In or Out: Christina Hendricks in Jenny Packham

Posted on September 17, 2012

We’ve been singing hosannas at Christina’s general direction for a while now; ever since she woke up one morning and totally figured out how to dress her body – or hired a stylist, which seems more likely. At any rate, we can’t quite hand out the praise on this one.

Christina Hendricks attends the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 2012 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in a Jenny Packham gown.

Jenny Packham Fall 2012 Collection

On the one hand, it fits her perfectly and mostly flatters her shape, which is a good thing. And we respect the use of a bold print on the red carpet, although we can’t say we find this one anything but distracting in pictures.

On the other hand, a one-shoulder gown with a big puffy flounce on the shoulder simply isn’t a good idea with Christina’s major mammaries pulling focus. It’s just way too much fussiness and volume added to an area that calls for clean lines and good fit. Whoever’s dressing her lately obviously still hasn’t addressed her problematic love for frippery like ruffles, bows, and flounces, none of which are her friend.

But we can’t deny she’s striking here and like we said, the fit is pretty awesome. Will that be enough for an IN? Kittens make the call.


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IN! She is giving me LIFE!


OUT! She is giving me AGITA!


Jessica Alba’s fussy society matron look was roundly voted OUT by the commentariat.




[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos,]

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    • Ginny Ellsworth

      I’m sorry but Out. Too much fuss near her boobs. Maybe if her hair had been in an updo, it might have helped. Plus, the too long hem just makes it look even sloppier. 

      • LaylaSV

         Totally agrre. With the long hem and the big bow she looks like a parade float.

      • Sobaika

        I don’t think an updo could have saved this. She doesn’t need any volume at her breasts at ALL and a print only magnifies it.

        Head back to class, Christina. We were doing so well too.

        • Ginny Ellsworth

          At least she didn’t wrap the bow around her throat like on the model. I don’t know why they didn’t cut the fabric so the darker part of the pattern was in the bodice. 

      • Judih1

        Agree with everything you said – thanks for doing all the typing and thinking for me

    • AbbottRabbit

      Take the giant bow off the shoulder, and I’d be fine with it. As it is… out. 

      • aka Darth Mommy

        Agreed.  Too much volume in the one area she needs it the least

      • Taija Hurri

        I think the print isn’t doing much for her. It looks like she draped herself in some curtains. Expensive curtains… But still curtains.

      • deliadee

        Yep.  The bow is completely wrong.  Out.  Love her though.

        • Valdri8

          I adore her, but that is a fucking boob-bow horror story

      • GorgeousThings

        Yup. Lose the shoulder frou-frou and it would be IN. But as is? OUT.

      • you’renotmysupervisor!!

        Yep! Could have been a werq (lowercase) without the shoulder thingy.

    • Chickadeep

      I give it a cautious “IN” simply for the lack of Babyheads on display. It fits beautifully; there’s just a shade too much volume at the shoulder and the print is a distraction. In black or one of her retro jewel tones this would be a stunner.

      • raininmai

         I agree with you on this cautious “in.”  With Ms. Hendricks at this point, I think we need to grade on a curve.

        • Geoff Dankert

          Agreed. It’s a step in the right direction and a frock that makes a statement other than “Here are my dirty pillows!” Besides, she looks happy and a smile is always your best accessory.

        • makeityourself

          I’m a big crank, so I never allow grading on a curve.  I know we love Miss Christina, but quite simply, this dress is wearing her, not the other way around.  From a distance, it almost looks like a billboard.
          Still, kudos on no baby heads and the great fit.  I’m thinking make the bodice either solid blush or solid black, cut off the bow, and use the gorgeous print for the skirt only.  Then its an IN, but as is — so sorry, OUT.

      • The Hilariest

        I agree. An “in” based on just how well this fits and how incredibly radiant she looks with the hair and make-up. I can forgive a shoulder bow with all that goodness in the balance.

      • EveEve

        Another agreement on the cautions IN.  I like the blush and black combo on her, and I even like the super feminine bow.  The bow says “Up here with the eyes, boys, thankyouverymuch.”   It’s that print. It is far too loud for such a soft little thing like Christina.  Just slide it down the scale about 50% – DVF proportions, and I would give it a big Uummmph of an IN.

      • mountainFashionista

         I don’t think the ivory color works is flattering her coloring *at all* — it makes her look waaay too pink.  A jewel tone would’ve saved it, all right!

    • Verascity

      The bow isn’t perfect, but the dress fits her so well, and she looks so stunning in the last two pictures especially, that I must give her an IN. Also, I bet it was gorgeous in person.

      • Anplica Fiore

        Agreed.  The bow would make a lot more sense if she kept the neck-scarf, but I think she’s looking pretty good here.  IN

      • Katie Wolf

        Agreed, IN! Makeup? Perfect. Accessories (or lack thereof)? Perfect. Hair? Perfect. Print? Beautiful. Fit? Great!

        Why are so many giving her an out over a bow? Monday mornings are harsh enough on their own, people!

      • AudreysMom

         Agreed, IN. She gets extra points for going with a print, and trying something different and so lovely. And..she looks really happy.

      • Denocte

         Agreed! I think she looks stunning and comfortable. It’s an amazing dress.

    • Danielle

      I think it’s fun, and she really looks like she’s enjoying wearing it – IN.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Out.  That bow took it into ridiculous territory.  I think it would have been a WERQ without that ridiculous thing.  

    • Patricia Hoffman

      I think it’s gorgeous. In.

