Kirsten Dunst (x2)

Posted on September 06, 2012

Of course, while we’re at Fashion Week and running around like chickens with their heads cut off (FABULOUS chickens, though), that would be the week that all the ladystars wear not one, but two discussable outfits. Miss Kiki, you caused us extra work, but we can’t stay mad at you. Come on out here.

Kirsten Dunst attends the ‘Bachelorette’ New York Premiere at Sunshine Landmark.

Stella Mccartney Resort 2013 Collection

We’re pretty sure we’ll be the cheese that stands alone on this one, but we think she looks utterly adorable here. Sure; we might have preferred a bottom half that provided a little contrast (and those matchy shoes make us cry a little inside), but the overall effect here is adorable and eye-catching and we can’t really argue with that. Also, the hair and makeup look great.

When suddenly…

Kirsten Dunst makes an appearance on the ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

Lanvin Resort 2013 Collection


This is us, standing on the sidelines, cheering her on: “PERSONAL, BEST GIRL! PERSONAL! BEST!”

That is one carzy-ass peplum but she’s actually making it work. The dress looks spectacular on her and the finishing details (hair, makeup, shoes) are all perfectly done. You WERQ that talk show set, girl!


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  • newleaf1

    Sorry TLo, that first outfit looks like a set of satin pajamas my grandparents brought me from Hong Kong when I was four.  Bleccch. Second outfit is very cute, if a little snug looking  – but that’s the ladystar look.

    • teachmusik

      The first outfit is the leftover curtain fabric after Maria made all of the Von Trapp children’s clothes in The Sound of Music.

      • newleaf1

        Hee hee – Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…..

      • YEP. Serving it up Von Trapp style, for reals. I was thinking my nana’s couch, but you hit the nail on the Austrian head, with that one.

        • cyscokitty

          It’s the fabric on the sofa in the formal living room in the house I grew up in. I have pictures!

          • alyce1213

            Me too.

      • My grandmother had a bed spread in that same fabric when I was 6.

      • Glammie

        I was thinking update on Gone with the Wind, but drapes, drapes all the way.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’m now envisioning Kirsten with a cafe curtain rod through her shoulders.

    • Zaftiguana

      I can’t interpret your first sentence as anything but a compliment.

    • Aly Light

       I think it looks kinda like something she would have been dressed in for The Virgin Suicides, but I actually think it’s great. The styling is perfect, and no one else could pull it off as well as she does– the model looks ridiculous by comparison.

  • The shorts set = Scarlett O’Hara in the 21st century. Do not like.

    The second outfit, though. Whoa. She looks smokin’ hot. Although the visible bra is a bit of a problem.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      At least she’s WEARING a bra, which is a step in the right direction for her.

      • Sobaika

        Exactly. I like both these looks because she looks clean, put together and comfortable, even if is not to everyone’s style preferences.

        There were some moments in Kirsten’s fashion history where she looked like Mischa-Barton-rolled-out-of-bed-and-lit-one-up MESS.

      • ballerinawithagun

        That was my husband’s first comment that at least she was wearing a bra because she always requires a bra. I love that second dress. I’m a peplum fanatic, always have been.

        Oddly enough, I like the Stella, it suits her. I think Stella is just trying to channel Prada though.

  • mjude

    i love both looks on her & with a great fondness for the 2nd look. 

  • karena10

    Why are peplums coming back?  Is there anything that can be done to stop it?

    • TAGinMO


    • In_Stitches

       Peaches Carr is a soothsayer. 

      • alyce1213

        Remember that peplum? Boy, did she pay for that. 

    • Peplums have been back for at least a year, and they’re already tired. This one is ok, though. I feel like sit-down interviews are probably the best-case-scenario for deployment of a peplum. 

    • You know, I rag on peplums when I see them on outfits, but I get the trend. I bought a cute little polka dot shirt with a peplum the other day and it’s wonderfully flattering – it makes the upper waist look really thin and cascades into the peplum right where the softer part of my belly hits, hiding it rather efficiently. They distract from that little pooch, and I love that. However, some of them are horrendously overwrought and fug. 

      • LesYeuxHiboux

         A peplum that hits in the right spot can make a gal look like a flirty sex-bomb, but with working-to-the-average fast fashion it’s damn near impossible to find one that fits the bill. I am tall so they all end up swamping my waist.

