In or Out: Emilia Clarke in Chanel

Posted on September 25, 2012

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, is apparently a big fan of Chanel, since she wore it twice during the Emmys and their subsequent parties.


‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke attends the British Academy of Film And Television Arts Los Angeles TV Tea 2012 Event in a Chanel dress paired with jimmy Choo shoes.

Chanel Resort 2013 Collection/Model: Cora Emmanuel (OUI)


It’s pretty, we suppose. But the sheer over the bustline looks a little half-assed to us and the rest of the dress looks over-embellished. We think the embelishment on the bodice would have been enough, but all that frippery around the sleeves and shoulders makes it look like Karl didn’t know when to step away from the design.The skirt’s pretty, but it’s shaped kind of weird; just hangs off the bodice like curtains.

On the other hand, her face looks gorgeous, as does her hair, even if that over-the-shoulder mermaid style tends to make our eyes twitch. Seriously, are the hairstylists of the entertainment industry somehow anti-shoulder? We tend to think the dress looks better on the model not because she’s a model but because she has short hair. It seems that the dress looks less awkward if you keep the wearer’s hair away from all the details.


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IN! Cute and ladylike!


OUT! Too girly! Stick with the Dothraki armor from now on!

Bitter Kittens had serious issues with both Nicole Kidman’s glittery vagina wings and Julianne Moore’s lemon explosion, but both looks were voted IN.



[Photo Credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos,]

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    • Trisha26

      Out. Too twee for me.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        It looks like a high end craft project.

        • The Dose of Reality

          High end is too kind. OUT!

      • MajorBedhead

         Twee. That’s exactly what I was going to say.


      • Gayer Than Thou

        I’d agree with “twee” if it weren’t for the problem that it’s also fug.

    • VioletFem

      OUT.This dress seems to juvenile for her. Love the hair and makeup. She looks amazing as a brunette.

      •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

        I love her hair and her face is just the prettiest, I think romantic styles really suit her but you’re right, this looks like it belongs on a babystar.

      • kcarb1025

        She has the face of a 13 year old girl though, so really it just looks age-appropriate in a Little Girl in her Easter Dress way even if it shouldn’t.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      THIS is Chanel?  Has Andrea from Electric Love Light started working for Uncle Karl?

      • j_anson

        It’s from that obnoxious “hipster Marie Antoinette” collection, I believe, unless Chanel has used that background/styling twice.

        • ojosazules

          At least it’s not denim.

          • j_anson

            Indeed. Small favors.

    • Tracy

      OUT. Frippery plus saddlebags do not a sweet red-carpet frock make.

    • Sara__B

      Too costumey. Perfect for Candyland on Ice.

    • ojosazules

      That dress is the one thing she should have taken off before leaving the house. Out.

    • L.

      OUT – She’s so pretty, but its not enough to save the weird dress.  Picture it on someone not quite this gorgeous and whaddaya got?

    • Jessi03

      Khaleesi looks infinitely better in Dothraki and Westorosi garb.  Out.

    • Susi R

      Her makeup is flawless; dress is ok.  IN!

    • Samantha Irene

      Agreed that the hair wrecks the dress – the shorter hair made for a more ‘edgy’ look as opposed to this I’m girly and cute look, which looks more like it belongs on a younger actress – like a Fanning… OUT. 

    • Shannon Beamer

      Hate the dress; the waist of the dress hits her at a terrible place and “over-embellished” is a kind description.  Looks like the type of thing a five year old girl would wear to her birthday party.  Sorry, Karl, OUT.

      …but she is so beautiful it’s exhausting.  Her hair and face are SO PRETTY.

      • Sobaika

        Agreed on every count.

      • Little_Olive

        What Suri Cruise would wear to her birthday party. Which does NOT make it any better.

        When are people going to accept that Chanel does not necessarily mean “pretty” -much less “well-fitting”?

    • jennyv

      Out. It looks like Chanel for Wet Seal.

    • Agatha Guilluame

      It’s not that they’re anti-shoulder, it’s that the illusion of being a shoulder amputee is ever so slimming. Two shoulders are for the sort of people that get seconds. Those fat twats.

    • AllForUSophia

      Out! She looks like a 6-year-old! And not in a good way…

    • Delysia LaFosse

      That rich hair color looks great on her. The dress, however, looks like what a seven-year-old girl would pick out to wear to her unicorn-themed birthday party. OUT.