    • Jess the Chipster

      Ugghhhh, I feel like it could have been perfect without the giant bow (which doesn’t look that great on the model either). Love her hair though!

    • MarissaLG

      Out. It’s too floofy and froofy and makes her looks twice as big as she is. 

      • Vickiefantastico


    • Melissa Brogan

      Totally in without that bow. As is… I’m going with barely IN. It does fit her perfectly

      • AmeliaEve

         I agree. Amputate the bow and this would be a gorgeous retro look for her. Maybe loose the puddled hem as well.

        I’m going to go with an IN here, just for overall improvement.

    • Reneesance

      IF the bow flower whatsit on her shoulder was ripped off I would totally give her an in.  I think if you mentally take it out of the photo the dress looks gorgeous.  Sadly this time I’m going to have to out Ms. Hendricks.  Now I have a sad.

      • MajorBedhead

         Me too. I had to give her an out as well. I don’t like doing that.

    • Brice

      She always goes a few steps too far. She needs to tone down all the big bows,ruffles and feathers. She should hire Janie Bryant to style her for the red carpet since she understands how to dress for her shape. 

    • Dot

      If I could just rip that crap on her left shoulder off, this would be an in. It translates to be so fussy in photos. I would have loved to see it in person, though. I bet it came across totally different.

    • MajorBedhead

      Out. She looks like the prow of a ship, draped with bunting. A very beautiful prow, but a prow nonetheless.

      If the top didn’t have that huge poufy bow, I think it might look OK on her. I love the  print.

      • schadenfreudelicious

        perfect description, she does indeed look like a lovely ship figurehead..there is just too much going on in an area that does not require any additions…i am going to have to give her an OUT alas..

    • piecesofconfetti

      Take that sad bow off and I’m all in. But as it is… ugh. I think I have to vote OUT. Sorry Christina!

    • Violina23

      Out. Just because it fits her perfectly doesn’t make it the right choice for her shape. Her chest it’s distracting in the wrong way…. the proportions are all off.

      Love her, but out..

    • Gus Casals

      I’m really torn here, for the reasons you mention. I love her, and I would love to be encouraging to her latest improvements, but even if I forget about the dress for a minute, I’m not happy with the hair or the shiny finish on her face (which she always defaults to). Sorry darling, but it’s an OUT.

    • Brice

      One of these days i’d love to see her in a simple scoop neck gown a la Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars a few years ago. 

    • zelavie

      Out.  It’s so close, but that bow kills it.  If that was gone, I think she’d look great.

    • Jocelyn Arias

      IN. IN. IN. That’s one vote for me and two for my major mammaries. 

    • Thathoodwink

      Out. The dress has a lot of potential but it’s just too much fabric so it is one of those “I got caught in the drapery on the way out the window” looks. The bow at the top is just too big and pouffy.

    • lehen

      I just wish I could lop off that awful bow thingy.  but, i think its an improvement for her, so i’ll give her an unenthusiastic IN.

    • Krysta

      Hair should be an updo, but it’s flattering!  This is enough of a major win to be an IN in my book.

    • Nancy Marion

      IN only because she looks like a drag rendition of herself… Christina Divan or something like that (yes, like a sofa, because that pattern is sofa king upholstery-fabric-esque).

    • Deitra S.

      I still really want to go with in.  I think part of the problem, is actually the staging of the red carpet & lighting.  I know that sounds insane, but I think that if there were a backdrop and front-faced lighting you’d get a better image of her silhouette.  The dress does nip in a the waist gorgeously, which he obviously needs her garments to do – even more so than the average, less endowed lady star.  And I think a setting that accentuated the line the dress gives on her would have been a better showcase for the positives of the dress.  Sadly the harsh afternoon sun on her skin (which is very close to the colors of the dress) makes you lose all that.  The big, mutant flower bow on her shoulder is distracting.  It even looks like it’s distracting her in the last shot.  But I’m going to stand by my girl…and her girls.  She looks great & the hair & make-up are fab, too.  It’s just too bad this wasn’t an evening event.

    • ms_kat

      In, because it does fit pretty well. Also, she looks happy with herself and with the dress, which is the point with clothes.

    • sherrietee

      Borderline IN, just because if I cover the bow with my thumb so that I can’t see it, she looks freaking awesome.

    • Heather Barkman

      It’s an IN, because I love the print and how happy she looks to be wearing it. I hate the bow with a passion though.

    • Jeremiah Capacillo

      The bottom part looks great, and so is the hair and makeup, but the puffy bow just accentuates her jumbas too much. Sorry but OUT.

    • SouthernGirlRena

      If you take off the enormous bow it would be way In.  She looks great in that shape and I love the print.  Unfortunately the bow is so big, it is like trying to ignore a beautiful gown styled with a clown  nose.  Out.

    • Dixie Murphy Ross

      Out. Without the floof on the shoulder it would have been awesome.

    • BobStPaul

      The placement of the print makes her appear oddly lopsided.  Out.

    • Heather

      IN. As others have said, she looks like she’s having fun. Although the pattern and bow are in competition with her boobs, at least she has them wrangled in a good bra, and the fit is otherwise good. Also, I love her hair.

      And I must say: I’ve never personally found a strapless bra that did anything for me – usually they creep down and end up around my waist, and I’m a few cup sizes smaller than Miss Christina here. I no longer bother buying anything that won’t work with a standard bra (halter bras give me a headache). So more power to her.