  • Amazeballs

  • In_Stitches

    First look is dynamite.  I’m shocked Michelle Williams didn’t beat her to it, but I’m glad she didn’t.  It would have been an ‘of course’ moment.  On Kirsten, it’s unexpected and refreshing (even with the shoes).  

    The second, I’m not in love with.  I think it’s the cut of the shoulder that’s throwing the proportions off for me.  I certainly love the idea of the dress, just not the execution.  Or maybe it’s just the terrible hair. 

  • Vickiefantastico

    I love you guys, but I have to disagree on both. I hate to jump on the anti-Stella bandwagon, but that first outfit belongs on my grandmother’s “fancy” parlor couch, not the red carpet. And as for the second, I think we need to hold a collective funeral for all things peplum.

  • SophiaPehawkins

    It’s either the shorts or the top, not both. She looks like my grandmama. Not that my grandmama wears hot pants.

    Also, I love peplums and she looks fabulous in that one.

  • 3boysful

    Dear Lonely Cheeses:
     Kiki’s first outfit is the new, updated shorty-pajama take on a housecoat, created with grandma’s old sofa slipcovers as fabric.


  • I hate the first one but love the second outfit!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    The first outfit is beyond horrible.

    The second is awesome.

    At least Kiki stopped pretending she’s trying to Hepburn it up.

  • TieDye64

    I just can’t get behind the 1st look, but she’s killing look #2. She’s werqing the hell out of that peplum. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type. Ha.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’ll give Kirsten props for managing that peplum-and besides, I love Lanvin.

  • call_me_schmeg

    granny couch short sets are making a comeback. hate the shoes. love me some peplum and her grand canyon deep dimple. 

  • Trisha26

    The top/shorts outfit looks like a modern version of  “60s housewife” – with shorts replacing the capris. Awful. The B&W is cute but crazy-ass peplum is right. And I don’t want to see a star’s bra on TV. Not even a peek at one.

  • Boys, you know that Stella Mc makes the Bitter Kittens ragey — and this upholstery is no exception.  I freaking love that Lanvin on her, although I am a tad bit concerned that I may see her boobs at any moment.  But the hair and makeup look extra fabulous there, so I am willing to overlook the potential for boob flashing.  Such a giver, I know. 

  • TomBord

    Stella and the Pleated Skorts!     ………………… new band. 

  • everest19


    Are we looking at different outfits? Both the peplum and the crazy wallpaper-look make my eyes twitch.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      You just gave me a flashback-to my bedroom in the mid-60’s when I absolutely insisted on giant sunflower wallpaper for the room.

  • Baditude

    Agree, I love them both, but wish she had gone with a contrasting shoe on the first outfit. 

  • I do love the first outfit, without reservations. That peplum on the second outfit, is bringing on a seizure, I can feel it.

    •  You do?? She looks like she should be tufted, stuffed & covered in plastic, sitting on a gold rug with a filigreed, white side table with a lamp dripping with crystals on it, in a house that smells of White Shoulders and pasta sauce (or gravy, as they call it where I’m from).

      • What can I say? Sometimes I dig a bit of Bronx Rennaisance Styling. Line me up with one of them hanging lamps with the oil that drips down the monofilaments around the naked dame!

  • DinaSews

    Did we not see someone else in that short outfit?  Does anyone else have an issue with her lipstick?  It never seems to me to be the right color for her skin.  Too orange maybe?

  • ChiliP

    1st look- Grandma’s couch via Stella Mccartney.

    2nd look- Is that her sheer bra sticking out in those side shots? Such a deep cut probably wasn’t the best idea for TV.

  • Larkin21

    Love the first look. I just can’t with the peplum. I mean, the rest of the outfit is great but I’m not convinced she’s completely making the peplum work.

  • ralish

    She looks gorgeous– and so versatile! Love both looks

  • Scimommy

    Seriously? How long until you can get some sleep and look at these pics again? A week? ‘k, never mind.

  • jmorino08

    The model’s face in that Stella McCartney outfit says it all: “Ooooo I can’t believe this is what passes for fashion these days!”

    • kimmeister

      The model’s face is CRACKING me up. It’s like she got photographed right when someone sprayed her in the face with water.