    • kingderella

      OUT, im afraid. i just dont like the dress very much, but perhaps katy perry could have pulled it off. on clarke, it just hangs, doing nothing. dont like her hair either, it looks like it ‘wants’ to to fall across her back, but is kept on her shoulder by evil products.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      OUT. I don’t like this dress, at all. 

    • AudreysMom

      OUT. Too much ugly on too pretty of a young woman. Strip her and give her some animal skins and a few dragons to wear, and allow Danerys to regain her power!

    • kaycem

      it’s hard for me to vote the khaleesi out, as she’s the lesbian equivalent of jude law (every styleless thing she wears is perfect b/c she is perfect)… and as i’m sure the bitter kittens will overwhelmingly vote this look out, the usual responsibility i feel to be an educated, issues-based voter is non-existent today.


    • lalahartma


    • janetjb

      Her hair and makeup are pretty – Out.

    • raininmai

      I love the dress because I love Khalesi!  Well, okay I don’t really love the dress. The ribbons on it sort of resemble a square dancing get-up. But the colors are lovely and she looks terrific with her natural dark hair.

    • eruannalle

      Yeah, I’m gonna say OUT as well. This is the sort of dress nobody over the age of six should wear, if you ask me.

    • Merneith

      OUT. The bust sits weird and while I don’t normally mind illusion, this, as you say, looks halfassed.

    • j_anson

      OUT. Chanel can’t bring panniers back, and neither can the Mother of Dragons.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      She’s in, just because of the face.  Seriously.  She is so beautiful I can’t even. 

    • Aly Light

      It’s like a Lisa Frank trapper-keeper turned into a dress. And the proportions are wrong for li’l Dany. OUT.

      • PinkLemon

         my thoughts exactly. about lisa frank.

    • Jen Hughes

      That dress is so ugly that it hurt my feelings. 

    • neofashionista


    • Sarah Winningham

      Looks like a Michaels threw up on it. Out.

    • Molly Lopez

      In, it says it’s a tea event so I would expect some frilly and girly for an event like that

    • Joyce VG

      OUT. Much too twee.  She’s beautiful tho.

    • MilaXX

      Hair and face look good, but this looks like a child’s dress. Send this to Ariel Winters so she can dress her age for a change.

    • Aniela Marie Perry

      OUT. She’s gorgeous but that dress is just straight-up goofy-ass.

    • Tadiana

      When I first looked at the pictures my lips automatically grimaced.  So that would be an OUT for me.  She’s beautiful, but the odd bodice and the silhouette of the dress took it sailing past Princessland into Thehell?land.

    • MintaHallWriter

      OUT. proportions of that skirt make MY eyes twitch. How can such a tiny thing look hippy and bloated? that silhouette is doing her NO favors.  It really looks like a little girl’s dress for Sunday School. From about 1955.

    • Donna Schmidt

      Out! Sad dress

    • mayavaly

      Mostly hated that entire collection, and even on someone as lovely as her, for whom the colors are perfect, the proportions/fit are just so wrong. Also, her shoulder hair is driving me bonkers. Out.

    • kittenwithaquip

      If a dress causes me to say out loud: “What the My Little Pony is that shit she’s wearing?”, it’s automatically an OUT. Has Karl started snorting his diet Coke? That mess is ugly AND crazy.

    • SapphoPoet

      Out. It just doesn’t work. 

    • Cassie

      Yeah, Emilia Clarke pretty much always wears Chanel when out and about. She never looks as good or as comfortable as when she’s in Dothraki or Qartheen garb, though.

      Still, I say IN. She has a pretty bad red carpet track record and this suits her well. Plus her hair and makeup actually flatter for once.

    • Fucking A.

      I adore this on her. And I’m in love with the shoes. This look could have gone a completely different way & I can’t really think of any one now besides like Hailee Steinfield o Ariel Winter who could pull this off. I think this is so adorable. IN.

    • Patricia Gillett

      All this outfit is missing is her ice dancing partner. OUT.

    • Spicytomato1

      I’m gonna go against the grain and give her an IN. Three reasons: 1) I’m a sucker for daisies and those white things resemble daisies to me, 2) she chose something atypical, which I think is admirable, and, 3) she is so darn gorgeous.

    • TSkot

      It’s even unflattering on the model: OUT

    • theblondette

      Heidi Went To Woodstock.

    • marilyn

      Out.  Too busy and froofroo.  She is too short for this dress.  The underweight model looked average size when she wore it.  This girl looks thick through the hips, short waisted and too short to wear it. 