    • MilaXX

      I’m kind of torn on this one. On the one hand it’s not nearly as bad as some of her other definite OUT looks. However i don’t think this print works for her coloring and yeah, the ginormous bow and hanging bits are too much for her. I think she could have gotten away with this if those two elements weren’t there. Replace the bow & scarf with a clean shoulder and maybe add a brooch for interest and this would have been an IN. Sadly, I’m giving this an OUT, but I have to say whoever the new stylist is has clearly spent a lot of the wardrobe budget in foundation garments because the girls are corralled very well.

    • Stella Zawistowski

      I absolutely cannot sign off on adding volume to her top half. OUT.

    • Taija Hurri

      I wish this was all in one bold, rich colour. Like a royal blue or something, with no extra frivolity on the shoulder. Then it would be MAGNIFICENT.

    • Patty

      I vote IN! I think it’s beautiful and interesting, it fits perfectly, and hair and makeup is lovely.

    • Judy_J

      I hate to say this, but OUT.  There’s just too much going on up top.  The proportions are way, way off.

    • Christin Pardy-Nosenchuk

      In, I would have done something different with that big ass shoulder poof though. Maybe let it rest on back of her shoulder?  IDK but she’s been doing so well lately, I give her A for effort.

    • nannypoo

      Well, no. Out.

    • Ginger

      Make that top solid black and lose the god-awful bow and keep the rest of the dress the same.  That would be an all-around IN.  As it is, a solid Out. 

    • Lisa Dugan

      Reluctant out.  It’s just too much going on up top.  The bow competes for attention with her face and takes away from the rest of the dress, which is otherwise lovely.

    • NurseEllen

      I have to vote IN here.  I think where others say that the bow draws attention to her bustline, I think it actually draws attention AWAY.  This would have looked awful as just a strapless number with all that print stretched across her chest.  As it is: soft, pretty, and clearly the gal loves wearing it.

    • lalahartma

      I say IN.

    • Ana_ragu

      Out, I’m afraid. Her hair looks stunningly fabulous.  If only I weren’t so distracted by the ship’s prow…

    • crackineggs

      I’m a frippery gal myself, but this is too much, so OUT.  But she looks angelic.

    • Nacogdoches

      Out. If that shoulder bow and the bits hanging from it were removed, I bet this would have looked great.  as it is, you barely notice her waist, and she just looks like a blob of fabric.

      Personally, I think curvy ladies have to be careful with big prints.

    • annmarmae

      Like Xtina, I have a deep love for embellishments that add volume. And like Xtina, I have no need for such things due to a strikingly similar figure.  I feel ya, Ms. Hendricks!  I do.  So, while j’adore this dress and look ensemble in theory, I have to apply reason and logic and say “out” due to that too-big (albeit beautiful) bow.  Additionally, the hair, while simply lovely on her in a headshot, adds to the excess of interest and volume going on up top.  Smoother and sleeker would’ve been a better bet, methinks, lest she was wearing a more minimal frock.  Regardless, I love her and want to hang out with her and generally be her biggest fan/best friend.  

      • MilaXX

        I thought Xtina = Christina Aguilera and  I just saw a pic of her this morning, so I’m wondering what she had to do with Christina Hendricks……then it dawned on me that you were talking about Christina Hendricks.

        • annmarmae

          I did not realize that was an exclusive nickname.  And here I fancied myself “in the know” thanks to T LO industries!  Truth be told, of one of our best friends named Christina, we have been using the moniker  “Xtina” for about 10 years or more, so I just naturally type it when I think about Ms. Hendricks or anyone else with the same first name. 

    • Carrieanno

      There have been much worse.  She looks radiant; whether because of or in spite of the dress, I don’t care.  IN.

    • janetjb

      Sadly, out.

    • Helio Trope

      In. I think she actually looks elegant for once instead of going for the pinup look. I like the print, the fabric, and the fit. She doesn’t have to wear super-tight fitted cleavage-barers to look good. Hair is fried and messy though. Could use to be a bit darker. 

    • Zaftiguana

      I’m going to go with IN because the print and shape and her hair are all so fabulous, and I don’t even think the whole bow needs to go, just the long, trailing ribbony bits. But yes, those do need to go. Still a net positive. 

    • ConnieBV

      Sorry honey, OUT. Pack this dress up and send it to Marion Cotillard. Fabulous hair and makeup though.

    • SapphoPoet

      Out. Too much on top. Speaking as a busty gal myself, this is not a busty gal’s dress. 

    • Linda Harris

      OUT, that big bow totally ruins a good look

    • Shinobi

      The print is not doing her any favors.  She has a gorgeous figure and the print is making that hard to see and making her body look wider.  I don’t know if the bow would be quite so bad if the dress was a solid black, my eyes are like what?

    • Jane


    • Kayceed

      I object to the print. It looks obnoxious, rendered so large. And please do not tell me that I see faces peering back at me, including one on her right breast. This is just not elegant.

      • Janet Selman

         Ahhhh!  What has been seen can not be unseen!

    • Janet Selman

      Out.  And I can’t stand the coy way she stands with her chin down, eyes up, like, “I know you’re looking at my boobs”.  Raise your head, lady, stand up like you’re something more about your frontal prominences!

    • twocee

      This is a hard one.  On the one hand, I agree with everything you say about the print and the bow (oh, the bow).  And I really prefer her hair in the sleek style she’d been favoring.  BUT, this is possibly the first time I’ve seen a picture of her on the red carpet where she looks happy and comfortable in her own skin.  I think for red carpets she is going to fight for those frippery dresses because she just apparently loves them, and at least this one fits and doesn’t look like it’s crushing the girls.