  • Kappyapp

    I am positive the first outfit is the exact print of the couch my grandparents had in the 70s

  • alyce1213

    The Stella McCartney is an assault to the senses.  Grandma took material off the old couch and misguidedly sewed Kiki a cheesey, matching shorts and top outfit.  It’s nothing better than that.  She’d look cuter in a potato sack.

    The Lanvin – well, that’s another story. A professional designer created that dress.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    No, just No to that first look. In my book it’s it is yet more proof that Stella McCartney is overrated. That fabric is upholstery fabric poorly used.

  • Sara__B

    The first outfit was obviously designed to look like a dorky but cute sofa with legs, and if Kristen wants to wear it out in public, it’s okay with me. She looks as good as a dorky but cute sofa possibly can.

    The second outfit is killer, except for the purposely exposed bra. That’s just tacky.

    • MilaXX

       The bra only showed for like a half second. I didn’t even notice it while watching the show. I think it may have peeped out as she was moving to sit down, but of course that’s the moment the pic was snapped.

  • janetjb

    I like the first outfit.  The color/print is very nice on her.

    The second outfit is a WERQ!  Has Kirsten ever looked so good?  She wears that peplum very well.

  • MissMariRose

    That first outfit looks like something my great-grandma wore around the house in the 70s.

  • Allison Woods

    I think my uncles need to get some rest.

  • I can’t get behind the first outfit.  She looks like a Von Trapp. 

    • formerlyAnon

       You’ve ruined that look for me, now that’s all I can see!

  • Did you see the Good Morning AMerica clip where she and her co-stars refused to explain tea-bagging to the host?  Massive lols. 

  • melanie0866

    The Fug Girls nailed it on the first one – looks like Kirsten Von Trapp in the outfit Maria made out of her bedroom curtains.

    Second one is fine except for the visible bra.  Tack-ee.

  • dress_up_doll

    I was never a huge Kiki fan, but must say she is tearin’ the place up in that Lanvin.  I have no problem with the Stella because I actually have an appeciation and fondness for granny-influenced textiles. She looks good although I would’ve loved a shoe with a bit more contrast.

  • formerlyAnon

    She looks fab on Jimmy Fallon, though ruffly peplums are the province of very, very, VERY few.

    I love the first glance at the first, would like it better if the top had some interest other than a seam running down the middle. [ETA: not “stuff” but maybe a column of tiny little buttons? best if they were really closures, not decorative.]

    And my  problem with the shoes (though it might be my color perception, couldn’t hand somebody the “orange” fabric this a.m. because I think it’s an off shade of pink) anyway, my problem with the shoes is that they aren’t either matchy or coordinated ENOUGH. They look like brownish suede to me, and are almost as wrong as a pair of Hush Puppies would be.

    But overall, I do like. She’s got the mojo, I think.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I like the yellow shorts outfit quite a bit, but I hate the shoes. Are those SUEDE? With SHORTS??

    LOVE the second look. I think she always looks great when her hair and makeup are a little Old Hollywood.

    • kimmeister

      The shoes are disgusting, period, with any outfit or buck naked.

  • I LOVE that first outfit, and I even tolerate the matchy shoes.

  • MilaXX

    I like the first look matchy shoes and all. In fact I like her look better than the model. Second look was great and she even managed to look good while plying cray games with Jimmy. I loved her telling him how she was back stage without the skirt because she could put it on ad sit down without getting it wrinkled.

  • PatRoadtrip

    For those who do not like the first look, imagine a Carol Burnette as Scarlett O’Hara homage. Tee hee.

  • CQAussie

    Oh wow, no on the first outfit.  I can’t stand it.  If it was just the top, then ok.  But the top and the shorts?  Plus the shoes?  Awful. Too much floral.

    The second outfit – loved it, she looks great!

  • Ann Thayer

    First outfit — Maria’s work with the curtains in the Sound of Music 

  • take that, stella haters! that top is beyond fabulous.
    (dont love the shorts though, especially together.)

  • the shorts set is too twee for a 30 yr old

  • j_anson

    Go Kiki! I kinda like the upholstery-shorts-suit too, weirdly. But WHAT is up with that model? She looks like she was caught in the middle of a sneeze or something. Surely “in the middle of a sneeze” isn’t high fashion now?

  • VeryClaire

    Is anyone else suddenly remember when Carol Burnett played Scarlett O’Hara and said “I saw it in the window and I just had to have it!”?

