche with the wife and kids should be getting just as much flack as she is.

      • belfebe

        For real!

  • Call me Bee

    Yeah I’m a hater.  So I’ll not be buying this particular magazine…

  • Antonia O’Connor Donnelly

    “decided to show her strumpet face”  ahahaha, so glad I come to this page every day!

  • MilaXX

    Ironically enough I like this shot of her. Often she looks awkward and uncomfortable. I have no idea how long ago this was taken, perhaps they had them for a while and given the current scandal decided to pull them out the vault. Whatever the case, I like.

  • Rebecca Jay

    She looks like she has a goiter.

  • Carly Warnock

    I think she’s an absolute beauty.

  • RedRaven617

    She does not reflect an ounce of personality or any other characteristics a normal person wood. Is she really a real person?

  • granddelusion

    Love sarcasm. That dress is kind of awesome, too.

  • KuriousKat

    She’s 22. How old is the director who is firmly entrenched in his career, oh yes, and has kids and a wife? Hmmm…

    TLo’s tagline resonates. Well done. She looks beautiful.

  • redgauntlet

    Stunningly beautiful. That is her perfect answer to any criticism.

  • formerlyAnon

    I think she should pay attention to the colors in this photo, for future reference. It’s all a little ‘Brooke Shields in the ’80s,’ but she looks intentionally sullen (like it’s a pose and not a character defect) and she looks pretty.

  • pugluv

    I have such an intensely negative reaction to this girl every time I see her.  It does not matter if it is a pictorial in a fashion magazine or her strolling out in LA in jeans.  I just can’t look at her and see anything worth all the fuss, she looks sullen, ungrateful and bored, each and every time. 

    • Marie Ee

      I’d like to call this “rational celebrity hatelist”

  • missinmass

    She was seduced and it won’t happen again. Shame on that creepy director.

  • snarkykitten

    she looks half asleep

  • Gwen Chadwick

    Tom & Lorenzo, I really doubt that “suck it haters!” was on her agenda regarding the scandal, since the photoshoot and interview took place before it happened. That said, she looks pretty.

  • Gwen Chadwick

    You “certainly don’t believe it”? First of all, they were living together. And second, her public statement could not have been more indicative of how serious she and Rob were about each other, given that she went into detail about her love for him and how she’s so sorry for what her actions have caused.

  • unbornfawn

    The dress is pretty. Kristen looks absolutely vacant. 

  • Lisa

    You know, I’m the first person who always says, “God, why do they keep forcing this girl into fashiony looks when she clearly hates it and doesn’t want to do it.”  But this is one of those times I have to say – she looks gorgeous.  Okay, gorgeous and bored, but gorgeous.  

  • guest2visits

    I think it’s a beautiful cover, she looks stunning.  Although the caption is kind of unfortunate. Unless it’s STAR magazine.
    I thought it was really sweet that they were together so long, and I believe it was authentic. But mistakes, or errors in judgement
    will be made; and she made a doozie. Still, I think ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ was actually literal; I think she was pursued
    most avidly by the director, and the flattery got the best of her.  Not trying to excuse the shallowness of the act; but I’m sure she
    will be feeling the pain alot longer than the beau she lost.  Oh well; enough of THAT soap. I think both she and Pattinson have a
    promising and positive life ahead of them. Not so sure about the huntsman.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I dunno.  It says “Vogue’s Guide to Looking Your Very Best”  yet she just looks completely stoned.  Hmm.

  • emily

    she’s giving her typical parted lip/I could give a shit look and has poor hair. I hate to say it (no I don’t) but I never want to see her on a cover ever again.

  • emily mcginnis

    there is nothing at all in her eyes. 

  • quiltrx

    “Kristen Stewart–Will Ferrell called me a Trampire.”

  • TieDye64

    That girl can really handle gobs of makeup. That much is good. And the color of the frock. The rest, meaning dead expression and messy hair, no bueno.

  • Thathoodwink

    Come on…her expression on the cover looks exactly like the expression I had when I ate a rotten hotdog and got the trots for three days. 

  • Thathoodwink

    Ooooh, I do love that top!

  • Heather

    Like many 22-year-olds, she looks like she’s been doing bong hits.