      So, a VERY mild in.  Although that bow should be burned.

    • Sara Munoz Munoz

      Oh boy, tough call.
      The fit is great. The girls are supported. The dress is really beautiful. And the hair and makeup are FLAWLESS. She normally gets all of that wrong.

      I’m going with my heart this time and voting a lowercase “in”.

    • VioletFem

      IN. The fit is good, and I like how the print contrasts with her hair, which also looks really good. I could do without the giant bow on her shoulder, but it doesn’t completely throw the whole look off for me.

    • Miss_Led

      Too much dress. She is being overwhelmed here. Out.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Oh, good lord. that’s one of the worst dresses I’ve ever seen. OUT

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      Oh dear. No. Not an agita-inducing out, but OUT, nonetheless. It’s okay though. Even A students fail a test, occasionally.

    • par3182

      Out. She looks trapped.

    • kelsita421

      Out. For me, as far as I can see, the problem is the print. Maybe if the entire thing had been a solid jewel tone…? Once we get rid of the print, maybe the bow would still cause a problem, but I think a solid color would be a step in the right direction.

      • Tamara Hogan

         I agree. The print is problematic, as is the bow. It’s an OUT for me.

      • madelf

        I agree. That print is nice, but it’s just way, way too big for her, especially up top. It makes her already attention pulling boobs look like they’ve exploded in massive prehistoric flora. The dress itself is pretty, the fit is great. I don’t even have a problem with the bow, but that giant print does not work with the huge tracts of land.

    • C.

      In.  If that bow wasn’t there it would look a lot sleeker and chicer, and I’m prepared to give her that.  Goodness knows she sometimes needs the sartorial encouragement towards sleek.

    • Melanie Suzanne

      Beautiful gown, hair, and makeup. IN.

    • In_Stitches

      OUT.  This busy dress is designed for a A cup.  You need a lot of skin on the opposite side of the ruffle and scarf/sleeve monstrosity to balance the look.  Christina’s epic boobage does not allow for the neckline to cut as low as is needed. 

      • 3boysful

         I was about to post the same, altho not as succinctly as you did.

    • Maya KC

      Rip that wad of toilet paper off her shoulder and it’s an undeniable IN. With it, it’s just a tenuous one. That graphic black and white print looks gorgeous with her coloring.

    • Jillaine13

      IN.  I think it’s such a nice improvement and it fits her beautifully.  Hair and make up look good too.  The shoulder bow is unnecessary but she doesn’t have the neck length for the full scarf so they compromised.  She just looks like she feels happy in the dress. 

    • MzzPants

      IN.  The bow draws soft attention to her face.  The mamms are going to be distracting no matter what.  And the hair is freakin’ perfect.

    • Pennymac

      The bow seems to “has a sad”, but the fit is lovely. I’m going with IN.


      Without the bow on the shoulder and with her hair in an updo, this would be in. Unfortunately, as is, I have to say out.

    • Trijya Singh

      OUT! OUT! OUT!

    • Kristy Evans

      Oh, man I am torn. I think I will have to say OUT, because while her hair and makeup are gorgeous, AND she took a chance with a print, AND there aren’t any babyheads, the color is not good and the giant bow + bazooms is too much. 

    • gillian holroyd

      No doubt OUT. Too voluminous bow, too graphic a print. It’s not solid black for once, but the print is too large and too high contrast. Her coloring is delicate and it overwhelms her. On the plus side, she’s wearing the right bra and her makeup looks good.

      How much better this would’ve looked–even with the bow–if the print had been a soft transition of turquoise blue and teal greens.

    • Spreecord

      OUT, which is my verdict on any look that features a motherhonkin’ huge shoulder bow.

    • belfebe

      OUT.  She looks like a piñata.  Hopefully, she´ll go back to rocking the red carpet.  She´s so beautiful!

    • tallgirl1204

      Take the bow off the shoulder and it’s a huge in.  I think the print is beautiful, and the general shape of the dress on her is great.  It’s just the ribbon on the package that’s the problem, not the package itself. 

    • Laura

      IN. I forgive the bow. She looks awesome

    • afabulous50

      Out…that is way too much “look” for her.

    • greymain

      OUT …not good. too much fuss around the girls. and please go back to the straighter hair.

    • unbornfawn

      She’s really improving and this is better than her average, but the print and bow are so busy you can’t see the fit. OUT

    • MintaHallWriter

      IN.  I could do without the flounce, but hair dress & print are spectacular.  WAY IN!

    • Brittany and Jordan

      Outsies. It’s just a little aggressive-looking, and the hair is marmsy. 

    • Call me Bee

      Well–I ‘ll bet it was a fun dress to wear–all flowy and flowery.  But a Wilma dress and bow does nothing for a woman of her…stature.  Even though her makeup is perfect and she didn’t overpower this dress with a lot of fussy accessories, I have to say OUT.  Too much going on up top. 

    • Anna Tree

      I can’t endorse that sad looking bow. OUT

    • MissAnnieRN

      I’m going with out, though it pains me to do so because it’s a bold and stunning print and you don’t see that often. The problem for me is that her mammaries and the bow/frippery mess with her proportions and give her tiny head. Like at the end of beteljuice when the tribal guy sprinkles the stuff on Michael Keaton’s head.