  • granddelusion

    I’m not usually a fan of shorts, but I agree; she looks cute in this outfit. Hate the shoes, though. I love the dress, even if her spanks show when she sits.

  • altalinda

    She’d look worlds better as a brunette.

  • That first outfit looks like Maria von Trapp made another play suit out of curtains, but I secretly kind of dig it.

  • jilly_d

    Snaps up for the Lanvin! Girl looks hot as shit!

  • I don’t care if the first outfit is a Stella McCartney.  It looks like upholstery fabric from my grandmother’s house, and she’s been dead since 1971.  Quick glance shows that the first couple of comments says almost the same thing but I’m gonna say it, too.  The pattern is awfully cute, but the fabric is the revolting.

  • kimmeister

    I’m just not a fan of blondes wearing so much yellow.  I do love the black/cream combo on her, although I’m not 100% convinced she has the right build for that type of shoulder.

  • Kelly Ridings

    I totally agree with you on both counts!!  She looks adorable in the first outfit, despite the fact that I think the first outfit is completely insane.  And she just looks kick ass in the second outfit, despite the fact that I HATE peplums

  • l_c_ann

    That Stella top takes two princess lines that often give a sleek line over the brests and then provide dart-free lines down to a waist line…..and throw them into the ether as she managed to make a top that looks so square it looks to have been sized up from a six year old’s version of the same thing.

  • Why do so many people hate on the peplum? I LOVE me a peplum!  

  • i absolutely think these should have both been WERQs. girl knows her color and her body. i wonder if she has a stylist.

    •  ya both are WERQs for sure.

  • susan6

    Even the model is trying not to vomit in that matching formal shorts outfit.  Kill it with fire.

    The peblum dress is adorbs.

  • SapphoPoet

    Don’t care for the first outfit. I like the fabric, but I can’t stand heels worn with shorts. I’ll give you the second outfit, though–she looks fabulous and like she’s having a really good time in it. 

  • I like the first one, but the second one is meh. I think I’m prejudice against any dress with a peplum though.

  • DominoEstella

    I love them both.. LOVE the first outfit, that is totally up my alley.  I think she looks adorable, which may be what upsets the masses.  Adorable ain’t just for puppies.

  • jennifervney

    I love the Fraulein Maria pajamas, and her hair and make up look great!  

  • I am not joking that I have vintage JC Penny curtains hanging in my dining room that look exactly like her first outfit.  So, it’s hard for me to not see her as Maira von Trapp.  That second one, BOW DOWN.  She is back with a vengence after many many years of horrible taste in fashion. 

  • nannypoo

    The upholstery pajamas are ridiculous and she looks silly in them. Whoever mentioned Michelle Williams earlier was right – it’s exactly the kind of fashion choice she would make, and I would hate it on her too. She’s even standing in that same goofy pose that MW is always photographed in. The peplum dress, on the other hand, is interesting and pretty. She looks great in it and she knows it.

  • MoHub

    Okay. Everyone who criticized Sonjia’s peplum needs to see this. And Sonjia’s was very slim and not pouffed up around the model’s waist.

  • Judy_S

    Well, she does look cute in the shorts outfit but it looks as if it was made from draperies by a home ec student who had to cut and seam narrow mismatched pieces to avoid the faded parts. And her shoes are notably too big.
    I am not a peplum fan but that second dress is great and looks wonderful on her.

  • PinkLemon

    LOVE the stella! see? stella can do good. ya’all are trippin about it being too upholstered looking. that print is definitely on trend. the lanvin is also to die. THAT’S how you do a peplum!! her bra should be making less of an appearance, tho.

  • AuntieAnonny

    The top in the second look is a little too heavy, but I’m in love with that skirt, even the peplum.

  • MissAnnieRN

    A+ for hair and make up, sad face for the Von Trapp Family play clothes, peplum gets a pass because she is working it.

  • Judy_J

    I like both outfits.  The shorts suit is cute and fresh, and that black and white dress is a knockout.  Nicely done, Kirsten!

  • Jessica Stone

    I seem to be the odd one out here, but I much prefer the first look. I think it’s both daring and darling in a way that your grandma’s sofa will never be.

  • That first look is just craaaaazy but I like it and she is wearing it well. The second look is drop dead chic and she’s killing it. KILL!!!