      This is Wacky Andrea’s (from All On the Line) kind of dress.   Shudder. 

    • unbornfawn

      Hair and make-up are lovely. The dress is ugly. The proportions are off among other things. OUT

    • Wendi126

      I don’t watch G of T and had no clue who she was. I see the pic and think she’s a teenager. Then I see she’s the mother of dragons and think hmm…she’s got to be older to be a mother…then I look close and see she’s older. The dress may be one of the ugliest frocks I’ve seen in a while and on a teenager it was bad enough but this shit on a Mother Of Dragons?? Oh no. So out its Lexi Featherstone on a ledge out

    • Scarlet39

      She needs a bra

    • Gus Casals

      Mmmm, I really don’t like the dress, but she looks awesome, and I guess that’s the idea of an IN for the woman and not the designer.

    • fabulous

      Too young for her.  The hair and makeup are ruined by the Strawberry Shortcake getup.

    • Sara Parker

      OUT. Back to Dream Valley and the other little ponies with you!

    • NCDFan

      No. She a pretty woman but the frock is all kinds of ugly. OUT

    • bellalozza

      Ew. What is she, six? All she needs is frilly white ankle socks and patent leather mary janes.  Out!

    • frankystein123

      Is not like she is old or anything, so this dress definitely does work for her. IN.

    • Elizabeth Rust

      OUT. That dress is horribly unflattering, even on the model, and more so on Clarke. The little-girl frippery and the laundry-accident pastels don’t do much for me, and overall it looks like a rather sad Home Ec project; I’d never have guessed it was from Chanel in a million years…


    • l_c_ann

      Out, because the sleeves are too much.  Had the sleeve seams been narrow unornamented straps, it would have gone the vavavoom way.

    • AtticWife

      NO! What the hell. That dress lives at the intersection of Twee and Unflattering and, sweet jeebus, nobody wants that.

    • zelavie

      OUT.  The dress gives her a strange shape, and it looks a bit juvenile.  But what I wouldn’t give for hair like hers…

    • Pterodactyl111

      In. She looks so much better with brown hair, it’s amazing.

    • C S

      IN  Hair and makeup are flawless!  She looks fresh and pretty.   I think this is just a summery dress better worn during daytime events, but she still looks lovely.  I like a party frock. 

    • Bozhi

      In. Beautiful.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      OUT! That dress is seriously hiddy. Everything about it. The little flowers, the sheer overlay. It looks like one of the ballerina costumes at my daughters end-of-year dance recital.  Her hair is painful to look at and I am certainly not giving her points for being pretty. She’s young and gorgeous, that’s a given: 0 points.

    • Catherine

      IN. Love her hair and makeup, and the colors of the dress compliment both!

    • VicD

      Team Dothraki. (That’s an “out” if I wasn’t being clear.)

    • Lisa

      Ehh, gotta give this an OUT.  I don’t know who she is, but this is way too twee for my taste.

    • another_laura

      It’s almost really good.  The way the bodice is sitting on her makes me want to yank it up by a good inch, it makes the overall effect one of being too much dress for her tiny (quite beautiful) self.  Nice colors for her, though, and make up looks just right.

      soooooooo, hm haw I’ll give it an in.

    • lizajane1776

      Out. The waistline is too low so it is not able to be fitted decently.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i wouldnt say that KL has designed nothing of value over the past several years–but it’s been close. this certainly is no better than his usual fun fare. it looks worse on the actress, true, but thats a matter of poor fitting & even poorer design proportions. however, it doesnt even look good on the model.

    • Jangle57

      Yuck OUT

    • bringbackbeatles

      Looks poorly fitted in some areas. The skirt is extremely weirdly shaped and unflatter due to waist band dipping down in the front and going back up high on the hips. Some pretty colors, but too many and way to over embellished. I agree that the illusion netting looks very half-assed. OUT!

    • Christine

      It looks like an anime cartoon puked on a dress, out

    • blue_hedonist

      Out, out; I hate it! It looks like an elementary school art project. Medium: pastel chalk and flower stickers.

    • Wendi126

      I don’t watch G of T and had no clue who she was. I see the pic and think she’s a teenager. Then I see she’s the mother of dragons and think hmm…she’s got to be older to be a mother…then I look close and see she’s older. The dress may be one of the ugliest frocks I’ve seen in a while and on a teenager it was bad enough but this shit on a Mother Of Dragons?? Oh no. So out its Lexi Featherstone on a ledge out

    • Araina23

      She looks a bit like Julianna Margulies, doesn’t she?