    • Judy_S

      I will give her an IN. At least she didn’t tie the bow around her neck. And really she does look lovely, and like herself. 

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      I thought I would call this OUT originally, but the more I look at it, the more I like it, so IN.

    • Derrick Austin

      Do ya’ll remember that scene in Disney’s Cinderella where the Ugly Stepsisters tear Cindy’s gown to shreds before the ball? 

      I want to snatch that bow off this dress so badly. It’s so close to wonderful. Still, as it is, it’s a pretty good step forward considering Christina’s fashion history. IN

    • AliciaChamisa

      IN, on the curve tho…

    • Adamantia Rosomak

      Out, definitely. Her face and hair look beautiful, the colours are great for her, but the print and the  volume and the bow and the flounciness… OUT.

    • kaycem

      the long shots are in *desperate* need of a belt — it looks sack-esque without one.  up-close, the fit IS impeccable and flattering and i love both the color scheme and print on her. plus, considering ms. hendricks’ well-documented affinity for gowns with shoulder frippery, the stylist chose the most chic iteration of that design element.  i also appreciate the lack of tortured baby heads while still calling attention to her beautiful shape.  honestly, i think the hang-y parts of the bow are the only part of the outfit i don’t like.


    • Purple Fish

      OUT. If only they had gotten rid of the bow, it would look so much better. It adds so much bulk to her bust.

    • BeeBeauNYC

      OUT – that print is all wrong on her. And the enormous bow on her shoulder makes her look like a present.

    • mjude


    • Kerry McCombs

      NO. OUT. MY EYES!

    • pookiesmom

      I am gonna say “IN” but I’m grading a little bit on a curve, here. She normally has trouble dressing herself even in very basic clothes so it’s great to see her working something that is a bit riskier. I don’t like the bow but the rest is gorgeous enough to get her a pass on that.

      I should add that it’s actually not the huge bow that bugs me (though I think the look would be better w/out it), it’s the trailing scarflike bow-tendrils that are hurting it. They totally obscure the silhouette, which is quite lovely.

    • HobbitGirl

      I’m wavering. I think the print is so pretty, but the big bow near the face is a no-no. 

    • Jangle57

      From the waist down she looks good, but between the neck and the waist there’s just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much going on.  OUT

    • Corsetmaker

      I’m giving her an IN because she looks so happy in it and because it’s still miles ahead of some of her past frocks.
      Plus it does fit beautifully, and she’s finally on a run with bras that fit! 

      A black belt to break it up and losing the shoulder bow would’ve made a huge difference. She could’ve kept the trailing ties from the shoulder, just no huge bow.

    • jw_ny


      The giant bow is bad and is definitely not her friend, and I’m not loving the print, nor the off white base color of the gown…to pale for her complexion.  The shape and fit of the gown is good on her…and the girls are covered and up where they’re supposed to be….which, in her case, helps to make up for the other flaws.   She is better dressed and styled here than she so often had been in the past….now she needs tweaking.  For that she deserves a lower case “in”  :)

    • Trisha26

      Out. Gorgeous dress – the lines on the model are nothing short of architectural – but combined with Christina’s assets it just doesn’t work for her.

    • PinkLemon

      OUT. this is all sorts of ‘no’……how did she not see that??

    • BazoDee

      Out – all I see is boobs – doesn’t seem very flattering. 

    • butter nut

      i always want to give her an IN because i love her, but this is clearly an OUT.  stunning from the neck up.  a tornado of messiness below.  i blame the print, which is lovely, but does not suit her at all.  the fit, as you said, is fabulous.  so a solid color, or very subtle print would have been the way to go.  also, i want to rip off that bow and go all hulksmash on it till it’s dead.

    • pugluv

      her sylist needs to be slapped…I love her and seeing her look like this really wounds me….She looks like she fell into the living room curtains and decided to just wear them. 

    • Suzie Vazquez


    • Bert Keeter

      Messy…looks like a whirl wind coming at us!

    • Jillian3538

      Of all the choices she might have made, this is just…silly.
      But I suppose we’ve  all made that mistake–wearing something we consider beautiful while failing to see/admit that it makes us look like an utter fool, or a blind one.  Mine was this utterly girly pink flouncy thing with huge sleeves and lots of lace overlay, cut to mid-80s exaggerated standards.  Perhaps there exists a woman who could have worn that creation with elan, but I’m a devotee of minimalist, body conscious clothing. I’m still apologizing for that grave error.   

    • Sarah Caponigro

      I think if she was in front of a less busy background it would look more striking and less messy.

    • Wendi126

      No T. No Lo. It is not enough. Out. Get rid of the bow shmata and it’s a werq.

      • carpediva

        If it’s that close to a WERQ with one minor change, wouldn’t it be an IN as is? 

        I think you just helped me decide- thanks! :)

    • sweetlilvoice

      Out. Hair, skin, face-all great. Huge flounce not good, too much fabric somehow. 

    • kschwarting

      I can hear Megan Mullally from “Will and Grace” saying “honey, what’s going on here?” about the top half.   Just too much–it’s visually confusing where to focus.  Her hair and makeup look fabulous, though.

    • PeggyOC

      It’s so very close to good.  Just ditch that damned squid thing on the shoulder and she’d be rocking the house.  Can I give her a “Out, but super close?”

    • minnye

      I’m going with IN because I love everything about this look except the bow. The print is just… wow, just gorgeous. I don’t care if it doesn’t totally suit her. She looks beautiful & it’s a killer dress.