    Both are much more dynamic than the young ‘un featured earlier today.

  • Robert Montano

    Uhm… What? That second dress looks cray. Why on earth would you wear that in a place where you will be sitting down for the majority of your time? Peplums can work, but not when you are sitting down. And the weird rose detail on her hips just makes it look sloppy. Seriously gurrl. Change that skirt out for a white pencil skirt and you may look boring but you won’t look like a wrinkly mess. 

  • I don’t care for the first set at all!  Looks like drapery.  Her shoes look much better than those the model is wearing.  Maybe it would be better with a solid bottom?

    I agree … the second set is fabulous!

  • Judih1

    Despite the upholstery fabric material, I like the first look on her – but would have preferred different shoes and different hairstyle. I am so SICK of peplums, I can’t even look at the other outift. But at first glance, it does like cute if a little dressey for the venue

  • That first outfit looks exactly like the upholstery on my grandparents sofa back in the day. But I will give you that second one…it’s perfect!

  • first the coin-column-cutout nightmare and now this ugly rose-ruffled tube dress?? Sorry guys, I consider you my faboo gay internet uncles, but your WERQ is broken today. 

  • Vanja

    “We’re pretty sure we’ll be the cheese that stands alone on this one” Yes I agree, Pont-l’Évêque cheese.
    That B&W dress is very, very nice, but I prefer the modest décolleté of the model. I’m drooling, looking at those perfect shoes.

  • marilyn

    First outfit-bad.  Second outfit=great.

    See previous entries for what is wrong with the first outfit.

  • I hate the mustard hooves, but kinda like the rest of the first outfit. Agree about the second one, she looks great. 

  • oohsparkley!

    The first is ok, I like the look.  I like “couch” fabrics and prints, but I don’t care for yellow prints much. That’s just for me personally. She looks fabulous in the second.

  • teensmom99

    Dress two is a total WERQ.  It’s dresses like this that make people think they can wear peplums.  BTW, I had a similar dress that I wore to a cousin’s wedding in the late 80s.

  • guest2visits

    I would never have thought so, but that first outfit made from upolstery fabric is kinda cute, and it fits her perfectly.
    It’s got a sunny, playful, little attitude.
    The second one is just ok with me; I thought it fit the model better up top, – and I thought it should have been a little longer
    on Kirsten’s legs for a better balance; especially if it’s going for full disclosure at the bust.  Heidi’s rules.

  • I saw the fabric from that first outfit on MeeMaw’s couch back in 1983. I always wondered what happened to couches after they went to the dump. I guess good couches that have obeyed the couch commandments  get to decompose in piece, if they’ve been bad couches and eaten lots of pocket change they get tortured and worn as bad outfits.

  • jw_ny

    Look #2…whodathunk Kiki could pull of a Veronica Lake do?  She looks fab.

    look #1…I like the color of shoe with this outfit for some odd reason.  The fabric of the outfit tho…reminds me of my mom’s patio furniture cushions.  lol.  It’s a cute outfit and well suited for her.  🙂

  • Wow! Remember when she used to be a saggy-boobed mess? I can barely remember it myself. I love both these looks and will proudly stand with you in my adoration for the short set.

  • Dot

    As much as I love the first outfit, it does remind me of the outfits Maria made for the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music.

  • Amy

    The first one is reminding me of my grandma’s furniture and yet, I LOVE IT TOO!!! Vintage realness!

  • ChelseaNH

    I don’t like her in yellow, but otherwise I’m fine with the short set.

    Love the way she carries herself in the second look.

  • Anne At Large

    You work that peplum-y sexy secretary look like it owes you back pay, honey! But that first look is much too Grandma’s Couch Upholstery from here, sorry.

  • Kate4queen

    I just don’t like the return of the peplum skirt. It makes me shudder on everybody. I love the first outfit though 🙂

  • The first outfit was made out of curtains by a singing nun.  The shoes were inspired by Mr. Tumnus.  The second outfit is cute head to toe, even with the visible bra.  

  • Peeve

    Strangely enough, I love both outfits! I usually have an ‘eh’ reaction when it comes to Kirsten Dunst, so I’m a little surprised. I think she looks prettier than I’ve ever seen her in outfit #2.