    • gillian holroyd

      I loved this collection but not this number in particular. At any rate, it wasn’t meant to be worn with starlet hair. It needs someone with a bit of attitude and not teh pretty. Out.

    • Peeve

      It’s actually surprising to me how much I hate this dress. I hate all the crap on it, and I hate how the bodice and skirt fit. I especially hate the shoes–so wrong for this dress. So much hate–must be the steroids I’m on right now! Out, out, out.

    • Deborah Lipp

      Out. I don’t know how a short dress like that stumpifies her but it does.

    • jw_ny


      It looks like a costume.  The fit seems off.  Her boobs seem low.  Dislike her shoes and the over the shoulder do.  Very pretty girl tho.  

    • quiltrx

      OUT.  Twee as fuck, AND looks way too cheap to be Chanel.

    • Jessica Goldstein

      Neither in nor out for me. Just continued surprise at how (1) gorgeous and (2) unrecognizable she is with the dark hair. 

    • formerlyAnon

      Close but out.

    • pokokpuding

      Ohhh Khaleesi. Do not wear the dresses of people you have killed. Especially if they happen to be Zooey Deschanel. 

      • mhleta

        Haha!! Thank you for the chuckle!

    • NefAtiti

      OMFG OUT! Scroll Down. OUT. OUT. OUT. OUT. scroll. It doesn’t get any better. OUT. OUT. (huffing, puffing, out of breath) Oh, yes, her hair and makeup do look good. Thanks TLo for pointing that out. Still OUT.  

      Yes, bitchybitchybitchy it looks like a craft project. I mean, is this seriously Chanel?

    • Aaminah Khan

      The bodice looks wonky. It’s giving me eyestrain. For that alone, OUT.

      (Also, I wear my hair in that mermaid style all the time. Every time I do, I think of you guys! XD)

    • Rain Jezek

      Oh look, she found my Easter dress from when I was 8! How sweet. OUT.

    • Kirsten Henry

      I love it!

    • PeaceBang

      She’s perfect and adorable and styled well, but the dress is a mess. Eek, such a mess. In for the girl, OUT for the dress.

    • GoAwayKardash

      It’s a sad day when Chanel dresses look like this.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Yes — that’s it exactly!

    • Fifi LaRoux

      IN! I think she looks great!

    • Adamantia Rosomak


    • Paige Boerman

      Khalessi, this isn’t working for me. OUT.

    • demidaemon

      OUT. I find this almost offensively ugly, and, paired with the prettiness of Emily, it just doesn’t work.

    • korilian

      In. I can’t say that I like the dress, but she obviously does and her obvious pleasure is making the entire thing work.

    • RzYoung

      How old is this lady? I seriously cannot pin and age on her, she could be 15 or 35. Anyway, IN I guess because I like the shoes and I don’t find it over all that offensive

    • Brienne Calmer

      At 5’3″, she needs to dress a little carefully to avoid looking like tween.  This dress?  Does not do that.  Worse, there’s not a single aspect of this dress that does not make me feel like I’ve licked a fuzzy lollipop.  OUT.

    • mhleta

      I can’t find a single good thing to say about this dress. It does nothing for her and it’s not even pleasant to look at. It just is.

    • Hetha Innis

      Out. And she’s such a knockout, it has to be a pretty bad dress to inspire an out from me.

    • kikisayshi

      She looks very WIDE in the full-frontal shots. The dress is pretty up close, but looks odd when you take a step back. She’s cute but this one’s an OUT for me.

    • Judy_S

      I think it looks better on the model because her styling and attitude suggest an ironic take on the girliness. Emilia’s styling and smile are more siren-ish, and it doesn’t ironize the girly dress, it schizophrenizes it. OUT, though she is so pretty anyway.

    • mjude


    • In_Stitches

      This ode to Lisa Frank is as tasteless as the source material.  OUT. 

    • Maya


    • jenno1013

      I dig her mirror shoes.  Dress out.  Face in.

    • mozzer0906

      OUT, it makes her look like a 14 year old and that is creepy considering I’ve seen her bosoms on the show… 

    • crash1212

      Sorry Chanel, but that is one ugly dress. I do believe that Coco is turning in her grave. It’s an OUT on just ugly – from the sheer bodice that makes the rest of the dress look sort of….saggy?  To that weird sleeve length, to what looks like frosting florets – just UGH. On the other hand, The Mother of Dragons looks beautiful from neck up – although I still can’t get used to seeing her in dark hair.