    • momogus

      I think it’s a mild IN. So so so much better than in the past, the dress is gorgeous, fits her perfectly and only misses with the giant bow, and I love the soft hairstyle.

    • Sara__B

      DOING BETTER! I have major mammaries myself, and those of us so blessed (I’m being positive this morning) should definitely steer clear of designs that add extra volume if we want to look our best. But sometimes we just love an outfit so much that we wear it anyway. I can’t give Christina an out when she looks so pretty, even with all that extra frippery at her shoulder.

    • Kappyapp

      I think if she ditched the bow it could have worked. 

    • leftcoastpickle

      in, because she loves it so

    • PeaceBang

      OUT! Disastrous!

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      I adore her, and it was a wise choice to eliminate the ’round-the-neck scarf detail.

      However. She loves these nude, skintone colors, and like Florence Welch’s wardrobe it doesn’t really work for her. She needs rich colors. The shoulder explosion is way too much volume in one of her most voluminous areas.

      Christina, just ask yourself: what would Elizabeth Taylor do? She’d wear this shape, but it would be sleek draping in a rich color (or white, but you can’t rock that). Any foofaraw would be low profile beading or jewelry. Your silhouette requires no more protrusions.

    • Zelda Edmunds

      Take off the bow and then make sure you cut the print so there isn’t a face on the left breast.

    • Le_Sigh

      Nooooooooooo!  OUT.  Perhaps an updo with wearing the neckbow sassily around the neck like the runway version could have saved it.  All the fussy makes her look unfinished.  

    • barbarienne

      A weak OUT. This same dress without the big shoulder-pouf would be better. Better yet would be no print, or with the print positioned slightly differently. Having big breasts makes any titscrepancy more exaggerated, and this print is unbalanced across the bustline.

    • jennyv

      I’m gonna giver her an IN just because it’s so much better than some of her past monstrosities, although it’s not perfect by a long shot. Keep up the good work Joanie!

    • Meg P. W.

      You can tell she’s in love with this dress. I think she could have made it work if the bow was taken off.

    • QuincyTKatz

      For her, this is an IN.
      the babyheads are covered, and her small waist is emphasized….baby steps

    • Anathema_Device

      Out. The top part of the dress looks terrible on her.

    • carpediva

      She is giving me half-life- IN.

    • frannyprof

      Out. Without the shoulder bow it would’ve been an in for me. But, no. Out.

    • ThatPeterG

      IN. She looks great.

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      Don’t like the bow, but she has to be IN! She looks lovely and very very happy. 

    • AlexisPayne

      I want to rip that giant bow off her shoulder. OUT.

    • VicD

      It reminds me of a quote from “Harriet the Spy,” (paraphrasing) – she has the largest front of any woman I have ever seen.

    • RoxieRider

      In. It’s interesting and distinctive and fits her well. It’s too fussy by a lot, but she looks lovely, which is good enough for me.

    • Basket

      She looks great. 

    • Wellworn

      Sadly, out.  I agree, that print pulls focus, and the boobs don’t need any extra frippery up top.  But the shape of the dress is good, and her hair and makeup are lovely.  She used to have lots of hair problems, so I’m glad that has improved.  This is just a momentary blip, and hopefully we will see her in something solid and more simple, but just as well fitting, again. 

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Out.  That is a dry heave in dress form.  Also, what is going on with her hair?  It looked so chic the other day!  :(

    • SophieCollier

      Once I stop staring at her magnificent chest, I notice how sweet and happy she looks.  It’s  a bit busy, but I think she looks lovely.

    • Sally Brownson

      Out. That shoulder thing is hideous.

    • Sara LaBatt

      I’m going with small out.  Interesting print but that creamish shade isn’t working for her skin, to me, and her left boob looks like it’s armored under there.  Also hate the bow but that’s not by biggest problem with this dress.  Just not convinced of the style on her beautiful body.  Still love the shade of her hair, and she’s beautiful and has a wonderful smile, just not a fan of the dress.

    • Ashleigh Boutelle

      it’s very “big”…I say “out”. Sorry. 

    • Therese Bohn

      Another sad out.  I love her, but this isn’t working.  She needs more streamlining.  No big flounces anywhere. 

    • Jill Tracy

      OUT. She’s so pretty tho. If the shoulder bow (or whatever that is) was gone maybe it would have worked.

    • Imasewsure

      OUT… frippery is a no but so is that print on her

    • ballerinawithagun

      Unfortunately an Out. They need to plan the layout of the fabric print to flatter Christina’s figure. A face on one breast and a rose on the other just doesn’t work. On the model, they put the face in the center. If they would have concentrated the black area of the print on her breasts it might have worked. Or make it into a skirt with a beautiful v neck bodice. That would have been great.

    • Eveline de Lange

      She gets an IN from me. Sometimes girl just needs to indulge in her bows and frilly frippery, and while the bow is distracting, I actually like the print and love the fit. Plus, she looks so happy to be floating around in her busy print flowy frillyness, I can’t help but smile at it!

    • WordyDoodles

      Large black roses against a cream background– what would Janie Bryant and Profs. T&Lo say? :)

      I’d say this is IN– if we subtract the shoulder poof. The creamy color of the dress actually helps to lessen the mammary impact (it would have been a lot more impact in a hot color, don’t you think?). And I like this print. It’s not too small and busy, not too geometric/angular.

      Hair is just right (again, better if we could take off that shoulder poof). And her skin is AMAZING.