  • Imasewsure

    I kinda dig the first look for all of the reasons everyone else hates it (looks like 70’s chinese pajamas or grandma’s old house coat) but hate the shoes… I think the second look is kind of dull but she’s killing it so I can see the personal best award in that as well… 2 for 2

  • Samuel Donovan

    I gotta agree wholeheartedly with you guys here; personally, I would have given at LEAST the second one a ‘WERQ’ if not both.

    Hope you two are having fun at fashion week!

  • PastryGoddess

    Ok I don’t know about the outfit.  But her whole head case is saying SUPAHSTAH!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I really love that first outfit on her, and I can’t think of anyone else in Hollywood who could wear it without it looking awful or twee as fuck. That is HER seventies-print-shortie-pajama-set-with-matching-shoes.

    Then she goes all sexy and poised. Kiki can really turn it out when she wants to.

  • quiltrx

    Oh look, Kiki wore her pj’s to the premiere!

    But she was KILLING IT on TV! 

    (and why does Lanvin give all the good shit to everyone else, and the “factory seconds” to Julianne Moore? WTF?)

  • DTLAFamilies

    #2 looks like Blake Lively’s dress and that’s why I don’t like it on Kiki. She doesn’t look bad but she doesn’t look like herself. #1 is hiddy for all the reasons people have mentioned already, but it fits her personality much better so I’ll give it a pass.

  • Candigirl1968

    She must have a new hair & makeup person because I don’t remember either ever looking this good twice in a row.  

  • Mauricio González del Castillo

    She looks like one of the Von Trapp kids in the first one come on!

  • texashistorian

    The clothes are very nice, especially the Stella McCartney one, even though writing that just made me gag (a little). I still don’t see the ample bosom she claims to have, though, regardless of what she’s wearing.

  • Kirsten Henry

    love/want both of those outfits!

  • litlmiss

    second’s great, first looks like the kids’ summer pjs – but made with curtains instead of the traditional cotton prints. 

  • ccm800

    I love the colors of that first one on her but my  momma’s discount outlet sofa from the 70s had the same print and aligned better at the seams – McCartney RETIRE! No other designer has more props with less talent. For real.  She would not have got through week 4 of PR if her daddy wasn’t who he is. PERIOD

  • Zaftiguana

    I’m digging the everloving shit out of the short set, and she gets some crazy bonus points given how hard that outfit is to pull off. 

  • Verascity

    I’m with you boys on this one. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been in Japan for a while and this is a very Japanese look, but I LOVE the first outfit. The second look is also KILLER.

  • RzYoung

    Her hair in the second photo looks the best I’ve ever seen! aw, i love Kiki

  • Nonuttin

    Carol Brady wore that exact same shorts set in an episode of The Brady Bunch.  I’m sure of it.

  • Diana Martinez

    2nd outfit is great.  1st outfit is made from someone’s couch.  Ugh. 

  • I think my great-aunt had an armchair in exactly the same fabric as the first outfit.

  • neofashionista

    LOVE the second look but i wish she had worn red shoes with it

  • Adorbs. Absolutely.

  • Bill Curtis

    That first outfit looks like Betty Draper took a cue from The Sound of Music and cut down the living room drapes.

    • AnneElliot

      Almost spit out my drink.  EXACT–LY!!!  

  • Jenny Stark

    I love that curtain fabric outfit! It’s hot/ugly.  She’s like the sexiest thrift store shopper ever.  

  • bellafigura1

    Double WERQ for me, too (although teeny points off for the shoes in Look#1 — the leopards woulda been hot).

  • The first outfit would have looked better if it were just a dress rather than a top and shorts. For some reason, it makes her look sloppy and a bit dumpy. And the shoes were a really bad choice. The second outfit is perfect for a sit-down, although it doesn’t look particularly good when she’s crossing the stage.

  • Love the Stella, but not so much the Lanvin… The bottom half looks a little, hm, tight and the top half a size too big? Am I crazy?

  • enchanted216

    Puh-lease.  Bra is showing. Out.

  • LambeeBaby

    Who gave her permission to cut up my mother’s old couch and make an outfit out of it! You have got guts.Hmmm… Didn’t you steal her curtains once before too…
    I think the second look is better, but it is kind of off and I cant figure out why.

  • Coralie Legister

    In love with both.

  • The first dress looks just like a sofa in my friend’s house during the early 70s.  Blech.