John Bartlett Spring 2013 Collection

Posted on September 17, 2012


Taking his inspiration from his travels from Mykonos to Mumbai, John Bartlett offered up a collection for what he called the “plant-based man,” with relaxed and unstructured suits and jackets in sustainable linens, with cool colors and a relaxed, worldly, masculine feel. Love the color palette and the breezy, sexy feel of the looks.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • I’ll take the rightmost one on the bottom row, please.

    (Dem pecs. E’rryday.)

  • BrooklynBomber

    I especially like the 4th row down, and several other looks as well. But “aum” all over pants and jackets is a little weird.

  • You can actually, literally, get the Om patterned pants and shorts at the majority of the many, many hotel gift shops across India. And they would cost you approximately 20 bucks US.

  • MilaXX

    I like this. I think the average guy could even get away with the printed pants on vacation to the islands.

  • homofascist

    Love the pink suit and the light blue suit.  

  • rougeort

    Those neon pink faux-Toms in the first row cracked me up, as did the high-fashion hospital scrubs in the middle of row 4.

  • hughman

    John Bartlett is adorable. 

    “That’s all.”  <– Miranda Priestly voice. 

  • PastryGoddess

    Real men wear pink, and green, and pastels, and prints.

    Love this collection. It’s masculine without being over the top

  • quiltrx

    Cute ‘summer guy’ clothes.  I wish they’d make an Om skirt!

    And some of these guys have some FABULOUS hair.  I want to see that guy’s topknot undone…I’m a sucker for long, pretty hair.

  • Zippypie

    I dig.

  • e jerry powell

    I will be kicking John Bartlett’s crack dealer in the balls presently.

    As far as the clothes go, I’ll be waiting for the fall line, thanks.

  • j_anson

    I love the palette, but man I’ll be happy when the fashion world gives up on formal shorts. I know there’s actually a whole eco-argument behind it – move toward a cooler wardrobe so offices don’t have to air-condition down to freezing – but the way to get there is never going to be via “take an ordinary suit and chop bits off,” it’s going to be via “let the suit go as a professional requirement.”

    • boweryboy

      I dunno.

      If you have the right porportions on the right man with the right build formal shorts can work. I’ve rocked the formal shorts numerous times in my office building although porportion is probably all I get right.

      I can understand the resistance.  My dad believes men should not wear shorts.

      • j_anson

        Oh, I don’t have any problem with shorts per se! It’s just *formal* shorts, and full-on paired-with-a-suit-jacket formal shorts in particular. 1) The material used in suits doesn’t usually work well for shorts from a drape/hang perspective, in my opinion – too stiff and prone to wrinkling/puffing; 2) having the strong visual marker at the knee or lower thigh basically ruins the line of a suit – suits generally need long, clean lines to look their best; and 3) the juxtaposition between spiffy suit and hairy leg is just weird and off-putting, in a way that it isn’t with ordinary non-formal shorts.

  • Trisha26

    Love the color palette and that print!

  • I like quite a few of these looks, but I doubt that I could ever get my bf to wear them. A little too metrosexual for him. My father on the other hand… he was born to wear the 2nd outfit in the first row – pink shirt w/ khaki shorts – and the 3rd outfit in the second row. He’s all about the bermuda shorts and casual linen shirts in his retirement.

  • JasmineAM

    This is the most diverse runway so far

  • ccm800


  • zelavie

    WHY do designers insist on bringing back pleated pants?  They are good for nobody.

  • It might just be me because I know everyone is wearing them, but I really really HATE those kinds of shoes.  Really.

  • Don’t mind the colors, but hate the print.

  • bitterk

    The colors make me a little nauseous