    • Cathy S

      Nope. That mess at the top ruins it all.

    • jilly_d

      Yeah, coulda done without the bow, but:  great fit, great color, great print, GREAT hair and makeup.  IN.

    • Aly Light

      I’m going with IN, but if I were there with scissors in hand, that sleeve would have to go.

    • Valerie Dunbar Jones

      Lovely girl being strangled by her 80s vintage thrift store duvet. Somebody help! OUT, but with much sadness.

    • petalfrog

      Insane and she looks huge. Out.

    • Paige Boerman

      OUT, though it pains me. It’s still a million times better than when she wore those pants – you know, THOSE pants, the ones that make angels weep and mortals cry to heavens begging for deliverance – but it’s too much up top and I don’t like the print. Her head looks great, though.

    • DaveUWSNYC

      Busy bust…OUT

    • marlie

      I like it, but I think the eye is drawn a little too much to the boobs.  Maybe if the print were smaller it would be a little less obvious? I give her a marginal IN, because I think the dress itself fits; it’s just the print that’s not doing her any favors.

    • Shawn EH

      Out! The model is giving us Joan Crawford fabulousness; Christina should have at least tried for Jean Harlow and shaped that do.

    • Flora O

      I don’t mind the bow so much as the pieces hanging down from it.  They hide her fantastic silhouette.  All in all, a qualified in.

    • Fifi LaRoux

      I think the bow helps define her waist which is already tiny (bitch). I think it all works. IN.

    • Jesse Rabbits

      Out. Her boobs mess up the top of the dress. She was doing so well too :/

    • Laylalola

      OUT. So, so awful.

    • alyce1213

      Out.  The crazy business at top is so wrong. Nasty bow + large bosom make her head look disproportionately small.
      Without the bow and maybe a little less volume in the skirt — just a bit — would be much nicer, cleaner, more restrained.

      Her makeup is fine, but her hair always looks so needy and unfinished, like they took out the rollers and just left it like that.

    • Amy

      In because her attitude makes the bow come to life! And because without said bow it would be darn near perfect.

    • chitowndg

      In IF I could sneak up behind her and untie that bow so it gently floated around her shoulder as a Joan-like scarf.  Men like scarves, remember?

      Also in because she looks so pretty and NOT tentative like she does in her OUT mode.

    • ringthing

      Out. I think prints in general aren’t her friend – better deployed on accessories. Not a fan of the shoulder ruffle either. On the plus side, face and hair are drop dead gorgeous. That skin!

    • TieDye64

      Take the bow off and it would improve things greatly. Between the ginormous print and the foofaraw this is an OUT.

    • mrssage

      Out. Make-up and hair are flawless, as always. and I really, really love the print but that bow ruins the whole look. Shame.

    • granddelusion

      Lose the bow and i think it’s pretty awesome. No baby heads. Always a plus.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      Christina, that is not your dress.

    • ecallaw1977

      I like it except for the bow and the color.   Those two details are just godawful on her.  Her hair looks absolutely gorgeous here though.

    • luciaphile

      I’m fine with the bottom half of this. It’s from the waist up that I have an issue. The print is way too busy for her bust and the bow is just OTT. Out.

    • marilyn

      Out.  That dress is for a much older woman.  

    • PastryGoddess


      Not caps worthy, but a good try all the same.  At least she is managing to dress her body much better than before.  Baby Steps all the way

    • quiltrx

      I’m with some others…I would LOVE this if it didn’t have the shoulder pussy-bow.  It’s a great print.  But, sadly, out.

    • Larkin21

      I’m not a fan of the “big puffy flounce” but I still think she looks great and I really do love the pattern. IN!

    • Coralie Legister

      She looks great but the bow is way too much up top.

    • judybrowni

      OUT: I’m a tiny girl with gazunga girls, and big foufy frippery is my sworn enemy, too.

      Body skimming, Christiana, no to the frou frou!

    • AngelaGreen

      Heartbreaking out.  This woman is my number one girl celebrity crush, and the dress is just making her too broad.  Not flattering.

    • Presumptuous Insect

      OUT. She looks absurd. Of course, ever since she blew up her boobs, which were bigger than average in the first place, she looks utterly ridiculous no matter what she is wearing. 

    • Katharine Stevens


    • ChelseaNH

      OUT.  She’s almost overcoming the giant bow, but not enough.  Toss the bow and we’ll be friends again.

    • Merneith

      OUT. That is just too much dress on too much woman. 

    • Qdahling

      Girl, that is not your dress

    • KathKo

      In, for me.
      She looks lovely and her hair and make are perfect.

    • Eva_baby

      Out.Makes her head look tiny

    • melanie0866

      Out.   So close, though. 

    • CQAussie

      The bow is too much and I can’t see the rest of the dress because of it.  Pulls focus entirely.  OUT.  

    • StrandedFashionista

      The OUTS escaped my mouth unbidden. 

    • Samantha Irene

      I”m giving her an IN – the dress fits well, the hair and makeup look lovely – and if you imagine it w/o the bow it’s actually quite lovely on her. So I’m opting to pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • formerlyAnon

      Very, very reluctantly : out.

      She looks SO MUCH BETTER than usual – and I’m so impressed that little Ms. Hendricks is pulling off that enormous print – that I really, really, wanted to giver her the in.

      But there’s grading on a curve and then there’s just making stuff up.

      At least this doesn’t manage to obscure how lovely she is.

    • cleep1000

      A reluctant IN.