    • Verascity

      She’s disgustingly pretty, but I hate her fashion sense. She picks terrible dresses for her body. OUT.

    • Julie Chase

      Out. Though her face is so gorgeous it makes me cry in envy. Love that lipstick.

    • Marianna

      Out. She’s gorgeous and I covet her hair, but that dress is atrocious. 

    • deathandthestrawberry

      I didn’t like this dress at all. It looks juvenile, almost like a princess costume. She is Khaleesi, not some Sleeping Beauty waiting for her prince to come. OUT. It is known.

    • Carina

      It doesn’t fit! It’s droopy around the shoulders, neckline and waist, and looks like it was cut by an amateur. Yuck.

    • Nacogdoches

      I really, really hate that dress, but I love her make-up, the pairing with those silver shoes, and the Mother of Dragons in general, so I’ve got to give it an IN. Doesn’t she look so much prettier with her natural hair?

    • julnyes

      OUT – It looks like a little girl’s party dress. 

    • BazoDee


    • Jecca2244

      Her face is incredible. also, the dress makes her look like her boobs are tattoed. maybe they are?

    • Dixie Murphy Ross

      minus 10 points for the shoulder discrimination. OTHER SHOULDER WANTS LOVE TOO!

    • Laura Toepfer

      Nope. That’s an out. I know that feeling when you love something and want to wear it but it’s just not you. And that’s what happened here, I think.

    • m0r0

      Looks like she should have a “My Little Pony” purse and shoes.  Cloyingly sweet. 

    • Cathy S

      Bleh. Out.

    • rumcg66

      OUT. But dear lord, that woman is so incredibly pretty. But yeah, the dress is a big no.

    • Larkin21

      Hair and makeup look great but I just don’t like the dress. OUT.

    • Hildegerd Haugen


    • Hell Yes, I Would!

      Out. But she’s still super hot.

    • marlie

      She looks gorgeous from the neck up, and from the ankles down (LOVE the shoes), but I just can’t get on board with this dress. It’s just too… much. 

    • mrssage

      I actually really like this. it’s super twee and would not work on a lot of people but in my opinion she’s pulling it off.

    • melanie0866

      OUT!  Like a poorly-fitted Barbie dress.

    • letter_M

      That dress was hideous on the runway and nothing has changed on her.  Except that she’s gorgeous.  Could have done much better.

    • Meg Smitherman

      In! I love it! The sleeves are a little much, but otherwise I think she looks gorgeous.

    • Corrie

      She’s on my Robert Pattinson next catch list: Emilia Clarke, Dita (now-they look hot together), Lana Del Rey, Bar Rafaeli or quick tease Kate Upton for a thrill. Like Emilia- she seems sweet, not loving this dress though.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      Out. It looks too twee for the room. Or any room. Send it on over to Zooey Deschanel and let her deal with it.

    • LambeeBaby

      Out. The print looks like shitty tie dye and the flowers look like plastic pop together flowers that I used for necklaces when I was 7.

    • lrhoff

      No no no.  

    • teensmom99

      OUT–just a bad dress.  Every one has their off days.

    • theresa harnisch

      i like it but agree 100% about the hair

    • harleydear

      If just her head were floating around– disembodied, so to speak– she’d be IN, but no amount of pretty hair can save that dress from looking like something even my Miss Piggie-idolizing-six-year-old-manic-pixie self would reject. OUT.

    • librarygrrl64

      OUT. The way the sleeves and waistline are set, the sheerness at the top contrasted with the heaviness of the skirt, the long hair are all pulling the eye downward, making her look short and dumpy.

    • Elizabeth Siegel

      I think it’s cute. I say IN.

    • StrandedFashionista

      IN. I love the look.

    • jayme

      NOOOOOO I LOVE IT ON HER SO MUCH. And I never expected her to be one of those women to pull this off. She looks ethereal and lovely.

    • ccm800

      Out – too much dress for so blase a lady

    • drdarke

      Stick with the Dothraki armor from now on!

      I thought that’s what she was doing in that dress – either that, or experimenting with Wearable ColorForms that you just stick on top of your naked body….

      Hair looks nice, though – and makeup’s not too horrible, if you don’t mind The Incredible Disappearing Lips.