    • joe_tey83

      Considering how she used to dress, I’m gonna grade this on a curve and give it a “in”. But only an “in” in small letters.

    • aristida_girl

      In, because she looks like the dress is making her really happy, and I mostly like it except for the neck bow-frippery…

    • How to Faint

      The fit is awesome but the flounce is tragic. Maybe this is a question of baby steps? You can’t completely cut a girl off from all her fashion faux pas at once, so… In, with a asterisk. 

      (The asterisk leads to a :( in the footnotes).

    • butterflysunita

      OUT.  She is so beautiful in these photos–positively radiant.  But that dress is all wrong for her–it looks like she is wrapped in bedsheets.  Personally, I think it is an unflattering dress that even looks bad on the model.  

    • phrenk

      Not perfect, but she looks gorgeous.  IN.

    • Tracy_Flick

      I want to say it’s an in, I really do. But it looks like it’s pulling funny, which makes it unflattering. OUT, sadly.

    • Laura

      OUT… but that’s ’cause I don’t even like the dress on the model. Christina does not have to distract from her classy gorgeousness with something I would love as wallpaper.

    • kikisayshi

      Ok, is she just as cute as anything or what? There is a LOT going on here. I would be completely on board if she kept the print and ditched the ploof, or kept the ploof and went with a solid color. Still, she looks fabulous and more importantly you can tell she FEELS fabulous! For that alone I am voting this IN.

    • Zippypie

      Too much!  She’s in a giant print!  She’s got a giant fluff on her shoulder! She has Marilyn Monroe hair!

      The dress fits beautifully and I wish this was as subtle print, no giant bow fluff and less fussy hair would have done miracles.  She’s so beautiful and it almost hurts to see her misstep after all the progress she’s made recently.

    • Beardslee

      No.  The neckline drape is too high and she looks like she’s choking.  That’s a whole lotta dress for a petite woman.  Michelle Obama would look great in it; she’s scaled for it.

    • Sunshine16

      Despite my hatred for the big bow, I have to give CH an IN for this simply because she looks like she feels beautiful in it & I’m not being assulted by babyheads!

    • LLuL

      out. The face on the print comes dangerously close to looking like an actual face with all of that boob filling it out.

    • lucasuk82

      Out.  I really wanted to give this an in because I love the print and the one shoulder gown.  However, she looks really windblown and the bow is just too much.  I hope she tries the hair again on a less windy day.  Also, I hope her new stylist suggests something with a trailing back panel, something like that white Versace Courtney Love wore a few years ago.  It would have that frippery feel but still be clean.

    • LittleKarnak

      So close but Out……hate that flounce thing on the shoulder…

    • Maya

      out. there is way too much going on up top.

    • Vera

      It’s a pretty dress, just not Christina’s dress. It fits her, but doesn’t suit her. OUT.

    • Lisa

      Oh, OUT.  This is just all wrong for her – too floofy and bunchy for someone so voluptuous!

    • ojosazules

      The print’s a bit much, but without the bow I think she’d be rocking that dress.

    • Sarah Thomas

      IN. As you said, she loves frippery. Your own vision of fashion has always seemed to be both a) without bodyshaming andb) respectful of the dresser’s personal preferences. If she likes frip, then she should find a way to wear it without assuming her body ‘shouldn’t’ have it. I think this is it. 

    • Fatima Siddique

      So close! I agree, there’s too much flounce and fuss going on in that area. Maybe if she hadn’t left her hair down in curls, it might have been passable. Maybe. But the curls at the shoulder just add to the busy-ness. So close…

    • ccm800

      IN sometimes a girls just gotta wear a frock simply because she loves it. 

    • Deborah Lipp

      I love her but out.

    • Ana R.

      IN, she looks comfortable and happy in it. It may accentuate her “top assets”, but she’s never been afraid of that.

    • another_laura

      Minor out. Shoulder flounce and bad color for her. Sorry, Christina!

    • demidaemon

      IN. I have to say I kind of love this. Yes, the bow is problematic, but I don’t think it is that problematic, in comparison to her clothing choices of yore. The print is quite striking, and overall she looks beautiful.

    • Brienne Calmer

      The last thing her upper half needed was fifteen pounds of upholstery.  AUS.

    • PhillipWilde

      OUT – Her waist is completely lost in this jungle of fabric.  It almost makes her look pregnant.

    • samo_samo

      Out… It’s too much dress for her. Too much volume, too much print.

    • Candigirl1968

      I don’t know if the bow is something that has to be tied or if it simply is sitting on the shoulder.  If it could be removed, or simply tied into a knot, this would be so much better.  It is bewildering that Christina continues to make basic mistakes about what not to wear when you have a large bust.  OUT.

    • snarkykitten

      The color is way too close her skin tone. The bow is silly. And the neckline (or possibly bra) is making it look like she shoved a loaf of bread down her dress

    • julnyes

      I am opting for an IN with slight flounce reservations, but still IN

    • Rebecca

      An OUT followed with a hug? Because we don’t want La Hendricks getting discouraged, you know.

    • Florrie Brafman


    • kathryn_dc

      I almost love this, but that bow has to go.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      OUT.  So sorry, Christina!  Too, too much.  Love the creaminess of your skin, and your hair looks gorge, but between the bow and the print, it is an out.

    • The Dose of Reality

      In. I don’t love the bow, but I think she looks fantastic. I think the print is interesting!

    • patsy stone detemple

      the dress is clearly a risk, but she wears it well. I like it actually. In.